Tattoo (1991) Movie Script

June '89.
Fuck it! Get out of the car!
What were we talking about?
The communists.
- What?
- The communists!
Ilko, let me tell you something.
Tell me. They are communists.
I know that! -They won't let
go off power so easily.
If I lose my temper,
who knows what I might do.
I'll take a crane and break
all the cars in the garage!
Drunken fool. A crane
against a whole system?
I don't joke around. I've said it
straight in their face.
They're swindlers, cheats.
Real mafia!
The Godfather is nothing compared to
them! Didn't you hear what I said on TV?
I heard you. -That's the way to
bring the system down.
Bit by bit. -Shut up with
that shit!
Easy, Ilko, you are drunk.
You, animal! Eavesdropping, huh?
Have a seat while you are at it.
Listen, you bastard!
Let's go, muchachos! You
just sit and listen!
You don't care where you are
or who you're with.
I wear shabby clothes,
while his lordship is out
every night!
This "lord" is fed up with
this rotten life with you!
Go, then! Who's holding you?
That's exactly what I'll do.
Where, with that drunken
head of yours?
Where will your babbling
mouth take you?
I don't hold my tongue.
I speak my mind.
So I'll tell you something.
I've had enough of you!
To be more precise - I'm fed up!
That's why I am leaving.
You've had it?
You've had it?
This time I am really leaving.
I'll pack my things and I'll go.
What things,
you penniless wreck?
My things...
I've bought those things!
With my salary.
I'll need them. A decent man
might wear them.
A decent man?
What decent man, bitch?
Whore! A bum is all
you'll ever get.
That's my problem. Your problem?
The suitcase is mine. Mine! -That's all
you've ever brought in this house.
Is there anything wrong?
No, everything is fine.
If everything is fine with you then
everything is fine with me, too.
- Going somewhere?
- Yes.
It doesn't look like it to me.
Frankly, I ran away from my wife.
That's different.
You have a wife? -Yes.
You've got to be joking!
Let's see your identity card.
I don't have it.
You don't have an ID?
What's in there?
Nothing. -What do you
mean, nothing? Open it!
It really is empty.
That's suspicious to me.
An empty suitcase is suspicious.
I told you I ran away
from my wife.
I just picked up some things...
- Stop lying!
- Why should I lie?
- You are coming with us.
- Where?
Do you want the cuffs on?
Where do you think you
are going?
All dressed up, and your
buddy is in jail.
He's also my son-in-law.
A son-in-law without an ID card.
Here it is. Get him out today.
How about that!
Now you worry about him!
Why did it have to be today?
My schedule is full.
Can you do it or should I look
for another lawyer'?
I'm the best for these matters.
Go home. I'll take care of it.
Is it serious?
Will they keep him?
No. He's lucky to have a great
lawyer for a father-in-law.
- Do you have a cigarette?
- Yes.
I'm hungry as a wolf!
Why did they pick you up?
I don't know.
Because of this suitcase.
They think it's suspicious
that it is empty...
or full, for that matter.
You are such a fool! Nothing in
this country is the way it seems!
Do I know you?
You've seen me on TV.
They arrest me whenever
my show gets too provocative.
Like I don't do drugs
the rest of the time.
Mother-fucking police state!
You've got grass growing
out of your brains.
They got you for the suitcase,
huh? You are so naive.
It's very suspicious,
this suitcase of yours.
C'mon, Lale, in you go!
The same group again, huh?
You don't like the company?
Get in! Come on.
Have they arrested me?
They just want to give you a free ride.
Why else would they
pick up an Albanian?
Just tell them where to
drop you off.
I don't like this. -It's your own fault.
You picked the wrong day for hitchhiking.
Tuesday! Dear God... -Why did I have
to go and raise my thumb?
Whores on this side.
Thieves single file!
I beg your pardon,
I am not a thief.
What a mistake!
No thieves here,
just saints, huh?
Who says there are no crooks?
Are there?
Yeah, but not in the slammer.
Take a seat.
