Takas (2024) Movie Script

Here! I made this for you.
I stayed up all night to make this.
Promise me you'll keep this.
Yours is a butterfly...
mine is an elephant.
Thank you, Lexi.
Youre the best.
Thats why youre my only best friend.
I really should be the only one.
For sure!
Angel, come here! Angel!
Angel, you're such a brat!
Where are you?
Let's hurry up,
Lexi is waiting for...
Don't be stubborn,
I'm not done yet.
Im close!
Come on.
My bestie! Hi!!
Did you wait long?
We agreed to meet at 5 PM, right?
What took you so long?
And why do you look like that?
Aren't we going to church?
Be grateful I agreed that
you'll come with us.
I'm so sorry, Lexi!
I forgot that it's our monthsary today.
And we'll celebrate in town, later.
Come on, get in the car.
Let's go.
You should have told me.
You know what,
Ill just go home.
Hey, hold on!
Let's go! Dont force her
if she doesnt want to.
You go ahead, it's okay.
Ill follow.
Lexi, please!
Well take you back home too.
And there are lots of boys there.
You never know,
you might meet someone.
Im not interested in those things.
Are you really going
to say no to me?
Please, join us!
Okay, fine, Let's go.
Thank you! I'll make it up to you
next time! Promise!
Let's go!
Are you always like that?
I have nothing to say.
My friend's niece is like that too.
She doesn't talk.
Later we found out
that she's autistic.
Are we still far from the bar?
You know, Im wondering about you.
You and Angel grew up together...
but youre so different
from each other.
Youre more prude than my mom.
Eric, stop it!
Lexi is like that because...
she has had
no boyfriend since birth.
That's why!
Perfect timing, then!
We have a worker
that's coming later.
I'm sure, you'll be noisy too,
once you've tasted...
That's just a joke, okay?
But maybe he's right!
- The usual.
- Okay, sir.
You drink?
I'm not that conservative.
Come on, lets dance!
Lexi, join us.
Let her be.
She'll follow if she wants.
She has feet, right?
Come on, lets get out of here.
Later, Lexi is still here.
You know I could
replace you easily, right?
Where are we going?
Just follow me.
- Hey! What's that?
- Energy booster.
- Eric, what's that?
- Nothing.
- Hey!
- Just do what I say.
- They say it's more erotic this way.
- What's this?
Leave it to me.
Hey, Eric!
What's that?
Hey! Eric, I don't like this!
This will be fun.
Eric! Take this off!
- Take this off!
- Do you like it?
I told you I dont like these things!
Okay, fine!
I got carried away.
Hey, Eric! Damn it!
Stop it!
I dont want to anymore.
Lets stop this.
I'm leaving!
You're acting tough, huh?!
- You're not obeying me anymore!
- Eric!
Where are you going? Come here!
Screw you!
What are we going to do?
- Should we bring him to the hospital?
- No!
No! No!
We can't!
A man was found dead at the parking lot
of a bar in Quezon City.
Its suspected that he was hit on the head
with a metal pipe until he died.
There are no CCTVs in the area.
The police are investigating
the possible motives
behind the killing of the son
of former Congressman Sevillo.
Here's my payment.
Thank you.
Miss, you know what?
Just a tip.
You might get more customers
if you smile often.
What are you talking about?
Just do what you want.
I cant do that to you.
Come on. Touch me.
- Really?
- Yes!
I only got to buy sauted fish.
They were already out of Bopis.
Where have you been?
I've been waiting for you!
Im telling you,
were strangers here.
Dont trust just anyone.
There you go again,
being judgmental.
Lemuel hasnt done
anything wrong to me. Relax.
So, you know each other now?
Hey, Angel!
We've only been here
for months.
- Does he know...
- Whatever!
He's different!
And besides...
hes still just courting me.
I havent answered him.
I just dont want you
to get into trouble.
I wouldnt be able to take it.
What if you experience
the same thing again?
And Im not there with you?
What's wrong with you?
Ill be more careful, okay?
And besides...
I wouldnt know
what to do without you.
So, were okay now.
Dont be grumpy anymore.
Okay, fine!
You're too much!
Come on, let's go eat.
Come here.
Hey! We earned a lot!
What did I tell you?
Just a bit of hustle and charm,
we were able to sell everything!
Youre really good at that.
Even you got swept up.
Ill help you close your stall.
No need, we can manage.
Thank you.
Lemuel, by the way.
This is Lexi, my best friend.
Come on, help me with this.
Angel, you might want to join us?
I earned a lot today.
Bring your sister with you.
I told you theyre not siblings.
They're best friends!
Hi! I'm Ramon.
Hey! Don't waste your time on Lexi.
You're not her type.
No one has ever said no to me.
Or maybe...
she wants something else.
What did you say?
Lexi is just old fashioned.
And before you take your moves,
take a bath first!
Look at Lemuel,
he takes a bath. Right?
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I saved up for this.
Its a bit expensive here.
Hey, why are you laughing?
Do I have something on my face?
You know what?
Youre very different
from my exes.
You dont let me get hurt and...
this is the first time
someone took care of me like this.
Your ex?
Its nothing.
You know what?
I want a stable relationship.
I hope Angel...
you dont compare me to your exes.
Hey, of course not.
Were both orphans, right?
Thats why I want a complete family.
How about Lexi?
