Tamasha (1952) Movie Script

Worthless, Donkey he is!
Yes, Yes Rai Bahadur Sir Just now got the news
that Dilip went out with the same girl today Worthless, He neither cares for me
Nor does he care about family's reputation But Rai Bahadur sir
But what, How many times shall I explain him If I try to say anything he says he brokeup with that girl,
Search a girl from good family for me to marry Oh, this is really problematic situation
Rai Bahadur Sir, For this we need to find certain solution Solution
Yes Yes there is one solution And I need your help in that
My help Just say it I would act not feeling well
And you ask him to bring A better girl in front of me
Once he get into this then he can't get out of it
Dr Patel Sir, this is Matadeen here
You Please come here imediately Sr. Sir's Health is very serious
Oh yes Hello, whose this Dainik Newsletter
Rai Bahadur Sir health is very serious Yes Sssh, Dilip is coming Doctor
Can I give this fruit juice now yes why not Symbiosis of heart
very dangerous It means case is very serious
I think he may survive only for an hour, two or three Grandpa please drink this
No No I don't want to have anything from a cheat Grandpa
Just go away from here I dont want to talk to you anymore
Grandpa please listen to me I did not cheat you
I swear I broke up with Nayantara And have choosen another girl from good family
Where is that girl then? Why don't you bring her to me?
There is another girl But I think as she belongs to poor family
So I am affraid if you would reject her too ' Lying again
Atleast don't lie when I am dying go away, go away Just go away Grandpa,
Go away, Go away Doctor, Grandpa
Nerves are going down Dr. Shukla you please be here I will go and arrange for an oxygen
Doctor, Doctor please save grandpa's life
Atleast increase his survival chances upto 4-6 hours So that I can fulfill his last wish
I can't promise you anything Dilip his condition is very serious I understand Doctor
His heart can stop responding any moment what are you saying
His heart can stop responding any moment? Gopal, where is he?
Gopal, You will ruin everything Sir me Please call immediatey
Call manager, call editor, call compositor Call immediately
Call everyone is new block ready?
Sir little work is pending Still pending, you will ruin everything
Make it fast, Make it fast Is your matter ready? Will be done soon
Done soon, you will ruin me Please write fast for god's sake
Whatever is ready start printing Our Newspaper should be released early
Whatever is ready start printing Our Newspaper should be released early
If this chance is gone then we all will be ruined But we have to wait for death news
What did you say manager? Death News I think you didn't focus on the headline
According to my headline Rai Bahadur has to die Oh yes,
Just Listen to this headlines Listen please
City's famous rich person Rai Bahadur Durlabhcand's sudden death
His Grandson Dilip's love affair is with famous dancer and soon to be actor Nayantara
I won't say, I won't say Whatever is there in my heart
Go away, I won't remove my Veil I won't say, I won't say, I won't say
Whatever is there in my heart Go away, I won't remove my Veil
I won't say What does your nodding eyes say
These two raspberry eyes What does your nodding eyes say
These two raspberry eyes
Hidding behind the veil Shameful eyes
Oh the shameful eyes Whoever is there hidding in my heart
Whoever is there hidding in my heart I would just be with him
I won't say, I won't say, I won't say I won't say, I won't say
Don't give those hidding glances My body is shiverring
I am dying with shame I am dying with shame
I am dying with shame I am very young
Just too young for this
I won't say, I won't say
Whatever is there in my heart I won't remove my Veil I won't say
Excellent, Excellent Baby Excellent Oh it's First class, First class
I would say Director Sir, The way just now Nayantara danced there is no
match in the world for her Oh really, you have already mastered in praising.
What are you saying baby You mean we all are telling lies
Just get the film shoot done from Dilip then see what I will do
I would say now it won't take much time for a film to get ready
Rai Bahadur Rai Bahadur's ticket will expire soon Live
Live Long Live my Khamakha Live Baby, Baby
There goes Rai bahadur's vehicle Here Nayantara Art Productions rail will start moving
Say Mr. Khamakha how like this Baby, Narang Forgive me aunty
What happened mummy?
Just now Dilip ringed me Rai Bahadur's condition is very serious
Baby I didn't like the way Dilip was speaking on the phone
What was he saying Don't Know but he speaking rude
Don't worry aunty we have very strong sticky tape Won't we shatter him
If he falls pray to his grandpa's words then our plan will be finished
No Mummy please don't say such thing
I want become a director then Baby you have to be careful
Is Dilip coming here, mummy? Yes
Then I need to think for a twist twist, twist Got it, got it Baby got the twist
The moment Dilip comes here Your face should look sad
Heart in pain, lips trembling and tears in eyes
Mr. Music director when you see the tears you play the sad music
That has pain, emotions, patience, fire, water everything at same place
He came He came please ready please please please Ready, ready
Welcome, welcome Mr. Dilip Please come in Welcome Mr. Dilip Please be seated
Nayantara There's a bad news Mr. Music director leave the pipe
Leave the pipe think of a music Suspence music, suspence start
How do I say Nayan that I came to be apart from you forever
Grandpa does not like our relation He does not want to make you his daughter-in-
law(wife of grandson) In such a temper he is even ready to give away his life
Darling! what are you saying I have sacrificed 5 contracts for you,
Just for you Mummy Oh Baby Sad Music, Sad Music Start start Don't cry, Brute
I am helpless, unaided I can't give him pain in his last moments
I have to make him happy, any how His perfect girl has to be brought in front of him
And considering her as my life partner Need to take his blessings Baby Darling
Oh Dilip Sir, Dilip Sir, how can this happen?
Just think when you will share the screen with Nayan as a Hero
God Promise the film would do great Film will celebrate diamond jubilee for sure
How can I spoil my image in front of the world Grandpa may survive only for 2-4 hours
What are you saying 2-4 hours 2-4 hours Doctors say so Just wait just wait
Let me think, just think I will give you a twist, Such a twist that will save everyones name
Twist Twist Got it Got it Mr. Dilip I got it
What did you got? Twist A twist that will kill the snake and stick would also remain
Did you understand? Yes, You mean Rai Bahadur will also die
And their love relation will not break Exactly Look Mr. Dilip
Soon as you can search another girl from somewhere Show her to your Grandfather
Did you get me? Another girl?
That's right Very Well Mr. Dilip, in that way Grandpa will die happily
And here You and Nayantara can cherish your love life No No
This is cheating, Real fraud I can't cheat grandpa at this stage
What, why don't you say it clearly
You don't Love me What is this happening? Baby what is happenning?
