Takeover (2020) Movie Script

I'm lost in what I hate
and what I love
Which is my damned routine
Every day's the same
I go round in circles
My fear of falling is bigger
Than my belief in success
In my biography I'm a closet hero
Who's trapped in monotony
My arc of suspense never changes
I can't take off
I think I've forgotten how to fly
Where did the time go that I had?
Where are all the ideas that I had?
I think I've forgotten how to fly
I met other people's expectations
And never did what I wanted
I think I've forgotten how to fly
Forgotten how to fly
I think I've forgotten how to fly
Forgotten how to fly
- Danny.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
I wrote this next song for a contest
in which I'll take part at the weekend.
- Danny, hey.
- What's up?
She'll be here in a couple of minutes.
- I just want to play my song.
- Forget it.
Otherwise you can go there by bus.
Sorry, guys, I've gotta go.
My vacation starts early.
But I'm playing the song at the contest
and any support is welcome.
Thank you anyway.
Let's go.
- It was really cool anyway.
- Thanks.
-I sorted out our trip.
Dude, what's going on?
You're leaving so soon?
One of us has to make some money.
What do you mean?
I paid everything in cash.
Only big bucks.
A loan for a condo is okay.
But buying clothes and showing off...
Don't you see those people?
When I've won the contest
I'll take care of your debts.
And you should take care
of our business.
I promise, dude.
Have fun. Go for it!
Right, guys.
Here's some rap music for you now.
All lights on!
I want to give thanks for you
It's so nice out.
Let's hit the coaster first.
You were always there for me
On the phone, puking in the loo
Or drinking beer from the gas station
You never asked
You were always there
Night and day, thank you
- Fuck, what is she doing here?
- I can hear you.
What's your problem, Sweetie?
Mom, I'm playing in this contest.
I need to practice and concentrate.
- I'm stressed.
- I know.
I need some peace
and you invite half the neighborhood.
I know you're stressed out.
Gia's mom has to work at the hospital.
If we invite her, she won't get bored.
She can help
and you can have your peace.
Plus she just got her license
so we can take turns driving.
What are you afraid of?
It was real easy.
Even you could do it.
Now I'll have to put up with that grin.
Don't worry, darling.
You'll be in the back seat.
Please, just one more match.
Just let me tell my friends.
They're counting on me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Stahlmeister, better known
to you as Swagglord 3000,
won't be playing
for the foreseeable future.
as he's finally going on vacation
with his father.
The family wishes you all a nice day.
All the best for your career.
Peace out, motherfuckers.
Well? How was that?
Your father's waiting for you
in the car by the way.
It's been a while
since our last outing.
But that's about to change.
Trust me.
Really? Nice. Where are we going first?
Austria? Switzerland?
Or should we relax in Spain?
That's up to you.
You're our best man.
Let's go to Iceland then.
This time for real
and no second thoughts.
I'll tend to it as soon as we're back.
This is a dream-come-true kind of deal.
See you.
Where's the second one of these?
Did I miss anything?
Great. That'll be awesome.
Hi, guys. School's out and
the sun's shining all over Berlin...
How was it
at the child protective services?
- Not bad. No complaints.
- Great.
Welcome to this family, big boy.
When I've won the contest
I'll buy you some new clothes.
We could all do with some.
You seem very sure about winning.
You play your clapped-out guitar
in front of a dozen people.
Not on a stage with an audience.
You keep out of this.
You're just our babysitter.
Not even that.
Just be grateful for the trip.
To all silent swallows:
Watch the warning wolf
who we don't want to see again.
- You silly...
- Here he is.
You might have to spend the day
at the Junior Club with your peers.
That's not fair.
It's not an aircraft carrier.
It's a car. You can do it.
Watch out!
- What was that?
- Idiot.
Alright. Don't worry.
- Great.
- You didn't see my indicator?
I'll see to it.
- The 1987 model?
- Yes.
I also had one of those once.
Is this your chauffeur?
If he can't drive,
I hope your housekeeper
can get those stains out.
Shit. I hope so too,
because it's the same person.
It's a 250 TD, right?
- 300 T.
- A real rocket.
I'm very sorry about this and naturally
I'll cover your costs.
