Taxi (1931) Movie Script

Well, how you getting along?
- Okay.
I'll have 'em all rolling by noon.
Nice job, that.
- Swell.
How many you got out now?
With this one complete, twenty-five.
Alright. Stick with it, boy.
- You said it.
Hey, Tom.
There's one of them now.
Let's give them the works.
Okay, let's go.
Sorry, old man. Accidents will happen.
[ Yiddish ]
Will you please tell me what you want.
[ Yiddish ]
Hey. What you trying to do, kid me?
All that I can understand is Ellis
Island, Ellis Island, Ellis Island.
What about Ellis Island?
[ Yiddish ]
[ Yiddish ]
What part of Ireland did
your folks come from?
Delancey Street, thank you.
Hey, buddy.
Pull over and let me out, will you?
What do you want, the whole plot?
What you say? Back up and
let me out of here, will you.
What are you yelling about?
You got plenty of room.
[ Yiddish ]
[ Yiddish ]
Good, good.
I'll beat the living off you.
What's the idea?
[ Yiddish ]
Well, looks like business is alright.
I ain't complaining.
Everything comes to him
who waits, is the old saying.
I've been on this corner
well over six years.
Six years... a long time.
In fact, it's too long.
Well, I got a personal
following I built up.
These men here don't use no
other cab except Pop Riley's.
Because there hasn't been
any other cabs around.
What I come to tell you was,
that from tomorrow on...
You can start building up a
following somewhere else.
You're pretty good at that.
What do you mean?
- Just what I said.
There will Consolidated Cabs
on this corner tomorrow.
You're through... out.
Say, what are you giving me?
- A straight tip.
We're taking over the corner tomorrow.
But look...
No use our chinning here.
Now I give you the lowdown.
Now get out nice and
peaceful or we'll put you out.
You can't take a man's bread
away from him like that.
Alright, start a breadline
on some other corner.
You don't know what you're doing.
This place is like home to me.
My daughter works in that restaurant.
People depend on me here.
You don't realize what
this corner means to me.
Sure I realize what the
corner means to you.
So does The Consolidated.
That's why they're taking it over.
Well, I ain't getting out.
I've been here for years.
I ain't quitting this corner for the
Consolidated or nobody else.
Alright... you're the boss.
But don't say I didn't wise you up.
Got a match?
Give him the works, and if he
squawks say it was an accident.
Hello, Mr Riley.
I was just saving some smokes for you.
Someone sent them back.
But Sue said the chances
are you wouldn't want fish.
I can appreciate that.
You know it's a funny thing, people ask
the waitress how is this and how's that.
I always give them the same answer.
There's some that says it's marvellous
and some that says it's rotten.
And the funny part of it is, Mr Riley,
about asking me about fish is...
That I never eat it in no
manner shape or form.
In other words: I don't like fish.
Ruby, I'll take care of dad's.
That's right, honey.
A girl should take care of her father.
Dad, what's the matter?
There is something wrong.
That man. What was he
saying to you out there?
He was from The Consolidated.
He just told me I had to get
off the corner by morning.
Say, who do they think they are
ordering people around like that?
Don't you let them do it.
I won't. I told them I wouldn't.
They have a lot of nerve coming in
and taking what pleases them.
They've got no right to.
And dad, you put up a fight.
Don't let 'em get away with that stuff.
You dirty, no-good fink.
You crashed into me on purpose.
Now wait a minute, Mr Riley.
I tell you it was an accident.
It wasn't an accident.
I know. You did it on purpose.
Go on... get out of here.
Before passing sentence upon
the defendant Michael Riley...
I cannot refrain from mentioning again
the deplorable aspects of this case.
Certainly it's wrong for a man to be
deprived of his means of livelihood.
Just as certainly as it
is wrong and wicked...
That retaliation for this injustice...
Should be executed
with similar violence.
Let us not forget.
Whatever his character and misdeeds...
A man has been killed.
And the defendant has been
found guilty of that murder.
Yet, I'm not unmindful...
Of the extenuating
circumstances in this crime.
I have given full consideration
to the advanced age...
And the failing health of the defendant.
I have a deep appreciation.
Of the time and money saved the state...
By the defendant's plea of guilty.
You have not thrown yourself upon
the mercy of this court in vain.
In light of all these
special considerations.
It's the judgment of this court.
That you be confined in the
State Penitentiary of Sing Sing.
For a period of ten years.
That guy over there sent
this fish back again.
Why did he send it back?
Why, it's delicious.
The customer's idea of delicious
and yours don't agree.
It's alright.
Maybe a little too much
seasoning or something.
