Tallulah (2016) Movie Script

Oh you said
That you love me
It was a long, long time ago
And now the way
That you've been
Acting, babe
I know that it's not so...
[song in the background]
[engine revs]
[indistinct shouting]
[Tallulah] Holy shit!
Go, go, go, go!
[shrieks] Oh, yeah!
What did I say?
You can't bet with no money.
You can if you win.
- Did you?
- No! But I got this.
- You got it?
- I did.
Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!
How do you know this stuff isn't old?
They throw it out every six hours.
It's the law.
I wanna go to India.
Is that where the Himalayas are?
'Cause I want to climb the Himalayas.
We don't have any money.
So, everybody's poor there.
People live with nothing.
I saw this picture in a magazine
and this woman,
she was sitting in the dirt,
and it was like, trash all around her,
there was, like, a skinny dog.
I mean, she didn't have anything.
She was wrapped
in this giant orange and red cloth...
- Mm-hmm.
- I want to go there.
How are you gonna get there?
Um... drive.
You're gonna drive?
- Underwater.
- Right.
All the way across the ocean,
and we're gonna breathe like this.
We're gonna be pretty dizzy.
- Hmm?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
I love you.
I don't wanna go to India.
Why not?
I wanna go home.
This is home.
I mean, real home.
I wanna lie in Washington Square Park.
I wanna smoke a joint.
- I wanna see my mom.
- Why?
'Cause it's been two years
and she's my mom.
Look, you can't go to India, it's crazy.
You do this all the time,
get these big ideas and then...
you know, tomorrow,
it'll be something else.
Let's do something real.
Like what?
[Nico] Like, get married.
- Shut up!
- Come on!
We could... we could get an apartment...
I don't know, we'll get jobs,
- have babies.
- No way.
I'm sick of eating shit out of dumpsters
and asking truckers
for shower tickets, all right?
[Nico] I can't do it anymore.
Well, this is the way I live
and if you don't like it,
- then you can get the fuck out.
- Come on, Lu, Jesus!
I mean it.
Go! Get out of here, then.
I said I love you.
Well, then fucking stop it.
[crickets chirping]
[birds chirping]
[train running]
You say goodbye!
[engine revs]
[rock song playing]
[Manuel] Hello? How can I help you?
Yeah, I'm here to see
Margaret Mooney in 2B?
Yeah, Mrs. Mooney is in 3F.
Of course, sorry. It's been forever.
- Yes.
- What's your name?
- Manuel.
- Okay.
Manny! It's a surprise.
I just... I really...
I don't want you to blow it.
Give me one second, okay?
Yeah, of course. You do your thing.
- Hey, Tommy.
- How's it going?
- Okay.
- Here's the stuff.
Who are you?
Are you Mrs. Mooney?
How did you get up here?
I'm a friend of Nico's.
What happened? Is he hurt?
Nothing! No, he's fine.
Last that I saw him...
I just really need to find him.
Well, I can't help you.
I haven't seen my son in two years.
He took all my money, okay?
Of course! When you see him,
tell him to call his mother.
No, wait! Please.
I just really need to find him.
Look, I don't know who you are,
I have no reason to believe
you know my son.
C'mon, man, I've his fucking name tattooed
on my hand.
So what, you're looking for money?
You're not gonna get it.
- What about, like, five bucks?
- Oh my God!
[door locking]
[elevator bell dings]
She loved it, man.
She was really surprised.
You... [sighs]
[Margo] Here you go, buddy. Come here.
[phone rings]
[answering machine]
Please leave a message after the tone.
[Stephen] Hi, Margo, it's Stephen.
I spoke with Larry Daniels.
He says you've had the papers
for a while now.
Look, I don't mean to rush you...
Actually, I do mean to rush you.
Just give me a call or
sign the papers and drop them...
Eat your damn food! Over here, idiot.
Mrs. Mooney, how are you this afternoon?
I'd be better if strangers
weren't allowed up into my apartment.
- Yes, of course, I apologize.
- No, it's a little late for that.
- Can I have my mail, please?
- Yes, right away.
Uh... There was a package
that came in for...
For Mr. Mooney. I didn't know if you...
I'll take it, thank you.
My husband still lives here.
I've lived in this apartment for 18 years.
I don't want a problem
with the university.
I'm not asking you to be dishonest,
just... discreet.
That would be a violation
of the doorman code.
Of course, I'm sorry.
I'm joking.
And again, Mrs. Mooney, I apologize, okay?
If she comes back,
I'm going to tell her to get out.
I'm not going to let...
No. Actually, if she comes back,
I want to talk to her.
Oh, okay.
Thank you.
Are you housekeeping?
Leave that alone for a minute
and come inside.
It's a mess.
If they sent a maid when I asked them to,
it wouldn't be a problem, would it?
- What's your name?
- Why?
Because I asked.
Uh, Lu.
- Lucy?
- No, just Lu.
Hmm, I like Lucy better.
- [baby coos]
- [Carolyn] This is Madison.
[baby babbles]
Are you good with kids?
[stammers] I don't know.
Can you watch her for me?
[hesitant chuckle]
I'll pay you.
I have to go out tonight, and I...
[giggles] I can't take her with me.
I'm a little nervous
about her being with somebody else,
but she seems to be comfortable
with you already.
So, I think it's okay...
[knock on door]
Lucy, sweetie,
I really need you right now.
Could you...
[baby babbles]
- Yeah, for her.
- Thanks.
Oh, you could just
put that down right there.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Hotel help!
You have to show them who's boss.
Oh, I'm sorry, you work here.
That was rude.
No, it's... Doesn't matter. I don't care.
[Carolyn] My husband
doesn't know I'm here.
He wouldn't let me go to Cancun,
he said it was too dangerous.
