Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942) Movie Script

What is it?
Cheetah must be seeing things.
What is it, Tarzan?
What is it?
Strange sound in sky.
Big. Far off.
- I don't hear anything.
- Tarzan hear.
- Cheetah hear. Elephants hear.
- I hear it.
- It's like a great wind coming.
- There!
Sounds like it's going to land.
White men no longer make safari.
Come through sky like vultures.
- Tarzan send men away.
- We'll see it.
Boy stay.
Tarzan's right, darling.
You better come with me.
Why doesn't Tarzan want strangers
on the escarpment, Mother?
Because he loves us
and wants to protect us.
When strangers come from outside,
they always cause trouble.
They're always seeking something.
- Something? But what, Mother?
- Well, for instance, gold.
There's lots of yellow stones in the river.
Tarzan says he doesn't want them.
But when they find them,
they lose their reason.
They do terrible things.
They even destroy each other.
Cheetah! Now, stop that at once!
Well, it serves you right.
What's the matter?
Escarpment, juju, bwana.
Escarpment taboo.
Escarpment taboo, your grandmother.
Tell your pals we're here to trap lions.
We'll get them.
Place kind of gives me
the willies too, Buck.
Queer, wasn't it? The way it suddenly
shot up above the clouds?
Another couple of feet,
we'd smack right into it.
- Still looks like Africa to me.
- I know, but try and find it on the map.
Gentlemen! We're in luck.
The place is alive with lions!
- Tracks everywhere!
- Good.
I figured those were lions
I saw from the air.
Bwana, juju-man come.
The ape-man they talked about
back at the settlement.
Then it's true, he's not a myth.
- Hey! What's the idea?
- Gun no good!
- Men go!
- Wait a minute!
- You think you run Africa?
- Take it easy, Buck.
This is his neck of the woods.
Now, gentlemen, gentlemen,
we're forgetting.
I think introductions are in order.
My name is Manchester Mountford,
the world-famous animal trainer.
This is Mr. Jimmie Shields,
our pilot.
This gentleman is Mr. Buck Rand,
well-known hunter and animal man.
See, we've come from America
to fetch lions.
- Men go!
- Oh, we can't very well right now.
It'll be dark. I don't fly through
strange country at night.
We'll have to wait until morning.
Tomorrow sun make new safari.
When shadow come between sticks,
men go!
I suppose he means when the tall stick's
shadow pulls back to the short stick.
All right, get back to work.
Be finished in just a minute, Cheetah.
There, finished.
I think Tarzan would like some plums
for breakfast.
- That's pretty.
- For Boy. Spear fish.
It's a good idea. He'll love it.
It'll take his mind off the aeroplane.
Thank you, Cheetah.
Oh, those are nice plums.
Tarzan, what were those men like?
One man bad. Other man funny.
- And the third man, what was he like?
- Third man make iron bird fly.
Maybe good. Understand Tarzan.
Oh, I won't be happy until I see
that plane flying away in the morning.
Did you see my airplane?
Did you? Did you see it fly?
Looks like the airplane we saw.
Boy, look what Tarzan has made you.
For Boy. Spear fish.
- Where're we going? The jungle?
- No. Down mountain. Big waterfall.
If we went in the jungle,
we might see the airplane.
- Just pass by, I mean.
- Airplane leave with sun.
- It won't leave during the night?
- No, darling.
This is strange country.
They wouldn't fly at night.
- Boy sleep now. Spear fish tomorrow.
- All right, Tarzan. Good night.
- Good night, Mommy.
- Good night, darling.
I wish I could get just one look
at the airplane.
Maybe I could make one like it myself.
Boy see plane
when new sun climb mountain.
- Did you change your mind?
- Boy see plane. In sky.
That's right. He'll see it when it
takes off. I hadn't thought of that.
- I hope he won't be too disappointed.
- Boy forget plane soon.
Tarzan know. Tarzan catch giant bird.
Train bird. Boy fly.
Good heavens, no! I don't want him
hurtling through the sky on a bird's neck.
- He's daring enough as it is.
- Boy little Tarzan.
And I want him to grow up
to be a big Tarzan.
- Tarzan watch Boy.
- I know you will. I shouldn't worry.
I know there's never a need to worry
as long as you're with me.
At first I used to have so many
little fears for myself, for Boy.
But one by one, you chased them away.
Wouldn't it be strange if someday
I became as brave as you are?
