Tamizh Padam 2.0 (2018) Movie Script

- Wretches! They would've killed us!
- Thankfully, the rain saved us!
'Owing to the communal riots
at the Melapakkam village in Madurai...'
'...a curfew order
has been put in place'
'The rioters burned down
several huts and vehicles'
'So far, six people from both sides
have died in the riot'
'As the riots are expected to worsen...'
'...the police are gearing up
Finish it in a flash!'
Just 'cause the cops show up
with all their swagger...
...did they think we'd
cower about at home?
This is the soil that births warriors!
Our blows must set them on fire!
It doesn't matter
how many heads roll
- We must put an end to it right now!
- We will!
Claiming to be the superior caste,
how long can they walk over us?
- We will end it!
- Only if we strike back, can we live!
Strike back, we will!
Madurai Collector, Rajkumar speaking
- Yes, sir!
- When will you be here?
I am on the way
I'll be there in an hour
- I'll be right back
- Alright, sir
Everything is going according to plan
Both sides are furious, sir
We can't resolve this with discussions
Give us the order to shoot on sight
Take out four of them
and the rest will fall in line!
What are you saying, sir?
The election is just a few days away
If the cops kill anyone of either clan...
...the Chief Minister feels
that it will affect the election
We can't take any such rash actions
If we can't take action,
how do we curb the riots?
I need to think about it
Please leave me alone
Have you found the solution,
No, sir
I'm still thinking about it
A curfew has been ordered here
To an extent, riots have been curbed
How do you intend to stop the riots?
Answer us, sir!
What does your silence imply?
Is it under control?
I feel so sorry for the
Commissioner, Paramu
Look how dumbstruck he looks,
with no way to stop the riots!
These guys are cops in name only
Only 'he' can handle such issues
If 'he' were here,
he'd deal with it, in such a badass way
- Really?
- Hey!
What did you say?
What did you just say right now?
Nothing at all, sir!
Who was the 'he'
you were talking about?
He is...
Oh dear!
This tree stands so very tall!
How can this puny old man climb
and pluck coconuts from it?
Is there no one who can come to the aid
of this downtrodden farmer?
My dear boy!
You came forth like a God
and plucked these coconuts
May you have a prosperous life!
Every coconut pastry I eat,
contains the sweat of farmers like you!
I can never stand by
and watch farmers suffer!
For your good heart, I wish you will be
the head of every association in the world!
I have no such wishes, kind sir
I'll take your leave
Praise be to India!
How are you, Shiva?
Anyone who serves the people
will never be in a bad state
I'm aware of that
I asked how you are doing
Tell me what's up!
You must have watched the news
There's a huge riot
over at Melapakkam
It has gone out of our control
Only you can stop it, Shiva
Once I've made a decision,
I don't even listen to myself!
All well and good
You can listen to me, right? Please come
I can't, sir!
Besides you, who else does this land
and these people have?
I'm coming
The crap I have to say for this!
Time's racing by
Don't know when Shiva's coming
Welcome back, Shiva!
Where were you all this time?
It's been thirty minutes
since I arrived!
The lion's here, sir!
Come along, sir!
What happened after they promoted you
as DGP, in the first movie?
Please get me a water packet
I'll go freshen up
- Take care of it, Paramu
- Yes, come, sir!
All problems solved!
See how great our Shiva is!
Let me know what you need
to stop these riots
We got an entire police force
We got 7 CRPF battalions!
The army's on the way!
Besides that, we have tear gas bombs
and pellet guns. What do you need?
Have them buy an 'idly' for me
I wasn't aware you came by
without breakfast. Sorry
The 'idly' is not breakfast
It is to stop this riot!
What is this, Shiva?
How can you stop such a huge riot
with a single 'idly'?
That's all I need
'Here's our correspondent Hardik Pandey,
to give us a live update about the riots!'
'Good day!
A special officer has arrived here!'
'He has ordered 3 'dosas'
for breakfast!'
Can you definitely confirm
that he ordered 3 'dosas'?
Definitely, Fatima
He ordered 3 'dosas'
Per our inside source,
he definitely ordered 3 'dosas'!
As soon as the officer
who is supposed to stop the riot arrived...
...he ordered 3 'puri' sets
on the government's money!
- What do you make of it?
- Really stupid, sir!
How will you get 'puris' at that hour?
Even if you do...
...the potato curry
can lead to hot air issues!
He should've ordered 'kal dosa'!
All wrong in this minority government!
The opposition party is behind this mess!
Our lord, the savior of the poor,
the god of love...
Under the noble rule of
our Chief Minister...
...I swear that 'kal dosas'
will always be available in any eatery!
I fully credit my national party
for that dish's arrival in Tamil Nadu!
They've begun fighting, sir!
Please do something!
Forget that bulb, Shiva
What do we do now?
Stop it!
All of you!
Climb on, sir!
The 'idly', sir
- Have you eaten?
- Yes
- How about you?
- I did
Then this 'idly' is not yours
Yes, it's not mine
It's not mine, either
How correct you are!
Every 'idly' prepared after we eat,
is not ours
Why do I say this? Listen up
Mahatma Gandhi was born from this soil
No sound must be heard from it
No blood must be spilt on it
I've observed for a few days
that violence has increased in our nation
Sound everywhere
Blood everywhere
The blood in everyone's veins
is red in color
If Ismail needs blood,
Murugan gives it!
If Murugan needs blood,
Michael gives it!
If Michael himself needs blood,
Ismail's brother Anwar gives it!
This is a chain!
One that is forged and united by love!
The rust called 'caste'
is attempting to scratch away that chain!
For a scratch on skin,
'Itch Guard' can help
But how can the chain of love
be destroyed?
'Jain' is very important
If I'm speaking here,
it's only because of...
...Surya Prakash Jain
who finances this whole industry!
Even flowers have classes, but does it
know the class of person who wears it?
So do vegetables,
but does it ever fight about it?
Shiva is here
He's talking
It's going per our plan!
Listen to me very carefully
Unity is most important
Least from now,
let us no longer have casteism
God gave us six senses
Only with that, did Manoj Night Shyamalan
make a film called 'The Sixth Sense'
Lakshmi Menon scored 800 marks
in her high school exam
Have you ever once wondered why?
Never mind that
Why do innocents die in Afghanistan?
Why did Sunny Leone enter this industry?
Has anyone ever thought about
any of this even once?
In an Indian Premiere League auction,
they gave Unadkat 8 crore rupees
- He couldn't even take 2 wickets
- He's still talking!
Have you ever wondered
why this happened?
Here's another one
Bill Gates. Do you know him?
How did he become a billionaire?
How did Steve Jobs create iPhone?
Both of them accomplished that
with their intellect!
How many upgrades has the iPhone had?
8. 8- Plus. Now 10
Soon, there'll be another model
When it's out, we'll be asked
if we bought it. Prestige issue
You must decide what is important
and what isn't
Come on up, all of you
Study history! Watch the Discovery Channel!
Do any of you know what happened
in the city of Rome in 1865?
Do you know, bro?
How about you, sis?
You, in the back!
Never mind that
Do we at least know our country's history?
The first history of
our world, is ours!
The great Tamil history...
- Please forgive us, sir!
- Spare us, sir!
- Get up
- We'll get along like brothers, sir!
Please let us go
Listen up
No more fighting. Stay united
If not, he'll be back!
Oh dear God, no!
I can't take any more of it!
Hug each other
We won't fight anymore
Live long, Tamil
He resolved such a huge riot
without batting an eye!
The International Superstar!
The Big Commander!
Long live our king!
Please, no!
I don't like this sort of thing
"O dear proxy of a tsunami!"
"O vanquisher of evil wolves..."
No need for all that crap!
"Leave me alone!"
Rejoin the police force!
"Please leave me alone!
Listen to me!"
Hold on!
I beg of you!
"Leave me alone!
Please rejoin the police force!"
"Please, please leave me alone!"
The police need you!
Please listen to me!
"I am nobody!"
"I am nothing!"
"I am worthless!"
"I do nothing!"
"I belong nowhere!"
"I have no profession!"
"I have no intelligence!"
"I can't do crap!"
"I have no mass!"
"I have no velocity!"
"I have no volume!"
"I have no gravity!"
"I am no lion!"
"I am no tiger!"
"I am no giraffe!"
"I am no zebra, either!"
"A nut is what you are!"
"What do I care if PETA shows up?"
"What do I care if methane is extracted?"
"I won't open my mouth
I'll always leave it shut!"
"All I want is a U-rating!
Full tax exemption!"
"I want a mass opening!"
"That's enough for me!"
"All I want is a U-rating!
Full tax exemption!"
"I want a mass opening!"
"That's enough for me!"
"You must be prosperous,
for the nation to thrive!"
