Tales of Babylon (2023) Movie Script

Huh? What's your problem,
you little pussy?
Running away, huh, dickhead?
Huh, yeah, fucking pussy,
you gonna cry again?
You gonna cry again?
You gonna cry again?
Piece of shit,
what you gonna do?
-What you gonna do, huh?
-You're fucking pathetic,
-You pussy.
-You're fucking nothing.
-You worthless
piece of shit, Martin.
-Fuck you.
-You're pathetic!
-Fuck you!
What the fuck?
Yo, pussy.
Oi, piggy!
Dickhead, you deaf?
-Are you stupid?
N-n-no. Shut up!
Come on.
-Eat the shit.
Eat. The. Shit. Piggy.
Fucking grab it.
And fucking eat it.
-Fucking eat it, piggy.
-I'm-m-m sorry, OK?
I don't give a shit.
Eat it or I fucking kill you.
I don't understand, really?
It's not up to you or about...
Look, get yourselves
one of those, yeah.
Then we can talk.
-I'm-m-m sorry. Sorry.
-I'm sorry, OK. I'm sorry...
Come here. Come here.
Ah stop fucking crying,
you pussy. I'll kill you.
Eat it.
Eat it.
Eat the shit.
Eat the shit.
Eat the fucking shit.
Or I swear to God
I'll shoot you.
Fucking eat it.
Eat the shit.
You fucking puss...
Is everything understood?
Yes, of course.
And do not open the door
to anyone other than me.
Yeah, yeah, OK.
-Are you even listening?
-Yes, of course.
Take care of the kid,
she's super valuable,
blah, blah, blah, I got it.
You better not let
anything happen to her,
or you'll wish you'll be dead.
Are you threatening me?
Believe me, if something
happens to her, I'll be
the least of your worries.
Good boy.
This is so boring.
Did he say when he'd be back?
He'll come back
when he's done talking to Alex!
Where's my brother?
-Wouldn't you like to know?
-Actually, I would.
Shut up.
Hey, do you know
what they're doing with the kid?
What do you mean?
Are we giving her to the Dragon?
What do you care?
I don't know, man, that guy's...
He's super creepy.
Have you seen the way
he looks at his daughter?
It's kind of gross.
Does it matter?
No, not really. I was...
I was just curious.
He can do whatever he wants.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
There you go.
So, who are we protecting today?
An old girlfriend?
Your mum?
Your mum's hot friend.
Your dad's hot friend.
I knew it.
You cheeky bastard.
You know,
I've been meaning to ask you.
- What's with the white streak?
- Finally!
I thought you'd never ask.
Well, I was going
through Instagram, right?
And I came across this dude,
like an actor dude.
With this like
really square jaw, and these
really, really nice muscles.
Like, he's got this really,
really nice face, too.
I mean, first off,
I was like, "Damn!".
Then I was like,
I noticed he's got, like,
this little white streak.
-You mean Richard Madden?
-Yeah? Yeah.
So, anyway,
I noticed he's got, like,
this little white streak,
but it turns out
that it's all-natural.
And I thought,
I've got to get me one of those.
And so I did,
and here I am today.
I think it looks sick.
So you copied him?
Not copied. More like
inspiration, you know?
So, yeah, I was kind
of like... I mean, I thought:
I could pull that off.
I mean, I kind of
look like him, no?
I'm pretty hot.
I'm not saying
it's a terrible idea
and it... it looks...
decent, but...
-Oh there's always
a but with you.
-Nah hear me out.
How about we're trying
to run away from someone
and your stupid white hair
leads them straight to us?
Ah, see, now, that's why
I have the hoodie.
It can cover our head
so no one could see us.
-The hoodie in the bag?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah!
That hoodie is fluorescent pink.
Fucking skid-mark head.
-What are you looking at?
-I do not like
your attitude, kid.
-I don't like your face.
Well, maybe
I'll scoop out your eyes
so you don't have to look at it.
Why can't you learn just
to enjoy life a little bit? Huh?
No one's going to follow us,
because if it comes to it,
there's going to be no one left
to follow us.
So just relax.
That must be him.
I'll open up.
No, wait. Stop.
He said he'd call
before he came over.
Quick, hide the kid
in the bathroom.
Stay fucking quiet,
o-or I'll come back
and cut your tongue, OK?
Who is it?
I don't know.
It's no one I've seen before.
So open up.
Let's-let's greet our guests.
-Didn't he say not to open?
-Shut up.
Let's have a little fun.
Hey, we're looking for Alex.
He's not here.
Tell him to fuck off.
-Hey, man,
-I don't think
you heard my friend.
-Fuck off!
Look, your friend isn't here,
all right?
So fuck off
before I put a bullet
through your head.
Fuck! Arghh!
- Fuck!
