Taku-He (2017) Movie Script

[water splashing]
[frenzied drum music]
[women yelling]
- [Silvia] Keep going, keep going.
- [Dallas] Go, go.
- Is he following us?
- I don't know, I don't know.
Keep going, keep going.
[creature roaring]
[calm music]
- Gorgeous, just gorgeous.
You really have a beautiful place here.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, it's like it jumped
off the page of a script.
- Nah, it's been here for years.
- I know that.
I just meant how perfect it is.
- And I was just making a joke.
- And I knew that.
- Okay, so here's the plan.
We're looking at coming back
in maybe about four months
to do the actual shooting.
Four months or so.
We don't have an exact
schedule laid down just yet.
- I don't see a problem with any of that,
but I would like some more details
about what exactly is
going to happen here.
How many people and such.
- We're gonna have a ton
of extras those days.
- [Jim] Who cleans up after them?
- Oh, we do.
Oh, we totally do.
It's our policy to leave every location
just as good if not better
than when we got here.
- Absolutely.
- Promise.
- And if someone or something
gets hurt or damaged?
- We have a $2 million insurance policy,
so if anything were to
happen, we'll take care of it.
- So, what is the name
of this movie again?
- It's called "Anubis, God of the Dead."
- That sounds scary.
I don't like horror films.
- Oh, well, you know what?
I didn't like horror films
either for a long time,
but then I started to make them.
Now, I think they're great.
They're so much fun to make.
- You know what?
We should get you two to
be extras on those days.
- Yes, we should.
We'll get our makeup artist
to make you up like zombies
and we'll make sure you're in the shots.
- Sounds like fun.
- Thank you so much for
letting us film here.
- Oh, you're welcome.
It's so exciting.
- Besides, you're paying us.
- So we're good?
Do either of you like horror films?
- No.
- I do.
I like the old ones.
"Night of the Living Dead,"
"Psycho," "The Birds."
- Oh, so do I.
Do you like action films?
- [Jim] Oh yeah.
- Then you're gonna love
the scene we film here.
It's part of the climax of the film.
Our heroes are in a
helicopter and they crash land
in the field and then
there's an army of zombies
coming out and they attack them
and then there's explosions
and the machine gun fire.
It's gonna be great.
- And if one of my cows
is scared to death?
- What?
[nervous laughing]
- The cows won't be anywhere
near the explosions.
- I understand that.
A friend of mine up in PA has a farm.
Some filmmakers couple farms over
put off an explosion that
killed one of his cows.
They had to pay for it.
[Silvia laughing]
- I've never heard anything like that.
- Take care of...
- But if anything were
to happen like that,
we'll take care of it.
- Good to hear.
- Good job finding this place.
- Thanks.
Sometimes getting lost pays off.
- Yeah.
The only problem I see is
that the cell reception sucks.
- I know.
I don't even have a bar.
How big of a problem will that be?
- It's just an inconvenience.
I mean, they've got a landline.
We'll just use that.
So how long have you been scouting?
- Um, maybe two years?
This is my sixth project,
but second feature.
- Well, you do great work.
We'll be happy to work with
you again, if you like.
- I'd love to, yeah.
- What about this production?
I might be able to get you another spot.
- That sounds great.
- Okay, I'll talk to Dallas.
- Hey.
What a fabulous location, huh?
- We were just talking about that.
- Yeah, it's really going to
allow Dallas to do so much.
I mean, we can shoot in any direction
and there's nothing to mark the shot.
Doesn't get any better than that.
- Have you two worked together before?
- Us? Yeah, many times.
- [Lois] Yeah.
- This is my fourth time with Dallas.
- Dallas likes to work with
the same people over and over.
We're like family now.
- And have a lot of fun.
Hard work, but fun.
Look at it.
What a beautiful magic hour.
- Why do they call it the magic hour?
- Well on camera,
everything looks beautiful.
Setting sun, painted
sky with popping colors.
Of course, that was before
digital color correction came out.
Hey, Dallas.
Check out this magic hour.
- Oh, beautiful.
- Well, I hate to cut this short, but...
- Really wanna thank you
guys for taking the time
to show us your farm and uh...
- [Dallas] Yes, thank you.
I'm looking forward to shooting here.
- Not a problem, not a problem.
- Is everything all right?
- You're welcome to
take your time leaving,
but we need to be in the house by sundown.
- Is this for religious reasons?
- Hell no.
[tense music]
- Look, I don't understand all this.
- We close the doors at sundown
and we don't open them
again until sunrise.
- Is everything okay?
- [Jim] It's fine.
- Should we be concerned?
- I'd head out now if I were you.
- What's going on?
I don't understand.
- It's all right.
- Calm down.
- We just need to be in the house.
- Listen, if we need to
pick a different location
or something, we can.
I mean, if there's a
problem here, then we will-
- No, no problem.
Money you're talking's good money.
We want you to make your movie here.
- Then tell us what is going on.
- Well, you're gonna think I'm crazy.
Frankly. I don't give a shit.
- [Dallas] Okay.
- But for the past month something's
been coming outta the woods
and circling our house
all night, every night.
- Well, what is it?
- I don't know, but it's
big and it's strong.
Carried off one of my calves.
Picked it up right out of the pen.
- Jesus.
Does it leave tracks?
- All over the place.
There's one right here by
the corner of the porch.
It's about a week old,
so it's not that clear.
- Holy shit.
Wes, check this out.
- [Chuck] Guys.
- Are you kidding me? Is this real?
- Oh, it's real, all right.
Now I'd be gettin' a
move on if I was y'all
because you don't wanna be
here if it comes around.
It can get real mean.
- Okay, thanks for your
time, Mr. and Mrs. Owen.
We appreciate it. Guys?
- We'll get the contracts
in the mail to you.
- All right.
- Come on guys, let's roll out, huh?
- [Dallas] Come on.
- Come on.
[upbeat retro music]
Terrific job, by the way.
It was a good day.
Everybody did great, especially Liz here.
Location Liz, everybody.
[everyone cheers]
- Thanks, guys.
- That footprint was crazy.
- Hey Dallas, check it out.
- Jesus, look at that.
- You guys don't really
think that's real, do you?
- Sure I do.
[everyone laughing]
- I don't know.
I can't imagine living somewhere
where some thing was coming out at night.
- Oh, I lived in a place like that once.
- Yeah, what'd you do?
- I kicked him out and
got a restraining order.
[everyone laughing]
- Do you think it's Bigfoot?
- No.
- What else could it be?
- Actually, I don't believe it is Bigfoot.
Bigfoot's not usually known in Tennessee.
Maybe in the Appalachians,
but not middle of Tennessee.
- How do you know that?
- I've always been into Bigfoot.
[everyone laughing]
- Of course you have.
Makes total sense.
- I've watched and read
everything about them.
- Well if it's not Bigfoot, what is it?
- I'm not sure.
There's some creature
in Southwest Arkansas
called the Fouke Monster.
It's like Bigfoot, but
it has a nasty side.
They made a movie about it.
It was called "The Legend of Boggy Creek."
- I remember that.
I remember when that came out.
That was scary as hell back in the day.
- I think Owens was just messing with you.
- I don't know, he looked really scared.
- I'm with you on that, Lois.
- Well, either way we don't have to worry
about it for another four months.
- Yeah.
- Good point.
Right, right.
I love the costumes
you picked out for Geb.
For Susan, I'd like to
see a few more samples.
So far, it's just not doing it for me.
Vicky, you rock it as usual.
Talk to you soon.
How was New York?
- Oh, ask Madam Jackie Daniels.
- Stop shouting.
Besides, some of us can handle our liquor.
- Yes, that's that's true.
Hey, show everybody your new tattoo.
- Bite me.
