Tales of Frankenstein (2018) Movie Script

legend of Frankenstein
is known throughout the world,
as recorded by Mary
Wollstonecraft Shelley
in her classic novel, how
more than two centuries ago
a scientist named Victor
Frankenstein created
from corpses and brought to
life an immortal monster.
But the story of Frankenstein
was just the beginning.
There have been others, some
bearing the Frankenstein name,
who have followed in Victor's
unorthodox footsteps.
There are many Tales
of Frankenstein.
These are some of them.
Victor Frankenstein.
IRMA: I want to remember
LANGUAGE) Gregore,
though as not to
repeat the mistake
of your infamous ancestor.
Follow my instructions.
If my theory and
technique are correct,
the brain, once transplanted
and reactivated,
should retain all of
the memories, skills,
and feelings of
its former owner.
I remain your colleague,
Dr. Irma Reichman.
Dr. Irma Reichman.
The fraud of Frankenstein,
the other children call me.
My teacher, Master Thomas,
the self-styled man of faith,
he told me that I was born
with this twisted body
because of your
sin, cousin Victor,
because of what you
did a century ago.
But not this time.
No murders, no
revenge, no horror.
In addition to your
notes, I also have Irma's.
When my, my Adonis awakens
and takes his first breath,
they will see that
basically you were right,
and respect the name of
Frankenstein once again.
There's only one vital
component that is lacking.
Just one.
IRMA: Again,
Dr. Frankenstein,
I appreciate your regarding
my knowledge, skills,
experience, and reputation
concerning the human brain
with such high esteem.
Please continue
our correspondence,
but for now, I remain
your colleague and friend.
Dr. Irma Reichman.
LANGUAGE) Gregore,
your self description
reads so incongruous
with the beauty of
your written words.
If only we could
meet, but my health
precludes that from happening.
Ugh, Gregore, the cancer
has taken its toll.
If only circumstances
had been different,
we might have shared a love,
one of mind more than body.
But fate can be
capricious and cruel.
I have already taken
measures to ensure that
my one properly functioning
organ be real to you.
Study it, use it.
If you need to,
experiment with it.
In that way, we will
remain together.
Goodbye for now, (SPEAKS
I love you, too.
Yes, Hussman.
You say you have it?
I-I'll be right over.
Ah, Herr Frankenstein.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Sorry, Dr. Frankenstein.
Prompt as always.
Are you sure it is him?
And sweet as a summer's
apple, so to speak.
Nothing like a
good apple, I say,
at least until the
worms get at it,
if you know what I mean.
Professor Hans Broedecker,
how well I remember
the day you booted me out of
the university for my ideas.
Heresy, blasphemy you called it.
Smartest man in
Bavaria, so they tell me.
Present company excluded.
Kicked the bucket just this
morning after his first class,
right there on the stairs.
Was it rare?
Bad ticker.
Never came close to bumping
the ol' noggin on the way down.
Herr Frankenstein.
Sorry, I'm not as
rich as my late cousin.
I can see this
here one's special,
and you know the
risks I've been taking
for the likes of you.
So, as they say,
business before pleasure.
GERTRUDE: What the...
GREGORE: Oh, so sorry, madam.
Out of all the clumsy...
How's business?
Like always, Gertrude.
Good morning, (SPEAKS
Good morning.
You should pick me.
You should take both of us.
Um, maybe just her.
GERTRUDE: No pretty Frau
to keep you warm tonight?
My beautiful, my beautiful
Helga, Fraulein Helga.
Now, now, now, now,
what's wrong with you?
HELGA: Come back
tomorrow, Franz!
- You know my marks are good.
- Maybe.
Huh, I don't care too
- much about your...
- Don't touch me!
Don't you touch her, you
The rat!
I am now as ugly as the monster
you created, Cousin Victor,
but that should not
matter to my Irma,
who loves me for my brain.
I am sorry, my Adonis.
You have waited a long time,
you can wait awhile longer.
IRMA: Won't remember,
LANGUAGE), Gregore.
The brain, once transplanted
and reactivated,
should retain all
the memories, skills,
and feelings of
its former owner.
The feelings,
feelings, feelings.
What is it, Hussman?
HUSSMAN: I'm assuming
you haven't heard,
Dr. Frankenstein?
