Tan-Ti-Ana (2024) Movie Script

Man, don't do it. I'm scared!
That house is haunted! Run!
Daydreaming. That's all you do.
The Westerners have already built
settlements on Mars. On Pluto.
The Malays? Endlessly daydreaming.
Hey, watch what you say, Wak.
I'll smack you down.
Even if I make the Westerners go to Mars
or wherever, what do you care?
You've been daydreaming.
Of course I need to wake you up.
Just wondering,
don't you have a shoot today?
Not yet, Wak.
I am still waiting for calls.
Umangai. It's been the same answer
for the past five months.
Change the dialogue, will you?
Wak, may I order?
Do you know what we owe all up
from all the times we've eaten here?
Hold on.
Oh, he took notes.
Yes, he did.
Not much.
Gosh. Almost three thousand.
How much?
RM 2,800,20.
Oh, damn.
What month is this now? It was never paid.
God be praised.
You've been eating free for six months
and you only want to be grateful now?
What are you talking about?
Now this is real food!
A job! Praise God!
Amir PM just messaged me on WhatsApp!
He said Dato' Kadir wants to
see me tomorrow morning.
Huh? Are you sure?
God is Great!
- You're sure?
- God is Great!
Thank God!
Roy, Roy. Hey.
If that's true, let's go home
and sleep early,
and we'll make a move first thing
in the morning. All right?
"Director Rosli."
"Assistant Director Man Cheras."
Oh! "Production Manager Hanif Tom."
"Director of Photography,
Labu Gout Left and Right."
"Art Director Saufi Leopard Mandas."
Wow! "Publisher Kadir Kundur Berduri."
The names? Awesome.
Weird names. "Kader Kundur."
Hey, Roy, you purposely sent my story
without my knowledge to Dato', didn't you?
Look, you know all those hundreds
of scripts that you wrote?
I sent them all, bro.
This was the company that accepted them,
God be praised!
But I'm a bit confused.
Looking at the film titles,
how could Dato' accept your proposal?
Which story is this?
This. I only have one story.
The struggle dissolves amid
the bewilderment of mist and fog,
while in the distance,
a glimmer of light emerges.
I asked for the title,
I didn't ask for you to tell the story.
That's what you don't know.
I feel it's time that we open the minds
of Malaysian audiences
to learn and appreciate art.
Art stories like this.
And I am confident this Dato'
has got the unique mission and vision
to take this art story
to a whole international level.
Only then will outsiders
respect our films.
"Our Films, Our Faces"!
First, get your own face done.
Don't go worrying about our film's face.
SCRIPDato', Malaya's Film Ghost.
This is awesome. I think it's okay, Dato'.
This script is interesting, Dato'.
Wow, it's great.
Dato', I thought you wanted us to shoot
the film proposed by Roy the other day.
Which story?
The one with the long and winding title
even longer and taller than me, Dato'.
Ah, the one about the weather?
Weather. Kabas.
Right, right! Fog!
Whatever, Dato'. Kabas, fog, mist.
Ah, sure.
Sure, Dato'.
Yeah, whatever.
Yeah, whatever.
Yeah, whatever.
Sorry, sorry. You know, men have to laugh.
- Exactly.
- Never stop being a man.
Okay. These are my films' profits.
The Walking Corpse, RM 13 million.
My Ghostly Wives, RM 15 million.
The White Bangla Mystery, RM 17 million.
I'm totally okay if it's like this, Dato'.
- Fantastic.
- Fantastic.
Truly fantastic.
we have a bit of a problem.
We only have four shooting days left.
The director and the cameraman both left.
There is still one scene left.
Wait. Four days, Dato'.
Let's segregate the four days.
Screw it, Dato'.
- The ghost scene.
- Only that will be in the bungalow.
It's just that our problem is,
we need a heroine.
A heroine to play the role.
Our ghost.
What do you think?
Man, are you sure don't want
to come with me?
It's like this.
You should put away your ego.
Put it somewhere far away.
Obviously, the budget is small.
But on the other hand, we'd at least
survive for a few more months.
I wouldn't take this, personally.
It's not my forte.
Man. Man, this is my chance.
My chance to direct this film.
Help me.
Let's do this together. Together, we rise!
