Tank 432 (2015) Movie Script

Oh, Jesus!
- Where the fuck have you been?
- Did they see you?
Of course they didn't
fucking see me.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm hungry. Tired.
- You look like shit.
- These fucking things.
Okay, we have to go.
Alright, go.
for fuck's sake, hurry up!
Hurry up, Karlsson!
Give me that fucking needle.
Oh, fuck!
Go on.
- Nearly there, nearly there.
- Come on. Hurry up!
It's Capper.
Gonna get you some
painkillers in a second.
- Shut your whining.
- Come on, please.
- Who are these people?
- Come on.
What the fuck
are they doing here?
How many did you see, Reeves?
I just heard them.
Around 20, maybe more.
Sounded like
an armored vehicle, too.
Alright, so in short,
we don't want to run into
those fuckers again, eh?
- Ahh.
- How's he doing?
I'm no expert,
looks like he hurt his leg.
Oh, please, hurry up.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
What did you see, Capper?
Fuck you.
Your fucking ma.
My money's on the fact
that Evans left his brain
in that forest,
and it was friendly fire.
- Oh, come on. Ah..
- For fuck's sake!
Oh. Argh. Fuck.
Come on.
Oh, fuck.
Think they're going
to follow us?
I think so.
I reckon they're heading north.
Oh, well. Either way,
we can't stay here.
- Karlsson?
- We can't move him far.
- Oh, that's fucked.
- Stick him.
Fuck's sake.
- Okay.
- Take your fucking medicine.
Fuck it.
Fuck it!
Ah, man of the moment, Evans.
Take a knee, son.
Alright, before you get
your head blown off
did you find anything?
Evans, did you find transport?
Evans? Did you find anything?
Jeep, unlocked,
- some building south.
- Great!
Karlsson, Gantz, you've got
what's left of Mr. Capper.
Reeves, you're on point,
Evans, you're our tail gunner.
Go on, take up the rear. Up.
- Right.
- I always get the shit jobs.
- Reeves, on point now. Go.
- Are you alright, mate?
No, it's my fault.
I froze. I fucked it. I could
hear them, and I fucked it.
Shut up, Evans,
get a fucking shift on.
It's my fault.
Are you ready? Move. Quiet.
Reeves, what do you see?
It looks like an old farm.
- Any sign of movement?
- It looks pretty deserted.
Fuck this gung-ho shit.
What do you reckon?
We've got the cargo,
we wait for Reeves
to give us the all-clear.
I found a Jeep.
Reeves? Reeves?
Yeah, I can hear a genny.
- Evans, let's get Capper up.
- I cannot go there.
Evans, you've not had
the best start
to this operation.
Let's not fuck it up anymore.
Now, suck it in, remember your
training, and get on with it.
He's getting sick, boss.
For fuck's sake.
Right, we'll take that sign
of Reeves as the all-clear.
Gantz? Off you go.
- You, up, up.
- Karlsson, help Evans. Go!
Up. Move. Move.
Reeves, you fucking rookie.
I remember
my first drink, Reeves.
Move. Move.
Get over here, against the wall.
Not as fit
as you used to be, huh?
I'm fine.
Let me have a little look.
No, no, I'm fine.
Let me.
Do not move.
Evans, stick Capper
on the back of the Jeep, eh?
Okay, okay, okay..
Karlsson, any day you're ready.
Don't touch, I'm fine.
- Have you any water?
- Yeah, do you not?
- No. I'm out.
- You drunk it already?
Yeah. Here.
Secure the area, Mr. Gantz.
When you're ready, Karlsson.
Yo, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's rationed.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
fucking hurry up, please.
Evans, now you've stuck him
in the back
go and try and start the thing.
Give me another fuckin' jab
'cause it's startin'
to wear off.
Do I have to tell you
I'm gonna give you one more.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Come on, Evans.
Alright, mate, alright.
Alright, alright.
- Karlsson, quieten him down.
- No!
Okay. Move over, quick.
Look at.. Look at me, you're
okay. Look at me. You're okay.
- No.
- Calm down, you're okay.
- It's fuck..
- You're okay.
Come in, Smith.
Go for Smith.
