Taramani (2017) Movie Script

This road you're seeing... do
you know which city it is in?
This road, enveloped by water on both
sides, is actually in Chennai City.
This road, that originates
from the Bay of Bengal...
This road, which is sweltering
under the 3 PM sun...
"Please let it rain here!"...
some people from the village
of Rameswaram are now praying.
Our Father, Who art in heaven.
We pray that India must lose in today's
cricket match played in Chennai.
Or the match must be
cancelled due to rains.
In these times, even
wishing for India to
lose in cricket considered
Then why have these simple fisherwoman
turned into anti-nationals?
Their men have gone
fishing into this sea.
And India is playing against the neighbours
from the other side of this sea.
If India were to
win this match...
the neighbour's military
may confiscate the boats.
They may confiscate the catch.
Or else...
A father and his son, a man and his
brother, an uncle and his nephew...
may be forced to perfrom
homosexual intercourse.
Or, they might just
shoot them dead.
And that's why they pray for India to
lose, or a rain to cancel the match.
'I go to Buddha for refuge.'
The Holiness of God the
Father, the noble soul; Amen.
We don't know if their prayers made
it rain, or if it just rained.
Nor do we know the fate
of those fishermen.
We don't even know if the
cricket match was halted.
If you feel this comparison is a bit
like comparing apples and oranges...
Let me tell you, this story is all
about comparing apples and oranges.
If you see an apple, it's an apple.
If you see an orange, it's an orange.
And now, it's the
story of oranges.
This girl ceaselessly riding her
scooter in the ceaseless rain...
goes by Althea Johnson.
An Anglo-Indian.
She's got a corporate job,
makes 80 thousand a month.
Her 80 thousand salary doesn't
keep Activa tyres from going flat.
If it's meant to go
flat, it will go glat.
The 65 year old man accused of
raping the minor school-girl...
has been sentenced to life imprisonment
by Thiruvarur Women's Bench.
A fast-track women's court in Karur sentenced
the abuser of a 3 year old child...
Police Department's
statistics state that nearly
92 women fall victim to
sexual assault everyday.
Don't look at me that way. I'm
not going to rape you, okay?
I didn't come here to rape you.
Like you, I'm just a guy
taking refuge from the rain.
A guy shivering in the rain.
If you're feeling so
shivery, go down some shots.
What a grumpus.
Why are you staring at my legs?
Your legs aren't nice enough
to ogle at or admire.
Be quiet. Don't pluck
words from my mouth.
She wears a skirt and accuses me of
staring at her legs and her kegs.
This car, that splashes
slush on them, is an Audi.
It's not something you buy
in our Aadi season sale.
'Cause the price of this
car is 15 million rupees.
But that's not the point.
This car will end up killing
someone in five minutes.
Unfazed by all this, the pouring rain
poured on. And it got them talking.
The beautiful girl in the skirt.
And the uncouth boy
with the beard.
What could he say?
He told his love story.
You know, the same
old sympathy story.
Name- Prabhunath.
Education- M.A. in English.
Hometown- Cooum.
But unlike the stinky Cooum
river, I don't stink.
The River Cooum, and I, didn't
stink till we reached Chennai.
When my father, the last of my
family in the town, died...
with his farm dying
before he did...
I came to Chennai
in search of a job.
Not North Chennai
or South Chennai.
I came to the Chennai
beyond Taramani.
The New Chennai.
Upon seeing that road, I
felt like I'd find a job.
Because the road was named
after my dad's favourite...
The Harbinger of
Revolution- M.G.R.
M.G.R. Road.
'Who is the man, who feeds the whole
world? Who is he? Who is he?'
'The Farmer...'
I got a job at a call-center...
a multi-national
company's call center.
Where I'd speak to people
of multiple-nationalities.
Hi. Thanks for calling Janex. This
is Thomas. How can I help you, sir?
'Is there a thing lacking
in our great nation?
Why must we bow before
foreign nations?'
'Toil hard in your farmland; And your
value will soar in faraway lands.'
For a meagre 12 thousand,
my ears nearly bled.
I wish I had never
taken up this job.
But there was a silver lining.
In the building opposite
my office building...
Sowmya worked as a software
engineer in an IT company.
The Exquisite Sowmya.
If you're wondering what's
exquisite about her...
she was the only traditionalist who wore
long tunics over her jeans in M.G.R Road.
Not just that. She even covered
her upper body with a wrap.
She even wore the
traditional saree.
Only problem with her, was
that she cried often.
You're crying today
also, Sowmya?
My team leader asked me not
to wear saree often to work.
In my office, they ask me
to shave off my beard.
Is that something
worth crying over?
You're shaving it off?
Does it look good?
No. But you'd look
worse without it.
Oh, I'll whack you!
Yeah, right.
I've got good news. - What?
They said I'll be sent to the
US to work on-site next month.
Superb, Sowmya! Superb.
If I find another job there and settle
down, all my problems will be solved.
But I'll need 300
thousand rupees for that.
Do you have it?
Keep the money inside.
This is nothing!
If you ask for it, I'd even rob a bank
to get you 3 million in 3 minutes.
Then why did it
take you 30 days?
Sowmya, I'll whack you!
Three hours later, she
departed from Chennai.
I feel strange.
I didn't feel like working.
Or eating. Or sleeping.
Thank God for Skype! I don't know
what I'd have done without it.
Exquisite Sowmya! You're
crying even in the U.S?
I'm not able to sleep at nights.
You miss me too much?
I work night shifts at
a call-center, too.
Is that something to cry about?
You never cry for anything?
Someday, I will make you cry.
Okay, wipe those tears and go to sleep.
I'm sleepy.
Wait! Don't fall asleep.
Talk to me.
I'm sleepy now. Good night.
Wait! Now my sleep-cycle is broken.
Please talk for a while longer.
Go to sleep, Monkey. I've got
a long day ahead tomorrow.
Don't be so selfish!
- You're the selfish one. Good night.
You've put on lipstick?
Isn't it nice?
You've changed your hairstyle?
Yes, I can't braid my
hair all the time.
What's with that top?
You're freaking out for that?
Now watch this...
Can't see?
My Exquisite Sowmya, the
traditionalist from M.G.R. Road...
how did she change so suddenly
when she went to work abroad?
I still don't believe it.
Unlike our country where people
ogle at fully covered bodies...
dressing down is not
a problem here.
Prabhu, listen to me!
I'm with a friend.
I'll call you later.
Please, Prabhu! Try
to understand.
I've been calling you
for so many days!
I told you I'd call you back.
She said she'd call back. But it
took her several days to do so.
You finally felt
like calling me?
I have to say something.
Will you listen to me?
Tell me.
I couldn't find
another job here.
I don't know how I'll
repay your 300 thousand.
There are problems at home, too.
- That's not a problem.
Come back home. I'll handle it.
I have something important to say
to you. Please don't get mad.
I met somebody here.
He is an Indian.
He wants to marry me. He
even has a citizenship here.
Stop joking, Sowmya.
- I'm being serious.
Let's be practical about it...
Practical, my foot!
Sowmya, listen to me.
Come back. I'll handle it.
I'll call you later, Prabhu.
I'm busy.
Wait a minute, Sowmya!
She never spoke
to me after that.
Her phone stopped working.
The mails I sent
her bounced back.
She'd gone beyond my coverage area.
She was lost to me.
I went where one went when
they have nowhere to go.
Railway Station- Taramani.
Stupid idiot!
Had you fallen, you'd have
turned to gravy, you know?
Like gooey masala gravy.
Get lost!
The night constable at
Taramani Railway station.
He slapped me and dragged me away. And
thus became an elder brother to me.
But to this day, I
address him as 'sir'.
Felt awkward to call him
'brother', somehow.
To keep him company, I started sleeping
in the railway station at nights.
