Taxi (2023) Movie Script

Who the hell are you guys?
Hey get the hell out of here.
What the hell is this chemistry subject?
I have to kill you for this.
I just asked you for a smaller
presentation for the project demo.
You using your crooked brain,
have brought me Ph.D. level thesis.
I thought every solution will
be available in Google only.
Now I am not getting proper output.
In first hour only I have to present this.
Now what I am supposed to do?
Hi guys, can I help you.
Who are you?
Can I have a seat?
From long time I am hearing your
conversation, shall I have a look at it.
No, no you have to use barium
to get the output.
Sir we have used it.
Be and Fe.
There is a difference between beryllium
and barium, atomic number of beryllium is 4,
what I am saying is barium, it is 56.
Dont you understand.
Didnt this loose guy Google it?
See its done.
You are super sir, at last.
Many thanks.
What about your name.
I forget to say this. I am sorry this is
Eswar and I deal with chemical metallurgy.
Oh nice to hear.
By the way I am Neha.
Hi Neha, nice meeting you all, sorry I
have some work to do, I will take a leave.
Bye guys
Hey you are a very lucky one,
at last your problem got solved.
The original luck comes when
she is going to give a presentation.
We might have many languages to
express our anger, but to welcome
the happiness and to gulp the sorrow,
we have only one language, tears.
The reason behind my happiness
in the picture is Ujwal.
God might have got confused
in both of us,
He instead of giving the relation
as siblings, he make us born apart.
Even though we hadnt shared
the same blood we shared
the same batch and become
very great friends.
That was the day principal officially
says good bye to us by providing
certificates also the day of ours
laughter and that was the first day
where we are going to face
the real troubles of our society.
The offer I got after the completion
of my studies is better and
more than the marks I got
while studying.
Just as I thought of joining a job
or company a particular quote
Inspired me greatly if you want
to be a successful in this world
you have to follow your passion
not a pay check.
This is the quote that inspired me
and I decided that if I couldnt only
work with people but also provide
employment to them, then my
education would have been worthwhile.
Now I am a small entrepreneur
in a big challenging word.
Dont worry I am on the way .
Will be there in 10 minutes.
Raju, where are you going?
I doubt if I will be able to get
any work done since you asked.
Any way I am going out to INOX with my
girl for an english movie in telugu.
They are providing extra
3d glasses for just 20 rupees.
Raju, wait listen to me.
What again? Do I have to take
the cab key today for?
Hey I am not feeling well at all,
I drove the cab for last 6 days
but I am not up to it today.
Just drive this one day and
we will get paid for full week.
When you are not well,
why do you drive?
Why dont you stay back at home?
Why do you push yourself so hard.
This is the plight of cab drivers
life like me.
I eagerly grabbed the opportunity
when they offer the cab on instalments
But later realize how tough it is
to balance paying the EMI and
managing all my responsibilities
however sick I am.
You have always some excuse
or the other.
Always saying Nageswara Rao sir family
dialogues roles and responsibilities.
This is the last I am helping out.
Next time I wont.
Be careful Raju, dont trouble
the customers who take your cab.
Please give respect to them
Ok, ok, I know that.
Air ok, car ok! I am not ok.
Just now harassment of
my father finished.
Now this girl is calling me.
I always wonder how women get
to know the problem timing of men.
How come they call at
the exact moment of frustration?
Hello had your breakfast.
Dont do extras.
Did you start?
Yes, just now started with cab.
With cab?
You know everything about me
very well,
These Telugu fathers wont leave
the younger ones so easily if
they stay in home happily,
its quite logic.
Seriously? I do believe in you.
Its true dear, I swear on
Lord Annavaram Satyanarayana.
Okay, you have one hour time.
Okay I will come. Dont try to go
with another person thinking
that I wont come, ok bye.
If you make people eat betel leaves,
I can make them to eat palm leaf
dont try to play with me.
Dont cough, as I am still here, you are
wasting your breath, I am leaving you.
Sir have you identified the problem.
Yes I have but it will take
some time.
May I know whats the problem is.
This is a steel wire program
in spyware hacking.
Can you elaborate for this guy here?
