Tarzan's Secret Treasure (1941) Movie Script

Got him. Right on the nose.
It's all right. He had it coming to him.
He's always making trouble.
One of these days, Tarzan'll get mad...
and that'll be the end of Mr. Leopard.
Cheetah, don't get too rough.
He's only a baby.
You better stop, Cheetah.
If his mother shows up,
she'll eat your head off.
Tarzan's going for a swim.
Cheetah, stop teasing Buli.
Cheetah, I warn you now.
Stop teasing Buli.
I suppose they just wouldn't be happy
if they weren't wrangling all the time.
Buli happy, Cheetah happy, Jane happy...
Tarzan happy.
Tarzan, stop it.
Hey, look what I found.
Shiny stones. Real heavy ones, too.
Just right for my sling.
Boy, let me see those stones a moment.
- Where'd you find them?
- At the bottom of the pool.
They're gold.
- Gold nuggets.
- Gold?
Yes. Lumps of a very precious metal.
More nuggets up mountain. Big nuggets.
If people in the outside world
heard there was gold here...
they'd come swarming up here
like an army of ants.
Why, Mother?
Back in civilization, darling,
one can buy anything one wants with gold.
Buy? What's "buy"?
Well, supposing I have some fruit
and Tarzan's hungry...
Tarzan gives me the gold,
and I give him the fruit.
Tarzan hungry. Want dinner.
Cheetah's choking on the gold.
Gold no good. Tarzan get dinner.
And so you see, here when we want food...
Tarzan just goes out and catches it.
Mother, why do people in...
Yes, but why do they have to buy clothes,
food, and houses? Why?
Darling, I honestly don't know.
It's a problem they've been trying to settle
for hundreds of years...
and they haven't settled it yet.
At least they hadn't when I left.
What else do they have
in the civilization, Mother?
Lots of things.
There's the radio, for instance.
It's like a box, and you can hear
music and voices coming right out of it.
You mean the box can talk?
Not really. But the voices come out of it...
and it sounds as though
people were right there in the box talking.
Are the eggs done yet, Cheetah?
Not yet?
Tarzan, what lovely grapes.
Tell me some more
about civilization, Mother.
Then they have airplanes...
houses with wings that fly,
and they carry people through the air.
They go faster than anything
you've ever seen.
- Faster than Tarzan?
- Much faster. Faster than the wind.
Is civilization very far from here, Mother?
Now, darling,
just you forget about civilization.
Our world here is far more lovely
and exciting than the outside world...
I promise you.
Now, you run and get the caviar
from the refrigerator.
Good, the eggs are ready.
Here, Cheetah, take these
and cool them in the brook.
Doesn't this look cool and appetizing?
In the outside world, you'd have to pay
quite a lot of gold for this.
For fish eggs?
When the fish eggs happen to be caviar.
Now, Cheetah, you bring the eggs
over here, and no monkey business.
Cheetah, stop that.
No monkey business now, Cheetah.
Come on, Cheetah. Now, hurry up.
Cheetah, you've had enough grapes.
Come on, help with the dishes.
Gold's been used for lots of things.
But it's the first time I've seen it used
for chasing hyenas.
Jane like Tarzan?
What woman wouldn't like a husband
who brings her orchids?
There's a whole valley of orchids
just across the river.
I know, but out in civilization
they don't grow that way.
You have to be very rich to have them.
You don't realize what a very wealthy man
your father is.
Who? Tarzan?
Yes, he has everything
any man could want. Everything.
Tarzan have Jane.
You have Jane, all right.
You'll have me in a thousand pieces
if you're not careful.
That's for the orchid.
Let's walk over to
civilization tonight, Mother...
- before we go to bed.
- You've had a long and busy day.
You'll go home, say your prayers,
and go to bed.
Take these plates to the river
and wash them. And don't break them.
Remember, no juggling.
Buli, stop that.
Leave those dishes alone.
Bad Buli. You'll wake Tarzan. Come on.
Cheetah, go home.
Cheetah, you have to go home.
You'll have to go back, Buli.
You can't cross here.
You think you're smart, pretty cute,
don't you, the way you followed me?
Well, you can just go back with Buli.
Come on!
Hurry up, Cheetah! Hurry up!
Come on, Cheetah.