He showed me a small room, and
I built a new life there.
And the beard grew longer.
End of story.
I'll push it for you?
This is the man that the Audi hit and
ran. Name - Ravi. Surname - Chamar.
Hometown- Nawada. State- Bihar.
Don't know when the last of his pulsating
life will abandon him forever.
Don't know if the news of his death
will reach his wife and children.
But that's not our problem.
Let's stick to our story that started
at the building where he worked.
Love is just a part of life.
You should celebrate life.
Be happy. Move on!
I didn't share my story so
you could give me advice.
If not for you, I'd
have told my story to
the bus-stand or this
rock or the rains.
I don't like advices.
These days, after a break-up...
you must get clean-shaved, take a nice
picture, upload it on Facebook...
and change your relationship
status to 'Single'.
This beard thing...
is very old-fashioned.
This is not an advice.
Just an update.
Thanks a lot for the update.
Madam, the vehicle is ready.
Shall I drop you somewhere?
I was just being polite!
Even I offered to push your
vehicle out of politeness!
But you made me
push it for 2 kms!
Let's go.
What you said is true.
About the beard and everything.
It's not just the break-up.
I'm a thief.
The 300 thousand I gave her...?
Did I tell you how I got it?
Your money!
To steal is a great sin. But to steal
for someone else, is a greater sin.
Stealing with the hope
that someone else
would return the money
is the greatest sin.
To this day, I haven't been
able to return the money.
Only when you steal,
you know the burden
of living your whole
life with the guilt.
When I was in second grade, I
stole an eraser from my friend.
It was a pink, jasmine
scented eraser.
Whether it's 3 rupees
or 300 thousand...
stealing is stealing.
I stole out of greed.
But you stole for need.
you intended to return it.
It's okay.
Shit happens in life.
You have to move on.
I'm not just a thief.
But a murderer, too.
After seeing Sowmya off at the airport, I
saw the newspaper later in the evening.
A 65 year old man named Rahim has been
found dead at the Velachery train.
The railway police suspect that he
may have suffered a heart attack.
It was the heart attack
that killed him!
He was sitting up when
I took the money.
But in the newspaper
photograph, he was lying down.
after I took the money...
he woke up to find
that it's gone...
and died from the shock?
I went to the Railway
Police Station.
What do you want?
Taking refuge from the rain.
- Okay, sit.
Sir, Rahim Bhai...? - You are?
He's my paternal uncle.
- Wait, the inspector will be here.
Where did you buy this?
It's all rice and no meat.
Who is Rahim Bhai? - Sir...
Check the belongings
and sign here.
Mother, how much
money was there?
500 thousand.
There should be 500 thousand.
Only 5000 is there.
So the money?
Look, the thief has left a note!
Forgive me, sir. I've
taken your 300 thousand.
This money will change my life.
I will return it
within three months.
I've noted down your address.
Forgive me. Yours
truly, Prabhunath.
He has written his name, too.
Must be a ballsy guy.
Anyway, give me
that wad of cash.
You pocketed a few notes?
No, sir. 195 grand, intact.
Then, 75 grand for the inspector.
75 for the sub-inspector.
And we'll clear the rest
between the three of us.
Thank the Almighty for paving the
way for this month's medical bills.
Lord Easwara!
To sum it up...
Thieves steal from us. Police
steal from thieves AND us.
And the hospitals steal from cop
and civilian alike, no disparity.
Long live democracy!
My house is this way. Yours?
That's my room, with the asbestos,
next to the orange house...
why do you ask?
I only told you my story because
you were a total stranger.
Even if we do stumble upon each other,
pretend like you don't know me.
Please. Bye.
I know you don't like advice...
But here are three
pieces of advice.
1- Don't tell your story
to random strangers.
There's no guarantee that everyone
will be a nice person like me.
Oh. And?
2- You weren't the only thief.
Those cops did steal, too.
So have I.
Unwittingly or not,
everyone in this world
might have been a cause
for another's death.
So you should just--
- "Move on", shouldn't I?
Okay. Bye.
Wait. There's one more.
Don't smoke from now.
Why? Because I'll get cancer?
No. Because you don't
know how to smoke.
That's why! Bye.
When fishermen from Rameswaram
were fishing near Dhanushkodi...
the Sri Lankan navy
launched an assault
three fishermen were shot dead.
What are you looking at?
Did you bring the cops?
Why did you come here?
Yesterday, you looked like some
derelict who hadn't eaten in days.
See, you're attracting
all these flies.
I was just passing by...
thought I could bring
you some food.
Thank you very much.
Go to the station.
I'll see you there.
The Indian Team has
leaped to victory.
With this win, India move up to
the top spot in the ICC rankings.
How can you just
come to my room?
I'm not even paying for it.
If it is known that a pretty girl like
you had come, I'll get thrown out.
Not just that. I'm a guy.
A bearded guy.
What if I did something to you?
Why are you laughing?
You can't do anything.
Of course.
You told a random girl on the
road, "I'm a thief, a murderer".
"A girl dumped me.
I'm depressed."
Who narrates his life history?
You're an innocent fool.
You're the first person who
said my legs aren't beautiful.
Let's see.
Your legs are alright. Didn't
look that way yesterday.
Especially the curve of your
hamstring and the bend of your knee.
Don't talk this way. You
don't know about me.
I wasn't coming to touch you.
I would tell you first
before touching you.
One minute.
Althea Johnson. Human
Resource Manager. Dembos.
Your height must
be around 5'11''?
But you're wearing heels.
You must be 5'9''.
And weigh around 60 kgs?
34 - 28 - 36
Please. Don't talk this way.
I'm already married.
You lie so blatantly!
Why do you think it's a lie?
No married woman in Tamil
Nadu has a waist size of 28.
They're all extra large.
I wish I could be
extra large, too.
To eat well, nap in the afternoons
and watch TV all the time.
But I didn't get that.
But I've got a nice little boy.
I have a son.
I didn't ask you to come to
my room or get me a sandwich.
You came and spoke to me.
Then why do you lie about a son?
I'm not going to ask you out. I didn't
even think about us being friends.
We're just strangers. Let's
better be strangers.
Okay. Bye, Stranger.
Wondering why a girl would listen to a
bearded man's sob story in pouring rain?
Even that's okay...
Wondering why she'd knock on his
door and bring him a sandwich?
Maybe even that's plausible.
Wonder why a girl would
speak to a guy who
comments on her figure,
rather than slap him?
You would have
wondered, for sure.
But none of you ever wondered why they
built so many structures on this wetland?
Then you must not wonder
about this either.
Is there a connection
between building in
swamp and this love story?
Yes, there is.
That's the story of
apples and oranges.
If you see an apple, it's an apple.
If you see an orange, it's an orange.
Hello, Stranger!
Practising smoking, huh?
When it started raining, I was
wondering if you'd turn up.
And here you are. Welcome!
Do you believe me at least now?
My son.
Can I get a towel?
He's drenched.
Come to my room.
How do you know Althea?
No, I mean...
Beardwala! Mommy is calling you.
I'm going to touch that tree.
Leave me down. Leave me down.
- Okay!
Okay, go.
Do you know where my dad is?
He went into the sea.
To swim with the dolphins.
When did he go?
Long, long, long back.
How long?
Long, long, long, long.
100 years ago!
What's your age then?
One hundred and five!
You don't believe me?
I believe you, okay?
Promise? - God promise.
Stop it.
How many time do I have to
tell you, Adrian? Stop it.
Who gave you this ball?
- Stranger.
Beardwala? He is a
very bad man, Adrian.
Don't take anything from him.
He's a bad man.
- No, he's a good man!
Bad man. - He's a good man.
Listen, Adrian. He's evil.
Mommy said he's a good man.
Don't believe your mother.
She is useless.
She'll never change.
She is a bitch.
