Take Me (2017) Movie Script

- Cutting edge...
- Mr. Moody.
Sorry for the wait.
Hey, don't even worry about it.
Let's discuss
this loan application.
Well, Cathy...
Can I call you Cathy?
- Sure.
- Great.
- Where are you from, Cathy?
- Van nuys.
I meant your heritage.
Where are your people from?
Yeah, but my family is
fifth generation American.
Great. Well, then you'll totally
understand where I'm coming from.
Cathy, my name is ray moody.
I was born and raised
in Glendale, California,
And I am an entrepreneur.
I believe
in the spirit of innovation.
This country was built on ideas
That are progressive and one
of a kind, wouldn't you agree?
- I suppose.
- Yeah.
Great, Cathy. Well,
I'll tell you, Cathy,
I can't wait for you to hear
what I have in store for us.
Cathy, I run a business
based on one idea.
Helping people.
Isn't helping people the cornerstone
of any worthwhile endeavor?
Isn't that
what makes America great?
Isn't it?
Through years of research
and practice,
I've developed a system of nuanced,
psychotherapeutic techniques
Guaranteed to give clients just
the helping hand they need.
What the... What are you doing?
What's happening?
Oh, my god. Help me!
Hi, Stuart.
Give it to me straight.
What'd you have for lunch today?
- A garden salad.
- Don't lie.
You went to Baxby's again,
didn't you?
No, sir.
You'd rather have a jumbo, bacon
double cheese burger from Baxby's
Any day of the week,
isn't that right, Stu?
Isn't that why
you're so god damn fat?
No. No, sir.
I had a garden salad.
Garden salad?
I found the receipt
in your coat pocket.
You had curly fries, too.
Don't look so down.
It's a matter of fact.
I stopped at Baxby's drive-through
on our way over here.
There's only one problem.
I bought a few too many
of these bad boys by mistake.
Think you can help me out, Stu?
No, I'm not hungry. No.
- Yeah, you are. Open up.
- No, I'm not...
Only 12 more to go.
No! Please, no.
I can't.
- Has it been eight hours?
- To the minute.
Congrats, Stuart. I doubt you'll
be visiting Baxby's anytime soon.
Yeah. I don't think so.
This got a little shit on it
in the scuffle. I'm sorry.
If you need a good dry cleaners,
I know a guy.
No, no, thank you, though.
I have to tell you, you were...
You really scared me
back there at the bar.
- Yeah? Thanks.
- Yeah.
I appreciate that.
Okay. Well,
what is the name again?
You can make it out to
kidnap solutions LLC.
People pay you to kidnap them?
For the simulated experience
of high stakes abduction, yes.
I'm not sure I understand.
Well, you might think of it as
a kind of alternative therapy.
My clients use the service for
any number of curative reasons.
Yeah. I mean,
Sure, some people
do it just for kicks.
But we have any number of people
combating addictions,
Drugs, alcohol, fatty foods.
To that end, we deploy
A number of association tactics
that descended from Pavlov.
He's the Russian...
Are you a licensed psychologist?
No. How is that relevant?
Eighteen months ago,
Your company was based
out of Atlantic city.
That's correct.
And what prompted you
to relocate?
The economy, my business model
was based on tourism.
Did the lawsuit...
Have anything to do
with your relocation?
Absolutely not.
In the interest of
full disclosure...
Give me a break.
Pardon me.
I'm sorry, but before
every encounter
I consult with my clients
to set very specific boundaries
About what's going to work
and what isn't.
I leave a paper trail,
I fax documents.
No, but you...
You didn't in Atlantic city.
No. You know what?
No thanks.
This is an ambush, lady.
And based on
this bank's reputation,
I expected a level
of professionalism today,
And those expectations
were not met.
Have an awesome day, Cathy.
I'm sorry.
Do you guys validate parking?
Hey, it's your sister.
Where are you?
The party started an hour ago and
I told the kids you were coming.
