Talking To Ghosts (2023) Movie Script

I know the electricity
bill's sky-rocketing.
You can call me what you want.
Just please don't shout.
It's alright.
No, it's not alright, we're poor.
Poor and broke aren't the same thing.
That's what I meant.
Say something.
Did we get the utility paid?
Something other than us being poor...
You know I love you, don't you?
Is that what you wanted to hear?
Because it's true, you know.
Even when everything's falling apart,
pieces are still there.
We can steal some tape from the office.
You'll be alright.
And if he turns up at the end...
-Always when you least expect it.
People have a habit of doing that.
You've just got to be selfish now.
You'll get another shot.
We're still horribly young.
Got to remember that.
I won't become a sob story.
That's not going to happen.
Everything you're going through is
preparing you for the amazing life
of abundance and fulfillment
that the universe has in store for you.
You think God's going to want to waste
your special talents on some
dead end piece of shit job?
Quit fretting.
You are built for better things.
I think that we need to have a complete
overhaul of uniform policy,
because I saw someone in reception
the other day wearing blue trousers
instead of black trousers.
Now, I know they're sat down and no one
sees their legs anyway, but I just
think that it's brand representation.
Alright, okay, well,
I'll just leave it with you and if you
schedule a meeting, we'll all come and
we'll join you to discuss this further.
One more thing, actually,
I think it'd be really nice if we could
schedule in a meeting to talk about
this sometime, it's this stress thing.
I don't even believe in stress.
I just think people are lazy.
You two don't half watch
some shit, do you.
I'm sorry, but come on.
I'm with Ciara. No more world's
best motorcycle journeys, please...
I'm only human.
I thought buggaring you away
for the weekend would be enough.
We don't need a new kitchen.
I haven't said a word.
You'll be okay for the night won't you
we'll be back first thing on Sunday.
Of course.
I'll be fine.
How was your meeting?
You know your razor?
Is it a safety one or
do the blades slip out?
I'm surprised you were quick on that one.
What do you suggest, Jess?
A holiday?
Can you honestly imagine
me slobbed by a pool?
That's what books are for.
Sure, I'll take one
of your crime thrillers.
No one writes a sinner like Skinner.
Ciara making small talk with holidaymakers
won't go down too well.
I paid to see it, mind.
Better than any stand up.
A new job would be nice.
The fact you're not fighting
me on it speaks volumes.
Ciara, if you want to get a new job...
-To be fair, I checked out of
that place a long time ago.
My body's finally caught up.
Well, what are you going to do for money?
I'll think of something.
She'll be alright, don't
stress yourself out.
I just think that it's all right to sit
there and say you want to go and get a new
job, but I really don't
think it's the answer.
can you honestly sit there and say
that a new job is what's
going to make you happy?
You've got a job.
You're lucky to have a job.
It's a good job.
It's insulting to me because it's
pretty much the same job I do.
So are you saying it's not good enough?
It sounds like it.
Can you back me up here?
I'm with Ciara.
Oh, thanks.
Just think, you've got a job.
Apply yourself,
work hard in the job you've got and you
might be happier rather than just always
wishing for something
better and different.
Stop patting me on the head.
You know I'm right.
You OK, kid?
Do you want a drink?
I'm good, thank you.
Some more pizza if you want.
I don't know if you still
get cravings in that.
After a year?
You're very funny.
I try.
I wanted to say I know how you feel
with work, I mean.
I thought you loved your job.
I love the fact that I can pay bills.
Work is work, you know...
Yeah, that makes sense.
I'm back meditating.
Good for you.
Yeah, stopping me from going
into the office with a kitchen
knife and a blow torch.
Never tried meditating.
Do it.
-You still do yoga, don't you?
Kinda, yes.
See, there's another one of my suggestions
you originally turn your nose up at
I've had something come up.
I can't do it.
And if I get a gig that I can't do,
I'd sooner give it to a mate
then just bin it.
