Talk Dirty to Me (1980) Movie Script

Jack, look gliders!
Look at
- Seeking women.
- It's Fantastic.
- There is a woman flying it.
- Do not think
- What I want is to catch you understand?
- Yes!
- Jack, are fantastic!
- You scared me, you bastard.
- Sorry
- You keep seeing shit
- Seeking women.
- Okay.
Yes, women...
I want to take, please.
- I'll take a look
- Look up!
Look at that ass
Lenny, I think you're ready for tomorrow ..
- I want to learn to do that.
- Yeah, uh.
- Would not you rather fuck one pussy?
- Yes
Care, one approaches.
So now women
like this.
Can you imagine a
catch you up there?
Give me a heart attack
should not be.
There is not a single girl here.
That's bad.
Lenny, friend, everything is relative
Can not live with them...
... not without.
A while ago it was beautiful.
There were whores
- Here there.
- What you want to go?
I do not know, but I'm horny.
Me too, since 1972.
Well, I dunno.
- Come for coffee.
- And see Patty.
- A coffee.
- You better pay me.
We have money, Herbie.
You said we were going to pay you damages
That was a month ago.
Yes, I forgot.
- Sorry.
- Hello, Jack
Uhm, give me some crackers.
Look, a gift from fat.
- What will they do, lazy?
- What will we do not know Jack?
I do not know what we want.
No longer greet me.
I want to do something different and exciting.
- Why do not they get jobs?
- No, Gordo.
You're making me nervous, fat.
At least say hello.
You have not seen me in months.
- They come and go and fucking.
- Kiss my ass!
Let's go, take your coffee.
- Not just me.
- Take him
What do we do?
- I wanted to see Patty.
- Fuck you cock here.
Jack, wait!
Jack, wait!
I did not want to get angry, just tell me
when we can see.
I'm not in the mood for you.
I'll call you.
- And need exercise.
- Oh, really?
You said it was very good,
You were good last year.
- Yes looking whores Why not?
- Yes why not her?
Stay away phenomenon. You promised me.
You promised, you bastard!
You promised me that I was going to catch
What ?!
Leave him alone! Whore.
Leave him alone.
Fuck here.
- Are there broken?
- No, it will be fine, it's just a sprain.
You a damn beautiful woman
you know?
Are $ 45, please.
I bet you're worth more than that.
But not for me.
I will not pay you or whistle.
It takes a big bastard
to fill, eh?
Should I call the police?
No, I just want to warm up.
Cops turn you on, eh?
You like me to kill cogieran
Can I ask you something?
Cogen cops right?
That's nothing.
Nobody I.
Be it known, that does not impress me his big mouth.
$ 45, please.
Did not speak of my mouth, honey.
Do you understand?
I swear I have some delicious tits.
I suck do you leave me?
And lick your nipples a little?
Tell me not, please.
I want to fuck you.
All vagrants are equal,
dirty, disgusting and immoral
Take and get out!
Let's make a deal.
Me steering the bill.
Come on, it will be the best fuck of your life
I swear to God.
I promise I will walk with
the tail happy for a week
I'm not so bad.
I'm So Handsome
I'm not wrong.
- Going by the police.
- Fuck the police! Watch this!
Like, it's pretty?
Would not you like to suck it?
I Touching?
I want you to touch.
Come on, my cock needs you.
Just tap it a little bit, please
No, please.
All right.
- What time do you finish?
- At 3
You come to my house at 3:30, by the way
Where is my friend?
Is in the exam room.
- Where's it going? I was already worried.
- No, I was worried.
- How are you?
- Well I think.
The doctor says it's just a sprain.
What good is it right now.
Why Patty was angry?
It scared me.
I did nothing
was joking, likes you, before...
we left... You know what he said?
- Said: Poor.
- Good, I was worried.
Hi doc. What is it?
- How are you?
- I think well
Relax...... Sorry.
- Only a sprain, thankfully.
- Uy came close.
- Can not see you until 5:30.
