Target (2018) Movie Script

Sir, are you awake?
Is he dying?
Yes, he is dying.
He reminds me of my cat when it was dying.
My nose is itchy.
Please scratch it.
We would like to hear
the full story from you.
Is it possible?
It all
started from a scenario.
Is the porridge good?
It is delicious.
-Can I talk to you?
Well, Hifdzi is inside,
waiting to talk to you about that, too.
Are you guys starring
for the movie, Target, too?
The production house is weird.
They contacted us only by email.
The filming is only within the day,
packed with celebrities.
I've just received a confirmation.
They just sent the down payment.
What a pretty fast system.
-No phone calls or anything?
-Everything is by email.
They told me you're in it,
that's why I joined.
I came here to make sure.
Did you know that Cinta Laura
will be there too?
How are things between you two?
Who knows, later during the filming...
You're so cool. Just by doing that,
he's already hypnotized.
No, he's probably just full.
-What's up?
-Can you do me a favor?
-What favor?
Can you go over to Cinta's house
and then ask her,
so I can know
if she will be in Target or not.
I don't want to.
I don't want to mess with your love life.
Just this once. Help me.
So I should go there?
Then I'll ask...
"Cinta, will you be starring in Target?"
Like that?
Then what if she asks...
"Hifdzi, you came here because
Radit told you to, right?" What do I say?
Just lie. You can lie, can't you?
Cinta, will you be starring in Target?
You came here
because Radit told you to, right?
Well, yes.
I'm sorry, I can't lie.
Come in.
Thanks, Cinta.
You're welcome.
I will be professional about Radit.
What's happened has happened.
I haven't been in an Indonesian movie
for a long time anyway.
You will be in it too, right?
I will.
I've read the script. Just a thriller.
The filming should be easy.
Hello, everyone! I bet you still remember
this legendary action movie actor?
Willy Dozan, now referred to as Wince.
It seems that he is no longer starring
in action movies.
I wonder what Wince is up to lately?
Is he still buff?
So the Hot-Gos team has visited him
during his break.
This is for you!
For my next project,
I have a new movie to shoot.
It is called Target.
That's too harsh.
As you already know,
I don't want to star
in action movies anymore.
I'm sick of it! All those fighting!
It tickles!
In between my busy schedules,
I always drink Usirsir!
Begone, hemorrhoids!
I won't let hemorrhoids
disturb my activities!
To be continued.
This kind of product placements
are getting more obnoxious.
Well, it's called making fooloose.
Money, fulus...
My Indonesian accent is like this
because I did not grow up here.
I lived in...
And then here.
That's why my accent is like this.
I lived for two years in Jember, Cinta.
I think you better go home now,
and go tell Radit.
Tell him to be professional.
Where is the location?
Tell them to give the information clearly!
I am a senior celebrity!
A professional!
-I'll hang up!
-Okay, Sam.
What a sketchy location.
The nerve of that car.
I wonder who he is.
Must be someone lame.
Definitely not a celebrity.
Romy, how are you? What a great body.
Gika, what do you think happened
to Willy Dozan?
He became a sissy
after quitting action movies.
Now people call him Wince.
I want you to think about
your first kiss.
It could be with a guy or a girl.
Ready? Look at me. Do not react.
Guy, girl. Well, it was a girl.
Okay, look at me. Do not react.
Now, the timeline...
Don't react.
Elementary, middle school, high school...
It was middle school.
How do you know?
Okay, think of her name, Wince.
Imagine it's written here, up in the air.
I think...
This is what I think.
Who are you thinking of? Say her name.
If I wrote exactly what you are thinking,
it would be awesome, right?
Let me see.
Prove it.
I have put something in your underwear.
Check the back of your underwear.
I didn't put it in the front. In the back.
-In the back?
-Go reach for it.
What was her name again?
-Look what I wrote there.
How did you do it?
That's amazing.
Awesome, right?
Awesome, your ass. More like creepy!
So you put it in here?