This fucking warehouse
is full of bodies.
- What?
- I think it's D group.
- How many?
- I don't know.
- I can't tell.
- Understood.
Check them for dog tags,
any identifying marks.
Evans, look at me, look at me.
Let me have a look.
There you are now, now,
you're grand, you're grand.
Look at me, look at me.
Look at me.
Come on, get it together.
Look at me.
Stay there.
- It's not good.
- Oh, really, Mr. Gantz?
Your subject the bleedin'
obvious, is it?
this is what we're gonna do.
Karlsson, you're gonna hold
Mr. Evans' hand
until he returns
to the land of the living.
Reeves, you're going to keep
your stomach contents intact
for the next five minutes,
grow a pair of clackers
and accompany Mr. Gantz
to find another way
out of this shit sty.
Now move it!
Good man, good man,
I'm gonna give you an injection
you're gonna calm down.
Karlsson, shut him up.
- There you are.
- Jesus Christ.
I'd be better
with a platoon of monkeys!
Yeah, come here, look at me.
Keep it breathing.
Keep it calm.
Looks like D team.
How can you tell?
Smith used to run a P&C
out of Fallujah.
Used to call these dickheads
the ZZ Top Brigade.
These lads were
at the top of the game.
They did jobs in the circuit
for years.
All mercs.
Careful how you use
that word now, Mr. Reeves.
Well, we're hardly
soldiers of fortune, are we?
I'd recognize these wankers
even without their heads.
Two hostages.
You can fucking count.
Smith should have known
they were here
at the same time as us.
Don't make any fucking sense.
Why do they always cut
their fuckin' heads off'?
Maybe they don't like feet.
Fucking hell.
There's someone.
Leave it, leave it, leave it.
Isn't life wonderful
mmm mmm
Isn't it fun to be
under the sun..
Oi. You alright, love?
Do you speak English?
- Is she armed?
- Show us your arms, love.
You ever seen
anything like this?
No. She's fucking
brainwashed or something.
- Do you speak English?
- Alright, she's moving.
Nice and easy, love.
Maybe we can explain
this mid-summer magic..
Okay, Reeves.
All seems right
with the..
- Grab her.
- Shut up!
- Fucking get Karlsson in here.
- Karlsson!
God. You know,
I'm losing her again.
She was definitely conscious
when you found her, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Come in, Smith.
- Go for Smith.
Oh, yeah, we got a gung here.
It looks like
she's been poisoned.
Put your gun down.
Please, hold her down.
Don't cry, don't cry. You're
okay. That's it. Hold her.
- I got it.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I got it.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's impossible
to tell how
without getting her
to a hospital.
- Is she gonna live?
- The chances are yes, but..
The girl comes with us. Move.
You gotta be kidding. Fuck.
Okay, come on.
How's she doing?
We've got company!
Raise your fucking weapon,
I think we should
probably go, don't you?
What about Capper?
He's sedated.
We can't fucking carry him.
We can't just fuckin' leave him.
Well, he'll seem dead
like the rest of them.
- It's the best chance he has.
- It's the only chance he has.
Reeves, bring the girl now!
- Fuckers.
- Come on.
This is fucking ridiculous.
Where the fuck is Evans?
- Fucking move!
- Smith, Reeves?
Come on!
Argh. Don't leave me in here.
- Come on, move.
- Where are you going?
Evans, get a fucking move on.
Come on.
- Evans!
- Come on, mate.
Come on!
What am I doin'?
- Come on.
- Come here.
- He's goin' back!
- Come on, mate.
- We'll have to go.
- Come on.
- Come on!
- Fucking come on.
- Come on. Come on.
- I'm okay. I'm okay.
Why have you
fucking left me in here?
- Have you any water?
- Look after your fucking self.
What the hell happened to Evans?
There's fuck all wrong
with Evans.
We could have kept
this team together.
Stay together, we stay safe,
you stay alive.
Fucking rookie cunt.
Fucking left me.
Don't leave me in here.
Ah, gentlemen,
glad you could join us.
So, what happened back there
was a massive fuck-up.
- No more, eh?
- We'll never outrun them.
We need to leave
somebody behind.
