Taken In Montana (2023) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
-Can you tell?
I'm feeling more
relaxed already.
-That's great, honey.
-Oh, you just wait.
You haven't seen mountains
or forests like that.
Look, look!
-Oh yeah.
-Hi. Craig gerard.
I made a reservation last month.
-I have it right here.
First time visiting montana?
-Oh yeah, uh, we're headed up
to big sky.
-You'll have your pick of
many beautiful hiking trails.
-Oh, fantastic.
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
oh crap.
I told them not to call me
this week.
-You should take that.
-This is sarah.
No. I can't.
Because I told you
I'm on vacation.
-Hey dad.
-Can I drive?
-I don't know, regan.
-Please? I never get to practice
my driving.
And isn't that the whole reason
we're in montana,
To get a totally different
experience than new york?
yeah, something like that.
Only if your mom says yes.
Alright, thank you.
-Give the story to riley then.
Yeah, seriously.
Look, I really need this break.
For me and for my family.
Hello. Uh, candy for the road?
Two for $5.
-How much for that?
-My swiss army knife?
-Well, this is a very
useful multitool.
-I'm aware.
I'll give you 20 bucks.
-25 and I'll throw in
a chocolate too?
'kay. 25.
-Pleasure doing business
with ya.
-What do you need that for?
-Well... Take a look out there
At that wilderness
we're heading into.
You can never be too prepared.
-Okay. So... How do you feel
About helping me prepare
for a potential situation
Where I'd need
to drive a car?
-Make sure you slow down
around the curves.
-Yeah. I know, mom.
-It is really beautiful
out here.
Come on, be honest.
Isn't this better than being
home by yourself?
-Not like I had much
of a choice.
-Okay, let's not
get into that again.
-I'm not getting
into anything again.
I mean, if you guys want
your daughter along
On what could've been a romantic
getaway, then that's on you.
-Okay, okay.
We'll have plenty of time
alone this fall
When you're in college.
-Or hopefully you'll make better
choices than you did this year.
-I thought we weren't getting
into that again?
-Hey! Watch out!
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Mom, you can't yell like that.
-Okay. Shh...
-I'm sorry, I didn't know
if you saw it.
[truck horn honks]
-[sarah] what is he...?
-It's okay.
Just, uh... Ease up
to the speed limit.
[truck horn honks]
-Just... Sweetie, stay calm.
-What is this guy's problem?
[truck horn honks]
-[sarah] okay, go ahead!
[engine revving]
-What is he doing?
Why didn't he pass us?
-There's nowhere
for me to pull over.
-Okay. Stay calm, sweetie.
He'll pass us when there's
a break to do so.
-[regan] he's messing with us.
-Alright, there's a turn out
right ahead.
Just go up there, okay?
-[engine revving]
Oh my god!
-Are you kidding me?
-Okay. Pull over!
-Calm down, calm down.
Go ahead, go ahead.
[truck horn honks]
It's alright.
-He's pulling off too.
[engine revving]
-Dad, what just happened?
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, no I'm fine.
But what was his problem?
-It's not your fault.
I'll... I'll drive from here.
-Yeah, you drive.
I have a new appreciation
for the subway.
-Oh, what now?
-Who knows?
It's probably nothing.
-Hey folks.
-Everything okay?
-Uh, yes. Uh...
-I'm jude.
-Craig gerard,
nice to meet you.
This is my wife, sarah,
my daughter, regan.
We just had a little scare
with an aggressive driver.
-It wasn't just a little scare.
It was serious road rage.
-I'm sorry about that.
-I'm sorry, are you with the
forest service or something?
-Yes ma'am.
-You look a little young.
-Mom! You can't
just say that.
-[chuckles] no, no, no.
It's okay.
I admit I'm a trainee ranger,
But I can take a report on
that driver if you'd like.
-Yes! Yes, we would...
-Oh, no.
No, no, no.
We don't want this to cast a
cloud over our first day here.
-Well, I promise most folks
around here
Are pretty easy going.
Not road-ragey at all.
Where y'all from?
-Uh... New york.
-Oh, you're staying up
at the resort?
-Sorry, are we free to go now?
-Of course.
I apologize for taking up
your time.
Enjoy your time in
the big sky state.
-Thank you.
-He's just asking us questions.
That was so rude of you.
-It seemed odd.
Didn't it?
Why was he asking
where we were staying?
-I'm sure he was just
keeping tabs
On the tourists in the area.
-And you're one to talk about
interrogating people,
Miss investigative reporter.
-Alright, alright.
I'll... Let it go.
-And you just thought
he was cute.
come on, dad.
[peaceful music]
-[regan] wow.
-[craig laughs]
that's the reaction.
Pretty cool, huh?
-Yeah. You did good, craig.
-Oh, thank you.
I guess you were right,
One last family vacation
wasn't such a bad idea. Huh?
-Let's go in. Come on.
-[sarah] oh.
-[craig chuckles]
-[sarah] wow, this is so nice.
-[regan] are those antlers real?
-Well, well, well.
If it ain't craig gerard!
-oh... Jackson green!
Oh, it has been a while.
Hasn't it?
-College, right?
About 20 years ago.
This is my wife, sarah.
-Nice to meet you.
-And my daughter, regan.
-Regan, hey.
-Yeah, the trouble this guy used
to get me into, right craig?
-oh, really?
I think it was the other way
around actually.
-I don't know about that.
So, what brings you out
to these parts, huh?
-We have some clientele
That have been raving
about this lodge
And the surrounding
national park.
