Tattooist, The (2007) Movie Script

The Samoan people believe that
The tattoo is a gift from God.
A person who does not have tattoos
Be an embarrassment to him and his family.
In the Samoan culture, to live in
Shame is worse than being dead.
Jake ...
I know that these below.
Jacob ...
My boy ...
What beam done?
It is a stave.
It is what it is ...
... Is the mark of the devil.
Not Dad.
You should be ashamed.
Reza me.
Our Father in heaven that these ...
Hallowed be thy name .... Tell!
Our Father in heaven that these ..
I draw this father,
Forgives our sins.
Forgive us our trespasses as well as
We forgive those who offend us.
Give us this day our bread each
And forgives our sins.
The Tattooist
I Edwind Ling.
Where do you want to do this?
My son is here.
Your son.
I said it was a boy
I searched many do ..
.. I found that to you.
He needs a doctor.
He needs a tattoo.
Its price ...
The question if it was working.
Tell that.
Tattoos''Do you heal?''
Where does is this?
Are you sure of that?
This design is used to treat arthritis.
You will be able to play guitar very soon.
What kind of culture is that?
In Sarangoya.
Because I want to be
I am sure cure ...
Do you want to get tattoos or not?
Because I am in arrears with 20 people.
Hello, can you give me three sodas freeze?
This is the south pacific, right?
It is a good brand.
Oakland is New Zealand.
Does this have medical value?
As for cures.
You are such, really
Believe in such rubbish.
The Cree people,
Man must earn a living.
This you do in each
Generation of my culture.
To honor your father.
Well, I suppose that is not true for all.
These beliefs will change.
You have to accept it and live it.
You do not know what I am talking about, right?
He knows.
Actually my name is the only
Care, passing through the shop someday.
You are a sham!
Watch sorry.
You hit me that tapeworms
Power! Mentiste me!
You took my son!
You should be shame
Therefore beam done.
You should be ashamed!
Go before you mate!
Your you took my son.
My name Kure, but it says so.
Do you know this place?
What shit brings you here?
But you have eggs, I admit.
Let Crash, and forgives you perdonare.
Crash ...
It was my first student.
Then I steal my designs
And it goes to Central America.
And then I saw him. In a
Magazine doing my tattoos.
After destroying my porch, kills my dog was
Steals my credit card and spent in stores
Where they sell underwear ...
... Of the stature of my mother.
Come here!
How are you?
Okay, mrate.
Samoen, How can you heard of them?
Are there many of them?
Many claimed to be and only tattoo,
I do tattoos are a bike ride ...
... Compared to them.
Do you know that the word tattoo
Was invented by the Samoan.
In short, how learned from this?
Unable to find on the Web.
Was it just design what you wanted?
There was a girl.
It was only a girl who wanted to.
No, just wanted to give something back.
That would be your first time.
You will be with me in the studio, but you will not do
Nothing unusual, you can stay in the department. At the side.
Preguntare around and you
Get customers, does this well?
Do not feel like you look?
No, it's okay, I do it for you.
Thanks affection.
That is my chiquito.
Come, come here.
No, stop.
Come on.
Sorry, continue.
Continue, friend.
Do apologize?
Lazlo McFadden, his appointment of 3 PM.
OK, sorry.
What tatuare this afternoon.
If and when you find a space.
Well if you can not only
Put it above the others.
If ...
I victory.
Crash says that you can
Be the next victim.
Actually, I was the
Victim last year.
What you?
Lew, my cousin.
It was gracious, has only 20 years.
21, on Saturday.
Does this hurt?
If it is supposed to do.
The pain will change.
Both inside as outside.
Think like losing your virginity.
Do not touch that.
It belongs to somebody.
We will see better every day, trafficking
Not from the sun, or wetting.
Great, thanks.
Now to me.
All right.
What would you like?
Well, I am a Capricorn.
A goat?
It is for the sign ...
Yes, I know.
Muke will have a feast
Saturday night.
I suppose I mojarlo that day.
Vic, wheat here.
I found your girl.
Listen sir, did you see?
Just because I can not see it not
This means that there.
Surely not remind me, but ...
If I remember you.
You are just a guy who seeks money.
Work here.
Do you stole that too?
I was looking for her sister.
She's not my sister.
She is his cousin.
She is in the church
And does not accept either.
She is not for you brother.
So this is what you do
When not giving these massages.
There are 40 years of history in this room.
My uncle is making sure
That is not lost.
I was wondering if you wanted
Drink coffee.
In reality this is not a good time.
I have a ceremony y. ..
... Things to do.
I only need to talk to you.
If I wear.
Does anyone live here?
The Peraneces, they live in shame.
What shame?
Mr Peranece, Sina.
This is a visitor from America.
Jack, what would it?
I was looking for the box here.
Already in looked good, boy?!
Sorry, it was just ...
Sorry ... I did not want to enter.
Who said that you could touch it?!
Why to trajiste
This idiot to my house?
I am sure that was
An accident, helps.
Take your picture and go.
The maintains its lifetime
Of hurts. She lost her son.
Once you are a parent and you lose
Your child, you can not recover.
