Tango One (2018) Movie Script

EVAN: Mr. Donovan?
When I first came here,
I thought,
"This is more peaceful than London."
Just beautiful.
It's your move.
I'm making it.
Then I realised...
All this, it's not a great view.
It's just sea and sky.
What I thought was paradise
was actually a prison.
I hadn't escaped London.
I'd been exiled.
I've taken your queen.
And I was sad to discover
there were also people here
wanting to bring me down.
Your move, Evan.
Why so cheerful?
That's... That's my affair.
And speaking of affairs, how old is she?
Yeah. Yeah, she's young, but she's
very mature, you know.
- It's not what you think.
- She's a child.
Do they know?
Your handler?
Or is this all part of your cover story
to make you more believable to me?
How long have you known?
Long enough.
Can you imagine what I've been through
to get close to you bastards?
How long it's taken?
Well, you've wasted your time.
No, not if I get the great Donovan.
Have you gathered enough evidence yet?
Fuck evidence.
I'm just going to kill you.
What about the paperwork?
Nah. You know they've
tried that route before.
So you would rather kill me in cold blood
than do things legally?
I hate paperwork.
You deserve everything coming to you.
DOYLE: Andy Hathaway.
You've been a naughty boy.
A very naughty boy.
Doyle, what the fu...
Why are you calling me Andy?
Yeah. Yeah, we all thought
you were called Doug.
You even look like a Doug.
But you've only been
pretending to be one of us.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Where's Donovan?
Mr Donovan has asked me
to have a wee chat with you.
Doyle, look,
whatever the fuck you think I've done,
just fucking tell me,
'cause there'll be...
There'll be a fucking explanation, right?
Do you ever see what one of these
can do to a man, Andy?
I've not done it myself, not yet.
But I've seen fingers,
toes, nails pulled out.
I've even seen someone pull an eye out
with one of these, Andy.
All right, stop fucking calling me Andy.
My name's not Andy.
Do you remember telling us
about that guy you met way back,
who was shipping for us out of here?
Evan. What about him?
Well, you'll never believe it,
but it turns out he was a narc.
Undercover. A snitch.
- Are you serious?
- Spare it, Andy.
I had no idea.
You brought Evan in. You knew.
I swear on my mother's life,
I had no fucking idea.
So we started looking at other little things,
speaking to people here and there, about you.
This is bollocks.
'Cause it's the little things
that count, isn't it, Andy?
No. No, it's Evan. He
must have been stirring.
All of those wee little things...
Don't be silly.
- ...add up to one...
- Don't.
...big thing!
We just want to know
who you've been talking to.
- Dear God, please.
- God?
He knows you're a Judas as well.
So you can drop the act, eh?
We know everything.
All right, Doyle.
You gonna kill me now?
Well, if it were up to me,
you two-faced, backstabbing...
...undercover fuck,
I'd hold you underwater
and watch till your last breath
bubbled to the surface.
Mr Donovan reckons
you love being a field agent.
Doyle, don't be silly.
Just get me Donovan. Let me talk to him.
Imagine if you were
suddenly impaired physically.
You'd have to take a desk job, wouldn't you?
Just let me talk to him. Let me talk to him.
Just let me talk to him.
Just let me talk to him.
And that would be like a prison sentence
for someone like you.
Just get me Donovan. Just get me Donovan.
Get me Donovan. No.
Now, I've not done this before,
so you'll have to forgive me if I fuck it up.
Andy here's the last agent
who managed to get even close to Tango One.
To Donovan.
He's the best we ever produced.
And we almost...
Fucking almost had the bastard.
I was with him
when his last really big deal went through.
$30 million.
Then I brought someone in
who was on our side,
but, um, he fucked up.
Donovan seems to be able to
just spot anyone we set against him.
So we need to change our tactics.
We need to get dirty.
And we need your sign-off on this.
Look, I'm sorry I'm not going to give you
a PowerPoint presentation,
but none of this can be official.
Donovan has connections everywhere.
Now, I'm fucked.
Donovan's ruined my life plan.
I'd really like to ruin his.
So, what's this new approach?
We need to attack Donovan from every angle.
We need to honey-trap him with a mistress,
get someone
to start fucking his wife or his daughter.
Someone to be his cleaner, his chauffeur.
Someone in his legal team, accounts.
Someone he trusts in security.
One of them will pay off.
How long do you need?
Well, these targets
are going to be tough to find,
so it's not going to be months.
This is going to take years.
MAN: No middlemen at all.
We can drop our product anytime, anywhere.
Much more reasonable
than those fucking Colombians, yes?
And how do you manage
to buy all these planes and ships?
(CHUCKLES) Who said I buy them?
In Russia, if you can steal, you steal.
Air Force so big anyway,
they'll not miss one less plane.
But we have business?
I need to get some finance in place.
Because I can go to other people,
but I want business with you.
I'll keep in touch.
Hi, Vicky. It's me.
I'm just about to fly home.
I was hoping to talk to you and Zoe.
I love you.
How was the flight?
- Long.
- You made an impression on the Russians.
They sent you a gift. By the pool.
I'm Elektra.
And I'm married.
Is your wife here?
Then what does it matter?
It matters to me. Enjoy the view.
I am.
Boy, to be young and single. Doyle.
Would you mind driving Miss Elektra home?
My pleasure, boss.
So, Elektra, your time's
been paid for, right?
He was quite specific who I should entertain.
Fucking Russians.
Vicky, it's me, your husband, again. Call me.
Oh, that feels so good.
Oh, shit. Oh, that feels so good.
Oh, fuck, fuck.
We need to go upstairs before Zoe gets home.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just... Just give me a minute.
She could be home at any moment.
She's not going to give a fuck.
She doesn't give a fuck about anyone,
but she'll waste no time
in stirring it up between me and him.
Oh, fuck him. He does my head in.
We should just take his money and go.
Why? What we've got is perfect.
Yeah, yeah, it's not.
I want you. I want you to myself.
You've got me.
- Do you want to stay with him?
- (SIGHS) We've been through this.
I'm his wife, but he controls us.
- What, because he's got money?
- And money's important.
You do know I'm his accountant?
- I literally can take all of his money.
- You can do that?
- How?
- Finish me off and I'll tell you.
Please, just a little bit more.
Look, bitch,
you've hoovered up enough tonight
to become a walking drugs mule.
I just need a bit more.
All right, look... Ah-ah-ah!
Don't kiss me with those lips, all right?
I don't know where you've been all evening.
All right, I'll tell you what.
You can have this
if you can make me happy.
Is that the same gear as earlier?
Beggars and choosers, Zoe.
Beggars and choosers.
All right.
Go on.
- All right, yeah, less of the groaning.
More hand action, yeah.
Go! Get the fuck out, you
dirty fucking bitch!
Jesus fucking Christ!
Whoa. Don't leave me on the edge.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I've got to go and stop Zoe telling her dad.
She's fucking high. He's busy.
I'm busy. What's the urgency?
RICKY: Just making sure
everything's on its way to the UK.
- DONOVAN: Why wouldn't it be?
- Things can happen.
Has anything happened the countless times
we've done business?
Fair enough. Don't worry about it.
- I know that Carlos ain't gonna...
Uh, yeah, you mentioned someone
called Carlos would be, uh...
