Tampopo (1985) Movie Script

So you're at a movie too.
What are you eating?
You know the noises
people make in cinemas...
eating potato chips,
crumpling wrappers.
I really can't stand it...
Are they good?
Sure. Curry-flavored.
I'll kill you if you make that noise
once the movie starts.
I also don't like
watch alarms going off.
I don't want interruptions.
They say when you die
you see something like a movie.
A life kaleidoscoped into a few seconds
I look forward to that movie.
A man's last movie. I definitely
don't want it interrupted.
"Darling, don't die!" and tears...
I can do without that.
Hey, our movie's starting.
Tsutomu Yamazaki
Nobuko Miyamoto
Koji Yakusho
in Juzo Itami's
Tampopo (Dandelion)
One fine day...
I went out with an old man.
He's studied noodles for 40 years.
He was showing me the right way
to eat them.
soup first or noodles first?
First, observe the whole bowl.
Yes, sir.
Appreciate its gestalt.
Savor the aromas.
Jewels of fat glittering
on the surface.
Shinachiku roots shining.
Seaweed slowly sinking.
Spring onions floating.
Concentrate on the three pork slices...
They play the key role,
but stay modestly hidden.
First caress the surface...
with the chopstick tips.
What for?
To express affection.
I see.
Then poke the pork.
Eat the pork first?
No. Just touch it.
Caress it with the chopstick tips.
Gently pick it up...
and dip it into the soup
on the right of the bowl.
What's important here is to...
apologize to the pork by saying...
"See you soon."
"See you soon"?
What a fool.
What a book!
Makes me hungry for noodles.
Hang on. Only two more hours.
Let's finish and then eat.
Shall we?
Keep reading.
Finally start eating, the noodles first.
Oh, at this time...
while slurping the noodles,
look at the pork.
Eye it affectionately.
The old man bit some shinachiku root
and chewed it awhile.
Then he took some noodles.
Still chewing noodles,
he took some more shinachiku.
Then he sipped some soup.
Three times.
He sat up...
sighed, picked up...
one slice of pork as if making
a major decision in life...
and lightly tapped it
on the side of the bowl.
What for?
To drain it. That's all.
Let's stop.
Your foolish book is making me hungry.
"Lai Lai Noodle Restaurant"
Looks like a naruto and noritype.
Yeah, shoyu -flavored.
Kind of light.
Hey, what's this?
You okay?
Do you live here?
Cheer up.
Pork in mine.
Special for me.
That's a bad sign.
It's not boiling.
Hey, kid, you'll catch cold.
Oh, you're home, Tabo.
What's wrong? Got beat up again?
Who was it this time, Ryuta?
You're soaked. Go dry and change.
I'll say it again. Leave this dump.
Move in with me.
That kid won't be bullied any more.
Come with me to Paris.
I'll buy you furs, jewelry, anything.
You're so stubborn.
Pork for you.
Special for you.
Special - like hell.
Why use smelly naruto?
You're out of date.
That's why business is bad.
Why don't you quit?
I'll help you.
Shut up.
What I do is my business.
My shop has nothing to do with you.
I'm just trying to be helpful.
I'm offering to buy you out
of this crummy shop.
Hey, you, be quiet.
We're trying to eat.
Stay out of this.
Hey, Ken.
I'm sorry.
Stop it, Pisken.
Leave my customers alone.
You don't need smelly truck drivers.
- Stop it!
- Shut up!
Hey, man.
If you want to fight, try me.
Okay, I think I will.
Take the truck, Gun.
I'm okay. Go ahead.
They're waiting.
Okay. Good luck.
Let's go outside.
Good morning.
- Are you okay?
- I think so.
How did I end up here?
Don't you remember?
I tried to put you to bed.
But you wouldn't move.
You fight good.
No. I got beaten up.
That's okay.
There were five of them.
That's not fair.
- Do you win?
- No, not me.
Do you lose?
Always. There are three of them.
Ryuta, Yohei and Uchida.
Three? That's not fair.
But I don't run.
A man should never run,
my dad used to say.
Your dad was tough.
Yes, and Mom is great too.
She's a good cook.
Yes. Haven't had
such good pickles in years.
The best pickles in Japan.
Her noodles too.
Her noodles?
Her noodles are, well...
I've got to go.
- Got your notebook?
- Yes.
- Pen?
- Yes.
Is the denominator top or bottom?