- Oh, God!
Oh, God!
I don't think so, big man.
Shut the fuck up
or I'll paint the walls
with your fucking brain!
- These your friends?
- Fuck no!
-Then who are they?
-I don't know.
You don't know?
What you mean you don't know?
-I don't know!
Let's find out then, shall we?
Get the fuck up.
Faster, you cunt!
Stop screaming!
Who is the cunt who shot me?
This one?
Not me! No!
- What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Fuck him, he shot me first.
-He shot me.
-I don't give a shit.
Fuck you man
and your moral fucking compass!
Stick it up your tight ass.
Shut up! Shut the fuck up,
you cunt!
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
What's so fucking funny?
-No, nothing.
Why are you laughing then?
Well, you...
-And he...
'Cos I didn't think
there was anything funny.
Did you?
No, not at all.
Do you guys?
Because that would be
some fucked-up shit.
I mean,
I've got your friend's brains
all over my face.
You'd have to be
next-level fucked in the head
to find that funny.
Really fucked in the head.
we didn't think it was funny.
Yeah, no, not at all.
I don't remember asking them
a question, Y? Do you?
I don't, X, I don't.
So why did you speak, then?
-Oh, who, us?
We didn't.
Did you hear that, Y?
chill, OK?
No need to call me "sir".
Just relax, yeah?
I'm not your teacher.
We, we're on a mission of peace.
So, boys...
My partner and I,
We're looking for an Alex.
We don't know an Alex.
Yeah, you said that,
but given you're in his house,
I think that's a bit weird,
don't you?
So what's it going to be, boys?
Do you want to talk
or should I just start
cutting you up?
We got the garden shears
in the car, right?
Yeah, new ones as well.
Oooh, did you hear that, boys?
You could break them in.
you could tell us
where our friend is.
Listen, man,
we don't know where he is, OK?
He left something here.
You can take it if you want.
Where's his stuff?
Hey, what,
you guys saying something?
It's in the bathroom.
Where's that?
It's the door behind him.
-Back away from the door.
-What, why?
-Just do it.
OK. What's going on?
I just remembered.
What's the name of that movie?
You know, the one
with the Black guy
with the purple lightsaber?
-He's in it?
-Mace Windu.
-Oh, you mean Samuel L. Jackson?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, him. Him.
- The one who says "fuck"
every two words.
But what's the name
of the movie?
What's it about?
It's about two guys, and...
they wear suits and shit...
One of them is a white guy,
and he's a really good dancer.
-Kevin Bacon?
-No, not Kevin Bacon.
He's in Footloose, you idiot.
-He means John Travolta.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, him.
Thank you very much,
man number... two.
What's the name of the movie?
-I have no idea.
-Yeah, no clue.
-Fuck, X.
-Hold on. Give me a minute,
I'm trying to think.
Why did you tell me
to move away from the door?
Oh, yes.
Basically, right, in the movie,
there's these three guys,
and they bust in
and shoot the three guys
and there's like
another guy who comes
out of the bathroom
and he shoots
and he doesn't hit.
But, I mean,
that's a movie, so...
So if there was a fourth guy,
it's likely that
he would actually kill us.
So what's the deal?
Where's the fourth guy?
-He's not here.
-So there is a fourth guy.
I knew it.
So if he's not here,
then where is he?
Out with Alex.
Get up.
Get up!
- Is there anyone in there?
- No, just a briefcase.
Come on.
Come on.
What's with the face?
What face?
What face?
Listen, I wasn't
born yesterday, OK?
What's with
the fucking face?
It's nothing.
What's in the briefcase?
Oh, erm, like money.
Erm, like, erm, m-m-money?
I don't really know.
I didn't get a good look.
What the fuck?
-We didn't even know
it was there.
-Yeah, we're peaceful people.
You killed the bad guy,
and let me say,
well done for that.
You are too kind.
Well, I think that's it, then.
Yes, I think we can go.
We'll just wait patiently
by the phone for Alex to call.
Great. Well, it has
been a pleasure, guys.
Really nice to meet you.
Seriously, we should hang out.
Do lunch.
On second thought.
C'mon, X.
They were just honest,
peaceful people.
It was Pulp Fiction.
Hello, I'm here
to see Mr Richter.
Good morning.
I'm here to see Mr Richter.
I have an appointment.
Hello. Mr Richter
is expecting me.
I have an appointment.
Good morning.
Mr Richter is expecting me.
I have an appointment.
Excellent. If you take a seat,
he'll be with you right away.
Oof, he's in such
a bad mood today.
Just tell them
to fuck off, then!
Find another channel.
I don't care, do I?
Just get it done.
No, you work for me.
It's a full-time job, McArthur.
Tell your wife to fuck off.
OK, whatever.
Argh. Mother Nature.