The investors are very happy.
- With your tattoo?
[everyone laughing]
- Awesome.
- They approved the script, they loved it.
They said no changes whatsoever.
- No changes?
- [Silvia] Nope.
- Not even the lesbian
Nazi zombie in the bathtub?
- They're good to go.
- [Lois] No, no.
- Yes.
- Although I wouldn't hurt
my feelings if you cut it.
- We'll shoot it and see
how it plays out in the cut.
- Fair enough.
- Morning all, morning.
[everyone exclaims]
Dallas, guess what I watched last night?
- What?
- "Creature of the Black Lake."
- Oh, I love that movie.
It's one of the best
Bigfoot monster movies.
- Low budget, but a really great film.
- I am so glad you two are
still on your Bigfoot kick
because I've gotten the investors
to pony up an extra
$20,000 just so you two
can shoot a little documentary
about your creature.
- What?
- Ooh, yes.
- [Chuck] You're gonna take a break
off from production here.
We'll go up and we'll
shoot some footage for you.
- [Wes] Are you serious?
- [Chuck] Yes, I'm serious.
- [Wes] Awesomeness.
- George is gonna take forever
to get this money laid down anyways.
We got at least two weeks.
So we go down there, we shoot
what we can and the investors
figure we can make a whole
documentary out of it
if it works.
And if it doesn't, then we
tack it on the end of the DVD
as like bonus footage or something.
- Fuck, yeah.
- Awesome.
Oh, can I, I'm going too, right?
'Cause I love camping.
- Sure, why not.
Ask Liz if she wants to be a PA on it.
- [Lois] Oh, okay.
- Well we figure we'll
go down on a Friday,
interview some townspeople
and then Saturday we'll go and track it
into the woods and see what we can get.
That should give us enough footage
to cut something together.
- Sounds like a plan,
and I know just the person who can track.
Roger Mason.
He's been a big game
hunter most of his life.
You and Chuck are going?
- Yes, we're going,
This is a production, you need a producer.
We are producers, sir.
Silvia? You're going to camp out with us?
- Yes. Why?
- Sorry, but you just don't
strike me as a camping person.
- Oh.
Well I'm not, but I checked
out the local hotels
and I'd rather be in a tent.
[Lois laughing]
[smooth guitar music]
- Merry Christmas, brother.
- Beautiful Christmas Day, isn't it?
- Yes, yes it is.
- Hey Dallas, I'm gonna
use the camera for a bit.
- Okay.
- No, I have never seen it,
but I have heard it on
three different occasions.
They were all in different locations,
but always near the woods and
always right around sundown.
It's a scream that will
make your blood run cold.
It's unlike anything you'll ever hear.
Every time I heard it, I rushed home,
locked my doors and windows
and prayed that it didn't come around me.
- I'm Ken Banks, I live here in Riverdale.
- I hear you actually
encountered the creature
known as the Riverdale Monster.
- Yes sir, I did.
- [Dallas] Tell me about it.
It was about four years ago now.
I was huntin' back in the
woods following Willows Creek.
I hadn't had any luck.
No wild pigs, no deer, hell,
no raccoons or 'possums,
which is really odd.
Anyway, it started getting late
and I decided I should head
back and as I started back,
I heard something big
moving through the brush.
I mean branches snappin',
leaves crunchin'.
So I move into the brush so
I could get a shot at it.
As I came through the brush, there it was
from here to that car across the street.
That's how close it was.
- [Dallas] What was it?
- I don't know.
It wasn't a man, I can tell you that.
It stood about seven, maybe eight feet.
It stood upright like a man,
but its arms hung down to near its knees.
I couldn't make out its face,
there was too much hair.
All I could see were it's
red eyes lookin' at me.
- What happened?
- We stared at each other.
It couldn't have been
more than a few seconds,
but it seemed like forever.
My mouth went dry.
My heart was pounding in my chest.
It opened its mouth and let out a scream.
I thought I was gonna die.
- What did you do?
- I ran.
I just started running,
praying for God to help me.
I guess this was one of those
times it was in a good mood
'cause it didn't chase after me.
- Why didn't you shoot it?
- I was too scared.
The only thing I did was
piss myself when he roared
and then I took off running.
- I don't blame you.
Do you hunt in the area?
- No, no I don't hunt anymore
and I don't go near those woods.
- Oh yeah, you always hear shit.
Big foot and all that?
They say you don't go hunt in
those woods, but you don't.
That's the thing.
I mean it's a big stretch of
forest and nobody hunts in 'em.
Nobody hunts.
It's just not normal for
this part of the country.
- Yeah, I seen it.
Soon as I tell ya about it
though, you're just gonna make me
look like some kinda of crazy woman.
So, I don't-
- No, no, no.
Listen, that's not what we're here for.
I promise you.
I'm Chuck.
I'm the producer of this thing, all right?
We're not lookin' for anybody
to look crazy, I promise.
We're just, we just want
to hear people's stories.
We're trying to figure
out if this thing is real.
- Are you from around here?
- No, no.
I'm from up north originally,
but I live in Nashville now.
- Yeah, you look like a Yankee.
[Chuck laughing]
Well, Mr. Nashville, I seen him.
- What did you see?
- Well see, I like to fish.
- Okay.
- Okay?
So I took myself down to
Forest Creek, up by Watonka,
maybe six, seven in the morning.
You know, it's real early,
so I know I wasn't drinking.
Never really drank too much,
tends to spoil the day.
But anyway, I was out
there and I was casting off
and on my third or fourth cast,
I heard this noise comin'
from across the water.
It's kinda like a little inlay, you know?
So I get real quiet and kind
of crouch down, be still
'cause I'm thinking maybe
it's a doe and her fawn's
coming out to get to drink
water, you understand?
- [Dallas] Yeah.
- 'Cept all I saw was fur, brown fur,
and then I get all, what's it called?
Adrenaline rushes 'cause
my hair stands up on end
and I get all goose
pimpled and I'm thinking,
oh Lord, it's a bear and water
or no water, if he sees me,
he can make it over here and get at me,
'cept it wasn't a bear and that's that.
- [Dallas] What did it look like?
- Looked like a big old man,
you know, was what it looked like,
but about three sizes bigger
and it come out the brush,
it was lookin' at the
water and then I realized
it's lookin' at my line in the water
and it followed my line
all the way back up here
and it just looked right at me.
- [Dallas] You saw its face?
- Yep, stared right at me and it grunted,
then it made this noise, well it...
- [Chuck] Come on, it's all right.
- It howled at me.
It stared straight at me and howled
and I felt it in every bone in my body.
- [Dallas] Well, what did you do?
- Well, I couldn't move.
I didn't want to.
We just stood there and
stared at each other
across that little plug of water
for what felt like maybe three hours.
Coulda been 10 seconds, so I don't know,
but God picked that moment
for a fish to draw on my line.
Scared, I dropped my pole outta
shock, started to stand up,
but big feller, he stood up faster
and then he kind of crouched down,
like he was gonna rush at me.
You know, like a football
player gets all hunkered back?
I turned around and ran
like a bat outta hell.
Ran past my truck parked at the turn off,
got halfway back to town
before I calmed down
and get myself together.
True story, 'cept you
know, only took one time.
I told my friends and
they'll start rolling
their eyes at me, but I'm
telling you, that's what I saw.
- I'm Jamie Olson and I've lived
in Riverdale my whole life.
I saw the creature once
and once was enough.
I was about 12 years old and my parents
had gone out for the evening
and they let me hang out
with a friend of mine, she
was spending the night.
And so, you know, we
were just poppin' popcorn
and watchin' TV and all of a sudden
we hear some noises outside.
Um, you know, sounded like at first
maybe raccoons getting into the trashcan.
