Taking the Fall (2021) Movie Script

(birds chirping)
(upbeat music)
- Yeah, I hear you.
I hear you.
No, I'm not.
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not near
the prison.
I'm waiting for him near the bus
Oh my God.
How many times we have to go
over this.
Mom you're making it out
like he's Pablo Escobar or
- [Justin's Mom] 20 pounds of
- Yeah, I know.
I know, I know, I know how much
it was.
I was there, it was a lot,
but he's my best friend.
Yeah, and plus if it wasn't for
we would've all gotten busted.
(ominous music)
Okay, yeah mama, mom, I know, I
I got call you back, okay?
Okay, bye.
There he is, fresh out of
prison, hey!
You did it brother.
Okay, that's you.
(chuckling altogether)
Man, I can believe it man.
Man, you took your jumpsuit?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- A memento I guess.
It kinda stuck with me after six
- I can dig it.
We can put it on the wall,
frame it like it's your
championship Jersey.
Everybody gotta come in
and take a picture with it.
They'd be like.
- I don't think so.
- No, Okay, all right.
Oh, I hope you're hungry though
'cause I brought your favorite.
- No, a double?
- You know it brother.
- I'd kill for one of those
right now.
Hey, hey, hey, relax man.
We don't want you to go back in
You ain't gotta kill no one.
I'm just joking, I'm just
I was just joking.
A little jokey joke you know.
To soon, maybe?
- You think?
- A little bit?
(Justin speaks in foreign
Come on, a little.
(laughing altogether)
I missed you dog.
- Man, I missed these so much.
- Yeah, you used to order
like three at a time
when we were in college.
- True, I was a little hog boy.
- No you weren't.
- Man, look at this.
These used to be tight on me.
I had a kangaroo pouch for a
- Damn man, you're little.
Can I see your papers?
- Yeah, of course.
- Well, it doesn't get
anymore realer than that.
You're a free man.
Cheers to that.
My bad!
- Man!
- Okay look, I'll clean it.
I'll clean it.
- Dude, what are you doing?
- It's better just to remove
the stain with one big lick
and then you just tap, tap, tap,
You dab it with some napkins
that way it doesn't spread
- Who says that?
- Says me man and everybody.
One time before a job interview,
I spilled syrup on my resume
and then I licked it off
with one clean swipe.
I mean, I didn't say I
got the job but still.
- Well, it's not that bad I
It could be worse.
- Hell yeah, it could be worse
You're out of that shit hole.
Shit, I mean I still can't
believe it.
Six years?
- Yeah.
- Crazy.
- Hey, by the way man,
I really appreciate
letting me stay with you
until I find a job.
- Yeah, of course man.
Of course, like I said, I
got plenty of room for you.
Hey, it's gonna be fun man,
like college all over again.
- Yeah, but I promise
as soon as I get a job,
I'll help you with the rent.
- Hey, stop, stop that, man.
Look, I got you.
I'm making more than
enough to cover the rent.
- Oh, because of your clothing
- You damn right 'cause
of my clothing line.
Say that again that sound pretty
- Because of your clothing line.
(laughing altogether)
So it's going well, huh?
- Yeah, yeah it is actually.
You know to be honest man,
I really wasn't expecting
it to be this much work.
It's kinda taking up my whole
but yeah I mean, that's part of
the reason
why I couldn't visit you
at all the last few months.
But yeah anyway, like
I said man, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry about that.
- Hey look, don't worry about
I totally understand.
But if there's anything I
can do, just let me know.
I got pretty good at doing
dishes and sweeping floors, so.
- I'll keep that in mind.
I got a French maid outfit in
the closet.
- Shut the fuck up.
(laughing altogether)
- All right man, let's get out
of here.
I gotta show you something.
(car engine roaring)
(upbeat music)
(car doors slamming shut)
Right, here we are.
- Holy shit, this is your house.
- Oh no, no, no, man,
this is the Share Pad we're
staying at for the night.
- A what?
- Share Pad.
Right, Share Pad wasn't really a
when we were in college.
- Okay wait, I'm confused,
if this isn't your house
then why are we here?
- Okay, so we rented this house
to stay at for the tonight.
- Who's we?
- Kate and I.
We rented it from, what's his
It's Dylan Baker.
- What?
- The house is Dylan Baker's.
- No, who the fuck is Dylan
Did you say that was coming here
- Yeah.
- Shit.
- Okay, okay, okay, now look,
let's rewind a bit.
Okay look, first off, a
Share Pad is like a hotel
but you can stay at
random people's houses.
- That sounds like a terrible
- But actually it's a million
dollar idea.
And also Kate and I, we were
to throw you a little surprise
for your getting out of prison.
- A surprise party?
- It was most of her idea not
Also she invited Alison and
- What?
- Yeah.
- No, no man, I'm not
ready to see them yet.
I mean, okay look Allison's
one thing but Pete?
- Okay, I know man.
I know, I know.
Look, it may seem like it
could be a lot all right
but let's just try, it could be
- Can we just go back to your
house, get a case of beer
and just drink till we
pass out or something?
I'm serious.
- I know you are all right,
but we can do the same thing
Okay come on, come on,
let's at least just take
a look inside, all right?
Maybe it'll change your mind?
- Fine.
- Fine, yeah?
- But only because this
burger's going right through me.
- Hey, whatever it takes to
get you in the house my man.
We got a lot of toilet
paper inside too big dog.
Come on, it's gonna be good.
(door creaks open)
(door creaks shut)
So what do you think?
- Yeah, it's a nice.
Where's the bathroom.
- Oh, it's straight here to the
(toilet flushing)
(water running)
- It's one night.
I get to see Kate.
All right, I'm in.
- Good, cause the turkey's
already in defrosted.
- I can see that.
You're really going all out for
this, huh?
Oh, not just me, everyone's
bringing a dish for tonight.
- Of course they are.
- Okay dude, you got
to be the first person
who has ever complained
about their getting out of
prison party.
- That's because getting
out of prison parties
aren't really a thing.
- Oh, they're not a thing?
- No.
- You don't think rappers turn
up when they get out of jail?
You don't think those big wig
that get busted for
embezzlement don't know
how to throw a little soiree
with hookers and strippers?
I'll call you some hookers if
you want,
I got one on speed dial right
- Jay, I went to jail
for the possession and
distribution of marijuana.
I really don't think
that warrants a party.
- Yeah, it does dude.
It definitely warrants a party.
Peter went to the drunk
tank for 20 hours in college
and we threw him a rager.