Alright, Mom? Do you need help?
I'll sort it out. Thank you.
The name's Hubertus.
Now I'm sorry to hear that.
Anna. Thank you.
Have a good trip.
- Dad, did you know that woman?
- No, why?
Let's go.
I have an appointment.
No, it's okay. I have to go.
I'll check right now.
It's hardly been five minutes
and he's got better things to do.
It's a short meeting.
He'll be with you soon.
That's bullshit and you know it.
Tell you what: I'll go to the park.
On my own.
You know that if he's not with you
I have to accompany you.
It's embarrassing
to walk around with a nanny.
Let's see whether you can keep up,
Mary Poppins.
Welcome to
the Europa Park camp resort.
Thank you. My name is Lechmayer.
I booked a teepee for four days.
Right, found you.
Here is your information
for the song contest.
Dress rehearsal is in three days' time,
the contest on the day after.
It's all in there.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Mrs. Lechmayer, it says here
you're a party of four?
Yes, that's right.
I forgot to ring you up again.
We're actually five.
- I hope that's not a problem.
- Not at all.
Could you look after Tom?
I just need the names
and ages of the children.
Hey, Tom...
Sorry about the different names
but they're all mine.
Apart from Gia.
It may sound crazy but I'm
the foster mother of them all.
Don't worry about it.
You're on vacation.
Easier said than done.
Would it be alright for you
if we offered you one of our log cabins?
Log cabin?
That would cost more, right?
No, in this case
the upgrade would be free of charge.
Free of charge?
In that case we'd be happy
to accept the upgrade.
By the way, do you happen to have
a quiet room for music practice?
That's a little more difficult.
But it's beautiful by the lake.
Forget it. This is my bed.
- Where do I sleep then?
- In your bed.
- At your house.
- Great, you're at it again.
That must be a new record.
Just so you know: Gia is our guest
and we're here to have some fun.
I suggest you go to the park.
I'll come later with Lilly.
And if I see you giving each other
a wide berth, we're going home.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
Or how you put it: "Safe."
Have fun.
- That's steep.
- Great, isn't it?
- Right, let's go.
- Up to the usual tricks, are we?
Hey, you.
You won't shake me off that easily.
Hey, listen up.
Is anyone looking for a stalker?
- This guy's following me.
- Ludwig, what are you up to?
Who the hell is Ludwig?
This guy must be on something.
The question is what.
This is my first time.
- You've never taken a ride in this?
- No.
Alright. Have fun.
- What's up? You're afraid of heights?
- I need to take time out from you.
You can't stand there, mister.
That'd be perfect for Tom.
He'll love it.
- I'll have this, please.
- Sure.
-Come on, move over.
- What?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Here, please dry that for me.
- What?
- Can you dry it for me, please?
Coming? We have to stay together
or it'll be over soon.
If you hope to mollify me
don't even think about it.
- Have we met?
- It's not funny.
Sorry, but could you let go of me?
What are you up to?
Stop that nonsense, Ludwig.
Hey there.
Nothing bad happened.
He's just eaten too much candy.
- What's that?
- Aren't the two of us...
The two of us what?
Actually, I thought you just... I
thought you had given me the thumbs up.
- The thumbs up?
- You got undressed.
And you said
we'd have to stay together.
Danny, are you completely nuts?
Who's Danny?
What's going on here?
If you don't make it as a musician
you could try acting.
Hey. You two aren't fighting.
I need a record of that.
- The name's Hubertus.
- Sorry to hear that.
Alright, darling?
You look a little pale.
Why don't you sit down?
Hey, what did you two get up to?
- We got on the SuperSplash.
- Want something to drink?
- No.
- Where's Lilly?
She went to the loo.
Oh, God.
- Ludwig.
- Stay away from me.
We haven't met in years.
- Thore Schlermann.
- Yes.
Ludwig Stahlmeister, I don't believe it.
I'm hosting the song contest.
Are you on vacation with your nanny?
- Nanny?
- Yes.
- Tall, gray hair, a strapping guy.
- Stop it, Ludwig.
I'm talking about Gnter.
Yes, Gnter, Gnter.
Everything alright?
You seem a little out of it.
I have booked a table here.
How about we eat
and talk about the good old days?
