Take Me to the Moon (2017) Movie Script

Take me to the moon
three years ago, Tokyo
how may I help you?
Hi, I am wang
I am looking for Emma Lee
- who are you looking for?
- Emma Lee
a singer in your company
may 1?
Come with me
thank you
The moon
for me is a distant
and nostalgic presence
I kept wonderinghow
great it would be
if I could stay
on the moon forever
when I was in senior high,
we formeda band called
the band of moon
those were the best memories
in my life
we enjoyed spending time
together party together
doing all sorts of stupid things
in high school
as to forming the band,
she is the one that started it all
Emma Lee
the most dazzling girl
in the whole high school
when she picks up the microphone
she owns the world
back then,
chosed by tetsuya komuro
she became the pride of
the band of moon
It never occurred to us
that after 20 years,
we are getting together again
because of her as well
now that she is
in a different place
Five - fifteen
ten - zero
five - fifteen
you can eat shit after
finishing that drink
eat shit - eat it yourself
The people that I long for
the time that / miss
how I wish to turn back the time
for only a few days
I thought
I can give you a surprise
are you surprised?
Can't a star dump her own trash?
I am very down to earth, ok?
Would you like to have dinner tonight?
I have a show this evening
can I come?
I really can't come?
Well, hope you are doing well then
I need to work now
let's take a rain check
bye bye
Thank you
Hi, welcome to have a look
no thanks
hey handsome, come have a drink
- we got girls to accompany you
- No thanks
hey handsome
come join us
good evening
we got special offer
welcome to have a look
thank you
Thank you
fuck, can't you just ignore me
I was only handing out fliers
I am not doing that
- don't get the wrong idea
- I know
I do not get it wrong
the living standards here is
pretty expensive
hang on there
next album
Actually I am thinking about
going back to Taiwan
there's no more album
nothing at all
you were chosen by
tetsuya komuro
thanks for your support
I recall you once said to me
ask me to give it all out
now I have done that
I can't keep doing this anymore
you are the most talented person
I know
Go easy on the cigarrettes
your still has asthma, right?
come on
ya right
you want to spend the night
at the most famous person's place?
I have to go later
I have a girlfriend now
I am about to propose to her
I was just kidding
you got me
How are you going to propose?
I don't know
haven't got a clue yet
you should play the guitar
wang Cheng-hsiang
you look best when playing guitar
is that so?
You can sing this song
asking myself everyday
thinking about you everyday
asking myself everyday
when is the right time to tell you
thinking about you everyday
guarding a heart everyday
saving my best love
for you
after I broke up with my girlfriend
I didn't have the courage fo
go after her
if only
I didn't let sheng woe her
saving me best love
for you
to Emma
to Emma
to Emma
You knew she had a hard time
why didn't you help her?
How would I help her?
We broke up so long ago
you're seeing someone else
let bygones be bygones
why are you mentioning it again?
If you are still with her
maybe she would have lived
maybe she would have lived
She told me not to tell you
being a hostess and
drinking with others
the chain smoking and
heaving drinking
are you able to handle it?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Calm down
if you care about her so much
what have you done for her?
You fucking betrayed her
if you didn't keep telling
her to follow her dream
would she kept struggling in Japan
and afraid to be back
and died with a guitar in her arms
enough about this
what are you guys arguing about?
it's all my fault
Trust me
you will be popular again
it's raining now
you should go home
and get some rest
One flower for one night
the blossom is the most
beautiful moment
thank you ma'am
I will have two more
go get some rest
the blossom is the most
beautiful moment
ma'am, three will do
one flower for one night
the blossom is the most
beautiful moment
the blossom is the most
beautiful moment
Hey boy, what's wrong?
My cock is dead
it is dead?
No way
what's going on?
Do I look like namie amuro?
The eyebrow should be thinner
I wish I could meet my tetsuya komuro
hi, I would like to buy this
he is touching himself
what kind of haircut is this?
It looks so dumb
he is eating himself
this is not a dream
What are you doing?
so you are real
you are still alive
that's great, Emma
are you insane?
We are in senior high now
of course
you think you have graduated?
