Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (2020) Movie Script

"India" 1664
A piece of jewelry
"But there was someone who destroyed that heaven."
Remember, Tana
The fighter "who makes his sword will double his confidence in his sword"
If you want to hit a sword then you
have to be as fast as electricity
If you want to climb a rock, go to the top
If you want to fight, fight like a strong sun
What are you doing now, Tana?
you are very strong
There was bloodshed everywhere
Many were silent with fear
But some of them were fighting bravely for freedom
- I will come too
Take care of your mother and sister
Killings and looting were everywhere
Anyone who cannot give us
anything should give his life
.. all with all their might
They were fighting
This war was not about power, but about courage
A person who is not afraid of failure will triumph
My Father
My Father
My Father
My main strength is you, Tana
Every time they die and leave a fortune to their children
But I have a mission for you
To restore the freedom of this land
good luck
My Father
" seventeen years ago "
Destruction was widespread all over the
country, and despair was raging everywhere
Then a brave man ruled the mountains of India
His name was Maharaj (Chhatrapati Shivaji)
Shivaji was king and his power commanded him
Shivaji, with leaders such as Nurhan Beg,
was thinking of restoring the country
Among all his leaders, there were those
who loved him more than his right hand
true man
Commander (Tanhaji Malusar)
Tanhaghi: The Unknown Warrior
The enemy will destroy the country and make it burnt
Let everyone see where they are
To arouse all national pride
Born with confidence and hard training
He raised his people with his sword for the sake of the country's flag
... and won 40 battles
The enemy in Delhi from these victories was
not pleased "with Delhi in the year 1664"
He was preparing for a bigger war
Perpetual "Mughal" may prevail
Mr. Rajagi, who is weaker than you in front
of you to claim ownership? What would you do?
It will be destroyed
A new war was about to begin
War between the two angels
Instead of singing
He sat on the elephant and welcomed the war with an army of eighty thousand
And neither side was of the same strength
"There was concern about the face of" Shivaji
Ajay wanted to conquer a large part of the country
Then Shivaji ruled those parts
So there was no other way but war
Keep us alive,
God remove the sadness from us
And we gave strength
Now you just let us know
The Marathi army is alive
Or it will be destroyed by these monsters
Shivaji was afraid and needed more power
He was under attack from both sides
- Can't say much, but for how long?
No matter how prepared we are
But we are weak against them
If we want to defeat the enemy
We do not accept failure
There is only one way
To make peace
Send someone to tell me I'm going to go ahead with myself
Going to the Mongols means digging your grave with your own hands
But Shivaji of people and his soldiers were
important to the castle "Burandar" June 11, 1665
"Brother" Umrah Konkan
Brother I have bad news for you
His entire Shivaji government surrendered including here
The enemy took advantage of the situation
Shivaji Prison
And to get many benefits
They have started the crime again in the eyes of everyone
And the resumption of looting
What do you do?
We haven't delivered this temple yet?
Then you see
It's finally time to give it to us so it's better than now
Your King Shivaji handed all his rule to our king
North will be here too
So let them end their prayers
Then this temple for you
I can only do you a favor
- How dare you get out of here?
It does not matter if they give you a fuss
If you make a mistake, we will shed your blood
Calm down
We commit to wholesale
It's very understanding
Then you should go
Take away all flags from now on...
here and now on every corner
The magnificent Mughal property will rise...
Long live the Mongolian verdict.
But we are happy with that
This will not last long
Whatch out
Don't wear shoes?
The air is very hot and your feet are very cold
- His land may not burn
I will not wear shoes until our flag is raised again
"Umrah with our land, as I delivered my shoes to" Mughals
God, we will wait for victory again
Four years later
Four years have passed
Today, in some areas, the Mughal flag was raised, the Rajad Fort
But everyone still has hope
On a clear day, King Shivaji managed
to escape from the Mongols and return
Then they brought him some news
Sir, I teach you
As if you came with great concern
The news is...
That of Delhi government
He still wants to control the entire country
An army of two thousand men was sent to command the rotor hall
Oedipan !?