Jane no need to be brave.
Jane beautiful. Jane good.
You're my goodness, darling.
My strength.
Jane, Tarzan. Tarzan, Jane.
Come on. Cut out the monkeyshines.
Get those crates aboard.
Load them on the other side.
- What're you doing? Starting trouble?
- No, just trying to avoid it.
I'd say we've got a half an hour.
We've got until the last trap's loaded,
and we don't go before.
Now, gentlemen, perhaps we could sit
down with Mr. Tarzan and talk it over.
- A white boy?
- Here? A phenomenon.
He rides that bull like an old-timer.
It's big, isn't it?
How's it fly? Like a bird?
No, sonny. The wings don't move. That
blade there going around does the trick.
You mean that big fan?
It makes it fly?
Say, young fella,
where'd you come from?
I live here with Tarzan and Jane.
- Did Tarzan send you here?
- No, sir, he didn't. I came by myself.
- Could this carry an elephant like Simba?
- It might if you could get him aboard.
- You got those elephants trained?
- They do what I tell them.
- Truly a phenomenon!
- A natural.
- What makes the fan go?
- What else can the elephants do?
You're the man
who drives the plane.
- I'm the pilot. How'd you figure it out?
- You look like you like the sky.
Well, thanks, sonny.
- Say, that's okay.
- Reminds me of one of my old acts.
- Can I go inside?
- Sure you can.
Wait, they know any more tricks?
Yes, sir. They can do almost anything
I ask them to.
Steady now, Buli. Buli, I won't hurt you.
Stay still.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
That kid would be a sensation
in a circus.
I can see the 24-sheets now.
The boy-king of the jungle!
He'd be a gold mine
if we had him back in America.
I get it. Now that you've got the lions
for Sargent's mangy circus...
...you figure
on snatching the boy too.
- You're wonderful, sonny.
- Now may I go inside?
You sure can. Listen, sonny boy,
as soon as we get these crates aboard...
...we'll take you for a ride.
- I can ride?
Lay off, Buck! Go on home.
Take your animals and go home.
- I promised the kid a ride, didn't I?
- Not with me at the stick, you didn't.
Now, do what I say, sonny, get going!
- He'd be a headliner under the big top.
- The chance of a lifetime.
- You got religion suddenly, didn't you?
- I like to stay on the beam when I can.
It works out better all around.
- That shadow's getting pretty close.
- I'll worry about that shadow.
I would, if I were you.
Better check that last trap, Mountie.
We'll get out of here.
Two. Come on.
Come on, come on, come on. Get these
crates aboard and get that tent down.
Lion tracks.
Come back here, boy.
Boy, let this net down. Come here.
Watch yourself!
Get on. Watch it, sonny.
- Bwana, bwana, lions! Lions!
- Mountford man, caught in trap!
- Thanks. You came just in time.
- All right, sonny.
Buck, it was wonderful. You should've
seen that little laddie charge that lion...
...just as he was to rip me to ribbons.
- He did?
- So you're a lion man too?
- Sonny, I owe you my life.
The Jaconi.
- Boy! Tarzan go!
- I'm going too.
Tarzan! Tarzan's coming!
Let me go! Let me go!
The fire will burn them to a crisp.
The wind's blowing in that direction
No use, sonny.
You've got to come with us.
- I wanna go to Tarzan.
- You can't get through.
Come on, Mountie,
head for the plane.
What's he doing here?
Jaconi got his father and mother,
killed them, set fire to them.
Jane. Jane. Jane!
...what is it?
What's Cheetah saying?
- Cheetah say Boy gone in iron bird.
- The hunters took him?
Cheetah say yes.
Oh, Tarzan, they'll take him away.
They'll take him across the sea.
- Jane, be brave.
- Oh, darling, whatever will we do?
Our whole world's gone.
Tarzan find Boy.
Big place. Find Boy.
Tarzan, wait.
You trust me, darling, don't you?
Tarzan always trust Jane.
If it were for any reason less
than our Boy, I'd make you turn back.
We're going into places where men's
minds are more tangled...
...than the worst underbrush
in the jungle, and I'm afraid.
More afraid than I've ever been
in my life.
Everywhere we'll be met
with lies and deceit.
Your honesty and directness
will only be handicaps.
It'd break my heart to see your strength
caught in the quicksands of civilization.
And I'll be the only guide you'll have.
Will you follow me?