There's still 3 days left
it's not graduation yet?
What's wrong with you?
He is acting weird
who said you can hug Emma
while we are absent?
Big bao - what?
Sheng - ya?
Small pa
you are a tomboy again
has she ever been a lady before?
I am more manly than you
Bao, you damn monkey
where's your big belly?
Who you calling a monkey?
the monkey boy
you can call me boy
but leave the monkey part
let's go
settle this one on one
don't hit my head
sure, tough guy
tough guy
tough guy
hey, come on
let's go
that's a cheap shot
someone is really looking for you
over there
I see you
there you are
I won't lose the race to you
how about racing with real bike?
Put on a fight, Cheng-hsiang
the final blow
the loser will have to
run around naked
Yes, the highest score
damn, I lost
Emma, you are in second place
that's good enough
being second means I lost
who is the last
oh my god
it's wang Cheng-hsiang
honor the bet
or would you want us to help you
get naked
no way - hey
is there really anyone
that wants to see him naked
wang Cheng-hsiang running naked
is it a punishment to
him or to us
good point
it would hurt my eyes
that sucks
do this
wang Cheng-hsiang
wang Cheng-hsiang say cheese
look at those legs
= hurry up - I am coming
move over, you hag
- who's a hag?
- Hey, where's wang?
The one who answers
here it goes
wang Cheng-hsiang
you look pretty good in this
what are you staring at?
Are you still in junior high?
hey wait
what are you doing?
what are you doing?
- What?
- Well well
you're a cutie
how about giving me
your phone number
that's gross
give me your phone number then
I will find time to call you
don't do it, Emma
nice, man
Call me then
I'll call you when I have time
but too bad I don't
fuck you
kids these days,
they are too childish
fucking bitch
you got a problem?
You jerk
fuck you
Emma watch out
stop it...
Game on
they got more people coming
let's bounce
Emma hurry
guys, you should go now
are you all right?
Hey man
They are catching up
hurry up, small pa
come on
they passed us
nice speed, small pa
come on - go after them
come on
don't do it
wang you are such a pussy
hey, which team are you on?
= hurry - that's dangerous, Emma
let's race
hey, a cop
hey, a cop
hey, cops are here
too heavy - bao, get off
get ready, wang Cheng-hsiang
stop pushing my butt
where else could I push?
being young is tough
I need to tell you a secret
but you can't share with others
Who are you falling for now?
Not that
I came back from the future
me too
I mean it
I bumped into an old lady
selling flowers
she told me
to look at the flower blossom
I am back here
right at this time - I know
as a whole - I know
- myself
- You are like the Terminator
take it off
I am not talking about
the movies
sorry bao...
Listen to me
we have to help Emma
or she would be
very miserable later
how miserable?
Like marrying you?
We need to stop her from
following the dream
we need to stop her
are you out of your mind?
I am serious
serious my ass
you are really being a jerk
fine, I am telling you
before the graduation
- your middle finger will be broken
- Scary
believe it or not
I don't
come to me
when your finger is broken
I will tell you more about the future
I will call you my dad
if my finger breaks
stop right there
damn, don't scare us like that
hop on
move forward
I got no room left
you are really fat - big butt
let's go
Look, Emma is coming
Hi, Emma
sheng, hurry
hey beautiful
hey beautiful
that's a nine
a ten
that's top class
nice - how about that one?
Check out the one over there
what, there
that's a two
a zero
wow, that's mean
minus 1 point
your girlfriend is so mean
Do you want to kiss me?
That's what he said
You think I am talking to you
not at all
I got you
what should I do?
I am nervous about
the audition tomorrow
what audition?
The one with tetsuya komuro
oh right
it all started from this audition
don't go to the audition
but you are the one that apply for me
listen to me
you will pass the audition
and then you will release an album
that's it
and nothing else
no more career
you are being weird
calm down and listen to me
- you really shouldn't go
- Hey everyone
the club time is over
please leave the building
and go back to the classroom
or leave the school
the graduation performance is coming
the instructor still won't
let us practice here
ya, that's outrageous
I got a funny story
wang Cheng-hsiang just told me that
he came back from the future
the future - what?