-Your family was
from these parts, right?
-So is this place yours?
-Uh... Yes it is.
-Oh my god.
[both chuckle]
What a small world.
-But hey, listen.
Uh... We got a lot of catching
up to do, right?
So... Why don't you all get
settled, and then craig...
We should have a drink.
-Alright. I look forward to it.
-Okay. Me too.
Okay. Uh, go right that way
and they'll help you.
-Thank you.
-It's so quiet here.
-You're gonna sleep like a baby
tonight with no traffic noise.
-Kinda seems like he knew
we were coming.
-This isn't part of some
elaborate surprise, is it?
You know how much
I hate surprises.
-No surprises.
Just some weird coincidence.
Looks like my purchase already
came in handy.
-Oh... Nice one, mom.
-Thank you.
-You know what?
I'm gonna take jackson up
on the offer for the drinks,
So if you two ladies don't mind
me ducking out?
-Why don't you two
go check out the spa?
-Ooh, there's a spa?
That could be a good idea.
We could get facials
or massages.
-You know, actually
I'm good here.
-I was surprised to see your
name pop up on the reservations.
How long have I been trying
to get you come out here?
-a while.
-Yeah, well...
[glasses clink]
[both chuckle]
-Oh yeah, that's the good stuff.
-Jackson, I wanted to talk
to you about our arrangement.
-Oh, so that's why you didn't
tell me you were coming.
-Well, I wanted to have this
conversation face to face.
I think, uh...
Our arrangement has run
its course.
-Well things are going well
at the store, aren't they?
-Your infusion of cash
got me back on my feet
When I needed it.
-And my advice.
-True. Um...
-Expanding the outdoor sporting
gear to include hunting supplies
Has, uh, proven more lucrative
than I expected.
-Inside every man
there's a little boy
Who used to play cowboys,
Even those fancy
wall street traders.
-Yeah, I suppose so.
-Yeah, and since you started
referring them here,
They can play for real.
You give 'em the tools, I give
'em the four-star service
They're accustomed to,
Combined with the wilderness
experience they crave.
That's right.
-I know the sales pitch,
I, um... I just...
I don't think I'm the right
business partner for you.
-Well, I mean...
You know, I get that.
You know, things change.
I mean, we're a long ways
away from college
When you and I were
thick as thieves. Right?
But you know, out of
all our college crew...
I never thought you and I would
lose touch like we did.
-Well that wasn't on purpose,
you know.
After what happened
senior year...
-Water under the bridge.
[clears throat]
-Anyway... Life happened.
I had to take over
my father's store.
Then I met sarah.
-You know, time goes by.
-It sure does.
I understand.
-I'm glad that we got to connect
at the reunion...
Because look what it's brought.
A very beneficial relationship.
-That's run its course.
-It doesn't mean we have
to become strangers again.
-So your wife, she...
She doesn't know about our,
uh... Arrangement?
-I didn't see any need
to worry her.
-Yeah. Well, I can
understand that.
We men have to protect
our families, right?
So, if you don't want sarah to
know, then... Mum's the word.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, of course.
Of course.
I'm wondering if maybe
you could do,
Well, a small favor
for me in return.
-What is it?
-Just a little delivery to
an important associate of mine.
I'm having dinner
with the mayor tonight.
-And I... Can't take it myself.
-So could you do that for me,
Just one last thing
so we can, uh...
[paper rips]
...Part on good terms?
-Of course.
[birds chirping]
-So how's jackson?
How's jackson?
Jackson's fine.
-Just catching up on old times?
-Well, yes.
It's been a while.
-Alright. I'm gonna go to bed.
-Oh, thank god.
I didn't wanna be the first
to give in.
But since you displayed
weakness, my only child, go!
[both chuckle]
-Goodnight sweetheart.
-Goodnight kiddo.
-Goodnight old-timers.
[door shuts]
-What aren't you telling me,
-About what?
-[sarah] what are we really
doing here?
-[craig] nothing.
-[sarah] don't you think
it's a little weird?
-[craig] yes!
We haven't seen each other
in a long time.
-[sarah] I mean, it's kind of
a coincidence
That we just run into your
buddy from college.
-[craig] good coincidence.
-[sarah ]there's something else
going on.
[crickets chirping]
-Are you following me?
-No! No, no.
I didn't mean to scare you,
I swear.
I'm... I'm tyler.
-You work here?
-Yeah. Which means I...
I live here too.
At least for the season.
I lead group hikes all day
So that's why I like coming out
here after my shift.
-Well, sorry for interrupting
your solitude.
-Sorry for walking in
a menacing fashion.
[both chuckle]
-I'm regan.
-Nice to meet you, regan.
-It's awesome
that you live here.
-Yeah. It's pretty great.
Are you camping out?
-Uh... Yeah. I thought
I'd give it a go.
-City girl wanted a night
under the stars, huh?
-How'd you know
I was a city girl?
-Uh... Just a hunch.
-Well it's impossible
To see the stars like this
in new york city.
-Oh! The big city.
yeah, so they say.
-I could show you a camping spot
if you want.
-Yeah, that'd be great.
-See the creek?
So you, uh, follow that north
about 50 yards.
There's a little clearing.
I've camped there myself.
You can't miss it.
-Sounds great, thanks.
-Yeah. See you around,
city girl.
yeah, alright.
-What are you doing?
just out for a walk.
-It's the middle of the night.
-I couldn't sleep.
-You could sleep through
an earthquake.