Bitch means?
Go ask your mother.
What does bitch mean?
Who told you that?
Granny said you're a bitch.
Bitch, bitch, bitch.
Bitch, bitch, bitch.
Bitch, bitch, bitch.
You never sleep before me, dear!
Okay, I'll hang up, then.
Goodbye, dear.
Oh, Jesus.
It's been 20 years
since I got married.
Even I may fall asleep on night
duty, but my Venus never does.
This Barnabas is one
lucky man, what say?
You say this every night.
I need a favour.
Althea has walked out of her house.
- Why?
They spoke to her rudely.
What did they say to
make her leave home?
They called her a bitch.
'Bitch' is like 'witch'?
Disgusting. - Forget it, sir.
She needs a place
to crash tonight.
She'll leave to her friend's
place at 4:30 in the morning.
Can she be at the
station till then?
Railway Station is the first place
for everyone with nowhere to go.
Ask her to come.
Thanks a lot, sir.
Why don't you marry that girl?
You will marry the
conservative Venus from
suburbs who waits on
you hand and foot...
But I should marry a city girl who already
has a child from previous marriage?
I'm not stupid.
What village girl - city girl?
A girl is just a girl.
Education seems to have
made these kids duller.
But I can't fix him.
Jesus is everything;
Jesus is my everything.
Sorry, Thea. This is
all because of me.
Not at all.
Really sorry. I mean it.
It's okay.
You lie down, then. I'll
be with Officer Baus.
You're afraid? That I'll come
with you in the morning?
Don't worry. I'll leave by 4:30.
I promise.
You will never ask?
The question that everyone asks me
within three minutes of seeing me.
"Where is your husband?"
You didn't say. I didn't ask.
To each person, I tell
a different story.
That he's gone to Dubai.
Or Australia.
Or the Moon.
That he's passed away.
That he went to swim
with the dolphins.
He believes the dolphin
story to be true.
And the others pretend
to believe me.
I should tell someone
the truth, shouldn't I?
Three months after our
marriage, I found out...
Why didn't you tell me?
We've known each other since we
were kids. We're good friends.
How could I, Thea?
What do you mean?
If I tell you, and my parents find out, I
was scared they would kill themselves.
The first time I...
I wanted to kill myself
when I realised it.
In fact, I tried twice.
Do you like me?
A lot.
No, as a woman.
Do you like me like that?
Tell me the truth, Jacob.
How did you sleep with
me all this time?
It was more like masturbation.
What did he say?
Like fantasizing about someone
else and masturbating.
Let us separate, Jacob.
Yes, Thea.
But what will we tell everyone?
If people find out...
Tell them anything. Tell
them it's my fault.
Tell them I'm of bad character.
That I had an affair
with my boss.
Whatever pleases you.
I could never, Thea.
About you, that too.
It's fine, Jacob.
I can understand.
It's not a sin.
And it's not your fault.
I like you a lot.
You're a good man.
This is not your fault, Jacob.
You're a good soul.
That's fine.
But why didn't you
say the truth?
Why did you do bring
this upon yourself?
It's okay for me.
I'm a straight woman. I
will get on with life.
But no one will understand him.
Even you don't
understand, right?
That's why.
Does he know about the son?
He doesn't.
I found out about Adrian
only after he left.
My naughty little imp.
Do you know where he is now?
I do.
In this same planet, somewhere.
Maybe he's swimming
with dolphins.
Or flown to the moon.
Or gone to Australia.
Must be around, somewhere.
Sorry, Thea.
Why do you feel sorry?
Even I don't.
I'm sleepy. I'll sleep now.
Wake me up at 4 AM, please.
I don't need to bother. The 4
AM train will wake you up.
Sleep peacefully.
Good night.
I'll be over there.
Yeah, good night. - Good night.
Hi, morning! - Hi.
I'm so sorry we're late.
- No worries.
They've only given the keys to three
rooms. Their stuff is in the other rooms.
Thank you. - Okay, see you then.
Bye. - Bye!
Say bye. - Bye.
Whose house is this?
My friend Gautham.
He bought this house
and left to Canada.
I said I'll stay for a few days. He said
I could stay for free for six months.
If it's free, can
I stay here too?
No, it's too complicated.
Please, mom. Let him stay here.
I love this Beardwala!
Please, mom. Please.
Thank you, young man.
Welcome, old man.
I'll go get the bags.
Bye. - Bye!
Okay, let's get you
ready for school.
Come on. - No school.
No, you have to go to school.
Get up. Get up!
Before these people came here,
before this house sprung up here...
since the time this place was a marshy
field, this pigeon has been visiting here.
It goes in search of it's partner,
to speak of the lost marshy fields.
Hi. - Hi!
Thanks for bringing the suitcase.
- It's okay.
I made some tea. - Fine.
Where is Adrian?
He's gone to school.
I need to say something.
I'm in love with you. - What?
I said I'm in love with you.
If you have such thoughts, get
out of this place immediately.
Have I said something wrong?
My son is my only
priority in life.
Then why tell me everything?
Before you came along, I
was talking to my scooter.
Then I talked to you.
That's all.
So I'm like that scooter?
No. You are lesser
than my scooter.
Serves me right!
So humiliating.
You haven't left?
I need five minutes.
You're panting so hard!
The elevator wasn't working. I
climbed up and down 28 levels.
Let us be friends.
I'll think about it.
You shouldn't smoke.
Because you are the
mother of a child.
You are the son to some mother.
My life is difficult.
My future looks bad.
The girl I proposed
to, didn't like me.
My life is difficult, too.
I have a bad past.
And I don't like any of the
men who have proposed to me.
We'll be friends.
You don't know
anything about me.
You don't even
know that I smoke.
Suppose I cheat on
you, like that girl?
I'll kill you.
Killing can wait. First
shave off this beard.
Can I call Beardwala 'dad'?
I love you.
When a girl tells a guy 'I love
you', what would he do next?
He'll drop her at work
the very next day.
Okay, I'm late. Bye. - Bye.
He'll promptly pick her
up in the evening.
He'll master 'ing' verbs that
don't have words in Tamil yet:
such as, packing, body
guarding, shopping.
As a reward for it, he may occasionally
win an upper body garment.
No. - Why?
Poor chap. Today is not his day.
He'd sit at glass-doored coffee houses
with wistful dreams about the future.
There is a walk-in
interview at DCS BPO.
10 AM.
You don't have to work at a BPO!
I've got a job.
Do your MBA from home.
You'll find a good job.
He would master the art
of spying on her phone
under the guise of
sipping fruit juice.
Sarah has invited for a party tomorrow.
2 o clock.
You really need to go?
Fine, I won't. Okay?
Where are you going now?
To the toilet!
May I go there?
- Have a nice trip.
A week later, he would embrace her in
front of the ocean and exchange kisses.
A week after that, he'd gently lead her
into the bedroom and shut the door.
This amazing lover, after
all that, would ask her...
How do you have 2,248
friends on Facebook?
I only have fifteen friends!
What can I do if you
don't make any friends?
Who is this Arun K Vishwa?
Don't know. Must be
some friend's friend.
He has commented on your photo
saying, 'You look gorgeous'.
But a total stranger...
Wouldn't you like it if
someone called you beautiful?
So you like it?
Of course I like it.
He will encounter
many such surprises.
Your skirt...
Yes, it's a skirt.
Instead of wearing one this short,
wear one that falls below your knees?
Everyone might look at
you with bad intent.
Would you?
I wouldn't! But others will.
Don't talk about my skirt. I know
how to dress and carry myself.
Don't start a fight over it.
- No, I was just saying...
Happy birthday, Thea.
Don't go to work today?
Don't start.
I told you already,
I must go to work.
No. You're spending
the day with me.
Say it.
You always say important
things in the elevator.
Isn't that why you've come?