"For the plight of the poor
in this nation to improve!"
"All Clear!
Come on, Come on"
"I'm coming!"
"When will I come?
How will I come?"
"Where will I come?
I have no clue!"
"No clue on why I'll come, either!"
Cause no way I'm going to come!"
"Not a group that came as one for a cause
Just a bunch of extras on set!"
"Neither the milk of Tamil,
nor the milk of Telugu!"
"It is milk produced by the Aavin brand,
which makes me live!"
"I will not speak during elections!"
"I won't share thoughts on Twitter!"
"I won't dive into politics!"
"I won't meditate in the beach!"
"I don't know how to act!
My father never taught me!"
Well, you can't run
and you can't hide!
So, I'm going to America!
"Live and let live!"
"Let me rock the slow motion walk!"
"You and I are friends!"
I'll kick the ass out of you!
"I came from the world of television"
"My poor producer
doesn't even own a car!"
"My lifeblood is this union!"
"Only after building the marriage hall,
will I be wed!"
"I am no leader!
I have no wish to be so!"
"I have no fan club!"
"I have disbanded it!"
"I had no films
because I talked too much!"
"I made a comeback
Now my call sheets are full!"
"This is the attacking Shiva!"
"This is the confrontational Shiva!"
"This is the flirtatious Shiva!"
"This is the intimidating Shiva!"
"This is the intuitive Shiva!"
"This is the assaulting Shiva!"
We have bad news, sir
He left after stating
that he won't rejoin the police department
Who is he?
The city respects him immensely!
He is our God, sir!
He turned our barren land of Cinemapatti
into a prosperous abode!
Please pick up that courier!
Just a minute, Granny!
- I'll take that
- Please sign here, ma'am
Here you go
What letter is that?
Not a letter, but a phone!
Someone named P sent it!
- A phone?
- Yes, Granny!
What phone?
Oh no!
Don't open it!
What happened?
Don't go out there, sir!
What happened, Priya?
Breathe, Priya!
They've made you
unrecognizable, Priya!
I can't bear to look at your face, Priya!
They have destroyed you
beyond recognition!
I wish to rejoin duty!
Shoot that shield
Shoot it, I say!
Had you been the old Selvam,
the shield would be out the window by now!
You would've slapped me
before I did!
You are not the old Selvam anymore!
I am not Selvam, sir!
My name is Shiva!
It all came in a flow!
Now go
Come back as the Shiva I know
"From the scorching depths of fire..."
"...flies the phoenix, back to life!"
"All the obstacles
that stand in the way..."
"...will melt away, today!"
"Even if the dog barks at the sun..."
"...or if the dog wishes to bite it..."
"...it can never happen!"
"The sun will give nothing!"
"For this is life..."
"...and your will to kill
will end in victory!"
"History will dawn upon thee!"
"Fish lives in the water
Deer thrives in the forest!"
"But, a leopard, this fiery,
survives anywhere!"
"A fallen seed rises up fiercely..."
"...and like Cyclone Vardah,
it roars with fury!"
"Here it comes, now!"
"Coming right at us, right now!"
Didn't I tell you?
Come back as the Shiva I know
I can't do that exercise routine again
I'm very tired
Please let me join!
I can't, Shiva!
One needn't wear a
khaki uniform to be a cop!
- There are plainclothes cops, too!
- Here he goes again!
When I perform my police duties
in colored clothes...
...you can trap me
as a plainclothes cop!
One more thing, sir!
Kids wear color dresses
only on their birthdays, sir!
- Don't think bad about it!
- Good grief!
Please stop it, Shiva!
You're appointed!
Ex-policeman Shiva...
...is taking oath as an undercover cop
You are watching this covert ceremony live!
His re- joining the police force
is a top secret event
I, Shiva...
...pledge to honour the police force
Poor chap!
Someone murdered his wife with a bomb
He is sobbing while being sworn in
If it were me, I'd be happy!
I solemnly swear to keep this secret post,
secret from everyone
I promise to guard the secrets
of the police department...
...and never ever betray it,
come what may!
I swear this oath!
Tell me now, Commissioner!
Who is that son of David,
who killed my wife?
We don't even know the killer's name
How do you know
that he is the son of David?
He could be a Michael's son!
Even if he were Michael's son,
he would still be the son of a David!
Based on the clues from the bomb...
...it is evident that his name is P
He lives in the dark
and even his shadow hasn't seen him!
It is your duty to solve the mystery
Definitely, sir!
It's my duty
You must be tired
Get some sleep. We will meet tomorrow
Sorry, sir
No matter how tired I am,
I shall not sleep until I find him!
It's already a day since she died
How long are you going to mourn her?
If not for your sake
At least think about the kids!
But I have no kids, granny!
That's exactly
why I want you to get married!
I'll think about it
Can't stand the ragging by our seniors
- Just another day in the life of a fresher!
- Look at him talk!
Don't worry
We can rag the newcomers next year!
- Look who is here!
- Where were you all these days?
How are you?
Shouldn't you be in college now?
As always, we have bunked college!
Dude, are you working
as an undercover cop?
- It was on TV!
- It's top secret!
Highly confidential!
Why did you rejoin the police force?
Dude, Priya was murdered
in a bomb blast!
I have rejoined the department
to seek revenge!
If a beloved parts,
we should depart too!
I mean, you should stop crying
and move on in life!
Nakul is right
You need a shoulder to cry on!
I have you three!
- Can I not lean on you?
- Of course you can!
But if you lean on a girl...
...it would be a lot more fun!
Granny said the same thing!
You guys are telling it too!
Seems like the right thing to do!
I will find someone as beautiful as Priya!
Fall in love!
The trend was different then
Things are different now!
- That's why I have two conditions!
- What are those?
Condition #1
- She should be as fair as a Barbie doll!
- Okay!
Condition #2
She should be loony as a Toon!
Fair enough!
How loony?
Like the girl from the
film 'Santosh Subramaniam'?
Loonier than that!
Like the one in the film 'Vedalam'?
Too greedy!
I have an idea!
- Just close your eyes!
- Why?
Close your eyes
and open them after a while
The girl you see, is the one meant for you
Come on, close your eyes!
Don't keep the shot on the face!
Keep it on the feet!
Poor guy!
Let me help you cross the road!
Why is she going into my house?
Who is the new girl in our building?
They have moved into the flat
above ours!
That laughter!
Exceeded my expectation!
It struck me hard
and made me soar!
I didn't expect this to happen!
But it was happening!
She noticed something in me!
And that has appealed to her!
I wanted to show it to her every day!
At that moment,
I decided that she is my life partner!
Dude, I'm very certain...
...that she is loony
Saw her board the mental hospital bus!
Super, da
Propose to her right away!
How can I propose to her without knowing
whether she likes me or not?
You are the hero
Her likes or dislikes are of no importance!
If you are the hero, she has to
fall in love with you. That's the law!
If she doesn't love you,
you can stalk her around!
You may lie, cheat, kidnap
or threaten to commit suicide!
The girl will have no choice
but to fall in love with you!
Isn't it wrong to torture someone
to make them love you?
Why are they laughing
at me like this?
This is the trend now!
Go and propose to her right now!
Don't think too much!
It is her birthday tomorrow!
Go and propose to her at midnight!
I have decided to do it!
I will propose to her
like no one has ever before!
What are you going to do?
This will cost you about 20 lakhs!
I'm in love!
What else will I spend
on if not for this?
Brother, you owe me 56 rupees
Bro, I will pay you later
Little dry now!
Happy birthday, Ramya
Hello, sister
- Welcome, sister!
- Come to the terrace, will you?
I will tell you!
I'll just come, okay?
Sister, where are you taking me?
What are you doing?
Why did you bring me here?
You could've given this downstairs!
This isn't mine
A guy asked me to give this to you
without anyone's knowledge
- Blow it!
- No way!
Just blow it!
Who is he?
How am I supposed to know?
I was asked to give it to you and I did!
If you want to,
go down and find the guy!
You will see a silhouette
of a young man!
He will tell you everything!
Happy Birthday, Loony!
Did you do all this
just to wish me for my birthday?
- No, I have something more to say!
- What is it?
I love you, Ramya
Why would someone waste so much money
to say these three words?
Drive some sense into his head!
It has been 3 months
since the bathroom light conked out!
He hasn't fixed it yet!
I'm groping in the dark!
Now, he has dazzled
the entire street with lights!
Look at his face!
How do you intend to take care of me
if you splurge all your money?
Do you also love me?
The day you jumped over the gate
is when I fell for you!
All this for nothing?
Siddarth! Switch off all the lights!
Bro, are you alright?
Who are you? His face is disfigured!
Gone too soon!
- Go ahead with your duet!
- What are you saying?
