Tarot (2024) Movie Script

("Somewhere Down the Road"
by CHRISTIVN playing)
Feel like pressing my luck
Get caught up in the moment
Feel like living it up
Not knowing
where I'm going...
PAXTON: Guys, I love
that we're out here.
Just a bunch of best friends
roughing it in nature.
It's beautiful.
PAIGE: Paxton,
what are you talking about?
We rented a literal mansion.
Yeah, but we're outside,
and mosquitoes are
eating my ankles.
Does someone have a marshmallow
I can shove in his mouth?
PAXTON: Please.
My reflexes are too fast.
-(groans, hisses)
Nice reflexes.
Caught me off guard.
Okay, here, everyone.
Let's say,
"Happy birthday, Elise."
-Happy birthday, Elise.
-Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday, Elise!
-Happy birthday, Elise!
-PAXTON: Finally!
Finally, I can go to the club!
Let's go!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Elise.
-MADELINE: Happy birthday, girl.
-Happy birthday.
So, are we getting
back to the game, or what?
-Yes. Whose turn was it?
-Oh, my gosh.
Oh, uh, Grant. Grant's up.
Okay. Okay, I got one.
Most likely to get knocked up
before graduation.
One, two, three.
-OTHERS: Paxton.
-What the hell?
I can't even give birth,
like, anatomically.
Yeah, not with that attitude.
-(group chanting "Drink!")
-PAXTON: This is so unfair.
You know what?
You're a bunch of dicks.
-Okay, I got one.
Most likely to eat something
off the ground.
-Uh, Lucas.
-Here we go.
Guys, guys,
haven't you ever heard
-of the five-second rule?
-No. Drink.
(group chanting "Drink!")
PAXTON: You eat shit
off the floor. Off the floor.
-PAIGE: My turn.
Um, most likely
to get married first.
One, two, three.
Haley and Grant.
-All right, that was obvious.
-That's so easy.
So obvious.
You guys
are practically married already.
Um... I'm out of beer.
Oh, yeah.
I'll-I'll ride with you.
-Yep, hold up.
-Hey, buddy.
PAXTON: So, did something
happen with you guys?
We broke up.
Right before we came up here.
Bro, what?
I mean, she just ended it.
But, ah...
I don't know, man.
She's been acting
different lately, you know?
Dude, different how?
Just different.
Girl, you're crazy.
You two are perfect together.
I don't know.
He's not very ambitious.
I think I'm just too ambitious.
Yeah, I mean, I-I can't
not agree with you, you know?
You-you really are
reaching high peaks.
But that's a good thing.
I think she'll recognize that,
and it'll be all good.
It'll be totally, totally good.
This is not good.
I just want romance.
-Romance is frickin' dead.
But you know what?
Now we can really settle in
on this clay class
that I'm talking about.
You know, when I told you
we could make pottery?
I'm gonna get that beer now.
We could start
our own book club.
Right? Oh, oh, oh!
Two words: spa day.
Right? It's a really good idea.
What do you mean,
"the last one"?
There's no way
we drank everything.
-ELISE: Whoa.
-PAIGE: Yikes.
HALEY: I'll run to the store.
No, no, no, no.
I'll get it delivered.
It's late, and we rented a
house in the middle of nowhere.
I mean, I'm pretty sure
this place has booze
locked up somewhere, right?
("Deleters" by Holy Fk
and Angus Andrew playing)

Hey. This seems promising.
MADELINE: You do see
there's a "keep out" sign
on that door, right?
-What? What sign?
-(song ends)
-(lock breaks, door creaks)
PAIGE: Lucas.
Lucas, you broke the door.
How else were we gonna get in?
PAIGE: They're gonna charge me
for that, you know?
Well, bad news first.
No alcohol here.
-So what's the good news?
-Still bad.
There's definitely spiders
Okay, like, who's keeping
all this weird, creepy shit
in their basement?
I mean, I guess the owners left
all their stuff here
after they died.
Uh, after... after they died?
Relax. They didn't die.
As far as I know, anyway.
Ooh, vintage.
That looks like
a divination cloth.
A what?
HALEY: This is all
old astrological stuff.
Wait. Lucas, look at this.
So creepy.

-"Madame Mara."
-(Madeline gasps)
to have your fortune read
by Madame Mara?