I don't want to be
a software engineer, Peter.
It's not that.
We're going back in time a little bit.
You're not serious?
Don't let the new glasses for you, Ciara.
Still got to make a bit
of extra cash somehow.
I've still got it...
Why what?
You make so much money in
software development.
Same thing.
Yeah, but it's no life, is it?
And arms dealing is?
At least it makes me feel something.
Even if it's fear.
At least it's something.
Jess doesn't know. If she found out,
it'd probably break us up.
No, obviously.
Still a lot of cops in the family.
You're really back to selling guns?
No, actually it's just bullets this time.
What's the difference?
Well, it's a lot less
dangerous for a start.
It's mostly farmers or like
anyone who's got an old rifle
in the family that's lying around.
Can't you go down the corner
shop and buy rounds over here.
Can you?
So these business trips, you going away
fixing company PCs,
that's you selling bullets to farmers?
It's more profitable than an affair.
More ethical too.
Is it?
I say so.
I'm not having an affair.
I'd have to steal one of your guns.
If you ever did cheat on Jess...
Knowing you, yeah.
No, you don't have to worry about that
as much as she's a handful...
...Difficult sometimes.
Sometimes I'm on real business calls.
I'm still a software monkey
at the end of the day.
So what's the job like?
Why can't you do it?
Told you.
Bullets for a farmer.
I can't go because I've signed myself
away to her for the weekend.
Is it still crisis talks...
We're over the kitchen sink
missile crisis. Calmed her down.
Taking her out to the countryside
for a couple of nights.
Where no one can hear you scream.
No one can hear her scream.
Nice food, fresh air.
Get those sparks going.
It'd be nice to get some fresh air.
Hey, listen...
Just ducks on the water.
You don't have to feed them all.
You get a new job tomorrow.
Or the day after that, then take it.
Jess says you've got some sort
of interview or something.
It's just a webcam thing.
Still an interview though, right?
See how that goes.
All I'm saying is Jess loves you,
which means so do I.
You've been through enough.
Time you caught a break.
I know it's not strictly legal,
but the best things usually aren't.
Sometimes we don't get a choice.
So the the job's just a ride along right?
I wouldn't be the one handing the goods...
-Ducks on the water, Ciara.
Just get that interview done.
Don't think of anything else for now.
I'm just talking out of my arse...
Don't ever let me say you're sorry.
You've nothing to be sorry for.
You think God's going to want to waste
your special talents on some
dead end piece of shit job?
Quit fretting.
You are built for better things.
What I think would be really nice for us
to do, I think it'd be super productive,
if we made, like, an ven diagram of,
on the one hand, your strengths, and then,
like, your weaknesses on the other.
And we could schedule a meeting
to talk about which areas you'd like...
I'll be with you in three, two, one...
Do you have an appointment?
No, I don't.
Seeing as you bring coffee.
I do.
So what are you working on?
It's just a new logo for a local lottery.
More than likely a scam, but what's new?
When are you going to be a man and do it?
Oh, you saw...
Unfortunately. So this is how you solve
the kitchen missile crisis, is it?
Well, I can't imagine my life without her.
Never thought I'd be saying that out loud,
but here we are.
How'd your interview go?
Shoved it.
I'm not ready to sign my life
over to some office wanker.
No, thanks.
An office is not what you need right now.
So I did some thinking, but...
How much?
Yeah, basically.
Well, the guy wants 1000 rounds and we'd
sell them for... I can't do the math...
You have to ask Dani.
Basically, it's two and a half
grand split three ways.
800-ish each.
That's a third for Dani for sorting
the job, then the rest for you and Robin.
And it's just open the boot,
hand over the goods and drive away.
Pretty much.
Nothing you haven't done before.
Cold hard cash will be good right now.
I need to keep moving
and something exciting won't go amiss.
Nothing's going to put that fire out.
You know that, don't you?
I know.
Just not letting anyone tell
me what I can't do anymore.