The Silver Dragon send you?
Like I told him last week,
accounts are all in order.
My people in Panama
are just taking
a little longer than expected.
But we should be able to sort
everything out by Friday.
-How's business, Frank?
-Quite all right, actually.
Do you need anything,
or did you just come by here
to wipe my arse?
I'm quite busy.
Got practically the entire
House of Commons to yourself.
Must be nice,
knowing all those politicians.
Well, I don't forget
old friends.
Wow. We certainly hope not.
Let's not forget
who put you there.
It's sad how kids
forget their friends when they
get new toys, isn't it, Frank?
-I haven't forgotten my friends.
-See, I find that
hard to believe
because the Silver Dragon had
to find out from someone else
his daughter was gone.
I-I can explain.
No, please don't. You seem busy.
Let me tell you how
I see it, Frank.
You had a very simple job.
You just had to keep an eye
on her, make sure she was safe.
But you decided to marry her.
Mistake number one.
You know how much
he hates sharing her.
And now, to top it all off,
you fucking lost her
and the kids, too.
All alone in the world
with no one to care for them.
I can explain.
I have people on it.
Police. People in high places.
See, the way I see it, Frank,
one mistake is forgivable.
Two, not so much.
Calling the police,
that's strike number three.
Big mistake.
You have become
a problem, Frank.
You used to be an asset.
But anyone with
a basic understanding
of the law
can do your job for us nowadays.
And so you're more
like a cute pet we keep.
He kept you because
he liked you.
You're kind and effective,
and you kept to yourself.
But fucking his daughter
was bad business.
You could've just asked
for the money.
But no,
you had to take
your little soldier out to play.
Put that down.
I loved her.
That's even worse, Frank.
I will kill you.
No, you won't.
You're already dead, Mr Richter.
You died the day
you married her.
And losing her
was just the catalyst.
If you want to shoot me,
now's your chance.
Although I'm sure you know
how useless that would be.
You can't hide, Frank.
And none of your friends
are going to help you.
Not if it means
going against him.
So how about it?
Put your gun down.
Let's make this easy
for the both of us.
You should really
background check
your employees
before you hire them,
by the way.
The things you can get
into this building.
Don't be sad it's ending, Frank.
Just be happy you were there
for the ride.
Save me a seat in hell.
Of course, sir.
No worries.
Will do.
It was Pulp Fiction.
-The movie, I remembered.
It was Pulp Fiction.
Hey, buddy. How are you?
Is your mummy home is she...?
-Wait, X, X, X, X, X,
wait, wait.
-She slapped me first.
- She's a child.
- B-b-b-but...
Go and stand outside.
Come on.
What the hell
are you doing here?
-Where's Alex?
-Who are you?
I'm a friend
of your brother's, OK?
X! Stop!
Call the cleaners.
I'm a friend
of your brother's, OK?
I used to protect him.
Like a knight.
Prove it.
He loves you very much
and talks about you
all the time.
That's so vague.
He has a huge birthmark
on his right butt cheek.
How do you even know that?
That's besides the point.
Where is Alex?
I don't know.
He said we had to go last night
to see Mummy
and we came here
to wait for her.
And then they came,
and the guy
with the red shoes took Alex.
But that was so long ago.
And they won't tell me
where he is,
and I don't know where Alex is.
And he said we were going
to go away together
like Mum always said we would.
OK, buddy.
Don't worry.
I will find your brother, OK?
I promise.
X, come here.
I got to stay back
and wait for the cleaners
and see if Alex comes back.
-Take the kid
and wait for me outside.
-No no no no no no...
No way.
I'm not going with him.
He smells funny.
I do not.
She's being so mean.
The both of you.
-What's wrong?
-Nothing. It's just...
-Let me see.
-No, no, no, it's fine.
-Leave it. Leave it
Are you guys partners?
-What? No, no, no.
-Don't be ridiculous,
of course not.
Nothing like that,
I don't like men,
I like tits and pussy...
I was gonna dye my hair pink
at one point...
I would never... Not with him.
Sorry, not with me.
What do you mean, not with me?
Ah, well, you know
it's more that it's...
Hypothetically speaking,
am I not good enough for you?
I'd do you.
And you'd enjoy it.
- Huhhh...
- Huhhh...
I just meant like work partners.
Yes, of course we are.
That's what I meant.
-Yes. Yes.
-Work partners.
Yeah, exclusively.
Very good work partners. Yeah.
Come on then, kid.
Let's go.
Go with him.
You can trust him.
He's a friend.
Take good care of her. OK?
and take the guns.
Yeah, of course.
I'm just gonna wait
for the cleaners,
I've got some stuff to do.
Then I'll be down.
-Yeah, cool, cool, cool.
-Don't leave without me.