Is she fainting? Baby please wake up? Darling Brute
Nayan, wake up Darling wake up
Sir, you are worried about the carrion who is guest of few hours
Sir, you are worried about the carrion who is guest of few hours
But also think about this living carrion If you reject her
Then what will happen of this love nun It's OK
It's OK with me Director sir I can't lose my Nayantara
Nayan Nayan Baby Wake up, Nayan
Darling Nayan Nayan Baby Where am I?
Near me In my eyes Dilip Nayan
Baby, Dilip agreed Really How sweet You Angel
Mummy Yes Now we need to find a girl Such a girl
Just by seeing her Grandpa will like her And after Grandpa's death
will take 200-400 Rs and leave Very Right, Mr. Khamakha You leave this job to me
I will get it done Ok with me Come Mr. Dilip Ok Bye
Dilip Sir, Dilip Sir Make it fast, Make it fast We have plenty here
Wait, Wait Mr. Dilip Extra Suppliars Association
Here we will surely get the girl we need Master, Master we need a girl
She should be from good family, educated Even from poor family will do
Shut up Shup up don't want the girl No need to worry we will find her somewhere
Get out what happened? You Get out first one twist
just one twist I saw lot of your twists Grandpa might have calmed down by now
Get out Help Help where have you brought me My Place
Whatever Grandpa says just listen to him Ok I beg of you What are you doing
Please lets go Lets go I said, Dilip is coming
Lie Down Make it fast Dilip Didn't he came till now Here I am, Grandpa
Here is your What is your name? Just that way you like Come here child
Come to me Come she is bit shy, Grandpa This is my Grandpa
Doctor Sit down child God Bless you Child
Drink it sir, just drink it now Don't refuse it now Yes
Only by her hand What Take it dear Help him to drink
You came at the right moment If you would not have come here
It might have become impossible to save his lfe What is your name dear
Kiran Kiran you are really like rays.
I was trying to find a girl like you Yes, Understood doctor
Like her God heard my prayers What about your parents?
They are no more Oh Dear Their Name? Munshi Premnath
Premnath The son the Munshi Brijkishore? Yes Do you know him?
Yes, very well dear He was my childhood friend You donkey, why didn't you tell this to me before
You didn't gave that opportunity to me You know child we studied in the same class
We liked each other a lot Look Mr. Rai Bahadur you are stressing yourself
Don't worry Doctor I am not going to die now I got my daughter-in-law
I would talk to her some personal things You may leave now
Go, Go please Where are you going With the Doctor
Wait, Stand here itself Fine Tell me one thing dear
When did you meet Dilip for the first time Today Yes Grandpa
Exactly Actually Grandpa we know each other from quite a long time
Since we were studying in school But whenever we meet It seems like first
Yes So, dear you were studying at some school in bombay
Yes But as far as I know I didn't enroll you in bombay but school in Dehradun
Oh Yes So you were studying in Deheradun and her in Bombay
Then how did you meet? Oh Grandpa I told you that day also
That once Her school's cricket have come to our school for match
She was a part of that team While playing the match we met You met while playing
The way I stroke the boundary But she caught it ball I said, "Well Played"
She said "Thank You" Then onwards we started talking Didn't we Really
So nowadays you girls are also playing Cricket Why are you making faces
I ate fish in morning the bone got stuck in the neck
Don't know what all things got stuck in your neck today
But you are lucky Grandpa it's your grace
Not mine but her Grace So dear are you fine with this relation What
Grandpa why she would have come if she is not ready Grandpa I
Getting late Why do you take tension I will drop you
Oh Grandpa She is getting nervous with all these marriage conversation
Come on Lets go Go, where Grandpa College, They have their annual fuction
Dilip Grandpa I brought her just to remove your doubt Otherwise
why are you staring, let's Go If I don't drop you on time, you will again start crying
Oh come on let's go now Grandpa Sorry for the trouble
Everything messed up Don't know what to do Car is waiting outside, It will drop you
I will always be grateful to you I didn't know you brought me here for such cheap thing
How can you cheat your kind grandpa? Take care of your money
How can you cheat your kind grandpa? Take care of your money
You might love them more what to say Nayan darling There is an issue Grandpa is improving now
Yes I will try to meet you in the evening Today evening Yes
Jr. Sir Sr. Sir's agin has some health issues Again
What happened Grandpa? Call her please Whom Grandpa? My Daughter-in-Law
Daughter-in-Law? But Grandpa, she will be in the college, right now
I don't know anything of college Go and get her soon Have patience Grandpa
If your situation goes critical like yesterday It would be a big trouble
It already got worse Oh, this heart pain Please don't stress your heart,
Stay Calm Go fast, Go fast Get her soon Else I am leaving
I will be right back Grandpa I will be right back Grandpa Hey Dilip
I will be right back Grandpa I will be right back Grandpa Hey Dilip
Oh Doctor You came in at right moment Grandpa again has heart pain
Please take care of him Dctor I will be right back I will be right back
Make it fast Doctor Tell me the truth Hope you didn't fall for
I wish I could have not listened to you and Went to Rai Bahadur's house
I wish I could have not listened to you and Went to Rai Bahadur's house
I would not been in this trouble Oh God Bless everyone with trouble like Dilip
Go away, you always think it's funny You know Rai Bahadur is my Grandfather's friend
Where is humanity? If I cheat him like this. Say it like this then
Let Dilip come here this time I will tell him very clearly
My kiran does not like such cheating Please make her your true No No Malti
Why do you say No When your heart is already dancing Relax and sit down now
You are going nowhere not even pune No Malti you don't understand
If Rai BAhadur comes to take me I cannot deny him What if his Grandson comes?
Throw him, out I will throw the cheat like him Oh you Come in
You have to come with me Come with you Yes now, right at this moment
Can't a spare a minute That's right Please hurry up
Make it fast, Make it fast Am I your slave No Poor Maid
Just try to understand me How can you order me? Make it fast, Make it fast
Am I servant of your house or Nurse You got me wrong Got you wrong?
Considering you wrong made me leave Bombay Leaving Bombay?