His name is very famous
Thirty-three years
It is very dangerous and the world is very trusting
But the universe does not trust anyone, sir
A few months ago, the king of Iran was in
Agra with his guests on the Yamuna Agra River
And play in the world of human chess
Here is the king of the universe
This is a horse step
"I forgot the king's soldier," Pahlavi said
Move your spine first
I'm here too
Let's take a serious step to destroy the soldier
The scientist was very happy with Audipan's
courage and made him part of the Royal Guard
And one night
Red Fort Delhi
Odeban brought me tomorrow
All he asked, sir
Why stand up
I want to conquer all of India
... and I want to
The "Mughal" flag is raised throughout the lands
And I want my master... the mission of this great and precious work
I get it for you...
We also opened half of India so far
We also control half the other half
I am very happy for your dedication and loyalty
So it will make you my commander in command
On that day I became a leader
This is not a devil
But it is nothing less than Satan
And now the devil has poisonous force and snake
The power of Audipan! Or his army of two thousand is not so important
The important thing is that he has an important weapon
The poisonous snake's name
It could reach thousands of revolutions
Can destroy a city with one shot
The larger and more resistant walls are also unable to withstand it
If you can get here
The restoration of "India" may become a dream
- You are talking about failure and telling the truth
Before fighting we must learn from defeat
It is not easy as you think
I myself accept the leadership of this war
No, sir
It is not a problem if thousands of soldiers die in this war
But do not let the catastrophe be upon you, dear one thousand come to mind
There is another leader...
Who could have won this war...
"Commander" Tanhaji Malusere
Infinite person
But we cannot tell him now
Why don't we say, sir?
At home where a girl will marry
One should not speak of murder
For the first time in many years
Happiness has come to her home
"Everyone fled with fear."
When I show my sword
Everything was one and a half and I believed in the Moon
"We are all very brave men."
From now on, we will celebrate every day
"From today there is nothing wrong with reaching the" moon
"There was smoke and darkness everywhere."
"I gave him the light."
It gave us strength and blessings and restored happiness
All the blessings she gave us made us laugh
Thank you for coming to my house.
"We are never afraid and" out of the way
We accepted all this talk of the moon
"We are all very brave men."
From now on, we will celebrate every day.
As of today there is nothing wrong with
"everything on our way to the" moon
Are you missing my father?
Whenever I hold this sword in my hands
I remember something...
He always said
Tania will get married very beautiful
But the world did not give him a chance
With the sword you make your blood
So if you cry, they no longer believe in your strength
"I will win every war," Savitri said
But in this war
I always lose
I will not let you lose
We are holding a wonderful marriage, Raiba
Its convoy is very colorful...
People only look
My father will be happy wherever he is
What if I see one?
There is nothing wrong with "Parvati" at the foot of Shankar, the goddess
But if I sat on the feet of my husband, there is nothing wrong with that
Amra, who will meet the couple a lot
Yes, this
But we only see each other's eyes when we see ourselves
I want to see both of us together
We do not see each other in this small mirror
He is coming now
I say beautiful lady and leader here too
But I do not understand what her relationship with the leader is
I told you he is a demon
But he seems to be interested in humans
Wow the commander is watching
How do I destroy it?
You will definitely be ruined
A widow raised from her husband's mourning
What man commits this sin?
When he gets angry, he becomes red
But you will become whiter and thinner
like the moon
God-fearing, adobeian
The fear of God raised my blood
But this desire is also fulfilled with my blood
And now he wants it
It goes on my body
wherever you are
I also
I do not change my name either
Because my name is also attractive to me
Shankariya Yes brother
Until I came back with Shivaji
Until then your eyes and sword should be very careful
I now have protection here
Boy, yes
The sun is shining from above
And you never end of your nap
Shut up, let's go
Shivajia "knows you a lot"
Let me tell you the truth that today there is nothing against you
If you think there is strength
"Shivaraj" ideas completely changed the country and history
I think you change history, too
Another person is writing history, so this is it
Who writes? I write -
Come, brother
It is too late for horses to get tired
Give me that brush
At the "Ripa and Shivaji" wedding you must have the party
If Raja doesn't come, you won't come too, right?