Not even Mother Nature?
I didn't mean to be insensitive.
So what do you think?
Sign me up.
So have you ever fired a gun before?
That wasn't in the brief.
No, and it doesn't matter either.
I'm just curious.
No is the answer.
I'm guessing you have?
The answer to "have I shot anyone?"
Is no... Put it that way.
Does it look like I've shot someone?
I don't judge books by the covers.
So how long you been
working with Dani anyway?
Selling... Guns.
Ammunition, not guns.
What's the difference?
Well, we're just giving them the fat.
We're not telling them to chew it.
Same outcome.
Peter votes for you.
Which means you're cool with me.
But you don't want to do this job...
If you don't want the cash.
It's not a case of if you leave,
we'll track you down.
You know, I'm not even here right now.
Don't be so dramatic.
I'm only pulling your leg.
Pull the other one.
This one's got cramp in it.
That's the roughest euphemism I've heard.
I'm not trying to pick you up. Believe me.
Broken heart?
Judge me when yours is fixed.
So where and when?
Eight, tomorrow morning.
Dani's got a unit outside
the AD Beer brewing company.
It's got carpet cleaner sign over it.
Got it.
Where's the gig?
I don't know.
We'll find out tomorrow.
Somewhere not here.
Maybe a two-hour drive away.
There and back.
Three tops.
I don't do any major cities.
I want to be in and out, no hanging about.
If it were up to me
we'd be throwing the goods out
the window as we drive by.
I thought it was going to be on a farm?
I don't know.
We'll find out tomorrow.
This all sounds very vague
for something so illegal.
I'm sorry.
Did you want a song and dance?
I kind of like it.
Just going with the flow.
Women do love spontaneity.
Right. See you at eight.
You're tougher than you look.
We'll make some quick cash,
but don't expect a happy ending.
Good coffee?
I've had better.
Can I help you?
You here to pick something up.
Oh, you're Ciara.
I thought it was funny.
It was. Dani.
Peter said you were piss-funny.
Or you pissed funny?
One or the other. Anyway.
I met Robin yesterday.
Oh, yeah?
How much did you have to drink?
No, we just went for coffee.
What the hell is this?
Well, it's not a Victoria
sponge cake, is it, dipshit?
I was told we were just selling bullets.
Things change.
No, I can't do this.
Not a gun.
Not for me.
I'm sorry.
Well, good luck making a grand for a day's
work in an office,
making cups of tea, fiddling
with desktops, that kind of shit.
Not to mention the cock sucking.
I mean, what are you, a case worker?
A grand?
I thought it was 800.
Things change.
Looks like this client doesn't know
much about the real cost of guns.
No, what it looks like is this client
lives over an hour away
from a fucking arms dealer.
That's what it looks like.
I see a man who's not had his morning
fiber, why the so and so face, Rob?
You don't handle the merchandise.
You hear me?
You don't handle the bloody merchandise!
Whoa, chill out, cowboy.
You're supposed to be partners now.
That's not the point.
Bad luck?
I just don't want us touching
what we're selling, alright?
Especially not in an open doorway.
What happens if we get
stopped by the police?
I don't think fingerprints would
matter too much at that stage.
You get pulled over by a busy body,
you clock him.
Clean it up.
I didn't even touch anything.
No, she's right.
Don't go sweating it, please.
I need you guys to get on.
Oh, why don't you see if
there's any good places
doing bacon sandwiches on the way,
that usually helps.
It's okay.
Rookie anxiety, I get it.
But you don't have to worry about me.
We'll see.
Right, Dani.
What have you got for us?
One pistol, one clip
to one Harry Bradshaw.
Address is on there.
Burn it when you're done.
Stop looking at it.
Sure you're up to this?
Are you saying it's not too late?
It's never too late.
I'm sorry to hear about what happened.
I know it was a while ago.
How are things with you?
Working hard, keeping going, you know.
You seem like a decent guy.
I'm sure you could easily find someone.