You definitely deserve one man.
- Fine, you made your point,
we'll throw the party.
I'm just really tired man.
- All right okay look, take a
- Where?
- Anywhere man, pick a room.
- I can just pick a room?
It doesn't matter?
- I don't think you really
get the concept of this.
We own the house tonight.
We can do whatever we want.
- Fine, then I pick the master
- All right then Mr. Grumpy.
- Don't call me Mr. Grumpy.
- Okay, Mr Happy-ish.
- Thin ice.
- How thin is it?
Can I skate on it or will I fall
- You say the dumbest shit
(gentle music)
- Here we are.
There are towels in the
bathroom and I'll be downstairs
in the kitchen if you need me.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Get some rest man.
(water running)
- Hey Jay, do you have any
clothes I can borrow man?
- Tyler?
- Kate.
- Well, don't just stand
there, give me a hug.
- I should probably put
on some clothes first.
- I think it's fine, I've seen
you naked.
It's so good to see you.
- It's good to see you too.
I missed you.
- Same.
So, how does it feel?
- Yeah I mean, it's kind of
weird but I mean it's good.
I just don't think it's
really sunk in yet though
if that makes sense.
- Yeah no, it totally makes
I get it.
- Yeah, 'cause you spent
six years in prison, right?
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it like that.
- No, no, I know.
So, how have you been?
- I've been good.
I got promoted at my job.
I didn't get a raise but
I have an office now.
- Well congrats on the office
and I'm sorry to hear about the
- Thanks, it's whatever you
I knew I wasn't going to get one
Let's see, what else?
I started teaching a yoga class.
- Yoga?
Oh you mean
that dumb stretching shit
you made me do in college.
- Yes, and it's not dumb.
It's actually quite popular now.
- So wait, people pay
you to help them stretch.
- Well, it's more than just
I mean, it can be very
It really helped me a lot.
- Well, I don't know back in
college it was pretty boring.
- Well maybe, if I was teaching
it to you
it wouldn't be as boring.
- Yeah it maybe.
- No, it would still be boring.
- [Kate] Finally, where was it?
- In one of the bedroom closets
Like, Why?
Like this Dylan Baker guy is
- Yeah, seriously I mean,
look at this potato peeler.
See, this is why men are stupid.
This guy owns a million dollar
and he can't spend more than a
on a kitchen appliance.
- [Justin] Oh boy, here we go.
- Okay, all I'm saying is
that men are dumb sometimes.
Well, most of the time.
No, no, no, no, no,
look, it's not about men or
They're just stupid people
and then they're smart people.
- Oh, so your one of the smart
I'm sorry, I couldn't tell.
- It takes one to know one, I
- Oh, shut up.
- I hate to bring up this
riveting conversation
but Jay, do you have any
clothes I can borrow?
- Yeah, I didn't know you
learned the whole air-dry thing
in prison, I was trying to
make you feel comfortable
but sure I have it a ton of
extra clothes.
You know I'm always fresh with
You want the Monday, Tuesday or
- We get it, you got a clothing
Can I have some yes?
- Yes, follow me young player.
Alright, here it is.
You're a medium, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay, here you go.
And here's some joggers.
Whoa, come on brother, come on
You don't gotta change
right in front of me,
you could wait til I get out.
- Dude, grow the fuck up, man.
Hey, can I ask you something?
- What?
- Kate, what's with the ring?
When did that happen?
- Oh yeah, I don't know.
Maybe like a month ago.
- A month ago?
Man, how do you not know?
- I know that it happened fairly
I mean, he didn't make it
like a big announcement
on social media or anything.
My bad man, I didn't know
that it'd bother you.
- Well, she's my ex girlfriend.
Why wouldn't bother me?
- I mean, it was six years ago
and she's been dating that
douche bag Zach
for two years now.
I mean, it was bound to happen
- Well, if he's such a douche
bag bag,
why is she marrying him?
- Hey, I don't know.
I tried telling her but I don't
know man,
we're just getting to that age
where when you ask somebody
to be your girlfriend or
it's like a marriage proposal.
Maybe that's why I'm still
Anyway dude, look, don't get
hung up on Kate all right?.
I know you loved her
but you also haven't seen
another woman in six years
so you're probably just horny.
- Yeah, probably.
- All right, I'm gonna head
and tomorrow night we
gonna break that dry spell.
- Sounds good man.
- Unless you've been
getting laid in prison.
- All right, get out.
(gentle music)
(doorbell chiming)
(door creaking shut)
- [Justin] So, what'd you guys
- [Peter] I made buffalo chicken
and Michelle made beets.
- [Justin] That sound great
Thank you Michelle
How was traffic?
- Not bad actually.
Yeah, we got here in pretty...
- Hey Pete.
- Dude, oh man it's so good to
see you.
- Yeah, it's good to see you too
- Man look at you, like
no scars, no tattoos?
You made it out pretty good.
Oh, this is my girlfriend
- Tyler, Nice to meet you.
- Michelle.
Sorry, it's just I didn't
expect you to be Tyler.
- I'm sorry?
It's just, you don't look like
that just got out of prison.
- Oh okay, thank you I guess.
- Justin got any beer?
- Yes sir.
- [Peter] Tyler you want one?
- Why not?
It's been a while.
- Hey that's right, I didn't
really think about that man.
- You haven't had a beer in six
- Yeah.
- All right, that's worth
cheerzing for.
- Oh wait, hang on,
let me get a picture of you
- Okay.
- All right, Justin move it.
- Okay, there we go.
- Oh Michelle, can you move a
I just wanna get a picture
of the three of them.
- It'll be just one second.
- All right, let's do the
first one just smiling.
(Kate chuckles)
All right, now hold your
beers up and cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Yeah, that's perfect!
Oh hey, let's do a boomerang.
- Oh, absolutely fucking
not I don't want that.
Let me see what it looks like?
It better be in portrait mode.
- Hey guys, are we gonna do the
cheers or?
- Oh shit of course, sorry.
- Yeah my bad.
What should we cheers to?
- Freedom?
- I was gonna say to friends.
- Friends and freedom.
- Good enough for me.
- Cheers.
- Cheers boys.
Just like old times.
- Man, find you someone
that looks at you the
way Tyler looks at beer.
(laughing altogether)
- Seriously #RelationshipGoals.
- You know, you guys
should just go catch up
in the living room.
Michelle and I will keep
an eye on the turkey.
- Yeah, you sure?
