Tantiram (2023) Movie Script

[Narrator] 'The Gods and evil forces
have worked together'
'to churn this ocean in order to acquire,
the elixir of immortal life.'
'To prevent it from falling
in the wrong hands...'
'Lord Shri Maha Vishnu disguised
himself in to a lady, Mohini'
'...making her the most beautiful lady
in the universe.'
'Not only the evil forces but the Gods
are also mesmerized by her beauty.'
'Lord Brahma himself has never created
such beautiful woman...'
'...and he wanted to create
a woman more beautiful than Mohini.'
'So created a beautiful girl.'
'She is Ahalya.'
'Ahalya, the daughter of Lord Brahma...'
'entrusted the care of his daughter
to the famous sage Gouthama Maharshi.'
'She gained knowledge
while residing in his Ashram,'
'Ahaliya grew as the most beautiful woman
in the universe.'
'Ahaliya, who is still young,
was brought to Lord Brahma.'
'Gouthama Maharshi advised lord Brahma
to find the suitable match for Ahaliya.'
'Lord Brahma said that there is no better
match than you.'
'and gets Ahaliya married to
Gouthama Maharshi.'
'Even Gods and many other mortals
long for Ahaliya.'
'Only Lord Indra, nevertheless,
is willing to sin.'
'As soon as Gouthama Maharshi departs
to bath in a river...'
'Lord Indira, disguises himself
as Gouthama Maharshi...'
'and gets physical with Ahaliya.'
'While leaving the house...'
'Lord Indra gets caught by
Gouthama Maharshi.'
'And immediately he realized the sin...'
'He gets furious and curses Lord Indira.'
'And he turns towards Ahaliya...'
'Curses Ahaliya for her misdeeds,
causing her to forfeit her beauty'
'...turning her into a statue,
unable to eat or drink.'
'Are you thinking that I am repeating
the same known story?'
'Hold on...'
'A similar incident occurred
at Ajay's village.'
'So now let's listen to Ajay's story
in his own words.'
'Let's watch and listen.'
[Ajay] 'In desperate times,
taking help from the wrong person...'
'is a bigger mistake.'
'Because, those wrong people
will ruin our life.'
'In our lives, we face both
good and bad days.'
'In simple words...'
'Benefiting us is also advantageous
for those in our vicinity.'
'And bad means...'
'Unfortunate losses incurred.'
'And there is one more thing
which might happen.'
'Which is beyond our imagination.'
'I didn't expect something like this
will happen to me.'
'My name is Ajay.'
'I work for a company in Hyderabad.'
'Are you curious about their
serious conversation?'
'I've come to village after a long time.'
'We are discussing about the night party.'
'And finally we've decided to party
at a place.'
'Small choices at times hold the power
to change our lives significantly.'
'Something like this story.'
[Thunder rumbling]
[Thunder rumbling]
Damn! We had to travel so far to booze.
The mess you made last time
has forced us to come this far.
You were totally drunk and spoke
to your girlfriend...
...and said 'I love you, darling'
'I miss you, darling'.
You were flirting with her.
And the response was...
'Are you drunk!?'
that is when he realised...
...that he called dad
instead of girlfriend.
Stop it.
Do you have to joke now?
Stop laughing?
From that day onwards,
his father has been tracking us.
We had to come this far to evade him.
I'm bored, Ajay.
Tell me a horror story.
...why do you want to listen
to a horror story...
...when we are boozing in peace.
Look at your surroundings, bro...
It's pitch dark. Nothing is visible.
Situation demands it.
Begin now.
It's an horror story but based on
a real story.
I'll tell you a real story in our village.
By the way...
...does anyone of you know about Jinn?
I know the Jinn which we drink.
Shut up!
Are you talking about the Genie
from Aladdin movie?
Yes, right.
It's not friendly like they show it
in movie.
For clarity...
...let's know about it first...
...and then jump in to the story.
[Ajay] 'In this universe...'
'...Jinn are psychic beings.'