If I don't come, he will definitely come
I'll take a break
- Tell me, sir
Sir, I have news for you
Audbian will arrive at the Dokan Gate
My father is great here
Yes, Rajar, King of Marathas
We have come blessings
And if this does not work in vain with us
Nobody returns to the village
Ask your son Shivaji Marajaj whether he will come to our bride or not?
To a thigh
- We did not find the time to bless you
"Yurja's wedding."
"Who are we to invite? Yes" Hitma -
We will do the task first and then we will tell you
Can't we do anything?
Why, sir? Adeebhan soon will come
We heard that he would attack
On the one hand, Bishkek Khan and his army, on the one hand, and Udayban
In the middle of the war with the two of us will be destroyed
So what do we do?
We have a way
Of course Khan cannot harm us
Parents to fear Adeebhan
His Excellency the Sultan
Commander Tania arrived
She must have come to call me
be cerfull
Tania should not have knowledge
As our time progressed
You too will be broken
If India's hope is good for you then it will be
Are you okay? Yes, Your Excellency
Wow, we should come to you
Born at home
How can a mother expect more from this?
Shiva said that she will be out of the woods with milk
But I feel
That your son is back in this house
Get this to complete the ceremony
With the whole family
Bring him on
How is the wedding? - Great
In fact, the most important of all is the prayer ceremony
Waiting for this day? Heavily -
The first time you come
You are preparing for war
Remember, Raja said
We fought together a few years ago
I said it
He is brave enough to risk his life to save someone else
Now in every struggle I am in front of you
Your leader, our eyes are clear, welcome
Greetings to my master
Crushing the tree trunk and breaking the enemy's head are very different things
Everyone should be as brave as they can speak
I am not just talking
When it is time to show my strength and my courage
If His Holiness allowed the body to soften the synaptic
It is not bad to exercise a little
Tell me how it was
Don't want to finish?
I say that
Go and tell Tangy everything
Tell him that His Holiness hides something about you
It will fall between sugar, Raja and Tanagaji
And what if you become one?
Tangh, you will definitely win a chicken.
But he will not return
And what if "Raja" understands that I told him that?
Say it was necessary
Say that "Thanhaji" has threatened you
His holiness will hold you back
He will reward you
It was as if you were in politics first and then you got stuck
You have a good brain
Hit her anymore
Hello captain, please
Your store looks good
I want two faces
we see each other
So take this, sir
you too
- I was looking for you
I don't know why you're looking for me
There is one important issue
I get it
Forgive me, sir
I couldn't come to welcome you
Are you ready?
Yes I got involved
What is a conflict?
You explain to them
They reject my words
What was this, sir?
When I threw a cane, you put your right hand forward
Not your chest
When a threat comes in, you should not always protect your chest and move forward
You have to send your right hand forward
But this time I can't say the right thing
Why can't you?
Because her daughter's wedding
Is her daughter's wedding more important than this city?
Is her daughter's wedding more important to the life and life of Marathians?
Is it very important for her daughter's wedding that the
king lie to her boss and her boyfriend's girlfriend?
Is her bride so important?
Are you going to sacrifice yourself?
And give them all the sadness and let them win?
I'm going to destroy it
My job is to restore happiness to you
For me these tears are very valuable
When these tears flow my blood boils
He gave you a walk
Not Tania
- Please understand your son, madam
You are my son too
Your son when he wants to do something
This is an opportunity to be touched upon
May Allah give us strength
Upload banners and tell everyone
First we go to enemy war and then we celebrate
We have two ways
Or wait for his army
My master always tells you that
It was intended that their strength be weak
We will attack
We should go there
We have four ways to get there, sir
The former will pass through Sharnbad
Adeebhan does not take risks
The second is Kollamare Road
Directly from Aurangabad to Pune
Without a word
He will not go away
The third way across the country is to get to Pune
The longest way
not like that
And the fourth way, sir
The shortest path
From the mountains
The simplest saw
In what way are we going, sir?
We are going from Sherdon
Sherdon, Audban comes from Sherdon
We hope to get them in Sherdon
And defeat them
I want to give you something
- completing the mission
And your life is in danger too
Before Tana arrives in Sherdon, you must reach Udban
data? Tell me I am with him
Just take over, Shivaji
I will always serve him
Yes sir
Yehia Mahadeo
"Long live," Mahadeo said
listen now
listen now
what happened? We have been here for three days
We will not move forward
And the leader watches that woman all day and night
- Who is this woman again?