Oh! Guys.
What about naked Go Fishy?
Or-or strip poker, perhaps?
Oh, never mind.
These are "tarat" cards,
Paxton, it's pronounced
Yes. Haley, you got to do
readings for everyone.
PAIGE: Yeah, do our horoscopes.
-Can I see these?
Hey, I didn't know you could do
horoscope with tarot.
My grandma says tarot cards
"son del demonio."
-PAXTON: What?
-Devil shit. (laughs)
Yeah, there's a lot of ways
to do readings,
but astrology and tarot
are intimately connected.
If you use them together,
they're a really powerful
combination for forecasting.
-Oh, my God.
I've never seen cards
like this before.
They look hand-painted.
They're definitely old.
So, how does it work?
Each zodiac sign is
represented by a card
in the Major Arcana.
By tying in the planets,
you make the readings
more accurate.
What the hell? Like,
how do you even know that?
I don't know. (chuckles)
I guess I kind of
taught myself.
-So, where should we do this?
Do what?
The tarot readings.
Seriously, I don't want to.
Uh, come on, Haley.
-It's my birthday.
-GRANT: Come on, let's go.
("Things Can Only Get Better"
by Howard Jones playing)
And do you feel scared?
I do
But I won't stop and falter
And if we threw it all away
Things can only
get better...
(spooky voice):
Spirit guide, I call to thee.
-(wind whooshes)
-(song fades)
(wind whistling)
(house creaking)
-Okay. (chuckles)
Guys, we really shouldn't
be doing this.
It's kind of an unspoken rule
not to use
somebody else's deck.
-HALEY: I'm sorry.
Who cares?
Come on. I'll go first.
-LUCAS: All right.
-It's, like, really bad luck.
I can't remember.
Did I mention that
it was my birthday?
-PAXTON: Oh, yeah.
-Hmm. Maybe.
PAXTON: I think
that's why we're here.
-Once or twice.
-(Paxton chuckles)
Okay, fine.
-PAXTON: Yeah! Let's go.
Oh, my God.
So, 12 tarot cards are
placed in a circle,
representing the zodiac,
with, very important,
13th card in the center.
That indicates the overall
theme of the reading,
and it can give clarity
to the other cards.
You are a Libra.
I can vouch for that.
-PAXTON: Wow. That's...
-All right.
-PAXTON: ...outed.
You're investigative by nature,
and you need
to make sense of things,
but your curiosity often
leads you into the unknown.
You're climbing
the ladder towards success,
but The High Priestess reversed
is a warning
to maybe slow down.
She could cause you to slip up,
and suffer a crushing blow.
That's terrifying.
Yeah, this old deck's
kind of strange.
-All right. (chuckles)
-(Paige laughs)
You know, I'm gonna focus
on the part
where you said
"ladder to success."
-Sounds good.
-All right.
-Who's next?
Uh, I'll go next.
-HALEY: Madeline.
-Are you filming me?
-Yes. (chuckles)
Generous, empathetic
and creative.
And I really see
that creativity paying off
this month.
Your horoscope is
showing me, like,
a line opening up to something.
Also, The Hanged Man indicates
ultimate surrender.
Which might be hard right now,
because Mercury's
in retrograde,
so things are gonna feel off.
You may even find
technology failing
for no reason, which I know is
gonna be really hard for you.
-Sorry, can you say that again?
-Oh, funny.
-Right up my nose.
Don't panic. It'll soon be
water under the bridge.
(sighs) Okay.
As a Pisces,
when you sense danger,
you tend to run,
which makes sense.
Your zodiac symbol is two fish
swimming away from each other.
But this month,
maybe fight that urge,
and just try not to get
hung up on things.
Okay, so just don't run away
from your problems.
-HALEY: Basically.
-MADELINE: Thank you.
-HALEY: You're welcome.
Paxton, do you want to go?
Oh, you know what? Yeah.
I really would love to go.
-Yeah. Uh, to the bathroom.
-(overlapping groans)
-Ha ha, funny.
-Okay, I'll go.
-HALEY: All right, Paige.
We have our Virgo.
Quick thinker, practical,
bit of a control freak.
And Virgos go out of their way
for their friends,
as we've all seen this weekend.
-(wind whistling)
-(toilet flushes)
(door creaking)
(door bangs)
-(door bangs)
-(wind whistling)
(door thumps)
(door bangs)
-(knob clicks)
(wind whistling)
Oh, my God.
We need to chill.
As a Virgo,
you always want to find
the logic in things.
This month,
that might be challenging.
You may feel like you're being
pulled in two directions.
The Magician's bag of tricks
are deceptive,
and will prevent you
from seeing clearly.
Yeah, I don't like
the sound of that.
I mean, you know me
and control, right?
-(Paxton clears throat)
-Here he is.
-Gone long enough.
-How was it?
Yeah, I went upstairs and went
through everybody's luggage.
-(others groaning)
-If you did, I swear to God...
Relax. I didn't.
Grant, you're up.
Nah, I'm good.
(sighs) All right, I'll do it.
-(Paxton groans)
It's like Hogwarts
up in this place.
Aw. When's your birthday?
PAXTON: Wow. You don't even
know my birthday?
What kind of a friend are you?
-Do you know mine?
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my-- Not even close.
-January 25th.
-PAXTON: I knew that.
-I'm an Aquarius.
-I knew that, too.
And I'm May 7th,
and I don't know what I am.
-You are a Taurus.
Dependable and a solid friend.
-HALEY: But you can also be
kind of bullheaded
and make rash decisions.
-GRANT: No, shit.
-Hey, shut it.
Tauruses can also come off
as kind of rude.
Wait, wait, wait. Why do I get
a weird, creepy clown?
Drawing The Fool reversed
can serve as a warning
not to act on impulse.
Stick closely
to those you trust.
Oh, and Judgment is
in your fourth house.
This deals with physical space.
So, don't be surprised
if you're feeling trapped
or boxed in.
Just remember, when one door
closes, another one opens.
So, does that mean
I'm gonna become rich
and famous or date someone hot?
-Dude, she's not a genie.
I know that.
But, like, will I?
I'm not sure.
But I actually do see you
showing up for your friends
in an unexpected way.
Huh. You hear that?
Your boy's coming through
when you least expect it.
-All right.
-We get it. Move on.
-Paxton's coming through.
-I'll go next.
Oh, right, five-second boy.
-(tapping cards on table)
Ruling planet: Saturn.
You're a rule breaker,
and you're also
kind of sensitive.
When have I ever
been sensitive?
(others chuckling)
-Oh, Lukey.
All right. Okay.
That's enough. (laughs)
HALEY: Okay,
your horoscope is showing me
a change in
your financial situation.
How come I didn't get that one?
And it also looks like
love is in the air.
(others oohing)
-(others giggling)
-(softly) Stop.
But be careful.
When The Hermit's reversed,
it can indicate poor judgment,
and it's a warning
to watch where you're heading.
You're someone who will go
out of their way for love.
But just make sure
to stay focused,
because The Hermit's light
lead you down the wrong track.
"Down the wrong track."
Okay. Yeah, I got it.
You're welcome.
Is that everyone?
That was way better
than charades.
-Oh, my God. So much better.
-So good.
We should smoke some weed
-and watch a movie now.
-PAIGE: Um...
PAXTON: You guys--
I need better friends.
(Grant sighs)
Yeah, I-I don't know
my star sign or whatever.
You're a Leo.
Generous, loyal
and a natural leader.
So let me get this straight.
You just pull some cards
and make up whatever you want.
Is that how this works?
I use the deck
to read the stars.
(Grant scoffs)
Leos are also headstrong
and arrogant,
and always need to be right.
Mars corresponds to The Tower.
It can represent ruin
and destruction.
It's in your seventh house,
which rules relationships,
so you're pouring gasoline
on the fire
instead of listening
and being understanding.
How have I not
been understanding?
I'm reading your horoscope.
I'm not talking about us.
GRANT: Yeah, well, it sounds
like you're talking about us.
-HALEY: Well, I'm not.
-GRANT: You know,
maybe you should see
what the stars
have to say about you.
The Devil represents
your shadow side.
You're walking
a really dark road.
This month, you're gonna need
to face your demons,
and make a sacrifice or risk
losing someone important.
-I'm gonna go check on him.
Haley, what are you doing?
Reading my horoscope.
What's it say?
Same thing it always says.
Love's gonna be
the death of me.