In season or out of season, I'm
going to throw it out, Mr Goldfarb.
Why are you going...?
Why, the fish died an unnatural
death and it isn't fit to eat.
Even in a restaurant.
How do you know it died
an unnatural death?
I can tell by its eyes.
Gee, I've got a headache.
- Why don't you drink a cup of coffee?
Gee, honey darling.
I hope your father gets well.
All those places are simply awful.
I figure it's bad enough to
be in the penitentiary...
Without being sick in the hospital too.
I knew a fellah.
Prizzi Hart.
He was sent to Sing Sing for...
Gee, I don't know how long.
Well, anyway...
I was at the trial as what's
called a 'character witness'.
But it didn't do any good.
After they sent him up for fifteen,
he never came out again.
He just took sick and
wasted away to nothing.
But when Prizzi died, some of his
friends got up a collection to bury him.
I was working over at
Glanzman's Hungarian joint.
You know, that's the place I told you
the food was so bad you couldn't eat it.
Over on Amsterdam Avenue.
Ain't life funny?
You're here today and
you're gone tomorrow.
How many people do you suppose
die up in that penitentiary?
Not the ones they put in the electric
chair, but the ones already there.
Gee, I'll bet a lot of them go
in but never come out again.
Except feet first.
[ Door knocks ]
What am I running, please?
A sociability class?
Come along, you.
Customers are here to be waited on.
Come on.
Well, well, well. If it ain't Ruby.
How are you, sister?
A lot you care how I am.
Hey, where did you go last night?
I stood in front of that cigar store
so long they took me for an Indian.
Ah, give me a break, will you.
Where's Sue Riley?
She still works here, don't she?
Sure, but she ain't feeling so good. She
just got back from seeing her old man.
Here she is.
Hello, Sue.
Sue, I want you to meet my
kid brother. This is Danny.
And you know Skeets.
- Sure.
Listen, kid. You got a date
tomorrow night. You keep it open.
Oh yeah... who with?
Don't worry. It's strictly business.
We got to get together a talk
on something important.
And it's important to all of us.
Goldfarb is watching. You better order
something before he starts to beef.
Ah so what.
Bring me a cup of coffee, Sue. And you?
Make it two.
What do you want?
I'll have some gefilte fish
and you... bright eyes.
Never mind the applause.
After all that happened.
I don't see any use in stalling or
waiting around for arbitration.
Jake Perry just told you what those
dirty Consolidated rats did to him.
How they nearly made him lose his
eyesight... and Mrs Kelly told you...
What they did to her husband.
How they hurt him bad.
What had Kelly and Perry done? Nothing.
But protected their rightful property
and the right to make a living.
We live in the United States.
We're free and equal,
or so they tell us.
And we've got a right to a living
if we want to go out and get it.
We'll show those dirty finks they can't
take bread and butter out of our mouths.
I don't want trouble and
I know you want none.
But if anyone comes looking for it
I'll not sit back and take their gab.
Now we've got to fight fire with fire.
And while we're doing it,
we've got to stick together.
You get that? Stick together.
And let that sink in.
Now, friends.
I'm going to introduce another speaker.
I know it's going to be a surprise.
You all remember Pop Riley and the
dirty deal he got from The Consolidated.
Well, we can't have Pop with us this
evening, but we've got somebody else.
We have got his daughter.
Now Sue Riley will say something to you.
And I know it will be worthwhile.
Now whatever she says, you
can put down in your book.
As she has a personal interest in this.
Same as you and me and the rest of us.
Sue Riley.
Mr Nolan is right.
I have got a personal
interest in all this.
My father was the first of the
independent cab drivers to...
Lose more than just his
property in this awful fight.
If he were to be here tonight, he'd be
leading the fight, as Mr Nolan says.
Because he was a fighter.
He felt just the same way most
of you men do about this.
And I even encouraged him,
I even egged him on.
Why, if my dad hadn't shot that man
I might have shot him myself.
A short time ago, I would have felt
the same way as Mr Nolan does.
I would have slapped him on
the back and encouraged him.
But learned a terrible lesson that
changed my whole attitude.
Where has all this fighting got us?
What have we gained? Nothing.
There must be another way.
A peaceful way.
We can't fight them.
What's the idea?
I see I pulled a boner calling
you up here. You're not with us.
Besides, it's no place for a woman.
- What I say is the truth. You know it.
Ah, shut up.
Go on back to swinging your hair. That's
where you belong. You're yellow.
You call me yellow.
What do you know about it?
It's swell for you to stand there paying
people to go out and break their necks.
But wait until it hits home.
Then you'll feel different.
Don't pay any attention to her, folks.
