Tales from the Dark 2 (2013) Movie Script

I'm back
Ah uh
I got takeaway
Where are you going to put it
when you are done?
Think about it later
Ok, I go shower first
Ah uh
Why did you look through my bag
You are checking my text messages?
Is there anything you can't let me know?
You can know,
but I just don't want to be checked
If you are clean, why is there a problem?
So what did you find out?
I found out you lent money to her
Didn't we have a deal?
This box, you said you will handle it
You didn't. It is still here
You didn't forget her
It has been a long time
It has been a long time.
Then I don't understand
why you still lent money to her
I didn't lend her. I gave her
I still don't understand
I have dated her for a long time.
If she has problems
I will help her for sure
(Please come home,
I promise I won't argue with you any more)
Lam Mei Kwan, you can see Dr. Kwan now
Ching Yi, stop it
It has been a week. I am worried about Hong
I have called his family and friends.
Nobody knows where he is
He said he intended to leave
Then you can't find him easily
Perhaps, he is having fun out there
To be honest,
if my boyfriend is still contacting his ex
I will kill him. Why do you still miss him?
This is not Lau Mei Kwan's record
Sorry I will check it for you
Did you sleep well last night?
I've tried all the medicine you gave me.
None of it worked
Sleeping pills can't help much
Have you ever considered
changing your pillow?
Insomnia is usually a mental problem
Ah, Dr. Kwan,
she really has a lot of mental problems
You should spend more time
with her after work
Tonight, I will go to karaoke with Susan
Count you in
And you, you can't sleep anyway
Have a few drinks then sleep tonight
Of course
(Please come home,
I promise I won't argue with you any more)
No replies yet?
Men need space sometimes
Don't push.
Relax. Sing a song
I think I have to go now
Ok, I will send you
No, thank you
Call me if you have any trouble
Thank you
You two seem to get along pretty well
What? lam going
If this goes on, you will be miserable
Ok, I'm alright
Dr. Kwan is available
I am waiting for Hong
What if he is not coming back?
Talk later
I am going
I miss you very much
but time wouldn't go backward
it's all gone
Hong, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Don't!
Let go, let go
Let's take a short break
What are you looking for, beautiful?
Pillow. I can't sleep recently
Finding a good pillow is even harder than
finding a good man
We have fragrance pillow,
memory foam pillow and magnetic pillow
This is health pillow.
It is the best selling one
And this is...
This is medicine pillow
Can I open it?
Smells good.
There is Chrysanthemum flower,
mulberry leaf and mint inside
These are all good medicine.
They will bring you peace
Sleep with it more and it will be softened
Take your time
Thank you.
How much is it?
320 dollars
Pillowing on yellow flowers gazing
at the flowing valance
I revisit four decades of life lost
with no one to share my sorrow
What are you scared of?
Me? Huh?
Don't go
I'm not going
What are you doing? No
Put it down now, ok?
Put it down now
Put it down. Don't mess with it
You promise me not to go
Put it down, put it down
Promise me not to go. Don't go
Let go, let go.
Don't mess with it
Hong, Hong
I help you press it
I help you press it
Look at me. Can you hear me?
Wake up. Ok. I am pressing it
I can connect the vein for you.
I'm pressing it
It doesn't work
It is going to be fine. Can you hear me?
May I know if a family member is dead
What kind of offerings should I burn to him?
Nothing is happened before
Why do you come back only
when I'm sleeping?
Otherwise, how can I come back?
Do you afraid of me
Don't leave me
You were not like this before
Good morning
Sigh, I slept like a log
Isn't it good?
That means you don't have insomnia?
Yes finally I can sleep. That's good
Did Hong come back?
No. I got a new pillow but it is strange
Every time when I sleep with it,
I fall asleep right away
Oh really?
Yes, it is some sorts of medicine pillow
I will bring you there to get one next time
No thanks. I don't need it
I cuddle with my boyfriend every night
Have sex and sleep untill the next morning
Oh really?