I thought we were really
gonna try on this trip.
That means you have
to talk to me.
-I understand that
but this isn't about us.
-Well, what's it about?
-I have to do a... A favor
for jackson.
The owner of this lodge who
you haven't seen since college,
Who I've never met
until today?
Oh, I see.
This is about business.
Isn't it?
-You wanted me to think that you
found this place on your own.
Some place that I would love,
some place that...
That would be good for us.
But this is just a place where
you could get a good deal.
Or do some new deal.
-It's not that.
-This trip was never about us.
-Sarah. I'm here for you.
What does it matter
how I found the place
Or if I know the owner?
-Because you lied about it.
Well I didn't mean to.
I was embarrassed, okay?
I mean, look at the place.
I could never compete
with jackson.
So... What's this
mysterious favor?
-I have to deliver some
documents to a colleague.
-Doesn't he have staff for that?
-I don't know.
I didn't ask.
-And you decided to make
this delivery
In the middle of the night.
When you knew that you could
keep it a secret from me.
Got it.
-Sarah, this doesn't have
to ruin anything.
It's a quick errand.
-But I don't understand
why he needs you to do it.
-Maybe you don't need
to understand!
You don't have the right
To every detail of other
people's lives.
-I never said I did.
-Yet you look at everything,
I mean everything,
Like it's a news story
you need to uncover.
He's your friend,
you trust him,
I will not ask any
more questions.
-Thank you.
-But I'm coming with you.
-No. Sarah...
We're supposed to be spending
time together.
-So... We can do a little
-I'll go get dressed.
[ominous music]
[crickets chirping]
[thunder rumbles]
This, uh, colleague of jackson's
sure lives off the beaten path.
-I guess that's why
he didn't have time
To come out here himself.
Well, my signal's totally dead.
-I have a couple bars,
don't worry.
According to the directions,
the turn out is right ahead.
-This can't be the place.
-Must be.
You just wait here,
I'll only be a minute.
-Who the hell are you?
-Uh... Jackson said you'd be
expecting a delivery.
-Okay then. Give it here.
[dramatic music]
-What the hell?
-He also said you might have
something to send back to him?
-Hold on a minute.
Why don't you step inside?
I'll write a quick note,
take it back with you.
-Do as I say or
I'll slice his throat
Before you take another step.
Step towards me.
-Nice and slow.
-we don't want any trouble.
Call jackson, this is just
a big misunderstanding.
-Shut up.
-Please, we promise not
to say anything to anybody.
-I just told you to keep
your mouth shut
And you're still talking.
-I... I just...
Wake up!
[ominous music]
[breathing heavily]
Oh come on, come on,
come on.
-I need to see you right now.
You know the place.
[car approaching]
[car door slams shut]
-You do not call me unless
it's absolutely critical.
-I know the damn rules.
Another one, no surprises.
-Oh, come on.
Don't tell me you couldn't
handle craig.
-Handling him
would've been fine.
It's when his old lady
come screeching up,
Things took a turn.
-Well, that's unfortunate.
-Unfortunate for you.
-Excuse me?
-These are special
I've never killed
a woman before.
-Oh, come on.
Don't get principled on me now.
-It's not a matter of principle.
It's about price.
-Okay. Alright.
-I'm thinking double.
-Oh, come on.
Now listen...
-No, you listen to me.
For once, I figure I got
the upper hand.
If this whole setup goes south,
I can disappear.
But you?
You got a lot to lose.
Fancy resort.
-You'll get your cash.
-Let me know
when you have it.
[blade cutting]
[whispers] craig. Craig,
wake up. Craig.
[door squeaks]
Oh my god.
[breathing heavily]
[padlock clacks against door]
[breathing heavily]
-[whispers] craig.
[ominous music]
[birds chirping]
[phone vibrates]
-[groans] ow.
-[whispers] oh, craig.
You're awake.
Oh my god, you're awake.
[phone vibrates]
-[voicemail] hey, it's craig.
Leave a message.
-Okay, pretend like you're
unconscious. Okay?
-Who's regan?
-Regan is our daughter.
She's in new york.
She's probably just checking in.
-Well I guess little girl's
gonna have to get by on her own.
-Hi. Um, were there any messages
left for me today?
Regan gerard.
-Sorry. I don't see anything.
-Um... Okay.
Were there any morning
activities or anything like that
Charged to our room?
Cabin 32.
[keyboard clacks]
-I'm not seeing anything.
Um... Did you wanna
book anything?
We have mountain bikes for rent.
-Uh, no. That's... No,
that's okay.
Um... Just one last question.
Have you seen either
of these people
Come through the lodge
at all today?
-Sorry. No, not today.
-Okay, uh... Thanks.
-He locked the door.
I got outside last night
but he locked it.
-Oh my god. What have I
got us into?
-Do you remember that story,
That story that I covered in
asia about the tiger poaching?
These are the same tools.
These are the same tools
poachers use
To work the animal hides.
And, and... These cages,
and the ones outside...
-I saw those too.
That envelope you delivered,
it was full of client info.
All hard copies, no electronic
records. Okay?
Your... Your friend jackson
is a poacher
And that client list was a list
of all these rich people
That wanna hunt
endangered animals.
Probably, I don't know,
wolves in this area.
And this lunatic
is the same guy
That ran us off the road
-I can't believe this is
happening to us.
-I need you to not panic
right now. Okay?
-Sarah, I can't believe jackson
would try and...
-I don't give a crap
about jackson right now.