I never mention names,
and you should definitely
never mention his name to anyone.
- My mistake.
- Definitely your mistake.
DOYLE: Boss.
It's him.
Hello? Hello?
DONOVAN: Carlos. An unexpected surprise.
And yet, you were expecting me.
- I have friends at the airport.
- I flew into a private airport.
I have friends at every airport.
Anyway, it was just too hot and humid
in Colombia at the moment,
so I decided to come here.
Don't get me wrong. I like things hot,
but I just... I hate to sweat.
Well, if you're looking
for somewhere to stay...
That's just so kind of you,
Donovan, thank you,
but I would never invade your beautiful home.
Carlos, have I ever let you down?
Donovan, have I ever let you down?
Have you been talking to my London contact?
Have you been talking to some Russians?
See, you're not the only one
that has friends at airports.
What's all this about, Carlos?
(INHALES) You know, Donovan,
when people start talking to Russians,
trouble is usually not far away.
I'm sorry you feel the
need to check up on me.
No, it's not that.
No, no, no, no. Knowledge is power.
- Money is power.
- Money. Knowledge. Power. It's all connected.
- But this new friend of yours...
- No friend of mine.
As I was saying, this new friend of yours
is sneaking weapons to Colombia
for the guerrilla.
- Do you know that?
Well, what the Russians choose to do
in their spare time is of no concern to me.
Good, good.
Well, guns in, cocaine out.
Makes a very messy business.
So my friends at the Colombian government,
they're not happy
about the guerrilla getting stronger.
Do you understand that?
Like I said, I know nothing of this.
- Perhaps that's them on the phone?
No, it's not.
Look, I know it's your second language,
but can we speak plain English?
Why are you here?
Well, Russians are uneducated thugs
that will kill you,
as you say, in plain English,
at the drop of hats.
That's exactly
what they say about the Colombians.
- Can I call her back?
- I think you need to hear this.
You just take it if it's important.
Hi, Zoe. I'm right in the middle
of something here, love.
Dad, Mum's fucking the accountant.
What are you talking about?
I don't know if this is the first time or...
You sound odd, Zoe. Are you all right?
Zoe! Zoe!
- Open this door right now!
- Dad, I've got to go.
Zoe, wait!
- Fuck.
- Whoa, that was important.
I've never heard you swear before.
It's nothing. It's...
- Just a... Something personal.
- I understand.
Hey, as long as your personal business
doesn't interfere with my business.
You have 24 hours to get me my money, okay?
Should you not comply to do this,
I could consider that a default.
And in my world, no one defaults.
No one.
You all right, boss?
Why the fuck did you call him?
I thought he should know about you and him.
- Can you just give us a minute?
Well, maybe he should know
about some of your little secrets.
Oh, what, you mean the drugs?
Yeah, like you give a fuck about that.
I could be dead in a gutter
and you wouldn't notice, Mum.
Oh, I get it.
You're just doing it for attention, right?
(SCOFFS) You're married to a good man,
and you're fucking a weasel of a man.
What does that say about you?
ZOE: I literally just walked in
on you giving a man a blow job.
VICKY: Are you saying...
- I'm your mother, and I'm the one...
- ZOE: You're barely my mother.
VICKY: Your stupid dad
is not raring to look after you.
And you think he's so fantastic,
so great, and you hate me.
ZOE: I can't even listen to this.
I cannot even listen to this right now.
Stewart Sharkey.
What's going on?
I'm being screwed by the same guy
who's screwing my wife.
- He's cleaned my accounts out.
- What?
I promised the number one supplier
in Colombia
I'd have his money by tomorrow,
and now it's gone.
Well, I'll set up a meeting,
find out where he's staying.
It would be a very short meeting,
and I wouldn't be leaving it alive.
Now, I want you to stay here.
Keep a low profile.
What are you going to do?
Go home.
- It'll be okay, Vics.
- How is it going to be okay?
He'll be coming for us right now.
He's not fucking Superman.
It's an eight-hour flight, for a start.
- Come on.
- (SIGHS) Just leave me alone.
This is all your fault.
That's not fair.
He's hardly going to care about what's fair.
(SIGHS) I always said not there.
Your place, hotels. That's what we agreed.
But you just had to
do it in his bed, didn't you?
Spray your fucking seed on the competition.
- Oh, so it's all my fucking fault, is it?
- He's going to kill us.
He'll need to find us to do that.
Look, can't you see this is meant to be?
Us together, properly.
I'm fed up with him treating you like shit
and me like a servant.
We both deserve a better life,
and you're going to get that.
And how are you going to afford that?
I transferred his money
into an off-shore account.
You serious?
We're rich.
You know,
you're going to get a really sore throat
if you keep shouting like that.
It's all right because
we've got plenty of water for you.
Don't go anywhere.
Sorry to interrupt. Are you okay, sir?
What? Yeah, I was married once.
You get used to that kind of verbal abuse.
It's nothing. What is it?
Okay. I thought you'd like to see this.
HATHAWAY: Donovan's house.
Well, well.
- I wonder what he'll make of this.
- PARKER: He already knows.
The daughter called him.
I've sent you the taped conversation.
Well, I do believe the cock
will be coming home to roost.
Alert airport security, for what it's worth,
- and head up a team to cover the house.
- Sir.
- When was this?
- About an hour ago.
Right, have them tracked.
Get me some high-quality images from that.
AGENT: Any sign?
Come on, Donovan. Where are you?
PARKER: Not a peep, sir.
- That's suspicious. Have a walk around.
- Sir.
I think I hear something.
We have to be certain Donovan is inside.
Approaching the house.
Living room clear.
Someone's inside the kitchen.
- Oh!
Wait. There's something.
What does it mean?
It's a broken compass.
It means misdirection.
The fucker knew we were watching.
He was probably there an hour before us.
Is it ever too early for champagne?
Your boss, he doesn't mind?
While the cat's away, the mice will play.
Speaking of pussy...
What? I paid for you for the whole day.
I didn't know I'd be working all day.
Well, what can I tell you, Elektra?
You're so damn horny to look at.
- Carlos.
- What?
I checked my account this morning, Doyle.
Nothing there.
There was a problem.
- Mr Donovan's sorting it out. (COUGHS)
And now, why is his problem
all of a sudden my problem?
Where is he?
In London, I told you, sorting it out.
You'll get your fucking money.
You bet your ass I will.
But I have to send a message
now that Donovan has failed me.
It's the downside of being
somebody else's henchman, Doyle.
It's not all champagne and hooker blow jobs.
No offence.
(PANTING) Carlos. Mr Rodriguez, please.
- Mmm-hmm?
- What do you want from me?
How can I get in touch with him?
He's off-radar.
The moment anyone
knows he's back in the UK,
he'll be back on the most wanted list.
Oh, yes, yes.
He did say something about this,
uh, Tango One status, right?
He wouldn't have told you that.
And yet, somehow I know. Weird, huh?
So, how could you get in touch with him,
say, if you were in a desperate situation,
like this one?
It's impossible.
Come on, Doyle.
- You can do better than that.
I've got a number.
A number.
Now we're talking.
And I'm sure you have
a lot of addresses here as well.
Carlos, if you just...
- Just let me call him and sort it out.
- But wait.
If I have your phone,
why the hell do I need you then?
En agua.