Oh Yes What will I explain Grandpa than
Now you make it fast, make it fast No, No just listen to me
Listen to me once Please I request you What is this girl? Even if I try to talk
She runs to bite me What will I say to Grandpa
Oh, Hello What do you think of Ashok Kumar? Aunty, he is not going to fall prey to you
There is only one on the Golden Screen Whose name is Ashok Kumar
The one who recognises direction the wind flows Who can count the feathers of flying bird
He is out of our tackle He will stir and drink both you and your daughter. I like thorns too
Not only flowers I love If you take me as thorn Then why are you here
Not only flowers I love If you take me as thorn Then why are you here
Thats because thorns are better than flowers They hold the scarf very well
Also I like to play with viscious Women A poisonous snake lady keeps poison for everyone
Also I like to play with viscious Women A poisonous snake lady keeps poison for everyone
But she also keep love for her snake Who's the lucky snake You Me Snake?
You got me right I have some poison in me and you too have some
Poison can't cheat poison But Dilip You are marrying him, right?
Not him Ashok His Money Money that you won't give me And love that he can't give me
So I will marry him And Love You Oh, you are such a poisonous lady
But you have certain intoxicating charm Something like slow sweet sweet poison
These words of yours have won Nayantara I really can't make out whether you say truth
Or you are playing games with me Even if it is a game It's a very pleasant game
Don't come so close poisonous lady Many times cheating happens in games
But you only said This is called life Baby Just now got a call from Dilip
He is coming here...... I don't think Dilip can save himself today
You take care of yourself, Sir Is Mirror or then reflection in it is the killer? I am afraid
Killer won't fight with the killer Thanks You get ready for your prey I will leave
Someone dies with Jealousy, Someone hangs himself
Many has this fever of heart Today here there this news broke up
That you me, me you have fallen in love
Leaving all the ties of world
Out hearts met Oh our two hearts met The moment when our eyes meet
Two flowers blossom in the garden Two flowers blossom in the garden
Our families are annoyed, Community is angry Families are annoyed, Community is angry
Our families are annoyed, Community is angry Families are annoyed, Community is angry
Whole world has turned into Enemy Today here there this news broke up
That you me, me you have fallen in love
Now days are ours and nights too
We can do whatever we want Can go to office or take a leave
Ask Doctor for this favour Be it Monday or Wednesday
Be it Monday or Wednesday For us all days now only Sundays
Today here there this news broke up That you me, me you have fallen in love
It happened, It happened me you, you me You me, me you are in love
Many has this fever of heart Today here there this news broke up
That you me, me you have fallen in love
Say Dilip How is Grandpa's health now?
Very Bad He may not survive Oh Lord What happened then
But darling, yesterday night on phone you told me he is fine
Yes But today morning he said Get my Daughter-in-law my condition is critical
Hurriedly I went to kiran But dishonestly she threw me out of the door Thats very sad
Why don't you try once again She might agree But whom to say Thanks Darling
She might have Bombay by now What would I say to Grandpa Can't understand at all
What did you say? She left Bombay She said so U heard Baby
She left Bombay gone Mummy she left Bombay Here is the twist
Please director, be careful while thinking of twist this time I mean should be a great idea
Your's yesterday's twist almost changed my game plan Look Mr. Dilip look
You are insulting my 8yrs experience as assistant director writer
I have assisted 14 directors Very true Sir, I give such a twist that silver jubillee is fix
When you listen to it, you won't get angry Without listenning I am getting angry
Atleast listen to it Say it Look,
First you take vaccine from doctor Vaccine Yes it is also called injection in english
What I have to take vaccine But Grandpa is ill No need to worry Mr. Dillip
This is just showoff It's 10 am now You take injection and reach home by 12 How
Bare foots, messy hair, mournful face Forgive me Tears in Eyes, and ash in hands
And taking with all this go to your grandpa And say to grandpa Write Mr assistant write
whatever I say keep writing very important say Whimpering, weeping, sobbing
say Grandpa dear grandpa Yesterday night your daughter-in-law had plague
and today morning she died leaving all of us alone How's that
Oh Thank you director long live Darling! Where are you going kiran?
Rai Bahadur's house Why To tell him what his mindblowing grandson did
Let him know what are the consequenses of playing with innocent girl but
you don't understand Malti Rai Bahadur is my Grandfather's friend
I can't cheat him like this Welcome Welcome Daughter-in-law Welcome Welcome
Rajju sir you Why do you mind No, I taught daughter-in-law came
Daughter-in-law This brother Dilip is very fast
Here Grandpa died and here he brought daughter-in-law Very good my friend
Grandpa didn't die he is alive he is alive Then why called me sending a telegram
I got telegram indicating he will die an y moment and he is sitting fine here
what a joke look take my belongings and bed up and pay the taxi's fare
pay the taxi driver's fare Why is heart going on crazy today alive will have go tommorrow
oh grandpa today alive will have to go tommorrow What is this Rajjo
Since when have you become saint Oh nowadays this song is popular duing death
but I am still alive that is why I am crying you donkey, making fun of grandpa
Grandpa, who is this daughter-in-law Come near will tell you
there she comes
Good moments are here as you have come Good moments are here as you have come
You came daughter-in-law This house was waiting for you so long
Look grandpa all these people they are old servants here
for many years they haven't seen any good moments
As you have come whole house has lighten up with happiness
go go you all celebrate hey Rajjo This is my daughter-in-law
No doubt about her This is my grandson Rajjo Grandpa thinks I am mad But I am not
Name is Rajoo cat jumped in lahore, khandwa's wistle, bombay market road,
front of warehouse, next to the bullock-cart, near to the pole, display of dongrewala's rent-house,
thousandowner Hey Come daughter-in-law, come Come dear
you have really come as rays for my houses but me but where is Dilip
he went to bring you Yes, he have come to me but I removed him out of my house
And have come to tell you that No need to say anything You did right by throwing him out
And have come to tell you that No need to say anything You did right by throwing him out
sit down please Really good that you throw him out but you need to improve that idiot
What are doing Mr. Rai Bahadur why are you out of your bed in this condition
What do you think of my daughter in law She have come with
Don't worry doctor I am not going to die now You have to take care of me
you need to feed me, sing for me Entertain me in every possible way
You don't you try to understand what I am saying Understood dear
Now you will say "You both had a fight today" And now you don't want to marry him
Not Exactly No Exactly Now I got it
When you are fine with the marrige then what else would matter
What do you say doctor Plague is spreading throughout the city, Doctor
Slowly please Thank you
It is the puzzle of love When husband wife are ready then what would priest do
Listen Not Listenning Why
Listen Not Listenning Why
Those people who say please come, go, sit down, listen to me I don't talk to them
What an idiot Now you got me Say what's the matter Save me from this trouble
Whats the issue No one listen's to me in this house Really, I will listen
Yesterday, Mr. Dilip brought me here in a wrong way Now Grandpa believes I am his ..