Don't do this. I'm not
supposed to be in here.
Head down!
Why did you shave it all off?
I look like a cabbage.
You never told me
what length you wanted.
Why did I ever raise my thumb?
- Please...
- Medium length.
Are you innocent as well?
To tell you the truth, yes.
Fuck it! Are we ever going to
find anyone who's guilty?
Strip to the bone, faggots!
I want to see you all
stark naked!
What are you waiting for,
you Non-Aligned bastards?
Let's see those elephant trunks.
They are not fake, are they?
Spread yours legs and bend over!
Listen carefully... I am
the boss around here.
And I don't want bullshit, is that clear'?
If you don't want to take
a shower, just say so.
Under the shower!
We share the soap like brothers.
If anyone drops it, well...
Good boy, Mickey... Look here!
Belly muscles.
You are Bole the Snake,
I've heard about you.
The sound of good quality.
You are Lale?
I hear, faggots like you.
Enemy propaganda.
Scrub those stains off.
Get lost. This is my shower.
- Did you say anything?
- No.
That's good. Do you want
to hear me howl?
Just a little? -Sure, if you feel
like it.
You don't think I do?
I haven't thought about it.
You're not here to think
but listen and obey those who
are stronger. Right, Mickey?
Right, boss.
Things on the? Oor, hands behind
your ass, and your nose to the wall!
I said on your ass, or
I'll shove this straight in!
Mile Bardo is dead!
Hey, Weasel, lick my prick!
Shut up, you dirty scum!
Pick 'em up!
Get this straight.
If I say you are a crook,
you are a crook.
I decide what you are!
Do you understand?
- No, I don't.
- You will soon.
Hey Epileptic,
what are you doing?
Studying your shit, I'll bet.
Come take a look at the new boys.
They are your type, I swear!
Your first time in here?
Shame on you! A first time for a
grown-up jackass like you?
Pickpocketing, right?
Still, it's better than politics.
See him over there?
They call him Doctor.
He's a big shot. Not really a doctor.
Sure he is,
for stealing government money.
I insist to be excluded
from your conversation.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
This one is a junkie.
Man, you are sick.
Who the fuck brought you
in here?
What's your name?
Jesus. That's what they call me
and how I sign my name.
Who gave you that name?
And where do you sign anyway?
The real Jesus
was not a fool to do drugs.
He drank with those tramps
of his, though.
I've seen it in needlepoint.
You're all right, Jesus.
I can see you'll bring
some fresh wind in here.
Do you see your bed anywhere?
You won't see it, because it
doesn't exist. Listen, Greek,
can this nice man join you?
Will that do?
Take this, Blow it up.
I have my own.
Not any more, you don't.
Now tell me, why did
they bust you?
What? -Why are you here?
I don't know.
Name? -Ilko, Ilija. And I don't
know why I am here.
There is always someone
who knows what you don't.
Listen to him, he's a
real philosopher.
Yes, my boy. They are always
poking through your past.
Since we all have one,
they can arrest you anytime.
What kind of bullshit philosophy is that!
Pickle, you don't understand.
Now, let the air out.
Why? It's not night yet, stupid!
Get me a lemonade!
He's going into a crisis.
Calm down!
Calm down!
Want a drag? I'll give you
a big Turk to blow!
Stop wailing, or I'll tear
your balls off.
Hands behind your back!
These are the rules.
I can't believe this is
really happening!
You are next, you know.
What's the hurry, tight ass?
I haven't finished with this one yet.
Patience. Why are you here?
I don't know, they
brought me here.
Did you think you could stroll around
on your own? Admire the pictures.
While I finish with
this animal here.
Look carefully though.
I'll question you later.
By the way, do you parents
still keep count?
Is your father's tool
still working?
My father is over sixty
and I don't think mother
cares for it any more.
Is that so? Since when?
Since she had her tumor
taken out.
Since she had you taken out,
tadpole! Look at you!
You are God's punishment!
Get lost! I can't bear to look at you.
You spoiled my day!
I won't be able to eat lunch.