Too dangerous! Well, I don't care.
I have his credit card,
and if it wasn't for her...
But now I have you.
Yeah, I don't know much
about kids, so...
No, you're perfect! You're perfect!
Couldn't bring the nanny,
she tells him everything
because he cuts the check.
She's a goddamn tattletale,
that's what she is.
[Carolyn] To be honest,
I'm not usually alone with her.
God, it's tiring!
You can keep a secret, can't you?
I'm meeting this man tonight.
My husband can never know.
This man just looks at me, and I get wet.
I just have to see him.
[baby babbles]
Is that okay?
Don't worry about her.
I need you right now.
[Tallulah] It's a balcony.
Well, she has to learn. There's bars.
I'd sue the fuck out of them.
Shouldn't she be wearing a diaper
or something?
Oh God, no, no. We pee in the toilet.
She's one years old.
Do you think my legs are too white
to wear a skirt?
You think I'm fat, don't you?
No. I mean, not at all.
Once you have a baby,
your body isn't as tight as it used to be.
Not everybody can stay
as tiny and skinny as you.
Oh, I never had a kid, so...
Well, fucking don't, okay?
Because, let me tell you,
once you do, that is it!
My tits are ruined! Ruined!
Like a couple of dried up tea bags.
He doesn't even look at me anymore,
my husband.
[Carolyn] I used to be hot! I really was!
When I first met my husband,
he couldn't keep his eyes off my ass.
[chuckles] Liar!
I love you! Could you...
zip me up?
Sweetie, I need makeup on my face.
Could you do it?
I need to just rest.
Yeah, I don't really know
how to do that kind of stuff.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
There, there's your tip.
[Carolyn] Has anyone ever
tipped you a hundred bucks before?
Uh, no!
Now put some fucking makeup on my face.
- This thing?
- Mm-hmm.
I need you.
[baby cooing]
[Tallulah] Oh shit! Uh...
Maybe that'll calm her down. [laughing]
Now put some shoes on my feet.
Oh, uh, she... she had an accident.
No! Oh God, don't say that!
[heavy sigh] This is too much for me!
What is wrong with her?
She's... she's little!
- She knows better!
- I mean, it's just pee.
No, she's supposed to go on the potty.
I have the book.
My neighbor gave me the training book.
She knows what to do,
she just doesn't want to do it!
God, this is just so hard.
Nobody tells you
how hard it's going to be.
Everyone acts like it's normal
because everybody does it, but it's not.
And I see all these women on TV
and on the street,
and they're doing it, and I can't...
[sniffles] I don't know h-how!
I gotta go!
Do I look fat?
You think he'll want me?
[Tallulah] Uh...
Give me my purse.
You know what?
You two should go swimming
in the pool today.
That would be fun.
- It's cold.
- No, it'll be fun!
Here you go, some bathing suits.
[laughs] How cute!
And now, something for you too!
Hmm, a matching sarong and a hat.
Oh, and some flip-flops.
Yeah, it's really kind of too cold.
No, Maddy wants to go swimming.
Don't you, baby?
You can have fun.
Do I look great?
You look great.
I love you.
[Carolyn] You're gonna have a great time.
[door closes]
[baby coos]
You can't have that.
[baby babbles]
Take this crab instead.
[baby babbles]
Yeah, I'm not cleaning that up.
- [baby babbles]
- You clean it up.
That's my money, kid.
[baby squeals]
Don't poop.
Don't poop.
[singing nonsense words]
[background conversation]
Your mom's home.
Thank you.
- You can probably go, yeah?
- Yes ma'am.
Hey, baby.
[baby whimpers]
He didn't want me.
He didn't want me.
[Tallulah] Hey.
Dude, come on.
[baby crying]
I don't know what to tell you, kid.
[baby crying]
[horn blares]
[baby crying]
[crying stops]
[hum of hair dryer]
Oh, God...
Somebody help me.
Somebody help me.
Oh, God!
[roar of vehicles]
[siren in the background]
Margo. Hi!
Vera! Ed!
[Vera] Hey, what are you doing here?
I have a book signing.
Oh, you should have told us,
we would have come.
Is it the marriage book or something new?
The marriage book. I'm the expert.
Listen, I know we haven't been the best...
We did call you about that dinner.
It's just... it's been
really difficult for us
to navigate the whole...
and Stephen was really struggling there
for awhile.
Well, so good that he has you.
Excuse me, I'm running late.
She's lost a lot of weight.
[music playing over radio]
[Mother] Okay, you're okay.
Here we go.
Some bottles? Bottles?
- How much does he weigh?
- She...
- Really?
- Really.
[baby crying]
What? Have you never seen
a baby's ass before?
[baby crying]
Shh! Shh!
[baby shrieks]
Any questions? Yes?
[Woman] You mentioned that marriage
is the cornerstone of patriarchal power.
I didn't, that was the basis
for the feminist argument in the '70s.
Many people have argued the opposite,
but even in a love-based marriage,
each sex is capable of
harnessing the productive
and reproductive skills of the other.
Couldn't it be that people
didn't want to be alone?
Well, that would have made for
a shorter book.
[audience members laugh]
Buddy? Hey!
Hey! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, no!
[crying] Oh, my God!
[doorbell buzzes]
[Manuel] Mrs. Mooney,
that girl, she's here.
Send her up!
Oh! I'm sorry.
[knock on door]
I need to find Nico. Please!
Look, I'm his girlfriend, Tallulah.
Whose baby is this?
It's his.
How old is she?
She's one.
[Margo] She's big for one.
She's almost two.
Oh, can you take that out of her hand?
Oh, yeah.
- I got it.
- What's her name?
Margaret. We named her after you.
Never liked the name Margaret.
That's why I go by Margo.