We went to look and couldn't see anything,
so I grabbed a flashlight.
Soon as I turned the flashlight on,
there, it was right outside the window.
It was huge and looking straight at us.
Anyway, of course we
screamed bloody murder
and then it let out
this scream of its own.
Anyway, obviously we called the police
and ran and hid in the
closet until they got there.
When they got there, they found tracks.
They found footprints, but nothing else.
I'll tell you one thing though,
I will never forget those
red eyes as long as I live.
- I mean, you know, hell,
it's a small town, right?
I mean, what else you gonna do here?
I mean, you're either gonna,
you're gonna get drunk,
you're gonna fuck, or you're
gonna make up bullshit stories.
You know, it's something to pass the time.
It's all ridiculous, I mean...
Hell, you know how many
thousands of pictures
people take every day, right?
And not a single person
has picked up a picture
of a alien or damn Sasquatch
or whatever the hell you wanna call it.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Well know what, if you wanna believe it,
fuckin' believe it, all right?
It's, it's your thing, do it.
How about this? How about this?
How about we go with
Riverdale is just overrun
with alien Bigfoot monsters
or big, big feet monsters?
Big, Bigfoots?
Whatever the fuck, I mean it's all,
it's all nonsense anyway, right?
- [Dallas] State your name
and where you're from.
- I'd rather not.
- [Dallas] Can I ask why?
- I really shouldn't be doing this.
- [Dallas] Why?
- 'Cause I might expose myself to them.
- [Dallas] Them who?
- The secret government
agency that watches all of us.
- I see.
Well, make a name, pick out any name.
That'll throw 'em off.
- I don't know what name I should use.
- Any name is fine, really.
- Okay.
My name is Han solo and I'm from Tatooine.
- Okay Han, what do you
know about the creature?
- Well, I was driving home from Clarksburg
another night, late.
I just left The Wet Spot.
- Excuse me?
- The Wet Spot Bar.
- [Dallas] Oh, I'm sorry.
Go on.
- Okay.
So, I'm driving down Old Copper Road
and all of a sudden I see this thing
in front of me in the
headlights, so I hit the brakes.
And it was looking back at
me from the side of the road.
It must have been eight feet tall.
I guess I startled it 'cause
it was staring back at me
with these glowing red eyes.
Then it bent a sign with its shoulder.
It just walked off the side
of the road, into the woods.
People say I was drunk,
but I know what I saw.
- So you told someone about it.
- I told everybody.
It wasn't until later that
I realized what it was.
- What was it?
- It was, uh, it was the
red eyes that gave it away.
It was robots sent by the
government to test the environment
and to spy on people
who live off the grid.
- Well Han, that was most informative.
- You gotta tell everybody,
you gotta warn 'em.
- Will do.
- [Liz] He looked normal.
- Yes. Yes he did.
- Yeah, there's a creature
out there all right.
I tracked it a couple years ago.
My buddy, Ben Jenkins, his property backs
right up against Mill Creek
and it started coming up
around his house at night.
Just scared his wife and
kids, like, half to death.
And so Ben called me to come
over and help him track it.
So I went over there that next morning
and it was easy at first.
Big footprints, you know.
But that thing gets in the creek
and it travels through the creek.
And we'd find prints.
You get out on this side, that side,
just keep on walkin', you know?
Damn near impossible to
track, but we found it
and we tracked it all day, way
back up deep into the woods.
I never been that far back in that woods.
But anyway, the sun started going down
and we decided we'd best
hightail it on outta there.
So headin' back to his house,
we just kept having this feeling
like somethin' is watchin' us, you know.
You ever have that feelin'?
And we'd stop and look and
listen and nothin' there.
We'd walk a ways, same thing.
So anyway, when we get back to his house,
we decided we'd just sit
out there with the shotguns
in the backyard and just, just wait.
And we weren't there long at all.
And that thing come
runnin' outta the woods
and we both got a shot off.
We hit it, it hit the ground
and it rolled right back up
and came right back at us, pissed off.
And it threw us both around
like we were rag dolls.
It knocked my gun a good 20 feet away,
broke my leg in like three
places, separated my shoulder.
And Ben's house sets up on
a crawl space, you know?
'Cause it floods from that creek.
I managed to roll up under that house
and that how it saved my life.
It beat Ben to a pulp.
You don't wanna be out here at night.
There's definitely a creature out there.
- Hi officer, how are you?
- I'm Sheriff Cooper.
- Nice to meet you, Sheriff.
I'm Silvia Morgan
and this is my producing
partner, Chuck Jasper.
- Hi.
- What are folks filming here?
- Well, we're doing a short documentary
in your town about your alleged creature.
- There is no creature here.
Just a bunch of drunks and
crack pots making up stories.
- Well, that's good.
That'll make for pretty exciting footage
by itself, wouldn't it?
- We don't want our town
portrayed in that light.
- Sheriff, I spoke with
the mayor's office.
Your town doesn't require
a permit to film here.
We're well within our legal rights.
- Don't start in on me about
your rights in my town.
- I spoke with the mayor's secretary.
- Ah, you spoke with Becky.
- Yes I did, and you are?
- I'm Mayor Robert Hill.
- Well, nice to meet you.
- Mr. Mayor, I spoke with
your assistant Russell
a couple of weeks ago.
We're the ones who are gonna be
doing the feature film "Anubis" in town.
- Yes, he mentioned it to me
and we're very excited about
you having a film project here
as far as that goes,
but we don't want Riverdale
turned into a joke.
- Well, that is never our intent.
- Of course not, but we
specifically do not publish stories
about men who've had a
little bit too much whiskey
that see monsters in the dark.
That's all we need is
anymore monster hunters
around here stirring things up.
There's nothing out there.
I know, I've lived here all my life.
- Mr. Mayor, are you telling us
that we can't continue filming here?
- No, not at all.
- Well, I am.
You're creating a public disturbance here.
You're gonna have to shut it down.
- Now, Jim, wait a minute, wait a minute.
These folks are gonna be
spending a lot of money
in this town in the next few months.
Let's not get off on the wrong foot.
- Thank you, Mayor.
- So how about I give you a
final interview for the day?
- Would we like a fi-
Would we like a final interview?
Yes, yes we would.
Why don't you come this way, Mr. Mayor.
We'll get you set right up.
- Sheriff.
- You know, Jim is a little more opposed
to this sort of thing than I am,
so perhaps you'd be
better off not shooting
so much of your shooting downtown
because well, after all he is the law.
- What about later when
we're shooting the film?
- Well that doesn't portray Riverdale
in a poor light, does it?
- No, no it doesn't.
- Well, then it should be no problem.
- Dallas. Dallas, I want
you to meet Mayor Hill.
Mr. Mayor, this our director, Dallas.
- Great to meet you.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Mr. Mayor has graciously offered
to do our final interview for the day.
- Okay?
Mr. Mayor, if you would
just kindly stand over here.
To about right there.
If you would state your
name and where you're from.
- My name is Robert
Hill, Mayor Robert Hill.
I'm from Riverdale, Tennessee.
- What do you know about a creature
roaming the woods near here?
[Mayor Hill laughing]
- I have lived here all my life
and I have never, nor
has anyone I've ever met,
heard or seen this creature.
For years, there's been telling stories
about this dark, hairy, tall monster,
but it's just a tale, it's just a tale.
Tales designed maybe to scare kids like,
"behave yourself or I'll
have the monster get you."
Just a legend, campfire tales.
Every place has one.
Come to Riverdale, enjoy a fine meal,
enjoy the scenery of the town,
but don't come expecting to see monsters
because you'll be disappointed.
- Okay.
Let's wrap it up.
- I hear you guys want to
know about the creature.
- We do.
- Well, I can tell you all about it
and I can show you proof.
