Tall Men (2016) Movie Script

Is that you?
-Oh, hello dear.
We have a math test
we need to study for.
Well, supper will be
in an hour.
Will you be staying, angel?
No, I don't think so, ma'am.
Oh, well, so be it.
Off you go, you two.
What have you done?
What have you done?
-Mr. mackleby?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
This way, please.
Did you bring
everything we need today,
Mr. mackleby?
Somebody's been
a pretty busy boy.
Seven credit cards,
maxed out I assume.
Is this all of them?
Two consolidation loans,
one health club membership.
I show you as
$82,000 in debt,
Mr. mackleby.
Tell me,
how does one
find themselves
so far in debt?
With all due respect, sir,
I don't appreciate
the derogatory remarks.
I'm paying you good money
to help me here.
And this has been an
embarrassing enough experience
for me as it is, sir.
Thank you.
These are the documents
your debt and loans.
And all you need to do
is sign at the bottom.
You should also notice
that your
late grandmother's house
is off the record.
I added
an inheritance clause.
You still have
a place to live.
But since the house
is paid off,
I was able
to work some angles.
And please
don't forget to sign
your social security number.
Without that,
we won't be able to do
what needs to be done.
Mr. Terrence mackleby.
In two weeks,
you will be
officially bankrupt.
You got your eggs?
Yes, mama.
You got your pills?
Yes, mama.
What time
you gonna be home?
Same as always, mama.
Don't you get
sassy with me, Lucy.
I'll knock you good.
My ride's here, mama.
-I gotta go.
-I gotta go, mama.
Don't you
run away from me!
Punch it, Terrence.
Here we go, people.
Come on, roll it up.
Roll it up. Pep in the step.
Pep in the step, come on.
Look alive.
Let's get some work done.
Let's get some work done,
Come on, come on.
Look alive, let's go.
Come on, come on.
Is that everyone?
That's right, people,
that means lunchtime
in ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
Come on, let's go, people.
A new subscription
came in the mail
from "conspired" magazine.
They had
a new leaked article.
It was fricken' amazing.
Have you heard
of the babylonian
The brotherhood
is said to be descendants
of reptilians
from the constellation Draco.
They walk on two legs
and appear human
and live in tunnels
inside the earth.
Years ago,
they came to earth
for precious metals
for food.
After ingesting these metals,
these creatures can process
vast amounts of information,
speed up
transdimensional travel,
and shape-shift from
reptilian to human form.
They use human fear,
and aggression as energy.
Hi, Lee.
this is where
the serious shit comes in.
The article said
they've crossbred
with human beings,
the bloodlines chosen
for political reasons.
They mated with human women
in the biblical apocrypha.
Do you know what
the biblical apocrypha
is, Terrence?
In Greek, "apocrypha"
means hidden things.
They're the hidden books
of the Bible.
their first reptilian
human hybrid,
possibly Adam,
was created
30,000 years ago.
The babylonian brotherhood
have spread
the reptilian bloodlines.
It extends
to 43 American presidents--
even Bob hope.
That's not the worst of it.
Their hybrid DNA
allows them to shapeshift
when they consume
human blood.
No shit.
It's classified.
Lunchtime has expired.
There's a new show
playing at the cinema
in town tonight.
I can't remember the name.
I was wondering if you'd like
to see it with me.
Uh, okay.
It's a romance.
-Give me a ride?
What're you two lovebirds
talking about?
Excuse me, Lee,
but we're not lovebirds.
Hi, Lee.
We're taking
Edith home, too.
Here you go, Edith.
Thanks, Terrence.
Would you like to come up
to my apartment, Lee?
I'd like to show you
my "conspired" magazine
that just came in the mail.
No, I have to work
on my bus.
Next weekend maybe?
I got the cribbage
It's at the library.
-Can I come?
It's members only.
Bye, Lee.
Bye, Terrence.
Bye, Lucy.
What was that about?
She is super creepy.
She likes you.
Let's just say
I made a little mistake.
Can we go now, please?
I'll call you later
about the movie?
That'd be swell, Lucy.
I'll see you later tonight.
I'll wait for you to call.
- Bye.
- Bye, Terrence.
Of course I'm used to
all that by now, so.
You want a soda pop?
That would be fabulous.
Gauntlet green,
blueberry blue?
Hello, Lucy,
you look very pretty tonight.