Am I really that easy to read?
What else would your problem be?
It's not worth the risk.
Getting your heart broken again?
Have you ever been caught doing this?
You sure you want to ask that question?
I'll take that as a no...
I nearly got caught once.
How'd you get out of it?
I listened to Dani.
You carry a gun?
No, I don't like guns.
There's a knife in the glove box.
You read that shit too, I see.
That is not shit.
It's good when you've got
an hour to kill or something.
No one writes a sinner like Skinner.
Didn't take you for the
trashy crime novel type.
So what's this guy's name?
I can't remember.
Does it matter?
I mean...
Harry Bradshaw... Relax.
It's a stupid name.
Sounds made up.
It probably is.
What do you mean?
Well, would you use your real name if you
were to buy a gun off a stranger online?
Would you?
Could be a woman for all we know.
Could be a cop.
It's not a set-up.
How would you know?
There's ways to know, alright?
You don't need every detail.
You ask a lot of questions.
Maybe try cutting them down in the future
before you end up spooking people.
It's alright in an office environment,
but not with this kind of work.
Look, I'm not turning my nose
up at the job, Robin.
It's a lot of cash for not a lot of work,
which suits me down to the ground.
I'd just appreciate more clarity.
That's not how this works.
Yeah, I can see that now.
All I'm saying is this Harry Bradshaw guy,
whoever he is, he might be more
volatile than we're expecting.
And we've not got much in way
of protection, have we?
We've got a knife we're fine.
Have you cleared that knife with Dani?
Dani doesn't need to know.
Is Pete usually okay with all this?
Pete said you were good at shutting
up and getting on with it.
Which is why I agreed to have
you on in the first place.
I don't need you here.
Seriously, Robin?
You don't need me here with you?
I agreed to have you on because-
-You were lonely and wanted some company?
If you think this is because I want
another fucking woman in my life, then-
No, I'm sorry.
It was my fault.
We just shouldn't poke each other.
It's good coffee.
I've had better.
So what do we do?
Do we get out or shall we
wait for him to come to us?
He could be deaf for all we know.
I'm not going to blast the horn.
He might think we're
a threat and clip us.
Not if we've got his gun.
Smart arse.
There's no doorbell.
You alright?
Are you?
You here to clean the carpets?
I think we've got the wrong house.
Yes or no?
Come on.
Are you alright there, bean pole?
It's just-
I'm what?
Just say yes and we can go inside.
We're here to clean the carpets.
Okay, even I know who that is...
That is not Harry Bradshaw,
that's for sure.
You gonna be okay there?
This is so weird.
I've literally got one
of his books in my car.
We know.
Shut up.
This isn't the guy.
Let's get out of here.
What are you talking about?
We're looking for a guy named Harry,
not some washed up crime author.
He might be able to hear you...
You think Joseph Skinner is
a washed up crime author?
He's written more hits than
you've had regretful shags.
Okay, that's a disgusting thing to say.
So this is the right guy, the right place?
Yeah, it is.
Okay, good.
I don't even care anymore.
Let's just get on with it, alright?
Forgive the mess.
It's just that I've been well, fuck it.
I don't give a shit.
Just put her down there.
Are you okay, shifty?
Yes, it's just
Look, if I sign a book for you,
will you stop drooling?
My refuge and my fortress.
Pistol and clip, no extra rounds.
That's what you ordered, right?
That's the one.
You know, it's funny.
I've written so many killers over the
years, but I've never once fired a gun.
Not sure I know how to.
Well, the trigger, of course, but I
suppose that's what the Internet is for.
No one writes a sinner
like Skinner, right?
God, I hate that phrase.
Then that's marketing for you, isn't it?
I suppose Bob Ross didn't like his
barnet, but that's what brings
in the money...
Our turn.
Your turn? I'm confused.
What's there to be confused about?
We've delivered the goods,
now you need to pay for them.
Didn't Dani tell you?
