Take the Night (2022) Movie Script

New CEO Robert Chang, son of the
late tycoon, turns 25...
but much around his person
remains uncertain.
A few days earlier
How's it going, cowboy?
Do I look like a cowboy?
- Yes, and quite shabby too.
What are you doing here?
- This is my uncle's shop.
Will be.
Are we getting racist? Got in the boat
with basketball?
- Oh, you're just pissed.
I know you want to be Steph Curry,
but all you eat is curry.
You have to arrange something for me.
You have to bet 11 on the match.
I mean it. I have no money
and I need to eat something.
I really need it.
- There are cameras.
Do you think your uncle is watching it?
This is between us, man.
I don't know.
If you mate me, we'll play
one on one next time in the park.
Okay, but hurry up.
Are you in or not? And you do
n't have to take it lightly.
We'll drop it in the lobby.
- No, that won't work.
You can bring it up yourself.
I'll let my assistant Melissa
take care of it. How hard can it be?
The whole amount, cash.
To be paid in advance.
That will not happen.
Who is that?
A personal interview.
Do you have the weekly reports for me?
Sorry, but I can
deliver them to you on the way home.
Does not have to.
It's not that important.
My brother cannot ask such a thing of you.
Our father would never have allowed that.
I can send the money over the internet.
I said cash.
It's a fake kidnapping. For
a surprise party. No drug deal.
Then you just look for someone else.
I do as I am asked.
But I appreciate your concern.
Have a good evening.
- Have a nice evening, sir.
All right then. Agreed to meet.
That dude isn't kidding.
He remains completely in his role.
These are the documents
you asked for earlier.
Why do you wear that every day?
This bracelet?
- Seems child made to me.
It comes from someone special and reminds
me of home. Not like that.
This is
my favorite watch by the way.
Nobody remembers the surprise, huh?
- Of course not.
Well done.
How are you?
- Are you at home?
I'll see you in an hour.
What do you want?
- How's it going, ugly?
Do you ever look yourself in the mirror?
Constant, bro.
Listen. We have
a meeting in an hour.
Fine. Don't say anything more.
Always chilling, huh?
- Better than work.
Can I grab something to drink?
I had to hurry quite a bit.
No point.
I know you're broke.
What I don't do
for the community!
Broke? Never.
Good Lord...
dude, you need to hear this.
That chick has
n't responded to the messages for 6 months.
I do not hear anything.
But she does like every photo
I post.
Our generation is hopeless.
Kobe Bryant was the greatest of
all time. In other words, the GOAT.
Five championship rings, highest
points score in NBA history, 81...
gold Olympic medal...
- Wait!
Six rings, okay? And several
times Defense Player of the Year.
Then you are literally the GOAT.
Michael Jordan, what are you talking about?
Your opinion doesn't count!
- Why not?
You are a Knicks fan!
It's all right.
There is always a next season.
- What you want.
I have a job next Tuesday...
a kidnapping
for someone's surprise party.
No you can not be serious.
- Can I play the clown? Please?
We'll grab him,
then we'll go for his vault.
Why didn't you say that right away?
But who are we actually kidnapping?
Robert Chang. His brother
William hired us.
Why does Robert Chang sound
so familiar?
Chang Imports...
that family is very wealthy.
Exactly what I needed.
I quit.
- What?
But you've never been caught.
And I thought we were doing this together.
Seems less than normal.
There were also
only four eggs left.
Have you read our raving review?
This is serious, okay?
I'm under a lot of pressure.
I try to arrange everything.
- Surely.
What have you planned for your big day?
Nothing, I think.
Come on man, it's your 2-5 day.
I don't care about such things.
I'm going to visit Dad today.
Are you coming too?
Come on, it's his birthday.
Now get over it.
How long has it been now?
That does not matter.
Be glad you escaped the dance.
- But I wanted it too!
War will stay with you forever.
Stop it, you could have said no.
Dad didn't force you to do anything.
You would never last.
Would you like to test that theory?
You are mature.
I won't stop you.
Of course not.
Because you're too busy
running away.
What happened to James?
What do you mean?
I asked you to settle that matter.
- You mean "fire"?
I asked you.
Aren't you the boss?
What does that mean again?
It means you shouldn't
be like that, Robert.
Get out of my office.
Hey, that's my car!
Thank you.
Tell me what I want to hear.
Is everything ready?
I'll see you at 7 pm.
-How romantic.
Congratulations, Dad.
I'm alone again...
but one day I'll get him
too. I promise.
If you saw the present time,
Dad, you'd really go crazy.
I'll be honest...
there's a girl...
and she has n't responded
to my messages for six months.
But that's not the weirdest thing.
You know what I really don't understand?
If I post a photo on social media
, I get a like.
I come for mr. Robert Chang.