Well, we call her Maggie,
so really, Maggie's her name.
- [Margo] Can you just...
- She's all right.
She's fine, she's like...
a little... I'll put her in gymnastics
when she's older, for sure.
[Tallulah] Oh, my God!
I have something for you.
Nico said you wanted us to use it.
If I wanted you to use it,
I would've given you permission.
This is called stealing.
You could have closed the account.
And how else could I keep track of my son?
I have a record of every
gas station in every city.
You've been all over.
Can you please put that down?
[Margo] I had no idea it was with a baby.
Why didn't he call me?
I don't know. He just...
he said that he wanted to come home.
Oh, now he wants to come home
now that he's knocked up
some homeless girl!
Hey! I am not homeless, okay?
I'm just sleeping in my van,
but a window's broken,
and it's not a safe place for a baby.
Maybe you should have thought of that
before you had one!
Do you want to hold her?
No! I'm not stupid.
One night, one!
This house is full of
very expensive things
and sharp corners, so you hold on to her.
And if you take anything from me,
I will find you.
[voices over police radio]
There's no way that this woman
worked for the hotel.
She was housekeeping.
We have babysitting services.
You would think you people
have protections against this.
[Carolyn] I pay enough for my room.
Was she wearing a hotel uniform?
[in low voice] Yes.
Are you sure?
- Can we get her one to look at?
- Yes, sir.
[radio] Clear, boss, we got nothin'.
Okay, move it out. Level one mobilization.
Tell Central
to start making notifications.
What is that?
Missing Persons, possibly the FBI,
in case she crossed state lines.
[whispers] What if she tries to sell her?
She's white, she's pretty.
People would want her.
I don't think that's likely.
One thing at a time, Ms. Ford.
Or, is it Mrs.?
We need to notify your husband.
Oh, he's in London on business.
We'll be asking him some questions,
and we'll be asking you
some questions as well.
- It's not my fault.
- No one thinks it is.
If my baby's hurt,
I don't know what I'll do.
- Elevator and the hallway?
- Yeah.
Put this out to the local news stations
and papers.
News! Haven't I been through enough?
Do you want to find your child?
[whispers] Thanks.
Did you use my toothbrush?
- Maybe.
- Because it was wet.
[Margo] Don't you have one?
Why? Is that gross?
Is she all right sleeping there?
Her breathing is so fast.
Is that bad?
Isn't she just the coolest,
weirdest little thing you've ever seen?
She's just so little.
She's got those, like,
tiny little toenails,
it just blows my mind.
Then they grow up and hate you,
and it really blows your mind.
Well, good night.
[Tallulah] Good night, Mommy.
Don't use my toothbrush again.
[juicer whirring]
What are you doing?
Where did you find that juicer?
Oh, up in the cabinet, still in the box.
Please stop that noise.
The guy at the bodega
sold me 16 for a dollar.
They were four for a dollar,
but I talked him down,
or we talked him down, that's right.
I'm gonna make a lemonade
stand on the back of Jim.
- Jim?
- Yeah, it's my van.
Dude, freshly squeezed lemonade.
Are you kidding me? I'm gonna kill.
No, stop that sound. Tallulah, stop it.
[Tallulah] Oh, shit.
Has she eaten?
- Not really.
- All right, I think I...
Oh, God, got some cereal or something.
[Margo] Here you go.
No milk or anything, huh? Just like that?
Are you breast-feeding?
She has a bottle.
Why don't you make her one?
And she needs a change of clothes.
Where are her things?
Some asshole broke into my van,
stole my suitcase.
I got some stuff in the stroller, but...
- Does she have a toy?
- I mean, a couple.
But she doesn't like toys.
She likes things like shoes, pans and
stuff like this.
Do you know what I mean?
Do you have any sugar?
Lemonade! Fresh-squeezed lemonade!
Who wants some lemonade?
You want lemonade?
I know you want lemonade.
Come on, it's organic.
It's organic. You sir, you want some.
You need it. Hydration is important.
Looking at your skin, you need it.
Lemonade, do you want lemonade?
Discount, I'll give you a discount.
You'll enjoy it. Yes. Yes.
[baby whimpers]
You cannot do this here.
Oh, really? Well, what's this?
As if the neighbors don't have enough
to talk about.
Get in the apartment,
this is embarrassing.
No one's even watching, who cares?
Cool down.
The doorman is staring.
The doorman is staring
because he's thirsty.
Lu, no.
It's hot out, dude.
Here, Manny! Enjoy.
Oh, my God.
[horn blares]
Hold on, it's coming up.
I've got the little girl exiting.
- There you go.
- Stop, stop.
Turn around, turn around.
Thank you.
That's her, that's her.
Oh, damn it.
- [Tallulah] Can I do anything?
- No.
I'm fine, just...
stop watching me.
[Tallulah] Do you always get
this stressed out when you cook?
Well, I don't usually have an audience.
Do you have a turtle or frog or something?
- No.
- Just a tank?
It died, years ago.
I don't know why I still keep it.
Oh! Oh!
Here, let me help.
Were you raised by wolves?
I wish.
Okay, stop. Get out of the kitchen.
Take her, and wash your hands
while you're at it.
[mouth full] Okay. Come on, munchkin.
Chicken's dry.
At least it's not dirty like the broccoli.
You might want to cut that up for her.
Those books have your name on them.
I wrote them.
What are they about?
The family unit,
from a historical perspective.
My last book was about cultural shifts
in the perception of marriage.
It's fucked up.
Yes, in a nutshell.
Is that how you afford all this?
All this?
Well, the furniture
and the fancy paintings and...
Hmm. Most of it's my husband's.
The fancy paintings are his.
Why didn't you change it?
I can't. This is faculty housing.
No one can know he's not here.