We got like 20 more minutes on
the turkey
so just take it out pretty soon,
Don't screw it up.
- Yeah, yeah, don't worry about
We got it, okay.
You guys just go have fun.
We got this right?
- Yeah, Kate's right.
You should go catch up.
- Thanks babe.
- Kate, will you just put
buffalo dip in the fridge
so it doesn't get all room
- Yeah, I'll just heat
it up before dinner.
Sound good?
- Sounds good to me.
Alright, let's go.
- Babe, Kisses?
I love you.
- Love you too (clears throat).
- [Tyler] That's the living
- So you want something to
We got wine.
- Yeah, I could use a glass.
- Oh hey dude here,
you need some chapstick 'cause
your lips look a little dry
from the kisses.
- Okay very funny, very funny.
- Here, hold that, I'll be right
I just gotta grab something real
- So, how's it feel to be out?
It's gotta be pretty good right?
- Yeah, it's good.
It's a little weird too.
- Weird, like how?
- Weird in the sense that
I'm not there anymore.
I was in that cell for so long,
I just don't think it's really
sunk in yet
that I'm out for good.
- Yeah, I guess that
could be kind of weird.
So have thought about like
what you wanna do for work?
- I'm gonna freelance for a
little bit.
I think it's gonna be pretty
hard for me
to get a traditional nine to
five given the felony charge,
but I got a plan.
- Look at what I got.
- No, no, no there's no way.
- Yes way, yes way man.
I had to for this special
- Man, I haven't had
this stuff since college.
- I know right?
- That used to get us in a lot
of trouble
but I'm gonna have to pass man.
- What pass?
You just got out of jail man,
we should be drinking like
prohibition just got lifted.
- Seriously Tyler, I've
been waiting six years
to party with you.
Michelle is my DD for the
night, I can actually drink.
- I haven't drank in six years.
I mean, my tolerance is
- Ooh, well it looks like you
only need one shot then huh?
Come on, come on, one shot.
- Okay, only one.
- One swig?
You used to drink a whole bottle
of that stuff before we'd go
- There it is.
- I don't know
how I used to drink that.
- It burns good.
- So, Michelle seems nice.
- She is.
- She isn't.
(laughing altogether)
- Dude, she's not that bad come
- Maybe not to you, but
you would know best given
that you spend every
waking moment with her.
- Yeah, because I live with her.
Besides, what do you
know about relationships?
When was the last time you were
in one?
- I know that you're in too
deep that's what I know.
- Dude, don't laugh at
him, he's not funny okay.
- It's pretty fucking funny
from over here, kissy kisses.
- Pete, if she was able to tame
she must be special.
- Exactly, she is.
I think?
I mean she's cool, right?
She's smart, she's hot.
- Manipulative (clears throat).
- She's the reason I got my job.
- Well, how'd you do that?
- Yeah, how'd you do that?
- Her dad's my boss.
- You slept with the boss's
- He wasn't my boss at the time.
It wasn't like that.
- I don't understand.
What does that mean?
- It's a whole thing.
- Okay, I think you just gonna
to tell him the story Pete, come
on man.
- I really don't want to.
You always make me tell it.
- Come on man, tell the story.
You tell it way better than I
I mean you lived it.
- Look, you don't have to if
you don't want to alright.
- No, no, no, he has to tell it.
It is fucking hilarious, I
die every time he tells it.
Come on man please.
- Why don't you tell it Justin?
- Can you tell it please,
- Can you tell it Justin?
- No, because I can't tell it.
Okay, okay, give me this
bottle Jesus Christ.
- Go ahead.
- Give me a second.
Get this away from me.
So, it all started 19 months
You know how I know that?
Because Michelle likes
to celebrate our anniversary
every month.
- [Justin] She's cray cray.
- Anyways, so one day I go to
the bank to get my taxes done
and place is about to close,
but the receptionist tells me
of the accountants can squeeze
me in.
So he walks me down the
hall to Michelle's office
and there she was putting
on this tight dress
and these cute glasses.
I mean totally not what
you'd expect an account
to look like, right?
So we started going through my
and she is writing everything
I mean, I'm making a killing.
All the while,
she's asking me all these
really personal questions,
flirting with me, right.
Like, am I dependent?
Or am I single?
- Don't they have to ask
you if you're single,
when they're filing your taxes?
- Well yeah, technically
but it was more like the
way she was saying it.
So we get through with
my taxes and she asked
if I wanna go get some drinks?
Now, I was going through
a bit of a dry spell
and she was super hot
so of course I said yes.
Next thing you know,
we're at this little
Mexican joint near house
and we are throwing back
margaritas and tequila shots.
I mean, we were both hammered
before the appetizers even got
There's no way I'm gonna drive
So, she invited me back to her
which we went to, which was
I mean this girl lives in
a two bedroom penthouse,
completely decked out all
by herself, two bedrooms.
- Yeah, yeah, tell him what
the second bedroom is for.
- Alright, so we have
a couple more drinks,
start making out on the couch.
And then she asked me
to go to her bedroom.
The only thing is we don't go to
her room.
We go to the other room, the
second room.
She opens the door and there are
chains, bonded stuff and
like a sex swing hanging
from the ceiling.
I mean, she had everything,
every toy you can imagine
except for like a sex doll.
- He was the sex that she
- Pete, that doesn't sound so
bad man.
- Not at all.
I mean, we start going at it
and we're at it for hours.
She's tying me down, I'm tying
her down,
our bodies are contorting.
It was exhausting.
- She starfish'd you bro.
- No she did not
- Yes she did!
- I Starfish'd her too if
- But you didn't.
Dude she starfish'd you!
- It was mutual.
- [Justin] You can't
do no double starfish.
- It was a mutual double
starfish situation.
- What's a starfish?
- So, it's basically when two
they have wow sex right?
But usually one person is more
experienced than the other,
in this case.
And then someone is done,
the other is just completely
passed out just lying on
the floor like a starfish.
You ever seen a girl like this
- No.
- You aint never seen it?
One eye open like this?
- No.
Don't worry, it'll happen to you
Continue with the story bro.
What happened next?
- So, this goes on for weeks.
I'm going to her place every
other night.
And then her parents got
and that's when things started
spiraling out of control.
- [Justin] Parents, you are a
- Dude, I didn't sleep
with them, I met them.
- [Justin] Oh I get that.
- They invited me to dinner.
We went to this super
nice steak restaurant.
Then a few days later, my car
breaks down.
Her dad meets me at the
and drops eight G's on a down
payment on a new car for me.