The grass isn't growing until tomorrow,
I'm afraid... There's been a delay.
What do you mean, a delay?
Well, there must have been
some sort of misunderstanding.
Call Dani and get it
from her mouth, not mine.
I don't know what she told you two,
but I was told I have another twenty-four
hours for the cash to arrive.
Where's it arriving from?
The cash?
You can tell it's her first time.
I'm sorry.
Too many questions.
Like I said, phone Dani.
It appears we've been given
different information.
Oh shit...
What's going on?
You stay here.
It will only take a second.
You left your door open, I'm coming in.
You alright?
Yeah, fine.
Your knife is in the car..
We're in a kitchen.
There's knives everywhere.
New car?
Didn't think white was your color.
It's a neighbor's.
I said I would tune it up for them
the weekend while they're away.
Yeah, sure.
It's got nothing to do with us.
What do you want, Daniel?
It's officer Parkhouse, Joseph.
Well, if that's the way you're gonna be...
You're going to call me Mr. Skinner!
Officer, my ass.
The only call out you get are the kids
kicking cola cubes down
a bowling alley. You tit.
Haven't you got anything better to do
than spend your free time trespassing?
Well, let's just call it anonymous tip.
They're planning on coming down here
and they are going to flush you out.
Well, knowing them, it'll be some rookie.
I can't say where.
I'm sorry.
They can send whoever they
like to try and flush me out.
This is my house.
I'm going nowhere.
Over my dead body
I believe that's the idea, mate.
Now you listen to me, Joseph.
The chief is closing the book and you
need to get the fuck out of town now!
Now you listen to me,
your little pencil fairy.
Why don't you scuttle back to that nonce-
ridden hell-hole you call a station
and you tell that greasy felon of a
Chief this... He can send whoever he
likes to smoke me out of this house.
But in the end,
this is between me and him.
And the only wheel left
spinning will be on his neck.
I'll put the kettle on.
I take it you both drink tea?
I've got Assam.
I've got Darjeeling.
What haven't I got?
No, coffee is better.
Dark shit.
With all due respect, Mr. Skinner,
don't you think we should get
the payment situation sorted?
Don't you think we've
been here long enough?
And here's me thinking you were a fanboy
sticking around for an autograph.
No, no, it's just-
-We're not career criminals...
And it's been a pretty confusing day,
is what he's trying to say.
Please excuse him if he has a rather
dipshit way of explaining it.
That's funny.
You know, that reminds me of...
That... Don't lose it.
Do you have anything stronger than tea?
Yes, of course.
But you're driving, amigo.
I'm gonna call Dani.
Why did he leave?
It's not fun, this.
Where's your family?
Not here.
And yours?
Why did he go?
Or she?
You can never tell these days.
I guess he was scared.
You know, in the end,
there is really only one way to tell
someone you truly love them...
Let them go.
Where you're from...
If someone gets murdered,
the powers that be investigate,
find the person responsible and bring
them to justice, do they not?
I suppose.
and can I use your bathroom, please?
Through there.
Hey, you.
Just wanted to check up on you.
Yeah, I'm good.
Everything's good.
Are you okay?
It's nothing, honestly.
I just wanted to make sure you.
Hadn't burned the place down.
No, everything's fine here.
Someone else.
Ciara, she was at the hotel.
I don't know what to do.
I'm going to get the next train.
Jess, I'm just in the middle
of something at the minute.
Ive not looked yet,
but I'll be back tonight.
You're what?
I'll be back tonight.
Jess, I'm going to need to call you back.
I'm so sorry.
I'll call you back.
Coming? You said the plan was for it
to be here already!
Well, plans change.
Welcome to the real world.
You okay?
Is that Ciara?
Yes, it's Ciara.
Now listen to me, the pair of you,
because this is only coming once
for reasons that are out of my control.
The money is still en route,
but it is coming.
It'll be there this time tomorrow.
Who's the courier?
Oh, great.
Who the fuck is Alan?
