Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957) Movie Script

"Tarzan and the Lost Safari"
Starring: Gordon Scott, Robert Beatty,
Yolande Donlan, Betta S. John,
Wilfrid Hyde White
with George Coulouris, Peter Arne,
Orlando Martins, and Cheta
Screenplay by Montgomery Pittman
and Lillie Hayward
Director of Photography:
C. Pennington Richards
Music composed by Clifton Parker
Executive Producer: N. Peter Rathvon
Produced by John Croydon
Directed by Bruce Humberstone
Good morning, everybody.
May I have your attention, please?
We are now flying at an altitude
of 7,000 ft. with an air speed of 200 mph.
We are scheduled to reach Cairo at 7:50 PM.
Breakfast will be served momentarily.
You may order a la carte.
This is your hostess, Ms. Gamage Dean.
Oh, Gamage, why won't you quit
clowning around?
All right, Carl, you may have your orders.
What'll you have for breakfast?
Some as yours, dear girl:
a double Alka-Seltzer.
I know just how you feel. What about
our distinguished society columnist?
Hey, Doodles, what do you usually take
the morning after?
Do you think you could find me
a little spot of spirits?
I'll take it up to our pilot.
That girl will never change.
Dick, is it okay if I slip Doodles a drink?
No dice. Try to settle for a couple
of Aspirins. Diana knows where they are.
Oh, and have her bring me a cup
of black coffee on a double, will ya?
Diana? Your dream boy would like
a cup of black coffee. On the double.
-- Is she still burning?
-- Apparently.
Gamage, will you get me some more ice?
Hey, Carl. Take a look of what Doodles
has to say about your daughter's wedding.
Just 36 hours ago Dick Penrod,
well-known American sportsman,
flew your correspondent
to the party events to Nairobi,
where we attended the wedding of Prince
Ego Orlando to the American heiress,
Ms. Margaret Cameron.
After seeing the bride and groom up on
their honeymoon, we boarded Dick's plane,
and are now returning
to the French Riviera via Cairo and Rome.
If you want to be honest, you can add
that it would probably take
the wedding party a week to recover.
Come on, Carl, flap out of it. Remember,
you're now the father in law
of a real life prince!
Yeah, but all he's got it's a title.
That's not what I heard.
Where do you keep the aspirins?
Here you are.
You want me to take Dick's coffee?
No, I'll do it.
Why don't you two kiss and make up?
If you had to go through what
I go through all the time,
you'd get a little tired of it, too.
You don't have to tell me,
I had 4 husbands, remember?
We're now flying to Africa to see
a spoiled little rich girl marry
some broken down prince, we're...
...dashing up to Monte Carlo to try
the new system for beating roulette.
It's crazy.
Did you ever know an interesting man
who wasn't a little crazy?
Just like women. You never knew
a real sharp girl with both feet
on the ground, did you?
I wouldn't go so far as to say that.
Hey! How about that coffee?
I'm coming.
Watch the sausages, will you?
Here, Dick.
How long can you take?
-- Sorry.
-- Sit down, I wanna talk to you.
Why don't you get off this kick?
Why don't you just fly the plane,
we'll discuss it later.
We'll discuss it right now!
What's the matter with you?
Don't you ever like to have any fun?
I'm just bored to death with flying.
I'm not a wife, I'm a stewardess!
I don't want to argue, Dick,
really I don't.
Okay, but you knew when you married me
that flying was my hobby.
I did not! You didn't even
own a plane then.
If you remember, you were fooling around
with racing cars!
All right, so what? Now I like airplanes.
And I've got news for you:
when we get home, I'm gonna get a new one,
and it's gonna be a jet!
Why don't you get a guided missile,
then you can spend your weekends
on the Moon!
That's not a bad idea.
Maybe it's not a bad idea if you and me
were to separate, either.
That's okay with me.
Fasten your safety belts.
We're going down to have a close look
at the jungle.
Dick, just because you can't control
your temper, there's no need to take it
out on everyone else.
I'm not taking anything out on anybody.
Why don't you relax?
Just trying to show you all the animals.
Go look out of the window.
Gamage, make him happy and see
what's out there, will you?
Look at all those ponies!
When ponies wear stripes,
they'd only call them zebras.
Well, what do you know?
Doodles, come here! There's a whole flock
of mama elephants with their babies!
Never did like going to the zoo, anyway.
Diana, come here, quick!
Haven't you seen enough of those animals?
Oh, you.
Why you wake me, Cheta?
Opar drums say sky bird come.
Hey! Look at those hippos down there!
Dick, look out! Your plane's flying
to a lot of flamingos!