That you are his true daughter-in-law ' Waw, what a nice situation What next
Only you can solve this puzzle Tell me onething very truly
You are not playing this love game with someone else look tell me the truth
I don't believe in such things Thats very good See the old man is really very nice
Brother Dilip is not that bad His screw is also bit loose Just think about it
If you really become daughter-in-law of this house then
Oh, What's this
Come here, come to me Oh, From where have you brought this ash What is this?
Injection Injection? Which injection? Plague
How to say Grandpa? Yesterday, after leaving from here kiran suffered from plague
Whom? Kiran your would be daughter-in-law What do you mean?
My heart is tearing apart while saying this She was alive till today morning when I went to get
her May be to meet me for the last time She was holding her last breath
Afterwards Afterwards Holding my both hands she said
This is our last meeting of this life; but on the other side I would eagerly wait for you
Say hello to grandpa and tell him Tell him What did she ask you to say
Her badluck that she was unable to do anything for you
She feels sorry for that even after death And And what? last 2 drop of tears fell from her eyes. and
Don't cry Don't cry my son My heart is also crying But lift up your face and say
What happened, what happened next? Say now, Say now then what happened,
What happened, what happened then Then I woke up
What happened sir, headache?
If there is head, then there would be headache There is no head, Matadeen
My head is spinning Such things happen in love, Sir Your situation is just like me
Like yours situation, what do you mean Yougth is just like me
After marriage for the first time when Thakuryan (wife) removed her veil
and looked at me crossing eyes
My head spinned in such a way that it did not settled till date
Sir my wife felt so shy that her crossed eyes didn't went to their right place ever again
Sir my wife felt so shy that her crossed eyes didn't went to their right place ever again
Nonsense, You all will make me mad Nayantara my Nayantara He is gone mad
Just like my situation Nayantara, who is Nayantara? Didn't you get it?
This is daughter-in-law's love name Oh Nayantara means Nayantara means shooting arrows with eyes.
You are not my Nayantara, you are my tanpura Can I leave now leaving so early
Need to go to tution and teach a girl Waw, Even I was searching for a teacher
You too needed a teacher Yes, I need a strict teacher Yes, yes I am a strict teacher
Students are very much affraid of me But these students are very naughty
One is just like donkey you may not handle him You just see, I will manage very well
But I need a teacher who can be there day night
If the people are good and salary is nice, then I won't mind
Yes, the people are nice and salary whatever you say But where are the kids
One is right in front of you What you? Another is Dilip who is a big donkey
Oh No I can't do this job No, Now you can't backout from your words
this is not happening Friend, I can't make out if she already told
everything to grandpa or no No then why is she here? She is in love with you
what happened Brother she is in love with you In love with me, whatever, go away
Then what do you think Matadeen's love brought her here
But she insulted me Threw money on my face, yesterday
Removed me out of her house like a dog, today How to say, but she would not have been a girl
Removed me out of her house like a dog, today How to say, but she would not have been a girl
I would have killed her really really What is going on
Nothing Grandpa, he is my friend Come here Did you say sorry to daughter-in-law
No Go and say it, now But grandpa No if or but, go right now
Brother, hey brother Grandpa's intension doesn't seems to be good
He will hide outside and listen to your conversation for sure
So be wise while playing love game love game
Grandpa is standing outside and listening our conversation So I am writing on the frame
Baby Baby biscuits Would you like to have biscuits,
When we will go in the evening will surely purchase you whole box Even kids like it too
But where do I have kids Kids, we will have kids When we will get married
There will be by God's grace Have you gone mad love makes you go mad, darling
Darling, who authorized you to call me like this Why do you need authorization
when you love someone, you get this rights automatically
what are you saying why are you winking your eyes
Thing is the moment I saw you along with my heart my eye moments have also increased
stop getting annoyed you know how much I love you Mr. Dilip
Listen kiran just listen to me once To prove his love no one can tear his heart
To confess love everyone done have tongue then how can you reject my true love and go
Mr. Dilip this is true that I am poor but I do respect myself Getting me alone in your house
Don't insult me For so long, forcibly I was acting to be in love with you like an idiot
I am sorry for that Also I am grateful to you that
I am sorry for that Also I am grateful to you that
you didn't say anything to grandpa Now please say that you are not annoyed
you didn't say anything to grandpa Now please say that you are not annoyed
Night I had this sweet dream My love came in my dream
Night I had this sweet dream My love came in my dream
In the world of dreams I was sleeping, I was sleeping
In the world of dreams I was sleeping, I was sleeping
In the wrold of dreams I was lost, lost I was Someone came and woke me up
Someone came and woke me up, My love came in my dream
Night I had this sweet dream My love came in my dream
Stealthly, Stealthly he came in my castle Stealthly, Stealthly he came in my castle
Slowly slowly he removed my veil Slowly slowly he removed my veil
Someone sayed his heartfelt in my ears Someone sayed his heartfelt in my ears,
came in my dream Night I had this sweet dream My love came in my dream
Now wake up your highness Servant brought you tea Thank you
What's the matter Whose thoughts made you so happy Yours Oh I will die
Atleast make an eye contact with me I think your love met you in dreams Get aside
I will get aside but not him He will not feel satisfied until he marries you Who
Shall I say Why are you feeling shy now You don't know malti
Rai bahadur took promise from me that I will make him human who is him him
That unfortunate, who was mad, cheater till yesterday suddenly became him now
I shall leave Malti Daughter-in-law
Child, My child have brought you a tea
Can I come in Go away from here In the middle of the night brought tea banging the doors
Brought you a tea dear Where is my fault in this
Daughter-in-law ordered me Tea is getting cold, Shall I bring in
I am warning you, don't come in Go away I am telling you,
Go away you witch I am telling you close the door
you haven't gone till now You witch, you cross-eyed
I don't wan't to see your face My whole day would be spoiled
you are leaving or not You, Forgive me yes
I didn't know, just one glance at my face spoils your whole day...