Generally when we browse, our
company data and information
we unknowingly click the spyware
which usually comes in the form
of an advertisement by the hackers.
In order to prevent a spyware attack,
your company backend support
has installed an anti-spyware.
Without their knowledge a cyber-thief
installed a steel wire along
with the spy wire kit.
He is not only stealing your data but also
stealing your money from your bank accounts.
What sir? Is all this really happening?
Its done, you can now inform
your higher officials.
We are really sorry sir,
we will not repeat this mistake.
Your company has lost its trust
and reputation with this incident.
I dont want any further interaction
with you.
- Lets meet legally.
- We are really sorry sir.
Thanks a lot Ujwal, you have
cured us of a huge headache.
Its my job sir.
Your work and your ideology
are both really good.
If you are ok with it, why dont you also
monitor our online banking security too?
Yes sure sir, definitely,
actually thanks
The fact is I am impressed your work
and more over I hear that you are
a gold medallist in ethical hacking.
So instead of a temporary offer I want
to give you a life time offer to you.
You know dont you?
This project needs 24x7 monitoring.
I believe that you and your team will be
able to allot sufficient time to this project.
We will do our best sir.
All the best Mr Ujwal.
Thank you sir.
Great news Bhuvika, do come
urgently to our coffee shop.
Whats this all of sudden?
Hey Bhuvika, sorry for leaving
without a word.
With your help, first time in my
life everyone in the class clapped,
Few whistled also, only left was
rising of banners in my name.
Happiest day of my life... but?
Good news is that Indian Economic
bank project was allocated to us.
Thats great news but why are
you feeling so dull?
Zonal manager suggested us
to extend our company,
As of now we are in a bad phase, can we
do that now, thats what I am thinking of.
Why but? You are happy with
claps and whistles.
That was a just a demo.
From tomorrow onwards
main project commences,
For that one also you have to
help me out. Please. Please.
Thats it.
Chaitanya had a few savings in
his account. Shall I ask him?
No trouble yourself.
If I dont ask him, what you will
do for money, will start printing
currency notes at home.
No, no
Wherever you go it will be loan only.
If you took that from your friend
at least you can escape
the high interests, right.
But by the end of the month you
have to give the salary at right time.
Many, many thanks.
Even about the studies.
Actually what you do in
the free time.
Not that violently.
Ok this is better.
If your enquiry finished on me,
I also want to know about you.
Whats your native place?
Oh Vizag only, where in Vizag?
Hostel? You said that your native
is vizag, do your parents stay long?
Yes very, very long.
What they do for living.
They love each other.
Are they supposed to stay so long
just for the sake of loving?
Even I dont know, I am asking
the same question from 22 years,
still I am not getting the reply.
I am sorry Neha, I didnt mean
to hurt you. I am really sorry.
You know what ...Neha, our
parents will not leave us alone.
They will be with us and will
be within us only.
What we had to do is just to
see them with our heart...
Everything will be fine.
Dont worry!
Everyone is waiting for you
only Neha.
Ok sure I am coming.
Where are you?
Here only, in our coffee shop,
I will be there soon.
Ok come fast.
Eswar I have to leave, shall we meet
tomorrow also at the same time.
Yes sure.
A small doubt, how you came here.
By 2 wheeler.
2 wheeler means compulsorily
2 persons was supposed to go right?
Yes, yes you are right.
Then lets go.
Did countless stars feel
happy surrounding me?
Im floating over the clouds
You filled in my heart and
it flew towards you
Whats the magic of
this unknown trance?
Eyes are distracted and
heart is disturbed
Yours is such a beauty
Steps felt happy when
we walk together
I feel good being with you
Hey love, by the time
I asked for a boon
Did I find within me?
Shall I share the whispers
within me?
Heart is filled with lavender
flavour because of you
Some trance overshadowed me
Hey Cinderella, whole earth
is like a wonder
It is changing my entire story
Hey love, by the time
I asked for a boon
Did I find within me?
Shall I share the whispers
within me?
You and I are now we
Lets become equal halves now
Let me continue so with
you now, my dear!
You and I are now we
Lets become equal halves now
Let me continue so with
you now, my dear!
This is our meeting place,
staff working place
Cafetaria, game space and
this is your new cabin.