No, no. Wait. Please.
No. No. Carlos, please.
- So...
What is it going to be? Hmm?
Deep throat
or deep end?
Doyle, it's me again.
Call me back.
Hi, Dad.
Let me speak first.
How long have you been taking drugs?
I... It's nothing.
- It's just...
- How long?
That was, like, my first time.
Don't lie to me, Zoe.
I found these in your room.
And you've lost a lot of weight
since I saw you last.
You remember when that was?
I know I haven't been
the greatest father in the world,
but you know why I can't be in the UK.
And yet, you can be here
if you choose. Like now.
To sort this mess out,
and now it seems to sort you out, too.
- I'm fine.
- Well, you don't look it,
and I'm going to get you clean.
You can't just show up and do this.
This is my life, and you left it.
I left you here, with your mum,
so you could finish private school.
Another surprise.
Please tell me you're still at school.
- I quit last term.
It was boring, and Mum said it didn't matter.
Oh, did she?
When was anyone going to tell me?
Huh. Well, the school is still charging me.
Biggest crooks I've ever come across.
Hey, clean and dry.
(SOFTLY) Vodka.
Where's Mum?
She did a runner.
I don't suppose
she mentioned anything to you?
It wasn't that kind of goodbye
when I saw her last.
What are you going to do?
Hunt them down and fuck him up?
If he's lucky.
And don't swear. You know I don't like it.
Fuck me. You look younger, Mr D.
Fuck me. You look older, Zoe.
I am older since you last saw me.
Aye, not that fucking old, eh?
No wonder he wants me
to make you go cold turkey.
Wait. What? You're getting one of your old
gangster friends to take care of me?
- Good parenting, Dad.
- Zoe, it's just for today.
I've got some serious business
I need to put to rest,
then you become my priority.
Once again,
I'm way down the list of priorities.
I don't think you're paying me enough.
This is going to be horrors.
I appreciate it.
Take her to the lockup in the countryside.
And don't take any of her attitude.
Are you okay, Mr D? It sounds like
you've got a lot on your hands.
The less you know, the better.
- You take care.
- Aye.
It's good to see you.
Only because you're billing me for your time.
How much do you know?
But I can tell you that there is a Mr Big,
from South America,
who is coming here for you, in London.
- You know this for sure?
- Of course.
In this line of business, I need to be sure.
My wife and accountant.
I know.
I mean,
who would want to lose their wife to, uh...
Well, to an accountant?
They'll know I'm looking for them,
so I need them found fast.
Do you never want to see them again
orjust have conversation?
- Both.
- In which order?
Are you sure? Regarding your wife.
The police will suspect.
It will be something else they can
get you on. You do realise that.
I don't care.
I can make it painful, or I can
make it quick. You decide.
I know how I want it done.
There he is. Got your message.
- This is?
- Jamie Fullerton.
Finger-on-the-pulse kind of chap.
He knows all the quick buyers
in the business.
Maury, I asked you to shift these paintings.
Please don't tell me you've been
broadcasting I need quick buyers.
No, no, no. Listen, listen.
The market isn't the same
as when you bought them.
Don't tell me I'll lose money on them.
"Solid gold", you told me.
They're holding their value.
It's the speed you wanna sell 'em.
He's your man.
FULLERTON: I take it
you want these sold super pronto?
Why do you say that?
That's why people come to me.
Fast sale, quick cash. Expeditious.
- And you can guarantee that?
- Depends on what's for sale.
But what you've got here is good.
Very, very good.
It's a shame, really.
If you held out more,
you could strike a bargain.
And if I did just want to cash in...
How much do you think these could make?
Ah, Jamie's got buyers in the city.
Clients with money to burn.
But, listen, I can take
those van Dyck sketches off you now.
What would you like for 'em?
Well, you tell me. I bought them off you.
MAURY: One hundred and fifty.
Two hundred.
The Rembrandt there is gold dust.
I'll have no problem shifting that on.
I'm amazed these aren't in a safe somewhere.
You should be careful.
Mr Donovan has a certain reputation.
Only a fool would steal from him.
I need the money in banker's draughts
made out to this name.
- Carl...
- Only you need to know the name.
Let's keep Maury out of this.
Thank you, old boy.
Right, now you have the name.
You have the paintings.
Now just get me the money.
Oh, and one more thing.
I'm in an unforgiving frame of mind
at the moment.
Don't try to cheat me.
Go on, you fucker, you!
- Gun, Zoe!
Ray? Ray, are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, it's Donovan. He's home.
ZOE: (ON PHONE) Daddy?
They want to talk to you.
- Are you there?
- Zoe? (GROANS)
So, where's my money?
It's temporarily unavailable.
Wrong answer.
Amigo, let me explain the situation.
I'm very tired.
Very jet-lagged. My feet are cold.
And I have come from a fucking long way
to collect my debt.
So what do we do?
Donovan, you never told me
that your daughter was so cute.
- You dare touch her...
- And you'll do what exactly? Huh?
Let her go.
But not Ray, right?
Poor old Ray, huh?
He doesn't mean as much to you.
Like Doyle.
Your money's coming.
I'm pretty sure the only thing
that will be coming tonight
- will be me.
You're a smart man, Carlos.
You kill us, you'll never see your money.
I like to think of myself as a smart man.
And as a smart man, I know for a fact
that I just have to keep your ass alive
in order to get my money.
Have you heard of the Colombian necktie?
I'm sure you have.
You're a very well-travelled man.
But have you seen it... (INHALES)
What's the word? Uh, per... "Performed"?
Is that a word? "Performed"?
Have you seen it performed?
Um, see it "executed".
- Oh, that's good. That's better.
- Mmm-hmm.
You'll get your money. I swear.
- Don't do this.
- Of course you will get me my money.
I was ripped off by my accountant.
He's taken everything. Done a runner.
All I can hear right now is,
"I am in a deep shit".
I can get you $1 million in cash, now.
I have someone selling my art collection,
and that will bring in around $3 million
tomorrow night.
That's not even half of what you owe me.
But the gear hasn't arrived yet.
I've not ripped you off.
Listen, okay. Sorry about that.
I think we can deal with this
in a better fashion, okay?
As a sign of goodwill,
I am willing to accept this.
You bring me almost half of the money
you owe me tomorrow,
and in exchange,
I will give you
almost half of your friend today.
- What do you think? Huh?
- Zoe. Zoe, look at me.
- Look at me. Don't look. Look at me!
Oh, come on, Donovan.
You know he was dead
the minute you call him.
So what do we do
to keep your daughter alive?
He was such a lovely man.
He was.
So, tell me about these customers of yours.
Do they pay you
the minute they get the merchandise?
- They do, sure.
- The $12 million?
Four... $14 million?
(LAUGHS) That's a fucking great deal,
you sneaky little bastard.
And are they aware
of your financial struggles?
(EXHALES) Listen, just let her go,
and we'll sort this out.
Oh, boy.
Oh, you really are in a
deep shit, aren't you?
Because if I don't kill you, they will.
But if they kill you,
I lose everything.
When the gear arrives,
they'll pay me the $14 million.
Plus the cash and the paintings.
That's over $18 million.
Just let her go.
So why do I need you in the equation exactly?
Because it's my deal.
This is my... They're my clients.
For the moment, yes.