Say it.
I saw your birthday pictures
from last year on Facebook.
I saw you cutting a cake
with random colleagues...
hugging and getting
gifts from them.
So I thought, this year,
you could be with me...?
Is this why you asked
me to take the day off?
Look, I didn't share my Facebook
password so that you could spy on me.
Grow up.
No. I'm sorry, Thea!
- It's fine. Let it go.
Sorry, Thea.
It's fine.
Just leave it.
- I didn't mean to hurt you.
It's okay.
Where is Adrian?
I dropped him at his
friend's place.
- So the party went well?
I think someone is calling you.
It's my boss. - Oh, boss?
Two minutes? - Carry on then.
You're unwrapping my gift in the
middle of the road like Adrian!
Are you a kid ot what?
Oh, yes. All this happens to
me because I'm like Adrian.
Read what's witten here.
'Hope this fits you.' So?
What does that mean?
Don't you know what it means?
What does it mean?
Don't behave like this outside
my office for everyone to see.
What does it mean, Althea?
He's asking if it's my size.
Oh. How does he know?
Prabhu, please. It's my birthday.
Don't ruin my birthday.
How does he know?
- Prabhu, not in the road!
How does he know, Althea?
- I don't know, go ask him.
Oh. It's that
Gopalakrishnan, right?
Ask him to come here.
I'll ask him.
Let's go, Prabhu.
He's at your office upstairs?
Will you ask him or shall I?
Althea, wait.
Althea, stop. Listen to me.
Althea, please. Listen to me.
Get on to the scooter. Please.
I won't bring this up again.
Get on the scooter.
- I promise I won't talk about it.
Let's go?
What did your boss say?
He said 'Happy birthday'.
He had to hug you on
the road to say that?
Look, I'm not Adrian to
believe all your lies.
It's normal in corporate culture
to hug your boss. And that's fine.
But I felt possessive.
I'll let that go, too.
Tell me what this note means.
Come on, tell me.
The signal is on. Go now.
- Signal, my foot.
Please don't test my patience.
Answer me.
How did he have the guts
to write such a thing?
Are you that close with him?
Tell me, woman!
How does he know your size?
How does he know your size?
Answer me.
You always shut me up by saying
our lifestyles are different.
Tell me, how does he know your size?
- Look, pull over. Pull over!
Open your mouth, woman.
- Stop or I'll jump!
Jump, then.
Get lost!
Thea, please don't cry. Please.
I'm sorry, Thea. I
didn't mean to do that.
I've made a mistake.
Please forgive me, Thea.
I couldn't control it, Thea.
Please don't cry.
Please, please!
Just stop, okay?
The door was open. I thought
you had left. That's all.
Thea, where would I go?
If you're leaving, just
tell me first. Okay?
I've never loved anyone
in my life so much.
Or depended on them.
Or trusted so much.
I depend on you so much I
only hate myself for it.
Thea, you're everything to me.
When a girl tells a guy
that she loves him,
depends on him, trusts
him, what will he do next?
Who drew this?
- Beardwala and I.
Who is this?
This is Beardwala!
And this? - This is me.
This is you.
And this?
This is our sweet home.
Very good, baby!
So mommy is going
to Delhi tomorrow.
Will you stay with Beardwala?
- Okay!
I love Beardwala!
You're going to Delhi tomorrow?
An official trip with my boss.
Good morning. - Good morning!
As usual, your boyfriend has
called on the landline four times.
Go. Give your attendance.
You know I'll call as soon
as I reach the office.
What was the hurry? Why do
you call so many times?
You left your phone behind.
Can you put my phone on charge? I may
not have time before the flight.
I live to charge your phone, carry
water cans and iron your clothes.
Your boss has sent a text.
Oh. Saying what?
To put it in civilised English, "Shall we
extend our trip to Kulu Manali for two days?'
In uncivilised Tamil, "Will you
sleep with me in Kulu Manali?"
And you're going
to Delhi with him?
What's his problem today?
It's nothing.
I'm going to Delhi, right?
And our stupid boss has sent
a disgusting text as usual.
And my boyfriend read it. So...
What? He checked your mobile?
So cheap! If my husband had even touched
my mobile, I'd have chopped them off.
If you give him so much
space, he will control you.
The mistake is all yours.
His lifestyle is different.
He won't understand all this.
You keep saying that.
Hi, Vishwa! - Good morning.
Good morning. - Morning!
Pick up the damned phone!
Want to go for a coffee?
Let's go.
Pick up the phone, woman.
Pick up.
Hello. - Don't hang up!
I won't.
Why do you torture me when I'm at work?
What do you want?
He's sent such a disgusting text.
Don't go with him.
What do you care whether
or not I go with him?
He is being so cheap!
- Is that your problem?
I get to decide whether or not I
will sleep with him. Not him.
Get that?
- No, you listen...
I've been on this
job for ten years.
I know how to handle these men.
I know how to take care of myself.
I don't need a bodyguard.
If that's fine, be my lover.
No, you listen to me.
You don't need to say anything. I
have a lot of work, and a meeting.
I'll call you later.
Don't you dare hang up!
I'll jump from the tower.
Fine, jump if you want to.
Did you send me a text?
Did you or did you not?
Yes, what's wrong in that?
What's wrong in that?
There's nothing wrong. You're the
perfect gentleman in this office.
What are you saying?
- Everybody, listen up.
Mr. Ankit is the nicest
guy in the entire office.
Let's talk in my cabin.
- Get your hands off me.
Come, Althea.
- Get your hands off, man!
You moron.
Not just Delhi, I wouldn't even
ride the elevator with you.
You and your sucky job.
You want to fire me? Go ahead.
There is a lot of
stress in our office.
I think everyone here needs a
psychological counselling.
Everybody focus on your jobs.
Back to work!
What's going on here? Tell me.
What? - Are you going to Delhi?
What is it to you?
I've packed my bags, Thea. If
you're going, I'm moving out.
Damn it! Fine, go.
Wait, Thea.
I really will move
out of the house.
Fine, go one then. The
door is over there.
You asked me to tell
you before going!
You've told me now.
You've told me.
Get lost.
Stop, Thea. Stop!
I'm talking to you, and
you'd just walk away?
Do I look like scum to you? Huh?
Yes, you are. You're scum.
Some random man texts you asking to
go to Manali, and it's my fault?
Am I wrong for questioning it?
Who are you to question me?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Who am I?
You live off me, eat my food, live
in my house. You're a beggar!
What did you say? I'm a beggar?
Just because you're 6 ft tall
and fair, you're so stuck up.
All this will wear out. It will rot.
It will decay.
Who is this? This
Gautham from Canada?
What is he to you?
- You really want to know?
Why should he let you live
here for free for six months?
I slept with him? Okay?
I screwed him. - How was he?
How was he?
Much, much, much
better than you.
You are a bitch. Your
mother was right about you.
Now I get it. You were
sleeping with your boss.
That's why your husband left you.
- Stop it! Shut up!
And now I know why
that girl left you.
No woman can live with you.
You're worse than any thief.
You're worse than any murderer.
You're a rapist.
Who are you calling a rapist?
It's okay.
It's okay. Don't look at him.
Don't look at him.
"Who am I?"
She says I'm the rapist?
Come out.
Come out now.
- What do you want?
Come out. Answer me.
Come on, come on.
- Adrian, stay there.
What now? Want me to
answer your questions?
You want answers? - Yes, I do.
Go. - Where?
First, get out.
First answer me.
- Go out. I will answer.
Get out.
Get out!
- You want answers? Go out.
Answer me!
- Get out, you mongrel.
I'm a mongrel?
Now you've showed me that a
mongrel shouldn't be pampered.
Get out. Get out, you mongrel!
I'm a dog! - Get out!
Althea, open the door.
Open the door, Althea.
