Tattoo Ari (1982) Movie Script

The flower that blooms at night.
So dear.
The love that's crushed by the rain.
So sad.
A hand in the dark,
is pulling the strings.
For a man who now
has nowhere to go,
The breasts to quench his thirst.
Ryudo Uzaki
Keiko Sekine
Misako Watanabe
Mrs. Takeda! Mrs. Takeda!
Granny! Granny!
Once is enough.
A helicopter is here to
take you to Osaka.
Akio did something big!
Akio? He's short-tempered.
In a fight again?
Not that!
You took so long!
I had my hair set.
JAN 29, 1979
A Film by Banmei Takahashi
Your husband's here?
He went to work.
Who's there?
He took care of me.
It's you. What is it?
Today's pay day.
Your money!
What's wrong with you?
Quick! Money!
You should've given it at once!
I was 15 years and 9 months old.
When I was 16,
I didn't know if I'd live.
Must be the joke of fate.
1968 OSAKA
Be careful!
If you can feel the pain,
that means you're alive.
With the money you pay me,
you can only get a petal
by a veteran tattoo artist.
Just do it quick, rookie!
You're unusual.
Only foreigners want it
on their chests.
And they want something
Japanese like a peony.
Never mind that!
I want it there!
Let him go!
Let my Akio go!
Out of our way!
I gave birth to him!
I won't let you take him!
He did nothing bad!
He's a good boy!
He just has some bad friends!
Is it you?
Is it you?
You told him to kill somebody?
Madam, this is our job.
We'll investigate...
I won't forget what you said.
He and I have always
lived as outcasts.
That's fine. We're used to that.
But this time,
find out the truth.
If you don't, I don't
care if you're police.
I get it.
Your case became a problem
at the police station.
Thanks for your work.
You used to be a playboy!
He's your son. I understand
you want to protect him.
He's my son. I can shelter
him or help him flee.
Not just this. He should go to
the victim's home and apologize.
"Bit by the dog that they fed."
That's how he feels!
That person should go
and apologize. Not me.
Of course not!
He who manipulated Akio,
was he punished?
I'll raise Akio well and give
you a successful person.
You think it is easy?
When he's 30.
Five more days.
Emperor's birthday?
Fool! My 20th birthday!
My probation would be expired.
You're an adult now!
Leave this shabby place
and do what I like.
I'm fed up with the
probation officer's nagging!
You're seeing him today?
You go like this?
I know. Stop worrying about
others, just shut up and work.
Get up and put it
in the trash bin.
Don't want to get up.
It's warm here...
Such a good guy!
Water please.
You're now 20.
Thank you very much.
It's all because of you,
Mr. Takagi.
I'm your probation officer.
I have to back you up.
Your own effort is what counts.
No, not really...
Water please.
I must have said many
nasty things... Sorry.
- You drink a lot.
- Sorry.
I'll put it here.
You're now clean. What's the
first thing on your list?
Fetch my mother,
we'll live together.
Good boy. Your mom's
really worried about you.
Your father passed away.
When was that?
Nearly a year ago.
For the 1st anniversary,
go home and visit his grave.
No matter what he did,
the dead is dead.
I agree.
Takeda, where're you going?
I have somewhere to go.
Careful. Careful.
Akio? Why're you here?
Where's Mom?
She's still working.
What a guy!
Your wife's working.
You stay home and drink!
The police just came.
Japan's police are so efficient!
Why did you run away?
To see Mom!
You've no right to ask!
Stop! I'm your Dad!
I'll kill those who
made Mom cry!
Remember this!
And your family, too!
A fugitive's here!
Someone call the police!
He's still here! Someone!
Not too frizzly at the ends.
Fix a roller here.
It'll get thinner.
- Is it OK?
- That's it.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Keep the change.
That's a lot...
I'll come again in a few days.
It grows faster in the summer.
Thank you! Come again!
Looks great?
Ask your mom to get you one.
Still sleeping?
Get up and go home.
Is it over?
Don't talk like a movie.
What? Say it again.
You want a beating?
I want to live here, with you.
Over is over. Give it to me!
I've had enough of you.
No! Don't leave me.
- It's no use. Let go!
- No!
I bought your shirt.
I bought your shoes.
I bought this fan.
We're not compatible.
People have to fit each other.
- Here's your order.