Heard, what?
Speak up, man, it's the
middle of the night.
Nasty fire at the music
hall, during a rehearsal.
So hot it melted the door locks.
Poor babies, they must regret
their decision to leave Paris.
Most of them croaked
choking on the smoke,
so there's not too much damage.
Well, except for
what got burned,
none of them too
hard on the eyes.
Unless of course one's picky.
Well, there are one
or two exceptions.
See anything that
strikes your fancy,
or should I just Christmas
wrap the lot of them?
Good, good.
Let the spirit and knowledge,
along with my dearest
Irma, guide me.
And pray that when she
wakes up to a perfect body
that I've created,
the body of Venus,
that she still remembers.
IRMA: If only circumstances
had been different,
we might have shared a love,
one of mind more than body.
Irma, Irma, my creation!
Irma, don't you know me?
What I've done for you, for us?
Oh, your vocal chords, they
won't function for awhile.
They need time to heal.
You're young again,
perfect in every way.
Oh, oh, what is it, the scars?
Don't worry, it won't be long
until they're healed also.
I've seen to that.
Irma, don't you know me?
It's, it's Gregore.
I don't understand.
The brain should be
functioning perfectly.
Do-don't you recognize me,
You do recognize me.
My love.
Gregore, my (SPEAKS
Your vocal chords will
heal, as will your scars.
Just give time.
My beloved.
The grave death.
It's the plague
that rots the flesh.
Should you really
be doing that?
Now please, Sylvie,
don't lecture me anymore,
this is everything I need
- to calm my nerves.
- I know, I know, Elsa,
but it's just the thought
of my skin turning gray
and withering, I,
- I just.
- I know.
Oh, forgive us, Frankenstein.
We, we didn't mean anything.
It's all right, I've
learned to cope with tragedy.
Oh, as have I.
And still no cure.
I wonder if our village will
ever be rid of the curse...
Yes, before it puts
us all in our graves.
My husband said it's
carried by the wind.
No matter what the cause
is, one can't be too careful.
Every night when I go
to bed with the dread
that when I awaken in the
morning, beside my dear Claus.
Or look into the mirror.
Well, I must be off now,
I've got my chores to do.
We'll see you later, Frau
Frankenstein, at the funeral.
Yes, we'll be there for you.
Good day, Frau Frankenstein.
Good day.
Oh, hello Vincent.
I wish to express
my condolences,
Frau Frankenstein,
for your loss.
I know that you
and my late husband
weren't exactly friends, but I...
That's not my main
reason for calling.
It's about the ring.
The ring?
You want to buy it?
With all due respect,
Frau Frankenstein,
your husband has no
further use for it.
But I on the other hand, well...
Just name your figure.
I-I'm sorry Vincent, but
the ring is not for sale,
at any cost.
You see, it was Helmut's
request that we...
You did what?
All right already, no
need to wake the dead.
Although that is
an intriguing idea.
Who is it?
It is I, Vincent.
Ah, Vincent, come in, come in.
Come to see my
latest treasure, huh?
Smuggled in from South
America just three days ago.
Handsome, isn't, uh,
wasn't he? (CHUCKLES)
But I must say he's looking a
mite better than you, of late.
What's the matter, my friend?
Johann, I've come
to speak with you
about a matter of
grave importance.
I'm interested, which
calls for a libation.
Here we are, my friend.
The best amontillado
that francs can buy.
It will do you good to put some
color back in those cheeks.
Although I dare say, you look
like you could benefit also
from a thick steak and potatoes.
Just the wine, thank you.
And now, my friend,
perhaps you can explain
this pale countenance and
those trembling hands.
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
No ghost, Frankenstein.
Oh, you mean your
former neighbor,
not the monster that
his famous ancestor
was supposed to have
stitched together?
But Herr Frankenstein lies
moldering in his grave,
at least last I heard he was.
What I must, what I'm
compelled to tell you,
begins when Herr Frankenstein
was very much alive.
Alive, despised, and feared.
Herr Frankenstein, my
neighbor, was a fiend.
Oh, how he enjoyed
taunting me, tormenting me.
He knew all about my
obsession for precious jewels,
for possessing them.
He wore a ring with the
most magnificent jewel
my eyes had ever beheld.