And it would be very uncool
if you didn't show up.
And can you please not wear the wig?
Just leave it at home.
I just... I don't wanna have to explain
it to people. It's fucking creepy.
Thank you. See you soon. Bye.
Hey, thanks a lot.
I really appreciate it. I'll pay you
back as I can, you have my word.
Don't worry about it,
happy to do it.
I was gonna tell you I've been talking
to some big money guys back east.
They really believe in
the concept,
Talking about franchise
potential, so I really feel...
Kids are getting big.
They do that when you don't
see them for a while.
Thanks for having me over.
Glad you could make it
this time.
Where did you conceal the rest
of the Montecristo jewels?
They're in the bank vault,
far beyond your reach.
Perhaps you underestimate my ability
in obtaining the things that I want.
You'll be very wise if you
don't writhe, mademoiselle.
Even a criminal dislikes to use
violence with anybody so lovely.
You tempt me, mademoiselle,
to steal something more.
Calling all thrills seekers
and adrenaline junkies.
Design your wildest kidnapping
fantasy today.
Phone in for a free consultation.
That's 1-800...
Is this ray?
Is this a bad time?
No, no, no. Not at all.
I'm calling about
my free consultation.
What do you have in my mind...
I have a fantasy.
I want to disappear.
Okay. That can be arranged.
I'm so glad.
Yeah, we have a whole...
Host of different scenarios
that we can
Surprise me.
The website lists a standard rate
for an eight hour simulation.
Is that negotiable?
- Well...
- Sorry, let me be more clear.
I'd like to go
for the whole weekend.
I'm prepared to pay extra
for the longer simulation.
You are?
How's 5,000 even?
Half up front,
Half after we finish.
- Ray?
- Yes.
I'm still here. That's fine.
I was going to mention there's one
more thing that I'd like to request.
I'm kind of embarrassed to ask.
No, no, no. I've been doing this
a long time.
Trust me, there's no request
I haven't heard.
What's that?
During the simulation,
I'd like for you to...
Slap me.
- You've been on our site?
- Yes.
It's just that,
We have those terms up there.
Which I'm sure you read.
We're not allowed
to hit our clients.
I was hoping that
you would make an exception.
I am afraid that's just
not possible at this time.
I see.
But listen, if you want...
- Fuck!
- What's wrong?
Nothing. Thanks for your time.
No. No, no, no.
- St. Blair.
- Anna.
Yes. Please don't
call me anymore.
No, no, hold on, hold on.
Is this legit?
What is?
You weren't yanking my chain
about the 5,000?
You can look me up.
I'm an account executive
At Carnaham-cutler-Monroe
west coast division.
I should go.
Wait, wait. Wait.
Ray, is our conversation
finished or isn't it?
Then you'll keep an open mind?
I will.
I'm so glad.
You sound surprised.
Well, it's...
It's a lot of money.
Yes, but you understand
it comes with strings attached?
Of course.
I don't scare easily.
It has to feel real.
That's what we're all about.
Case file 402.
Subject, Anna st. Blair.
senior business consultant,
los Angeles branch.
Subject has requested
a surprise scenario.
I've dusted off one of
my classic simulations.
The Schwinkie file.
You're gonna get us that file, ms.
St. Blair, one way or another.
It's a tale of corporate espionage,
where I play the brute enforcer,
She's the damsel in distress.
And Schwinkie, well,
That's for me to know
and her to find out.
All the pieces are in place.
She won't know when it's coming,
Or where.
Or how.
You have one new message.
I saw you in the elevator
this afternoon.
You didn't say anything.
Were you outside my house, too?
You really should be more
careful next time, ray.
Eyes on the road, Anna.
Stay cool.
How do you know my name?
Light's green.
Are you...
Are you wearing a wig?
You have a green light.
Let's go, let's go.
- Would you like my car?
- No.
What do you want? I'm sure
we can work something out.
Just keep your hands at ten and
two just like in driver's ed.
- What's in there?