- Protection, remember, OK?
So, Alex...
How are you feeling?
Ready to talk about Mummy?
Where's Mama?
Right. Where were we?
Where's Mama?
Oh my fuck, are you serious?
-Good morning, my name is Kevin
and I'm with Octopus Energy.
We're calling today
to inquire about
your current energy provider.
We have
a special limited-time offer
available only this month.
-Good morning, my name is...
-No, stop. I don't care
But our limited-time offer
provides you unlimited voltage
for only 70 a month, sir.
-Oh really? For 70?
And if you sign up
within the next 24 hours,
we also send you
a special-edition kitchen set
-for all
your cooking necessities.
-Oh wow,
that's really...
Will you give me just a second?
OK, bye now.
Bye. No, bye.
Fuck off, Kevin.
Jesus Christ.
I don't want
the four-month promotion, Kevin.
Fuck off!
Mr Banksbi, sir.
No sir, I'm sorry sir,
I thought it was someone else.
No, Mr Banksbi, I don't.
Thank you.
Still nothing.
In the apartment, sir.
That's odd, I told him
to be available
in case you called.
Of course. Yes, sir.
No problem.
There's no need to,
I take care of it myself.
Where's Mama Bear?
I already told you.
No, you lied to me.
You said she was dead,
but she is not dead.
Yes, she is.
...They'll never know you
the way that I do
Yeah, today I drove
through the suburbs
And pictured
I was driving home to you...
Hey, how you doing?
Welcome to Morley's.
How can I help you?
What's good, boss man?
You right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can I get
two chicken combo meals,
is that OK?
Yeah, that's OK.
Yeah. Two chicken combo meals
and two orange sodas.
Two orange sodas, blud.
You know how Stormzy
likes his orange soda.
That'll be 7.98.
I ain't got no more money, bruv.
-You like chicken?
-Yeah, it's very good.
Yeah, it is, innit?
You see round here
it is so much more than that.
-How so?
-London is the chicken shop.
The chicken shop is...
I don't get it.
It's about your ends,
about your community, right?
Shops like these
is where I went to
every day after school.
If you grew up in London,
it's in your DNA.
You got Sam's, Morley's,
Dixie's, Chicken Hut,
Chicken Valley, Chicken Cottage,
Chicken Palace,
Angel Fried Chicken,
Hackney Fried Chicken,
White Chapel Fried Chicken.
See, it's not
all about them-them
big tall glass, shiny buildings
and street lights.
No, you want the real London.
This is where it's at.
It's about the community,
the diversity.
Two combo menus
and two orange sodas.
Wait here.
Look at this!
Ahhh bupbupbup.
Take these.
I'll take these.
You do it.
Yeah, that's it.
That's it.
Salt and pepper them chips.
Close it.
Ready? 1-2-3...
'Cos they'll never know you
the way that I do
...Through the suburbs
And pictured
I was driving home to you
I know we weren't perfect
but I've never felt
this way for no one
And I know
we weren't perfect
but I've never felt
this way for no one
And I just can't imagine
how you could be so OK
now that I'm gone
But today I drove through
the suburbs crying
'cos you weren't around
And you're probably
with that blonde girl
who always made me doubt
She's so much older than me
She's everything
I'm insecure about
'Cos you said forever
now I'm driving alone
past your...
On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
What is this?
She says we were
just cleaning up.
What are you cleaning up?
Yes, but what is "this"?
-She says we were paid
to clean this up.
It's a job. We clean up jobs.
Whose job? Who did this?
I'm afraid I can't disclose
those details. Contractually
obligated to keep to myself.
If that's all clear
and you don't mind, we'll be
getting back to work now.
Where's the kid?
What kid?
There is no kid.
No. No, not now.
-Of course not.
That's absolutely ridiculous.
-What, what is she saying?
She's asking if we could
have chicken for lunch.
Hey, I'm asking about the kid.
Who the fuck cares
what you had for lunch?
That's what I was saying.
Tell me where she is
or I will fucking
blow your brains out.
I already told you,
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
I'm not playing any games,
you fuck.
Tell me who did this
or I will fucking
kill this bitch.
God! Jesus. Fuck me!
Oh, fuck!
Fuck! That motherfucker
bit me, oh my fuck!
-She doesn't like that word.
Which word? "Bitch"?
Fuck you, bitch.
Get her off me.
Get her off me. Get her off me!
What is wrong with her?
She's from Liverpool.
Jesus... Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Listen, mister,
we don't want any trouble.
We can't tell you who hired us
because they would kill us.
I will kill you.
You don't really
scare me though.
God, this is by far
the most ridiculous conversation
I've ever had.
-Open your mouth.
-Open your fucking mouth.
-This is weird.
-Shut up!
-Are you OK?
-Shut up.
Let me think.
