Taken Too Far (2017) Movie Script

- Come on get outta the way.
The road is full
of morons today.
Come on go!
Ohhh, I don't have
time for this.
Move your fat little legs.
Screw this I'm goin' around.
Hey baby.
Mommy's almost there.
- Mom tryouts are
starting in 30 seconds.
Where are you?
- I'm literally 20 seconds
from the front door.
move your car!
- You kidding me?
You could kill someone.
- Really?
- Okay go.
- Ah excuse me--
- ah don't touch sweetie,
you couldn't afford
the cleaning bill.
- You entitled piece of sh--
- you know what Max
don't even bother
it is so not worth it.
- Knock it off over there.
- Could you guys move over.
- Shhh.
- Please, please
quiet, people quiet.
These are the final auditions
for the mid west private
school dance off in two
weeks in Chicago, woohoo!
Alright so, we're gonna
give every dancer their turn
but I wanna remind you that
only two of you will make it
and of those two you're
gonna have to compete against
each other for the
big scholarship,
also for the chance to be in
delarose's new music video
that's right all expenses
paid trip to L.A.
So let's get started.
Alright let's get Sara.
And Melanie.
Good job, okay Billy you
can bring down the music.
Well, clearly The
winners are Melanie hoyson
And Sara Grayson.
- Yes.
- Boo.
- Big surprise.
- Oh my god.
- Boo.
- Big surprise.
- Stuff it you sore losers.
- It's obvious who your
favorites are Gaby.
- Ah, excuse me, this studio
is all about teamwork okay?
We just have to put our
best talent out there.
- Well maybe if you featured
my daughter you'd see
how talented she is.
What am I paying you for?
- Yeah why am I paying
you these big bucks?
What happened to Jackson's solo?
- Well maybe because you
need to pay me bigger bucks
because he needs a lot of work.
- Well we can't all buy our
way through life can we?
Jackson is clearly the best
male dancer in the class.
- He's the only male
dancer in the class.
- That's besides the point.
- Maybe if Jackson showed up
to rehearsal they would've had
that pas de deux locked.
- I told you about
his ibs problem.
- Well that's actually
not what you told me,
you said it was because
susie dances like she has
two left feet and one
of them is a club.
- Jeanette.
- Don't you talk about
my daughter that way.
- Well don't talk
about Jackson that way.
- Okay ladies maybe not--
- you know what I'm
done with this okay?
I'm done with this,
I'm pulling him out.
Jackson get your bag, let's go.
We're gonna take our
business elsewhere,
you will never see
this face again.
- Well that was awkward.
- Jeanette can you please
move your big black tank?
- Okay
kids, parties over.
Well done good job everybody.
- Mom, mom, um have you
maybe, I don't know,
thought of getting a new car?
- Really Mel?
That's pretty materialistic.
You know perfectly well we
cannot afford a new car.
- I'm just worried about
you driving this old thing,
I mean you could break down
after work or something,
and it's not reliable.
But you know what you
are the most reliable mom
in the entire universe.
- Oh, you know what my car
is just fine my darling girl.
And do you know what,
plus your mom is tough.
And triple a's only
a phone call away.
Just stay focused
on your studies,
school first, dance second.
- Dance first, school second.
- Uhuh, you know the rules,
you gotta keep your grades up.
You know I know that
this competition
seems like everything
but I don't want this audition
to over shadow your studies.
- Mom you know I'm gonna nail
it, I mean I'm the daughter
of the legendary
prima ballerina,
Elisabeth Rogers hoyson
of the San Diego ballet.
- Yeah the prima ballerina
who never got her shot.
I'm just lucky i
met your father.
- Do you ever regret
you got married so soon?
- Never because he gave me you.
- Alba, what did
i say about bread?
- Well come on Janet
she's barely 14
let her eat what she wants.
- Dad it's okay, I don't
even like bread anyway.
I mean it's boring
unless it's like pizza.
But mom's right i
should be at my best
if I wanna win this competition.
- What another one hun?
I thought you just did one?
- No that was just the
qualifying round to see
who from our school's going.
And me and Mel get to go.
And dad the winner gets
to be in a music video.
- In los Angela no less.
Sara's gonna win it.
I mean Gaby has a soft spot
for that little Melanie girl
but out little one dances
circles around her.
- Mom she's my friend.
- There's nothing wrong with
a little healthy competition
between friends,
it was down to me
and my best friend
for the finales of--
- miss Indiana pageant, I know.
And you never
spoke to her again.
- Yes well because she cheated.
Cozying up to the
judges in a hotel bar
and then suddenly she
wins the talent section
playing the
accordion, yeah right.
- Yeah, maybe a
little inappropriate.
- Mom, how come we
never get pizza anymore?
- Because pizza's
not a real food.
When you're out with you're
daddy you can eat what ever you
want but when you're in my
kitchen it will be healthy.
- You mean alba's kitchen.
Mom when was the last
time you cooked for us?
- I seem to remember
somebody making
your breakfast this morning.
- You call opening a
container of yogurt
and putting strawberries
in a bowl cooking?
- Jason.
- Fine, sorry.
- Well, I guess
somebody doesn't want
that new game console
for their birthday.
- You're kidding right?
- Try me.
- Look Jeanette.
We agreed that when the kids
got older I was gonna cut down
some of my hours at the
firm, well they're older now.
Right and we gotta cut down
on some of these
house hold expenses.
Well do we really need
a full time cook,
nanny, and house keeper?
- Dean I don't care what you
do but when you made partner
we agreed that my cooking
and cleaning were over.
- Okay do you think maybe
you could devote some of your
precious time to, I don't
know, taking care of our kids?
Maybe pick Jason
up after school?
Right now we're getting
crushed paying for Sara's dance
classes and we're getting
killed paying for her tutoring.
'Cause she's taking
so many dance classes.