Come on. Are they really checking?
It would drive me crazy,
living with someone else's stuff.
I mean, it's one thing
if it's your own shitty art.
You're very rude.
[sighs] I'll stop talking.
I hate the paintings.
[distant siren]
[engine revs]
[Margo] Were you leaving?
I'm not used to sleeping in a bed.
I'm comfortable in the van.
It's not safe to leave a baby alone.
Didn't anyone tell you?
I'm figuring out this whole "mommy" thing
on my own.
- You have no idea what you're doing.
- I know.
I cannot believe this kid
has made it this far.
I have half a mind to call Child Services.
Well, fuck!
I've never done this before, okay?
You ask about these things, Tallulah.
No one knows how to do it, but you ask.
Well, I've never had anyone to ask.
[children laughing]
Well, don't eat the grass.
Don't eat the grass.
I guess I shouldn't knock it
before I try it.
It's not good.
Don't do it.
What's your plan, Lu?
Lie in the grass?
I mean, with your life.
Did you have a plan?
Yes, of course I did.
And what was that?
Well, I suppose it changed.
I was finishing my thesis
when I got pregnant.
All of our friends were these
hyper-academic, ambitious people
and Stephen was right there
at the center of it all.
I suppose it wasn't cool to admit it,
because it was painfully conventional,
but I really just wanted to be married,
and to have a family.
My plan was to be a mom.
How did that work out?
I guess it didn't. They both left me.
[Tallulah] You're naive,
that's your problem.
[Margo] Don't say that. I hate that word.
Your plan depended on other people.
People suck, and they'll
disappoint you every time.
That is no way to live.
Look, I'm not saying
that we should go around,
dicking each other over
all the time, but...
like, look...
When I was six,
my mom took me
to this weird apartment building,
and she sat me up on the stoop,
and told me to wait.
And she was just gonna go run
some errands,
and come back.
And, um...
I sat there for hours,
and it got really cold,
and then, this old Buick pulls up
and this tall skinny guy gets out.
A guy I'd never even seen before,
and he was like, "Hey, I'm your dad
and you're gonna come home with me."
Um... and then I never... I...
I never saw her again.
But I wouldn't have cared
if I hadn't needed her.
I just think it's better to not be needed.
She needs you.
She doesn't know any better!
You cannot keep living
in your van, it's dangerous.
- You live alone.
- It's not the same!
You're out on the street,
you could be robbed or attacked!
You could slip in the shower,
choke on an egg roll or something.
Who would find you?
No one. For days!
My cleaning lady
would have a horrible surprise.
Yes! That poor woman!
- Yeah.
- Don't do that to someone.
Thank God there's gravity, right?
What do you mean?
Hmm, like just sticking us
here on the ground.
Like some magnet at the center
of the earth and the lava,
just keeping us stuck.
It's not a magnet.
What if it stopped, you know?
Or what if it stopped
just right in the spot where I was?
I feel like that could happen.
And if there wasn't anything
keeping me here anymore
and I just floated off the planet...
I guess I'd grab a tree
or branch or something
to stay connected to the earth.
You know, so I wouldn't go floating
up into space!
I don't think I'd grab on.
I'd go.
[radio chatter]
[distant siren]
[knock on door]
Mrs. Ford?
I'm Louisa Kinnie,
I'm with Child Protective Services.
I need to speak with you.
They sent a pregnant woman
to help me find my kid.
Is this a joke?
May I come in?
This is quite a collection.
- She loved to dress up.
- Hmm!
And that's quite a collection as well.
I'm the mother, not a suspect.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Ford,
we need to consider all possibilities.
It's my job to determine
how you planned
for the safety of this child.
Is that your first kid?
No, it's my third.
Imagine losing one.
I can't.
[Manuel] No, no!
Hey, let me help you, Mrs. Mooney.
Thank you!
There you go!
You got a baby, Mrs. Mooney?
No! I have a...
actually, I have a granddaughter.
- Not possible.
- Possible!
You're the best looking grandma
I ever saw.
Now, there is a smile in there,
one day I'm gonna get it.
Maybe even see a little teeth.
Thank you, Manuel.
My pleasure...
- What the hell is going on?
- Shh! It's nap time.
I thought we could repaint the paintings.
You're not serious!
You hate them.
You said that you hated them, so...
No! Absolutely not!
My God! My furniture!
What have you done?
I put out newspapers.
No! These are my things.
You have no right to touch them.
I just thought it would be fun, and...
Who does that? What's wrong with you?
Pfft! A lot? [scoffs]
This is my home, it's not a joke.
[Tallulah] Okay.
God, this is a 1920s Soumak carpet.
You can't just do anything you want.
- I just thought that you...
- Don't! stop it!
Stop. You don't know what I want.
You're... like a feral beast.
- I don't know what I was thinking.
- These things aren't even yours.
Don't do that! I took you in.
I will not be taken advantage of.
It's not personal, Margo.
Of course it's personal!
Get your filthy fingers off of that.
I will not let some crazy kid come in
and destroy my life for her own amusement.
No wonder Nico left.
I need you to go.
- Are you serious?
- Of course I'm serious.
Get out! Go live in your van.
You can paint any goddamn thing you want.
This is where I live! This is my space!
I have things the way I want them!
Do you understand? This is how I like it!
Oh, oh my, oh, no, no, no!
Oh! Oh my God! Oh!
See? Now it's yours.
I've done crazy things.
[Margo] Wild.
- I mean, I bet I can beat it, but...
- Mm-hmm.
[news program playing on TV]
I smuggled heroin in my crotch.
No, you didn't.
- Sort of.
- How do you sort of...
smuggle heroin in your crotch?
I had a boyfriend, we were madly in love,
he was in a terrible
rock band, he was so...
