Tam jeong 2 (2018) Movie Script

Executive Producer
JEONG Tae-sung
We can live to 100.
We gotta do what we love in that time.
How long will you live like this?
You gotta settle down
and get married too.
Marriage is about conditions.
And there are 2:
money and attractive face.
You're attractive.
Too bad about your hair
leaving you a bit too early.
Balding Brad Pitt is ugly,
worse than you!
Forget the appearance,
then what's left?
Make a fortune with this place!
But I've never done
a business like this.
What's there to it?
It's all up to you!
Find your niche, do
something different!
- Deal!
- Deal!
- Stamp it with confidence.
- Okay.
- Success depends on it.
- Okay.
What will you do after I take over?
I gotta chase my dream too.
KWON Sang-woo
SUNG Dong-il
LEE Kwang-soo
Detective Agency
Police Academy Diploma
Brave Citizen Award
Brave Citizen Helps Solve a Murder Case
Produced by CHUNG Jong-hoon
Directed by E.oni
Aren't you going to work?
Yeah, I will.
- Honey.
- Yeah?
This month's living costs.
I was so worried,
that you'd sell the comic shop
and start your agency.
- I'm off.
- Okay!
How long will you stay mad at me
Don't touch me.
I didn't say anything when you
were demoted for your sake.
But you're refusing
promotion and doing what?
Detective agency?
I told you about it,
private investigator law will
pass and I have to be the first,
to take the lead in
Where are you, Bebe?
Reward is never indicated,
where's the incentive?
Cold Case Caf
No new posts
Looking up anything fun?
I was checking for new cases online.
Yeah? Anything yet?
What's the going rate
for finding lost cats?
Cats are too fast,
you can't catch them.
Excuse me...
Come in!
Please have a seat.
Grand Opening
Top class dishes, tons of freebies!
Please order from us.
Here you go!
- Please take a look.
- Sure.
Thank you!
It's lunchtime already.
What do you want?
That place sucks.
Did you even try?
No, but it's obvious.
Current time is 12:25.
It's lunchtime rush hour, but
the chef is handing out flyers.
A place like that
won't have good food.
He's the chef?
Didn't you see his hands?
He had inflamed fingers,
a telltale sign of a chef.
I do dishes at home,
I get plenty of that too!
His rubber boots.
Why'd he wear boots on a sunny day?
Chefs wear them in the kitchen
since it gets wet easily.
Delivery guys wear them too!
Come on, bro.
The flyer says 'Kangdongwon'.
But his delivery case off
the door reflection...
'Monggo Chinese'.
Restaurants on the
verge of going under
often change names and start over.
Don't you remember Monggo?
We ordered from them
when we started here.
So stingy on side dishes
and tasted like crap!
So salty! Don't order from here.
Monggo Chinese
With all these evidence,
how could you not know?
Are you a detective?
Did you make up that
crap about White Shark?
Listen, Dae-man.
Do you think adultery, scam,
lost pet cases are below us?
Are we some third-rate private eye?
We got pride as detectives,
how can we do that?
Pride? What's that?
Do you see me as a joke?
Giving up the force
to sit here with you?
Let's be real, you like
playing a detective,
treated like a hero online, right?
You have no sense of reality.
What have you done with your
heightened sense of reality?
Are you the only one
who made sacrifices?
I gave up my booming
comic shop business!
As an ex-cop, shouldn't
you bring cases to us?
Why should I be the
only one doing that?
What did you say to me
when we started this?
You said your caf's
70k members will help,
you told me to trust you!
What's with him?
Honestly, you couldn't
even pay your shop rent.
Forget it, let's initiate
commission-based model.
Say what?
I didn't want to do this
out of respect for you,
I'll bring cases with
the help of my members.
But we split 70-30.
If you bring cases, take it all.
You've been out of it too long,
so you might not know,
all cases are inquired online,
and on mobile devices.
Know what social media is?
Snapchat and what else...
Anyway, we gotta change
the way we work.
That man's a pervert!
He was in woman's toilet!
Let me apologize on his behalf!
I'll buy you dinner then.
You promised.
- Dude.
- Yeah?
I got you off the hook,
go before captain arrives.
Your commissioner gave me
Brave Citizen Award.
Your captain's no match for me.
You were caught in the
act as a peeping tom!
At a police station no less!
Leave us alone, we're busy!
Please reinvestigate!
It's not a simple accident!
- Reopen the case!
- What's that?
That case has been
investigated and closed!
- Please leave!
- That's not true!
Don't come back here.
If you investigate, you'll find
Shunned by the police?
I can help you.
I'm a private detective, Kang Da...
I'll lock you up for misdemeanor!
I'm gonna go, see you, Det. Cho.
Sure, I won't see you off.
Come on...
- Give me a call!
- Please go!
Korea's best detective agency!
Not at all.
Yoo Byung-il
Hey, Gwang-jong!
Okay, fine, I'll call you!
- The world has changed!
- I'm with a client.
Hello, sir, this way please.
- But hear me out.
- It's a tough time.
- Give me a chance!
- I'm sorry.
- Hear me out!
- No need!
I'll just leave this here!
- Okay!
- Give me a call!
Don't post it there!
Where are you, Bebe?
How do you catch
something so fast?
You reap what you sow,
you gotta endure it.
Screw that, your wife's here!
Was it good?
Thank you, come back again.
See you soon.
The second one?
Have a great meal.
Thank you.
Dude, you didn't tell her?
She caught me off-guard!
- You're here!
- Yeah...
Why didn't you call me
when it got so busy?
You even got Gwang-gyu
to help around here.
Thanks for your help,
we really appreciate it.
- 1 ramen please!
- Right away!
You didn't have to come,
what about the kids?
Almost time to pick up Gun-woo.
- Get going.
- Okay.
- See you at home!
- Okay.
What happened here?
I thought hard when
the business was bad,
I realized comics weren't
what I loved the most.
Then what?
Eating ramen while reading comics.
It's all thanks to you.
Order a ramen, read for free
You said so yourself,
find my niche, be different.
