Taking 5 (2007) Movie Script

- Oh, he is so cute.
- So cute.
Make my dreams come true
Take me away
'Cause falling in love
ain't very far
If marshmallows were a boy,
they'd so be Ritchie.
Oh, gosh!
Less lusting, more chugging.
You two are so beyond lame.
Hi, sis. Get out.
Oh, look! You're having
a date with your TV.
And piles of trash.
This isn't trash!
This is a highly organized system
of bottles and labels.
See, we're doing
this 5 Leo Rise shift label drive,
and the school
that collects the most labels
gets to have the band
come to the school!
And the kids that collected
the most labels get to meet the band,
talk to the band,
look at the band...
Shut up!
You know, after spending
a semester in Italy,
American boys
just don't do it for me anymore.
Excuse me, girl gone wild,
why don't you take
your sexploits and go?
We're busy.
Gladly, loser.
Hey, Devon.
- Is that my T-shirt?
- No.
Yeah, it is!
I want it off and in my room
in five minutes, or you're so dead.
I can't believe my parents are leaving
me alone with her for the weekend!
Well, she doesn't have
to take it out on Mason!
Love at first sight
So, what are you going to say
to Mason when you meet him?
Oh, don't jinx it!
- We're so gonna lose. I know it!
- Are you kidding?
You've been snipping labels
morning, noon, and night,
at the recycling center...
Not just for the labels.
Recycling is important
for the future of our planet.
Gabs, relax.
We got this concert in the bag.
What the hell are you doing
in my locker?
Nothing. "Ritchie loves
hanging out with his friends,
grabbing a bite to eat
after every show. "
Give it!
That's some fascinating stuff
you're reading there.
Tell me, Lincoln, when does
the breaking-and-entering phase
of your obnoxious little life end?
Right after you get over
these lip-synching wussies.
- I mean, look.
- They don't lip-synch!
That's just weird.
What's on the schedule
for today, Pete?
I'm downloading the latest
masterpiece onto the Internet.
The Hesterson High
goat kidnapping.
You heard about that, right?
We snatched their mascot
in, like, three minutes flat,
and we got it all on tape.
Check it out.
This is Pete, and this is
the Hesterson goat kidnapping.
- I got him!
- Go! Go! Go! Go!
That's awesome.
That's enough.
I'm telling you, when that baby
goes up on my website,
I'm going to get, like,
50,000 profile views.
The chicks are going to be on me.
- Pranks are lame.
- Baby girl, don't be jealous.
Look, me and you, we'll always
have our thing, you know?
I mean, our chemistry's like this.
Especially after we had
our first little bath together.
I was two years old, you freak.
I know, but you kept grabbing
for my rubber ducky and stuff...
Mention it again and you're dead.
Whoa, you got to be
a little bit more gentle with me.
I'm fragile, all right?
- You getting this on tape?
- Got it.
So, look, we still on
for homecoming or what?
We'll talk about it later.
It's cool.
She's just holding out
for the limo.
Two more times.
Lincoln is so my nemesis.
Still, he did ask you
to homecoming.
I'm just saying,
I wish I had a nemesis to ask me.
Excuse you.
Oh, hi, Kira. Nice shoes.
Did I tell you to stop running?
Not you, Gabs.
Kira, what do you want?
As president
of the student council,
I'm heading up
the 5 Leo Rise label drive
this afternoon,
and since you two don't have
anything better to do with...
your pathetic little lives...
- You guys are lame.
- I know.
I'm expecting
a lot of labels from you two.
I cannot wait to meet
5 Leo Rise.
God, did you hear that?
We have not been scouring
garbage cans and Dumpsters
for the last few weeks
just so those two glamazons
can take all the credit.
So, that's how she stays so fit.
Come on! People!
We need more labels, okay?
Today is the last day.
- The last day.
- Yeah.
- Who's...
- What?
Excuse me.
Who is that?
- Is that a garbage truck?
- Gross.
I know. Stinky.
Watch your feet!
Official school business.
Coming through!
We're totally going to win this!
This is... our contribution.
How many are there?
Well, we lost count after
the first few hundred thousand,
but if you take the gross tare weight
and divide it by. 37 ounces for the...
Okay, okay, okay.
Save the soliloquy, learner's permit.
We need a number.
- 519,672.
- Approximately.
Can I just say that you two are, like,
the coolest sophomores ever?
Ever, yeah.
- And I totally mean that.
- She does.
Not so fast.
We get to be a part
of the presentation,
and we get to meet the band...
or no labels.
Ladies and gentlemen,
5 Leo Rise is coming to Highland!
Good morning, everybody.
You are listening to 97.1.
Where is DJ Tricky Trent?
Why, he's at Highland High School!
Yo, yo, what's up?
Yeah! Oh!
Yeah, I love your enthusiasm.
DJ Tricky Trent in the hizzee!
Loving you!
Splashing around a bucket of love,
and it's landing right on you.
Highland High School,
let me hear you scream!
Breathe and believe,
breathe and...
- Gabby.
- Breathe...
- Gabby. Gabby.
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
It's just a little mantra to keep me
from freaking out with nervousness.
Excuse me.
- Hey... Kira.
- What?
I just thought it would be a cool idea
if we just had some sparklers
when the curtains opened.
Gabby, this is high school,
not the Fourth of freakin' July, okay?
Lainey, come on.
Okay, I tried.
She didn't like it.
I didn't like it.
It was a bad idea.
I should never have said anything.
- Gabby.
- What?
Give me that sparkler.
Yeah, I think...
I think I'm perfect.
- Like, so good.
- Like, more than perfect.
- Way perfect.
- What would you call that?
Cheerleader Kira Castle
and Lainey Fox!
Her hair! The labels!
Fire extinguisher.
Fire extinguisher!
Kira, drop and roll!
- Drop and roll!
- Can we open that curtain, please?
I don't know if those burnt labels
are going to count.
It was Gabby!
She did it!
Come on, Gabs, yell at me.
Say something.
All I feel is peace.
It can't get any worse.
I'll make it up to you, I swear.
Thanks, but I've been branded "loser"
for the rest of my life.
You're going to be late for chem lab,
and you know how upset you get
when you don't have
your favorite Bunsen burner.
Oh, thatagirl.
Okay, coast is clear.
Come on.
Where do you think you're going,
you little soph-whores?
The other way.
Excuse me.
Kira's talking to you.
Keep going, keep going.
You can't escape me.
Not that way. Oh, gosh.
Check it out.
Hi, Kira. Cute scarf.
Don't try to suck up to me
after what you did.
Actually it was my fault.
Gabby didn't...
I know what happened.
Nice try, Girl Scout.
I was there.
She had the sparklers.
Me too.
I'm, like, a witness.
But the...
But... but... but what, Gabby?
I am going to have to get
hair extensions now.
Do you have any idea
how much that costs?
Not nearly as much
as it will be to fix your face.