I shouldn't have hit you in the head
it lowered your wit
I quit smoking
- huh?
- Quit smoking
Quit my ass - idiot
we are all going to graduate
let's talk about our dreams
and after 20 years
we can share it again
sure - I'll go first
I want to play in the NBA
you think you can be Jeremy lin?
I want to be a film director
casting madoka ozawa and ai lijima
by the time you grow up,
the most famous one would be
yui hatano
I want to marry Aaron kwok
and have three children
having one is enough headache for you
why is that?
What are you looking at?
I want to be a lawyer
fighting for justice
pa is the cooliest
what about you, wang?
Don't you have any dreams?
Oh, don't you want to be a chef?
Do I?
you can quote the whole shota no Sushi
I don't remember it at all
get over here
there's no fever
you really is acting weird today
Pa you are so cool
I would love to go to a U2 concert
Oh shit
you haven't practiced at all
that's impressive
go for a guitar-off
all right
there's not much time left
the theme song of our band
Hey all
we are the band of moon
please show me your hands
and make some noise
and take me away
out of this polluted earth
and take me away
out of this mundane life
the dark sky and dark nights
are eating up my dreams
the ongoing wars and killing
are wiping out my friends
no need for wealth
no need for power
free of this material world
take me to the moon
where the air is thin
take me to the moon
where the bumps are steep
take me to the moon
let the gravity levitates us
wandering in a land of wilderness
with no goddess in sight
I would still turn away from earth
place my hope in the whole universe
What are you doing here?
To the moon?
To the disciplinary office now
we are just practicing for
the graduation
but you shouldn't
sneak in like this
gather your stuff
and get out of here
that's a buzzkill
what's going on?
What should we do?
You are
having a crush on
teacher chen right?
To tell you the truth
teacher chen likes you as well
Should we pack it up now?
What now?
Hold on, let's wait and see
thank you sir
after communicating
with Mr. wang
I understand you are
eager to practice
I will make an exception for you
after you finish practicing
remember to clean up the place
and keep this to yourselves
don't say a thing to anyone else
are we clear?
Yes sir
thank you sir
How did this happen?
That's unbelievable
I told you not to worry
wow, Cheng-hsiang
not bad at all
- not bad at all
- That's pretty impressive
don't ever hit my head again
I got you guys a place to practice
one more thing
on the day of graduation
don't you guys dry hump me
dry hump him
and don't throw me into the pool
why being so serious?
Just kidding
fine, sorry
the world is ours
there is something
different about you today
You are very decisive
it's pretty cool
so I am pretty lame before?
Not at all
it's cute
when is the audition tomorrow?
The audition is at 16:00
but I want to get there 15 minutes early
I won't let you down tomorrow
it's ok to let me down
I won't lose
I will definitely win it
I got the tickets
there are 2 tickets
Emma Lee
you haven't changed much do you
put it away
I am as cool as it gets, why change it?
That's gross
put it away
to thank you for backing me up
for the last 3 years
the concert of Tom Chang
the tickets are my treat
hey, Emma
do you really have to go to the audition?
Of course
it's tetsuya komuro
going out again
can't you stay home for a change?
Drinking everyday
are you done?
Are you even listening to me?
Let them finish it
I can't help it
they want me to go together
why do you have to
drink for doing business?
drinking all day long
you think your body can take it?
Why don't you ever listen to me?
you don't have to win at everything
of course I have to win
Do you know
when I failed the high school exam
they didn't speak to me for 6 months
at that time
only the songs of
Tom Chang are there for me
making me feel less alone
so these 2 tickets are very important
my mom
she collects all my prizes and trophies
she seems to care about me a lot
but what they really cared
is my image in their expectation
so I have no choice
I can only keep winning
I have to be the pride of this family
you don't have to care
what others think
I don't care about them
I want to win too
what about them?
Do they know you are
going to the audition?
I would not let them know
when the time comes
I will show them
the plane tickets and say
I will be walking
my own path in Japan
this is how good
your daughter really is
you're home
sorry I am late
you hair is so dark
you looks very pretty
give me a hug
what's going on with you?
