Tantra (2024) Movie Script

Oh no!
- Rekha!
- Yes!
Keep hot water in the bathroom
for your dad to bath.
Okay granny!
Why are you scared to get
into the bathroom?
Are there any devils in this?
Fine, go fast. Your father would
yell again if he comes.
That unlucky rascal has left, right?
Yes, she left. Why do you always
scold her like that?
She has eaten away my
beautiful wife when born.
You don't understand this, mom.
She's the devil who came into my life.
Why are you staring at that?
Sister, will this be enough for me?
Is it not enough? Oh my!
- Hi Rekha!
- Hi Sailu!
- Hi Vasu!
- Hi Rekha sister!
Vasu, what's so special?
You look great today.
Oh, that!
Today is Sudha's birthday.
What gift did you buy for her?
She likes green colour, sister.
Thus, I bought this for her.
What, lipstick?
Not any ordinary lipstick,
it is green lipstick.
Green lipstick?
Yes, I got it from city as
I couldn't get it here.
Super gift!
You took great risk brother.
Then, why are you laughing?
You'd know after gifting that.
Hey, there is your Kalidas.
- Hi brother in law!
- Hi Vasu!
- Hi Teja!
- Hi Sailu!
Why do you always slow down
at this tree?
Why do you always stare at that?
Is there any devil on it?
No, nothing so.
Still, this tree looks odd.
Villagers said a girl committed
suicide hanging from it.
Forget about God and the devil, I do
believe in positive and negative energies.
I feel there is some
negative energy in that place.
This concept sounds new,
brother in law. Explain it.
It is nothing, brother in law.
Why do we feel peace at heart
when we visit a temple?
What are the temple bell sounds,
worships and lamps happening there?
They are positive energies.
What if we come into a graveyard?
Our heart beats fast without
our knowledge.
Some unknown worry starts
in the heart.
We feel like immediately
leaving from there.
Similarly if you notice, road accidents
occur more at the same place.
What do you think is the reason?
That's because negative energy
exists there.
That's fine, but how will we know which
type of energy exists at a certain place?
Not just a place, but even people
and objects do exhibit this energy.
This is scientifically called as aura.
They have even captured this abroad
by using a special photography technic.
But as far as we are concerned, our
heart tells what type of energy that is.
That's fine, say about energies
with us.
You both are positive people.
Positive energies do come from you.
And Rekha
I can't tell about Rekha.
Why is that?
We've come recently.
She is the one and only friend
with you from childhood, right?
Maybe I can't say even about her,
similarly to how I can't say about myself.
She at times feels like the lightening
hidden among the dark clouds.
It feels dark when seen from outside.
But when seen deep, brightness
in her takes us into a trance.
Your Kalidas has started his
Megha Sandesam.
Stop it, dude.
How do you know all such things,
brother in law?
I've got a God given father in law.
He is Sotta Sankaram
father in law, right?
Yes, dude.
Let's go to him in the evening
after the College.
Matters uncle says will be great
to listen.
Ok, fine!
- I'll leave now.
- Ok!
- Bye!
- Bye, sister.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Fine, then. -Bye, Teja.
- Bye, brother in law. -Bye!
Brother in law, what is that?
Why didn't you tell me,
brother in law?
Did he get to know the matter now?
Brother in law, that is
I'd have given even my box if
you were so hungry, brother in law.
Why did you come back here again?
We decided this morning to
meet Sankaram uncle, right?
- Let's go.
- Fine.
- Let's go.
- Move.
Teja, take that 'Sakthi Rahasyalu
' book from the top shelf.
Open page 12 in it and read out.
There are islands named
'Solomon islands' in Pacific Ocean.
Few tribes there do not use axe
to cut down huge trees.
They move around that tree and
scold the tree by screaming aloud.
That's all. That tree automatically
falls down in few days.
Which made the tree fall down
It is the negative energy.
Read the bottom para from
the same page.
There's a technic called 'guided
imagery' in cancer treatment.
They ask the patients to imagine
that piranha fish come and
are eating the cancer lump.
Which worked out here?
It is the positive energy.
That is the energy of our imagination.
That is instigated with the proper
chant, centralise with
yantra and achieve
the result with Tantra.
Uncle, are these Tantric
rituals real?
While Ravan's son Indrajit worships
Goddess Nikumbala in Ramayan,
Lakshman attacks with monkey army
for him not to complete that worship.
Including Rama, none can defeat
Indrajit once that worship is completed.
Matter which most people aren't
aware is that,
Nikumbala Devi is an evil Goddess.
What Indrajit started was
an evil ritual.
Even Barbarika Bali from
Mahabharat was an evil ritual.
Sri Krishna requests for the sacrifice
of Bheema's son Ghatotkacha's son.
Barbarika's sacrifice for
Pandavas victory in Kurukshetra.
Barbarika happily accepts for
the sacrifice.
Head of Barbarika who sacrificed
is alive and watches the entire war
till end as per his last wish.
Forget all that. Evil sight we drive
away for the kids, lemons tied to
the doorstep, rangoli we draw
on the streets
All these are the Tantric traditions.
Uncle, by chance are you
performing evil rituals?