Smells like veggies. You're a naughty boy!
The Narrow Bridge?
Year 1982.
Directed by Chaerul Umam,
written by Asrul Sani.
In my opinion,
it is the best Indonesian movie
up until now.
I don't like old movies.
The image quality is bad.
Even camera phones have better quality.
If you want to act in a movie, you need
to know the history of Indonesian movies.
So it won't be forgotten.
You should take care of that belly button.
It's gaining dust.
Who else are we waiting for?
Samuel Rizal and...
There he is.
Hey, Sam!
-Whose car is this?
Oh, can you move it?
-Is it not long enough?
-No! It's...
What, you don't like it?
I love it. I do.
We're about to film,
but where is the crew?
Where is the set?
Let's go inside.
Let's go.
That's a big scratch!
What's up with you and Cinta?
We were in a relationship.
What did she see in you? I mean...
Someone told me that.
Then what happened?
She broke up with me and...
I don't want to talk about it.
So, up to this day...
You've never seen each other?
Dit, you need chemistry
when starring in a movie.
You have to be compatible.
You have to at least talk
to each other and be honest.
Ask her, why did she do what she did?
Do I really have to ask her that?
Who knows...
Maybe it's just a simple misunderstanding.
I mean, who knows?
Maybe she still loves you.
You're not making any sense.
Let's go.
Don't grab my butt!
Now, think of an animal. Done?
Any animal.
Ready? Okay.
Hey, don't litter!
That kind of person...
Back in my village,
he would be fed to the pigs.
CHANGE AND THEN EAWe have to change?
No wonder they asked
for my size from my manager.
We're here to shoot a movie,
but we were served food.
Don't eat it!
It might be poisoned!
But this rendang looks good.
When are we going to start?
We're already gathered here.
It's hot here. There's no air conditioner.
Didn't you have a movie?
Which one was it?
The one with this kind of scene?
A couple of celebrities visited an island,
they had dinner, then some of them died.
My seat...
Someone died in my seat!
I'm doomed!
Hifdzi, switch seats with me, okay?
I'm eating.
Why are you so noisy?
Making a fuss over a chair. It's annoying!
Can you guys calm down?
We are given the opportunity
to leave our mundane lives.
Called for a shooting...
Full of mystery.
Just enjoy it!
We are celebrities after all!
But I'm a YouTuber anyway.
What happened to Anggika? What's wrong?
It really is poisoned.
But it tastes good.
It's annoying!
Everything turned dark.
Like when the lights go off baby
The lights go off
It's song lyrics by Nassar.
When we woke up,
life wasn't the same anymore.
-Where are we now?
-I have no idea.
The last thing I remember
was eating rendang.
Everyone is gathered.
There must be a way out of here.
Whoever is keeping me here!
Let me out now!
I am a celebrity!
So what if you're a celebrity?
They might change their mind.
Being a celebrity has its own perks.
That's true.
I used to have no clothes, no shoes.
Even just to eat...
I had to eat rotten chicken.
But now I have everything!
Thanks to the endorsements!
Well, it is true.
Being a celebrity is sometimes
very beneficial.
You're a celebrity?
-I'm a stand-up comedian.
-They are not celebrities.
Standing up, telling jokes...
Even my mom could do that.
You're right!
YouTubers aren't celebrities either.
But people refer to me as a celebrity.
My family, my relatives...
Why are you guys gathered here?
What's up with Ricis?
I'm hiding.
It's so scary.
What is really happening?
Hey, why are you hiding like that?
You can still be seen.
And you smell damp.
-Stop with the chattering.
We need to think.
We fell asleep at the same time!
And now we're awake and we're here!
Let's think!
Aren't we supposed to film something?
Why are we doing this?
I'm scared.
I want to go home.
You look ugly when you're scared.
Don't be scared, we will be fine.
Are you scared?
No way, nothing is scary
in a place like this.
I guess something will...
Welcome to the movie, Target.
There are cameras
placed all around this building.
Every movement and sound is recorded.