It was something I
had to own for myself.
And though I was willing
to pay well for that ring,
Herr Frankenstein would not
sell it to me for any price.
Frankenstein knew how not owning
the ring haunted
me, day and night.
But fate was about to intervene.
As you know, people
feared Herr Frankenstein,
feared my might be conducting
diabolic experiments
like his forbearer.
But this Frankenstein had no
interest in creating monsters.
Must you always taunt
our poor neighbor, Helmut?
Vincent means no harm.
Vincent is an idiot, what
with all his precious jewels.
Everyone in this
town is an idiot.
Mein Gott, I wish we
had never left Geneva.
You've forgotten
already, husband,
that we didn't leave by choice.
Idiots are everywhere.
All right, forget
about Vincent.
It's you I'm worried about.
Are you really?
Concerned that I'll outlive you?
Concerned that you'll
never get to spend
that incredible fortune
you married me for?
That I'll get strong and vigorous
and stay that way forever?
Victor was right in studying
the ancient alchemists,
as well as men of science.
Paracelsus, Agrippa, Dippel.
Men who saw the gift
that Victor Frankenstein
stumbled upon accidentally,
and bestowed upon the
so-called monster.
I re-discovered
that secret, Lenore.
I've extracted it,
defined it, isolated it.
All through Victor's notes!
But you can't be
serious about trying
this concoction on yourself.
It might have the
opposite effect, and...
I'm touched by
your concern, Lenore.
So maybe after I've
become young and immortal,
I'll share this gift with you.
But don't worry, I have
tested it again and again,
on small animals with
comparatively short lifespans.
And I assure you there
is absolutely nothing
that can possibly go wrong.
I can feel it already, in every
blood vessel, muscle, nerve.
I feel...
I feel, ahh!
Please no, Helmut.
Please, no, oh my God, Helmut!
The great death.
Why, why, why me?
Why now?
And may you rest in peace.
He's all yours now,
Frau Frankenstein.
Thank you.
Furthermore, while
Herr Frankenstein's ways
were a little different, he
was still a child of God,
who I pray will have mercy
upon his immortal soul.
Thankfully you
almost weren't...
Thank you for coming.
If you need anything.
May God protect you,
Frau Frankenstein.
So there Herr
Frankenstein lies,
and still on his finger
the damnable ring,
the blood red ruby
that's become my curse
and driven me to the
brink of madness.
And you want that ring?
It's the only way I'll
ever know peace again.
You'll help me,
won't you, Johann?
I don't think I
could do it myself,
I don't think I have
the stomach for it,
but you have.
Well, I, I have a shovel,
but robbing a grave?
I admit that would be a new
experience, even for me,
but it's been almost a week,
and remember, the plague.
We'll take precautions.
No, I am, I'm sorry, Vincent.
I'm a collector,
not a body snatcher.
But have fun!
You know, I wonder
which works quicker,
the plague or the worms?
Buried alive, interesting.
Unless, of course,
Herr Frankenstein's
potion actually worked.
I heard his heartbeat,
it was maddening.
Probably your imagination,
or your guilty conscience.
But such strength,
that was no imagination.
It was superhuman, supernatural.
Well, I, I think you for
your generous gift, old friend.
You know, I once almost acquired
an authentic hand of glory,
back when I lived in Arkham.
But those pesky
government officials,
they don't always
appreciate such treasures.
Don't let it touch
your bare skin.
Of course.
No, I plan to preserve it
and display it under glass.
So, now that Herr
Frankenstein's wonder drug
seems to have run its
course, let's celebrate.
Oh, if you don't
mind, it's morning,
I should be on my way.
I understand, you
want to get home,
admire your prize,
perhaps pose with it
in front of the mirror.
As one collector to another,
I understand perfectly.
Ah, now where am I going
to put you, my lovely?
You'll never torment me again.
You hear me?
You stinking, fetid,
mass of pestilence.
I'm sorry, did
you say something?
Just talking to myself, uh,
stupid habit I must overcome.
Good evening, Frau Frankenstein.
Good evening, may I?
Come to pay your
respects, I see.
I come to visit my
dear Helmut every day.
I prefer coming here at
night, it's more quiet.
But what are you doing
here at this hour?
It's almost closing time.
I uh...