They started this battle. If that's
what they want, we'll give it 'em.
What will your old man say when he hears
how you talk? He'll be ashamed of you.
I'm afraid he'll never hear.
He died this morning.
Hey... get a load of that.
So they buried the hatchet, have they.
The burglars.
I'd like to bury the hatchet.
Right in their thick skulls.
Most of the boys got their
corners back, ain't they.
Didn't they get Jimmy Murphy a new cab?
Yeah. And you know something?
I heard they fired some of
their sluggers this morning.
It goes to show they're willing
to do what's right, don't it?
Yeah? How long is that
peace going to last?
Six months. Maybe less.
Then they start getting tough again.
They'll get the jump on
us and shove us around.
We should have done
it right the first time.
And run them and their cabs
right into the East River.
If it weren't for that Riley
dame, we'd have done it too.
I know, Matt.
You know how she feels about her
old man. That's why she done it.
That ain't no excuse.
I'm sorry about the old man
kicking the bucket, too.
But I could kick her teeth
down her throat and like it.
I'm not through with that girl yet.
Gee, I'm tired.
I work all day and when night
comes I ain't good for nothing.
I wish I could meet some big
Spaniard with a lot of money.
Well honey, I'm getting to a point where
I ain't as particular as I used to be.
I'll marry any guy that's got
a clean collar and shirt.
And if it comes to a pinch,
I'll marry him without the shirt.
Goodbye, Ruby. I'll see you later.
- Okay.
Wait a minute, smart gal.
I got a bone to pick with you.
- I've nothing to talk with you about.
What was the idea of
pulling that line last night?
You thought you were smart breaking
up that meeting, didn't you.
Made me look a heel to all those people.
They've given me the bird ever since.
I was right, wasn't I?
You can't make a sucker out
of me, you or nobody.
For two cents I'd
knock the ears off you.
For less than that, I'd slap your face.
Go ahead. I'll give you first punch.
Come on, Matt. She's only a dame.
She don't know any better.
I ought to knock her nose
around to her ear.
You know, Matt. I think she's swell.
You can't blame her for doing
stuff she thought was right.
Well anyway, she's got
a nice pair of pins.
Ah, I wouldn't go with that dame
if she was the last one on earth.
And I'd just got out of the Navy.
We've certainly been
going places lately.
Why all the sudden interest?
I thought you were 'off' me.
I thought I'd give you a break.
Oh... big-hearted Nolan.
Well you're a good kid and I like you.
You are kind of nice yourself.
When you want to be.
A very sweet fellah.
Hey, look.
Coming. John Barrymore. The Mad Genius.
I wonder what he's mad about.
You know what I think?
I think he's copying Frederick March
more and more every day.
Don't you think so?
He's my favorite though,
except Joey Brown.
Didn't you get my message?
Yes... but I had to come.
I couldn't believe it... I had
to hear it from your own lips.
But you must go.
My husband. He knows all.
If he were to find you here it
would be most embarrassing.
What makes this tragedy
so hard to bear...
Is the years I've spent waiting
for just this one moment.
And now it all seems so futile.
My life seems misspent.
The meaning has gone out of
everything and left only...
Isn't he grand?
His ears are too big.
Don't say goodbye, Ferdinand.
Just go.
And I'll try to imagine you
coming back to me someday.
Perhaps that blind faith
will bring you back.
I shall live in that hope.
Just like I told poor Prizzi when
they took him up to Sing Sing.
Until he died up there I always
pretended he was coming back.
Just like in this picture.
Can't you keep quiet?
In spite of everything, I love you.
Gee, doesn't he know how to make love?
You think he's so hot?
Get a load of this.
The finals for this contest.
Will now be between numbers 18 and 4.
The judges are unable to decide
the winners of this contest.
Now we'd be pleased to have the public.
Pick the winning couple
by popular applause.
Now please do not stamp
or whistle. Thank you.
Watch that mug's face when
they hand out that cup.
The management of Rainbow Gardens...
Is delighted to announce that
the winners of this contest...
Are Miss Hazel Kelly.
And Willy Kenny.
Thank you.
How do you like that, wise guy?
Another crack like that and l
wrap it round your neck, mug.
Oh, Matt. Don't act like that.
- Up an alley.
Come on, scram. Don't start
anything like that around here.
Maybe you need a punch on the nose too?
- Yeah?
Why don't you cut it out?
Don't do this and don't do that.
What do you want me to do, anyhow?
- It's that insane temper of yours.
You promised to change.
You promised not to embarrass
me in public that way.
Well tonight showed me you can't change.
It simply isn't in you.
I'm not going to see you again, Matt.