I have done the same, man!
What do you say?
Shall we go for a duet?
Thanks, brother
"O riot of love,
O love riot!"
"O love riot,
it is your face that pops up"
"With your beauty and smile,
come and steal my heart away"
"O you, young sapling,
my fruit bearing little thing!"
"I suffer the same fate"
"To unite body and soul,
come to me, O my love!"
"Only until the wedding..."
"And, after that?"
"No, thanks!"
"What is to be of our Tamil culture?"
"Let your eyes never meet mine!
Even by mistake!"
"A sin more sinister
doesn't exist on earth!"
"With moons so many on the sky,
the stars do fade away"
"This birth isn't enough
to relish all this beauty!"
"Love without troubles!
Lust without boundaries!"
"In search of a lady, I went
and it was you, I found!"
"Art of speaking in riddles
isn't really my thing!"
"I expressed my wild desires..."
"...only to be called a child by you!"
"Timid, shy or innocent,
I am surely not!"
"I soared to reach the peak"
"In awe, you watched!"
"This love cannot be understood by humans
for it is not human!"
"Beyond the big blue yonder, let's go!
O love, would you come along?"
"O my darling..."
"O sweetheart!"
The minute you started singing...
...I was swept off my feet!
Full credit goes to him
- I love Gangai Amaran!
- Me, too
There is another song of his!
It goes like this!
This is Paramu
Can you come to the station right away?
I have to go
- Duty calls!
- Okay!
Welcome back, Shiva
- How did the bouquet get here?
- No idea!
P has sent this!
He should know better
than to mess with a cop!
We will take him down!
I have to get hold of him today!
P's henchman called me today
and gave me a lot of information about him!
He is ready to turn in
as an informant, too!
An informant, huh?
What else?
What did he say? Who is P?
Tell me in his own words!
He said it started ten years ago!
He wasn't even a biggie then!
He came in as a school boy
and grew into a don, courtesy his brother
The ones who teased him earlier
started respecting him!
A bike went missing in his area!
So he killed someone for that
He became a little popular then!
Something about 'cock fights' too
He went to Bombay, too!
It didn't work out, so he returned!
He is the biggest VIP in our area
We can't touch him!
I know how to touch him and squish him!
He can't escape from me
The vehicle will be here any minute
Stay alert!
Why are they filling the bathtub
with blood?
You are new
You have no idea
P always takes bath in blood
Mr. P, you may bathe
Everything is ready!
- Do you want me to stay?
- Not today!
- Why did you do this?
- P, you raped my sister!
That's why I ratted
you out to the cops
I raped their sisters too!
Did they mind?
It is time for you to go!
No, P. Don't do it!
Did he find my hideout?
Rithika, don't!
Listen to me!
"I shall seek you out
to give you a hug!"
"Leap forth and stick
to you like glue!"
"Wrap around you like a nuptial thread
Oh yeah!"
"Collide against you, I shall!"
"Rip you in half, I will!"
"Bear this crime in my heart, I will
Oh yeah!"
The fire which you lit...
...is going to engulf you!
Your deeds are waiting
to weed you out!
Who are you?
Your voice is hoarse, have some tea!
Don't you know who I am?
Someone you spared!
I have come to finish you!
My name is P
I have another name: Pandiya!
Felt the tremor, didn't you?
Nothing of that sort!
Got a message from Swiggy
Lunch is here!
- Don't show off!
- I will!
I killed the guy who
ratted me out!
A bomb is going to go
off at noon tomorrow
Don't know how many
are going to die!
Stop it if you can!
Why are you doing this?
I'm the villain, man!
- What is he saying?
- Says he is the villain
Then, it's fine!
Tell me!
Where is the bomb?
- What is he saying?
- He has placed a bomb in the city!
- He will do what he says!
- Do you know anyone who is linked to P?
There is a man who
is linked to P
How do you know him?
Because his name is Wasim Khan!
Shall I tell you a story?
You don't have to
Tell me where the bomb
is going off tomorrow
Did you actually think
these things will scare me?
- Know what 'Veeram' (courage) is?
- Yes, I do
Pretending to have
no fear, right?
No. It's living with younger
siblings in the village
Helping them in their
hour of need
- Know what 'Vivegam' (prudence) is?
- Yes
Working out in a Bulgarian
forest, right?
No. It is using your
intelligence, to succeed in life
Hey! What the hell, man?
You keep switching
the answers!
Why are you telling me this?
Until you tell me
where that bomb is...
...I'll pointlessly blabber
about, like this!
That bomb will go
off tomorrow!
You can't stop it!
- Isn't it wrong to kill innocents?
- No!
It isn't wrong to
kill any Indian!
Today, an explosion in Chennai
Tomorrow, in Hyderabad
Day after that, in Mumbai!
Here on in, India will have
an explosion every day!
We won't stop until we
destroy this country!
India is my motherland!
Ponnatha is my mother!
My motherland means
more to me than my mother!
I won't stand by and
watch it be destroyed!
Only to you, is India a motherland!
I'm from Pakistan!
India...is my enemy!
India isn't your enemy!
She's your aunt, man!
You see India as an enemy
I see Pakistan as my mom's sister!
Biriyani is our family food, man!
You're my aunt's son, man!
We both are cousins
In spite of everything, I said,
if that bomb has to go off, so be it
Those who are to die,
are your own aunt's children
By saying, kith and kin have gone nuts,
the Chinese will insult you!
Do you deserve that?
Do you deserve that, Wasim?
Get up
Please forgive me, brother!
Listening to the words of P
really poisoned my mind!
It's okay, Wasim Khan
He who forgives, is a man
He who asks forgiveness, is a greater man!
A great man once said
'You can neither run nor hide'
You asked for forgiveness
You are now a great man
Now tell me where the bomb is
I don't know the bomb's
exact location, bro
But, I do know a few code words
Using them, you must find the bomb
Code words?
Tell me, bro!
Bun Butter Jam
Sunny Leone
Virat Kohli
Egg bonda
Alright, brother
I'll take care of it
You get going
Tell aunt I said 'hi'
Just one more time, brother
Love you, bro
A case and information report
has been filed against him, sir
How can we release him?
A case? Here on in, even a speck
of dust shouldn't fall on him!
They've arrested Wasim Khan
He told them everything
Is that so?
Okay, I'll take care of it!
What gives, Wasim Khan?
Told them everything, eh?
I told them everything
Listen up, P
Nothing you're doing is right
India is your mother!
She is my aunt!
The one who will die as a result
of our blast, is our mother!
Brainwashed you too, did he?
Go ahead and hang up
I got this
Please don't do it, P!
Don't rush to that decision!
- My darling?
- Sir?
- Our old friend Wasim Khan?
- What do I do?
Call me after you do him in!
"I shall seek you out
to give you a hug!"
"Leap forth
and stick to you like glue!"
"Wrap around you like a nuptial thread
Oh yeah!"
Bun Butter Jam. Sunny Leone
Virat Kohli. Egg bonda
What do you intend to do
with these code words, Shiva?
I'm thinking about it, sir
Need to access
'Private Eye' mode for that!
Go ahead!
"You are a smart detective"
Come in, Shiva
Did you find it?
No, sir
'Private Eye' mode yielded nothing
Sorry for the disturbance, sir
On learning that Wasim Khan
flipped sides, P killed him!
How did P find out that Wasim Khan
became an informant?
We have a black sheep amongst us, sir!
You intend to find that black sheep?
I'll find him later!
For now,
we must stop that bomb!
I'll ask questions
Those who know the answers, speak up!
- What is in a Bun Butter Jam?
- Jam
- Sunny Leone's measurements?
- 40- 30- 40, sir!
- The shape of an Egg Bonda?
- Like a cricket ball, sir!
- Total ODIs Virat Kohli has played?
- Anushka Sharma, sir!
I got it!
The 1C bus is going to blow up
at 2 PM in the Beach Road today!
We must stop it, sir!
How did you figure it out?
No time to discuss
Very complicated!
I'll return with that bomb!
Is this the Broadway bus depot?
- Yes, sir?
- Assistant Commissioner Shiva, here
Do not let the 1C bus leave!
That bus has a bomb!
What are you saying, sir?
It just left the bus depot!
Text me the driver's number!
- I'll send it, sir!
- Hurry!
You intend to call the bus driver,
have the passengers disembark...
...and save them all, huh?
Anticipating this move,
I set up a contingency plan!
The bus is moving at
5 kilometers per hour
I've linked the bomb
to its accelerator
If the bus goes beyond
5 kilometers...
...it'll blow up automatically!
Save them if you can!
P, you rascal!
Stop yelling
and do your job!
- How's that?
- How's that?
Should you repeat whatever I do?
Keep massaging!
- Is this the driver of the 1C bus?