'Just like how God created
human beings...'
'...he also created Jinn.'
'They live amongst us
in a parallel world.'
'They can see us but humans
cannot see them.'
'Too witness them...
they have to reveal themselves.'
'Jinn has some amazing powers.'
'They are ten times more powerful
than a human being.'
'If required...'
'...they will disguise in human form...'
'...or an beast form.'
'But God imposed strict rules on them.'
'The most important rule is...'
'...Jinn can never have
physical relationship with women.'
'And if they do...
God will never forgive him.'
'So, most of the time...
Jinn will always follow the rules.'
'But some Jinns will rebel...'
'The Jinns which desire to have sex...'
'...will target our loneliness.'
'When we feel lonely...'
'...they will contact us.'
'If we respond to them...'
'...it means we are trapped
in Jinn's loop.'
'Now we are going to witness
a Jinn's story.'
'In those days,
outskirts of our village...'
'...there was 'Adilakshmi Fireworks'
crackers factory.'
Do it quick.
'He is Adhiban.'
'He owns the factory.'
'Don't be surprised looking at
the dark surrounding.'
'In these factories... there is
a high chance of fire accidents.'
'So minimum electricity and more safety.'
Balachandran is waiting for you.
Let's go.
What? What happened?
'After reading the letter...'
'...he realized that his wife eloped.'
Sir, your wife eloped with someone?
[Gasps] Eloped?
[Ajay] 'As the time passed by...'
'...Balachandran was helping his dad
and eventually forgot his mother.'
'But Adhiban has chosen another way
to forget wife.'
'Back in those days,
Adhiban's village had strict rules.'
'It's a crime to get married again
when wife is alive.'
'If someone does it,
they are banished from the village.'
'Within the year his wife eloped...'
'...Adhiban built a new house
in the outskirts of the village...'
'...a mistress was along with him
in that house.'
'Adilakshmi Fireworks'
I am getting married soon.
Hey Kasi, come here.
Today is your birthday, isn't it?
Yes sir.
Happy birthday.
Thank you sir.
[Ajay] 'Keeping his mother in mind...'
'...he grew hatred towards women.'
'Adhiban got his son forcefully married
to a beautiful girl.'
'Her beauty took everyone
in the village by surprise.'
'All the women in the village...'
'...are jealous of her beauty.'
'Her name...'
I don't like this marriage.
My father had forced me to.
I don't know if I will accept you or not.
Forgive me.
[Anklets tinkling]
It's getting late...
...you have to go to the factory.
So I woke you up.
Okay, go.
Why don't you eat and go?
I'm not hungry.
And one more thing.
Don't call me 'Dear'.
Just call me Bala.
You didn't attend sir's wedding, right?
Sir's wife is beautiful.
He is very lucky.
How long will it take?
We're done.
[Ajay] 'After marriage...'
'...factory responsibilities were
handed over to Bala.'
'Adhiban was staying with his mistress.'
'One side without wife's support...'
'...on the other hand without father's
support to run factory...'
'Balachandran was always lonely.'
'When he was spending lonely days...'
'...one day.'
[Muffled voice] 7860.
[Light flickering]
[Calculating amount]
[Jinn voice] 'I told you the same number,
Don't be scared.
This is not real.
This is just your imagination.
[Jinn voice] 'Stop, Balachandran.'
'Feels like you are dreaming, right?'
'I will tell you a truth that
no one knows.'
'Will you believe me then?'
'Five years ago...'
'...someone stole money at the factory...'
'...around 10,000 rupees.'
'You told Vembu stole the money...'
'...and your father fired him.'
'But your father doesn't know that
it was you who stole the money.'
'You lost the stolen money
while playing cards.'
'Do you remember?'
How do you know that?
Who are you?
[Jinn voice] 'My identity is not important,
'Only the benefit that you gain
from me matters.'
[Ajay] 'Balachandran got scared
and told his father.'
In factory related work
you will have tensions.