You did not understand anything
To be honest, first love is very devastating
Yes that's right
But today it seems silly
What is the matter?
One of the "bons" here
Dear Adopan
who are you?
Resignation letter?
- Yes, a small speech
This is for you, Jagat Singh
The message came from Chandra Singh
To tell the story
From the leader Marathi means that Tanhaji will go to the Sherdon Mountains
To attack you
I hope my friendship with you will be permanent
Why did you send me this news?
For friendship
With your friendship with Chandra Singh, you form your government sooner
You have to befriend your enemy's enemy anyway
Who is the enemy? Tanhajee Malusere -
Who is the friend?
You are a revolving "Audipan"
Few of our news
If the news is one of your news, I will be your permanent friend
And if you are not one
I am leaving this world
Sir, in the Sherdon Mountains, my approach
Waiting for his forces
I told
If so
I receive our friend
Be a little more careful
Don't miss it too much
- I'm not joking
With this army he will not leave the area alive
There will be a massacre
Where do they want to go?
The detective said that they would understand
From there they go
Yes sir
Let's prepare the army, sir?
From now on the army must always be ready
But sir
How do we go?
We are going from Sherdon
The leader, they are in between but seem very low
We are all marathons
What do you think of Mr. Adiban
Tears were thrown from the eyes of your enemy
Until now, Tanagee must be sad
Everyone jerk
The important thing is how to respond to this trick
Take your sword
Our soul is still good
Tania returns to the beginning
Tighten your steps again and try again
Let's go to Cougar now, not Syria
You are back to Roger
And watch out for everything
And where are you going?
I'm going to answer this trick
But they go
Odeban will see him Tania
It's time for Audipan to die and nothing to worry about
In Dukan v. Marathas
This is the first victory that I am saying, Udban
Pete Khan sent a letter to King Bresson stating that
the poisonous snake had reached its destination
And his rule grew
Turn it over
Take the mark
But sir
We are waiting for the king's order
Think about it once
We want a better victory
Sir, there is news about Deccan
"Adobean" arrived there
Now, no one can stop you from conquering all of India
There is a way to die and pressure death on you
And your problem is so big that no one can explain it to you
They make fun of all of you
Come on, do not look at the enemy who is looking at you
So I looked for you and followed you
I have said this for years
No matter how serious the problem is
There is definitely a way
Everything has a way
This has a price
And now they should be tired
Where does this road go
nobody knows
Years have passed but there was no one
listen now
There is a way for your weapon... at home
One in secret...
What a pain you can't get there
Why are you risking your life?
Dad I have God's help so why am I concerned about myself
you are right
I'm blind
But I also want to see freedom
Come to eat
There is one person who can help
"The Mughal of Martha, Admiral" Serenik
Sirink, is that you?
Yes sir
Sorry for the error last night
What happened last night?
He forgot the answer
We always told her to stay awake
He had to answer that I was on the alert
But he did not say anything
Sir, there were a few wild "pigs" going through me last night
If I shout, it will attack me
Was there a wild "pig" last night? Yes sir
Until today the milk stopped
Say no more
Stay awake
Tell me to hurry
Stay awake Tell me I'm awake
Stay awake
He didn't say that
Adobein "didn't make a mistake"
He is only punished
Always remember this
We have time to go
Anything happened
You do not tell anyone what happened here, sir
Search "Nick" in the woods but I didn't find the tiles
Like wild animals
Get to know him first
who is this
This is a corpse
She told me several times not to break the wall
But then again
Nick has serious consequences
Why you are not saying the truth? - what truth?
These poor people last night
Only once he forgot to say that he was on alert
How did you know that? A living person can lie -
But not dead
What does Nick say?
It is true
But what can we do besides silence against Adobe?
What I've done so far
I betrayed your land
Betraying your enemy now, why should we?
Whose? - For Yorav's sake
For your private life and for your secret
That Shivaji?
The person who did not think about this upon surrender
What would have happened to us -
We need your help to defeat this enemy
He has come here again and wants to kill us all
Yet you live in shame for the rest of your life
You can no longer leave your home on a clear day
They steal you from everything before your eyes
They take everything from you and you are the most important
Long live and says you can not do anything else
How much more do you want to kill?
