Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939) Movie Script

Wildebeest again.
I think we've seen about a million today.
Look, dear.
Poor darling hasn't even learned
how to use his precious eyes.
What a spot for a hunter.
We'll be a hunter someday.
Right now we're too sleepy.
That's a baby.
Cape Town this time tomorrow.
Cape Town and mines and shares
and people bowing and scraping.
But we wish we were
never going to get there.
Don't say that.
- Superstitious?
- No, of course not.
Then forget about Cape Town and being
Lord Greystoke's favorite nephew.
- Let's enjoy ourselves while we can.
- All right.
Oh, dear, it's waked him.
I'll see if anything can be done about it.
- Is everything all right?
- Just rough air, Mr. Lancing.
This escarpment we're over
is not on our map.
Our compass isn't behaving well, either.
- How do you account for it?
- I can't. All this is quite strange to me.
I'll try to get a radio bearing.
These air currents seem to be modeled
on a dish of spaghetti.
The radio is dead.
I can't find anything wrong with it, either.
Doesn't that starboard motor
sound funny to you?
Yes. Get back in your seat.
Fasten the safety belts,
and I'll try to find an open space.
We're losing altitude, dear.
Hand me that blanket quickly.
We'll put him over with us.
Stop now.
Tarzan, what on earth are you doing?
Why, it's a baby.
- Where did you get it?
- Cheetah find.
One just doesn't find babies in the jungle.
His parents must be frantic.
There, there, now.
- Jane will look after you.
- Jane want?
Want him?
Tarzan, you better go
find those poor people.
- Eat first.
- That's right.
Where will we get him some milk?
I guess coconuts will have to do.
Hurry, Tarzan.
The poor little thing's hungry.
Tarzan eat now.
Tarzan, you go get those coconuts at once.
- Baby eat first?
- Yes, of course.
There we are.
First, we'll have a nice warm bath...
and then we'll have supper.
And tomorrow, I'll take you back safe
and sound to your father and mother...
and I won't be a bit surprised
if I just hate to give you up.
Hurry, Cheetah.
Careful, now.
Thank you, Cheetah.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
We have your real mother to thank...
for bringing so many of these
wonderful things on the plane.
And look, she even marked these
with your initials. R.L.
I wonder what that stands for.
I don't suppose we'll ever know.
One day, I'll take you out in the jungle,
and we'll pick some flowers...
and I'll show you the place
where Tarzan laid her down to sleep.
At least we can be grateful
when those savages found the plane...
they didn't disturb her.
Poor dear. How she must have loved you.
Cheetah, stop it.
Now see that you turn on the charm...
because I don't think Tarzan approves
of strange young men.
Tarzan, how clever.
Now say, "Thank you, Father. "
- "Thank you, Father. "
- Tarzan.
Isn't he adorable?
Tarzan, would you watch him
for a minute?
- Watch?
- I have something to do in the kitchen.
Would you hold his bottle
and see he doesn't choke?
Him no choke.
What is it, Tarzan?
Look, he knows you already.
- He's laughing at you.
- Baby hold.
- That's right. Hold him, baby.
- Baby strong.
Tarzan, he's been with us
more than a week now.
- We've got to find him a name.
- Name?
Yes, like Tarzan, Jane, and Cheetah.
Baby's got to have a name, too.
If the Zambeles hadn't taken those men
out of the plane...
we might have found a clue
to his real name.
Baby strong. Call Elephant.
Elephant, with a little nose like that?
Later call Elephant. Now call Boy.
- But that's not a name.
- Boy.
After all, I am his mother.
Tarzan, father. Call Boy.
Then go to your father, Boy.
And later on, he'll teach you all the things
you ever need to know in the jungle.
Then look out, all you lions and tigers...
and snakes and crocodiles and cannibals
out there in the jungle.
The King has a son!
Boy, use both hands.
Tarzan, make him come down.
He'll break his neck.
Tarzan learn when boy.
Neck all right. Boy all right.
I'm always worrying about something,
aren't I?
You know, before Boy came...
I used to worry that one day
you mightn't come home.
Jane home, Tarzan come home.
I suppose just being perfectly happy
makes me afraid.
She's wounded.
Guns. White people.
Where's she going?
She's going a long way
to the elephants' graveyard.
- And she's leaving her baby here with us.
- Who'll take care of him?
Perhaps our Timba
will adopt the poor little thing.
Remember she lost her baby
in the river last year?
Leave him alone, darling.
You can play with him when he
gets to know you a little bit better.