Nothing so, dear.
Uncle, please do a magic.
Oh! Come on!
- Here!
- Yay!
See! Here, take it.
This is for you.
Rekha, Kumar!
- Get up, son.
- What, mom?
No idea when would this rascal
get rid of this sleep walking habit.
She doesn't even let me
sleep peacefully.
-It is a disease for her, what can we do?
- Son, she's going alone.
- Huh!
- Get up, son.
- Let her die. We'll get rid.
If needed, you too go with her.
Don't come back ever again.
Oh no!
- How are you, baby?
- I'm good, baba.
I'll remember Friday very well
from all the days, dear.
That's because my day will not go ahead
unless you come to me every Friday.
You seem to be thinking of
something, dear?
I'm feeling scared these days
in the nights, baba.
-No problem dear, everything will be alright.
I'm leaving for pilgrimage tour
next week.
I'll bring a tough talisman and
tie it to you, once I return.
- Are you comfortable, now?
- Yes!
I'll take leave now, baba.
Hey, Teja! I'm calling you.
Don't you listen when I called?
I didn't think you were calling
me, brother.
Drainage in our street is jammed.
Go and clear that.
Brother, I'm going to the College.
I'll do that in the evening.
How defiant are you, idiot?
Being a prostitute's son,
you don't obey me?
See, how defiant is that dirty rascal.
If such idiots are allowed to study,
the same is the result.
-Teja, your mom gave us great pleasure those days.
Set up a few girls and go on
doing the broker job.
You don't know who is your father
and why college for you?
- What, dude?
- I can't bear so much silence.
All are coming to the carnival
this evening, right?
You are coming, right?
It'd be night by the time we
return, right?
Oh no night! I don't come out
in the nights.
You know it, right? I'm scared.
You don't come out at nights,
but you walk in sleep like this.
What about you, Teja?
I'm doing the lighting works
at the carnival.
Are you into even the lighting works?
Your parents give you
the pocket money.
I too must earn my pocket
money, right?
True, Teja!
All the boys are busy lighting up
girls at carnival, but my brother in law
lights up the entire carnival.
Oh no! Who is it?
Who is it?
You said carnival and lighting?
I asked my hostel friend to
take care of that.
Won't you go to the carnival?
Madam, I'm here to the carnival.
It is the giant wheel going
around you.
It is Kaleidoscope when I look
into your eyes.
Your cheeks are like the sweet.
Your lips are like sugar candy.
Even the slide is available here.
Enough now.
Don't praise me too much.
You look cute to me again.
What'll you do if I look cute?
I'll tap over your head.
-Fine, entire village is gone to the carnival.
Shall we go and look at
the village gone to the carnival?
Teju, how did you be so cool when
they insulted so much this morning?
All of them are not my world.
You are my world.
You consoled me in childhood
when mom died in accident.
You are the friend accompanying
me from then.
Her talks are sweet like honey
Her looks are bright as moonlight
My eyes are into some trance
Letters aren't enough for any poet
To explain about her character
Countless glitters are hidden in her
Just one word is enough, my dear
Why these hesitations?
Open up your heart for once
It is enough that we are one
"No wealth for me is equivalent"
Came to me and you changed
my path.
- Teju, can I ask you one thing?
- Ok!
Are you angry on your mother
as she was a prostitute?
I have no anger on her because
of her profession.
But she never showed love
on me, Rekha.
Mom, you are going out daily night.
I'm scared.
Be with me just for today, mom.
Get lost, idiot.
She never hugged with affection
as a mother.
Thus, I'm angry on my mom.
I was all alone till now
Our hearts are united and
this is enough for me
This bonding was written long ago
This will never be broken
This is the way we chose for
each other
This is not read in any class
This is what changes the fates
This is love coming and
moulding me.
- Guess what I'm writing.
- Ok!
-'You are moonlight'
-You are moonlit.
- No, tell what I am writing now.
- Ok!
I'm the lotus' -I won't meet.
You know, I like a lot to adjust
hair like this.
I like your eyes and this neck line
very much.
You know what's my great signature
I'm proud of?
What is that?
My teeth bite, I'd be doing
here someday.
You don't fall out, but you are
a huge monster.
- Fine, put that signature right away.
- No way!
You are the face of the dreams
You are the meaning of
my breathe
You made me move ahead
like my mother
Though the world was exiling me
Though was looking cheap at me
You filled in light as the day
You accompanied me as
the protecting eyelid
Shall I rest forever as a kid
in your lap?
It's a carnival being with you
This bonding was written long ago
This will never be broken
This is the way we chose for
each other
This is not read in any class
This is what changes the fates
This is love coming and
moulding me
Her talks are sweet like honey
Her looks are bright as moonlight
My eyes are into some trance
Letters aren't enough for
any poet
To explain about her character
Countless glitters are hidden
in her.
I wish to be with you for
some more time.
I'm feeling a bit weak, Teju.
- Fine, go and take rest Rekha.
- Ok!
Blood! Blood!
Rekha, I want blood.
Rekha, I want blood.
Rekha! Rekha, I want blood.
You can't escape from me, Rekha.
Blood! I want blood, Rekha.
Blood, blood, blood!