Will you do as I say?
I'll try not to fail you.
Jane lead way.
Tarzan follow always.
- Tarzan.
- Gun!
Tarzan sorry.
This must be the plane. Cargo
of wild animals, three men and a boy.
- Boy!
- Tarzan.
The plane was cleared by pilot
Jimmie Shields for New York.
- Jimmie Shields?
- That's correct, sir.
- I'm sorry I haven't more information.
- Oh, you've been very kind.
- But now we must find our Boy.
- Come. We go to New York quick.
- Is it possible to charter a plane?
- No, I'm afraid not.
But our regular mail plane connects
with a clipper for America.
That's due in tomorrow morning.
I can arrange for you to have
a passage on that.
- But it'll cost an awful lot of money.
- We'll pay anything.
Shouldn't this be enough?
Oh, that's more than plenty.
But I doubt our local bank will be able...
...to convert these gold nuggets
into currency.
- Still, I'll arrange letters of credit for you.
- Oh, I wish you would.
Thank you for all your kindness.
Oh, there's just one more detail, madam.
Our local Chinese tailor carries
ladies' and gentlemen's apparel.
Not exactly Paris models
or Bond Street suits.
We do need some clothes.
We better go, darling.
We'll be very busy between now
and tomorrow morning.
Good man. Tarzan thank.
Oh, not at all, sir.
I hope you find your boy all right.
Bigger suit, you try on.
This is last one. Careful, please.
Three pounds, please. No can do.
No more jackets.
But we're leaving tomorrow,
and we must have clothes.
- Can't you make some?
- Take time, missy.
Well, I'll triple the price.
I try.
- Suit ready, missy. This way please.
- Very well. Tarzan, you must stay.
The tailor has to measure you. Sorry, but
we must get clothes to go to New York.
- Jane get clothes. Tarzan better without.
- Now, darling, you promised.
Cheetah, you behave yourself.
You look wonderful, darling.
Scratch. No good.
Take off. Put on in New York.
No, no, no, you've got
to get used to it.
- Thank you so much.
- Missy pleased, Sun Lee pleased.
Cheetah, come.
Well, where is she?
Stone jungle.
Yes, a man-made jungle.
- Natives live there?
- Yes, they live and they work there.
- Why?
- To help them concentrate their efforts.
- Get things done in a hurry. Save time.
- Save time? Why?
Darling, you're asking me a question all
the sages haven't been able to answer.
We're going down.
We're going to land.
Now, these are 30-day permits.
- You understand, lady, don't you?
- Yes.
Mike, call up the pilot's room. See
if they know where Jimmie Shields is.
He's in Alaska by now or the South Pole,
that is if he has the price of the gas.
Right over there, please.
There are some routine things to attend
to, like fingerprinting, just routine.
- Come, Tarzan.
- Hurry. Find Boy.
You must be patient, darling.
We're almost finished.
Cheetah. Now, Cheetah, stop it.
- Sorry, she gets playful sometimes.
- Cheetah thirsty.
Here's where Shields stays,
the Gloucester Hotel.
- I'm very grateful.
- Sure.
- Find Boy!
- We will...
...since we know
where the pilot lives.
Go! Go. Cheetah!
- Taxi?
- Yes, please.
- House on wheels?
- It's called a taxicab, dear.
Don't worry! Lt'll hold together!
Open the door, darling. Thank you.
Gloucester Hotel, please.
Cheetah, you'd better sit
over here, dear.
I hope that monkey's tame.
You don't need to worry.
She's quite friendly.
Just so long as she knows it.
Man know trail?
Of course, darling.
Taxi drivers know the city.
- Like Tarzan know jungle.
- Yes, like Tarzan know jungle.
- War dance. Where natives?
- There're no natives. That's music.
It comes out of that little box.
It's called a radio.
Woman sick. Cry for witch doctor.
You should be a critic, darling.
There. How's that?
Good. Now radio good.
I don't like it. I don't like it.
Jasper, grab these bags.
Jaconi tribe. Put clothes on him too.
Oh, darling.
- Here you are.
- Oh, thank you, ma'am.
Thank you. Come, Tarzan.
Why, good afternoon.
Good afternoon. We'd like to see
Mr. Jimmie Shields, please.
I'm sorry, but Mr. Shields
isn't in now.
As a matter of fact, he hasn't
been here for several days.
Did he have a little
boy staying with him?