Well, that's... Of course it is
if you can get yourself
out of this mess you are into.
Carlos. Don't take her.
Enjoy nature.
I really need to move out of this hotel.
I said I'd let you know where to meet.
What are you doing here?
Pretty much the answer to any question
you ask me is Carlos Rodriguez.
I warned you not to mention his name.
You're frisking me for a gun?
You really don't know me.
When we first met,
I was kind of offended
that you never seemed to trust me.
All that cloak-and-dagger stuff.
(EXHALES) Oh, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky.
You know this business.
You can't be too cautious.
And that's what I learnt from you.
Look, don't take this the wrong way,
but can we continue this tomorrow?
Okay. (SIGHS)
He wants to meet you face-to-face.
Who's running this import?
- You or Rodriguez?
- I am.
Seems like he is.
I'm confused.
I don't like being confused.
The shipment is good and on its way.
Nothing has changed for you.
The money hasn't changed.
The product hasn't changed.
The timings haven't changed.
You're still a man of your word?
I am.
I should trust you more than Seor Rodriguez?
When do I get to meet him?
- Can I go to bed now?
And whatever you might think is happening,
don't trust him.
And don't cut me out of the deal.
CARLOS: I said
I wanted to meet with your buyer.
Not you.
You know what they say,
"Too many crooks spoil the broth."
No, I think I was right.
He wanted to make sure it was safe.
He has no reason to fear me.
I'm actually gonna make sure
that he knows and understands
that I want our business to work fine.
I recommend that you keep me
part of this deal, Carlos.
ZOE: Dad?
Listen, I offer you a friendly reminder
that you have about 24 hours
to get me back my money.
And she offers a not-so-friendly reminder
- of what is at stake.
- Carlos.
I'll let you know where to drop the money.
Oh, and, by the way,
bring your art dealer, will you?
I just want to thank him personally.
What the fuck's going on?
So you must be Ricky Jordan?
You must be in charge.
CARLOS: See, Donovan? (CHUCKLES)
He knows what this is about.
Very nice meeting you.
HATHAWAY: Donovan's back.
And he's dealing here in London.
Has he gone insane? Why?
Domestic problems. Running low on cash.
He's running around,
talking to anyone who'll listen.
Christ. How do you know this?
You spooks do love
your cloak-and-dagger shit, don't you?
It's Donovan.
- How concrete's the intel?
- Good.
Excellent. Just as we planned.
You mean... The sleepers?
STEWART: Didn't I tell you
everything would be okay?
Don't be an idiot.
What? This is what you wanted, isn't it?
Yeah. But you know my husband.
We're home free.
Trust me.
CARLOS: Thank you for the payment.
What do you think?
Do you like my new establishment?
(LAUGHS) You know, I have this thing.
Every time I travel, I have to buy something.
So I bought this place.
A very good price
for a high-profile customer base,
with all the girls thrown in.
I mean, some of them
are at the end of their shelf life, but...
DONOVAN: Can we get on with this?
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Sure.
I'm sure you would like to know
that I struck a deal with Jordan.
So along with this,
your debt will almost be clear.
Where's my daughter?
Oh, she's fine.
Untouched. For the moment.
Ah. Would you like to talk to her?
What do you think?
So you must be the guy selling the paintings.
My daughter's here?
ZOE: Fuck off!
Zoe, it's me.
Oh, my God. Have you come to get me out?
- It's horrible here.
- I'm doing everything I can.
Except kick the door down.
Zoe, I literally have a gun to my head.
I'm going to get you out.
Are you okay? Have they touched you?
But they inject the girls with drugs,
and I hear all kinds of sounds.
It's... It's a nightmare.
I know, Zoe. I know.
Dad, do you trust him, that man?
Dad? Dad.
- Dad!
I'm so happy we got
to an agreement, man. (LAUGHS)
Me, too.
Well, Donovan, come on. Join us.
See, everything was fine. No need to worry.
She's still a virgin.
Oh, what?
Why are you giving me that look for?
Did you see the look he just gave me?
I mean, I would certainly expect
a little more gratitude from your part.
I'm just helping your little daughter
to stay off drugs,
which is ironic, considering where she is.
Perhaps I should go.
You know how these girls are.
It's funny. (SNIFFS)
They can never get enough.
Should you not pay me
the money you owe me,
I might give her a little something
to ease her pain.
Perhaps even one of your products.
I've got a few more clients to meet.
- Don't worry.
- I'm coming with you.
Really, there's no need.
Look, a lot's relying
on you doing yourjob fast.
At the top is getting my daughter back alive.
I'm coming with you.
Fifteen years since I was here last.
Recognise it still?
Must have changed a bit though, eh?
Actually, no.
The girls are a little younger though.
Good God.
Terry James, good to see you.
I heard you'd moved abroad. How are you?
I can't complain.
I'm just here for a little business.
Business, eh?
Same old?
A little more international.
But nothing happening in here. Right?
Just to make it crystal.
I wouldn't dream of it. Seriously.
This is just a social visit.
It's good to see you.
And you.
Hello, Mr James. I'm Jamie Fullerton.
I know who you are.
- You know Terry James?
- Maybe.
But do we ever really know someone, Jamie?
You want to leave.
It's just that drunk city boys come in here,
- and I'll be able to sell the paintings quickly.
- WOMAN: Jamie!
- Mimes!
- Hey.
- Hi, gorgeous. How are you?
- I'm good.
Mimi. Louise.
Hi. I'm Suzie.
FULLERTON: Mmm. You are.
Uh, Jamie, I am actually here.
I'm Louise.
I deduced that.
Pleased to meet you.
Okay. And you are?
- Probably best if you don't know.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
RICKY: How did this club get Mr Donovan
to grace its presence?
You chose to ignore my advice.
You know how it is.
Time is money. Money is happiness.
You remind me of someone
who broke my heart.
Really? Silly cow.
Yeah. You're right.
- She was...
- Ricky.
It's all gonna be sweet. I can work with him.
The consignment arrives
in Felixstowe this evening.
It's cushty.
So, darling, tell me about you.
Oh, I'm just a hard-working girl.
Someone who enjoys making things happen.
Nice. Real interesting.
Anyone else want to make things happen?
You ladies all right
following me into the gents?
Something about a woman
bent over in front of me just gets me going.
Careful what you say.
Relax. They're just hookers.
I'm talking about him.
I thought he was your mate.
He's just selling paintings
for me, that's all.
So tell me about this Rodriguez.
RICKY: Why would an art dealer
be interested?
FULLERTON: He's an interesting guy.
Me and him are in business together.
I'm into all kinds of different things.
Me, too.
Well, stick to art, mate.
Everyone has a place in this world,
and they should stick to it.
Henry, you're drunk,
and I know what you want
when you're like this.
I know I get a bit rough.
You'll get what you want.
- Fuck you!
- That's what I'm talking about.
- Is everything okay?
- I can handle it.
She can handle everything,
if you've got the money.
You got the money?
You don't look rich enough to be in here.
Come on, bitch.
Let's see if I can break you
this time. (GROANS)
You promised me nothing would happen.
Now, you used to be a man of your word.
- We're leaving.
- Good to see you again.
You, too.
And let's make this the last time.
Hooking up with Louise. Sensible man.
You take care of him, okay?