- So what?
And so?
- Lenny trpate the car.
- Why, Jack? I'm good.
You have not done anything, get in the car.
I reached in a couple of minutes.
- Thanks, Doc
- Beware.
Good. See you in the car.
I warmed up much.
I want to touch it.
Oh, God is so great!
I need a doctor
Where you learn to do this?
- In the school as good children.
- Well, you learned well.
Separate me lips to that between good language
're smart, huh.
're Getting better.
It feels so wonderful.
Oh, my God.
Oh, dear God.
Uy, metemela.
Oh, God.
How wonderful.
That was fine. Yes.
- Like it?
- Oh, yes.
Oh, you're great.
- You're great.
- And you need the best.
Like, bitch?
Like hard?
Doctor, my hot doctorcita...
Give me your cum over.
Oh, God.
There, that feels rich.
Oh, fuck me.
I'll come in your mouth.
Oh, God.
Fuck Are you Dr.
fucked there in the exam?
I do not think so.
I do not think so! Go.
Damn! Jack, you have to teach me your style
It's just a matter of meeting the woman.
Do not forget. No Know.
Shit, your problem is you're shy
To get women, you can not be shy.
Hey, baby, are already almost 9:00.
The plane leaves me.
Do not worry, Frank
I have a surprise.
Yes you need anything, just whistle...
whistle You know, Steve?
Just put your lips and blow.
These are from an old movie.
I have time, I should be
at the airport soon.
- Do not dress up your watch.
- I know that times are almost 9:00.
No, I forward the clock.
For an extra hour...
Kissing a Fool.
Put ??me tongue.
You go a whole week
... And I'm gonna miss.
Put ??your hands between my clothes.
- Touch me.
- You're so sweet.
- Let me look at you.
- I do not want that, I want you to touch me.
I love your breasts.
Call them tits.
- Call them tits, eh?
- I can not.
Want to suck my tits, huh.
Say you want to suck my pussy.
- I can not do that, honey, sorry.
- Damn, Frank.
Say you want to suck my tits.
Tell me you want to suck my pussy.
I want to hear it, Frank.
I need to hear it.
He could not do it, I just can not.
're So beautiful.
You're the best.
I'm already inside you.
Oh, God, God, God!
Fuck! It's beautiful.
- Do you mean? Jack, look
- What, what?
Is not it beautiful?
How do you get that?
- I'm going to take.
- What?
In three days friend ..
- In 3 days I recontra lame.
- In three days?
That's right, come on, let's go.
- Ah, we love movies.
- Nobody knows more about movies than you, Jack.
- Ah, what a good year at the movies.
- Excuse me?
1941 great year: Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon...
And next week there is a festival
3 Stooges, I can not wait.
Yes, cinema today is so expensive.
Before you 65 pennies you spent all day
Today $ 5 entry, 2...
... petrol, parking... 5
Yes give me a penny for every movie I've seen
, today would be rich.
... And buy me a movie theater and see movies
free all day.
Yes, I'm going to do.
These are just fantasies and dreams.
Give the reason, it was a pleasure talking.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Lenny, my friend, we're lucky.
- Jack, we do not even know.
Do you see the house next door? It is empty.
Here we stay a couple of days.
Well, we will do that, Jack.
Try this...
Come on, come on... And opened.
Well, well... We'll get some girls.
- What do you think, eh?
- A little lonely and frightening.
- Do we break anything, ok.
- Wash your hands, asate.
that's the window of his room over there.
Could be, there's only one way to find
Hey, Jack, could also... this,
- After you the lame, lend me.
- Sure, why not.
3 days are all you'll need.
Why not upload a few beers,
chips, bread?
... And Salami,
because we will be here a few days.
- Do not forget anything, huh.
- Well, I'm leaving now.
- No, asshole, next week.
- Be nice, Jack. I'm friendly.
God, look at that fucking ass.
My God.
Is great.
And sexy...
What you look for in a man?
What is your type?