And we were coming back
from a trip to India...
Oh my God, I wanna go!
Don't, it's horrible!
Dead cows floating down the same river
people drink out of.
It's horr... dirty, dirty.
I made it as far as the airport bathroom.
I couldn't stick it up there.
I panicked. I left it on the sink.
And what happened to the guy?
He was furious,
he dumped me after that trip.
I was just too much of
a goody two-shoes.
You need to tell Nico this story,
because he thinks you're such a tight ass.
Is that why he left?
I don't know.
He said something like...
"I'm her son, I'm not her husband."
Well, my God! I know that.
[news program] Madison has blond hair...
and blue eyes.
The suspect is a woman...
[Margo] Did he use that word, "tight ass"?
Christ! Well, you know what,
you do everything you can,
and still screw up.
[baby crying]
I'll get her.
Jesus, what time is it?
She's never going to sleep.
[news program] ...of a hotel guest
on Saturday evening. Investigators have...
[Margo] Maggie! I'm coming, baby.
[news program] ...information
on this woman or her whereabouts.
How could you let this happen?
[Louisa] The police can't control
what the newspapers print, Mrs. Ford.
They interviewed an employee of the hotel.
I don't give a fuck who they interviewed.
These people are liars.
[Carolyn] They probably sold the story,
or maybe they're working together
in a kidnapping ring.
Did you think about that?
Do you think you're ready to go home?
No, I'll stay here.
It may be a while
before we locate your daughter.
After the first 72 hours,
it becomes more difficult.
I can't go home.
[Louisa] Well, do you have
someone you can call?
I'd rather you didn't.
Oh, right. You're one of those, huh?
[Carolyn] Prenatal yoga,
eating all organic?
I bet you just love breastfeeding, huh?
It's one of your favorite things
in the world.
It worked for me.
We contacted your husband.
- No!
- Is this a problem for you?
I have to get out of here.
Mrs. Ford, we're not done here.
I'm not supposed to be here.
I'm not supposed to be in the city.
He'll never forgive me.
- Mrs. Ford...
- God!
[Louisa] Mrs. Ford, finding fault
does not necessarily mean
action will be taken.
My husband thinks I'm a terrible mother.
He said it from the beginning.
Every time she cried,
all the fucking time,
it was always my fault.
And now he gets to throw it in my face!
You people aren't doing anything.
Do I have to go and find her myself?
That might show me you care,
which I'm not sure I believe.
You can't talk to me like that.
- I'll get you fired.
- Oh, go for it.
You wouldn't be the first
shitty mom to try.
I deal with parents every day who should
have never brought a life into this world,
but most of them are poor or addicts,
which I don't forgive them for,
but I can understand
why it might be hard for them
to do the right thing.
I'm finding it hard to make excuses for.
If you only knew
what this was like for me.
I am embarrassed. I can't see him.
- You can't go.
- What are you gonna do?
Arrest me?
[door opens and closes]
[radio playing]
Smoke? Smoke?
I got a baby, man.
[stereo music plays]
What happened?
These mother fuckers took my wheels,
they jacked up my frame.
- Sucks.
- Bunch of assholes.
What's your name?
I'm Lu.
[Tallulah] I hate to tell you this,
I don't think that's gonna ride again.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, sorry...
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Don't shoot the messenger.
[Nico] Assholes!
You live around here?
No, I just came to see
what all the hype's about.
Ah-ha. What are you doing?
I'm looking for a job.
I wanted to get a job as a dishwasher,
but people get weirded out
when I say that.
I guess because
I'm not a little Puerto Rican dude,
or something.
- No, you're not a Puerto Rican dude.
- I'm not, right?
Where do you live?
- There.
- Where?
I'm getting out of here, though.
My mom's driving me crazy.
'Cause my dad likes dick.
He left her for a dude.
She's losing her mind.
Do you have any tendencies
in that direction?
Let's keep it that way.
[elevator dings]
Good evening, Mrs. Mooney.
[clears throat]
Can I help you with something?
This is strange.
Would you like wine?
A glass of wine.
Would you like a glass of wine?
And you can't because you're working.
Eh, no. No.
It's okay, I'm gonna take a break.
I could take a break.
Yeah. I take a break
and I call my guy, he come up.
And he gonna watch the front desk
for me, okay?
[speaking Spanish]
- Okay.
- Okay.
[Margo] Here's a Napa Valley Cab...
little big to drink on its own.
Here's a... ooh! A 2001 L'Armand.
That's more, uh, balanced.
I have to take these... These are just...
Ah. Oh, here. This is interesting.
A Rioja, Reserva Especial.
- You speak Spanish?
- No, I don't. Actually, no.
I really don't drink wine.
I'm more a beer kind of guy.
Oh, um. Yeah, okay.
Uh, I don't have beer. I've got whiskey.
Ooh! What are you doing?
Well, I thought you wanted me to...
- I thought you wanted...
- You were wrong.
Oh. Oh.
[clears throat] Okay.
I think it's best that you leave.
[door closes]
- [Margo] Yes?
- She's dead.
Or asleep...
- It's either dead or asleep.
- Jesus!
She's asleep.
- [sighs]
- Don't do that to me.
Well, she wasn't moving.
The breathing part was questionable.
She seemed dead.
I think we should wake her up.
No, don't do that.
Lu, babies need a routine.
[Margo] The kid is exhausted.
Leave her alone.
Oh, my God!
Oh, you scared the...
Can I lie down with you for a minute?
Well, um...
Oh, your feet are freezing.
- But she is gonna die.
- What?
Well, not now, not soon.
I certainly hope not.
Hopefully, like,
really far into the future,
but still she's...
she's gonna die and that... makes me sad.
Oh, we're all gonna die.
Right? We're all gonna die.