Is she also an orphan?
What is your real relationship?
You know, sometimes,
I get jealous of her.
Are you crazy?
You know,
Lexi and I are practically sisters.
Because since we were kids,
she's been there for me.
Partners in crime?
Do you think...
Lexi approves of me?
Me! You've got my vote.
Hey, thats our house.
Youve never been here,
so why do you know this place?
See? Youre really drunk.
You told me earlier.
I didn't tell you anything.
Come on.
My slippers.
Lexi! My best friend
that I love the most!
This is Lemuel, by the way.
I know him already.
Come on, its late.
Why did you let yourself get this drunk?
What did you do to Angel?
Don't scold him.
Lemuel is a good guy.
He even brought me home.
He's nice!
I'm sorry, Lexi!
We just had a little bit of fun.
This won't happen again.
Yes, this will not happen again.
Can you carry her?
Yes, you can go now.
Okay, thank you.
Good thing you're awake already.
I was sure Angel would have a hangover,
so I brought breakfast.
Wheres Angel?
She's taking a bath.
Here, have some coffee.
Oh, go ahead and eat.
Ill just get dressed.
- Okay.
- Ill be quick.
Come on, lets eat.
- Oh, Lexi.
- Angel.
About last night
Hey, Im sorry. I didnt
mean to get drunk.
And besides I didnt puke, right?
Not that.
What is it? Please dont get mad. Please.
No, Im not mad.
Then what?
You know what?
Lemuel and I are together.
- What?
- Lemuels my boyfriend now.
Hes so sweet!
- Right?
- Angel!
Why arent you happy for me?
Lexi, I love Lemuel.
I hope you can accept him too.
Lexi, you should eat too.
It might get cold.
I know you were surprised
by all thats happened.
But I promise, I wont betray your trust.
Angel and I love each other.
Can you leave once youve eaten?
I just want to have
a serious talk with Angel.
If you have anything to say,
say it to the both of us.
Thats okay Angel.
I understand.
Its a family matter.
No! Dont leave!
Angel, Lexi is right.
Ill let you two talk.
But our date tomorrow is still on, okay?
Why cant you understand me?
Didnt I tell you that
we need to be extra careful?
Do I have to repeat myself
all the time?
I know that.
Were not kids anymore, Lexi.
How long will I keep following your orders?
I have my own life.
Im getting tired of you.
Let me be happy.
Im just scared.
You have nothing
to be afraid of, Lexi.
Trust me.
Were going to Manila tomorrow.
Do you need anything?
I told you not to worry.
Its settled, boss.
The rest will be easy.
Im just having a hard time with
the other one, but Ill find a way.
Yes, leave it to me, boss.
Were leaving in a bit.
Hey! Lexi, youre there.
Wheres Angel?
Arent you leaving later?
I was excited,
so I woke up early.
Im sorry about what happened
the other day.
Thats okay.
I know youre just protecting Angel.
I hope we can be comfortable
with each other.
Of course.
Where are you two headed later?
Angel just wants to go around Manila.
So, you two are going on a date.
Thats right.
Lexi, Ill just use the restroom.
What the hell!
You pigs!
Get out of here, you swine!
- Damn you!
- Hold on. Let me explain.
Youre both disgusting!
And you!
Damn you! Come here!
How dare you?!
So the real reason
you dont like Lemuel for me
is because you want him
for yourself!
Damn you!
Let me explain, Angel.
I didnt want this.
Lemuel was behind everything.
I could never do that to you.
I was surprised she joined me
in the restroom.
Believe me. Shes a liar.
You're an asshole!
- Damn you!
- Angel...
Lets go our separate ways!
Angel, I love you.
Just stop it!
You dont understand me.
What are you talking about?
Since we were kids,
I've been inlove with you!
Are you crazy?
Damn it!
Im sorry!
Ill admit it.
I was behind all this.
Because I didnt want you
to go with Lemuel.
Because I couldnt accept that
youll go with this kind of man!
Thats enough!
From now on,
Im staying with Lemuel.
- Angel!
- Ill leave you alone!
Too bad were not able
to go to Manila today.
There will be other chances,
since well be together from now on.
But I have a request for you.
Once youve calmed down,
you should speak to Lexi.
I want us to live with no enemies.
Lexi is your only family, right?
But what about the
Lexis confession is nothing to me.
Who wouldnt fall
for someone like you?
Youre beautiful,
and sweet.
But most of all,
So, do you want more coffee?
Im glad you came back.
Lets sit.
No, I wont stay long.
Im sorry I have nothing to offer.
Its been days since I went out.
Thats alright.
theres something you need
to know about Lemuel.
Lexi, you dont need
to lie about Lemuel.
That was long ago.
Weve talked about it.
Its nothing to him, now.
Lexi, I might not be able
to return your feelings,
but I want to save our friendship.
Thank you.
Let me make it up to you.
Tomorrow, well have dinner together.
with Lemuel, okay?
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Someones here.
Come in.
Go ahead.
Im glad you came.
Were drinking together!
Were getting drunk! Lets go!
Sit here, Lexi.
Come on.
Sit down.
Want to join?
So, youre joining in.
You son of a bitch!
be careful of Lemuel.
Hes one of Erics familys men.
Hes being paid...
to follow us.
Hes probably planning something bad.
Wait for me, Lexi!