Someone who can do his
job without complaining.
Unlike sloppy bollocks
sitting next to you.
Cut to the chase, Dani.
What do you mean this time tomorrow?
We're here right now!
And you're going to be
there a while longer, princess.
We can't stay here for twenty-four hours.
Don't have a choice.
I'm not staying here.
You'll stay until the job's done, mate.
You understand?
No, you don't understand.
I can't stay here any longer.
I need to get home.
No, you don't understand that what
you're doing is fucking illegal.
And if you want to get out of this,
not only paid, but un-fiddled-with...
-I'm not doing this.
Take us home.
What are you doing?
Robin, start the car.
We need to get out.
We're done.
What's wrong?
Robin, please, let's just go.
We're not leaving here without the money.
It's all right.
Don't be silly.
You don't have to apologize.
Could I ask you a question?
Yeah, anything.
You don't vet clients, do you?
What do you mean?
For what they're going
to use the guns for?
We're just broken people
trying to find our way, Ciara.
Don't beat yourself up about it, right?
We're just making some
quick cash and that's it.
Victims aren't always good people.
Remember that.
Don't ask for specifics either, because
no one's going to give them to you.
As Dani said, this is illegal.
So we got to just keep
quiet and get on with it.
Alan's a sound courier and if Dani
says he's coming with the money.
Then he's coming.
Might be a bit later than we thought.
I don't even care about the money anymore.
I just need to get home.
Jess is...
Oh... You didn't know.
That's great.
It's funny that.
Who broke it to you?
Beauty or the Beast?
You knew was cheating
and he didn't say anything?
She's a bitch.
I'm sorry.
But why?
She's just constantly
complaining all the time.
See, you're not even disagreeing with me.
You remember what Pete was
like before he met her.
He was constantly happy.
Always had that annoying
teethy smile on his face.
Jess is on her way home and expecting me
to be there, and I don't think she'd be
happy about my next career
move as an arms dealer.
And since I'm currently living with her,
I can't really afford her kicking off
and throwing me out,
complaining bitch or otherwise!
Are you and Jess together?
- Then why do you care what she thinks?
You've still got it after all this time?
Got what?
I'm sorry you lost yours.
Me, too.
What's he doing?
Coming this way.
Shut up.
Don't make him jump.
I know you two clowns want to leave
the circus just as soon as the fat kid
gets his hot dog,
but no can do, I'm afraid.
You need to get paid.
And I don't want things to go weird
with your boss, with us not getting along,
so why not stay the night?
And in the morning, when the cash arrives,
then you can kiss my sweet
ass goodbye and leave.
That's gracious of you.
But I'm afraid we can't stay.
You will stay the night...
I'll give beanstalk here
a work in progress to read.
Tell me this isn't an ordinary day.
This isn't an ordinary day.
Look, Jess, she was a really
good friend, but she's no saint.
Whatever Pete's done to her,
I could tell you some stories about her.
I'm sure we all could.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
Does it really matter?
I know you're friends with Jack.
I thought I recognized you.
I just needed a name.
Yeah, I didn't want to say anything.
It's alright.
Small town.
I forget that sometimes.
Did you know we lost a kid?
It's not uncommon.
At least it didn't happen
when you were younger.
A kid's a big commitment.
Didn't go too insane, actually.
Stayed away from the booze, anyway.
How do you manage that?
I decided to sell fucking guns.
Well, if it makes you feel any
better, he's no arms dealer.
I heard he's working for the police now.
You don't talk to him anymore?
We were never really friends.
As if he's joined the police.
He was always so creative.
Job security, I guess.
You know, when when you pull the trigger,
you have to learn to live with it,
you know?
But most of the time, you don't know
what the other person's going through.
It can be worse for them.
At least you signed up to something fun.
You didn't sign your life
away to do an office job.
Security is bullshit these days anyway.
That's the spirit.
You know, you and I,
we're not so different after all.