It's grandpa's order that you shoud get ready and be there on the table for breakfast
hey why are you shouting
Just by sitting lazily whole why do you keep shouting Just by sitting, Just by sitting
Just by sitting lazily whole why do you keep shouting Just by sitting, Just by sitting
Left right left right halt Just go the bathroom and take a bath
Use Hammam Lux and clean yourself by rubbing very well
Leave the way of your bed your breakfast is ready
Getup oh lazy your sister in law is also waiting for you
why do you lose hopes and keep on shouting
Why is this girl here, again? Grandpa made scam and all mess has happened,
didn't understand anything Grandpa made scam and all mess has happened
Didn't understand anything Just by sitting Grandpa used his brain
Just by sitting Grandpa used his brain
Be careful, Be careful here comes young lady She is here to teach you, She is here to teach you
Cat means Cat, Rat means Rat Cat means Cat, Rat means Rat
L-O-V-E-L-O-V-E-L-O-V-E love means to love
Love means passion, passion means hi hi hi h h h ooo
Oh my god now what to do
True False pretend to love, Go madly in love with her and live for sometime
and die for sometime Hoy Hoy Hoy
If you will listen to me then you can get out of this mess
or else your boat is in the middle of the sea
This is my decision now let's see your courage Oh wrestler, Oh Wrestler
why do you, why do you lose hope and keep on shouting
Just by sitting lazily whole why do you keep shouting Keep on shouting hey hey
Just by sitting lazily whole why do you keep shouting Keep on shouting hey hey
Hello Jr. Sir Your name please I got it, I got it
I will call him, right now Nayantara will be there not you daughter-in-law called from upper floor
your telephone rings in my heart 24 x 7
Hello Jr. Sir, Daughter-in-law's call for you
Hello what did you say say it again darling
Be careful if you call me darling again I understand all your plans now
Darling! how can you say this to your Nayantara Nayan darling Nayan Nayantara
This stupid Matadeen Why God made you so beautiful
Matadeen why didn't you tell me the call is from Nayantara I said the same
But you said it's from daughter-in-law Exactly Sir, Oh your exactly
Keep this in mind daughter-in-law'sname is Kiran and Nayantara is Nayantara
I know very well that you call daughter-in-law as Nayantara with love
Daughter-in-law Daughter-in-law Please forgive me darling
Darling? what happened to you What to say; what happened?
Head is spinning, I am going mad My medicine is in your hands, darling
Oh really, don't worry I will give you such a medicine
that your headache will be gone forever Servants are hired just to cure you
Now listen lunch is ready have it and then you can go anywhere Oh God
What problem you got stuck in Dilip Sometime kiran calls sometime Nayantara
Hello Hello Cut the call mummy I don't want to talk to him
There is some misunderstanding this can never happen but mummy
I have sent message with chagan just listen to me once talk to him once hello
Just now I have rubbed my nose hold my ears, joined hands
Still you are not leaving me What are you saying Dilip I told you already
Still if you want to kill me then let me know I will have poison
Dilip how can you be so annoyed of your Nayantara Nayan . Nayantara
For god's sake please tell me you are truly Nayantara God Promise I am Nayantara
Forgive me There was some misunderstanding due to which I said you all this
What did you say 7pm I will come for sure Yes
Bye Darling What can I do madam Jr. Sir's cat ate 2 chops
Excuse me, I am thankful to you but that doesn't
mean u forget That I am the owner of this house and you
I work here what next I am the owner of this house and if I decide I can
Really kiran you have changed whole house in just one day
Now I got this why I love you so much Oh Grandpa Come, Come
Let's have lunch Rajjoo, Darwin says man evolved from monkey
Let's have lunch Rajjoo, Darwin says man evolved from monkey
Let's have lunch Rajjoo, Darwin says man evolved from monkey
But have anyone said that donkey can also become human
I don't know I have never been to school Didn't you understand grandpa?
She is pulling my leg Just have it and see it nice
Dilip after this noon go to the market Certain things need to be bought
What all things Grandpa Kiran have prepared the list Then it's fine
Show it to me after lunch
Kiran show me your hand Oh, sir does palm reading also What is written in my hands?
Your palm lines clearly shows that you were peeking in brother's room
My sandal went in your brother's room Not only your sandal, your feet, your body, your soul
Your heart too went in Let me know if I am telling a lie
I just went to see how much he will take to leave Oh really
Today is really a bad day for him See, see this line clearly shows your student will
make you fool and run away I have seen a lot who ran away You will see
Come here brother That teacher is also going with you Why Grandpa's idea it is
Grandpa's idea Then I am stuck badly Well it is
Hey you, take care of all this
According to your list all thing were purchased? Yes And you
I have got some important work t o do inform to Grandpa
Also you will get late so you go home I will take taxi Taxi How much time you will need
Only 10-15 min. I will be right back Only 10-15 min. then why do you need taxi
I can wait Come,
Welcome, Welcome Dilip Sir So long we have been waiting for you
Come, Welcome Welcome Side, side side Hello Dilip You came Oh yes
Come, Welcome Welcome Side, side side Hello Dilip You came Oh yes
So you are Mr. Dilip And this is Mr. Ashok Kumar
Shining superstar for our film industry Oh I am not a star I am just a moth of this burning flame
This flame burns throughout the night and moth takes a circle around it and leave Come dilip
Yes welcome, welcome this sparkling gleam is for everyone Oh no thank you
Don't be so childish dilip I was waiting for you so long
Waw, speechless I was praising Nayantara's dance Today her moves really made whole world crazy
Not crazy, fool Yes, fool Moth is fool that is why he is ready to get burned
Cigar No thanks Ok Nayan You are leaving Dilip sir is waiting for you
Sit dilip Is there any need to sit? Why do get mad on such a small thing
Sit dilip Is there any need to sit? Why do get mad on such a small thing
I was just fooling Ashok Kumar Ashok Kumar or Me? Dlilip what are you saying
Just tell me truth today do you love me or not I can be fool but I am not cheater
As long as your love is true dilip is yours Darling I will go and take my sit You get ready
But you have to drop me home after the show
Thank you Whar's the matter Mr. Dilip Nothing
Moth died and flame went off Hope, prey didn't went out of your hands
Prey will never go out of Nayantara's hands Let's see how much strength killer has
Nayan, don't you feel pity Don't you worry, Nayantara's heart can never love Dilip
That's why I am more afraid That poor guy don't find this deal expensive
Let it be, any how I want to be heroine And this money can come only from Dilip
Poor guy loves me a lot Fine then
Is Sir Jr. came Get the bags in
Why is she after me? Can you guess anything? It's very simple she loves you
Kiran loves me Its impossible; can never be reality Why
How can any girl will like cheater fraud like me How can any girl like Rai Bahadur's only grandson
That's not the thing Rajjoo I have tested her well enough
If my selfing deeds comes out grandpa's health would suffer
That's the reason she is here Otherwise after out 1st meeting she would have
never come here What has happened to you today?