Do you like the paintings?
Are they worth anything
or should I throw them away?
I don't know much about art.
I thought I was dealing with
an intelligent man.
I'm really not in the mood
for looking at pictures.
- Do you have a nickname?
- No.
Sit down!
You don't have a nickname.
Do you know what you are?
You are a jerk, a dimwit.
I am a mechanic.
Mechanic, you say? Do you want
me to give you a nickname?
Let's say Chicken!
You did something, but you
are not being open with me.
Tell me, why are you here?
You should know that.
Or, maybe no one knows.
My father-in-law is a lawyer.
He'll find out what all is about.
I doubt it. It's too
late for that today.
Too late. We work with clients
in the morning.
I've seen you somewhere.
Are you a soccer player'?
Have you been on TV?
- Yes, I have.
- What a memory!
You spoke about... Privileges...
You were very sharp. I liked that.
You were absolutely right.
- Left or right?
- Left.
Left it is. Black. -Congratulations!
You are free to go.
You are quite something...
Someone is thinking about me.
Shit ass, don't you ever
stop whimpering?
You whimper like a cunt
under a skirt.
Why aren't you eating, sucker?
Are you on strike,
because they won't give you grass?
I could have a fit tonight.
I feel like having one. -Only if
that cute nurse is on duty tonight.
We'll go with you. She'll take care of you,
and we'll stare at her buttocks...
- And her tits!
- Her fight ass!
I'd love to shove it up her ass.
Doc... would you screw her'?
He'd screw her alright,
but Weasel will get mad.
Stop fucking me. I can pay
for any dame I want.
Ilko will clean the table,
the room and the dishes.
Why me? -Because you are
a stinking maid, that's why.
If you please me, I'll take you
instead of the Greek.
I'm going to fuck you!
What are you looking at!
You're no good. You have to start
cleaning the minute I get up.
Professor hit an old lady
on a pedestrian crossing.
He could have missed her
if he had been less clumsy.
Right. I...
But the old woman got scared.
She turned back halfway.
I wanted to pass her
from behind...
Tell me, Professor,
what did you teach?
Military defense. -Did you
write anything on that subject?
An article: "Offensive Actions
in Defense Tactics."
You've described Ljubo's case!
What do you mean?
He raped a woman in selfdefense.
That's an offensive action
in self-defense.
Shut the fuck up!
Stop sneering! It's not good
for your health.
I'll get at least six years!
Now, let's try
my wife's vanilla cake.
It's good to have a wife
when you're in prison.
Who's fucking her now, Maestro?
While you're here, some asshole
is screwing her brains out.
Get a medical help, Maniac!
One, two, testing...
Maestro, sound is ready.
It's like this:
All newcomers, lizards
we call them, give statements.
So we know who
we are dealing with.
What kind of statements? For whom?
For TV, stupid!
- What TV?
- Our internal TV!
We have to know
who we are sharing this room with.
Even Doc, our big shot,
has given a statement.
I want no part in your
small fry, shitty game.
Get lost!
Camera! Action! -Say something,
I'm running out of film.
My brain is stuck.
What the fuck do you want
me to say?
Say something... something about the cops.
The worst you can think of.
Don't be afraid. Say it!
No TV will ever broadcast
the things I want to say.
Everything will go live, I swear!
Just spit it out!
That's it, tear them apart!
Music, you faggot!
Father, you are a shithead!
I am talking to you, you stinking bum!
You squealed on me again.
Do you know what this is?
This is my shroud. They'll bring me
home wrapped in this, faggot!
Fuck you. Fuck you!
Fuck you and your fucking politics!
Fuck you all!
If you don't like the show,
turn off your Hitachi! Suck my cock,
faggot! Disgusting police jerk-off!
Make-up for the next one!
Let me fix you up.
Tell me, Ilko, have you ever
been on TV?
Yes. On his show.
Show us your stuff. Sit here.
- Sound!
- Coming!
I am in here because of an
empty suitcase.
Things like this don't happen
anywhere else.