Because of the tensions you will get
weird thoughts. It's very common.
No, dad... listen to me...
If you can't handle the factory
responsibilities, tell me.
I will handle it!
Don't tell me stupid excuses.
Bala. Bala.
Dear, you can't sleep hungry...
...should I get some rice?
No, I finished my dinner.
I went to meet my father.
I ate with them.
[Jinn voice] 'If you can't handle
the factory responsibilities, tell me.'
'Only the benefit you gain from me
is important.'
[Crying sound]
Oh, God!
What happened?
I've always had these bad dreams
since childhood.
When I woke up in the middle of the night
my mother would be on my side.
She would give me a hug
and put me to sleep..
One fine day, when I woke up
in the middle of the night...
My mother wasn't there by my side.
I didn't tell this to anyone
but I was really scared.
Eventually as I grew up...
the fear has become anger.
That is the reason I won't let
anyone near me.
It's my fault to punish you
for my mother's mistake.
Forgive me.
It's okay.
[Thunder rumbling]
"I found a partner after so many days..."
"For the first time we've become closer"
"As she kept following me..."
"...I've looked down on her."
"Forgive me."
"Oh love, this is the first time
our hearts have become one."
"Oh love, your my ecstasy"
"I can't even breathe without your glance"
"Stay with me forever."
I'm coming.
Why did you come here, sir?
Get me some water.
Please get me some water.
I'm sorry,
I couldn't attend your wedding.
I'll see you soon.
"You are a garden of flowers.
I'm a breath of fresh air."
"Grant me the opportunity
to get arrested by you."
"I'm the shore and
you are the plunging waves."
"Bless with a chance
to touch your feet."
"Capture me in your deep eyes."
"I'll make you my queen
for the entire life."
"I'll be your shadow
and never leave your side."
"I'll be with you throughout
your journey."
"The heart that called for
so long has finally responded."
"I ached for his companionship
all this while."
"Finally, my dreams are coming true."
"All my worries have been resolved.
I'm finally laughing with all my heart."
"Oh, Love, what is this celebration?"
"Oh, Love, is this moment sealed
with honey?"
"Without you, I wouldn't exist."
"My life resides in your body."
[Ajay] 'After all the fears of Balachandran
have been driven away by Alagini's love'
'he goes back to his factory without fear'
Hello, sir.
Did you get the stuff?
- It will come later.
We need to talk for two minutes, sir.
Tell me.
When father was handling the factory
there was lot of credit business.
And you stopped giving credit.
We're not able to sell the stock.
The old creditors are least bothered.
If this continues all are stock
will get wasted.
Send me the due list.
I'll take care of it.
Greetings, madam.
- Greetings.
[Clears throat]
Why did you come here?
I would've come home in a while.
Do you know what time it is?
I am busy with some work.
[Light flickering]
Kasi will clean it. Let it be.
Clean it up.
Okay, I'm going.
Come home early in the evening.
Okay, take care.
[Engine starts]
[Jinn voice] 'Bala-chandran.'
Who are you?
What do you want?
[Jinn voice] 'I already told you,
'It doesn't matter who I am.'
'Only the benefit you gain from me
is important.'
What is the benefit?
'Your father doubts if you can
handle this business.'
'Let's turn his doubts in to trust.'
How does it happen?
'Show him the profit which he has never
witnessed in his entire experience.'
'If you can show it in the business.
It will happen.'
You will do this?
[Jinn laughs]
How do you benefit from it?
'For this favour you have to help me.'
As expected.
I knew you wouldn't do this
without any expectation.
Tell me. What should I do?
'I need your wife's drop of blood.'
'Hold on, Balachandran.'
'Just give me one answer
before leaving.'
'Think about our discussion.'
'Did I scare you?'
'Or threaten you?'
'Or did I ask you to kill someone?'
[Jinn laughs]
'All I asked is for a drop of blood.'
'You can bring it without
your wife knowing it.'
'Think about it.'
'For one drop of blood...'
