Taking Earth (2017) Movie Script

[epic music]
We look up at the sky...
We behold the
infinite stars...
And we believe
we are all alone.
[remote beeps]
[orchestral music]
You're in for a treat.
This is the equivalent
of a juicy steak.
- Beans?
- Of course.
Not bad. It's good.
Eh? What'd I tell you?
There's nothing on TV.
Everything's still gone.
It's clever, no one
knows what's going on.
What do you mean?
Well, there's no way of
finding out what happened.
Everyone's in the dark
and people are clueless without
It's ridiculous.
It makes no sense.
Isn't it weird?
Everybody going in
the same direction.
South. They're going south.
But why?
I don't know.
Sarah told me people were
saying it's safe in the south.
How do you mean safe?
I don't know. Less attacks?
Get out of the building!
Don't worry, we're safe.
How do you know?
Are you worried
because we're indoors?
Don't they get angry
if people go indoors?
It pisses them off
if people go inside anything...
But the trick is to know
when they're coming.
How do you know when
they're coming?
The sound of screaming
gets louder.
[music swells]
Have you heard about
what happened in London?
The attack?
It's more than an attack,
they're saying it's
some kind of outbreak.
[power goes out]
What the hell?
What are you doing?
[whispering] Get out.
Excuse me?
[elevator door opens]
Get out!
[phone rings]
David, baby,
have you heard?
Have I heard? What's up, baby?
The outbreak.
It's not just Washington.
Now they are saying
New York as well.
I thought it
was in London?
David, it's happening
Okay, look, where are you?
I'm at the office.
There was an explosion.
Not even two
blocks from here.
What's happening?
I don't know.
Just stay there,
I'm coming to you.
I'm leaving right now.
What the hell?
[explosion, screams]
[frantic music]
Get out.
[car starts]
[tires screeching]
helicopter blades]
[jet engines]
Sarah, we need to get out
of the city, and I mean now.
[quiet music]
At what?
I don't see anything.
They're hidden.
But it's them.
I still can't believe
our luck today.
Those IO's literally
walked straight past us.
They were this close.
That... could have gone very
Yeah, we were lucky.
David, what are you
to do next, or go next?
Find Sarah.
And help you
find your mom.
[distant explosions
and screams]
We need to go.
Get back!
Stay! Stay.
[tense music]
What are you doing?
Leave it!
It doesn't matter.
What are you doing?
They'll find me, David.
My blood.
No they won't, no
one's gonna find you!
They'll know, if they
taste my blood, they'll
know it's me.
What are you
talking about?
Who'll find you?
Infected ones.
They taste the blood!
They're looking for me!
No one's looking for you! Now
calm down.
[distant explosion]
Dude, we need to get
out - [explosion]
We could stay
here tonight.
We should be safe.
How's your hand?
It's just a graze.
It stopped bleeding.
What the hell?
What happened?
Why were you freaking
out back there?
I think it would be better
if I didn't tell you.
I think if we are going to
stick together, I have a
right to know.
You have to promise
you'll believe me.
Sure, I'll believe you.
But I want to know.
Everything that's
happened, it's not what
you think.
There was never
an outbreak.
Those things were
never infected.
They're being controlled.
What do you mean,
Controlled by who?
They are being controlled
by very dangerous people.
They have done all of
this, taken this whole
planet, to find me.
To find you?
W-w-wait, what do you
mean, taken the whole planet?
Well, they're not from
here, from Earth.
They're here now.
So, these dangerous
people, they're...
I don't know, aliens?
Oh okay, aliens.
This is going a bit
differently to how I
thought it would go.
And these aliens have...
come all this
way to find you?
And they're looking for
you because...?
Because I'm not from here
So you're an
alien too, then?
I've been hiding on Earth
for seven years with my
Attender - my mom here.
Because of a war that the
people who've come here started.
I'm not meeting her down
south, I'm meeting her at
our ship.
Your spaceship?
Of course, well, shit Cam,
it's kind of hard finding
one person out of
seven billion people.