Tell me, what kind of sleeping
aid is better than sex?
Good morning
Good morning, Dr. Kwan
Oh, Chung Yi
I have a friend working
in the Regional Crime Unit
I told her about your boyfriend.
She said she can help
Yes, at least you will know where he is
How can he be so irresponsible?
This is Hong
We had a fight that night
He said he needed a walk
Then he never came back
Didn't he bring any luggage?
He only brought his passport
ls that it?
Don't worry, Miss Chow
We will take over it
But he is an adult.
He has the right of choice
Even if we find him,
we can't make sure he will come back
Yes, I understand
It's time to go
If we have any news, we will contact you
The air-conditioning of your place
is really strong. Be careful
Ching Yi, I'm Mabel
There is a gathering for classmates tonight.
Are you coming?
There will be a lot of cute guys
I am not going. I want to sleep
It is 8 o'clock only. You have narcolepsy
after your insomnia is fixed?
You guys have fun
I realize that everything
can start over again in dream
Don't go. Don't go
Don't go.
Hi, Ching Yi
Please help me apply
for two days leave from work
What's up? Are you ok?
I'm fine
That means you are not fine.
What's going on?
I will tell you later
Do you want to stop?
Aren't you scared of dying?
Let her be
I will bring her to you after today.
You shouldn't stop me
I'm helping you
I don't need your help
She has chosen me herself.
She can't forgive herself.
So I took the advantage
She behaves well. I like her more and more
But she doesn't have much energy left.
Young ghost,
you are not as experienced as me
Why are you here? Who are you?
I'm her friend
What are you doing here?
Her boyfriend texted me
and told me she was in trouble
But when I called back,
it didn't get through
What a coincidence. So do I
Open the door
Ching Yi
Break the door
Ching Yi
Ching Yi
Ching Yi, don't scare me
Come, her pulse is weak
Call an ambulance
ls she on drug?
Of course not.Are you crazy?
Ching Yi
Ching Yi
Why don't you turn on the light?
Your room is so stinky
I told you not to skip shower every day
I told you not to come in
I have to work night shift.
You might reheat the food
Oh? You are here
Yes, I am here specially to tell you
Don't sit there. Come in, come in
Your house is so crowded. It's stuffy
Why is it crowded?
Only my mother and I live here
It seems your mother doesn't know anything
Know what?
I only know I've been so scared
since I was back
We shouldn't have played that game last time
Didn't you forget about it?
It was a week ago
I remember it.
That time we celebrated Ceci's birthday
It's locked
No way
Move. Hurry up
Char Siu, be careful
Hey, be careful
Are you serious?
No way. Climb up?
Hey, it's pointy
No way
Wait, let me help you
Step on it
It's pointy up there.
Will it pierce through me?
Be careful. How to go over there?
Hey, isn't it open?
Are you making fun of me?
Are you retarded?
I have tried before
It was locked, really
What skirt? I am wearing pants
Good job, Little Bo. I am wearing a skirt
Why does the school has to be
demolished even it is so new?
Why are you asking me? How do I know?
Char Siu, don't block the way
Char Siu, you kicked me
Don't kick. It is dirty
Hey, come see this photo
I broke the long jump record in Primary 6
Too bad the school
is going to be demolished.
I was really good before
Little Bo,
why are you singing by yourself?
You are so stupid. Such an idiot
Ok, I got it
Let's go find your sister, okay?
Little Bo, don't run
Little Bo, slow down. Wait for us
It was drawn by me
I drew it too
Can you find the drawings in the past?
Take a look
Char Siu, let's go to teaching staff room
I almost won that inter-school competition
That damn trophy
The teacher, Mr. Lee.
Do you still remember?
During SARS,
there was no school for two months
When we were back to school,
a lot of schoolmates were gone
I wonder how many people were killed
I only know Mr. Lee was dead
Mr. Lee is here
Are you crazy?