- Me?
- Yes!
Make a ghost story?
So calculative.
Peace be upon you.
- And upon you.
- And upon you.
Are you Razman bin Husin Auk?
Nope. That's the Chinese fella
repairing the car.
No, no, I said Razman bin Husin.
Razman bin... oh, him?
The bank sends its regards.
Ben... Ben... Ben Ladin?
No, I said the bank sends its regards.
It also wants its car keys.
Car? Wait a minute, what type of car?
The key for the car that he's using.
The bank wants his car key.
Oh, the one that he's using.
Yes, the car key. Can I get it?
Thank you.
Excuse me. Peace be upon you.
And upon you.
Asking for excuses, asking for cars.
Do you think I have time for this?
What's the matter with you?
How many months
have you not paid your installments?
Have you seen a fat guy beat others?
Have you?
Six months.
Six months? Damn!
Here, take this.
Dato', the fog has signed the contract.
Whatever, Dato'.
Hold on, take the 10% from Amir later.
10%, Dato'?
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
When we resume shooting,
we'll pay you 40%.
Our problem now is we need to find
a heroine to play the ghost role.
I want a heroine who ticks off
the 3S factor.
What are they, Dato'?
- Pretty.
- Pretty.
- We need the 3S factor.
- Got it?
What are the three S's?
- Pretty.
- Pretty.
- Shokoroi.
- What's that?
Just a second.
Single. Like this.
It's even better if we can get a newbie.
We can bring her up to date.
Yes! Furthermore, it's a ghost role.
I have told the PM and AD
to run an audition.
All of you choose. But most importantly...?
Okay, everyone. How's the script?
Eerie? Eerie, eh?
Okay, fantastic! Now, please read!
Hi. Sorry, wave, please.
Have you settled your sister's fees?
Here's the key.
But I was late because
the cash deposit machine got stuck
so I had to go to many banks just now.
It's okay, it hasn't started yet.
Did you refuel?
Oh God!
Look at you!
Sorry, bro!
I've handed out the ghost script.
So, can we start now?
- Done! Sure! Sure!
- Sure?
Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute!
Be patient. Wait a minute, eh?
Hey! Fog!
- Hey, you!
- Man! Calm down!
Sorry, bro, but can I call them in now?
Hey, beautiful!
Beautiful! Bring them in!
Brother, wait a second! Wait!
What's the problem?
Can I change this script?
I just can't get into this.
If I'm going to read a script,
I need to feel it.
Can I?
She wants to change the script.
Next person!
Jo, shush!
I call upon the seven layers
of heaven and earth.
I summon the roaring wind.
I summon the royal true love.
Your love is mine forever.
So, how was it? Was it okay?
I summon my...
royal love, truly yours!
I summon my true royal love.
My heart is forever yours.
You can't memorize this. Look at this.
Roy, what now?
I don't know.
Good evening, brother.
Astaghfirullahaladzim! What's this?!
Glory be to God.
I'll make a move first, dude.
Tomorrow morning at ten?
Don't you dare think about doing that.
Who's gonna lock up? Yeesh.
Don't worry. Small Amir's here.
Only the boss is not around.
He's gone home.
- The boss isn't here?
- Nope.
- Small Amir's here?
- Yes.
Dude, this is our chance to smack Jenglot.
Just smack him, dude. I'll make a move.
- Peace be upon you.
- And upon you.
This is such a headache. Yeesh.
This is how the production manager is?
I'm so done with casting like this.
No wonder the director pulled out!
Things can be settled.
- Here's the camera.
- The camera.
Geez. This is a mess.
I call upon the seven layers
of heaven and earth.
- We haven't found...
- Come here.
What is it?
- What's going on?
- Did you forget something, dude?
I summon the roaring wind.
I summon the royal true love.
My heart is forever yours.
What's your name?
You're all still here?
When are you gonna leave?
Jenglot, this one here's pretty good.
- Let's go, Jo!
- The door!
What's this fragrance? Smells good.
Gosh, these three old men don't even know
how to switch off the lights.
Have you all decided to cast
that lady in the role?
Do you know who that lady is?
I've checked IG, Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn...
The notice board at 7-Eleven...
Her name's not anywhere.