Can't say what happened But the more I think of her, more I find myself
closer towards her At the end every night has a dawn Maybe my life gets dawn too
Those whom I know for few moments are now the guests of my heart What is this madness?
What is this madness? Whom I know for f ew moments The moment when you became mine
The moment when you became mine I am day-dreaming
The moment when you became mine I am day-dreaming
What is this puzzle, what is this madness Whom I know for few moments
Someone wins, someone loses Someone wins, someone loses This is the game of eyes O
This is the game of eyes, without beats there is music playing
What is this playing on, what is this madness Whom I know for few moments
It's pinkish dawn of my life Rays thread are Golden
To tie me came my love To tie me came my love What is this bondage, what is this madness
Along with my blessings, give this necklace to Nirmal's daughter
And listen Munshi Rambahadur, Manoharlal, Babu Ramkishore
Meet everyone Thing is meet all my relatives and friends and say hello to everyone
This is your luggage and here is your plane What is this
This is your luggage and here is your plane What is this
I am not going Delhi or anywhere Again you started your madness Come on getup
At the end, someone has to go And how can we trouble old grandpa But what's the need to go
Shall I call grandpa he will explain you properly Call Grandpa
As you have got grandpa for everything you keep calling him for everything
Shall I call grandpa, call grandpa Go call him Ok leave it
You are going for wedding then go happily I am not getting married Oh, that's the issue
You are going for wedding then go happily I am not getting married Oh, that's the issue
So desperate for marriage If you say shall I search a girl No thanks, I will find myself
You are expert in finding girl Keep this luggage in the car
Ok madam Come its time for your plane
Come on Bye
Look its bit cold out of Bombay, especially in delhi Take care of yourself Don't fall ill
I fall ill or die, your headache will be gone Atleast you all will be free from tension
How can you such thing while leaving from home I didn't know you misunderstand me so much
Just go, I don't want to talk to you Kiran Kiran dear
Take back
Sir someone is calling you from that car Oh you Listen dilip Now there is nothing to listen
Atleast listen to me No need What happened to you?
I am calling you from last 2 days Neither you talk to me nor you show me your face
Keep these acting Nayan this is not the stage Dilip
Oh Mr. Dilip, Mr. Dilip
Mr. Dilip what have you done What happened Didn't you understand
When will you understand her feelings
Mr. Dilip she is carrying poison bottle in her purse from last 2 days To commit suicide
Poison bottle Oh no Come come make it fast Otherwise we might be in big trouble
Mr. khamakha make it fast keep the luggage, keep the luggage but my plane
leave that plane Mr. Dilip you can catch the plane again but if Nayantara dies
she can never be alive again Come, come fast
Nayan, Nayan Darling, open the door Oh No, Nayan Dilip, I am robbed
Nayan killed herself, she is not alive now What are you saying aunty?
Nayan, Nayan open the door This is dilip, Dilip
Open the door darling, I am Dilip I told you, I told you she will have poison
She drink it, not what will happen Come Be careful, be careful Dilip Dilip
Nayan leave it, leave it I say What madness is this No Leave it, leave it
What a fool you are Nayan, don't cry Nayan Forgive me
Say you will go nowhere leaving me Only for 5 days I have to go to Delhi
Some relative's wedding I have to attend No Try to understand darling No
Only 5 days No, No, No Just listen Nayan Darling
Director Sir, please make her understand I need to go for 5 days
Some relatives wedding is there in Delhi Then you give her poison and go to Delhi in peace
But it's important for me to go Mr. Dilip if relative's wedding is more important
than Nayantara's life Then you can go it's your wish You don't get it
I got it, all Listen to me stay here for 5 days
After few days when she will be fine On 5 day you can go back home This is clear fraud
After few days when she will be fine On 5 day you can go back home This is clear fraud
But what a sweet fraud it is Nayantara's life will be saved
Your love will be saved And my prestige 3 benefits in just one ticket
3 benefits Mr. Dilip And Delhi's wedding it will happen without you also
But Shake hands Don't talk Don't talk Go, try to patch up with her
Go, Go Mummy come here please Nayan listen to me Nayan
Go I am not talking with you Ok dear I am not going to Delhi Really
Go I am not talking with you Ok dear I am not going to Delhi Really
Now please smile Oh Darling You get annoyed so fast
Hello Mr. Dilip
You here So late at night Dilip was going to Delhi I tied him . Like this
You here So late at night Dilip was going to Delhi I tied him . Like this
Your fate is really rich otherwise who gets such love ties
Oh Ashok, came so late Was there night shooting No Aunty,
Dilip dear, come and see your room You came But you said you won't come today
But my heart knew you will come for sure So you won this game
What have you thought I would loose No, there is no win or lose in this game
Some win even after losing and some lose even after winning everything
What are you looking at?
Spider's web So Beautiful isn't it? Yes Ashok there is a bad news
Sometimes I feel like Nayanatara's heart would really fall in love with you
Smart people never love from heart they always love from mind
And you are too smart That's why I said it's a bad news It is
But what's the reason I don't need to fool you, you understand me very well
That's right It's OK now Yes But why do put leg in it intentionally
I like doing things intentionally I like spoiling the web I like this game a lot
What is this girl upto, Again went out with Ashok today Mummy, if dilip knows this
Everything will be spoiled Why don't you talk to her What to do
Baby go to Dilip and sit with him in such a way So that we can click your photos
But I am going out with Ashok Leave Ashok You can go some other time
But to capture dilip Photo of both of you is very necessary
Oh Director Sir, just the Romeo Juliet Pose Romeo Juliet pose Go take their photos fast
Yes Sir Slowly, with silent feet's
Just check sister-in-law
Is there any letter from brother? What happened sister-in-law; let me see
Got the news from Dilip's letter Due to your poor health conditions, he could not
come to wedding Nirmal What does that prove
That he again made fool of us and went No, just that he didn't went to Delhi
Matter remains the same If he didn't want to fool us then he could have come home
Why are you laughing? Sister-in-law you too love him
What's the use of this love if you could not understand him?