I don't know. Just look at me.
Come here.
Right. Look, you're wearing a blazer.
That's how I know you.
Let's go eat.
How long has it been? Three years?
- Can you manage laying the table?
- Sure.
And you enjoy throwing things around.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
That was a typical Louie.
I always wondered
what those towels taste like.
Watch out, it's hot.
The kids were really hard work today.
They thought that Pokemon is animation.
Just imagine.
They had no idea what anime means.
Which planet do they live on?
Here, look what I have for you.
Did you give him those pills again?
Watch out, the thingy, the...
The thingy? The baby? Tom?
God, you're stressed.
Come on.
What a great night and a great reunion.
You know what's missing?
A photo, so you'll get some followers.
- Have you seen my phone?
- No.
Where is it then?
Come on, I'll tag you.
- I need some fresh air.
- Sure. Didn't you forget something?
Thank you, but what I meant was...
Don't you want to practice?
Right. Sure.
- Thanks.
- Is the pressure getting to you?
Don't go too far in your condition.
Don't worry,
I'll be back soon. Ciao.
Do you know
all the participants of the contest?
No, I only meet them
right before the show.
The production people select them.
From what I've heard
they're all really good.
Maybe I'll be there too.
- Then I'd be sure to win the contest.
- Yeah, of course.
If anyone knows how much
you're into music, it's me.
That is not at all any more.
It's a pity.
So no advantage then
for family or friends?
I'm only hosting the event.
I'm not on the jury.
- Please.
- Thank you.
The man in the blazer pays.
As usual.
- I can't afford that.
- Nice try, you snob.
Remember that I used to live
in your garden shed.
Get on with it.
Your father is going to pay anyway.
Learned anything useful
in boarding school?
Thank you very much.
Come on.
No one is going to believe me.
That's so crazy.
I read somewhere that everyone
has at least one doppelganger.
- Like the Turkish George Clooney.
- Exactly.
Black Damon.
But this is really...
Have you got siblings?
I'm an only child.
Where do you live?
- Berlin. You?
- Munich.
There's some distance between us.
- Is that my guitar?
- Your mother gave it to me.
You were with them
and they didn't get it?
Says the guy
who hangs out with my buddy.
You're not being payed to act as a
surrogate to do some industrial spying?
Some guy in the park
grabbed me and I woke up here.
Gia just bowled me over.
It was fun anyway.
You seem to have a really cool life.
I just wanted to say the same.
- Don't take the piss.
- I mean it, man.
My dad doesn't give a shit about me.
Your mom, all of them, they're great.
Believe me,
our house is small,
you never get any peace,
and you have to share everything.
You poor thing...
If it's so hard
why don't we swap places?
- What?
- Not forever.
Just here in the park.
It'd be a great challenge.
- Do you mean it?
- We can stop the experiment any time.
If one of us is found out
we'll swap again. Easy.
I could practice for the contest here.
You're taking part?
Cool. I used to play too but...
Nobody will disturb you here.
I don't know.
Listen to me.
You only get this kind of chance
once in a lifetime.
Don't ruin it with worrying.
It'll be great.
Four days.
Until the contest.
We're going home then anyway.
- That's Gnter, right?
- Exactly, and this is my father.
No danger of meeting him.
Maybe he left a child behind
at the Hotel Adlon?
It can happen, you know.
You don't pay attention
and suddenly a child is gone.
He only had me.
Never mind. My turn now.
This is Anna, your foster mother.
That's Lilly.
- Tim.
- Tom, dude. T-O-M, alright?
- Right, Lilly?
- Yes.
And Tom?
They're your foster siblings.
No need to emphasize
the part about fostering.
And what about Gia?
She's taboo, alright? I don't like to
say it but by now she's almost family.
Keep your hands off her.
- Right, she's taboo.
- Good.
If you need to know more
just write to me.
Type in your number.
Alright then.
- I need my guitar to practice.
- You mean my guitar.
You rich snob.
Buy yourself a new one.
You've got the credit card.
And don't forget:
keep your back straight.
Look at the ball
and don't clench the club too hard.
Hold it as though you're putting
an injured bird back into its nest.
One moment.
We'll manage that.
No problem at all.