It's a conundrum.
You said you'd believe me.
Well, I didn't know you
were gonna go say this.
And the blood?
The IO's taste the blood.
They can distinguish
between human blood and...
Okay, well, how do you think
those IO's didn't see us today?
It wasn't luck that they
walked straight past us.
I hid us.
I hid us from them.
You hid us?
If I stand still and
I can hide from them.
That's how they
haven't found me.
Oh, Cameron.
Do you remember I held
onto your arm and hid both
of us?
I hid us, David!
Okay, look -
Get back!
Oh shit...
Where are they?
Don't move.
[eerie music]
I know you're here.
[IO shouts]
[car door slams,
tires screech]
[IO screams]
[epic music swells]
You hid us from them?
And today, when they
walked by us, you hid us
there, too?
That's impossible.
You're not from here.
This is insane.
And, uh, and somewhere up
there, is an invisible
Three invisible
So wait, I'm the first
human to know that aliens
Welcome to Earth, dude.
You've never
ridden a bicycle?
No, never.
[David laughs]
This is freakin' awesome.
[music swells]
Is there any reason why
you guys live so far from
the ship?
We stayed for about two
years, but we were stuck
in the middle of nowhere.
Ellen wanted me to see
your world, so year three,
we moved to the city
and started traveling.
And then they arrived?
That must have been
insane for you guys.
Yeah, we didn't know what
to do, and Ellen wouldn't
let me surrender.
Why the hell would
you surrender?
look what happened to your
planet. It's all because
of me.
If I surrender,
then maybe...
Sure but, you didn't
invade us, Cameron.
You didn't do this.
They did.
I know.
But it's still happening
because of me.
This is screwed up.
Listen, I've got to talk
to you about that whole
'surrender' thing.
It doesn't have
to come to that.
The thing is, if things
get critical here, even
Ellen says I have no
choice but to surrender.
We'll just hide you until
they give up and leave.
No David, they
won't just leave.
They'll take me as their
prisoner, or they'll kill
But how are they
gonna kill you?
It's a big place, like
finding a needle in a
What are they gonna do?
They'll burn the haystack.
What do you mean?
If they can't find me,
Devanera will destroy the
whole planet.
This is the most stressful
conversation I've ever had.
And I've dated
a lot of women.
We need to cover
more ground faster.
We can actually make up
a lot of
time if we cut across that
It'll be harder, you okay?
I will be.
Don't worry.
We'll sort this out.
[music swells]
[engines revving]
Check his blood.
Of course, pretty sure I
saw a lion, two elephants,
and a tiger walk through
the camp last night.
Which basically means I
must have
slept through my watch.
We've got to keep
our eyes open.
Ah, Des, Human bet me one
billion dollars I could
not pilot this vessel.
Yes. I named him.
This beast reminds
me of Pegaus.
It does not fly.
You will not
understand this, Des.
You are a machine.
requesting an update.
What should I tell him?
Tell him I'm shopping.
Devanera, you summoned me.
I'm fairly certain I was
clear in my instructions,
Why are you on the planet?
I'm exploring
other worlds.
Besides, I made a
glorious discovery.
Something the humans call
This is no time for sightseeing,
Should you not be
terrorizing the Asians
instead of obsessing
yourself with me?
I'm ahead of schedule
in every stage of this
So you found the boy then?
But don't forget, this
is your operation we are
Yet there you are,
parading yourself on the
planet, risking our
exposure to the humans.
I made it quite clear
- Human.
- this was a weak course
Someone whose sheer voice
drains the life out of
We should have destroyed
this planet, and returned
to the war.
Irehkull, you are
being a dumbass.
What is a dumbass?
Find out what
a dumbass is.
What is our progress?
The human controls have
been testing the blood.
We will either find the
boy, or whomever he's
traveling with.
It's just a
matter of time.
With all the destruction
the human controls have
inflicted, the boy
could be dead already.
We allowed the controls to
summon the blue spheres,
specifically for
protection and diversion.