- Shut up.
- Is it meant for me?
- Shut up.
Okay. Hold still.
I don't think I can drive
with these things on my hands.
Sure you can.
You know, I'm supposed to be speaking
at a very important conference tonight.
If I'm not there,
people are gonna ask...
People are gonna ask questions
about where I am.
Shut up and drive.
Okay. Hold tight a sec.
I'll be right back.
You through?
There's nobody around,
nobody can hear you.
I'm gonna cut you free.
Don't make any
sudden movements, okay?
All right, let's go, come on.
Hop in.
No, no, no. I can't go in there.
I'm a Claustrophobe.
- Seriously?
- No, yeah. I'll go into shock.
- So...
- Turn around.
Turn around!
Listen, this isn't some ploy.
I've done absolutely everything that
you've asked me to do up until right now.
- Get in.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay.
- Watch your head.
Okay, okay.
Get your fucking leg down!
I will fucking slam this on you.
I'm not kidding,
I am not fucking around!
- Why are you doing this?
- Shut up!
You're Anna st. Blair?
- That was a question.
- You told me to shut up!
Okay. Are you Anna st. Blair
or aren't you?
- You are Anna st. Blair?
- Yes.
You work at Carnahan-cutler-Monroe,
the la branch?
What is this about?
My employer has taken an interest
in a certain client of yours,
A man by the name of Schwinkie.
Are you sure you're
pronouncing that correctly?
Listen, Anna,
This can either go
very smoothly for you
Or very difficult-ly.
The Schwinkie file. Where is it?
Who is Schwinkie?
God damn it.
CCM doesn't represent anybody
by that name!
If I could help you with this, don't
you think I would've already?
Don't fuck with me, Anna!
You're gonna get us that file, ms.
St. Blair, one way or another.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
You can't just keep me
here like this.
People are gonna be
looking for me.
Come on.
- No.
- Lady, I don't ask twice.
That one.
Well, I hope you're more cooperative
tomorrow, for your own sake.
Hey, tom, it's ray.
I left a package at your place
last night.
Make sure you get to it
before Natalie does.
My name's not on it
or anything, but
It's in your mail.
You know, for the first time in a
long time I really feel like I'm
Heading down the right path,
I don't know, everything's
the way it should be.
All right. Later, man.
You hungry?
I'm starving.
Well, you're in luck then.
I had a whole mess of chicken
fingers in here, two orders worth.
Smells pretty good, doesn't it?
Okay, here it comes.
Before we dig into
our breakfast here,
I'm gonna need some answers.
I already told you
CCM doesn't have any clients
named Schwinkie.
Where is the file?
I don't know.
Where is the fucking file, Anna?
Please don't yell at me!
One way or another,
I'm gonna get what I need.
These are very powerful people
we're talking about here.
This shit goes higher up the totem
pole than you could ever imagine.
You won't leave here alive unless
I have that file in my hands!
There must be some mistake.
There must be some sort
of misinformation.
I mean, you're very good
at your job.
I have a family.
I have a dog.
He's a rescue dog,
he's such a good...
He's such a good dog.
I have plants.
I have plants, too.
But I am not who you think I am.
And I don't know
what it is you need from me.
So, please...
Please let me go.
I have to go make a call.
She's good. She's good.
She's a fucking pro.
I'll give her that.
You got this.
You got this.
You got this!
I know you're scared.
But I'm just
the middle man here.
I don't want anyone
to have to suffer.
So I'm gonna be straight
with you.
In my line of work,
I've seen lots of things.
Terrible things.
These guys do not fuck around.
But I know that if you can
just work with me here,
Give me the materials
that I need
So that I can be able to say
that I did my job,
We'll both make it out
of this unscathed.
You have my word.
I'm sorry.
Are you kidding me
with this shit?
You hold me at gun point
and you tie me up in your...
You tie me up in your basement
And then you invent
some bullshit excuse
- To try to connect?
- It's not bullshit.