- Great.
- So, so.
Good drive, Ludwig.
- It's that bad.
- Excuse me?
Nothing. Is there any shop around
where I could buy a guitar?
Do you want to play again?
I think the life of a rock star
might suit me.
A huge villa with a pool,
plenty of orgies,
the bitches are leaning
on my Mercedes AMG.
The works. Like Dan Bilzerian's life
but with music.
First you need your license
to get the AMG for "the bitches".
- Just a suggestion.
- Right.
When we've finished this round
I think we'll find you a guitar.
Your club.
Yuk, Mom, I think
Tom has dropped one of his bombs.
I'll do it.
Did I miss anything?
- Alright?
- Let him be.
It can't get worse
than your first try with Lilly.
It can't be that hard.
Let's do this together, okay?
What? False alarm.
Respect. It smelled like
a train toilet in summer.
And I thought we could be friends.
I think you'd be the better dad.
It's nice of you to say that.
But I'd rather be Mary Poppins
with a gun license.
- You've got a great father.
- You think?
- I haven't noticed so far.
- Believe me.
He loves you more than anything.
But he's got a rather strange way
of showing me.
He's really busy right now.
And both of you
stopped making an effort.
It's about time to change that, right?
How do we get
the sales person over here?
Like that.
Can I help you at all?
Or perhaps not?
- This is a present for you.
- Thank you.
You seem to hit it off
with Gia after all.
- You think so?
- I do.
She was our worst enemy
until yesterday.
Yes, but that's got to stop
at some point.
Stop? She superglued
the pastor's hairpiece to your face,
grilled our spider
and dyed my hair purple,
which actually looked good.
But that's beside the point.
Gia is awful.
I'm sure we all behaved like idiots.
Who or what are you really?
You understood what I said.
Danny would never
drink a coke without ice.
Whatever you've done to my brother
you'll be sure to regret it.
- Wait.
- Don't, ET.
Beam yourself back home instead.
I won't allow you Body Snatchers
to ruin my family.
- Mom, I swear, the guy is an...
- Lilly.
- An alien.
- Yes, not again, please.
Today's truce is no reason
to start imagining things.
Watch out.
Just wait until we all wake up
brainless tomorrow.
Brainless sounds just fine to me.
Hey, Tom.
Everything alright with you?
- What happened?
- I have a cramp in my foot.
Right, does anyone fancy a game?
Mr. Stahlmeister,
what would you like?
- The usual?
- You must be mistaken.
- Could we see the menu, please?
- Pardon me, my mistake.
No problem.
Of course he orders. When we close our
eyes tonight he'll have us for dessert.
As a starter we'll have
caprese di bufala
and carpaccio de manzo con pesto.
Then two garganelli di rag con carne
tritata, and two tortellini al tartufo,
followed by scampi arrostiti con pane
tostata for the ladies
and the cotoletta d'agnello for me.
Good choice.
We'll have four spaghetti Bolognese
plus some extra bread. Thank you.
As you wish.
Are you nuts?
You order as though you're rich
but as a matter of fact we're not.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
You should say that to her.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to ruin the evening.
I'm sorry.
There was no need to lose it like that.
I'm just about to hit the wall.
- Is there anything I can do?
- No.
I'll manage.
I just lost a job.
So close to starting my fostering
of Tom that I'm a little overwhelmed.
I'm also wondering whether I'm too old
to take on another child.
Nonsense. You're not old.
I'm afraid to fail as a mother.
So this official vetting
comes bang on time.
What I've seen so far
you're a fantastic mom.
What you've seen so far?
I can remember the day
when I got you.
You were such a cute baby.
And now you're all grown-up.
I think you're right:
I've done a good job so far.
I'm afraid of standing in your way.
- You want to live your own life...
- Are you trying to get rid of me?
- No, but you are...
- Good.
You won't manage to put me off.
We're a family.
And it'll stay like that.
How was your day?
Did you do some good deals?
Did anything exciting happen?
Did you set a new record in Fortnite?
Do you always have to stare
into your phone?
- Since whe n does this bother you?
- It always has.
Are you crazy?
So you can look at me after all.
And the magic moment is gone.
You can't say that I didn't try.
But this guy...
