Tales from the Dark 1 (2013) Movie Script

Give me shelter
Give me shelter
I'm so full
I'm so full
I'm so full
I'm so full
I'm so full
I'm so full
Can't sleep
Can't sleep
Can't sleep. Can't sleep at all
Who's naughty?
You. You're the naughty one.
Making me unable to sleep
Thank you
Good morning
Hey, what's up? Late again?
Only five minutes. Traffic accident
That means you're late
But sometimes I arrive early
You should arrive early
A junior like you has no right to be late
I can't stand your behaviour
OK, don't argue any more
Get out, put down the tools
These are my own tools
Go away
This is such an unfair world
Why don't you go to the king of hell
to complain about me?
I was fired again
It's all over
No future, no pay
Nobody, nothing left
Not really. Luckily,
you still have the tools and a place to go
All's fine if there's a place to sleep.
Isn't that right?
See, you have place to sleep because of me
I was sent from heaven to look after you
It's all over. No future, no pay
Give me shelter
Give me shelter
Nobody, nothing left. It's all over
Don't be afraid.
You was sent from heaven to look after me
Kill you, kill you
Kill 50 pigs per day,
and I can buy a flat in 1 years
Hey, I've been watching you for a long time
You told me you're experienced. See,
you cut such thick slices
Can you cut these pieces thinner?
Look at this. There's so much sauce
ls it taking a shower? Having a bath?
Madam, check the bill
OK, coming
Slice them thinner!
Take it
You bastard.
Slacking off on your first working day?
Come over here
What's your full name?
My surname's Kwan
Same character as "shut"
No wonder
You want us to shut
What bad luck
Fatty Poon, you replace his post
Then what can I do?
You're fired. Don't come back
Don't come back again?
You're tall but useless
I have to look up each time I scold you.
You're so tall. Only ghosts would hire you
Go and apply for social security
I'm poor but I won't take a government handout
I believe I can earn a living if I work hard
$6.50. The price went up
Yes, the price went up. Thanks
I'm so full
I'm so full
Building homes but nowhere for me to stay.
Cutting BBQ pork but no BBQ pork to eat
Fired again without a reason
Even the bakeries have closed down
Can't afford the rent.
You don't even have a place to sleep
It's truly sad to have no money
The world is so unfair
ls it true only ghosts would hire me?
(the grave of tycoon's wife was dug out)
I'm poor, but I won't take
a government handout
These are luxury property
stay in luxury house when they are alive
and they even occupy my land
when they are dead
Chu Oi-giu? She's an old woman.
Not going to trouble a woman.
Chu Wing-kit. Born in 1966.Died in 2013
Died not long ago. Beloved wife Kwok Wing-lei
How sad to lose a husband at such a young age
Cool. You're the coolest.
When you see the note,
redeem the urn with 50,000 dollars
Winter-something mixed games?
Mixed vegetable soup?
Born in 1929. Old folk
Those sons and grandchildren
should be good heirs
The sun is coming out,
find a few more, and leave
To eat, you need to grab a seat
To give birth, you need to obtain a bed
To study, you need to gain a degree
To work, you need to get a promotion
A bed for the living
A niche for the dead
Everyone struggles hard for a place
Isn't that right?
I'm sure their heirs would buy them
columbarium niches
The heaven spirit, the earth spirit. Bless me
to have food to eat and a place to live
Hello, who is it?
I wait for a whole day
Did you receive the notice?
When do you want to redeem the urn?
We don't want the urn
Do whatever you want with it
That's your dad!
It's fine now
We won't need to go so far to visit his grave
Totally relaxed
Throw the ashes to sea if you won't keep them
There's no caller display
You can't find me
Truly cold-hearted
Wasting time and effort
Do you have a room here?
For me to stay in?
What room?
I'm temporarily staying on
a shelf in a coffin shop
I've been homeless for three years
waiting for rehousing
Rehousing? I want rehousing too
I can only sleep in the coffin room
You have to pay rent if you want a room
I tried so hard to sneak into a place
and I don't know you.