Eight G's, and I barely even
know the guy.
So, few months go by
and my lease runs out.
I didn't have anywhere to go
and Michelle was all,
"You can stay with me, I have
the room."
And then her dad offers me a
What was I gonna do?
Tell him no?
I mean, I'm living with his
and he just bought me a car.
So, now I'm trapped.
Well, not trapped.
I mean I still love
Michelle and everything.
It's just complicated.
- Well, do you like your job at
- Not really, but I am making
85K a year so there's that.
- So, let me just to recap the
whole thing
Basically Michelle's dad
bought you for 85K a year
and Michelle turns you into her
sex slave.
- All right dude, chill okay.
At least I'm getting laid
on the reg unlike you.
- Oh Okay, wow dude.
Congratulations, you get to
have sex with your girlfriend
that is awesome.
- It is awesome.
(phone ringing)
Yeah, it is sick.
- Hello?
Yeah, yeah okay, I'll help you.
Alright, one second, bye.
That's Alison, she's outside.
I'll be right back.
- Sorry you couldn't keep
talking to us.
(door creaks shut)
Sorry about that man.
He always makes me tell
that stupid story .
Today should be about you.
- No, it's okay man.
I just wanna hear what
you guys have been up to.
I'm sure it's a lot more
interesting than prison.
(phone ringing)
- Oh, hold that thought.
Sorry I have to take this.
Hi, this is Peter.
Yeah, of course you know
it's me, you called me.
I thought that was gonna be due
on Monday.
- You mean her dad.
- Oh yeah, Michelle and I are
actually out
to dinner with friends.
Is there any way I can put
this off until tomorrow?
- Need any help?
- Where's Peter?
- He's still in the living room.
I think he's talking to your
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, poor Peter always
getting whipped around.
- Yeah he seems pretty tied
- Oh, so you heard about
the starfish story?
- Oh yeah.
(laughing altogether)
- Oh my God, Tyler.
- Oh my God, it's so good to see
I'm so glad you came.
- Are you kidding me?
I wouldn't miss this for the
- [Justin] Sweet potato's coming
in hot.
- I'm sorry Justin.
- Yeah, it's fine.
Thank you for bringing it.
- Mommy who's that?
- Ally, is this?
- My Selena, yup.
- Okay, the turkey.
- Relax, I turned off the oven.
- Thank you Black Jesus.
- Selena, this is who mommy
was telling you about.
This is Tyler.
- Hi Selena, it's really nice to
meet you.
- He doesn't look like the
people in prison on TV.
- Selena, that is not a nice
thing to say, apologize.
- No, no, no, it's all good.
- I'm sorry Tyler.
- I forgive you.
I'm glad you came to my party.
- I swear, they taste
better than they look.
- I'm sure they're as sweet as
you are.
- Haha, but in my defense I
wasn't a bit of a rush today
between cooking for this,
Selena's dance practice,
my OBGYN appointment.
It has been quite the
day and I need a drink.
- Bottle opener?
- Please, you know I never
leave home without one.
- [Justin] Okay, all we need is
- What about Peter and the
- Allison!
- They are right here.
- Oh whatever.
- Okay, I guess I'll go ahead
and set the table real quick.
You wanna give me a hand bro?
- Yeah, sure.
Shine a little light
shine a little light
- Tyler is kinda little leaner
now, looking like a snack.
- Yeah, he definitely got in
better shape.
- Maybe you can date him mommy?
- Mommy might have to sweetie.
Mommy might have to.
Not gonna fight it fight it
This place is gonna fall on me

- Allison man, holy shit.
- I know right?
She became a mom and got hotter.
Not like Hillary Duff.
- No, not that man, her
What is she like five or six?
- Well, she had Selena in
What, you expected her to never
grow up?
- No, I know that but
it's just of kind of crazy
to think that one of us has a
I mean a baby is one thing
but Selena's is like a full on
I mean good for Allison.
But, I don't know, I
guess I missed a lot man.
- I'm sorry man.
- For what?
- This, everybody coming over
here, there's the Share Pad.
It's a lot.
- Look, Pete only visited
me once in prison.
Yeah, maybe he felt guilty or
And Alison visited me twice
and Kate stopped when she was
dating Zach.
But you know, it's just,
they're acting like nothing ever
(doorbell ringing)
- [Kate] Got it.
- I just don't understand.
What were they thinking?
We'll throw Tyler this big
party and he'll just forget
that we neglected him
for six fucking years.
- It was originally supposed
to just be me and Kate tonight
but yeah, she wanted to surprise
and do something special.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So she should get someone
to blame too, not just me.
- I don't blame you guys man.
You have good intentions.
No it's one night, I'll survive.
- You sure?
- All you can do is try.
- We will, I just wanna keep
it between us right now.
- But we gotta tell someone
- Okay, just not tonight.
How about the end of the month
- Deal.
- The table's set.
- Jesus, Justin.
- Oh, here we go.
This must be the man of the
- I guess so.
And you must be Zack.
- I prefer Zachary, but yes.
Nice to meet you man.
Wow, that's quite a grip.
You've been working out
at the school yard, damn?
- No, there was no school
yard or anything like that.
Just push ups and prison food I
- Well keep it up man.
You're doing great.
Me, I just worked out three
times a week,
but I went vegan.
It's been working wonders for
- Nice, yeah I'll have
to try that sometime.
- Tyler, you just ate two
double cheeseburgers for lunch.
It might be a little
tough to go vegan my man.
- Well, it's not for everyone.
- Two, good Lord Ty?
- It was my first meal after
Can you cut me some slack?
- Okay, so does anyone want
Another brew?
Oh Zachary, you got
another batch of homemade?
- Oh, I sure do.
This is a new lager I've been
working on,
haven't quite figured out a name
for it,
but you wanna try one?
- [Justin] Yeah, sure.
- All right.
Tyler, how about you brother?
- I'm alright.
- Oh, come on you gotta try one.
- No, I think I'm gonna
stick to the light beer.
- Well it's a lager, it can't
get much lighter than this.
Just have a sip.
Come on man.
- Just try it.
He won't stop bugging you til
you do.
- Well, I will if you will?
- No, I don't really like beer.
- Since when?
We used to drink them
all the time in college.
- Yeah, because that's
all we could afford.
I've never actually
really liked the taste.
- You know I have been
trying to put her on beer
for two years now but every
time I pick up a new brew,
she just shoots it down.
It would be waste on her.