You volunteering yourselves?
They're gung' us down
and these bastards brought us
here in the first place.
Stop this.
To be clear,
anyone harms the cargo
I put a bullet in them.
They're fuckin' animals.
They're our paycheck,
Mr. Gantz.
Come on,
we got to stick together.
We need to find shelter.
Come on, up-up!
Reeves, give us a hand here,
will you?
Move. Move!
Why did Evans even turn back?
I don't know. I don't know.
She's not fuckin' part
of the mission.
Keep up.
We gotta find shelter.
It's going to be dark soon.
Oh, it's killing me.
Reeves, there's some sort
of armored vehicle up ahead.
Go and recce it, now.
Okay. Roger that.
Stay quiet.
Yeah, looks abandoned.
- Reeves?
- Yeah, looks clear.
Okay. Reeves has given us
the all-clear.
We're gonna advance
on the vehicle.
Gantz, you're our tail-end
Charlie, look after our rear.
Karlsson, bring the girl.
Go, up.
Move. Move.
Three, two, one.
Oh, Christ.
What's happening, Gantz?
I need some fucking support.
Enemy in sight!
We need to get
into this Bulldog now.
There's only room for six.
Well, choose one.
Make the choice so we can
close the fuckin' hatch!
Is she going to make it?
No, I need to work on her now.
The girl stays, wrong choice.
Karlsson, get that girl
in the van now. Help her.
Gantz. Come on.
Come here,
you dirty fucking bastard.
I'm gonna look into your
fucking eyes when you die!
Fucking bitch. Argh. Fuck!
No. Go and get
what's left of the cargo.
- Fucking joking.
- No.
Well, get in. Get in.
Close the hatch.
Close it.
For fuck's sake.
I left my fucking rifle
out there.
Never kill the fucking cargo.
They were trying
to fucking kill us!
What, with both hands tied?
Two starving hostages,
Jesus Christ.
You probably killed this one
as well, Gantz.
- Something's fucking wrong.
- Face no work.
Right, we got enemy,
we got enemy approaching.
I could only see one of them.
No, they've got round the side.
They would have approached
the APC
they wouldn't have
approached it.
I can't see fuck.
Do you think it will last
for half an hour?
Karlsson, once you've sorted
her out, have a look at Gantz.
See if you can stop
that bleeding.
Give him something for the pain.
Get him to shut up.
- Suck it in just now, Gantz.
- Oh.
It'll get to you in a minute.
- Okay.
- Fuck.
- How's she doing?
- Yeah, she's fine, she's okay.
- Fucking hurry up, Karlsson.
- You'll be fine, Gantz.
It's just a little flesh wound.
Fuck's sake, Karlsson,
just fucking stick me...
Shut the fuck up, Gantz.
It's a flesh wound, it's fine.
Stop moaning.
Can we get to drive
this component?
It's jammed solid.
Get the fucking animal
away from me.
What, the one you pair
didn't manage to kill?
- Taking fire.
- Quiet.
Okay, they're here,
they're fucking here.
- Where's it coming from?
- Oh, shit.
They're checking for weak spots.
They won't find any.
These Bulldogs
are built to last.
Okay, they're here.
They're here.
Right! Shit.
Hold it. For fuck's sake.
They're fucking everywhere.
We're fucking surrounded.
- Fucking door..
- Hold on!
Jam it.
Hold it.
Fucking hold it.
- The fucking thing's opening.
- Karlsson, go to the left.
- Fuck.
- Kick it!
Fuck. Fuck.
For fuck's sake.
- They're not gonna get in.
- Okay.
The door's jammed.
Are you saying we're fucking
stuck in here?
Do you really want to go out
there again, Mr. Gantz?
That will be your second wise
move of the day.
Here, get his hood off.
Give him a little bit of air.
Here, I'll do it.
You are fucking kidding me.
Fuck's sake.
Well, you put us in here.
What now?
Well, as it looks like
for the first time in 24 hours
no one's trying to kill us
I suggest
we use this time wisely.
Get some shut-eye.
Don't know when we're gonna get
the chance again.
That's a good idea.
Oh, I won't be able
to fucking sleep.