And expect me to treat you
like you're...
Like you are my knight
in shining armor?
You don't even know
what you're talking about, okay?
You're treading
very dangerous waters here.
I remember you.
You're that guy in the elevator.
You were the guy that was
staring at my ass.
My employers...
You don't even... You're in some
very serious shit here, Anna.
You have seriously underestimated
the amount of shit you're in.
You're gonna get me
that fucking file!
Stop yelling in my face,
you fucking pervert!
You spineless pussy.
You can't even...
How was that?
You hit like a girl.
You and I are gonna talk Schwinkie,
who I know is your fucking client.
And I don't care how long it takes,
you're gonna give me exactly what I need.
And I don't care if your fucking
plants, fucking shrivel up and die!
They could die for all I care!
And don't think that I don't know
that you don't have a rescue dog.
Yeah, that's right, Anna.
I've been to your house.
And contrary to what
you might think,
I happen to be
exceptionally good at my job.
So you just better make
god damn sure
That that job doesn't involve me
cutting you into little fucking pieces
And feeding you to that
fake-ass fucking dog!
You can have the file!
- What'd you say?
- I'm hungry, I'm tired.
These cords are cutting off
my circulation, and, you know,
I probably need to pee again.
If you want Schwinkie that bad,
you can have him.
I'm really tired of this shit.
You really know him?
Yeah, yeah. He pays me
500 bucks an hour.
Come on, let's go!
- Where?
- My office.
No, no. That's not gonna work.
I can call my assistant
and have her fax it over.
No, no, no calls, no faxes.
Okay, so what do you suggest,
telekinesis maybe?
Is their some kind of online
corporate database that...
No. What?
I don't know. What...
Just let me call my assistant.
There better not be
any funny business.
I have to get the okay from my employers.
I'll be right back.
Hey, buddy, it's tom.
Glad to hear you're
in high spirits again.
I'm actually holed up in Vegas
all week. We had a conference.
So I wasn't able
to get your package.
But don't worry about that.
I'm sure Natalie...
You scared the shit out of me.
You can't just barge in
here like that.
What the hell is this?
I don't know. What is it?
It's an unmarked envelope
full of cash
That I found in my mailbox
this morning.
How do you know
that I put it there?
Are you borrowing money
from tom again?
Is that why you came
to the birthday party?
Did you sell the furniture?
This place looks like shit.
Natalie, now's not a great time.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Do you have a friend here?
God, you have one of them here.
You have one of them here!
At mom's house?
Wait a minute!
Don't go down there!
Well, this is just great.
Help me!
I hope you're having
a pleasant experience.
I'm gonna go.
Ray, are you fucking kidding me?
I can't believe you.
We grew up in this house.
Will you lower your voice?
Who is she?
A new client, a good one.
She's paying big money for an
authentic simulated experience.
Which you just compromised
by engaging with her.
You just introduced yourself
into the equation.
Now I have to come up
with a whole back story for you.
Maybe you're my employer.
Wait, did I specify a gender?
Can you hear yourself right now?
You sound like a lunatic.
It's my job. I'm good at it.
Think about what mom would say
if she could see you right now.
Can you just stop for a second
and think about what she'd say?
I gotta go.
My kids are waiting in the car.
Well, you can bring them inside.
I'd like to say hi to them.
And then should we
bring them downstairs
And introduce them to the
nice lady in the basement?
Well, you can't just leave them out
in the car. That's irresponsible.
I'm irresponsible?
You need to grow the fuck up
and get a real job!
You know, the next time
I bring my kids to see you,
I would prefer you not be
behind eight inches of glass.
And water your fucking plant!
That looks terrible!
Authorities are still searching
today for a Hollywood hills woman
Feared missing since
early yesterday evening.
Colleagues say they grew concerned after
she failed to appear at a corporate gala
Where she was due to deliver
the key note speech.
She was last seen leaving her
office in a black s550 Mercedes.