- Jordan's a nice bloke. Speaks our language.
- What language is that?
Can you make sure I get outside safe, please?
- Okay.
- Nothing...
Nothing meant by it.
You're meant to be selling my paintings fast.
That's it.
Alex, let's talk Rembrandts.
Cheers. Thank you.
No, I can't tonight.
Your boyfriend?
Oh, come on. You know what I do by now.
What you do is of no concern to me.
I only do it part-time,
if that makes it okay.
I won't bore you with my story.
I brought you back here
'cause you seem like a nice guy.
You stepped in. Us girls like that.
No one deserves to be talked to like that.
Whatever they do.
I'm used to it.
Men treating me like shit.
From my dad onwards.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Don't be.
He was an asshole.
I got out as soon as I could.
Fifteen. Nothing in my back pocket,
midnight train to King's Cross.
Guess what happened next.
I can imagine.
Young girls.
It's tough.
Sorry. I didn't mean to...
No. It's okay.
I want to hear your story.
It's one that's been told 1,000 times before,
and you look like you're hurting.
- Talk to me.
- It's nothing.
It's just some business
I need to sort out, that's all.
You have a daughter, is that it?
You know, Louise...
I really should go.
You should talk.
I'd rather not.
And that's the problem.
Sometimes you've got to let stuff out
to move on.
You have an honest face.
That's not what I normally get told.
My wife ran off with my business partner,
taking most of my money.
And I then discovered
that my daughter had dropped out of school,
started using class-A drugs,
which I supply
for a living.
My wife...
I need to get her back.
Andrew Hathaway.
- Right.
- HATHAWAY: Thank you.
So, what couldn't wait till the morning?
Things are moving fast on the Donovan front.
PARKER: There's a big consignment
of cocaine coming in from Colombia.
It lands tonight. Felixstowe.
Where did you hear about this?
What does it matter?
I want it intercepted
before it hits the marketplace.
Why not just let it run?
Then we can set up, follow the shipments.
Donovan's been cut out of the loop.
Andy... (CHUCKLES)
This can't just be...
- Parker, give us a moment.
- Sir.
This can't just be about Donovan.
We have to look at the bigger picture here.
Donovan is the bigger picture.
(SIGHS) I appreciate
how much you want to get him,
and you have the power to do that,
but that power was given so that
we could bring down an entire network,
not just exact some kind of revenge.
Donovan set up this deal.
I know that for certain.
But for some reason
he's been cut out of the loop.
You'll be wasting resources.
You'll be tracking dogsbodies
who are worth nothing.
So, who else is involved?
I told you, my budget's strained.
I can't just action this without...
If we snap up this load,
there'll be a fallout.
If I'm right, that's when
we get some really big heads.
- It's not just about Donovan.
- You know more.
Christ, you have managed
to get someone close to him, haven't you?
- Who?
- Enough said, I think.
Tell me. This undercover operation
was set up for the both of us.
Peter, I've managed to work
in the secrets business for most of my life.
There's a reason for that.
Now, let's just seize this shipment
before it hits the streets.
SOLDIER 1: (ON RADIO) Are we go?
Are you sure about this?
We can still follow them
and map their network.
Control, are we go?
Which do you prefer?
A bowl of whitebait or one big juicy salmon?
It's a go.
Go, go, go.
SOLDIER 1: Alpha team moving in.
Breaching the ship.
SOLDIER 2: Bravo team into the berth.
SOLDIER 3: Moving down.
SOLDIER 1: Moving into the hold.
- Get back!
- SOLDIER 2: Stand back!
SOLDIER 1: Entering 3A crew berth.
Product is confirmed.
Now we sit back and wait for the fireworks.
- LOUISE: Morning.
What happened?
You passed out.
Just before I went to kiss you.
(CHUCKLES) What? Really?
Don't worry. Nothing happened.
I don't know what did happen.
Exhaustion, I'd say.
Seems like you're under a lot of stress
at the moment.
Got to give your body and your mind
a break every once in a while.
- And you say this because...
- I'm a hooker.
And people pay me to take their stress away.
Sometimes with my body.
Sometimes with my mind.
A simple chat can be better than a hand job.
(CHUCKLES) Well, uh...
Thank you.
For the coffee.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Don't worry.
That's not me fishing for business.
- Hmm. Ooh.
That feels like a gun.
The Rodriguez deal.
The whole shipment got busted last night.
It's all gone. Coke. My money. Everything.
You got cut out of the deal,
so you screwed it up for us.
Look, if someone was tipped off,
they'd let the drugs run. You know that.
Enough of your silver tongue.
Time for some payback.
Look, stop trying to be something you're not.
Before I ask why you're all here,
may I just point out I am holding an M16.
Be a good girl. Put the gun away, love.
Okay, okay.
I've put millions into this deal.
My clients prepaid.
Your clients prepaid you?
Most of them. Including some yardies.
Now, that's not my problem.
You and Carlos dealt direct, remember?
(SIGHS) Yeah, but...
No buts, Ricky.
I needed some clout,
a big name to get leeway with them.
They're gonna think you owe them $3 million.
Me? I don't owe anything.
As far as they're concerned,
it's still your deal, so, yes, you owe them.
Can you just not point that knife in my face?
Carlos will still want his money from you,
and believe me,
he's not keen on partners who stiff him.
That's where you come in.
That's where I come in again.
That's what rattles me about all this.
You're all so quick to cut me out of
the deal, thinking it's all so easy.
"What do we need Donovan for?"
Then, when the S-H-one-T hits the fan,
suddenly it's, "Oh, where's Donovan?
He needs to sort this out for us."
Okay. (SIGHS)
Look, um...
What if I can, um...
What if I can get you some top-grade heroin
direct from Afghanistan?
What? Your solution to all this
is for me to buy more gear?
We're all past the point of no return here.
Tomorrow, I'll be dead. You'll be dead.
Nobody defaults on the Colombian.
(SIGHS) How can you guarantee
I'm not just throwing good money after bad?
Because this is my deal here.
I'll have everything riding on this.
What do you normally buy H for?
Fourteen to 20 a key via Amsterdam.
How does ten per kilo sound?
You do this,
and you can recoup all your losses.
What about the yardies?
They're grown-ups.
They'll sit around the table.
Not exactly. You need to speak to them.
Maybe cut them in.
Talk to the yardies?
Love of God, why would I do that?
Why would you do that?
Because you may be
fucking back off to the Bahamas,
but some of us have got to stay here
and stay living here.
Right. Now you've got your business sorted,
everyone drop your wallets on the floor.
My new lock is going to be expensive.
Fucking day I'm having!
Where did you get that?
I love guns.
- Saved your bacon.
- You did. Thank you, again.
So we're business partners now.
And how do you work that out?
You're going to need some up-front cash
for this deal.
- I can help you out.
- That doesn't make you a business partner.
You're more of a middleman.
I'll overlook the sexism.
But being a middleman,
isn't that what you are?
Giving the money to the suppliers,
handing the drugs to the buyers?
- Cute.
- What, me or my poetry?
- So, are we going to go find these yardies?
- We?
Who else is going to protect you?
Oh, you're not going to ask me
if we're nearly there yet again, are you?
Do you think we should give the money back?
Make our peace?
Oh, ha-ha, very funny.
I never realised you had a sense of humour.