'your victory beyond
your imagination...'
'...and respect.'
'I can give them to you.'
[Jinn laughs]
[Jinn voice] 'All I asked is
for a drop of blood.'
'You can bring it without
your wife knowing it.'
'Think about it.'
'For one drop of blood...'
'your victory beyond your imagination...'
- Dear...
- Shall I serve some more rice?
'I can give them to you.'
Shall I serve some more rice?
What is wrong with you?
Nothing. I'm done.
Finish your dinner.
Take it.
[Glass thuds]
I got it just I like you told me.
[Light flickering]
[Jinn voice] 'Keep that
drop of blood on the table'
'and close your eyes Balachandran.'
'You can't see me.'
[Jinn laughs]
'Amazing, Balachandran.'
'You've made me happy.'
'I gave you my word...'
'Your business will flourish
beyond your imagination.'
'Trust me.'
'I'm going away now.'
'I'll come back to see the happiness
in your eyes.'
'Remember it.'
'I'll come back only if you call me.'
[Ajay] 'Believing in Jinn's words...'
'Balachandran was hoping for
more business that year.'
'Like the demon said...
Business was flourishing.'
'That year people bought crackers
for every small event.'
'Like celebrating a child's birth...'
'Another celebrating half saree.'
'For birthdays, weddings and even
when a person is dead crackers were used.'
'That year the profit in business
has reached its peak.'
'Along with the profit,
he loaned some money...'
'...and started building a new factory.'
I heard the news.
In all these years of experience...
You've made more business than me.
I'm very proud of you.
How is the work
at the new factory going on?
It's going good.
This year, we'll inaugurate the factory.
Very good.
Okay father, I'll go now.
Eat and go.
It's okay, father.
She'll be waiting for me.
I'll see you soon.
Why don't you never show
the good in you?
When people see good in a person...
...they will always expect good deeds.
I can't keep living up to
their expectations.
What did you wish for?
I told the God that I am very happy.
That day...
...when you told me about your mother...
I could feel your pain.
...even I don't have parents.
They died when I was a child.
From then...
My uncle nurtured me.
From my childhood...
...I only asked God for one thing.
I've lost parents love in my life...
...I want the same love from my husband.
And that wish has been fulfilled today.
...to the God who fulfilled my wish...
...expressed my happiness.
From today, I'm everything to you.
Just like how your parents would've
taken care of you...
I will take care of you
and you have my word.
Just think once before you give your word.
Once you give your word...
...you should forgive me
for petty mistakes.
...my anger, my mischievous
...my rage...
and my love, all of it
must be tolerated.
Can you tolerate me?
I will.
And above that, I will love you.
[Ajay] 'To open the factory before
the upcoming season...'
'Balachandran took care of
the construction work personally.'
'After few months,
the factory has been established.'
'People say there is no end
for human desires.'
'It's true.'
'Suddenly when Balachandran saw
so much money he became greedy.'
'That greed has lead him to take
a wrong step.'
'Balachandran has increased
the production in two factories.'
'With a plan...
he met the monster again.'
I'm very happy.
I never got this respect in my life.
I want to thank you for the help...
...talk to me.
Talk to me.
[Light flickering]
[Jinn laughs]
[Jinn voice] 'Like I told you...'
'I'll only come when you call me.'
'Along with happiness
I can see joy in your face.'
'What is it?'
I've built a new factory with your help.
In few days, it's Diwali festival...
I've increased the production
in both the factories.
If you can help me again...
I'll make double the profit
than last year.
'Forget double...
nobody can match you in this village.'
'I'll make you filthy rich.'
Is that so?
'But can you compensate it?'
One drop of blood, right?
I'll get it for you.
'A drop of blood is of no use now.'
'I've already tasted it.'
'Now I desire for something more.'
What is your desire?
- 'Your wife.'
'I want to taste your wife, Balachandran.'
'Then nobody can stop you
in this village.'