I don't know,
but I could pay you back.
I could set up a payment plan
and even include damages
for pain and suffering.
"Pain and suffering"?
That is, like, so Law and Order,
but that's not going to work
for me, Gabby.
She doesn't like it.
From now on, Gabby Davis,
your life at Highland High is over.
She's finished.
Whatever. You can't just...
That goes for you too.
Shove off, Gabby.
Thanks a lot.
Hate you, Devon.
We should consider homeschooling.
Don't worry.
Kira's all talk.
"Don't worry. "
Don't worry?
Hello, Godzilla in a cheerleader skirt
declared social war on us.
Gabs, we'll be fine.
I'm telling you, Gabs,
this is all going to blow over.
You'll see.
People have really short
attention spans.
Nice work, idiots.
Cute accessories, girls.
You know, I really feel
it hasn't been that bad.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
I'm totally fine.
We are the biggest losers
in the history of the universe, Devon.
Future civilizations
will conduct studies
on just how pathetic we were.
We need to think big, Gabs,
bigger than Kira.
We need to do
something so freaking cool,
it won't even matter
what Kira and Lainey say about us.
Is this where you tell me
you just discovered
your teenage superpowers, Buffy?
Do you see that?
I'm trying not to freak out.
Gabs, that's today.
Great, so we'll just take off,
go meet 5 Leo Rise,
convince them to play
for the school,
everyone will love us,
and the Kira curse will be over.
That is the most genius idea ever.
Yeah, except I was joking.
Well, I'm not.
You know, ladies...
and dude...
your love
really keeps the band going.
So let's keep going, shall we?
Come on, let's hurry, please.
I can't believe
you convinced me to skip school.
I've never done anything
like this before.
Gabby, focus.
We need to get the band
to play for our school,
or we'll be stuck
in social Siberia forever.
How are we going to convince them?
Remember when 5 Leo Rise
took that leukemia girl to her prom?
- We'll just say you have cancer.
- That is so wrong!
Do you want to be
Kira's punching bag forever?
- Look nauseous.
- I'm so nervous I'm going to throw up.
- Good.
- What?
- You kind of look like you have cancer.
- So fine!
Hi, who's next?
- Hey, how you doing? I'm...
- Oh, my God, Ritchie, hi.
It's me, Devon.
I'm your biggest fan ever.
- My best friend here, Gabby Davis.
- Hi.
Remember her name, 'cause one day
she'll be a famous scientist.
She collected all these labels
to win the concert for our school,
but they accidentally set on fire
along with a popular girl's hair.
If I don't do serious damage control,
these bitches are going to
ruin our social lives,
so can 5 Leo Rise please
come play at Highland High?
We'll be there tomorrow.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, we'll ride
into your school on unicorns.
Hey, I'm Mason.
Do you have something
you want me to sign?
No, I don't need an autograph.
I need a concert.
All right, fair enough.
See that?
If you looked like that...
...maybe I'd say yes.
You all right?
Kind of starting to freak me out.
I have cancer.
Well... we didn't give it to you.
No. See, Ritchie,
this is really important.
This is a matter of life and death,
and I'm your biggest fan.
- Would you just...
- Some help here.
You have to.
I bought all of your music.
I bought all of it!
...money for my hair,
and it's really sad.
Oh, my God, let me go!
Don't you touch her.
Crazy psycho fans, man.
You mean, when I said I had cancer,
Mason didn't do anything?
Not even a glance.
Gosh, that is so unlike him.
No. It's all a lie, Gabs.
They're all fakes.
Even Mason.
So you're telling me that my life
is just going to be
one big giant ball of suck.
Listen to me.
When you run
into the aggros of the world...
I'm beginning to think
that there's a lot of them out there...
you have to fight back,
or people are just going
to bully you forever.
Come on, do it.
- I hate you, Mason.
- Good. Do it again.
- Hate you, Mason!
- Come on, mean it this time!
I hate you, Mason!
- I hate every penny I spent on you.
- That's right, they owe us.
- And they're going to pay.
- How?
We're going to kidnap the band
and force them to play.
Wait. No.
That's probably not the best idea.
It's the only way and you know it.
As for you, Ritchie,
you are so over.
I, Devon Thompson, do solemnly swear
to adhere to the following rules.
Number one, I promise to not have
any boys in the house.
Number two,
I promise not to skip school.
Number three, I promise
not to drive the car. There, that's it.
You left that last part out.
I'm boycotting the last part.
A boycott's not an option,
I swear to recognize Danielle
as in charge while you're gone.
Why does she get to be in charge?
Look at her.
Because you can't even be trusted
to drag a bunch of labels onstage
without setting them on fire.
You retard.
Okay, girls.
The phone number to McCune
Mystery Manor is on the fridge.
Please try to get along.
Your father and I
are really excited about this.
It's a weekend of fine dining,
intrigue, and murder.
Where everyone's a suspect.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Hello. Lincoln's been
expecting you. Come on in.
Here it is,
where the magic happens.
That's it, I'm out.
Oh, don't, okay?
Remember, he's never been caught,
and he would do anything for you.
So you ladies ready to talk
a little business or what?
Well, Lincoln, I'm a...
great admirer of your work.
Big fan.
Indulge me.
How do you do it?
Well, first I come up with an idea.
Then I do a little R&D...
that's research and development.
Then I plan it out.
Great, 'cause Gabby and I think
you're ready for something bigger.
- Huge.
- Something... legendary.
Like what?
Oh, I don't know...
kidnapping 5 Leo Rise
after their concert on Saturday?
You can't be serious.
All right, no.
This chitchat's been great, ladies,
you know?
It's time to go.
Gabby, I told you.
He's no legend.
Wait, hold on.
I'm as legendary as it gets,
but what you're talking about
is a real crime.
You remember Ian Fuller?
He tried to hack into the Pentagon.
He was 17,
but they tried him as an adult.
Now he's spending
his college years
behind bars
in an orange jumpsuit,
and... I don't look
too good in orange.
Oh, I guess you're right, Devon.
Wait. So you expect me
to get locked up
so you guys can meet
your boy band boyfriends?
They aren't our boyfriends.
- Yeah, we hate them.
- Hate.
We want to humiliate them.
If Gabby and I have to do this solo,
then we will.
It's interesting.
So you still got that basement,
right, Devon?
And when do your parents get back?
See, now I know
what you're capable of
with the whole
setting-Kira's-hair-on-fire thing.
"Oh! Oh, my God!
My hair!"
It was good. I liked it.
But you guys are definitely going
to need my genius to pull this off.
I'm in.
I can't wait to see the look
on those wussies' faces.
Yeah. I love your skin.
- So soft.
- And I'm done here.
I'm going to let them out.
She needs me.
Lincoln, how did you get this?
He never reveals his sources.
Okay, welcome
to Operation Taking 5.
In the next 24 hours,
we'll have our game faces on
and our eyes on the prize.