And you know the reason why.
Come on, you're daffy about me.
Only you won't admit it.
So you've gone into mind reading?
I'm falling for you, am I?
Say, doesn't that arm of yours ever
get tired of patting Matt on the back?
You kinda like yourself, don't you.
Well, pull in those ears of yours if
they're not too big and get a brain.
I need you about as much
as I need the measles.
I'm telling you Matt, we're all
washed up and I'm through.
Give us a kiss, will you?
Coming home from Coney
Island always makes me sad.
I once cried coming home with Prizzi.
You know, the guy I used to go with.
Prizzi never got jealous of nothing.
He used to say I was the nicest
girl he ever went out with.
He got mad once.
A salesman Louis Gonzeldorf.
Another fellah I used to go with.
- Why don't you button your lip?
I ain't said much.
Well, as I was saying, this Louis
Gonzeldorf sold leatherwork.
And he had a sideline
in ladies lingerie.
I still got some of the
things he gave me.
He was a good salesman.
I'll never forget.
He gave me a pair of black teddy-bears.
But I only wore them once.
They brought me bad luck.
I can't understand you, honey.
I'd give up.
And I've studied people ever since I was
old enough to know a man from a woman.
You can't get around it.
Either you give them
the air or you don't.
And if you don't.
For the love of Mike, can you
stop fighting all the time?
Sometimes I think you don't give nothing
to each other the way you quarrel.
But maybe we like it that way.
Well I don't.
I hate fights.
Every time Skeets hits the bottle
I want to clock him on the nog.
I did once.
Speaking of the devil, here he is now.
Well, does it stay in?
I suppose so.
Alright, come on in.
Well, how am I doing in there?
Will she talk to me?
How do I know? Why don't
you go in and ask her?
I wouldn't blame her if
she didn't speak to you.
Well, so long.
I'll leave you two to fight it out.
Three's a crowd.
What do you mean 'three'? Don't I count?
- Did you ever count?
Come on. I feel like being bored.
And you can do the job
better than anybody I know.
So long, Matt. See you later. Bye, Sue.
We're going to wrestling matches.
Maybe you are, but I'm
going to the Winter Garden.
They got a picture
there of Lily Gauldiver.
I like the sound of her name.
It's got sex appeal.
Nothing will help you, baby.
See, I'm getting plenty of ice.
What did you expect, a brass band?
I suppose I'm a sucker for
coming back for more punishment.
That door works both ways.
Ah come on, don't be that way.
Nobody will like you.
- You for instance?
Uhuh... for instance.
Of all the conceited guys I've ever
met in my life you take first prize.
What makes you think you're
so good? You're not so hot.
What I might do to...
Stay that way.
Who are you running after?
Go on.
Say it.
Come on, honey.
What are you so serious about?
Well, I have a right to be serious.
I don't think I'm asking
too much of you, Matt.
All I want you to do is
try and be a gentleman.
It won't be very hard. Really it won't.
Get the chip off your shoulder and
stop picking fights with everyone.
I can never be happy with you
the way you are all the time.
I'm on edge every time we go out.
Alright, Ma.
I'll be good.
I'll give you one more chance.
Oh, Matt.
You promise to wear it a long time?
Where do you get the... where do
you get the marriage licenses?
Eighth floor. Going right up.
Call your floors, please.
- Nine.
- Fourteen, please.
Take off your hat.
Take off your hat.
Get off that foot.
Can you believe that big clown?
Hey, I'm getting off here.
- Okay.
Why don't you look where you're
going, you bill balloon head.
I got a mind to bust you in the lug.
Matt, please don't start
anything. Come on.
Let go, will you.
Oh Matt, you're impossible.
You embarrass me every time we go
out and it's always over nothing.
Over nothing?
You expect me to let a big hippo like
him plant his clodhoppers all over me?
I give up. I'm going home.
I'm sorry, honey. I didn't mean it.
Well you're always sorry.
Why don't you think before you start?
You're always ready
to hit someone, Matt.
I think we'd better call
this off before it's too late.
We can't do that now, honey.
You know you don't mean that.
- Yes, I do mean it.
You told me time and time again
that you wouldn't lose your temper.
You haven't kept your word. Not once.
From now on, just watch
and see. I'll keep it.
Honest, I will.
Let it go this time?
I beg your pardon.
Who do you see around here
to get a marriage license?
I was so sick when Sue said you weren't
going to Niagara Falls for a honeymoon.
Should any man propose to me,
it's Niagara Falls or nothing.
I've always looked forward
to seeing myself there...
Ever since Jenny,
that's my oldest sister.
Went there eight years ago.