Being so kind all of a sudden
have you done something bad?
Come on
have some fish soup
don't get your hopes up
it's just fish soup again
it will make you smarter
what's wrong with that?
Having a fish head
there is what's wrong
it makes me lose
all the appetite
without the fish head
the soup won't be so good
anyway, I just don't like it
it's staring me in the soup
leave it if you don't
want to eat it
I will save it for my son later
look how handsome you are
with the posture and all that
you get that pretty face from me
your mom's gene won't cut it
Mr. wang
you are having none
of the soup today
I will most definitely have it
smart ass
Shota no shhush/
so I really did want to be a chef before
Tom Chang
One flower and one leaf
what does that even mean?
Have some while it's still warm
it would be less tasteful when cooled
don't leave it cooled
I haven't had the soup for a long time
it's so delicious
I will come home a lot more often
you just had it yesterday
what are you talking about?
Emma is going to
that audition thing right?
If she wins
we will have a famous friend
tell Emma that
Mrs. wang wish her the best
go for it
It's almost 12, go to bed
just a moment
One flower for one night
the blossom is the most
beautiful moment
Good morning
you bought flowers too
I buy it everyday
so the old lady can be
off work early
oh right, Emma
the audition is postponed
it rescheduled to tomorrow
Why didn't I know about it?
Because I signed up for you
they called my cell
phone to inform me
you have a cell phone?
No I mean
they called my place
and informed me
you see
it's my home address
on the application
I see
that's really sudden
wang Cheng-hsiang
get out here
how did you know
my finger would break?
I also know how it happened
you were spying on your brother
and his girlfriend
and jammed your finger
by the door
how could you know that?
I also know that you like fen
I don't like her at all
tell the truth now
I am really back from the future
you have to trust me
then which college
would I end up?
National Cheng kung university
would weichuan dragon
win the champion?
They will break up
Keep your voice down
I know there is not much time left
I will cut to the point
the thing is
we cannot let Emma
go to the audition
why would we do that?
Because it would end up killing her
The movie
back to the future is true?
That is not the point here
I really need your help on this
it's a matter of life and death
Now listen carefully
after the exam
you have to
make a phone call for me
that's really childish
you want to lie to me again
hey guys
you have finished
all the classess
in high school
and I am finally getting
rid of you all
applaud and congrat me
go out there and
embrace the real world
now get out of here
bao wei-chiang
cram school here I come
one two three
So you like smoking?
The first one to
lit up the cigarette
can go home for lunch
you hear?
Yes sir
are you giving me the finger?
No sir, I just broke my finger
give me 50 jumping lunges now
Don't mess around
when doing warm up
it could be dangerous
when is your audition today?
At 15:30
mine is at 16:00
but it has been postponed
I don't think so
hello, may I speak to...
may I speak to
Emma Lee's parents?
I am the instructor
from the school
oh instructor
Cheng-hsiang got a call
saying it is postponed
I didn't get any phone call
what call did you get?
It's my mom
don't mess around
hello, hello, sir
hello, sir
pointing the finger out
that's a disgrace
I have to inform you
since your daughter joined the
singing contest outside the school
it has violated the school regulations
let's grab a bite
I just called to confirm
the audition is not postponed
so who called you anyway?
I have no idea
What's wrong?
If I didn't win the audition
will you still support me?
Of course
wrong answer
you are supposed to say
you would never lose the audition
losing it might turn out for the best
say it
you would never lose the audition
you would never lose the audition
be more Sincere
you would never lose the audition
you will definitely win
that's the spirit
Go sheng...
You know she is having a hard time
we already broke up
you are having an affair
so what
I owe her nothing
maybe she is not that talented after all
Let's ball
do you really have to court Emma?
Of course
don't do it
do you want to play or not?
You have so many girls liking you
you can just be friends with Emma
that's none of your business
Emma is here
you know what to do
Why are you pushing so hard
when she's watching
turn around and make the shot
you can have the shot
not bad Cheng-hsiang
what's wrong with you?