Your whole lives have been a lie.
This time, you will follow my scenario.
Making a real-life movie.
True to itself, no acting.
You have 24 hours to follow my scenario.
There is a device on your neck to punish
those who decide to run away.
If you try to escape or break a rule,
or if you run out of time
to play this game,
then you will end up like this...
Hey, we are already filming?
That might be a criminal.
Listen to his voice.
Stop it!
There is no time to be fooling around!
I want to run away!
Whoever is locking us in here,
don't think you can treat us like that!
No way!
-What the hell?
-Relax, dude.
Damn, that was a disappointment.
He was so cool earlier.
We are never going to follow your orders!
Are you okay?
It's a shock collar!
What were you saying?
If I am in pain,
I tend to yell in Thai.
This is so weird!
Gosh, how do I open this?
It's stuck in my hijab!
Let's just play along.
Anybody with me?
First scene of Target.
A good movie has to have
a good amount of tension.
There is a box in front of you.
Open it, and you will find a revolver.
There is only one bullet in that revolver.
You can take turns shooting each other.
Whoever dies will be out of this movie.
You have ten minutes from now. Start!
What did he mean by die?
He means,
out of the movie, right?
It's not literally die, right?
Wait, this...
this is really suspicious.
Are you guys just going to stand there?
Let's see.
Take a look.
This is real.
the weight,
the color,
the smell...
Guys like me that go to the gym
must be familiar with guns.
Luckily, I never go to the gym.
Don't you guys see? This might be--
This is clearly a test.
Let's just follow through.
Let's prove that this gun has no bullets.
What's wrong about it?
Just act naturally.
Okay, Gik.
-Let's do this.
-Wait, us? Try it?
-Just try it. It's fine.
My face is an asset, don't!
-My face is an asset! Don't!!
See, just go with it!
What the heck.
All right, then.
Let's go.
You try.
No! Sir!
I am so sorry.
-No, don't!
-Please forgive me!
In three, two...
You guys are being dramatic.
You saw that nothing bad happened, right?
Let's see.
In three,
Don't point it at yourself.
The first scene is completed.
Put the dead body inside the box
in the corner.
And then leave.
Go to the second floor.
We will continue with the next scene.
We need to go.
It's a trap.
Someone is trying to kill all of us!
Are you okay?
I am fine, Cinta.
Are you sure?
You got electrocuted.
I can't take this anymore.
I don't want to do this, Cinta.
Hey, fatty.
Why are you crying harder?
I can't understand what she's saying.
I regret not taking English lessons.
The place was even close to my house.
Let's go.
Welcome to the next scene.
A good movie needs to be funny.
Movies with a comedy aspect
makes it more interesting.
However, comedy these days are too cheap.
Especially those lame riddles.
This is the next scene.
This room will be filled
with poisonous gas.
You have ten minutes to answer my riddle.
Answer it on the place provided.
If you succeed, the gates will be opened.
You will survive,
and move on to the next area.
Guess the answer of this riddle.
What kind of fruit has smooth skin?
You may take turns answering.
What is this cheap-ass riddle?
Why are we being played like this?
We are clearly being set up.
What kind of question is that?
That's not funny!
If it's not funny then we should just go.
Let's go!
Wait! I will answer it!
-Let me answer it.
-You don't know what will happen!
Don't worry.
Lame jokes
are my specialty.
What could it be?
"What kind of fruit has smooth skin?"
Your dad after putting on lotion!
-What's up with the silence?
-You think it's funny?
No one is laughing.
"Your dad putting on lotion"?
That can't be the answer.
Well, I'm telling you.
Why are you being so dramatic?
I'm acting.
This is recorded, right?
Dit, you go answer.
You're a comedian.
This kind of thing, I can't understand.
But for jicama masks,
which can smoothen and brighten your skin,
I understand that the best.
Is it really that good?
Of course, it is!
Can it really smoothen your skin?
Of course!
That's a good idea.
Hold up!
Why are we talking about this?