Quite frankly
between you and me.
I don't think she's into
it as much as you seem to
think she is.
I think she'd like
to do something else.
- How in the world
would you know?
You're not the one who drives
her to and from every single
day, she loves it.
And Gaby says she has
what it takes to become a
professional someday.
- Yeah, Gabby.
Gaby doesn't have
a vested interest,
I mean she doesn't want
us to keep spending money
on her amateur dance classes.
Look I, I love my kid to bits
but is she gonna win a state
championship, really Jeanette?
I mean that Melanie kid
is already better then her
and they're in
the same class so.
- Wow.
How dare you?
That's really supportive
of your daughter Dean.
And you know what?
Gaby does know talent.
And furthermore she has
contacts in the industry outside
of this podunk town that could
get our daughter launched,
and you also seem to be
forgetting that I have just a
teeny bit of experience
in the business myself.
- Ah that is true,
you did a couple
of big parts 20 years ago.
So fair enough.
If this dancing is as lucrative
as you seem to think it is
then our future's set.
Right, Sara can dance all she
wants, I don't have to lay
anybody off so here's
my line in the sand.
If she wins that
state championship she
can dance as long as
the scholarship lasts but
if she loses that is it.
Kay, there's no more dancing
and she can do whatever her
heart tells her to.
- Her heart tells he to
get out there and dance.
For people who can
actually recognize talent.
So she doesn't die a
meaningless life in suburbia
surrounded by mediocrity.
- Ah, that's what this is.
You know what Jeanette?
When you sober up if that ever
happens we're gonna continue
this, it's not over.
- Stevie?
- Hey Mrs.. G, what's up?
- Can I talk to you?
- Sure.
- God this is so awkward.
Um, you've, I'm sure noticed
that things have been
a little tense
around here lately?
- Well it's not my place.
- Oh come on, you and
alba, you're like family.
I, you can be honest.
- Yes I been seeing
you fighting a lot.
- It's mister Grayson I, he's
acting so strange lately I
don't even feel like it's
the same man I married.
You know I'm worried about
Jason and Sara and I,
I think we're gonna
have to get divorced.
- Well I'm so sorry Mrs.. G.
- And the weirdest thing is
he's making up things like he,
he thinks that you stole his
brand new set of golf clubs.
- He does?
I would never do
something like that
alba and I've been with this
family for five years Mrs.. G.
- Oh I know and I believe
you it's just he's just,
he thinks that it's
a money thing 'cause,
well he over heard
you and alba talking
about her mother in law.
- Oh she's sick, very sick Mrs..
We're hoping to bring her
here to see a specialist
but we have no money.
- I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
You know what, I think
there might be away for us
to help each other.
- How Mrs.. G?
I'll do anything to
make my albita happy.
- Well um.
- Oh madre Mia.
- That's 3000 to be exact
and if you agree to my plan
there's more where
that came from, okay?
It's just, I need your
help, if I have to raise
Jason and Sara on my own,
he's a lawyer he's gonna,
he's gonna leave
me with nothing.
- What do you want me to do?
- Sara is in a dance competition
okay, and she stands to win
20,000 dollars and
she gets to go to L.A.
And then we, we can start
over, that's our way out.
It's just, there just one,
one thing standing between us
and freedom, she has a
competitor, Melanie hoyson,
and I need your help to make
sure that girl doesn't make it.
- Oh Mrs.. G are you saying
what I think you're saying?
I couldn't hurt the little girl.
- Oh no, no, not in a million
years that's not what I meant.
She can't make it to the
competition, I just need you
to delay her a little.
- Sorry Mrs.. G but
it's no feel right.
- Does going back
to jail feel right?
He's a lawyer, he makes one
call to your parole officer
and tells him about the
golf clubs and it's over.
- But I didn't.
- Well then where are they?
- I don't know they're in here.
They were here this morning.
- They're gone, I looked
everywhere, he's got us Stevie,
he's got us both.
But if you help me,
I can help get you outta this.
There's no other way
Stevie we have to do this.
- Okay.
- So you hungry?
- Yes.
- What are we thinkin'?
Some burgers?
- Ah pizza.
- Pizza, let's do pizza.
- Yeah.
- Hey hoyson girls, what'd
ya say we go grab a bite
at that new restaurant
on third street?
I'll drive, I saw you eyein'
my sweet new ride yesterday.
- Oh you know I don't know.
- Please mom, come on let's go.
- No you guys should come.
- Yeah it's on me
don't worry about it.
Come on winners
gotta stick together
and you deserve some time
off for for good behavior.
Come on let's go.
- Really Melanie you are
such a natural talent,
you've clearly inherited some
of you mother's dancing genes.
- Well glad it worked
out for someone
because it certainly
did not work out for me.
You know all those years
of dreaming about making my
living on my feet I was
thinking it was gonna be ballet
not so much working at
a gourmet coffee shop
but it is what it is.
I mean my feet are so bad
i honestly can't remember
the last time I had a pedicure.
- Why would we worry about
your feet when you go of the
house looking like this everyday
without a stitch of
make up on please.
Now where are you
working these days?
The same place?
- Oh yeah mister salvadore,
i mean he's been amazing
he's so good to our family
and has been so supportive
of everything.
- Yeah, yeah it's a great
idea that he had to open a
catering division, my
husband used it last month
for a fund raiser or
something for his law firm.
- Actually I worked that
event, I looked for you
but I only saw Dean.
- Oh isn't that funny.
I don't know how i
would have missed you.
- Mom I'm just gonna head
to the restroom for a second
um Sara you wanna come?
- Ah mom I'll be right back.
- Sure.
Oh thank god I thought
they'd never leave.
- Okay.
- Seriously though, i
don't know how you do it,
raising her all by yourself
without her father around
all those shifts you work,
i mean not to mention
giving up on your dreams ahh.