That's all.
Why did you stop? Spit it out!
Tell, the Yugoslav TV audience
how you got arrested.
Music! Artificial rain!
I was sitting alone on a bench,
quiet as a mouse.
Two cops came along.
"Good morning, comrade."
"Good morning," I say.
"What have you got in the suitcase?"
"Nothing. It's empty."
"Open it. "No," I said,
"open it yourself."
"Open it, motherfucker,
open it when I tell you!"
"if we find a bomb,
you're dead meat."
"Open up!" So I open it.
A suitcase like any other. Empty.
"Now we've got you! What were you
going to fill it up with?"
"Confess what?"
"Confess, motherfucker! Confess!"
"Confess, motherfucker, confess!"
They hit me over and over. "Confess!"
I'll tell you something
after I take a piss.
I watched your shit on TV.
You had the chance to say something...
But you are just a stupid
jerk with no vision at all.
Why the long face? Liven up.
How is my wife?
She worries a lot.
She keeps ringing every minute.
Did they interrogate you?
- Did they?
- Yes.
The interrogation officer
seemed a little strange.
He said he remembered
seeing me on TV.
They also arrested
the crazy TVjournalist,
who made me say that shit.
Allegedly for dope.
I was thinking there might be
a connection.
Nonsense. They don't arrest
people for that any more.
Fuck, they did it then,
why shouldn't they now?
I piss on their politics, Jordan.
I've given them your details.
And? They'll let you out today.
Bravo! Say hello to my wife.
Tell her - no more fighting.
You two, come with me!
Should I take my things?
Better leave them.
We should say goodbye.
I won't see you any more.
They're taking me to that
stinking Rehabilitation Center.
Come here.
Jesus is dead.
Calm down.
They'll put the squeeze on all of us.
What's that got to do with us?
People die, boys. They die.
That's life. We drift away
from each other.
That's life. We drift away
from each other.
Drift far away then, so I won't
have to listen to you.
We become fed up
with each other.
Will you give me
philosophy lessons?
Tell me why man is mortal
and life so miserable.
You can't understand. It's
simple, but you won't get it
because you're an animal.
You think with your bowels.
Animal, huh? -Yes, without a single
thought in your head.
I have one. How to cram it up your
old, stinking asshole.
It's just another
animal instinct.
It's just another
animal instinct.
Ilko, take that bed.
No. I'm leaving today.
Take it anyway, just in case.
It's better here, isn't it?
When you're in deep shit,
a little makes you happy.
You feel sorry about Jesus
but glad about the bed. Dialectics.
You saw him die? I envy you.
Now, that's a great vision.
Now that one's gone,
there is a free bed in here.
There is no room.
- The bed is taken.
- Who took it?
Is your wife here, Maestro?
Is your wife here, Maestro?
It wasn't me, I swear!
Weasel, will I ever get out
of this dungeon?
Sure you will. You know how?
Feet first!
No matter how, I'll make sure
you pay for this.
We'll see about that.
Swallow the razor at last!
Tell us if it tastes good.
I am going to kill someone!
Shut up! I'll kill every
one of you!
Here, blow it up.
I want to ask you...
Let's hear it.
I want to ask you...
Let's hear it.
Doesn't my case smell
a little fishy to you?
It doesn't just smell, Ilko. It stinks.
They arrested me when
I was absolutely clean.
Watch your distance! What's the hurry?
- Do you want to go home?
- Yes!
The cute nurse is on duty.
You have to have a fit.
The cute nurse is on duty.
You have to have a fit.
I'm so turned on
I'll probably get a real one.
Now that's real art, Maestro.
Maestro thinks art
is only done on human skin.
I'm an artist. I've done
tattoos on famous people.
Why don't you do one
on Ljubo's famous tool?
His dick got him in here
and it'll get him killed.
I respect my tool.
I don't let amateurs handle it!
I don't let amateurs handle it!
The fate of an artist.
Some glorify you, others condemn you.
C'mon, retard.
Do it, God damn it!
Carry on.