I want blood.
No evil can harm you now
having this talisman, dear.
I'll take leave, baba.
Zoo officials sell objects related
to animals weekly at the Pune zoo.
People are crazy to buy two items
from them.
- You know what they are?
- No idea!
Lion's urine and wild swine's hairs!
Why are those for?
That's because they are used
heavily in evil rituals.
- Is it?
- Yes!
Father in law, you know so much
about these rituals.
- I know it slightly.
- Have you ever done these?
I did in somewhat very small age.
And then a girl took word from
me not to do such again.
I was of seven years age then.
My mom ran away from dad and
he left me in this village temple
as he couldn't take care of
a handicapped guy like me.
You untouchable idiot,
you adulterated the temple.
- Dirty rascal, get lost.
- Oh no, please don't hit me.
- Get lost from here.
- Please don't hit me.
Eat this offering.
No problem, please take it.
She felt pity on me and fed me
with the offering every day.
She encouraged me to study
in the school.
She fed me so every day without
fail for five years. Think of it.
She was such a great person.
Thus, I like her so much.
And I love her.
I used to be passionate to do
something and look great to her.
During that time, I grew interest
in this science of evil.
Fine, what was the first
evil ritual you performed?
Name of that was 'Shava Sadhana
That was the most difficult practice done
by the witch men to achieve powers.
One must first draw the boundary
around the place where we practice.
Corpse of the just dead person
is used for this practice.
We'll have to sit naked over
the nude corpse and read the chants.
Though devils try to threaten us,
nothing happens to us for being
inside the sacred boundary drawn.
That result comes in the form of an animal
or a Goddess if satisfied with our practice.
We'll have to offer flesh and
liquor to her and make her pleasant.
So, did you achieve the powers?
Stubborn heart is required while
doing that corpse practice.
That's because
There's chance of the corpse we sit on, to
rise up while we are indulged in the practice.
Most people die then with their
heart getting arrested.
But the one who stands with
that will turn the achiever.
As it happened similarly even
in my worship,
I fell unconscious and it took
days for me to recover.
She came then to see me at
the hospital.
She asked what happened.
I couldn't lie to her.
She scolded me never to
attempt the evil worships again.
Oh, so you gave up those
from then?
No dear, I did once again for
the last time.
- What did you do?
- Vaseekaran!
- Vasikaran, on whom?
- It was on her.
Parvam 2 - Patalakutti.
Why didn't sister return from
college yet?
I think she got late in practical, Vasu.
Why aren't these really practical?
How did your practical go on?
All these people cannot realise
before a wonder takes place.
They can't be by the side once
it takes place, brother in law.
Why is that, man?
Everyone ran away when fumes were
released during the Chemistry practicals.
- Hi! -Hi!
- Sister!
Hello Rekha!
Why are you staring like that?
What happened?
Why did you call me urgently?
I felt Sailaja's behaviour odd today.
Thus, I met Baba.
Sister, Rekha sister is here.
You came to my house after
such a long time, Rekha.
There's some specialty that
you are here.
Are you fine, Rekha?
Yeah, I'm fine brother.
I'm here for the Maths notes.
Didn't you write down in the class?
I didn't understand in the class.
Oh, ok! Come, I'll give it.
Spit once in this.
- What is this?
- Spit first and I'll tell you.
Rascal, are you trying anything
upon me?
When I did tests told by Baba on Sailaja,
the danger he expected proved right.
It seems someone did
evil rituals upon Sailaja.
But Baba is going out of station
for two weeks.
He said the remedy to me.
But, you know I can't speak out
that well.
Will you tell this at Sailaja's house?
Baba doubts that evil ritual
named 'Pathala Kutti' upon Sailaja.
Oh no, on Sailaja?
What was the need for that rascal?
As said by Baba, Sailaja's health will
deteriorate day by day for the next 12 days.
She'll go to the graveyard
daily night from 12 to 16 days.
Once it takes place, we can confirm
'Pathala Kutti' was practiced on her.
The last step takes place on
the 16th day.
Witch man doing this on Sailaja
comes to graveyard that day,
does rituals and feeds her
food mixed with blood.
Exactly before that food touches
Sailaja's lips, witch man's neck
must be cut in a single shot.
Either if witch man's neck isn't
cut down in one shot or
if the food touches Sailaja's lips,
our trial goes wasted.
Oh no!
Only way we have to save our
Sailaja is this.
What the hell are you all saying?
Have you lost your senses?
Aren't you educated?
How can you believe all these?
- What's to cut the neck?
- Brother, Teja is saying the truth.
Rekha, what are you saying?
I'll take Sailaja to Doctor if
she has some problem.
You all should be taken to
the Doctor first.
Day-1, 2, 3 Day-11.
Nothing will happen to Sailu, Vasu.
You be strong.
Who'd give courage to
family members if you are so down?
My elder son didn't believe in
what you said.
But there's no use from
any Doctor we consulted.
No idea whose evil sight has
fallen over my daughter.
Tomorrow is the 12th day.
Check if Sailaja goes to
the graveyard in the night.
You've seen Sailaja's condition,
right Rekha?
It's hard for her even to move
over the cot.