I know it may not
seem like it but
you know I had dreams too.
- What were your dreams?
- Well I mean after
miss Indiana i--
- you were miss Indiana?
- Was the runner up,
but I was robbed.
I am telling you the
things that girl...
That's a story for another
bottle of chardonnay but,
but I was gonna be an
actress, I was I was out there
I was hustling, I'd
gotten a few small parts--
- wait so you were on TV?
What show?
Would I, would I have seen it?
- Well it didn't get picked
up, I mean it was some
political thing, you understand,
it happens all the time,
but the point is, is
that I was making it
and then my mom got sick
and I had to come home
and take care of her and
just time got away from me.
I met Dean and one
thing led to another
and the rest is
history as they say.
But oh my, I'm so sorry
I'm totally running
off at the mouth.
- No, no, no, no it's nice,
it's nice to get a chance
to get to know you and you know
what, I think at some point
we all have to take
a look at our past.
- Yeah, yeah we do.
And I look at my past and
i vow that my little girl
will not go through
what I went through.
Well that's why we work
so hard right now right?
To give our little girls
everything we didn't have.
- I know that's why I've
been working so hard.
I've been picking
up extra shifts.
It's just exhausting, mentally,
physically, financially.
- What if I could help
you out with that?
- I'm sorry?
- Well with the
competition, the expense.
I've reserved a suite at the
hotel, for the weekend of
the dance competition
and I've reserved a limo
with a driver, of course.
Why don't I just
book another suite?
- No, I couldn't, I mean
that would cost a fortune.
- No, no, no, no the car
service is already booked
and paid for, it's
happening regardless
and I booked the
rooms on points,
we have tons, let me call the
hotel and book another room
for you guys, seriously
it's the least I can do.
Look I get it, I was
raised by a single mom,
I understand, I really do.
- Okay, but only if you
let me find some way
to make it up to you.
- Deal.
- Deal.
- Ladies I have a
surprise for you,
you two are hitting
the dance competition
in high style as
winners should be.
You're getting picked up in
a limo, the whole nine yards.
- Well I mean that
is, if you're game?
- N, yes!
Thank you so much.
- Duh?
- Isn't that great?
- Is there anything
else for tonight?
If not, I'm gonna head out.
- Actually I did want to
talk to you about something.
- Oh sure, is
everything alright?
- Oh no, no, no
everything's fine.
Dean and I adore you and
Stevie, you've been so loyal
and so helpful to this family,
we really appreciate you.
- Thank you Mrs.. Grayson.
- No, I was just thinking that
you know maybe you or Stevie
would want to pick up some
extra work here
and there, you know
to help out with your mother.
- My mother?
Oh he told you.
- I'm so sorry.
- Yes, I'm very
grateful Mrs.. Grayson.
- Okay good because I have
this thing I'm working on
and I've spoken to Stevie about
it and he's agreed to help.
- Oh he is?
Can I help in any way?
- You're such a sweetheart yes,
ah but we'll talk about
that part tomorrow.
There may or may not
be a surprise party
for my husband ok?
So if Stevie and I are
acting a little bit sneaky
it's just all part of the plan.
- Of course, I understand.
Well we talk tomorrow,
ah goodnight.
- Goodnight, get home safe.
- Hey sweetie, I'm off to work,
I've got a banana smoothie
in the fridge and there's
scones on the table okay?
- Love you, don't work to hard.
- Love you too.
- Beth, you're late again.
Make sure that coffee's
brewed and ready
we have customer's waiting.
Are the pastries all set
up on the display case?
- I set them last night,
now let those tired, hungry,
poor people in here, oh,
good morning.
- Come on in folks, not
officially open but the coffee's
almost ready.
- Hello there!
- Good morning, what can i
get for you this morning?
Can I get a cappuccino please?
What are you lookin' for?
Black coffee? You got it.
You were thinkin'?
- Salvatore's gourmet,
how can I help you?
- Hi, hi my name's Amanda
and you were referred to me
by a friend and I wanna get
some catering for a surprise
party I'm doing for my
husband this Saturday night.
Yeah, you know it's just
about 12 people so appies,
and well we'll need a cake
'cause you know it's a birthday
and all that and we're good
for a bar, I have that taken
care of, um what do ya think?
- No problem Amanda.
Approximately what
time do you need it?
Um I can put you in
the book right away.
- How about between
four and eight P.M.
And oh, I was at a benefit
a few months ago that your
company catered and there
was this little firecracker
working for you I think
her name was Beth or Bess
or something but I would
love if she could do my party
'cause she was great.
- Yeah that's Beth that
right, she's our head caterer
and she works in the shop
too, I'll put her on hold
she's always looking
for some extra work.
- Fantastic, I'm
so excited, okay.
Oh wait there's one last
thing, you know how everyone
in this town gossips and i
don't want anyone to find out
about the party to soon so,
you know, just keep it on the
q t you got me?
- No problem Amanda i
understand perfectly.
- Alright thank you.
Hey you all done?
Hydrate, hydrate.
- Ah, Mrs.. Grayson.
- Call me Jeanette.
- Okay, Jeanette could
you actually drive me home
'cause my mom needs to close.
- Sure absolutely
no problem, come on.
- Okay, thank you.
- Go, go.
I'll meet you in the car.
Hey do you girls wanna
stop and grab a smoothie?
You burned a lot of
calories back there.
- Yeah.
- Okay so get whatever
you want Sara,
I'll have a wheat grass or a
double wheat grass or something
and how 'bout?
- She's easy, mango tango.
- You got it.
- Mango tango.
Can you believe how
much she's grown lately?
- Yeah.
- We just had to buy
her all new clothes.
- Really?
- Yeah she out grew everything.
Oh you know what
that reminds me,
do you need some dance clothes?
- I do actually, yeah.