How can I let you stay without a reason?
Am I right?
I've received your note.
I want to get the urn back
Are you looking for me?
I have an appointment with you
I am his cousin. Kit has died in a brutal way
He left his sad wife behind. I don't want her
to be bothered by this
That's why I am here to deal with it
Let's talk like a man
and settle this now
Simple and straightforward
What you want is just money, right?
Stop making troubles
Don't bother the woman
You do this for her
Will she give her heart to you in return?
Don't be kidding.
She is faithful to her husband
Alright. Let's do the deal now
All are 1000 dollar notes. Old bank notes
This happens in films too
Go check the money
By the way, as you steal urns
ain't you scared of ghost?
It's nothing scary about ghost
But I'm scared of living in poverty. Living in
poverty is even more scary than seeing ghost
Good. It's the right amount
I cannot answer your call at the moment
Please leave your message.
I'll call you back later
Honey, the owner is worried now
and is willing to cut $100,000
Have you decided to buy it or not
Not many vacant flats are left now
The government's double and triple market
cooling measures are useless
Special stamp duty and buyer stamp duty?
Who cares?
Rich people are willing to pay more.
This flat is over $4 million
Wait five years,
and it could be acquired for over $20 million
Honey, the owner's worried now
and is willing to cut $100,000
Have you decided to buy it or not
I'm in a hurry now
Let's talk about it tonight
Mr Lee, yes
if you want to sell, cut the price a bit
and it's easier to sell right now
The property market is unpredictable
The market is very quite, call you later
I'm not free, talk to you tonight
Honey, I am making soup tonight
Do you know how to drive?
Hey, are you OK?
I didn't eat breakfast
Hey, he)'
You said you wanted to go to Europe with me
Let me burn more for you,
so you can go everywhere
US dollars, UK pounds
and also Japanese Yen
No matter how much,
I'll find a good columbarium niche for you
Don't worry about me
You didn't say a word before you left
Left me alone
I don't believe it's unfair in this world
I must talk to you. Come back to see me
Remember. Call me
Call me
Thank you
Our phones are the same model
I know I can't call you
But I'll be waiting for your call every night
No matter how short you can talk
I will wait for you
I miss you so much
Go to my shrine, take care
I don't want to die. I don't want to die.
I still haven't found a place to stay
Let me out. Let me out
I don't want to be burnt once again
Let me out. Let me out
I had a double breakfast
double breakfast
Madam, madam
How come the cell phone was taken out?
No battery
Do you have a charger?
I do
Do you know him?
Kids, I have helped you find your sister
I will give you dolls
The world is fair
You'll get one and you'll get one too
You bastard. Make the most money.
Eat the best food
Abuse kids
I'm so full. I'm so full
Bumped into a ghost or what...?
Take care
I'm done. Gonna retire
Sure I've heard that one before
This time is different
The rent keeps shooting up
Might as well end the whole business!
I won't wear this suit any more
Whether you continue this line of work or not
that's no longer the heart of the matter
Here you are
So this is the one?
Chopin's Nocturne
Your son wants to see you
he wants you to tell him
how brilliant he plays
That's my boy
Winning an award all the way out in Prague
All thanks to me, for making him study piano
not some Chinese instrument
like you wanted him to
Or he would've turned out...
Anyway, how about the three of us
will have dinner tonight
I'll confirm the time and place late
tell him how brilliant he plays
when you see him
I'll listen to it soon as
I get back to the shop
Tell him to bring more copies
I'm gonna give it out to the customers
from now on
throw out my other (IDs
Just said you were closing the shop for good
now you say give it out to the customers?
Forgot it for a minute there
So, what's your plan?
I'll go teach Chinese music at Ma's store
Starting next Monday
That so'?
It's already Saturday...
Yup. This is the shop's last day!
It's true
What are you doing?
Don't move
Not again!
What got into your wife?
Because of you
The usual
Why so late, Sis Lan?