- I'm serious.
- Yeah. No, I'm fucking serious.
Why the fuck would we want
to give the money back?
Because he's never
going to stop looking for us.
Trust me. He's got enough
to occupy his mind. We're safe.
I'd rather not spend the rest of my life
running and hiding.
Yeah, well, I can see you're not dealing
with the stress very well.
Fuck you!
Did you do this for me orjust for the money?
For you, of course. But think about it.
What are we going to live on?
Louise said you and I should talk.
All this cloak-and-dagger stuff,
it's like being in a movie.
You have to calm down, you know.
This isn't a game.
You've met Rodriguez, remember.
This is all very real, and we're expendable.
Okay, okay. Point made.
I haven't been able to shift
any more of your paintings.
It's not the paintings
I want to speak to you about.
These associates, friends, contacts you have,
are they into anything besides art? I mean...
You mean, the kind of things you're into?
Something like that.
Depends on what.
I've got something new going,
and I'm looking for guys to shift H.
Top-grade Afghan H.
Way below current wholesale.
What about Jordan?
- What about Jordan? I'm here talking to you.
- Okay, okay.
How much below wholesale?
- $10,000 per key.
- How many you got?
- A lot. Over 1,000.
A thousand?
My contacts, they're gonna wanna know
how it's coming in.
If they wanna know, they're not the guys
you should be dealing with.
But you'll tell me though, right?
Strictly bank transfers in advance.
One pick-up here in the UK.
Does this mean we're partners?
Vicky! What you doing? Who you calling?
I was just calling Zoe.
I'm worried about her.
Yeah? Well, that's funny.
You never gave a shit about her before.
I wanna go home.
- Why, when you know we can't?
- I'm stressed.
Every little sound,
I think it's someone trying to kill me.
- I'm... I'm scared.
We're not giving the money back.
That's what this is about, isn't it?
The money.
It's not me you want. It's the money.
Look, I want you, yeah?
And if it makes you happy,
we'll give some of the money back.
- Best of both worlds.
- If it's me you want, let's give it all back.
I think we both know you made me do that.
You fucking bastard.
Wait till he finds out what you did.
Yeah, but, Vicky,
he ain't gonna find out, is he?
Is he?
You can take the gun.
Anything else, you've got to pay for.
You Donovan?
Well, I'm the only white
man in the room, so...
Where's my fucking money?
Whoa. (SIGHS)
I'm not too fussed with health and safety,
but that's a very big gun
for such a small room.
Don't be worrying about who I'm gonna shoot
and who I'm not gonna shoot.
I said, where's my fucking money?
Your money went toward a cocaine shipment.
That shipment is now in the hands
of Her Majesty's government.
It's gone.
Well, that kind of means
that's someone's fault.
And that someone is you.
So say goodbye, Donovan.
It's gone, but not lost.
- Wait. Let's hear what he has to say.
- What?
Can't have come all this way
just to give us bad news.
- You trying to tell me what to do?
- Advising.
Which is what you pay me for.
And, as your adviser,
I'm saying let's hear him out.
You can still pull the trigger
if you don't like what you hear.
He's like my adviser.
He's made me realise
that sometimes you make more money
if you don't act but listen.
I've got two propositions for you.
The first one gets back
some of the money you lost.
It'll be from the people
got caught with the shipment.
They screwed up, not me.
- I don't give a fuck!
- Let him talk, boss.
I tell you where they are.
You take whatever they have,
and if you feel like it,
you can teach them a lesson, too.
So we're liking that idea.
And the second proposition?
That's what the girl's here for, right? RB.
- Whoo-hoo-hoo!
Fuck, girl. You're a fighter, innit!
Ain't nothing gonna feel better
than muzzling you, bitch.
Not even grade-A heroin at $10,000 per kilo?
- Source?
- Afghanistan.
- Delivered how?
- You're not the guy in charge.
- I'm the guy who's keeping you alive.
- By ship.
- The south coast.
- How much?
As much as you can take.
We'll take 200 kilos.
- At eight K.
- I believe I said ten K.
You're too quick to talk.
You should listen to my adviser.
Trust me.
Nine. Payment beforehand.
This deal gets fucked up, then so do you.
And Lara Croft.
We'll need to know where to recoup our loss
and the new merchandise.
No problem.
Let us shake on it then?
- The cash room's through there.
- Zoe, keep away from the door!
- Dad?
Zoe, come on!
LOUISE: I need to get
the other girls out of here.
- I'll get Zoe out, come back and help you.
- I'll be fine.
Look me up sometime.
So this is a step down.
We have a good view of London.
It's safe.
- No one will find us here.
- Not even the owner?
DONOVAN: He won't be coming back.
But he won't mind.
Oh, geez. That makes this creepy.
I'm so happy to have you back.
I'm kinda keen never to meet
anyone you work with ever again.
I'll make sure that never happens.
There's, um...
A clean bed through there.
Food in the fridge.
A dead man's bed. Nice.
You can use the sofa.
Wait, are you going somewhere?
It's best not to ask questions.
Just know this.
I'm trying to sort everything out
so we can get on with living our lives.
And I suppose you're going
to handcuff me or something?
Why would I do that?
You know, so I don't run off.
After what you've seen and been through,
do you want to run off?
Come here.
My Zoe.
I'll make you some tea.
I'd like to see Louise again.
She was kinda cool.
You should see her with an M16.
- You are checking the currency rates?
- No, it's not my sort of thing.
I am surprised,
considering that you have
$60 million to spend.
I thought that you would be very interested.
Who are you?
I was born in a small village
outside of Nola, in Central Africa.
At the age of eight,
I was stolen from my mother
and shown how to use a gun.
I killed someone for the first time
on my ninth birthday.
At the age of 13, against my will,
I lost my virginity to a nun.
Two years later, so that would make me 15,
I killed the man
who took me away from my mother.
For the last ten years,
I've been paid to find, and sometimes kill,
people from all over the world.
You are one of those peoples.
What is the problem?
You asked me who I was,
or maybe that was
too much information for you.
Well, at least now
you can make an informed decision
on what you would like to do next.
Look, whatever he's paying you...
(STAMMERS)...I'll double it.
Fuck it, ten times more.
I forgot some fundamental information.
I am a professional, not a mercenary.
Ten times more the money, man.
My reputation is worth so much more.
I will not accept a new contract
until I have completed the active one.
That's a stupid fucking rule.
The only thing that is stupid,
my friend, is you.
The money is back in your bank account.
They had spent some.
And naturally, I have taken out my fee.
Of course. How are they?
Your wife is
- She had to be to marry me.
- Hmm.
And your accountant friend,
- well, he's enjoying the view.
- Did he try to do a deal?
- Yeah, they always do.
Can I talk with her?
I'm so sorry.
I'm sure you are.
I am. I... I didn't want to...
Why, Vicky?
You had the money before.
- What?
- So I know it wasn't about that.
That was his idea.
I wanted to give the money back.
- I just wanted...
- You wanted him.
Well, now you have him
- for as long as he can last.
That's it? You're... You're just gonna
leave me here with nothing?
That's the general idea.
I wanna come back.
This was a fucking stupid idea.
I shouldn't have. I just...
I just want things back the way they were.
Oh, by that, you mean rarely seeing Zoe
and never seeing me?