A cute little boy,
sun-brown curly hair?
- Why, no madam.
- Where Boy?
I don't know. All I know is
he didn't bring any boy here.
- Where Shields now?
- That's anybody's guess.
He'll probably turn up in a day or two.
He usually does.
You'll have him contact us
when he gets back?
- Yes, madam.
- I think we'd better take a suite.
Yes, madam,
but what about the gorilla?
Cheetah? She's part of the family.
- She'll be all right, I promise you.
- Very well, madam.
Cheetah, thank the kind gentleman
for letting you stay.
- Hey, what is this?
- Cheetah say thank you.
Take him away!
- Better sit down, dear.
- Follow me, please.
Thank you.
It's all right, boys.
She's just like one of the family.
- Anything else?
- No, thank you.
Thanks, lady.
- Are you looking for Jimmie Shields?
- Yes, we are.
The minute he
gets back from a trip...
...he heads straight for the Club
Moonbeam. His girlfriend sings there.
I don't know her name, but she may
put you wise to when he'll be back.
The Club Moonbeam. Thank you.
Find Shields, then we get Boy.
- Cheetah say we go now.
- Cheetah must be patient too.
- Patient?
- Yes, darling.
- All right. Jane be boss here.
- Thank you.
Hello. Would you get me
the Club Moonbeam, please?
- Why Jane talk to that?
- It's a telephone.
To talk a long way, you talk into this.
Telephone good.
Telephone say where Boy is?
Oh, I hope so.
Hello, Club Moonbeam?
Yes, ma'am,
this am the Club Moonbeam.
No, ma'am.
Ain't nobody around here.
- That's excepting me.
- Well, when will someone be there?
Well, maybe 9:00 tonight.
And that's early.
Well, then I suppose there's
nothing we can do except wait.
- Thank you.
- What telephone say?
Not yet, darling.
We have to wait until it's dark.
Oh, Tarzan, I'm just as impatient as you
are, but there's nothing we can do now.
Come on, let's go and unpack.
- When dark come, find Boy?
- Yes.
I'm sorry, I thought you got
your number. Just a moment, please.
Hello. Hello.
What's that?
This is Sam. Who is this?
What's that?
I said, this is Sam. That's what I said.
What'd you say?
You ain't getting fresh with me,
is you, colored boy?
Don't give me none of that double talk!
Hear me?
Why, you... You... You mush-mouth!
Now what?
Cheetah, what are you doing?
Now, you give me that telephone
right away.
Yes. Don't you dare touch
that anymore. The idea!
Good heavens, what's that?
- Tarzan!
- Big rain good!
Look at your clothes! Come on out
and take those wet things off.
Oh, feel good.
You can't look for Boy
with wet clothes on.
- Why?
- Just isn't done, that's all.
Come on out. I'll call the valet.
You get these wet things off.
Oh, Cheetah, my things.
How could you?
There. Now we're all ready to go.
Cheetah wants help find Boy.
I think it will be better if Cheetah
stays right here.
And, Cheetah, you remember
no more beauty treatments.
Smells like Swahili swamp.
Why people stay?
It's called "a good time."
Good evening.
Have you reservations?
We're not staying. We're looking
for a friend, Jimmie Shields.
Oh, yes, Mr. Shields isn't here.
Hasn't come in yet.
- Mr. Shields' friend?
- Yes.
- Wanna talk to you.
- Beat it, halfback.
- Break it up.
- Tarzan, don't. She's singing.
- Come on.
- Talk now. You Jimmie's friend?
- Just a minute.
- Hold it, Eddie.
As marvelous as I am,
I can't do two things at once...
...and do them good,
so excuse me a split second.
- What's wrong with Jimmie, a crackup?
- No, we're looking for him.
- We want to talk to him.
- I'm Tarzan.
Fill in with the "Dance of the Hours"
for 10 minutes, will you, boys?
When Jimmie gets back from Boston
tonight, he'll tell the whole story.
I see. According to the law, someone
had to post a bond for $5000...
...with immigration authorities
before Boy entered the country.
They tried to raise the money,
but they couldn't.
- Tarzan understand.
- This circus man, Sargent...
...posted the bond, and has Boy.
He's at Boundbrook,
Long Island at a circus.
- The show will be out in a half-hour.
- You've been too kind.
Forget it, honey.
Never a cover charge.
Jimmie'll call me,
and I'll tell him you're here.