[Bangs table]
- [Jinn laughs]
'Do you even know
what you are asking for?'
'My desire is nothing
when compared to yours.'
It won't happen.
- 'Stop, Balachandran.'
'You can't refuse me.'
'I've helped you reach the peak
in your life.'
'I can also drag you back.'
'Think about it.'
You are threatening me!
- 'You are opposing me!'
You've come back
because I called you, right?
Now I want you to leave.
'You can only call me back,
'Going back is my decision.'
I can't fulfill your wish.
'Where will you go?'
'Where ever you go,
you will finally come back to me.'
[Ajay] 'Few days It tried to convince,
'But Balachandran stood on his word.'
'Balachandran has stuck
to his decision...'
'That newspaper gave him a bad news.'
'Due to increasing pollution levels
in atmosphere...'
'...the government has banned
excessive production of crackers.'
'After reading the news...'
'...lost his courage for the first time.'
What, sister?
I heard you are participating
in the drama.
Yes, Anji bro told me to do it.
So I am doing it.
Do you want to join?
Yes, I will.
Alright, then...
...I'll talk to Anji bro.
Kasi... come here.
[Ajay] 'To investigate
the news he read...'
'Balachandran visits Panchayat office.'
Please help me, sir.
You don't get it? Get lost.
- Please, sir.
I will check and tell you.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
Greetings, sir.
Don't worry, sir...
The government's ban is temporary.
After few days they will lift the ban.
Hey, listen...
[Ajay] 'After listening
to the office boy...'
'gained some courage.'
'He stopped the daily production...'
'...and shifted the stock to the warehouse
at the new factory.'
'When government lifts the ban...'
'...he was hoping to start the business.'
Greetings, sir.
[Thunder crashing]
[Thunder rumbling]
[Pounding on door]
We have to go to the factory
immediately, sir.
Please hurry up.
- What's the matter?
One minute.
[Ajay] 'As the finishing of the factory
was not up to the mark...'
'Due to rain,
the water flooded the factory...'
'...and damaged the stock completely.'
The stock is completely damaged, sir.
"You have been looking for success
while building castles in the air?"
"Have you forgotten
how to climb one step at a time?"
"You looked at the clouds"
"and threw the water in your jug
in anticipation of the rain?"
"Have you understood at least now this is
isn't your moment, this is your defeat?"
"You have been too ambitious
with your goals."
"Look what's left in the end..."
"a journey stopped midway,
before reaching the destination."
- Sir.
[Ajay] 'Balachandran lost
all his hopes...'
'...with his helplessness and rage...'
'...he directly went to the monster.'
What did I do to you?
Why are you messing with my life?
[Jinn voice] 'To be honest...'
'...seeing you in
the helplessness state...'
'...it hurts me more than you,
'I want to help you...'
'...but you are not getting it.'
Ask for anything else except her.
Take my blood if you want to.
'I feel sorry for you, Balachandran.'
'You're ready to die for your wife.'
'But your wife took advantage of you...'
'...and you are not aware of it.'
I know it.
I know you'd tell me lies
to change my mind.
I don't believe you.
[Jinn voice] 'Ask her.'
'If she knows Kailash.'
'Ask her if she knows Kailash.'
What happened?
Looks like something is troubling you.
Who is Kailash?
How do you know about Kailash?
Answer me!
Who is Kailash?
Kailash was my neighbour.
In my childhood...
We played together.
After some years, we were in love.
But he never had the intention
of marrying me.
That is why...
I kept distance from him...
...and married you.
How close were both of you?
What do you mean?
Did you have...
..nothing like that.
Trust me.
I should've told you earlier.
But both of us...
...just got close to each other.
That is why I hid it.
Forgive me.
I listened to you and got
suspicious on my wife...
I should slap myself.
[Jinn voice] 'Oh... so she told you
about Kailash?'
Yes, she told me.
They loved each other.
They got separated before our marriage.
There is nothing more to it.
'She didn't tell you how close they were
before getting separated?'