Now, this is how it's going to go.
At 8:00 sharp,
we arrive at my house,
looking good and ready to hop
in the homecoming limo.
At 10:15,
when those wussies are doing
their final encore performance,
we arrive at the backstage exit.
According to my research,
immediately after the show
the band is rushed
into a waiting limo.
Why shouldn't it be ours?
Devon, Gabby,
this is where you guys come in
with phase two.
Oh, yeah.
The place was on fire.
Now, you ladies are going to use
your feminine charms
to divert the band's attention.
Then we move
into phase three... chaos.
Pete's going to handle that.
In the midst of all the confusion,
you ladies are going to lead them
towards our limo,
where I'll be waiting to escort them.
Wait a minute.
But if it's all smoky, how are we
even going to see them?
The pice de rsistance.
Not even in your fantasies,
- One more thing, Devon.
- What?
You're going to be my date
for homecoming.
Good one. I'm not going
to homecoming with you.
I know it seems funny and all,
but seriously.
See, my mom's not going to rent me
a limo if I'm dateless.
And she wants pictures.
Oh, my gosh, Devon,
you're going to homecoming.
Only as a decoy, Gabs.
Still... homecoming.
Lincoln, look at Devon, honey.
That's a doozy.
Lift your chin, Lincoln.
Mom, uh, just take the picture,
all right?
It has to be perfect.
My little boy's going to homecoming.
Let me look.
Look it, look.
Look, smile.
This is great.
Good night, Mr. Limo Man.
Sweet dreams.
Get in.
Nice limo, right?
I've got to get out of this dress.
If you look when I'm changing,
I'm going to hurt you.
Turn around!
Hey, limo guy.
You ready?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Can I see
some identification, please?
No problem, man.
I've got that right here.
Oh, man.
So you're with the band?
Yeah, man, with the band.
Sweet. What's that like,
hanging out with them and stuff?
It's cool, man.
Crazy pop stars, crazy fans.
I sing too.
I actually wrote them a song.
I'm not going to sing the whole thing,
but the chorus is all...
5 Leo Rise...
Dude, I've got the demo
back in the car.
Let me just run and grab it,
you hand it over to them, and...
You can't be serious.
I'm running late. Can you open
the gate, please? Thanks.
Sure. Let him in, he's cool.
Go on, get out of here, man.
- Good luck with that singing career.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Pete?
- Yeah.
Is he going to be okay?
Yeah, he's just sleeping.
He'll be up in a couple hours.
Don't worry about it.
Yeah, Hollace.
They're on the encore right now.
Okay. I'll have them out in five.
Everybody, positions!
Kidnap my heart, Ritchie!
Yo, you guys catch that
big-haired blonde in the first row?
I had eye contact all night.
I saw that chick.
Did you see her, Ritchie?
You should be paying less attention
to the chicks in the crowd
and more attention
to your dance moves.
Come on, man,
what's your problem tonight?
Nothing, if you guys'd
just learn your steps.
Whatever, man.
Only missed one move.
Shoot. The other limo's here.
Phase one, go, go, go.
- Okay, Gabs, come on.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Oh, man.
What did you do?
That's not right.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
- What the hell?
- Where's security?
Am I the only one who can do
anything right around here?
Let's go.
Ritchie, I love you.
You're so cute.
Oh, my God.
I love you!
Hey, how's it going?
Can I please have an autograph?
Hey, I'm Mason.
So many...
Damn! Let's go.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no...
Gabby, please.
- Guys, I got your limo right here.
- Who the hell are you?
Who the hell cares?
That limo, now!
Go! Go!
- Shoot.
- Man down!
Man down!
Gabby, please.
Five-twenty in sector B.
We've got a code red
at the loading docks. Let's go.
Lincoln, how could you
do this to me? Help me!
What the heck happened?
I don't know.
She passed out!
You're going to have to drive.
- What? I don't know how to drive.
- It's easy.
Brake pedal's left,
gas pedal right. Okay, go! Go!
Oh, my God,
oh, my God, oh, my God...
Okay, what do I do?
- Shoot, my goggles.
- Leave them, let's go!
- All right, kid.
- Oh, shoot.
Go, Pete!
Tell her to go without me.
Good luck!
Devon, we've got to move!
Code red! Code red!
Pete, be quiet.
I can't concentrate.
Get out of the car!
Don't yell at me!
I can't do it with you yelling at me!
Stop this car!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God...
5 Leo Rise, don't go, guys!
5 Leo Rise, don't go!
Why would you let them go?
They're my favorite group.
Kid, you...
you have really got to get a life,
What town are we in?
Our fans here are out of control.
Dude, I think
some chick fainted back there.
You guys hungry?
I think there's a Winger's right there.
Want to make it a wing night?
American buffalo spice wing.
Yeah, man.
Yo, limo dude.
Hey, we're making
a stop for wings.
Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God, oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
My mom's going to kill me.
- What?
- Hey, Dev, are you okay?
- Yeah, what happened?
- We blew it! We lost Lincoln.
Oh, my God,
his mom is going to kill me.
We lost Lincoln?
Look, Lincoln's a pro.
He can handle it. It's okay.
Dev, sweetie, listen.
It's going to be okay.
We're at Winger's.
You want wings?
- Wings are good.
- You love wings.
- I hate wings.
- You love wings.
- That's true, I do love wings.
- Okay.
Did you just see that?
5 Leo Rise.
You guys want to go try
to find a party?
Oh, dude,
the parties are all free.
What about Nikolai?
Forget him.
limo driver dude is passed out.
- Partied out.
- What the hell?
- He's crashed.
- I got his hat.
I got to turn it
into a party night for sure.
- Yeah, man.
- What is this?
Somebody's got the right idea.
All right,
you get in the back with them,
and I'll drive. Go!
Wait! Hold on.
Hold on, okay.
Evening, wussies.
What's going on?
There's a bomb in the trunk,
and I can set it off at any second,
so shut up and cooperate.
Guys, no! This is your limo!
This is your limo!
Are you serious, dude?
You think this is some kind of joke?
Look at your limo driver.
He's dead.
What? Oh, man.
Scooter, my shirt.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Get them on!
I don't got time for this!
Hurry up!
What? What, pretty boy?
You got something to say?
Who are you?
We are the RMLF,
the Real Music Liberation Front.
In the name of decent musicians
who actually play instruments,
tonight you're going to meet
your wussy ends.
This is the getaway car?
Pete, you said
your brother had a van.
Yes, but then he had to help
his buddy move,
so he got us a replacement.
You are so lucky
Lincoln isn't here to see this.
This is a disaster.
Just pick one.
Leave him here.
- Pick one?
- Pick one?
Like it's nothing?
We've already missed Nikolai.
If we lose another one,
then they're barely even a band.
- They're barely a band anyway.
- Shut up!
Count out loud and tell everyone,
"The RMLF forever. "
One R... MLF.