- Well we have an entire
storage unit full of stuff
that she's never gonna wear
again because it's to small
I mean there's things with
the tags still on them
you can have them if you want.
- Really?
That would be awesome 'cause
i was gonna talk to my mom
about getting new stuff but
money's tight right now.
- Oh okay well we don't
wanna hurt her feelings so
why don't you and I just
make a trip out there
you can go through everything
and take whatever you want,
and we'll just tell
her you borrowed it.
- That would be awesome,
I'd love that so much.
- Of course, of course.
Oh, here she comes.
Hey honey, mango tango.
- Mango tango.
- Thank you.
- Hey kiddo
how was today?
- It was good.
I'm so hungry.
Can we get food, like
tacos or something?
- Mm tacos and you
know what, nachos.
- And a big bag of popcorn.
- You got it, let's
do it, alright.
- Ah hey mom can we
watch a movie later?
- Ahm have you
finished your homework?
- No.
- I don't know Mel,
it's almost nine o'clock
and you have to
finish your homework
and don't rush through it.
I'm still not happy about
that c you got last week.
- Mom that was a practice
test so it doesn't even count.
- Well I don't care
what you wanna call it
a c is still unacceptable.
- Seriously mom?
Gimme a break, I mean why do
my grades even matter so much?
Dance is all I wanna
do, that's what you did.
- Yeah it is what I did, and
look how it worked out for me
I didn't have a back up plan
and now I am a
glorified waitress.
- Kay just 'cause it
didn't work out for you
doesn't mean it won't for me.
- Do you have any idea
how hard I have to work
to keep a roof over your head?
To pay for the dance classes?
I am killing myself.
- Kay, well i
never asked you to.
- Excuse me?
I am busting my ass and
you don't even care?
I mean after your dad
died I gave up everything.
I don't want you to make the
same mistakes that I made.
- Oh so now I'm a mistake?
- Mel that's not what I meant.
Mel, can you please
open the door?
Mel, can you please open the
door so I can talk to you?
- Hey alba.
Hey guys sorry I'm late.
- Hello Mr. Grayson, i
save you some roast chicken
and vegetables.
- Oh thank you
alba, I'm starving.
Hey gang.
Hey buddy.
Oh yeah.
How are you?
- Fine.
- How much have
you had to drink?
- Well that's a
heck of a greeting.
Way to berate me in
front of the children.
But you just can't sit down
and enjoy some quality time
with the kids can you?
- Well that's quality time?
Being drunk in
front of the kids?
Thank you.
- Mmm, cookies.
- Wait what the
hell are you doing?
I said no carbs.
- What that's insane
Oh come on.
Okay stop, stop everybody,
please alba I'm fine,
I'm fine thank you.
Now sweetheart can you
just head up to your room
for a sec I just want
to talk to your mother.
- Uh oh, mommy's in trouble.
Well done mister role model.
You managed to both humiliate
me in front of the kids
and terrify the help.
- 'Cause you're such
a perfect mother.
The way you ignore
Jason half the time
and you push Sara in to
this friggin' dancin' to the
exclusion of all else.
Do you know that she also
wants to do other things?
She wants to ride horses,
she wants to do volleyball
but it's always about dancing.
- Because she is good at dance.
And you know what, this
weekend when she wins that
competition and we go
to L.A. for the video,
she's gonna get discovered
and everything around here
is gonna change.
- You're gonna get
discovered right?
That's what this is about,
you're gonna get discovered.
Well it's not gonna happen,
it didn't happen then
and it sure as hell
isn't gonna happen now.
That ship has sailed Jeanette.
- It didn't happen 20 years
ago because I stuck around
here to help put you
through law school
and you never supported me.
- That's all I did.
All I did was support you.
You've no clue and I don't
know if you're still on your
meds but if you are you
shouldn't be drinking.
- Those meds, they made
me feel fuzzy and cloudy
and wrong and I decide what
goes in my body, I decide.
- No you don't.
- And I have it under
control, it is not up to you.
- No you don't, you don't
and you have forfeited the
right to decide.
From now on I decide, I'm
calling doctor levanthal in the
morning and if you wanna
stay with therapy, you wanna
stay on your meds then
maybe I don't sue for full
custody but we are done.
Okay and the dance, all
that business, it is done.
- No you said that if
she won the competition
and got the scholarship
she could keep dancing.
- Yeah, she gets to go to the
competition and that is it.
Okay, and that is for her,
from now on she gets to do
whatever she wants to do,
not what you want her to do.
You hear me?
- No, I didn't hear a thing.
'Cause frankly, you
bore the crap outta me.
And yeah you know what,
let's get divorced.
I'll sue you for
every cent you've got.
Judson family law.
- Hi I'd like to make an
appointment with Mr. judson
regarding divorce proceedings,
next week sometime
Monday or Tuesday.
- Okay I have
a three 30 open on Tuesday.
- That's perfect.
Thank you for getting
me in so soon.
I'll see you then.
Thanks, see you then.
- Hi Beth what's goin' on?
- Jeanette I have some bad
news, I just got booked for a
catering gig tomorrow so i
don't know if I'm gonna be able
to make it down for
the competition.
So is there any way that you
can take Mel down with you
and I don't know maybe if i
get a break I might be able
to get down there
to see her dance?
- Great.
- Okay, I'm so sorry about this.
- It's no problem at all
I just hope you make
it there in time.
- Yeah right, thank you so much.
- Okay bye.
Well it's on you now.
- Okay that's it for today
I've got an open class in
10 minutes, I want you to
stretch a lot before bed
and I want you to
drink lots of water
and I want you to stay away
from the sugary stuff okay?
- Thanks Gaby.
- Okay.
- Oh you were
great, it was great.
- Here's your stuff.
- Hey um, Jeanette, um
did you talk to my mom?
- Yeah I did, everything's
fine it's all taken care of.
- Mel I'm just gonna go
wait in the changing room.