Stay there. I'll get you out.
That rhino was mad, all right, wasn't he?
You know where I'm going?
I'm going to civilization.
I'm going to buy an airplane.
I've got gold, see.
What did you say?
You mean friends.
Yes, friends. You, me, friends.
Like Cheetah and me.
What's your name?
Yes, what do they call you?
What does your mother call you?
My name's Boy.
That's right. Boy.
Tumbo. Boy.
That come from your village?
Why are so many people sick, Tumbo?
She's your mother, Tumbo, isn't she?
No, Tumbo, not juju. It's sickness.
Tell them I didn't bring the sickness.
I didn't do it.
Well, you're safe now, lad...
but what are you doing here
in the middle of the African jungle?
I live here, up on the escarpment.
Come on, Tumbo. Friends.
- Friends?
- This is Tumbo, he's my friend.
Nice work, O'Doul.
- What's the matter?
- He's fainted. Get some brandy.
Make it Irish whiskey, please.
Better make a run for it.
It's Tarzan!
Tarzan? Then there really is a Tarzan.
For years I've been hearing about him
from the natives.
The White Ape Man they call him,
the King of the Jungle.
- Boy all right?
- I'm fine.
You came just in time, Tarzan.
Where's Mother?
Jane wait.
Is she gonna punish me, Tarzan?
Boy wait. Boy find out.
He's the spitting image of
the ancient Irish giant...
Finn McCool.
This is Tarzan. He's my father.
How do you do, Tarzan? My name's Elliott.
Tarzan thank.
We thank you.
You certainly saved our lives just now.
It looked for a while
as though we were finished.
You've a fine boy there.
Fine boy, little Tarzan.
My name is O'Doul, Mr. Tarzan,
Dennis O'Doul.
You're a fine figure of a man, Mr. Tarzan.
I'll wager you have some Irish in you.
Now I'm certain of it.
This is Mr. Medford, Tarzan.
- He's my associate on this expedition.
- How do you do?
- This is Mr. Vandermeer, our guide.
- Glad to know you.
This gentleman you just shook hands with
is our cameraman.
Men not need guns now.
He doesn't like guns. They kill his animals.
You needn't worry, Tarzan.
We're not hunters, we're scientists.
We're trying to find an almost
forgotten tribe called the Van-usi.
They're a people that wandered down
from Asia into Africa ages ago.
Ever hear of them?
Van-usi? Live up Fyn Mano River.
That's just where we figured to find them.
We were trying to find
a pass across the mountains...
when we came across this village.
Safari can't cross mountain.
All ice and snow.
Did you hear that?
I know it will be a hard job...
but I figure we could make it
in eight or ten weeks.
Men die.
Tarzan take safari up escarpment.
Reach river six days.
- Six days?
- That'd be a tremendous help.
Men help Boy, Tarzan help men. Come.
I don't know how to thank you.
This is Tumbo. He's my friend.
His mother just died from the sickness.
Mother die?
Look at this house on wheels.
It runs and makes noises like an elephant.
Is there an elephant inside?
Well, not exactly an elephant,
but it's 125 horses.
It's an automobile, a truck.
- Truck?
- Horses? Where?
What are horses?
Well, they're like zebras.
They carry all our camp,
and pull the truck a mile a minute.
Truck no good.
One Ubardi spear kill all horses.
No kill elephant. Elephant better.
That's not a gun, Tarzan.
O'Doul was just taking your picture.
Something like these, Mr. Tarzan,
if you'd like to have a look.
Cheetah like pictures.
Come, let's get loaded up.
Yes, just as soon as I get that tank fixed.
Get the petrol.
Come on, boys. Get in here.
That's good stuff.
Try a nip of whiskey, Mr. Tarzan.
Whiskey bad.
Mr. Tarzan, you're the last man
I'd have taken for a temperance worker.
I'm afraid there isn't much Irish in you.
Your lad's having the time of his life
with that horn, Mr. Tarzan.
Make noise like rhino.
Not so good a noise, I'll wager.
No mechanical contrivance can compete
with the voice of a living creature.
O'Doul smart man.
Thank you, Mr. Tarzan.
Another compliment like that...
and you'll have
a smart corpse on your hands.
There's nothing like nature.