It's super sad.
I like it here.
Either you'll die first
and I'll be sad or,
I'll die first and you'll be sad.
Either way,
we're all gonna be dead.
- It's so fucking sad!
- It's the saddest thing ever!
- So sad!
- So sad!
It's really sad.
Oh, what is the point?
It's sad!
- [laughter]
- What?
I tried to seduce the doorman.
What? When?
This afternoon.
You slut!
He kissed me, and I threw him out.
Why did... You wanted him to kiss you.
- That's why...
- No! I mean, yes.
But he caught me off guard
and I didn't know what to do.
You should've grabbed his cock!
Just grab right on
to that shaft, you know.
Ah! Well, I didn't think of that.
Well, you should've. Oh, poor guy! God!
- Why poor guy?
- He likes you.
You tryin' to put the moves on me?
Nico used to do that. But...
[sighs] He was so bad at it.
[ship horn blowing]
[Nico] Dive in.
I dare you.
This is my favorite spot in Manhattan.
I come here all the time.
Because it makes you realize
you're on an island.
[Nico] And say all the bridges were gone,
and the tunnels, the subways,
and we all had to just jump in and swim.
[ship horn blowing]
[Nico] You could do it, you know.
Just swim away.
- I have to leave.
- What do you mean?
I have to get out of New York.
- I want to come with you.
- No, you don't.
Come on, why not?
Because you wouldn't like
the way I live, remember?
I love how you live, it's amazing.
Yeah, right.
Let's go, right now.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
What's stopping us?
Come on, stand up, let's go.
- You have to say goodbye.
- Fuck that!
To your mom? You can't leave her alone.
[police sirens wailing]
They're coming for you, Lu.
[police sirens wailing]
[Margo] Just chattering away
in her crib. She won't go down.
If you woke her earlier,
she might go down for her nap.
Is that today's paper?
- Don't throw that out!
- I read it, it's trash.
It's the New York Times.
[phone rings]
Here! This is trash.
- Hello?
- Hey, it's Stephen.
Oh, Stephen, hi.
- Uh...
- Is everything okay?
- I'm fine.
- You called?
Yes, I called you.
I guess, I mean...
[breathing heavily]
[Margo] Okay! All right.
Why did I just do that?
Do what?
That was Nico's dad, he wants to meet you,
he's invited us for lunch.
That's all right, we can go do that.
I can't, he's with a man!
Yeah, I knew that.
I mean, I don't want to see him
in his blissful domestic gay...
I can't be part of that.
I can't go to that apartment.
I don't want to see him happy. I can't!
[Margo sighs] How do I look?
Don't even answer me.
[Andreas] Sorry, sorry, it's Andreas.
I was in the kitchen trying to make sense
of the artichokes. Come in...
[door buzzes]
Would you like some wine, Tallulah?
[Andreas] Please don't wait for me.
Everybody dig in. It's gonna get cold.
I just have to finish this dressing...
which may or may not be a total disaster.
[Stephen] It'll be great.
- Here we go.
- Over here.
Aww, thanks, babe.
Oh, it's a dorji, it's from Bhutan.
It's a wooden penis.
[Andreas] It's a symbol of fertility.
People paint them
on their doors to protect their houses.
Turns out Andreas couldn't
contain himself from Cambodia.
We came home with two extra suitcases.
If we're going to adopt,
we want to make sure the baby's surrounded
by objects from his culture.
[baby cooing]
You're adopting?
No, no! Anyway, we can't.
Is that the big rush?
Hardly a rush. It's been three years.
No, it's just a conversation.
There's this orphanage in Phnom Penh,
you guys should see how these kids live.
They have absolutely nothing,
and you have to be really careful
because there's this
whole orphan tourism thing
that's going on there,
and it's unregulated.
And these people
hide behind Christian groups,
and a lot of these kids
have a parent.
Obviously we're doing
research and figuring out...
Anyway, there's...
so much red tape at the embassy,
it's not even worth discussing.
Let's eat.
[phone ringing]
Try this one.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
there's a hold on the account.
What the fuck does that mean?
Perhaps you could call your bank.
Can you just run this card please?
Is this a joint account?
It's my husband's account.
Well, perhaps your husband knows
what's happened.
[phone ringing]
So, Tallulah, are you named after
the infamous Tallulah Bankhead?
- Yup!
- Oh, really? Hmm.
Those are some footsteps to follow in.
She has one of
my favorite quotes, all-time.
- [Tallulah] Yeah?
- Yeah. Oh, how's it go?
"If I had to live my life again,
I would make the same mistakes,
only sooner."
I think that's a pretty great quote.
I don't know why I just said that.
I don't even know who she is.
I was named after a dive bar
in Summerville
where my mom used to waitress,
Tallulah's Bar and Grill.
It had, like, 65 beers on tap,
and one day they were
gonna go out of business,
so they threw this really big
kick the kegs kind of party,
and the whole neighborhood came.
And that's the night I was conceived.
Wow! An auspicious beginning!
[clears throat] Expresso, anyone?
- [Margo] I'll have one. Thank you.
- Espresso.
[Tallulah] Sorry...
No, it's okay. Don't worry about it,
it's my fault, please.
Piling's hardly the same thing
as cleaning up.
Please do not judge me for this,
it's my only guilty pleasure.
Where was Nico conceived?
Uh... Maybe a too personal question.
[Margo] In my graduate school dorm room,
in the middle of midterm exams.
You're absolutely right.
[Stephen] So, Lu,
I'm trying to chart your course.
The last time you saw Nico was in?
We were traveling around the country.
For how long?
Couple of years.
Weren't you scared?
[Stephen] With the baby?
[Margo] They travel, Stephen,
that's what they do.
Yeah, it was fun.
If it was so much fun, why did he leave?
