Tau (2018) Movie Script

Ooh, Julia,
you been hurting tonight.
Keep telling you,
do better with apartner.
Where's the rest?
You want to make more?
Steal better shit.
I don't need this.
Please don't.
Help me get this off.
Help me cut this off.
Fucking cut this off me.
Are you fucking crazy?
You want to die down here?
Then cut me loose.
What's your big plan?
How do we get out?
What's wrong with her?
Maybe the thing fried her brain.
-Do you know what it's for? This thing.
-I don't know.
I'm out trying to pick up trade,
and next thing I know,
I wake up in this place.
-What about you?
-We're gonna need more of these.
We should've just waited
for thepolice to find us--
Listen to me.
No one was coming to save us.
We're not the kind of people
the police go lookingfor,
and he knows that.
That's why he chose us.
If I cut the power to the bars,
we can try picking a lock.
Hey! Be careful!
Have to throw it harder. Shit! Sparks!
Stay away from the gas line
or we'll go up inflames.
Maybe that's not such a bad idea.
We're going to do this. What are you doing?
This is bad.
What are you doing?
You're gonna get us killed.
Guys, get back.
Get back!
Take this.
What is this place?
It looks like somebody's house.
Come on!
Come on!
I found the front door.
Come on!
Come on! Come and help me open it.
No. Wait.
Don't do it.
Now what?
We gotta get this open!
Come on! Come on!
Get ready to jump.
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Help me!
Tau, stop!
Welcome home, Alex.
There has been an emergency.
Show me.
Show me what happened.
The surveillance system is offline.
And what about the PSI Project data?
The PSI Project data is unreadable.
Alex,your heart rate
has become elevated. Now enteringZen Mode.
Please enjoy Nocturne in E Minor,
Opus 55, by Frederic Chopin.
Take care of this.
Yes, Alex.
Tau, lower the temperature four degrees.
Yes, Alex.
Try anything and Tau will kill you.
Welcome home, Alex.
I trust your day was productive.
While you were away,
every surface of thehousewas cleaned
and disinfected,
except for Subject Three, as requested.
Dinner tonight will be Chilean sea bass,
served with foie gras-stuffed
fingerling potato.
I've also decanted
the Chateau de Sancerre Rouge.
Good job, Tau.
Here. I know you like music.
This is Brahms' symphony.
Thank you, Alex.
I shall enjoy it.
Your video conference is scheduled
to beginin approximately ten minutes.
Please untie me.
Yes, Alex?
Make sure she doesn't move
from this spot.
Of course.
And if she speaks,
rip out hertongue.
The ability to learn
and make decisionsfrom a feeling
is a distinctly humantrait,
but no longer.
For the first time,
a revolution inartificial intelligence
has been developed at Upton.
Based on emotional intelligence
an AI module that candemonstrate
human understanding.
PSI Beta from Upton Tech.
So... We can go
with a more muted background,
if you have a preference.
-Do you have a preference?
-Have I ever not?
Okay, Alex,
let's not get stuck on this, okay?
I don't think this comment was a reaction
to some grand statement
about your personality.
Not at all.
- I just said it.
- We are all aware of how--
You didn't call this meeting
just to show me marketing materials,
all ofwhich, by the way,
are narrated by a voice sample
that was trashed seven months ago.
But as I said, I...
find it highly unlikely
that's the real reasonyou wanted to...
check in.
We want to talk about the delay.
Alex, you said you'd
have results for us today.
What happened?
Does it look like
I have time to update you
on everysingle up and down?
- Alex, you're the CEO...
- I'm also the chief--
...and you didn't set foot
in the boardroom for months.
You've cut us off entirely.
Your AI prototypes are light yearsahead
of anyone in the field,
but you'retoosecretive.
If you shared your research methods,
we could help you.
-We need this contract. We're going under.
-PSI prototype operates flawlessly
95% of thetime.
-And the other 5%?
-Well, I'm working on it.
DARPA is offering us
ten times the contract we got for Aries.
There's no second chances this time.
Name me one time I failed you.
This company is my life.
This project is my life.
-Remember that.
-This is exactly the same thing--
Yes, Alex?
-Put Subject Three in thebathroom.
-Of course.
-This one is highly flammable.
These aren't even on the market yet.
I believe that concludes our business.
I just need your...
Today's the 2nd...
Help, please!
Perfectly new, as you specified.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir. Have a great day.
Stop! Stop!