Breakfast time's over
Surely you've got some grub left
Be an angel, Brother Gong
Gotta ask the kitchen boys
Fail to reconcile with your wife?
Looking all pale and all
Saw a ghost. Just now
Really? Here?
She has gone
I miss it again
It's not like you could see it anyway
Tell you a secret
Ever since you told me you'd
seen ghosts last time
I started wearing cosmetic contact lense
Rumor has it
you can see ghosts with those contacts on
You believe that?
A little experiment hurts no one
I've seen ghosts more than once lately.
And my wife was with me every time
Maybe your wife attracts ghosts
More like I attract bad luck!
When I was a teen, once I had a high fever
and went to a clinic
And I saw a ton of ghosts in the waiting room
Good thing I stopped seeing
those stuff upon recovery
Until recently, that is
That's some gift you've got ghost eyes,
don't waste it
After you retire, come work for me part-time
And handle those ghost possession cases
I'm afraid of wife will be scared
You wife doesn't have to know
Think about it
You think seeing ghosts is like
going to the Haunted Mansion?
Just come and go?
All ghosts have their hang-ups
Once you bump into them
You have to deal with their issues
Not something you look forward to!
If they raise the rent again,
I may have to close down, too
Come back visit me some time
Can't visit you if you close down, too
We'll see about that
Fate comes first, luck second,
fung shui a distant third
Destiny is a priori. No one can change it
But luck, that's a different matter
Your luck will improve after New Year
If you cheat on me
I will come back to find you
If you can...thanks for your business
Soothing music calms one's mind
Neutralizes negative ions
Listen to more music
And clear your mind
Bad luck will stay away
Thank you
Surely inherited my musical genes
Here to have your fortunes told?
Ms Cheung
When a person thinks she's seeing ghosts,
most of the time it's merely hallucination
A case of scaring oneself for no reason...
I'm not scaring myself
Since a few days back
I've been feeling a cold draft
following me around
I turn around, there's never anything...
Many of my female customers
claim they see ghosts
Then we find out it's only the side effect
Of those trendy cosmetic contact lenses
That make their eyes look bigger
I don't wear those contacts
Have you two been to the beach lately?
Anywhere close to the ocean?
Cause that would've explained
the sea water smell
When you guys came in just now
I taught a swimming class this morning
Could it be that?
You a teacher, Mr. Cheung?
P.E. department head in a high school
Also the swim team coach
Now you say then remind of me
I have been smelling sea water
a lot these days!
With some rotten odor mixed in
The situation is a bit complicated
My situation, I mean
I'm closing the shop. Today's my last day
Your case's gonna take more than
a couple days to resolve
Don't want to start something I can't finish
Please help me , master Hon
I have an idea
I'll refer you to Lan
in the crystal shop next door
She has seen great success
in helping clients like you
I'll go check if she's got time
Excuse me for a moment
I won't charge you for the consultation
Here's a gift for all my clients
Music enhances positivity
Helps ward off bad energy
Please wait for a while
I bet the guy's a shyster
Didn't even mention it's his final day
Squeezing the last dime!
Don't be mean
He said he wouldn't charge us
I dare him to!
I'm gonna take more CDs to make it up
Lan's happy to take you on
I'll take you to her
This is Lan
You can talk with her
Mr. Cheung. Mrs. Cheung. Please come in
So you're the CD Master?
Just a nickname. The reporter came up with it
What can I do for you
Nothing. Was out there waiting for someone
And saw the news clipping. "CD Master"
Figured I'd pop in for a visit
You give out CDs for free?
Some gimmick
Kinda retarded
Hey, you got that song
In the Heart of Water?
Give that one to me
It's my school swim team's anthem
Sucks! All look the same
No labels
Swim team, eh?
Is that weird?
Don't think I've got a swimmer's body
Miss please sit
So what can I help you with?
Tell me something about my love life
Will my boyfriend stay with me forever?