But since you're here,
I'd like to apologize
for my late husband's
behavior towards you.
It was rude and uncalled for.
It was nothing,
Frau Frankenstein.
You know, I really
did love him, but...
His brilliant mind.
I'm sure you know by now, the
tragic news about your friend.
So you don't know.
I am sorry.
It appears as though it
wasn't just the pestilence
that claimed your friend's life.
There were marks on the throat.
Finger marks, as if
strangled by the hand
possessing great strength.
Frankenstein, I'd gladly
give it back, but...
NARRATOR: Out of the
past, phantoms of a world
gone by speak again the
immortal tale, Frankenstein.
warned, you doctors
and scientists
who come after me.
Be warned that man
must not experiment
with the secrets of life.
This creature will live.
trying to play God, Victor.
It's heresy!
VICTOR: It's science.
PROFESSOR: He's hideous.
VICTOR: Yes, he's hideous.
PROFESSOR: Have you any
idea what kind of horror
you've let loose in England?
VICTOR: Put that
knife down, Professor!
I can't let, ooh!
Oh, he's got me in the
clutch of his hand.
VICTOR: Now, what
do you expect of me?
MONSTER: A companion, a
woman, of the same species.
One who will be my friend.
This being you must create.
VICTOR: No, I'll not do it.
Gosh darnit!
It was a heck of a time
for my engine to conk out.
There I was, stuck in
the middle of nowhere,
about to get drowned in
Uncle Noah's next flood.
Already the lightning bolts
were crashing overhead
like hopped up eels at an
electrician's convention.
But I suppose it could be worse.
A fine kettle of gefilte
for me, Jack Anvil,
enemy of criminals,
hopheads and other lowlifes.
Fated to die of ammonia
like some skid row bum,
instead of a more
respectable way,
like at the business
end of some gunzel's 45.
I doubted I'd find a
mechanic this time of night
out here in the boondocks,
but if I could just get
to a phone before the
storm clouds opened up.
The set up seemed familiar.
I recalled similar situations
that Lamont Cranston
and Sam Spade found
themselves in on the radio.
Well if it was good
enough for them,
at least the outside
looked friendly enough.
How may I help you?
Where'd they find
you, Central Casting?
Sorry to bother you so late,
but my jalopy's engine died.
That storm's about
to break any second.
Wait here, I will speak
with the owner of the house.
Perhaps you may stay the night.
Didn't this guy know
Halloween was over?
I felt like I was one
of the East Side Kids
about to meet Bela Lugosi.
Can I just use your phone?
Maybe there's a
local gas station...
I'm sorry, sir, but the phone
is dead.
But if you will wait here.
JACK: At least he
didn't say walk this way.
Can't be too careful.
Burglars, you know.
Yeah, there's plenty around
here, so much to steal.
Obviously this dump hadn't
been attended to in decades.
It was sorely in need
of a woman's touch.
Any woman, even Lady MacBeth.
But at least the joint
was dry, and warm.
I just hoped things
wouldn't get too hot.
Please, make
yourself comfortable.
The doctor will be with you
Doctor, huh?
Thanks, Jeeves.
Uh, Juana?
The name is Mogambo, sir.
Sorry, Mogambo.
Where's Larry and chimp?
I couldn't help but
notice the painting,
maybe of Dr. Jekyl
during his college days.
I wonder if the doctor
was spying on me through
the portrait, with eyes
that would follow me
wherever I walked
inside this mausoleum.
My hat!
Dr. Mortality.
Yes, Mogambo?
I believe we have
finally found the one.
At last.
At last.
You know what to do.
ALL: Sir.
Could I?
Thank you, that's very nice.
I'm trying to stop, I
hear those things kill ya.
Did I say something
about a woman's touch?
Like maybe Charlie
Chan's number one,
two, and three daughters?
You need something warm
in your stomach, kind sir.
After being
outside in the cold.
We will see to your needs.
I need to be warmed up.
It is oolong tea,
from our homeland.
Very, very hot.
Yes, you are.
The tea, the tea
is, Miss, uh, Miss?
Anna May.
Anna Lee.
Anna Lu.
Very good, very good.
How could I refuse an offer
from silky skirts like these?
Besides, the China dolls
obviously went for me.
I mean, don't all dames?
And so.
Women like men with brains.