Althea, listen to me.
The cries heard from skyscrapers, the
ocean, the singing migratory birds...
the lakes, the pigeons, the
farmers and the fisherfolk...
the buildings that have
sprung up on these lakes...
the immigrant workers from Bihar
and Orissa who built them..
the IT and BPO workers who
speak in global languages...
the real estate men...
and the hotels and shops that came along
to feed and clothe these people...
and so the sun sets in Taramani, the
home to all of these creatures.
Two dosas, please.
- When will Beardwala come?
He will come soon. Okay?
You, you, you.
My love for you,
is vast as the oceans.
My hatred for you,
is stronger than mountains.
Who is this?
Are you the tiger, disguised as cattle?
Or am I?
Hello, who is this?
Where should I come?
I will try.
Come in.
I didn't think you would come.
I just generally called.
Thanks for coming.
Where is your husband?
Hes out on some visa work.
Hell be back in 30 minutes.
Oh! So I must leave
in 30 minutes, right?
Whats this?
I think about what I've done
every single day.
I regret it everyday.
Yeah, I can see that.
Its written all over your face.
I know there's no way
I can undo my mistake.
I know that no words
can set it right.
If you want to, you can.
If you want to set it right,
you can set it right.
What I should do?
Sleep with me.
Oh, you forgot Tamil
after going abroad?
Sleep with me.
Ankit, I want to know something.
Do you send such messages only to me
or to other women too?
Althea, I am not a womanizer.
Then why did you text me?
Because, you're pretty and...
...youre sexy.
Oh, am I the only pretty woman
in the office?
According to me, in the entire world,
there isnt even a single woman
who isn't beautiful.
Then, why me?
Youre single.
You wear skirts.
You smoke.
So I gave it a shot.
If you dont like it,
you can refuse.
Theres nothing wrong.
The only mistake I made was...
I didn't know you had a boyfriend.
Thats the only mistake you made?
Im not evil.
Even if Im a bad man,
Im your boss.
If I wanted to,
I could have fired you then.
We work in the same office.
And it was odd that
we weren't talking.
Thats why I called you.
To ease the tension.
And, Im just a harmless flirt.
Can I take a picture with you?
Why are you so quiet?
Take off that shrug.
One more?
- Of course.
Look here.
Im talking to you, look here.
Hello. I'm talking to you.
You're not worth sleeping with.
I dont know if you are
a good man or not.
But I am a bad woman.
Youll know tomorrow.
Your sacred wedding chain is here.
Forgot to wear it after showering?
Probably 10 sovereigns, right?
Must be expensive.
I have 3 photos of us.
We have 15 minutes
till your husband returns.
300 thousand rupees.
If you don't pay me back...
Ill wait here till your man shows up.
Wait in the living room.
I asked for money, whats this?
Open it and see.
I thought you wouldnt
accept my money.
So I gave it in a box of chocolates.
If I'd come back from the US...
everyone who loaned money to my dad...
would have done to me everyday
what you just did.
There's 500 thousand here...
I didn't ask for an interest.
Keep the extra 200 thousand rupees.
Ill delete the photos.
Its okay.
Even if I hadn't paid you,
you woudn't have done anything.
youre the only good man
I have ever met in my life.
Why do you keep scolding that poor girl?
Dumbo, are you paying attention to me?
Barnabas' words are like the Bible.
Superb, sir.
Yeah, yeah.
Barnabas' words are like the Bible.
Shes good and I'm evil.
Superb, sir.
Oh, Venus sent
a note even today?
Yes, as usual.
Take the white tablet before food.
Here it is.
Do not drink water while eating.
I wont.
Take the yellow tablet after food.
Yellow, yellow.
Next, Rosie.
Feed biscuits to Rosie
and keep her close for safety.
Signed, Venus.
With a cross at the bottom.
Sir, Sowmya looks like a good person to you
because you have a wife like Venus.
Here, can you feel my pulse?
Am I breathing?
I've been alive
these past two years?
Dont I have a phone? Facebook?
Mail ID? WhatsApp?
She couldve told me this before!
She could have told me Im a good person.
She could have!
Why did I have to grow a beard
and live like a beggar all this time?
Shes handing me a chocolate box!
Sitting there with
her hair stylish and loose.
I threatened her.
She claimed she did
what anyone would have done.
Althea called me a rapist!
Tell me, am I a rapist?
Tell me, sir. Am I?
"Beat her out! Kick her out!
Don't need her at all."
Director Selvaraghavan was right.
I shouldve slapped her!
But I pretended to be
a good man and left.
"Beat her out! Kick her out!
Don't need her at all."
Don't you touch me.
Sorry, sir.
I shouldnt have
used you like a pickle to my booze.
I came here to give you
the 300 thousand rupees.
Why are you giving this to me?
Sir, I wanted to give it
to Rahim Bhais family...
but they have left the city.
Their neighbours have promised
to get me the new address.
I don't know if I'll even
be able to absolve my sins.
Please keep it till then.
You dont even know where I live.
How can you trust me? And Im a cop, too!
Sir, besides my father,
youre the only good person Ive known.
Can I sit down?
Sit, sit, sit.
Sir, just one more. Please, sir.
Last one.
No, that's enough.
Your liver is already burned.
Just one more.
Sir, am I really a rapist?
Tell me, sir.
Am I really a rapist?
Youre not.
Sir, am I a bad person?
Tell me, sir.
Youre not. Let it go.
Am I good, sir?
-You are a good man.
Barnabas words are like the Bible.
I shouldnt have doubted Althea, sir.
Its all because Sowmya betrayed me.
That's why I...
If I talk to Althea...
I know the words that can fix it.
Here. Talk.
Oh, come on, sir!
She'll yell at me even if
I call during the day.
Now it's late. And I'm drunk.
If I call her now
she will swear at me.
Will things be okay if I speak to her?
- Yes. First speak to her.
Will it be alright sir?
- You speak to her.
Hey, just talk to her.
He said he'd talk it out
but he's passed out!
Hey, Ankit.
Why are you so worked up?
We could talk in your cabin, right?
Dont joke, Althea.
Im not joking.
Please delete the photos
you uploaded on Facebook.
That is my Facebook account.
I uploaded the photos.
Whats it to you?
My wife
she is not like you.
Shes traditional.
The kind who wears saris.
My daughter is a 14 year old teenager.
If they see the photos...
Im sorry, Ankit.
That is your shit.
You have to clean it.
Be a Gandhian.
I never expected you
to be this kind of woman.
What kind did you think I was?
- No what?
- Listen what?
Oh, yeah. Im an Anglo-Indian.
Open minded.
So if you ask me out,
I should sleep with you?
If you apologise,
I should smile and walk away?
But I shouldnt do all this?
Is this what you mean?
Ill fall at your feet.
Money? Money?
How much money do you need?
Please delete it.
Will you people never learn?
Please, tell me what I should do.
Ill do it. Please.
I cant work here, seeing your face.
And I can't quit this job,
because I have no choice.
It would be better if you quit.
I will leave.
But you delete it. Please.
When are you leaving?
How soon?
I will leave in a month.
Please delete it. I promise.
I swear on my wife.
Please delete it. I swear on my daughter.
Please delete it.
- Relax..
Thanks a lot, Ankit.
Dont mistake me for asking this.
Has he left?
Good riddance. Be happy.
I dumped my frustration
from seven years on him.
Maybe if I had explained it to him
a little patiently...
he might have understood.
He loved me in his own way, you know?
Youll never change.
Now you sound like my mother.
Is it him?
Hello, Prabhu.
Can you hear me?
- I can hear you just fine, woman!
You spoke like you were some
epitome of chastity?
Look what's happened.
Just like I said.
You slept with him.
You took photos hugging him!
Did you enjoy?
Did he do you well?
Tell me!
Open your mouth!