Give me a reason to let you back.
Do you know what? Fuck you.
I didn't wanna marry you,
but then you got me pregnant.
I didn't even wanna sleep with you,
but I was too drunk and high to say no.
If you're asking me what I want,
I want my life back.
Before I met you.
Before a kid ruined my fucking chance
at making a name for myself in the world.
My name, not Mrs Donovan,
not every fucking door opened for me
because people are
too scared of my husband.
- That's what I fucking want.
- Is that Mum?
- DONOVAN: Go back inside.
- Does she want to talk to me?
Zoe's here.
Daddy's little girl.
Do you want to talk to her?
None of this would've happened
if it wasn't for that little bitch.
Go back inside. It's cold.
You're gonna get everything you ever wanted.
Goodbye, Vicky.
Go to hell.
Maybe I will.
What would you like me to do next?
Cut her loose.
But he stays.
To keep your friend alive a little longer,
I suggest you lie in front of him.
It's to shield the water.
(MUFFLED) I'll fucking destroy you,
you fucking bitch!
Come back! Come back! Don't leave me!
want to get my daughter back.
FULLERTON: Is that why we're here?
DONOVAN: No, this is business.
FULLERTON: The heroin's coming in here?
There's constant loading, unloading.
We'll be low-key.
And I've paid off security
to turn a blind eye, in and out.
FULLERTON: Have you ever used these
guys before? They're Russians, right?
DONOVAN: It's the first run for me.
FULLERTON: Well, this is the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.
DONOVAN: Maybe. Maybe not.
After all this,
who knows what the future will hold?
FULLERTON: My investors,
they wanna know when.
It's happening tonight.
Fuck, really? Then I should...
You should go tell your investors
they're about to become stupidly bloody rich.
I'm gonna contact some people,
make things start happening.
Okay, Bogart.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Bravo, Jamie.
You turned out to be an exceptional choice.
I thought we was never supposed to meet.
I thought we should.
After all, things are moving quickly now,
aren't they?
This isn't how it works.
You, the recruiting,
the undercover work
you've done for the past three years,
it was all about getting Donovan.
So once you get Donovan,
what happens to me?
You couldn't have joined the Met,
Jamie, not with your record.
So all this time you've just strung me along.
Now it's bye-bye, Jamie,
thanks for the application.
And what now?
I can't exactly become a
covert source, can I?
No, you can't, Jamie. But what you can do,
is you can tell me what Donovan's planning.
I don't know.
You don't know?
I only knew about the coke deal
from being in the club.
- Oh.
- Just talk.
He won't tell me anything.
Is that right, Jamie?
Is that right?
Oh, you always were very good, LouLou.
Don't call me that.
So, sleeping with the enemy, eh?
A leopard never changes its spots.
Full of clichs, as usual.
Did you have to put your stiletto
all the way through Agent Harper's foot?
You know he's out of action
for three months now.
I needed it to be believable.
Well, it was that.
I got to Donovan. You should be thanking me.
Yeah, about that. Help me out here.
How is it that
I still don't know what he's up to?
He doesn't tell me anything.
Oh, how convenient.
You know, I don't why we ever thought
it would work with you.
A hookerjoining the police. What a joke.
Bastard. You good as made me do it.
Just like Donovan's making you do...
You know, I really think
you ought to have a little think
about what he might do
if he finds out who you really are.
Take it from me,
he doesn't treat informers very well.
When this is done, I'm out, yeah?
That's what you promised.
Yourjob was to tell me about Donovan.
He will kill you.
- He'll kill you in a heartbeat.
- Fine.
I've heard some things.
I followed him and Fullerton
down to the coast.
- You know, doing police work.
- Go on, tell me.
And then I'm done?
Or are you going to keep
popping up in my home?
Yep, you're out of it all.
Now, just tell me what you know.
What do you want?
What do I want?
Well, now, I want to be rich, happy,
and with someone who loves me.
Children would be nice.
Pretty much what every man wants, right?
I'm coming up short
on most of those things on that list.
Listen, we should meet again.
Break some bread.
If I met up with you,
I wouldn't be thinking about breaking bread.
Under all this pressure and you're still...
You're a funny guy.
Listen, I'm going to send you a location.
I'll expect you there in one hour.
Why should I?
Well, I know for a fact
that you have your daughter safely with you.
But you're telling everyone who will listen
that you have no idea where she is.
That's curious.
I do hope they don't find out.
You're late. That's just rude.
Actually, I was here half an hour before you.
Just wanted to see you were alone.
So you're hiding out
within half an hour of here.
Or perhaps I was late.
So... Tonight's the night.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The heroin from Afghanistan. Russians.
South coast. Docks.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm not wearing a wire, Donovan,
if that's what concerns you.
I spend my life being concerned.
Fucking hell. Your life must be terrible.
Always worried. Never knowing who to trust.
Not even your... Your fucking wife.
I gather you found her?
The accountant
What are you after, Hathaway?
I want your money, Donovan.
I want all your money.
Well, I don't have any.
Oh, come. Nonsense.
That's why I let the African know
where Vicky and her fuck buddy were hiding.
Oh, I'm sorry. It... It's all right.
I... I do know what you're going through.
My wife left me for someone else, too,
So Stewart was one of your men, was he?
Perhaps. Perhaps he wasn't.
Well, cut to the chase, Hathaway, please.
Of course.
You, um... You have a boat to catch.
Once that ship docks,
we'll have you for conspiracy.
I can prove you put the deal together
whether you take delivery or not.
You have nothing on me.
- Well, I have people undercover.
- You're lying.
And I don't know why
you keep talking about this ship.
How do you think
I know about that ship, Donovan?
The... The Russians? The... The heroin?
I'd say Jordan got busted, and he
turned a story to try and save himself.
Jordan? (CHUCKLES)
No. We're letting Jordan run around.
He's... He's vastly amusing.
Can you risk that I'm bluffing, Donovan?
I mean, even if we don't get you
for the ship tonight,
what will your customers think?
What will the network think
about being shafted for a second time
by the great man himself?
I really don't fancy your chances
in, or especially out, of jail.
Okay, to amuse you,
- how much?
- $20 million.
Huh. I said to amuse you, not make me laugh.
You've got nothing.
$20 million, I tell you the name of my man.
I don't care.
Oh, but you do. See, I know this personally.
You care a great deal
about who you let into your world,
your inner circle, your trust.
I never knew how to get you.
Couldn't get round your sixth sense.
The suspense is killing me.
Well, you joke, Donovan,
but the thing is,
it is killing you, isn't it, hmm?
You just have to know who it is.
$20 million.
There's my account.
You know you've signed his death warrant.
Well, his cover's blown now,
so he's not much use to me anymore, is he?
Donovan's paid you everything
he owes you and more.
So he obviously has gotten
his money back, right?
What about the deal?
- The one with the Russians?
- I... I don't know.
'Course you do. 'Course you do.
What I don't understand is why wouldn't
he give me the money personally?
He's trying to find his daughter.
Nobody's seen her.
And he just expects me to take off
just because he's paid me off?
That's what he said.
I mean, I think...
I think he's really pissed off at me.
I mean, for taking his daughter.
Actually, for losing his daughter. Huh?
He might be planning
some sort of revenge, right?
I mean,
why would he give you the money back
if he was planning on revenge?