You are making me look bad
the best can win
fine, come on
Are you all right?
You cool?
Ya, I am cool
I am going to the audition then
you two
pray for me
I'll go with you
I want to do this myself
I'll go with you
you don't have to
I will get nervous seeing you guys
let her do it on her own
leave her alone
right, Cheng-hsiang
really is thoughtful
cheer for me
go get them
go Emma
you are the best
so this is how you
want to help me
what's up?
I am going with you
you don't have to
I applied the audition for you
I am obligated to go with you
wang Cheng-hsiang
this audition is very important
you have my back, right?
Of course
I am always there for you
did you bring the tape with you?
Let me hold it for you
I will keep it here
let's go
great, my mom is not home yet
wear the flip-flop
Emma, you're the best
you will definitely make it
I certainly wrote a lot
you practically wrote the whole wall
why stare at it for so long?
You narcissist
don't look back
Don't look back
then what am I supposed to do?
You can play the guitar
what do you want to hear?
Tom Chang
When you are here
with a fresh scent of camellia
when you are away
never forget to kiss my heart
when you are here
giving me a time of
passionate youth
without you here
I am used fo leave
a light for you
oh, this kind of life
I am deeply ftoxicated
oh, this kind of feelings
I have put much to waste
I really don't want to lose
really don't want to lose
really can't lose you
I keep searching hard
keep approaching
keep looking into
the truth about love
I really don't want to lose
really don't want to lose
really can't lose you
from the bottom of my heart
tell me you won't be gone
I'm ready
Who do you think
we will meet at the audition
we might have a chance to meet
Mrs. Lee
where are you going,
dressing up like this?
We are going to
the rehearsal in school
is that right?
Are you sure it's not
some Japan audition?
Your instructor told me everything
the instructor?
So what if you pass the audition?
You get to go to Japan?
I am not sure
if you like music and dancing
just do it as your hobbies
this is my dream
I am serious about it
you kids always talk about
your dreams
how many people would
actually go to that audition?
I will make dad and you proud
Mrs. Lee, don't worry
I will take care of it
I somehow feel like
someone doesn't want me to
win the audition
Of course
first he lied to you about the date
and the instructor called my mom
how could the instructor know about it?
Someone is behind this
could be
he is going to pay for it if I caught him
you can come with me to beat him up
you are the most supportive
here I come
Ride faster, wang Cheng-hsiang
I am riding real fast
safety first - you're too slow
can you do it?
what is going on?
I don't know
do you want to pull over?
are you all right?
Just a scratch
oh, you are bleeding
it's fine
here, I'll help you get up
I think I sprained my ankle
here, sit down for a while
walk slowly
it's fine
I will call a taxi
Emma Lee,
you've sprained your ankle
you still want to go?
where is your meds?
you just had an asthma attack
you are risking your life
this mild sickness is not
going to stop me
I am Emma Lee after all
how will you dance like this?
keep playing tough
Wang, are you all right?
Wang Cheng-hsiang
Are you ok?
Don't go with me
you get to the hospital first
come on
it's all right
I'll just rest for a while
you can't, come on
Emma Lee
can you stay here with me for a while?
We can go once you feel better
You're so nice to me
you would do the same for me
if we switched places
Here we are, 150 dollars
thank you
I had a car accident and got delayed
the audition is over now
but the judges are still here right
excuse me
she is injured, don't touch her
I am no.91, Emma Lee
I am late due to a car accident
please let me do the audition
sorry, the audition ends at 17:00
I am no.91, Emma Lee
I am late due to a car accident
please let me do the audition
the audition ends at 17:00
do you understand what I am saying?
I am no.91, Emma Lee
I am late due to a car accident
please let me do the audition
allowing you to audition after being late
is not fair to the other contestants
please let me do the audition
just give her 5 minutes
5 minutes
thank you
Your tape is not working
I'm sorry
I don't know what happened
please give me one more chance
Say goodbye
say goodbye
walk with your head held high
no regrets
how did it go?