I'm just a bit further down the road
and a little bit better than you.
Oh, all a bit serious in here, isn't it?
Are there any good takeaways around here?
Well, you'll be waiting a good while
for a pizza around these parts, flower.
The only takeaway for a good
few square miles is Mr.
Chesterton's all you can eat buffet.
Is it any good?
Stay away from anything creamy...
Honestly, I've read all his books,
but I would never have put
money on him being this weird.
The man does write horror stories.
Actually they're more
thriller than horror.
Literally what's the difference?
Well, the thing between thriller and...
So he says...
You mean to say there's something
wrong with my chicken goujons?
And I said, I don't know, Mr.
But what I do know is
that they taste like ass.
And your wife Julie's only got nine
which only goes to prove that you can't
get anything decent from a takeaway
south of Manchester.
That's not a prejudice, it's a fact.
And you might as well try and get
an interview with a fucking Martian as
getting anything decent in that sopping
great tit-pit of a capital
overdue a bomb, if you ask me.
Well, it would clean the place
up a bit, wouldn't it?
What do you think, Ciara?
A lot of people partying
with nothing to celebrate.
Lonely are we in catching only
ourselves in their footsteps.
You should write that down.
I'll drink to that.
Why does all your whiskey
smell like petrol, Joseph?
I keep it in the garage.
You're not suggesting I could burn
a place down with it, are you?
I don't make it, you know.
It's not mine.
You're a writer, Joseph, not a murderer.
I kill people every day...
On the page at least.
No one writes a sinner like Skinner, eh?
You know I hate that bloody
phrase, little man.
Let me ask you a question, son.
Isn't it in the arms dealer's mandate
to keep one's questions to oneself?
Don't worry about her.
She's vetted.
She's a bit nervous because we're
having to wait, that's all.
On that money you await arrive.
It most definitely shall.
But from where?
Who are we to really say?
Are we even brave enough to ask?
What is it?
You're not at home, Ciara.
Peter told me everything.
He kind of had to when I got
home and there was nobody in.
Jess, can we-
-No, Ciara.
I just need to be on my own now.
I'm done.
I'm moving out.
Just be careful, Jess.
It's not fun.
What is?
Being on your own.
I heard about what happened.
I'm sorry.
It's a terrible thing.
They ever found out who ran
them down, did they?
Can't arrest themselves, can they?
No, no, no...
Can't do that.
What's the gun for, Joseph?
You get a man on his own
and you only need one bullet.
But if your target is a little more
protected, then you need more than one.
I've been talking to someone that Dani
put me in touch with about gas.
There's not just me.
There's a group of us.
There are a lot of scores
to settle up there...
What happened to Joseph's wife and son?
Car accident.
They never found the driver.
No surveillance, no witnesses.
It's like the whole incident
just vanished into thin air.
I've got a pretty good
reason now as to why.
We need to get out of here.
No, we're not leaving
until we have the money.
Everyone's fighting their own war Ciara.
If Joseph's is with the police because
of what they did to his
family, then so be it.
It's got nothing to do with us, alright?
We're selling him the gun!
It has everything to do with us.
Are you seriously okay with all this?
No, I'm not.
As you say, we've got to learn
to live with it, right?
We have to stay.
You know we do.
It's already dark.
All we need is to get through the night.
So if you've got some brilliant plan
on how to do that,
then please share it with me now.
He wants to drink with us, right?
So we get back in there,
drink with him until he blacks out,
and then what we'll do is we'll get
the cash in the morning
and get the hell out of here.
Wipe everything down we touch,
burn anything we have to.
I just don't like what
whiskey turns me into.
I don't want any accidents.
It's alright.
I'll be watching.
White bread.
What's that?
It's what killed Elvis.
Eating far too much white bread.
Shut up old man.
Stop trying to distract me.
I'm not.
It's just that if they'd had more brown
bread around in the 1970s,
he'd have been alright.
Shut up.