Meanwhile, watch out for Sargent.
He works fast.
- Tarzan get Boy.
- I'll gamble on that.
Cheetah! Cheetah, how could you?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
- Thank you.
- We go now.
Good idea, before someone
begins hollering for the gendarmes.
- I'm awfully sorry.
- Thanks. Come again.
Get out there as soon as you can.
Good luck.
- That's my hat!
- It ought to fit you now.
What is that?
Elephant language?
Yes. Tarzan taught me.
I was telling Allie...
...about the baby elephants
in the jungle.
The fun we used to have together. She'd
like to go back and play with them.
I told Allie I wish
we could go back together.
It's a pity we ever took you away...
...to troupe under a piece of canvas
with thugs like Sargent and Buck.
Mr. Mountford, a lot of times
I've been gonna run away.
Go back to the jungle.
It doesn't make much difference
where I go anymore.
Were you telling her about Tarzan?
I told her there wouldn't be fun
in the jungle without Tarzan.
She's heard about him.
All the elephants have.
They'd know Tarzan if he came here
and spoke to them.
Your father was a great man,
wasn't he?
Yes, Mr. Mountford.
He wasn't like men here in civilization.
He was big and alive, like the jungle.
Mr. Mountford, at noon,
sometimes when I go for a walk...
...I look up at a skyscraper. Sometimes
I think Tarzan's up there too...
...in the clouds, just like he was
in the escarpment.
Gee, the fun we used to have.
- Why's Pinkus out of his cage?
- I was playing with him.
Did I tell you to stop taking
the animals out?
- Yes.
- Well, put him back.
- Please, Mr. Buck.
- Pinkus wasn't hurting anybody.
Cut out the slobbering
and put him back.
- Kid, where you going?
- I've got cablegram for Mr. Sargent.
I'll take it.
We're due to fold in a couple
of days if this keeps up.
Less than $400
in the house tonight.
Here, maybe this will solve
our problems.
- Sawdust and spangles!
- It's from the Matson Show.
From Tim Matson. Listen to this.
"Will give you $ 100,000 for Boy
and all rights to his act."
A hundred grand. Say, that's the softest
take we've had in quite a while.
"Meet show in Rio de Janeiro
on the 10th. You can make it...
...by South American clipper if you leave
on the sixth. Regards, Tim Matson."
This is the fourth. That gives us
two days to get money for the tickets.
We should clear that much
if we stall payroll tomorrow night.
Then the kid's their worry, not ours.
- How's the kid tonight?
- All right.
- He's pretty good around Mountie.
- Keep him happy.
- He means a lot to us.
- Leave it to me, colonel.
Cheetah, stay!
- Tarzan.
- What's that?
Over there.
Quick. Get the kid off
the lot while I stall him.
- Say, mister.
- Yeah?
- Where is Mr. Sargent?
- In that red wagon.
- In here?
- Yeah.
- Where Boy?
- Boy? What boy?
Our son.
He's here. We've come for him.
If you've lost your son, I'm sorry,
but why pick on me?
- Tell truth.
- Don't come closer.
Darling, please.
Remember, Tarzan...
...you promised to do as I asked.
- Your wife is a sensible woman.
- You don't mind going now...
- Mr. Sargent, it's no use evading things.
We know you have Boy because you
posted an immigration bond for him.
Boy here.
- Tarzan!
- Hey, Jack.
Gather the boys at the red wagon.
- Right.
- Go ahead.
- Satisfied?
- No.
- Tarzan not go till we find Boy!
- You're going right now.
There's no Boy around here,
and I'm tired trying to convince you.
What does that mean?
Now find Boy.
All right, break it up.
Spread out, men.
Come on. Spread out, boys.
Don't worry. I brought the cops along
in case, knowing Mr. Sargent as I do.
It looks like you guessed right.
Come on now, boys, clear out.
- Now we get Boy.
- Why, yes. What about that boy?
- This man's taken him.
- What about it?
Here, this will explain.
This is a receipt for a bond
from U.S. Immigration.
It gives Sargent temporary custody
of a nameless boy, parents dead.
- Tarzan's Boy!
- Now, Tarzan, it can't be settled here.
You could level the show,
and you'd never find him.
There's only one way
to get him back, the law.
He's right.
You'd only find trouble here.
We'd better trust the law.
- Ask law, get Boy back.
- Yes.
We'll go to court.