For any tips, you can call
our toll-free number...
We need to talk. There's been
some kind of misunderstanding.
The police think...
Did you just stab me?
What's wrong with you?
Okay, I'm calling this off.
This is getting too weird.
You can keep your
5,000, whatever.
Mother of fuck.
Are you insane?
The police are outside.
We're not in
pretend land anymore.
Look at me. Look at me.
Yeah, just a second.
I'll be right there.
Are you Raymond moody?
Yeah, speaking.
What took you so long to get
to the door today, Raymond?
You caught me in the can.
How can I help you guys?
We're here about a lady
who went missing last night.
You familiar with a woman
named Anna st. Blair?
No. No, I don't think so.
Drive a white van?
Used to be white. It's more like
rust colored now, actually.
It has jersey plates?
Yeah, actually, it does.
Is the car in your garage?
No, it's in the shop. I gotta say
I'm getting a little confused here.
There was a neighbor
that saw your car
Parked in front of her house,
last three nights running.
- I'm sorry, who's neighbor?
- Ms. St. Blair.
- She's the one that's missing?
- Yes.
Ms. St. Blair, not the neighbor.
Isn't it a little early to open a
missing person's investigation?
I watch a lot of cop shows.
Yeah, well, like I said, it's in the shop.
It's been in the shop all week.
You know the name of the shop?
I don't know the name of it,
but it's...
It's on Manchester,
near the airport.
Guy I know was a mechanic there.
What's your friend's name?
Hayward have a first name?
Just "Hayward" is all I know.
You don't think he could have
something to do with this, do you?
You know, he did say...
Yeah, he mentioned
that he was on parole.
Man, Hayward.
You won't happen to have
his number handy, do you?
No, I'm afraid not. I just kind of
drop it off when it needs fixing.
But he's usually there
if you zip by.
So should I just give you a call
if I hear from Hayward?
If we need to get
a hold of you this week.
Yeah, we know where you live.
Mr. Moody.
Have a good weekend.
I'm just gonna need
the truth from you here.
Please tell me that that shit
you pulled back there
Was all part of the act.
That you're still acting.
If that's the case,
And I know that's case,
Then we can just end this thing right
here and go our separate ways.
You know what this is, right?
You called me on the phone.
You asked for this,
you paid for this.
You didn't?
You have no idea what
I'm talking about here?
Please let me go. I don't know
what you're talking about.
I don't have what it is...
I think that you have
the wrong person.
You didn't call me on the phone,
You didn't deposit $2500
into my bank account?
I lied.
I lied about Schwinkie
because I thought
If I told you...
What you wanted to hear,
You might let me go.
Please let me go home.
There is no Schwinkie,
I made him up.
You made up Schwinkie?
It's all part of the scenario.
I run a company that specializes
in simulated abductions.
Designer kidnappings.
Call it like a heightened form
of immersive theater, you know.
Oh, my god.
You're insane.
No, no, no.
Look, a woman named
Anna st. Blair
Called me a few days ago
and contracted me to kidnap her.
Up until now, I had every reason
to believe you were that woman.
Why would...
Why would I do...
Why would anyone do this?
Why would I hire you
to do this to me?
These psychos pay you money
to torture them?
No, they use our services
for any number of reasons.
Mine, my services.
I don't get it.
Don't they have loved ones?
People that miss them
while they're gone?
Typically, a session only lasts
eight hours.
Not enough time
to arouse suspicion.
Yours was a special case.
Let me guess, ray.
You got carried away.
You paid for the weekend.
Ray, I've never
seen that before.
You signed it.
No, no, no, no. That's not...
That can't be right.
You paid me half up front.
That says anonymous deposit.
Well, most of them are.
That does not come
as a surprise to me.
Wait a minute.
I saw you in the
elevator this afternoon.
You didn't say anything.
Were you outside my house, too?
You really should be
more careful next time, ray.
That's not my voice.
I don't know who that is.
That sounds a lot like you.