-(clock ticking)
-(house creaking)

-(fire roaring)
-(rapid scratching)
(distorted woman screaming)
(blade slices)

I can't believe
I survived...
GRANT: All right, come on.
Let's go, guys.
Long drive back to campus.
Flipped upside down,
I'm alive...
Let's do this.
I can't believe
I survived...
Don't scratch my shit, please.
Nice suitcase, Paxton.
-PAXTON: Pipe it.
Um, could I see that for a sec?
In slow motion with ya
-(chuckles) -(camera clicks)
-Spun around
In slow motion
I can't believe
I survived...
Way better.
All right, kiddies, buckle up,
because for the next
four hours and 11 minutes,
y'all about to be
shitting in your pants.
-(eerie music plays on phone)
PODCAST HOST (on phone):
Becky's corpse was found
tangled in the creek,
her limbs twisted up
like a soft pretzel.
-Uh, what is this?
-What do you mean,
"What is this?"
It's only my favorite podcast
of all time.
You're gonna have to kill me
before I listen to this
for four hours.
-I'll kill you if you kill me.
-Hey, can I get in on that?
-PAXTON: Oh. Guys?
That could be
another new podcast.
-GRANT: Okay.
-Start the car.
-Oh, my God. Three people die.
-Start the car.
-PAXTON: One person lives.
-GRANT: And here we go.
PAXTON: He lives to tell
the story on the podcast.
I should probably survive
since I'm the one
-who's into podcasts here.
-(Madeline laughs)
And we're going.
On this episode,
we dive deep into the true
story of a jealous best friend,
and a love triangle
that would turn deadly.
LUCAS: Okay, Grant,
I'm begging you, man,
please drive us off this cliff.
This is just so rude.
It's, like,
my favorite thing ever.
I'm sharing with you
my personal experience on life.
-LUCAS: Here we go.
-(Madeline laughing)
The knife that was used
to carve up the victim
was right there on the ground.
Blood was everywhere.
And that's when she knew
that her best friend
was the killer.
-LUCAS: Guys, I won!
700 bucks!
-What the hell?
-Oh, my God.
GRANT: Jesus!
-Look, I got all three.
-PAXTON: Get in the car.
Please, just get in the car.
You know we're listening
to a podcast.
MADELINE: It was literally
at the scariest part.
Who-who does that?
-No, look.
Damn it.
-GRANT: What happened?
-MADELINE: No, guys,
-he actually won $700.
-Oh! Oh, shit!
-Wait, really?
-(Madeline laughs)
-Oh, okay.
I don't know if there's
any skill to it.
I don't know, like, is that...
("Blow the Speakers Up" by
I Don't Speak French playing)
Dance and
blow the speakers up
What a driver. All right.
I'll call you later.
(dog barking in distance)
PAIGE (over phone):
I still don't understand why
you didn't go
to that frat party, though.
ELISE: 'Cause I've got
the whole place to myself,
and I can't do
any more shots this weekend.
-(Paige laughs)
-ELISE: By the way,
thank you for
planning that trip.
-I had the best time.
-(water sloshes softly)
Anything for wifey.
ELISE: Oh, my God,
do not call me that.
PAIGE: Don't worry about it.
I only had to sell a kidney.
Hey, you got one left.
Rude. (chuckles)
All right, so I got us a
reservation at that Thai place
that we wanted to try
on Friday,
and I think we can go straight
to the concert afterwards.

Yeah. Hello?
I'm still here.
Hang on, sorry.
Wait, who are you talking to?
I thought
everyone went out. No?
One sec.
Hey, sorry. I'm back.
(door opens)
(door closes)
I mean, not to gossip,
but pretty crazy about
Haley and Grant, right?
Oh, my God, right?
I never saw that coming.
Did she say anything to you?
Literally nothing to me at all.
To you?
No, nothing. It's so crazy.
-(loud bang)
What the hell?
What was that noise?
-(woman giggling)
Hey, uh, I think
some of the girls
might be back.
-Can I call you in a second?
-Yeah, yeah. Call me back.