The could not bear the pain and
Was this missing since then.
It was a great shame on her family.
I fall well, not because.
Must be because you
Feel happy with their lives.
Actually the ceremony that will go with my
Uncle, my cousin to celebrate their achievement.
Only I thought you were interested.
I do not think they want.,
Your cousin dislikes
People loitering.
Are you doing?
Not that way.
So are welcome, I live
With my uncle, his house is my house.
I am inviting you.
They performed their ceremonies well
And are made from father to son.
If you share the pain, you have it.
Now they are like brothers.
I was the only child.
Me too.
Do you have more family?
No, my parents died young.
Mine too.
Now they are men.
My uncle used to be a gra Tufalor.
Ali learned from him and
Now believes he knows everything.
You should show your respects.
Esperare to drop the machete.
Come on.
You have tattoos all over the
Body, he must keep fear you.
You should have thought
Better before bringing it here.
Uncle Al is not liked
So it is safe ...
Do not be an idiot, Alie.
This is Jake Soya,
This is Mr. Back.
It is an honour to have in my house.
The pleasure mi.
My nephew tells me that
Robbed in the shop?
That was a misunderstanding.
In ancient times, all
Samboya was in this religion.
After missionaries
Arrived talking about God.
For a while ... Did not have anything.
But after they made their
Church, it was not the other way around.
I am not a missionary.
She takes care of our guests, Sina.
It's time that I go.
Do you want talking?
Actually I have a confession.
There is a tattoo that yours
Borrowing in Singapore.
It was stupid, I know.
You must think that I am an idiot.
But a complete idiot
I would have told.
The draw of my car.
Do not worry, I will go to see.
Yes, very well.
IMierda, sorry!
Crash gave me the key.
There is something in my music equipment
Sound, I hope the listening before leaving.
Will Go where?
The party, do you remember?
As my new tattoo.
If you have left well.
Just follow me the game is this good?
Aunt Lucy, hello.
This is my new lover Jake, he
Tattooists makes the finest in the world.
That is not true.
None of that, sorry.
I need you, I want you take it out.
It does not work that way.
Come on!
Jake, how are you going where?
Come on, it was a joke.
You can accept a joke, right?
Do not go to my department
Again. Seriously.
Devils Crash.
Is Alo?
Is Jake?
Is Victoria?
No, it's Sina.
Is this a bad time?
No, it's okay.
Indeed it is the perfect time.
Are you OK?
Alipari not in use, but will be
Thankful that we have back
Only ...
.. Be careful with him.
What's going on?
This is going to sound a little strange, but ...
I have been taking these ...
Do not be like ..
.. Spasms, I am not sure they are.
There is a story to the
Which I feel united.
And dreams also, as visions.
Things that I have not done.
The Samoan cover their face when
Sleep, it's like a superstition.
At least he did well.
Are you well?
If I was very scared.
This in my blood I guess.
Not in mine.
I used to dream of a place like this.
When I started tattooing.
In my own place.
Something regularly.
My own designs.
Do you have yours?
I did it in San Francisco.
Celebrating my first salary.
I felt that it should do so.
That I did in Berlin.
Towards cold that day.
I love it.
New York.
And Oklahoma.
Please Pope.
Our Father in heaven that these ...
It was their last offer, I suppose.
He was a religious man.
Decided to fight with my
Body. I was embarrassed.
I went after it and never come back.
Will I tatuaras stinks?
What do you want?
You are the tattoo, the tattoo decides.
Is Jake?
What happens?
I have a question.
Why all these tatuaste
If people do not believe in it?
As punishment ...
By being so stupid
Is it stupid to believe in something?
If you hide behind it
Hieres only to individuals.
Maybe I was just scared.
Your father.
Never thought that was
Repented for what he did?
What suffered even more than you?
That was what I wanted.
Even beyond this, I suppose. In
Wisconsin where I grew up.
I have not spoken to in ten years.
My father died shortly
Before I was born.
I can not make that pain to dissipate.
It is not too late for you.
I have to paint.
It would account.
There will notice the tattoo.
Do not be.
What happens?
This dead.
Mataste my cousin.
Your tattoo as Mato.
It makes no sense.
You ask the
Police, you talk to them!
Jake Sawyer.
Is the tattoo?
They say they always run.
Perhaps I am wrong.
You are such.
On the neck.
My neck? The thing that is not yet finished.
How that not even just?
Lazlo ...
Who was it?
I am trying to think.
You have to deliver,
So I did my.
There did nothing.
Stay here.
What you step?
Who is it? Answer!
Someone who wants joderme.
Lazlo is Jake.
Do not open them.
Lazlo, by God.
You can not hear.
Who you did this?
The hammer, chisel.
The shame that handles my fury.
Llamare the police.
It is late for that, child.
This coming. This coming.
This coming. This coming.
Who comes Lazlo?!
This coming.
Come on, Sina. Answer.
Hello, I am not at home ...
Victoria, by God.
Someone me!
Help me.
Can you tell me what happened?
I do not know.
What happened?
He did a tattoo, he was just a tattoo.