- Okay we'll see you in a sec.
- I just, I really hope
she can watch my dance.
- I'm sure she's gonna do her
absolute best to get there
on time and see you
dance, I promise.
Um but I was thinking instead
of trying to go by the
storage unit today why don't
we just head over there
first thing in the morning
just you and I, we'll pick out
a couple of outfits,
whatever you wanna grab
while Sara's getting showered
and then we'll run back
and scoop her up and head out.
- That sounds awesome.
- Oh um, you haven't told
your mom about the costumes
or anything have you?
- No she thinks we're
wearing the stuff we wore
during the flower settle.
- Oh perfect then it's gonna
be such a great surprise
when she finally sees it.
I know right, so I'll
pick you up at nine 30,
we should be at the
storage unit by 10,
grab whatever we want and
that gives us enough time
to scoop Sara up, head
down to the competition,
register and relax
with time to spare.
- Perfect.
- Ah sorry I'm
late, how'd it go?
- Really good.
- Okay.
Thank you again for
taking Mel tomorrow.
- Oh my gosh not another
word about it okay?
- I'm just running
to the changing room.
- Yeah okay let's go.
- I'm sorry about
the other night.
You were right I need to
focus on school just as much
as I do on dance.
- You know I'm
really proud of you
and see when you focus
you can achieve anything.
- Thanks mom.
Now I just have to win
that scholarship tomorrow.
- Oh, honey don't worry
about the scholarship.
Just go out there and
do your best okay?
- And I'm sorry for
being such a brat.
I know how hard you work
and I probably
don't say it enough
but thank you for everything.
- I'm sorry too, I've
just been so stressed out
and I don't mean to keep
harping on you for everything
I mean I just want you to
focus on what's important
because I want the best for you.
I don't want you to
struggle like I do.
And I can't work for
Mr. Salvatore forever.
- Honestly mom you could own
your own catering business.
I mean it, you could do it.
- Yeah well maybe
someday I will.
You better go get your
bag packed for tomorrow.
And you should go to bed early
tonight 'cause it's gonna
be a long day and again I'm
so sorry that I'm not gonna
be able to be there.
- I know.
- Let's go over
the details again.
You've got the phone right?
- Yes my phone is here.
- Take the soaked cloth and
cover her nose and mouth
with it, right?
She'll pass right out.
Don't worry it's the happy
stuff that dentists use,
you can't hurt her.
So then you take her
to the storage unit
and once she's all
secured, go somewhere
find a diner or something and
have breakfast and call me
and okay, whatever you do
make sure you pay for
everything with cash.
What's going on, what's wrong?
- Don't you think it
looks sort of weird
a limo driving through
Gary where the unit is?
Nobody round there
ride in limos.
- Stevie please you're
over thinking this
the police in Gary have
their hands full trust me.
- Stevie, are you ready to go?
- Yes I was just asking him
to pick up some supplies
for the surprise party.
You're alright on your
own tomorrow right?
Working a Saturday?
- Of course I'll make
Jason a big pizza tomorrow
and we'll watch a movie.
- Great, I'm not sure exactly
what time Dean will be home
from the golf course but
it shouldn't be late.
- No problem you and Sara
you have a nice weekend
and I'll see you Monday.
- Kay, thank you.
- Good morning miss hoyson.
- Ah hi.
- Sorry I'm a little bit late.
- That's okay, where's Mrs.. G?
- Mrs.. Grayson is running late,
she's gonna meet us
at the storage unit.
She asked me to pick up
this mango thing for you.
- Awesome, I love Mrs.. G.
- Do you mind?
I need to make sure you're
buckled in properly.
- Okay.
What's that smell?
- Ah, this.
- Miss hoyson?
- Melanie hi, it's Jeanette,
listen the limo driver
just called me and said
you never showed up,
is everything okay?
Please call me back.
- Where's Mel?
- Honey I don't know, i
just left her a message
she didn't show up for the limo.
- Well can I call her?
- Yeah sure on the way.
I cancelled the car 'cause
there's no point now
I'll just drive us.
You know what for all I know
she and Beth drove in
late last night and,
or first thing this morning.
- But registration's at noon,
can't we just stop
by their place?
- Honey we don't have time.
I will call Gaby and I will
make sure I can register them.
- Mom.
- Sweetheart you know mommy
always takes care of everything
you just worry about the
dancing alright love?
Grab your bag let's go,
we're gonna be late.
You know where that chopping
tower by the Navy yard
where the stupid tourists
stop to take pictures...
- Hello?
- Please remain calm miss.
It's okay, everything's okay.
- Help!
- Oh crap, the cell phone,
she's gonna kill me.
- Hey Mel it's mom, you
were supposed to call me
when you got picked up.
I'm sure you're having to
much fun but can you please
call me back as soon as
you get this message?
- Gabriela's dance academy.
- Gaby here.
- Hey Gaby it's Beth hoyson.
- Listen Beth I'm
just checking in
can I call you back?
- Yeah, I just have
one quick question.
- Make it quick.
- Okay have you seen
Mel or the Grayson's?
- No Beth I have not, i
mean it's just 11 o'clock
people are just
starting to arrive now
and yes registration
is on until noon,
competition begins at two P.M.
- Yeah right um okay well can
you please have Mel call me
as soon as you see her.
- Absolutely.
- Mom.
- What?
- Help!
- Hi it's me
Melanie leave a message.
- Damn it.
- 911
what's your emergency?
- Hi my name is Beth hoyson
and my 14 year old daughter
just sent me a text and
i think somethings wrong.
- What
did the text say?
- It said mommy help and I'm
telling you that my daughter
would never send
me a text like that
unless she was in real trouble.
- Okay ma'am
when was the last time
you saw her?
- Umm it was five A.M. i
was just leaving for work.
- Ma'am.
- I'm telling you in my gut i
know that something is wrong
and she is in trouble.