Girls, come on.
...nine RMLF,
ten RMLF...
Dev, are you seeing this?
My parents leave town
and she throws a party.
Yeah, and she didn't even invite us.
Pete, pull up over there.
I can't believe someone
killed Madame Broussard
right under our nose.
I think we should check in
with the girls.
I'm sure they're fine.
We should just call the cops,
have them kick everyone out.
I think we have
three kidnapped 5 Leo Rise members
in the back of Pete's car.
I don't think it's smart
to bring the law into this.
Good point.
We'll bring them in
through the side door.
It's a party.
Who's going to notice?
Hey, the chips are...
are over there.
Let's go hang out,
you know?
Whoa, are we at a rave?
If anyone makes a sound,
they're dead.
Hey, cupcake, checking in.
How's everything?
Everything's great.
Staying out of trouble?
- Absolutely.
- There boys in the house?
- No.
- You see there?
You make fun of your old,
uncool dad,
but the oath... the oath works.
- What are you doing at my party?
- It's Dad, for you.
You bit...
Hi, Daddy.
So did you solve the case yet?
No, but the weekend
has just begun.
- Ritchie.
- Mason.
Yo, did you guys see Nikolai?
They didn't get Nikolai.
What? How do you know?
Don't smell him.
Nikolai has a smell.
What did they do with KK?
Dude, I think they took KK away.
Oh, my God.
The RMLF killed KK.
- Pete, what are you doing?
- Having a chocolate strawberry.
Put it down.
- It's a party.
- Put it down!
Okay, what do we do now?
We leave them down there
for a while, get 'em good and scared.
When Lincoln gets back,
we can start the torture.
Great. And when
they're freaked out and scared,
Gabby and I will go down
and offer to save them
as long as they agree to play
for our school.
Yeah. Save them.
Excuse us for, like, two secs.
- You're totally spacing.
- What?
No, it's... okay, I sort of have
a confession to make.
You know how earlier
when I fainted?
It wasn't because I was scared.
It was because of Mason.
Oh, my God.
What did he do to you?
Nothing. Nothing, he just...
I think I love him.
- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.
No, you can't.
We agreed!
No crushing on the captives!
We hate them.
I do.
I do, I hate all of them.
Everyone except for Mason.
That's it.
Gabby Ann Davis,
you need to dig deep and get tough.
Remember, these guys
are the reason why we're outcasts.
Look, I can't do this
without you, okay?
Now, take it off.
Take him off.
Oh, that off.
- Bye-bye.
- Easy.
Stop it.
Oh, my God, Lincoln.
Thank God you're okay.
Gabby, wake up.
It's Lincoln.
He's here.
Yeah, yeah. You know there's
no situation I can't handle.
But you guys just left me there.
What was that all about?
Thank God I had a little juice left
in my cell phone to call my mom,
who, by the way,
says you don't deserve me.
Oh, God.
Okay, I think we have something
that'll make it up to you.
We have three members
of 5 Leo Rise in the basement.
- Shut up.
- Seriously.
You guys messing with me?
I thought you said it was three of them.
- Yeah. There is.
- Isn't it great?
There's only one of them
down there.
- Funny.
- I'm serious.
There they go in the back.
Let's go get them.
Scooter, faster, man! Come on!
Morning, Mrs. Knipplemeyer!
You're all looking so beautiful.
Morning, Mrs. Knipplemeyer!
Oh, good morning, children.
Those are such lovely...
You be nice to them now, you hear?
Yes, yes, yes.
Hey, Mrs. Knipplemeyer!
How you do?
- Hi.
- Hey.
Morning, Mrs. Knipplemeyer!
Oh, good morning, children.
I know their parents
must be so proud of them.
What's your name, girlie man?
Richard Treziak.
And you're what?
- I'm a total loser wuss.
- Yes, you are.
- Who needs his ass kicked.
- Yes, you do.
And what's your name?
Name's Steven Margiatta, sir!
Don't look at me!
But I go by Scooter,
and I'm a piece-of-crap mama's boy
who stole his name from a Muppet.
I need my ass kicked.
Yes, you do, especially
for wearing this frickin' mullet.
- What is that?
- It's a faux-hawk, sir.
What the hell is a faux-hawk?
- It's... it...
- Shut up!
What about you, mop top?
My name is Mason.
- I'm a long-haired hippie.
- Yeah.
You can kick my ass?
Yes, I can.
You better say it like you mean it!
- You can kick my ass, man.
- Whatever.
- You getting this on tape?
- Yeah, getting all of it.
I cannot believe that
these jokers went AWOL again.
I just...
Thank God you guys are still here.
Where were you?
The band's been kidnapped.
At least the handcuffs
are a nice touch.
These aren't mine.
This group, the RMLF,
they grabbed us after the show.
Oh, no! You mean just like
the unannounced three-day weekend
you guys took
during the Mall of America signing?
It's not like that.
Then it must be like the Orlando
Scooter-is-dead prank.
It's real this time,
it's not a prank,
and they still have
the other three guys.
Can I tell you one thing?
Nikolai here
is starting to feel left out.
He wept all night.
- Liar.
- No, no. He did.
Wept in my arms like a newborn.
What is on your shirt?
It's wing sauce.
- This is your fault.
- I'm feeling the guilt.
Go write a song or something!
See, the RMLF...
we hate fake musicians
like you guys.
If you were a real musician,
you could play this guitar.
Give me that!
Anybody could do that!
A one-armed midget could do that.
I know old ladies
that can play better than that.
- Erase the tape, Pete.
- Yeah.
Remember, Gabs,
Mason isn't Mason.
He's just some random guy
who thinks humiliating
girls with cancer is funny.
- You hate him.
- I... hate him.
Hey, freak show.
Listen, I'm going out,
so when I get back,
this place better be spotless.
This wasn't my party.
I'm not going to clean up your mess.
That's for crashing
my party last night.
Now, unless you want me to call
Mom and Dad
and tell them that you were the one
with the boys in the house,
you clean up.
You hate him. Let's go.
Hate him.
Make it stop!
Ow! Save me!
Which one's next?
You've been at it all day.
It's our turn.
What are you guys about to do?
- We were just getting into it.
- Don't mess this up.
As long as you follow our demands,
you'll make it out alive.
What did you do to KK?
Do as we say and KK will be fine.
Otherwise our friends here
will tear you limb from limb.
No way. The crazy fans
from the signing?
Your mask!
Were fans. Past tense.
We thought you were sweet
and caring, like in your songs.
- Hey, I'm caring.
- Let me finish!
But when we came to you for help,
what did we get?
Yeah, not a "no, thank you"
or a "we'd love to, but we can't. "
No, you just had to humiliate us.
You screwed over the wrong fans.
With all the posters
and CDs and T-shirts,
we've spent over $936.47
on 5 Leo Rise.
Now you're going to pay us back.
With a concert for our school.