Little Bo, let's go
I like to wear this
Your Princess Highness, may I?
My pleasure
Isn't it fun?
Go away, Fatty
I will play with you
What's wrong? Are you okay?
It hurts
Uncle Chan?
Uncle Chan, do you remember us?
I'm Fatty Keung
We are all graduates in 2003
This is Ceci, remember?
Tomorrow is school anniversary
and also Ceci's birthday
We would like to celebrate with her
before the school is demolished
You kids, leave before it gets dark
It is hard to find public
transportation around here
Sigh. It is going to be demolished.
It is going to be demolished
It is so sad
So scary
Hey, let's go
I wish we had listened
to Uncle Chan that day
and left before it turned dark
Good take
Play a card
Okay, okay. Right away
Oh, this one? I'll pass
See this, 4 Kings
And next is a pair of 3
Hey, what are you doing? A pair of 3?
There is an 8 in there.
Are you fooling with me?
Are you retarded?
You need your eyes checked
Do you know how to play?
I played the wrong card by mistake
You played the wrong card by mistake?
Will you play with your penis by mistake then?
And will you make
Princess pregnant by mistake?
Hey, what are you talking about?
What the hell are you talking about?
Ceci, let's go to the washroom
You can jump from here
I want to go to washroom too
Hey, Fatty
Do you want to join the ladies?
Hey, Ceci,
do you really miss Mr. Lee?
Yes, a little bit
What about Char Siu and Fatty Keung?
Which one do you like better?
They are both so so, seriously
Bitch, are you a reporter?
I am a spy
I will be quick. Wait for me
Hey, don't go.
Otherwise, I'm not talking to you
Okay, okay
How was it?
Listen to it
Remember to buy me
Samantha Thavasa handbag
Give it to me
Hey, Princess.
Can you pass me some toilet paper?
Hey, no joke
Hurry UP
You sneaky peaky.
Do you two want to scare me?
What's wrong? Are you scared?
Oh yes, I'm so scared
Hurry UP
Hey, what are you doing?
What's up? Did you win the lottery?
Don't listen to it if you can't take it
No, I got electric shock from the phone
Come to the mobile phone mall tomorrow.
I help you check it
Hey, it's dark now.
Let's start telling ghost stories
Telling ghost stories is not fun.
Let's play some games
No ghost stories. Let's play ghost hunting
I'm not playing with ghost
Let's play
Can I quit it?
You have no guts. Even Little Bo will play
Let's play. Who has a pen? Quick
I have
The game is called Master and Ghost
Everyone put 100 dollars in the pool
Write the roles on 7 pieces of paper
One is master, one is ghost
Five are humans
Set the time on our phones. 15 minutes
Start now!
Go, go, go
Each game lasts for 15 minutes
When you get your paper, spread out
Look for a place where nobody can see you
When you know your role, the game is started
When the master catches someone
who is not the ghost
the one who gets caught has to say
I am human. I surrender myself
Then the master will make
the human as his attendant
These attendants have to follow the master
with their hands on others' shoulders
When the game is over
Humans who do not get caught by the master
can get back their 100 dollars
In short
Both human and ghost have to hide
from him and try not to get caught
Where are you?
I'm in the library. I got the role of ghost
What about you?
I am human
Tat is the master. He is near you
Hide yourself
Oh! What should I do?
Only a few minutes
Just wait till it is over
I will cover you
Where is Little Bo?
Wait, it is your sister
Sis, isn't it exciting to be the ghost?
Someone is behind you
I'm hanging UP
Seems over there
Got you! Are you human or ghost?
Human again
Hey, I saw Tat on level 4
I think he is the master. Be careful
Level 4? Not level 2?
Hey, be careful.