What's the use if you could not hold him up when he is falling? So you will push him away
To correct his mistake you will not try to bring him more close to you
Sister-in-law love is a name of a thing that teaches person how to sacrifice
Yes, Yes
What all you said I have inquired But where is he Sorry I can't tell you that
But why Consider my wish But why did you inform me That too my wish
Who are you No need to know that What's the matter Grandpa
I can sense a storm Rajoo Dilip didn't went to Delhi
Please close the belt I can't do it myself Today again you are going to Juhu beach with
How do I look Why do you go out with him every night
Because he does not get time before that Shut up You are not going anywhere with Ashok
Is that your order Then I will go for sure Why Why? Do you want to know?
Because I want to, Because I love Ashok Nayan
Don't Shout like decent person stay away a talk So you were cheating on with me till now
Very good All that was drama You are getting smart Listen I neither love you nor your family
Yes I like your money and your family prestige can be beneficial Oh you came
I was waiting for you so long Hello Mr. Dilip Mr. Ashok Kumar Lets go Ashok; Bye Darling
Nayan I am going home today If you have that guts you can go
Dear, why do you seems to be disturb Please ask to pack my luggage I am leaving for home
But when you reach home what will you say to Grandpa Will say I was in hell
Call it hell or heaven But do remember this place this is your wife's home
Wife's home? Oh you are so innocent That's why I like you
Please speak to your Grandpa regarding your and Nayan's marrage
You think I will marry Nayantara now? Yes, you now who will marry our girl
You are staying here for last 5 days Even we have reputation Reputation yours?
That was nicely said Reputation Don't take me lightly
Get this marriage proposal finalised soon
Otherwise, I will both you and your grandpa to court
Even we and you both have some respect When this is will be shown in court
When lawyers will ask questions When these will be printed in newspaper
Down it will be written City's eligible bachelor's deeds
That's why I say dear this marriage will surely happen Whether you love Nayantara or no
Why are my eyes wet, Is someone remembered again
Why are my eyes wet I cannot forget you, you just went and forgot
My crying heart says Why did you forget your heart I cannot forget you
My crying heart says Why did you forget your heart I cannot forget you
Faithless what have you done Faithless what have you done, in exchange of
heart you gave me pain I have smiled for few seconds, now I am crying day and night
Oh my moon why did you disappeared in few seconds
I cannot forget you, you just went and forgot I cannot forget you
Which was that wrong moment when our eyes met?
On the swings of happiness I was swinging like a wind
Days were Golden, Night was charming, you met and I lost in you
when I woke up I realised I was in flase dream
You took me the world of dreams and left me there I cannot forget you, you just went and forgot
I cannot forget you
Grandpa Oh you, Didn't you go home till now
Leaving now, but you didn't went to bed till now Can't sleep
Do you know whose picture is this Handling over to me responsibility of this 3 yr kid
my daughter in law died but now I have become old walking so long so now
I want to handover this responsibility in such hands Which are soft and strong like yours
Grandpa, you have big misunderstanding I know everything dear
Grandpa, you have big misunderstanding I know everything dear
I have raised up Dilip but now when he is grown up he is caught in his own game
But what if I don't find myself capable then I have seen the world dear
I know very well who is capable and who is not Child I am helpless and so I beg you something
Hope you don't disappoint me Grandpa I belong to a poor family
You may be poor but not your heart, dear
That's why I want to handover my family prestige in your hands
I sense a storm nearby
Who will save my family from this storm Which storm, Grandpa?
When time will come, you will understand but When that storm comes and light of family shivers
I want you to hold him Tell me, tell me dear you will save him right Grandpa
Oh you are here, I was searching you, really
Woollen clothes that you kept in the bag, saved my life in Delhi's cold
Are you annoyed of me?
While I was leaving, you got annoyed of me but believe me
I am really feeling sorry for the same Forgive me Why does your face looks dull, did you fall ill?
No, just tired due to travelling, wedding noises Got this letter from Delhi today morning
From Delhi Grandpa saw this No, but how long are you going to cheat old grandpa
Kiran, Kiran Rajjoo, call kiran She got annoyed of me and went away
I want to tell her everything Why do you worry? What if kiran is annoyed of you,
Who is she to you, That her annoyance matter to you so much Rajjoo
I am listening You won't understand Rajjoo No one tries to understand me
Everyone in the world thinks that man is either bright like a day Or Dark like night
but in between day and night there is evening there is morning, where two colors meet
Yes, but what do you want to say? You know, yet you are asking
I know Rajjoo, I am liar, week, worthless Those are worthy, they have many things
But those who are week worthless God has sent affection Rajjoo I love kiran
I would like to tie myself in her love, her soft yet strong hands
But due to my weekness If I can't get all these Then I shall not get her affection also
I can't bare her hatred It kills me from inside
What are you doing Play it in high nodes
More higher More higher More higher
There are no higher nodes, than these What matadeen, what is going on?
Marriage Sir, Whose marriage Jr. Sir's Jr. Sir's marriage who told you?
Does anyone need to tell old servants sir? So everything must be kept ready then
Just like the moment when I was dying Yes sir, right from things to everything Ok
Here is the guests list, send them invitation It is sent sir, That is also sent
Hey, what did dilip write
I want to meet you alone Please don't disappoint me
So he still don't call you by name How will he I am his teacher right now
So teacher there is one request Please say it When you will meet him today
Don't meet like a teacher but like a girl Your order will be obeyed, my highness
Sister will you agree with my one condition What First promise me
I promise Don't say anything to dilip today Whatever he says however wrong it is
But you will not say anything Look today there won't be No only Yes Ok dear Ok
Seems like a dream, isn't it? Yes
Shall I leave
e You came
Can I say something? Yes please Today onwards, please call me by my name
Ok Kirandevi Not devi just a common girl like many other
Ok Kirandevi Not devi just a common girl like many other
But from those thousand common girls every girl is special to someone Come
Waiting for too long Yes Sit
What are you thinking? Think, its just like a dream
In mere few days 16th, today is 16th day In those 16 days, what all not happened?
Everything seems to be new Even I look at myself in a new way
Will you tell me one thing, truly? Why do you agree to marry me?