You need to focus on
getting out of here
So we can get to our daughter
before they do.
Do you understand?
-Yes. Okay. Okay. Okay.
-[voicemail] hi, this is sarah.
You know what to do.
-[sighs] god.
Okay, you guys have been
gone for hours.
If you're trying to teach me
some kind of lesson
By disappearing all day,
it's not funny.
Can you call me back?
Please? Now.
Hi. Um...
I wanted to check
If there were any car accidents
that happened last night
Or any man or woman
that might've been admitted
To the hospital today.
No. Okay.
And there's nobody there by
the name of craig gerard or...
Or sarah gerard?
Okay. Thank you.
-Hello again.
-Uh, still no messages for me?
-No, sorry.
-Can I rent one of those
bicycles that you mentioned?
-Of course, miss gerard.
-You need to see to our guests'
Unfortunate misadventure
[ominous music]
-[breathing heavily]
Get a grip, regan.
-Hello young lady.
How can I help you?
-Do rangers help when people
are missing?
-You know someone who's gone
missing in the forest?
I'm staying with my parents
at the resort
And they've been gone
all morning.
[door squeaks]
-Hi. The girl who battled
road rage.
Regan, right?
-Yeah, right.
-She says her parents
might be missing.
-Oh, what happened?
-I don't know.
They weren't in the cabin
when I got back this morning
And they're not answering
their phones.
No calls, texts.
-What time did you notice
them gone?
-Around 7:00 am.
-And where were you
before that?
-I camped out last night.
-Then don't you think
it's likely
They're looking for you
right now?
-Yeah, but they haven't
even tried to call me.
I mean, my mom would never be
without her phone.
-I mean, maybe they've tried
calling because...
Reception out here
is pretty shoddy.
-Yeah, it's not like them.
They didn't leave a note
or anything, and...
I don't know, I feel like
something's wrong.
-Okay. Okay. Okay.
I have a feeling your parents
will be back any moment.
But if they're not, you call me,
I'll call the sheriff
And have a missing
person's report filed.
-Maybe I can go up to the resort
and help her find her parents.
-You've got work here.
But I promise, we'll help
when the time comes.
But... I bet your parents turn
up on their own any time now.
-There has to be something sharp
enough that can cut this rope.
-I know, I know.
I'm looking, I'm looking.
I can't believe I left my knife
out there last night.
-Darn it. There's gotta be
something here.
Oh, wait.
Wait a second, I...
I saw a guy do this once
when we were in the bush.
Maybe this will work.
[rope squeaking]
-Oh my god, you're amazing.
Yes! Alright.
-You wanna do the honors?
-Oh yeah.
[door thuds]
-We need to find keys.
-I'll check the bedroom.
-[breathing heavily]
Oh. I got 'em!
Ah, there you are.
-What the hell?
-Stay back.
Okay. Let's play.
-Sarah, run!
-[blows thudding]
[suspenseful music]
-[breathing heavily]
Hurry up!
It won't start.
-Let's go, let's go!
-I'm trying, I'm trying!
-Press the brake!
[car engine starts]
-[arrow thuds]
-Check my phone, see
if we have reception yet.
-Where's the... Oh.
It's dead.
[engine revving]
Sarah, he's coming up behind us.
-I know, I see him.
-Let's go, let's pick it up.
Let's pick it up! Go, go, go!
[engine revving]
-Go straight, go straight.
Don't take the right,
go straight.
[water splashing]
He's coming right behind us.
-I'm going as fast as I can!
[engine revving]
-Sarah, watch out.
-Oh my god!
He's getting on my side.
-Don't let him get there!
-I can't!
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
-[tires squeal]
-are you okay?
-Yeah, I think so.
How about you?
I just... I...
-Come on.
-Oh my god, we gotta go.
-You think you know these
woods better than me?
-He's got another arrow,
come on!
-[arrow whistles]
[both gasp]
-Trees are thicker this way,
we can lose him.
-[arrow whistles]
Sarah. Sarah!
-Oh my god.
Oh my god!
We have to keep going.
[dramatic music]
-Hey! City girl.
-How'd that camping spot
work out?
-Oh yeah, it was really pretty.
-Is everything okay?
-I just... I can't seem
to find my parents.
-Yeah, it's a big place.
-No, it's not that. It's...
They've been gone all morning
And they're not answering
any of my calls, and...
I don't know what to do.
-I'm sure they'll turn up.
-Yeah, you sound exactly
like the rangers.
-Wait, you talked
to the rangers?
-Yeah. They told me to,
you know,
Keep waiting for them
to turn up but...
They wouldn't just disappear
on me like this and...
Trust me, you don't know
my mother.
I'm really worried something
is wrong.
And nobody will listen
to me, so...
-I'm so sorry, I didn't know
it was that serious.
-It's alright.
How could you know?
-Hey, uh... It's gonna be
okay. Alright?
Why don't we go talk
to my uncle?
-Who's your uncle?
-He owns the resort.
-What, really?
-Yeah. He'll know what to do.
Can I take your bike?
-Uh... Yeah. Thank you.
-Yeah, no problem.
So, what do you think?
-Hmm. What do I think?
Well... I don't agree
with the rangers on much
But, uh, I think they might
be right.
And if I know your dad,
I'm sure the moment he found out
you were gone
He probably ran off
to try to find you.
But unfortunately outsiders
bite off more than they can chew
When it comes to the forest.
They... You know,
they get turned around,
They lose cell phone
reception, they...
-Yeah, but it's been...