It's the natural creatures,
the little birds and the beasties.
It's them that touches
the cockles of your heart.
That's the drink.
That's what drink does to you.
I'll never touch another drop of drink
as long as I live.
Stop pushing that horn, will you?
When do we come to the escarpment?
Have you any idea?
Pretty soon now. We'll be able to see it
as soon as we get through the woods.
It reaches almost to the sky.
I suppose we'll have to
leave the trucks behind us.
If we had an airplane,
we could fly up there.
Too bad we didn't bring one with us.
I was gonna buy an airplane
when we got to civilization.
I was gonna buy an automobile, too.
A big one, bigger than this one.
I was gonna buy everything.
Look, Tumbo, this is gold.
It buys everything in civilization.
- What's that?
- Gold.
- Yes, sir, gold. It buys everything.
- Let me have a look at that.
Look at this.
Where did you get this?
In the river where we swim.
I see. Is there any more of it?
There's lots of it on the bottom.
Lots of it.
What do you do with it?
I use it in my sling.
They're heavier than stones.
Mother says in civilization
you can buy everything with it.
I could buy an airplane with this,
couldn't I?
Yes, I guess you could, son.
Have you told Mr. Elliott
and Mr. O'Doul about this?
No, sir, I haven't.
You know, you shouldn't tell anyone.
In civilization, gold loses its value
if you talk about it too much.
Let's keep this a secret,
just between ourselves.
- Shouldn't I even tell the Professor?
- No.
Then it wouldn't be a secret.
Secrets aren't very healthy
on an expedition, Medford.
Why don't we wait
and discuss this point at the proper time?
Tell you what, son,
you keep this a secret...
we'll buy you an airplane for yourself.
- You will?
- We'll buy you two of them.
Then Tumbo can have one, too, can't he?
It's a secret. I won't tell anyone ever.
Go ahead, blow the horn if you feel like it.
Look, Tumbo, there's the escarpment.
That's where I live.
There's no juju if Tarzan wants you there.
That's where you're gonna live, Tumbo,
up there with Tarzan, Jane, and me.
Come on.
Thank you, Tarzan.
My head was spinning there for a moment.
- Escarpment high up.
- Yes, it must be the altitude.
Darling, where have you been?
Where did you go?
I've been so worried about you.
You gonna punish me, Mother?
No, darling, not now.
But you must never go away again.
- What happened to you?
- Nothing much.
Here's Tumbo. He's my best friend.
Can't talk very well yet, though.
Happy to know you, Tumbo.
- Friends.
- Friend?
I met him just when the rhino
was going to kill him.
What rhino?
Just before we came in the plague.
The plague?
Tarzan, what happened?
Who are these people?
How do you do?
I'm doing better, ma'am,
thanks to your charming presence.
O'Doul good little man, like Cheetah.
Now don't be comparing me with him.
If this hairy heathen resembles anybody...
it's me wife's second brother
Marcus V. O'Connell.
That's the last bottle of Irish whiskey
between here and Dublin.
What are these horrible things
that Boy's been telling me?
Boy have good time. Little Tarzan.
- My name is Medford. Glad to know you.
- How do you do?
Tarzan's just been telling me
how kind and brave you've been.
We'll never be able to repay you,
so welcome to our home.
We should have been at a loss
without Tarzan.
Now I am up here, I can understand why
I never could find it indicated on any map.
We like to think of it
as being above and beyond maps.
Sort of a world of our own.
I'm so curious,
I must risk being impertinent.
How does such a lovely person with
your obvious background and position...
come to be here?
A compliment is never impertinent,
Mr. Medford.
I came here. Tarzan and I met.
I fell in love with my future husband.
So naturally I stayed.
You must be very happy here.
We are.
Why, this is Utopia.
Look at the wealth
of this country, Professor.
Just standing here you can see
rubber, palm oil, gum, copra.
- We have caviar, too.
- Caviar?
Yes. Mother says that's what you call
fish eggs in your country.
I suppose this area's
very rich in mineral deposits?
I don't really know, Mr. Medford.
It's possible, I suppose.
My husband's a mind reader.
What did he say?
He says he's sure you're very hungry
because he is.
- We are hungry, too.
- Shall we go to the house?
Now then, all of you, look this way, please.