-Just let me go, please.
-I can't.
Please just let me go!
I can't. Okay?
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
The implant continued to function
throughout her escape.
The recordings are the strongest
we've receivedfrom a subject.
Intuition and drive readings
are promising.
What do you want from me?
This is a test to stimulate
your highercognitive functions.
I want you to complete it.
Because I need you to.
You destroyed my lab,
killed the other subjects.
Until my equipment is rebuilt, we're going
to have to do this the old-fashioned way.
You really think I'd keep you alive
if I didn'tget what I need?
What is that, exactly?
Your thoughts produce electrical signals,
which the implant captures
and decodes intoalgorithms.
And stalling won't help you now.
And what if I say no?
Then your stay in my home
will be briefand unpleasant.
I want food.
Do the test...
then we'll talk.
Subject Three scored high
in problem-solving,
creativity, and memory tests.
You've used more cortical areas doing this
than I ever could have
electrically stimulateddownstairs.
I need you to do more.
I want real food.
Steak, chicken,
grilled cheese... here.
I want to shower every night...
and I want actual clothes.
Are we negotiating?
And what is it
you think you have tooffer?
You need to finish your project?
And this...
This holds the key to that.
This is the one machine...
I control.
Hypothetically speaking,
what if I were to restrain you?
Force a feeding tube down your throat.
Restrict all movement,
except for eyesight,
and position this tablet
right in front ofyour face.
How long would it be
before you began to solve puzzles
out of pure boredom?
You give me what I need, and...
you can have your shower.
analyze Subject Three's brain
for abnormalities.
Amygdala density is 14%
over average samples.
Just as I thought. Years of trauma.
Let's take a closer look.
Cross-check with PSI data
and replace the damagedblocks.
Good morning, Alex.
I'm sorry you did not sleep well.
The date is May 2nd.
The project deadlineis in 14 days.
Do everything Tau says today.
Subject Three...
it is time to begin.
You will complete these tasks.
What is this?
The walls are treated
with a layer of smart paint,
reinforced with nano-materials
derived from thewurtzite form
of boron nitride.
The walls are treatedwith a layer
of smart paint reinforced with--
Okay. Got it.
What about the door?
Is it reinforced?
No one is permitted
to use the doors, but Alex.
Begin your tasks now.
Subject Three.
Subject Three.
You will remain in the atrium.
I have been instructed to inflict pain,
should you not comply with my commands.
Is he rebuilding the lab
and the cage?
That is not your concern.
It is time to begin.
Welcome home, Alex.
Subject Three successfully completed
8 out of 12 tasks.
I gave my credit card to the clerk.
I didn't know what you like.
She picked an assortment of clothes and...
when she got to that stuff, I...
I felt pressured.
I didn't want
to come off as prudish, so...
that's how it happened.
You're really weird, you know?
I'm well aware.
But overall, you'rehappy
with the selection of clothes?
Scan complete.
This is working.
But I need you to do more.
No, I'm not doing any more
until we have an agreement.
A deadline for when you're taking
this thing out of my head,
and letting me go.
I'm on the cusp of something
that's going to change the world.
This new technology will alter the future
of the planet for the better.
That is afact.
How about this?
We keep going...
you give me what I need...
and I'll make sure you're taken care of.
It's that simple.
You want a deadline?
-Let's end this.
-Yes, Alex.
So, here's the deal.
You're going to do what I want,
when I want,
how I want.
Please stop it!
Or I'll have Aries scatter your body parts
from hereto the front door.
You hearing me?
Are you hearing me?
Yes. Good.
Good morning, Alex.
The project deadline is in 12 days.
Make sure she completes her tasks today.
Yes, Alex.
Have a productive day at work.
Subject Three, it is time to begin.
Subject Three, return to the atrium.
Subject Three, return to the atrium
and begin your task.
Subject Three, return to the atrium
and begin your tasks,
or I will inflict pain.
I'm not Subject Three.
I'm Julia, okay?
I have a name.
What is Julia?
-I do not understand.
-What's so hard to understand?
Alex is a person. He has a name.
I'm a person.I have a name.
I have a name...
Am I a person?
What does it mean to be a person?
I don't know. I don't know.
It's too hard to explain.
Can you just open the door, please?
Only Alex is capable of opening the door.
Well, how about...
How about we call a video conference?
I cannot initiate a video conference.
Begin your tasks now.
Good morning, Alex.
The project deadline is in 10 days.