And how would she get up and
go somewhere?
12th day night.
-Brother, wake up! Sister is going somewhere.
- Brother!
- I'm with you.
Oh no!
Stop right here. Witch man may
get a doubt if you go further ahead.
You understood now that Sailaja
came to the graveyard, right?
Let's look into what needs to
be done next.
Looks like you are getting good
electrical job works these days.
It is all because of your advice,
father in law.
Otherwise, I'd have been into
those drainage works.
A lover must have the capacity
to earn.
You wanted to talk about
Yes! Do you know about
'Pathala Kutti'.
I mean, it was done over Sailaja.
Is what Baba said really true?
It seems, similar thing was done on daughter
of a landlord of Vijayanagaram in 80s.
Even they tried the same
remedy then.
It must be correct if you say.
Tomorrow is the final phase.
We must somehow save Sailaja.
Fine father in law, I'll take leave.
Wait a minute, Teja.
This is Vishnu Kranthi Purna paste
put in the worship of Goddess Gayatri.
All of you going there wear
this as bindi.
Pour these basil water in the fire
there after remedy is done.
- Fine!
- Go now.
16th Day.
You spit on my face when I
romanced casually, rascal?
You are so defiant by seeing
this beauty, right rascal?
Once you are sacrificed, villagers
will be scared even to see your corpse.
You'll die so brutally.
- Hey!
- Huh!
Oh no!
I never believed in worships and black
magic. You opened up my eyes, Baba.
You saved our girl.
I'll be indebted to you, Baba.
No devil can harm us, as long
as God is saving us.
This is a small gift from us.
Why all these now?
This is just for our happiness.
Please don't deny.
Our Sailaja is alive today as
you said the remedy.
It's the luck of this village that
you are in this village.
Ok, fine!
Parvam 3 - Arrival of the Enemy.
Granny, curry isn't finished yet.
Take care, I'm going to College.
I'll be late in the evening.
Unlucky idiot, how many times do I tell
not to come before me?
Your mom, my Rajeswari!
She died giving you birth.
It'd have been better if you died.
You're a bad luck in this house.
A power, drinking blood every
full moon day exists in this house.
- What?
- Where is your granddaughter?
She went to the College.
Death is coming behind your
It is coming from South side
longing for her death.
But offering blood to it is
a danger for this entire village.
That Goddess must save her
child now.
- Grandpa!
- What?
There was a lady named
Rajeswari in this village, right?
I don't know.
I don't know Rajeswari.
Yes, there was a lady named
Rajeswari few years ago.
Poor lady was killed by someone
performing evil rituals.
You are Vigathi Swami, right?
You were the priest in Goddess
Yellamma temple 15 years ago, right?
Not 15, but 18 years.
I went around the country and
came back to our village again.
Rajeswari gave birth to a kid
and died.
Did Rajeswari give birth to
a girl child?
Yes son, she's studying
right here in the College.
What's your relation with Rajeswari?
What's Rajeswari to me?
I'm the death to her daughter.
- What?
- 'Dhum dhum dhumavathi'
- Huh!
- Oh no!
- Sun it ha is looking at you.
- She's looking from so long.
He is calling.
Come, let's go sister.
Oh no!
Who is that?
Baba, I stepped over a lemon while
returning from College yesterday.
That looked to have been from
black magic.
When looked around, some
person was staring cruelly at me.
I felt like a devil coming over me
for the whole night, Baba.
I faced great trouble.
This looks to be dangerous.
I got to do rituals for this.
You go inside.
You break my ritual?
I'll see your end.
'Dhum dhum dhumavati'
I hid all youth in jasmines
for you
I waited all the life
in the evenings for you
I hid all youth in jasmines
for you
I waited all the life
in the evenings for you.
Who is it?
I hid all youth in jasmines
for you.
I did what you said.
Are you satisfied?
I'll take leave now.
What's on, dude?
Brother in law, bad thing took place.
Baba died.
He did while returning from
second show yesterday night.
It doesn't look like some human
killed him.
I think Baba was killed through evil
powers as he stood in support to Rekha.
Oh no!
I'll go and meet Rekha.
I'm very scared, Teju.
Nothing will happen to you.
Don't be scared.
I can imagine who killed Baba.
The person who was there when
I stamped over the lemon is Vigathi.
It seems he's back in our village
after many years.
He looks as a priest of goddess
to the villagers.
Baba said, he does evil worships
in the night.
Poor Baba tried a lot to fight
against Vigathi.
I'll take any risk for you.
- Don't take a risk that I'd lose you.
- Ok!
Father in law, Rekha is in danger.
I'm completely confused.
I'm scared.
You must do something, father in law.
You catch Devipuram bus at
5 tomorrow morning.
Meet the priest Chandiswamy
of Goddess temple there.
He will help you.
I too will do ritual for Rekha.
Can he really compete with Vigathi?
He's a great worship per of
the Goddess.
His worships will definitely succeed.
No evil power can stand in front
of the Goddess Jaganmatha.
You go and pack your bag.
You can have food here and
start by the morning bus.
- Go now.
- Ok, father in law.
Father in law, you said to have done
Vasikaran then on the girl you liked.