What is your name?
Can you hear me?
Those at the hospital.
Pongmosla on a bed.
You have to be left behind.
Their pressure was 80/50.
Give a unit and reserve
Four. Call anesthesiologist.
More down.
While nothing
God mi.
The pressure continues to decline.
Were you in an accident? Tell me something!
Ventricular tachycardia.
Carguen pallets to 200.
Loading at 200.
One ml. Adrenaline.
One ml. Adrenaline.
No change.
Freight 200. Back.
That there.
Do not you can see?
Has lost consciousness.
Carguen to 360.
Loading at 360.
Protocol isolation, no one will.
You must come with me.
There is no time.
For what?
Do you know anything about tattooing, doctor?
Le volume 6 weeks I
Brother earn theirs.
Almost kills.
A spirit is doing this.
I start tattooing,
But what ends.
There is another girl.
You have to let me go.
I lidiare with that.
They know that this is not
Something that doctors can cure.
Is anyone there?
The mate, Luke, Lazlo, Victoria.
All those who tatu
Since I did this.
With this tool.
Speak of an infection.
A ghost, he has a tattoo
I see how kills.
Not to me saying this.
Remove the liner.
Are you crazy?
There is no time!
Is this true?
How long?
Are Days?
Watch ...
Confi you.
Do not wise.
Stay away from me.
Sina, what happens?
What would you like? She is not here.
What is it?
Can you do something?
You walk with that man, I
Avergenzas front of everyone.
And now you gave the Pea.
Malu should not have as a woman
Really hate me so much?
No, please, man.
Help me. What should I do?
Like we all do.
Rugale God savior.
He waited years trying that
People see the tattoo as it is.
There are always people who think like you
That can come without being invited.
That is not the point.
Is exactly the point!
While we do not know who does it or why.
If I could figure out what he wants ...
We need to do something.
Are We?
How traditions,
I only know how died.
First sounds.
The visions.
The tattoo grows.
After the ink.
Everywhere like blood.
She shout begging for the end.
And then die.
Really? You are the problem
But I am not the solution.
You did enough.
Listen to me.
Not listening, if you want
Help, what wheat is less here
And stay there.
Never heard of invoking spirits?
There was a guy with you.
Which do you prefer?
He said that someone was following me.
The disservice that follows you.
Find out what he wants
The spirit, pregntaselo.
Your same can
Ask you, but you cost.
How much?
50 Dollars.
For my cousins and me.
Does 50?
Well, my boss.
Well, my boss.
What is this saying?
Who are you?
The tattoo singing the song.
Kill shame.
What would you like?
He says he wants to kill.
The shame!
What you ashamed?
Triganlo back, not even finish
Sorry, I can not do that.
Not being able to return.
They are pure angry.
What is supposed to be doing?
It's just a matter of experience
How can you leave?
Let me in the church.
A spirit I iracundo
Using this to kill.
If I know who is
Perhaps I can stop it.
We have to show the tattoo.
She is under my protection.
The tattoo continues to grow. Is Truth?
If you give back to
God, then you will die.
Does anyone recognizes this design?
The spirit that did this,
Continue. Until this dead.
Or until it finishes its shame.
It is our case.
Leave talk
I want you go.
I said you go!
I have seen it.
Where are you?
What did you do to him?
Not that these talking.
Your son.
My son and brought us leave
Shame on this house.
Do not finish his Pea, did these happy now?
And you killed it.
Tenias afraid of what to think.
Why is your business?
For that I have seen.
Do not pretend that you
Something, it is what you did.
You do not know anything.
You feel that what
Know everything, you do not know anything!
These wrong.
Would whatever ...
... To keep my Lomi back.
My son went with nothing.
Only the clothes that I had.
And the amulet of courage
Our ancestors.
He said that he would go to see the Tofunga
For the Pea but never saw him.
I was the last person who saw him.
That is the truth.
Who is doing this, Va'a?
It's me.
I think that that is done.
Do we Adonde?
Where died.
It is late.
When you gave me your tools,
What I handed over?
I do not understand the question.
But it does happen.
The target is short this
He is an idiot.
Come on.
He believes that his spirit controls.
Seeking to ease their embarrassment.
Do you think these stories?
You taught me.
Are What really happened?
Nobody knows where this Lomi.
White told me that he dreamed of
A young man with a pointed collar.
Tenia the way as you.
The always have locked.
Waiting for their return
As he told his parents.
Let me see that there are inside.
The key is in that drawer.
We know that there ran,
Shame is dissipated.
The shame is not over!
His pea had not finished.
You infectaste, due
Take him to hospital.
I do not have understood.
If they knew that I had done
Shame never finished.
So that's brought him
Shame to the family.
Djala in peace.
Leave it be, boy.
As piety.
Do Lomi?
Son mi.
No more embarrassment, forgive me.
It was only because you loved.
Wait ...
He must pay for what he did.
So let live.
With its shame.
You no longer have the right to use the pea.
Do hurts?
No longer.
Come on, I have 10 thousand
Customers waiting.
Do you Adonde?
At home.
What happens? Do you want to walk?
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