It won't take long.
- And I'll get you a lawyer.
- Lawyer? What's lawyer?
To help to get Boy back.
Tarzan wait. Tarzan see!
Get Boy back. Cheetah.
- Thanks, Chuck.
- Okay.
The affidavits show that Boy
was taken from the jungle...
...a spot in the Congo
known as "the escarpment"...
...where he lived with my clients.
He was taken by Mr. Sargent's agent,
brought here...
...where Mr. Sargent posted
an immigration bond for him...
...and instituted adoption proceedings.
Your client opposes the return
of the boy to his parents?
- Yes.
- On what grounds?
The jungle isn't a home for him.
He's filed adoption papers.
Naturally, we will oppose
any move to adopt this boy.
I have more expert witnesses
on jungle life...
...if Your Honor will permit.
- All right.
- Take the stand, Tarzan.
Tarzan, sit in that chair.
Hand on the book.
Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth?
- Tarzan always tell truth.
- What's your name?
- Tarzan.
- Full name?
That's the only name he has.
You have educated your son,
haven't you?
I mean, well,
what did you teach the boy?
Teach Boy where to find water when
thirsty, where to find food when hungry.
Tarzan teach Boy to be strong
like lion and happy like bird.
You find everything you
need in the jungle, do you?
Wise men need little.
Have you thought what would become
of Boy if he grows up in the jungle?
Boy grow up to be brother
of sun and friend of rain.
Hurt nobody.
Want nothing people have.
Grow old like cedar tree.
Boy will be good man, happy man.
No one can want more than that.
That's all, thank you.
- Can you read, Tarzan?
- Read?
Yes, read. Read a book.
Ever hear of Shakespeare's Hamlet?
Tarzan read trails in jungle.
Read clouds in sky.
- Lawyer ever hear of kinsin-nupa?
- Kinsin- what?
Kinsin-nupa. Cure snakebites.
All babies in the jungle know that.
- This is a court of law.
- White man's law lots of words.
Jungle law more easy.
Man live own life.
So you prefer the jungle code
to civilized law?
In jungle, men only kill bad animals.
In civilization, men kill good men.
Will Mr. Norton concede
human life is in constant peril...
...in this wild region
from which this child was rescued?
No, I will not concede any such thing.
In the last year, 35,000 men, women
and children were killed...
...in auto accidents alone
in this country.
I object. Counsel's remarks
are immaterial.
Objection denied.
Proceed, Mr. Beaton.
- Lf the court please...
- Yes.
I submit, Your Honor...
...the jungle is not an issue in this case.
The only issue is guardianship.
Are these two people morally fit to bring
up an adolescent to proper manhood?
It is my contention that they are.
By his conduct in this court,
Tarzan has proved himself no savage...
...but rather uniquely civilized.
You may resume cross-examining
the witness.
No more questions.
Your Honor, I'd like to place
my last witness on the stand.
Very well.
By the way, Tarzan, how's fishing
on this escarpment of yours?
- Big fish.
- How big?
Lipamani, so big.
Malagani fish, so big.
Is that so?
As a civilized fisherman...
...I would have stretched
the truth at least a foot.
Jane is right. Law good.
Give Boy back.
Soon, dear.
Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth?
I do.
Before going to the jungle,
you lived a long while in civilization?
- Yes, in London.
- Did you like it?
I had everything money could buy.
In comparison,
how do you like the jungle?
There is no comparison.
I wouldn't live anywhere else.
Is it a good place to raise a son?
It teaches him most things
he needs to know...
...how to live simply,
naturally, happily.
You say that as a mother, with a
mother's instinct and wisdom?
A mother would never wrong
her own son.
Thank you, madam. Your witness.
Tell me what you do in the jungle...
...when you need a doctor?
- We seldom do.
But if we do, we have
our own drug store too.
Many modern drugs were known and
used in the jungle centuries before here.
Digitalis, for example,
and quinine, tannic acid, alum.
- Dozens more.
- Has your boy ever been ill?
- No. He grew up healthy and strong.
- Like the other savage animals?
- He's not a savage animal.
- Like animals...
...he was born and raised in the jungle.
- He was not born in the jungle!
Your boy was not born in the jungle?
Where was he born?
- I don't know.
- Well, you're his mother, aren't you?
I prefer not to answer that question.
You'll have to answer, madam.
Remember, you're under oath.
Tell this court, are you the mother
of this child? Yes or no?