Top, of course.
I know more math than you do.
Or is it?
No. It's the bottom one. Bye.
Leave his hat!
Were my noodles that bad?
No, I didn't mean that.
Please. Be honest.
Since my husband died,
I've been trying so hard.
But I'm not confident. I'm never sure.
Please tell me the truth.
Oh, I haven't even told you my name.
I'm Tampopo.
- I'm Goro.
- My name is Gun.
So, how are my noodles?
They've got sincerity,
but they lack guts, they're...
Frankly, they're bad.
Uh, Miss Tampopo.
- No. Just Tampopo.
- Okay, Tampopo.
Go make noodles.
- Gun, you're the customer.
- Okay.
No. Come in the door.
Okay? We'll give it a try.
Ready? Go!
- Welcome!
- Stop!
If you say "welcome," look at him.
- If not, just keep working.
- Yes, sir.
Carry on.
Plain noodles.
Now, look at the customer
while he's not looking.
Wait a minute.
What did you see?
- He's young and cute...
- No, no. That's not the point.
Is he in a hurry? Is he hungry?
Is he a new customer?
Is he drunk?
- Is he a customer you want?
- I see.
Now fix the noodles.
Cutting the pork there is good.
That's how my husband did it.
- The slices are too thick.
- But thicker is better.
No, not at all.
Three 3mm slices are best.
- No. That's too thin.
- I see.
Now, quick,
look at the customer!
Don't you want to see how he reacts?
Yes, sir. I'm sorry.
- What's he doing?
- Sipping soup.
Isn't that strange?
- Well...
- It's very strange.
How could he sip the soup?
It's supposed to be boiling hot.
I see.
- A fatal flaw!
- Yes, sir.
- The soup must be hot.
- Yes, sir.
Wait. Wait, please...
Please be my teacher.
Please. I'll be a good student.
Meeting you makes me want
to be a real noodle cook.
For my son too.
I'll do anything.
So please, please teach me.
Teach you? But we're...
Only when you're free.
I'll keep pickles ready for you.
One, two! One, two!
"Closed Today"
Come on!
Don't be such a weakling.
One, two! One, two!
Okay, ladle the noodles out.
Into six bowls.
Get set. Go!
What's that? Put it back.
- Keep going.
- Yes, sir.
Get set! Go!
Get set! Go!
Almost there!
3 minutes 15 seconds.
- You have to beat 3 minutes.
- Yes, sir.
Come on!
It takes muscles!
Don't give up!
You must be better than a man.
Go! Go! Go!
Okay, now some stretching exercises.
Why am I doing this?
This place is famous for seafood.
Your order, sir?
What would you like, sir?
Just a moment.
And you, sir?
I'm not too hungry. Something light.
Let me see...
Sole meuniere, please.
Some soup or salad, sir?
Consomme. No salad.
- A drink, sir?
- Beer.
- Heineken.
- Yes, sir.
And you, sir?
I'll have sole too.
Soup or a salad, sir?
Consomme. No salad.
- Something to drink, sir?
- Beer too.
And you, sir?
Maybe I'll try the sole, too.
- Soup or salad, sir?
- Well...
Maybe consomm.
- A drink, sir?
- Well...
Maybe a beer.
Same for me.
Me, too.
- And you, sir?
- One moment.
So you have quenelle.
Boudin style...
That's quenelle prepared
in the shape of sausage?
Yes, sir.
I think Taille-Vent in France
serves this.
You're well-informed.
Our chef trained at Taille-Vent.
Then it's served with caviar sauce?
That's correct, sir.
And the escargots wrapped in pastry.
In fond-de-veau?
Yes. Escargots and mushrooms
simmered in Madeira.
And then stewed in fond-de-veau, sir.
Yes. I'll have that.
And apple-and-walnut salad.
A perfect match, sir.
A drink, sir?
I think I feel like
some Corton Charlemagne.
Do you have a 1981?
I'll call the sommelier.
Thank you.
You use grated cheese
only on certain spaghetti dishes.
This is spaghetti alle vongole. So...?
That's right, no cheese.
Fork and spoon, everybody.
Spoon in your left hand.
Catch three or four strings
of spaghetti with your fork...
and gently turn it around on your spoon.
You wind your spaghetti like this.
And eat it silently.
Never make any noise.
No noise, whatsoever.
Listen carefully to hear
if you make any noise.
Sometimes people
don't know they make noise.