Go back and sit down!
Put on your safety belt!
Fasten the safety belts,
they're coming here.
What's that noise? What's happening?
Flamingos. We hit a migration.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
MSMSX4DM calling! MSMSX4DM calling!
We're making a crash landing!
We're making a...
Come, Cheta!
Careful how you move, everybody.
We're on the edge of nothing.
I help you.
Hurry. But move like cat.
Sky bird going to fall.
No look down. Make it sick.
Feet like so.
-- Come on, now!
-- Oh, no!
Cheta good girl. Get down, Cheta!
Cheta! Quick!
That was $3,500 worth.
Come on way, Dick.
We had a lot of fun in it, though.
I know.
Do you realize we might all have been
down there, if it hadn't been for him?
Yeah, wasn't he wonderful?
Hey, where's he?
Right there a minute ago.
Any idea where we are, Dick?
At least a 100 miles from the coast.
Then if we can't get someone to help us,
we're in a real trouble.
Yeah, that's about it.
That man might be able to get us
out of here if we can find him.
I knew it was too good to be true.
There's some sort of passway.
Maybe he went down there.
Well, this is one of the stories
I'm afraid I'll never be given credit to.
Where's Diana?
Met the Opar men. They take girl.
Opar men? What are they?
Bad jungle tribe.
Will they kill her?
They take her to chief.
Make sacrifice to gods.
You wait here by waterfall.
What are they saying?
White people fall from sky bird.
Head canyon of great waters.
This one take, then Tarzan come.
Strong like elephant, quick like leopard.
How many white people?
That much men.
That much women.
One take.
4 more whites?
Ogonoore be happy.
5 whites great sacrifice.
Have guns?
No guns.
You go now. I keep girl.
Why not we take girl?
White men brave, fight for a woman.
Better they think Hawkins good friend,
save girl. Go now!
You're all right?
Those men... savages...
I remember that I was fighting them.
One shot from this saved you.
I'm Tusker Hawkins.
I'm Diana Penrod.
I heard the plane crash.
Are you the only survivor?
No. We're all saved. There're 5 of us.
Ughm. That's gonna be quite some safari.
It was all supposed to happen by air.
-- Can you manage it?
-- Yeah.
We'd better get back to your friends.
They may be in trouble, too.
Where you take girl?
Who are you?
This is the man who rescued us
from the plane.
You're Tarzan, aren't you?
I was afraid the savages'd killed you.
Oh, this is Mr. Hawkins.
I hear your name many times in jungle.
I don't doubt it. I've made
a lot of trips through this territory
over a period of years.
How you get girl away from Opar men?
With that.
Where your native boys?
They quit me. They were afraid to go back
through Opar country.
Why you not afraid to go alone?
Those savages don't bother me
just as long as I have this with me.
Please take me to my friends.
They're back there with no protection.
You know waterfall by bending river?
Yes, not far from here.
Her friends wait for her there.
You take girl to them and keep safe.
-- Aren't you coming with us?
-- No, I come later.
First I go to sky bird and get things
you and friends need to make camp.
You go now.
Come on.
Leave bottle, Cheta. Not good.
Come, Cheta. Leave bottle!
Go, Cheta!
Drop it! Dumba, drop it!
Come on, Dumba. Drop it.
You stay. Not follow. Stay!
I wish Tarzan would get back
with our belongings.
Diana! Quit wandering around
and get back here by the fire!
Are you sure that Tarzan guy
is coming back?
Your guess is as good as mine.
I'd heard of him, but never saw him
before today.
Will you two sit down and stay put?
I told Nairobi we were in trouble,
but we crashed before they acknowledged
my signal.
And if they'd received it, then
they started looking for us at once.
That way we could expect
the search plane by morning.
I don't want to discourage you,
but you're likely to be here
a lot longer than that.
You were a way off the usual air routes.
What do you suggest then?
There's only one thing to do. I'm heading
for the coast, come along with me.
We leave before dawn.
Do you think you can get us there?
Sure. 3 days, maybe 4.
What's that?
Opar drums.
What are they doing, a war dance?
That's the way they communicate
from one village to another.
You know what they're saying?
No white man can tell you that.
Maybe we're getting
some advance publicity.
You can call it that if you like,
but whatever those savages are saying,
you can be sure it's about us.
And sooner or later
they'll close in on us.
In that case we're better off
staying right here and wait
for that search plane to spot us.
Other people have crashed in Africa
before and been found.
Lots of them, in heaven.
Hawkins knows the country, Dick.
I think we ought to do what he says.
I don't agree. If there is
a search plane out, we gotta give it
the chance to spot us.