Well, everything can be bought.
Everything can be bought,
you know, we don't really
get paid that much.
I could tell you who did this
if you pay us.
Wow, OK.
That was easy.
-I said you're so breezy.
OK. Now you have your money.
So tell me who did this.
Aww. He looks so peaceful.
Untie me.
Untie me!
-Untie me fucker!
-Look who woke up!
-Fuck you!
-Good morning Cinderella,
-Untie me!
-did you sleep well?
-Untie me!
Untie me!
-Hey Y, look who woke up!
-Untie me!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
I'll kill you. I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Untie me!
Untie me!
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
Fuck you, fucker.
Fuck you.
-Good morning, good
looking. Sleep well?
-Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fuck you.
-Guess not.
I hate the taste of fabric
in my mouth.
It irritates my tongue.
Who are you?
Your worst nightmare.
- Hey, hey, hey, stop laughing,
I'm being serious.
Fuck you, OK!
I don't need this shit,
I'm a paid professional.
I'm famous.
I could kill your entire family
with my pinky if I wanted to.
You don't look
like a professional.
What would you know about that?
Oh, I don't know.
But you don't strike me
as someone who's actually...
Oh, I am dangerous.
I am so fucking dangerous
you don't even know
how dangerous I am.
Oh yeah?
Like what?
Yazuhiro Kazu
I killed him.
The Yakuza boss?
Yes. I killed him
and all of his bodyguards
with my bare hands.
All by myself.
Oh, he's not the only one.
The Ramirez cartel?
Took them down all by myself.
Wow, those are some big clients.
What the fuck did you say?
She said lying
on your CV is pathetic.
- I'm not lying.
What now?
She says she knows
a third cousin of a friend
of the uncle of the guy
-who cleaned up the Kazu job.
And she says it wasn't you.
-Well, who was it then, huh?
A woman.
With an eye patch.
Hold his face.
What? No.
Hey, stop!
That's an invasion of privacy.
Hey, this is private.
Don't look to my pictures.
Yo, what the fuck is this?
It's a meme.
No, not this. This.
-Where is he?
-What? You know him?
Where is Alex?
You know this pussy?
-Where is he?
-Mate, your breath stinks.
What, is he like
your boyfriend or something?
Woah, hey no,
OK chill. OK, chill.
I tell you where he is.
They don't pay me enough anyway.
In a storage unit
underneath the docks.
Which one?
Have a look around.
Fuck OK, no, fine.
Number 24.
The key is in my jacket.
How do I know
you're telling me the truth?
Well, you don't.
But what other options
do you have?
Stay with him till I get back.
No, please don't leave me here
alone with these two...
Let's all be friends, OK?
Elijah, come here!
I'm so sorry.
He's not usually like this.
Let me make it up to you.
I'll buy you a coffee.
No, no, no, no,
we're-we're OK, thanks.
Your daughter?
God, no.
Could you imagine me
as a father? Fuck no.
See? I'm more like a cool uncle.
Right, buddy?
So she's your niece?
Sort of...
Not really...
- Hey!
- Elijah, what did I...
-We need to go.
-No, please.
-I think I've left the oven on.
-Stay with us.
No. You could fix that later.
We could go for that coffee now.
Hey, don't you use
those bad words now.
Fuck. I can't go after her.
She's got a kid.
I could kill her later.
But what about the kid?
I bet she's a single mother.
It's probably hard enough
as it is.
She probably
wouldn't tell anyone.
Seemed like a nice lady.
What do you think, buddy?
Buddy! Arghhh!
I lost her already!
Oh, we were such great friends.
I lost her. I lost the kid.
She's right there, man.
Don't you ever scare me
like that again.
I was so worried.
Didn't I say
stay at my side at all times?
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Wassup you little
ugly-ass bitch!
- Wassup, wassup!
- Hey!
What are you doing?
You know this guy?
-Yes, that's Alex.
-This is Alex?
This is the motherfucker
who punched me in the face,
like five years ago.
-Well, now we're even.
-Oh, we're not even
close to even, nah.
-This is the fuck
who killed my partner.
-No, he didn't.
I did.
Actually, he didn't.
She's not dead.
Look, it's a long story,
and I will explain,
but I need you to deliver
a message to the Silver Dragon
before that.
You're not serious.
You need to take life
a little less seriously, Mum.
Just give me the gun.
One gun.
You go around back.
Stay safe.
-X, I'm not your mum.
Oh, it's you.
Come in, come in.
Michael, this is...
Well, I don't really
know her name,
but she works for my grandad.
Nice to meet you.
Come on, take a seat.
We're all friends here.
As you wish.
So, over the phone
you said you wanted some blow.
I think you said
something like...
Two grams?
You're always so quiet,
you know.
Very mysterious.
I like it.