He doesn't receive anyone today.
- Tell me Isaac's here.
Sorry, but mr. Chang
doesn't receive anyone anymore.
No problem.
Sir? Stand still!
A man is coming.
I tried to stop him.
How are you, whopper?
It's okay, Melissa.
It's my uncle.
Sorry, mr. Chang, I didn't know that.
- Does not matter.
Sit down.
What are you doing here?
- Congratulations!
Thanks, but it's not that far yet.
- I know, but I have to get out of town...
and I wanted to give you this.
What is this?
This is from your father.
He wanted you to get it.
He gave it to me
just before he died.
Why didn't he give it to me himself?
You were often on business trips
and I got it for safekeeping for so long.
I thought it would be good to wait a little
while until everything had calmed down.
How's your big brother?
I don't know...
it's kind of chafing between us.
Don't panic, I feel
everything will be fine.
Come here.
to enjoy your birthday, Robbie.
Thank you.
it's my brother's birthday in two days.
Tomorrow night, midnight...
he gets a surprise party.
I need you all.
I have a family. That won't work.
- That's six hours after work.
He has few friends...
I need you to
make this work.
I can't make it that late.
All right, then it will be 10 p.m.
And I pay the overtime.
Melissa gives you all the details.
I know you have a meeting
, but please help me.
Not going. Arrange it.
What did you say there?
You said you
had a meeting after work.
Is that right? I have to go now.
I can't do this.
- Just take care of it, Melissa.
Is everything ready?
I'm already looking forward
to his face.
By the way, he has to be
back by 10pm now.
The... and the...
What is this?
Put back.
That's from Dad.
That's why Uncle Isaac came by?
Why haven't you opened it yet?
I'm not ready yet.
Probably the deed of sale
for the house.
I am now house hunting.
You will soon be rid of me.
Why? This is also your house.
We both
know you were Dad's favorite.
William, I didn't want all this
for myself. I never wanted this.
But it all
suits you, doesn't it?
Have a good evening.
Happy birthday!
Smile at Mommy!
Stop! Get out!
Thank you, Dad.
Let daddy help you.
Look, wow...
I like that one.
Oh, this one?
One day you will have one just
like that.
I thought we
had already decided this.
What are your plans after your training?
You have to stand for something.
Hello sir.
Good morning.
Can I help you with anything?
I often saw you
staring into that drawer...
sorry, it's
none of my business. Excuse me.
It doesn't matter, sir.
Is that your son?
I didn't know you had a son.
I miss him a lot.
Then my sincere condolences.
He is not dead, but lives
in my country with my mother.
Do you plan to bring him here?
He suffers from an illness and needs
a lot of medication and doctor visits.
Way too expensive here.
It's really tough without him.
You will surely find a solution.
Hey, where are you going?
Maybe you want to read this first?
- What is this?
Have fun with it.
New CEO Robert Chang, son of the
late tycoon, turns 25...
but much around his person
remains uncertain.
Shut up!
Who are you?
Do not hurt me please.
Do you want money from me? Is that it?
Calm down.
- I can give you money.
The people of your household must
leave. We don't want any complications.
I've been calling you all night.
Where were you now?
Everything is going according to plan.
- Will be fine. As long as you're on time.
Everything is under control.
If they stop us, it's all over.
Hello? I just witnessed
a break-in.
At the corner of 36th Avenue
and 215th Street.
A blue house!
Come quickly, right now!
O, man...
This is in danger of getting out of hand.
That's close! Let's go!
Help, help!
Come on!
Just listen to me, men!
Do you live here?
Guard! They are...
Please... they are
old and worthless.
That's a nice watch.
Wait, wait!
Shut up!
- Listen, I can give you anything.
Whatever you want, but let
me keep the watch.
That's a personal letter...
worth nothing to you!
Please get him out of here.
You got quite a bit of gold bar here, man.
- Give here!
I really like that watch.
- Maybe I want it.
I did all the dirty work
and then you want that watch?
Shall we share custody then?
Where are you?
They are here.
- What?
I want you to record it.
Here here!
Come on man!
Forward, forward!
Jesus, that's a lot of money!
- How much is it worth?
Millions, man!
- What?
We're rich, dude!
Call the police!
Hold on for a second.
Get out, man!
- I'm doing my best... my knee!
What happened?
- They robbed our safe!
What? How?
We got it! The Bitcoins!
Where's Justin?
- I don't know, he was right behind us.
Get in! We have to get out of here!
- Get out!
After it!
Give me your phone! where is he?
- Melissa still has it.
Why are they following us?
- He had escaped from the trunk.
What? Really?
Really stupid... idiot!
- You only had one job, man.
Let me ride,
they'll never catch me!
How could you come up with something like that?
- What happened?
They stole everything, thanks to you.
- What? How?