Oh, well, if it'll make you feel better,
we'll wait here until 8 o'clock
tomorrow morning.
If the plane hasn't shown up by then,
you start up with me.
Good safaries stay close together in camp.
You like to scare us to death.
You might have stopped the bullet
bursting in like that.
When Opar drums talk at night, bad sign.
Did you see any more of those savages?
No, but Opar men always try
to take whites for sacrifice.
That's what I've been trying to tell them.
We've gotta get away from here.
Better take blankets and rest.
Is that all you brought? Where's my mink?
The lighter we travel, the better,
if we're making it for the coast.
You take safari to coast?
Well, yes. Unless a plane spots them,
how else will they get there?
You go through gorge by Eagle Mountain?
-- It's the only way.
-- What's wrong with that?
-- Too near Opar village.
-- Oh, I've made the trip several times.
They're on safe hands with me.
No one is safe in Opar country.
I don't know why are you trying
to scare everybody.
I can get them throught, all right.
I wonder.
What do you mean?
Hawkins too sure.
You know, Carl, it's quite remarkable.
What is?
It's the first morning for years
I didn't have a hangover.
Oh, really? This is the first time
I'm having a shave in river water.
Those fishes smell good.
Hey, Doodles. You're falling apart!
Go on, hang yourself!
Hang on, same for you!
I don't think that monkey is a bit funny.
Who's laughing at the monkey?
Hey, that looks good!
Nobody but Tarzan can catch fish
with his bare hands.
He doesn't tell you about the ones
that got away.
-- I'll see if he's caught any more.
-- Okay.
Put some more wood in the fire, will ya?
Oh, sure.
No, not like that!
Tarzan says it's better this way.
Oh, pardon me.
Hey, Diana, come here!
Watch the fish, will ya?
The latest in building showers.
Quite a waterfall.
Yeah. I like the way it sets ripples.
I wouldn't mind to shower myself.
That'd be one less monkey around here.
This is not very encouraging
if they even didn't get your signal.
I hope you're wrong.
Did you see the way he caught that fish?
Yeah. I bet he does everything well.
Water warm?
No. If water warm, fish no good.
-- Nothing like seeing for yourself.
-- You're not going in that river?
Why not?
-- You swim, too?
-- No, but I could be taught.
Maybe you'd better come along.
That's what I get for learning to cook...
Oh, it's wonderful!
Girl swim good.
Thanks. You're not so bad yourself.
Why so much drum talk?
What were they saying?
King Ogonoore call all people
come to Opar.
Your drums frighten white.
You bring whites to Opar. Now!
I'll bring as far as Eagle Mountain.
Have warriors ready there
to take whites, not before!
Tell king Ogonoore, Hawkins come.
Tell him, I'll bring Tarzan, too.
That makes 6 whites.
Nogomo knows: keep white girl for Hawkins.
You do as I say: no follow.
Go back to Opar.
-- Where's Tarzan?
-- Oh, taking a swim.
You're kind of jealous, aren't you?
What do you mean?
Tarzan's a pretty good looking fellow.
Oh, that sort of things never bothers me.
What are we waiting for?
Why don't we eat this silly fish?
Breakfast is ready!
You mates, huh?
Mates? Oh, you mean, Dick's my husband.
-- Yes, I suppose, you'd call...
-- Come on, Diana!
All right, we'll be there!
When mate call, you go quick!
Quick?! Not where I'm from, Tarzan.
Way of jungle better.
Cheta hungry.
Maybe you better go. Quick.
Don't be a fool! You might kill Tarzan!
Why do you continue to do
such stupid things?
First you wander off by yourself,
and savages get you, then you have to
go and jump in the river.
How'd I know there were
crocodiles in there?
Oh, it wasn't her fault.
Tarzan shouldn't let her go in there
in the first place.
She's old enough to know better.
That was beautiful!
You must be in wonderful condition.
Is that how you're keeping shape?
Wrestling most things before breakfast?
Not often find crocodiles in cold water.
What do you think this is, a picnic?
The sooner you people realize,
we're in the wilds of Africa
surrounded by hostile savages,
the better chance we'll have
of getting out of here alive.
I told you last night:
it's useless waiting for any plane.
What time is it, Gamage?
8 o'clock.
If they picked up our signal,
they'd have spotted us by now.
Well, it didn't happen,
so let's get moving.
Hawkins right.
You go by fire and dry.
-- Better put your shoes on, Diana.
-- Oh, thanks.
You always walk in these?
What's wrong with them?
Not every woman can take a tall heel.
Not good in jungle.
What's that?
My mink, how did she get it?