Boy, were you bitten?
- Boy all right.
- Now that he's growing up...
something like this seems to happen
every time we take our eyes off him.
There's never a moment
I'm not afraid for him.
Tarzan, this life's all right for you.
Certainly it's all right for me,
but for a child...
What's the matter?
Take Boy home.
Come on, Boy.
What was that?
Whatever it was, our friends,
the Gabonis, have had enough.
- What was that, Mr. Sande?
- I think that was Tarzan.
Tarzan? What's Tarzan?
We better check our position
with the photographs, Sir Thomas.
Never can tell when the Gabonis
will get their nerve back again.
These pictures match the country,
don't you think, Sande?
According to this,
the plane's almost directly above there...
on top of the escarpment.
We can take a look.
Camp here, Mooloo.
Hang on. Is this Tarzan a white man
or a white ape?
He's white, at any rate.
According to Holt...
he's absolute master
of this whole escarpment.
All right.
They won't charge if we leave them alone.
What's that?
That's just an okapi, Mrs. Lancing.
Okapi? Never heard of it.
A very rare animal.
The old-time hunters used to think it was
a cross between a giraffe and a zebra.
Looks it, too, in a way.
What is it, Mooloo?
- They found the plane!
- Come on.
No question it's their plane.
- Is there any...
- Not a trace. Clean as a whistle.
You certainly do what you undertake.
You brought us right to the place.
So all we need now is an affidavit
from Mr. Sande here...
to the effect
that we've discharged our obligation.
Then we can go home
and live in style for ever after.
It's my belief they survived the crash.
Otherwise, there'd be some sort of trace.
But if they were alive...
surely we'd have had some word
from them in the past five years.
Isn't it possible
they're being held somewhere?
- Held?
- Yes, captive in some native juju hut.
- Magic and all that.
- It's most unlikely.
- But isn't it possible?
- Yes, it's possible, of course.
Then we'll go on searching
as long as there's the least hope.
If only one of them is alive,
we'll take that one back to England...
no matter who tries to stand in our way.
Boys see tree devil, bwana.
Looks like a warning against trespassing.
Which means that if we keep on...
we're certain to meet the one person
who may have definite news for us.
- We must look for him at once.
- No, don't take your guns.
How did your friend Holt
say we make contact?
Tarzan makes contact himself
when he's ready.
Good day, sir.
I suppose we ought
to explain our intrusion.
- Go!
- Who are you?
Tarzan. Go!
But look here, we came all this way
to find some white people...
- That's enough of that.
- Steady.
This is a precaution of my own.
Tarzan, wait!
- What's the matter?
- People.
Tell this creature
he can't treat us like this.
My husband has learned not to trust guns.
- Your husband?
- Yes.
Perhaps we should introduce ourselves.
We're from London.
I'm Austin Lancing, Mrs. Lancing...
my uncle, Sir Thomas, and Mr. Sande,
in charge of the party.
No. These people are from my home.
Shall we go to my house and eat?
We don't want to put you to any trouble.
Nonsense. Of course we do.
We're famished.
Then you can tell me all about London.
We go.
I hope she won't give us ostriches to eat.
Nothing as elaborate as all that,
Mrs. Lancing.
I'm afraid at such short notice,
there'll be nothing but fruit.
Evidently, one's ears
become acute out here.
Nothing compared to Tarzan's, of course.
Mr. Sande's told us
about your husband's marvelous instincts:
Like a wild animal.
- I didn't exactly say that, Mr. Lancing.
- Don't apologize, Mr. Sande.
Tarzan and I have a high opinion
of wild animals and their habits.
I haven't often gone
against Tarzan's instincts.
When I have, I've been wrong.
Get in. It's quite safe.
What a charming way to live.
Here we are.
- I say, all the conveniences.
- Yes, by George.
- Mother.
- Hello, darling.
- Your son?
- What a dear little fellow.
- What's his name?
- We call him Boy.
That's not his real name?
Say, "How do you do?" Go on.
- Cat's got his tongue.
- Hello, Boy.
- How do you do?
- That's right.
No cats up here.
No, nothing but lions. I know.
- Shall we go in now and get lunch?
- Splendid.
- Will you excuse me?
- Why, certainly.
- Eat.
- Thank you.
Delicious. What's the name
of these things?
You know what they're called, young man?
- Food.
- Dreadful savages, aren't they?
I think I'll see if I can be of any help
in the kitchen.
Something I can do?
You could get me an egg. They're in there.
- Just one apiece?
- I think one will be enough.