I wish KK were here.
He would laugh his ass off.
Crazy Chick and Cancer Girl,
together again.
Do you really have cancer?
More like... social cancer.
- Yeah.
- Social cancer.
Yeah, and you guys are the cure.
All you have to do is perform
a couple songs for our school.
That'll trump Kira's popularity
and take us off her torture radar.
Oh, wait, are you trying to say
you two aren't exactly popular?
Because that is shocking.
- Have a heart, bro.
- Yeah, man.
We're their heroes.
I met my hero once.
Snoop D-O-double-G.
You met Snoop Dogg?
Hey, man, no hostage bonding.
Put your mask back on!
But he met Snoop Dogg.
And he was really cool.
And if he wouldn't have been,
that would've been a major bummer.
I say we do it for 'em. I'm in.
That's a yes for Mason.
How about you, Scooter?
I am a little upset
about the whole kidnapping thing.
I'd do a couple songs
for your school.
- You would?
- You would?
Last night was homecoming
for over half the city.
You want me to contact
every limo service?
I'm sorry, what?
You were saying something stupid?
Yes, that's what I want!
If we can find out
where they went in the limo,
we can get them
and bring them back.
Get on it.
You don't have to be so abusive.
Are you kidding me?
Yo. Hold up
with this fan appreciation crap.
I'm still part of this band,
and I do not perform for free.
Do you have any idea how much I get
for doing just one song?
With everything you've put us through,
we've more than paid for it.
You kidnapped us!
Besides, I'm the star of this band.
Without me, you got nothing.
Wait, wait, wait,
what's all this me, me, me business?
What about us?
Guess those rumors about
the solo tour aren't just rumors.
You were bound to find out.
Hollace did research,
and I've got the largest fan base.
Oh, are you okay, Scooter?
I'm not okay.
5 Leo Rise is like my family,
and it's falling apart.
You guys are like my brothers, man.
Look, if I were to bake
a really good cake,
I'd need the best ingredients.
I'd need the best flour,
and that's you, Ritchie.
Why am I the flour?
You calling me gay?
Scooter, what are you
talking about, man?
Listen, Mason,
you're the sugar,
I'm the eggs, KK's the baking soda,
and Nikolai...
- Nikolai is the butter.
- I'm the butter.
No, no, no, see, I get it.
See, he's saying
that when you bake a cake,
no one really says,
"Oh, this is amazing baking soda,"
or, "Wow, where'd you get
these eggs?"
No, they just love the cake.
That's right.
It's the way it's mixed together.
- Yeah.
- That's us.
If you don't get that,
you don't get 5 Leo Rise.
Since when do you know
so much about baking?
My parents own a bakery.
Just leave me alone.
You know what, man?
I'm so over this dude.
I'm going to tell you something
I swore I would never say.
When Hollace came to Orlando
to scout for talent,
he said me and Scooter
were perfect for the band.
Yeah, and I said,
"What about Ritchie?"
You know what Hollace said?
He said your singing Goofy
was derivative and uninspired.
I hope you girls have good lawyers,
because you are so screwed.
Lincoln, we'll be back.
Where you guys going?
What am I supposed to do
with this schmuck, Ritchie?
I've got a few ideas.
Look, we have two yeses.
We need to get inside
Ritchie's head, break him down.
Well, he thinks
he's the star of the band.
Why don't we treat him like it?
It's worth a shot.
So you read all his articles.
What does he love most?
Banana cream pie.
He likes collecting sneakers.
Oh, and the Velvet Raven.
- There's an idea.
- What?
What's an idea?
Gabby, what's an idea?
So here's the deal.
Every time he says something
stupid, chuck an egg at him.
That's sweet. That's good.
- That hurt!
- You jumped the gun.
I didn't say anything!
You know what? You guys
are definitely an inspiration to me.
I didn't think
you guys would be this cool,
but let me show you how it's done.
Hollace and the label are gonna
find out, and I'm gonna sue.
Oh, yeah?
Well, tell your lawyer I said this.
Watch the face!
Come on, guys!
We should be checking in
with Hollace.
Dude, you're his prize star,
not us.
We don't have to check in anymore.
In fact, think we'll stay here as long
as possible just to freak him out.
Hey, guys, I got this.
I got this.
Did you just miss?
- Your aim is horrible.
- He's...
I'll be back.
You're an embarrassment, Pete.
Try again, Pete.
You got it.
I don't know what you guys are doing,
but we need to get back to the plan.
Actually, Lincoln, the plan changed.
The... that's the Velvet...
Velvet Raven.
You couldn't have busted that out
for homecoming?
Ritchie gets all the good stuff.
Lincoln, focus.
- It's hard.
- Focus! I need your help on this one.
What the hell?
Well, okay. Bye.
Go, go, go.
Hey, Ritchie...
I was just roaming the neighborhood,
fighting some crime,
and I thought I'd stop by.
- You're insane...
... ly hot? I know.
Banana cream pie?
Your favorite.
- I'm starving.
- So...
Which one of my super powers
do you love the most?
Is it my famous raven cry,
or is it just the fishnets?
you're putting me off my pie.
Well, I guess
it's just my martial arts skills, then.
Watch it!
Great. What little torture
are you going to inflict on me now?
Just soapy water.
Would you relax?
Look, I just want to know
if there was anything unusual
with any of your limos last night.
Tell you, when I find them,
I'm just going to...
Vomit, yeah.
Grape juice.
A limo covered in wing sauce.
Did you say wing sauce?
Give... give...
All right, listen to me.
Do not move,
do not touch anything,
and do not say anything
to anyone.
We will be there
in 15 minutes, okay?
KK, Nikolai...
Russia, one,
USA capitalist pig, zero.
Are you finished?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
All right, guys, we have got to keep
this thing on the down low, okay?
The guys are just pulling a prank.
Why they didn't let you in on it,
I don't know,
but until we find them,
I want you on my butt like Super Glue.
- You got it?
- Really?
Don't go there.
Just get off the couch.
All right, let's go!
We need radio silence.
Not one word about kidnapping.
The last thing we need is the press
catching wind of what's going on.
Hey, you guys,
here they come, here they come!
Can you confirm reports
about 5 Leo Rise's kidnapping?
We have no comment
at this time, gentlemen.
Rumor is the Real Music Liberation
Front say they have the band.
Have they made any demands?
- I was kidnapped.
- Da, kidnapped.
- How many of them were there?
- Leo Red! Leo Red!
Boys and girls,
we will see you on the 20th!
5 Leo Rise, everybody!
- Hey! What are you rejects doing?
- Nothing.
Where's Devon,
and why isn't this place clean?
Devon went to get
cleaning supplies.
Yeah, we're totally on top of it.
Got everything handled.
Good. I'm going to take a siesta.
- Do you need any help?
- What?
It's what they do
in civilized countries.
Like Italy.
Don't answer that.
They're not answering.