It seems someone is behind you
I'm C Hing. I'm C Hing
Human, I'm human
Silly cow
You scared me
I win
You are inside
Thank you
Take a photo, take a photo
Ok, let's take a photo
Photo time
Okay, smile
Wow, Miss Photogenic
Hey, Little Bo is tired. Let's go home
No way
Don't go. Let's play
No, it is late. Little Bo is so sleepy
It's lightning. That's good. Let's play
We can't leave in the rain anyway
Don't worry. I know how to settle Little Bo
Uncle Chan
Why didn't you leave?
Principle doesn't like it
if you don't go home after school
Uncle Chan,
I will give you a cigarette and beer
Thank you, Uncle Chan
Let me
It's ok, I can handle it
Why did you flash me
Why does Uncle Chan look psycho?
He seems to treat this place as his home
What will he do
after this place is demolished?
Hey, Little Bo, aren't you done yet?
Little Bo, what have you eaten?
Your pee smells funny
don't look at the mirror all the time
Oh really?
Do you want to go outwith C Hing again?
That's boring.
I think you want to go outwith Mr. Lee again
I don't want it
I wish
Look at the dark circles under your eyes
Look at the mirror more often
What? Look at the dark circles
under your eyes too
Did you pull an all-nighter last night
So what? Look at you
Look at the mirror
I'm done
Are you done? It took so long
Give it to me
Little Bo, wash your hands
Little Bo,
sleep here until the next morning
Be careful
Round 2 starts now
We will play all around
Tak Shun Primary School this time
A haunted journey is started right away
Don't follow me
Uncle Chan,
I just came here and stay for a while
Stay for 15 minutes only and then I'll go
Human, asshole
You are human? Me too
It is boring. I want to be the ghost
Are you human or ghost?
I am human
Who is the master? Who is the ghost?
Help! that's Sadako!
You are crazy
You are here too
You scared me
We didn't really scare you. Are you leaving?
The master will get you
No, the master will get you
Guess who is the master
lam human
Oh, there is a ball
Have you watched Hurricanes?
Sigh, get off my way.
I'm planning to catch the ghost
Go away. Don't get caught.
Otherwise, you have to pay 100 dollars
What's up? Why aren't you leaving?
I want to be human
I want to be human
I really want to be human again
Don't strain so hard. It's tensed
Hey, Little Bo is gone.
Is she with you now?
Are you kidding?
Little Bo! Little Bo!
Little Bo
Have you found her?
She isn't here?
What's wrong?
Little Bo
I don't know where Little Bo has gone
Little Bo, Little Bo
Little Bo, Little Bo
Do you know
I have been so worried about you?
Where have you been?
Couldn't you tell me when you left?
Do you know I have been so worried?
I heard about the game Master and Ghost
from my grandpa in the country
He told me nobody plays that game anymore
So it's lost through the generations
There is a reason
why nobody dares to play it
Fatty Keung, do you know you are dead?
I am here to remind you
it has been 7 days.
It is time for all of us to go to hell
I will go first. Follow me
Let's play ghost hunting again in hell
Come back, come back, Jenny
Today is Ghost Festival, gonna be dead quite
Get some make up
and look for customers downstairs
I am a prostitute. So what?
Just for living
I want to have family and kids as well
No one knows me in Hong Kong anyway
Today is Ghost Festival
But we don't burn offerings
to the dead back home
However, I haven't visited
my parents' graves for a long time
I miss them a lot
After tonight, I will go back home
ls there ghost in this world?
Have you seen it?
Do you think you will turn
into ghost in your afterlife?
You won't
Ghost is intangible and ubiquitous
Old man
Watch out for ghosts today.
It is Ghost Festival
The most scary thing is not ghost
Sometimes, human is even more scary
Shut up, old dude
Let's go
Don't fall into the sea
when you get off the boat, old dude
Stop bluffing here
Tonight is my last night in this city
Good deeds are never enough
The more the better
I will try my best
Hey, pissed off, kid
He is not a kid, but an old man
Watch out, nerds! Get hit else where
You bastard
Did you try to seduce me with your umbrella?