Thank you.
You must get pretty good hunting up here.
Lions with a jackknife, that's sport.
My dear boy, have your breakfast
before Tarzan eats you raw.
Cheetah, turn on the fan.
I'm afraid your husband feels
we're intruding.
- Not really.
- There's no real harm in us.
- Merely a search party.
- Search party?
But there hasn't been a safari here
in years.
It wasn't a safari exactly.
The Richard Lancings were flying
to Cape Town.
As a matter of fact,
it's five years since they disappeared.
A while ago, we found their cracked-up
plane outside of our camp.
They're inquiring
about some friends, Tarzan.
You say they were relatives of yours?
Yes, the man was a second cousin.
A nephew of the late Earl of Greystoke.
I may say a favorite nephew.
Am I to understand
that you have some news of our relations?
Tarzan, will you take Boy for his swim?
I don't think he can be interested in this.
Please, Tarzan.
- Come, Boy, swim.
- Swim.
They and their pilot
never reached Cape Town.
Oh, my dear.
When we got to the plane...
we found evidence
that the natives had been there before us.
- The Gabonis?
- No.
There's another savage tribe up here
on the escarpment...
the Zambeles, off to the southwest.
It's their custom to use their male victims
in a horrible sort of magic.
Tarzan and I found the girl
and we buried her where she's safe.
But the men were gone.
I understand why you didn't wish
to speak of it before the boy.
I suppose we'll be starting back tomorrow.
All right. How about
getting past the Gabonis?
I'll put you on a way...
that won't take you
through the Gaboni country.
That's very obliging of you.
Our cousins had a child with them.
We buried the child with his mother.
Our entire family
will be very grateful to you.
I can show you the grave now,
if you'd like.
Thank you. Whenever it's convenient.
We shall be about here for a day or two.
- Wouldn't you like to see it now?
- Yes, why not?
Might I say goodbye to Boy and Tarzan
before I go?
Please, not today.
He's been so difficult and not behaving.
- Shall we start?
- Yes.
Poor young Richard's wife.
Everything to live for:
Youth, health, wealth.
A splendid young husband and a little son.
- It was a son?
- A son?
I believe so.
What a future that child would have had.
My brother Neville's will left everything
in trust for 20 years to come.
Not a penny for the next of kin until
Richard has been definitely proven dead.
Which explains
our touching family interest here.
Sir Thomas makes this sound
too sordid, my dear.
Naturally we'd have given anything
to have found them alive.
We'll never forget what you've done here.
We owe you and your husband
more than we can repay.
Roughly 1 million, split three ways.
Oh, then it's all right, then.
I'm so glad. I mean,
that we were able to do what we did.
I'll come to your camp at dawn tomorrow
and put you on your way, just as I said.
- Goodbye, my dear.
- Goodbye and thank you.
- My love to the boy.
- Goodbye.
Well, we're rich.
Uncle Tom doesn't seem
especially thrilled.
Under the circumstances,
I'm sure you'll forgive me for not gloating.
We'd better start packing for tomorrow.
Coming, Uncle Tom?
No. I think I'll stop here for a pipe or two.
Really, he's becoming
more and more impossible.
What harm?
Boy, no!
Boy, no!
Tarzan say no.
Look out, Boy.
Boy bad.
Don't be a silly ass.
Just a gift for the boy.
Tell him it's from the old gentleman.
I wish that awful thing would stop.
No dinner, thank you.
Have the boys ready at dawn,
and no thorns in their feet.
We shan't be leaving here tomorrow.
- I beg your pardon.
- That boy...
Eyes I seem to have looked into before.
Even the shape of Richard Lancing's chin.
What are you talking about?
You know what I'm talking about.
That child's your second cousin.
And, by George, my grandnephew.
No, it can't be possible.
Austin, you knew it all along.
Yes, and Sande knows it, too.
Don't you, Sande?
I really don't see how it concerns me.
There's an established custom
in dealing with those matters.
Established custom?
If it's ivory the party's after...
the hunter in charge usually gets
10 of whatever they bring out.
Very well.
I suppose we'll have to let it go at that.
You can count on me, then.
Perhaps I don't quite follow.
We're all going to keep absolutely mum.
The boy will never know who he is
or how we robbed him.
Blood doesn't mean much to you,
does it, Austin?
I'm not rich enough
to afford sentimentality.
Supposing I consent to all this...
and supposing even that Mr. Sande...
doesn't one day take it in his head
to blackmail you...
what if some other party should get
up here and stumble over your secret?