Who knew they would want
to blow everything up.
Including themselves.
Forty of their
days, Garabon.
That is all the
time I gave you.
We will have
the boy by then.
I'm done walking.
I'm sorry, but
I'm not a horse.
I'm designed for
short distances.
I think we can rest here.
I'll even carry
one of you.
But ladies, we are
literally walking across a
freaking country.
I'm done walking.
I'm going to check
that house for food.
I'll go with you.
They better not stay
indoors too long.
I had another bad
dream about Cameron.
Oh, Ellen.
I'm so afraid that
something terrible has
happened to him.
Oh, sweetie, in situations
like this, you just have
to have faith.
Faith he's okay.
You're a good
woman, Nance.
I'm glad we
found each other.
Me too.
You're next.
And then your friends.
[computers whirring]
We have a hit.
More are coming.
Find the exact location.
Sending coordinate control
for location scan.
You stay back, don't touch me!
Put the stick down, old
woman, or you'll make me
Run, Nancy, run!
You think that
will stop me?
But this will.
The woman they discovered
is on this continent.
She is not human.
And the boy?
He is not with her.
We have sent more
controls to hold her for
No, she serves the boy.
If he is not with her, she
will die before giving him
I will make her
take me to him.
You're going personally?
I would send Human, but I
fear he will blow her up.
Fire her up!
Play nice!
We've sent more controls
to the location.
This is not something we
can entrust to the human
Let me do this
my way, Devanera.
Deep down, you know
I'm always right.
Just find me the boy.
[intense music]
Where is Garabon now?
He is en route to the
woman's location.
He is exposed.
We need to see this
as an opportunity.
The Collective beings
serve Devanera, commanding
the power of
the blue light.
Now Nulsa Mathium sustains
the veiling of our ships,
hiding them
from the humans.
But it is his brother
Harbien Gium who is able
to weaponize the might
of the blue light, he
maintains our hold over
the human controls.
We are harnessing their
power to disperse the
NOCC's from our
three ships.
Not many get to witness
the little ones at work.
We've modified these
NOCC's to taste the blood
of the people, letting
us know whether they are
human or not.
Have you sent them
all over the planet?
No, dear.
They were designed to
inoculate the warriors
during battle.
They move as the
warriors move.
That's why we keep the
people grouped together.
Baby, what are you doing?
It's for when I'm not with
you, and I'm missing you,
wearing that.
Stop it, you're
embarrassing me.
Don't be embarrassed,
you're beautiful!
Now say something nice.
Like what?
Like, I don't know.
'I love you, David.'
I love you, David.
[burning grass]
This is awesome.
This is awesome!
Cameron! Buddy!
Let's not try to let all
the IO's where we are.
[far-off explosions]
We need to move.
[yelling, screaming]
[screaming, gunshots]
Okay, dude, it's
time to hide us now.
[music swells]
Get in!
The world is ending
and he runs off!
You need to get in now! It's
gonna blow!
We're gonna have to run.
No, no, just
get in the car.
- What?
- Look, if you want to live
you need to trust me. Get in!
Here you go.
So what, are
you both insane?
I'm talking about staying
indoors like this.
Are you both slow?
Do you have any idea what
they'll do if they find
you away from the crowds?
Aren't you away
from the crowds?
Oh and another thing! I still
want to know how
you hid us back at the
You're smiling, why are
you smiling, Cameron?
Shit, sorry... You're just so
You're changing
the subject.
How did you hide us?
The sunlight at that time
of the day can 'occlude.'
Go ahead, tell her.
You mean, tell her...
She might as well
know what's going on.
Everything that has
happened, it's not what
you think.
There was never
an outbreak.
Those things were
never infected.
My mom, the one I told you
about, she's not my real
But, to understand the
story, we need to go away
from here.
I love our life.
Me too baby.
Never leave me.
I feel safe with you.
[melancholy piano music]
Come out. I know you're there.
It's scary meeting
strangers, because you
don't know who they'll be.