What's wrong with him?
I know I have no right
to say this to you,
but the boy needs you.
- Now that he's almost grown-up?
- That's why.
You also wanted to tell him the truth.
You can't avoid that forever.
That's easy for you to say.
But it's not easily done.
Family is never easy.
A little tip:
Why not just spend
some time with your son?
Come on, shapeshifter,
this is your big gig.
Show us what you can do.
Sing something.
- Here?
- Sure. Mark Forster just canceled.
Sleep, Tommy, fall asleep
Night is approaching
It has made slippers
Out of the clouds for itself
It comes from the mountains
It comes from afar
Sleep, Tommy, fall asleep
It's bedtime now
I'm not alone
Not alone
Good morning.
What do you want?
Take a shower,
get dressed, and let's go.
We're allowed into the park early.
Come on.
Good morning.
- Can we go in?
- Sure.
- Great.
- Thank you.
Are you nervous?
A little.
I'm not sure if I've said this before,
You've got a beautiful voice.
Thank you.
No, you've never said
anything this nice to me.
Are you sure you're no Body Snatcher?
Lilly may be right.
I'm serious, really.
You should use your voice.
The seal, the seal, the seal.
- Are you feeling nauseous?
- No, I'm alright.
But that last twist killed me.
How about a short break?
- Feeling better?
- We'll know when I've finished this.
- Thank you for today.
- I have to thank you.
And Gnter.
Yesterday, he read me the riot act.
You know, the last few years
were quite difficult for me.
Or rather us.
I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you.
It just felt as though
I didn't matter to you.
That was unintended.
On the contrary.
You know I had lost touch with you
at some point and didn't know...
I was afraid of meddling in your life.
And there's something
that I should've told you long ago.
Promise me not to see it as the reason
why I wasn't paying attention.
Hey, no worries.
But let's talk at home
when we have more time.
- If that's okay with you?
- Sure.
The main thing is to have fun here.
Would you like
to drive real fast tomorrow?
I know where you won't need
a license for that.
What do you think? We could rent bikes
and go on a little tour around here.
- Do something different.
- Sounds good.
People, this is the proof.
If this "thing" here were Danny,
he'd have had an attack by now.
Cinnamon. I mixed it in his butter.
As you can see he shows no reaction.
Seriously? Allergies aren't funny.
Don't worry, he's faking it.
Aliens are trained to do that.
He's actually alright.
- You're nuts.
- I'll call a doctor.
- Thank you.
- Danny, I'm so sorry.
- We urgently need a doctor.
- I'm sorry.
- An allergic reaction.
- Mom, do something.
How are you doing?
Fine, it wasn't too bad.
What did the doctor say?
I'm to pay more attention
to the ingredients in my food.
Here, this is for you.
I'm sorry.
What's in it this time?
Pieces of glass, screws?
She really made an effort.
You know how she dotes on you.
Help me out here
or I won't function tomorrow.
No problem.
Yes, please.
- Who's calling now?
- Must be a new flame.
That's my son. Always flirting.
Why the hell are you rejecting my call?
I just wanted to say
we need to stop the experiment.
My cover was almost blown.
Your cute sister almost killed me today.
We should stop now
to prevent further damage.
Get in touch when you hear this.
You scared me.
How long have you been here?
Long enough.
- Listen...
- Shut up.
Tell me where Danny is
or I'll scream my head off.
Hello, anybody there?
I'm here.
- There's space for both of us, Ludwig.
- Right, Ludwig. Exactly.
But we'll take off that bathrobe.
Louisa, long time no see.
Do you always stand in the wings
ready for your entrance?
- Ludwig?
- It was me who wanted to talk to you.
I'm off.
You told her of all people about it?
I don't want her here.
I rang you,
but you didn't answer your phone.
I was out with your dad and Gnter
having a good time.
Why are you in such a panic?
I'm glad that you get on so well.
- I'd have been a big downer.
- I didn't mean that.
I just wanted to repair things
and lighten the mood.
As added value.
But you weren't supposed
to meddle in my life.
- Imagine how awful that feels.
- Calm down.
I just want to tell you
that your dad is actually a great guy.
But when he wanted to tell me
a family secret I stopped him.