No, no, no...
...... Please do not close...
What? He's gone.
Back, come back!
Show me your tits.
- Excuse me, ma'am
- Yes? ah, Hi
- How are you? Isn't recognized me?
- No
- I'm the film.
- Oh yeah, the movie.
- Do you recommend a good movie?
- He followed me to my house?
Oh, no. I just won life.
- I am dedicated to cleaning houses.
- Right now I require someone like that.
Good. Let me help you with this
Where did I put it?
- Back. 'Your gardener always leaves things lying
? She's been sick.
- Ah, we'll clean the whole place.
- Not required. Not a problem.
- Your name is... Marlene
- Like in the movies.
Yes, but call me Ms. Dietrich..
- It seems movie, ah.
- Right.
- I really love movies
old. 'Me too.
- Casablanca tv just passed
Did you see her? 'I've seen a thousand times.
The Germans are so cold and you so sad"...
- Play it again, Sam.
- Nobody says that line in the movie.
- Just like he was testing.
- Well And what says in the film?
- Are you ready? .
- Yes
says, "Play it for her and for me"
And Sam says...
". It's what makes the world singing and rocking my mind
- I can fix here . No need.
- You can pay me next month.
- Or we can go to the movies.
- Okay
- The mower is in the shed.
Have you had breakfast? Yeah, Ms. Dietrich.
- Can I call Marlene?
- Please, do it.
- Well, Marlene, go quiet, everything will be fine
. Well.
3 days, three days...
- I found the contract, Robert. We can now sign
. I do not know.
- Of your wife will love the house.
- I do not know.
- They showed them the other day.
- It looked good in the catalog, but...
You love her, is perfect for you.
Is for you.
- Yes, but what about the payment?
- What I can do to convince you?
Is there anything I can do Helen?
I'm glad your wife did not come
, Robert.
Honestly, I wanted to be alone with you
I find so exciting.
I think you'll have fun in this house
, Robert.
Let me show you.
Uy, this rug feels.
It's so sexy and so so soft.
Is good fluff...
Do not shirk me, look at me.
I want you to look at me.
Remember when I went to the public bath.
You excitaste me.
We sat together for breakfast...
... rubbing our legs under the table.
You warmed up so much that I went to the bathroom to get me
- I want you to touch me here, Robert.
- I... I... Helen.
- Helen, really, I...
- There I took off my panties.
I prepared for you, Robert.
Remember beds
I showed you above.
They had satin sheets,
just for you and me.
Signing this and we set off.
- And we had fun.
- No, no, do not think so...
Fuck you, Robert.
Seems fucked sale.
Who are pussies?
What are you doing here?
I think you propasaste with sanctimonious.
Fucked while you worked on.
To me, however, I like your dirty pussy.
What are you doing here?
'm Camping.
But I'm bored.
're A thief, call the police.
- I do not think so.
- Well, look at me.
If you try. I'm gonna kick butt.
- I dare you.
- Ah, yes.
- Do not touch me.
- What?
- A while ago I wanted to touch you.
- Get your hands off me.
Repteme same thing to him.
I know you liked it.
Nice tits and hairy pussy Lovely
Use your tongue it... So...
So okay?
Do it harder
Take off your shirt.
Let me see your body.
- Do you like hairy chests? .
- -Lmelo Yes, lick it
- Lick the hairs.
So in circles. Lick it, lick it, as well.
You do know.
Let me lick
Do it again.
- You want dick?
- I want a dick. -Verga?
The need right?
Oh, yes.
- Is it good?
- Oh, I love it.
Stick it, do not take her out.
Uy well.
Oh, I like both, yes.
I love it!
Not you going to come.
Do not you dare. Not!
No, no, no! We are just beginning.
- No, no, no pairs. I must stop.
- Oh, no
- No, no, do not come in!
- Why not?
Want to suck first.
That turns me on.
I want to feel your cum in my mouth.
Give me that beautiful cock.
I will suck this beautiful cock.