Let's try it.
Listen carefully.
Even a very faint noise...
...like this is taboo abroad.
This shop is so near to yours...
but look at the queue.
If your noodles are good, you'll get
all the customers you want.
That's right.
This place is not so great.
You've eaten here before?
No, I can just tell.
See? Too much wasted motion.
And they talk too much.
Only their "welcome" has clout.
Who ordered pork and wonton dumplings?
See? They can't remember
who ordered what.
You can beat them in a month.
Tampopo, look.
Watch closely.
See how he changes the water.
See how they switch positions?
No wasted motion.
And they're quiet too.
This is a good place.
Their customers feel good too.
See? They keep on drinking
right down to the last drop.
Look, when they return their bowls.
Watch closely. The old man looks at
every empty bowl...
to see if the soup is finished.
It's the soup that animates the noodles.
That's why he checks so carefully.
He remembers exactly who orders
what and when.
That's part of being good.
Another train just arrived. Watch...
With pork.
Plain noodles. No bean sprouts.
With dumplings.
Extra noodles.
Shinachiku noodles, please.
Garlic noodles.
I want soft noodles.
How much?
480 yen.
Great, isn't he?
See? He knows exactly who ordered what.
I want fatty pork in mine.
Here's my money.
Plain, with firm noodles.
Plain but no shinachiku.
I can remember.
That guy ordered the pork noodles.
And that guy gets straight noodles,
without bean sprouts.
And he gets the large noodles, but...
- Uh...
- What?
The dumplings guy gets served
before Mr. Big Noodles.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
With dumplings.
Large noodles.
Shinachiku noodles.
Garlic noodles.
Soft noodles.
Fatty pork.
Firm noodles.
No shinachiku.
This is it. This is it!
Excuse me. Please!
Please tell me your soup recipe.
How to make my soup? Never!
You're a professional.
I can tell by your eyes.
I don't tell competitors my secrets.
Please. I'll pay you for it.
How much?
Uh, 50,000 yen or so.
If you want to pay money,
you loan me one million yen...
to be paid back in a year,
no interest...
then I'll tell you
the secret of my soup free.
One million yen...
Don't lend him anything.
He's crazy about the horses.
You'll never get it back.
You give me 30,000 yen.
I give you the secret of his soup.
My shop is next door.
Tonight come back with the money.
Come this way.
- Where to?
- This way. This way.
Where are we going?
There, there.
What's happening?
You can't learn soup-making here.
Look through here.
How much?
Hey, why didn't you finish it?
Sorry, but I'm full.
What? Why did you order it
if you're not hungry, you jerks?
You're from Lai Lai, aren't you?
Why did you come here? To steal
our secrets, you lousy bastards!
We've been in this business
for 40 years.
We don't need comments from beginners.
Apologize right now.
Or finish every drop of our soup
before you go.
Now we can't leave
without a last word, can we?
I didn't finish the soup
because I couldn't. It stinks!
How dare you!
The soup tastes like
overcooked pork bones.
The vegetables you use to hide
the pork stink are too sweet.
The kombu is too strong.
Yeah, and you use
dried seguro sardines.
Those fish are not fit to eat.
Their innards stink.
How dare you!
You stupid amateurs could never
appreciate my noodles!
But people who eat noodles
are all amateurs.
So why make noodles amateurs
can't appreciate?
She's right. You let the dough sit
too long. It smells like soda.
After it rains, go easy on the soda.
And your overcooked pork is
like cardboard.
Your shinachiku aren't pickled.
So they're soggy and bland.
You goddamn big mouths!
You think you make better noodles!
We just make normal noodles
in a normal way.
Okay. We'll come try
your normal noodles.
We'll be there in the morning.
It'd better be good, or else.
The pork is okay. Is the water boiling?
How's the soup?
- Oh, God!
- What's wrong?
I let the soup boil.
- It's not clear.
- What can we do?
- They're coming.
- Mom, they're here!
Okay, let's have some of
your normal noodles.
- Wait a minute.
- Wait?
It won't take long.
No, we want it now.
A promise is a promise. Get moving.
What's that smell?
Let me see the soup.
Leave my mom alone!
Don't! Stop it!
Goro, help!
Oh, damn it!
"Closed Today"
Closed again, eh?
It's not good for business.
So you still can't get the soup right.
We'll just have to ask the old master.
Goro, we're over here.
Come join us.