There is nothing between them.
You can't trick me with your lies.
[Jinn laughs]
'You are really innocent, Balachandran.'
'Your wife cheated on you not me.'
'See it.'
[Door creaks]
'Tell me now.'
'Do you still think your wife is pure?'
[Ajay] 'After seeing
Alagini and Kailash...'
'Balachandran went straight
to his father.'
Come in.
What happened?
I have to tell you a truth.
Tell me.
What do I do?
[Ajay] 'After listening to everything...'
'...Adhiban gave a suggestion
which surprised Balachandran.'
Give it.
Are you my blood?
Why do you have to live with
someone's mistress?
It's filthy.
Only we can have mistress.
You can't be with her.
Remember this.
If you have money...
...you will have 10 more girls like her.
If you don't have money...
...even she won't be with you.
Listen to me...
...give it.
What do I tell to our people?
That she eloped.
That means...
You are standing on the thin line
between good and bad.
Back then, I was in your place...
...and I took the right decision.
It's your turn now.
Whatever you do...
...give it a thought.
Once you give me your word...
...you should forgive my mistakes.
[Jinn voice] 'But your wife took
advantage of you...'
'...and you are not aware of it.'
Why do you have to live with
someone's mistress?
It's filthy.
Just like how your parents
would take care of you...
...I will take care of you.
Even she won't be with you.
Nothing like that happened.
Trust me.
[Jinn voice] 'Tell me now, Balachandran.'
'Do you still think your wife is pure?'
Let's give her.
[Narrator] 'Even Gods and many
other mortals long for Ahaliya.'
'Only Lord Indra, nevertheless,
is willing to sin.'
'As soon as Gouthama Maharshi departs
to bath in a river...'
'Lord Indira, disguises himself
as Gouthama Maharshi...'
'and gets physical with Ahaliya.'
'While leaving the house...'
'Lord Indra gets caught by
Gouthama Maharshi.'
'And immediately he realized the sin...'
'He gets furious and curses Lord Indira.'
'And he turns towards Ahaliya...'
'Curses Ahaliya for her misdeeds,
causing her to forfeit her beauty'
'...turning her into a statue,
unable to eat or drink.'
[Ajay] 'The great sage Gautam Rishi too
punished his wife for her wrongdoing.'
'I'm after all a human..'
[Anklets tinkling]
What is it?
Are you still angry on me?
No, nothing like that.
There are many problems at the factory...
If this continues...
I'm scared that I will lose everything
that I've earned so far.
I met with the priest.
He told me a solution to these problems.
And I want your help.
I don't know how to put it.
You can tell me anything...
...I'm always with you.
Our marriage was during the bad time...
That is why we had problems
in the beginning.
Tomorrow morning at 4'o clock
is an auspicious time.
If we get married again in our factory...
...all our problems will be resolved.
You are so stressed for
such a small thing?
Fine, let's do it.
Who else would be there?
Both of us...
...and the priest.
That's all.
Now stop thinking about it.
Let's go to bed.
Come on.
We have to wake up early.
[Clock ticking]
What are you doing there?
Come here and help me.
[Jinn voice] 'Your wife should look like
a beautiful bride...'
'...and bring her to me, Balachandran.'
Do I look beautiful?
[Photo frame shatters]
Oh no.
It's broke.
It's okay.
We're anyhow in wedding attire...
Let's get one more frame
when we come back.
Shall we go?
"Till there is poison in your mind"
"you can't see the difference
between right and wrong."
"If you shake hands with it
you would get nothing but destruction."
"Your destiny would turn against you."
"You would lose your near and dear ones."
"You would live to regret it."
"If you take the wrong path
you would pay for it in the end."
"There would be darkness all around
till you dispel it with light."
"If you take the wrong path
you would pay for it in the end."
"There would be darkness all around
till you dispel it with light."
[Thunder rumbling]
Stay here.
I will check if the priest is here.
Come back soon.
I don't know why...
I am very scared.