What exactly happened?
They fixed her marriage then
with some other person.
- Is it?
- I couldn't bear that pain.
I know not to be suitable to her
in anyways.
I even know she had no such
feelings towards me.
But I couldn't bear the thought,
she'd be of someone else.
I did Vasikaran over her in
an unknown anger.
You must come now.
You must come to me.
You must come. You are coming.
Respect over her on one hand
and the feeling to have done
wrong towards her on the other.
I didn't know what to do.
I asked you to bring a rose.
Did you bring?
Oh no!
Your Vasikaran didn't succeed,
Even if you succeed, you'd get
no happiness from me as
a doll without you in my heart.
Still, I treated you as just a friend.
It's not wrong to marry a friend.
But I can't change minds of my
parents who have the caste feeling.
I cannot live happily with you,
when they are in pain.
If you have any affection on me,
give me two promises.
You never meet me again
as long as I'm alive.
The second, you never get into
these evil rituals.
Master, Rekha is my life.
Please save her.
I'll be indebted to you my
whole life.
I'll do what I can. It is the mercy
of the Goddess above that.
Make arrangements for
the worship.
Some power is creating obstacles
to my worship every time.
Parvam 4 - Mahankali in disguise.
Teju, mind is remembering just
your thoughts when you are away.
Not just my lips, but each cell of
my body is calling out for you.
It feels good to get ready for
you, Teju.
While getting ready, it feels like you are
by my side and your looks are piercing me.
Entire body emits fragrance just
by your thoughts in the mind.
Do I still need this sambrani fumes?
I understand being with you is a great
experience when I'm away from you.
It is been four days since I saw
you, Teju.
You are the first thought once
I open up my eyes.
Hot steam from morning coffee
is saying good morning.
But I just like your breath that touches
my cheeks when you are by my side.
I'm going to meet you today, Teju.
You know, each second carries
so many hours while I wait for you.
- I was very scared about you.
- Me too!
You helped me so much, Teju.
I don't think so, Rekha.
I have a few doubts.
I must know the answers.
You said Baba told remedy for
the evil ritual done over Sailaja.
But, when I went to Baba
When are you back from
village, Baba?
Yes, I returned to day son.
Are you fine?
I'm fine. Thanks a lot, Baba.
For what, dear?
Why do you say so?
Sailaja is alive because of you.
You told the remedy for
black magic.
Me? Did I say the remedy when
someone did black magic on Sailaja?
Huh, nothing as such.
- Still who said this to you?
- Rekha told.
Sailaja's family is coming
tomorrow to felicitate you.
It must be true if Rekha said this.
One more! Immediately after I knew
about Baba's death, I questioned vigathi.
Hey Vigathi!
Hey Vigathi!
Hey Vigathi, say why did you
kill Baba?
Who exactly are you, rascal?
Why do you care who am I?
Say why did you kill?
Or else, I'll turn into your death.
What? Will you kill me?
Hey Vigathi, why are you
avenging over Rekha?
Huh, you are asking for Rekha though
you are struggling in the air means
Oh, so you are her lover.
Hey, I don't know who is this
Baba is.
I just need Rekha.
Try and save her.
Her death is sure in my hands only.
I'll save Rekha even by risking
my life.
Crazy idiot, why do you sacrifice
your life for someone else?
Do you know why are you hanging
in air without any relation?
Love! Humans are unable to
develop just because of this life.
You crazy idiot!
If Vigathi didn't kill Baba,
who killed him?
And the third one!
I went to Devipuram and made Chandi
Swami do rituals for you, right?
But the time when the coconut
turned back again, the matter
said then by Swamiji surprised me.
Problem is solved, but this isn't
from our ritual.
Someone else did remedy with evil
ritual to the evil possession of Rekha.
I asked Chandi Swami to explain
further about this.
There are two types of worships.
One is Southern tradition and
the second is the left tradition.
Southern tradition are
the worships we all do.
These are easy to perform. Their
result is also lesser similar to that.
Once we go on doing the worship,
it's result comes out late.
Similarly left tradition is a very
tough method of worship.
When that is performed with great
devotion, we get a very quick result.
Even Aghoras used this worship
method only for the righteousness.
But few people use this with
an evil mind and trouble the others.
The present bad condition of Rekha
is a result of such an evil worship.
This can only have the remedy
through another evil worship.
Thus, evil has to be defeated only
by the evil and get rid of that.
We just get little bit of good result
from our worship, but is not complete.
I came back to the village and
did rekey to know who was
doing evil worship for you.
You are coming to the graveyard in
sleepwalk and are doing the evil worships.
I don't understand this and
what's happening, Rekha.
I know that you have the answers.
Will you tell me?
You should first know my mom's story
for all your doubts to be cleared.
Everyone in the village know
my mother Rajeswari as a girl
on whom the Goddess possesses.
My son went to the city and hasn't
returned along with the others.
There's no any information
about him.
Your son will be back this Friday.
He's taking a wrong path due
to bad friendships.
Take care of him.
Villagers used to tell their problems to
my mom when goddess possesses her.
Goddess used to be down once
she is worshipped with camphor
and mom drinks the turmeric water.