But, Jo, based on what I saw,
I think she's perfect to play a ghost, Jo.
Looking at her face, her figure,
she's perfect, Jo.
Roy's right.
After all, you must remember that
Dato' has only given us 10%.
I've given money to my sister,
but not to my mother yet.
If we don't do it, what do we do?
I thought Dato' Kadir's craziness
was not contagious.
It is though.
Okay, relax, everyone.
Okay? It's all right.
We have another casting session
tomorrow, right?
Another one.
If we can't get this one, don't worry.
It's fine.
- Sleep, Jo.
- Okay.
Psst. Hey.
What's this foul smell?
- There's no smell, Jo.
- It smells rotten.
- You're just messing around, Jo.
- No way!
Hey. Don't say anything.
You're just wasting money.
Why do we need to rent such
an expensive camera?
But, Dato', you need to understand,
this camera records before
we even say "action."
Do you think people want to see cameras
or do they want to watch films?
They want to watch films.
I'm running a business!
Come in.
Dato', there's someone here to see you.
Ask them to come in.
Yes, I'm beautiful
Hey, honey
Today, I'm beautiful
Beautiful like an angel
An angel in your heart
Hey, honey
Treat me
Like a queen
I want to be pampered by you
I'm sorry, Dato'.
I didn't call before I came,
I just barged in.
It's all right.
Actually, I like people
to just barge in like a man.
Have a seat.
Thank you, Dato'.
You've got the 3S factor.
Geez, Dato'. I'm just an ordinary person.
Hey, where are those three jerks?
When I was on my way here,
I didn't see them, Dato'.
Why? Do you want me to bash them?
Just give me the order, Dato'.
No need.
Tell them we have found our 3S heroine.
- Pretty.
- Pretty.
Oh yes, Dato'. Single.
Do you get that, Mir?
Oh, got it, Dato'. Got it.
- Didn't you pay the electricity bill?
- Dato', that can't be it.
I paid the bill yesterday.
It's all right.
I will check the fuse later.
Maybe it's a blackout.
Gosh it's hot. Have you eaten yet, Dato'?
Not yet. But I can eat many times.
- Shall we eat?
- Let's go.
The Black Knight wants to go for dinner.
I see you're happy, Dato'.
Hey! What's wrong with you?
We're busy talking and you're just
spacing out in front of your laptop.
- You remember the girl from yesterday?
- You agree, right?
The girl is perfect for the ghost role.
Jiman Legend Joker Zass.
If you want to share, just share it.
You're so influenced by Malay movies.
But you have to watch movies
made in other countries too.
Korean movies are awesome. If you
want it scary, there's no ifs or buts.
Only if the suspense is done like that
will it be creepy.
Geez, now with the wind.
I apologize, Guardian of the Cave.
I'm sorry, good Malay movie.
Malay movies like this are also good.
Dear God.
We don't even have the girl's
dialogue recording from yesterday.
How are we going to tell Dato'?
Whose WhatsApp was that? Yours or mine?
Who's there?
I call upon the seven layers
of heaven and earth.
I summon the roaring wind.
I summon the royal true love.
My heart is forever yours.
Nice. This is the one who came
to the audition yesterday, right?
But who took this video? It wasn't me.
It wasn't you?
It couldn't be me.
It wasn't me.
This is nonsense. Let's just call her.
- You call her.
- Here.
No way.
- Just let me call her.
- Put it on speaker.
Who recorded it?
That's what I mean.
Hello, Sentul Police Station.
Wak, stop messing around.
Don't make me kick you.
You've startled us so many times.
If I Khabib you...
Khabib? Khabib who?
You are just too easily startled.
What Khabib?
Go ahead, watch again.
Go and watch those nonsense videos
on the phone.
Wak! I'd like to order.
All right.
Khabib, yeah?
McGrego, McGrego... It's McGregor!
What the heck is wrong with you?
Luckily, you're handsome.
Never mind.
You can also handle this switchboard.
You're tiny but smart.
Okay, let's see.
What the heck?
Now, only you are dying.
It's dark.
What do I do now?
Answer the call. Answer it.
Not replying to messages.
Not answering calls.
Just be patient.
See? Message not delivered.
Call unanswered.
Don't tell me he's still shooting.