That's not me.
There must be someone else
with my name.
No, no, no.
That's too big a coincidence.
I mean, I saw you
in the elevator that day.
You brought it up earlier.
Were you outside my house?
How long were you watching me?
Couple of days.
Call the number back.
We're sorry. The number you
have reached is not in service.
- Please check...
- Disconnected.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but
there's only one logical explanation.
I mean, isn't it obvious?
We were setup.
Who would do that? Why...
Who would waste all of their
time putting together such a...
Such an elaborate plan?
Don't you have any enemies?
I mean, somebody that might benefit from
you being sidelined for a few days?
You're missing your big speech.
Me? I don't have any...
What about...
What about you?
I don't have any enemies.
You work with crazy people
for a living.
I mean, you must have your fair
share of disgruntled clients.
"disgruntled"? Never.
I'm very good at what I do.
You're really not very good
at what you do.
Do you know her?
No, I don't think so.
Who is she?
Have you ever been
to Atlantic city?
Once, I was there when
I think I was a kid.
Who is she?
Nobody. I'm sure it's nothing.
Where's my car?
- It's in the garage.
- And my phone?
- In the glove box.
- Perfect.
What are you
gonna tell the police?
The truth.
That you kidnapped me,
that you hit me.
I was just doing
what I was told.
Fuck you. Companies like this
should not exist. It's dangerous.
People can get hurt.
They'll send me to jail.
Ray, maybe you should've thought
about that before you kidnapped me.
Leave the purse, please.
The keys aren't in the...
I want you to think
very carefully
About your next move.
Every second
You hold on to those keys...
You're digging yourself
in an even deeper hole.
I can't let you leave.
Just hear me out.
Please, if you could just
listen to me for one...
- Stay back!
- Ow!
- God!
- Stay back.
Okay, okay, I'm staying right here.
Right here, right here.
I'm leaving, ray.
Give me the keys.
Okay, okay, cool it.
Don't you tell me to fucking cool
it, asshole. Give me the keys.
It's not a real gun.
- What?
- That's not a real gun.
It's just a pellet gun.
- Shit!
- Give me the keys!
- Fuck!
- Give me the keys!
God damn it!
Give me the keys, ray!
I really wish you could see this
from my point of view.
Give me the keys!
Okay, I'm really sorry
about this.
What are you doing?
Are you fucking crazy?
Spit it out.
You can't leave...
Until we sort this out.
Spit it out, ray.
I swallowed it.
I just want us to talk
about what happened
And come to a mutually
beneficial conclusion.
Spit the keys out.
I swallowed it.
- Spit the key out!
- I swallowed it.
Spit 'em out!
I can feel it right here.
God, I didn't wanna do that.
Spit out the key!
I'm trying.
It's down there.
It's down there now.
Spit out my keys!
Help me! Please help me,
I've been kidnapped!
Here. For your head.
This is a fucking nightmare.
Hey, cut it out.
You want me to crash?
Stop it.
You can't do this. The police
are looking for my car.
You know that, right?
I swapped out the plates.
I had some fakes in storage.
Where are you taking me?
Couldn't stay
at my house anymore.
It was only a matter of time before
the police swung back around.
So I'm officially your hostage.
You're not my hostage.
Do you know that you're committing
a felony right now, you asshole?
Hey, you know what, Anna?
You know something?
Look, you know what?
Never mind. Forget about it.
It's not important.
It's just...
If you stopped to consider the amount of
abuse that I've taken from you today...
You've got to be fucking
kidding me, right?
I am the victim here.
I am the victim
in this scenario.
I am the victim here!
Not you!
You're right, I apologize.
Jesus Christ. Don't apologize.
Fuck, please just let me go.
I can't risk you going to
the cops right now, okay?
Look, I know that there's
a solution to this somewhere,
And if you and I could just put our
heads together and figure it out,
Everything's gonna be okay,
all right?
You motherfucker!
Let me out of here!
Fuck you!