Thanks, buddy.
I'm so getting married!
Oh man...
It's too hard, help!
So he meant the shop's too busy?
Let's eat sashimi.
Dinner out? Bring the twins.
Is there Mr. Kang Dae-man
You finally came.
This way please.
Please sit here.
Thank you.
Would you like some tea?
Green tea? Coffee?
My fianc went out to buy fruits,
then went missing, so I reported him,
but apparently he was hit by a train.
Could you explain further?
When I became pregnant,
I moved in with him.
I was with him that night.
That looks so yummy.
- I'll go buy some.
- It's really late.
Our baby wants some, right?
I'll be back soon.
- Hurry back!
- Okay.
My Baby
He didn't come back after that,
so I went to the police to
report but they said to wait.
I asked around at the
factory he used to work at.
As an orphan, his colleagues
were his only friends.
Did Jae-min ever come here?
Not recently.
Why? Did he go away?
We have a notice of
death for Kim Jae-min.
I got a call from the
police a few days later,
Jae-min was hit by a train.
The orphanage director IDed
him, held a small funeral,
and cremated his remains.
But how could he...
Why did the police contact
the orphanage, not you?
The orphanage was registered
as his residence,
and he left his cell phone too.
And this.
A man named Lee Dae-hyun
sent him strange texts.
He claims other orphans
died from strange causes,
so he was warning
Jae-min to be careful.
Have you shown this to the police?
They said this isn't enough
to open an investigation.
I'm sorry that I have
to bring this up,
we specialize in murders,
so you came to the right place,
but the cost of investigating
a murder isn't cheap
Is $50,000 enough?
This is Jae-min's money anyway.
He saved up so we can move
to a good house for the baby.
I see, here.
Did he ever suffer from
insomnia or depression?
Nothing like that.
Could you fill this out?
Thank you.
Retainer Agreement
Just the ID number and contact info.
Ms. Seo, your worries are over
now that we're on the case.
No, this is a murder case!
We finally got a case that fits us.
Hey, buddy!
How do you know it wasn't an accident?
A man with someone to rely
on will not kill himself,
no matter how hard life is.
Sherlock Holmes said
something like that.
It's clear-cut to me.
The police thinks it's
a runaway accident.
From my experience,
that's highly likely.
Who runs away while buying fruit?
Did you ever want to run away
while throwing out garbage?
You so did.
Is that so?
So it's an accident?
Come on...
Why are you in such a foul mood?
Is this because of the 70-30 split?
Okay, since it's our first case,
let's split it half-half.
Let's go!
Let's think about this,
where'd Sherlock go?
Stop it, asshole.
Kim Jae-min went to buy fruits
for his pregnant fiance.
- So why end up in the tracks?
- I told the cops everything!
What happened during that time?
None of the security cams
between the fruit shop
and the train tracks recorded him.
So he either went around
to avoid the cams,
or moved around in a car.
Then was he alone?
Or someone picked him up?
Train's coming!
She was so clingy,
so I looked into it.
The train conductor said he was alone,
we got his ID and the director
of his orphanage IDed him.
Did you look into Lee Dae-hyun?
A man named Lee Dae-hyun
sent him strange texts.
Cheol-ho's hit-and-run
is questionable,
Jae-hee'd never kill herself,
you're in danger too!
Dae-hyun, please stop!
Just be careful!
They grew up in the orphanage,
but his phone was cloned,
and it was always off.
But you can track
his location, you idiot.
How can we do that
when there is no case?
Sir, when are you coming back?
Stop saying nonsense,
and get me his location
data by tomorrow.
The new captain is
super anal about rules
So using cloned phone isn't illegal?
And what if someone
really was after Kim?
Deaths of his friends
could be related!
You should've located
and interrogated Lee!
That's what a cop is supposed to do!
- Did you learn anything?
- Yes, sir.
Parent-teacher meeting today.
And the twins can't eat raw fish.
What's with the expensive fish?
Are you spoiling me
for bringing a case?
Yeah, it looked like you like fish.
Let's drink.
It's so fresh.
You must've saved up quite a bit.
Money's tight.
Things will work out,
I'll get my severance soon
You haven't gotten it yet?
But you resigned so long ago.
Well you know
Det. Song asked you when
you were coming back.
But you resigned.
Wait, you didn't?
Then leave of absence?
So you were trying out
the detective agency?
That's not it...
You accused me of lacking
any sense of reality,
but yours is off the chart!
Will you just listen
to me till the end?!
What's there to listen!
You were just tasting the water,
but you're all in with our first case!
This expensive dinner felt all wrong!
I'm all business with you now.
No friendship, no lingering feelings.
Lingering feelings? You prick.
Have plenty of fish, I'm gonna go.
See you tomorrow, Mr. Noh.
You bastard!
What's the likelihood of this
case being a simple accident?
Mr. Kang, consider it an accident,
there's no evidence
to prove otherwise.
Det. Song won't get us
Lee's location data.
You must've treated him
badly in the old days.
You should ask Det. Cho.
I still have some pride left.
You should ask him yourself.
I'm driving, you should ask him.
You can always stop the car.
Det. Song!
Come here, asshole.
Is this how I taught you?
I'm sorry, I had no choice.
I've had it with you, wanna die?
Killing an officer is
punishable by 30 years in jail,
will that be okay, Mr. Noh Tae-su?
Are you the new captain?
How do you know me?
I see your face several times a day.
You're volunteering your time
to help those frustrated,
and shunned by the police.
You're not wearing a visitor's pass.
What pass?
Attention! Gather around.
Don't you know all guests are
supposed to wear visitor's pass?
You can't follow a simple rule,
how can you catch criminals?
An off-duty cop is
posting sticker ads here,
aren't you ashamed of that?
Don't you have basic pride
as detectives?
How will you earn the trust
and respect of the citizens?
The captain speaks the truth.
Serve him properly.
I could smack you!
What a guy for someone so young.
Remove all stickers from the toilet!
Your face smells like piss!
Why's he taking it out on me?
He couldn't say shit in there.