Honey, you didn't make 'em
take an oath to sit by the phone.
Well, it worries me.
What worries me is we're not
any closer to solving this case.
I know it might sound clich,
but I think the butler did it.
I don't know.
Think I'm onto something.
Your gloves.
What about them?
Cloth. The Raven's gloves
are leather.
I'll have to remember that
next time I kidnap a rock star
and dress up like his favorite
comic-book babe.
You are such a dork. I can't believe
I actually thought you'd be cool.
- I'm cool.
- And yet you treat your fans like crap.
It's not like that.
Really? Then prove it.
Perform for our school.
No way.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No!
- Yes, you have to.
- Look, I can't, okay?
What do you mean you can't?
Forget it. Leave it alone.
I did not go through all this
just to leave it alone.
You have to tell me.
Why can't you perform?
Ritchie, listen, whatever it is that
you say doesn't leave this room.
I can't...
- Hold that thought. Gabby!
- What are you doing?
I'm just gonna tell her anyway.
It's like the unspoken
best friend manifesto.
Not even the band knows.
If you can't tell your biggest fans,
then who can you tell?
She's right, we are
your biggest fans.
We know everything about you.
There's nothing you can say
that will make us not like you.
What could you possibly say
that would...
I'm a fake!
I can't sing in public.
What are you talking about?
You sing in front of
huge crowds every night.
- Yeah.
- It's a scam.
You mean that...
you mean...
No, 5 Leo Rise doesn't lip-synch.
They don't, but I do.
So as much as I'd like
to help you guys out, I can't.
I just can't.
But if we had won the label drive,
you'd have to perform
for our school anyway.
We use our own perfectly
choreographed sound and lights,
which you don't have.
That stuff is easy to hide behind.
No, no, no, no, no. Stage fright
is just stress and fear.
You can conquer it.
I mean, at least that's what they say.
We'll have you singing again
in no time, really.
Whoa, dude.
You totally just blew my mind.
It can't be.
5 Leo Rise doesn't lip-synch.
That's our thing.
Well, it sounds like you dorks
need a new thing.
- Yeah.
- It's not like I wanted to.
I mean,
the album just blew up.
And then the tour.
That first huge show in Anaheim.
It was too much. I freaked.
Hollace promised the lip-synching
would be temporary
and I'd get a chance
to get some help, fix it.
Is that why you turned
into such a dick?
He was scared.
Ritchie, we're going to get you
through this.
- Gabby?
- I have an idea.
But we're going to need some supplies.
Okay, where is it,
where is it, where is it?
Gabby, what are we doing?
We've got to get to the costume shop.
We've got to go.
What are you kids doing?
What is this? Take that off!
Wait! Look at this!
Do you see this?
- Don't worry about it.
- Lincoln always does this.
Every time I ask, "Would you stay put
and not do anything... "
- Oh, my...
- You know...
Oh, gosh.
- Excuse you.
- Hey, Kira.
- Oh, great hair.
- It does look fabulous.
Yeah, no thanks to you.
They're extensions, you idiot.
We do not have time
for this right now.
- I'm sorry.
- That's weird, Devon.
I just saw you on Friday,
but you look bigger.
Did you gain weight?
No, but your bulimia
makes you see things.
That is so weird.
Even your voice sounds fatter.
- That is so weird.
- It does, it sounds way fat.
After tomorrow,
you are so going to wish
you could travel back in time
and be nicer to us.
Wow, she believes in time travel.
Geeks usually do.
It's amazing how you
could just stand up to them like that.
After Danielle,
nothing scares me.
to Mo's Costume Emporium,
where your wildest
costume fantasies come true.
Hey, Mo.
We're looking for costumes.
I love it.
You I see as Snow White,
and you...
well, you're a total Bambi.
- You cute little thing.
- That's perfect.
Now all we need is
four guys' costumes ASAP.
Yeah, hold the phone.
Sweetness, these costumes
are reserved weeks in advance.
I can't just make them appear
out of thin air.
What am I, a magician?
Mo, listen.
We're kind of desperate here.
Is there anything for today,
anything at all?
I'll see what I can find.
Okay, guys, keep it fun.
The goofier we look,
the more likely we'll be able to get Ritchie
to sing for us.
Okay, go for it.
Rock it.
Ritchie, just breathe and believe.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Hope this works.
Cue the music, Pete.
Weekends work the best
I'll pick the place,
you do the rest
Stay now, don't be shy
Got to keep me in line
Love at first sight
Never thought
it could happen to me
But you made me believe
- Devon!
- What?
What are you doing?
I thought I told you to clean the house!
It's a complete disaster!
I'm calling Mom and Dad
if you don't clean the house.
- I'm going to call Mom and Dad!
- What is this?
I'm rehearsing a play for school.
I'm a hot dog.
You're like a new
and undiscovered species of dork.
Clean the house.
Okay, continue.
Come on, man, we can do this.
All right.
Let's try it again.
Where have I seen
those guys before?
Weekends work the best
I'll pick the place,
you do the rest
- It's working.
- Don't be shy
You got to keep me in line
Love at first sight
Never thought
it could happen to me
But you made me believe
Dude! Come on,
what are you doing?
- What did you do?
- I didn't do anything.
I mean, it's obvious
that your friend here is a total fraud.
He's right, I can't do this.
This isn't working.
Thanks for the help.
- Don't leave, Ritchie.
- Lincoln!
Hey, guys, you take five.
I'm going to go talk to him.
Love at first sight
Never thought
it could happen to me
But you made me believe
Oh, my God, you're singing.
It's not so tough
when no one's around.
I was right there.
I didn't see you.
Try it again.
I have a good feeling.
I can't take any more failure.
Try again, and...
I won't look.
All right.
Love at first sight
Never thought
it could happen to me
But you made me believe
Kidnap my heart
And take me with you
Kidnap my heart
Make my dreams come true
Hey, everyone.
Liz Hernandez here
with an MTVnews brief.
Two members of 5 Leo Rise
surfaced today
and confirmed that they have
indeed been kidnapped.
Oh, man.
The rest of the band
is still being held captive.
Now, some inside
the music industry
suggest that the whole thing
is an elaborate publicity stunt
for the band's new album,
King Planet Sun.
For now the band's management
is keeping quiet,
but we've learned
that a group calling themselves
the Real Music Liberation Front,
or the RMLF...
- ... is claiming responsibility...
- That's us!
Baby, we hit the big time.
Authorities are continuing
the investigation
and have brought in
Special Agent George Sledge,
the man who cracked
the Ian Fuller Pentagon case last year.
We're going to go to jail!
I told you guys,
I don't look good in orange!
...mtvnews. Com,
or keep it locked in...
This isn't good.
Oh, man.
I've got to go tell Devon.
Not far from the start
Kidnap my heart
That's it.
Devon, it's all over the news!
Oh, my God!
What the heck, man?
Get your filthy lips off my peacock.