This is going to be a masterpiece.
It'll be out of the fixing bath
in no time at all now.
Boy is having the time of his life.
Just think, he's never seen
a photograph before.
There isn't any need for that sort of thing
in this beautiful, private world you have.
I feel almost like an intruder.
But you're not.
You're a most welcome guest.
We hope you'll stay with us a long time.
There's nothing I'd like better
than to spend the rest of my days here...
but I'm afraid we have to push on.
We've a job ahead of us.
After you've been here a little while...
you'll find those jobs aren't as important
as you thought they were.
Look, everybody's lost their heads.
They're lost all right.
And you can thank
this long-haired scamp here.
What's the matter, Cheetah?
You look awfully funny.
Hey, Boy.
- You want to look through the telescope?
- Yes, sir.
Here, go ahead.
Do you see the moon?
But I can't see the man in the moon now.
Where's he gone to?
There's no man in the moon.
That's an illusion.
The face you see is made up of shadows...
caused by mountains and craters
on the moon.
I used to like him. He looked so friendly.
Well, you have got new friends now.
Say, by the way...
when are you going to show us the place
where you found the gold?
You mean our secret?
Tomorrow morning. Before anybody's up.
Good. Fine.
I'm so happy Boy's getting a chance to see
something of the wonders of science.
I can never thank you enough.
That's nothing. We're glad to do it.
Professor Elliott has
another surprise for you.
Movies? What's that?
Wait till you see.
O'Doul has the projection machine
set up now.
Come on, Boy. You too, Tumbo.
Looks like
we'll be getting up early in the morning.
All ready to start now in a minute, folks.
Sit down there
and make yourselves comfortable.
Isn't it exciting?
There is speed for you, Tarzan.
That train goes at least 100 miles an hour.
- It gets you there faster.
- Why?
Well, to save time, of course.
What do with time?
I'm afraid he has you there, Vandermeer.
Look, Boy. Airplane.
Look, Tumbo, airplane.
That's what Mr. Medford's going to get us
when we get the gold.
Is that all?
Now, it's way past your bedtime, Boy.
You better go to bed.
- But I'm not a bit sleepy.
- Boy, go.
- Good night, Mother.
- Good night, darling.
Good night, Tarzan. Come on, Tumbo.
- Good night, Boy.
- Good night, everybody.
Boy said something
about you and gold and an airplane.
Yes, Medford. What was all that about?
Nothing much.
Just that the other day Boy told me
he'd discovered gold on the escarpment.
Gold up here?
Naturally, I told him
what a great piece of luck it would be...
and I told him about the things
he could buy with gold.
Like the airplanes.
But that's such nonsense.
Little boys tell the most fantastic tales.
That's that.
I'm afraid Boy's going to be disappointed
about the plane.
But, Medford, why didn't you mention
this gold business before?
It was a bit hard to believe, Professor.
I wanted to wait around and dig
and see if I could find the gold.
- No.
- This is any man's country up here.
- Nobody owns this part of the world.
- Tarzan's country.
This is not any man's country.
This is our home.
And we'd be very poor guests indeed...
if we repaid your hospitality by doing
anything to displease Tarzan or yourself.
- I know you'll agree with me on that point.
- Of course.
Jane, come.
Good night. Sleep easily.
We leave tomorrow morning...
and you and your family will have
your home to yourselves again.
- Jane, come.
- Coming, darling. Thank you, Professor.
Good night.
I'm afraid the O'Douls are born
to be poor to the end of their days.
This is a scientific expedition, and
I'll not permit it to turn into a gold hunt.
- Are you afraid of that savage?
- It isn't that...
but I don't believe we'd have much chance
against him in the jungle.
It's simply that
we've been given to understand...
that there is no gold to be had here
and I believe it.
I want to believe it. I like Tarzan.
He's created a beautiful home
in this paradise here...
and I wouldn't want to see it
overrun and destroyed.
I hope you gentlemen
will feel the same way. Good night.
Good night, Professor.
- Thanks.
- Come on.
A little touch of vertigo that hit me.
I thought for a moment there
I'd been drinking.
- You better go to bed now.
- Yes.
You better go to bed and stay there.
- Boy.
- Tarzan, don't wake him now.