- Elisabeth
would it make you feel better
if I sent an officer
to your home?
- No, no, no there's no time,
um no, I'm going after her.
- Hey is
everything on schedule?
- No miss we got a problem.
I think that girl woke up
and got her cell phone.
- What?
Oh my god, you moron you
were supposed to take
the phone from her.
- I spilled that stuff on
my jacket and I got nervous
and I forgot to
get her cell phone,
so I just started driving
as soon as she passed out.
- Okay, okay, Stevie stay calm.
Okay I'm getting
off the highway,
I'm getting off the highway
and heading back to you
I should be there
in about 20 minutes.
- Why am I tied up?
- Just remain calm that's
all, you'll be okay.
- Mom, why are you off
the highway so soon?
- You're daddy lost his car
keys and I have the second set.
- Mom!
I'm gonna be late
and I'm starving.
- Honey everything
is fine, alright?
Um okay well why don't I drop
you at the mall or something
and you can grab and I'll
just swing back and get you in
about 20 minutes?
- Okay, Dakota and Tori
are there right now.
- Sure as long as you get
something healthy okay?
- Okay cool, thanks.
- Sure.
- Got you.
Now I know it's you pig.
You better not hurt my baby.
- Hey Mrs. g.
- Stevie, how many times have
i told you not to call me by
name when you have
her in the car?
- Does her mom drive
an old white car?
- Yes?
Oh my god, is she following you?
- I think so.
What shall I do Mrs. g?
- Okay, okay, Stevie,
Stevie, stay calm.
Alright I will call
you when I'm close.
I want you to get
off, and turn west
and head back towards Chicago.
Kay so I'll be at the mall
entrance in 20 minutes
to pick you up okay?
Don't be late.
- Kay.
- Come on.
- Mom!
I know you can hear me!
- Just stop it okay,
stop it, just stop.
Hey Mrs. g.
Are you getting close?
- Alright I'm five minutes
away from there at most.
Now here's what
i need you to do.
Pull off on Palmer
road it's a dead end.
Get her to follow you in there.
I am right behind you guys
and I will take her down.
- Where are you going?
- I'm right behind
you can you see me?
- I see you.
- Kay I need you to speed up
and get further away from her.
I'm gonna handle this.
- Okay.
- Come on, get over here now.
- Jeanette?
- Help.
- Okay, you got her?
Okay you've gotta tie her up
properly and take both of them
to the storage unit,
I have to come up with a
new plan this is all...
- But Mrs. alba expect me
back at the house by then.
- I don't care about alba!
You screwed up and now you gotta
deal with the consequences.
Do you wanna go back to jail?
- I knew this was wrong, i
never should have listened to
you, you're crazy.
- Don't you ever speak
to me like that again
or I will call the police
and tell them this was
all your idea you got it?
- You wouldn't.
- I would.
You wanna sleep next to
your sweet alba tonight
you do as I say.
Get them to the storage
unit, tie them up properly
and don't screw up again!
I'll call you.
- Hello?
- Mi amor?
- Stevie?
- Aye mi amor.
- Where are you?
Are you in trouble?
- Si mi amor, Mrs. Grayson,
she got me in big trouble.
She had me kidnap that young
girl in the dance contest.
- Ay dios mio.
Okay Stevie you get home now.
We call Mr. Grayson he
a lawyer he can help us.
He know you do
nothing bad like this.
He know his wife,
she's, she's crazy.
- Okay, I call you back mi amor.
- Hey alba what's up?
Every thing okay at the house?
- No senor.
I mean yes Jason and the house
we're alright, I'm worrying
about Stevie, i
think he in trouble.
- What?
Well is he okay, do you
need me to come back?
- No senor, i
think it's the Mrs.
She had him do something bad,
something about Sara's
little friend miss Melanie?
- Okay look I'm just heading
down to the dance off I was
gonna surprise Sara, thank you.
- Okay you go senor but
please keep your phone close.
I call you when i
can talk to Stevie
and you go find the Mrs.
- Yeah, if my wife's got him
involved in one of her schemes
you tell Stevie I'll
protect him okay?
And if, alba if the police call
don't say anything alright?
Just tell them to call me.
Thank you.
- Hola.
- Stevie where are you?
- I'm fine mi amore.
I'll be home soon.
I'm almost done with this mess.
I need to talk to a priest.
- No, no, no, no, don't
talk to a priest now,
do that later I talk to Mr.
Grayson, he gonna help you,
you come home right now,
he's going to find the Mrs.
- Why you tell him anything?
- He's gonna help
you he promise.
He know his wife is crazy,
why do you think they're
gonna get a divorce?
Stevie come home right now,
that's the only way
he can help you.
Stevie venga para aca!
- Okay, okay, I'll see you
back there in half an hour.
Te quiero mucho mi amor.
- I love you too, I'm so
happy you're okay, bye.
- Mel, Mel!
Mel baby!
Baby, Mel are you okay?
Mel, Mel talk to me,
talk to me, are you okay?
Did he hurt you?
- No.
- Are you sure?
He didn't hurt you?
- Where are we?
- Help!
Wait, wait, Mel can
you get your arms.
- Okay.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, come here.
Kay get over here
come here, come here,
come here, come here.
- Ow.
- Okay, ok, okay, okay.
- Can we just leave how--
- no, no, no, no, no
you know what he's,
he might come back, he
might come back okay
what's in here?
- Um my dance, my
shoes, my leotards.
- Quick, Mel lay back down,
lay back down just the way he
left you come on,
come on, come on,
he's coming back,
Kay close your eyes,
Kay just wait, wait
for the moment okay?
Okay, ok, okay.
- Now look I'm sorry how
everything went down here,
sorry for all of us, I'm
gonna go straighten this out,
I'm gonna send someone
back here for you guys,
don't worry i
promise I'll be back.