Suck it, suck it all.
Suck it all, all!
You gonna make me come!
I vengoooo! Ah!
Aaaah Yes!
I swallowed the whole.
- Can I have your phone?
- Insurance
'll have to go on Friday.
Not a day you know?
Is a deal and promise not to tell your boss.
Not mind.
He ??fucked me last week.
Why did not you tell me?
I'm not a girl... Easy.
- Hi, Marlene.
- Good morning, Jack.
What do you do and why you disappeared yesterday
Something came.
I can paint all this I get some paint.
- This is not necessary.
- It will be a pleasure and I will free.
- Well, get painting. Hey do you want to see my imitation
Jimmy Stewart?
- No, I do not.
- You'll like it.
In the film, is in prison in a punishment cell
... And does nothing to draw
... And then explain why
makes drawings of arms and says:
I'm in a hole and started...
... thinking about these weapons.
... I saw and assemble all weapons...
... and I thought this new
What is the difference da...
... rock, paper or scissors?
- Okay, fine.
- Should be an artist.
Do you know why Crosby risked?
- How to be flying out of a cannon?
Yes - said: Chester, do this for me...
... And anyone knowing...
- I know
- And I replied: "And I'll tell you no
3 words will be there: not even think "
- There..
- Thanks, I needed that.
Do you want to?
No, better not drink. I get silly.
- Enjoy your beer, I have to climb.
- Can I use your phone?
- You sure.
- Thanks.
- Do you have an appointment?
- Something like that.
Do not worry, we still have to go to the movies
You sure.
Hi, Rosa How are you, darling?
Guess who I am. Right, I'm Jack.
I miss you too,
want to see you tonight
"Okay, okay, I want you to come soon
Will come your friend Jill
I have been thinking when you picked .. .
That sweet pussy you have...
And my dick gets hard just to talk to you
You're just right
Hot and wet?
I'll give you the address.
Have pen Well
Heidi Street, number 439.
You know where Goodbye Aprale
Jack and Jill arrived and Rosa
?...! - Jack
Where are you? - Up goes up, honey.
- Hey, how are you. Hello!
- Rosita How are you?
- Oh, Jill, good to see you. Why
Rosa always greet first?
- Would not it be better, Jack & Jill?
- Jack & Jill will rise to the top.
To catch, I like that.
Jill Drop it!
- I'm sorry. -Tranquilas, I love
quiet tonight.
- How did you come up with this place?
- Long story.
- Where is the bed? Nothing more
have carpet, do not need more.
- Yes Where is the beer?
- I bring the.
- I am happy to bring their shorts.
- You told us that we brought.
Qutenselos Well, let's start the party.
But, slowly. Well?
- Hey, Jack, it seems that the girls are
hot. Oh, Marrano.
- Hey Do not call me a pig!
- Yes, and arrnquense panties.
- As you wish. -Where's The fucking beer
? Watch your language
Oh, I forgot, since there are only 2
So we wanted you?
- Like my ass?
- How about this?
- Both are fantastic.
- Jack What do we do with beer?
- Go for the beers.
- Jack, you know I can barely walk.
- Fucking fagot.
- I told you to look after your fucking language.
- Come on, come with me to bring beer.
- Okay, I'll go with you. Jack!
You said today hold my...
Relax, I'm not going to Europe, I go for the beer
, back in 5 minutes.
- I'm sorry I was so rude.
- Oh, no problem.
Wow, that long ago that we were not
whores, you and me.
- I missed you.
- And I love you Jill.
But stay away from Jack!
Do not worry, just kidding.
- By the way did you state as your husband?
- Okay.
Has been busy.
- What are you doing?
- I comb the lint from the pussy.
So, it swells and gives it more volume.
- Jack loves well.
- Hmm... It's a pervertidillo.
Yes, yes it is...
Well, you always did have more fuzz
I, lend brush.
- Seriously, Jill, get away from Jack!
- I promise.
- Do you really like it, eh?
- Yes
I like it for pervert.