We'll take care of him.
March inside! One by one!
He tricked us, alright.
Get up, you phony epileptic!
Let's go see the little pussy.
You are not the only
who gets hard on her.
Comrade, things are slowly
coming to an end.
A bit too slow. -One way or another,
they are taking their course.
Your father-in-law
is doing his job.
Does that mean everything is OK?
We know who you are, where you work,
that you have a good-looking wife.
You sometimes get loaded, but you're not
You talk a bit much but who
doesn't these days.
I hate this government more than you do.
You think I represent them
and this forsaken country?
I have to fight for my bare existence.
How do you think it feels
to struggle with criminals? We live on
the bottom, while the world rushes on,
to struggle with criminals? We live on
the bottom, while the world rushes on,
as Gorky would say.
You're right.
And instead of goodbye or good luck,
what do we say?
- Fuck it.
- Fuck it?
I'm I free to go?
Fuck it. Yes, go ahead.
Am I free to go?
Fuck it. Yes, go ahead.
How did it go with the interrogator'?
He's a corrupt son of a bitch.
Maybe. But he said to wait here.
My case is closed.
Of course! Dante Alighieri!
Who else could have written
the Inferno?
- What?
- The Inferno.
- What?
- The Inferno.
You haven't even heard of it,
let alone read it.
When you get hit with 15
big ones, Mr. Minister,
you have your own personal
I am going to kill.
Good afternoon!
Doc and Pickle will scrub
the? Oors today.
Let's try out the newcomer.
Let's see him sweat!
I'm afraid you won't have the pleasure.
- Is that so?
- I'm leaving.
- When?
- Today.
How come I don't know anything about it?
You should.
I don't, honestly. Maybe the order will
come during working hours.
Until then, you are mine, and
you have to obey.
Start here and work
your way to the end.
I want it done by the time
I finish eating this.
Your nose is brown from
licking his ass.
Stuff it. -A gentleman of your rank
doesn't scrub? Oors
or lick policemen's shoes.
You are a pitiful low life.
To me, prison is
a school of life.
What about your wife, Doc?
Junior Fucking School?
Weasel is coming...
What's going on?
We were just joking.
Such jokes lead to isolation.
For fooling around?
Is it true that you were joking?
Don't fool around with
government rags!
I want this? Oor spotlessly clean!
Shiny as glass!
Aye, sir.
C'mon, Doc, let's fix you up.
He has an appointment
with some big shots today.
We have to fix him up.
What do you think our good Doctor will
get for stealing government money?
Fuck you! -Take it easy, you'll out
the Minister's throat.
How does he rate with
the other "comrades?"
I am sure they'll find
a common language.
I'm finished.
Ilko, what do you use
after shaving?
Brandy. -Don't be funny. Ask
the Vampire to get you some "Brion."
I won't need it. I am leaving.
Do it for us.
Do it for us.
Can you get me some "Brion?"
Can you get me some "Brion?"
The after shave?
That's right. Unfortunately,
we are out of "Brion."
Can I get you anything stronger'?
Sure, it's all the same.
Fuck him...
They won't let us have
"Brion" any more.
It's a political joke.
Fuck your God damn joke!
You know I can't do without cigarettes.
You might as well hang me.
Do it yourself and do us
all a big favor.
Here is your release order.
Thank God.
But it hasn't been signed.
What do you mean?
- Just that.
- Then sign it!
I'm not authorized to sign it.
Who is?
The Warden.
So, make him sign it.
He's not in. -What do you
mean he's not in?
He has other things to do
beside signing papers.
Are you screwing with me, or what?
No. There is nothing I can do.
So, I'll be leaving tomorrow then?
Tomorrow is out of the question.
- Why?
- It's Saturday.
Management doesn't work
on Saturday.
Monday, then.
Yes, Monday.
Let's go Doc. Do you want
to say goodbye to anyone?
Monday is just around the comer.
Monday is just around the comer.
There's one more formality
to settle before you go.
What sort of formality?
Step out for a moment.