We're four women, it would
be good if we could join
your group.
Look, I understand.
We are stronger if
we stick together.
Okay, we'll meet you at
the edge of the forest.
When we get there, I'll
give you the signal.
Good. Stay safe.
And Ellen, what's
the signal?
[bird calls]
Okay then.
Hi Richard. These are my ladies.
Hi, Ellen, Fran. Pleased to meet
Hello, Ellen. I'm Graeme.
Hi, Graeme, nice
to meet you.
[ominous music]
[quiet piano]
These people that have
come for you, maybe
they'll give up and leave. Leave
They're not that
kind of people.
No, I suppose not.
Have some water.
Thank you, Fran.
Thanks, sweetie.
This is fantastic.
So, everyone here is
looking for someone?
Of course! Aren't you, sweetie?
Yes, of course...
My dad, Devan.
He's an unpleasant man.
Dreadfully annoying,
but what can we do.
And we have to live with
him day after day after
miserable day.
We have to love them, no
matter how horribly old
they are.
It's harder for the
older generation.
They fought wars to
keep the world safe.
And then the world changed
right under their noses,
and they didn't
fit in anymore.
Granny B, I don't know you
that well,
but may I say, you are quite
Thank you Graeme, and
I think you're a dish.
Well, laughter keeps
us sane, I suppose.
It sedates all
the worrying!
You and your son
were separated?
Yes, Cameron.
Where do you
imagine he is now?
Well, I don't really
know where he is.
But you know
where he will be.
That's the only thing
keeping me sane right now.
We had a plan in case
we were separated.
A place where we would
meet, about two days from
Well, two days is not
too big of an ask.
That's cutting it
close, Garabon.
I'm just going to have
faith that he's okay until
I find him.
We should all try
and get some sleep.
We've got a long
day tomorrow.
We need our rest.
You still up?
A storm's coming.
I like it when it rains.
[thunder crashes]
I wish I didn't
have to leave.
Me too.
Looks like it
might rain later.
[adventure music]
I'm believing he's
going to be at the site
For your sake, I do too.
But you should
not go alone.
Oh, I have to.
I mean, everyone's trying
to find their families.
Eventually, we're all
going to head off in
different directions.
Look, I know I'm not going
to find my father, he's
already up there
No, Graeme,
don't say that!
The point is, I
will go with you.
I will help you
find your son.
So where exactly
are you meeting him?
Over there!
Those hangers.
We should
find food and water.
Chocolate, I hope
they have chocolate.
Aren't we lucky!
We keep finding
abandoned supplies!
Yes, very lucky.
What's wrong?
[music intensifies]
We are not alone.
Ellen, run.
Protect the women!
Run! Run, it's a trap!
The blows are fatal.
There are not enough men.
They are attacking me!
Call off the IO's
chasing the woman.
Do it now!
She still has not told
me where the boy is!
Are you hurt?
Are you suggesting you did
not allow this to happen?
Don't be foolish.
It was your decision to
masquerade as a human.
These people are supposed
to be under our control!
Have the controls
been called off?
They have pulled back.
She had better
not be hurt.
Don't let this happen
again, Devanera.
Find who allowed this to
and don't let it
happen again.
Protect my son!
May I have a
word with you?
Of course.
Graeme, I'm sorry to ask
you this now, but...
I've got to find my son.
Too many people are dying.
I thought I could do
this alone, but now...
You said you
would help me.
I don't know
what else to do.
Of course, Ellen.
I will help you
find Cameron.
Two groups.
One has an
age-appropriate male.
What do you want to do?
Test the blood
of the boy first.
Bring him to me!
Devanera has received
your progression course.
The deadline
is noon today.
They're resisting.
Kill the man! Bring the boy!
[gunshots, shouting]
What happened to good
old-fashioned blue spheres?
Now, they're packing
freaking machine guns.
David, don't move.
You gotta teach
me how to do that.
Let's just get the
hell out of here.
Stay down! I think I saw
Got him, he's down.
That should be it.