Let me answer!
"What kind of fruit has smooth skin?"
That fruit is...
How can it be a watermelon?
Watermelon has smooth skin.
The answer can't be that easy.
Riddles are always hard to answer!
It's like that!
The fruit with smooth skin is durian!
After the skin has been smoothed out!
What the hell?
It's correct?
It is!
Let's get out.
We lost a life,
and the answer is not even funny.
Now, what should we do?
What did we do to deserve this?
I thought the filming would end fast
so I can go home.
Don't cry, Gik.
Important people like us...
People will come looking for us.
That's true if it's you.
How about me?
How about Samuel Rizal?
What do you mean by that?
Don't you know I'm an actor?
I have lots of viewers!
I don't watch movies at the cinemas.
It's expensive!
Drinks cost 40,000 rupiahs each.
What is it made of, Reza Rahadian's tears?
We should just eat then rest.
We will figure out
how to get out of here tomorrow.
-Let me have some.
-I'm still hungry.
-You have had enough.
-I'm buff, look at my muscles.
How could you...
I'm still hungry.
Should I just eat the wrapper now?
It's finished.
You take my food, you die.
What did you say?
Didn't you hear me?
Enough, he heard you.
What did you say?
-You heard it.
Take my food,
you die.
See, that's clear. He heard it.
I don't care.
Don't you know how many action series
I have starred in?
-So what?
-Just eat, please.
Let's just eat in peace.
So that's how he is.
Don't fight please,
I'm right in the middle.
Why did you block me?
-Think you're the only one who can fight?
-Dude, please...
I was trained by nature
to face people like you in Jakarta.
Bring it on!
Why are you crying?
You don't understand English?
My hand...
Guys, take it out!
Take it out!
Are you sad?
Of course, I am.
Why don't you come with me?
I still have a career in Indonesia, Cinta.
What career?
Can I have a picture?
Excuse me, can you get out of the frame?
Thank you, Cinta!
I want to have a career abroad.
You saw it yourself, right?
They mock the way I speak.
I'm sure I can do better out there.
Maybe Indonesia is not for us.
-Please keep my luggage.
-Yes, miss.
Am I not taking you to the airport?
I'm breaking up with you.
We're not suitable for each other.
I'm mixed-race, and you're just a local.
A local...
I deserve better.
Can I kiss you one last time?
What the hell are you doing?
Sorry, I had a dream that...
You're asleep already?
The hell.
Dit, why aren't you sleeping?
I had a nightmare.
Do you know?
Why I hate violence nowadays?
When I starred in this action movie
back then.
I punched my co-star too hard.
-Then he bit the dust.
-"Bit the dust"?
I mean he died.
You know nothing about expressions.
Since then, I realized
that violence
is never going to solve anything.
Where are you going with this?
What I'm saying is that
you should learn from your past.
About yourself
and Cinta.
I actually feel like
Cinta wasn't herself
when she broke up with me.
It's like she was making excuses.
I feel that
there is unfinished business between us.
We messed up today.
Whatever. Go to sleep!
Shall I sing for you?
Go to sleep, my little girl
Go to sleep, my little girl
If you are not sleeping
You'll be kissed by water buffalo
-Okay, sir.
-Go to sleep, my little girl
-Fine, I'll sleep.
-Go to sleep, my little girl
If you are not sleeping,
You'll be kissed by me
What the hell?
Go to sleep, my little girl
Go to sleep, my little girl
So far,
we never suspected each other, sir.
Until one morning...
What happened in the morning?
There was a granny doing
cartwheels while playing a kite.
Just kidding.
In the morning...
Sir, why you brush your teeth like that?
It's nasty.
Do you prefer not to brush
your teeth then?
I'm going to go find water.
What are you doing?
Training my muscles.
Before this crazy game starts again.
It's all being recorded after all.
So you think this is all real?
We are celebrities. Don't forget that!
We have to be serious!
Hey, two of our friends died.
This is a serious movie!
What's the matter?