- Thanks.
She's new.
She's the best here, I'm sure.
- I want to do her.
- No way.
- She has a guy?
- Me.
- You did her?
- I plan to.
Really? I'll join the fight.
I'll make her my woman.
I'm working on it.
So? It's not a race.
Dumb guy!
What're you doing?
No private conversations!
Excuse me.
Michiyo, come look.
What time is it?
It's still early. Let me sleep.
He's here again.
He knows I'm here.
Good morning.
For you.
Thank you.
You're gorgeous at the club.
But without the makeup.
You're still so beautiful.
You've had lunch?
I just woke up.
That's all right. We'll eat,
then go to work together.
After lunch, we can
go to the movies.
- You hate movies?
- I don't hate them...
I'll wait in the car.
He'll take me to the club.
It's still early.
He'll treat me to lunch.
Say no.
I already said yes.
He bought you that?
I can't wear it?
You look very happy.
You're jealous?
Slept with him?
You've nothing else to think about?
You like to fool men.
First I fooled them,
then they fooled me.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Takeda, give me a ride?
Sorry. Someone's waiting.
I've done her.
This is my last day here.
Isn't it taboo to
date your co-workers?
I was poached. I'll be a manager.
She too?
A man should never
make his woman work.
Such heavy rain!
So long.
What a shower!
Don't get wet.
I'm real lucky to have
such a good woman like you.
You're the first good thing
since I came to Osaka.
I'm now 21,
I'm at my most handsome.
A man can't be lazy.
You make me so happy.
Now let me make you happy.
That's how it should be, right?
You're so nice.
Of course.
Be a good son. Be nice to women.
That's a man's duty.
Someone said to me,
"Die! Or I'll have bad luck!"
Who do you think it was?
My dad. He's my father!
But he died first. In his sleep.
I'd never be a man like him!
We'll stay together.
At least until I'm 30...
We'll stay together...
You're my treasure.
I'll never let you go.
I'm cold...
I won't forgive you!
You want to leave?
Too early!
What's wrong with you?
Get me the manager!
You're disturbing the customer!
Whose drinking place is this?
The customers'.
Who has fun here?
The customers.
Now you get it.
You can't take it?
Can you?
Tidy up before coming out.
- Bye, Manager.
- Bye, Manager.
Come to my place?
Sorry, I've got a date.
Manager. I want to quit.
Return your loan.
I get it. Bye.
By the way...
You can't work anymore
in southern Osaka.
While I'm still here.
I get it!
You get it. Good.
Air con? Color TV?
This one is 59,800 yen.
That one is 36,800 yen.
Toshiba is cheap,
but with a good picture.
What do you want?
What's your business?
Is your boss here?
- Get me the boss.
- You have an appointment?
Of course.
What is it?
- You the boss?
- Yes.
A girl from this place
asked me to come.
Masae? I'll pay her next month.
You're not afraid of punks!
Can you drink and make
a hostess cry for free?
Brother, don't get so excited.
I want to talk calmly.
I know, I know.
But business is slow.
I can't pay now.
You want me to go
back empty-handed?
Give me a good price.
Of course...
- How much?
- Well...
I'll give you a big discount.
20% off?
- Lend me your phone.
- You calling whom?
My young staff.
They have nothing to do.
They can let off steam here.
Phone's over there.
Please take it. Please take it.
How about delivery?
Within the city, yes. Where?
- My mom lives in Shikoku.
- Shikoku?
Here's her address.
Kagawa Prefecture...
Oda County, Namioi....
- Here's the notepad.
- Thanks a lot.
- Again?
- Kagawa Prefecture...
- Kagawa Prefecture...
- Oda County...
Really? Drink some more.
We sat at adjoining desks
in our primary school in Shikoku.
Today we meet again here.
This must be fate.
That's really incredible.
I'd forgotten all about you.
- But I remember...
- I was popular.
Among seniors and juniors,
no one was stronger than me.
How're your parents?
They're fine. But they divorced.
Yours too?
They did once. But they
got together again.
So she moved to and fro
between Hiroshima and Kagawa.
You must have gone bad.
Let's go somewhere else.
How much?
You're loaded!
With this I can always
make a living in Osaka.
You can even have a free meal.
Fool! I am not a Yakuza.
Michiyo, wait up! I'm home.