That's none of my business
and I know that.
You really enjoy your role, don't you?
The Good Samaritan
sorting things out.
If you get on so well with my dad...
Why not stay here then?
It's unbelievable.
At the first chance of a life of luxury
you ditch your family.
You know what?
At home nobody misses you,
not even Lilly.
Is that right?
In that case everything's hunky-dory.
Things can stay this way
and I don't have to see your ugly face.
Come on, he's not worth it.
Yes, get lost. Leave me alone.
I'm sorry I interfered
but he really got to me.
Are things alright with us?
That you're coming back to us,
to Anna, Tom, Lilly and me.
Oh, right. Sure.
What do you think?
I really like the idea.
Don't worry. No matter what happens,
I'm on your side.
But I'm worried about something else.
You never learned that
in your ritzy school?
Nobody there to teach me.
Okay, one more time
and don't stop peddling.
Like a sack of potatoes. You can let go
of the handle bar when you fall.
Now you're telling me.
Let's try again.
The sun is rising soon.
Come on.
Can you see?
I'm riding a bike!
Sure, I can see that.
You look like a disco ball.
Thanks a lot.
I think we'd better go home.
Come on.
Yes, I'm not alone
Yes, super.
That works for me. Thank you.
Dude, I know it's easier today
because of Auto-Tune
but tomorrow's contest is live.
- I gotta go.
- It's your dress rehearsal.
Everyone else took an hour.
Maybe they need the prize money
more than I do.
What are you doing here?
To see how you are.
To talk about yesterday.
You were quite drunk
and I wasn't very fair.
I've never felt better.
And what was that just now?
I always thought music would solve
my problems, but...
I don't need it any more.
I thought music makes you happy.
What makes me happy
is none of your business.
Does that mean you're giving up?
You wanted to win for the others.
What about Anna, Tom, and Lilly then?
I'm out. You've got Ludwig now.
He can do it for you.
As you said: Nobody misses me.
- It's really okay with you?
- Sure.
We've got two hours.
If you find the accelerator
we can do a few laps
before a plane lands on the roof.
- Do you know where the accelerator is?
- Give me a chance.
Go for it.
This is great.
Are you alright in the back seat?
- Not bad for your first time.
- Thanks.
You could invite us to one
of your rock star parties in return.
I think the music business thing
is over.
- Why?
- It never really was for me.
I'd rather have
a job like yours instead.
Did you hear that, Gnter?
Let's talk about it
when I'm back from Zurich.
I think that bike ride won't happen.
What a pity.
The weather saved you.
What do you mean?
You saw me ride a bike.
- Can I listen too?
- Sure.
Forgotten how to fly
Forgotten how to fly
I think I've...
You're one of us now.
Would you stand in for Danny
at the contest?
- Me?
- Yes.
You sing really well.
We need the money.
We should at least try, don't you think?
You being here,
the music, the blanket...
- You set up this trap to convince me.
- What?
No, I'd never do that kind of thing.
Except if it worked.
Let's try then.
Is it just you
or is this a surprise party?
It's just the two of us.
I promise. Watch out.
I went shopping today
and got you something to say sorry.
I know the text from the video.
But the guitar won't work.
I haven't played in years.
I don't know how it will feel
in front of people.
Come on, sit down and relax a little.
You're a fast learner.
Together we can do it.
Not that I don't like this
but what's going on here?
With those four chords
you can play most pop songs.
Just lift that finger.
Like that?
Yes, one more time.
And again.
Now those two fingers go there.
- Okay.
- And this one comes off.
Didn't you want to have a talk
with Ludwig?
Yes, but we had
so much fun together.
He and I are best pals again,
don't you think?
Yes, alright, alright.
I'll talk to him when we're back.
I promise.
Occasionally, I wonder
who's the boss here.
Seriously, if you do half as good as
this you'll be sure to win.
Only thanks to you.
This thing will lay eggs in you.
- That's how you get alien parasites.
- What's up?
Stay away from me.
You won't fool me again.
- Are you alright?
- It's okay.
Tomorrow is the big day
of the singer-songwriter contest...
- May I introduce?
- I'm Ludwig, hi.
These guys are Kim, Bea, and Ben.
- He's really cute.