My dad with great love married
my mom, born onto a poor family.
This birth mole looks great.
Shall I count the number of
birth moles on your body?
Should I count with looks or
with my lips?
All these sound very romantic,
But, don't expect anything
as such from me.
Do you know why I actually selected
and married you without any dowry?
It is because you'd be as an ideal
wife and into worships and prayers.
In real, I'm not fit for the family life.
No way at all!
I married you with a confidence that
only you'd never reveal this to anyone.
I'll not tell anyone.
You don't worry.
I know Rajeswari.
I don't care about your physicality,
but I just want us to be made for
each other from the heart.
Wow, what a good wife you are?
Is it enough to be casual
from heart?
So, do you have another person
to give pleasure physically?
Yes, today is our first night right? That
shouldn't be ruined due to me at all.
Yes, invite your lover if you
want to.
How many are there?
One or two! You are a beauty, right?
Or is it three?
He tortured my mom mentally
every day in that way.
But one day, my mother was seen by
the person who should never see.
Parvam 5 - Vajroli Rati.
Damn, to hell with this life!
- Damn, no good cards at all!
- Wait, brother!
Who are you, idiot?
Tie this thread and then play.
Brother, we won.
It's all your mercy. It's because
of the thread you gave.
Their friendship started so and
got strengthened in a short span.
Let's go.
How much monger can you
hide this secret, Kumar?
Entire village will know about you
if Rajeswari doesn't get pregnant.
That's why I'm torturing her
daily, brother.
Anybody has to commit suicide
for the torture I do.
That scar will be over you even if
Rajeswari commits suicide, Kumar.
If your wife is cleanly killed with
evil rituals -What?
But, you got to do somethings
for this.
-You first pluck out the basil plants at home.
You dig a pit first in front of
the doorstep.
Bury the sack I give in that.
Take care that Rajeswari steps
over that.
- Rajeswari!
- Yes!
- Coffee!
- I'm bringing.
Such a bad smell,
what is this brother?
- Huh, it's the lion's urine.
- What?
That's fine. Did you bring Rajeswari's
nails, hairs and the menstrual cloth?
- You remember the chant, right?
- Yes!
Chant this, mix three drops of blood
in rice and feed her for a week days.
- You don't eat that even by mistake.
- Ok!
No problem, I'll eat husband.
Today is the final phase in
the evil ritual over Rajeswari.
Decorate her like the bride on first night
and feed her the rice mixed with blood.
Today is her last day.
You know what Vigathi practiced
over my mother?
It is 'Vajroli Rati.
- What is that?
- That is
Rekha, it is the time your
father comes home.
- Fine, I'll be back tomorrow.
- Ok!
- Vajroli Rati?
- Yes.
Who? Who said you about this?
Rekha told.
There's a process named
Vajroli Mudra in our yoga.
In Vajroli mudra, they suck up
various liquids through genitals.
They first practice with water
and then with milk.
Then ghee and once they could
suck mercury after practicing with
relatively denser liquids respectively,
they can get a hold on Vajroli mudra.
'Vajroli Rati' is the practice done
by a witch and witch man
who have a hold on vajroli mudra.
They consider themselves as
Siva and Parvati and participate
in intercourse in this process.
But in the normal intercourse
excretions travel downwards.
But these with a grip over
vajroli mudra make the excretions
go upwards as a part of the process.
Kundalini power awakens from Muladhara
chakra to Sahasrara Chakra in this process.
But this Vajroli rati, which is a part
of journey to reach the Lord is used
by some people for their
selfish benefits.
They choose a normal person
with special qualities, instead of
another witch man as their partner
in this process.
In the process of taking their excretions
upwards while in intercourse,
the witch man will snatch away
aura and youth of the opposite person.
We keep hearing that a particular
witch man is aged two hundred years,
but still looks young.
This Vajroli rati is one among the evil
practices done to stay young forever.
Vigathi did the same on my mother.
Time of my mother's birth, her
body mudras and Goddess possessing
on her are all the causes Vigathi
was attracted towards her.
Thus, he selected her.
He wished to snatch away my
mother's aura, youth and all.
Later he wished to obtain more
powers by sacrificing her.
But Vigathi's mental sustenance
got weak while doing that practice.
Such a great stubborn man
Vigathi's mind went weak that night.
He unexpectedly lost his sustenance
within fraction of seconds.
The process failed as that turned
into a normal intercourse.
When an evil practice fails, it hits back
on to the witch man who practiced that.
Hey, the fire!
Due to the process failure, Vigathi
lost his powers along with
his mental health and
went away somewhere.
Oh yes, she is still alive.
Oh no, I'm afraid of the people
But it was my mother who
became a bait in that process.
Though mom wanted to forget
about that bad incident,
evil powers started haunting her
after that.
Madam, please donate some food.
Oh no!
Oh no, blood! Blood in the rice!
Husband's cheating, brutality of Vigathi
and the evil powers haunting her
Mom could not withstand all these.
She attempted to commit suicide.
After knowing a life to be growing
in her womb and that it was
because of the process carried out
by Vigathi, mom carried me for
the nine months period by
bearing up with her troubles.