Hey, how many times have you tried?
I've called four times
and messaged four times.
The Chinese hate the number four.
It's unlucky.
So, I need to add another four?
What a nuisance!
Such a nuisance.
Then go find another person.
Jo, don't be upset.
Okay, I'll tell you what.
We'll go to the office tomorrow
and we'll meet Uche.
Who knows? Maybe Uche
knows that celebrity.
You just try first. Just remember,
I did all this for you.
But if I fail, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna punch you. Don't be like that.
Okay, okay, okay, I will try to call.
I'll try another four times.
I call upon the seven layers
of heaven and earth.
I summon the roaring wind.
- Right?
- Hmm, good!
I summon the royal true love.
My heart is forever yours.
Sign her on. Excellent.
This is who we're looking for.
With the 11S factor!
We shoot tomorrow!
Where's Amir?
Apparently, it's National Sports Day.
Dato'? Hold on, Dato'.
If you want her to be the heroine,
we don't know how to go about it.
We don't have her address or number.
What do we do?
Look for the girl till you find her.
Otherwise, we're not going to shoot.
Look for the girl till you find her.
Otherwise, we're not going to shoot.
Thank you, dude.
So? How did it go?
That's the production manager.
I asked him but he didn't know.
Then I asked him if any
of his WhatsApp group knew about her.
No one knows her.
This girl is really something.
She's probably an immigrant.
Jo, there must be way out.
There must be someone out there who can
help us, we just haven't thought of them.
Don't tell me you want to ask Wak.
Wak only knows about coffee.
Jo, Wak Jembalee used to be
part of a production crew.
He was a handy boy, Jo. Let's just try.
Let's try.
All right, all right, I'll try first.
Wak Jembalee!
I just hope that he doesn't
remember our debt.
Geez, me again. Wak, it's like this.
We are trying to find a girl,
but the thing is,
it looks like she's never acted before.
But maybe she has. Ugh, this is hard.
But our boss said if we don't get her,
we are not going to film.
If we can't film,
we aren't going to have money.
Wak, please help.
Just this once, Wak.
- Mm...
- Wak!
Gosh, I'm enjoying Metallica.
- What is it?
- Wak, can you help us?
We're desperate, Wak.
Look. Do you know her?
I... I don't know where to find her.
But listen, I do know someone.
People call him
Engine Shaman.
Engine? How many ccs?
Just go.
Go see him.
God willing...
Just try. Give it a try.
Maybe he can help.
Wak's car seems like it's not working.
Or did he purposely give it to us to drive
so that if it breaks,
we need to repair it?
What are you talking about, Jo?
That's nonsense. Just be grateful
that he lent us this to help us.
I'm not being ungrateful.
It's good that he helped.
But you can't just simply trust
Wak McGregor.
Look at this car.
There's no aircon! Nasty.
What if it breaks down in the middle
of nowhere? I'll burn this car down!
I regret coming with you.
Jo, what's that?
- What's wrong with that boy?
- Don't say anything.
Come join us for a cup of tea. Phewitt!
Oi, where are the biscuits?
I told you many times, don't say anything.
Eh, Jo? Where are you going?
- I want to go home.
- Jo!
Complete what you start, for a journey
left unfinished holds no treasures.
Peace be...
Ah, Tok...
Yes, you.
Yes, Tok?
Get up.
Now, walk over there.
Right to that end.
It's dark, Tok.
Walk more.
Can you see it?
I can see it, Tok.
Look beside it.
There's a somewhat scratched board. See?
Hold on, Tok.
I seek forgiveness from God! God is Great!
A lot, Tok.
Look on the other side.
There's a white thing.
Can you see the white thing?
Yes. Press it when you see it.
See? Now it's lit.
Since it's now bright,
we can chat comfortably.
you're here to find a ghost for acting?
Exactly. That's what it is, Tok.
Hold on.
Look at this
and choose one
that has not been bought yet.
Hey. Outsiders also take them.
They also believe in this kind of thing.
That's how it is, right?
Most of us don't believe in ghosts.
- Ironically, we believe in God...
- Cell phone.
...but we aren't afraid of Him.
We don't believe in ghosts,
but we are scared of them.
We are not looking for a ghost.
We're looking for this girl.