- Where did you find him?
Don't touch.
He's mine.
- Anyone for drinks at the bar?
- Yes.
You little fart.
Is this the way to treat a friend?
Buddy, it's me, Clint.
- From school?
- No, from the sausage factory.
Of course from school. You're his nurses
or why do you hang out with him?
If you won't introduce me
I'll do it myself.
- Hi, Clint.
- Hi.
Dude, I was just having you on.
What's up?
Clinty's going to the VIP area.
Or do you want to stay with the plebs?
What happened to Lilly?
She came in sobbing,
talking about parasites.
She said you had bitten her in the face.
- That's just bullshit again.
- Is that so? I'm not stupid.
It's from watching those mangas.
She cried for a long time.
If she gets nightmares,
you can look after her.
- Alright.
- Go to bed now.
- Everyone into their own. Good night.
- Night.
You met at boarding school?
Is that a secretive, elitist club
or what is it like?
In a way,
but not everyone's the same.
He is one of the nouveau riche.
They're not accepted, only tolerated.
As Baron Battenberg
my life is more relaxed.
You should visit me at our castle.
We could go horse riding.
- Okay, tell me more.
- Later perhaps.
I'm off.
Louisa, are you coming?
- Why? We're just having so much fun.
- What's wrong, Louis?
Do you have to work tomorrow?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry for just running off earlier.
I shouldn't have left you alone
with that... that thing.
I can take care of myself.
I got in trouble with Mom
when I came back.
She doesn't get
that this guy isn't Danny.
But I know my brother.
Please tell me that I'm not crazy.
I'll tell you something.
But promise me
that you won't tell anyone.
- The guy up there isn't Danny.
- I knew it.
What's it then? A clone?
A kind of robot
or a lizard man after all?
No matter who or what he is,
the main thing is
that we get your brother back.
I know what we have to do.
Do you trust me?
Go to sleep then.
My God, Danny,
something cool happened.
I went to Tom's room
and he crawled towards me.
He's so cute. Take a look.
Tom, come to me.
He's so cute.
Super, yay.
I made a mistake but I had
to tell Lilly. She'd have gone crazy.
But I feel the same about you.
You have to believe me.
- What did you tell her?
- Hardly anything.
She protected you all along.
But I'm not stupid.
Lilly. Good morning.
Are you alright?
Don't even bother.
You harp on about family
but you decide who can be part of it.
And given half a chance
you ditch us.
What a fine big brother you are.
A great role model.
There you are. Good morning.
- Did you have a good evening?
- Very good, thank you.
The other day I meant to tell you
something important.
And you asked me to wait with that
until we get back home.
But I think now is the time
for me to tell you about it.
Especially because the two of us
are really talking again.
You're adopted.
Perhaps I should've told you
but it wasn't important to me.
You're my son.
I love you.
I can't believe
our time here is almost over.
I'm really looking forward to home.
I wasn't honest about Tom.
I said I'll manage, but...
I don't know how.
The official vetting concluded
that I can't afford a child full-time.
What should I do?
I can support you financially.
I don't care. I'd do anything.
- Really?
- Sure.
If you came along
they'd see that I'm not alone.
It might convince them.
Sure, I'll do that.
What did you think?
You make me really proud.
You've been really supportive.
Thank you very much.
Now we'll support you.
But I'm sure you'll do well today.
Good luck.
Am I right?
Did you know about it?
Of course you did.
- It wasn't me.
- I know.
You only returned this morning.
But I have to give it to you:
Your little drama wasn't half bad.
It was the biggest mistake of my life.
Did you two never wonder
why you look so much alike?
Why your swapping
worked so beautifully?
It doesn't matter now, does it?
I'm quite certain
that Danny is your brother.
Your twin brother.
Do you recognize the date of birth?
How can that be?
Neither I nor your father knew.
Believe me.
You often seemed
to miss something in your life.
Something was absent from it
but you didn't know what.
You missed him.
Your brother.
You wanted to talk?
I wanted to apologize to you.
If you think.
My father told me today
what he wanted to tell you.
He confessed that I'm adopted.
Shit, I'm really sorry.
But that's not all.
Did you know that we were born
on the same day in Berlin?