Wait for me, Mr. Noh!
Hyungjae Orphanage
This facility is better than my home.
Look, everyone's eating
different dishes.
There are so many famous sponsors.
That's ball player Gu Ho-cheol.
He passed out during a game
and was out for a season.
Hospital, training center,
orphanage, food factory...
This foundation is huge
The director must be resourceful.
Sorry for making you wait.
Had I known he had a fiance,
I'd have contacted her.
His body was badly damaged
from colliding with a train,
how did you ID him?
I'm a director here, but
I used to be a doctor.
I treated the orphans myself.
Take a look.
I stitched Jae-min up when he was 7,
after falling from a tree.
I IDed him with this scar.
Where are my manners?
I easily forget stuff at my age.
Thank you, Sa-hee.
Your daughter?
She was an orphan of this facility,
thankfully she grew up well.
She's busy with her own work,
but she comes by to help out.
Is the suicide victim Lee
Jae-hee also from here?
Yes, that's correct.
Hit-and-run victim
Oh Cheol-ho as well?
You looked into many
unfortunate incidents.
They are lonely by nature, and
can't adjust in the real world,
and often get entangled
in these incidents.
Despite my best
efforts, it's not easy.
Do you suspect him?
You're easy to judge.
Right? He's just too perfect.
If this was a movie,
he's a super villain.
If orphans die, how does he benefit?
Benefit? What'd that be?
- Mr. Noh
- Stop that crap!
Lee Dae-hyun warned Kim of danger.
We must find Lee first.
Where are we going?
What is this place? Where are we?
Maybe he saw us coming and took off.
No, water was poured recently.
So much stuff.
Mr. Noh, welcome.
I thought it was a body,
why's he in there?
I was gonna rest, but fell asleep.
Det. Grasshopper.
Looks like you're
still into illegal stuff.
You've set up an impressive shop.
What do you mean? I'm a model citizen.
What does he do?
He was the best Cyber
Crimes Unit agent,
but thanks to Othello syndrome,
he wiretapped his wife,
home, and car and got caught.
Come on, sir!
He's gonna think it really happened.
I even visited you in jail.
So you're asking me to track a phone?
Sir, but that's illegal.
I know.
I'm clean now.
Okay, why don't we
give you a cut of this case?
- 5%...
- 10%.
10%, deal.
He's so handsome and
very business-oriented!
- What's the retainer?
- $30,000?
Call the CCU and report him for
cloning and wiretapping phones.
- I got their number.
- Okay, okay!
Since it's a rush job...
What's that?
'What's up, baby?'
What are you doing?!
I'm trying to sync 2 phones
and remotely control it,
so that I can turn GPS
on and off at will.
I gotta install a worm
on the target phone.
Sort of like phishing scam.
Sending URLs don't work nowadays.
'Baby, you got another girl?
We just broke up.'
'Please give me a call.'
'I'm on the Han river bridge.'
'If you don't come,
I'll jump and die!'
You wanna die?!
This works 100%!
Cell phone,
and this,
anyone with this combo can be baited.
By tomorrow, this phone
will be synced with his.
Jump and die!
Daddy's home.
I'm home.
Okay, I'm going.
Reading with mom.
Mom made spicy rice cake today.
Right, rice cake.
You were so confident.
You said it'd be done by today!
Mr. Hopper.
I thought I'd be seeing
a real hacker in action.
He's so full of shit.
Dae-man, he's actually
2 years younger than you.
I thought you were older
because you're so tall!
You should've said so.
Does this guy really have balls?
Is he castrated, did you check?
Let's just forget our 10% deal.
Why are you guys so impatient?
He took the bait!
- He bit?
- He totally did!
Look at it, I told you so.
How will you achieve anything
with such little patience?
But why are
Patience! Patience!
There's a limit to my patience.
- Okay.
- Hurry up!
'Will you remember me?'
Now, when he clicks on the video
When he clicks
a Trojan worm will be installed
Lee Dae-hyun's phone has been cloned.
Good job, kiddo!
- Let's go, good work.
- Coming.
Retainer, my cut!
After the case is closed.
Sons of bitches...
Did you learn to drive
at a senior home?
We'll never catch him!
Can't you see the traffic?
This isn't an airplane!
But he's moving just fine!
Left, left, left turn! Come on!
Left turn signal, turn left!
Straight! Go straight!
Hurry, let's move!
Bastard! Are you nuts?!
Drive properly!
- Are you asleep?!
- He doesn't need to swear.
Why don't you drive then?!
He stopped.
Where is this?
Is it here?
Give me that.
His national ID was revoked,
he can't have a job.
If he can move freely in
and out of a traffic jam
Bike courier?
Mr. Lee Dae-hyun!
Lee Dae-hyun!
Lee Dae-hyun?
What's going on?
Lee Dae-hyun!
Lee Dae-hyun!
One moment, please!
- What are you doing?!
- Let him go!
What the hell?! That's my bike!
Go after him!
My bike!
Give me a call here.
Lee Dae-hyun! Stop!
I wanna ask you something!
Don't follow me!
Lee Dae-hyun! It's dangerous!
Lee Dae-hyun! Hey!
Move! Move!
Lee, stop! I got a question!
It's me, Dae-man!
You scared me!
Don't advertise your location.
That's weird...
What is?
- It's flat.
- What?
The phone screen is flat.
It can't detect elevation,
we're at the right location,
he's up over there,
same spot but above us.
Let's go up.
Don't touch me!
I'll go up there, you
check this level.
Why? Scared?
What do you take me for?
Gonna beat him to death?
Just in case.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Here we go.
Get going!
What's this?
Stop it!
Stop, Lee! Let's just talk!
Please stop!
Lee Dae-hyun! Stop right there!
Stop trying to flee!
Lee Dae-hyun!
Hey, hey, listen! Don't move.
Just one question.
Kim Jae-min,
who killed him?
Who killed Kim?!
Hey, stop.
Take my hand!
The Venom!
- Lee Dae-hyun!
- Tae-su! I got you!
They had security cams to
settle factory ownership dispute.