- Yes! Who are you?
Listen to me, carefully!
- Go on!
- Your bus has a bomb in it!
What? My bus has a bomb?
- No one there must know it. Got it?
- The bus has a bomb?
Drive faster than 5 kilometers,
it'll explode
- Stop the bus! Stop the bus!
- Okay, sir!
Don't panic!
If I stop, the bomb will explode!
Maintain the 5 kilometer speed
- I'm coming over there!
- Please hurry! I'm scared!
Out of the way, all of you!
Get away from here!
No one panic
I'll save you!
Very good
Intelligent citizens
I'll come now
- 'Kaun hai?' (Who is it?)
- I don't eat cone ice creams
- Is Inspector Inbasekar at home?
- Yes. What's up?
- Who is it, dear?
- He's asking for you
- 'Andhar jao' (Go inside)
- That's all the Hindi you know!
Let's talk upstairs
I know you're
the black sheep
Enticed by the alms
that P tossed at you...
...you fed him information
I'm well aware of that
If you wish for your wife and kids
to receive the pension due to you...
...admit it that you are the black sheep!
Do you know what that khaki uniform is?
Do you know what a cop is?
He who opposes and fights injustice...
...is a true cop!
Let me tell you something
Last week, Constable Manickam...
...eloped with a female cop
On the 16th day, after he took off...
...his son in pre- school...
...asked me about the kickbacks
that his dad had received!
How can our department respond to that?
Why do you never let me speak?
'It has come to our knowledge
that Assistant Commissioner Shiva'
'...was involved in the mysterious death
of Inspector Inbasekar'
He did the right thing
This is what will strike fear
among evildoers!
Excuse me
Oh no!
This guy will skewer me!
Who gave you the right
to take the law into your hands?
He was an associate of P!
How can we spare him?
I can't listen to what you have to say
As of now, you are suspended!
Hand over everything and leave
So, is this your final decision?
Your gun, sir
"Is this life but only a short tale?"
They asked us to collect your uniform, sir
"Comes to an end, does this path?"
"Such a test in the life of a warrior?"
"Waves cloud the eyes of justice?"
"Don't go, Oh warrior!"
Tell me, Bharath
Turn on the Star Movies channel, buddy!
- Why?
- Just turn it on! You'll see
'Hello, my dear children!'
You've been named
the best psychiatric doctor this year
How do you feel about that?
To be honest,
this is a huge surprise to me!
This isn't a job
It's a penance!
If only every doctor was like you!
Who would you call an inspiration in life?
My inspiration, is my fianc Shiva
I know how happy he must be,
if he's watching this right now
So, Ramya is not a loony?
Everything is gonna be alright
- Look into this, sister
- Yes, doctor
What brings you here?
Are you a doctor?
Are you a loony?
Asking such a question
despite knowing I'm a doctor?
Thinking you were a loony, I loved you!
You deceived me, right?
What are you saying?
I beg of you
- Please let me go!
- Shiva!
Hold on, Shiva!
What happened to you, Shiva?
What's your problem?
Pretended to be a loony
and deceived me, yeah?
When did I ever
pretend to be a loony?
That's what it seemed like, Ramya!
You chase puppies down streets!
You eat ice creams in the rain!
You help a good director cross the street!
You wear a T-shirt saying 'Crazy Heart'
and board a mental hospital bus!
What else was I supposed to think?
What am I to do,
if you misunderstood things?
Marrying a loony girl has been my dream!
My desire! My ambition! My everything!
- You ruined that for me!
- Shiva...
Please leave me alone!
The job of a cop which I loved,
was no longer with me
Neither was the woman I loved
Life was tremendously boring!
Was thinking whether I must find
another job or woo another girl
Despite drinking 7 shots,
I didn't get high
I got pissed at life and at the booze
But I kept it together
and had another round
Hey Shiva!
Get out here!
- Who is that?
- What are you doing?
Welcome, O favorite son of Tamil!
Welcome, O son-in-law of my mom!
Way to go, sister!
Who do you think you are?
Chase us around in the name of love!
Constantly say you're in love with us!
Belittle us cause we're not loony
or fair skinned?
Think we'll just let that go?
I demand justice!
Hey! Causing a ruckus
after drinking fruit sherbet, huh?
What else? You expect us to booze
and create nuisance?
- We're from decent families!
- Please leave. Or I'll call the cops!
You yourself are a cop, man!
How can you turn us over to the cops?
"Who gave birth to you?"
"If I ever get my hands on her,
she is dead meat!"
"Beat the snot out of him!"
"Kick his sorry ass!"
"Chop him up in pieces!"
"I don't need him at all!"
[Mallya Sherbet Stall]
"Who gave birth to you?
- Gave birth to you?"
"If I ever get my hands on her,
she is dead meat!"
"Outside, right now!"
"You need us for your petty expenses!"
"You need us to make out with you!"
"You need us to show off to the world
that you have a girlfriend!"
"Why the heck do you love?
Why do you love, you idiot?"
"Why in blazes do you love?
Why on earth do you love?"
"Whenever I am with you..."
"...you try hitting on my friend,
you pig!"
"So, why lecture me about the sanctity
of virginity, you doofus?"
"You men are all donkeys,
who wish to control and rule over us!"
"Are us womenfolk monkeys,
to dance to your tunes?"
"Beat the snot out of him!"
"Kick his sorry ass!"
"Chop him up in pieces!"
"I don't need him at all!"
"Who gave birth to you?"
"If I ever get my hands on her,
she is dead meat!"
"You ruin your life
by smoking and drinking!"
"Must I waste my life,
by repeatedly trying to reform you?"
"Why the heck do you love?
Why do you love you idiot?"
"Why in blazes do you love?
Why on earth do you love?"
"Under the excuse of love failure,
you throw acid at us!"
"So, how dare you talk shamelessly to us
about your rightful rage?"
"If you ever leave me..."
"...it is not my loss!"
"For your ugly face,
no girl in town will ever fall for you!"
"Beat it!"
"Beat the snot out of him!"
"Kick his sorry ass!"
"Chop him up in pieces!"
"I don't need him at all!"
"Be well, dear fellow"
"Wherever you are,
be well, dear fellow!"
A tribute!
"Those who slept through
beautiful mornings..."
"...ruined the country..."
So many flowers in the tea!
How many times did I
tell you to move shop?
Why do you get so
tense in the morning?
Just relax, dude!
She comes over at night
and sings horrifically!
The fault is hers!
Why does she scold me?
Think about this long and hard
Did she ever once claim to you
that she was a loony?
What can she do,
if you misunderstood things?
We go to the wine shop
to drink beer
But the beer we wish, is unavailable
Even if it's there, it's not cold
Don't we have brandy during such times?
Such is life!
You expected her to have two things
She has only one of them
Can't you live with it?
I think you get it
But there is one thing
It was wrong of us to skip
college today for him!
We have practicals today, too!
After speaking to my friends,
things got much clearer for me
Deciding to love
Ramya again
I went home, with a
non-stop voiceover
Why is there a 'To Let' board
in the house upstairs?
They vacated the house
and left for America!
Why are you sad?
It's not like she's dead, right?
She's just gone to America!
There you go!
America is just right here!
It's barely a stone's throw away!
Granny! That's Australia!
They all look the same
Never mind!
You get going!
Must I go so far just for love?
I'm not saying that you must go
Just saying it will be great if you did
Think about it
Alright, I thought about it
I'm going to America!
You messed up, again
That's Africa
- Purpose of visit
- Love
See my guitar
Welcome to America
"Raindrops that flood the heart..."
Establishing shot of New York, eh?
The city has parks, the Pentagon Building
and Trump Tower!
Hell, there's even my cousin's house!
But you won't show any of that,
will you?
All the time, plonking it right here!
After freshening up
once I reached America...
...I went immediately
to Central Park
The watchman at the park,
told me she'd definitely come here
He's a Madurai guy!
I waited for Ramya
While I was there, an uncle came by
My uncle once told me that
life is like a box of chocolates
My aunt told me...
...that eating too many chocolates
leads to tooth decay
Forget what my aunt said
Take some!
Life is like a box of chocolates
"Sing really loudly, we shall!"
"That's not all we can do!"
"What we sing is in Malayalam!"
"Why do we do so?
We have no clue!"
"Outside of these two lines,
we know no more Malayalam!"
"When asked to sing about this,
we shall sing in Tamil itself!"
Why did you come here?
I felt like being with you
To fall in love with you again
Felt we must not lose this life
Weren't you the one who left me?
You were the one who rejected me
What has changed?
You're not in my heart anymore
It's over
No matter how overboard we go,
don't we booze up the right next day?
- Please understand!
- Sorry. I've stopped drinking
Leave me alone
You're not in my heart anymore!