Get two airplanes, give one to Tumbo.
I hope all the excitement hasn't upset him.
We better let him sleep. You can talk
to him in the morning. Come on.
You mustn't be angry with him, dear.
He realizes so little yet.
Boy good. People bad.
And we mustn't blame them
for wanting gold.
In the outside world,
gold means as much to them...
as the strength in your arms
means to you.
People... fools.
Not all of them.
But none of them have what we have.
Tarzan have Jane.
They'll be gone tomorrow,
and we'll be alone again.
Wonderfully alone as we've always been.
Has it seemed a long time, Tarzan?
Sun make one safari for Jane and Tarzan.
A poet couldn't have said that
more beautifully.
My, the water's beautiful tonight.
Not water. Jane.
As nice little Mr. O'Doul would say,
"'Tis blarney you're giving me."
Well, we call it love, darling.
Do you remember
when we first used to swim here?
Tarzan remember.
To think that I was ever frightened of you.
You know, Tarzan, when a man meets
a young lady in the outside world...
he doesn't dare behave
not one bit like you did.
What man do?
Well, they shake hands.
That is, if she offers him her hand.
Then he bows from the hips,
and asks permission to call.
And then if she's of age...
he takes her to some parties
or theater or somewhere to dine.
And then if he decides
he wants her for his wife...
he goes to see her father.
Why? What do with father?
To ask his permission
to marry his daughter.
That's the way it's done. Politely.
With etiquette.
Too much talk. Tarzan way better.
Yes. It is better.
Remember? Tarzan, big hand...
Jane, little hand?
- The last one, Mr. Medford.
- You sure?
Yes, sir. I hunted all over the bottom.
There's no more.
- It's not much, is it?
- Is it enough to buy an airplane?
There must be more.
Tarzan knows
where there's a whole mountain of it.
He knows where it is?
- That's what he said.
- I knew there must be more of it.
This isn't river gold.
It came from a vein of almost solid metal.
We've been waiting breakfast for you.
What have you been doing?
We were sure you were wrong
about there not being any gold here.
Look at these. Boy brought them up
from the bed of the river.
Men say they go last night.
Now, let's be friends and talk this over.
Boy told us you know
where there's a mountain full of gold.
- Go!
- Please, madam, let's be sensible.
We'll handle the entire operations...
and there will be great wealth for all of us.
You can be the richest woman
in the world.
I've no wish to be.
I told you last night, this is our home.
We don't want it disturbed.
I was hoping you'd understand.
Suppose we don't choose to recognize
that you and he have any right...
Tarzan say go.
Now, wait a minute...
Jane, Boy, home.
Men go.
That man is a madman, Professor.
- There is gold here. Just as the boy said.
- I see.
There's every indication
it's a very rich vein.
Safari go.
I'm sorry, Tarzan, I didn't know this
or it wouldn't have happened.
We'd be ready to start now
if O'Doul hadn't suddenly been taken ill.
He's very sick at the moment.
We'll leave immediately he's well.
- Little man sick?
- Touch of fever.
- Where?
- There.
Ubardi plague. Tarzan cure.
Is Mr. Tarzan gone?
Yes, but he'll be back soon,
I'm pretty sure.
Then I want to tell you
something about him.
- I was back in old Dublin just now.
- Take it easy.
I was departing here, Professor.
I'm certain I was.
And then Mr. Tarzan walked in...
I stopped, I couldn't go on.
He put his hand on me head...
and it yanked me back to life
as sudden as a rope around me body.
It's hard to die...
when Mr. Tarzan is around.
Would you kindly give me
a sip of cool water?
That's where I was, back in old Dublin.
Medicine cure.
- Better soon.
- Thank you.
It's a fine Christian you are, Mr. Tarzan.
He's terribly sick, Tarzan.
He collapsed
on his way back from the river.
Ubardi plague.
Tarzan get medicine. Tarzan cure.
I'm afraid, I'm terribly afraid.
Tarzan cure.
We should never have allowed him
out in the jungle by himself.
It's all my fault.
He's dying.
Tarzan get medicine.
Boy better soon.
Your fever's broken, Dennis.
Now you won't need any more medicine
for a while.
I'm glad you've come, gentlemen.
O'Doul is getting better.