Is this sympathy or true love? Please don't say like that I will be hurt
What is that you don't have with you? Then what How can I say why don't you understand on your own
What happened? I cheated you kiran Till today, by this moment I am cheating you
Listen, lift your face look at me You are talking about Nayantara
I know everything but what is wrong with that You are not a god just a human being Kiran
Rajjo told me everything That's why I found you so close to me
Kiran you love me so much That why I am so happy So happy that I can't hold myself
The one who I hate from bottom of my heart I have to accept her
They took advantage of my weakness
I have to marry Nayantara Otherwise she will take grandpa to court and he
won't be able to take this shock
If 16 days back I would have bared this hatred But today when doors of heaven are open for me
I won't ask for forgiveness Because I don't deserve it I beg you a small favour
Say it Tomorrow when grandpa will send you a car
Send him a note that you don't want to marry me
I will do that Kirandevi Leave me alone for a while For a while
Hello Whose this This is mummy
Tell me what have you decided Bring Nayantara here tomorrow evening
Are you sure of tomorrow Tomorrow's date, Tomorrow tomorrow
World of hopes flew away My own destiny ditched me
Those who were my hope They became tears and ditched me
Breaking my little heart, Where are you going whereever you go
You turned face away from me, Where are you going whereever you go
Met for just two days and didn't even stay Was unable to say how my heart felt
You are going by breaking our relation You are going by breaking our relation, Where are you
going whereever you go Breaking my little heart, Where are you going whereever you go
The shore is angry with my boat Stars of my destiny sank
He is going leaving me alone
He is going leaving me alone, Where are you going whereever you go
Breaking my little heart, Where are you going whereever you go
What happened kiran Why are you sitting like this I heard yours today, Malti
I didn't say anything to him Anything at all I agreed to him
But what's the matter Dilip said he can't marry me
He called me to tell this Don't cry Malti
When there is emptiness in the temple of heart You can hear a sad tune of flute
But when there is emptiness in the temple of heart due to separation No tune can be heard
Quiet, silence Never ending silence
Dilip come here child
Deewan sir is waiting for you so long Come, come come Meet motilalji
Hello Dilip sir Jr. Sir Nayantara Madam her mother is here
Take them to my room and make them sit Yes sir Oh Matadeen, Matadeen
Doctor, why daughter-in-law didn't came till now Rai Bahadur sir don't you worry at all now
But Grandpa What is it
Come upstairs
What does this mean
Who brought this letter Driver Dilip look at me Look into my eyes and tell me
What is the matter Grandpa I have to marry Nayantara now
Right from start I knew you wanted to marry Nayantara
My family, prestige, respect everything you will ruin
My family, prestige, respect everything you will ruin
By your shameless deeds So that world can laugh at me
In every lane people will talk about Rai Bahadur and spit on me No, No Grandpa not like that
Then what Why do you want that disrespectful girl Who dances here and there
Who does not what is home What is called family
How to take care of husband How to respect the elders
You want to bring such a girl in this house And make her queen of this palace
No, this is not happening at all Atleast, till I am alive Grandpa Dilip, come to me
Look at this When you were so small I took care of you
Raised you in such a way that You can keep the glory of this family
Today in exchange of this you want that I should go and tell people
My would be daughter-in-law is a disrespectful gir, A dancer
You can say that Dilip is worthless and throw me out
There is my failure My my family's failure That such a worthless boy born in this family
Who brought shame for a family And cheated his dying grandpa till his last breathe
I did not cheat you grandpa I have been cheated by someone else
If I did not marry Nayantara Then those greedy for money mother daughter
Will take both of us to court I can go to court I will spend every single coin
It's ok But I can't agree to bring her in this house Grandpa Dilip, tell me truth
Do you still love Nayantara No Grandpa not now I hate her a lot now Ok then
Are they here Yes grandpa Call them in the Museum
I will talk to them personally Ok
Grandpa, what are you doing
You do your work I will handle everything
When you reach pune, do write letter
Let's go
Miss. Malti I have come from Rai Bahadur's house
Where is kirandevi She left just now Let's go driver
Shut up,
You want to marry Dilip or his wealth and prestige Wealth prestige
But can't marry wealth prestige So unfortunately have to marry Dilip
Here is Rs.50 Thousand check and there is door But this is wealth Rai Bahadur Sir
You forgot I want prestige too Prestige your's Will be
You forgot I want prestige too Prestige your's Will be
When my daughter comes in this house Your daughter in this house, forcibly
In this house, whose tradition is 500 yrs old Not every old thing is good Rai Bahadur Sir
Shut up, you don't have any right To make fun of our family
We don't have any right but your grandson does have What do we call that prestige
which play's game with every girl in the market acts to be in love with them
make marriage promises and at the end leave them alone this is not true
dilip did not cheat you you cheated him
Yes, and everyone uses this cheating for their own benefit
Someone cheated us, and we cheated you But what if don't accept this fake currency
Who wants fake currency by wish It just comes
Just the way we came to your house You came to our house
What do you think of me Think this old man will fall in your game
And give his family prestige in your hands Money Prestige what do you want Prestige
Or Wealth You will die Die like dogs right now
You will remember, whom you messed with Grandpa Sit down grandpa
Be seated Be seated Now I will explain you
This gunshots won't be useful Rai bahadur sir \ Listen your grandson Mr. Dilip loves our baby
Love? Yes, Love And proof is this letters
Torn out letters So what We have their photos also
Torn out photos too What is this Rai bahadur Sir
You got so old yet you think like kid ' What have you thought
Torn out letters so the matter is closed Torn out photos so
Dilip Baby's marriage won't happen Oh sir, we have photo copies of this letters
And Negatives of this photos Which can be used in court whenever needed
Mr. Rai Bahadur every newspaper will have you r photos Every lane will talk about you
Rai Bahadur's grandson affair is with a dancer
You Yes, you left me alone there But I can see the drama is here
Mr. Ashok Kumar grandpa health is very serious
Rai Bahadur Sir here are the photos of the letters
And the negatives of the photos
Keep this safe No need to understand anything Ashok
Sorry Nayan Brute Forgive me, Mummy
This is my weakness
I can't bare to see a decent man getting destroyed
So Mr. Dilip how was this twist in the climax
Be careful Dilip if you come ahead
Be careful I will shoot you Dilip I will shoot Dilip
Keep this carefully Rai Bahadur sir This is yours What did you do
I drank your all poison snake lady Don't worry
Poison will never cheat poison Come You too come Mr. Director
Staying here after climax can be dangerous Ashok sir I will call the doctor
My friend doctor is with me But the would is deep
I am in love with thorns too Lets go Grandpa You
I am in love with thorns too Lets go Grandpa You
You came dear This time I needed you the most
You remember once you promised med That if storm comes and lamp of my family shatters
You will hold it Dilip come here Today this old man got tired
I handover my responsibility to you Take care of him Take care