Scared that you're going to die next?
-Whatever. I'm leaving.
-Hey, Gik!
Think again.
That collar is going to shock you!
I just want to get out of here.
Whatever it takes.
I will do whatever it takes
to break the door downstairs!
What if you get electrocuted?
Then I will die peacefully.
Hey, gamemaster, electrocute me!
I'm not afraid!
What happened to Anggika?
Yes, what did you do to Anggika?
I didn't do anything!
I came here after I heard a scream,
and she was already down there!
-This is...
-What's going on?
Anggika fell.
You pushed Anggika, didn't you?
No, I swear it wasn't me. Where were you?
I was...
What are you doing upstairs?
Everyone is down here.
I was wondering where the exit was.
Where did Wince come from?
I was brushing my teeth.
Brushing your teeth?
We don't even have toothbrushes.
Yes, I didn't use a toothbrush.
I used this.
It's better with this to stay clean.
To stay odor-free. Right?
Can you really clean it using a finger?
It's true.
Try it yourself.
Are you really a foreigner?
Everyone, please gather
on the eighth floor.
The next scene will begin.
I think the killer is one of us.
Just listen to the gamemaster's voice,
it's like a recording.
We also don't know
what he looks like, right?
Anggika's death is weird.
It seems unplanned.
Can you guys move a little faster?
In this type of situation,
the only way is to make up with Cinta.
We have to stay together!
What do you mean?
I'll help you out, okay?
Cinta, come here.
Radit wants to speak with you.
See? Easy, right?
What do you mean easy? Hey!
I'm afraid of losing you.
Before I went to America,
I broke up with you
because I didn't want to lose you.
I was scared that our long distance
relationship wouldn't work.
We didn't have the nerve to break up,
even though we need to.
That's why I broke up with you.
Why didn't you tell me this
back in Jakarta?
We haven't seen each other
for four years, Radit.
I thought you would have changed.
Maybe I was wrong.
Gosh, you guys are hugging.
What are we, Teletubbies? Come on!
The gamemaster would kill you next.
Please enter the room in front of you.
According to the number of people left.
Further instructions are inside.
Go away, this is my place!
Fine, you'll die next.
What did you say?
Dear actors of Target...
This is the most awaited scene.
There is a box in front of you.
Inside the box is a revolver
filled with six bullets.
Try to kill each other.
If you fail to kill within the given time,
the collar on your neck will explode.
And not just that.
Your family will die too.
They are all in my hands.
Heri Lim, Wince Dozan's father.
Lina Arsyad, Abdur's mother.
Even Ferdy Rizal, Samuel Rizal's brother.
Choose wisely.
Don't act foolishly.
Save yourself.
Save them.
-Cinta, let's run!
Radit is still inside.
This is dangerous. Let's go.
-Gosh, you scared me!
The gamemaster is lying!
My parents are in Europe.
They said goodbye to me yesterday morning.
I am sure.
Everything is just a recording.
Everything is a lie!
I don't believe
that my parents are kidnapped.
What if it's true, though?
Dit, believe me.
We're being pit against each other!
I'm sure!
We better save the bullets, Cinta.
We're killing the others?
We cannot trust anyone
at the moment, Cinta.
Sammy is going to get Abdur.
They might kill us next.
You're right.
We can only trust ourselves right now.
We need to protect each other.
What's important
is that the both of us...
I love you, Cinta.
Why are you catching feelings?
I got caught in the moment. I'm sorry.
What about my parents?
They are safe.
They weren't really kidnapped.
It seems to be one
of the gamemaster's tricks.
To have us fight each other?
Why are you aiming for my dick?
Of course, this is not a movie.
This is real life, and if I fight you,
I'm going to aim for the dick.
You're right.
What's wrong?
How are you not in pain?
That's why you should work out, like me.
So you can fold your dick.
That's pretty crazy.
Did you hear those gunshots?
I did.
I'm going to hide.
Where should I hide?
Don't move.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Dzi, what is this?