Tell me, you bloody bitch!
You think I cant see your photos
if you block me on Facebook?
You think youre that smart?
Smart ass.
Do you know how your 2248 friends
became 2278?
The extra thirty are my fake profiles.
Find and block them if you can.
When you accept random
friends just so they
can call you hot or
sexy or gorgeous...
this is what happens.
Do you understand?
I feel ashamed to have lived
under a roof with you for 10 months.
Im disgusted.
What kind of woman are you?
Shit! Hang up.
Sexual predator seduces and cheats
married women by calling their phone.
A 30 year old resident
of Coimbatore has
stolen women's phone
numbers from a store.
He lured women with dirty texts to a
public place and robbed their jewels.
Is this even possible?
Looks fake.
It happens, sir.
Even worse things happen.
- It happens, it really happens.
How do you know?
Should I prove it to you?
Why the hell should
you prove it to me?
Exactly. Why should I prove it to you?
I should prove it to myself.
What? Prove to yourself?
No... I need to know if these women
play only me or other men too.
And by knowing it?
Knowing that other
people also eat the same
shit, I'll eat it a
little more gladly.
Shit...? - You don't know
what it means? Poop, sir.
Bro! - Tell me, sir.
Youre the first civilised city person
to know the old Tamil word for 'shit'.
You've been played a lot?
- Oh, quite a lot.
Go, on. Drink that tea. And
automatically shit will come.
Sir, just a minute.
I have my ex-girlfriends number.
Please note it down.
And torture her to your level best.
Dont spare her, sir.
Keep torturing her.
Here's her number.
Bro... - Tell me.
Can you give me the number?
Yeah. Note it down. Please beware.
Her husband is a jerk.
These days, the way a guy celebrates
his heartbreak has changed.
Some peculiar guys flirt
with unknown women...
and torture whichever girl
gets stuck with them.
P.S : Apologies for not
knowing the exact translation
for the words 'flirt'
and 'torture' in Tamil.
Therefore, our sincere
apologies for the scant
usage of Tamil words
in the following song.
Who are you talking to today?
- Just a minute, sir.
How did you land so many girls?
- Please leave, sir.
Someday, their men
will come after you.
Drink your tea.
You should come out
of this shit, Althea.
This Friday night is
Salsa night at the pub.
Im going with my husband.
Youre coming.
What will I do in the pub?
Is there some rule that only men
should drink because of heartbreaks?
The sea, the rain and me.
You are so romantic.
Then come over.
Okay, done. Where should I come?
You dont dance Salsa?
I cant dance.
She loves to dance.
I love to watch her dance.
Hi. - Prabunath.
You look wow. - Thank you.
Okay, shall we leave?
There's a prayer early morning.
Mom has already called thrice.
You and your mom
She'll be waiting for us.
- No, no, no. Please, please
Okay. - Please.
I will bring the car to the entrance.
You finish your dance and come soon.
Thank you, baldy!
I love you. - So sweet.
See you! - Bye.
Okay, I have to go.
He is waiting.
Its already late.
You are very lucky.
You've got a good husband.
There are no good dogs and bad dogs.
Dogs are dogs.
Just throw them the
correct biscuits.
Hey, babe...
This for you...
Drink, drink!
Think you're a beauty queen or what?
I'm talking to you.
Let it go, buddy.
Hey, hey, hello.
How much?
Hey, she is an English bitch.
How much?
Wait. -Ask her buddy.
25,000 rupees, one night?
She's started stripping. Superb.
Hey, what did you say?
What did you say?
Who the hell do you
think you are?
How dare you? How dare you
talk to me like that?
Scoundrels... You think you can
say whatever you want to a woman.
Are you guys creating
ruckus here?
Get out of this place.
Won't you guys listen?
Ill bloody kill you.
- Madam, you leave please.
Go out immediately.
Get lost.
Wedding ring. Platinum.
150 thousand rupees.
Such a small ring costs so much?
- Of course, it is.
Can I give you some advice?
- What?
Dont answer a call
from a stranger.
Even if you do,
dont talk to him.
Even if you talk,
dont flirt with him.
Even if you flirt, dont
come to the beach like this.
Even if you come to the beach,
dont come on a rainy night.
Even if you come on a rainy night,
dont give him your ring when he asks.
I know people dont like free advice. So
I'm taking this ring as payment for it.
Are you joking, Prabhu..?
No, ma'am. I'm not
at all joking.
One second. Wait.
You see this phone?
I got it from Kavitha two days
ago for the advice I gave her.
Wait, relax. Cool.
- I'll go to the police.
To the police? - Yes.
All our conversations are
recorded in this. - No, Prabhu...
Do you know WhatsApp? - Yes.
I can send them
anywhere and to anyone.
Now, I will walk this way. You
shouldn't scream. - No, Prabhu.
Even if you do, there is nobody
around to listen to your screams.
Okay? Can I go?
Bye. Bye, Mamta and
dont forget my advice.
Dear public, it is a criminal
offence to upload/share
the photos and voice
notes of any individual
on social networking sites
including WhatsApp without
explicit consent of the
individual concerned.
The offence is liable for
sentence of 3 to 5 years
under IT Act and Prevention
of Sexual Harassment Act.
Suppose youre asking how can you
announce this during a film?
The Indian censor board
tells us to caution against
drinking and smoking in
the middle of films.
This, too, can be said.
Hello. What's up at this hour?
Hello, Mr. Assistant Commissioner.
Are you busy?
No, my wife was sleeping next to me.
Phone was on silent.
Sorry have I wrongly called
you at the right time?
Tell me, whats up?
I went to Kanathur
beach with a guy
Which guy?
No idea. We spoke over the phone.
I liked him.
Oh! You go places
with unknown men?
But when I call you,
you wouldn't come.
Nothing like that.
Okay, you went to the beach.
He snatched my ring!
Its just a ring right?
No Its my wedding ring.
Hubby will be back in 15 days.
If my ring is missing, itll
become a big problem.
Hes recorded all my calls, too.
So please help me.
Now you're all sweet.
But if I ask you out for a
coffee, do you ever come?
Please do me this favor! Whatever
you tell me to drink, Ill drink!
Okay. Let me note
the number down.
Wait for a minute. - Okay.
Give me the number.
7-6-3-9.. -7-6-3-9..
2-3-8.. -2-3-8..
2-2-5. -2-2-5.
Okay. I will call
you in morning.
See, Althea... you have become
the talk of this company.
In fact, the talk of this town.
The recent incident of
you drinking at the pub!
Dont you people drink?
See, its not a crime to drink.
But to beat up a guy after that
They spoke to me indecently.
They behaved badly.
So I beat them up.
See, as men we have
some privileges.
If we make a mess after drinking,
it wont appear in newspapers.
But youre a female and
our companys image
The paper hasnt printed my name. How
would it print the companys name?
I think you havent checked
Facebook since last night.
This has been going
viral since yesterday.
Many people have mentioned your name.
And the companys name, too.
So what?
In fact, I was talking to the
head office before you came in.
They want you to quit.
In how many days should I quit?
You can take 30 minutes
to send your resignation.
Okay. Thanks.
But dont worry! I
am there for you.
You can call me for
anything, at any time.
Only thing is, you have
to be a little flexible.
I hope you understand.
Corporate companies do not ensure
job security, or womens safety.
To form a union or demand
any right is not permitted.
Anybody can be thrown out
of their job at anytime.
The employees are similar to Chennai
battling during heavy rains.
Its only been 4 days! Think its
easy to tap a phone unofficially?
We found out... - Sir?
that hes on his way to Perungudi
to meet a woman like you.
I'm here now. Within 2 hours,
Ill catch him by the neck...
get your ring and phone,
and then come see you.
What now? - The phone.
Tell me.
Be careful while speaking
over the phone, sir.