You got something to help,
- Yeah, here.
- Right.
Here you are.
- Take one of those.
- Thank you.
What's that smell?
Well, whole place
is surrounded by death.
You'll soon get used to it.
- What are you writing?
Just notes.
Wouldn't want to forget
any of this, would we?
Oh, well. We'll just
let them sleep for now.
They'll soon be awake.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, God.
I need water.
Haven't got much to go round.
The door's still jammed.
Well, it would appear
for the moment
that we're trapped inside here,
but at least we're alive.
For how long?
We're out in the open here.
We're like a fucking turd
on a billiard table.
Well, any chance of getting this
thing moving, Mr. Gantz, hmm?
Last time I looked,
the business end was that way.
- She should stay back there.
- Yeah.
Keep out the road.
Yeah, I think there's
enough room to squeeze through
if I pass the remaining boxes
back, huh?
I don't think so.
Price tag's mine
on this one, rookie.
There's a dead body back here.
You're not fucking helping.
Get your foot out of
the fucking way, you fat cunt.
Fucking move, you fuck!
Mate, can you hear me?
The hatch is welded shut.
Can't fucking budge it.
Come on, you iron piece of shit.
Gantz, how's it looking?
Fuck off, Reeves.
It's dead.
Fucking lifeless..
Gantz, we need to keep trying.
Fix it if you shut the fuck up.
And get out of this
fucking tin can.
How's it looking?
Engine's been immobilized
And the tools we need to fix it
are in the access hatch
on the outside of the tank.
We can remove
some of the access panels
in the driver's compartment
and reach into the engine
from the inside.
But we need a toolkit
to remove the oil rivets first.
Any fucking ideas?
Oh, fuck.
Think I got something here.
Fuck is that?
Careful, Mr. Gantz.
What is this?
"Kratos." Don't know.
- Let me see.
- Yep.
Strength and power.
It's ancient Greek.
What the fuck
is she talking about?
Let her speak.
In ancient Greek,
Kratos is strength and power.
I was a teacher.
Kratos was the guardian
of Zeus, God of Gods
and him and his brothers
would wage war
at anyone who opposed them.
And what's it doing in here?
This is bullshit.
And she's fucking crazy.
- Let me out now.
- No, no, no.
Gantz, Gantz, Gantz..
Gantz, fucking what are
you doing, man?
- Relax.
- Sit down, sit..
Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.
Sit down. Okay?
- Are you okay, huh?
- No.
- Let me see.
- I need to take a shit.
Let's concentrate
on getting out of here.
As quickly as possible.
Here, I'll put it back.
Well, let's search for more.
Not much left on this side.
I got a toolkit here.
Keys to the kingdom, eh?
That might just do it.
You sedate her, yeah?
- Sedate her.
- No!
Will you fucking sedate her?
- It's okay.
- It's alright.
Fucking hurry up.
You're okay, sweetie.
Keep it..
You 're okay, sweetie.
Will you fucking hurry up, yeah?
- Okay?
- Let's get your arm.
There. There you are.
There you are.
Let's get her up.
Ah. Fuck it.
Right, everyone get some rest.
We'll start again
in the morning.
No, I'm alright.
Thank you.
Why are you always writing
in a book?
What is that?
You're writing a story
to read to us all.
You give me that book back.
- Smith..
- You give me back that book!
Are you alright?
Here, take this.
You need to keep warm.
You're just a mercenary,
aren't you?
It's not like that.
I wouldn't trust
a single one of you
and it is like that.
It's exactly like that.
Well, consider it a blessing.
You'd be dead otherwise.
I can see that you know
something's not right here.
There's a lot of things
not right with this place.
I can't remember anything.
That's weird.
How long you been a teacher?
- What?
- How long?
Why does that matter?
- Why were you taken?
- I don't know.
What is going on?
- What are you doing here?
- Why are you here?
Doing a job.
I know that you're a liar.
You don't know
anything about me.
What have you done?
- Are you a terrorist?
- Come on.
Why are you wearing
an orange suit?
I don't know.
Go to sleep.
They're attacking us.
They're attacking us again.
- What is that?
- Shh.
- Ah. Gantz.