"O my darling..."
"O sweetheart!"
"O my darling..."
"O sweetheart!"
Music is love
I love Gangai Amaran
Okay, you get going
I'll see you tonight
What happened?
Where are you going?
No time to discuss that
It's complicated
Welcome, sir
What is this?
We're undercover!
Won't the public be suspicious?
Know how careful we are at home?
- I am sorry, sir
- It's okay
Don't do this again
- You must be Anderson, right?
- Yes. How did you know?
It's my instinct
- Let's go
- Okay, sir
I thought America had
left side driving?
We changed it for
your convenience
Have you reached, Shiva?
Yes, sir. It's been 5 minutes
Angelina picked me up
Per our plan, finish
the job at hand
Yes, sir!
You're confused, right?
A week ago,
I got a phone call from America
A foreign number
This is Agent Angelina
Sorry, Angelina
I already have an LIC policy
I'm not an LIC agent
I'm an FBI agent
Oh tell me
I was told that you are handling the case
of the International terrorist leader P
As the part of investigation
I've come to Malaysia
Now P has organised
a meeting in America
To world's most wanted criminals
will attend that meeting
If you come to America...
...we can capture them immediately
The FBI needs your help
Can you tell me where this meeting
is set to take place?
No, I can't tell you over the phone
It's highly confidential
- Can you WhatsApp me the details?
- Sorry, Shiva
Please come to America immediately
- And I'll tell you
- Okay, Angelina
I'll come to America
To capture P, the Commissioner and I
crafted a plan with the FBI
He pretended to suspend me
Claiming I'd come to America
to reclaim my love, I arrived secretly
That's what happened
Now watch without any confusion
Hope you remember
Is the weapons team I
asked for, all set?
Stop the car...car
Have them dig over there
My instinct says you'll find
a lot of dead bodies there
This is a cemetery, Shiva
It's bound to have dead bodies!
Okay, let's go
Don't waste time
Now tell me, Angelina
Where is the meeting set to occur?
Through one of my sources
I got the location of this meeting
But the file is encrypted
We still working on decoding it
Behind every smartphone,
is an iron screen
With that and the Aadhar card...
...they even track the underwear
you bought last week!
The calls you attend
The texts you send
The porn you watch
Someone's always watching!
Be careful
Shiva, who are you talking to?
To my people
Give me the phone
I got it
The meeting will take place
at Casino hotel at 11 PM
How did you figure it out?
There's no time to discuss that
Let's go!
"This is the Inn"
"Hold your breath and count to ten"
"Feel the earth movement"
"Heal my heart burst"
Vodka martini
Shaken, not stirred
I'm scared
Don't be afraid
I've ordered drinks
Two rounds should make it better
Stop kidding around, Shiva!
Observe carefully
It's Mr. Shiva! Shall
we get an autograph?
After they wrap up filming!
Be casual
We're being watched
- Thank you
- You are welcome
- Cheers
- Cheers
How long must I wait?
Will P be here or not?
They told me that he's almost here
Hold on
Let me go check
- What happened?
- P will be here in 2 minutes
- In what car?
- A limousine
Come to the lobby
I'll be back
Order another round for me, too
Got any spicy savouries, bro?
This is Anti-American
You are all Anti-Americans
How long must I wait for one man?
What's happening here?
Why do you hold mic sets, idiots?
What are you doing here?
They said they would give some food
- My apologies
- Get out, all of you!
P has arrived
Where are you, Anderson?
Yeah, I see you
Now we can talk in person
'Sathyaraj Halwa Shop!'
Go and arrest the rest!
Whatever it is,
we'll talk at the precinct!
Tell me where you are, P!
You hatched a plan to kill me
But, I made sure you rejoined
the police force...
...and had you arrest
every terrorist leader!
By using you, I've now become
the greatest terrorist leader in the world!
You will always be number two!
Don't talk filthy!
You may have gotten away this time
But, I will capture you!
Never mind capturing me!
Save your girlfriend if you can!
What's wrong?
Looking for her over there?
She's in my custody!
I came where you set a trap for me
and captured your girlfriend!
Now tell me who's the better man?
Me or you?
Don't you hurt her!
Oh God!
Laughing, are you?
Your death will be at my hands!
I'm waiting
Save me, Shiva! Please!
I won't stop until I destroy you, P!
Your death will be at my hands!
'The brutal murder of Ramya, a doctor,
who was kidnapped by terrorists...'
'...has sent shockwaves worldwide'
'Police officer Shiva and Dr. Ramya
were very good friends'
'When they were doomed to be stuck
in the friend zone forever...'
'...such a horrific event occurred'
'This incident has created quite a stir
amongst couples who mingle as friends'
I know what you're going to say
About my kid needing
a mom, right?
I'll think about it
Can you take me to Ramya's grave?
- Why?
- Take me there and I'll tell you
Move aside!
- Do what I say!
- Listen to me. Don't go there!
Step back!
Don't push me, sir!
Why did you make those 3 vows?
In order to fulfill the deepest
dreams of my heart!
What are those?
First, you must mercilessly kill
the man who murdered Ramya!
Next, you must marry someone
much prettier than Ramya!
Finally, with her, you must give me
a beautiful grandson!
Give me your hand
I swear to fulfill
all of your desires!
- Let's go
- You go ahead
Let me meditate for a while
I'll go and get the 'idlies' ready
- Just one question, sir! Please!
- Just a minute, sir!
What was the goal of this meditation?
What are you trying to say?
'The Righteous War'
Perfect. You always say that,
but you'll reunite!
Mr. Rajnikanth's film
It's airing today
Watch and enjoy!
Good day
Like we get to know what's on TV
only through him!
Get going!
Learnt that you just managed
to woo Ramya after dedicated efforts!
This shouldn't have happened to you
How do you plan to kill P?
If you want to destroy someone,
destroy their power first. Then, end him!
- What is P's power?
- Well, it is a circle
- In the middle of it...
- Who are you?
I was told
it was time for an item song
Oh? It's time for that already?
- Carry on
- Thank you
- In that square...
- Ready, Kalyan?
"Come forth, O god of lust!"
"Is there any man who's righteous?"
"It is a sin to kill!"
"Redeemed, you will be,
if you eat to your fill!"
"A bud is trembling
on the creeper!"
"Won't a single caress
make the bud bloom?"
"Won't you come to compose tunes
on my waist?"
"O my Casanova!"
"Come forth, O god of lust!"
"Is there any man who's righteous?"
"A hundred kinds of pleasure
to be relished"
"The end of purpose
to be reached"
"Why do you fear?
Come along!"
"O my fiery warrior!"
"Do we need the barrier of an attire?"
"Watch me fulfill your commands,
O master!"
"Who is she?
A sweet flower child"
"A rainbow rose!"
"Let me melt!"
"Savour the honey!"
"All just for you,
O majesty!"
"A delightful doll, I am!"
"Eternal intoxication, I am!"
"The river of desire,
we shall cross!"
"Even God Almighty
can join in!"
"Shall I slather myself..."
"...all over your heart?"
"As much as it can,
will the body live!"
"For all of eternity,
will lust thrive!"
"Dew drops fall upon this union
like drops from a lyre!"
"Embrace me, won't you?"
"Exuberance of taste, it will be!"
"A slithering silk attire, I am!"
"An orchard of jasmines, I am!"
"Cupid's play, I am!"
What you say is all well and good
But, what is the plan?
P is showing off
'cause he's got 1 lakh crore rupees
If we declare that money invalid,
he'll surrender to us!
Shall I arrange a raid right away?
No, sir. Raids would be sensational
only on those days
The next day, it'll fizzle out
I have another plan!
Dear friend!
My friend!
Tell me, Shiva!
How can I help you?
Listen carefully to what I say
A dead friend of mine is calling me!
Please hold, sir!
Tomorrow is Bharath's wedding!
Don't forget it amidst your work
Be there!
Forget that!
You died! How are you calling me?
There's no time to discuss that now
Come to the wedding
We'll talk then!
Sorry, sir
A dead friend of mine just called!
That's why I made you wait
Tell me, Shiva
What do I do?
I can't explain it now, sir
It's complicated. Can you do it for me?
I'll do anything for you!
- Thank you
- I'll definitely do it!
- This is too much, man!
- I don't follow
Brilliant idea
The ISIPS have informed that
Shiva has crafted a plan to destroy you
If someone's planning to end me...
...I would use the same plan
to create their own obituary poster!
You're supposed to say this to hype me up!
I'm forced to do it myself
Call my precious!
My dear! See to it you do
Assistant Commissioner Shiva!
- Really, sir?
- Stop it!
I meant do him in!
Alright, sir
Not here, man
Hold it there and play!
Why play in a deserted area?
You could rather play at home!