Show me your palm
The left one
Left for boys, right for girls
Not true. Left palm shows fate
Right palm shows changes caused by life
Fate comes first
Forget it! No more palm reading
All right
How about some celestial fortune-telling?
How does that work?
Just tell me your birthday
and the time you were born
August thirteen, ninety-six
My mom says I was born in the early morning
You can find out
Did... you... find... out?
And your... boyfriend's name?
How does that matter?
Not a big deal. Figure I might as well check it
His last name is Cheung
And your name?
Ting. Chen Siu-ting
Tell me, Miss Chen
What's the status of your relationship
with Mr. Cheung?
I'm bored
Too many questions!
Gotta go
That's it
This one is obsidian
Helps your body become more healthy
This one is meteorite
Also helps to avoid bad luck
Excuse me for a moment
Are you all right, miss?
My husband has to get back to the school
We'll wait for you at home later on
It's a deal. I'll call first
Ok, bye bye
Shit's about to hit the fan!
I saw a ghost!
I saw a ghost!I can see her
About this tall
Wearing a school uniform
Was she really... a ghost?
The same one I bumped into this morning
When she there, the compass moved quickly
Seems like she died from drowning
So those contacts do make you see ghosts!
Mr. Cheung is the coach of a school swim team
The girl is a member of a school swim team.
And she says her boyfriend's
last name is Cheung
Plus they showed up in tandem
No way I'm wrong!
If we confirm they were
talking about the same school
we can connect the dots
There must be some connection
I know which school Mr. Cheung teaches at
Got it! Lots of schools
have websites nowadays
We can check if the girl's uniform matches
Time to go online!
Dinner tonight at seven
In La Bon
I'm warning you
What happened this morning
Don't ever let it happen again
Even if you see some stuff
just pretend you don't
I'll be out of there in a blink!
I promise
I promise it won't happen again
See you tonight
Are you high?
My wife
Asks me out for dinner.
Using our son as an excuse
One happy WWW
Hey, I check the school website
The girl's uniform matches
Mr. Cheung's school
That means they are the same school
Did you check whether there was a girl
Who jumped into the ocean with her uniform on
But wasn't she on the swim team?
Everyone sinks if they put their minds to it
Hold on. So what if there was a suicide?
You were paid to solve the Cheungs' quandary
Didn't you agree to set up some crystal
formation in their apartment?
You sure that works?
All I've been doing was follow my master
But I've never encountered a case this tough
Hold on, Lan
I ain't no exorcist!
I only do what I can
To make my clients think positive
And feel better about themselves
Au-young Fong?
You ex-boyfriend?
Isn't he some big shot TV host
on some fortune-telling show?
Why don't you ask him for advice?
That's the last thing I want to do
Got a dinner date with my wife
I can't help you
I have to go back and listen to my son's CD
Go to check on Website
You really gonna hang me out to dry?
Check whether there was a girl
Who jump into the ocean
with her uniform recently?
I swear I marked it with a star!
Where the hell did it go?
Oh my god!
Do I have to listen to them one by one?
You scared the bejeezus out of me
I announced myself several times!
I'm busy
Anyways, I found something online
You don't have to tell me, I'm busy
I'm busy
deal with it yourself
The night before last,
they found a floater in the harbor
A girl between the age of sixteen and eighteen
In a school uniform
She was rotting
and all gross-looking and stuff
with her eyes pecked out by fish
Today, her classmates held a vigil
on Facebook and posted her photo
Her name is Chen Siu-ting all right
One thing I bet you don't know
The floater's all stuffed up
Stuffed up?
Three-month pregnant
Ting was pregnant
And so is Mrs. Cheung now!
The ghost... she's up to no good!
My conclusion, too. It's horrible
She wants to do something bad
to Mrs. Cheung's fetus
The hell's wrong with you,
cackling like some pervert?
Never had to deal with something this scary
Anyways, I'm going to call Mr. Cheung
to find more clues
Hey, We make the call together
I'm up to here with my own crap
Deal with it yourself
Find more clues and then we'll talk
Mr. Cheung? This is Lan from the crystal shop
I just want to confirm your address.