You want to find her...
Do you know her, Tok?
I know her really well.
Are you sure you want to find her?
- You're sure?
- We're sure.
She is not human.
Her face looks like a human's.
Her hair also looks like a human's.
Her voice sounds human.
Take this phone number.
Is this her number, Tok?
That's my number.
In a bit,
I'll WhatsApp you my bank account number.
Just put the payment for her into
that bank account of mine.
Every day, I will tell you
what food she wants.
You will need to arrange
whatever food it is that she wants.
But don't ever,
even one of you,
try to get romantically involved with her.
Don't ever do it.
Understood, Tok.
Tok, does she have a name?
- Tan-Ti-Ana?
- Nice name.
Just proceed, Tok.
What do you want me to do with the girl?
I want you to dig into her background.
Find out everything there is to know
about this scandalous girl.
I want to know who sponsors her,
where she lives, with whom,
which disco she goes to,
which karaoke place she goes to,
the songs that she sings,
her blusher brand,
the brand of lipstick that she wears...
Just everything, sis!
Wow! That's a long list.
- You're really angry with her, aren't you?
- Of course, sis.
Don't you know? If not for that bitch,
I could have been the heroine!
This is Saufi Yusof.
This is Saufi?
- Hey.
- Yes, bro?
- Where's the handy boy?
- No idea, bro.
- Are you a gangster?
- No, bro.
- Find him!
- I'll go find him, bro.
Nora! Have you seen the handy boy?
Are you a gangster?
Find him!
Okay, take more! This is the best pose.
Do you know that I used to want
to be a cameraman?
But now look what I am.
I'm just a handyman.
Nice! Let's see now.
Nice! There's an object.
Boss, you've got a nice frame.
Your frame...
Stop messing around or I'll smack you.
What's your job? What's your problem?
What's your job? Are you a gangster?
- I'm not.
- Where's my iced tea?
- Damn, I forgot.
- Do it!
Sorry, sorry, I'll get it, I'll...
I'm sorry!
- Rago!
- Yes, bro!
- Are you a gangster?
- Nope.
Why are you so close?
Do you want to break the mirror?
Do I want your face busted?
Adjust it!
More, more!
A lot more! More!
Don't lift the bottom! Up!
- Which scene is this?
- Three.
- Scene 3.
- This...
- Sit. Just sit!
- The ghost sits here?
Sit. Lie down.
- The ghost's like this? Okay.
- Yes.
- Roy?
- Do it like this. Show me.
- What is it?
- Let's go.
What's their problem? Are they gangsters?
- What is it?
- Here.
What is it?
The shaman sent me a WhatsApp message.
The menu for today.
Omega-3-enriched chicken eggs.
Free-range chicken bones.
This is real.
- Who's gonna pay for it?
- The prop boy.
But make sure the prop boy buys the exact
things that the shaman requested.
Don't tell me, tell that to the prop boy.
- Peace be upon you, Dato'.
- And upon you.
How are you, Dato'?
Let me introduce
the new production manager,
because the previous one, Amir, has gone.
It's all right. Don't worry.
He's at his sporting arena,
it's all right.
Dato' Kadir.
I've long heard about you.
We meet at last.
My name...
is PM.
Oh, PM is his nickname.
His full name is Pak Mustapha.
Pak Mustapha.
Dato', do you want to go to your room
to rest first?
- It's fine.
- You can shower and change there.
It's all right.
I actually want to see the heroine.
Are they filming tonight?
They are, at night.
Oh, at night.
Shall I get your bags?
Can he be trusted?
Is she coming or not?
Where are you going?
You have to wait downstairs.
It's crowded.
I seek refuge in Allah
from the outcast Shaitan.
In the name of Allah,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
What are you reciting?
Do you want to eat first?
It's still early.
You can sit there.
need to pee.
That smells nice.
The scent is stronger.
Not me!
Smells nice.
Nice right? Strong!
- I'm like...
- Are you a gangster?
Good night, world!
Goodnight, all.
Where's the heroine?
Sorry, Dato', excuse me.
Dude, before she changes,
let's quickly finish this shooting.
- Okay.
- Um... Dato', sorry, yeah.
Can you let our actress rehearse first?
Nice! Go and settle your things first.