It's confounded risky, but we got to face it.
But, darling, there needn't be any risk
if we bring the boy back with us.
Bring the boy with us?
Are you out of your mind?
Don't you see?
If we're his legal guardians...
won't we administer everything?
Of course that Tarzan brute will fight.
Perhaps she may listen to reason.
We'll surround the place in the morning,
then go in with guns.
Maybe we'll catch him asleep.
There's one thing
you both seemed to have overlooked.
At the guardianship proceedings...
I shall testify that your intentions
are not only unsympathetic...
to my grandnephew's best interests,
but hostile to them.
Downright dangerous.
- Is that quite final?
- Not quite.
I'm going to have a little chat with Tarzan.
Yes, Mr. Lancing?
Sir Thomas seems to be in
for a bout of fever.
I'm afraid we'll have to confine him
to his tent.
Post two of your best boys...
to see that he doesn't slip out
during his delirium.
I suppose, Austin,
there's a cad in every family.
Obviously you're ours.
I'm for bed.
I'm exhausted, too.
We need the men at dawn.
We're taking the little fellow at sunrise.
- They'll be ready.
- All right.
Good night.
What the deuce is the matter here?
Boy say white devil come back.
Boy say two devils.
Where's my gun?
- Tent.
- Idiot, I just looked there.
Someone was in my tent.
What's my camera doing there?
Look, the plate's been exposed.
Come on. It might've picked up something.
That boy saw the devil all right.
He's cleverer than you are, Austin.
He knew you wanted the boy
before you knew it yourself.
If he thinks we're beaten
as he's got the guns...
he'll find he's too clever for his own good.
Watch Sir Thomas.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Aren't you ready?
I believe you know we can't possibly start.
Why? Did something happen?
Stop, please.
You sent him here last night.
Tarzan was here?
Not a gun left. He stole every one of them.
Tarzan stole your guns?
He wanted to make sure
we'd be helpless...
when we came to ask you
to give up the boy.
Then he must have known all the time.
Perhaps now we can start
being honest with each other.
Where is Sir Thomas?
He's ill. He's got a touch of fever.
I'm sorry.
I think we need him badly just now.
My dear, I know your heart
must be breaking.
Why should it be?
When Tarzan and I
took Boy out of the jungle...
we gave him life as truly as though
we'd been his real parents.
He's ours.
Your legal rights can't touch us up here.
We aren't going to give him up.
My dear, I hope it isn't a question
of anybody's legal rights.
It's the boy's rights
we must all think of now.
Certainly. We're putting aside
our selfish interest in all this.
Do you want him to grow up
a jungle savage?
In England, he'll be educated to
the responsibilities of his great position.
You don't want to stand
in the little chap's way.
When he's old enough,
he can decide that for himself.
How can he decide
about something he's never seen?
Aren't you forgetting that every hour
out here, he's in dreadful danger.
Tarzan's here. He watches over us.
Can Tarzan guard against fever?
There isn't a hospital or a doctor
within 1,000 miles.
We'll love him just as you do.
And when he gets used to his new life,
we'll bring him here for a visit.
Let me think.
Give us our guns back and we will go.
He says he's thrown the guns
in Garuva Grotto.
Ropes will get us down.
No, under those falls
the water's 50 feet deep.
Nobody can get them now.
Tarzan will get them for you.
No, Tarzan, these are Boy's people.
Tarzan father. Jane mother.
People want Boy.
You can't expect us to go
with nothing to defend us. It's murder.
That's Boy, and he's in trouble.
Look out!
Boy, darling, are you hurt?
- Is he all right?
- Just a few scratches and bruises.
- Sande, get that first-aid kit.
- Boy all right.
- Sande, get the safari boys.
- No, please wait.
Give me a little time.
Come on.
She seems to be convinced.
She may be. What about him?
Suppose we leave that to her
for the present.
Such a tired little boy.
And I don't wonder.
Good night.
They were right, you know.
We've got to let them take him.
If we love Boy...
we've got to let him go.
- Jane, stop!
- I won't stop. I've got to say this.
I know what it's like back there.
You have no way of imagining
the things that civilization can give him.
Things we never could give him here.
And he'll be safe, Tarzan. Safe.
Oh, darling.
Help me to give him up.
Sleep now.
Is there nothing I can say or do
that'll change your mind?
If I ask you to do it because you love me?
No. Boy stay.
Jane, sleep.
I've been thinking and thinking.
It would be like taking their lives
if we send them back without their guns.
- Give them back to them, Tarzan.