(door creaks)

-(woman giggling)
-(footsteps running)
Very funny, guys.
(footsteps running)
I swear to God, if you guys
are messing with me again...
(woman giggling)
Okay, I'm coming up.
(ladder creaking)
(phone clicks)
O-Okay, you can come out now.
Is someone there?
(breath trembling)
-(footsteps running)
(lights crackling)
(woman giggling)
Who-Who's down here?
-(flames crackling)

HALEY (distorted, echoing):
You are a Libra.
The High Priestess is a warning
to maybe slow down.
She could cause you to slip up
and suffer a crushing blow.
(ragged breathing)
(hands crackling)
(ringtone playing
"Happy Birthday")
(grunting, whimpering)
(sharp thud)
(ringtone playing
"Happy Birthday")

(siren wailing)
police radio chatter)
PAIGE (crying): I can't believe
this is really happening.
We were talking all last night.
I don't understand.
I know.
I'll stay with you
here tonight.
MADELINE: Are you sure
you don't want me to stay?
'Cause I can.
It's not a problem.
No, it's fine.
-Get some sleep.
-HALEY: Thank you.
Promise you'll call
if you need us?

MADELINE: Well, thank you
for walking me home.
Of course.
You know, I...
probably won't be able
to sleep, so...
if you need me,
you know where to find me.
-I-I should probably...
Yeah, me, too.
See you tomorrow.
See ya.

-(lantern creaks)
Hey. Shh. Shh.
-Shh. Shh. Shh.
It's just a bad dream.
I keep seeing Elise's face
every time I close my eyes.
If I was there,
maybe she'd still be alive.
No. Listen. Listen.
You can't do that.
Whatever was going to happen
would've happened.
How can you say that?
We don't have control
over our own lives?
I grew up in this
really old house in Minnesota.
My dad split before I was born,
so it was just me and my mom.
And it was where we lived
when she got sick.

(heart monitor beeping)
HALEY (voice-over):
I watched her try
treatment after treatment.
And nothing worked.
That's when I got into tarot.
At first, it was
just a way for me to
make sense of things.
I did so many readings.
And every time, they told me
she wasn't gonna make it.
-That I couldn't save her.
-(flatline tone)
I couldn't stop death.
I just don't want you
to blame yourself
for what happened.
No matter how much it sucks,
you can't change fate.
(brakes squealing)
(lights crackling)

(distant wheezing)
(wheezing continues)
(lantern creaks)
(Lucas panting)

(object clatters)

(footstep sloshes)
-(lights crackling)
-(eerie voice whispering)
HALEY (distorted, echoing):
You are a Capricorn.
You're a rule breaker.
But just be careful.
The Hermit's light
could lead you down
the wrong track.
(breath trembling)

(lantern creaks)

(lantern creaking)
(lantern creaks)
(breath trembling)
(train horn blows)
HALEY (voice-over): I still
can't believe Elise is gone.
I think I'm still in shock.
I-I think we all are.

I'm gonna go take a test
I didn't study for,
and I'll see you later.
-(phone chimes)
-(phone vibrating)
NEWSMAN (voice-over):
Police are investigating
the death of a 21-year-old male
found near the tracks
in a remote area
of the T subway station.
NEWSWOMAN (voice-over):
At about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday,
paramedics responded
to a report
of an unresponsive person
near the tracks
at Haymarket station.
A rail yard employee
initially discovered the body
before crews arrived on scene
and pronounced
the person deceased.
HANSON (voice-over): I'm still
unclear how your friend Lucas
ended up
in an active train yard.
Any idea why he broke into
a restricted zone
late at night?
I don't know.
He walked me home, and...
he said he was gonna take
the T back to his place.
I should've asked him
to come in.
Well, look, we appreciate
you guys talking to us.
I know it's been
a tough couple of days.
"A tough couple of days"?
Two of our friends are dead.
Yeah, don't you think
that's just a little strange?
We're still looking into it,
but there's no signs
of foul play.
Look, you kids
have been through a lot.
My advice? Go home.
We'll be in touch.
(Paxton sighs)
PAXTON (voice-over): None of
this is making any sense.
PAIGE (voice-over): Maybe we
should stay together tonight.
You know?
I think, just to be safe.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
what if these are murders?
Think about it.
It's the only
logical explanation.
Why are you looking at us
like that?
Oh, I don't know, Haley.
Maybe it's because the killer's
right here in this room!
You think one of us
is killing our friends?
How can you even say that?
Yeah, seriously. You're being
such a dick right now.
I mean, I'm a Taurus, right?
Isn't being a dick,
-like, my thing?
-PAIGE: You need to chill
-on the true crime podcasts.
do you know why they make
so many murder podcasts?
-Because there's tons of people
always getting murdered.
And news flash, the killer
almost always knows the victim.
I mean,
that does kind of make sense.
-Thank you.
-In a really stupid way.
But, I mean,
if it's not one of us,
who else would it be?
I have an airtight alibi,
just-just in case
anyone's wondering.
-ALL: We're not.
-I was sleeping.
And I have a witness:
my roommate.
-PAIGE: Paxton,
please stop talking.
Okay? No one killed anyone.
These were all just accidents.
Two accidents in two days?
Maybe it's a coincidence.
I don't believe in coincidence.
I believe in...
It's fate.
The readings.
I told Lucas to watch
where he was heading,
or he'd be led down
the wrong track.
He was hit by a train.
-GRANT: Uh, yeah.
I don't know. I-I...
Uh, that's a stretch.
Capricorns are rule breakers.
He was in a restricted area.
He's an Earth sign.
-They found him in the dirt.
I mean,
you're reading into that.
Oh, I-I don't know, man.
I mean, d-didn't Haley
say something
about Lucas coming into money?
A-And then he won
that scratcher for $700.
Holy shit. You're right.
GRANT: Okay, guys, let's just
all take a second here
-and really...
-HALEY: Elise's reading.
I said something about
a ladder, and they found her...
Yeah, we know
how they found her.
Can we all just
take a minute here?
'Cause this is sounding insane.
I mean, what are you
trying to tell us?
You think our readings
are coming true?
Yes. But in ways
we never could have imagined.
-I know it sounds crazy, but...
-Yeah, Haley, look,
people do horoscopes and tarot
all the time
and nothing bad happens.
I think you're trying
to make sense of something,
and there's no sense to make.
Maybe we should
call our parents.
-What are you, 12?
I'm telling you, we have
to go back to the police.
Oh, yeah, that's a great idea.
Yeah, we should go back
to the cops,
'cause they seemed
super interested
in helping us the first time.
Dude, this is bad.
This is really,
really bad, okay?
So, if what
you're saying is true,
-we're next.
-Okay, w-we need help now.
We need some serious help.
An expert or someone out there
who knows what's going on.
Crazy. Haley, what the hell?
-HALEY: What's your password?
HALEY (sighs)
Oh, my God. Seriously?
Wait, really? Wh...
I-I'm still confused as to
what you think is going on.
Like, guys,
let's be rational here.
What are you doing? You can't
just type in "horoscope."
-You have to be more specific.
-I know how to use a browser.
Lots of articles
by the same person.
"Alma Astrom."
Click that one.
"Dark Design." Yeah.
-What's it say?
-Uh, something about divination.
A bunch of people
in Mexico died after a reading.
-Oh, God.
-Cool, cool.
Um, so I just looked her up.
She's a total whack job.
Yeah, she's been discredited,
and is a total joke
in the astrology community.
So, can we all just stop
wasting our time on this?
We should contact her.
-Yeah. Absolutely, we should.
-Did no one just hear me?
"Alma Astrom is well-versed
in divination from her studies
of ancient civilizations,
tarot and horoscopes..."
Horoscopes. (sighs)
"...and is a practicing
with clear communication
to the spirit world."
-We're gonna hit her up, right?
-Yeah, yeah.
There's a number.
(sighs) Straight to voicemail.
-(all exhale)
-(groans) What do we do?
MADELINE: Um, I don't know.
There has to be...
Um, no. What are you doing?
-HALEY: Road trip.
-What do you mean, "road..."
-Paxton? Hey, dude...
-(scoffs) Y-You know what?
You dated, uh, someone
who's into star signs and shit.
So? What the...
PAXTON (voice-over):
My butt's falling asleep.
GRANT: Yeah, 'cause we've been
in the car for three hours.
HALEY: Yeah, well, this was
the only address listed online.
Okay, guys, get this.
David Beckham and The Rock
are both Taurus.
Or "Tauri"? "T-Tauriases"?
Wait. It also says here that...
Guys, do I have a hard time
listening to others?
ALL: Yes.
Dude, seriously,
you got to stop talking.
You've been doing this
the whole drive.
Such a Leo.
I think we're here.
(gravel crunching)