Who are you? I haven't
seen you here before.
And you won't ever again.
I'm leaving on Monday.
Once you end up
in here, you are marked for life.
"Go and never come back,"
they always tell me.
I wonder who screwed me up
this time.
How did you manage to
get them in?
I'm a wizard for this sort of things.
The chief said:
"Zika, I know you're hiding cards.
I won't search you,"
but if I find them, I'll stick
them up your ass.
"It's only for Solitaire,"
I said.
I can guess how many years
you'll get.
Is that so? -Hundred
percent guaranteed.
What's the charge?
Rape in selfdefense.
Article 94 of the Penal Code,
paragraph 2.
"Lime, place, alcohol?
Extenuating circumstances?"
- Knife.
- What knife?
The broad pulled a knife on me.
It's still fresh. -You raped her
with that wound?
I beat her up so bed
her Ma couldn't recognize her.
She came to identify me
in a wheel chair.
That adds aggravated assault.
Pick a card.
- What?
- Eight years.
I was counting on six.
You picked an eight.
Make it six.
Set the man free. He was only
defending himself.
Cut it out, Pickle!
That's what the cards said.
What cards?
What about the extenuating
circumstances? What if I died?
Don't get upset.
Let's shake hands.
Why did you hit him?
What did you say?
You hit him for no reason. -You may
not wake up to see Monday.
Is that so? Motherfucker...
You hit me, mother-fucking
I've beaten up bigger
mongrels than you.
Ljubo, take a piss first.
C'mon, scum!
Who fixed you up like this,
my dear friend?
It makes you happy,
doesn't it, Weasel?
I'll tear your head off.
Who hit him?
- I did!
- Showing off again?
Get him up!
Come with me.
Halt! Idiot!
- Yes?
- Take him to the nurse.
You really fixed up
that son-of-a-bitch.
Will I get in trouble for this?
No way. But once you leave,
don't ever come back here again.
This is a
miserable hole. The bottom.
I'll kill him!
- Easy, Ljubo.
- I'll kill him!
Where is that stinking bastard?
God damn you!
Haven't you had enough?
Suck my...
Take him back!
Today is Monday. D day!
Thank God, at last.
Thank God.
but you are not getting out.
What do you mean?
Ljubo the Maniac died last night.
From internal bleeding.
Looks like you knocked off his liver,
and kidneys.
You killed him, brother.
How could he die from
a couple of punches?
He was already nabbed.
The broad stabbed him,
you just finished him off.
An extenuating
circumstance for you.
Tough luck. Just when you
were about to get out.
- Fuck it.
- Dead...
The defense objects to
certain trial procedures,
but we put our faith in
the justice of the Court.
State your objections.
The autopsy reports,
for example.
Do you move for a renewal of the trial?
God forbid, no.
Especially not if
the sentence is just.
As just as my client.
We have heard the witnesses.
There is no hard evidence
the deceased succumbed
to the injuries of the fight.
I say "deceased"
because he was not
killed by my client
but by his own shameless acts.
As you know, he had been wounded
by a victim defending her honor.
I wouldn't like to speculate
about the verdict.
But anything less than dismissal
must be interpreted
as a direct blow to justice.
Order in the Court!
Pay attention.
These are the rules:
If you can't read
or write, you can learn here.
If you don't have any money,
you can earn some.
If you have a woman you
can fuck her at the hotel.
But nothing goes on in here
without my knowledge.
You can't even take a piss
without him knowing it. -Yes.
Even if you are thinking of escaping,
report to me first.
I'll organize everything.
They eat ducks. He tortures
them. Move along.
- Maestro...
- Yes, Ilko?
I want you to make me a tattoo.
Are you serious?
You know that it doesn't come off.
Do you want a prison seal or a work of art?
Butchers like him
can't make real art.
This is the work of a real
master, not a butcher.
Come with me.
Is it his wife? -We'll see,
maybe he'll get to go home.
I heard they call you Nightingale.
That's the first
time I've heard it.
That's what I will call you.
Do you know who I am?