Fuck you, you motherfucker!
Let me out of here!
You cool? Come on.
Just give me your hand.
Just come over here.
Stop it.
You're being silly now.
Come on.
I honestly think
you're gonna dig this place.
It's a family cabin. My dad
built it in the 70's and...
Anna, come on.
This doesn't have to be
such a chore. Let's go.
What are you hiding from me for?
Fuck! Fuck!
Believe me when I tell you I never
meant for it to come to this.
I know, I know you're not exactly
my biggest fan right now.
To be honest, I'm not too
pleased with myself either.
I'm really not a bad person.
I'm a good person
Caught up in a seismically
fucked up situation,
And you're not exactly making
anything easier on me right now.
I like helping people.
That's why I do what I do. My whole
business is about helping people.
My clients come to me
To escape their everyday troubles and
immerse themselves in a scenario,
However unorthodox,
That really helps them gain some solid
perspective on life. It's just...
You and them cut off from the
outside world, and they get to that
That microcosm,
where time ceases to exist.
And they're forced to
retreat inward
And really get to know
themselves better, and I'd say
Nine and a half times
out of ten,
They emerge from that experience
a more fulfilled human.
Hold on one sec.
I'm sorry about that.
That's not what microcosm means.
That thing that you just said
about time standing still,
That's not what microcosm means.
Do you want some food?
Yes, asshole,
I'd like some food.
It's been over 36 hours
since I've eaten anything.
Well, let me see
what I can whip up here.
You might wanna think about trying to
fix that thing on top of your head.
My sister.
She has nothing to do with this.
Her coming down in the basement,
that was a total accident.
It's another reason I couldn't
let you go to the cops.
I mean, you put her at the scene that
makes her an accessory, she has kids.
You're telling me you have a
family that cares about you?
And you still
pull this kind of shit?
Well, they were supposed to get
rid of that one. Why didn't they?
That's Kendra,
My ex-wife.
I met her in Atlantic city.
It was a long time ago.
We started
this business together.
It's a huge tourism market
over there.
At peak season, we have two,
three simulations going at once.
We were training personnel.
We rented a warehouse.
We were good.
For the first time in my life, I
didn't feel like a total failure.
But then...
But then I had to walk away.
Get out of town.
I guess Kendra figured
she didn't need me anymore.
Got the lawyers involved,
told a story or two.
I never saw it coming.
And here I am.
Did you love her?
Yeah. But I guess she showed me.
Can I take a shower?
I feel pretty gross, you know,
I've got all this...
Tape all over me.
I really don't think
it's a good idea.
I promise you I'm not
gonna make any trouble.
Where is she now?
Who knows?
Who fucking cares?
You know, I was married once.
What did he do?
He left.
He broke my heart.
He didn't really want me.
I can't really blame him 'cause
I don't know if I want me.
I just sat on the ball gag.
Trust me,
it's been worse places.
Don't say that.
That thing was just in my mouth.
What are you doing?
You're really not a kidnapper.
So, if I say that I won't go to the
cops this whole thing is over?
It's all done?
Yeah, more or less.
So you'd let me go?
Yeah, I would.
So I won't go to the cops.
I'll tell my boss, you know, something.
I'll make up some kind of a...
- You'd do that?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
There's just one thing
that I kind of want to know.
Your ex-wife,
What did she say?
It's just that she must've made
up some terrible accusations,
And I'm wondering what
They are, or were.
Why are you asking me that?
Clearly, she's the one
that set us up.
There's nobody else that would
have that kind of vendetta.
There's no vendetta.
Okay. So can you tell me
what she said?
It has nothing to do with this.
Just drop it.
I think you're afraid
to tell me.
I think you're afraid to tell me
because it's true
And because you want me
to like you.
But you know what, ray?
I don't like you.
And I'm never going to like you.
Do you want to know why?
Because I think everything
you've said is bullshit.
What I think is that
you like being in control.
I think you like
tying people up.