Sixty-six, Spring Breeze Lane. Second floor
So I did have it right
I'll get there around five. ls that okay?
No problem. I'll be home before five
By the way, have something to ask you
It may be too much of a coincidence
The newspaper says they found a school girl
Who'd committed suicide
Was she from your school?
Yes, she was a student here
I see. Was just wondering
See you in a bit
Spreads your arms wider
Wider still
More Strength
Hurry UP
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Are you done so soon?
Wanna slack off?
Back in the pool and give me ten more laps
Look at you
Such a big tummy
Did you eat chocolate?
So what?
Watch out
You'd better mean it
I'll never let go!
What are you doing now?
Just home
I'm packing things
Everything okay?
Damnest thing
It's strange
Master Ho's CD seems to work.
I've been listening to it the whole time,
and I do feel more at peace
No more weird energy and icky vibe
I will go home after one more class
Okay. Bye
Where did they come from?
What the hell...
Don't be afraid, Don't be afraid
You don't have to be afraid, Mum is here
Forget it, forget it
Don't... Please leave me alone!
Forget your Dad left you
Don't cry my dear
You could sleep in mum's arm
Mum will hug you tight
And will be forever
Give me Mr. Cheung's cell number!
I have to ask him if he took
my son's CD by mistake
Let me call him
Hello? ls that Mr Cheung?
Hello? It's Master Ho from this morning
Sorry, but did I give you guys a wrong CD?
The one with a star marked on the sleeve?
I can't remember...
Could you please check?
It's important
I'm busy now
Gotta go home
My wife's not answering the phone!
Class's over. Go change
Thank you
What's up?
He says he doesn't know
Has to go home 'cause his wife
is not answering his call
Are you headed for their place now?
I'm coming with you,
I want to check if they have my CD
That's great
Let me gather my tools
You know those gadgets don't work anyway,
Hurry up
I called Au-young just now
What did he say?
He says a spirit that has
just passed on is still in limbo
Not yet ready to cross into the Great Beyond
First we have to try persuade her to move on
If she doesn't listen,
Since it's a water ghost,
We need to use fire to dispel her.
Do you think it make sense?
Makes sense or not,
we've got nothing else to go on
I'm taking some fiery crystals
Straight into her heart
Kaput! Done
Hey! It's me
You okay in there?
What's going on, Mr. Cheung
The key doesn't work, I can't open the door
The ghost must be in there
wait a minute
Mr, Cheung, let's cut to the chase
We think you had an affair with a student
and got her pregnant
She jumped into the harbor and killed herself
ls that right?
Is that right?
I saw the girl this morning
She had her left hand balled up in a fist
Why is that?
Think about it
You have any clues
What are you listening?
She is listening my CD
It's Master Ho
You came to my shop this morning, remember?
I know you're in there
Truth be told, I'm not here for you
Mrs. Cheung took my son's CD by mistake
I'm only here to get it back
What?! You're something else
They didn't take it by mistake
Mr. Cheung swiped a couple more CDs
while you were gone
I saw him doing it, The CD means a lot to me
You see, I need it to get back together
with my wife
I know
When you two were having brunch
this morning, I overheard your conversation
I have a dinner date with my wife at seven
Give me the CD and I'll be outta your hair
Give me your crystals
No, Unless I'm going in with you
I don't want to see Mr. Cheung just yet
I'll deal with him when you're gone
I'll come in with my colleague
If that jerk comes in with you
His wife will be a goner
I won't
I won't
Okay, you can go in with me
But you've got to follow my lead
I had a chat with her this morning
She's a just a kid
Be nice to her, show some love
Got it
Like how you coerce your clients
into buying them crystals
You were talking about stabbing her straight
in the heart and stuff
I know what I'm doing
Positive energy
Your CD
Take it and get out
But I don't have time to take it back
Can I listen to it here?
May I check on Mrs. Cheung?