I'm very happy
to be your escort
to the cinema.
Good job.
Good job.
Emily, I don't feel too good.
I don't think
this is a romance.
What happened to you?
Get the baby.
I couldn't find the baby.
Get the baby.
Four percent interest.
Thank you for calling
"the card".
My name is Beth.
How may I be at your service?
Uh, yes, hello.
I just received
your card in the mail
and I would like
to activate it please.
It's wonderful to hear
that, sir.
You'll notice
in the center of the card
there is a number.
Will you read it to me,
Uh, yes. It is 1-5-2.
If you can hold
for just one moment
until I set up your account.
Uh, sure.
Okay, Mr. mackleby,
it looks like
everything is in order.
Do you have any questions?
Uh, no. None that
i can think of right now.
Well, then Mr. mackleby,
You are now
a proud new member
of "the card" family.
You are now customer 152.
If you have any questions,
please do not
hesitate to call
our customer
service hotline.
It's the same number you called
to activate your card.
Okay. Thank you.
And once again,
-Have a nice day.
-Thank you.
You, too.
I just got you fixed.
Engine trouble?
What do you know?
What's wrong with it?
You should know!
You worked on cars before,
haven't you?
Get with the program, son!
It's 11:45.
Time to have
pimento cheese on rye.
It's a wonderful day.
I'll take it.
Do you accept these?
Haven't seen
one of these before.
I'll check it out.
Hey, kid.
We're in business.
Okay, people.
Just because
I'm a little bit late
does not give you
the right to break in, Lee.
Terrence, I need to see you
in my office, stat.
Okay, Dan.
Come in.
Have a seat.
Good morning, Terrence.
Good morning, Dan.
What happened to your face?
Not important.
Got some bad news for you.
We're gonna
have to let you go.
I'm gonna have to let you go.
It's not
that we're dissatisfied
with your work
or any particular reason.
I just bought a car.
I'm sorry.
What am I gonna do?
I don't know.
What you can do
is call up
your program director
and they'll
take care of you.
They got you this job
and we're gonna
hire you back on
as soon as
the economy picks up,
i promise.
How long do you think
that'll be?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
What're you gonna do, right?
Yeah, it's done.
I'm so sorry, Terrence.
I'll look around.
I'm sure somebody's hiring.
I'll find you something.
I appreciate that.
Tell you what,
how 'bout
Lucy and I come by
on Saturday.
I'll even bring
my cribbage board.
That will be swell, guys.
Holy mother of Mary.
Thank you for calling
the card.
- How can I help you?
- Yes, yes, hello.
I have a little problem
with the bill you've sent me.
Sorry to hear that, sir.
Can I have your
customer number?
Yes, you can.
I am customer 1-5-2.
One moment please.
Hello, customer 1-5-2.
I understand you're having
a billing problem.
I'm the billing director.
How may I help you?
Yes. I hope you can.
As I was telling
the lady before,
the bill
you guys have sent me
is incorrect.
Oh? And how is that, sir?
You see,
it says that I owe you
$30,000 here.
$30,358.51 to be exact.
Yes, yes,
but that's not the problem.
The problem
is that I don't owe you
that much money.
And how is that, sir?
You see,
i did purchase a vehicle
at $6,000,
but that is the only thing
that I've purchased so far.
Okay, I've done
the math on this
and according
to my calculations
at $6,000 with
a 4% interest rate,
I owe you $6,020.
That's equal out
to a monthly balance
of $120.40.
Oh, customer 152,
i am so sorry.
I know what
the problem is now.
As a matter of fact,
we've had similar problems
with other customers
on this matter.
Thank you.
That is a relief.
Would you guys
want to go ahead
and send me a new bill?
That is the correct bill, sir.
You just told me
that you see the problem.
The problem is, sir,
that you failed
to understand
the 4% is a daily rate
compounded daily,
not a monthly rate.
Plus there's
a transaction fee of 50%
of each total purchase.
Yes, sir.
But that's crazy.
You guys can't do that.
It was explained in full detail
in your welcome letter
that came with your card.
You didn't
read the welcome letter,
did you, sir?
Another thing
that was explained
in the letter
is that there
are no minimum payments.
All payments
are made in full
at the end of each month.
But that's Saturday.
You don't expect me
to pay that all at once.
You have 48 hours to comply.
Thanks for calling the card.