No idea
I've been practicing
the dance for 3 months
they didn't even let me finish
don't worry
there are still plenty of chances
in the future
Tell me that I am good
you are good
tell me that I am awesome
you are awesome
tell me that I am going to make a hit
Emma is here
one two three
welcome back, namie amuro Jr.
the judges must have loved
you very much
Oh no
you didn't make it?
Shut up
why are you looking so down?
I am having such a bad day
you know the result already?
What is going on?
The tire is flat
and the bike tipped over
huh? That sucks
massage here when you got home
you would feel better
is it tight enough?
Try moving it around and check
better be careful
Let's go dancing tonight
are you insane?
Just go home
you are really annoying
don't act like my dad ok?
Let's go
come on
let's go dancing
come on
come on
where to?
I know a nice place
Drink up
here, cheers
Don't let the person with asthma smoke
sex on the beach
your favorite drink
let's go dancing
I want to go first
only a fool would want to go first
your ankle is still sprained
how will I conquer the whole world
if I can't even beat this dance floor
Wang Cheng-hsiang
what's the matter with you?
You said you would
help me with Emma
so how you want to be
with her yourself
you are not a good lover
do you even need more girls?
I really hate you being
all condescending
leave her alone
what did you say?
I told you to leave her alone,
don't you understand?
I just want to be with her
don't do it
what are you guys doing?
Leave your mess outside
What is going on with you guys?
Damn, I've been holding
this punch for 20 years
wang Cheng-hsiang is nuts
he should go have his head checked
aren't we here to have a good time?
And now it's all a mess
I am leaving
I'll walk you home
Do the rehearsal right tomorrow
if anyone starts fighting again,
I will break up with him forever
College entrance
examination last 20 days
why would you guys be fighting?
Go ask him
he is out of his mind
wang really seems a bit weird these days
I think he is hiding something from us
what is going on with him?
Whatever, I don't know
I was really out of luck yesterday
my friends are fighting
the instructor called my mom
someone lied to Cheng-hsiang
about the audition date
my tape was jammed during the audition
it's so annoying
you said the instructor called your mom
isn't that ridiculous?
What are you and wang up to?
Nothing - absolutely something
it's hard to explain to you with your 1q
wang Cheng-hsiang made me do it
My mom makes the best fish soup
you told bao to pretend as the instructor
and called my mom to snitch on me
the audition was never postponed
you made that up too?
Did you break the tape too?
Answer me
right, it's me
I also broke the bike
are you crazy?
I want you to be happy
So please give up, you wouldn't make it
how would you know?
I am back from the future
I am here to save you
then tell me
what would my future be like?
Your future is very dark
you didn't become popular
you would only release one album
you are not happy at all
then what?
Then you died at the age of 38
if you passed the audition,
that is your future
It's time for rehearsal
don't screw this up
Are you standing under the sun
working hard like I do
would you rather being mocked
than giving up the life you want
because I don't care
what others said about me
I never forget the promise
I made to myself
my determination for love
I know
my future is not a dream
I live every moment to the best
Stop the rehearsal
let's go outside
Do you really like Tom Chang?
We are going to his concert
why don't you believe in dreams?
I just want to save you
how would you do that?
Why would I die?
Because of asthma attack?
You have no idea right?
Why would you stop me, wang?
Because you don't have
what it takes
So give up
are you satisfied?
Let's not go to the concert either
I hate you
why would you hurt her like this?
- This is too much...
- Wang Cheng-hsiang
I should have punched
you some more
wang Cheng-hsiang
I trust you
Sitting on the stairs
there's a mild breeze
blowing slowly
I had my arms around her
of course
it happened so fast
all of a sudden
I kissed her
Dear band members
I know I have been
acting weird these days
but please believe me
I really hope you are doing well
even though you
often failed the exams
being silly and all
but you are going to
have a happy life
it's true that fortune
favors the fool
you wifl be doing just fine
sorry sir
what are you holding in your hands?
Only scored 35
it's 53
it is still not qualified
stop finding handsome guys afar
keep an eye for the kindness around you
what you are looking for
is right there with you
take care
You are the voice of justice in our band
you will be an outstanding lawyer
the world needs more people like you
speaking for the minorities
doing what's right
even though you think I betrayed you
you are still my brother
I hope the prodigal son
will find his true love one day
and understand love
and responsibilities
when I said that you
don't have what it takes
I Dion 't mean it
of course it's not true
when I came back from the future
I found out that
my feelings for you are more like...