These days everything
is leaked on WhatsApp.
Especially if a cop is on
the phone with a woman.
Sir, our team is in conference call..
Okay, Ill call you. No, no, no.
I wont.
No, no, no. You dont
call me either.
Please dont call me.
Ill come and see you with the
ring in two hours. Hang up.
Now tell me.
Sir, I told everyone that its not
official and it's your personal issue.
Kumaresan is in the tea shop.
- Then?
Thangaraj is in the auto.
Grandpa is downstairs. -Okay.
Pushparaj is on the roof.
Everyone knows what to do?
- Yes, sir.
Reached? - Yes.
Where are you?
- In the tea shop.
Turn around.
Can you see me by the window?
- Yes. I can.
Sir, looks like the lady is
talking to someone on the phone.
How can we tell who it is?
Ask them to wait.
My husband will
leave now for duty.
I'll call you. You come up then.
- Okay.
Where is your son?
He has gone to tuition.
I have to go by 8.
How will he be faithful to God if you
dont bring him to church often?
Not only God lives in the
Church, Father. Satan does too.
Satan? What do you mean?
I meant my mother.
Your mother is not so bad
that you must curse her so.
In fact, she's a much
better mother than you are.
Look how pious she is!
You dont get it, Father.
Why wouldnt I?
Because you are a Father.
Meaning you are a man.
Forget it, child.
Your mother prayed to take her
grandson to Velankanni on pilgrimage.
You have every right
to reject your mother.
But you dont have the right to
severe her ties with her grandson.
Send your son.
- Let her take him.
You go tell her
yourself, please.
15 days only, right?
Take him. But take care of him.
Not like how you
took care of me.
Sir, the husband is coming down.
Ask everyone to wait
in their positions.
We will handle it once he
enters the house. - Okay, sir.
Put this on my tab.
Dont tell Venus.
Sir, they are asking
if they can enter?
We are here unofficially.
- Correct, sir.
Ask them to wait till he enters.
- Okay, sir.
He is on a tour with his grandma for 15
days. I e-mailed you the leave letter.
It's okay. Read this.
An essay he wrote in class.
Please have a seat
there and read it.
I will finish some
work and talk to you.
When everyone writes
about their sweet home,
it has a mother, father,
grandpa and grandma.
But in my sweet home,
there are only 3 people.
Me, mom and grandma.
Theres no dad.
Mom said dad went to
swim with the dolphins.
Then another day she told
someone he went to Australia.
Then on another day she
told someone hes in Dubai.
I know very well that
my mom lied to me.
But I didnt ask her why.
Because I love her so much.
One day, my grandma scolded
my mom with the word 'bitch'.
I think its a bad word.
But Im not sure.
So my mom took me
and left the house.
Then one day, Beardwala came.
He swam with the dolphins.
I thought he could be my father.
Then one day, he called my mother a
bitch just like my grandma and left.
Only my mother and I
remain at our home.
Whenever this word came up,
it took my sweet home away.
If youre contemplating suicide,
please call 104 immediately.
Government employees are
waiting to counsel you
with love and care to
help change your mind.
This is all you need.
- Don't overreact.
Its been 15 days. And I
still haven't got my ring!
You want it without filing
a complaint, right?
And your Casanova has switched
off his phone for 15 days.
Cant even tap it.
Wouldnt it be better to file
a complaint? - A complaint?
That he brandished a knife and snatched
your ring when you were in public?
My husband has to believe it, right?
- He's just your husband. Wait.
Mr. Gupta. How are you?
I am at your place.
This morning when your
missus went for the walk...
somebody flashed a knife and stole
her wedding ring, it seems.
Sister is so upset.
She is fine. She is fine.
Can we file a complaint?
Sure, sure. Speak to her.
I will talk to you later.
You know Im on another call. Why
the hell do you keep calling?
Sir, you asked us to tap
someones phone unofficially.
That guy turned his phone
on after a long time now...
and we tapped his last conversation
and sent it to you through WhatsApp.
Delete it once you're
done listening, sir.
Where are you speaking from? - Sir, I'm
outside the station. Nobody knows.
Okay, I'll call you back.
- Okay, sir.
Hello - Hello. Who's this?
You dont't know me. But
I know all about you.
Why did you call me?
This is guy, right?
- Yes, he is.
You have something I need. If you give
it to me, I will tell you something.
Tell me what?
Say that you'll come to my home.
Then I will tell you.
Sorry, I'm not who
you think I am.
Be whatever you want.
Come home and I will tell you.
Your wife?
Stop it! stop it!
Loose woman, youre
laughing at a cop?
Ill kill you!
Superb, Commissioner! Superb.
First go clean your home.
Then come to kill me.
I'll deal with you later.
He is going to kill me?
Whose is this?
Can I keep this?
Keep it.
Thank you.
Okay. Ill leave.
Wait. First drink some tea.
Asura - The epic story
of ten headed Ravana.
Can I have a look
at these paintings?
Be careful. There
is broken glass.
He broke it a couple of
days ago in a fit of rage.
For asking whose phone
and ring it was.
I havent cleaned it yet,
hoping it will cut him.
No luck so far.
My daughter's paintings.
It's nice.
Not now. She painted
when she was a kid.
What is she studying now?
She is isn't studying.
She is no more.
It's okay. I'm always
alone in this house.
No one to talk to. No one
to ask if I've eaten.
No one to care for me.
On top of that, I have
a cop for a husband.
He treats me like a criminal.
For the first time in life, I've
got this proof to skin him alive.
Thanks a lot. - It's okay.
When you called that
day I misunderstood.
That's the only way men think.
Sorry. -It's okay.
I can't imagine what would've
become of me without these books.
Why have you left
the doors open?
My dearest emperor!
I regret causing
disappointment to you!
Ill thrash you!
Who are you searching for? Wandering
in forest after forest? Sea after sea?
Oh? Are you searching
for Ravana?
My, my.
Your search is futile,
your majesty!
Shouldnt you be
searching for me, Sita?
What the hell are you doing?
-I'm reading.
Reading a book now?
Why is My Lord drinking liqour
instead of searching for Ravana?
Teasing me?
Where is he?
Whom do you seek?
He may be Ravana.
And I may be Sita.
But you are not Rama.
You are certainly not Rama.
So youre here? You
are dead today!
Come down. Come. - Sir, sir...!
You dare to come here?
- Sir. Sir.
Don't hit the poor chap.
You came to steal?
- Yes, sir. I did.
You dare mess with me?
- Sir. I'm a thief.
Look at her when you say that!
- I'm telling the truth.
Dont do this.
Look at her and say that.
- Please, leave him.
Tell her. Tell her. Tell her. Tell her.
- Leave him, please.
Let him go.
Let him go!
Let him go, man.
- You speak to me that way now?
I have given you more
respect than you deserve.
Run away. Run away now!
Where are you going?
- Let him go. He is innocent.
Is he? Is he a poor thing?
I'll kill you. Sit.
Tell me. Why did he come?
To sleep with you?
Why did he come here?
- Don't you know?
Did he come to sleep with you?
- YES.
How was he? Better than me?
How was he?
Much, much, much
better than you.
How was he? Better than me?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Better than you!
He was superb. Superb. Superb.
Superb. Superb.
He was superb? Was he?
Was he superb?
Stop it...
Yes, he was! Superb, superb...
- Stop it, woman.
This guy was superb? Stop it!
I won't.
You came into MY house?
Why do you show your valor to him?
Come show it to me!
What did you say? I'll show you?
- Take your hands off me.
Ill kill you! - I will scream.
Go on, scream! Scream!
Let me hear you.
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop screaming! Stop!
I knew it when I saw
you reading so much,
that youll sleep around
when Im not around!
Bloody bitch!
Bloody educated bitch.
What do you know about books?
You police dog!