I've still got the postal card.
Here kid, have a drink.
Well, I read in a magazine where a
woman had 22 children in 12 years.
I read it in a magazine and it said that
the President himself gave her a medal.
What did he give her husband?
A wheelchair?
It didn't say.
Get a load of the two
lovebirds over there.
Ah, don't pay any attention
to him. He's drunk.
Hey, if you two want to be
alone, we'll all go home.
Who's that guy?
I don't know. The guy
with him is Joe Silva.
Drives a cab with Consolidated.
Oh, Buck. Please don't. Let them alone.
They're not bothering you.
How do you know?
A gentleman over here wants to see you.
- First table in the corner.
It's Slats.
Alright. Thanks.
Be with you in a minute.
Keep an eye on that mug
while I'm gone, will you.
I'll be right back.
- Sure.
Hello, Slatsy.
You ain't sore because you wasn't
invited to the wedding are you?
Nah, nah. Sit down.
Danny, please don't let Matt get
into a fight. Tonight above all.
Ah, don't worry.
Everything is going to be alright.
I know the guys.
They're drunk. That's all.
Go and tell him to leave us alone then.
I'm awfully afraid something
is going to happen.
Okay, pal.
Hi, Joe.
Hi, kid. How's tricks?
This is Danny Nolan, Buck.
This is Marie Costa.
- How do you do.
How do you do?
What's all the stink about? A wedding?
Yeah. My brother Matt got
married this morning.
Sit down, kid.
Listen, I saw that guy over there trying
to make trouble. Do you know who he is?
Just some smack-off letting his
liquor talk for him. That's all.
Listen, kid.
I couldn't hold a grudge
against anybody. Not tonight.
He's the guy that sent
Pop Riley up the river.
The guy you might say
put him in his grave.
What do you mean?
- That's Buck Gerard.
He does strongarm work for
The Consolidated. I know him well.
At the trial it came out that...
Sue saw her old man talking to a
tough mug on the day of the killing.
- That was Gerard.
And on the same day, Bull Martin
slammed his 5-ton truck into Pop's hack.
Gerard framed the whole thing.
So that's the guy who started all that?
I'll catch up with him someday.
And I'll pay him off in lumps.
I beg your pardon.
I am the girl at the table opposite.
Come to rest room at once. Important.
I'll be right back.
I'll be back in a moment.
Meet my brother, Matt.
This is Buck Gerard.
Joe Silver.
I think I've seen you around.
Go on, get back to your
table where you belong.
You're kinda tough, ain't you.
I know it's your wedding night and
I know you don't want any trouble.
I think my husband can
take care of himself.
Sure he can, honey. But...
Why let him get in a fight?
- He said nothing to start an argument.
I know that. It's Buck's fault.
But I don't want trouble
any more than you do.
I'm going to try and
get him out of here.
Why don't you do the same?
If Buck acts funny or says
anything mean, why...
Tell your husband to pay
no attention to him.
That's the only way you can handle Buck.
Just let him have his own way.
Alright. I'll do my best.
Thanks, honey.
You'd better go out first.
They won't think we were talking.
Matt... I'm awfully tired. Can't we go?
Any time you say, honey.
How about you, Skeets? Going?
No, I'll stick around a
while. See you later, Matt.
- Yeah, I want to stay.
Right, take care of the check, will you.
- Go on. I'll take care of it.
- See you later, Matt.
Ha. The big wedding night.
Going home early, are you?
I'll bet you had to marry the bim.
Don't, Matt. Don't.
- Get out of the way.
How about, Doc?
Is there anything I can do?
Can I go out and get a
specialist or something?
He's my kid brother. You know how it is.
I'd give anything to save him.
I'm sorry.
Why'd it have to happen to him?
He didn't have it coming.
This kid never hurt anybody in his life.
Matt, don't.
He stepped in and took it for me.
Come, Matt my boy. Be sensible about it.
You know, I've known you
since you were a little boy.
And you can trust me
to advise you right.
Tell us who it was, Matt my boy.
I can't figure you out.
A man murders your brother.
Your pal. And you
won't tell us who he is.
The murderer can't be a friend of yours.
So why shield him?
- I ain't shielding him.
You'll find that out someday.
- So you do know who he is?
No, I don't.
Why not come clean, Nolan? You
may get it, same as your brother did.
I'll take my chances.
Don't you understand, my boy?
We're all working toward the same goal.
We want the murderer of
Danny brought to justice.
I guarantee he will pay the penalty.
- Oh yeah?
Your penalty is too good for that rat.
Then someone else will
tell us if you won't.
That's alright with me.
I tell you, I don't know a thing.