Have him comb his hair first!
"O rugged fighter!"
"Those piercing eyes..."
"...seeks out two souls!"
This letter just arrived from Rithika
Why such a drastic change, Rithika?
- Forgive me P
- For what?
Per your request,
I went to kill Shiva
Despite being born as a girl,
I had no clue about femininity for years
To a henchwoman like me, Shiva showed
what femininity was and how soft it is!
Now, I wish to wear
flowers on my head
I wish to wear a sari!
I wish to wear a big round dot
on my forehead!
- I don't know why!
- I know why!
But, I like it
Now on, I'm his slave. I don't know
if I can live together with him
But, by standing in some corner
and gazing at him, I'll live my life!
Please forgive me
I can't work as your
henchwoman anymore
Yours truly,
You took my girl from me, eh?
I won't spare you!
Why get married at such a young age?
I just started college, dude
I repeatedly told my parents
that I didn't want to marry right now
I'm doing this
because they compelled me!
- Congratulations, Mr. Groom!
- Thank you
You guys go ahead and eat!
Don't we get a party, buddy?
- What?
- Booze
Knowing you'd ask me this, I fixed
my wedding on an 'abstinence' holiday!
Just go and eat 'pongal' and 'vadai'
Hey! How did you come
back from the dead?
Don't talk about inauspicious things
at a wedding! No time to discuss, now!
Today's your second
night, right?
It's Ramya!
That's not Ramya
It's Gayathri
- A close friend of the bride
- No!
That's Ramya!
Won't believe me, eh?
I'll introduce you both
- What is it?
- Come here, dear
- I'll catch up
- She's toast!
He is my friend, Shiva
Assistant Commissioner of Police
You guys chat. I'll be back
- Yes, Siddarth?
- Keep talking
I love you
Barely 2 minutes since you saw me
- How can you say that so quickly?
- I would've said it in 2 seconds
Thought you'd find it awkward
So, I waited 2 minutes
Just because I'm a cop, don't assume
that I'll be stiff, strict and silent
I talk a lot!
I know. Didn't you stop
the riot in Melapakkam?
You know quite a bit about me!
There's so much you don't know
If you give your consent,
I will take very good care of you
I'll be a complete husband,
at home, not a mere cop
This is too fast for me
Look Gayatri
This might be fast for you
To me, it is very slow!
If you don't want to, fine
If not today,
can we get married tomorrow?
They say there are 7 people
in the world, who look alike
Only on that day, did I know
that they'd be of the same size and colour!
In that moment,
I felt that Ramya had come back to me
I must stop talking to myself like this!
What is this, sir?
Time to tie the nuptial thread!
The groom is not here!
What do I tell my daughter?
Calm down, good sir
He wouldn't have gone anywhere
Probably chatting with friends
He'll be here
Don't panic
When will he come?
Only 2 minutes left in the auspicious time!
We searched the whole temple!
The groom is missing!
You did this just because
I had no mother, right?
Had mom been here,
would she have let this happen?
This happens at every wedding
we go to, yes?
Inspite of that, they keep doing it!
Your daughter must be wed now, yes?
I'll marry your daughter
You don't have to do anything!
Within the small gap of time
when I went to the loo...
...you try to commit
the heist of the century?
No, man
Just wanted to give her a life
You marry her yourself
- Note it down!
- It's invalid!
- It's valid!
- It's not!
What's the matter?
The Prime Minister just announced on TV,
that 500 and 1000 rupee notes are invalid!
From now on, these notes
are null and void!
He did it way too early!
If it's invalid, must I use US dollars
as wedding presents?
- Take it!
- I've repeatedly said it's invalid!
Go ahead, Shiva!
The ban was set for tonight!
Can't even provide wedding cash!
Huge problem here!
Sorry, Shiva
As he was going to Uzbekistan,
he announced it this morning
Your plan is working very well!
The whole nation is abuzz!
P will come out into the open!
We'll flush him out!
Did you call me, sir?
- Who are you, sir?
- I'm Mani, sir. Security
Get out
Money! Money! Money!
- Sir?
- Is your name 'Dhudu' (money), too?
No. The Prime Minister just announced
that 500 and 1000 rupee notes are invalid
These are of no value now
- When did he announce it?
- Just now, on TV
You, Shiva!
Your plan is working excellently, Shiva!
P must definitely come outside
to visit an ATM!
It's P, sir!
Trace that call!
You made a gazillion bucks of mine
...and made me stand outside an ATM
for 50 meagre bucks, eh? I won't spare you!
This is just a trailer, buddy
You haven't seen the full film yet
It's horrifying!
Some horrible films have great trailers
Some great films have horrible trailers
Really? Give me an example
'Quarter Cutting'!
That film is horrible
and so is its trailer!
Tell me a good film!
By asking for a film and its plot,
you're trying to trace my call, yes?
You're not understanding
my role at all, man! See you!
Traced it?
- Yes
He's opposite the ATM
near the Commissioner's office!
Go fast
Go, get him!
How long must I wait here?
Is it wrong to wait in a queue,
for the good of the nation?
Long as there are fools like you,
they'll keep doing this stuff!
Slight resemblance
- Won't give me a penny!
- Bro!
Did anyone make a run for it, now?
Yes, sir
One of them just got
away in a vehicle
What kind of vehicle?
Sorry. I was busy at my job
Didn't notice
Just answer my questions
I'll tell you what vehicle it is
Go ahead, sir!
Did the doors of that vehicle
open like this or open like that?
It didn't open in either manner
Because it had no door!
Had no door?
What kind of vehicle is that?
It was a two-wheeler, sir!
Two- wheeler, huh?
You look like someone
with a sharp memory!
- Do you know the vehicle's number?
- The number is 'TN-02 AM-6264'
TN- 05 6264
How can we watch this
without anyone's knowledge?
Trace the motorcycle that P took
from the ATM!
Give me a close-up of P's face!
Have a look, sir!
How would he look like,
if he had a beard?
And if he was wearing a suit?
I have the technology to do that, sir!
Come on!
- Take a look, sir!
A white coat!
Show me how he'd be like
if he had two girl cousins!
Here, sir!
They're watching us, but can't hear us!
- I can hear you clearly, P!
Now tell me where
this bike is heading!
Just a minute
It escaped from Poes Garden
and is in Gopalapuram
Can you trace how much
fuel that bike has?
The fuel is running low on that bike
He can only go 5 more kilometers
Can we throw sand into his fuel tank?
Definitely, sir!
Brilliant idea, sir
You are genius
What technology!
It's done
Carburetor's clogged
and the bike stopped!
Give me real time footage
Oh my God!
Just for a bicycle,
he committed murder!
He is a dangerous fellow
Order a pink alert citywide!
Okay, can we lower the air
from his tyres?
I'm sorry, sir
That's the one thing we cannot do
- Can you do it, sir?
- I can't
- How about you?
- No
- We found P!
- Where is he?
As his money is now invalid,
his people tried to desert him
He had a bus take them
to Kovalam's Silver Bay resort!
Who told you that?
One of the men who escaped that bus,
has now become our informant
We now know where P is
What is your attack plan?
My plan is to attack!
Call me after you finish him
Shall I proceed
after the success party?
Let's try something different
Let us finish our job first
and then have the success party!
It will be unique!
What say you?
Nice change of pace!
I'll lay down my
life for my leader P!
He's my God!
"Beautiful Kovalam!"
"Wonderful Kovalam!"
We're brutally killing Shiva
Right now! Today!
- Tell me where he is!
- Yes, sir!
Don't give me so much crap
about tracking!
Just tell me where he is!
He is at Kovalam, sir
Right where we are!
Where in Kovalam?
Right here in this street,
in our resort!
Where in our resort?
In our room in this resort!
Where in our room?
He's under that table, sir!
Hey! He's under that table!
Capture him!
- We mustn't spare him!
- Only his phone is here
I am right here!
I was here,
but I had to go to the loo
Why remove your shirt?
Cause it is right for this situation
I've waited a long time
to meet you face-to-face!
I know you've been obsessed
with killing me
But, didn't expect so many armed
fighters would be with me, did you?
What is it, man?
Got scared, eh?
Please spare me, P!
I didn't know I'd be outnumbered!
From now, I'll do anything you say!
- Putting on an act and deceiving me, eh?
- Yes!
As if I'm Kamal Haasan
and you're Aamir Khan, who loves my acting!
You don't know how to act
I don't even know what acting is!
You told everyone
that I don't know to act, eh?
Shoot him down!
Shoot his legs, man!
If I do that, it might hit him!
Oh, that's right!
What's wrong?
Out of bullets?
You call yourself fighters, huh?
Don't be afraid
No matter what,
I never hurt women
What a man!