- Turn it off, turn it off.
- What is it?
- Shut up.
You see it?
You see it?
It can't be, it can't be.
It can't.
What the fuck are you writing?
Just... leave it.
Why are you always
writing in a book?
What is going on?
What is that?
Just leave it.
You're writing a story
to read to us all.
You give me that book back.
You give me back that book.
You give me back
that fucking book.
- Gantz.
- Fuck!
You don't understand.
You don't understand!
Gantz, you alright?
Couldn't sleep.
Thought I'd crack on.
What is that?
There's fucking orange shit
Gantz, what's the story
with the engine?
Can't reach it.
- You just keep going, alright?
- It's fucking hopeless.
Fuck this.
Fuck this.
Ah! Ah!
Can't breathe.
Gantz, are you alright?
- Oh.
- Gantz!
- Oh.
- Gantz, what's happening?
Gantz, I'm coming in.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Fuck. Gantz?
- Let go of the knife.
- I can't!
Let go of the knife.
Come on. Come on.
It's alright. Okay?
I'm here, it's alright.
- What do you say to me?
- S... sorry.
- SOrry?
- Sorry.
- Alright.
- I can't fix it.
I can't fix it.
It's okay.
- I'm not going back in there.
- Why?
I'm not going back in there.
I've given him a sedative.
It's gonna slow his heart rate
down, keep him calm.
- What's happened to him?
- I don't know.
Looks like he's ingested
- Ingested what?
- I don't know.
But something isn't right here.
Yeah, right,
this is what's gonna happen.
You're gonna wrap it.
You, Reeves, get up the front.
Figure out what happened
to Gantz
and get this fucking
shit heap started. Now!
Get on with it!
Watch his head.
Ah. Okay.
Oh. Come on!
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
Smith, look.
Look, look. Look.
So fucking what?
Oh, come on.
Oh, my God.
How the fuck can it be Evans?
What the fuck is this? Smith?
Oh, Karlsson, is the fucking
record stuck or something?
I don't know.
Just get on with it, do your job
and try and find
something useful.
They've got my file.
Oh, my fucking God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
There's medical reports here.
They've got tests on us.
There's been experiments.
It says deceased on it.
- What the fuck is this, Smith?
- I don't know.
What the fuck is going on?
I've never seen anything
like this before, alright?
I don't know.
There's your fucking file.
Fuck off.
What the fuck is this?
what the fuck is going on?
- This is impossible.
- Well?
I knew there'd be casualties.
I didn't think"
They're our files, Karlsson.
They're our fucking files!
What the fuck is this?
'Twas a morning in July
I was walking to Tipperary
When I heard a battle cry
From a mountain overhead
As I looked up to the sky
I saw an Irish
soldier laddie
And he looked at me quite
fearlessly and said
Oh will ye stand in the band
like a true Irishman
And go and fight
the forces of the crown?
It's Ca..
It's Capper.
Will ye march with O'Neill
To an Irish battlefield?
For tonight we're going to
free old Wexford town
How is everybody in there?
How ya doin'? Huh?
Capper? You're alive!
Yeah, man, I'm very much alive.
Where have you been?
More alive than I've ever
been in my motherfucking life.
Capper the door's jammed,
we're trapped.
You've got yourself a little
bit of a predicament then
I would say.
Hold her, Smith.
- Fucking hold her!
- Oh, fuck her.
Fuck you!
Oh! Come on.
Just help us get the door open.
Why the fuck do I want
to let you.. What you..
You wouldn't be happy out here.
You wouldn't be happy out here.
You wouldn't know what to do
with all this freedom.
You got each other.
I don't.
- I'm all out here on my own.
- Please, Capper.
You should have fucking
thought about that
before you left me there.
You left me to die.
Th... there wasn't
enough time, mate.
There's never enough time,
my friend.
But you have enough time
now though
in the belly of that Bulldog.
We had to run.
- Oh, you had to run?
- What?
- Why did you fucking run?
- Why was I running?
Can you remember why you ran?
I don't think so.
We were, we were run..
We were running from..
You ran and you didn't know
why you ran.
Do you want me
to jog your memory?
Okay. Oh, Jeez.