I know we are not going to
be together ever.
I can't see...
No need.
No touching. It's a ghost story. No need.
For real?
- Promise?
- Promise.
- It's a wrap.
- Okay, all clear.
- Hey.
- Yes, Dato'?
Where is the gorgeous ghost?
She was here just now, Dato'.
The bride, the bride.
It's fine, no problem.
- That's common, okay.
- What do you mean "bride," Dato'?
Just relax, all right?
It's just a small matter.
Dato', good cut. You're floating, Dato'!
All right.
Is she going to be here tomorrow?
She is.
Bro! Thank you, everyone!
Hey, bro.
- Hey, is everything settled?
- Yes.
Has she eaten?
She's eaten.
You don't expect me to stay
and watch her finish her food, do you?
What if she finishes her food
and asks for more?
She might go for us.
It's all okay?
Should be okay.
It's okay. She just needs food.
But most importantly,
remember what Wak said.
Remember. Don't forget.
She must eat on time.
That's fine.
It's just that now we are far from home.
Don't tell me we need to go home.
Hey. Even if we're three days from home,
I'll still be going back.
You can stay if you want.
I'm going back, I'm coming.
Just relax, tomorrow's call time is
at five. What's your problem?
I was just asking...
Do you want to drive?
You drive.
- Fine.
- Then hop in!
Jo? What's the matter, Jo?
Heavy, isn't it?
What's the problem?
Check what's under the wheel.
Then who?
You guys are just like kids.
Nothing, Man.
Oh my gosh!
You're messing around like
a brainless man, Man!
- Get in!
- Nothing.
What was it?
I've checked. There's nothing.
- Nothing?
- Nope. Put your foot down more.
But what makes it so heavy?
Do it. Put your foot down more.
Too heavy!
It's like I said before.
Is she coming with us?
- Oh God.
- Man...
I told you already.
Okay, okay, last try. Check everything.
Me again?!
You have to look on top too.
- Please, Man.
- What if I go out and she grabs me?
We're right here. What are you afraid of?
You're a deep art guy.
You'll be okay for sure.
Man, please. Just this once, Man.
Please? Please, Man.
- Get in.
- This is how it is.
- Now, we won't go home. We'll sleep here.
- If you want to sleep, you can sleep here.
This is all your fault. If you talk
like that, she'll want to follow!
Hey, what's with you?
I really want to go home.
Now, it's dangerous here.
It's better to stay inside!
- Let's go, Jo.
- Why bother? Let's just sit here.
The back! Oh my God!
Okay, okay. Let's do it like this, Jo.
All three of us will look
in the back, okay?
Oh God...
Oh my God!
Go look again in the back.
I'm so scared.
- Let's count to three.
- Okay.
One, two, three. Slowly.
Is there no other van?
Why on earth
are you bringing that van home?
There are many lorries, right?
I was just shocked.
Why are you standing there?
So you will be scared.
I'm not.
Just shocked.
Come in.
- Burn?
- Yes, boss?
Get a chair.
Closer, closer!
She asked for a lot of things.
Never mind, Jo. Just do what she wants.
Remember what the shaman said?
We just have to worry about
the meals, Jo. Right?
Promise. Here.
- Where's Jiman?
- Room.
- What?
- In his room.
Okay, it's done.
Where's Tan-Ti-Ana? Where is she?
Yes, bro?
Where's Tan-Ti-Ana? Is she here yet?
Seven grade-A chicken eggs,
free-range chicken bones cooked
with spicy chili sauce, extra sauce,
and one pack of yellow glutinous rice.
Are these for a trance? Huh?
You requested these at the last minute,
and it's not even in the script!
When do you need these?
Damn, what a nuisance!
Are you a gangster?
What's your job?
Buying stuff.
Don't ask questions.
Buy cigarettes with the extra money.
I just want to tell you,
you're getting old.
Smoking is bad for your health.
Are you a gangster?
I'm giving you ten minutes!
Now he's asking
for free-range chicken bones.
Razman, I love you.
Allow me, Razman.
No! You can't be with him! No!
Razman. I promise I will be with you.
Ti-Ana! You're not for him.
I know.
How does she know?
- How would I know?
- Ask then.
You ask.
You're the director.