- So, how does this new batch
to the ones you brought
to Michelle's beach house last
- No comparison whatsoever,
worlds better.
- All right, cheers.
- Cheers.
- To getting out of jail.
- To getting out of jail.
- Okay, yeah, it's pretty good
- Yeah, jail break.
- Excuse me?
(dramatic music)
- It's the name of the
beer, a jailbreak lager.
It's a great name for it.
- You know what.
- No I don't.
The name bro, it's just
a little insensitive.
- Oh, come on.
Tyler I'm sorry, I
didn't mean it like that.
- No it's cool man, don't worry
about it.
- Okay but I don't wanna
hurt your feelings.
- No I know you didn't, it's
I'm gonna use the bathroom.
- What?
- Go apologize and actually mean
- Okay fine, fine.
- Go.
- Are you sure you guys
don't need any help?
- [Justin] We'll be fine, we got
- I could peel some more
- I already peeled them all.
- I can help set the table.
- I already told you we set it.
- All right, fine.
- So you really gonna marry
(Kate scoffs)
(ominous music)
- He's a tool.
You can get her back.
Whoa, sorry I didn't
know anyone was waiting..
- I wasn't, I want to
apologize for what I said
in the kitchen.
- It's all good, don't worry
about it.
- I know, but I feel bad and
I'd hate for us to start off
on the wrong foot.
I wanna apologize.
- Well, you already
apologized and it's okay.
- Just come on outside
with me real quick, right?
It will just take a second.
- All right, sure.
- Great, come on.
(door creaks open)
(dog barking)
(door creaks shut)
It's so beautiful out.
- Is that weed?
- It sure is.
You know they made marijuana
when you were in jail which
in essence decriminalized it.
It sucks they didn't do
that before you got busted.
- Yeah.
- You want some?
- No, no I'm good thank you.
- Let me know if you change your
(ominous music)
So, how's it feel man?
- How's what feel?
- Getting out of prison?
You know 'cause Kate told me
that you took the fall for all
those guys.
So, let me get this straight?
You stockpile 20 pounds
of weed for that party?
- Yeah, about that.
What the idea was to take the
put in some barrels and
then we were going to just-
- And hotbox the whole house.
Dude, that's so cool.
Sucks you got busted.
- Yeah, it really sucked.
But you know, it could happen
It was an accident.
- But it happened to you, of
Freaking Peter man,
making you take the fall for all
of this.
Can't believe you're still
friends with the guy.
Wasn't it his idea in the first
to get all the weed for the
- Yeah, it was.
- If he would've done that to
I'd never talked to that dude
But you know, I guess you're
a better man than I am.
- I'm a nice guy, what can I
- That's the understatement
of the century my guy.
Listen man, I just don't want
to be weird between us.
- Why would things be weird?
I just met you.
- Because of Kate, you guys used
to date,
she's my girlfriend.
- Well you mean fiance though?
- She told you?
- No, she didn't tell me
I saw the ring.
- You saw the ring?
It's pretty nice isn't it?
Picked it out myself.
- Yeah, it's very nice.
- You see, she kind of wanted to
keep it
on the DL, this whole
Keep it our little secret.
Me on the other hand,
I just wanna shout out this
on top of the mountain.
Like yo, that's my wife!
I am hitting that man.
Relax man, lighten up.
Just joking I'm not that awful.
- Zach, I just really care about
so I just wanna make
sure that she's happy.
- Yeah, so do I.
Why do you think I'm marrying
her, huh?
- Yeah.
You know what, that makes a lot
of sense.
- Tyler I know I'm probably
not your favorite person
in the world, but I make Kate
And I know that may not make you
but you're just gonna
have to deal with it.
How about we go back inside and
be social?
It's a party isn't it?
Come on, let's go.
- Jesus Kate, you weigh like 90
how do you take up so much
- I'm standing still, you're
the one who keeps moving.
- Oh, that look good don't it?
- [Kate] Yeah.
- Better than your turkey
that you brought to school
in the seventh grade
and made everybody poo poo.
Yeah, it don't even get close to
Mine is perfect that's
why you on the potatoes,
stick with them.
- You sure you guys
don't need any help it?
- Oh yeah, we're fine.
Hey Zachary, you should go
say hi to Alison and Peter
in the living room.
- Okay, all right.
Hey Tyler, you wanna go?
I don't wanna interrupt
their magic in here.
- Do I have to go with that guy
because I really don't want to?
- Yes and be nice.
- For you, I'll try.
I may need a few more
of these first though.
- Jailbreak!
It was funny, jailbreak!
(Kate and Justin laughing)
(upbeat music)
- Okay, okay my turn.
Never have I ever had a
- [Peter] You better not have.
- Foursome, but who's counting.
- Yeah not you.
- Geez Allison.
- And she wonders
why she's still single.
- Oh whatever, none of you all
what it's like trying to date
when you're a single mom.
I love my Selena to death
but when guys hear you're a mom,
they just stop talking to me.
Yeah, I'm a mom but I'm hotter
now than I was in college.
This momma needs some loving.
- Oh, yes she does!
- Tyler, you haven't really
seen me since college.
Don't you think I got hotter?
- Excuse me?
Do I think you got hotter?
- Would you bang me?
- [Tyler] Allison, we're
- Come on, would you bang me?
- Ally, okay I guess I would.
- Yeah, there we go.
- Thank you!
God, it is like pulling
teeth with you guys.
- I mean, for what it's
worth Allison, I'd bang you.
I mean, if I was single,
not now obviously.
- Thank you Zachary.
Oh whatever, it's not
like you weren't hoeing
around in college.
- Excuse me, would you like
to elaborate on that Peter?
- Yeah Peter, would you?
- I would but tonight is not
about me.
Tyler, why don't you
tell us about prison man?
What was the craziest
thing that happened to you?
- Yeah, was there like some
prison riots and stuff?
- No, no I was in a
minimum security prison.
- Yeah, but it had to be cooler
than anything we were doing out
I mean, did you ever like
get in a lunch room brawl
or like learn how to
make a shiv or something?
- Pete, it wasn't cool.
It was prison.
I did the same thing every
day for six years, it sucked.
And if it's all right,
I'd rather not talk about it
right now.
(ominous music)
- Of course it is.
- Yeah, sorry man.
- No, it's all right.
It's just a little fresh I
- So Tyler, have you thought
about what you might wanna do
for work here?
- I think I'm gonna start just
doing some freelance work.
I think it's gonna be a little
hard for a company to hire me
with a felony charge and also.