- You're messing with me.
- Danny...
You're my twin brother.
We were too stupid to realize.
How else could you explain the rest?
And your dad knew?
No one did.
That's impossible. How likely is it
that we run into each other?
As likely as Darmstadt
winning the Champions League.
This is so crazy.
What now?
I have to tell my mom about it.
No idea, man.
I only know that our stupid game
has caused a lot of damage.
It'll be difficult
to set things straight alone.
In my dreams
You're more attractive than you are
I'm thinking too far ahead
Yesterday I missed you
The longer I wait the more attractive
You become in my dreams
Thanks a lot. You're great.
That was Lisa Kppers. Thank you.
We can't wait to see the score.
And we're moving on directly.
Now here's an artist from Berlin
who's actually a busker.
But now he's playing for you
on this stage.
Have fun with Danny Prinz.
Sounds very good.
Thank you for the warm welcome.
My name is Danny and I want to perform
for you here today.
- Why is he calling himself Danny?
- But first I have to confess something.
To three very special people in my life.
I know I've been a real idiot.
No idea how to make it up to you.
I just hope you'll give me
a second chance
to be the big brother
that you deserve to have.
And Gia,
even if I treated you like shit
and pretended you don't belong to us,
you've always been
part of the family.
Please forgive me.
Mom, if I start thanking you,
we'll still be here tomorrow night.
I hope you know that you're
the best mother ever. I love you.
Gia, as a little peace offering,
I brought a special surprise for you.
Gia, without you
music would mean nothing.
Without you nothing makes sense.
I'm sorry I left you alone
but I promise it won't happen again.
For your information:
This is Ludwig, my twin brother.
We should start
before we get booed off the stage.
It's not easy
In a world in which you don't know
Whether there'll be snow in February
Do you know what I want to say?
- We'll explain it all later.
- Okay.
If something is missing today
it's time
So let's spend it together
The best things
Are shared experiences
You must have heard that
And the biggest hurdles
are really easy
If you tackle them together
Doesn't matter what stage I'm at
Doesn't matter what stage I'm at
I'm not alone
Because we're at the beginning
There's a long way ahead
Yes, doesn't matter what stage I'm at
Doesn't matter what stage I'm at
I'm not alone
And if nothing works out
I know you're there for me
I'm not alone
Who's going to stop me
If I'm going the wrong way
And I'm blocking my own view
Someone'll see what I can't see
I'll jump into the blue
So I'll look forward and not back
Is there someone who trusts me
And takes me along on their journey?
The most beautiful things
You only experience once
I heard that somewhere
And the biggest problems
Are really easy
If you tackle them together
Doesn't matter what stage I'm at
Doesn't matter what stage I'm at
I'm not alone
Because we're at the beginning
There's a long way ahead
Yes, doesn't matter what stage I'm at
Doesn't matter what stage I'm at
I'm not alone
And if nothing works out
I know you're there for me
I'm not alone
- Great performance.
- Thank you, man.
- People are crazy about you.
- Thanks.
But we have to disqualify you.
This is a solo contest.
No matter which one of you is Ludwig,
I want an explanation.
They owe me an explanation first.
- Dad?
- I have to go on stage again.
- But we'll talk.
- Yes, I promise.
You're twins?
- Danny, I...
- Mom.
Watch out for Tom.
We're both there for you now.
Everything will be fine.
- So you're his father?
- Yes.
I was hoping to meet you again.
- Weren't we on first name terms?
- We were.
- So you can explain things.
- Not really.
I only know that I'm officially
the worst dad in the world.
I didn't have the faintest idea
that he wasn't my Ludwig.
So I had your son all this time
and you had mine.
Seems like it.
Lilly, you were right,
except about the Body Snatchers.
Bad parents as we are,
we should go somewhere for coffee
so the boys can tell their story.
Good idea.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Is that okay?
- It is...
It's your problem.
Look at you. Super.
Gnter, I can't help thinking
that you'd known this all along.
Isn't that what you pay me for?
- At least an adult was in charge.
- That's right.
was that a one-off performance today?
I think we're two individual artists...
Who might take to the stage together
from now on.
Here's to all of us.
- To all of us.
- To all of us.
- To us.
- To all of us.