Isn't this a bit over? Do we
need such a lavishness?
True, but for employees to work efficient
and to attract sufficient clients, we need this.
Our life is also like program
we write.
There are queries and errors in it,
There are also debugging methods
to solve them
But if we need to move forward we
need to use the extension command,
We are here today because
we used it.
We need to take it forward further
and work really hard and
put our hearts in it to receive
a perfect output.
Finally let's enjoy tonight and
let's start work from tomorrow.
We are software professionals and
at the end of the day we are
white collared workers in
crisply pressed shirts.
Cheers guys.
Neha, Neha where are you.
There is great news for you Neha.
What was that.
Sir you are Eswar right?
C.I sir has told you to come to
station. Please come fast.
Guys we have to detect the function
loop in the deployment section.
As far as this project is concerned we
have to consider all these 3 major factors.
1. Deployment to servers
2. Deploying to tier location.
3. Deploying to work stations
and what are you doing Ujwal.
Guys please leave now.
What happened, Ujwal?
Prominent industrialist Praveen Kumar
swindles approximately
rupees 10000 crores from
Indian Economic bank.
Bank officials are very upset
and in deep trouble due to this.
This was happened six months back,
until now we had sent him many
court notices but no answer
from his side.
Now we had lost contact with him.
The finance minister has ordered
an enquiry into this matter.
Matter leaked to the public.
So we are left with no option,
we have to hold bank transactions
and project payments.
I have invested a lot believing
in this project,
I am totally responsible for all the
employees' hard work for this project.
Please do help us sir.
I am really sorry, nothing is
in my hands now Ujwal.
Sir it's been very long time.
Why you called me to the station.
I want to know the reason.
I am not interested to tell you,
so just go away and sit silently.
You will know after you are
submitted to the court.
Court? I have every right to
know the reason.
No need of right and left.
Just check this.
You have committed crime of
selling your company's confidential
information to others.
No way. I have been working in
that company for the past 4 years.
I have neither necessity nor intension
to steal one single piece of paper
neither one gram of matter.
Money sir.
Everyone needs money. It will
make any one to commit crime.
The main reason of our running and
sacrificing of our life is for money only.
Now I got it. So the same money
made me to come here.
Take him away.
Put him behind the bars.
Here are the bail papers.
Leave that guy.
Ok sir.
Thank you sir.
Advise your husband not to
speak in a harsh way.
Say him not to try doing to
experiment on troubles and life.
It's not only hard for you also it
will affect the persons around you.
Where are you going Eswar
at this time?
To office
Let me find out the truth.
Why can't we proceed legally as we
had made an agreement with the bank.
No Bhuvika, they have every right
to hold, entry, quit the project
at any point of time.
At that moment I was in a hurry,
that was my mistake.
We can't do anything with this.
As we can figure out,
the project seems to have stopped.
On what basis are you asking us
to wait for some more time?
Or do you need some more time
to understand that
the project has come to an end?
We don't need your work
and we are not interested in .
So you better return all our money
with interest within one week or
else you have to think about
police intervening in this matter.
Sir please one week is to short.
Since you are well educated people,
I said one week or else in Telugu
I would have said one week.
If you feel so low in dealing,
everyone has phone that was
invented by English person
I will ask you in phone only, you also
send amount in the same phone only.
Do remember only one week
of time. Let's go brother in law.
We have to return the money
to the investors
We have to even pay
the salaries to our employees,
I really don't know what to do
in these circumstances.
Varun, did you see Neha around?
She is gone missing.
I have searched college, coffee shop
and every place where she used to go.
I can't find her anywhere, do
you have any idea please tell me.
I thought she casually took leave
for college, I just came to know.
Do you suspect anyone?
Please tell me Varun.
I know a place where I can find her.
Please have a seat.
I had a small complaint to lodge.
What happened?
My wife is missing.
What's her name?
Neha sir!
24 years.
From how many days she
went missing.
4 days
What 4 days?
How come you are so irresponsible?
Actually I searched for her
in every place.
Stop first sign on this complaint paper.
Ok sir.
Make it you think we have
no other works than this. Just sign it.
Ok sir.