- Tyler, what was your major?
- Graphic design.
- Well, I can ask my dad if
he has any need for designers
in his company.
I know you're a nice guy,
Peter told me everything that
- Did he now?
- Yeah Michelle, I don't
think that's such a good idea.
I read the HR manual
and your dad's company doesn't
hire anyone
with a felony charge.
- You read the HR manual Peter?
- Yeah, I did.
- Nerd!
- Well, at least I have
an HR manual to read
'cause I have a job.
- Peter?
- Oh well,
at least I didn't have
to beg my girlfriend
for a job.
- It's not begging, it's
called networking you dick.
- Oh really?
Well, I didn't know that
with your boss's daughter
is called networking.
Well in that case, I guess me
and Kate
and her father have to
have a big conversation.
- You know what?
You've been such a dick like all
to like everybody.
- You don't want this bro.
- Why are you even here?
- You do not want this,
I take two classes of
judo this month okay.
- Okay, that's enough stop.
- He started it!
- It doesn't matter.
- And I would've finished
it too bro, what's up?
(bell ringing)
- Dinner's ready!
- A dinner bell?
Really Kate?
- Yeah, I saw it online
and it was only seven bucks
so I had to.
All right, is everybody ready?
- Yeah, I'm starving actually.
- Oh Alison, is Selena gonna
sit with us at the table
or hang out in here?
- Oops, no she'll be fine with
her shows.
I'll fix her up a plate.
- Okay, great.
All right, I hope everybody's
'cause we got a lot of food.
(thunder rumbling)
(ominous music)
- All right, one beautiful bird
coming in.
Peter, can you move
the beets to make room?
Does anyone need anything else?
Another drink or?
Okay then.
- Actually Jay,
can I talk to you for a second?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- Just real quick?
- [Justin] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What's up?
- Zachary man.
- What about him?
- He sucks, dude.
Man, you should've heard
the shit he was saying
to me outside.
- I know he sucks man
but do you think you might
be overreacting a bit?
You have been drinking.
- No I have, but I'm not
Man, we can let Kate marry that
- Look, I know you still
have feelings for her.
- No, it's not even like that
Okay, maybe there's a little bit
but we can't let her go through
with it.
I mean, we have to say
- I've tried man.
I've talked to her and him
when they first started dating,
even with Peter and Michelle.
- Don't even get me
started with Peter man.
What happened with those two?
- I mean, people just grow up in
a way
and they wanted to settle down,
it's just what people started
- Why didn't you?
- 'Cause I like hoeing around.
(laughing altogether)
It's fun.
Hey, tomorrow night me and you,
we're gonna go out and
we're gonna find some girls
that haven't settled down
if you know what I'm saying.
You down for that?
- Yeah.
- All right, good.
Now let's go eat some
turkey, rip some shots,
have some fun all right.
Fuck what they all think down
- You're right.
- All right?
- Let's do it, let's have fun.
- For the love of God Allison,
just take the damn photo!
- Shut up, I'm trying.
- Smile
- Wait I'm trying.
Thank you, it looks great.
- Well, it's about time.
We've been waiting.
- Okay, how about maybe thank
for making the turkey Justin?
- Thanks Justin.
- Thank you Justin.
- See, they are grateful now
let's eat.
- Hey Justin, I got to say
this whole cooking the turkey,
organizing this whole dinner,
your clothing line, you are
the renaissance man my
friend, congratulations.
- Please don't feed his ego.
- Seriously, I don't think
he can get any cockier.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, cocky?
No, I'm not cocky man.
I am fucking vindicated.
You know how hard it was to
put this whole thing together?
- Yeah, well I think it's great
You should be really proud.
- Thank you.
- I agree, it's really
impressive Justin.
Plus your leggings make my ass
look good
so keep making clothes.
- I am grateful to help
you on that Allison.
- Well, when you've had as many
failed businesses as Justin,
it's only a matter of time
before one of them takes off.
Right Jay?
- You damn right.
Self-made, I mean I was over
that whole corporate America
I mean my last job, ass.
I was making 35K to manage a
that was grossing our company
over $3 million a year.
Like how does that even make any
Why even try?
- Because if you don't you'll
get fired.
- No you won't.
My nine to five boss has me
doing like three people's jobs.
If he were to fire me,
he would be so fucked.
He tried to reprimand me for
my lack of enthusiasm lately.
It's like, yo bitch why
don't I reprimand you
for my lack of salary?
- Oh, working sucks man.
I mean, corporate America broke
my spirit.
It's like trade in your
soul for 401k in a salary
with good health benefits.
- Oh, I miss college, no
responsibilities, just fun
that was so great.
- When I was in college, I
couldn't wait to graduate.
Yeah, that was dumb.
- Right?
Now it's just go to work, make
pay your bills and just keep
repeating that until you die.
- Yeah, growing up really sucks.
- Sure it does.
- You know if you hate your jobs
so much,
why don't you just quit?
Get a new one.
- Wouldn't that be nice?
- Yeah, I should just quit my
Me and Selena can become
actors to pay the bills.
- Oh, I could be your manager.
- Yeah, and I'll call
your dad and be like,
"Hey Mr. Nolan, can you give me
a raise?
"And also lessen my workload."
That would go over well.
- I think you guys just need to
find out
what you wanna do in life.
I think that's all of
you guys' problem is.
- Yeah, but I wish it was that
I just don't know what I want.
- Well, I mean I don't know,
it might be a little corny
but maybe you can just
start off by making a list,
note everything that you like
and then pick out the ones
that you can make money off of.
- Yeah, I guess.
- You should, I mean it's what I
And I got a pretty good idea
of what I'm gonna do now
that I'm out so.
- Yeah, but it's tough to
find time to even do that
with work, Selena, friends.
- Yeah and Tyler you also
had a lot more free time
than all of us to think about
your goals.
- Damn it.
- Are you serious right now?
- Oh come on, I was just joking.
- Screw your jokes, you've been
a dick.
- [Justin] Ty, Ty.
- No, no you've been a dick
to me all night.
- Tyler?
- Come on dude, he didn't mean
- I was just joking.
- Yeah, just let it go Ty.
(thunder rumbling)
- Wow, you know what?
You're right, it was a joke.
This whole night's been a joke.
All night, every single one
of you have been complaining.
You think work sucks?
Try prison, I sacrificed
72 months of my life.
I never even had the opportunity
to make the kind of life
that you guys have been bitching
- Look dude, nobody asked
you to play the martyr.