That's insane!
Whose stuff was that?
Come on.
[ominous music]
We are aligned
to Devanera.
Devanera, it is time.
Your deadline is upon us.
Garabon's efforts
are commendable.
I do wish he
had succeeded.
I'm still searching for
the one responsible for
Garabon's attack.
A truly shameful act.
What is shameful is what I
intend to do to them when
I find them.
Of course.
We await your
firing command.
This is our spot.
Where is he?
I don't know.
I thought he'd be
here before I was.
I don't understand.
Maybe he is hiding.
He'd come if he
heard my voice.
You said he would be here.
I don't know, Graeme.
Maybe he's...
I don't want to hear
'maybe, ' Ellen!
I'm sorry if I upset you.
Looking for this?
You said he would be here!
Who are you?
I am the one you
are running from.
You are Neran...?
I am Garabon.
You are insane.
[communicator beeps]
Search this area. Check for any
life forms.
All of this is
because of you!
This will all become ash,
because Camiru was not
where you said
he would be.
This is all
because of you!
You have killed everyone!
How many people have
died for this cause?
This obsession?
There are casualties
in war, Ellen.
You know this.
This is not their war.
The moment you landed your
ship here, it became their
It is noon.
Return to your
ship, Garabon.
I'm here now. Give me time. The
boy should be close.
Return to your ship.
Prepare for my
fire command.
Listen to me, we have been
on this planet for forty
days. Give me a few more hours.
I am commanding you to
return to your ship.
You will obey me!
It's out of my hands.
This world will end.
[music swells]
[thunder, crackling electricity]
What the hell?
[ships engines starting]
That's where I was
supposed to meet Ellen.
Do you think
she was there?
What happens if
they found her?
What happens if
they killed her?
No, look, don't
think about that.
Shit, it's happening.
They're going to
destroy the planet.
David, we can go
to them in my ship.
Come on!
My ship's in that
mountain, we can go up
there and I'll surrender!
What do you mean, 'we'?
Well, if it doesn't work,
you won't die down here.
Wait, what about Shanna?
Cameron, if this doesn't
work, it won't matter.
[ship engines humming]
It is safe to proceed.
Garabon is secure
aboard the ship.
You did not
deserve to die.
And my son?
Camiru is not
your son, Ellen.
He is everything to me.
Then I am truly sorry, for
he will not survive this.
[music intensifies]
This is freakin' awesome.
Are you okay?
This is my first time
flying in a spaceship.
There we go.
Core is aligning.
Prepare for the
alignment initiation.
[weapon powering up]
Prepare for the
firing sequence.
How long will it
take us to get there?
Just a few minutes.
This is insane.
[haunting music]
Run from this.
Cameron, you need
to land this thing!
We won't make it!
You killed us!
Let him go!
[music swells]
I felt them.
Ellen, what's wrong?
That's impossible.
Enough of you!
What is happening?
Why are the Collectives
in distress?
I don't know, they've
never reacted this way
I need control of them
to fire the cannon.
They are still conformed
despite this disturbance,
Whatever is happening to
them will not affect your
David, we are
still falling!
Oh my shit!
Pull up on the
controls, hurry!
I don't know
how to fly this!
We're gonna crash!
You need to take both
controls and pull up
- gently!
- What's happening with you?
I don't know!
Okay now pull up, pull up!
Pull up hard now!
Gentle, hard, what
the hell Cameron?
That was awesome.
You were awesome.
You cannot be
certain it was him.
It was Cameron.
He summoned the pure
light and it obeyed him.
Do you even know
what that means?
I cannot stop this
firing command, Ellen.
When the vortex is
aligned, the cannon will
All this time, and the
prize is within your
The prize, being Camiru?
Better he lives as your
prisoner, than he dies in
this genocide.
Stop this, an entire
world is about to be
You fill my
head with chaos!
We, too, are fighting
for survival, Ellen!
My world is dying because
Camiru's father refuses to
save it.
He is quite prepared
to let my people die.