- Proof?
- Yeah, I have plenty of it.
- Okay, we're interested.
- Not here.
Just gather up your stuff and
follow me back to my place.
- Give us five minutes.
- What was that?
- I have no idea.
- [Dallas] Come on, let's wrap it up.
[upbeat jazz music]
He's got lightning in his fingers
He's got thunder in his heart
He's a wild freak of nature
When he's ta-ta-tearing it apart
Everybody talk, talkin',
talkin' 'bout him
The rumors they are true
He's the baddest cat,
baddest, baddest cat around
And he knows just what to do, do, do
The boogie man'll getcha
[Boogie man'll getcha]
The boogie man'll getcha
[Boogie man'll getcha]
The boogie, woogie,
oogie man'll getcha
If you don't watch out
- So we're following this guy where?
- His place.
- And his place is where?
- No idea.
- We're all going to die.
- Doesn't this sound
like a bad horror flick?
- Certainly has potential.
- Dallas, you writin' this
down in your little book?
- Not yet, I'm gonna wait after it's done.
We'll see how it turns out.
- If you're able to.
- Ooh, anybody hear banjos?
[mimics banjo music]
- So, what if this is a bad place?
- Well, there's six of us,
we should be all right.
- If it turns out bad, we'll
just unleash Liz upon them.
[everyone laughing]
- You know it.
Boog, boogie man'll get
ya [Boogie man'll get ya]
The boogie man'll get ya
[Boogie man'll get ya]
The boogie, woogie,
oogie man'll getcha
If you don't watch out
The boogie man'll get ya
[Boogie man'll get ya]
The boogie man'll get ya
[Boogie man'll get ya]
The boogie, woogie,
oogie man'll getcha
If you don't watch out
If you don't watch out
If you don't
- Nice house.
- Thank you, my good man.
You were expecting a little
tin shack, weren't you?
- No.
Well, yeah.
- It's okay, most people
think the same thing anyway.
You guys just grab your camera
and stuff and come on in.
By the way, I'm James
Worall, people call me Jimmy.
- Dallas McDowell.
These are my producers, Silvia
Morgan and Chuck Jasper.
Director of photography, Wes Cleaves.
Location manager, Lois Clark,
and all around great person, Liz Hampton.
- Well, it's nice to meet all you guys.
- Well, where are we, where can we set up?
- Oh, you're gonna wanna
set up in the room.
- Which room?
- The Taku-he room.
- Damn.
- Yeah, I've been collecting this stuff
for about 20 years now.
- Start shooting.
- [Lois] Okay.
- Go on. How did you start?
- Well, I was living with my folks.
That would be the little tin shack
you were thinking you were gonna see here.
I had this dog that I
loved, his name was Bailey.
One night, the beast
came in from the woods.
Well, Bailey went crazy
trying to get to this thing.
By the time I got dressed
and ran down outside,
he done killed Bailey.
Ripped him from his collar
and I found him smashed against the tree.
Ever since then, I've I tried to find out
everything I could about the Taku-he.
- Ta-co-hay?
- Taku, kinda like haiku, but with a T.
- Oh.
- If there was an incident
with somebody, I documented it.
And I also have some hair from the Taku-he
I found in this barbed
wire and have some photos.
- How long has he been around here?
- The best I can figure
is about 200 years.
- 200 Years?
Nobody's caught it or killed it?
- Many have tried, but no.
Well, I myself have been
on eight tracking attempts
and we found what we call it's camp.
More like a temporary den,
but not the real thing.
- [Wes] How can you tell?
- Well, there was several
bones scattered around,
you know, not too old.
The best I could figure is
that it came to this den
whenever it was close to town.
And it's real home is way back in there.
- Well, why do you think
sometimes he's passive
and the other times violent?
- Well, it could be the cycle of the moon.
It could be maybe when
someone tries to hurt it.
But I can tell you one
thing, is that you do not
wanna be around this
thing when it is pissed.
- In one of the interviews we did,
I that was told that a friend
was killed by the Taku-he.
- The best I can figure,
there'd been about 15 attacks
and deaths over the years.
The most at one time was five.
That was back around about 1910.
And the most recent was a gentleman
by the name of Ben Logan.
- The guy said his name was Ben.
- Yeah, that was about four years ago.
All right guys, now y'all listen close.
Pay attention here.
The Taku-he is nothing
to play around with.
It can be deadly.
[guitar music]
- Do y'all believe that guy?
Talk about delusional obsessive?
- [Dallas] What?
- He's a whack job.
He's been searching for years
for something that doesn't exist.
- So you don't think he's real.
- No I don't, but don't worry,
I don't believe in ghosts
or little green men and
flying saucers either.
- Chuck, you believe in the Taku-he.
- I believe that we're gonna make
an interesting documentary about the guy.
- That wasn't an answer.
- I know.
Well, I'm sorry guys.
You know, truthfully,
I figure if something
like that actually existed,
somebody would've found
it and shot it by now.
- How do you explain the
footprint and all the people?
- Well, it's like the mayor said,
people just want something
to talk about late at night.
- Or maybe they got somebody
who's running around in a gorilla outfit.
He's stomping in the ground,
making up stories for the kids.
- Well, naysayers, we'll just
have to prove it to you, then.
- Yeah, exactly.
- Thanks again.
- I appreciate you letting us camp here.
- Oh, not a problem,
but I wanna remind you,
once the sun goes down,
you're not getting in.
- That's fine, I totally understand.
Can I ask, why are you so afraid of it?
- I have good reason to be.
When I was 10, I watched that
thing rip my uncle apart.
I've seen what it can do.
I won't mess with it.
- God, I'm so sorry.
That must have been terrifying.
- Personally, I think y'all are crazy
for wantin' to see that thing.
- I've always wanted to see Bigfoot
or something like it
ever since I was a kid.
- No offense, but I hope
you don't get your wish.
It hasn't been by for
a couple of nights now.
I'd like it to stay that way.
[both laughing]
- Hey, I brought you all
some sandwiches and snacks.
- Oh, thanks.
You didn't have to do that.
- Oh, I know, I wanted to.
- [Lois] Aw, thanks.
- Hey, let me ask you something.
- [Sally] Sure.
- I know we can't go into the house,
but what if we have to go to the bathroom?
- Well, there's the woods right here.
- Oh.
- You know, or past the
house down by the field,
we do have an outhouse.
It's old.
I mean, you're gonna have,
there's gonna be some spiders
and the occasional snake,
but it'll do the job.
You do have a gun, right?
You should bring a gun.
- Uh.
- I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding.
[Lois laughing]
Yeah, okay, well, I'll see
you all in the morning.
I'm gonna make a big
breakfast for everybody.
- Oh, you don't have to do that.
We're gonna leave out really early.
We'll probably see you
late tomorrow afternoon.
- But you're gonna be home
by sunset though, right?
- If it does come by tonight,
my advice to y'all, stay in the tents.
Don't wanna startle it or piss it off.
It can do some serious damage.
- Thanks for the advice, Jim.
- How are the tents?
- [Wes] Up and good to go.
- [Dallas] Good.
- So, are we officially
locked out for the night?
- Yep, we are.
If anybody wants to make
for a hotel tonight,
now is your last chance to go.
[birds chirping]
- What?
Why do you guys always look at me
when you talk about sleeping in tents?
- [Wes] Did you or did you not
say your idea of roughing it
was no room service?
- Yes, I did say that.
That doesn't mean I can't do this.
I'm a woman, I can do whatever I want,
including sleeping in a tent.
- Ooh, I'm impressed.
- Just because I prefer
not to do something
doesn't mean I can't do it.
And now if you'll excuse me,
I'm gonna go use an outhouse.