Ok sir. Sir you are my last hope.
Please tell me when I have
to come back.
Sir what happened?
What happened?
You only signed on this paper
just now stating that you admitted
murdering your wife.
Push him in.
What are you talking? You are
all mistaken sir. Please, please.
I have already told me not to
experiment on troubles.
You got a call sir.
What Eswar, are you in jail?
Don't worry justice is on our side,
everything will happened for our good only,
If your wife was beside you she
would have spoken just like this, no?
But now your wife is with me that's
why I am speaking on her behalf.
Who are you? What do you want?
Eswar, Eswar! I hate questioning.
Every massacre in the world begins
with a question only,
Before you ask any such question
just remember one thing
I am more dangerous
any such massacre.
That is why there should be
question for me only answers.
You can't frighten me with
such threats.
Let me tell you a popular story
that everyone knows,
there are 2 characters,
Rama and Ravana
Ravana kidnaps and carries away
Sita for the sake of Sita
But here this Ravana kidnaps Sita
for the sake of Rama only.
So if you do what I say I will return
your Sita along with Lava and Kusha.
Sir, sir what do you want,
what I was supposed to do.
You will know automatically when
and where you have to meet me.
Please hand over the phone.
Hello Mr Ujwal I need to talk
to you about a project.
I am sorry sir, I don't know
who you are.
In fact I am not in a right mood
to talk now.
Please sir, I am in trouble I
really need your help.
Sorry sir I will call you back tomorrow.
Sir, please sir just 2 minutes.
Ok tell me.
Actually I placed my trust in a certain
person and made an agreement
with him and hired him for my
company's software support
but he ran away as soon as
I paid him.
I don't have any financial problems
but I need software support urgently.
I have tried many options then
my friend told me that you are
the only one who can help me,
so please help me sir.
Sorry sir, I have got into serious
trouble today, listening to such words.
I am really sorry.
In this world if anyone has a problem
or his position needs to change,
the reason is money.
If that same money reaches in your
account or is deposited in your account?
Do you think I am fooling you?
I am ready to offer you 10% of
my project cost, I am ready to
give it to you to solve your problem.
Sir I am really not in a position just now
to jump with joy at your given offer.
If you still don't trust me, just send
me your bank account details and
I will tell you when and where
you need to meet me.
I always knew that, that fellow
is a good -for -nothing.
Just because he got good marks
at college, you think he is intelligent?
Without any second thought
you handed him all own money
and wasted it.
Now tell me.
Any way you always have
a readymade excuse to support him.
What are you going to do?
Chaitanya whatever happened,
its not Ujwals fault.
Who would know that someone
would cheat the bank beforehand?
Life is all about unexpected things.
Even after all this happened, he
hasnt bothered to all me even once.
I thought he would at least
call me up and apologise.
But it is my foolishness to
expect him to do so.
He is proving that time and
again repeatedly.
Any way its a waste of time
talking to people like you guys.
When are you going to return
my money?
Are you out of your mind Chaitanya?
If outsiders ask us money I can accept
it since they dont know us but you?
How can you even ask like them?
Oh, so only outsiders money you
consider as money, but my money.
Is it change according to you?
Chaitanya, please calm down.
You have drunk too much today.
You are not in your control.
I have brought these drinks with
my hard earned money and I am
drinking and I know how much
and when to stop drinking.
Dont you dare try to educate me.
I think this is not the right time
to talk.
Even though we are rejecting call,
he is still calling continuously.
There must be something important.
Why dont answer the call?
I will call him later.
When, after I fall asleep?
As always will you both talk to
each other after I go to sleep?
Enough Chaitanya, do you even
know what you are talking?
Will you talk like this when
you are drunk?
Ok then even when I am not drunk
my opinion remains the same.
What do you mean...
I mean everything.
Good news Bhuvika,
we have got a good project.
They have transferred some money
into our account as they need
project support urgently.
They seem very genuine.
They have given us an appointment for
a meeting at 11 am and send the location.
So come to office by 9am.
Hope from tomorrow we will have
a fresh start to our lives. See you.
As always will you both talk
to each other after I go to sleep.
Is everything alright Bhuvika .
Yes, everything is fine.
Are you sure?