Oh, you know what?
If that's the case, there'll be no need
for special effects makeup, right?
No need.
But tonight, yeah?
She didn't answer.
- What is that sound?
- Quiet!
Are you a gangster?
LED, standby. Now!
Did you hear what I heard? Did you?
Yes, I did. I heard it, Dato'.
Sounded like a banshee.
Same difference!
They're both part of the film.
Okay! We shoot!
Jo! Go, hurry!
- Hurry up!
- Clapperboard!
Here, c-corner.
My legs are numb.
- Shoot.
- In the name of God, a-action!
I think she used to be a makeup salesgirl
because yesterday,
when she came to the set,
she was already wearing her ghost makeup.
Oh God, it was so realistic!
Sis! Did you get the information
that I asked for?
I looked.
I've searched all over the internet
and there's nothing.
It's peculiar that no one in the
Malaysian Actors WhatsApp group knows her.
That is weird. Is she perhaps
from across the border?
Usually, actors from there
will become famous easily in Malaysia.
Highly-paid too.
Hold it. I don't know if she's
from across the border.
I've never spoken to her.
She either speaks Malay or Indonesian.
Why haven't you spoken? Is she snobbish?
Newbies are always like that.
It's not that. It's hard to tell.
I've never met her.
I can only see her on set.
But she comes to the set
with her makeup already done, okay?
I don't know where she hangs out
before she comes to the set.
And then, when she speaks,
O God, her voice is so soft.
You can't hear her!
Her voice is soft?
Sis! I know what it is, sis!
She must be controlling her voice
so that she can hide her manly voice.
That's why she speaks softly.
Got you!
But, wait...
My goodness!
The door wasn't locked.
Am I disturbing?
No, not at all.
Smells so nice.
Thank you.
Obviously, the problem now is that the
request is for grade AAA chicken eggs.
But the hen only lays eggs
on a Friday night.
Are you only going to use your stomach?
Find the eggs.
The problem now is, this is another one.
"A pack of yellow glutinous rice cooked
with coconut milk from a half coconut
that fell down on its own."
How do I know if the coconut fell
on its own or was picked?
Don't ask so much, balloon.
There's still a lot of time.
Gosh, this lad. Geez!
Easier said than done! Everything needs
to be found at the last minute.
What? What are you looking at?
I call upon the seven layers
of heaven and earth.
I summon the roaring wind.
I summon the royal true love.
My heart is forever yours.
What are you reading?
This is the dialog from the film.
Remember, from during the casting?
Where did you get that?
This dialog?
Is anything wrong?
Nothing's wrong with it.
That's a promise.
Promise to live and die together?
Okay, Uncle.
The line is okay, but you have to make
the feeling more classical, okay?
- Move the light stand back a bit.
- Okay. Over.
- Found it?
- Jo, come here.
- Are you all ready?
- Hmm?
What's up?
Jo, it's like this.
Cast ready!
- Stop messing around.
- Astaghfirullahaladzim.
- What's up?
- No, no. Okay, Jo, it's like this.
Bro, the actress is ready.
Can we do the take?
Jo, we'll do this first. We'll talk later.
Okay, everyone, stand by!
Clapperboard, standby now!
I don't want you to say another word.
I will never leave you.
I want to live and die with you, baby.
- Hey, are you for real?
- Of course!
- Promise?
- Promise.
She looks like Ju-on!
Let's pack up and leave.
You're leaving? Please don't, Jo.
We have another day of shooting.
Jo, what's important is just
not to bother her!
If she bothers us on set,
we are done for, Jo!
Filming stops, payment stops,
everything stops!
You're worried about that?
What about what she might do to me?!
Jo, it's just one more day.
We have to be strong!
Just one more day. For me, yeah?
Okay? Come on, let's go in, Jo.
- Promise?
- Yes, I promise!
- I'm sleeping in the van!
- Hey, Jo!
- What's that, Jo?
- Soto noodles!
- Awesome. I'm hungry.
- Ooh, chili. Come on!
- Hey, what's the matter with you?
- Stomachache, bro!
I had soto noodles with very spicy chili.
Where's everyone else?
They've all got stomachaches too.
There's the toilet!
Okay, sis!
Look at this.
No woman would use this kind of shaver.