Again, something I prefer
not to do, but I can do it.
- Bravo, bravo.
- Bravo.
- I'm so inspired.
- Look at that guys.
Magic hour everybody, look at that.
[peaceful music]
- Wes, get some coverage of this.
I suppose I should, too.
- Way ahead of you, Dallas.
- [Dallas] Oh, thank you.
[birds chirping]
- [Chuck] Yeah.
That's good, that's good.
Okay, pull it up.
There you go.
- So, what would it take for
this trip to be successful?
- Oh, I would love to
get some video footage
of the creature.
That would be so awesome.
But even if we don't get to see it,
I think this trip has been pretty amazing.
And I-
[creature growling]
- What is that?
- What is that?
- Quiet.
[creature growling]
Oh my God.
Did you get that?
Tell me somebody got that.
- I'll let you know in a minute.
Oh shit, if I could quit shaking.
- [Video] But even if
we don't get to see it,
I think this trip has been pretty amazing.
And I-
[creature growling]
- Oh, there it is.
- Oh my God, I can't believe it.
- [Silvia] What was that?
- That, darling, was the creature.
[everyone laughing]
- So why are we not sitting around a fire?
- We don't wanna scare the creature off.
- You know what, after
hearing that thing scream,
I'm okay with scaring it off.
- It won't hurt my feelings
if it doesn't come around.
- Well, now that we know
it's real, it's out there,
are we changing the game plan?
- Wait, we don't know it's real.
- Silvia, you heard it.
- We heard something.
- Wait, somebody with a sound
system recording device,
they could have pulled
that off, if it was a hoax.
- You think you heard a recording?
- I'm saying it's possible, yeah, maybe.
- Look, we got a lot of
hiking to do tomorrow,
so I don't think we all need
to be staying up waiting.
We'll have one lookout.
That person will let us know it's coming
so we can get out of the tents.
I don't wanna risk startling
it if it enters the camp.
We start filming, stay
hidden so it doesn't see us.
- Oh, Dallas, that reminds me.
I have a present for you.
- What?
- I mounted the camera up
in that tree over there.
It's motion activated
and has night vision.
That thing comes in the
camp, we will get it.
- And that folks is why I love Wes.
- [Lois] Aw.
- [Chuck] Very sweet.
- Can we snuggle later in my tent?
- Uh, no.
- Oh.
[insects buzzing and chirping]
- Are we safe?
- These tents can withstand anything.
[Lois and Chuck laughing]
- It is a serious question.
How much danger are we in?
- I don't know, it's as dangerous
as being near any large wild animal.
Didn't you guys realize that
it could be a little dangerous?
- I didn't think we'd find anything.
Every time I think about
that sound, I get chills.
[creature growling]
[Lois screaming]
- God.
Oh, Wes, you're such an asshole.
- Seriously, if you do that again,
I'm gonna shove that
camera right up your ass.
- Wes, you are an asshole.
Granted, you're an asshole
with impeccable timing.
[everyone laughing]
- [Dallas] And with that,
I'll take the first watch.
Everyone, get some sleep.
Chuck, I'll wake you up
to take your turn at one.
- [Chuck] Sounds like a plan.
[tense music]
- You're really into this, aren't you?
- Oh yeah, you better believe it.
- Why?
- You kidding?
I've been into Bigfoot
since I was a teenager.
I mean, I know this isn't a Bigfoot
but at the very least it's
some kind of family member.
Believe me, getting
some footage of this guy
will be career changing.
- So, how'd you get started anyway?
- Doing this?
- [Silvia] Yeah.
- Well that is, um,
that's a loaded question.
- How so?
- Doesn't have a happy answer.
- I'm intrigued.
- All right, you asked for it.
When I graduated business college,
I wanted to be a financial advisor
and make my living dealing
in the stock market.
[Silvia laughing]
- You?
- Yeah right, I know.
Now my dad, my dad, he was the artist.
Man, could he paint.
He was an even better photographer.
And unfortunately he
couldn't make a living
in either one of those two,
so he ended up in a
career selling insurance.
He hated that business, but you know,
bills to pay, mouths to feed.
Anyway, one morning he wakes
up with a screaming headache
and everything he tries
doesn't seem to work,
so he goes to the doctor
and they run some tests.
Next thing I know he's
in the hospital with a...
Oh, fuck.
Next thing I know, he's in the hospital
with an inoperable brain tumor
and only days left to live.
- Oh my God.
- Then he tells me on his deathbed
that he always thought my
photography was really good,
that I should do it for a living.
Said he thought I'd have
a happier life if I did.
By morning, he was gone.
[Silvia sighs]
- I'm so sorry.
- What was I supposed to do, you know?
It was his dying wish.
So I traded in Wall Street
and started doing this.
Told you didn't have a happy ending.
- So, was he right?
Have you been happier?
Yeah, yeah, I guess.
But you know, I still
sometimes wonder, what if?
This was his camera.
I take it on the set every time I go.
Always makes me feel
like he's right there with me, you know?
Anyway, you better get to bed.
[insects buzzing and chirping]
- Nope.
- I'm not sure how much sleep I'll get
knowing that thing is out there.
- Oh, you should try.
Tomorrow's gonna be a bitch hike.
- You don't sound like
you're too thrilled with it.
- I'm not.
- Oh, you're not thrilled with it?
I love camping.
- Oh I do, I do love camping.
- I like to camp.
- Camping is with vodka.
- You win.
- Uh huh.
You know, when it comes
to Chuck and Dallas,
I will do what needs to be done.
- She sounds sarcastic, but she means that
and that's why we love her.
We love Lois.
- He's a flatterer.
- This woman is part of our family.
She started off when Dallas
and I first did a feature.
She's been family ever since.
Family, capital F.
- Yep, they mean that.
They were there for me
during my sucky marriage.
- God, Todd.
- And even suckier divorce.
- "Did you take the pool?"
- They didn't have to there for me,
but they were, the whole time.
- That's because she is family.
You is family, kid.
That's just how it works.
Look, if you're working
with me and Dallas,
that's how we look at it.
Everybody who works with us is family.
- That means you.
- Yes.
You also have to know this,
every day that we shoot,
that's like Christmas Day.
- That's an awesome outlook.
- They're pretty great.
- We just believe in
treating everybody right.
Dignity, respect.
Unless you're a jackass cop and a mayor
who decide to walk in-
- Behave, behave.
- Come on, seriously.
We're on the street.
- So, when did Silvia
start working with you?
- Silvia came in three back.
- Two.
- Silvia came in two
back, oh, the festival.
[Lois laughing]
Okay, we're at this film festival.
That's right because the zombie thing.
All right, yeah, she's gonna hear us.
Okay, okay, okay.
We're at a film festival,
we're showing all Texas films.
It's done.
We don't know her, she just walks up to us
and immediately she comes right up to me,
"excuse me, I believe I can
take Dallas to the next level."
- And she did.
- She did.
- I mean, she did, we gave her a shot.
She came in, she's awesome.
She fits in, she's great, it's just, yeah.
- Oh, you and she make a good pair.
I mean, she thinks about the numbers
and you think about the people.
It works.
- Well, she's really, really good
at bringing something in on budget.
And she's good at getting the money,
the finances are all there.
I couldn't have gotten Dallas to the level
that she's gotten us at, so.
So that's good that she's family.
It's good that she's in.
It's good that you're family too
and it's good that you're
in, so welcome to the family.
- Thanks.
Right now, I could
really use a new family.
- Oh.
- Back story.
- We call that a plot point.
Spill it.
[tense music]
[Dallas yawning]
[insects buzzing and chirping]
[creature grunting]
[creature growling]
- That was close.
- Sounds like it's in the camp.
Give me the camera.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Where are you going?