- Yes.
- Mm, yes.
So uh, who's this guy,
the doctor's granddaddy?
What kind of herbs did
you say was in this?
The tea felt soothing as
it went down the hatch.
Also strange, and I
wondered if somebody
might have slipped me a Mickey.
Say, babies,
what do you say once
this storm lets up,
the four of us slip
out for some chop suey.
I know this place in Chinatown.
Hey uh, who is this guy again?
You admire fine works of art?
Yeah, you could say that.
That portrait is one of
my most prized possessions.
You know who that is?
What is this, 20 questions?
Give me a hint.
Dorian Gray's second
cousin, once removed.
The guy reminded me
of Boris Karloff.
Somehow, as I started
to get drowsy,
I was getting the feeling that
I was about to be removed.
That's Victor Frankenstein,
one of the most brilliant
scientists the world
has ever known,
and a great inspiration to me.
Is that so?
I always thought Frankenstein
was just some guy
in the movies who got mixed
up with Abbott and Costello.
I'm told I bear a striking
resemblance to Victor,
wouldn't you agree, Mr...
Anvil, Jack Anvil,
P.I. at your service.
Mortality, Dr. Mortality,
at your service, Mr. Anvil.
JACK: I didn't like the
sound of that name, Mortality.
It reminded me of death,
and that map of his,
like some looney from the pages
of Black Mask or Weird Tales.
But at that moment,
what I thought
of this bargain basement
Karloff didn't seem to matter.
DR. MORTALITY: Yes, yes, yes.
Is he the one?
The one you've
been waiting for?
Waiting so long
for, my dearest?
You three?
You're with this
creep, all three?
Yes, yes, yes, my lovelies.
He'll do just nicely.
Nicely, do what nicely?
Something wasn't
right with this setup.
I knew that rain or not, I had
to make a beeline outta here.
Just a few well-aimed shots
with my licensed .38 snub nose
and I'd be free and
out of this madhouse.
But Mr. Michael Fend had
already done his dirty work.
You can't escape, Mr. Anvil.
The drug that Anna May gave you
will immobilize you for hours.
That'll give me just enough
time to preform the operation.
Mogambo, it's time.
As you wish.
JACK: Although I couldn't
move, the gray matter
in my noggin still
worked like gangbusters.
Besides, the dolls
seemed to be on my team.
Maybe they'd grab my heat
and bail me outta
this insane asylum.
Yeah, maybe.
So, maybe the China
dolls didn't go for me
as much as I thought.
It wasn't the first time my
hunch was a little bit off,
or I'd been given
the double cross
by some good looking dame.
But I was getting the
sneaking suspicion
that this might be the last.
I was beginning to
wonder if this craziness
was just a nightmare.
The result of that pastrami
sandwich and dill pickle
that cute waitress served
me back at the diner.
But if that was the
case, Jack Anvil,
private gumshoe,
wasn't laughing.
I was finally
starting to get it.
That crazy as this seemed,
this was no gosh darned joke.
You're wasting your
time Mr., Mr. Anvil.
But uh, I suppose you're
entitled to an explanation.
Gargantus was a gift
from Mogambo's tribe.
I see that my pet likes you,
but I must apologize for
his uncouth behavior.
You see, he's hungry,
and I've been too busy
the last few hours to
feed my little pet.
JACK: Little pet?
More like King Kong's big brat.
If I ever needed an assist
from Clyde Beatty, this was it.
I hoped that what they
said about gorillas
being vegetarians was true.
But after he's fed, he's
really quite harmless.
I do hope you like Gargantus
as much as he likes you,
because Gargantus is
going to be your new home.
Victor Frankenstein, who's
portrait you so admired,
once created a living human
being by assembling parts
of corpses and then
bringing alive.
He came to be known as
Frankenstein's monster.
Simply put, Mr. Anvil, I'm
going to remove your brain,
your living brain, and transfer
it into the head of my ape.
After the operation you're
going to be neither man nor ape,
but my creation, mine.
Capable of human
thoughts and reasoning,
but with the strength
and power of a Hercules.
Oh, the scientific knowledge
that we're gonna glean
from this experiment.
Don't worry, Mr. Anvil,
I'll be merciful.
You'll sleep soundly,
painlessly, mercifully,
but only for awhile.