You're right. You're right.
Maybe he is a man of his word after all.
(CHUCKLES) What a fucking lunatic.
Oh, well.
I got a little something for you, my friend.
For your troubles.
You're the new owner of this charming place.
Welcome to the drug and sex industry,
my friend. (CHUCKLES)
Oh, and, by the way, please tell Donovan
that I left for Colombia, will you?
Because this place, London,
it is way too fucking dangerous for me.
DONOVAN: Fullerton.
I don't believe it.
It was a great plan.
You find potential recruits
with dodgy backgrounds
before they join the force.
Take advantage of their desire to do good
by throwing them into your world.
No need for a cover story.
Nothing to slip them up.
You must have been very proud of yourself.
And now you're throwing him
on the pile for money.
Come on, Donovan.
I'm finally seeing things your way.
All undercover are scum, right?
Dispensable, right?
Fullerton's actually been
particularly effective.
He's given us some great
intel over the years.
I mean, it is true, we had some luck.
Your wife running off with all your money
meant that you had to sell your paintings,
and that's how you two met.
But, you know,
I always say these things are meant to be.
Here's the thing.
It wasn't Fullerton
who told us about this latest deal.
The one tonight.
Funny that.
Perhaps you have turned him properly?
But for another $20 million,
I can tell you how I do know.
You're relentless, Hathaway.
Who you working for now?
Uh, myself, predominantly, and MI6.
- Oh, the big league.
- Mmm-hmm.
I imagine they won't take kindly to traitors.
Oh, they won't find out about this.
It's all offshore. It's secure.
Besides, who's going to tell them?
And if a ship were to arrive tonight,
how many people would be waiting for it?
Well, that's all part of the deal
for the $20 million.
Can I trust you?
I'll have $40 million, Donovan.
It's a fair price to pay for my silence.
And for what you did to me.
Not going to open it, find out who it is?
We've got Donovan.
Are you sure?
Southampton docks, midnight.
Most of Afghanistan's
heroin export will be there.
Quite the party.
How secure is the intel?
100%. Like the Rodriguez cocaine shipment.
And all because my...
Because our plan is about to deliver.
Do you know what's in there?
Do you?
I can make a guess.
What do you want me to say?
The truth.
My mission was to bring you down.
But the lines became blurred.
You were nothing like they told me.
I struggled to see the evil in you.
It's all a matter of perspective.
I could see you changing.
And I could see myself
liking you.
Is that the truth?
Hathaway said you'd kill me.
He said he'd give me a way out
if I told him what I'd found out.
Now I know he lied about everything.
I'm sorry.
What are you gonna do?
What I always do.
Evening, gentlemen.
Nice to see you here for this one.
Nice to be invited
for this one.
So, Mr Donovan, before your ship comes in,
I'm curious as to how
we'll all be able to leave here
without being stopped by security.
- It's been taken care of.
- Humour me.
Just relax, man.
Man said it's taken care of, yeah?
Anyways, we got these.
Anyone try trip us up,
we'll play live-action Call of fucking Duty.
That won't be needed.
Security is part of the deal.
I'm paying them off
as soon as the ship docks.
Target ship has arrived.
Can we confirm the shipment?
Negative. Overlook Hotel,
see if you can get on board.
Keep eyes on Donovan.
Right. You can start unloading the gear.
Where are you going?
Pay off the security.
Weren't you listening to me?
- Where's Donovan going?
- SOLDIER: Container 237.
WARREN: Mr Donovan.
Why didn't you pay off the security
before the ship docked?
If the ship didn't arrive,
why waste money?
Can I come with you?
Who are you?
I'm the guy who's wondering
where you're going.
Who the fuck's that?
SOLIDER: Under fire! Under fire!
Weapons free! Weapons free!
Sierra 1, to your right.
Man down! Man down!
Target down!
Eyes on PM. Take him out.
SOLDIER 3: Target neutralised.
- SOLDIER 1: We have control. Intel coming.
- Where's Donovan?
No eyes. He's gone.
Fuck! Search the ship.
We're on the bridge. We're on the bridge.
No shooting! I have official papers.
There was fuck-all on the ship.
The Russians were picking up relief aid
for fucking Africa.
None of it had anything to do with Donovan.
What? Shit!
- Did you take him down?
- He disa-fucking-ppeared.
What a clusterfuck.
You said the intel was...
It was. It was rock solid.
Donovan must have...
You surprise me, Donovan.
Is that you?
I see you've found Louise.
I thought you'd let her live.
I thought maybe her charms
would have won your cock over.
Even though I despise anyone undercover?
Isn't that why you told me about her?
So what happened at the docks?
You keep talking about docks and ships.
I'm at a loss.
Fuck you. You know exactly.
Now, no more
of your misdirection and tricks, Donovan.
I've only ever had one trick.
That's to make the other guy
think he's the smartest player.
I knew you had someone on the inside.
Two people on the inside.
Now you've killed her and let Fullerton live.
I suppose he's worth something to you,
now you've got all those drugs to move.
I'm no longer in the drugs business.
Really? Wow. What a fucking saint.
Enough of me.
You've got my $40 million,
and I want it back.
Now why would I do that?
I'm guessing your bosses
aren't fans of you murdering either.
It doesn't matter
if you find the hidden camera.
I've still got footage of you
in a room with a dead girl.
An undercover agent you put in danger.
- So what?
- And I've got this.
Listen with Mother.
Oh, they won't find out about this.
It's all offshore. It's secure.
Fuck you, Donovan. Fuck you!
You never met Andrew Hathaway, did you?
MAN: No. Who's he?
He's the grand architect
of recruiting agents from people like you.
Like me?
Yeah. Like you, Warren.
And Jamie Fullerton, Louise Leigh.
The girl with Donovan?
- They were like me?
- Yeah.
"Were" being the operative word.
Hathaway sold them out.
Couldn't you have saved them? Step in?
(CHUCKLES) I never knew they were recruits.
I was in at the start,
but Hathaway kept it all clandestine.
That's MI-fucking-6 for you.
I always had a feeling about him.
His grudge against Donovan
was always more vengeance than justice.
- So I'm your big secret.
- Yes. Only I know that you're really one of us.
So what would have happened
if he'd made me, like he made the others?
Donovan only got to the others
because Hathaway exposed them.
We didn't get Donovan this time,
but with what you now know...
Hang on. At what point can I get off
this train and become a real copper?
I'm afraid this particular train
is never stopping.
If you want out, you're out.
But you'll be on your own.
That's not what you sold me on.
Things change. Sacrifices have to be made.
Why didn't you warn me
you were watching at the docks?
I could have been killed by one of those
trigger-happy task force fuckers!
But you weren't, were you?
You know, there's only one
big flaw in this whole thing.
What's that, Warren?
Everyone turned bad.
- Hello, you.
- Hi.
- How did he...
- Mr Donovan always knows.
What now?
You have a choice.
Can I offer you more money than...
That is not one of your choices.
Not one of my choices.
So what now? I jump or you push me?
Suicide or murder.
Oh, it will never look like murder.
Where's Zoe?
Cooking us supper.
- Oh, boy.
And I thought nobody could kill me here.
What is it?
Just thought I saw someone I knew.
It's idyllic.
It's just sea and sky.
It's beautiful.
And it's home.