And if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
That's all, Nolan.
Sit down, O'Brien.
You were at the Cotton Pickers Club when
Danny Nolan was killed, weren't you?
I was there, but I
didn't see who did it.
We know who did it alright.
Matt just told us and he
told us you were there.
We called you here because we need
the testimony of more than one man.
Well... if Matt told you Gerard did it.
I ain't got no reason for holding out.
Certainly. We know that
Gerard did it alright.
We wanted to be sure that
you saw the actual killing.
Sure. I seen it.
I forgot.
We got a letter today, honey.
A letter. From who?
From George Peters.
That fellow who runs that
tourist camp out in Illinois.
What does he have to say?
He has a garage now.
And he wants you to come out and
he'll give you half interest in it.
Isn't that swell?
He says you can make enough money
in one year to pay him back.
Oh yeah?
That would be wonderful, honey.
Why we can even go up to
Chicago every once in a while.
And I'm just dying to see the country.
Ever since dad told me about
the farm he worked on once.
Can't we go, honey?
You can sell your cab to pay the fare.
We're not going.
Why not? You've always said you
wanted to get out of New York.
I know... but I've got some
things I've got to do.
You mean, Danny's tombstone?
That and some other things, too.
I know what you're thinking about.
What you're always thinking about.
Why don't you get those
thoughts out of your mind.
Always thinking of getting even.
Brooding the way you do all the
time isn't going to do you any good.
Oh Matt. The police will
eventually get Gerard.
Police, nothing.
Danny was my brother.
I'll handle Gerard my own way.
I know. I know how you feel.
But your way is the wrong way.
Why, it can only ruin both of our lives.
We have each other, Matt.
Our home.
We could be so happy.
[ Door knocks ]
Who is it?
- It's me, Buck.
What's been keeping you?
You've been gone an hour.
Nothing. I just had a lot of
things to get. That's all.
Did you get my cigarettes?
I'm sorry, Buck. I forgot them.
I was nervous, I guess.
- About what?
About what? What's happened?
Now be careful with those.
Alright, Ma.
What kept you out so
late last night, Matt?
Why, I...
I had a call that took me out to
Jersey and I blew out a tire out there.
I was kind of late getting back.
Now that's enough. You're going to break
them sure. Go on, get out of here. Shoo.
I knew I could get out of it.
If I thought you meant that...
Matt, don't.
I'll go down and check my tires.
I'll see you in a few minutes, honey.
Sue, can I talk to you a moment?
Why? What do you mean coming here?
It's terribly important, honey.
I've got to see you.
What if Matt catches you here?
I waited until I saw him leave.
I had to come.
The cops are hot on Buck and
I must do something quick.
I must get him out of the country.
He was hiding in Jersey until Monday
but the landlady got suspicious.
And we had to bring him back here.
- Why are you telling me all this?
I'll get to that in a minute.
Joe Silva knows the purser on a
freight boat going to South America.
And he's fixing it so Buck can
get smuggled on tomorrow night.
This purser guy wants a hundred dollars.
But we haven't a cent.
What's it got to do with me?
I'm not interested in Buck Gerard.
You have to help me.
You must give me the money.
Me? Why, I haven't got any money.
And besides, I have no
intention of helping a murderer.
Marie, please go. If Matt catches you...
- I know Buck's no good.
I know you hate him.
But can't you see you're
the only one I can come to?
Don't you see what would
happen if Matt got to Buck?
He'd kill him.
Your husband.
He'd be a murderer and go to
jail just like your dad did.
Who were you talking to?
Why... why no-one. Why?
I thought I heard you
talking to somebody.
Well... you must have
heard Ruby upstairs.
You know, she's talking all the time.
So I've heard.
Somebody is taking good
care of that guy Gerard.
He beat the cops to it again.
If I ever get my hooks into that rat,
I'll save the cops a lot of trouble.
Come on, let's get going.
Can't keep Father Nulty waiting.
I don't think I'd better go, Matt.
I've got too much to do here.
You said you were going with me.
- I know I did, but...
This house is such a mess that
I should stay and clean it up.
But now you run along.
I'll see you when I get back.
Sue... you see what I mean?
I heard what he said.
He won't rest until he
gets his hands on Buck.
He'll kill him.
He'll kill him, I tell you.
Can't you see you'll be
in the same spot I'm in now.
He'd be a murderer, just like my man is.
So please.
Please help me to get him away.
I know he's rotten and mean, but...
He's mine, honey.
He's mine just like Matt is yours.
And I love him too much to let him die.
Even though he deserves it.
You're not doing this for me.
You're doing it for Matt.
Your man.