Michiyo! Michiyo!
Shut up and go to bed.
What's wrong with you?
That hurt!
Be quiet, I'm tired.
What did you do to be tired?
I worked!
Who's working!
I am. You said okay.
Don't want to talk.
Say it again!
What're you doing!
Shut up before a man!
I'm too bored!
Bored? I fed you!
You're up?
You can eat anytime you like.
This is best for bruises.
It's odorless and can hide
the bruises. You can go to work.
Where does it hurt?
I'll put this on.
Take care.
This isn't just your body.
That's too courteous.
Silly girl!
When I got hurt,
Mom said these magic words.
It worked.
Rice cake of Byobuura...
and hemp cloth,
if you hear this,
suck it in. Suck it in.
Abra cadabra....
Thank you, Manager.
Thank you.
This is mine.
Last month, you all worked hard.
We made 20% more.
Please keep this up.
I'm counting on you.
Get ready for today.
I owed you 1,300.
You owed him money?
He paid for my lunch.
Repaying loans,
now my salary's gone!
Oh yes.
I owed you taxi fare.
Forget it! Just 2,300 yen!
No! Even 1 yen.
I have to pay you back.
No wonder you did so well.
Not at all! I'm grateful
that you took me in.
Don't say that.
Just keep it up.
Thank you very much.
A successful shot is more
thrilling than women.
Wow! That's cool!
You shoot like this.
Bang! You feel it in
your hand and shoulder.
The clay pigeon went to pieces.
It feels so good!
Your target breaks
at your fingertip.
Mr. Ta, honestly,
most people haven't
fired a rifle before.
But you have.
This is thrilling enough!
I may be exaggerating,
but it feels like a dictator,
controlling the whole world.
- Mr. Ta, you're like Hitler!
- Oh, Hitler...
He's like a pro.
That one. 100 out of 100.
199 out of 200....
You're mumbling!
He can hit every frontal shot.
Look! See for yourself!
I'm home.
I'm very sorry.
Well well... Please get up.
You're a fine young man.
Don't be like that.
Never mind.
I just want Michiyo back.
All right?
I treated her badly.
So it came to this.
Please persuade her.
She kept crying
since she was back.
We don't know what happened.
It's all my fault. I apologize!
He drove all night from Osaka
to take you back.
Say something, Michiyo.
She's such a selfish kid.
Please forgive her.
Michiyo! You're not worthy of him!
What're you going to do?
Why did you come here?
I promised.
I'd never let you go.
I promised you that.
Stupid of you to run away.
You can't escape fate that easily.
- Doing well?
- So so.
- Thanks. Tips for you.
- Akio.
Bamboo Enterprise
Akio Takeda
What's Bamboo?
- My name. "Take" means bamboo.
- "Take"...
You're the boss.
I'd never get to be
the master of the club.
You quit the club?
My boss loved to nag.
And the pay was low.
- What a relief!
- You're cool.
Join me? Be an executive?
You're the boss and
the tea maker, right?
We'll soon be 30.
My mom always says that
30 is a man's turning point.
I agree.
I'll always be a lowly employee.
There's no other way.
I'm thinking about something big.
When it's ready,
I need your help.
Teru, I'm counting on you.
This is good.
Yam paste.
You haven't touched it.
Take this.
What's this?
Fermented soybeans, leek,
garlic, mushrooms, liver.
Sauteed in butter.
Very nutritious.
Excuse me.
Can you deliver new books
of Oyabu to my place?
Haruhiko Oyabu?
Where do you live?
3rd floor, Nagai Park.
I'm Takeda.
- Takeda?
- Thanks.
- Is this enough?
- Yes.
Keep the change.
What? You must be doing well.
Song for a Dead Warrior
Firearms of the World
Don't eat this! I told you!
I'm hungry.
It's junk! Not healthy!
I'll make you nutritious food!
I want this!
I'll cook your food!
I made my money.
I eat what I like.
My money...
Stop it!
Stop it!
Beat up a woman,
that's all you can do!
You can't fool me!
I know what kind of man you are.
Useless guy! Punk! Gangster!
What "owner"? Bullshit!
You're just a debt collector!
You just think about yourself!
So wrong!
You're not the center of the earth!
Center of the earth?
What if the earth really
does revolve around me?
Is it about him?
I quit smoking.