Here is the melodious tune
for the baby
Cloud of tears has slipped down
A bonding has taken birth
The bonding linked to the womb
The wound has turned into
a song
Time is not in favour.
Even knowing she'd not live for
long because of the evil powers,
mom was very much worried
about me in her womb.
'My baby should be fine'
You are the meaning of this
meaningless life
You are the ray of light in
the darkness
I'm the falling star and will
turn a boon for you
I'll give away my life and
turn into your breathe.
Mom living just to give me birth
gave me breathe.
She left her last breathe.
Born due to the evil process, I can
see souls right from my childhood.
Not just seeing, but I can even
talk with them.
Are you saying the truth?
Shall I tell you another fact
that surprises you?
- I'll not fear at all about the devils.
- What?
Then why do you say to fear in
dark and always go to Baba?
- All that is a mask.
- A mask?
- Yes!
- For what?
That's because these people will brutally
exile me if they know I have evil powers.
I shouldn't turn so.
I want these people and relations.
I want you and your love.
I want a family and children for us.
Thus, I didn't want to tell this
even with you with a fear that
you'd go away from me.
Listen, I'll clear all your doubts now.
The first one, it was me who
said the remedy for Sailaja.
Hey, stop your drama idiot.
Baba has nothing to do with this.
The second one is, how did
Baba die, right?
I met Baba on the day he died.
I said to have stepped over
a lemon on the previous day and
that troubled me a lot at night.
This looks to be dangerous.
I got to do some rituals for this.
Please go inside.
What is this, Baba?
What are you doing?
We got to do such evil deeds
to drive away the evil rituals.
Not just you, I cured Malathi
and Rajini in the same way.
I always treated Baba as a father
and a well-wisher.
But after understanding him to
cheat girls by winning their belief,
I couldn't bear with that.
I used my powers for the first time
as nobody else should again be
cheated by Baba and killed him.
Have I done anything wrong, Teju?
No, every girl should do similarly.
What you did is correct.
And the third one!
My mom knew right when she
gave me birth that Vigathi
would come searching for me.
Thus, she turned into a soul
got me prepared to face him.
As a part of that, I went to
graveyard pretending to be in
sleepwalk and am doing
the rituals.
My mom likes me so much that,
my mom is been leading my way
even after she died.
My mom is by my side even now.
By your side, where?
You cannot see her.
What is this?
I asked mom to come later by saying I
have few personal matters to be talked.
Teju, you know all about me right?
Say, will you like me the same
even now?
You were seen like a timid girl
with a mask till now.
But now, Rekha with self-confidence
looks more beautiful.
You look to be a super woman.
Will even super women cry?
Fine then, I'll look for a normal
girl now.
- I'll kill you.
- Oh no, I'll run away then.
- I'll catch you then.
- I'll escape.
Then, I'll come over you
and scratch.
I got to tell you one more thing.
My powers go weak every
full moon day.
I can't be a human unless
I drink blood then.
- No money, dirty whore!
- Get lost, rascal.
I was unexpectedly the reason
for your mom's death.
The moment I saw you,
who lost mom
I understood right then, that
I did such a big mistake.
From then, I stopped drinking
blood of others.
I'm drinking my own blood.
Don't torture me so by not
talking to me, Teju.
I did a mistake at an age
of innocence.
This mistake haunting me,
my mom's affection and your love
These stopped me with evil powers
from turning into a monster.
These made me move ahead
towards being good.
Please forgive me for this
one mistake, Teju.
- Father in law!
- Yes!
Tell me one thing. Do we get
cheated when we fall in love?
It is cheating when she feels
happy from that, Teja.
But if she feels sadder than you
when you feel sad, that's love Teja.
You are seeing her from so long.
Ask your heart about what she is.
There's pain in love. You'll grow
in love only by crossing over pain.
Father in law, it was Rekha's mom
Rajeswari whom you loved right?
How did you know?
One midnight, you woke up
and then put a sack at a tree.
I didn't understand why you
did so then.
But, I understood after a while.
You were secretly providing required items
for Rekha to perform rituals in graveyard.
How did you feel after knowing you
wouldn't get Rajeswari, father in law?
In the pain of not getting her
I got addicted to liquor
and weed.
I used to drink daily and wait
faraway behind Rajeswari's house.
I wished to see her for
at least once.
I felt it great to see her once
a day.
But she wasn't seen at least
once for two weeks.
Even that house turned charmless.
At that time, I saw arrangements done
for evil ritual one night in the graveyard.
But I didn't know it was being
done over Rajeswari.
Vigathi was then cleansing
his mouth.
Witch men cleanse their mouth
for at least half an hour before
getting ready to read the chants.
Taking that as a chance, I mixed
weed secretly in his arrack.
I could help little bit for that
ritual to fail, but lost Rajeswari.
From then, I just have one goal
in life.
That is to stand in support to Rekha.
After Rajeswari who said not to be
seen as long as she was alive died,
she's seen to me when there's
a need.
Abrakadabra! Woosh!
This is for you, you and for you.
- Here!
- Sankaram!
Teja is in danger at the river bank.
Go and save him.
Mom! Mom!
Kid was active four days ago
and is sick now.
No idea who cursed him.