I thought you were blinded,woman
The bus was going to hit you
Mind your own business
Wait for me
Thank you
In this trade, I have seen all kinds of men
These bastards are twisted
They are just a bunch of animals
I even got robbed
by a customer after full service
I was mad
Chase him on the street in my underwear
I wasn't fast enough. I was a laughing stalk
I swear, I rather be a bully
than to be bullied
You are here
What? Already?
Where am I?
Last stop
Isn't it Mongkok?
Passed a long time ago
Freeze! Give me your money
Kid, you sure you want to rob me?
Quit it before it's too late
Damn you
Lie down , go to hell
Lie down
Do you want me to lie down or go to hell?
Right, lying down doesn't mean going to hell
How would I know?
Just give me your money
All of your money, hurry!
Okay okay, you win
This is it? This is all you got?
You think I'm kidding?
I will cut off your head and arms
I believe you will
Then give me your money, now!
Which one do you want?
How can a smug drop his knife?
Get lost, kid
I won't
You are dead
I'm calling my people to kill you
Stay here
The kid is calling for help?
He wouldn't have been robbing us
if he has that many people help him
You are brave
Just a gesture of kindness
It's hard
Let me help you
I will give you a lift to Mong Kok
Thank you. One good turn deserve another
Sit tight
You are dead if you don't pay your debt
Stop beating me. I have nothing left
Oh yeah?
Don't go too far, bro
You want a piece too, old man?
Police, help!
You won't be this lucky next time, old man
Hey, stop! This way
This way
You won't be this lucky next time, fatso
Quit gambling
Not your business, old man
This place is where
Satan disguises himself in human form
It's hard to be kind
It will be done tonight
Wait for me
Wait for me
Sorry Miss, I didn't see you
I'm terribly sorry
It really hurts
Are you okay?
I should be fine
Looks like my ankle is twisted
Do you live afar?
Not really
Just round this block
Your umbrella is pretty
It's good and weatherproof
It's also a walking stick, see?
Why would a strong man
like you need a walking stick
It's true
But it's also for safety reasons
When I meet robbers,
I can finish them in one strike
You know? Hong Kong is not a safe place
I live here
This building?
Something happened in this building before
A lot of people died from a fire last year
It's okay, come on. Let's go
Come in
Let me see your leg
Still hurt?
It hurts less when you are around
It's great then
Let's chat, uncle
Aren't we chatting?
Not yet
I know what you are up to. I'm not stupid
It's not late to quit, Miss
Don't ruin yourself. I want to help you
You want to help me?
Then just buy my service
You are sweet. So 400 with condom,
600 without condom
It's all real stuff
No! I have to control myself
For what? All men are horny
Why do you have to control?
Let me go
We are both adults
Come on! My people are outside
Don't make them hurt you
Stop being a prostitute.
Just be a normal girl
It's just a job. I get paid.
Let me tell you.
Whether you will do it or not
You have to pay regardless
Okay okay, no problem
Where is my wallet?
I'll pay
Where is my money?
I think someone took it on the street
What? you want free sex from me?
I never wanted to have sex
Help! Rape!
What the hell?
He raped me!
This bastard raped me!
It's hard to be kind
Help! This bastard raped me!
It's him. A classy looking asshole.
He didn't pay me
I know you
You are asking for this,
aren't you, old man?
I did tell you you won't be lucky
next time I see you again
Did you touch my woman?
And not paying?
You are dead
Look, I have more than 200 divided units
You name it, I do it
In a 1000 sq ft flat, including the balcony
I can divide up to 8 units
Every inch is well used
Don't worry
I will call you when it is done
You there?
Anyone inside?
Open the door
Where are your friend Keung
and the Chinese woman?
I can't find them.
Rent is due and they are not leaving
What does it mean?
Come up and fix it
What an asshole
Why didn't you open the door?
Are you having sex?
I've been practising for 129 years
I never thought I wouldn't be able
to hold it in my last deed
I never thought I would die this way
I'm shameful
I need to go home
I have to find a fresh body