We have got some money too.
Why dont we transfer some
to Chaitanya?
We know him well right.
No problem Ujwal. We have
many things to handle,
even we hadnt paid salaries
to our employees.
Sure, let me know if there is a problem
I can always talk to the client
and post pone the meeting
to tomorrow.
No, no! Life should go on even
if we have many problems.
Lets start now or we will get
struck in the traffic and
we will not be able to reach
on time.
Dont you give us small gap?
This car wont start.
Book a cab Bhuvika, lets go.
Is sharing ok for you?
Anything is fine.
Yeah its done.
Is it?
Lets go.
Welcome Eswar, very punctual
and right on time. I like that.
I heard a lot about your work.
Just tell me what the work is.
Workaholic, work is very simple
Eswar, now you are a delivery boy.
You have to deliver this bag
on the said location, thats it.
You have so many people
around, why me?
Its Lord Shivas wish.
I cant explain the reason now.
You will understand in
this journey.
Dont worry, just move on man.
Hey listen, give me your phone.
I said give me your phone.
Good boy.
Your cab is booked, take it.
It has only one number call to that
number after the delivery is done.
Dont try to call 100, ok.
You know my power, right.
You are going to be a father soon,
so behave properly.
And one more thing if any call comes
just ignore it, understand.
Who the hell are you guys?
Oh god such a big war on
my small car.
I hope vehicle is fine.
Brother why did you stopped
the car.
Ok, this is fine.
Brother why did you stopped.
Boss you are the owner of
this car right.
Please start the car we have
a very important meeting to attend.
I too have a very important meeting
sir, my girlfriend is waiting for me.
I have a small doubt when
I look at your faces.
By the way those guys came
for you right?
Look brother I dont know who
they are and why they are shooting
and between two of you.
We have no idea whom they have
come for neither are we bothered.
We in fact have a very important
meeting, please start the car.
I have a doubt that those people
come for this elderly person only.
Look I too dont know who they are,
I dont have any connections with them.
Oh, he can actually speak and
surprisingly can speak good Telugu too.
I have gone through many faces.
Look here, whats your name.
Raju, cab Raju.
Look Raju, we have no idea because
of whom the shooting or accident
occurred, neither do we have time
to investigate why this happened.
You please go to the police station
and lodge a complaint.
We have no problem coming
of explaining whatever happened.
But now the meeting we have
is very important for us.
Madam, I am also having important meeting,
my lover is waiting for me over there.
Please start the car and that would
be very helpful on your part if
you could drop us off at our location.
Madam, this is not your car, so you
are behaving as if nothing happened.
The coolant has reduced,
thats why it not staring,
So Raju take this 10 rupees,
pour the coolant and start.
I can understand.
This is my companys visiting card.
Can I swipe it?
You can contact me at any time
on this number.
Right now we have to move on.
Sorry we cant do it.
We have to go on.
Please call the person
who offered us the project.
Tell him we will be there in
half an hour.
Hello sir, we are on the way.
Is car parts ok?
Why she is
calling me at this moment.
Where are you, is your work done.
Have you started to home?
Yes started, shoot out happened
also met with an accident at the signal.
What, accident? Is everything safe?
How is Eswar?
Tomorrow one person will come,
he was supposed to go to location
not in our vehicle, he should
go in a private vehicle.
We need a person who nobody knows that he
belongs to us and someone whom we can trust,
Cab should be his but cab person would
belong to us, do you know any one.
There is one boy sir, Raju.
He stays in my street only.
Call him.
Good evening sir.
This persons name is Eswar.
He will get into your cab at
9 O clock near our house.
You have to drop him at the address
that chakri had given you... be careful.
This girl will be in touch
with you in phone.
Be sharp by 9 O clock at guest house.
A small word Raju.
do I have to drive cab again.
Madam I am disconnecting
every ride that comes.
Hold till you get request from
Abhijith number.
If I do this continously, my father
will get into trouble,
so please tell Abhijith sir to
make a ride request.
Your cab is booked.
Take it.
Another ride request is coming,
shall I cut it.
Dont cut, dont cut the request,
Eswar may get a doubt and
he should suspect anything,
so you can ok the next ride.