Tarzan's medicine did the trick.
What's the matter with you, Professor?
You don't look so good to me.
I'm all right.
Just a little rocky at the moment.
We'll break camp first thing
tomorrow morning.
O'Doul will be able to travel then.
We've no intention of leaving
the escarpment, Professor.
Not for a while, anyway.
You're still members of this expedition...
and I'm still in charge.
We are not interested
in your expedition anymore.
I see.
So that's what the guns are all about.
And you're the gentlemen who look upon
Tarzan as some sort of barbarian.
I'm sure of one thing.
I'm sure he'll know how to deal with you.
Allow me.
I'm sorry.
Perhaps this is a piece of luck.
Anyway, it's worth trying. Come on.
Mr. Elliott is down with fever himself.
I've had a little medical experience.
I thought I might be able to help.
Boy is so sick, I don't know what to do.
Yes, he's a very sick boy.
- What have you done for him?
- Tarzan gave him his medicine.
It's hard to tell about
these so-called natural remedies.
- O'Doul is worse.
- You mean the medicine didn't help him?
No, madam, he's much worse now.
Tarzan say go.
But, Tarzan, they came here to help us.
Medicine cure. Boy better soon.
If I could be just sure.
We have some medicine that might help.
It's a new drug that works wonders
in cases such as this.
- Elliott's already sent a runner for some.
- Where?
We foolishly enough left it
in the truck at the foot of the escarpment.
- The runner will be back in a day or two.
- A day or two...
may be too late.
Tarzan will go.
He travels swiftly.
He'd be back by morning.
- That's a good idea.
- Yes, it is a good idea.
- No.
- But, Tarzan, you have to go.
Tarzan's medicine cure.
Tarzan, we can't leave anything undone.
Oh, darling,
I have great faith in you always.
But if anything happened to Boy,
we'd never forgive ourselves.
Darling, if you love me...
if you love Boy, you've got to go.
Tarzan go.
The native guards at the truck
will give it to you.
It's in a special medical kit
in a white tin box.
Hurry, Tarzan.
Tarzan get kit.
All right, O'Doul.
If you're finished there, you better
get moving. We're leaving tonight.
Tonight? But we can't leave
the sick lad here.
He's all right. His fever's broken.
We're going over to see him now.
Be sure M'Hona has the boys ready
to leave when Vandermeer gets back.
- Are you not coming with us?
- No, I'm staying...
to wait for Tarzan.
Never mind any more questions, O'Doul.
I'm in charge now. Get going.
They're all right. They're fine.
You were right about that medicine.
It cured the little fellow,
just like that. Marvelous medicine.
There's something
I'd like to talk to you about, Tarzan.
It won't do any good to kill me.
You'd better quiet down
or you'll never see your family again.
Where Elliott?
He's gone. The fever got him.
Tarzan understand.
But your family is all right.
They're over with Vandermeer.
Now, listen, Tarzan...
here's the idea,
if only you'll let me explain it.
If you show me
where that gold comes from...
you can have your family back
safe and sound.
The sooner you show me the gold,
the sooner you'll have them back.
How Tarzan know?
Gold's all we want.
That shouldn't be difficult to understand.
Where Jane? Where Boy?
You know the little lake
near the cut at the end of the chasm?
- Tarzan know.
- They're over there with Vandermeer.
There's no sign of him.
I think I've finished him.
Tarzan juju man, bwana.
He'll need plenty of juju
if he's broken his neck...
or if one of those slugs
caught up with him.
Hey, Vandermeer.
You are a wealthy man, my friend.
- Did he show it to you?
- It's enormous.
A second Johannesburg.
Mr. Medford, where is Tarzan?
Your husband's behaving rationally
for a change.
He's meeting us by the trucks
at the base of the escarpment.
- I don't believe you.
- Why not?
Tarzan understands quite clearly...
that the only way I can be sure
of his allowing us to leave safely...
is by keeping you with us until we do.
You see, I respect your husband.
And I'm making certain
that he respects me.
Tarzan would never agree to that.
You're keeping something back.
I'm going to him.
Perhaps I better guard these heathens.
There's no need for that, O'Doul.
I never thought that you, too, would...
Tarzan will twist your head off for this
and feed it to hyenas.
What savage sentiment.