- Hey Peter, Peter.
- You hear that?
That I didn't have to play the
Peter, how come when the cops
showed up,
you were nowhere to be found?
It was your idea to hotbox
the whole house for the party.
It was also you
who made sure the cops showed
Right Jay, right?
- Yeah Ty, yeah.
- Somebody tripped the alarm.
- It was an accident, okay.
I said I was sorry.
- Yeah, if you were sorry,
you would've shared the blame
with me.
All of you would have.
- Whoa, hold on.
You said that you would take the
so that none of us would
have a felony charge
that would ruin our lives.
- That really doesn't even
matter anyway
'cause you all ruined your
lives all by yourselves.
All you guys, all three
of you hate your jobs,
hate your lives.
You just complain, complain and
At least you had a chance to
make something of your lives.
You don't have to spend
half a decade locked
in a fucking box.
But what did you do with it
- All right Tyler, I
think you've had enough
to drink.
- Fuck you.
You know they may hate their
but at least I have one bud.
- Tyler!
- Kate, you should've heard
the shit he was saying outside.
- Come on, we were just messing
- Messing around?
How unappreciative and
ungrateful can you be?
Six years for you guys.
What a fucking waste.
- (clears throat) I think
and I should hit the road.
- Great, bail like you always
- Look, let's just go.
- Justin, do you have a
I think I'm gonna vomit.
- Shit.
You know no one likes you right?
(door slams shut)
(knock on door)
- I'm not apologizing Jay.
- It's Kate, we need to talk.
I'm sorry.
- Gee thanks.
- No seriously, I mean it
really should've just been me,
you and Justin tonight.
Clearly we did not think this
- Yeah, clearly.
Look, I do appreciate the
I know you guys are just trying
to do something nice for me.
- Do we get an A for effort at
(laughing altogether)
- Yeah, you get an A for effort.
Look, can I ask you something?
- Yeah, of course.
Are you just gonna stand there
or do you wanna sit down?
- Yeah, I'll sit.
- Ty, just ask me the question.
- What could you possibly see in
- What?
- I mean Kate, you can't marry
that man.
- It's not really your
decision to make Ty.
I mean, I love him.
- He's such a pompous asshole.
- You just met him.
How would you even know?
- The fact that you just said,
"How would you know?",
just proves my point.
- Don't put words in my mouth
- Okay, why then?
- Why what?
- Why do you love him?
- What do you mean why?
When you love someone, you love
There doesn't need to be a
- What do you mean there
doesn't have to be a reason?
- I don't know it's just love.
- Kate, I get that you
didn't wanna wait for me
to get out of prison but him?
I mean, you can do a lot better
than that.
- Oh, 'cause you're the
best judge of character?
(gentle music)
I'm sorry.
- I did so much for you guys.
- No one forced you to take the
fall Ty.
- No one forced me?
They begged me, begged me
to figure out a situation
so you guys wouldn't get
Kate, you know what I
did was the only way.
Allison, Selena, Pete and Jay
You guys show up here
and you act like nothing ever
I've never heard this much
complaining for
in my entire life.
- You know what might seem
like a lot compared to you.
I'm not trying to belittle what
you did,
but growing up and getting
out of college just wasn't
what we all thought it would be.
- How so?
- Well, when you get to college,
you get to pick your major
with the expectations
that you'll get a job
doing what you wanna do
with your major.
- And sometimes it's hard
to find a job in that field,
I get that.
- No, it's not hard, it's
So what happens is someone like
who wants to be a photographer,
ends up having to get a job in
because there are no
photography jobs available.
So a super creative person
who shouldn't be sitting
at a desk all day ends up
having to sit at a desk all day.
And then on top of that,
this job that you're forced
to take doesn't even pay that
So you're underpaid,
overworked and you're not doing
what makes you happy, it's
To make matters even worse,
I still have $40,000 in
student loans to pay off
so it's not like I can just quit
my job.
Some things in life don't
give you any choices Ty.
You just have to make them work.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry, it's not your
- Well, if it makes you feel any
currently I'm $60,000 in debt,
I'm homeless, I'm unemployed
and I've got a felony charge
on my permanent record.
So I'd say sitting next to me,
you're looking pretty good.
- You know, that's the thing
I missed the most about you,
it's your optimism.
- My optimism?
- Yeah.
(laughing altogether)
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean even before prison,
no matter what the situation,
you always looked at the glass
half full.
I don't know how you did it.
- Maybe it's just perspective.
You may hate your job
but at least you got one.
You got food and a roof over
your head.
A lot of folks don't even have
- Yeah, you're right.
- And if you wanna be a
just go out and make it happen.
Start taking pictures on the
weekends or in your spare time
because if you love something,
you make time for it.
- I would but, I mean I
don't even have a camera
'cause I can't afford one.
- Kate, you're already 40 grand
in debt,
what's another two for
a really great camera?
You'll pay it off eventually.
- Yeah, I guess.
I don't know, I'll see what I
can do.
- Kate, just go get the camera.
Dreams are worth taking a risk
- All right, okay all right, I
So, now can I ask you a
- Sure.
- Did you ever think about
what would have happened between
if you didn't go to prison?
- Of course I did, everyday.
Did you?
- Yeah, it's crossed my mind.
I'm always gonna love you Tyler.
- You still love me?
- In a way yes.
I mean what we had, it was so
I'm never gonna forget that.
- I still love you.
You do know that right?
- Ty, I can't.
- Yes you can.
You can break up with him right
- No, it's not that simple.
- You're only engaged.
- Ty, I'm pregnant.
- You're what?
- I'm pregnant.
- No, I saw you drinking
Well, you can't be pregnant.
- No, it was just sparkling
- So that's it?
You're just gonna be with him
- You know, you could at least
to be a little happy for me.
- Why should I be happy for you?
You're not even happy.
You deserve so much better.
(ominous music)
(Kate sobs)
- Kate's not feeling too well
so I think we're gonna get out
of here.
- You sure?
You can take one of the empty
we've got plenty of room.
- Yeah, I know.
I just really wanna sleep
in my own bed tonight.
Is she gonna be okay?
- Yeah, I'll keep an eye on her.
It'll be fine.
Text me when you get home
- I will.
- Bye.
(door creaks open)
(door slams shut)
(rain tapping softly)
- I guess everyone cleared out.
- Yup, except for Allison,
she's passed out on the couch.
- I'll go check up on her.
- No man, she's good.
Selena's watching her.
- You did some good work
on that bottle buddy.