If you move a step closer,
I shoot you. Understood?
What are you doing?
They are animals!
Wait. Hold up.
If you take another step,
I'll blow your brains out.
If you pull that trigger,
I will pull this trigger.
You have the guts for it?
-I'll count.
two and a half,
two and two-thirds,
two and eight-ninths...
We're not murderers.
The gamemaster told us to kill each other.
Then the focus should be staying alive.
Those gunshots must be Abdur and Sammy.
What do we do now?
Let's just hide.
There's four of us. Why hide?
Let's just go and hide.
Come on.
Dude, hold on.
I come in peace.
We cannot win if we don't join forces.
Cinta and the others are joining forces.
Why would I need your help?
They still have their guns! Loaded!
What can we do?
We can't win against the four of them
if we try it individually.
-But if we're together--
-Then you go join them.
They don't trust us anymore.
I will do anything
to save my mother. Anything.
There was a tribe war
in my village back then.
My father was taken hostage,
exactly like this.
He didn't make it.
I will not let the same thing
happen to my mother.
I don't want to die yet.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Just stay and hide.
I will handle Sammy and Abdur.
You mean, you're leaving us?
You won't survive.
Look at the others.
One is fat.
The other is a sissy action man.
you're always like this.
You refuse to believe that anybody
can fight with you.
Maybe that's why you broke up with me.
It's because you refuse to believe
I can be in a long distance
relationship with you.
Why are you saying that?
You got to learn to trust people.
If you want me to trust you,
you should have...
Don't shoot. I have an offer.
Samuel Rizal has gone mad. He is hopeless.
He wants to blow up the whole building.
He's building a bomb.
I tried to stop it, but...
What happened to you?
These are the bruises after fighting him.
Gosh, that's awful.
Those are bruises?
Why do they look like hickeys?
Samuel's punches look like these.
Like getting a hickey from a bald man.
Jeez, you're like a teenager
with all those hickeys?
What do we do now?
I say don't trust him.
But if we don't listen to him,
and Samuel Rizal really is making a bomb,
it means we are all in danger.
Over here.
This way!
Hurry up!
Come on!
Look out!
So disgusting! That rat!
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
If I ever doubted you.
Yes, it's okay.
Right this way.
There is nothing here.
What are these ropes?
Yes, ropes.
I don't see any brown ropes down there.
Four ropes tied into one.
I don't see anything.
What's over there?
I don't see a box meant
to be used as weight.
That's just your feeling.
It's the building's interior.
What the hell is this?
Cinta, you knew about this?
I don't want to lose you guys.
Sammy, finish them!
How do I finish them?
-I don't have anything with me!
What do I do?
I wish I was the old Wince Dozan.
I would destroy this net!
We're going to die.
Why are you so pessimistic?
If only we had the old Wince.
The old Wince Dozan loved violence.
But now...
Not anymore!
The old Wince wouldn't leave people
under violence.
Violence has two sides.
You can use it to save us all.
Here you go!
This is just for losers!
Cinta, move!
You naughty boy!
I'm sorry, Abdur!
Bring it on!
See this?
Bring it on!
Sir, enough! I'm sorry.
I was wrong. I'm sorry.
I might die right here!
Okay, Sam.
I forgive you.
Let's go see our friends.
Wince! Sammy!
What happened?
Wince and Sammy are dead.
-Dzi, where is she going?
I saw a map of this building.
There is a room on the highest floor.
Cinta, you'll get electrocuted...
-Cinta, look!
All right.
I think this will do, Mr. Hifdzi.
Your story matches the others.
The others, sir?
The survivors.
Radit. Cinta.
I am, Cinta.
Please don't talk in English now.
My head hurts.
We told everything to the press.
We are safe now.
Thank god.
How about the culprit?
Please look.
This is him.
It's Romy?
When we arrived, we found his body.
We opened his mask.
It was Romy Rafael.
He was the culprit.
He faked his death
by using a blood pouch
that he attached to his body.