She'll live
Can't say the same about the one inside
of her though
Mrs. Cheung?
Mrs. Cheung?
The missus part irks me
Hey, Master Ho
Your wife leave you because, she's ashamed
to be the wife of a fortune-teller
In fact I felt ashamed first
Then go to be a shyster
I know
you were once a music teacher
I studied Chinese music in school
But couldn't make a living from performing
So I went to teach
No wonder you've got that loser vibe
Failures are necessary sometimes
You can learn from them and move on
I know what you're trying to say
Slick, aren't you?
Getting back your CD?
You wanna talk me into leaving
I really wanna getting back my CD
That is not gonna happen
My hair's falling out! Why?
What are you doing?
Throw me another the crystal
Be a good shot
This one is expensive, this one is not mine
Set her on fire
Come help me hold her down
Hold her down
Let me go
What are you doing?
What're you scribbling?
Red is a sick color. I hate it
How come it's decomposing?
Think about it
Why it's decomposing?
Why is it all rotten? Cause it ain't sincere.
That word, it ain't from the heart
So he doesn't really love me?
Why did he lie?
We're talking about men, nine out of ten are...
Well, you ain't got the time
to meet the tenth one
Mr. Cheung can't even recall scribbling
the word in your palm
I don't believe it.
That can't be true
I'm not lying to you
I just asked him outside
You knew it
You knew the truth deep down
You could feel what you had
was something rotten
All you had to do was to open your palm
and look carefully
Now it open
Everything will be all right
I've been dumped by boyfriends before, too
At the time it hurt some much I wanted to die
It was like the end of the world or something
If you ask me now
I'll tell you
I should've dumped him ages ago
You telling the truth?
It's getting dark
I want to go
If reincarnation is for real
Shouldn't I be envious of her?
She gets another chance, to start over again
You don't have to reincarnate
to start over in life
Whether you can start over again it
depends on yourself
Time to let that the douche in
and take his wife to the hospital
Woops, what time is it now?
It's ok
Finally finish the last case
Did some good deeds today
Perfect time to retire
Gotta go to the rest room
You two have a good chat
I listened to your CD
I feel
Wait a second
I have something to ask you
Go ahead
Did you really close the shop?
Yup. Done and closed
You're retired?
Cause you kept seeing ghosts recently?
Something like that
Figure I'll see less of them once I'm out
I think it's pretty cool
It's not like that
Not awesome
In fact I know exactly what it's like
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
Look, the middle-aged man at the next table
Seems to have been burned to death
Probably doesn't even know he's dead
He doesn't
Poor you
When did you start?
I caught a cold a while back and had a fever
Enough, I get it
You must've inherited it from me
It's good stuff
Gives me tons of positive energy
Can't you feel?
The spirituality in my performance
has the feeling of ghost
I won the top prize because of that
Did you tell your mom?
Tell me what?
What is it?
Tell me!
Just tell me
Your son said
He wants to learn Chinese instrument
(Sounds of villain hitting)
Excuse me, I'm starting my business here.
Showing up so late
My son rarely comes back for dinner
That's why I'm late
Today's January 27 on the lunar calendar
And March 5 on the Western calendar
Which is the Waking of Insects in solar terms
The so-called white tiger day
A ferocious night!
The hitter all all over Hong Kong
arrived already
Even villain hitter from
Mainland China had come
If you don't hurry, your seat will be taken
You wait for me
Yes, madam
Behave yourselves. I will be back very soon.
I want to go, too
I won't be long, OK?
Listen to your uncle's words
What's up?
(Sounds of villain hitting)
The husband will never run away again
Done. You'll sleep very well tonight
$50. Thank you
Don't worry. Next
Sit down
No need. I'll stand for it
What's this madam's name?
Ignore the name, just hit
$50 standard charge
the unknown paper person
I beat your bloody head
Hey, can't you hit harder?
OK. Let's hit
I beat your bloody feet and you'll
never have shoes to wear again
Hey, hold on
It'd be better if you beat on the photo
Hit a photo?