You don't deserve to be left alive
You can't destroy me, Shiva!
Watch how I destroy you!
I swear I don't know who P is
Just came for a dip in the pool, sir!
Swear on you, sir!
Please believe me
Who are you kidding?
Get in!
- Thanks
- Within a single operation, you killed P!
Great job
What is this, sir?
Why give me 'halwa'?
It's the only sweet we could find!
For what you did,
you deserve to have my job!
Please don't say that, sir!
It's true
But, if I do that, I'll be out of a job!
As of tomorrow,
you are the Deputy Commissioner!
North Chennai is under your watch
What about Vetrimaaran,
who's handling the area?
He'll be sent on 'Visaranai'(Interrogation)
North Chennai is yours!
You must be tired from all that fighting
Go home and rest
- We'll talk tomorrow
- Okay!
Praise be to India!
Have some chutney, sir!
Didn't I tell you
that he doesn't like chutney?
Get the other one!
Here you go!
Look over there!
Your man!
I still haven't been paid!
He's coming to kill you!
Get that tiffin box!
You killed my leader P, right?
The curse of virgin guys like me
won't spare you!
You're a virgin, huh?
No kidding, sir
Anytime we raid a lodge,
he's the one there!
Throw him behind bars!
Thinks he's Bruce Lee, eh?
To save me from being
hacked to death...
...she threw such a large
tiffin box at my head!
It hurt like hell!
But I liked that pain
I felt like giving
my life for her
At least, I wanted to bestow
a life within her womb
To that end,
we went into a duet!
"O dear lass..."
"If there ever were
another damsel like you..."
"Across seven births..."
- Gayathri!
Right now,this song
would kill the pacing
Won't happen in our film
Okay, let's go!
Okay, you go ahead
I'll meet you later
Want any pickles?
Ew! What the hell
is this crap?
There's an old lady in the house
and you're watching such filth?
It's 'Titanic', Granny!
Who cares what tonic it is?
Change the channel!
We're with the man who shocked
the country. Mr. P!
Let's talk to him!
Why did you become the General Secretary
for this party today, sir?
15 Million members wished for it
Respecting that, I took it up
The cops said that you died!
Just a mild flu and dehydration
I'm not dead
I had 'rava idli' every day
All, mere lies cooked by cops
So you're into politics full- time?
Only you can answer that!
If you're elected Chief Minister,
how would you bring progress?
For a second, my head was spinning!
- May I say 'Long Live You'?
- Who else will? Do it!
Long live our boss!
- Tell me, sir!
- What is this, Shiva?
You told that me you killed P
And what is he doing?
Says he'll be sworn in today!
I watched it, too
I don't get it, either
You lied to me about killing him!
- I didn't lie, sir
- But you did!
In this world,
there are only 7 melodies!
Please understand!
I didn't say this
A director did!
Oh, right!
I believe you
Alright, Shiva
Get ready and go to P's
swearing- in ceremony
He's asked for you as an escort
Why must I be his escort?
We must provide security!
Please understand...
This is my order!
And my order is law!
I don't get anything you're saying
But, because you said so,
I'll do it
Mr. P, who was said to be killed
by cops, is being sworn- in...
...in a grand ceremony,
that you're watching live!
How did P rise from the dead?
The public are in a state of confusion,
as they don't get the logic...
...of how he was designated
this new post!
When asked about it, he said this:
Betrayal will never prosper
Old 1000 rupee notes are no longer proper!
We're waiting with bated breath
for his arrival!
The Commissioner told me to meet you
Stay here until Mr P arrives
Chief Minister's orders
Long live our leader!
Long live our royal brother!
Long live our leader!
Long live, O light of tomorrow!
Long live, O history of tomorrow!
Long live, O future of tomorrow!
Long live our leader!
Long live, O friend to the poor!
Good day, boss!
I'm like your grandfather
What's the deal, Inspector General?
Won't this cop salute me?
Salute him, Shiva
- Boss...
- It's okay...
Yo, cop!
Slip this onto my feet
Place his slipper onto his feet!
Do it!
What are you doing, Shiva?
Wiping the dung from it
onto me, sir!
Only then, will I get it!
Put it onto his feet!
Hey, P!
Don't flaunt it because you're alive
Even if you become Chief Minister,
I'll destroy you!
No spots on the tiger, you will see!
No one can destroy me!
I will destroy you!
Never mind destroying me!
Your new girlfriend's
being chased out there
Save her if you can!
What are you saying?
My men are hunting down your girl!
Save her if you can, I said!
I'll deal with you later!
Where is the women's wing?
Just a minute, Shiva
Where are you going?
To save my girlfriend
Gayathri and kill P!
No matter what,
you can neither save Gayathri, nor kill P
- Because he has the boon of immortality
Immortality, eh?
Are you out of your mind?
- Listen to me, Shiva
- Get lost! I have to save Gayathri!
When I tell you this,
you'll come with me
Last Monday, what book did you hide
in that case file...
...and read at the police station?
Why take a bus, Bodhi?
You could've told me right there
No. Things like this must be told
only inside a cave
This is the cave we use for flashbacks
I see
Very nice
Your set up is excellent, Bodhi!
Listen to me carefully
Contrary to what you believe,
P can't be destroyed easily
Because, the feud between you both
has lasted 76 generations!
76 generations?
Let me elaborate
300 years before the birth of Christ...
...the place now known as Kovai,
was ruled by Emperor Adhiyaman!
- Was I that Adhiyaman?
- Listen up
Interrupt me like this,
I won't tell you the flashback!
Sorry, Bodhi
Please continue
P was a dance teacher
in Adhiyaman's royal court
People respectfully called him
'Peeyar (PR)'
The dancing of P, was demonic!
Every time he danced,
the people of the land...
...became victims to hunger, famine,
murder, theft and several such sorrows
Unaware of it, the emperor designated him
as dance teacher
At the same time,
in the South...
...along the fertile shores
of river Kaveri...
...after creating the divine dance
of Bharatanatyam...
...was the holy dancer,
Sage Bharathamamuni
- Do you know who he is?
- Never mind
I'll answer and you'll respond
saying no more flashback!
No need
You continue
Sage Bharathamuni is you, Shiva!
Oh my God!
Goosebumps, Bodhi!
Bharatanatyam is within my genes!
So that's how I easily learnt the art
within just one night!
Continue the story, Bodhi
What happened next?
Unaware that P danced the demon dance,
the emperor gifted him with gold and such
Bharathamuni, the lord of dance,
vehemently condemned this
Cease this foolish act!
Who are you, kind sage?
I am Sage Bharathamamuni
I'm trying to be respectful,
as you're a sage
Why do you deem my act
of gifting my court's dance teacher...
...an act of foolishness?
Naming he who performs the dance
of the demons as the royal dance teacher...
...and showering him with gold
and precious offerings...
...cannot be called anything
but an act of foolishness, sire!
What is this, sire?
Some random bearded stranger
is insulting the royal dance teacher!
You're nodding along with him,
rather than beheading him!
Do not get angry, PR
There seems to be some truth in his words
What does that imply?
Do you accuse me
of doing the demon dance?
No, my boy
If mine is the dance of the demons,
then, which is of the divine?
It is my Bharatanatyam!
It is the most divine!
No! My dance is the divine dance!
My dance is the divine dance!
Yours is that of the demon!
Calm down
Cease this fighting!
Let us have a contest to deduce
which dance is divine and which is demonic
The winner will be awarded
the divine jackfruit...
...that was given to me by Lady Avvaiyar!
Upon consuming it,
you can attain immortality!
Not only that!
My daughter, Khalasi
The princess of this kingdom
The winner of this competition
can wed her
When the emperor announced the contest,
P intended to win it in deceitful ways
He sent mercenaries to kill
Sage Bharathamuni...
...who was on his way to the contest
- Run!
Even if I lose my life,
I shall not part ways with you, granny!
Even if they stab me in the back...
...I shall be back like the phoenix!
Keep running!
Where are you going?
Come along, Bharathamuni!
I won't!
I'm scared!
How stupid!
I'll come!
Gently, granny!
Come, let us check the other side!
My clothes are getting wet
Hoist me higher!
"A lifeless vessel, you became..."
"...and simply slipped away!"
"Became one with everlasting water,
you did!"
Your death will not be in vain!
I shall fulfill your wishes!
Dear Granny!
"Be it by the hand of fate
or the wings of treachery..."
"...the river runs deep
Now and forever!"
"Will he drown?
Will he resurface?"
"Like waves in an ocean..."
"...do not fade away"
Unaware of this atrocity,
people got ready for the contest
Greetings to you all!
What will transpire today,
is an event that will transform history!
Let us see who will win this prize!
May the competition begin!
Sire! Sage Bharathamuni will not come!