Forget using Cameron
for a ransom.
Darmirruan is old,
unyielding and stubborn.
Garabon, Cameron
summoned the pure light.
He is succeeding
his father.
The vortex is aligned.
Prepare to engage
the firing sequence.
He can save your world.
[melancholy music builds]
[remote beeps]
Inform Devanera he is to
abort the firing command.
I am returning
to the planet.
David, you flew the ship.
I crashed the ship.
What's wrong with you?
I don't know.
I quelled the blue light.
Yes you did.
What's wrong with me?
Something's wrong.
I don't feel good.
[labored breathing]
You touched
the blue light.
You did too.
I know.
It turns out I can.
You were amazing.
I'm so proud of you.
David, the blue
light's in you.
I think it's killing you.
I know.
This is all my fault!
No, hey!
They did this, remember!
They did!
Cameron, the cannon, you
gotta stop them from
It's too late...
No, not for you.
You quell blue spheres!
Get up there and
quell those old guys!
The Collectives?
Stop them.
Stop them, Cameron.
You can save everyone.
You can save...
You can save Sarah.
Save her for me.
I can feel you.
I know you feel me.
And you've been
looking for me.
Here I am.
[screams of pain]
[music picks up]
Where is Reahveniah??
Why have you not
connected me to Devanera?
We cannot contact
Devanera's ship.
We are no longer connected
to the central grid.
Hail all frequencies,
including Irehkull and get
me Devanera.
What if I cannot
make the connection?
Then I will be dead, and
you will be to blame.
This is a level one
priority, all Genead's
Inform Devanera to abort
the firing command on
Garabon's order.
Stop the communication!
I did, as you commanded.
We are the only
ones hearing this.
Did he find the boy?
I don't know.
And the firing command?
It is still active.
Could it be?
What about the message?
Garabon is returning
to the planet.
Hold the message.
You will die in the blast.
What are we waiting for?
Fire! Fire now!
[pulsing blasts]
Why isn't it working?
It'll work when
you're older.
Possibly an old man.
Camiru, remember
what I taught you.
Commanding the power this
way limits the power to
your own strength, but if
you command it like this,
the power has no limit.
You will be mighty.
[swelling music]
[screams of pain]
What is doing this??
[crashing equipment]
The core is failing!
[fading music]
You, you're okay?
I don't know, Cameron.
But when you did what you
did, pulling spaceships
out of the sky, I
felt you doing it.
I felt the blue
light lifting.
I feel great!
Thank you, thank you.
For what?
For living.
You're welcome.
Now dude, you need to
go and find Shanna.
You'll be okay?
I'll be fine, go!
[ship speeds by]
Ellen, prepare yourself.
I will be taking
Cameron back with me.
Am I a mother, that I will
trade my son's life to
save it?
I do not know.
I think a mother would do
anything to protect her
Certainly I would
die for Cameron.
And so this is the outcome
of these years hiding on
There are different kinds
of people in this world.
Which one am I?
I know who Cameron is.
The one for whom the sun
recedes, able to cast
light on the
darkest shadow.
He saved a world today.
It gives us tomorrow,
another chance, another day.
The power of the
Collectives has been quelled.
How? How is this possible?
It has to be the boy.
Garabon's ship was
pulled from the sky.
We were fortunate
to be so far away.
General Garabon has
secured the Miruan boy.
Prepare your return
course to Nera.
Camiru, I am Garabon.
You will return
with me to my ship.
Garabon, my mom...
Allow her to stay
here on Earth.
You are a
prisoner, Camiru.
Enough demands.
She cannot be imprisoned.
My father will place
no value on her.
It was an act of
love, no doubt.
This was not farewell,
it was good-bye.
These moments together
were possibly our last.
I love you, mom.
I love you, my son.
So what are you
going to do now?
Find Sarah.
Protect my boy, Garabon.
You have my word, no
harm will come to him.
[rising music]
So what did you
think of Earth?
[motorcycle engine]
You're okay! You're safe!
Never leave me again!