And it makes me do things that others do not.
Hey, girls, again, brought the beer!
- Lenny Where is Jack?
- Down.
And told me to come down fast.
You better go.
Cookie for hambrita?
- Oops did you get the pants.
- Because I know how you like bajrmelos.
Like me bajrmelos slowly
to do it now lick my anus?
Wait, I told you to watch your manners
, I will not repeat.
- There, I missed a lot.
- I Yeah, I guess.
- Get dressed again. Anda.
- Very good.
Wait till you see this. Calladita.
's Beautiful, right?
- Like?
- Yes.
- Hey, Jack Do we go?
- No!
We should be careful and listen to us.
Crossed legs, oh what a thrill.
That's perfect buttocks.
- Would you like to lick? Yes
- Me too.
- Jack, put me down pants.
- Well, get on a puppy.
- Jack, we can not here, or wake.
- Shut the fuck up, I know what I'm doing.
- So, so.
- Yes, it feels good.
- Do not heat up we discovered
fucking. Yes.
- Jack, fuck me harder.
- Shut up.
Do not want to wake her.
- So you wanted to cogiera?
- Clear.
- Jack, my hair!
- And you, not me Aranese.
- Jack... Let go of my hair.
- Very good.
- What would you do?
- You open your legs.
- And then?
- I would put the language in the shell.
And I'd eat the whole, yes...
- Then you will meteras fist in pussy.
- Yes
And it meteras
hard to make it come...
Jack, you're going to make me come..
You hear.
Look at his wetback pussy...
What shorts!
- I'll come to you.
- Yes.
- It was good.
- Let's go.
- I do not want to go yet.
- I do not give a fuck, let's go.
My shoes!
- I want you to go!
- I knew you were there.
Come... eventually...
... But come to my call... No warn
... That my heart and my arms are always to welcome
- Do you know that movie?
No - It was Fairbanks in "The Fighting O & apos; Flynn".
Do not talk nice.
Only way you can speak?
Only you.
Do not wait any longer.
Life is not like in the movies.
The film is just pure fantasy.
Need reality.
Did you know that there are 13 places to kiss...
... in the body of a woman
when you make love?
... fist...
... the neck is the third...
... mouth...
should've gone home with Jill.
Jack should be taking now,
and will not even call me.
Jack does not lie, the will call.
... And the rear, you should always kiss...
... a baby on the back...
The anus, do not forget the year.
The twelfth is your anus... Your deep hole...
... And finally, the best, the thirteenth...
... is your pussy, your juicy pussy .. .
... and lick pussy...
- Do you really trust him?
- You bet.
You talk dirty to me the girl
you called the phone?
I want to fuck you...
I like the sound of your close to down...
- Jack has lots of whores, Lenny.
- Yes
Do you have time for yourself between
so many women? 'Sometimes.
He tries, but he's busy fucking.
When I get depressed, I want to be like
Jack. Because it's really good.
- Tell me what you want to suck my pussy!
- I love to suck pussy!
Do it, do it!
used that same shirt for two weeks...
... With the same coffee stain.
Just take it off. Very well.
- Have you been kissed?
- A little.
Did you like? Want to kiss you now?
- What else, what else? -Chpame.
- Well I suck...
So well?
Just put your tongue right there...
- Like this?
- So, that's good...
Yeah suck my dick, suck my whole dick.
- You want to fuck you in the mouth?
Say. Yes...
I want to fuck me in the mouth!
I mamrtela another time - just a little longer.
- So you wanted? Yes!
- How did you hear on the phone? Yes!
Do women spy phone.
- Yes, sometimes.
- They love to pretend.
I got jealous right?
Do you want to fuck you...
... right? Say it, say it...
Yes, I want you to fuck me.
Enjoy me
I made you happy?
Yes, very, very happy.
- I must go. Why do not you stay?
- Do I have to go.
- Please stay.
- Hey, Jack!
- We have to go!
- See? I must leave.
Take care, babe.