- Yeah, it was either get drunk
or beat the shit out of Zachary.
Figured I'd get drunk, take the
high road.
- You should've beat
the shit out of Zachary.
- Right?
Next time.
(laughing altogether)
Good catch.
- Thanks.
- Hey man, I'm sorry
about this whole thing.
Tonight really didn't go as
- It's not your fault.
Well I mean, it is a
bit but not completely.
I kind of freaked out on Kate
- Yeah, I figured.
She seemed pretty upset when she
- You don't even know the half
of it man.
- Well, what happened?
- Well, first of all, she's
- No.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Shit.
Yeah, that's why she got
- I just can't believe it man.
How long has he been unemployed
- I think like maybe six
months without a nine to five
but he says he's freelancing now
But, he has to be making no
because Kate, that's
all she complains about
is not having any.
- It's like they all just
gave up on their dreams man.
You never told me, how come
you never settled down?
- Yeah, I did.
I like hoeing around.
(laughing altogether)
- No, seriously man.
- I don't know,
I guess I didn't wanna stop
trying new things you know?
I mean I'm 28, you're 28.
This isn't like the end
all be all you know.
I'm just now in my stride,
I got my business going.
You know what the problem is?
- What?
- The problem is people think
the party
is over after college.
They did it, that's it just stop
stop doing new things, stop
taking risks.
But it's not man it's not,
since I graduated from college,
I got fired from two
jobs, walked out on one,
fell for a pyramid scheme.
I had three failed
business endeavors, three.
But I learned so much
from all those failures.
It made me a better, stronger
person man.
And people used to dog me bruh.
They used to be like,
"Oh, he can't keep a job.
"He's a loser.
"He drinks too much.
"He's a failure."
But, everybody used to say that
Everybody wrote me off
just because I wasn't doing
what I was supposed to be doing.
- Yeah, but at least
you're doing something
that you care about.
- Right, you know what I mean?
And those same people that
called me off
on my failures are the same ones
who are too afraid to fail
that they never even start.
Like, who are you to judge?
Like you're not happy with your
you're not, you're not.
You just post your
highlights on social media
so people think that you're
but you hate your life, you hate
You go to the same job
that you hate every day,
every week doing the
same shit over and over
and over again not changing
nothing and worrying about how
and why my life isn't different.
You know what I mean?
Like us as millennials,
yeah we might have the
cards stacked against us,
but at least like try
something fucking new,
do something different,
take a risk, God damn.
- Well, that's why I couldn't
take it anymore in there man.
Like if you're not happy with
your life,
do something about it.
I mean, you've got a choice.
Well, it's not like you're in
- Exactly, it's not
like you're prison man.
You can make anything happen
in your life if you want to man.
It's not like any of them
are in poverty or like Africa
where you can get eaten
by a lion in the savanna.
- Eaten by a lion?
- Yeah, I don't know man, I'm
You know what I mean man.
Basically, life can be so much
And for what it's worth,
I don't think any of them
could have lasted six days,
let alone six years in prison.
I have so much respect for you
- I really appreciate that man.
What are you doing?
- I'm trying to cheers.
(Tyler laughs)
- All right, to what?
- To you, to you being awesome.
- Ditto.
- Dude, you're like batman.
- Batman, what do you mean?
- So you know Batman, he
saved Gotham City every night?
- I know what Batman does yeah.
- Okay, so even though he
saves his city every night,
people still find a reason to
They need him but they
take him for granted.
- Thank you man.
You're the best.
- Dude, you're the best.
We the best.
And since we both are the best,
we should line up two shots of
the best
and it's right over there
- Hey Jay, you alright?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm good.
You got to walk that off
Now, let me line up these shots.
- Hey, hey why don't we just
call it?
- Great idea, I'll call the
- No, no, no, let's go to bed
- Go to bed?
- Hmm mmh, you alright?
- I just need to go to
the bathroom real quick.
I'm gonna puke and we can
ride this shit back up.
We're gonna be good.
- You know what buddy?
We're gonna have so many
other nights to do that.
I think right now we
should just go to bed.
- Can I at least take some
turkey with me to bed?
(Tyler laughs)
- Absolutely, absolutely you can
- Some good stuff right here.
- That's some good stuff, I'm
gonna bring it to you though.
- Huh?
I'm gonna bring it to you.
- Dark meat only.
- Absolutely, I know it's your
- Don't judge me, it's
not because I'm Black.
It's not that reason.
- I never said that.
- I just like it, I like it.
Yo, hell yeah.
Give me some of that.
Dude, I made such a great turkey
Michelle would have been shook
if she would've tried some of
She would've pulled out
the whips and chains for me
and I would've let her keep
- [Tyler] Yeah man, you did a
good job.
- I did a great job.
- Great, so you're good?
You don't need anything else?
- Yeah, I'm good man.
You're going to bed?
- No, I gotta stay up for a
little bit.
You know I had that three hour
and well someone's got to watch
- Oh dude, we're the
worst babysitters ever.
- Yeah, speak for yourself.
- Come on let's go.
- No, no, don't worry about it.
I got it.
- Yeah?
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Oh shit my bad man, hold up.
I got something for you in the
- Yeah?
- Yeah, a present.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Oh thanks man, you
didn't have to do that.
- Yeah man, just consider it a
for the six birthdays I missed.
- (chuckles) Okay.
- [Justin] It's on the floor to
the right.
- Can I open it now or?
Yeah, this ain't Christmas
Eve open that shit.
- Jay, this must've
cost you a fortune man.
I can't accept this.
- Yeah, you can man.
You deserve it.
And it's brand new.
Don't worry, I ain't steal
it or nothing like that.
I just had to unwrap it
so I could put all the photo
and software shit on there.
- Oh this is awesome man.
Thank you so much.
- Enjoy it dude, but you
gotta promise me one thing?
- Yeah what?
- When we were in college,
I remember you saying
that you wanted to open
your own design company.
Now, I don't know what your
dream is now
but whatever your dream is,
don't stop until you get it man.
You're stronger than me Tyler.
You are the a baddest White boy
I know.
So if I can do it, you can too.
- I promise man.
- Now take your ass down
there and watch Selena.
(Tyler laughing)
I'm going to sleep.
- I will.
Hey, come here.
Thanks man.
- Yeah man, of course.
- Good night Justin.
- Good night man.
Oh, I'm glad you're back.
- Me too.
(door slams shut)
(rain tapping softly)
(gentle music)
(mid tempo music)