How about this?
We have sets A and B, you can choose A or B
Only have $85. Did you count?
I don't count, $100 is fine
OK. That's fine, on the photo
On the photo?
Beat this one first
This one?
This woman snatched my son
Oh, this is your son's wife
Beat them all
In any order, beat you all
How could it be?
A mistress is always ranked second
This is true
This woman is such a bitch
My son totally changed after marrying her
Totally ignored me
They're now travelling again
She left my grandson alone
I won't say any more. Just beat it
So poor
Poor what? Are you taking a side?
I'm not on any side
I'm just earning a living
I just mean your son is in the photo too
If I beat it wrong...
Give it to me.
Beat them, don't miss anyone
Beat them
Floozy, floozy
Go straight to death!
Bloody flirty bitch
Go straight to hell!
Beat them all?
Of course, they are all accomplices
Don't miss one
I beat all your bloody mouths
so you can't kiss women any more
OK. Let's hit
Mistress, mistress
I hit you to die
Can you hit her to miscarry?
What? ls she pregnant?
The baby is innocent
I'll add $100
How about the full set for $300?
You'll make sure she won't have an heir
Oh, this will really work
Beat her
I beat your bloody breasts.
They'll burst even if they're fake
I beat your bloody stomach.
You'll vomit day by day
I beat your arms and legs.
You can't go anywhere any more...
Ox and snake ghosts, Please change my fate
Beat all the harmful guys around without mercy
Drive all the devils away
From now on, no more mistress
Hold on, don't burn it
Return it to me
You bought a full set, didn't you?
I want to put it under the incense burner
of the earth god
for one year and then I'll burn it
I can't help admiring your setting.
It's pretty awesome
In fact, this is my first time.
Will it really work?
Why do you guys all ask the same question?
Take this to read clearly
Our history at Canal Road Flyover
goes back thousands of years
Go back and read it carefully
Otherwise, why would people
tell you to come here?
Is this a flyer?
This isn't a flyer. It's cultural history
Hey, madam, you haven't paid yet
What're you doing? Touch wood.
You threw rice all over me
What are you talking about?
Pay me back the money
Pay What?
I want to throw this at you
The road is not owned by you
You threw rice all over me.
You're ridiculous
The road is not owned by you.
Say it again! I'll throw this at you
Touch wood
I throw this at you
She threw rice all over me
Shut up. What is it?
She always threw rive over me
Sir, I asked her to
pay me back and she refused
If you don't pay me back,
I'll find a way to settle it
I'll pay. Don't say I won't
Because of sir, I'll pay you back $20
I tell you, I beat so hard every night
I can only earn $20
What a big amount of money
Just give me back!
Just give me back!
If you keep fighting I gonna call a police car
Don't bother, don't bother
Let go. OK, OK
Hey, don't argue any more.
If she treats you as a villain to beat later
and beats you nearly to death,
don't say I didn't warn you
Do you still want to charge her?
No, if she pays me back the money
I got the money
These people are so old,
their mouths and bones are tense
Stop arguing
Only you could be so nice
If I were you, I'd hit her as a villain
Mr., it's your turn
Villain hitting existed a long time ago,
Sit down first
Hurry UP
This isn't something you can hurry
This must be your first time,
let me offer you a special discount
No need. I don't mind what I pay
So long as your magic works
Then please write down your name
Haha! ZY Leung?
Not so loud. Who wants to share
a name with that idiot?
ZY, how would you like me to help you?
Someone blocked me to be promoted
No surprise there. Your name is ZY Leung
Carry on
Only if I become their leader
can these assholes survive
That means they can make money.
Did you let them know
you helped them make money?
As I remember, no
You are making so much money for what?
And you make money for what?
I can help you eliminate misfortune
I can help Hong Kong eliminate misfortune too
Eliminate your mother!
You insulted my mother!
No, I said it to those bastards
you wanted to beat
How about I start now, Brother ZY?