MADELINE: Does anyone else
feel like this is a bad idea?
(engine shuts off)
(seat belts clicking)
(vehicle door closes)
Yeah, this is definitely
a bad idea.
(Grant sighs)
Want to guess how many bodies
she's got buried out here?
Okay, dude, smart killers
don't actually
bury bodies, okay?
They chop the body parts up
and put them in the walls.
That's great.
(screams) Oh, my...
-What? -What?
-I saw someone.
In the window.
-ALMA: Who's there?
Ms. Astrom?
Hi. My friends and I
found your website...
Go away.
We really need your help.
Get off my property.
HALEY: Our friends are dying
because of their readings.
And if we don't do something,
we're gonna die, too.
Two of our friends are dead.
Exactly how their horoscopes
Who did the readings?
I did.
-Using tarot?
Let me see the deck.
I don't have it. It's not mine.
Describe it to me.
It was old.
The cards were hand-painted.
Were they in a box?
A wooden box
with the zodiac wheel on it?
How do you know that?
Where's the deck now?
I-In a house in the Catskills.
If you know what's happening,
you have to tell us.
Mexico City, 1951.
(voice-over): Six mysterious
deaths in under 48 hours.
One connection
between the victims:
They all got their horoscopes
read at a wedding.
1969, half a million people
arrive at Woodstock.
Three days later,
eight people are dead.
(voice-over): All in
freak accidents.
Last time they were seen alive,
they were reading
each other's horoscopes.
London, 1988.
A group of friends get together
for a weekend trip.
Only one of them
walks away alive.
All of these readings
were done...
with cards from a wooden box
with a zodiac wheel
on the front of it.
I don't understand.
How do you know all of this?
Because I was the one
in London who survived.
(sirens wailing)
I spent my whole life
trying to understand why.
Why I lived and they didn't.
I did everyone's reading
but my own.
By the time I realized
it was the deck,
it was long gone.
I tracked it
to an antiquities dealer,
who sold it at an auction in
Manhattan almost 15 years ago.
I've been searching for it
ever since.
So I could destroy it.
Haley, come on.
What are we doing here?
'Cause this is just...
ALMA: Thousands of years ago,
horoscopes were
the primary tool used by
ancient civilizations
to navigate a dark
and unpredictable world.
There are many ways
to read horoscopes.
But combining horoscopes
and tarot
was, and still is,
the most powerful form
of divination known to man.
She knew that.
The Astrologer.
A count and his wife
were expecting
their first child.
The count,
a practitioner of the occult,
had his own
personal astrologer,
a peasant woman
of incredible skill.
Using tarot to read horoscopes,
she could forecast the future
with startling clarity.
One day...
she foresaw that
the count's wife and son
would not survive childbirth.
The count ordered
The Astrologer
to change her prediction.
She tried.
But fate told her
the same thing,
again and again.
The Death card can mean
the end of something,
or the start of something new.
But in this case,
it just meant death.
The Astrologer and her daughter
were cast out.
Soon after,
the readings came to pass,
exactly as The Astrologer
had predicted.
No! (yells)
ALMA (voice-over):
The count accused
The Astrologer of witchcraft.
They killed her daughter.
An eye for an eye.