I think you like feeling big.
What did you do, ray?
Did you tie her up?
Did you push her around?
Just when we practiced
the simulations.
You hit her, didn't you?
Just the once
because she asked me to.
Did you like it?
Do you wanna hit me?
Come on, ray.
I've been really bad.
- Are you sure you don't
wanna hit me? -No.
That belonged to my mother.
I'm sorry, mom.
You're being inconsiderate.
Am I? Do I need to be punished?
I'm so sorry.
Ground-line hitch.
Constrictor knot.
Learned it at camp.
Okay, that's not a pellet gun.
Your brother-in-law,
Really should have found
a better hiding place.
Listen, Anna. If it's the keys to the car
you're looking for, they're in my pocket.
No, no, no, no.
No. We are way past that.
I'm really sorry, Anna. You know,
none of this was supposed to happen.
But it did.
It did happen.
So now we've got to work
with what we've got.
Unfortunately, ray,
I'm not quite as creative
as you are.
Listen, do you think you could
loosen these a little?
I can't feel my hands.
Okay, well, look.
If you want the cops to come out
here, that's not gonna happen
Because the phone,
they don't work this far out.
I know that.
I'd like you to
get in the trunk.
No, come on.
Don't piss me off, ray.
Get... In...
The trunk.
- Okay.
- Get in the trunk!
Fuck! Fuck!
You could've blown my foot off!
You could've fucking crippled me!
Get in the trunk.
Okay, look,
Please, I'm begging of you,
don't do this.
Okay? There's...
I know I'm fucked up, okay?
I know I need help,
But please don't make me
get in there.
Leave me here. I don't wanna go.
I wanna stay.
Just do it.
Just shoot me. Just kill me.
No. No, don't fire.
Don't fire, don't fire.
Are you done?
I don't have time for this.
I need you to
get into the trunk.
All right.
Want me to go in the trunk?
Get in the trunk, ray!
Get in the trunk!
In the trunk I go.
See? I'm getting in the trunk.
I'd like you to do it
without the narration.
God damn it.
You ready to test your theory
about microcosms out?
Wait, wait, wait.
What are you gonna do to me?
Welcome back.
Are we at
the police station or...
No, we're at the top of my office
parking lot. I hope that that's okay.
It's just I've a lot
of work to get done.
A person in my position normally can't
disappear for an entire weekend
Without repercussions, so.
I'm sorry. What?
You can drop the act.
It's been 48 hours. The weekend's
over, the scenario's done.
I called the police
on my way over.
You really were not kidding about
them being concerned, were you?
Does that usually happen?
What am I thinking?
You must be dehydrated.
I know I certainly was
when you had me back there.
And before you even ask,
I called the bank.
They're in the process of
transferring the other 2500
From my account over to yours.
Of course, I didn't really
factor in for incidentals,
And damages, and medical expenses
that were incurred during our run.
Do you have a ballpark
for that, maybe?
You know what?
Just think about it.
Whatever you think is fair,
let me know.
Fax it over, and we'll...
We'll settle it. Ray.
I am really impressed with how
in-depth your service went.
I mean, the second location,
those crazy stories,
The role reversal in the end
with the rifle. I mean,
That must've taken
tremendous planning,
Not to mention the appropriate
foresight to gauge all the variables.
I'm sorry if I went too far. It's
just I get very into the role play.
I like to imagine...
What it would feel like if I
were really in that situation,
And just...
Can I talk to you
about the slapping?
Honestly, I would've like
a little bit more of it.
I kept trying to goad you and goad you,
but you really wouldn't take the bait.
But that...
The choke at the end,
Was that improvised?
That was a... That was amazing.
Yeah. Thanks.
I really think that your concept
could have legs
With the right
strategy behind it.
- Yeah?
- Absolutely.
I'm a consultant,
this is what I do for a living.
I gotta get going.
Gotta get going.
Think about it. Think it over. You
don't have to let me know right now.
See you around, ray.