You could've been
arrested as a suspect.
I told you it was an accident.
With Lee's ID revoked, how
did you track him in a day?
Cpt. Kwon, that's not important,
Kim Jae-min's case
needs to be reopened.
There's a high probability
that it wasn't an accident.
Yeah? You got a suspect?
We're working on that
You got any evidence
that it wasn't an accident?
Not yet
But Lee'll know something,
when he wakes up
When he wakes up,
we'll interrogate him,
and if we find him suspicious,
we'll open an investigation.
Thanks, Cpt. Kwon.
In official capacity.
From here on, do not
get involved in this case.
And you two,
if you help him without
my consent, you're finished,
so decide wisely.
Have you confirmed
Lee's current address?
He was on the run when
he got into an accident!
The thing is...
Are you guys serious?
I don't want to make it
difficult for your guys
And look into any vehicles
that headed to the site
You punks!
- Dae-man, let's go.
- Okay.
Anti-Street Urination Plan
Is this Traffic Services?
I'd like to request
security cam footages.
Sungbook Precinct Homicide,
Det. Song Jae-pil.
Listen to this.
Why, you got guilty conscience?
I heard you reported
Jae-hee's suicide,
why were you at her place, Mr. Kim?
None of your business, but be careful,
you could get bitten by the Venom.
The Venom?
Lee mentioned the
Venom before falling.
Mr. Kim Jung-hwan? Who is he?
We can't wait forever
until he wakes up,
let's go check out his place.
We don't know where he lives!
Right here.
Starting navigation.
I'm at Sesarang Hospital ICU,
come here right away.
What for?
I need you to keep an eye on a VIP.
I'm really busy.
Just get over here!
Give it to me.
Mr. Hopper? It's Dae-man.
We're investigating a murder,
and the killer is a super villain!
Even his name is awesome.
It's the Venom!
He sounds so scary!
That's why we can't trust anyone else.
I was so moved to see you work!
I didn't know Korea had a
genius hacker like you!
So, Hopper, I mean, Mr. Hopper!
Help us out.
Only you can do this!
Where should I go?
You're near the destination.
He found out, how did he know?
Kang Dae-man, you bastard.
- Hey.
- Evening.
You got a call from your wife.
You had my phone?
You had
I've been looking for it all day!
Come on!
- Evening, sir.
- Hey.
- I unlocked it for you.
- Great, thanks.
Hey, honey.
No, how could I forget
our wedding anniversary?
He's clueless.
It's the Children's Day,
how could I forget?
I guess he only slept here.
Already checked.
What's all this?
Sesarang Hospital
The Venom?
Mr. Kim?
Oh Cheol-ho, Lee Jae-hee, Kim Jae-min
All from the same orphanage,
suicide, hit-and-run,
and now a train crash.
It definitely feels fishy
when looking at it like this.
You realized that now?
Stop being pompous and keep going.
The common theme is
they all died after
leaving Hana Food Corp.
One man discovered Lee's body,
and was the guardian of Oh.
And he threatened Lee Dae-hyun?
This Mr. Kim is linked to all cases.
Mr. Kim Jung-hwan!
Oh's guardian,
Lee Jae-hee's witness,
then what about Kim Jae-min?
They're all connected
to Choi Seung-bok too.
This name's new, who is he?
The Venom, perhaps?
Mr. Kim told Lee to
watch out for the Venom.
My high school teacher
was also called the Venom
The Venom's bite really hurts
Hurts so much, of course it does.
I'm sorry! It's all my fault!
At least you know, where
were you last night?
What the hell were you
doing on our anniversary?!
Don't be a crybaby!
Thanks for marrying me.
I don't mind cheap stuff.
How could I ever wear this outside?
Use it, as much as possible!
I'll buy you something better.
Thanks baby, let me help.
- Where?
- Back here.
You're the best!
Huh? Who's this?
Hopper: Have you forgotten me? ;(
Great work, ladies, coffee break!
You're the best!
- Dr. Kim's not here?
- Nope.
When's your day off?
This week, I
Excuse me for one moment.
Ex-Cyber Crimes Unit,
private detective Hopper.
Hopper, what's going on there?
What happened? I called so many times.
I'm sorry, we were busy
tracking down a lead.
Last night was quiet,
how much longer must I do this?
I'm tired.
Aren't you used to stakeouts?
I was tied to a desk,
never went on a stakeout.
There! That's our suspect! Go get him!
What? Where?
- He's a headache.
- Buddy!
Does Kim Jung-hwan work here?
Yes, he's head of General Affairs.
Is he here today?
No, he'll be back soon, by the way,
if those weren't accidents, then
The Venom.
Do you know the Venom?
I do.
Venom, as in snake.
Could we meet Choi Seung-bok?
- Seung-bok?
- Yes.
What for?
I got some questions for him.
- One moment.
- Okay.
Choi Seung-bok! Did I do good?
Great, I'm so proud.
When he arrives,
I'll ask the questions.
Why? I got plenty of questions too.
Interrogation isn't about
asking random questions,
it requires very
specific set of skills.
I'll ask the questions,
sit back and watch, okay?
Sure, sure.
Do you know Jae-min?
I like him, but he dead
Why did you have to make him cry?
Don't cry.
Here, take this. Mr. Kim!
You were asking for me?
Dae-hyun was a megalomaniac.
But even so, a murder?
I heard you discovered
Lee Jae-hee's body.
Why were you at her home?
She was having a hard
time after leaving here,
so I wanted to talk
to her after work.
So you keep taps on them
after they leave here?
They have nowhere to turn to.
I try to support them
to the best of my abilities.
When they start out, I set
up their bank accounts.
I manage them too, since
no one really saves up.
I actually have an appointment.
Certainly, thank you for your help.
One second.
She committed suicide
by leaving her stove on,
how did you get inside?
I was with her when she signed
the lease, so I knew the code.
What's the code?
I don't remember now.
When Kim Jae-min was killed,
where were you that night?
I heard the news at our
training center in Pocheon.
- Could I take some?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
He's lying.