[Light flickering]
[Jinn growls]
- [Gasps]
[Jinn growls]
- [Gasps]
Who is that?
[Jinn laughs]
- Who is that?
[Jinn laughs]
Is that you?
If you are doing it, please stop it.
I'm very scared.
[Jinn voice] 'Amazing.'
'Amazing, Balachandran.'
'Just like I told you...'
'She is looking like a beautiful bride.'
[Jinn laughs]
Dear... who is it?
Who is talking like that?
I'm really scared.
I will come to you.
What is going on here?
I'm really scared.
Please save me.
What you did was very wrong, Alagini.
You hid the truth from me.
What did I hide from you?
I told you everything.
You said nothing happened
between you two.
But I saw you both getting intimate.
Oh God!
How do I tell you?
That day...
...when you got scared and
both of us got together.
You didn't see the blood stain
on the bed?
That was me.
You believed in a lie...
...and you are killing two lives.
What are you saying?
I'm pregnant.
I got cheated believing his lies.
Forgive me, Alagini.
Please spare my wife.
[Jinn laughs]
Is the job done?
Go home and freshen up.
Let all the filth wash away.
What are you doing?
I did a terrible thing, father.
An innocent's life...
You influenced me to kill her.
Parents always guide their children...
...and bless them to lead happy
and prosperous life.
Instead I killed my baby too.
Forgive me, father.
Forgive me.
[Ajay] He punished his father
as he held him responsible...'
'for the atrocity
in his mother's case;'
'also, Balachandran was reeling from
the pain of having sacrificed his wife'
'and the child in her womb,'
'thus he became lonely again.'
"I've written a song,
that will make you cry..."
"...no matter where you are...
you will listen to it."
"The love you have for me..."
"...has been erased..."
"It's my fault."
"Oh love, I am in disbelief."
"Oh love, there is no solution
to this problem."
"Did I just ruin my life?"
[Alagini] 'We'll get one more picture
framed after coming back.'
'Is that okay?'
"Your memories keep coming back to me."
"It feels like I don't exist anymore..."
"Your words are flashing in my mind..."
"All I can do is stand like a statue..."
"Oh love, our story is incomplete..."
"Oh love, it feels like an closed book..."
"I am nothing without you..."
"My life is with you."
[Balachandran] 'From today,
I'm everything to you.'
'Just like how your parents would've
taken care of you...'
'I will take care of you like them
and you have my word.'
[Alagini] 'Once you give your word...'
'...you should forgive me
for petty mistakes.'
'...my anger, my mischievous'
'...my rage...'
'and my love,
all of it must be tolerated.'
'Can you tolerate me?'
[Balachandran] 'I will.'
'And above that, I will love you.'
I can't believe that our village
has such a tragic story.
The people in our village
made up this story.
They'd mention demons and spirits...
...but our friend mentioned it as Jinn.
Is that so?
You will get all the courage
after boozing, right?
Where is that factory located
in our village?
We're boozing in the same factory.
Buddy, what are you saying?
You said that many people
cooked up this story...
...why are you scared, Nani?
Hey, no!
...this isn't the time for jokes.
Tell me the truth.
I'm not joking! This is the factory!
I won't stay here for a minute.
You got me to a haunted place to booze?
I'm leaving.
What is wrong with you?
Guys, what's going on?
I can't see anything.
Switch on the light.
It's not working.
...it feels like something is behind me.
It's nothing.
Are you sure?
- Yes.
[Light flickering]
[Narrator] 'How does Ajay know about
the story of Balachandran?'
'What does he have to do with his story?'
'Why did Ajay bring his friends
to the same factory?'
'Why is the factory named
after Adilakshmi?'
'Who is this Adilakshmi?'
'Most importantly,
what was the Jinn doing there?'
'How did it get there?'
'Is there another story behind it?'
'If so, then what?'
'There are so many questions
unanswered, right?
'If you want the answers to all
these questions, we must meet again.'
'See you again!'