Ooh, I sense some
tasty sexual tension.
Would you like me
to leave the room? Maybe?
Where did you get this?
Not this again.
What are you, my mum?
It's mine. You can tell
Grandpa it's not his.
I swear, it's my own.
I promised
I'd stop stealing his.
Where did you get it?
Michael, man knows
the best dealers.
He's a beast.
You know what the good thing
about our product is?
It's unmistakable.
Oh, my fucking God!
-What the fuck did you do?
-You're fucking up Alex
and he doesn't like it one bit.
Fuck you and fuck him.
You know how much
he hates stealing.
He didn't steal nothing.
We've got him on tape.
-I'm going to kill you.
-No, you won't.
Think again.
Don't move a muscle.
Put the gun down, slowly,
and nobody has to get hurt.
Run! Go, go, go!
X, get him.
-Get your knee off my dick, man,
-That's not your dick.
Oh, my God, man,
why would you put it
on my fucking knee?
-Oh, sorry, mate,
did that hurt? Yeah?
That's it, yeah.
That hurt, yeah?
Oh, what the fuck?
Stop, you fucking...
- We could have
been friends, bro.
-Fuck you.
-We could have been friends.
That's gross, man.
What the fuck?
You didn't just... nah...
you didn't just do that!
Why don't you
clean your ears, bro?
- I don't fucking,
I don't expect you
to finger them all the time.
- What the fuck was that?
- How 'bout this!
Svetlana, Svetlana?
No, no, no, no!
No, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, hey!
Oh fuck.
Hey, hey, c'mon, buddy, wake up.
Wake up, yeah?
Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.
Come on.
C'mon. C'mon. C'mon.
Hey, we were supposed
to go to Barbados together?
We were going to go to Bar...
and I was going to make you
this scarf
and it was going to be...
all the colours
of the rainbow, yeah?
Hey, don't worry.
Let me sort this out.
Where's your phone?
Where's your fucking phone?
What the fuck
were you thinking!?
Michael was my friend.
I'm talking to you, old man!
Listen to me!
No, you listen to me, you fuck!
I am done with listening
to your fucking shit.
You know what
they're saying about me?
I'm the leader of the largest
fucking criminal organisation
in this city
and I can't control
my own fucking grandson.
You will get
your fucking shit together
or I will see to it
that you spend the rest
of your days in a cold,
fucking dark cell
with enough friends
to fuck your ass year round.
You hear me, boy?
Because the only reason
you're alive now is your mother.
I hate the way
she closes off when she cries.
And no part of my love
could make up for that.
Jonas on the phone, sir.
They're working on her now.
Right here with me?
No, sir.
Won't be a problem, sir.
I understand.
Like always, sir.
Lucy, dear,
can you get my car ready?
Thank you.
What are you going to do?
Oil the machine.
I'm sorry, X.
I just follow orders.
Thank you.
Just go.
Good morning, darling.
Ready to get to work?
Is it done?
One, thank you.
Like always.
And the security tapes?
How's our friend?
-Yes, he blends in well,
doesn't he?
I hate giving away
valuable things to people
who don't deserve them.
-He said the police were on it.
-Oh, are they now?
Isn't that lovely?
-I bet they'll find her
in no time.
-And the kids?
-I have some people on it.
-So they found them?
-Are they OK?
Hopefully the boy
will tell us where my girl is.
Shall I go see him?
No, no.
I've got a man on it.
He can be pretty convincing
when he wants to be.
I really messed up
with my little girl.
Wasn't hard enough.
Wasn't strict enough.
Or maybe I loved her too much.
I'll do it better with her kid.
I won't let her get hurt.
Not by any man.
Not how I let Richter
and that other man have my girl.
Not with this little one.
She's all mine.
Ah, Jonas.
Come in. Come in.
Mr Banksbi,
- you sent for me?
- Yes, yes, of course.
Have a seat.
Suit yourself.
How's your leg, Jonas?
Yeah, it's OK. Healing well.
Good, good. Wouldn't want you
running around injured.
We need you ready for battle.
Ah, wonderful.
Put that there on the chair
and the biscuits with me.
You can go.
Would you mind setting
that up for me, Jonas?
Thank you.
The, er...
Right there
in the middle, please.
Do you like the new rug?
Yes, it's beautiful.
Yes, well, the old one was
so messy, I had to change it.
I prefer this one.
Brings out the red.
How did the job go?
Yeah, it went... well.
Wonderful, wonderful.
So what did you do
with the body?
I, er...
I dropped it.
In the river.
not the cleanest of methods,
but everyone has their style.
Have you always done this?
Have you ever missed one?
I'm sorry?
You drop them in the river,
they're not dead.
They swim out of the river,
they're still alive.
You know, that sort of thing.