Brother ZY, stand still. Snakes,
insects, rats are all around
Brother ZY, don't worry. After white tiger
worship, don't eat meat
Brother ZY, no gimmicks. The powerful
white tiger wants you to stand firm
Hey, how can it work if you don't hit harder?
You're right, Brother ZY
How's that? You beat it yourself.
That way it'll work even better
OK, let me do it
Good things come here; bad things go away
Let you stay in power on and on
ZY, ZY, on and on
I am off now, are you almost off too?
I almost off
Goddess of Mercy Thank you
Miss, I'm exhausted
Then I'm your last order
Go home, It's late
OK. You'll be my last order
What's the name of the person
you want to beat?
You can't remember the name?
The unknown paper person
I want to beat four persons
Four? Four villains
One, two, three, four
Three men, one woman
Three men, one woman
Three men and one woman are the villains
this lady wants to beat
I'll beat it myself
That's fine
Take it
I beat your bloody head,
and you won't breathe easily
I beat your bloody hands,
and you can't pick things up
Put it back on.
Take it
Put it back, go to reincarnate
and don't look back.
Help me!
Hurry up, hurry up!
Let me go
Shut up
Don't shout
Hold her down. Drive! Shut up
Help, help!
Don't let her shout
Have you seen any strangers
around here recently?
The whole street is full of strangers, sir
Don't bullshit, Chu
No, what happened inside?
Hey, any clues found inside?
In the agricultural society of ancient China
there was a custom of worshiping a white tiger
on the Waking of Insects day to wish
that pests like snakes,
insects and rats would be held back
by the fierce white tiger
to avoid infestations
You are so nice
You don't go north for massages
but come back to me
I do want come back to you
Those from the north only just for fun
If I want a real massage,
of course I'll come back to you
Oh my god, What is that?
Villain hitting has been popular
since the Tang dynasty
They called it an evil curse
It was simply used for
releasing inner dissatisfaction
Give me good one
This one is good for you
You say this one is good?
you just don't let me win
Do you wanna have this one or not?
I quit
Let's play. Sit down
the whole night is boring, I don't want to play
What's up with you? Come back and sit down
I'm going to see the view
Where are you going?
Hey, what happened to him?
Wow, so pretty here
Hey, watch out!
Not one win for the whole night. So boring
This is my showtime now
What happened?
Is that a rat?
Villain hitting is a type of curse witchcraft
that developed from this custom
To expel and take revenge
on so-called villains
Villains are the people you hate
They may be harmful to you
What are you looking at?
It doesn't matter with you
Have you do your homework
Yes, I do
I didn't see you do your homework
It's all done
I finished with him before the meal
Don't play video games late tonight, right?
So you promised
You promise me not to play video games
Can you hear me?
I can hear you now
Mum, what's happened?
I don't know
I am An
Daddy where are you going?
Go back to the building and don't come out
I told you not to come out.
Don't speak nonsense
What did you say? I can't hear
I told you to stay inside. Just do it
Go back into the building!
What "Go back into the building"?
What "Go back into the building"?
Don't ask too much
What are you talking about?
Just listen!
Don't ask too much
You son of a bitch
I have to do business here!
How can you doing this in my place!
How can I do business? You go to hell.
Your mum threw rice over me
You always do terrible things
Why don't you go to hell?
ls it 999? A traffic accident happened here
A woman was run over by a car.
Hurry up and save her
Hurry up and save her
It's near Canal Road Flyover
I'm An's mother
Let me die for him instead
He is my son
Don't let him die
You'll make him go to prison for life
I beg you, please don't kill him
I beg you, please don't kill him
Please help my son
Don't kill him, don't kill my son
Are you all right? Sit first
According to the folk legend,
this is the day that all the hidden things
Were woken by the spring thunder
Also because all the evil things
have become active
Therefore the sixth day
and lunar new year's eve are
the dark days according to
traditional Chinese cosmology
They're also suitable days
for expelling villains
Sure win