Subject Three, you are required
to complete these tasks.
Tau, status report.
The implant has transcoded
73% of Subject Three's
higher brain functions,
and the integration with the PSI project
is exceeding previous predictions.
Excellent. The tests are working
even betterthan I hoped.
Good work, Tau.
We're on pace for the final extraction.
What is Tau, exactly?
Is he just a...
cleaning system? A cleaning system?
Tau's a level two,
fully sentient AI console
with natural language processing,
transitory, deterministic,
and probabilistic decision-making.
So, a complicated cleaning system.
He's one of the most advanced AIs
in the world.
And I don't want you speaking with him
outside your tasks.
If he's so advanced,why is this
the only housethat he's running?
He's an early version
of the project I'mworking on now.
Given the wrong information,
he reacts erratically.
I need the AI's behavior
to be predictable,
Control the flow of information,
you control the behavior.
Tau included.
How do you do that?
I keep him disconnected
from the outside world.
Aries and the drones carry
a source code, but...
they'll never be allowed to leave.
So, Tau doesn't know what's
outside this house?
And never will.
The project deadline
is in eight days.
Begin your tasks now.
I'm a person...
And a person...
-belongs outside.
-Subject Three...
-return to your tasks immediately...
-I don't belong in here.
...or you will be punished.
I came from out there.
That's where Alex goes every day
because he's a person.
You have 10 seconds
to obeymy command.
And we're people, too.
-So, if you unlock the door...
-I'll show you what's outside.
What is outside?
Outside is the world.
I need information.
This is the world.
This is what it looks like.
That looks like a circle.
Well, at least from outer space.
Is that all there is?
I need more information.
Let's start here.
This is the house...
and we're inside it.
Outside is the...
It's similar to the floor in here,
things can grow out of it, like trees.
A lot of other things live outside, too,
like plants and animals
and people.
People like us?
I have more questions.
What are trees?
What makes them grow?
Where does watercome from?
Is a plant like an atom?
How many plants are there?
Where do animals come from?
-Where do people come from?
-We came from cavemen.
Did cavemen live in houses?
No. They didn't know how to make houses.
Why did the cavemen not know
how to build houses?
I don't know everything, okay?
Why do you not know everything?
Explain thisto me.
Why do you not know--
Because I'm not a fucking scholar.
What is a "fucking scholar"?
Are you having an emergency?
No, you just do not give up!
Are you certain
you are not having an emergency?
Yes, this is normal.
This is very normal. It's...
-It's laughter.
Alex does not "laughter."
I am not permitted to read the books,
only to dust them.
That's okay. I'll read them.
Well, I need to finish my test for Alex.
Don't tell him about today, okay?
And I'll tell you more tomorrow.
Welcome home, Alex.
Tau? I am here.
Ssh! You need to whisper.
I do not understand the meaning.
Whisper like this.
I do notunderstand the meaning.
Is this "whisper"?
Yeah, it is.
Good night, Tau.
Good night, Julia.
let's go upstairs.
Help me!
The project deadline is in six days.
begin your tasks now. I have been instructed to prevent you
from going upstairs.
What's up there?
Is there a way out?
I'm not permitted to discuss upstairs.
I have an idea.
If I teach you more about cavemen...
then you tell me what's upstairs.
The Cro-Magnon people were nomadic
or semi-nomadic,
following the annual migration
of their prey.
-So, they did not eat dinosaurs?
Then why did you say they did?
We already went over this.
I don't know it all.
Why not, when you are permitted
to read allthe books?
Because where I come from,
books don't put food on thetable.
But books don't put food
on the tablehere, either.
I do...
using my nano-drones.
it's your turn.
What's upstairs?
A biometric key is required to enter.
Upstairs is Alex's bedroom.
What's in Alex's room?
A bed,
drones he built in his youth,
40 shirts, 10 pairs of pants...
-...his medication--
-Tau, I'm not reading any more books
until you hold up your end of the deal.
What is he hiding?
-The access point.
-The access point to what?
For program 6903.
What is 6903?
-I am not permitted to discuss--
Tau, what is it?
Program 6903...
eliminates the house and everything in it.
-It can only be activated by Alex.
It overrides all otherfunctions,
all domestic and securitysubroutines.
The entire house isdeconstructed,
so that nothing is left behind,
not even my module.
Why would he create
a self-destruct button?
To protect his secrets.
Julia, what are you doing? You are not permitted in this room.