Oh, good. Excellent, Jonas.
So you're not an idiot.
Good to know.
Are you done?
On your knees, please, Jonas.
On your knees, Jonas.
She won't help you, darling.
She's not here for you.
On your knees, please.
Please. Please,
I didn't do anything.
Oh, don't sell yourself short.
You did more than enough.
On your knees.
I won't ask again.
Don't be silly, in the middle!
What type of a business
do I run, Jonas?
I don't know, drugs?
You never told me.
Yes, that's right, I never did.
But I'm going to tell
you now, just once.
Because I like you.
I run a successful business.
What we sell or don't sell
is completely irrelevant.
The key point is that
the operation is successful.
Do you agree?
What do you think it takes
to run a successful business
like mine, Jonas?
I don't know.
Well, more or less.
Not really, we make money,
we need money to run.
But what makes us
a successful business
is our workers.
Everybody has a function.
It's like
a beautiful Swiss watch.
All the little pieces inside
make it run perfectly.
But if one little gear breaks,
the whole thing just stops.
And every single one of us
has to do our job perfectly.
So that my machine works.
You kill people who would
threaten the correct running
of my machine.
You are a very
important piece, Jonas.
But being a very important piece
means you are responsible
for the livelihoods
of hundreds
of hardworking people.
We are a family, Jonas.
And I can't allow you
to put my family at risk.
I really can't.
Please. Please, I'm sorry.
Whatever I did, I'm sorry.
Whatever you did?
You do not even know
what you did wrong.
Remember five years ago,
I asked you to get rid
of a problem for me?
Come on, think hard.
I know you can do it.
You're not an idiot, are you?
there we are.
See, a little birdie told me
that they saw him the other day.
Maybe you dropped him
in the river.
And he was still alive.
But you said
that never happened.
So the only conclusion
I can come to
is that you
betrayed me.
Wouldn't you agree?
I'll do anything you want.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
I'll do anything you want.
Please, please, please.
Forgive me.
That won't be necessary.
Lucy, dear,
could you get Mark in here?
Thank you.
-Would you excuse me
for a moment?
Of course, of course.
Come back when you're done.
One, one, two, three.
Holy shit!
I thought you were dead.
My name's not Svetlana, X.
No. Yeah, no, of course. Sorry.
Shit, Svetlana,
I didn't think you'd made it.
-They shot you in the...
-I got lucky.
I thought you were dead.
Nah they couldn't get to me.
Here I am: alive and kicking...
Damn, you look like
Nick Fury or something.
I missed you so much, Mum.
Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy.
Mum. Mummy.
What are you doing here?
I'm here to deliver
a message to the Silver Dragon.
He's right inside.
You want to come in?
Nah, that's cool.
He already tried
to kill me once.
-Long story.
Just tell him
to meet us at the abandoned
train station in Croydon at 6
if he wants to see
the kid again.
Is it done?
Thank you, X.
You have a lot of shit
to explain, Y.
Hey, buddy, how are ya?
-I'm OK.
-Good. They treat you well?
They're here.
You know the plan.
I thought I told you
to come alone.
You know how much
I hate driving.
Where is she?
What do you want, Alex?
For you to leave us alone.
I'm not going to do that.
I don't want to kill you.
Is that so?
You drove her insane, you know.
You're the reason she's gone.
Give me the child, Alex.
I won't ask again.
She's gone, you know.
She's gone.
And it's all because of you.
And you think
I'll let you have my sister?
No chance.
You don't really think
you have any negotiating power,
you fucking snake!
You? Don't make me laugh.
Is this it?
- Where's X?
- One man!
I dunno,
he was right behind me.
No more of this shit.
Let's get to it!
I agree old man!
Let's get to it!
The fuck is that?
Come out you piece
of shit,
-we're gonna fucking kill you.
-Open Martin. Come out.
-Martin! Martin!
-We're gonna fucking kill you
-Come out, you cunt!
-Open up!
-We're gonna fucking kill you.
-Where are you, you fat fuck?
-Come out here right now,
you fuck.
-You gonna fucking die, Martin!
Where are you?
Hey-o, Martin.
Come out, fatty.
You're gonna pay for this.
Piece of shit.
What the fuck?
I know you're there, fucker.
Don't talk back at me.
These boxes, back room.
You know that shit
ain't intimidating, right?
It's fucking jarring, you know,
why'd you do it?
Quit fucking staring at me,
while you slurp on
my fucking beer, man?
Fucking weird!
Even saying that shit's
fucking weird.
Quit being fucking weird!
Why do you swear so much?
What do you mean,
why do I swear so much?
I swear because
I fucking wanna swear.
I swear because
it's what I've always done.
Now, that's rude.
That's what's fucking rude.
No, not swearing.
Everybody swears,
it's human nature.