Ai, no!
Ai, it's so hot, ai.
- Come on, come on.
- Ai no, stop, no,
you don't understand,
I'm trying to help you.
Stop it I'm only
Let me help you.
- Nice hit.
- Thanks.
- Come on.
- Now where?
- Okay this way, this way,
this way, come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
- There's a door!
- Okay, Mel, hey Mel,
Mel come on, come on
here try this.
Mel what are you doing?
- Mom my phone's in the back.
- Hurry.
Get in the car.
- Mom are we
going to the police?
- Yeah.
- But if we go to
the police now Jeanette wins
I wanna go to the competition
i can't let her win.
- Okay, okay
so you wanna do this?
- I do.
- You're sure?
- Yes I'm sure.
- Okay call 911
and put it on speaker.
- 911
what's your emergency?
- Hi my name is Beth hoyson
my daughter and I were just
abducted but we managed to get
free we were at this storage
place on Pierce road, he's
still there we locked him in,
he's in locker 93.
- Okay, I'd like
you to find a safe spot away
from the scene and wait
for police to arrive,
I'll remain on
the line with you.
- No, no I'm sorry we cannot
do that, my daughter has a
dance competition in an
hour and we're on our way.
- Ah ma'am
but you just said you were
kidnapped, it's best you
are taken to a hospital
for a medical check and
also you need to fill out a
report, do you know
who the kidnapper is?
- No, no, no we're fine and
yes, he works for Jeanette
Grayson, her husband is
Dean Grayson from munster
his law firm is Grayson,
Wright and Romanoff.
- Okay so where
exactly are you heading then?
- We're going to the mid western
private school dance off.
- I'm
going to send officers
to meet you there.
- See ya there.
- Alright, we're finally here.
Don't pay attention.
- Sara.
Jeanette where have you been?
This competitions just about
to start you gotta get ready.
Go through those doors
and just find the signs
and follow them it'll tell
you where you're going.
- Wish me luck.
- Well you don't need
luck you're gonna kill it.
- I need to talk to you.
- Well I don't have time to
talk, I have to go find a seat
before they're all gone.
- Okay, but where's Melanie
because I thought Sara
and Mel were coming together?
- Well why do you
think we're late?
I had a whole driver
thing set up for her
and the little twerp
didn't even show up.
Almost made Sara
miss the competition.
Last time I do anything
nice for anyone.
- Wait a minute, wait a
minute I think that Mel
might be in trouble.
- Yeah she probably
is in trouble
but isn't that really
her mother's issue?
parenting these days.
Excuse me.
- Thank you very much Andrea.
Next up Stephanie from the
art and soul dance academy.
- Mom, mom it's Jeanette, mom
jeamette's calling right now.
- It's okay, it's okay,
we're safe I've got you,
I've got you okay?
Okay take a breath, we're good.
- At the tone
please record your message.
- Alright I don't know
why you're not picking up
your phone you moron but if
you are messing things up
for me again so help
me god, call me back.
- Honey if you don't
wanna do this...
- No mom, no i
wanna do this, I do.
- You sure?
- I wanna do this.
- Okay.
- Just call me when
you get backstage.
- Gaby have you
seen Melanie hoyson?
- I just asked your
wife the same thing
and she hasn't either.
- Oh Jeanette's here?
- Yeah.
- Well what about
Sara is she okay?
- She's fine but I'm
concerned about Melanie,
Beth called and
she's really worried.
Do you know what's going on?
- No, but I know who does.
- Just breathe, just
breathe it out, okay.
Oh god.
Melanie where are you?
- Hi Gaby it's Beth, I've
got Mel she's sitting right
next to me.
- Gaby we'll be there
really soon I promise.
- I know we missed
registration but
is there any way that we can--
- yeah don't worry about that
I've go the badge in my purse
just, just get here right now.
- Okay we'll be
at the front entrance
in five minutes.
- Is Mel okay?
- Yeah, never been better.
- You wanna tell
me what's goin' on?
- It's called a
dance competition,
yeah these little
kids prepare routines
and then they get up on
stage and they dance,
there's prizes, you
should shut up and watch.
- Where's Melanie hoyson?
- How the hell am
i supposed to know
where Melanie hoyson--
- where is she?
- I don't know.
- You don't know, you don't
know, well I talked to alba
okay and I know you've got
something to do with Melanie
not being here and
somehow you got
poor Stevie involved in this.
- Honey I don't know
what you're, what
you're talking about
but it sounds fabulous, you
know what if you drove all this
way, maybe you should just sit
down and watch your daughter
dance and shut up.
- What planet are you on?
- What planet am I on?
- Okay look, listen to me
Jeanette, if I find out that you
had anything to do
with any of the--
- Mr.
Grayson Chicago p.D.
Could you please
meet us in the lobby?
- Okay yeah, I'll
look into that.
- Don't talk on your phone here.
- It's business, it's business.
- Go just go.
- Excuse me ma'am.
We'd like to ask
you a few questions.
I'm looking for Beth hoyson.
- Oh, we've been
worried sick about you,
where have you been?
Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
- Okay, Beth I'll take good
care of her but listen I've
got to get you ready to go.
- Go show 'em what
you're made of okay?
- I think this officer
wants to talk to you.
- Ma'am, are you Beth hoyson?
- Yes I am.
- Excellent come with me please.
I have Beth hoyson with me.
- Copy that the lethal
crime unit has just arrived.
Good day officers, I'm officer
schwader with precinct two.
We've located Beth and Melanie
hoyson, follow me please.
- We appreciate your
cooperation, the
detectives and I would
like to get a full report from
you before we move forward
with the arrest of Mrs. Grayson.
We do have a Steven
Hernandez in custody.
- Okay could we
just make this fast,
I really want to get
back to my daughter.
- Sure please tell me exactly
what happened earlier today.