JACK: The guy was Section 8,
but the reason for his
nuttiness wasn't my problem.
There I was, like some
poor stiff in a mortuary,
waiting for the
undertaker to go to work.
Pleasant dreams, hmm?
JACK: And then the
world disappeared.
I may have dreamed of the
three Annas, maybe more.
All of us marooned on
some remote island,
with them all decked out like
Maria Montez or Dottie Lamour.
ALL: Hi, Jack.
JACK: And me, the only guy
around for thousands of miles.
All dreams, especially
the best ones,
can turn into nightmares.
When I finally woke up, I
wasn't paralyzed anymore,
but moving wasn't easy.
As if I'd put on weight
like some fatso let loose
in an all you can eat bakery.
My head ached.
There was an empty
rumbling in my gut
reminding me of the gunfire I
heard in Normandy back in '44.
Then I remembered every
confounded gosh darn detail.
I felt like I needed a
haircut, and I was hungry.
And so was Gargantus.
It also finally sunk in
that those Anna babes
really didn't have a
thing for me after all.
What did they see
in Dr. Mortality?
Guess I will never understand
the opposite gender.
Or should that be species?
Yeah, I was hungry,
or Gargantus was.
Maybe the food wasn't
a Brown Derby T-bone,
but somehow, I was
like a starving man
at a free smorgasbord.
And yeah, I'd become vegetarian.
And you know, as long as Dr.
Mortality and his looney crew
continued to feed me, and
occasionally clean out my mess,
what more could any ape,
human brain or not, ask for?
So as far as Jack Anvil,
former P.I. was concerned,
the case of the mad house
of death was closed.
But only one thing I
still couldn't understand.
Those three China
dolls, they really were
that creep's girlfriends?
Heck, I shoulda got more
chummy with that waitress
back at the diner.
I knew she liked me.
I call upon you,
Victor Frankenstein,
that your immortal
spirit guides my hands.
When you awaken
in your new body,
all memory of your former
life will be wiped clean,
and you will obey only me.
You will have the strength
of many men, my creation,
and live forever.
Here you go, Radu.
Have a good evening.
As well as I can, Adelina,
babysitting the dead.
Make that undead.
Wine, our best,
and two glasses.
Coming right up, Crina.
Can you get you gentlemen
anything else to drink?
Or maybe a couple?
Claudiu, only drinks
are for sale tonight.
Tomorrow night?
Guess you'll have to
come back to find out.
Hm, just be wary of...
I can handle him.
And your name is Karnstein,
Dr. Heinrich Karnstein.
Your family once
lived in Switzerland.
Well I spent most of
my youth in England,
where I preformed
all my research.
Welcome to Transylvania, doc.
I prefer doctor, if
you don't mind, Carl.
Got any money, doc?
Thank you.
CRINA: Thank you, sir.
Yes, thank you doctor.
Good night.
Good night, Radu.
Come back soon.
I will, you can be sure.
Please, Carl.
We'll have the
bottle, thank you.
CRINA: Thank you, kind sir.
Ah, Karnstein?
Dr. Karnstein?
Oh, I'm sorry Carl,
I was miles away.
I was thinking what a wonderful
province you have here.
Mountains, rivers, forest,
but above all you
have opportunity.
I've lived here all my
life and I've yet to see one,
as you put it, opportunity.
But someday I hope
to escape to America.
I mean the music,
and I think the girls
there are called chicks.
They're more friendly
then some of our girls.
Shall we replenish?
Thank you.
And you believe dressing up
as that mumbling American
film actor will
help you get there?
Or at least catch the eye
of a pretty bar maid, hmm?
I mean, it can't hurt.
Besides I like the, the
feel of these threads.
Imported, used, from the States.
Tell me Carl, the
castle I saw on my way
to the village this afternoon.
Might you know if
it's for purchase?
Probably is, but you'll
have to talk to the mayor.
Nobody's lived in that ancient
dump for over 100 years.
Nobody even goes near
it, too many old rumors.
Perfect, splendid.
You're not thinking of
buying that old eyesore?
To think, the locals say
this place was once home
to a den of vampires.
Very hard to believe,
I mean we're not living
in 19th century Transylvania.
You see, my friend,
I deal only in fact,
not idiotic superstition.