-No. Uh, uh, uh...
Let me finish.
Now having said that, it's
always better to worry sooner
And feel silly later than
to wait too long. Right?
So here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna get those rangers
on the phone,
And we're gonna get to the
bottom of this. Alright?
I promise you that.
thank you.
Thank you so much.
-Do you have the...
The card?
-That, uh, he gave you?
-Yes. Of course.
Okay. So, uh, here's what's
gonna happen.
Tyler's gonna stick with you
'till we sort this out. Okay?
And if you need anything,
anything at all, he'll help.
-Are you sure?
-Of course.
-Okay. Thank you both.
-Of course.
Get outta here.
Try and have some fun.
[both breathing heavily]
-I... I... I don't think I can
go much longer on this leg.
-Okay. It's probably because
your adrenaline's wearing off.
-You gotta sit down.
-Here, let me check it.
It looks like it went
straight through.
Doesn't look like it hit
an artery though,
There'd be way more blood.
-Are you gonna pull it out?
-I don't want to, but... I don't
know how you're gonna...
Keep going with it sticking
straight out like that.
-We have arrows like this
at the store.
The tip is a screw-on,
You can... You can
take it off.
-Just go slow.
-I got it.
I'm gonna have to pull it out.
-I need something to...
I need something to put over it.
Something to tighten it,
to cover it.
I think if I come over here
I got a better angle.
okay! Okay!
-I'm sorry. Okay.
This is gonna hurt.
-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
-Two... Three!
-[muffled screams]
-Okay. Okay.
I'm sorry.
I gotta tie this.
-[exertion grunts]
-It's gotta be tight.
-I know.
-[deep inhale]
-Okay. Now take
a deep breath.
-[breathing heavily]
How far is the car
from here?
-I don't know.
A few miles?
-If we go back in that direction
we'll find the road, right?
If he's not following us.
-[branch cracks]
-what was that?
-We gotta keep moving.
Come on.
-Here we go.
-Come on.
-So... How long have you been
working for your uncle?
-Several years, on and off.
Summer breaks when I was in high
school and now it's full time.
-Are you learning
the family business?
-Actually, at first it was a way
to keep me outta trouble.
oh, is that so?
-Yeah. Uh, believe it or not
I used to be a bit of
a juvenile delinquent.
So my parents started
sending me here,
Hoping the work would
set me straight.
-Seems like it worked.
-It did.
-No way.
-Oh my...
My mom promised she wouldn't
bring this on vacation
But I should've known to look
for it immediately.
-You know your mom's password?
-Um... Yeah.
Let's not tell her that
when we find her.
-What are we looking for?
-Um... All of her devices
are connected,
So if she has
her phone on her,
And the device tracking app
is working...
Yes! Right there, look.
-Yeah, I know right
where that is.
-I'll let my uncle know.
-No. I...
I don't wanna keep explaining
myself to men over and over
That won't listen to me
or do anything.
No offense.
-None taken.
-Can you take me?
-Yeah. Let's go.
-Do you see anything?
-Ugh. No.
-What? What is it?
-My phone just lost reception.
My mom and I are on
the same plan, so...
This is probably just
the last place
That her phone had service.
-What about your
dad's phone?
-He's on a different plan
than us for work.
-Hey, maybe we should head
back to the resort.
I mean, if they try to call you,
you can be in service range.
-Can't we just go a little
bit further?
Maybe their car's
out there somewhere.
-Regan, the forest is huge.
-Yeah, but you know this place.
Any expert would tell you that
going too deep into the forest,
Without a plan,
is not a good idea.
-I mean, at least we can give
this location to your uncle
To help narrow down
the search area. Right?
-Yeah. Yeah, it's a good point.
[car shuts off]
-Well, thanks for coming
out there with me.
-Do you want me to come in?
-Uh... No. That's okay.
I think I just wanna be alone
for a while.
-I'll tell my uncle
about the signal
And ask if anyone's
heard anything.
Are you sure you're okay?
-Yeah, I just...
Things haven't been
So great between me
and my parents recently.
Especially me and my mom.
She doesn't really
trust me anymore.
-Why not?
-Um... I made some mistakes.
Over spring break my friends
wanted to throw this party,
And I knew it was
a bad idea.
Because I knew
that getting in trouble
Could jeopardize college,
my future... Everything.
-But you went along
with it anyway.
-Yeah, I did.
And it got out of control
Because people we didn't even
know were showing up,
And all of these older guys
with so much alcohol,
And I knew something
was gonna go wrong
Or someone was
gonna get hurt.
-What happened?
-Uh, everybody knows
that the cops came,
But people don't know
that I called them.
-Oh no.
-If I don't get the chance
to earn her trust again
Or her forgiveness...
-Hey, hey, hey. It's gonna
be okay. Right?
It's only been a day.
Uncle jackson was right
when he said
People get lost out here
all the time.
They don't... They don't realize
how far something is on a map.
Or they leave their
phones behind
'cause they're trying
to unplug.
But you know what?
They always turn up.
-Yeah. I hope you're right.
-I'll call you later, okay?
Thanks again.
[car engine starts]
-It looks like we...
We ran...
We ran straight north...
After that wreck, so...
Hopefully the... The road's
still to the west of us.
We just need to get away
from that lunatic
So we can get back to it safely.
-You were always good
at directions.
-Oh! Ow, ow!
-Ooh, careful.
-Ow, ow.
-Wait. Wait, let's get...
Back over here.
-No, I'm okay.