I really have fo apologize
to you
these few days
I have disappointed you
but I really
really love you guys
do you remember me?
I need more flowers, ma'am
do you have any more flowers?
I bought a few last time from you
do you remember?
One flower for one night
three flowers for three night
chewing gum
this is chewing gum, ma'am
I want the flower, ma'am
the flower
I need the flower
I am running out of time
it's not working at all
sunrise and sunset
life comes and life goes
this is the reincarnation
everything is related
if you want to
exchange for something
you need to
exchange with something too
it would be fair then
as long as I get to save her
I would do anything
I would do anything
we know you have
a lot of good friends
here fo listen fo your concert
can you tell us
what it means to you?
As I grow up
I find that during those days
the times that
I felt really happy
were the times
I spent with my friends
so /t feels fo me
if you take the friends
out of my life
I would have a very aull life
so / think friends to me
are very important
hope you have a great
performance tonight
thank you, Tom
flowers are bound to wither
but before they withered
have you ever tried to smell it?
Why are you even here?
Listen to me
Emma, listen
I want to take back what I said today
I was wrong
I was wrong
it's all my fault
I don't want to
you should keep
following your dream
My dream is ruined by you
don't you realize that,
wang Cheng-hsiang
wang Cheng-hsiang
come on
let's go the concert
the tickets are gone
we have to die trying
I am not in the mood
listen to me
this will be his last concert
in this October
he will have a serious car accident
you like him so much
so you have to go
you like to sing and dance
and you should keep doing it
let's go together
the time is now
you are the most talented
person I ever know
every spin you made
certifies my belief
but I hope you know
maybe sometimes the world
didn't notice you yet
maybe sometimes
you haven't found the way to
deal with your demon and failures
maybe sometimes
the loneliness gets to you
but no matter what
in my heart
you will always be the brightest star
since you are the star
you are destined to give it all out
and you are destined to shine
what's the matter with you?
This is his last concert
come with me
Tom Chang 1997 concert
I am hoping
that one day I will come back
back to my first love
back to the innocent child life
I am hoping
one day I will understand
the Sincere love in life
I would hope
the sorrow of coming and going
can also bring the Harmony
in spring nights
now and then
there will be full of
the cool breeze of Autumn
Say goodbye
forwards and backwards
poking around carefully
say goodbye
say goodbye
walk with your head held high
leaving no regrets
say goodbye
say goodbye
forwards and backwards
poking around carefully
say goodbye
say goodbye
walk with your head held high
leaving no regrets
What's wrong?
Come with me
hey, Cheng-hsiang
Cheng-hsiang, what are you doing?
You are?
I am the sponsor
I have an appointment with
the singer and the manager
the sponsor?
Well, I am the sponsor's son
my dad is in there
hold on
let me check
do we have an appointment
with the sponsor?
Let's go
someone breaks into the backstage
watch out
stop running
What are you doing, wang?
Grab him
Tom Chang
Tom Chang
Tom Chang
watch out for the car accident in October
Tom Chang - sir calm down
Tom Chang
watch out for the car accident
drive safe
I will call the cops if you do that again
I will take care of him
it was so close
why can't I save anyone?
What's wrong with you?
You wouldn't believe it
just tell me
I will believe you no matter what
that's not possible
it's true
and fen told bao her feelings first
and they got married
if that was how it happened
poor fen
you mean poor bao
hey wang Cheng-hsiang
I really think you are out of your mind
it's true
so you will be back to the future soon?
then tell me more about the future
in the future
there will be a tallest building in Taipei
called Taipei 101
nonsense, that's impossible
it's true
and the cell phones in the future
they all have touch screens
you can slide it like this and that
zoom in
zoom out
zoom in and out?
That's unbelievable
is tatanic in the theaters yet?
What's that?
It's a movie
you will go to the movie theaters
and watch it three times
why would I want to
watch it three times?