You know, some idiots
still believe like,
the old legends, and they
refuse to go near this place.
Good, then they won't pester
me when I work, will they?
Doctor, you still haven't
told me, what kind of work?
Carl, have you ever heard of
the name Victor Frankenstein?
Frankenstein, of course.
Who hasn't, like the old
Hollywood films, right?
Hmm, Victor Frankenstein
was more than just
a character from old films.
He was a real person
who actually existed,
and he had a wondrous dream.
A dream less enlightened
people might call insanity.
To steal from nature her
most precious secret,
the secret of eternal life.
Victor Frankenstein
created a living man.
A body he made piece by piece
from corpses he acquired
from the graveyards, the
morgue, the slaughterhouse,
wherever he could find them.
Come on, you don't really
believe that, do you?
As will you, Carl,
when in this very room
I create Victor Frankenstein's
great experiment again.
That's crazy man. (CHUCKLES)
Is it, Carl?
Is it crazy?
My family name was
once Frankenstein,
modified by an ancestor
to avoid the stigma.
Is it crazy my mother and
father went to their grave
fearing their only
son would be tainted
by the Frankenstein gene?
The gene that crops up
every generation or so,
among members of the
Frankenstein bloodline.
You see, over the years
I've collected copies
of Victor Frankenstein's notes,
some from the British museum.
By combining his ideas
with my own techniques,
including atomic energy,
I intend to create
my own living man.
But you see, unlike
Frankenstein's so-called monster,
one totally
dominated by my will.
The perfect superhuman slave.
Well, Carl, now what do you say?
Like I said before,
you're cracked.
You're completely
wacko. (CHUCKLES)
Our last of this
vintage, I'm sorry.
And alas, this will
have to be our final
drink of the evening.
Dorina, isn't it?
It is, yes.
HEINRICH: Beautiful name.
Thank you.
Okay, well you boys enjoy.
You, you're going
to rob graves.
Hey, don't worry doctor,
no other customers
to overhear you past sunset.
We, Carl, we are
going to rob graves.
Yeah, now I know you're nuts.
I ain't stealing no bodies,
I ain't no body snitcher.
The word is snatcher, Carl.
I've learned a lot about you
since my arrival
in Transylvania.
I know you need money, I
know you'd do almost anything
to get away from this
backward province.
To go someplace where
you could enjoy success,
fortune, and perhaps the
finer things in life,
if you had money.
Besides, I need an assistant.
I'm listening.
Once our experiment is
completed and I publish,
you, Carl, will share
in all the glory.
Imagine what an impression
you'll make on those bar maids.
And all those American
chicks, as you say,
especially if you had
the money, the notoriety.
Well, my friend?
Are you with me?
BOTH: Replenish.
What if somebody sees us?
Who, Carl?
All the townspeople hiding
in their homes from vampires?
I don't think so.
I don't know, I can't
put my finger on it
but something
doesn't feel right...
Quit whining,
and get on with it.
What are you doing here?
And who might you be,
sir, visiting a cemetery
at this late hour?
The caretaker of these
sanctified grounds,
if it's any of your business.
More important, don't
you know where you are?
Yes, in a musty tomb
in an old graveyard.
What else is there to know?
This isn't just any graveyard.
This ground is hallowed,
sanctified long ago.
Don't you understand?
This is where it all began.
What're you doing...
You, you robbing
graves is one thing,
but, but you are a
doctor, a murderer!
And you are an
accessory, Carl.
Your fingerprints are
on the murder weapon.
I suggest you remember that.
And if you need
further persuasion,
I assure you my
marksmanship is impeccable.
Now, shall we get back to work?
The hinges are rusted,
we don't need the crowbar.
Such preservation.
The skin, pliable.
It's like it was
buried yesterday.
Then it's true, what
I've read about the soil.
And from the age of this
coffin and the clothing,
this fellow must have
been here for a long time.
But this body, this body
wasn't buried in the ground.
There's dirt inside
the coffin, you fool,
obviously enough to do its work.
You know what the villagers
would say about this?
Utter rubbish, now will
you help me get on with this?
I don't get what's
so cool about this.
About what, Carl?
This, it seems like
regular dirt to me.
I'm afraid a
geological analysis
will have to wait its turn.