There they are.
Come on.
Hello, hello.
Come on.
Come here.
Come share our meal.
This is our master.
He was a doctor.
While he was selling noodles for fun...
...his partner stole his wife
and practice.
Now he's our resident gourmet.
Nice to meet you.
You came just in time.
We just got our hands on some of
Carlton's boeuf bourgignon.
It's slightly burnt,
so you can't call it perfect.
French cooking is a constant battle
with burns.
Ummm. Good.
How's the sake?
Pretty good, isn't it?
Yeah. But what is it?
I can't tell the brand.
No, you can't. It's a blend.
The base is a semi-dry Nada.
But we blended it quite a bit.
He's been studying this for 15 years.
It's a pork cutlet from Kitaro.
But I can't recommend it.
Their quality has gone down.
They used to use good pork
from Kagoshima. But not now.
Now they even use machines
to shred cabbage.
No more soul in their food.
It used to be good, though.
They tend to be fussy.
What's the story about this wine?
You mean this Medoc,
a 1980 Chateau Pichon Lalande.
The weather was bad in 1980,
and it was a bad year for Bordeaux.
The other day I was in the alley
behind Chat Qui Peche...
and found some empty bottles...
including this particular
Chateau Pichon Lalande.
There was still 5cm left.
So I brought it home and decanted it.
It's a real find.
Light but firm...
The tail that trailed down my throat
was so long.
They live deeply, these vagabonds.
You're not eating much, sonny.
Can I fix you something?
What do you want?
- A rice omelet.
- Rice omelet. Hmm.
Okay, follow me.
We want to borrow your master
for a while.
So long.
I'm so grateful, master.
Good luck.
Why don't we sing our master off.
How precious
Our teacher's teachings
Time flies swiftly
In this garden of learning
So swiftly
After all these years
We must part
What did you catch?
Let me see.
Sell me one.
Shall I open it?
Here, let me help.
It tickles.
God, what a huge abscess.
What a stink. Didn't you smell it?
A little bit.
Whew! I thought I'd vomit.
You can eat anything now.
But start with something soft.
"I only eat natural food"
"Do not give me sweets or snacks"
"A message from my mother"
Do you want this?
It's good.
Listen carefully.
Noodles are synergetic things.
Every step must be perfectly built.
Don't forget that.
Let's review the basic rules of soup.
Fowl spoils quickly.
So use only the freshest chicken.
Both chicken and pork have strong
smells. So parboil them first.
Then rinse them well in cold water.
Don't cut the vegetables.
The main point is heat.
Heat releases the soul
of the ingredients.
But never allow it to come
to a full boil like that.
If you boil it,
the soup will never clear.
And keep skimming the scum off.
Today I have
a most interesting addition.
Isn't he beautiful?
This is...
Sorry. It's just the way
it looked at me.
Here's your 14 servings
of mori noodles.
How nice to see you, sir.
Please, come this way.
No shiroko, darling.
Or kamonamban
or tempura soba either.
They almost got you last time.
I'm just going to the bank now.
Come, Shohei.
One kamonamban here.
One tempura soba here.
And one shiruko. All for you.
Turn him upside down.
Good, we've done it.
In thanks for saving my life...
I'd like to treat you to
some special suppon.
Just a touch more salt today,
Yes, sir.
Want to watch?
Is it from Lake Hamana?
No, the Kuma River.
Finally I got a wild one.
Watch out, ma'am.
Be careful.
Suppon have teeth like razors.
They can bite your finger clean off.
See that?
Unless you kill it in one stroke...
the muscles contract, the blood
congeals and it won't taste as good.
Since my rescuer is having trouble,
I feel I must do something.
Will you let this old man help?
Shohei, come here!
Yes, sir.
Nothing special, but...
please sample my noodles.
Where did you acquire such skill?
When I was young, an old man
at the local noodle stand taught me.
What do you think?
If he'll be of use, take him.
Today we start making Lai Lai
a "three-star" noodle joint.
Master, you handle the soup.
Shohei, starting today,
you're responsible for the noodles.
Gun and myself, we will take charge
of the atmosphere.
We will create rich depth and
a clear, shoyu -flavored soup.
We'll only add roast pork,
shinachiku roots and spring onions.
The menu will only offer
plain noodles and pork noodles.
What about a new name?
Since the noodles will change,
maybe we should change the name.
- Right.
- Let's.
Yes, let's.