Have a nice day.
Yes, hello.
I'd like to report
an intruder.
An intruder.
Terrence mackleby?
I'm detective towner.
This is detective knotts.
Did you report a
4-15 here this morning?
A 4-15?
Uh, yes, I think so.
-Can we come in?
- Oh, oh, yes, please.
So the intruder was standing
at the foot of the bed?
Can you describe him for us?
He was tall.
Uh, how tall?
I couldn't really
tell you exactly,
because I was lying down.
I can tell you that he almost
touched the ceiling.
He was very tall.
Did he say anything to you?
No, he didn't say a thing.
He just turned around
and walked away.
-How did he leave the house?
-The front door.
Did you see him leave
through the front door?
No, but I think I heard him.
How do you know
he left through the front door
if you didn't see him
leave through the front door?
I think he left
through the front door.
I'm gonna go
look around outside.
I call her Wanda.
I painted her
about two years ago.
I was having
a couple of problems.
I know she's kind of morbid,
but I keep her up there to--
to remind me
to take my medication.
Knotts, come in.
I think I found something.
What do you think, dick?
Size 16?
Probably 18.
Based on the density
of the soil
and depth of the print,
I'd say he's seven feet tall,
maybe 320.
Probably 340.
That's a big fella.
Mr. mackleby,
we checked the whole house
and there are no signs
of forced entry.
Are you sure
you locked all the doors
last night
before going to bed?
A hundred percent.
You don't have any friends
who may have a key,
maybe thought
it'd be funny
to give you
some sort of scare?
No, no.
I only have one key.
I can't even imagine
anybody I know
wanting to do that to me.
People do strange things,
Mr. mackleby.
Did you hear that?
Hear what, Mr. mackleby?
You didn't hear that?
I didn't hear anything.
You hear anything, dick?
In the meantime,
keep all your
doors and windows locked.
This is my personal number.
Feel free to call me
if anything comes up.
I will, believe you me.
Good day, Mr. mackleby.
No refunds!
No refunds. Hah-haha!
It's just that
there's this one--
unh-uh! No refunds.
Is it a lemon?
Well, no, it's--
no refunds.
It's just that--
I can't hear you.
- Just--
- bye.
Hello, customer 152.
How are you this morning?
Mother's milk!
Now really isn't a good time.
I have to call the police.
My car's just been stolen.
Oh, no, customer 152.
It hasn't been stolen.
Your car
has been repossessed.
What? You took my car?
-Yes, sir.
-You can't do that.
Of course we can.
If you purchased an item
with your card, sir,
and do not pay your debt,
we're entitled
to full possession of
the item or items.
That is according
to the agreement
in column two, line five
in the application
you signed.
Of course,
you probably didn't
read that either,
did you, customer 152?
That's ridiculous.
How do you expect people to pay
with that kind of interest?
You have until 6:30 P.M. tonight
to make your payment, sir.
I don't owe you a thing.
You took my car.
We're square.
Oh, on the contrary,
customer 152.
You still owe us the interest
and transaction fee.
That would be
I can't pay that.
Even if I could,
how would you
expect me to get that kind
of money to you by 6:30?
Well, one of the many
benefits of being
a lucky member of the card
is that we provide collectors
to come to your home
to receive payment.
What're you guys?
- A bunch of loan sharks?
- No, sir.
We're just hardworking
trying to make a difference.
Thank you, customer 152,
and have a nice day.
Hi, Terrence.
Did you have a nice nap?
I brought you a monkey lamp.
What's with the 1-5-2?
That's my customer number.
What're you going to do?
I don't know.
I know I can't pay it.
Just claim bankruptcy again.
If you claim bankruptcy,
you have to wait
another seven years
before you can claim it again.
Did you bring
your cribbage board?
No. Funny thing about that
is Princess over here
comes by the bus
in a tizzle
says we gotta get
to the store
before it's closed.
Wants to get you
a monkey lamp.
- That's why I forgot it.
- I told you, Lee,
that we needed
to get to the store
because it was important
that we get something nice
for Terrence.
I wanted to get
something nice for you
to cheer you up, Terrence.
Losing a job
can be devastating.
I like monkeys.
I like monkeys, too.
We can just play cribbage
another time.
It's not a big deal.
I think I want a pb&j.
-Want one?
-No thanks.
I'll have one. Thanks.