He knew the code of a
grown woman's home?
And how did he know she
was dead inside or not?
Your deductive reasoning
is impressive.
I taught you well.
This could mean that he also
lied about other things.
I'll dig in further and
prove his connection.
Just like how you keep lying to
your wife about the comic shop.
You're on a hot streak,
confirm your suspicion.
Catch the killer too.
We're not compatible
Let's go catch him.
You must be tired :)
I'm just too popular.
Where's Lee Jae-hee's home?
- #401.
- Up here?
4th floor?
It's all cleaned up.
Gas Poisoning
Suicide? Sept. 22
Why'd she plan a trip
and die 3 days before?
Jeju Trip, Sept. 25
Hired at Terminal Club, Nov. 28
Did he feel different on
the night he was killed?
Cheol-ho left early to meet someone.
Mr. Kim?
Kim Jung-hwan?
No, it was a nickname, what was that?
Yes, that's it.
- What's going on?
- You can't go in there!
This is restricted area,
come during visitation time.
- Let me in!
- You can't do that.
I was keeping my eye on it
suddenly doctors rushed inside
They said he's dead
It wasn't your fault,
it was an accident!
The security cam captured
you trying to save him, no?
You might not know, but he
killed a lot of people.
Fire Moth was hit by a car
while being chased by him,
- and died
- Yeah.
You know about the murder swap case,
- shot to death, right?
- Yeah
The Nomad gang, he fought
them off on a roof,
they all fell to their deaths!
Imagine the trauma,
the mental anguish doesn't
heal completely, right?
Give me your hand.
Another poor soul
died during this case.
With this hand, an agent of death!
One could argue that.
I understand you wholeheartedly.
My home is so full of love
I hear you.
Let's have another drink at my place.
That's impossible, your
wife will kill you.
My wife will prepare a feast for us.
You live in #105, right?
Yeah, here.
Wait a minute
- Dae-man.
- Yes?
I'm an invisible man at home.
What did you say?
I'm an outcast, my family hates me.
I'm trying so hard, but nothing works
Don't cry, bro.
- Stop, come on.
- I just want
- Tae-su! Honey!
- I'm living for my family
- Honey?
- What are you doing?
Good evening, Mrs. Noh.
Go home, Dae-man.
- I'm home, baby.
- Dae-man!
- Yes?
- It's this way.
- Always be healthy!
- Okay, bye.
- Dae-man!
- Yes?
Good morning.
Hangover soup?
Best of luck.
I asked Det. Cho for Oh's address,
but it wasn't factory dormitory.
Then how did Kim hear
about Oh's hit-and-run?
- Who's the guardian?
- I am.
Even before the cops arrived,
Kim appeared and claimed
that he was the guardian.
He knew about the accident
before it happened?
Also, Lee Jae-hee
was said to have taken sleeping
pills and left the gas on,
but she was never
prescribed those pills.
Ambien found by her body
can't be obtained
without a prescription.
Someone snuck in, put her to sleep,
left pills by her, turned the gas on,
and made it look like a suicide.
By whom?
Mr. Kim is highly likely.
Maybe he had an accomplice.
If there was one,
he would've opened the door,
Kim would've called 911 and
brought her to the hospital.
If we figure out
where the pills came from
we could find the evidence.
Oh went to see the Venom
and got involved in a hit-and-run.
I think Mr. Kim used
the Venom to lure Oh there.
Either Kim did it himself,
or his accomplice did so.
Over here.
Let's move.
Either way, Kim is somehow
involved in this case.
Then why pretend to be
Oh's guardian at the hospital?
To eliminate suspicion?
Choi Seung-bok, Choi Seung-bok...
Choi is the one who bothers me.
Lee Dae-hyun singled
him out for a reason.
There's 'flow' to a murder case.
What do you mean?
As if it's been planned out
for a long period of time,
this case feels emotionless.
What do you mean by that?
If you were to kill your father
for inheritance, what'd you do?
I'd create a bulletproof alibi,
and try to make it
look like an accident.
Think about it.
For your example to pan
out, there mustn't be
any evidence with emotional baggage.
Even if your motive was exposed,
no evidence exists to
link you to his death.
So look for motive rather
than the evidence?
To look for the motive,
one must feel the flow
Common motives are concealment,
blind passion, grudge, and money.
Money is the only thing
that lacks any emotion.
Is $50,000 enough?
Our client had the
severance, so that's not it.
Before he resigned,
Mr. Kim managed everyone's accounts.
no one really saves up.
I got it!
What if Lee and Oh had
life insurance plans?
And Choi as the beneficiary.
Mr. Kim manages Choi's account too.
The factory set all 3 of them
up for accident insurance,
special death clause was
added before they left.
Who's the beneficiary?
- Choi Seung-bok.
- Good!
Cpt. Kwon,
Kim Jung-hwan had a clear motive.
It's money.
2nd Brave Citizen Award
coming up.
Has anyone gotten it
2 years in a row?
Shut the hell up!
You have to arrest him.
We must first check any withdrawals
I already checked it with the bank.
Kim's wife deposited a large
amount around that time.
This is the transaction record.
Do me this favor, Cpt. Kwon.
The bankbooks.
Will you continue to be silent?
Even if this was Kim's jurisdiction,
the insurance premium
went up significantly.
How could you not know?
We make tons of deposits
and expense payments,
the premium payments fluctuate too
I left all factory business
to Kim and the plant manager,
so I didn't know anything.
Did Kim really do this?
He's keeping silent,
but we got evidence.
How could you
If it got so bad, why
didn't you tell me?
Don't worry about anything,
I'll take care of your wife.
So tell them everything.
and redeem yourself.
Det. Noh! Hurry!
- Yeah?
- What is it?
I killed them all.
My wife was sick, I needed the money.
I climbed the pipes, put her to sleep,
and left the gas on.
Where did you get the Ambien?
I stole it from my wife's hospital.
Who's the Venom?
I am.
Of course, I knew it was him.
I waited every night.
I picked him up in front
of the fruit store that night.