Oh right
there is a thing called
Facebook in the future
remember to keep in touch with me
don't hide out when you are feeling down
what book is that, is it fun to read?
No, it's Facebook
well, future stuff
there are just too many
you will find out later on
so how about you in the future
do you become a chef?
Of course not
at least you should cook for
the people you like
it doesn't even have to be delicious
A word of advice
if you keep following your dream
you are being perfect
then a word of advice to you too
You don't have to be perfect
to be loved
What's wrong?
I don't know
Are you all right?
Let me get you to the hospital
wait here
I'll find some help
mind the road
call an ambulence
wake up, wang Cheng-hsiang
you will live a better life than I do
remember what I told you
and live a good life
wake up, don't do this to me
wang Cheng-hsiang
Wang Cheng-hsiang
you are awake
thank god
you finally woke up
what happened to me?
You were in a car accident
and went unconcious for 3 days
scared the hell out of me
let me get the doctor
So I am back
it was just a dream
To Cheng-hsiang
who gave you this tape?
I don't know
it was there with you
is it?
We will have pork noodle tonight
I told dad about it
I want to go for a walk
I will be back later
you are just getting better
where are you going?
To buy some fish
I will make fish stew tonight
for you and dad
are you feeling better?
I am fine, boss
sorry for the last couple days
it's fine
by the way
we got an order from America
you need fo go fo
New York next week
presenting our latest
products to the clients
as long as you keep
following your dream
you are being perfect
I want to do something
that I would really enjoy
I will come to the office and
prepare for my resignation
hey, Cheng-hsiang,
don't be so reckless
thank you for all these years
really, thank you
Where is me?
How come I disappeared?
I wasn't there at the graduation?
What's going on?
how did I get back?
So she is still...
The flower grows and
withers in time
it doesn't matter
when it would wither
only seizing the moment
can you find eternity
do you want to buy a pen?
What does the pen do?
You can use it to write
or what else?
200 dollars please
200 dollars
Thank you
it's all good
all good
Future wang Cheng-hsiang
it's been months
since you went back
after the car accident
you bled a lot
I was so sacred and
I kept praying
in the end
you suddenly woke up
after 3 days
like nothing happened
it was a miracle
you said you don't
remember a thing
like writing notes to all of us
fen said
you must have schizophrenia
sheng said
you must have been
possessed by something
only bao trusted you
by the way
there is a weird thing
do you remember
the old lady selling flowers?
I bumped into her
the day before you woke up
she told me so many weird stuff
something like
someone wants to exchang
his life for my dream
how is that even possible?
everyone should be
responsible for their own lives
don't you think?
I don't know what the future
will be like
but I will still follow my dream
so I am here fo tell you
I passed the audition
even though I dian't won
they still invited me fo
train in Japan
Am I good or what?
Actually I didn't really believe
what you said
I mean who would know
what it will be like
after 20 years
but yesterday
Tom Chang had a car accident
the news said
it was very serious
then I remembered
what you told me
you said
being a star
I am destined to give it all out
I will listen to you
! Will put in all my efforts
make myself rise and shine
I will face my own
demon properly
even if
I couldn't move the whole world
at least I would move you guys
but I still really hope
hoping that Tom Chang
can wake up
hoping that I can make it
Something goes wrong
in my future
promise me one thing
happily bid your farewell to me
because by then
I have done what
I can for my dream
Wang Cheng-hsiang
you are
the kindest person I ever met
and the one that knows me best
my feelings for you is
more like love
I like you
Say goodbye
say goodbye
forwards and backwards
poking around carefully
say goodbye
say goodbye
walk with your head held high
no regrets
Are you there?
and take me away
out of this polluted earth
and take me away
out of this mundane life
the dark sky and dark nights
are eating up my dreams
the ongoing wars and killing
are wiping out my friends
no need for wealth
no need for power
free of this material world
take me to the moon
where the air is thin
take me to the moon
where the bumps are steep
take me to the moon
let the gravity levitates us
wandering in a land of wilderness
with no goddess in sight
I would still turn away from earth
place my hope in the whole universe