D'ya know what?
I bet you even the Queen
says a good "fuck you"
every now and again.
It's liberating
is what it is. Liberating.
You think the Queen...
says the F word?
"The F word"?
What are you, like 5?
Come on, we don't
have all day, move!
Hey, there's...
-There's a rat there.
-What? Let me see.
There's no rat here.
Check again.
So that's 12
for the full English,
10 for the pancakes,
- and...
- 3.25 for the drink.
Yeah, we know Mort,
we come here every day.
You know, you have got
to stop being so damn happy
all the time, Mort.
You're going to hurt your face,
all that smiling you're doing.
I'll pay cash.
Oh, you didn't have it
in pennies?
It's just I reckon
I can carry even more coins.
Life of the party.
Are you ready?
As ready as I'll ever be.
This place...
looks familiar.
We ever been here before?
What are you doing?
None... of your business.
You guys should keep
these locked away better.
They are incredibly
easy to access.
Oi! Holy shit, hey!
What's your problem?
These are dangerous weapons.
Yeah, you probably shouldn't
leave them in a dumpster then.
Don't talk back at me.
I know we weren't perfect but
never felt this way for no one
Well isn't that adorable.
- Mort?
- My name is not "Mort".
It's Martin!
Wow, OK, Mort, calm down.
-Let's talk this out, yeah?
-Nah, we will
not talk anything out.
Not a thing.
Not a fucking thing.
Put your gun on the floor!
Kick it over.
Hey man, listen,
please don't do this
in front of the kid.
If you want to kill me,
that's fine.
Please, not in front of her.
Let's go.
Hey, look.
It's gonna be alright, yeah,
you're safe here.
Don't move.
Wait here for your brother, OK?
I'll be right back.
it's going to be alright, yeah?
-I'll be back. You stay here
and wait for your brother.
-Let's go! Alright, move!
On your knees.
Come on, man. Not here, please.
She can still see us.
Alright, move.
-Fucking hell, Mort!
-On your knees.
Get down!
The fuck is that?
Nothing. That's nothing, man.
Now don't fuck with me.
Alright, c'mon, move.
Who the fuck are they?
- It's complicated, man.
- Enough!
Listen, Mort,
these are bad people.
You do not want
to fuck with them.
No, man. I'm going
to rid the world
of all you fucking criminals.
Let's get to it.
I agree, old man.
Let's get to it!
Who the fuck are you?
It doesn't matter, old man, OK?
What matters is
I'm going to kill
every last one of you.
You will do no such thing.
Where's my sister?
You've got the kid?
-She's safe in the carriage.
-Go get her.
Nobody fucking move
or I'll kill him, alright?
I don't give a shit
what you do to him.
What if I shoot you?
You wouldn't dare.
I'll kill you both.
Listen to me, Martin.
You don't want to do this.
Shut the fuck up!
Alright, you don't know me.
You don't know
what I want to do.
Give me the child. She's mine.
Don't you lay a finger on her.
Don't you fucking
threaten me, boy!
I'll do with her
whatever the fuck I want.
Is now a bad time?
-Let go of her!
-Give me my sister.
How did you escape?
I have my ways.
They went for chicken,
didn't they?
Hand her over.
Yeah, about that.
This job got really
fucking complicated.
I had to jump through hoops
for you. My fare has gone up.
I'm not paying you a penny more.
Up to you.
I want more money
or I kill this kid.
Svetlana, please do something.
There's nothing I can do, X.
Yes, you can. You owe them.
I don't owe them shit.
Alex saved your life.
They saved your life!
Like hell they did.
They almost killed me.
They called Jonas and his men.
-They're the reason
you're alive.
-Shut your mouth, boy.
I should have killed you myself.
You're the reason
she almost died.
I saved her.
Hand my granddaughter to me
right this fucking moment.
Look like there's only one way
to solve this.
shot me.
You lied to me.
You think they'll love you?
You're not their mother.
You're right.
She's dead.
I'll give her your best.
You won't find her
where you're going.
What the fuck, Mort!
Why did you do that?
My name is not "Mort",
you piece of shit.
Rest in peace, Mort.
You shot him.
Glad you're OK.
It's just a scrape.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Where will you go?
I think I'll go away
for a while.
I have some savings.
Barbados, maybe.
I think I'll stay here.
They'll need help
rebuilding it all.
I'll miss you, man.
Me too.
Good luck.
X, don't go!
Oh, hey, little one.
Hey, come here.
X, please don't go.
I have to.
I need to get away.
Sun on my face,
drink in my hands.
But I need you.
You, erm...
You don't need someone
like me in your life.
listen to your brother
and the serious lady, OK.
Be good.
For me.
I'll miss you.
me too.
Go on.
Hey, X...
wait up.
I'm coming with you.