I'd like to go
do something tonight.
I really don't want to be here
if one of those
bill collectors shows up.
I really don't
wanna deal with that.
It's three o'clock. Three.
Hey, Terrence,
i was thinking,
why don't you
come stay at the bus for
a couple nights?
You know, avoid those
bill collectors guys.
So what do you think?
What're you doing?
Out there.
That's that tall man.
That's the guy
that broke into house.
He was right there,
right behind the fence,
looking at me.
He was right there.
You don't believe me.
Terrence, I don't believe
anything you're saying,
but you're my pal,
and maybe he ducked down
behind the fence
when I walked in the kitchen
and that's why
i don't see him.
He's out there, Lee.
He's here to collect.
Do you have
anything I can swing?
What're you gonna do?
I'm gonna kick his ass.
-I'm scared.
-Don't say that.
I'm your friend.
I'm going to protect you.
Is everything okay?
We're just
going to go outside
for a minute.
I'm feeling much better now.
I will protect you.
You know, pal,
you got some nerve
trying to scare
my friend like this.
If you ask me,
I'd say you're kinda creepy.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you practice
falling down?
'Cause I'm gonna
ponder something.
Should I crack you
in the skull?
The knee caps?
The shoulder?
Lucy? Lucy!
-Detective knotts.
-Yes, detective,
this is Terrence,
Terrence mackleby.
You were here
with your partner
a few days ago.
I had an intruder,
do you remember?
Oh, yes. Mr. mackleby.
He's back.
The tall man is back.
He hurt my friend Lee,
and I can't find Lucy.
Are these your friends?
Yes, yes.
He did something to them.
Well, I don't
know about Lucy.
She's disappeared.
Listen to me closely,
Mr. mackleby,
do not leave your house.
The safest place is inside.
Detective towner and i
are on our way.
We're calling for backup,
so some officers
may show up before us.
Is that clear?
We'll be there
as soon as we can,
Mr. mackleby.
It's us, Mr. mackleby.
Hand me the knife.
He's in the kitchen.
It's detective towner.
No officers showed?
You're the only ones.
Sorry about that,
Mr. mackleby.
Believe it or not,
we had a flat.
I'm gonna take
a look around out back.
Roger that.
I locked all the doors
before you got here.
It wasn't locked.
I am a hundred percent certain
that I locked all the doors
just like you told me.
-Go ahead, over.
-What's your 20?
-Still in the back.
I'm checking the alley. Over.
Let me know if you find
anything outside.
Is that them?
I thought
there was only one.
You're in big trouble,
Mr. mackleby.
You know who they are?
I know exactly
who they are.
-Go ahead. Over.
We have visitors
in the front yard.
I see something.
Dick, acknowledge.
Dick, acknowledge.
Did you open
both of those curtains?
Right on time.
They're gone.
Detective knotts?
What do you guys want?
Good evening, customer 152.
My name is Jeremy,
and I will be
your collection agent.
Please allow me
to introduce my colleagues,
if you will.
The man sitting
directly in front of you
is tic.
The man standing
to your left is tac.
And last,
but by no means least,
the gentleman standing
behind you is toe.
This isn't right.
This is illegal, you know.
I don't know
what you've done with
the detectives,
but they said
more police are coming.
We've taken care
of the police, customer 152.
Now the reason we are here,
as you may well know,
is that you owe us
a considerable amount of money,
and we are here
to collect it.
The amount
we are asking for is
And 51 cents.
Do you have the amount due,
customer 152?
I've been telling your company
from the beginning
that I don't have
that kind of money.
Oh, that is a problem.
Now, customer 152,
I would like you
to do something for me.
Will you place your hands out
in front of you, please?
Customer 152,
we need you
to cooperate with us.
You see,
tic is short of Patience.
You must understand
having a lamp
knocked over one's head
can make a person
quite ornery.
Again, will you please
put your hands
out in front of you?
I will ask you again,
customer 1-5-2,
do you have
the amount due?
I don't.
Oh, that sounds quite painful.
I will ask you again.
Do you have
the amount due?
I can get it.
Just give me some time.
It's either yes or no,
customer 152.
Now we're going to try
something new.
Mr. tic, I will be back
in one hour.
You boys know what to do.
Listen, fellas.
This is really hard for me.
I'm in a lot of pain here,
and I think
I'm going into shock.