You once said to me,
I make men into fools.
You're right.
Sooner or later,
he'll kill me.
What're you going to do?
What can I do?
I want to say,
"Come back to me."
But I'm getting married.
Good for you.
Now cut ties with me.
You're going back to him?
I don't know.
Debt collection?
Temporarily closed.
This one?
I want this. I win!
That's a low point play!
Akio, you can't always
wait until you have it high.
I always aim for the max.
I'm going!
That's all I have.
I'll pay you back.
Don't worry.
I never forget debts.
You owe me 5,000.
I'm going too.
If Akio's leaving,
I'm leaving too.
Autobiography of a Murderer
Hello Akio.
Freud is interesting,
but Nietzsche is tough.
I threw it away without finishing.
It's tough.
How's Juko Nishimura?
You recommended him,
so I read it, but...
It's a bit oversexed.
That's what you like, isn't it?
- Oyabu's better.
- Oh really?
Can I have this?
This is strong stuff.
He killed 38 people in New York.
He's a hitman. That's why
the book's so exciting.
He wrote this,
Killing is a test of courage."
You get it?
"Killing is a test of courage."
This is a memorable line.
I'll lend it to you.
Read it, Teru.
OK, I'll read it...
I'm going to do it.
- You said you'll join me.
- What?
I said I'll do something
big before I'm 30.
I know. But what's
the big thing?
Rolls of bank notes.
I want you to be my driver.
That's your work, isn't it?
I trust only you.
Lots of money...
Mom'll have an easy life.
With that, I can start
my new life at 30.
A clean break.
I'll have these redone.
Fill in some nice colors.
Perhaps a lion on my back?
5 minutes?
Don't you know who the earth
revolves around?
If we do it there, a patrol car
takes at least 3 minutes to come.
During that time,
knock someone in the head,
and get the job done.
That place is my first choice.
If I find somewhere better,
I'll call you. Bye.
We'll do it when
I'm back from Shikoku.
Sorry I took so long.
And we're already 30.
You really mean it.
You say that now!
I can't do it on my own.
Shikoku is warmer than here.
I'm now in Tokushima.
Wait for me at home.
Don't come to the station.
Bye. Yes, yes.
What're you doing!
Forgive him, it's New Year.
- You don't want another new year?
- What!
- Are you from here?
- So?
No one here is as bad as you!
Go back where you're from!
Stop it!
It's New Year! Stop it!
I won't forget this!
I'll get punks to pay you back!
It's all because of you!
- Jerk!
- You remember this!
I was kicked out of here!
I'm Akio Takeda!
I told you to wait at home.
You came by car!
Happy New Year.
Thank you so much for last year.
Please also take care
of me this year.
Cut it out!
I'm not good at greetings.
The next time is next year.
It's cold. Let me get in.
Happy New Year.
Hello there.
Long time no see.
I'm Akio, son of Mrs. Takeda.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
You're now a grown man!
I can't recognize you.
Thanks for taking care of my mom.
No, no. I didn't do anything...
You came from Osaka?
- I just arrived.
- Oh.
I really couldn't tell its you.
You've changed a lot.
A gift for you.
I can't take it...
Snacks from Osaka.
Hope you like it.
Then thanks a lot.
Akio, what a surprise!
This hair style
is popular in Osaka?
It looks bad?
Happy New Year.
I thought it was just
some snacks from Osaka.
So I just took it, but...
Look at this.
This is very expensive stuff.
At least 20- or 30,000 yen.
"Better let Sadako know,"
my wife said.
What should I do?
Leave it here.
Akio worked so hard
to earn this money,
and spent it on my neighbors,
for my sake.
And you don't appreciate that.
Sadako, I don't mean that...
I just didn't expect such
good stuff for New Year.
I'll take it.
Thank you very much.
If you have good stuff
next time, let me know.
Happy New Year.
Eat as much as you can.
Your food's the best.
It's nutritious.
Osaka's food is good
on the outside.
But without nutrition
and affection.
Eat this.
The rice is good, right?
I made it with
the cooker you sent me.
Chores have never been so simple.
I cherish everything you sent me.
It's just nothing.
You won't be...
doing bad things in Osaka?
Don't worry.
I'm doing fine.
That's good.
Mom, I'll fulfill
my promise to you.
When I said...
"Go see a doctor."