Cheta go back to sky bird last night.
Likes bottle.
If that monkey is not careful,
it'll stunt her growth.
Bad Cheta.
What kind of fur this?
Mink, and don't ask me how I got it.
Same way the mink did.
Make good skin for feet.
Someone hurt you?
Yes, you, where it hurts most.
You take off shoes, too.
How many times do I have to tell you
to quit fooling around?
We've gotta get moving!
Girls need skin for feet in jungle.
Oh, we're gonna be the first skwos
who ever wore the mink moccasins!
-- I go on front, make trail.
You go behind.
-- Sure.
Watch bushes for snakes.
Watch high grass for leopard.
Watch tree for leopard.
Watch behind you for Opar men.
Watch for bad ants.
Kill quick with hot needle.
They eat your eyes, eat your tongue,
eat your meat. No eat bones.
Choosy, eh?
Hawkins scout like hunting dog,
look for Opar men.
Oh, we'll never make it.
We try.
Fear in head make feet heavy.
But light heart make feet happy.
Even the rain's hot.
I'd say, wet, too.
I can't think of anything,
but a large cold glass of beer.
Mink and mud don't mix.
A week ago we could have had
any drink we wanted.
A week ago...
Yeah, it makes you appreciate
a lot of things that didn't seem
to matter before.
Does it?
Don't you think so?
Animal trail good. Now we go quick.
What trail?
When we get in jungle, no trail.
Jungle? What do you call this?
What do you think they're saying?
Me not think. Me not man of Opar.
Huh, we have a real passport, anyway.
As long as I'm around,
they won't bother us.
Even lion keep eye open for wild dog.
Now, we covered a lot of ground today,
making good time.
I suppose you might say,
it's lucky you met me.
Thank you. My husband and I
are very grateful to you.
Lucky for me, too.
The guy gets kind of lonely for
a woman's company out here in the jungle.
You don't have to stay in the jungle.
I won't. Not much longer.
I've got big money coming to me.
You've ever heard of the tusks of Opar?
Ivory they collected for a 1000 years.
I noticed where it is
and how to get at it.
What do you say?
Oh, what can I say,
except that it sounds wonderful?
I'll say it is...
we're sticking around for it.
I'm very happy for you.
Good luck, Mr. Hawkins.
Yes, but... pleasantly tired.
I never thought I could sleep
on bare ground and wake up full of that.
Too beautiful a night to waste
on sleep, anyhow.
Jungle always beautiful at night.
Sometimes I no sleep, too.
-- She scared me.
-- Cheta!
What's the matter, Doodles?
Lost your strength?
Thank you.
Tell me, Tarzan, you always lived
in the jungle?
But your English,
your understanding of our needs...
Where did you learn all this?
Many hunters come, missionaries,
people, sometimes friends.
They talk, I listen, learn that art.
Your people, family?
Killed when I was little baby.
Baby alone in the jungle?
How did you survive?
Kerchak, the great ape. She find me.
I learned to swing in trees.
When I grow big I go away from apes
and see men.
I learned to walk on two feet.
I see men talk, I hear men talk.
I also learned about their ways.
One of the savages?
Man of Opar.
Yes, and if we don't let him go,
we'll have a whole mob of them
attacking us.
What do we do now? Swim?
No, follow river. We find place to cross,
but be careful!
Easy for Opar men to watch safari
in open country.
Keep close together.
Hey, look at those hippos!
That one leader of herd.
He's got quite a harem.
Don't like the way he's staring at us.
Maybe he doesn't like the way
you're staring at him either.
Come on, Diana, close up.
Hawkins. You stay close to girls,
keep gun ready. I'll lead.
Do you mind if I stay close to you, too?
If we get through this, you'll
have to go along way down the river
before I'll ever cross it.
You're tired?
Tired?!! My back aches, my head aches,
and my mink feet are worn out.
Come on, Gamage, you will make it.
-- Wait!
-- Now what?
Women hungry. You eat.
Great, my favorite food. Thanks!
We'll rest on other side of swamp.
Swamp?!! Ohhh...
Do we have to go into that?
Yes. Not deep.
Stand up!
Cobweb spider.
Bite will kill.
I nearly walked into it!
Well, let's get away from here,
swamp or no swamp. Come on, Doodles.
If we ever get near a telephone,
this'll make quite a story.
Yeah, millionaire playboy and party
made their way back from wedding.
I'll take care of her.
Watch yourself, Diana.
Couldn't agree with you more.
Mind if I hang on, too?
Keep eye open for crocodile.
Are you sure you know
where you're heading?
Eagle Mountain. This shortest way.
See? He's not as dumb as you think he is.