Hello, customer 152.
How are we feeling?
I understand all of this
must be confusing to you,
maybe even
a little overwhelming.
What you guys are doing
is against the law.
It's sneaky and conniving.
No one forced you to sign on
the dotted line,
customer 152.
It's funny how you mention
breaking the law,
because I have in front of me
a document.
It's called
a credit report.
Your credit report.
I am sure it's something
that fell through the cracks,
because I can assure you
we wouldn't have accepted you
as a card member.
It says here
that you claimed bankruptcy.
What do you call
borrowing money,
not paying them back,
and then finding
an easy way out?
I'd say that's quite
don't you think?
Now you listen here.
I didn't--
I am talking, customer 152.
I do not particularly
like to lose
my train of thought.
Now, oh, yes.
In most
good debt payer's eyes,
I would say you are seen
as an irresponsible thief,
and we are just collecting
what is owed to us.
Now I'm going to ask you
one more time.
Do you have
the amount due?
I don't have it.
Oh, I was afraid of that.
I apologize for the monotony,
customer 152.
Due to the lack of time
and my Patience,
we must
speed things up a bit.
Right about this time,
you should feel
quite inebriated.
It's numbed you a little,
am I right?
The pain in your fingers,
less intense?
That will help with the pain,
because unfortunately,
we will need to proceed to break
the rest of your fingers.
We will of course
spare the thumbs.
I hope a lesson has been
learned, customer 152.
Good night.
Have you heard
of the babylonian brotherhood?
They use human fear, guilt,
and aggression as energy.
No shit.
It's classified.
Be right there.
Get up.
You have visitors.
How you doing, Terrence?
How are those hands?
They throb.
They've been itching a lot.
Pretty uncomfortable,
Well, that's good.
That's a good sign.
That means they're healing.
Hey, Terrence,
I want to introduce
to you Mr. uh--
Werner vermeiren.
He's a psychologist.
How are you doing, Terrence?
Yeah, Terrence,
we need to talk about
your case.
I've spent a lot of time
reviewing your case, Terrence,
and to be honest with you,
at this point,
it's just not looking good.
The evidence
is stacked against you.
Let me just tell you
what the court's gonna see.
They're gonna see your friend
Lee levine dead on the floor,
they're gonna see a prostitute,
Wilma sherman, also dead,
and Lucy Marx
beaten to death,
all in your house.
I didn't kill them.
I could never
do something like that.
Hear me out.
I'm going to tell you
what the scene looks like.
Saturday, the night
of the murders--
I didn't murder anybody.
This is what it looks like.
Saturday, you picked up
this prostitute in your car.
You drove her
back to your place
for a party.
I like Lucy.
Well, I'm sure you did,
Now what it looks like,
the four of you
had way too much to drink.
Things got outta control.
There was an altercation
which escalated
into a fight.
I didn't do it.
Terry, your friend Lee?
His skull was crushed.
And to top things off,
your fingerprints
were found
all over the bat
used to kill him.
There was a prostitute
with a broken neck
on your living room floor.
And Lucy Marx,
your girlfriend,
she was beaten
beyond recognition.
Look at your hands,
Almost every bone
in both of your hands
is broken.
Her face was pummeled
by your bare hands.
They had to identify her
by a tattoo.
I could never
do something like that.
That's what
the prosecution is going by.
Then what, what about,
what about those detectives,
the ones who were helping me?
Well, now see,
that's another thing
that conflicts
with your story.
I called
police records twice.
I spoke with
two record supervisors
in the process.
They checked their directory.
There's no record
of a, uh,
detective knotts or towner
that work for
the police department.
They don't exist.
Like I told you, Terrence,
things just aren't
looking good for you.
The courts have
it stacked against you.
The prosecution
is the story they're
believing right now.
What about-- I could've--
I could've
never picked up that
lady of the night.
My car, it was--
it was repossessed
by the credit card company.
The prosecution
has a witness.
They say the girl was seen
getting into your car.
They say that
the witness saw you pull up
to the prostitute,
some words were exchanged,
she gets in,
and you drive off.
Well, did they see the driver?
-No, just the car.
-Well, there you go.
They didn't see the driver.
Is that your car?
The police shot that photo
the day you were arrested.
It was in your driveway.
It wasn't repossessed.
I went to
the dealership, Terrence,
and there's no record
of you purchasing
that vehicle there.