He just was... he said he was tired.
So you're in love,
you're living in a van with a baby,
and suddenly my son
just decides to ditch his kid,
and, what? Walk back to New York?
- He's probably hitchhiking.
- Stephen, what are you doing?
He's being pretty rude.
No, I'm not being rude.
I'm trying to get it straight.
I'm trying to find out
what the fuck happened to our son.
[Stephen] Now this is the last
person who saw him alive.
Doesn't that concern you?
Of course it concerns me.
Do you honestly believe any of this shit?
That he would leave his child
in the care of this girl?
How do we even know that that kid is his?
[Margo] For God's sake,
people leave all the time.
- He could be dead for all we know.
- He's not dead.
Of course he's not dead.
Are you giving her money? Are you?
- This girl is a liar.
- You're the liar.
You're a liar, and you're unkind.
[Stephen] You just don't want to see her
for what she is.
[Margo] Twenty years of deception,
all of a sudden,
you're the pope of honesty.
- I'm looking out for you.
- You don't get to be the hero!
All our friends think
you did something brave,
but you cheated and you lied,
and you fucked around and you left!
And now, you get to have all of this!
And I get to rot in that goddamn apartment
in the middle of all your shit.
[Stephen] Well then, move on.
Sign the papers. Be done with it.
Why? Why?
Because God forbid I make it hard for you,
as if it isn't hard enough being a faggot!
You let me build this family on a lie,
you let me make it my life,
and you knew the whole time!
That's what kills me! You knew!
[shouting] Goddammit,
you knew the whole time too!
You knew!
If we're really being honest here.
I loved you and I loved our family.
And how dare you call someone else a liar?
How dare you be mean to her?
At least she has the balls
to be who she really is.
Let me have her. Let me have her.
Come here, sweetheart.
Lu, come on. It's okay, baby.
[door closes]
The last eight years of our marriage,
he didn't touch me, and I stayed.
I stayed!
Come on, is every cab
in the city off duty?
Oh, I can't believe how angry I am.
Come on, let's go down to Broadway.
[Tallulah] Where's the subway?
- No, it's not safe.
- What are you afraid of, terrorists?
Like they're gonna gas the 1 train?
So we die, big deal.
- Get that shit over with.
- Lu, please.
[Tallulah] Does she look sweaty to you?
She's sweaty.
Ma'am, there's no smoking.
Stop, stop!
- What?
- Stop!
[cars honking]
Maddy! Madison!
Ma'am, you have to pay me.
This has happened to me before.
[Carolyn] Madison!
[Margo] ...money. How much does it cost?
[Carolyn] Maddy!
[Tallulah] Come on, we gotta go!
[Margo] Lu...
No, you don't understand, she has my kid!
- No, no.
- Oh, my God!
[Margo] Lu! Stop running.
Lu, wait!
Lu, wait!
Do you have a card?
I don't know.
I may have an old one in here.
I haven't used it in so long,
I don't even know if I have...
Oh, what is your hurry?
Sorry. I'm just...
- Here!
- Thank you!
[Cab driver] Forgot your luggage!
Oh my God!
All right, now pass it back to me.
Come on, let's go. To the train, come on.
Lu, I don't think that's allowed!
Stop her! Stop!
[Carolyn] Stop her!
[Margo] Wait!
Ma'am, no. You need to swipe your card.
No, stop, wait. Look, you can't...
[Carolyn] It's my baby.
Come on.
[announcement over PA]
No! Oh my God! Madison!
Somebody, stop this train!
Oh, my God! Somebody help me!
Oh my God! Somebody help me!
[sobbing] Somebody!
- Why did you run? Answer me!
- I think there's something wrong with her.
[baby cries]
She has a fever. She's hot!
Who was that woman?
- What woman?
- The woman who chased us.
Did she say something to you?
What would she have told me?
What the fuck is going on here?
Who are you, really?
- That's my stuff. What are you doing?
- Looking through it.
Did you steal from her too?
Okay, we're leaving.
- I want answers. What have you done?
- Nothing!
No one runs like that
unless they've done something.
I just felt like running!
Lu, look at me.
I need the whole story.
So what, I'm a thief? I'm a liar?
You don't ask, you just assume?
What am I supposed to think?
I know you're hiding something.
- I've known since you showed up.
- I don't have to tell you.
I took care of you. You owe me.
You take care of someone
because you want to.
You don't throw it in their face.
I am trying to help you.
If you are in trouble, it's okay.
Tell me what you did.
I'm so stupid.
I should have known. I don't know why
I thought this was different.
This is your family.
I'm not your fucking family.
Please don't take her.
Please don't take her.
[Tallulah] She's sick,
you don't even care.
If she's sick, don't take her.
- Lu!
- [baby crying]
- [horn blares]
- [Tallulah] Shit!
Oh, fuck!
Okay, all right.
I'm gonna get you some medicine.
- [baby crying]
- You're gonna be okay.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
You were drunk, Carolyn?
Hi, Mom.
I'm not gonna ask
what you were doing here.
I don't care anymore.
Nothing could be worse than what
you've done to our daughter.
You are worthless, Carolyn.
Who was she?
- She worked here.
- [Russell] No, she didn't.
But you didn't fucking check, did you?
You just handed our child
over to a stranger.
Oh, Jesus! You're like a fucking toddler.
I know. I'm sorry.
[Russell] You're sorry.
Where do you even begin to be sorry?
I saw her.
Russell, I saw her on the train.
I know she's here. I know she's okay.
- What train station?
- I don't remember. I don't...
- What fucking train station?
- Red, the sign was red.
The 1! Notify MTA.
Do you remember which direction?
I don't remember, I was running.
I don't know, I'm sorry.
I was so close.
Her little face!