As did Victor Frankenstein,
we'll use only the best,
most appropriate parts.
Strongest arms, most
powerful torso, and so forth.
Well what're you just
standing there for, boy?
We've much work to do.
Careful with that, Carl.
If there's any damage and
I have to send to London
for a replacement, it will set
our work back considerably.
Those vintage pieces are
irreplaceable, you know.
Can I get you something,
- Miklos?
- I saw yet another, yes,
in the dead of night.
Another truck,
bringing more machines
up to that damned castle.
Machines probably built
by Lucifer himself.
What's going on, Adelina?
I've never seen the
men like this before.
Do they really
believe in, you know,
like in this day and age?
I mean, I may not believe in
them, but I'm afraid of them.
I say we've
wasted enough time.
Who's this Dr.
Karnstein, anyway?
That name, wasn't there a
vampire named Karnstein?
And what does he need with
all those damned machines?
Maybe they're
building an atomic bomb.
Oh, no.
- I don't think so.
- No.
There is more, Dinu.
What is it, Miklos?
The cemetery gate, the
chain and lock, broken.
Wait a minute, when
was the last time anyone
saw the caretaker?
I haven't seen Radu in weeks.
It's not like Radu
to miss having a beer
or two each Saturday afternoon.
Oh, I miss Radu.
He tipped well.
- Yeah.
- Oh yeah.
And this, do you recognize it?
You sure, where'd you find it?
Take us there.
Come, let's go.
Wait, wait, you, you may
need my help, the Lord's help!
ALL: Amen.
I've got to hand
it to ya, doc.
Even though I don't really
approve what you're doing,
you've done a very cool job.
Time to replenish.
No, Carl, we have
done a very cool job.
But your contribution to this
project is far from over yet.
You see, I need one
more important component
for my creation.
Surely, one of those
stiffs must have...
No, the brain needs
to be fresh, healthy.
The brain of someone
recently dead.
How are you gonna...
No, I won't be involved
in another murder.
You don't have to be, Carl,
at least not in
the way you think.
It's no good trying
to move, Carl.
The bullet lodged in your
spine, you're paralyzed.
But don't worry, I
won't let you die.
Not yet, anyway.
I no longer need
your assistance, Carl,
but your brain, your
brain is another matter.
A gray matter, you might say.
I trust the
morphine helped, Carl.
Don't worry now, you
won't feel a thing.
First this Karnstein
moves into a place
our village has
shunned for years.
And now the
cemetery, violated.
Graves opened, tombs desecrated,
the bodies God knows where.
Sorry, Father Florescu.
And now poor Radu, murdered.
We can't go to the police
or the secure dottie
with just that.
We do what our
forefathers did.
Karnstein moved into a castle
once occupied by the undead.
Tonight is a full moon.
It's said that a full moon
can revive the undead,
even after they've
been put to rest.
Aye, that's what
the legends say.
There's one tonight.
Maybe this Dr. Karnstein is
one of those foul creatures.
Yes, I say he's a vampire.
Well, we know how
to deal with them.
No, that would be
murder, a grave sin.
Our forbearers did not take
such blasphemous steps.
An archbishop
consecrated the ground...
What if it's been
unsanctified, desecrated?
No, I, I can't condone
this, I can't be a part of it.
We'll discuss it later,
Father, in a confessional.
Say I'm crazy, but
I can't miss this.
Ladies, take over for me.
She's not leaving me behind.
Well me neither.
My slave, you live.
Now, can you talk?
Go on, try.
I command you,
acknowledge your master.
Carl, you remember?
I, we, thirst.
But I don't understand.
MAN: Kill the vampire!
MAN: Shoot the
latch, shoot the latch!
Get him, get him, get him!
Carl, you must obey me.
You must acknowledge
your master.
You must protect me from them.
Do you understand?
Kill them!
Oh my God!
- Get him.
- There he is.
Get him.
Good lord!
NARRATOR: He was soon lost
in darkness and distance.
On a hot night when the
full moon is shining bright
Something's not right
The water boils in the sea
I hear the
monster crying out
What can it be
Die monster die
Take a ride on the dark side
Die monster die
Die monster die
Take a ride on the dark side
Die monster die
I can't believe what I
see the ground is shaking
See the monster rise
Die monster die