Even Doctor's medicine isn't working.
- Mom! Mom!
- Don't be scared, dear. Don't cry.
That devil will drag me away, mom.
- Nothing will happen, son.
- Mom, mom!
- Nothing will happen, son.
- Mom, mom!
Oh no, son! Oh God, what should
I do now?
Oh no! Oh God!
No idea who cursed the kid?
May he go ruined! To hell with him!
All are dying one by one.
Some evil has come to this village.
Even Baba died before that.
I know the evil that is affecting
this village.
- An evil to the village, Swami?
- Yes, madam!
I worship the Goddess and
will get to know everything.
- Do you believe me?
- We believe, Swami.
An evil power took birth in
this village.
She's grown into an adult now and
is taking lives being blood thirsty.
Who is that, Swami?
-She's none other than Kumar's daughter Rekha.
Two kids died screaming devil,
one by one.
But, nobody came new to
this village.
Your daughter always was
meeting Baba.
Baba died very brutally.
This village is facing bad time
from that time.
She is born after evil rituals
took place over your wife.
She ate away her mom
immediately after she was born.
I saw a girl performing rituals
in our village graveyard in
the night of last no moon day.
I didn't see clearly, but height and
personality matches with Rekha.
Kumar, as per our village's tradition
we solve anything that takes place here.
We don't let Police or the law
enter this village.
Thus is this meeting here.
You heard to what they all said.
What is your answer for this?
Yes, I too have doubts on
my daughter.
Why are you talking so, son?
- Huh!
- Oh no!
Oh no, Rekha!
Is Kumar's daughter Rekha
like this?
Hail to the Goddess who is
ferocious on the evil!
If she's a representative for evil
powers, her life will be gone tonight.
If she is not and is an ordinary
woman, she'll return to her house
normally in the morning.
But, remember one thing.
None of you should come
around here in the night.
-If anybody comes, they'll die vomiting blood.
-Oh no!
I know you'll get weak without
drinking blood on the full moon night.
Thus, I planned your sacrifice
exactly on the full moon night.
My promise to sacrifice your
mother didn't succeed.
That goddess of evil is still
thirsty for Rajeswari's blood.
You are Rajeswari's blood.
Not just that, you got powers
by birth.
I'll be a witch man with no match
by sacrificing someone like you.
I'll lay foundation for
establishing the goddess of evil.
Scream, come on!
Your screams should make
Kapalika happy.
A bird, the love bird came flying.
Is it to save?
But wings of that bird will
not work.
I used 'Sthamabhana'. You cannot
move legs and the hands.
Oh no Teju! Teju!
Leave Teju. Do anything to me.
I won't oppose you.
You have greater powers than me.
But you are going to be finished
in my hands.
Do you know why?
Love, makes you weak.
This love! Hey Rajeswari!
You should've taught evil cruelty
along with evil rituals to your daughter.
Poor lady, all your hard work
has gone waste.
Teja! Teja, I'm Rajeswari.
I won't be seen to you.
But, listen to what I'm saying.
You can't open your mouth.
But chant Gayatri mantra at heart.
Put aside all your fear and doubts, and
ask for Goddess's mercy in your heart.
Sankaram and Chandi Swami too are
worshipping Goddess Gayatri for Rekha.
Even the result of their worship
will come to you.
Sacred wand is there one foot
away from your left hand.
Hail to Goddess.
Hit with the wand over Vigathi's
face while he's reciting chants.
When the witch man sees his
own blood during the ritual or
when he cannot recite the chants
clearly, the ritual turns a failure.
Love isn't a weakness, Vigathi.
Love is the strength.
When the ritual fails,
his powers will eat him up.
So, did you forgive me?
How can I make you faulty for
what you did in an unknown age?
Teju, I should tell you a matter
about your mom.
You know who did your mom
like the most in this world?
It is you, Teju. But she couldn't
show her love on you.
That's because she had no love
on her own self.
She hated herself. She hated
the conditions that turned her so.
On whom would anybody show it?
It is on our own, right?
That's why your mom behaved
like that with you.
She loved you crazily, Teju.
She's still around as a soul as
she couldn't say it to you.
Cool down, Teju.
Swami, I don't need these
evil powers and drinking blood.
Is there a way to be relieved
from these?
Dear, Goddess hasn't given you
the powers to let go.
They are to put in use.
You've already done a greater
good to this world and not just
your village by eliminating
a witch man like Vigathi.
Same way, you try to find why the God
gave you powers and the goal of your life.
Coming to the matter of drinking blood,
it is not wrong to drink your own blood.
Did you hear about the ten great skills?
Ten great skills are the ten
incarnations of the Goddess.
Goddess Kali is the first
incarnation from them.
We chant La lit a Sahasra Namam,
Even that Goddess La lit ha is
one among the ten great skills.
Tara, Bhuvaneswari, Mathangi
also come into the same.
Chinna Mastha Devi is the sixth
of these ten.
She has got the most ferocious
form among all.
She not just cuts her own head
and rinks her own blood,
but serves it to her two helpers
Dhakini and Varni.
Thus, you don't be much worried.
There's no mistake in drinking
your own blood.
May you succeed!