Let's go. Tell him, Mico.
Our mother, Mara. She has a sharp
tongue. She's in charge of culture.
Many of you have passed through
my hands,
some even had artistic genius.
They all loved me, isn't that so?
They adored you.
I read a lot. I feed on Dostoyevsky.
I myself am a writer.
Have I ever let you down? Never.
Those who cooperate
will have no trouble.
You won't refuse me will you?
I don't know what you mean.
You think I am kidding?
Will you or will you not cooperate?
That's what I want to hear.
Sing. Come on.
It goes like this:
I was sitting alone on a bench
when two cops came along.
"Good morning."
"Good morning," I say. -'What's
in the suitcase?" "Nothing."
Stop! I want music.
We are preparing for a major competition.
A TV crew will come to film the event.
I want us to be the best.
I am doing the casting.
Sing a song for us.
"She Was So Beautiful."
She was so beautiful,
I can't get her out of my mind.
She was so beautiful
like the morning dawn.
She was divine
on the day she left me...
That's all I know.
What do you think, Mico?
Outstanding, Ma.
- You think so?
- Guaranteed.
Bravo! Do you want a cigarette?
You have won me over.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
Arrange for my wife to come
to the prison hotel.
It's finished. I swear it's my
best work yet.
If only I could have done it
on a great pair of tits,
Sofia Loren's, for example.
There he is. He is all yours. Don't
waste him too much,
leave some for me.
How is your father? -He said chances are
very good you'll get out very soon.
Let's go.
Your godfather, Rade,
sends his regards.
He wants to open a shop.
This is from Dad... Juice...
There's brandy in it.
We boosted it in.
I have never believed in any political
party, nor in any political system.
But a man has to believe in something.
This is my faith.
I see you have Jesus
engraved on your chest.
Let me kiss it.
Just once, for luck.
I can be very unpleasant,
you know that.
I fucked the shit out
of Ljubo the Maniac.
Now it's my turn to fuck yours.
I despise Jesus.
Even in church,
I yearn to stab him.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
You set it up, you should know.
Both of you straight to
the blacksmith workshop.
Hurry up with that rod!
I've had it with you, lazy bums.
Start working! You think you can
drag around all day?
Smoking, huh? Start hauling
those steel rods!
Bad day, chief?
Who are you to say?
Get lost or I'll piss on those
worms on your head!
Scaring little kids
with lizards and frogs.
Fuck you all.
Maestro got a month of solitary
for this shit? Jesus Christ.
I'll be satisfied when I
put you in there.
You are not all-powerful.
You are right. I hear your wife
is coming to visit again.
- Yes.
- I don't like at all.
- Why not?
- I'm jealous.
Fuck it, you can always get married.
He hasn't heard
that you screw all their wives.
Not mine.
Ask her when they started
sewing brandy in cartons.
You think you can fuck with me?
I screw every single one
that comes in here.
Not mine!
You are sure about that?
I'm sure. -I said every
single one. Including yours.
Not mine!
Run, call an ambulance! Quickly!
This will ease the pain.
You are not the first,
and you won't be the last.
You worry too much
about your wife.
You carry a gun?
Violating regulations!
Stop fucking around, Snake!
God damn police shit!
Who is scared now?
Don't move or I'll blow his head off! Open
the gates or I'll spill his brains out!
Open the gates or I'll spill his brains out!
Call the Warden! On the double! Get in!
Sit down and drive!
Drive, asshole!
Drive, you bastard!
Don't do anything stupid.
I've had it up to my balls with you!
Step on it, you son-of-a-bitch!
You'll rot in this hole,
you stupid cunts!
Step on it!
What the fuck is this?
Move, bastard!
It's a good gun. You should
have left it at home.
You want blood?
God damn bloodsuckers!
Don't look at me, monkey face!
Drive! Don't look at me!
Tell me, is it true
about my wife?
What do you think?
It is true.
No, it isn't. Ilko,
you are a damn fool.
And go to hell!
Alek Trajkovski, Zoran Ristovski.