-I'm okay.
-Alright. Come here,
you need to sit down.
-You need to sit down.
Regan would've told someone
that we were missing.
Rangers are probably out
right now looking for us.
-We need to get back to her
Before they realize
she's a liability.
-Jackson wouldn't hurt a child.
-What are you doing here?
-I didn't mean to startle you.
-Is it something
about my parents?
-Can we... Go somewhere
and talk?
I think your parents have
gotten mixed up in something
I've been investigating.
-Aren't you just a trainee?
-Yes. But there's something big
happening here
That a lot of people pretend
not to see,
And I wanna put a stop
to those things.
-Like what?
-Like poaching.
My parents would never be
involved in something like that.
-Maybe not intentionally.
Please. We shouldn't
talk here.
[camera snaps]
-Try anything and
there's evidence right there
Of who did it.
-You're a smart girl.
But I hope I can show you
that I'm on your side.
[ominous music]
-You got the cash?
-Is it done?
-What's that supposed to mean?
-Look, they're not gonna be
an issue for you anymore.
You have my word.
Since when did you wanna know
all the dirty details?
-Since it's obvious you're
not telling me something.
-They tried to escape,
they crashed their car,
And they ran into the woods.
-That's not good enough.
I got rangers sniffing around,
The feds are waiting
for just one mistake.
No loose ends.
-I clipped one in the leg.
They're as good as dead.
If anybody finds their body,
It's a case of a couple
of idiot hikers.
Open and shut.
-Where's their car?
-Off the old logging road.
Just above the cabin.
Get back to the cabin.
Focus on prepping for
the clients next week.
It's all there.
Forget any of this
ever happened.
-Always do.
-It's wolves mostly.
Rich folks wanna hunt something
wild and dangerous.
-That's so cruel.
-It is.
I mean, it's not illegal
to hunt them,
But only within special
trapping seasons
And never in the park.
Wolves are protected
within federal lands.
That's where the poachers
come in.
-So why aren't your forest
ranger buddies
Doing anything about it?
-Some have tried
But we're understaffed
on a huge amount of land.
And these people know how to
cover up what they're doing.
You know, say,
by owning a resort
Just outside the
federal boundaries.
-You think the owner of
this place is in on it?
-I still don't understand what
that has to do with my parents.
-Because the owner,
jackson green,
Is an old friend
of your father's.
-That doesn't mean anything,
they went to college together.
-Jackson has a private
lounge downstairs
Where he entertains
his important clientele.
I saw your father go
in empty-handed
And come out with an envelope.
And he looks nervous.
-But I talked to jackson
and he said he would help.
-And you trust him?
-You can't trust him, regan.
You can't trust either of them.
-But I can trust you?
The person calling my father
a poacher
Because you saw him
with an envelope.
-I'm not calling your father
anything. Okay?
But he took something from
jackson and now he's missing.
That makes me think
he could be in danger.
-If this family is so dangerous
Then why isn't anyone
doing anything about it?
-Take a look around you.
They've been prominent in
this community for a long time.
If you know the right people,
and you have enough money,
You can get away with
just about anything.
-This is insane.
I mean, tyler has done nothing
but help.
-Look, you have a decision
to make, regan.
All I can tell you about myself
Is how much I care about
keeping this place safe.
That includes the wolves
and your parents too.
And you.
I'll be close by.
Just please, don't go anywhere
with jackson or tyler again
Without calling me.
This is the number to
my station and to my cell.
Call me any time.
[phone vibrates]
-Hey. Just calling
to check up on you.
-That's really sweet of you.
Thank you.
-Any word?
-Not yet. Hey, can I ask you
a question?
-Yeah. What's up?
-When your uncle said that he
doesn't agree with the rangers
On much... What's his problem
with them?
-Oh, it's just local politics
and stuff.
Conservation versus commerce.
That eternal debate.
-He's not on the side
of conservation, I take it?
-Let's just say he's not
into being told
What he can or can't do.
-But he did call and ask them
for their help like he said?
-Of course.
All hands on deck,
just like we promised.
Uh, look, I'm getting another
call so I gotta go.
-[voicemail] this is ranger
-Come in.
Jackson never called the ranger
station like he said he would.
-I could've told you that
before if you'd asked.
-Yeah, well I didn't know if I
could trust you then, did I?
-And what about now?
I trust you.
And I have a plan.
You said you saw my dad leave
jackson's lounge
With an envelope?
-That's right.
-I think there could be
information in there.
You know, help us find them,
know where they went.
-It's possible.
-Help me get in there.
-If you get caught...
-I won't.
Not with your help.
But if you say no...
I'm going anyway.
[dramatic music]
-Jackson always makes
the rounds at 7:00 pm.
He'll be in the bar
for at least an hour
Schmoozing with the guests,
looking for potential clients.
-That's our window.
-Cleaning staff always
has master keys.
The trick is making sure they
never know the keys are gone.
[drawers squeak]
-I'm still looking.
-Regan, tyler just walked in.
-Excuse me.
If you guys need anything...
-Wait, is he coming back
this way?
-I'm watching.
-We gotta talk in your office.
-You need to get
outta there now.
-No, no, no!
I need more time.
-Regan, get out.
They're coming your way.
[ominous music]
-I'll be honest, I'm glad
we got rid of that guy.
We don't need him.
-Yeah, now that you're
stepping up, we sure don't.
And what about the gerards?
I wanted them handled
before the day was out.
-There wasn't enough time.
The sun's going down.