[loud thud]
[everyone screams]
- Oh God, it's out there.
- No, it's here, it's here.
- Don't, don't you dare leave me.
- Shh.
- No, what're you-
What're you doing?
[loud thud]
[creature growling]
- Don't piss it off, shh, shh.
[everyone shouting]
[creature growling]
- Where is he, where is he?
[Silvia screaming]
He's right there.
[loud thud]
[creature growling]
[frenzied music]
- Dammit Sally, when's this little project
gonna be finished?
- Hush, he's out there.
- Doesn't sound too happy with
them out there, now does it?
- I can't see them from here.
- Well, we haven't heard any
screams yet, so that's good.
- We should have never let them do this.
- Hey, they paid us $2,000
to camp on our land tonight.
Now they're getting just what they wanted,
up close and in person
with the Riverdale Monster.
- I don't hear it anymore.
- I think it's gone.
- No it isn't, it's out there.
- It's alright.
- It's waiting for us.
- Liz, Liz, calm down.
I think, really think it's gone.
- Please don't.
- It'll be all right,
don't worry about it.
[zipper clattering]
[everyone screaming]
- Jesus, really?
Are you guys alright?
- Besides the heart
attack you just gave us?
- [Chuck] God.
- [Silvia] Are you okay?
- [Chuck] I'm fine.
- [Dallas] What happened?
- I-
I fell asleep, all right?
I fell asleep, I'm sorry.
I was out there by the tree.
I fell asleep, I opened my eyes,
the thing is right in front of me.
It was, it was breathing down at me,
it started, it made that
noise, it made the noise
So I, I, I, I played dead.
I played dead is what I did.
- [Wes] What'd it look like?
- It looked like, it was huge.
It was covered in fur.
Did you not see it?
- We were trapped in the tent.
- Jesus Christ, it was-
Jesus, Dal-
Dallas, I let you down, all right?
I'm sorry I let you down, I'm sorry.
- It's okay, it's cool, it's cool.
- Is it gone?
- Yes.
- No, I mean, is it really
gone and not coming back?
- Liz, it's gone.
It's not coming back.
- I've got a bottle of whiskey in the car.
It might calm her nerves.
- [Chuck] It might calm
everybody's nerves.
- Go get it.
- Hold on, I'll go with you.
- I, uh...
I have to change my pants.
- [Wes] Hey.
Let's see what we got.
[anxious music]
- There it is, awesome.
- Dammit, it's blurry.
I needed sharp focus so
there's no doubt it's real.
- We know it's real.
- Yeah, but I need it to be clear.
This is the money shot.
- Look, people who believe, will believe.
The others won't.
Don't worry about it.
- Yeah, yeah, shit, whatever.
- How you doing, Liz?
- I feel a little better, thanks.
- I don't think we were
in any real danger.
- How can you say that?
- These tents are flimsy.
It could have ripped
through it like butter
and it didn't attack Chuck.
I think it gets violent when provoked.
- I think you might be right.
- Makes sense.
- Mind you, I wouldn't want to provoke it.
That I think would be extremely dangerous.
- Sure felt like we were in danger.
- Amen.
- Look, I was scared shitless too.
Don't get me wrong, it was very scary,
but I think it was more us than it.
- [Wes] When is Roger getting here?
- 5:00 AM.
- Wait, you're not still
doing this, are we?
- Sure, why not?
- Because it's real.
- I always knew that it was.
- Well, I didn't.
- Look, tomorrow is gonna be
more like a walk in the woods.
I doubt we'll see anything.
- Yeah, it's nocturnal.
The most we'll see are some footprints.
- Nobody has to go if nobody wants to.
You can stay here.
- No, I'll go.
- Seriously, Silvia, you
can stay here if you want.
- I am your producer, I'm going.
- I can be the onsite producer.
- I said I'm going.
'Sides, you're dry cleaning bill
is already gonna blow the budget.
[everyone laughing]
- That's funny because I pissed myself.
So the dry cleaning bills are
already gonna blow the budget.
[Silvia laughing]
- Liz, Lois?
Either of you wanna stay?
- I think you're right about it, I'll go.
- Me too.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
If Chuck is going, I can go too.
- Thank you, Liz.
It's another cut on me, right?
That's what that was?
- Nah, no, no, no.
[Silvia laughing]
- What time is it?
- Oh, it's 3:30.
- Let's grab some more sleep.
- Can we grab some more
sleep inside the tents?
Like, all of us this time?
- I thought you prefer
sleeping under a tree.
- And that's funny because I
fell asleep under the tree.
You guys are great.
[truck engine humming]
[truck beeping]
- Roger, glad you can make it.
- Of course, I wouldn't
turn it down for nothing.
- Let me introduce you to my team.
Wes, Lois, Chuck, Liz, and Silvia.
- Nice to meet y'all.
Let me grab my rifle real
quick and I'll be ready.
- Your rifle?
- Yeah, I don't do any big
game hunting without it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We don't wanna kill this thing.
- Oh, I'm not wantin' to kill it either.
It's just for protection.
Dallas, can you help me out please.
- Guys, it's like he
said, it's for protection.
- Holy shit.
- I'm ready.
- We have something to show you.
- Okay, let's do it.
Okay, let's get a move on.
- You don't seem too surprised.
- I'm here to track something,
whether it's real or fake or
farmer John in an ape suit.
We're burning daylight, let's go.
- We're burning daylight.
Let's go.
[tense music]
- That way we can find
our way back easier.
[leaves crunching]
- Can we take a break?
- [Roger] Yeah, go ahead and take five.
- [Chuck] Thank God.
- You keep a hearty pace, Roger.
- [Wes] Here, I gotta pee.
- [Dallas] Okay.
- [Wes] Be careful.
- Now I'm just trying
to keep this trail up
before it goes cold.
This creature of yours is pretty smart.
- How so?
- It keeps doubling back,
covering his trail a little
bit better every time.
- Yeah, that's what the
hunters have been saying.
People track it, say that he's
easy to follow for a while,
then he gets smart.
- [Roger] I can see that being true, yeah.
- So what all have you hunted?
- Mostly bigger game, bear, elk, moose.
- Moose and squirrel.
- Funny, but no, I like
the really big ones.
Panthers, lions, tigers.
You know, I like the danger of the sport.
- I thought handlers and
guides did all the hard work.
- I'm not some dentist out here
luring these tame animals
into their slaughter, okay?
I like to get up close and personal
and feel the trigger
pull when I kill them.
- That's nice, so you're
just plain crazy, right?
- Maybe.
[tense music continues]
[leaves and twigs crunching]
- Hey.
This son of a bitch is
either really, really good
or he's got us totally lost.
- He's very good, trust me.
- Y'all can take a break.
Trail's gone cold.
- [Liz] Does that mean
we can head back now?
- No, I'm gonna double back around
and see if I can pick the trail up again.
- No problem, take your time.
- Mind if I tag along?
- If you're up for it, let's go.
- [Wes] Yes.
- Oh, my feet are killin' me.
- You're tellin' me.
- Well, call me crazy,
but I think all this fresh
air might be bad for you.
- Amen.
- At least it's better than last night.
- You, know, speaking of
last night, don't you think
we should start heading
back before it gets dark?
- When Roger gets back, we'll pack it in.
[water burbling]
[pensive guitar music]
- I hate these things.
- You can always have some
of Chuck and Dallas's reddish fish.
I'm sure he brought 'em out here.
Let's go ask him.
- No, I can't.
I already...
- Already what?
- I just...
I've already done enough.
- No, no, wait, what?
What's going on?
- I said it's nothing.
I'm just ready to go.
- No, I think we need to
stay here just a minute.
I'm right here.
Talk to me.
- I'm just...