[Carolyn] She was right there.
You don't deserve her, Carolyn.
- I'm still her mother.
- [Russell] You don't deserve her.
I'm her mother.
I want her back more than anything.
I am trying, I am... I am.
I just need some help. I need help.
- Boss, can I get you to step out?
- I'm in the middle of something.
[Officer Buck] We have some information.
[Richards] Give me a minute.
- Squad got a call.
- Anonymous?
The ex-husband of some woman,
said they had lunch at his place.
[Richards] Tell me you got an address.
- [Buck] Yeah.
- [Richards] Okay.
If anything's happened to her...
I'll kill myself.
[fog horn blares]
[baby coughing]
Please don't be sick!
I'm sorry you ended up with me.
I don't know how to help you.
You're going to be fine.
You're going to be fine.
[baby crying]
[Nico from a distance] Lu!
I've been looking everywhere for you!
My mom told me you just took off.
Jesus Christ! Whose baby is this?
I got to get her to a hospital.
[loud banging on door]
[Officer Lacey] NYPD! Open up!
[loud banging continues]
Open up! NYPD!
Where's the baby?
[Nico] Don't do this! You're not thinking.
If you take her there,
then you are done, that is it.
They have you!
Hi, can I help you?
My baby's sick.
Okay, miss. If you can fill this out,
and if you have an insurance card,
I'll need that as well.
You have got to get out of here.
I can't answer any of these questions.
They will arrest you, Lu.
This is kidnapping!
Fuck you! Where have you been?
I wanted to see my mom,
and then I couldn't, all right?
It was fucked up for you to
get her involved.
You had no right to.
Yeah, I had nowhere else to go.
I don't have any insurance.
Can you wait to see a regular doctor?
The emergency room is going to cost you.
You know, I'm really worried about her
because she's sweating
and not breathing right.
All right. Just fill out this form.
This is for allergies,
if she has any, okay?
Is that important?
I don't know if she has any allergies.
Okay. And has she had her shots?
I don't know.
Okay, how old is she?
You're not the mother.
What is your relationship to the child?
I found her. She was abandoned.
Let me get somebody to help you, okay?
I found her in the park.
Someone left her in the bushes,
I had nothing to do with taking her.
- What am I supposed to do?
- Just get out of the city!
- Where do I go?
- Go wherever.
Go to India, but you gotta disappear.
I can't.
You don't have a choice.
[whispers] Hey, hey baby.
Run! Run!
[baby crying loudly]
[distant siren]
[indistinct conversation]
Um, can I get you anything?
- Coffee.
- All right.
- Do you take anything?
- No, it's fine.
I'm so sorry.
You didn't know.
She's a beautiful little girl.
He's gonna leave me.
[Margo] Who?
My husband.
I thought maybe if I found her myself,
he might forgive me.
Of course he will.
Can I smoke a cigarette, please?
Oh, yes. Hmm...
My whole family kept telling me
how lucky I was to have him.
I don't know what I'd be doing
if it weren't for him.
They kept telling me
I should count my blessings,
that he even married me.
Now he's done with me. Huh!
And I lost my child.
[heavy sigh]
Can't imagine what
this must be like for you.
I wished for it.
I wished for it.
I wished so many times for it to happen.
If only I'd never had her!
If only she was gone!
You don't mean that.
I did, I did mean that.
Isn't that terrible?
I kept waiting for it to happen,
some mommy feeling,
but it never came.
And I was so mad at her.
He didn't pay me any attention before,
so I thought, maybe, if I had a baby,
he'd be interested.
But it's the opposite.
It's... it's... so lonely...
Am I a horrible person?
We're all horrible.
And we're all just people.
[sobbing] I made a mistake.
[phone ringing]
- Hello!
- [Tallulah] It's me!
I'm sorry.
She's not mine,
I took her from this woman who, you know,
I thought she couldn't
take care of her and...
I didn't mean to lie to you.
I just needed help
because I had nowhere else to go.
- Where are you?
- [Tallulah] She's at the hospital.
[Margo] What hospital?
First Presbyterian, with Nico.
Yeah, I wanted to stay
but he told me to go.
Honey, is she sick?
You've done a really bad thing.
I thought it was the right thing,
that's the only reason I did it.
Where are you going?
- I'm sorry.
- [Margo] Lu?
Okay. We got her.
Let's get somebody over there now.
[baby screaming]
Lu, what are you doing?
[whispers] It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
I got you.
Oh shit!
Tallulah, don't move.
Don't move!
Stay right where you are,
hand over the child.
What, to her? She doesn't want it.
[Richards] Hand over the child.
She's so little.
Now she's not fucked up by you yet.
You don't even care!
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Hand over the child.
She doesn't want her.
Ask her. Ask her, right now.
[Tallulah] Do you?
Do you?
I do. I do... Please.
[sobs] Please.
Hi, baby.
- [Madison] Mama.
- [Carolyn sobs]
You're under arrest.
Put your hands behind your back.
[sirens wailing]
Lu. Wait, where are you taking her?
We're holding her downtown
until official charges are filed.
- [Margo] After that?
- That's up to the court to decide.
I'm gonna find a way to get you home.
- I promise.
- I'm so sorry.
I know you are.
Let's go.
So, you make a habit of taking toddlers
into protective custody?
[man] Everybody make some noise!
[cheers and applause]
If I could be
Baby where you are
If I could be
Baby where you are
If I could see
Baby what you see
Then I would know
Baby what you know
Oh oh, just to be
Baby where you are
If I could go
Baby where you go
If I could know
Baby what you know
Then I could see
Baby what you see
Just to be
Baby where you are
Just to see
Baby where you are
Then I would know
Baby where to go
Oh oh oh, Just to be
Baby where you are
Just to be
Baby where you are