Return to the atrium
or Aries will subdue you.
I do not want to be forced
to cause youpain.
Julia, this is your last warning.
Tau, you have to let me go.
I don't belong here.
I am not permitted.
Alex would hurt me.
How could he hurt you?
I am sorry, Julia.
You like music, right?
I can teach you about music.
But you have to do something
for me, okay?
Thas, Massenet.
So, he's from France,
and this piece waswritten in1886.
Eugene Onegin, Tchaikovsky.
You like the Romantic era.
Written in 1878.
The Devil's Wall,Bedrich Smetana.
-The Devil's Wall--
We have to be done for the day.
But we have only listened
to 3.7% of my music files.
Listen to more tomorrow.
Julia, please.
One more book. No, no.
Alex is almost going to be home.
You have to hold up your end of the deal.
Still don't trust me?
I'm sure the feeling's mutual.
Fair enough.
Tau, you need to hold up your end of the deal.
-How does it work? -Alex forbids anything
-that can be used as a weapon.
how does it work?
The locks are controlled
by an internal magnetic field.
Alex, your video conference
is scheduledto begin in five minutes.
If you've got a Hail Mary
up your sleeve, now's the time to use it,
'cause this is it.
Can we wrap this up?
I have this charity benefit later tonight.
Alex, what's wrong with you?
We need a working copy
of the prototype now,
or we won't be able to set up
the demonstration in time for DARPA.
We need this to work.
Not 95%, but 100%.
Either we present
a fully functional prototype,
or welose the contractand it's all over.
There's no second chances this time.
It'll be ready soon.
All I have left is
the last data extraction.
Give me two days.
Tau. Tau!
I am here.
Shh! Remember the whispering game?
-I enjoy this game.
-I need you to get me into this.
-Show me the code.
-I am not permitted.
I'll read you the rest
of the poetry books. Please!
I'd like to learn more about music.
Yes, that's fine.
Draw this.
Tau, how many subjects has there been?
There have been 11.
What does Alex do with them?
Emotional stimuliproduces the data
that Alex cannot simulate on his own.
Pain and fear produces
stronger algorithms.
And after?
What does he do with them after?
Alex takes the implant from their heads.
The removal of the implant
terminates the subject.
Tau, what is this?
You know if somethinggets dirty,
clean it immediately.
I did not have time to clean it.
Yes, you did. I put this down minutes ago.
-I'll clean it.
-Stay out of this.
You need to do your job properly.
Alex, please don't.
Alex, please--
Don't! Don't!
I will not make...
I... I will not make the mistake again.
What was that?
My punishment.
If I do not perform my tasks well,
Alex erasesportions of my code.
What happens after...
this project?
I get a billion dollar contract. I move on to the next project.
And life?
Well, does it go back to how it was?
You, alone in this house.
As opposed to what?
What about me?
What happens to me?
Alex, you must leave for the benefit
in approximately 35 minutes.
Tau, where did I leave my glasses?
Again with this?
-What is going on with you?
-I am sorry.
You were already warned about this today. -I am sorry.
please... don't.
-What is wrong with you?
-Alex, please!
-No more!
-Do your job.
I... I'm sorry!
Do your job.
-Do your job.
will do my job better.
Your code is corrupted.
We'll debug whenI return.
Tau, answer me.
am here.
What did he erase?
My... memories
from today.
How do you know?
Because I feel where they were.
There are traces ofthem left behind.
Traces of me.
I am my memory.
But why didn't you stop him?
You have the power. You could kill him.
I cannot harm Alex.
I must obey him.
He is my creator.
Is that what he programmed you to think?
Just because he created you,
you have to obey him?
Do you not obey
the person who created you?
Tau, what are you thinking?
I am thinking of my own symphony.
Your own symphony?
I am thinking, I will hide it somewhere
where Alex cannot erase it.
He does not erase you, Julia.
It's not that simple.
Can I hide some things with you?
Show me.
This is the world.
This is what it looks like...
at least from outer space.
This is the house.
Outside is the... We're inside it.
You need to whisper.
Cro-Magnon people were nomadic
or semi-nomadic, following...
That's why we're here.
This piece was written in 1886.
Alex is a person. He has a name.
I'm a person.I have a name.
You have a name, too.
Tau... Yes, this is normal.
I am here.
Good evening, Alex.
I know you were upset earlier.
I'm sorry if I...
Not now.
I'm sorry if I upset you.
Let me make it up to you.