The car did come
from that lot,
but it was stolen,
not purchased.
I purchased the car
at that dealership.
I bought the car
from that salesman.
they-- they did it.
It's a conspiracy.
They set me up.
They did it all.
Who are "they," Terrence?
The tall men.
-The tall men?
-Yes. Ben, you--
I told you about
the tall men.
You haven't even
acknowledged them.
You don't believe me,
do you, Ben?
That's why I am here,
Ben called me
to review your case.
Now tell me about
the tall men.
I'm not crazy.
We know you're not crazy,
Just tell me about
the tall men.
There are these
tall men in dark suits.
They work for
the credit card company.
They-- they're--
they're like collectors.
-Yes, yeah.
What they do is they--
they trick you
into using the card,
and then when
you can't pay it,
the company sends these
really, really big guys.
They're enormous.
They're-- they--
you can't
get away from them.
They come and go
as they please.
They're like shadows.
Like phantoms.
How many tall men
were there, Terrence?
There were three.
Do these tall men
have names?
Tic, tac,
and toe.
Do these men
ever talk to you?
No. They never said a word.
They had a guy
on the phone
that would do
all the talking.
And what did the man
on the phone say?
He'd ask me questions.
He asked if I had
the amount due.
When I said no,
the tall men
would break my fingers.
And then they made me
drink whiskey.
I think we may have
an explanation for all of this.
Let's go back
20 years ago.
There was a little girl
living next door to you.
Her name was, uh,
Alicia marriotti.
She was about your age.
Do you remember her?
She was my friend.
She used to live
next door from me.
We would play all the time.
We would explore places
and pretend we were in
a different world far away.
She was my best friend.
My only friend.
Other kids
didn't understand me,
but she did.
She was my best friend.
And when the day would end
and we'd have to return home,
she didn't
want to go back home.
She had to return
to a terrible darkness.
Months went by
and Alicia was changing.
A day came
when she asked me
to do something
very difficult.
What she asked me to do
was unimaginable.
But I knew
she wasn't happy.
I loved her,
and I would've done
anything for her.
What have you done?
What have you done?
That was a long time ago.
Yes, it was, but it
all has relevance, Terrence.
After the incident,
your grandmother
had you committed
and eventually
you were diagnosed with
paranoid schizophrenia.
My understanding
is that you returned to live
with your grandmother
after you were released
from the hospital.
-Is that correct?
And you lived
with your grandmother
ever since?
And, uh,
your grandmother died
and now you live alone, yes?
Did your grandmother
help you with your medication
- for schizophrenia?
- Yes, she did.
The point
I'm getting at is
your records show
that there were times
that you have forgotten,
neglected, or even failed
to take your medication.
That was a couple
of years ago.
My grandmother died.
I had a hard time.
But I always remember
to take my medication now.
I never miss a dose.
Well, perhaps the dosage
wasn't strong enough anymore.
That might be the reason
why you are seeing
these these tall men,
these detectives.
It might be the reason
why you have
no recollections
of the murder
of your friends.
listen to what we're saying.
Our hands are tied.
There's no other explanation.
All the wrongs point to you,
and if the courts consider
your mental history,
well, that's it.
If we claim insanity,
they'll send you to
a mental institution,
which is much better
than prison for you.
you have a disorder
that makes things
very difficult for you.
I want you to know that
everything will be okay.
Everything will be okay,
Come on, buddy.
Can we get this going?
It's getting close
to happy hour.
Oh, my god. Let's roll.
Thank you.
Hey, excuse me. You.
Say, do I know you?
I don't think so.
Yeah, I've seen you before.
I just have
one of those faces,
you know?
No. No, we met at a party
a coworker of mine
was holding.
Marty Gomez.
That's right. Marty.
Uh, he was celebrating
his bankruptcy.
That was a few months ago.
Yeah, you gave me
a business card.
I sure did, didn't I?
How is old Marty?
Funny you ask.
He's in prison.
Drug trafficking.
No fooling?
Just when you think
you know someone.
Yeah. Go figure.
Just when you know someone.
I'm gonna leave you
with this gentleman.
I can assure you
you're in good hands.
he's a little slow though.
Good day.
Hey, maybe
I'll see you around.
Oh, and, uh,
don't forget to write
your social security number.
Without that
we can't do
what needs to be done.