We think that he wanted
to give his best show.
By doing the wrong thing.
Well, I think we have gathered
all the data that we need.
We'll get going now.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I'm sorry. Thank you.
-Thank you.
So, Hifdzi, ready to play futsal?
I can even do parkour.
You're so cute like a teddy bear!
Touch me again so I can heal faster.
-Can I?
-Let me do it.
No, ouch.
We're here.
Thanks for driving me to the airport.
Hey, Dzi...
During the second game in the building,
you saved my life.
So don't mention it.
All right. I'll get going.
You left the ticket.
That was close. See you.
-Thank you!
Sorry, Radit and Cinta.
It all happened a month ago.
Everyone has moved on.
Abdur has even made a book about it.
What are your future plans for each other?
We want to continue what we had.
You know.
The point is we don't want
to lose each other again.
If she says it,
it sounds like a ballad song.
So poetic.
That was quick.
-Yes, we didn't have to wait long.
Hello, how are you?
Hi, Mr. Broto.
-Hi, Cinta!
-Hi, how are you?
I'm good. So...
I have been looking for you.
What's the matter?
Can we speak in my office
just for a second?
-Cinta, too?
Sorry, I have to go for a shooting.
Okay, next scene! You have to get changed.
Move the camera this way, please.
Cinta, your makeup and wardrobe
is that way.
-Afternoon, Cinta.
We received it this morning.
"We," sir?
Almost all the producers
in the production house, TV...
We received this.
What is it?
The media is not aware yet.
But this is the edited version of what
you experienced back at the building.
So it was really made into a movie?
From the CCTV, from...
Hang on.
Who sent it? Isn't Romy dead?
You know you can't come close
to me, right?
I just need ten minutes.
Sorry. I can't do that.
If you tell me to go,
I'll keep doing this.
The police...
The media...
They all think I was involved, Cinta.
I know.
An entertainer's wife
claiming to be locked up
so her husband can fake his death
and conduct that Target game, right?
The police can't prove that I'm involved.
But you also can't prove
that you were locked up.
If you were,
how did you manage to get out?
The person who did it set up a timer.
When the time ran out, the door opened.
This is one of the scenarios
in our archives.
The title is Sasaran.
In other words...
The plot is almost exactly the same.
It's about nine people
who are in that game.
It was written in 1980.
JULY 1980
Who is this Finto?
My boss told me
that he was an ordinary man
who wanted to be a filmmaker.
Finto brought the scenario
to all the production houses.
But none of them wanted
to produce the movie.
He begged.
Because he had a lot of debts to pay.
He became frustrated.
He set himself on fire.
I want to believe in you.
But I don't know.
Only Romy is capable of making
those kinds of tricks.
Gathering us all together, wearing
shock collars so we won't get out.
Those weren't shock collars!
The police report on that incident
has been released!
I know, they said the collars were broken
because we were fighting, right?
That, or it was never a shock collar
in the first place.
We saw Hifdzi getting electrocuted twice.
-And when Anggika ran away, she was--
She was pushed.
I think...
I feel like I have heard
this Rizmi name somewhere.
You left the ticket.
Sir, I got to go.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I need to prove something.
Me too.
This is the place.
Why does Hifdzi have this photo?
-Good afternoon.
As far as I know, he went to Jogja, sir.
Go call our colleagues in Jogja.
Yes, sir.
Please excuse us.
Only you can save your wife.
I have gathered a bunch of people
who have been making shows
their whole lives.
I will drug them.
You will wake up first. Put on the mask.
Become the gamemaster.
I am one of you guys.
I might die in the middle of the game,
but I will die
in this masterpiece of a movie.
I will die a hero.
Continuing this movie
that my father wanted.
Better save the bullets.
The movie he had in his mind
before he died.
The movie he was unable to produce
because he was rejected by the industry.
This is my gift for my father.
My gift for the people
who create movies with all those lies.
This is the real movie.
It's not a shock collar.
Subtitle translation by Arina Nurul Azizah