- Well Jeanette had
someone kidnap my daughter,
she ran me off the road,
she totaled my car,
I mean I don't even
know where to begin.
I mean--
- Beth, are you alright?
I am so sorry I promise i
will make this up to you
I can't believe that Jeanette
would go to such extremes.
Officer I'm Dean Grayson.
- Mr. Grayson, I'm
detective nada,
this is detective Thompson.
- Nice to meet ya.
- Mrs. hoyson just gave us a
statement but we will need your
garage security tapes to verify
Mr. Hernandez's statement.
- Okay well I trust
Stevie implicitly.
- Okay could I please go?
I really wanna see
my daughter compete.
- Okay please be
patient miss hoyson,
look I really think that in
order to make a clean case
we somehow have to
get a confession from
Jeanette Grayson.
- I have a plan.
- You look great kid.
Just do some stretching
til your mom gets back.
- Okay.
- Thank you Simone,
wasn't she great
Simone she's from the art
and soul dance company
from klineburg.
Alright we are now close to
the end of the 14 and over
category and our second
to last contestant is from
the Gaby Taylor academy
miss Sara Greyson.
That was Sara Grayson or
should I say greatson
- Sweetheart what's wrong?
- I don't know, I did so bad
and mom's gonna
be mad at me now.
- What? No, come here.
No, a, everybody says
you did amazing, right
b, remember what I always said
'bout just doing your best?
Did you do your best?
Then you're double
amazing, right?
Now look, are you okay
to answer some questions
for some people, right now?
It's about Stevie, our gardener.
Here, I'll explain.
- Please everybody stay in
your seats right after this
solo, we are going to give
away the 20,000 dollar
scholarship check
And that's coming up
right after we, we
watch this great dancer.
Please welcome Melanie
hoyson to the stage Melanie.
- Okay so everybody
understands the plan,
there's a surveillance
camera on the way
which we're going
to set up, in here.
- Oh sweetie.
- Mom.
- I thought you
were about to go on?
- I am I just wanted a hug
from my favorite person
in the entire universe.
- Melanie we have to go.
- Okay.
- Have you go this?
- Yep bye.
- So where's Stevie's phone?
- Ah this is a bit
awkward, Melanie hoyson?
Ah somebody wanna
text here maybe?
Ah hey it's gettin'
kinda hot in here,
hotter than the great
fire of 1871 huh?
- Well aren't you the
industrious little one?
- You wouldn't know it's so
cold and windy outside in a day
like today, it's hot in here.
- It's over jennet,
you're caught.
- Oh really?
Really, and who's story do you
think they're gonna believe?
Yours or mine waitress?
Good luck with that.
- Oh no, no, no.
- There you are.
- Sorry.
- That's okay, take a breath.
- Get your hands off of me.
- How sick are you?
- You wanna know how sick I am?
If I hadn't been so stupid
and hired that idiot Stevie
I would've taken care
of you're little brat
when I had the chance.
- Argh.
- Alright here she is.
Melanie hoyson everybody.
- I'll kill you!
- Hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- I will scratch your eyes out!
- Go see your daughter, go.
- You don't talk
to me like that,
nobody talks to me like that.
You know who my husband is,
get your hands off of me.
I'll have you know.
- Yes Mrs. Grayson he once
was one of Indiana's top da's.
- Yeah well guess
what he is now?
The top defense attorney idiot.
Get him in here now.
- I'm here jennet.
Officers, officers listen I've
been married to this woman
for 15 years and what ever the
nature of the allegations you
have against her you think they
are, they're probably true.
- Whoa.
- You son of a!
You son of a.
- Jennet they're gonna be
telling you ya have the right to
remain silent in a second i
suggest you exercise that right.
You're just gonna make it worse.
- You have the right to remain
silent, anything you say can
and will be used against
you in the court of law.
If you need an attorney
you have the right to one.
- Alright we have a
scholarship winner.
Just in from the judges and
the winner is, you ready?
It's Melanie hoyson!
- Hi baby, this is all
just a misunderstanding.
I'll see you at dinner.
- Stevie?
- Hey Mr. Grayson.
- How are you?
You okay?
- The police
thinks it was all my idea!
- No, no, look there's
more than enough evidence
to show the Jeanette
manipulated you.
Yeah, no we've got, remember
the video cameras that I had
you put in the garage?
- Mrs. g said about
my probation that.
- Well then she lied
about your probation to.
- Huh?
- You've been cleared
for years Stevie.
I'm so sorry.
No, she's really
done it this time.
Look we're gonna swing
by and pick you up okay?
Okay hang tight.
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
- Mel I had nothing to do
with it, I would never.
- I know, it's okay, I know.
- Kay buddy.
You guys sure you're
gonna be okay?
- Yeah, all that matters
is that the girls are safe.
And it doesn't hurt that
Mel won that scholarship.
It'll make our life
a lot easier, I'll
actually get to spend
more time with her and I don't
know, maybe even work on my
passion for a little bit.
- I'm glad that something
good came out of this.
And we're so sorry.
Dumb question, do
you need a ride?
- You know what, ya
that would be great.
- Cars out front.
Hey guys.
There's something i
think you need to have.
- What's that?
- My wife trashed your car so.
I think we owe you.
- No I, we couldn't this
is too extravagant, I.
- Well there's a dent
on the front already,
the pink slips in the glove box,
insurance it already covered
and this should cover
some of your gas expense.
- Mum this would
be a perfect car
for your catering businesses.
- But the license plates it's.
- Well you are the mom of a
grand prize winning dancer,
you are a dance mom
seems kinda fitting.
Look I'm not gonna take
no for an answer, please?
- Well I mean only because
we don't have a car.
- Yeah.
- Ah thank you.
Okay so how does
this thing work?
- You push the button, up there.
- This button?
- No!
- Which button?
Is this the one?
- That one!
- Okay.