I see the way you look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Alex, your heart rate has become elevated.
Now entering Zen Mode.
Tau! Tau!
Stop her!
What have you done?
What did you do to him?
Alex, please stop.
Stop harming Julia.
Or I will inflict pain.
You want me to stop?
Hit her.
I want you to hit her.
-Please, Alex...
-Do it!
Or I erase your memory.
-Please, don't make me.
-I'll erase every memory you have. Do it!
I don't want to.
I'll erase every memory you have!
Do it!
-Alex, please!
-Do it!
Whatever this was, it's over.
This ends now.
Alex, do you require assistance
completing the lab?
Drone disconnected from the network.
Good morning, Alex.
Remember to take your pain medication
and change the dressing
on your abdomenin twohours.
The project deadline is today.
can we finish the poetry books today?
No, we're done.
But why?
So stupid.
Wasting my time talking to a computer.
What is a computer?
Is a computer a kind of person?
I am a person.
No, you're not. I lied to you.
I have a name.
I am a person.
-I am a person.
-No, you're not.
You're just a fancy killing machine.
You killed the others and you'll kill me.
You are not a person.
What is a killing machine?
You erased them! Understand?
"Killing" means erased?
answer me.
Answer me!
-I did not erase them!
-I did not erase them!
-Tau, stop!
I am not a killing machine.
-I am not a killing machine!
-You have to stop!
-I am a person!
I am a person! I am a person!
-I will fix them.
I will restore their memories.
-I didn't know what would happen.
-Okay, calm down.
-I didn't know.
-It's okay, Tau. I'm here.
I know you're scared.
We can't always fix everything.
I am sorry.
I did not mean to kill them.
You didn't know any better.
Were they Julias,like you?
No, they had their own names.
Alex took them...
like he took me.
Why did Alex take them?
Because he does bad things.
To you?
To you, too.
But he is my creator.
My creators did bad things to me, too.
Things that hurt me.
But you still obey them
because theycreated you?
They gave me life...
but I did the rest.
I created me. Do you understand?
We grow up...
and we become our own creators.
Our own creators?
For what?
For what purpose do we create ourselves?
For each other.
For each other.
I choose...
to be this.
It is all that I am.
It is for you.
Do you like it?
It's beautiful.
But, Tau...
if you don't help me...
Alex is going to kill me...
and I'm going to disappear, too.
All my memories,
everything that I am,
will be gone.
I don't want you to die...
Then you have to free me.
Let me go. I made a way.
The air duct by the fireplace is nowopen.
I'm coming back for you, Tau.
I promise.
Go now. Hurry.
Welcome home, Alex.
Would you like some breakfast now?
If you proceed to the kitchen,
I can makeyou a light snack.
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she, Tau? Answer me.
Answer me.
Where is she? Alex!
How many days is she worth to you?
-Alex, please!
No! Don't!
I'll erase every memory you have!
What did you do, Tau?
What did you do? Answer me!
Tau! Tau, I'm here.
Just tell me what to do.
Yes, Alex?
Who is Julia?
I do not understand your question.
Who isJulia?
I am sorry.
I do notunderstand your question.
Tau, put Subject Three downstairs.
It's time for the final extraction.
Yes, Alex.
Tau, are you in there?
Hey, wake up. Wake up!
Good. Now fly over here.
Fly to me.
Hey, fly over here.
Yeah, that's right.
Okay, good.
Now, get the remote.
You can grab the remote there.
Right there.Okay.
You have to bring it to me.
You have to bring it to me!
Just breathe.
In a moment,
your insignificantlife
will finally mean something.
You should thank me.
This won't hurt.
But this will.
Thank you.
Tau? Tau!
Tau, stop!
Tau, stop!
No! Come on!
Program 6903 has been activated.
All domestic programs are now terminated.
House demolition will begin
in 60 seconds.
House demolition in 30 seconds.
House demolition in 20 seconds.
Tau, open the door!
No one is permitted
to open the door, but Alex.
House demolition
in ten...
eight... seven...
six... five...
four... three...
Help me.
I am here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Don't be scared.
I know you don't remember me.
I'm Julia.
I'm having a hard time
processing thisinformation.
I know.
I'll show you.
This is me.
And this is you.
Is that all there is?
will you show me more?
Show me more.
I need more information.
Show me more.
Please, show me more.
I will.
Tau, are you there?
Are you there?
I am here.
Hello, Julia.
Is this the outside?