This is the only way
we can deal with a man...
who swings through the trees
without trousers...
and tries to block the progress
of civilization.
Now, as your partner...
We're not interested in your opinions.
Tell the boys to get packed.
We leave at once.
Certainly, gentlemen.
What really happened to Tarzan?
- I had to dispose of him.
- I didn't count on murder, Medford.
It was he or I. The beast attacked me.
But if he is dead,
what do you want her and the boy for?
There's just a chance I didn't finish him.
Fell in a ravine, out of sight.
We better hold them, just in case.
In any event,
we've got to get out of here, fast.
Get organized, come back
with machinery and equipment.
What's a short route out of here?
This is new country to me.
We'll have to go back the way we came.
It'll take us eight weeks
to get back to Nairobi.
Ask him if he knows a quicker way.
There is a shortcut along the river.
But then we have to
cross the country of the Jaconi.
- We'll take it.
- Now, wait a moment.
Jaconi are the most dangerous tribe
in Africa.
We would be much better off...
He says the porters won't go that way.
They are afraid of the Jaconi.
- He says they are water devils.
- Never mind what he says.
Tell them to get going.
We'll pay L5 bonuses.
Hop to it. Let's be off.
I'm going, Mother. I'm going to get Tarzan.
- No, Boy. You mustn't.
- I must. Don't worry, please.
I want no help from you, Mr. O'Doul.
Well spoken, ma'am.
If your spirits are up, you'll never be down.
This isn't the way back to your trucks.
It's our way.
Where are you taking us?
Where's Tarzan?
What did you do to Tarzan?
If you don't keep quiet,
I'll have you bound and carried.
Boy, no.
Jaconis. War drums.
M'Hona, tell those boys to keep up.
They refuse to go any farther.
This way, we can keep an eye on them.
This is no good. We better get back.
You're a little too late.
We are surrounded by now.
Why don't we make a stab for it
and fight them off?
Our only chance is to make the river.
He's right.
The Jaconis want to capture us alive.
They kill white people very slowly.
Look. Mr. O'Doul.
He's probably better off. Come. M'Hona!
Yeah, come on.
Make a run for it, sonny. I can't move.
The angels and the saints preserve me...
and the pickaninny here,
keep an eye on him, too.
All right, you big bully.
I'll take no more
of your insults and intimidations.
All right, now, enough is enough.
Come out here, you coward.
Come out here, and I'll give you
the thrashing of your miserable life.
That arrow couldn't have come
from more than 10 feet away.
- Stop wasting your bullets.
- I thought I saw something moving.
Get a hold of yourself.
Tell them anybody who tries it again
gets the same.
I can't stand any more.
Why don't they take me
and get it over with?
No such luck. They're saving us.
They'll take us down the river tomorrow
to the village.
What do those drums say?
I don't know, but I can assure you
it is not to our benefit.
That's a bad spot for Mr. Tarzan to be in.
What did you say, Mr. Tarzan?
Get vine. Tarzan catch.
Grab a hold of that and pull it back.
That's something like it, me bucko.
Pull! Pull it, Timba.
Come on, Samson,
we'll give this thing another try.
Suffering snakes! He made it.
Better hurry up, Mr. Tarzan.
Them scoundrels have got hold
of Mrs. Tarzan and the youngster.
They're heading for the Jaconi country.
I'm coming, Mr. Tarzan.
I'm on the way.
You may be a monster
to the local inhabitants...
but you're just another lizard to O'Doul.
Timba will take you over the mountains.
From there on, the way is easy.
What on earth might this be?
It is a large and ponderous fruit, so it is.
It's a bon voyage basket.
- Jungle-style.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Here's something to keep
the sun off your head.
Thank you, son.
We're going to miss you.
Tarzan find friend.
It's me that's found a friend, and the best.
If there were more folks
like you in the world...
it would be a sweet and a smiling place.
I'll never forget you.
Goodbye, heaven bless you.
- Goodbye, Mr. O'Doul.
- Goodbye, good luck always.
Wouldn't you like to see Mr. O'Doul 's face
when he finds the melon's full of gold?
O'Doul laugh, then cry.
He'll be rich, won't he?
And he'll never tell
where his riches came from.
You can be sure of that.
Tarzan sure.