Which car did you use?
Factory van...
- Welcome, sir.
- Cpt. Kwon.
Det. Noh.
You helped solve this case,
you truly are the White Shark.
It's all thanks to you, Cpt. Kwon.
Send him to the prosecutor,
I'm meeting the chief.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Take care, sir.
Aren't you jealous, though?
He didn't do shit.
They're getting all the credit.
But we made $50,000.
We did good, what's
with the sour face?
This isn't a 1-man job.
Gun-woo, Hong-ji!
Man of the house is back!
You sold the comic shop?
Don't do this for the
sake of our kids!
It's a gun! Nice!
You got brass balls!
How could you do that
without a second thought?!
No! I thought really hard,
and came to that decision!
Gwang-gyu must've thought I was crazy!
He's not like that!
He's such a good guy!
I've had it!
Here! Sign this!
I'm going to the court
first thing in the morning!
Mi-ok! Mi-ok! Please!
I'm so sorry, forgive me!
I'll never do it again!
- Dad?
- Yeah?
Go wash up.
Can you do that?
What's this I smell?
What's going on?
I, uh
Eat up.
Thank you for the food, mom!
Your dad made it, thank him.
He did? Wow...
Yeah, dig in.
I solved the case
that I mentioned.
Yeah? That's good.
Hee-yeon, this fell.
Thank you.
Jae-min loved to donate blood.
Blood Donor Card
Since his blood was so rare,
he was popular at the clinic.
I don't know if we should accept it
Thank you.
He'll rest easy thanks to you.
Please help other victims.
Of course.
What a pity.
Worry about your own life.
You're so close to a divorce.
You look really good.
Did you wiretap us?
I gotta get paid after all.
I bet he'll go to jail again.
I love you, please come again.
I wanna smack him.
Should I report him
to Cyber Crimes Unit?
Are you in divorce crisis again?
Why can't she understand us?
I've made a hard
decision for my family.
But why decide it on your own?
The most important
thing in a marriage
is conversation.
Are you giving me marriage advice?
Should I give you
divorce advice instead?
was caught killing his
employees for insurance money.
That's our case.
The victims were orphans
It looks like they did all the work.
Murdered Colleagues for Insurance Money
Det. Song!
Have you checked
security cams I mentioned?
What? Dammit!
Come out!
Lee Jae-hee lived
on the 4th floor.
Kim can't climb that high
with a prosthetic hand.
The factory van that was used
to pick up Kim Jae-min was
never seen near the crime scene.
How could you not check this?!
I'm sorry, I had the data,
but we got the confession,
so I didn't check.
But I did find the suspect's car.
It was headed to the crime scene
and appeared after 30 minutes.
It's a stolen car.
Here, you see?
- 64N6406.
- 64N
You guys are old,
just take a picture.
Sarang Training Center
April 27?
Foundation meeting
I guess there was a meeting,
foundation execs stayed here.
Director Woo, and hospital head too.
Director Woo was here? You sure?
Yeah, I wrote it down, it was so busy.
My life's hard when they come by.
They nag so much too.
Did you see him?
Oh, him!
He was here that day?
Yeah, he left the next day.
He had it tough, serving the director.
What he said to us when
we first met was true.
Someone else kidnapped
and murdered Kim Jae-min.
Guardian is Kim Jung-hwan.
Medical Record
Mrs. Kim was moved to
a different hospital yesterday.
Sesarang Hospital.
She barely had any money
to pay our bills...
So he made a deal for
the sake of his wife.
I'm sure now, Director Woo is the one.
We got nothing to pin him down with.
I told you he was the perp
when we first met him!
He looked like a super villain,
you didn't listen to me!
Why bother with investigation
if suspicion is enough?
Just say, "You look like a
perp," and toss him in jail!
Don't get angry, we can just talk.
I was saying we should
stay on our toes with him.
You're living your way, I will too.
So what do we say to him?
The director never benefitted
from the insurance scam.
We gotta know his motive
so we can question him.
That's what interrogation is for!
It was just asking questions.
He's not gonna say, "Yes, I did it."
Interrogation is a game that exploits
asymmetrical nature of intel.
Exploiting what?
Come again? What did he say?
Asymmetrical nature of intel!
He doesn't know what we know,
so we have to use that
to extract information,
and when we have him,
we toss in a bait!
Tell me the truth,
you have no plan, right?
No plan!
Don't do anything today,
just look after the baby.
Nothing at all.
When I send you a signal,
go outside and call me.
Be quiet, Hong-ji!
Don't bark at my baby
Children are all angels.
You can take all these,
but his wallet has blood on it.
You're a very kind soul.
Solved the case, and
brought these back too.
Since we're in the service business,
we have to wrap it nicely,
it's about a man's life after all.
Where did you say you heard
the news of Kim Jae-min's death?
At the training center, there
was a foundation meeting.
Who did you go there with?
The hospital director
And factory manager.
No one else accompanied you?
No one else.
Hong-ji, almost done, don't cry, baby.
Why did you bring your
baby to our workplace?
Hurry up!
Sorry about that, his
wife left him recently.
It's quite alright.
Wasn't this case wrapped up?
Your man Kim didn't kill Kim Jae-min.
Pardon me for one moment.
Hopper, what's up?
What? A stolen car?
How could you!
Tell me that now?
The plate? 64N6406?
Okay, fine, you're better than a cop.
Sorry about that, we
got an important tip.
- I better go.
- I see.
- I'll take these.
- Certainly.
- I'll see you again.
- Sure.
Then bam! Throw in the bait.
And using the plate number,
the White Shark's still alive!
By the way, what's with
Kim Jae-min's wallet?
I wanted to check something.
I'll let you know when
the result comes out.
You got something on your lips.
Holy shit
This is what I think.
This case has 2 motives.
2 accomplices may have
their own agenda, right?
Director Woo's motive is different.
Woo got Kim and someone else
to commit these crimes.
Since they'll kill the orphans anyway,
Kim got them life insurance!
Woo may not have known
about Kim's scams.
Sure, that
That makes sense.