Come on,
will you fucking help me?
Oh, fuck. Okay.
There you are, there you are.
It's been so lonely
without you
You're my little baby"
Oh, Ca..
You fucking left her, too.
But I went back.
Why couldn't you carry me?
Why couldn't you
fucking carry me?
Capper, what have you done?
Fear makes a man run, Reeves.
- Fear.
- Oh, Capper.
You can run
but you can't hide baby
Old Capper's gonna find you
Okay. We've got her
for the moment.
We need to get these two
to a hospital, okay?
We need to get out of here.
It was a morning in July
I was walking to Tipperary
When I heard a battle cry
From the mountains overhead
As I looked up to the sky
I saw an Irish soldier
- Capper.
- Capper?
Fearlessly and said
Band like a true Irish..
Jesus Christ.
Forces of the crown
Or will ye march
with O'Neill
To an Irish battlefield
For tonight we're gonna free
old Wexford town
We're fucking stuck in here.
Why don't you fucking
spoon each other
you dirty little sardines.
Is that you, Smithie?
Oh, Smith, mon capitaine.
Listen to me.
This isn't a game.
You let us out of here,
nothing will happen to you.
No harm will come to you,
Yeah, fuck you, Smith.
Don't you fuck with me.
Hey, Smithie boy,
you know better than anybody
how this game ends.
You worked it all out,
haven't you, Smith?
You writing it all down
in your little notebook?
You still got
your notebook, Smith?
Fucking Capper.
Write it all down.
Watchin' everybody.
Making little notes
in your notebook, man...
Yes. Fuck you, Capper!
- Yeah, fuck you too.
- Fuck you!
Fucking lot of youse.
I ain't opening no fucking door.
Come on.
What about you, Karlsson?
My little sister of mercy.
Florence fucking Nightingale.
Little Dr. Death.
You just fucking drugged me
and left me for dead.
I was only wounded,
and you left me!
Shoe's on the other foot now,
Riddle me this, Karlsson?
Have you worked out yet
what you' re 'gagging them with'?
Have you worked that one
out yet, sweetheart?
Fucking Florence Nightingale,
my hole.
Fucking vinegar tits,
hard like a swinging brick.
I was just fucking wounded!
Where were youse then?
Where the fuck were you then?
Fuck you, Capper!
Fuck you!
It wasn't meant to be this way!
- What wasn't?
- Fuck.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
What wasn't fucking meant
to be this way?
Let us out!
Just fucking wounded
and you left me for dead.
And you want me to let you out?
Fuck you and your
nylon underwear.
You're staying in there.
What wasn't meant to be
like this?
Smith, what the fuck
is going on?
Look at me.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Ooh, Reeves, it sounds like
you're in charge now.
What was not supposed
to fucking be like this?
Come on then.
And now,
a word from our sponsors.
We thought this thing
wasn't gonna work.
Oh, baby, it works, all right.
Up yours.
Stuck in a fucking tank.
Oi, oi.
Da da da da da
la da da da da
Come on. Hey, hey.
Des toros, des toros.
Des toros.
Come here.
Faster. Faster!
Toro! Toro!
You're gonna die, Capper.
Oi. Toro.
Come on, son.
Reeves, come on!
Why are you runnin' off,
you big fuckin' fanny?
I'm here!
I'm waiting!
Oh, fuck. Fuck.
Come on.
That's it, son, turn around,
come to daddy.
- You're mine, Capper!
- Here we go.
Fuck you, Capper!
Fuck you, Reeves.
Come here, Capper.
You nearly got me
where you want me, son.
I can't run anymore.
Where is it?
Come on, you big fuck.
Hey, Reeves.
You got me
where you want me, baby.
I'm lying on my back for ya.
I couldn't make it
more fucking easy for ya.
That's it, Capper.
I'm all yours. Come on,
take me, you big metal bitch.
Thank you.
A survivor.
It worked.
Get me, get me, get me out.
Neutralize him.
Fuck, get me,
get me out of here.
Get me out of here!
Oh, please. Please.
Attention, all staff.
Please clear test zones
and return to your work station.
The experiment
is about to begin.
The experiment
is about to begin.