Here, take it.
Oh. Hello.
Is Matt in?
Why no. He left a half hour ago.
Where'd he go? I have something
very important to tell him.
The Consolidated have just
offered us both swell jobs.
Well I think you'll find
him at the garage, Skeets.
I'll see him later.
Sue... do you think he knew me?
I don't know.
Marie, you got the money.
Now you must go.
Alright, honey.
God bless you, honey.
You cannot do better
anywhere for the price.
One hundred dollars is cheap.
Lombardi knows.
Alright, you can get started on it.
You have the...?
- The epitaph.
Yeah, that's it.
- Mr Nolan.
I don't like to ask you.
But we've got to have a deposit.
You know, we...
I haven't the money on me right now.
But I tell you what I'll do.
I'll run a ride home, get the
dough and bring it back with me.
Thank you, Mr Nolan. I didn't like
to ask you. But you understand.
Sure. That's alright.
Well now, is everything settled?
- Perfectly.
I will do a very nice job.
Thank you very much, Mr Nolan.
Goodbye, Mr Lombardi.
- Goodbye, Father.
Goodbye, Mr Nolan.
Hey, where you been?
I've been looking all over for you.
I go up to your house and Sue
tells me you're at the garage.
Garage? She knew I was coming here.
Anyway, I got some great news for you.
The Consolidated has just offered
both of us a couple of swell jobs.
They want to start us of on
a salary and commission.
They even offer to buy
our hacks from us.
Oh yeah?
Tell 'em to run it in their hair.
Hey, you know something funny?
When I was up at the house looking for
you, who do you think I saw up there?
Come on, cut out the riddles. Who?
Marie... Buck's girl.
Marie at my place? How long ago?
Just a few minutes ago.
Just before I came down here.
That's funny.
Thanks, Skeets. I'll see you later.
Don't worry. That bad egg is
probably at the North Pole by now.
Anyhow, I can't see why a girl has to
take that run-around from any guy.
Husband or no husband.
You know what I'd tell him?
I'd tell him if he wants to go gunning
for people he can get by without you.
Why don't you tell him that?
No. I couldn't, Ruby.
I guess I love him too much.
Come on down here.
Say, don't forget you're going to
that typewriting school with me.
I'll be down in a few minutes.
Where's that dough?
What dough, Matt?
The money in that box. I had a
hundred bucks in it and it's gone.
All but ten bucks.
It is?
Come on, cut clowning.
What did you do with it?
I gave it to Ruby. I just loaned it to
her for tuition at the business college.
You have a nerve. You knew I was saving
up for Danny's headstone, didn't you?
I know, but... she said she'd
give it back in a day or two.
Well, try asking next time.
Wait a minute.
Something else I want to ask you.
What was Marie doing here?
- Marie?
Yeah, Marie. Buck's girl.
What you putting on an innocent act for?
Skeets told me she was here.
- She was here, Matt.
But she just came to ask me to
beg you to leave Buck alone.
Oh yeah?
She could have saved
herself the trouble.
You ain't got nothing to say about it.
Please don't go, Matt. Don't go, please
don't. Haven't I anything to say, Matt?
I'm your wife.
Doesn't that mean anything?
Please don't, honey.
What you putting on me now?
You know how I felt about
that greaseball all along.
There's no use in looking for him.
You'll never find him.
Listen. Marie was here, wasn't she?
Then he's in town.
I'll find him if it's
the last thing I do.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Here's the two eggs I borrowed, honey.
You ready to go to typewriter school?
- No, I'm not going, Ruby.
Well, I have to be running along.
Wouldn't drive a kid
over, would you, Matt?
Where to?
The business college
over on 33rd Street.
But first, I got to stop at the bank
on the corner and get the money.
Ruby, I...
It's going to take every
nickel I've saved.
They've got a nerve charging in advance.
How do they know whether
I'll be able to learn anything?
Well, so long.
Where have you been?
I want you to drive me to 33rd Street.
Screw, will you. I got to see Matt.
Get this. Slats comes to me
and tells me Buck is in town.
He's hiding out over in Jersey.
He came into town last night.
Wait a minute.
Here's the address. 34 East 15th Street.
So you gave the money to Ruby, huh?
What did you do with my hundred bucks?
- Alright. Alright, I'll tell you.
I gave it to Marie for Buck.
You what? You gave my
money to Buck Gerard?
I gave it to Marie to get Buck out
of the country and away from you.
The dirty rat kills Danny and
you help him get away with it.
You're as bad as he is.
And it won't do you any good.
No Matt... I won't let you.
You don't get out of here until
Gerard is safe out of the country.
Stand still.