Look, sis!
There are even extra undies.
I told you, right?
Am I smart or what?
Hey, but don't forget!
Promise to recommend me to Abang Rosdi
for the shoot in Russia.
Of course, sis!
How could I forget?
I promised to help you
if you helped me, okay?
Can we meet again after this?
Don't you want to see me?
I do.
Let's run away.
Oh man!
We'll go somewhere
where no one can see us.
Ooh! Disappeared!
We wrapped up just now.
I need to talk to you.
Hello? Where are you?
You want to play hide-and-seek with me?
Just don't.
I will find you.
I can't wait to meet you.
How could you be like this?
What, just because I'm ugly
and my face is horrible and has scars,
you don't believe there's actually
a girl that fancies me?
You're wrong, Man.
Do you realize that Tan-Ti-Ana
is a ghost, Man?
To hell with that!
At least I love her and she loves me!
What the hell is your problem?!
Hey, this is not the time
to be lovey-dovey.
Are you playing hide-and-seek?
- Razman, help! It hurts!
- Man, come here.
Look at your girlfriend now!
Do you believe it now?
Huh? Just look!
- Remember our promise!
- Man!
- To live and die together.
- Jiman!
Look at that!
That's not human, Man!
- Please, Razman!
- Leave, Man!
- Help!
- Oh God!
Not there! Hurry! Here!
Oh my goodness!
You'll meet your doom tonight.
The whole world will know
exactly who you are.
Don't make a scene, Mona.
You said it was a wrap!
How was I to know?
Aren't those two the director
and the cameraman?
Hey! Here! Jo!
Lock the doors!
Close, close the window!
Where's the ignition?
- Razman, remember our promise.
- Are we hitting her or not?
- Hit her!
- Don't shout!
- Jo, where are we going?
- Pavilion.
Think for yourself, will you? I'm driving!
This one is unsafe!
- Razman!
- Jo!
Okay, let's just go
to Wak Jembalee's place. Okay?
Wak Greggor?
- Yes!
- No, we can't.
- Why not?
- It's not safe.
No, no, no.
The shaman's place!
Tok's place.
Of course! Right, right!
Hold on, I'll call him.
What now?
The back! Try the back!
- The back!
- Please, open it!
Open it!
Razman! Please!
- My legs are stuck!
- Hurry!
Man... Hold on! Hold on, Man!
- Man! Jo!
- Hold on, hold on.
Oh my goodness!
In the name... the name...
Gosh, it's so hard to say the Bismillah.
Jiman! Help me!
In the... in the name...
In the name...
Ouch! Ow!
Take this.
I asked for free-range chicken eggs!
Why did you give me duck eggs?
Don't you know the difference?
Geez, a human's brain
should be in the head,
but yours in your knees.
- What did you put in your head?
- An egg.
Talking back?
This is the troublemaker.
Are you satisfied now?
Are you done looking at her face?
I'm sorry, Tok.
This is why I refused to join
all these shootings.
Because of idiots like the three of you!
You can't teach a rock to dance!
I will look for you until I find you!
I'll let the whole world know who you are.
Jo, come and help us there.
There are a lot of people.
My dear friends, listen to me.
I don't want to shoot films anymore.
I have repented.
If I could get paid monthly,
I would go back to my hometown.
I want to start a business.
I want to sell robes or shishas,
but not hardships, God willing!
I agree.
I've thought about that too.
I think I'll draw at the Central Market.
Me... fine.
I just don't know
what my life is all about.
My life revolves around film production.
That's all I'm good at.
This... I have to.
Life is temporary.
The afterlife is for eternity,
God willing!
You have a waris (visitor).
- "WARIS"? "Rembau Most Wanted, yo."
- Who is it, Wak?
Hey, everyone.
I have this really crazy idea.
I want to make this into a film.
The Coffee Ghost.
It'll be awesome, babe!
Mi! I'm crazy about you.
I will follow you wherever you
will go. I trust you!
You sound just like me.
Why don't you give me one "phewitt"?
That's awesome!
At night I dream of you
I'm crazy about you!
In loving memory of Syed Omar Mokhtar
bin Syed Mohd Redzuan, 1988 - 2020.
May his soul be blessed
and placed among the believers.