You've totally crossed
the line now.
Gabby, come on!
It's not what you think.
Dev, we had a deal!
No crushing on the captives.
I wasn't crushing on him.
He was crushing on me.
Oh, 'cause where I was standing,
the river of crush
was flowing both ways.
Look, he was singing,
and I got caught up,
and... I'm sorry.
Look, I should've pushed him away,
but... okay, I got curious.
And between you and me, Ritchie
sings way better than he kisses.
Thanks, I feel a lot better now.
I mean it, I'm going to tell him
that we're just friends, okay?
Well, we have
bigger issues to deal with.
News of the kidnapping is on TV.
What? No way.
Where's Lincoln going?
And why is Ritchie with him?
- Wait, wait, wait!
- Wait! Please stop!
Dude, I just want you to know
I really like her.
No way, man.
You just think you do.
- No, there was this moment.
- What moment?
She was just gently washing
the egg off me.
She, like,
washed the egg off of you,
or just helped you
with a couple of shells that were like...
No, she wiped the egg off...
with a big sponge.
No. See, what you've got
is that Stockholm Syndrome
I've been reading about.
- That's it.
- Stockholm Syndrome?
It's when the hostage... you...
begins to identify with the captor,
especially if there's any moments
of kindness shown,
which can be misinterpreted
as special treatment,
thus leaving you to believe
that you're in some kind of love.
I don't know about that.
I just... I just really dig Devon.
I think you should shut up now
before I kill you.
I guess I don't mind.
I mean, technically,
I'd be dying for Devon.
No, if anybody's going to die
for Devon, it's going to be me.
- I've earned it!
- Put your hands on the wheel!
Don't tell me what to do!
So it was working?
You got Ritchie to sing?
Yeah. All he needed
was to be himself,
and by playing the guitar
he felt comfortable enough,
and it just flowed out.
Do you have any idea
where he's taking him?
No idea.
When he gets upset,
he tends to disappear,
sometimes for days at a time.
That kiss thing
put him over the edge.
He had that crazy Lincoln look
in his eyes.
- What an idiot!
- You just had to do it, didn't you?
Never mind that we're trying
to save our social lives
from an accident you caused.
Never mind that we had
this plan to help Ritchie,
a plan that was starting to work.
No, you just had to kiss him
and ruin everything.
Gabs, you're kind of losing it.
Don't call me that.
What are you doing?
I'm getting my stuff.
What? You never get your stuff.
Your stuff lives here.
It's been here since fourth grade.
Well, my stuff's leaving,
and it's taking me with it.
Gabby, you're just emotional.
"Stand up for yourself, Gabby.
Don't let Kira
push you around, Gabby. "
The main person pushing me
around, Devon, is you.
I didn't want to skip school
and meet 5 Leo Rise
or do this stupid kidnapping thing
at all, but you pushed.
- You could've said no.
- I did!
- You did?
- Yeah.
I guess I didn't hear you.
Because you never listen, Devon.
This whole thing has ruined
the one good thing in my life.
5 Leo Rise used to be
my little slice of happiness,
but now 5 Leo Rise
is just crap too.
No offense.
- Gabs...
- Don't!
Don't. I know you must think
I'm just some pushover dork,
but I want you to know, Devon,
that I do have a spine.
Starting right now,
Devon Lisette Thompson
and Gabby Ann Davis
are no longer best friends.
Even if I am a total loner
for the rest of my life.
And one more thing...
There. We're even.
Hi, Dad.
Mom got bludgeoned in the pantry?
That sucks.
Oh, me?
Remember what I said about
not having any boys in the house?
Yeah, I was just wondering,
does it matter if they're famous?
Don't you dare.
Hang up the phone!
I have a secret to tell.
Can I talk to her?
Let me talk to her.
They hung up on me.
They hung up on you?
Devon! Get your...
Thank you very much, Danielle!
You just ruined my life forever!
Grow up!
You dirty dog!
Wait, you speak Italian?
Yes, my last name is Margiatta.
I can't get through.
That's it.
We are leaving right now.
Hey! Where do you think
you're going?
Unlike you, I'm leaving.
I'm not just going to sit around
while you get your voice back
and win Devon's heart
in the process. I'm out.
You can't just leave me here.
I can't?
Watch me.
Yo, yo, Lincoln, dude.
Dude, come on.
Don't drive away!
Get back here!
You think she's okay?
Devon. Devon, you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just that... Gabby's right.
I've ruined her life.
And this whole thing
is one big disaster, and so am I.
And I just don't know what I'm
going to do without her, okay?
Do you think I'm pushy?
Yeah, a little bit.
But not like my sister, right?
She's the pushy one.
Maybe that's what it feels like
to Gabby.
But I'm nice, right?
Gabby's got
her own way with things.
Yeah, and you've got
to respect her for that.
Oh, my God, I'm going to kill him.
Don't even set foot in this house
if you don't have Ritchie with you.
- Ow, Devon...
- I mean it!
- Well, can I explain?
- I don't want an explanation.
I want Ritchie.
It's a little complicated.
He started saying
all these terrible things about you,
and my emotions just went crazy.
- Terrible things?
- Sort of.
He was telling me about how you
were helping him with his stage fright,
and he said something
about some egg,
and then he was telling me
about how cool you are,
like I need him telling me
about how cool you are.
I mean, I'm not only a member,
but I'm the president
of the Devon fan club.
Wait, he said I was helping him
with his stage fright.
Something like that.
It worked.
Lincoln, I should
so kick your ass right now,
but I need your help.
I need you to get in your jeep
and go get Ritchie.
It's dark out here, though.
I don't care.
And it's cold too.
When I breathe, I can see my breath.
I don't want to see or hear from you
until you have Ritchie with you.
- Understood?
- But just... can I...?
You guys need to call Pete
and tell him what equipment you need.
5 Leo Rise is going to perform
at our school.
Get going.
All right.
Mr. Scooter,
it is a pleasure to meet you.
Kidnap a boy band.
See what she got me into, man?
Come on, pick up,
pick up, pick up.
She's just going to keep calling
till I pick up.
You know I'm just
going to call again. Pick up.
- Hello?
- Hello?
- What?
- I know I'm in best friend Siberia...
...but I wanted to let you know to wear
something really cute to school...
Guys? Wake up.
Come on, Scooter, wake up.
We've got to go.
Mason, wake up.
- Mason, wake up!
- What?
We've got to go.
It's showtime.
I normally sleep till noon.
Come on.
Got to go. Mason, got to go.
Got to rock. Come on.
Got to go.
Rock 'n' roll, Mason.
All right.
I just... I still don't understand
what the screaming was about.
They were screaming, like...
"Devon, give me the phone and... "
They hung up the phone...
I don't know what the...
they hung up the phone.
The assembly starts in ten minutes,
so we've got to book.
- There's Devon.
- "You can trust them. "
Hurry, hurry.