Sesarang Hospital has something.
Look, Lee Dae-hyun's memo
keeps referring to it.
Then let's dig into Sesarang.
Hopper, Hopper, Hopper?
Since the case is not solved,
we should give our money back.
Take Hopper's cut back too.
Take my money back?!
You can't take it back!
It could be the greatest
unsolved mystery.
That can't happen, we
gotta return the money.
I spent my money.
Then we'll have to solve it.
Yeah, do that.
We should sell this, to
pay the client back.
Come on!
Could you analyze the
blood on this photo?
Nothing in depth, I just
need the blood type.
Hong-ji, it's mom.
Gun-woo's almost done with
taekwondo class, pick him up.
Kang Gun-woo
Can I see the gun at the station?
It's dad! Dad!
What're you doing?! Gun-woo, get off!
Dad, help me!
- Mi-ok! Honey!
- Dad! Help!
Hold still!
What a shitty luck!
Gun-woo, get off!
Gun-woo! Gun-woo!
Honey, are you okay?
Gun-woo, you okay!
What was that?!
What'd you do without me!
Son of a bitch!
How could I trust the kids with you?
I'm sorry, baby, I was
gonna come early!
My boy!
You bastard!
Look at that!
Do you have Ambien at this hospital?
Yeah, why do you need sleeping pills?
I can't sleep well lately.
I keep thinking of someone
Was this brand ever been stolen?
Never, I keep track of them real good.
You're good at your job.
I've always wanted to ride a bike,
could you give me a ride?
I don't have a bike, nor a
license, I got nothing.
I can't figure out what
she does around here.
She's the hospital manager,
but doesn't do anything.
She doesn't get fired?
Golden parachute.
This foundation's
chairman, Woo Won-il.
The orphanage director?
Ambien 10mg prescribed
Hopper, that bastard.
Det. Noh Tae-su!
We met briefly at the orphanage.
What brings you here?
I have something to tell you,
it's about the director...
Director Woo?
What about him?
The Venom?
Good to see you, boss!
I never thought I'd ever
come back in here.
you're not here to bail me out?
Noh Tae-su!
Are you so desperate
to ruin our reputation?!
You didn't have to attempt
rape to say you're quitting!
- Rape?
- It's a misunderstanding.
Dismiss him right away!
Chief, I've been framed!
He ordered me to!
De facto power!
Is this really safe?
When it's locked,
even I can't open it.
Don't worry.
The blood test you requested
came out as type A.
A? Are you sure?
Not Rh-?
I stitched Jae-min up when he was 7,
after falling from a tree.
Director Woo IDed Kim Jae-min.
That's ball player Gu Ho-cheol.
He passed out during a game
and was out for a season.
He was rumored to be
dead a few years ago.
But he came back healthy
and was an MVP too.
That was talk of the town.
This is it, I got it.
Yeah, very good.
Are you nuts?
Don't beat around the
bush, and just say it.
I want to be a real detective.
I don't believe this.
If I stay put, the bad guys
will continue what they do!
I have to go and arrest them.
It won't get solved without you?
No, I have to go.
Honey, I promise you,
I'll never put my
family in harm's way.
How exactly?
I will
I have to arrest them,
I told you that.
You'll catch bad guys?
The kidnapper too?
My Dad, the Detective
Mi-ok, let me do this one last time.
Fine! Go! Before I change my mind!
You're going?
Thank you, honey!
Dad, take the gun.
Thanks, son.
Good luck, dad!
I was gonna tell you the other day,
this purse...
I'll buy you the real
thing when I make a ton!
I'll buy you a really good bag!
Nice going.
Forget us, what did you find out?
The director's motive.
His motive? What's that?
He was after kids' organs.
Oh my
Kim's murders for insurance scam
had a lot of inconsistencies.
Hit-and-run, then disguise
as a victim's guardian,
pretending to find a suicide victim,
moving both victims to
Sesarang Hospital,
and both were brain dead.
The orphanage managed
the orphans' health perfectly.
All the supporters were
either rich or powerful,
they were all partnered
up with the orphans.
Woo updated the supporters with
the orphans' status regularly.
When they were old enough
to leave the orphanage,
they were sent to an
unprofitable factory.
It may seem like an act of
goodwill, but they were kept there
until their organs were
needed, and were laid off.
So that suspicion doesn't fall on
the factory and the foundation.
These guys are brutal...
Kim Jae-min's case didn't
quite match this theory.
His funeral was held
2 days after his death.
There was no time to harvest organs.
They needed his organs
but he had a fiance.
No one would've missed the orphans,
but Kim's case wasn't so clear-cut.
So Woo got the Venom to kidnap him.
But damage to his body
would've prevented any harvest.
He's right.
Kim Jae-min didn't die
from the accident.
His blood type is AB Rh-.
But the blood type from his wallet
is type A!
Holy cow.
Dae-man, he may still be alive.
Flight TG656, arriving at 16:25 today.
The hospital manager's
schedule revolved around today.
Today may be Kim's surgery, Cpt. Kwon!
Sir, we should move quickly.
It'll take time to report it
up the chain of command.
Solving the case is priority,
so consider this a prison break.
We'll find out about this in
2 hours and come after you.
The White Shark is escaping.
Thank you, Cpt. Kwon.
We'll see you later.
Let's get ready.
Aren't you coming?
I'm really tired today, seriously.
I'd like to hang back
and think things through.
Okay, could you lock it up?
Wait! Stop!
Hold on! One second!
Wait for me!
I'm sorry.
This is so stressful.
Since Kim's death was faked,
his surgery won't be at Sesarang.
I'll head to the orphanage,
you two get to the airport
and locate the Venom.
TG656 16:25
- Anything?
- Not yet.
Driving a fancy car
through the back door?
Too bad you won't get
to your surgery today.
How much do you make doing this?
I could make you rich.
Aren't private detectives
loyal to the money?
No wonder you see kids only as money.
No one pays any attention
to them anyway.
They'll live like trash and waste
their lives away in the real world.
If they help good people
live longer, then it's worth it.