I'm not so sure.
I know this territory pretty well.
But I've never gone on this way before.
Say that again, I've never traveled
this way before either.
Thanks heavens, we're out of that!
I can't go another yard.
You're right.
This isn't shortcut.
If that was a short,
then I'd hate to go the long way.
We make camp here for night.
Maybe some animal.
Maybe two-legged animal.
Good night, Dick.
Tarzan, don't you ever rest?
Tarzan watch. Watch danger.
Long walk to Eagle Mountain.
Better girl sleep.
I can't sleep.
Girl think about mate?
Him and other things.
He think about you.
I see his eyes when he look at you.
You're wrong, Tarzan.
He doesn't care about me.
When we get back howe,
we're going to separate.
Sep... Separate?
What mean "separate"?
Well... In our country when a man
and a woman can't get along
with each other, they...
...separate, leave each other.
In jungle, girl need man to protect her.
And man need mate. You good mate any man.
I watch you. You brave.
I couldn't have put it better myself.
Only I wouldn't have expected to find you
making a pass of another man's wife.
What is "pass"?
He means, making love to me.
That's putting it politely.
But I were about to find that
if there's who has right to make up
to this lady, surely it's me.
Didn't I save her life?
Did you?
Everybody knows I did.
If you did, then you fine and brave, too.
And yet, you speak such words
as if your heart were black.
-- What have I done?
-- I say what I feel here.
I see in Hawkins's face, and wonder:
why you not worry more we get near Opar?
Why should I worry?
Opar men always bad.
-- Listen, Tarzan, I don't know what you...
-- Quiet!
Poison spider bite him.
Poison stay too long.
Maybe we too, stay too long.
What do you mean by that?
This last night near Opar country.
Better Tarzan take you now.
We walk all night.
Tomorrow Tarzan take you to gorge.
Then all safe.
Hurry, get ready. We go now.
You put out fire.
-- You know way to gorge?
-- Certainly.
Good. This time you go in front.
All right.
Coming to gorge now.
Thank heaven, if I had to go any
further at night, I'd collapse.
Many rocks and fallen trees.
Must've been big flood.
There's nothing unusual about that.
Hey, Doodles, go hand to hand
with Diana, will ya?
When you make last trip to gorge?
A few weeks ago. Why?
Must have been after flood.
You knew gorge was blocked.
It was open when I came through.
You lie. Blocked many months.
Mud dried long time by sun.
You keep guard on Hawkins,
and all stay here.
I go find another way to coast.
Must be some way natives enter gorge.
I try to find out.
You go and shelter off cliffs.
Much danger if you stay in open. Go!
Go back, Cheta! You stay!
-- Got a sigarette, Dick?
-- Yeah. My last one.
Oh, forget it then.
Oh, don't be silly. You take it.
Here, Diana.
All right, Cheta. You do it.
Thank you, Cheta.
What was your object, Hawkins?
What did you expect to get out of this?
I don't know what you mean.
It's money you're after?
Why didn't you say so?
We'd have paid you well for helping us.
What's the matter with Cheta?
Where are you taking us?
Let me loose!
Get your filthy hands off me!
This'll make a great story
if I live to write it.
Take it easy, I won't let
anything happen to you.
-- Oh, Tarzan sure had you figured.
-- Yeah.
You go first to village.
Tell Ogonoore, safari captured.
Take long time to get whites
through mountain.
Leave open. Tarzan will follow. Go now!
Stay here. Capture Tarzan.
Go, Cheta! Do as I told you.
Go, Cheta!
I told you I wasn't going to let
anything happen to you, didn't I?
Why you bring girl here?
She belongs to me.
She's not for sacrifice.
5 whites in sky bird. If Hawkins wants
tusks of Opar, 5 must die!
You will get your 5 whites.
Tarzan will be trapped.
Drum say Tarzan captured.
Kill them!
What's the matter?
-- Drum say Hawkins betrayed
chief Ogonoore!
-- It's not true!
Drum say you're going to burn my village!
What? Well, how can I? I'm right here!
Drum speak truth. You traitor!
You burning all fire. Go, take him!
Quick! Get me untied!
Untie this. Must cross bridge before it burns!
I have nothing to do with it!
The drum has lied!
Let's go quick. Follow to gorge.
I tell you I didn't betray you.
How could I have done it?
You betray your people.
Maybe you betray me!
Let me go!
No! I tell ya, I have nothing to do with it!
Look! It's Tarzan! They're escaping!
When light of fire dies,
we make our escape.
If we ever make it home, I have to cancel
my order for that big plane.
We'll make it, darling!
The End.