You just
told them everything! With your big mouth!
Why would I do that?
Drop by here! Come on!
The gate is closed, watch out!
Where are you going, man?
What does it look like?
- Straight ahead! Otherwise we'll be there!
I have an idea.
I'm going to talk to them.
- Are you mad or what?
Stay here.
- Do not!
Stay in the car.
We can go to the police.
What do you want to do now?
Fix your mess.
As I always do...
why do you think dad put me in
charge? He didn't trust you.
Shame on the family.
Get back in the car!
Man, we did it!
Surprise! We've got your Boicon.
- It's Bitcoin, idiot.
Watch your words, man. Boicon
or Bitcoin, so what? We're in!
That's a fact, man.
Can you feel how heavy this is?
- I know. This is precious, man.
You bet... those rods?
Is he tripping? What is he doing?
The paper.
- What?
The wrapper.
Justin, you're funny, dude.
That's not obsessive-compulsive disorder,
this goes much further.
Something's bothering him or something...
- It's not that serious, man.
It's just a piece of paper.
We just did a robbery.
A scrap of paper isn't a tragedy then.
- Stop!
However? Is that funny or not?
Justin, you're getting funnier every day.
With those tics of yours.
Stop it!
He probably has
rows of papers lying around at home.
Origami, I think. Don't you think?
- Just stop it, man.
If he then aims for the trash,
and misses, he's having a bad day. However?
I said stop!
What's up?
- Everything is a joke to you.
I can't take care of you anymore.
- No one asked you that!
You can't do anything yourself.
- Do you think I need you?
I am always alone!
Because my brother is a zombie!
Do you think I like doing this?
Or that I'm proud of this?
Him and I... the same war every day!
I can't escape it.
October 5, 10am, we meet
here and share everything.
Good, I think it's best.
Do you want to come home with me?
Yeah, fine.
But there is a big
hole in my couch.
Come on man, let's go.
We'll be fine.
4 weeks later
So you claim you did
n't know them beforehand?
How did you make contact?
So we need to determine
how they found you...
follow the trail back.
We can't go back in time,
let's look ahead.
Think of every step back.
I may have something.
How are you, Beastie Boy?
- Everything kits, 'Keesh?
How's the camp?
Those kids are driving you crazy.
Shannon, tell him.
- He already knows.
Will be...
The way you shoot, looks like nothing.
The Two Musketeers
think they're fun.
I have to go.
But you can't always
leave early, okay?
If you continue like this,
you will get hit.
We are gone.
Come on... you're lucky
that the cash register is between us!
I've been dreaming about this for a month.
- About us? Will you hold my hand?
Stop! I think you
just need a girlfriend.
No, I just need a lot of money.
Is that right?
What will you do with your share?
- Buy a new house.
And a new couch. Everything new!
New boots!
Just open the door.
What about that chick who texted you?
- I have an update for you.
She finally texted me back.
She had a different number,
so I never heard anything.
I hadn't
noticed all this time, bro.
What is it?
What is it?
What is he doing now?
Chad To you, Justin, Todd 911
Good to finally see you.
Robert... nee!!...
I admit that I will
never forget this birthday.
I can probably pop in for a while, huh?
So where are my things?
No idea.
No idea?
All I want is the watch
and the envelope.
No more. You can keep the rest.
I don't think you understand what
those things mean to me.
I think so.
My brother caused
all this, and I forgive him.
This can't be true, man.
What are you doing?
We have to get out.
We have to go... now!
Get lost! You don't think
I'm abandoning my brother, do you?
Your father must be very proud.
I have made my own choices.
And I live with that.
Hands up!
Hands behind your head!
Thank you.
"Dear Robert, ever since your
mother gave birth to you..."
you brought me
unimaginable joy.
You exceeded my expectations
without any of my shortcomings.
keep me feeling proud. I love you.'
William, I'm sorry your
mother left us so soon.
She understood you so much better
than I ever could.
The truth is I
used to be just like you.
Grandpa was a man of traditions...
so I adapted to
earn his respect.
Sorry I didn't
accept you as you are.
I'm proud of you for being
more courageous than I ever had.
I love you more
than life itself.
I have modified the inheritance.
Everything is now aligned.
Please forgive me
and make it up to your brother.
I am blessed
with two unique sons.
Don't be afraid to slow down sometimes
. Much love, Dad.'
I am so sorry.
My watch...
I may have something for you.
We need to know where everything is,
otherwise we can't help you.
He took it highly.
- That doesn't change the plan.
I love you.
Call the police!
Here... hold on.
It's okay, we do
n't have to call the police.
Do you ever want to see your son again?
Because that's what's at stake.
That's all I know.
We're watching you.
So please stay at home.
Chad To You, Shannon, Todd 911
Translation: ERIC KARREMAN