Fearing the contest,
he ran away to the American nation!
Trusting them, we made a mistake
by spending 120 rupees!
Quiet down!
At this time,
the drum will be struck thrice
If Sage Bharathamuni arrives by then,
the contest will occur
If not, it shall be announced
that PR is the winner!
Justice always prevails against evil
But, on that day, evil prevailed
And justice hung its head in shame
The emperor gifted that jackfruit
to P
P ate the fruit,
and attained immortality
That's how he returned,
even after you killed him
Does that mean I can never kill him?
You can do it
There is a way
You must go 3300 years back in time...
...participate and defeat P
in that contest...
...and keep him
from eating that fruit!
Be practical, Bodhi!
How do I go back 3000 years in time?
Go to Burma Bazaar
You'll find a watch mechanic like me
On asking him,
he will give you a watch
With it, you can time travel!
- Time travel?
- Indeed!
I have gotten a second chance
to destroy injustice!
Before you leave,
wear these
Can't you just do it?
The stuff that I have to deal with!
Basically, I'm a watch mechanic!
See that clock?
It's accurate, thanks to me!
Cause I'm a watch mechanic!
Does this place say
you're a bike mechanic?
Why repeat yourself?
Cause I'm a watch mechanic!
Say it again, your face is a goner!
Give me that watch
- Which one?
- The one Bodhidharma said can time travel!
- Why?
- To destroy injustice
Then I'll definitely give it to you
Hold on
This is a time travel watch, eh?
It looks like a toy!
- I'm a watch mechanic! See that clock?
- O God, that's enough!
It's like magic!
Where am I?
B.C. 1482'
Sage Bharathamuni!
Rise up, Sage Bharathamuni!
Who are you, my boy?
You look exactly like me!
I am your 76th descendant!
Is that so?
Why did you come here?
In order to destroy P...
...I came back 3300 years in time!
Came back 3300 years, didn't you?
Had you arrived 10 minutes earlier,
you could have saved me!
I understand
Please forgive me
What the hell, man?
You say you're my 76th descendant
Such a senseless guy you seem to be!
No time to discuss that now, sir!
Alright then
My life seems to be fading away
I don't think I will survive
You must take part in that contest!
You must defeat P,
and destroy him!
Can you do it?
Promise me that you will do so...
Sage Bharathamuni!
What is it, Princess?
I do not know
A strange vibration
A feeling I cannot comprehend
Winter is Coming!
You keep saying that!
Our emperor is conducting an auction
for his father's soul!
He's deceiving the entire town
by doing so!
At this time,
the drum will be struck thrice
If Sage Bharathamuni arrives by then,
the contest will occur
If not, it shall be announced
that PR is the winner!
Sage Bharathamuni is here!
- Why did he shave?
How can a dead man be back to life?
He has arrived as instructed
I haven't run away to any country, sire!
I am right here!
Alright, Sage Bharathamuni
Why the delay?
Where is your beard?
There's no time to discuss that,
I am ready for the competition!
May the contest commence!
"My dance. My elegance
My grace"
"The world shall melt
at the sheer sight of it, every day!"
"My Bharatanatyam
is the zenith of art!"
"The three worlds shall be mesmerized
by its pleasure, every day!"
"Who will win"
"Learn it soon, you will!"
"A dancer, I am!"
"A maestro, I am!"
"The destroyer of evil, I am!"
"Why all this arrogance?"
"Who shall taste defeat?"
"Learn it soon, you shall!"
"My dance. My elegance
My grace"
"The world shall melt
at the sheer sight of it, every day!"
"Danced this art even within the womb,
I did!"
"The lineage of Lady Urvasi,
runs in my veins!"
"Notice the rhythm in my eyes and feet,
dear boy!"
"Sheer wonder in my beauty and my actions,
is it not?"
"Get lost, you ignoramus!
You do not deserve this stage!"
"Why blabber like so?
I shall break your back with my dance!"
"Stand right before me!"
"I have no fear
Spell it out!"
"A fire, he is!"
"Be extinguished, you will!"
"Name and fame,
will come my way!"
"My dancing skills
will win all the awards!"
"My body and soul,
exists for art"
"Even my shadow can defeat you!"
"Alright then, go away!"
"I am the synonym of masculinity!"
"Why all this arrogance?"
You tore him apart!
Eviscerated him to bits!
Sage Bharathamamuni,
you have shown it to me
- Shown it clearly!
- Shown what?
You have beautifully shown
what divine dancing truly is!
Oh, that!
The jackfruit is yours!
- Guards!
- Yes, sire?
- Have PR tossed into prison!
- It will be done!
O, sire!
What did I do wrong?
My steps and movements were good,
were they not?
What he did is no dance!
How long will you deceive the people?
Our system is broken!
Bring forth the jackfruit bestowed upon me
by Lady Avvaiyar!
Will do, sire!
Khalasi, the princess of the kingdom,
is also yours!
Nice hairstyle
You call that dancing?
Who are they trying to fool?
- Excellent, man
- Thanks, buddy
Hold this, buddy
We cannot be together
in this birth, Khalasi
Per fate, in our 76th birth,
your name is Gayathri and mine is Shiva
Only there, can we be one
Don't misunderstand. I need to go there
right away! P is there, too!
I must go and save your life!
There, we shall unite!
See you there
Don't worry!
Go. I'll be right behind you
- Thanks, Bodhi
He seems to talk way too much!
Tell me where you are, P!
I will hunt you down and kill you!
Shiva, your girl is in my custody!
I make the threats!
Not you!
If you are man enough,
try laying a finger on her!
Is this Vani Studio?
Please keep a photo frame ready
in the same size. Yes, the same size!
I will do that right in front of your eyes!
Come over!
Where are you?
Climax, right?
Where else but Binny Mills?
Which one?
Airport or Perambur?
Ask the production manager
and come!
I will be there!
Is there lipstick on my lips?
What's with the new look?
You tried different looks!
Did I question you?
Okay, forget it!
This issue is between you and me
Leave her out of this!
She is innocent!
I'm going to do you in first!
Then, I'll do her!
Not if I do you in first!
You can't kill me!
I have attained immortality!
Don't laugh so much!
Your time is up!
You are no longer immortal!
I'm sure you know what this is!
Get him!
He shouldn't eat the fruit!
"Come forth to quake the world!
Is there anyone to match up against you?"
"Rise up and come forth!
To your enemy, you shall bring death!"
"Come forth to quake the world!
Is there anyone to match up against you?'
"Rise up and come forth!
To your enemy, you shall bring death!"
"Like a raging storm!"
"Crush your enemies!"
"Destroy your obstacles, O warrior!"
"Rise up, O warrior!"
"Praise be to you, Shiva!"
- Why did you shoot her?
- How can I listen to all this crap?
You do have a point!
Bro! The fruit is in my hand!
Anticipating you'd do this...
...I ate the fruit gifted by Adhiyaman!
Shocked much?
I bought this on the way at the Fruit Shop!
Buy 1
Get 1
Stupid, Fruit Shop!
Just miss
I will not spare you!
You sinners!
In the end, you have made me act too!
What have you done, sir?
Give us the sickle and get away!
Where do I go?
Get going, guys!
We will accept the blame, sir!
Give us the sickle and get away!
Listen to us, sir!
I have listened to you enough!
Enough now
Just get going, guys!
Go and educate your kids!
Anything but engineering!
Don't ever give up on agriculture!
Never abandon it!
That's what feeds us!
Listen carefully, guys
Don't waste your kids' time
by giving them iPads!
- Take them to Granny's during holidays!
- Thank God you are here, sir
For committing this crime...
...you are under arrest, Shiva
"I am nobody!"
"I am nothing!"
"I belong nowhere!"
"I have no profession!"
"You must be prosperous,
for the nation to thrive!"
"For the plight of the poor
in this nation to improve!"
"Leave me alone!"
"Please leave me alone!"
"Pretty please!"
You are being released today, sir!
"A nut is what you are!"
"The father of a fiery panther
comes forth!"
"Back away and hide!
He is a true lion!"
"The International Superstar!"
"Try messing with Shiva!"
"Run away helter skelter,
as if there were no tomorrow!"
"A sharply dressed gangster, he is!"
"A grey bearded monster, he is!"
"A trickster in khaki, he is!"
"The granddaddy of annoyance, he is!"
"Unconquerable and unflinching, he is!"
"He does not wince
at the thought of death!"
"Run or hide, he will not!"
"He can't do crap!"
What is it, Granny?
A mom for my child
is that what you are worried about?
No, not really!
Worried about how many more
this wall will sacrifice!
Stones and thorns may fill his path!
But he will not stop walking!
Hey! Who is that?
Look behind you!
Someone is coming to stab you!
Great men are not buried
They are sowed!