I can't track 'em in the dark.
I managed to ditch
their car though.
-I am not gonna let craig ruin
everything I built.
-What's the story
with you two anyway?
-Everything always came
so easy to craig.
In college he had
a perfect girlfriend.
Dean's list.
And honestly, I didn't care,
I was happy for him.
Until senior year.
-Was he why you quit college?
-Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I didn't quit.
I was asked to leave.
It was after a football game.
He picked a fight
with some of the players
From the opposing team.
He was gonna get pummeled
so I jumped in.
Things got outta control
And the guy sustained
some serious injuries.
And then craig's daddy
and the university swooped in
And saved him from
all repercussions.
And I was blamed
for everything.
And then his dad died and
he was left the business.
He was handed everything.
You know, having him come
to me begging for money
'cause he couldn't hack it...
That was one of the best days
of my life.
But... Well, he's outlived
his usefulness at this point.
-I'll handle 'em.
-Yeah, you'd better.
We can't go another day
Without actually sending out
a search party.
Their daughter
isn't that stupid.
-No, but she trusts me.
If things were to turn sideways
I can handle her too.
-No, no, no.
Just look, too many people know
She's been asking questions.
Just settle down.
Make sure you find the gerards
Before anyone else has
a chance to. Okay?
We can still make this
out to be a, uh...
Misadventure on their part.
-Don't worry.
I'll go out at first light.
I've got this.
-I'm trusting you.
Don't make me regret it.
[door opens and shuts]
-[breathing heavily]
-Shh, shh, shh!
It's me.
Tell me what happened.
We have to stop tyler.
He's gonna kill my parents.
-We should go to the rangers.
Tell them what's going on.
-No. No!
Tyler and jackson are just
gonna deny everything.
And they're gonna know
it was me.
They have an idea
of where they are.
Nobody else knows where
to look for my parents.
-So we follow tyler.
-It's our only chance.
-It could work.
The rangers have tracking
devices for animals.
If we could just plant
one on him...
-Yeah, I could do it.
I'll ask to see him tonight.
-No, no way.
Not after we know
what he's capable of.
-I can't let him
find them first.
[party music playing]
-Sorry, give me one sec.
-How's it going?
-You can take a seat
right here.
-Thanks for the invite.
I, uh, needed to get out
of my cabin.
-Yeah, of course.
Um... I wish we could meet under
better circumstances, but...
It's good to see you.
-So do you guys do
this every night?
It's a really good way
to unwind.
-Do you like your co-workers?
-Yeah, they're okay.
Most of them are just seasonal
employees, so...
We don't get too attached
to anyone around here.
-Oh! Are you, uh...
Are you thirsty?
-Uh... Actually do you have
anything else?
I don't...
-Oh, right. Sorry about that.
Stupid me.
I'll be right back.
Don't move.
[bottles clinking]
So they only had this,
uh, this cola here.
The... Hey, are you okay?
-Oh, sorry. I just...
Maybe I shouldn't have
come out tonight.
-Okay. Uh... Maybe the...
The drink will help?
-I don't think so.
Um... But thank you.
I'll call you tomorrow, okay?
-Yeah. Okay.
[crickets chirping]
[soft music]
-You should try and go to sleep.
-I wish I could.
-I wanna tell you something.
-Have we reached final
confession time already?
-I'm serious.
-I'm sorry.
I'm listening.
-Bringing regan on this trip,
It wasn't 'cause I was worried
about leaving her home alone.
I mean, despite what she thinks,
I actually do trust her.
-My real worry was us.
Romantic couple's vacation?
-Could end up being a disaster.
-Well... I guess it turned out
better than I expected, huh?
[both chuckle]
-We've just been so
out of sync lately.
How did it come to this?
-We both were consumed by work.
-[sighs] yeah.
I guess so.
-Well, if this is confession
time, I have one.
I borrowed money from jackson
last year to save the store.
That's why we're here.
I organized this trip to tell
him in person that I was done.
-I thought you said everything
was okay.
You said that...
That we had enough of a safety
net to keep going.
-Jackson was our safety net.
I paid him back but
that wasn't enough.
-What do you mean,
did he need more money?
-Not exactly.
He wanted me to help build a...
A clientele base in new york
Of all those wealthy
east coast hunters
That are interested
in exotic adventures.
-Illegal poaching.
You knew?
-No, I... I mean,
I didn't at first.
Then I started to hear things
from the people
I referred to the lodge.
I guess I suspected more than
I wanted to admit.
I told him I wanted out.
-Someone like that doesn't
take no for an answer.
-I thought he was just trying to
show me that he was in control
By sending me on this
dumb errand
In exchange for not telling you
about the... The money.
I swear. I swear, I never
thought we'd be in danger.
-You knew all along
and you lied to me.
-I know.
I didn't want you to think
less of me.
I'm so sorry about all of it.
-Thank you.
-I don't know how I'm supposed
to stay here all night.
I feel like I should be
out there
Looking for them right now.
-It's just a few more hours.
You should get some sleep.
-Will you stay?
-Of course.
You're safe, I promise.
-I believe you.
Thank you.
[dramatic music]
-[wolves howling]
-[branch cracks]
-Craig! Wake up.
-What's going on?
-Wake up.
-Is that a wolf?
-Yeah, we must be too close
to their territory.
We have to head back
towards the route.
Hold on.
-We need to move.
Can you make it?
-Yeah, I'll be fine.
-Okay, let's go.
-come on.
-Okay. Ow.
-There you are.