Not just when you arent around,
even when you are here...
I have and I will keep doing this.
- Watch your tongue.
Ill shoot you.
You threaten to shoot me
once every three days!
If you want to shoot,
shoot, you mongrel.
Shoot! Shoot! Come!
Shoot me, you dog!
Im coming...
I will shoot you!
Seriously, I will shoot you!
You dont have the
balls to shoot me.
And you dont deserve
to shoot me.
Don't, woman. Don't do it!
Sorry, Althea...
Sorry, Althea..
I didn't do it on
purpose, Althea.
I shot you...
If I'd had a gun that day,
I would have shot you.
Why did you do this?
I didnt shoot you.
Sorry, Althea. I shot you.
Why? Why did you do this? Why?
I didn't do it on purpose...
Please forgive me. I didn't
do it on purpose, Althea...
Get out.
Get out.
It was my fault, Althea.
Get out of my house. Go!
Get out.
Wife killed in a gas cylinder explosion.
Assistant commissioner under suspicion.
Oh, Jesus.
Why do you shut the door on me?
I heard Rahim Bhais family is in Nagore.
Thats why I asked for the money back.
Did you mistake me for that?
Please, sir.
- The money is in my lunch bag. Take it.
Forget about the money. Atleast
come out and slap me hard.
My elder daughter wanted the
chocolate box to keep her bangles.
Couldn't ask her to return it.
Please, sir.
Thats why I wrapped
the money in paper.
I never asked you for the chocolate box.
Why, sir?
Whatever it is, please tell
it to me face-to-face.
Get lost.
If I leave, I'll never return.
Listen to me. Go.
Get lost. Get lost.
Please, sir.
Did you...?
That house...
Did you take my Venus'
number from my phone?
I locked myself in the room, so
I wouldnt ask such questions.
Leave now. Forgive me.
Not from your phone, sir.
I happened to find it
in a payphone booth.
Sorry, sir. Forgive me.
I didnt know it was Venus number.
Please, sir.
Who am I to forgive you? Go now.
Don't make me talk.
Get lost from here.
I ruined your life.
I ruined everyones lives.
Who are you to ruin my life?
Nobody can ruin anybodys life.
That night you went near my
place, the police came home.
Even a cops wife, will be
afraid of the police, right?
When I went home in the morning,
Venus told me everything.
The children werent around.
I slapped her. I
beat her like hell.
I strangled her neck.
I was afraid she would die.
Then I went to a bar
and drank to the brim.
I was afraid I would hurt
her more if I went home.
I went home late at night.
The door was open.
Venus and the kids
were sleeping inside.
Poor thing.
You know, I havent even raised a
little finger against her before?
In my 23 years of married life, I
too have faltered a few times.
But I hid it. Because Im a man.
But Venus, a woman,
confided in me.
If my daughter had done this, I would
have beat her and corrected her.
I would have done the same
with my sisters, too.
Venus is also somebodys
older sister, too.
Venus is somebody's
little sister.
She's some father's
darling girl.
Youve done a good thing, boy.
You didnt ruin anything.
Come here, my boy. Come here!
I said, come.
I didn't know, sir. Forgive me.
Rahim Bhai from Chennai...?
Heard his family moved here.
The elders would know.
You come in the morning. I'll help.
You can sleep in the Dargah.
Anybody can sleep in the Dargah.
No problem.
Keep this.
No, sir... - Don't worry.
We'll find Rahim
Bhai's house tomorrow.
Saharama! Saharama!
A man has come from
Chennai to see you.
Bye, Uncle.
I'm from Chennai. Rahim Bhai...?
He passed away.
I know.
Who are you?
I saw your husband in
a train one night.
He was asleep.
Nobody was around.
He had 500 thousand
rupees in his bag.
I stole 300 thousand
rupeesfrom that.
I knew from the next day's newspaper
that he died of a heart attack.
He wouldve lived if I
had not taken the money.
Here is the 300 thousand rupees.
Please take it.
Its not because of you, son.
He died of a heart attack at 6 PM,
according to the post-mortem report.
He was in the train an orphaned
corpse from morning to night.
But I am at fault.
I will accept any
punishment you give me.
Even if you hand me
over to the police.
Atleast take this money. Please.
our honourable Prime Minister is set to
announce that 500 and 1000 notes are invalid.
We don't know whether this
woman holds a bank account.
Or if she can exchange
the currency notes.
Vande Mataram.
Uncle here.
Eat it.
Eat, child.
Dont worry. Eat up.
I will.
Is this phone yours?
It was lying there.
It's not mine.
Not yours? Its okay. Keep it.
No. You keep it.
I have a phone.
Your phone fell in the water, right?
You keep this.
I have nobody to talk to.
What are you saying? Dont you
remember even one number?
I have committed many sins.
All your sins were washed away in
that water. Take this and talk.
Whats in the bag?
Give it to me. Ill
give you money.
Who drank all this?
Im asking you? Who drank this?
My father.
Are you okay, mom?
Promise not to get mad
if I say something?
What is a 'bitch'?
Granny said youre a 'bitch'.
Beardwala said youre a bitch.
My school friends
say youre a bitch.
Is that something wrong?
Love you, mom.
Prabhu here, Althea.
Which Prabhu?
- Prabhunath here, Althea.
What do you want?
I feel like seeing you.
I don't feel like it.
If I do, I'll tell you.
No Althea, I'm here downstairs.
Can I come home?
Planning to create
a ruckus again?
No, Althea. Please!
First, go and stand at the main gate.
- Okay.
Tell me? What is it?
I just...
wanted to see you.
That's all.
Now you've seen me.
You've seen me?
So leave.
Althea, wait!
I need to talk to you.
Tell me.
Forgive me, Althea.
Okay. Then?
It was all my fault.
Okay. Then?
I have really changed, Althea.
Please forgive me, Althea.
Okay. Ive forgiven you.
Now, leave. Please.
Althea, stop.
Althea, please.
Stop Althea. Althea,
listen to me.
Please wait, Althea.
Listen to me.
Just wait a second, Althea.
One second, Althea.
Please, Althea.
Please forgive me, Althea.
Who am I to forgive you?
You did to me what
most men do to women.
I didnt mean to do it, Althea.
No, Prabhu.
Only difference is...
when everyone I came across
only wanted to sleep with me,
youre the only one who
wanted to live with me.
You gave me so much happiness.
You gave me a lot of pain.
You gave me
everything in excess.
Enough, Prabhu. Please. I
cant do this anymore.
I wont do this again, Althea.
Please Althea.
No, Prabhu.
You and I are fighting...?
That's fine.
But Adrian?
You didnt feel like
seeing him even once?
No, I wanted to Althea.
I really wanted to.
Its not just your fault Prabhu.
It's mine too.
When you were with me...
I thought you were everything.
I even forgot Adrian.
I didnt even worry
what he would think.
I cant repeat that
mistake, Prabhu.
No, Althea. Please listen to me.
Please, Prabhu.
Do me this one favour.
I like you very much.
That's why I am asking
you this favour. Okay?
I will surely do it, Althea.
Hereafter, dont
come back to see me.
Dont call me.
If possible, leave this city.
if you come back,
Ill be disturbed.
That's why I am asking you this.
Will you do this for me?
Ill do it.
Okay. Thanks.
Take care.
It will take at least a
minute to reach the elevator.
Can I walk with you till then?
Dont deny me this. Please.
It would take atleast a minute
for the elevator to your floor.
I swear, I will leave then.
All the best. Bye.
When a girl tells a guy to leave
her because she loves him...
after doing everything
that he normally does...
after apologising to her
with all those roses...
Pristine raindrops and the purest love
are the dirt that cleansed from the sea.
You must be thinking, why does this
guy keep talking during a movie?
People update their Facebook
status during movies.
And I update mine IN the movie.
That's all.