(rapid scratching)
Legend has it...
The Astrologer did readings
for the count
and those of
his closest circle.
She performed a dark ritual.
(distorted shrieking)
She killed herself.
(blade slices)
She bound her soul
to the cards.
Sealing their fate and hers.
(eerie whispering, whimpering)
-A death curse.
-(hands crackling)
-(bones crunch)
Not long after,
the count
and those closest to him
died horrible deaths.
She got her revenge.
She had cursed the cards
and inverted the zodiac.
Now anyone who has
their horoscope read
using those cards
will have to face
the dark side of fate.
The stars are working
against you.
Just like they worked
against my friends.
I-I'm-- I'm so sorry.
A-Are you saying
that we're cursed?
How do we stop this?
What do we do?
What I should've done
a long time ago.
Destroy the deck.
Then maybe you'll have a chance
to change your fate.
GRANT (voice-over):
Going to a stranger's house
in the middle of nowhere.
That could've ended very badly.
You didn't even give her
a chance.
Wait, you actually
believed her?
God, why is it so easy for you
to buy into this crap?
Why is it so easy for you
not to?
I'm not gonna sit around while
more of my friends get killed.
Okay. Let's just relax, right?
A-And we'll find a place
to chill, and wait this all out.
How do you wait out
a curse, Paxton?
I don't know. It's
my first time being cursed.
So, maybe get off my back
about it.
MADELINE: Guys, maybe we should
reverse engineer our readings.
If we figure out what's
gonna happen, we could stop it.
Wow, that's actually not
the worst idea.
Yeah. Yeah.
PAXTON: Like, I got The Fool
card, right? That was mine.
-A-And Haley said something
about me a-and enclosed spaces.
And we're currently in a car,
so I don't love that.
B-But then
you also said something
about ascending numbers.
Oh, shit, but that could mean,
like, speedometer
or something, right?
HALEY (on video):
Wait, that's you, Madeline.
The Hanged Man indicates
ultimate surrender.
Which might be hard right now,
because Mercury's
in retrograde,
so things are gonna feel off.
PAXTON: Uh, am I tripping,
-or is the car slowing down?
-(engine clunking)
HALEY: Grant,
what is happening?
I-I have no idea.
-I-I'm not doing it. I...
What the hell's going on?
-What are you doing?
-I-I don't know. It--
This is... This is so...
(engine clunking)
What the hell?
-(engine shuts off)
-HALEY: Uh...
PAXTON: Did the car
just stop on its own?
GRANT: I-I don't know, dude.
It just-- Yeah, I guess.
HALEY (on video):
You may even find technology
failing for no reason.
Don't panic. That'll soon be
water under the bridge.
Oh, shit.
We're on a bridge right now.
Oh, God, am I next?
-Guys, I'm freaking out.
-What do we do? What do we do?
-I'm trying!
HALEY (on video): As a Pisces,
when you sense danger,
you tend to run,
which makes sense.
Your zodiac symbol is two fish
swimming away from each other.
But this month,
maybe fight that urge,
and just try not to get
-hung up on things.
-(window squeaking)
(distorted): And just try
not to get hung up on things.
And just try not to get
hung up on things.
-No, no, no, no. Madeline.
-I got to get out of here!
-Don't run! Don't run!
-Madeline, wait!
Madeline! Hold on!
(panting) Madeline!
I'm going after them.
-What was that?
-(sensor beeping)
Do you guys hear that?
-(thumping on vehicle)
-(Paige gasps)
Shit, shit!
-Oh, God! Oh...
-(thumping continues)
Oh, God. Oh, my God.
(beeping and thumping ends)
Oh, shit.
Where'd it go?
Oh, shit!
-What the hell was that?
(panting) Haley.
Grant, wait, wait! Grant!
Oh, shit. Let's go! Let's go!
-Madeline! Stop!
Madeline, slow down!
(rope snaps, creaks)
-(rope creaking)
-(crying): Haley!
-Haley. Hey. What?
-Oh, my God!
-What? What? What?
-Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
It's-- Where's Madeline? Hey.
-(sobbing): I don't know.
(screaming, frantic shouting)
What the hell?!
You guys, we have
to go back to the police!
What are they gonna do?
I mean, we're getting
picked off by a-a--
I mean, what even was that?
-I don't know!
-She was right there.
-I couldn't save her.
-Hey, it's not your fault.
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
We need to go back to campus,
a-and find a place for us
to barricade in and isolate.
What if that thing finds us?
Like it just did?
Her horoscope.
It came true.
-The Hanged Man!
It looked like the card
from The Astrologer's deck.
I pulled The Hanged Man
for her final outcome.
Wait, wait, wait. S-So, what?
You're saying that the cards
are coming to life now?
I don't know, okay?
But we have to do something!
Haley's right.
We got to go back to
that house, destroy the deck.
I-I agree.
We go back, we end this.
Oh, hell no!
Okay, not after
what I just saw. I'm out!
Wait, Paxton,
we need to stick together.
Haley! Are you crazy?
This is true crime 101.
You don't go back
to where it all began!
I'm gonna go back to my room,
I'm gonna lock myself in there,
and wait for this shit
to blow over.
Wait, that's your plan?
Yeah. And you know what?
It's way better than your plan.
Pisces run when
they sense danger, okay?
That's what
Madeline's horoscope said.
And yours said
don't be bullheaded
or make rash decisions.
And that is exactly
what you're doing right now!
You know what?
When you guys
start thinking clearly,
you know where to find me.
-Wait, Paxton!
-No. No. Paxton!
Come on. Let's go, okay?
Let's go!
PAIGE: How does
an old tarot deck from Hungary
end up at a house
in the Catskills?
I don't know.
I mean, uh, maybe some guests
did a reading
and left the deck
'cause they all died?
PAIGE: Yeah, or maybe
the owners of the house
are some literal psychos
who left the cards there
on purpose.
Alma said something about them
being sold at an auction.
There were a lot of
weird objects in that basement.
They must be collectors.
It's possible they didn't even
know what the deck was.
Okay, well, let's just hope
the house is still available.
It is.
'Cause I just booked it.
(car alarm chirps)
(exhales sharply)
(man cackling)
(branches rustling)
-(bells jingling)
-(rapid footsteps approaching)