You scared me.
-Oh, sorry.
I couldn't sleep.
-Do you want some company?
It's so peaceful out here.
I never knew a place
could feel like this.
I understand why you wanna
protect it at all costs.
-My parents have always
been involved
In environmental issues.
Protesting projects that harm
the land, that sort of thing.
[chuckles] I remember one time
when I was 11 or 12,
My parents dropped me off
at my grandma's
So they could go to a protest.
They didn't come back.
I didn't know where they were
for three days.
-What happened?
-All the protestors
had been arrested.
They were finally let out
and everything was fine, but...
I was never so scared in my life
not knowing where they were.
I understand how
you're feeling.
-Are they the reason you risk
so much to expose the poachers?
-They taught me not to back down
from people
Who care more about money
than about living creatures.
-I'm glad you got them back.
I really hope I get
mine back too.
I just can't stop thinking
about them being out there,
You know, possibly hurt
or something.
What if they don't make it
to tomorrow?
They must be pretty smart.
They raised you, right?
Plus, I met your mother.
She seems pretty tough to me.
They'll take care
of themselves.
And we'll find them,
I promise.
[dramatic music]
-How does it look?
-He's about a quarter
mile ahead.
-Wait, he's slowing down.
It stopped.
I think he parked.
[dramatic music]
-Shh. Sound carries out here.
-This could be from their car.
-This way.
[both groaning]
-Oh god.
-I think you should leave
me here.
-No. I am not doing that.
-You need to think about
at least one of us
Getting back to regan.
-Okay, you listen to me
right now. Okay?
We are both making it
back to regan. Okay?
I have reported from war zones,
from natural disasters...
And I have seen
a lot of people
In a lot worse situations
than this.
We are not giving up
that easily.
Do you understand?
Craig. Craig. Craig!
-Beautiful, isn't it?
-Ranger ward. Morning.
-Mr green, uh...
I just wanted to let you know
we're gonna be starting
That search for that couple
who were staying here.
-Yeah, of course.
Of course.
You know we hope for the best
in these situations,
But unfortunately sometimes...
-Unfortunately sometimes people
think they can handle this area
When they are woefully
Listen, I wanted to speak
with their daughter regan
But, uh, I haven't been able
to track her down this morning.
-She wasn't at her
family's cabin?
-She's not answering
her phone either.
-Hmm. Well I'm sure
she's nearby.
She'd wanna participate
in the search, right?
-That's what I thought, but...
Don't tell me you've lost
her too.
-Hey, wait.
It stopped again.
-He could be taking a break.
-Yeah, or he could've found
the tracker.
-[regan] let me go!
[intense music]
-Get your hands off of her.
-You two thought you were
so clever.
Is he the type of guy
that you're into?
The hero type?
How boring.
-Oh, screw you.
Come back here you little...
-Hey psycho!
[blows thudding]
That's cute.
-Screw you.
You know you're just like
your uncle?
-There's worse people
to look up to.
Do you really think you can
outsmart me?
Nice try.
-Don't move or I will gladly put
this branch through your skull.
-We need rope.
-He has a backpack.
-Go see if he's got rope.
I said don't move!
Alright, get up.
Turn around.
-You're gonna regret this.
Up against that tree.
Get down.
-Here, let me help you up.
Are you okay?
-Uh huh.
-Well this is convenient.
Got you all in one place.
Drop the knife, sarah.
Everybody on the ground.
-Just do what he says.
-Go on. There you go.
Where is he?
[jackson] hmm?
-It's okay, baby.
Well that serves him right.
Spineless, worthless coward.
Almost ruined my life
for the second time.
Everybody always had
to rescue craig,
Could never save himself.
Couldn't even provide
for his own family.
-Yeah, well at least he had a
family worth fighting for. Okay?
-Shut up.
-And you...
I couldn't rely on you
for one simple task?
-I tried.
I tried!
Well if you want something done
right, you gotta do it yourself.
-It's over, okay?
Don't move.
-This is over when
I say it's over!
-Dad. Dad.
-Stay right there.
-Sweetheart. You... You
found us.
-Yeah. Mom found me.
It's okay.
[breathing heavily]
-You're gonna be okay,
you're gonna be okay.
Dad! Dad! Dad!
Stay with me.
[velcro rips]
-Thank you.
-How you feeling?
-Much better.
Whatever they've given me
is working.
-Only the best medicine
for my husband.
Hey... I am so sorry I got us
into this mess.
-I know you are.
-And thank you for not
giving up on me out there.
-I would never.
-And I promise from now on
I'll always be honest with you.
No more lies.
-And I know I haven't always
been present for you.
I love my job, but...
You have to know
that there is no story
That is more important to me
than the story of our family.
-I'm glad to hear that.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
-Mom? Can I talk to you
for a sec?
-Of course.
-Go on.
-Hey. What is it?
-I know you haven't been
that happy with me recently.
-Oh. Honey, it's all
in the past.
Doesn't matter now.
-No, it does matter.
-Regan, I know that I have been
hard on you.
Too hard on you.
Your dad and I are
so proud of you
For the way you rescued us.
And I am really proud of you
for who you are.
-Thank you, mom.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
-Jude. Thanks for everything.
-Of course, sir.
Safe travels.
-Take care, jude.
Thank you.
-I wish we had a little
more time, you know,
Under a little more
normal circumstances.
-I could write to you.
-Write to me?
-Like with a pen and paper?
-And envelope and stamp.
how quaint.
Well... Bye for now.