If you try to get over
here, I'll shoot you.
I swear I'll shoot you.
Don't, Matt.
Matt, think what you're doing.
You're mad, Matt. You'll be a murderer.
You have enough to answer for as it is.
You started the fight that killed Danny.
His death is at your door,
Matt, just as much as Gerard's.
Open the door!
Open the door!
And besides, my feet hurt.
You're going to drive me over to that
business college if you like it or not.
Skeets, you know where
Buck Gerard is, don't you?
Sure I do. Why? What's the matter?
- Matt has a gun. He's out to get him.
Skeets, you got to take me to Gerard's
house before Matt gets there.
Ah... gee, Sue. I can't do that.
I don't want to go against Matt.
You know how he is.
I don't want him to get sore at me.
Come on honey, get in. He'll take
you over whether he likes it or not.
Oh yeah?
- Oh yeah.
Come on, get going. Don't argue
or I'll knock your block off.
This is it. Follow me.
What time does that boat sail?
I don't know, Buck. Joe will tell
you as soon as he gets back.
When is he coming back?
He took the money to
the purser on the boat.
He'll be back pretty soon.
Maybe he beat it with the dough?
Don't be silly, Buck.
He's the one real friend you have.
Besides me.
That's it. Right there.
Who's there?
It's Sue. Sue Riley.
What you want?
Marie, please let me in. It's important.
Are you alone?
Yes. Yes, I'm alone.
Marie, is Buck still here?
What do you want to know for?
If he is, you must get him out quick.
Matt knows he's here
and is on his way now.
How does he know we live here?
Unless you told him?
No, I didn't tell him and don't know who
did. You got to get him away from here.
You heard what she said.
We've got to get out of here.
We must get out quick.
Please hurry. He'll be here any minute.
Alright. Pack the bags.
That's Matt now. Please hurry.
I'm looking for a guy named Gerard.
A big, dark guy. Do you know him?
No. I never even heard of him.
Do you know?
- Gerard?
What's the idea of ringing
my bell? I was asleep.
Close your big mouth... I'll knuckle...
He's not here, Matt.
He's gone.
Quick. Get in the closet
and lock yourself in.
Where is he?
You're too late... he's gone.
He's gone, eh?
Come out and take it you dirty,
yellow-bellied rat or I give it
to you through the door.
Please, Matt. Listen to me, will you.
- Get away.
Get away from me.
I can still give it to you, too.
Get away from that door.
- No.
Get away from that door.
- No.
What's all this screaming about?
Hello Nolan. What's the trouble here?
Not a thing.
Just came up here to get my wife
and this dame started an argument.
Say, whose flat is this?
Ain't I seen you somewhere before?
Ain't you Buck Gerard's girl?
Buck? I used to know him, but I...
I haven't seen him for a long time.
And I don't suppose you
know where he's at now?
I have got orders to bring all of
Buck's old friends in for questioning.
Come with me.
You can't take me.
I haven't done anything.
But you can take him.
He threatened me with a gun because
he thought I knew where Buck was.
She's daffy. She's covering up.
Take her along. She knows where he is.
She has him hidden somewhere.
He did try to kill me.
Didn't he? Didn't he, Sue?
You've got to tell the truth.
You've got to.
Well... you're the only witness.
Did he threaten her or not?
Go on, tell him the truth.
Tell him she's lying.
Yes... yes, he did threaten her.
Why you dirty, double-crossing
little tramp. You sold me out.
Watch it.
Where's your gun?
I ain't even got a gun.
- He has.
He hid it under the mattress.
You can have it now.
Who's got the key to this door?
[ Girl screaming! ]
He's falling... he's falling!
You know, just because you and
Matt are going to split up.
I can't see why you have to
move way up The Bronx to live.
Hey, honey...
Why don't you and I
bunk together upstairs?
Just like we used to.
Oh thanks, Ruby.
You've been an awfully
good friend to me.
But I want to get away from all this.
I want to get somewhere
where I can make a fresh start.
Where there will be nothing to
remind me of what's happened.
Are you sure you don't
love Matt anymore?
How could I?
Sorry, lady.
Got to trouble you for that chair.
It makes me sick to see all that
furniture going back to Lacy's basement.
You ain't never going to get
bargains like that again, honey.
Let's not talk about it, Ruby.
Besides, the Express men
will be here any minute.
I'll let you know just as
soon as I get settled.
Gee, honey... I hate to see you go.
Why, if I'd thought you meant that...
Hey, you guys.
You can turn right around and bring
that stuff right back up here again.
What for?
Well, as Prizzi Hart would say:
They're feathering their
love nest all over again.