Any good ideas?
- Something different.
- Easy to say.
- Feminine too.
- And taste-tempting.
Why not Tampopo.
Tampopo! Yes!
- Clever.
- Not bad at all.
Yeah, Tampopo Noodles.
Tampopo Noodles!
Take a look. Chicken, pork,
kombu and dried sardines.
Unusual. They use fish heads too.
The noodles are superb.
So smooth, but with great body.
You're right. Smooth but strong.
Noodles can be so different.
When you make noodles,
you must have a precise recipe.
An exact combination of different
flours, kneadings, everything.
To make noodles this smooth,
they must do an extra rolling.
They probably let the dough sit
before they roll it.
But the key question is
exactly how long.
The soda water may be
a bit different too.
I'll ask.
They'll never tell you.
It won't hurt to try.
Say, did you make the noodles
I just had?
Yes, I did.
They weren't as good as usual.
No good?
They're the same as always.
Maybe you didn't let the dough sit
long enough.
Nonsense! I kneaded it yesterday,
and let it sit overnight.
Strange. Maybe you skipped a rolling.
No. Three times, as usual.
Did you change the soda water?
No. I use the very best soda water,
the same as back home in Guangxi.
No. 1 Chinese Spring Water
from Guangxi.
Really? Maybe it was just me.
It must be.
Thank you!
Hey, I hear you're hanging out
at Tampopo's place these days.
Listen, big-mouth.
It's none of your business
where I hang out.
I guess not.
Got a minute?
Last time I was drunk so I forgot
to stop my boys from helping.
Basically I'm a fair guy.
I felt bad about it.
Probably worse than you did.
What do you say?
How about fighting one-on-one now?
Oh? You changed the noodles.
The soup's new too.
You noticed? How is it?
Pretty good.
You okay?
Yeah. You're pretty good.
A long time ago I boxed welterweight.
That's not fair. I thought
your left hook was too good.
Yours is fast too.
Are you sweet on Tampopo?
I just want to make
her place a good one.
Let me help.
What can you do?
I'm a contractor. I do interiors too.
Bars and nightclubs mostly.
Okay. You do the interior.
I'll do my best.
Make sure she pays for it, okay?
Okay. My name is Pisken.
I'm Goro.
Oh, no! Not again!
Relax. He's going to redecorate.
That's why I brought him.
Really? Pisken will?
I like the name Tampopo. It'll do.
We grew up together, you know.
I'll do my best.
Do you have any savings?
A million yen.
It'll cost two million.
That's more than I have.
If you sell 200 bowls and net 200 yen
each, you'll make 40,000 yen a day.
A million a month.
You can pay me in no time.
We'll rebuild all these
to fit the lady's size.
Hey, Goro. Give me a bowl.
This is too high.
The counter is too narrow.
Noodles need the right space too.
You need 40cm.
But make it 45cm to be safe.
Out of my way!
She's just fine as she is.
- What are you doing, you idiot?
- I'm no idiot.
Can't you see. She needs
redecorating, too.
Don't bother! She's fine as she is.
She's pretty enough.
She may be pretty to you
because you're...
sweet on her.
Stop joking. I'm not...
No, no. You may think
she's pretty but...
to other people she's just
a dowdy old middle-aged woman.
A mouse, to be frank.
Shut up!
Just sit back and watch.
Let's get started.
Come on, Tampopo.
She's finished.
I'll stay here.
What do you mean "stay here"?
She's all done. Take a look.
But I...
Oh, come on.
How do I look?
Like a film star...
...in a French movie.
Do you like it?
I see you don't.
Not that... but you
look hard to talk to now.
Let's go out somewhere, Goro.
Am I trying hard enough?
- Sure you are.
- Am I good?
- Sure.
- You really think so?
- Sure.
- I'm so glad.
Why are you doing this for me?
Why do you try so hard?
It's like...
everybody has their own ladder.
Some climb the rungs to the top.
But some don't even know
they have one.
You helped me find my ladder, Goro.
What was your husband like?
A good man.
Liked drinking, always in a hurry.
In restaurants, he ordered sake
while walking to the table...
and ordered food while sitting down.
And your wife?
She left with the kids.
Don't know.
I grew up in a bad home.
I wanted to make my own home
the best there was.
I got married.
We had kids.
I finally built a decent home.
But I was never comfortable.
I don't know how to act
in a decent home.
Before I knew it my wife was gone.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm really human.