(bells jingling)
(bones crunching)
(grunts) Shit.
(keys jangling)
Oh, shit.
(elevator bell dings)
("Whilst Strolling in the Park"
playing over elevator speakers)
(panting heavily)
(elevator beeps)
Wait. Ascending numbers.
In the merry, merry month
of May...
And I'm boxed in.
-Oh, my God.
(elevator rumbling,
powering down)
(elevator bell dings)
(gasps) Oh, shit!
-(bones crunch)
Hell no.
(distorted cackling)
Oh, shit.
(elevator bell dings)
Ooh. Oh. Oh, my God.
Okay. Okay. (panting)
(elevator music cutting out)
-Hello? Grant?
-GRANT (over phone): Paxton?
Dude, I-I really need help.
My-my horoscope's coming true.
I don't know what to do.
I'm stuck in an elevator.
Paxton. Wait, where are you?
-What? Hello? Hello?
-(line beeping)
-(elevator bell dings)
(elevator music distorting,
slowing to a stop)
(breath trembling)
(elevator bell dings)
HALEY (distorted):
You are a Taurus.
Don't be surprised if you're
feeling trapped or boxed in.
Just remember, when one door
closes, another one opens.
-Another one opens.
-Another one opens.
"Everybody Plays the Fool")
(whistling continues)
-(elevator bell dings)
-(distant cackling)
(breath trembling)
(lights crackling)
(elevator bell dings)
(lights buzzing)
"Everybody Plays the Fool")
(over speakers): Everybody
plays the fool sometimes
There's no exception
to the rule
-(deep cackling)
-(engine revving)
-PAIGE: Try him back.
I-- (stammers)
It just goes
straight to voicemail.
I think something happened.

Any one of us could be next.
We have to stick together.
GRANT: All right.
Let's get this over with.
(seat belts clicking)
PAIGE: Okay, it says we need
to have blessed objects
and holy water
to perform a ritual.
Okay, well, we obviously
don't have any of those,
so let's just skip that part.
Okay, we could also store it
in a curse box.
"A curse box"?
Wh-What website is this?
I don't know, Grant.
I just found it.
Okay, it says some curses
have an object that needs
to be destroyed physically,
and other curses
have a connection
that needs to be severed.
Okay. How do we do that?
Well, each curse
is different, so...
Okay, we don't have time
for this.
We need to destroy these cards.
(sharp inhale) Okay.
PAIGE: Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait. Hang on, hang on.
According to
this other website,
destruction by incineration
is the best way
to remove an ancient curse
from an object.
(fire crackling)
What the hell?
Why aren't they burning?
What do we do?
We need help.
HALEY (on video):
Happy birthday, Elise!
-Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday, Elise!
-Happy birthday, Elise!
(whoops) Finally!
Finally, I can go to the club!
Let's go!
I miss everyone.
Me, too.
I wish I never rented
this stupid house. (sniffles)
I wish I never did
those stupid readings.
(doorbell rings)
Thank you for coming.
We tried to destroy the cards.
It didn't work.
Something killed our friend.
It looked like The Hanged Man.
The Astrologer bound her spirit
to the deck.
She embodies the cards,
like a shape-shifter,
bringing the final outcome card
to life.
That means
The Magician's coming for me.
Mine was The Devil.
And-and yours was...
Where's the deck now?

We need to turn
what she created against her.
I'm going to separate
The Astrologer's spirit
from the cards.
Oh. What is all that?
Each stone is associated
with a different zodiac sign.
I've waited a long time
for this.
I wish to speak
to The Astrologer
who has bound herself
to these cards.
I wish to speak
to The Astrologer
who has bound herself
to these cards.
I wish to speak...
We're not alone.
(gasps) Oh, my God. It's her.
Oh, my God.
We need to hurry.
You're bleeding.
I can't move.
-ALMA: Don't cross.
(faint, distorted voices
The Astrologer,
she's reading my horoscope.
(blade rings)
(faint, distorted voices
I'm sorry.
Go! Go!
(screaming, panting)
(whooshing, sharp thud)
Oh, my God!
(distorted whoosh)
Paige, help me.
Where's Paige?
(footsteps approaching)
-(wheezing, hissing)
-(hands crackling)
Oh, my God. Come on.
(screeching, hissing)
Paige, help me.
(light switch clicks)
(footsteps walking)
(breath trembling)
-(banging on door)
Haley, come on.
-Hurry, hurry. Almost.
-(banging on door)
(both grunting)
(breath trembling)
Paige, help me.
Paige, help me.
(footstep creaks)
Paige? Paige...
help me.
(light crackling)
HALEY (voice-over):
We have our Virgo.
(distorted, echoing):
The Magician's bag of tricks
will prevent you
from seeing clearly.
(record crackling)
I saw
(gentle piano music continues
over record player)
(heart beating)
(heartbeat continues faster)
-(bones crunch)
Turning the pages,
cut them in half
Until I saw
-(chains jangling)
(audience applauding)
Magic words are never true
Never once till I saw
(audience cheering, applauding)
-(lid closes)
(music ends)
(footsteps approaching)
(whimpering quietly)