You'd cry so hard.
Why am I so unlucky!
You gave birth to me.
I'm your child!
You can kill me.
You can stab me.
But even if you kill me,
you can't win anybody.
You'd have no one
left on your side.
Rice cake of Byobuura...
and hemp cloth,
if you hear this,
suck it in. Suck it in.
Abra cadabra...
Only one left.
I don't care if it's
low or high point.
Got it? No.
- Akio! When did you come back?
- Just now.
- Souvenir.
- Thanks.
You've a good hand.
But I'm bad luck.
You won't win. I should go.
- Please stay.
- I'm tired.
Takeda, telephone.
Your turn.
I'll transfer you the money.
Who was it?
Private detective.
The fish can't get away.
I found you at last.
I wasn't lying.
I'd never let you go.
Keep it short.
Oh. A guest?
Invite him in.
Hey brother,
even if it becomes a
political organization,
this business makes no money.
If a man choses to be a Yakuza,
Kobe is the only place to go.
Have one for the road.
See you next time.
I'm doing something big.
If you see me in the papers,
tell others you're
a friend of Narumi.
You're coming back?
You get it?
Please don't come again.
Is he that perfect?
He's not for you.
We were together for 8 years.
I know you the best.
Yes. But I know you well too.
What's so good about him?
He... not only talks about it.
He does it.
What's he going to do?
Say it.
Say it!
Say it. Won't you say it?
What "big thing"? The papers?
It's only talk.
That's what they do.
Michiyo, don't be fooled.
I promised I'd make you happy.
Come back!
I'll refresh your memory!
"Kobe," "Shooting". Get it?
Is he crazy?
I like real men.
I can't.
I don't do it for that...
Things on your mind?
No big deal.
I know. It's another woman.
"I don't regret my runaway wife."
Have I told you?
I love you Akio.
I love Yakuza like you.
I'm not a Yakuza.
Won't be that stupid!
Whatever. Now I love only you.
Next time...
We'll go eat blowfish.
All right then, just get me
the getaway car.
Don't say you can't!
I'm now late for the
promised 30 years of age.
Bet on me, Teru!
Bet on me, Teru!
I left the car
where you want it.
I'm sorry.
Forget it?
I know I'm wrong.
It's my day off.
Don't call me at work.
What is it?
You look so scary.
You giggle while walking.
Looks so stupid.
- You have it permed again?
- Of course.
Yes I am.
Are you free tonight?
I'm not sure.
We'll go. Don't worry.
Don't forget!
Call me. Bye.
Do you...
Read the papers?
I don't. Why?
When I'm famous,
say you're my friend.
Be a good daughter.
JAN 26, 1979 FRIDAY 2:30 PM
Hello? Hello?
Your mom wants
to hear your voice.
Talk a bit with her?
It's your mother!
Really? I'm hanging up.
If you go see her,
I'll kill them all.
Hello? Hello?
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Akio, I'm here.
I saw it on TV this morning.
Why did you do such a thing?
They let me call you just now.
Why did you hang up at once?
I beg you, apologize...
to the people beside you.
Please forgive me.
Come out now.
I beg you. From Mother.
What should I do...
To cure my sadness?
I come to a coast town,
And stare at the seagulls.
Why are you living...
like there's no tomorrow?
Hushabye Hushabye Seagull.
Stupid bird, we're alike.
Hushabye Hushabye Seagull.
Ryudo Uzaki
Keiko Sekine
Misako Watanabe
Jiro Yabuki
Ayako Ota
Yoshiko Oshimi
Shiro Shimomoto
Special Appearances:
Hitoshi Ueki
Yoshio Harada
Executive Producer: Shiro Sasaki
Producer: Kazuyuki Izutsu
Photographed by Yuichi Nagata
Edited by Junichi Kikuchi
Music by Ryudo Uzaki
Written by Takuya Nishioka
I want to sleep soundly...
In the deep blue sea.
After a life of misery,
I'm looking for a peaceful place.
I don't want a fallen dream again.
Hushabye Hushabye Seagull.
Stupid roaming bird.
Hushabye Hushabye Seagull.
Why are you living...
like there's no tomorrow?
Hushabye Hushabye Seagull.
Stupid bird, we're alike.
Hushabye Hushabye Seagull.
Directed by Banmei Takahashi