Hey, taxi! Hey!
It was raining the day I met you.
Damn it, we're wet.
Got a cigarette?
I'll fill the bath.
I'm so happy. It's been fun tonight.
Not at all, sir. It is my honor
to be doing business with you.
More sake?
I'm very interested in
this investment opportunity.
I don't know the details but if you
say so, it must be good, and safe too.
Can I leave everything to you?
Certainly, sir.
I'm honored to be helping
such a famous professor.
But if word gets out,
everyone will buy, so we must act now.
Yes, I understand.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
But first thing on Monday
I'll withdraw all my savings.
Mind you, it's not all that much.
I'm just a professor.
If you'll excuse me,
I must call the office.
It'll be Monday.
He has millions.
Have the getaway car ready.
He's a famous professor.
He's retiring. So he's trying to...
Yeah, that's right.
A real sucker.
Kumada, you're playing
the college professor again?
Don't you ever get tired of that role?
The other hand too.
Please, sir.
One more taste of this before I go.
I'll miss it so.
Hurry up.
That's odd.
I wonder where your victim went?
What'll happen to me?
Come on, darling!
Don't die!
We need you!
Come on! Don't sleep! Or you'll die!
Say something! Sing!
Do something! Anything.
Get up and cook!
Go get dinner ready!
Thank you, Mom.
It's delicious.
I'm sorry. She died at 9:22.
Keep on eating.
It's the last meal Mom cooked!
Eat, eat while it's hot.
How is it?
Better luck next time.
How can you guys be so mean?
Can't you taste the difference?
I think it's much better.
Can't you encourage her?
I see improvements...
but we want customers
to queue up for them.
They're beginning to have depth,
but they still lack substance.
They're not alive enough.
They lack vigor.
And they still lack profundity.
I'm sorry.
Don't look so sad, Tampopo.
You're making something good, right?
When you do that
you should look happy.
You're right.
Okay. Now I'll show you
my secret recipe.
Cut the onions like this.
Shred the pork.
Fry them lightly, put them on
the noodles. Add a dash of sesame oil.
Um. It's good.
- Yes, very good.
- Wonderful.
Let's sell it.
We should name it.
How about Spring Onion Noodles?
Or Spring Onion Special?
Spring Onion Special. That's good.
Customers will love it.
Do you feel better now?
With pork, please.
That was good. Thanks.
Thank you very much.
With pork for me, please.
You're looking serious, Mom.
I'll pass their test today.
After they eat these noodles and...
if they drink all my soup at the end,
then I've won.
Let's begin.
This is perfection.
- Wow!
- At last!
- Superb!
- Perfect!
Congratulations, Tampopo.
You've won!
Come on, darling! Don't die!
Have I told you about it?
About hunting wild boars in...
There's nothing much for them
to eat, so...
they dig up yams.
That's all they eat.
When you shoot a boar...
you immediately...
slit its belly...
and take its guts...
and grill them over an open fire.
The intestines are full of yam.
Yam sausages, you see?
You grill them.
And then slice them and eat them hot.
Sound good?
Yes. They'd be nice with soy sauce
and horseradish.
What's wrong, darling?
Please sit up!
I would have loved to eat them
with you.
We'll do that someday.
We'll go hunt boars in the winter.
Darling, come on!
Please don't die!
Shhh. Be absolutely silent.
My last movie is starting.
Good morning.
Good morning.
And congratulations.
Thanks to you.
I don't believe this.
And look at this beautiful counter.
The lighting is perfect.
Tabo, did you write the menu?
It's great too.
Hey, Tabo.
Hi, Ryuta, Yohei, Uchida.
Let's go. Bye, Mom.
Bye, Tabo.
Are you comfortable working here?
I feel like a master chef.
Frankly, I never thought a woman
could become a good noodle cook.
But look at her.
She's doing great.
Yeah, and she looks so beautiful too.
We'll drift away
when the customers start coming.
Thank you so much.
I feel like starting
a noodle business myself. Goodbye.
Here they come.
Tampopo Noodles for me.
Lots of spring onions.
Plain noodles, please.
Same for me.
With lots of shinachiku.
Thank you for all your help.
He can't have roast pork.
So a plain one for him.
I'll be at the bank.
Come on, Shohei.
A Spring Onion Special.
Pork noodles for me.
We did it, didn't we?
Yeah, we sure did.
So long... partner.