But you've really got to work hard to die
of overindulgence at forty-two,
because look at me.
I've been indulging for 50
years and I'm still here.
But a significant number
of people do die on the bog.
Shut up!
Makes you wonder,
should we lock ourselves in
when we we're in there?
A doctor, a friend of mine,
he said when people are experiencing a
heart attack that they run to the toilet.
Indigestion is one of the symptoms!
Have you got any favorites you've written?
A friend of ours is a big fan.
Christ, no.
I think they're all a pile of old shite.
Pulp filler for idle bastards in airports.
Easy money, though.
There was me going to ask for a signed
copy for my friend.
Well, here who's it to?
To Jess...
What does she want?
I mean, does she want a simple hello?
Or is she more of a type
of life out sort of girl?
This stuff doesn't
get any easier, does it?
You could burn a building down with this.
That's the idea.
There we go.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, bet you can't hack it!
What's that?
Top to bottom...
Robin, don't.
Oh, don't listen to her.
You can do it!
Come on!
Robin, stop.
Since we're all friends now...
Let's have the big reveal...
Which of you two was going to kill me?
After you got the money?
We don't do that, Joseph.
You can trust us.
That's good to know.
I just want to be with them.
Some peace.
And then there were two...
You don't smoke?
One won't kill me.
I told you not to expect a happy ending.
Just take me home.
You okay?
Look, I was going to go into town
and grab a coffee or something.
Do you want anything?
I'm good.
Thanks, though.
How are you holding up?
Just a scratch.
That's the spirit.
Got paid, though.
Yeah, we did.
That's this month's bills sorted out.
No, I don't have to worry about that.
This is actually going quite well.
Might start making some real money soon.
Have you heard anything from Robin?
You won't unless you go back out again.
But that's up to you...
We'll see.
You sure you don't want anything?
No, thanks.
It was bound to happen eventually.
Don't beat yourself up about it, yeah?
Anyway, I heard you moved away.
I heard the same.
Well, getting out and about,
that's probably what they meant by it.
Are you?
Getting out.
Keeping moving.
What's that supposed to mean?
You know, like last night.
I don't like labels.
I don't want anything ascribing to it.
So it's just a big mistake, is it?
Staying sane, anyway.
I'm working hard. Well, trying to.
Did you keep my old camera?
It was too big to fit in the bin.
It's a shame about Pete and Jess.
Jess wasn't all that great, you know.
She did exactly what
anyone would do in that situation.
Pete worked away a lot.
He was never really there for her, was he?
Must have been hard for the girl.
She was all right.
I mean, I'm just not surprised anymore.
It's been alright this last year or so.
Meeting new people,
getting a bit of attention.
How's it all going for you?
Yeah, it's nice, the attention.
It's good.
You said.
Look, you know I had to let
you go, Ciara, don't you?
It wasn't anybody's fault.
For the record, my family
took it pretty hard.
Wasn't your Mother's decision, was it?
She was as shocked as anyone when I left.
Got a call from your Brother last week.
Yeah, I know.
He said that he pocket-dialled you, which,
if anything, is impossible
to do in this day and age.
But still, he managed it.
Did you answer?
You should have.
He misses you, too.
You two could still be mates, you know.
Well, as long as your parents.
Don't hate me, eh?
You don't hate me?
Do you, Ciara.
Why would I ever hate you?
Who is this?
It's me.
I'm sorry, I realized I
never gave you my number.
I hope I'm not interrupting something.
No, you idiot.
You're not interrupting anything.
Well, people have a habit of showing up
when you've just about forgotten them.
Usually when you need them the most.
Why'd you call me?
I've got another job.
Thought of you.
I was just...
Thinking about what you said about judging
books by their covers
and how that never really works out.
That last one...
It wouldn't have
been worth it if you felt safe.
Honestly, I won't lie.
It was nice to feel alive.
Even if it was just for a day or two.
I'm not very smart man, Ciara.
But I know you're a good person.
So, are you in?