Don't you think?
Human trash is how I'd describe you.
Get out, asshole!
I'm so nervous, don't
they kill people too?
They're coming! Hide! Hide!
- Let's just go!
- Okay, okay!
My theory was correct,
it's organ transplant.
But where are they going?
Where's your bike?
Parked safely in the lot.
I don't like parking tickets.
Dammit, his phone is off.
If something happens to
him, it's all your fault!
There has to be a clue
Is there anything near
the training center?
April 27?
I guess there was a meeting,
foundation people stayed here.
The director, hospital head too.
I heard the news at our
training center in Pocheon.
Captain! Captain!
He says Det. Noh is unreachable.
Stop! Stop!
Why, why?
Turn the light off, bike too!
Get off, push it up.
Careful, watch the bike!
Okay, stop.
This is the right place?
It's too dark!
Too quiet.
- No one's here?
- I don't think it's here.
We should leave!
I got visual! It's online!
- Left, left!
- Be quiet!
I don't see anything!
Light's off.
- This way!
- Focus! Focus!
Do it right!
- We got stairs.
- It's okay.
Nothing's impossible with Nina.
It'll break! So bumpy!
- This way!
- I gotta focus!
Back up, back up!
I see light! We got a light!
On my way!
All the goons are there!
What's this?
Nina, get out of there!
What's that? Go get it!
We're surrounded.
It was Tae-su, right?
It was him.
Give it.
Wait, wait.
You got a license?
What'll you do?
I'll buy you a new one
after we solve the case.
This is $30,000.
47 payments left
Tae-su's in there,
is this more important?
- He's important
- So keep this with you.
What's this?
- This is important too...
- I'll be back right away!
Kim Jae-min is still alive,
and an illegal organ transplant
surgery is underway!
All speculations, and no evidence!
Why're you so gung-ho like Noh Tae-su?
The location isn't even verified!
They're heading for
Sarang Training Center.
If Kang Dae-man's theory is correct,
and if the words gets out that
we didn't do anything,
imagine the backlash from the public.
What if he's wrong?
Will you take the fall?
If you're so confident, do it!
Everyone, move out.
You heard him, I'll take
the fall, get going!
Yes, sir!
I have a kid...
Please don't kill me...
Don't kill me...
I'll start counting, 1, 2, 3
What's with the commotion?
What's happening outside?
Get him!
Hurry! Get him!
Tae-su! Tae-su!
Hopper must've found the power.
Is it this one?
Dae-man, go that way.
We're splitting up?
Let me apologize like a gentleman.
Wait a minute...
Stop it!
I'm so sorry!
I really am!
Tae-su, be careful!
Put it down, Dae-man.
I can't see anything,
how did you know?
I knew you'd be hiding.
- I saw you too.
- You little
Hopper, you okay?
Bro, I was so scared!
What the
What is this place?
Dude, look.
Son of a bitch!
He tried to kidnap my boy...
Don't move, I'll shoot.
So scary! I'm shaking!
He's gonna smash our
heads with that hammer!
Dae-man, lock the door.
Director Woo, you got
a good setup here.
It's all over.
You got nowhere to go,
stop this nonsense,
and let's wrap it up here.
If you're caught here,
you'll die here too.
If you want to live, kill them.
Can we leave here alive?
No signal
What are they saying?
Cops are waiting outside!
Police! Police!
I got a call that
they've just arrived.
Decide properly.
We just want Woo, you'll be sent home,
- so stay back
- What is he saying?
Looks like my boys came first.
Open the door!
Open it!
I told you! Bastards like you!
Are human trash!
Son of a bitch!
Dae-man, are you okay? Get up!
Get up!
Come on, buddy! Dae-man!
So cold, it's so cold here...
Open your eyes, open them!
Please, you bastard...
Dude, what happened?
Are you okay?
- Dae-man!
- You okay?
You got here now?
You punk
I'm so fucked, Mi-ok'll kill me!
She told me not to get hurt!
- You bastard!
- My blood!
Over here! Here!
Detectives! Turn left!
Are you okay?
Go that way! Arrest them!
Don't move! Freeze!
Turn around!
We rounded everyone up!
Yes, commissioner, that's correct.
It was all due to my rapid judgment.
I'll see you in the morning!
Just relax, be quiet!
Get inside, asshole!
Get inside!
How is he?
It was a clean penetration,
he'll live a long life.
You stupid
Did you cry because of me?
I saw you cry.
If you pretend to die again,
I'll kill you for real.
Why's he crying?
I was so happy to have
met you, I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry!
I heard it was a $30,000 bike.
We should get him a good
bicycle or something.
Captain, thanks for the backup.
Brave Citizen Award
Get him another award.
An organized crime group,
which exploited orphans,
provided organs to
the rich and powerful
- Good morning.
- Hello.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you, I thought
I'd never see her again
It's all over.
Only happy days are
left with your baby.
Please take this.
This money is your retainer,
we can't take it back.
We mustn't, it's not
our money to accept.
Please, take it back.
You have a baby on the way,
spend it for the child.
You're insane
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Thank you again.
Have a great life.
Dae-man, they're leaving.
Take care.
What did you do? You returned it?
But we gotta make a living too!
What about my hospital bill?
I got hurt
What do I tell Mi-ok?
I got shot, dammit
Jesus Christ
But they're having a baby.
I got 2 kids! Gun-woo!
- Then accept it?
- Of course!
- That money?
- Any money!
You're heartless!
What's this?
Compensation for
exposing insurance scam.
Why is it so thin?
Count the zeros.
Is it a gift card?
Hundred, thousand, ten thousand
We caught a life insurance scammer.
You should've said so!
You scared me!
I've never seen this.
Don't tell Hopper about it.
Of course, he got his $3,000.
You just have to trust me!
That's where I got shot...
Stop it!
Why my comic shop?
It pains me to go there!
I've been introduced
by someone high up.
It could be a big case.
I highly doubt it, I'm not going!
Closed due to important
personal business
Sit down.
Let's solve this together.
Where are you, Bebe?