The universe will open and Adian will kill someone like a court
We have to say every night and stay up and alert
Do you want this?
Turn the tile until there is a feeling of revenge inside you
But she can not count on you
Who are you at all
My name is
"Commander", Tenji Mauser
From today we will do what you say
I want to see them before defeating the enemy
We should see them
So tomorrow we have a party on the hill
Shankar, Shankar.
"Hold her tail."
Shankar, Shankar.
"There's always a fire going on in my chest."
"There's always a fire going on in my chest."
"My behavior is great."
"My mind is too high."
"My dance is like a sharp sword."
"And most of all"
"I got good things from everyone."
"This is my word everywhere."
"I have every place."
"Hold her tail."
"She dances and makes everyone dance."
"She dances and makes everyone dance."
"God is always behind me."
"There is a lot of strength and strength in my legs"
"I will remove any obstacle on my way"
"Hold her tail."
Shankar, Shankar.
"There's always a fire going on in my chest."
"There's always a fire going on in my chest."
"God forbid"
"God forbid"
"God forbid"
Why did you kill him?
Everywhere in the world, the penalty for treachery is only one game
who are you?
Yes sir
Arrest them with great respect
Behind them, there is a secret path with a secret door
Like she's so scared
If you had asked me about it before
you came, the bowl wouldn't dare come
If someone stops you and tells you, I am not afraid of you
So either Devonis or Marathi
You mean you're crazy?
Crazy King Martha is the King, the Territory and God
Soil and kingdom are for conquest
Don't be optimistic about what this person can do -
One calls heaven twice a day
before the sun rise
After sunset
... my upbringing is linked to emotions
He caused me water...
You can give it to me but I can take it
Then again
I can throw you in the ground
The truth is that everyone returns to their lands
But think about it if this soil brings you back
What happens to your body?
Unfortunate Vipan
This right hand is what you want to kill
If Tanhaji is here, Shivaji will definitely come here
My sword has just come out of Jugat Singh
And my bloodstained prayers
Now I'm not someone else
With this card you wanted to kill your enemy
You're right
The traitor is just one punishment
the death
We are both waiting now
You are waiting for death
I'm waiting, Shivaji
The more strength you get, the less pain you get
They asked for my help
For my sister
Perfect for her
We lived in a village
"The village was named" Vidipur
Udban was our guardian
All the children of the royal family were playing together
And one day
The prince was asked to attend a wedding
Udban told him that I love you
are you kidding?
My love is no joke
But I have no interest
but why?
In marriage, the two parties must be equal
As for I'm missing
I am not the only one... because you are a prince and I am just a princess
If only this would be fine
So what's the problem?
The issue of adoption
You are definitely the guardian but your mother
He got out of there and no one knew where he was going
And she married the prince
Then one day Audipian returned with the Mongols
He attacked the village
The Mongols "kill the ideal husband"
Bring the widow's widow fully with her
And you became friends with her to save your sister
... this is so bewildering promise
If our target is different but our enemy is the same
From now on, I will not sword in any marathon
You must entertain Udban by midnight
The Bavarian lived!
- There is a problem behind that and moving forward, yes, sir
She escapes and is searched for everywhere, yes sir
Where do we go, sir, we looked everywhere in the castle
But we did not find that
Was she hurt?
See when this hurts you
Wounds are healed
This painful
Send your people everywhere
Shoot every village that helps him
I want...
I apologize to you
Suddenly, I remembered Tanhaji Shivaji's promise
What about the promise we made?
Should we change the date of marriage?
This is how our reputation goes in the village
You are great and your honor is our honor
She feels that we have some preparation
for a wedding in our village, too
But we did not specify the exact date of the wedding
What is the difference if it is a few days late?
We don't want this wedding to be late one day
Please calm down
His brother swore an oath
First the victory convoy will start, then the Ripa wedding caravan
Okay, Shivaji
If I swear to God, we have accepted it
Shivaji is a human being, but not less than God
Remember this is an honor for all of us Marathists
When he is killed with his sword, we respect women and honor all people
You and I will be respected
If it bears the name of anyone
Nobody understands
You'd better die like a brave than live like a coward
But what if they fail?