I've spent so long feeling like everything
I touch is just falling apart,
like I can never do anything right.
- No, honey.
- I know it's just...
Stupid, but it's like,
I'm finally doing what I want for me
and I've already gone and screwed it up.
- What did you screw up?
- Everything.
This. We're out here getting
attacked by this thing
and it's all my fault that we're here.
- Last night was scary, but
we're all okay, all right?
You did great yesterday.
Do you know how much discipline
it takes to stand all day
holding a boom mic and
listening to Han Solo
talk about a monster that doesn't exist.
- But it does exist.
- And I for one wish it did not,
but that's beside the point, okay?
The point is, you're good at this.
And you're with us now.
Every single one of them
is falling in love with you, you know.
- It's hard to believe there's anything
to fall in love with.
- That's 'cause it's what you
were taught to think, babe.
Broken and powerless, like
we talked about last night.
What they say you are and who you are,
it's absolutely two
different things, I promise.
- What did you do to get past it?
- It's what I do every day.
I don't let them win.
I don't let other people's
judgment tear me to shreds.
- How?
- You keep going.
No matter what anybody says or thinks,
no matter what happens,
you just keep fighting,
even if the fight seems
completely pointless.
- You keep going.
- Yeah.
You reach for that moon
if that's what you want.
You stop carin' about what anybody
thinks about you reachin' for it, okay.
- Sounds easy enough.
- No, it's not.
Sometimes it really sucks.
It's worth it.
You're worth it.
I'm just gonna keep saying
it till you believe me.
- Okay.
[Lois laughing]
- Come on.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh now, don't be sorry.
Not about this stuff, okay?
- You want some of this?
- Are you kidding?
I hate those things.
[Lois chuckling]
- I think I found one of its lairs.
- You're kidding.
- No, it's back over the hill in a cave.
I'm pretty sure it's the creature's lair.
- How do you know?
- There's prints all over it.
- Well, let's go see it.
- Dallas.
- Look, it's just over the hill.
We'll check it out and
then we'll head back.
- All right.
- [Dallas] Cool.
[leaves and twigs crunching]
[tense music]
- See the tracks?
- You think this thing lives here?
- No, I think it lives
deeper in the woods.
I think it uses this cave as
a camp when it comes in close.
- Do you think it's in there?
- There's only one way
to find out, Dallas.
- No way, I am not going in there.
- No. I mean, I love you guys, but no.
- I'll pass.
- Me too.
- I would love to, but
I'm hugely claustrophobic.
You guys would have to
carry me out of there.
- I'll go.
- [Roger] You sure?
- Hell yeah, you find anything,
I wanna shot at it before you do.
- Okay, let's go.
- Wait, hold on.
It is gonna take us a
while to get outta here.
We cannot spend more time here.
- [Dallas] She's right.
- [Roger] Okay, I agree.
- [Wes] Give us half hour.
If we're not back out, y'all
go ahead and head back.
- How the hell are we
supposed to find our way back?
- [Roger] Follow the flags, Chuck.
[branch thuds]
- I'm not comfortable with this.
- Half hour, Dallas.
I promise you, we'll be back.
- Okay, half an hour.
- [Roger] Okay.
- 30 minutes guys, 30 minutes.
- All right, 30 minutes Dallas, I promise.
- [Dallas] All right.
- Stay behind me and do as I say.
- [Wes] No problem.
[anxious music]
- Flashlight.
Keep it in front of us as best as you can.
- All right.
[twigs snapping]
- Guys, I feel like this is a big mistake.
We should not have let them go in there.
- Probably right, but
there's nothing we can do
until they come back outta there.
- Roger is good, they'll be fine.
- You can't say that.
If that thing is in there,
then they just walked
into the den of an eight-foot monster.
[twigs snapping]
[anxious music crescendos]
- You really think that thing is in there?
- Honestly?
No, but at this point I want
whatever is in there to be far off.
Just a glimpse in the distance
so Wes can get his prize shot.
- Yeah.
You know, I joked with
you a lot about this.
You know, I was joking, bullshitting.
I just, I didn't know and I'm sorry.
- Come on, no one could have known.
- You know, we always talk about
how every day we shoot
is Christmas Day, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it is.
- Let me tell you something.
I mean this too, after last night,
after everything today, if
we get outta this thing,
I'm starting to feel like every day
is gonna be Christmas Day from now on.
- You're scared.
- Yeah.
- But we've been through
bad situations before.
The lions, Kenya.
- Kenya?
Dallas in Kenya, Kenya, we
knew where the lions were.
Man, we knew.
They saw us, we could see them.
There was a, there was
a, what do you call it?
A respect.
There was a healthy respect going on.
There's no respect here at all, all right.
We're stomping through the woods.
We don't know what we're looking for.
We have no idea what's going on.
It feels like we're outta control in here.
- Why?
Because we're making a
documentary about a cre-
- Dallas, we're not making-
We're not making a documentary anymore.
Look at us.
We're tromping through
the woods with a guy
who looks like he's trying
to hunt a Velociraptor.
Wes is pissin' on all the trees.
Lois has had it, all right.
She's too tough to admit it.
Liz is scared shitless.
I'm scared.
Silvia's being Silvia.
Listen, we don't know
what's going on in there.
We don't know anything about this thing
and we're chasing after
it like we know something.
We don't know anything here.
It feels like, it feels
like we have no control.
It doesn't feel like we're on
an adventure anymore at all.
- Chuck, you're wrong.
It's exactly the way it feels to me.
We're out here doing it.
There's nobody else I'd
rather be doing this with.
- All right, all right.
Well then let's do this
and let's get the hell
outta here, you know?
- Okay, all right.
- All right.
- Merry Christmas, man, you know?
- Merry Christmas.
- Yeah.
- Shine it over here.
That's our boy.
- All right, awesome.
- So now that we're
about ready to head back,
what are your thoughts on the weekend?
- Well, it was truly awesome.
We, the townspeople interviews were great.
People were interesting.
Friday night, we got video
proof of the creature.
Whether anybody believes
it or not, doesn't matter.
We know what happened and what we saw.
Today, we've done a fun little hike
with Roger doing the tracking thing.
And I didn't ever expect
to see the creature,
but after last night it went
well beyond my expectations.
- Dallas, it's been 30 minutes.
- Let's call for 'em.
Hey, if it's any consolation,
I haven't heard any blood
curdling screams yet.
- True.
[twigs snapping]
- You miss us?
[Dallas shouting]
- I was just getting ready to call you.
- I told you 30 minutes, Dallas.
It's okay, come on.
I got something to show you.
- Did you find anything?
- This.
- Ew.
- And some gnawed on animal bones.
- [Dallas] So it does eat meat.
- It was here, just not
here at the moment, Dallas.
- Great. So can we go now?
- Um, not just yet.
- What now?
- I've gotta pee.
I'll just take a second, okay?
- [Chuck] Be careful.
- Couldn't you have done
that when you were waiting?
- I didn't know I had to go then.
I'm an old woman, I don't
get advanced notice.
- You know, just take your time.
We got all day.
- Tryin' to balance here.
[leaves rustling]
[tense music]
Does anybody else need to
pee while we're waitin'?
- I'm good.
[creature gurgling]
- All right.
[loud slicing]
[Lois screaming]
- Lois! Lois!
Oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God.
It's okay, you're okay.
- Chuck, Chuck.
You're okay, you're okay, you're okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
- Oh God, Chuck.
- You're okay.
- [Roger] These wound are really bad.
- Why did it come after her?
It must be defendin' its
territory where she took a piss.
- Took a piss?
We've been pissin' in
these woods for two hours.
- You're not in his territory, Chuck.
- I told you.
We should've had vodka.
- Vodka? Yes baby, I know.
It's okay, you're all right.