- People take Boy.
I've thought about that, too.
We'll go now while they're still asleep...
and in the morning,
when they find their guns...
you and I and Boy will be gone.
And they'll never find us,
and they'll go away.
- Boy stay here?
- Of course.
Give them their guns, Tarzan.
Tarzan get guns.
We'd better hurry.
It's almost dawn. The birds are awake.
Your knife.
Tarzan, I know you'll never forgive me,
but I'll be back for you.
Then, if you want to send me away, I'll go.
Good as new.
Lucky they were well-greased.
- Is he still down there?
- Just as she told us.
Not making any attempt to get out?
He doesn't seem to be moving at all.
Just the same, I wouldn't trust him.
Funny, I've seen trapped animals
take it just like that.
Sorry this was necessary.
Not at all.
I've been quite comfortable.
Understand, Uncle Tom.
Any heroics now
will put me in a very awkward position.
She's made the decision.
What more have I to say?
Why, hello, Boy.
We appreciate that this is
very difficult for you.
- Can we start now?
- Yes.
- Get the boys ready, Sande.
- All right.
Mother, where are we going?
Mr. And Mrs. Lancing are going
to take you on a lovely long trip.
Won't that be fun?
But where's Tarzan?
He'll be coming soon.
There's Sir Thomas.
Looking very well, too.
Quite well, thank you,
under the circumstances.
You will look after the boy, won't you?
I couldn't let him go
under any other circumstances.
Send him home, darling.
All right, Sande, we're starting. Look alive.
The route seems plain enough.
It branches further on.
Don't turn. You don't know I'm here.
My poor girl, you've done a mad thing.
Boy's in the worst possible hands.
Be careful, for heaven's sake.
They're watching.
My nephew and his wife
only want Boy's fortune.
There's nothing now they'll stop at.
Tarzan has to be set free.
I'm going to make a run for it.
They're watching every move you make.
I'll try to drop back.
All right.
Stop where you are.
You've killed him.
I didn't bargain for this.
You're in this as deep as we are.
Mother, I want to go home.
Yes, darling. We're going back.
Come, dear.
This is the right way. Come on.
The right way back to Tarzan?
Not that he worries us,
now we got our guns.
This looks like the trail.
Why don't we keep straight on?
But that way goes through
the Zambele country.
- Zambeles, huh?
- Yes, I told you about them.
They're the tribe that took
Boy's father's body from the plane.
- Can't you see she's lying?
- Come on.
I'm telling you the truth.
- You can't go that way.
- Come on.
- Come here.
- Leave him alone.
Ouch! The little beast bit me.
What are you doing to him?
Darling, did they hurt you?
For his own sake,
you better control that brat.
Come on.
Come on, darling.
What's that?
That used to be a full-grown man.
Perhaps we'd better turn back.
We haven't got a minute to lose.
Get the men started.
- The Zambeles.
- Run for it.
We have no chance.
Let them take the guns.
No, you can't.
Don't move, anybody. Just keep calm.
Tell him I want to speak to his chief.
Come, bwana.
Don't you worry, Mother.
I won't let them hurt you.
Boy, listen.
If you were out there in the jungle...
could you find your way back to Tarzan?
Of course I could.
It's further than you've ever gone alone.
How can I get out, Mother?
You think you could get through there?
If he can, I can.
- Tarzan will be so proud of you.
- No, it's better if we all stick together.
Boy's getting out of this place now.
He hasn't got a chance.
He'll have his chance.
Now, Boy, listen carefully.
- Next time you hear that shout, be ready.
- Yes.
And you're not to stop for anything
until you're far away in the jungle.
And more than anything else,
don't look back.
No matter what you hear.
Don't you worry, Mother.
Tarzan and I'll come back to get you.
Yes, darling, I know.
Yes, Mother?
- Will you promise me something?
- Yes.
Will you promise me
that as long as you live...
you'll never forget...
forget the things
that Tarzan has taught you?
No, I won't forget.
And when you see Tarzan, tell him that...
Tell him from me...
I expect when he sees you, there won't be
any need to tell him anything at all.
- Are you ready, Boy?
- Ready, Mother.
Remember what I told you:
Fast as you can and don't look back.
Clean away. Did you see him?
Just like Tarzan.
Before I go, please listen.
I know now how right you are.
Boy belongs here with you.
Don't ever let him go.
Go now.
Please try to forgive me.
Later on, you'll know that I...
Jane not go.
Jane not die.
Jane all right?
Yes, darling.
Everything's all right now.