God forbid, what if the disaster leader comes with a disaster?
I promise you
Everything that happens on the day after the due
date will definitely make your daughter our bride
Do you feel comfortable?
he is coming
The leader is coming
Get all ready for the wedding
All I asked my brother
What about the enemy?
One house, two doors and two Mughal soldiers
Big ball and adobe
You are like conditioner
But you cannot stop crying
I understand everyone
But how do I understand myself
say something
One aspect of maintenance and the other side of commitment to the relationship
Which one do you choose?
I can also ask a question
On the one hand, the mother's seal on the other hand, and the reign of your husband
Which one should I choose?
In the answer I can only say that
One side of human rights and the other side of human pride
Which one should I choose?
There must be courage with pride
Who can defeat you
Imagine what my reward was for winning the war
Why should I assume
You will definitely win
And I give you every prize I want
Then he promised me
When I returned to greet you with joy
your brother
Fear is not perfect
Aduban "goes out to do something"
I want to tell you something important
Tonight, "Tanhaji" is attacking his people here
Along with this
We will also be released
We just have to help her tonight
What about her brother?
"Accept marriage" from Adopan
Happy to celebrate and warm up
It is easy to do
Are you very confident in Tana?
I saw the tangible eyes of history
It will change very soon
Excuse me, sir
I committed my army to take care of it
Yes, there should be a fit of anger among your people
At the door of the house
Where did you go?
Nobody knows anything
You are looking for him but you cannot find it
That is why I have to take their lives
Again, think of me as I will forgive them
What kind of humor is this a joke game? It is not silly
Your desires and desires are fulfilled
Oh really?
I send this to you
What does this mean?
He said absolutely yes
You will be prepared again
- Sir
What do you give me a wedding gift? Whatever you say -
My Maluser approach
"Lift your sword."
My son, my son
Do some magic and show you courage
All enemies would be amazed
What is that? Lymph-
It makes the enemy stay awake
Today my last wish was fulfilled
It may be that God will return, Tianji said
My Father
Everyone says he has a strong army, artillery, and army
How do we defeat him? Well, tell me, son
Who won the battle against the enemy?
Fighting to the last breath -
who will win?
Who is the winner? Your leader, Masuri
God is your follower
It belongs to all of us
Does everyone remember their duty? Yes sir
I, two sergeants and "fifty" soldiers climb the abyss
If young people can't show it to us either
Me and three hundred people in front of the gate are waiting
I go upstairs and open the door early
When he will open her attack he must be on both sides -
We go through the door and I and behind you and your
people if you want to increase the number of people
What is your login? This is the sound
And the alarm
This is not my voice
"The crow's sound
Both Earth and War must be made
Each marathon must stand with a sword
These are my last words
I do everything to destroy it
And do not go
And do not leave
Long live God
be cerfull
Brother, no news about "Tana" yet
Trust the fate
Sir, we have been attacked
Sir, there is no hope for victory
you've been deceived
I get it
Take your sword
"And turn to the enemy"
"Attack them"
And make them a thousand pieces
"Do not be afraid because you have this day."
Something big has happened
The disaster has come
I have to go there now
But your leader swore an oath
Until you have no news of your victory, get out of the ring
Tears do not stop
This means that his blood is flowing
Arrange everything I should go to
"You will be eternal forever."
People leave an inheritance to their children and inherit our duty towards you
Restore the freedom of this land
Do your best to put out your fire
"The enemy will die and you will also be high in the country."
Do your best to put out your fire
"The enemy will die and you will also be high in the country."
It was our last war
Wake up, Tana
You did a great job
Tana sacrificed himself for the freedom of his country.
Thousands of people still remember him
Tana, save the whole country.
Auranzeb wanted to conquer the whole
country and that is still just a wish
Shivaji himself arranged for Ripa's marriage
Malusari also kept his promise to Tanagi
You will win and I will give you every gift
So I promised you to welcome me as a bride
"Every breath taken will be remembered"
"Every breath taken will be remembered"
"I will always remember you"
"I will always be for you and I will stick"
"I will always be for you and I will stick"