We found him, Tarzan and I,
after an airplane crash in the jungle.
Yes or no?
His parents were killed.
Tarzan and I are the only parents
he's ever known.
You came into this court
with unclean hands.
You led this court to believe
you were the parents...
...when you had no legal claim
to him whatever! You lied!
- I did not!
- And he lied!
You steal Boy from me!
Tarzan, stop it! Let go!
Let go! Darling, Tarzan!
Take a look, Your Honor!
He's a man who claims to be a fit
guardian for a child. He's a savage!
This hearing is adjourned until tomorrow.
Detain him in the waiting room.
I'll take up the matter
of this disturbance later.
Come on.
- What a break.
- You said it.
Let's grab the kid
and make that plane.
You were right, Tarzan,
as you always are...
...and I was wrong.
I asked you to trust the law...
...and you did. And now...
Listen to me, darling.
I know that man's laws
are not for you.
You who are as free as an eagle.
I should've told you
to follow your own law.
To find Boy in your own way.
I said this was my jungle.
I was wrong.
Your jungle is my jungle.
I know that now.
- I only hope it's not too late.
- Too late?
I hope not. I hope not.
- Jane say go?
- Yes, darling.
Tarzan go. Tarzan get Boy.
Come back! You'll break your neck!
The roof! Quick!
Tarzan just escaped from court.
He's in a Globe taxicab believed
headed for the circus on Long Island.
Stop all Globe cabs
crossing the bridge.
They're after Tarzan,
who's in the papers.
Follow that cab that just went
by and see who's inside.
- What's that noise?
- That's the law, mister.
Law? Quick! Circus, hurry!
- Didn't you hear that siren?
- Yes.
Come down before you break
your fool neck.
Look, fella, it's no use trying!
Give it up!
- Make them come and get you!
- Keep climbing!
Good luck, old boy!
Maybe we'd better go.
- I'm not afraid.
- That's a 200-foot dive.
He can't make it and live.
- Boy, what nerve!
- We'd better take you home.
- No, we're going to the circus.
- Circus?
- Yes.
- Tarzan will be there. Come on.
Open up, boys.
I'll take him.
Let the lad go!
- Put that gun away!
- It's full of blanks.
Four are, but the fifth one's
the getaway, and you know it.
Come on, sonny. Get out of here.
Tarzan'll be here soon.
Stick him in the wagon.
You saw nothing.
- Okay.
- Is he all right?
Come on down out of there,
kid, before you get hurt.
Hey! Go up there and get him down.
Come on, hurry up!
Get up there! Get up!
Look out! He's gonna swing!
- Get him.
- Get up there. Climb that ladder.
Go on! Hurry up, Pete!
Come on down, son.
You can't get away.
Tarzan! Tarzan! Here I am!
Tarzan! Here I am!
Let him come down. I'll stop him.
Put that gun away!
We're in enough of a jam as it is.
Get some men over to that other pole!
Get around that net!
Now's your chance, Buck.
Yank out those net poles!
Stay! Boy, stay!
- Coming through!
- Look out!
Take him over to the animal tent.
Put him in a cage.
Right in here. Come on.
Quickly. Go on.
Come on! Get him in there!
All right, you men!
Come on. Hurry up!
Come on. Hurry up!
You better come down now.
- We'll get you sooner or later.
- I won't!
Strike the whole rig.
Get him out of that side there!
Let him down easy. Easy now.
Let me go!
Let me go, I tell you!
I wanna go back to Tarzan!
Let me go!
Let's get going.
Tarzan! Tarzan!
Let me go, I tell you.
Tarzan! Tarzan!
Get back!
Look out!
Watch out!
Go through that tent!
Go around the other way!
Tarzan! Boy!
Oh, Boy, darling.
This place isn't any too healthy.
Come on, get in.
And I hereby sentence you to 30 days
in jail for contempt of court.
I also sentence you to 30 days for
resisting an officer.
Both sentences run concurrently.
But taking into consideration the motive
which actuated both misdemeanors...
...I hereby suspend sentence.
- Thanks, Your Honor.
Tarzan, you're free.
Law good. Judge good.
Thank you.
Tell me, when is fishing best
down your way?
- Fishing always good.
- Then you'll probably be seeing me.
Well, you can fly down
with Connie and me on our honeymoon.
- Well, goodbye and good luck.
- Friend.
Court's adjourned.