(objects clattering)
(wheels squeaking)
I saw
(blade rings)
(audience applauding)
(blade ringing)
(thump on box)
(slow footsteps)
(breath trembling)
(audience applauding)
(mechanical cranking)
-(banging on box)
-PAIGE: Help! Help me!
Please, please, please.
Please, please.
Stop! Stop!
Please let me out! Please!
Stop! Stop! Please!
-(cranking stops)
Help. Help, please.
Please. (crying)
Help! No, no, no, no, no.
Help! Please!
Oh, my God.
Please let me out!
No, no! Please!
Please, please, let me out!
-(blade cutting flesh)
(screams echoing, fading)
(gentle piano music continues)
(audience applauding, cheering)
GRANT: We're not
getting out of here, are we?
I don't know.
That night we first met...
I asked the stars
if we should be together.
And the answer was no.
(sniffles) And a few weeks ago,
I did another reading,
hoping things had changed.
But it was the same.
Then maybe we were cursed
from the start.
Cursed from the start.
Whoever gets their horoscope
read from the deck is cursed.
Well, The Astrologer.
If I read her horoscope,
maybe we can turn the curse
back on her.
Haley, no. No, I'm sorry,
but you're not going anywhere
near those cards again.
Grant, we're dead already.
We have to try.
But I thought you said
we couldn't change fate.
Well, what if we could?
What if we could?
All I know is that my mom
never stopped fighting.
She never gave up hope.
And neither should we.
Well, Aquariuses are stubborn,
so... (sighs)
I guess it doesn't matter
what I say.
You're gonna do
whatever you want, right?
Have you been reading up
on astrology?
I, uh, I also learned
that Aquarius and Leo couples
are pretty much unstoppable,
and they can overcome
just about anything.
(both scream)
(gasps, screams)
(growling, hissing)
HALEY (voice-over): Love's
gonna be the death of me.
(echoing, distorted):
...the death of me.
(footsteps creaking)
(roaring, growling)
(footsteps approaching)
-(footsteps approaching)
(door opens)
(door creaking)
-(heavy footsteps)
(heavy footsteps)
(footsteps retreating)
(floorboards creaking)
Hey, hey. Are you okay?
-I thought you were dead.
-I know. So did I.
-D-Did you finish the reading?
(low growling)
Go! Go.

HALEY (voice-over): This month,
you're gonna need...
(distorted, echoing):
...to face your demons.
All of your cards are reversed.
Your horoscope tells me
you're in pain.
(house creaking)
You're hurt, but you won't
allow yourself to heal.
(soft hissing)
What happened to you
was horrible.
I know what it's like
to have someone taken from you.
And staying stuck in the past
isn't going to change
the future.
(voices howling)
I read your cards.
It's over.
In readings,
Death can mean
the end of something,
or the start of something new.
But in your case,
it just means death.
(wind whistling)
HALEY: Fate doesn't
have to be a curse.
We can choose to let go!

(distorted screaming)
(pained roaring)
(shrieking stops)
(wind whistling softly)

Oh, my...
It's okay. It's okay.

HALEY: Do you think
anyone will believe us?
Guess we'll find out.
How far is it to town?
couple more miles.
Feel like we've been
walking forever.
-Hey, car.
In my horoscope,
"dark road," right?
(engine rumbling)
-(engine shuts off)
(car door closes)
Oh, thank God.
-Holy shit!
I thought you guys died.
-I thought you died.
I drove here so fast.
I was so worried.
B-But then I remembered
you said
I was gonna come through
for my friends
-in an unexpected way, and...
Where's Paige?
Come on.
Let's get you guys out of here.
Come on.
PAXTON (voice-over):
So, wait, wait, wait.
The deck went up in flames,
and The Astrologer,
like, vaporized?
HALEY (voice-over):
Yeah, pretty much.
HALEY: But it's not gonna bring
our friends back.
But really, how do we know
this is all over?
Uh, Haley broke the curse.
It's definitely over.
GRANT (voice-over):
Guys, we did it.
We changed fate.
HALEY (voice-over):
Fuck fate.
I can't believe I survived
("Alive" by Hanni El Khatib
-Spun around, flipped up--
-(record scratch, song stops)
Wait. Hold on a second.
I'm lost.
How did you get out
of the elevator again?
Like I just said,
my catlike reflexes.
So you're saying
you out-fooled The Fool?
Is that what happened?
Bruh, it's me
we're talking about.
Of course I did.
Although it might've helped
that my roommate Todd
showed up out of nowhere
and opened the elevator
'cause that thing
kind of just disappeared.
-(Paxton screams)
-(elevator bell dings)
(elevator doors open)
Uh, Paxton?
Hey, Todd.
What's going on?
-I can't believe I survived
(song resumes)
Spun around, flipped
upside down, I'm alive
How can this be true?
I can't believe I survived
Spun around, flipped
upside down, I'm alive
And all I lost was you
And I don't know
if our love is bulletproof
But it feels like that
when I'm next to you
Driving round with you
is like ecstasy
But shattered glass
was truly our destiny
I can't believe I survived
Spun around, flipped
upside down, I'm alive
How can this be true?
I can't believe I survived
Spun around, flipped
upside down, I'm alive
And all I lost was you
From the moment I came to
I could see clearly
Could have been so bad
I needed you near me
Spun around in slow motion
With ya
Spun around in slow motion
I can't believe I survived
Spun around, flipped
upside down, I'm alive
And all I lost was you.
(song ends)

I saw
Falling from stages
just for a laugh
What was I meant to do
Turning the pages,
cut them in half
Until I saw
Magic words are never true
Never once till I saw

(music fades)