No, no, no, no.
No honey, it's okay, it's okay.
No, no, no, you're okay,
we're gettin' outta here.
- [Lois] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Take care of Liz.
- Liz?
- She needs family.
- We're all right here,
she needs you baby.
It's okay, we're gonna
get you out of here.
We're coming.
No, no, no.
Lois, baby, baby, Lois.
No, no, no, honey.
- [Roger] Chuck, she's gone.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- [Roger] She's gone, Chuck.
- No, no, no.
- It's over here.
- [Roger] Chuck, we gotta go.
- Oh God, no.
- Chuck, we gotta go.
- Dammit, no, goddammit.
[Silvia gasps]
- Where's Lois?
- Lois is dead.
- No!
[Silvia weeping]
- Fuck.
- Roger, shit, do something.
- Shoot it, shoot it.
- [Roger] I can't get a clear shot.
- [Dallas] Shit.
[scary music]
[leaves crunching]
[gun clicking]
[creature growling]
[loud gunshot]
[creature grunts]
- I got the fuckin'
thing, it's over there.
[leaves and twigs crunching]
[gun clicking]
[creature breathing loudly]
[Roger shouting]
[creature growling]
- Roger! No!
- Run.
[loud slicing]
[creature yelling]
- [Chuck] Shit.
[Silvia hyperventilating]
- Run! Go, go, go!
[women shouting]
- [Silvia] Keep going, keep going.
[frantic music]
Keep going.
[everyone breathing loudly]
Is it coming?
- I don't know, I don't
know, keep going, keep going.
[everyone yelling]
- [Silvia] Keep going.
[water splashing]
[water splashing]
- Wait, we're going the wrong way.
- That way.
- Go, go, go, go, go.
[leaves crunching]
[Dallas gasping for air]
- [Chuck] Go.
- No.
- Come on.
- [Dallas] I can't, I can't.
- Come on, Dallas, we can't stop now.
- Dallas.
- I can't anymore.
- Dallas please, we have to keep going.
- I'm done.
- Dallas.
We're all exhausted, but if you don't run,
we are going to die here, now come on.
- If I have to run, I'd rather die.
- All right, fine.
Fine, fine, fine.
Everybody else go, go, go, go.
Dallas and I are gonna stay here.
- Chuck.
- What are you doing?
- I'm not gonna leave
you behind, all right?
- Chuck.
- What're you doing?
- I'm not gonna leave you here.
We've been through too much.
If this is it for us, this is it for us.
- Come on, guys, we gotta go.
- Goddammit.
Chuck, get the hell outta here.
- [Chuck] No, I'm not gonna leave you.
- Chuck.
- Goddammit.
- Go, I'm sorry, all right?
We're family, we're family.
- You fucking loyal bastard.
- We're fuckin' family!
[creature roaring]
[Silvia screaming]
[creature growling]
- [Dallas] Go, go, go, go, go.
[tense music]
[loud footsteps]
- I got a signal.
Wes, I go, oh.
[Chuck grunts in pain]
Wes, help me up.
Ow, Wes, help me up. Wes!
Help me, help me up.
Wes, Wes!
Help me up.
- Oh, God.
Oh shit.
- Wes!
[creature roaring]
[Chuck shouting]
[Chuck gurgling]
[creature growling]
- Okay, who has the keys to the car?
- I don't.
- Lois had them.
- Ah, fuck me.
- What are we gonna do?
- I'll see if the car's unlocked.
- [Silvia] Go, go, go.
- Let's see if we can get to the house.
- Let's go.
[Wes breathing loudly]
- Oh God, please.
[tent rustling]
[creature growling]
[Wes sobbing]
[fabric ripping]
[Wes shouting]
[Wes grunting]
[bones cracking]
[glass breaking]
[creature growling]
[loud thudding]
- Oh shit.
Fuck, no, no, no, go out, go out.
Oh shit.
Jesus Christ.
I can do this, I can do this.
[Dallas whimpering]
[loud footsteps]
[Dallas gasping]
- [Silvia] Please!
[Dallas sighing]
[knuckles rapping loudly]
- [Silvia] Please, open
this door for God's sakes.
- Who is it?
- It's Silvia and Liz, please.
- Just open, please.
- I told you, once the sun goes
down, these doors stay shut.
- Open the door.
- No.
- [Silvia] Please, for
God's sakes, let us in.
- Jim.
- They wanted this, they got it.
[fists thudding]
- Shit, it's coming this way.
- Please, it'll kill us.
It's almost to the door.
- If you don't open that door,
then the dead will be on your hands.
- Dammit, Sally.
- Just open the door.
- It's almost to the door.
Please open the goddamn door.
- Get your asses in here.
- Lock it.
[women shouting]
[creature growling]
- [Silvia] Oh my God.
- You hurt?
- No.
- No, but it's killed them.
- Okay, just come in and
tell us what happened.
Come in, go sit down.
Tell us what happened.
- We tracked it into the woods.
Then it attacked.
It attacked Lois.
It ripped her face off.
- He killed Roger.
We, we just started running.
We've been running for hours.
He killed Chuck.
And I think it got Wes and Dallas.
[glass breaking]
[women screaming]
- Get back, get the hell outta here.
[loud gunshot]
[creature roaring]
- Are you okay?
- I think so.
- I'm callin' the sheriff.
[Silvia screaming]
[electricity crackling]
- What happened?
- It tore out the power box.
- There's no dial tone.
- It's all in that wiring box.
- What are we gonna do?
- I don't know, I'm thinking.
[creature growling slowly subsides]
- Maybe it's-
[creature roaring]
[women screaming]
- Fuck this shit.
- Wait, where are you going?
- I'm gonna go take care of this shit.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
- Yeah.
Silvia, come open the door.
- [Sally] What?
- No.
- Come open the door and get back.
I'm gonna shoot this son of a bitch.
- No.
- No, I don't think we should.
- It's what we're doing.
Now come open the fucking door.
[women whimpering]
Now come on, Silvia, come open the door.
Come on.
[metal lock clanking]
- Are you ready?
- Go ahead.
[loud gunshot]
- Dallas!
- Oh, shit.
[Silvia screaming]
- Help him get-
- I'm sorry man, I didn't know.
I'm sorry.
- [Liz] Oh, God.
- I never meant for this to happen.
- No, no, no.
[Dallas grunting in pain]
- Chuck.
Merry Christmas, my brother.
[Dallas exhaling]
- No, no.
[Liz sobbing]
- Why is this happening?
[Silvia gasping]
[creature growling]
[Silvia screaming]
[loud gunshots]
[screaming continues]
[creature roaring]
- [Liz] You can't lock her out there.
- It's too late.
- [Liz] We have to save her.
- She's gone.
- There's nothing we can do.
- [Liz] Open that door.
- You've got to calm down.
We've got to figure out
how to get out of here.
- All right.
[upbeat rock music]
[creature growling]
- Wait, do you have the key?
- Yeah, here.
You drive.
- Oh God.
- Run.
[everyone gasping]
[thunder crashing]
[creature growling]
- [Liz] There he is.
Open the door.
[loud gunshots]
- Got him.
I got you, you son of a bitch.
- [Sally] What are you doing?
- [Jim] I'm making sure it's dead.
- The sheriff can do
that, get in the truck.
- Come on, what are you doing?
- I'll be there in a minute.
[thunder crashing]
[flesh squelching]
- No!
- No, no.
- Let go of me.
[Jim gurgling]
[Sally screaming]
[women gasping]
[Roger shouting]
[creature yelling]
- It's okay.
There's more.
- Come on.
[engine revving]
[Roger screaming]
[tires screeching]
[creatures growling]
[frantic music]
[creatures roaring]
[somber music]
[creature roaring]