Devon Lisette,
if you want to live to see 17,
get out of that car right now.
- You took an oath, young lady.
- I can't explain right now...
...but there are things
more important than the oath.
No. Dad, it's not her fault.
I told her it was okay.
No, there's nothing okay about this.
Go, go.
Get out of this car right now!
Turn it off!
Who are those boys...
are those boys laughing at me?
Hey! Where you going?
Watch where you're going,
Sorry, Kira. It's...
I just... I...
I, I, I, I... what, Gabby?
Breathe, believe.
Breathe, believe.
Breathe, believe.
Oh, my God.
What is she doing?
Look out, everyone, she's about
to explode with geekiness.
Please don't get any on me.
Breathe, believe.
What are you smiling at?
Yeah, what's so funny?
I guess it's more sad than funny.
I'm just curious, Kira.
Why are you so cruel to people?
I'm not cruel.
'Cause I know someone
who was mean to everyone
just so they wouldn't find out
that he might not be as cool
as he pretended to be.
Well, yeah, but... I am cool.
Yeah. No... yeah,
you're cool, way cool.
'Cause if you were cool,
you could afford to be nice.
See you at the assembly.
Guys, I'm really nice.
Guys... I am so nice.
Okay, guys, the sound check's done.
The drum kit and keys are on stage.
All you got to do is plug in.
Well, isn't this cute.
This isn't good.
What the hell were you thinking?
Would you tell him?
We were kidnapped.
KK, man, I think you've got
an overactive imagination, dude.
Whoa. What's with the instruments?
We don't actually think
we're going to play these, do we?
- Instrumenski?
- Da, man. Da.
Wait, where's Ritchie?
Why, you got to prep him
for his solo tour?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Where is he?
Hey, guys! Are you ready
to rock this school?
Whoa, Ritchie.
Come on, man.
We do not want to mess
with the people
at the Aropostale campaign.
We're talking
Times Square billboards.
Hollace, save it, all right?
We're going to go in there
and play a show with instruments.
If you follow, you're fired.
See? I told you I'd come through.
I know you did.
Okay, we've got to go,
got to go.
No love?
Seriously? Why?
Thank God you made it.
Couldn't let my best fans down.
That's her!
Way to go, Gabby!
Kira, don't even worry.
You're not only cool,
you're a varsity cheerleader.
Yeah, and?
Student council president.
Who is Gabby Davis?
- Nobody.
- Who are you?
- Somebody.
- Right.
- What is all this crap?
- I don't know.
I don't like things
on my stage with me.
What's up, Highland High?
to your Monday assembly.
Today we have the important issue
to discuss of interior decorating.
You know that Jackie O,
she was, like...
I mean, she died, but she was alive,
like, a while ago,
and she was married
to some president or something.
But anyway,
she had great big black...
It's 5 Leo Rise!
Who are those people?
Hey, you guys know
where Gabby Davis is?
- Gabby.
- KK!
Hi, Scooter!
Nikolai, over here!
Jackie O redec...
are not usually welcome here.
Breathe and believe, Ritchie.
Breathe and believe.
Yo, what up, Highland High School?
Word is y'all lost a little concert.
But our girl Gabby Davis
didn't want to leave y'all hanging.
She hooked this all up for you guys.
Gabby, get up here.
Hi, everyone.
I just wanted to say
that I'm really, really sorry
for the whole shift label
fiasco thing.
And, of course,
I couldn't have done it
without my best friend,
Devon Thompson.
Gabby! Gabby! Gabby!
No, okay? Okay, no!
This is not okay.
This is not a student council-
approved assembly.
5 Leo Rise or not...
- Put down the mike!
... Gabby Davis is still a huge dork.
I mean, guys...
look at what she's wearing.
That's enough drama
for one day.
You guys ready to rock?
Pete, curtain.
I'm so sorry I doubted you.
I'm, like, the worst best friend ever.
No, I am. I shouldn't have
bossed you around.
You deserve respect,
and I know you do things
your own way.
And I did.
I stood up to Kira.
Wow, I'm so pissed off
I missed that.
Hey, girl, what's your name?
I think I caught you looking my way
Do you want to know
How to get me all to your own?
Weekends work the best
I'll pick the place,
you do the rest
Hey, now, don't be shy
But you've got to keep me in line
Love at first sight
Never thought
it could happen to me
But you made me believe
Kidnap my heart
Take me with you
Kidnap my heart
Make my dreams come true
Send me away
'Cause falling in love ain't very far
Not far from the start
Kidnap my heart
Can you get me up?
More fun I could ever dream of
My God, it's Nikolai.
It's Nikolai, oh my God.
Stop it.
Shut up.
- You know what, Kira?
- What?
Gabby was right.
You're not as cool
as you think you are.
...hold on tight for the ride
Love at first sight
Never thought
it could happen to me
But you made me believe
Kidnap my heart
Breathe and believe,
breathe and believe.
Kidnap my heart
Make my dreams come true
Devon put all this together?
Yeah, I... I kind of helped her.
Ain't very far
Not far from the start
Kidnap my heart
You've got to hold me tighter
'Cause I'm a real fighter
Don't tear us apart
That guitar player's so cute.
Love at first sight
Never thought
it could happen to me
But you made me believe
Kidnap my heart
Take me with you
Kidnap my heart
Make my dreams come true
Take me away
- 'Cause falling in love
- Dude, wait.
There's a rumor going around
that you kidnapped these wussies.
I can't confirm or deny
any of those allegations,
but check out the RMLF website.
You'll get all the info you need.
You are a legend, man.
Man, I know I'm a legend.
You don't have to tell me.
Kidnap my heart
Oh, my gosh.
I am your number-one fan.
Oh, yeah?
I mean, why wouldn't you be?
Success. No fingerprints.
...my heart
Yeah, baby, you know,
the kidnapping was easy.
A brother like me never gets caught.
It's time to go.
- Devon Thompson.
- Yes?
You're under arrest for kidnapping.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.
Get your hands off my daughter.
- There was no kidnapping.
- Son, we've got sworn statements...
...from KK McDermott
and Nikolai Mikolov.
Well, then I'm under arrest too.
Look, with all due respect,
Nikolai doesn't even know
what he's saying.
We met Devon and Gabby
a couple days ago at a signing.
They're basically our biggest fans.
They convinced us to play
from the heart,
so we decided to put on a show
for the school.
Here we are.
I mean, there was no kidnapping.
I don't know how many times
I've got to say this, guys.
There was no kidnapping.
You're big.
So everybody's fine.
And we're great.
Leo huddle, guys.
Come on.
Guys, that rocked.
Let's get in the studio
and lay that down, come on.
Cut 'em loose.
Dad, we'll call you from the road.
- Gabs?
- Yeah?
Would you really
have gone to jail for me?
You're, like, the best
best friend ever.
I know.
What do we do now?
Well, I heard about
this hot new band.