Is sharing ok for you?
Shall I book?
Anything is ok.
Eswar and box both are safe,
but the car is badly damaged.
Why are you in a rush? You know very
well with whom you are dealing with.
But madam ,I am really afraid of
recalling the people who attacked earlier.
Dont worry, working with Abhijith
will be like that only, Abhijith will
stand between those people
and your fever. Just go ahead.
Ok madam.
Sorry sir, I shouted because car
was damaged and I didnt know
what else to do and whom to
show my anger on.
I just spoke to the insurance company
guys, they told me that its a new car
so I can claim 100% insurance,
first I will drop you sir.
Ok lets go Raju, lets go.
Good job Sharma.
Escape from there without
any one suspecting you.
But we are unable to
understand where the box is sir.
We will take care of that, you
escape from there, thats enough.
Since Abhijith is dead, we need to
kill this small residue
thats coming towards us.
The only tracker we had is also gets
off, what should we do now sir.
Wounded thing is better than
the death.
In a small transient, crisis,
dictatorship battle, where else
he can go, he has to come
and face it.
Havent you understood, this little
deer has come searching into
the lions den, so why should
we search here and there.
But sir.
Just everybody go and do your
own work, thats enough
Ok sir.
Make a call to minister, he
should not be suspicious of us.
Neha where is Abhijith, he is not
picking my call, by the way have
Eswar and others reached or not.
Actually our cab met with
an accident.
Accident, did anybody get hurt?
No, dont worry!
Nothing happened to anybody.
They have just started in fact.
Thank god.
I too didnt get any call from Abhijith.
If he hasnt called you even, then he
must be in a meeting with Ujwal and all.
Hope so, by the way where are you?
I am at home, I am waiting for Vidhyuth
call, I will start as soon as he calls.
Its well past the time that
Abhijith was supposed to come.
Why hasnt he come yet?
I and my brother are not your house
watchmen to be at your beck and
call and come running
whenever you have a problem.
I am a central minister. He will
definitely reach for sure on time.
I heard that you handled him badly
at the last meet, so behave yourself,
if its gets repeated...
Damn it!
So are you done with the coffee?
Yes finished sir,
Then get the hell out of here. Go
and check where that cab is missing.
Please explain him sir.
Bloody fool, go.
We have killed Abhijith.
Ok, but who is the guy that
is bringing the box.
Any way where will he go?
If our men have missed out on
him, doesnt matter because
he will come here only.
Then we will see.
You go to your place before
he comes to our place.
Dont worry I will update you,
but you be ready.
Eswar may enter Vidhyuth office
with the box any time now.
It has already been paid
online sir.
Sir, please dont forget to give cab
rating 5 star. I am always on the top.
He is supposed to come back soon
to here only, why wasting fuel,
its really costlier than beer,
we will wait in the parking lot.
Send him in.
You may go sir, 5th floor.
Sit down!
Where is the formula.
Formula, what formula?
Abhijith had sent you,
but hasnt he told you anything?
He didnt tell me anything,
but just asked me to handover
this briefcase to you.
Raju, start the car.
What happened sir?
What happened?
Ride the car.
Oh my god, again the same fellows.
Let's go.
What happened sir again.
Even I too have no idea Raju,
suddenly if 10 people jumps
and attack you what you will do.
I will escape from there sir.
Thats what I am doing now.
In a single day 2 attacks are happening.
I think I might have a heart attack.
Raju please dont get tense.
Focus on your driving.
I will find out who these people
are and why they are attacking us.
Guruji... he just escaped from me,
I have calculated him wrongly.
Go and get the bag.
From morning you are attacking me,
from now onwards I will start hunting him.
Till then...
Lets have a coffee break...
This is what life going
upside down means
Why are you calling me so many
times, already you told me
that Eswar went into the office, I told
you to come to the guest house for money.
Oh? Did I call? I must have called
you about walking into the office
and now running out quickly,
He sits in the car and starts the car...
after going forward a short just like
when Dhoni hits a full toss
ball for a helicopter shot,
Someone came and collide against
my car, due to which it flew
into the air like a helicopter.
In fact I called to find out if it is
scrap material or my car madam?
Oh I am so sorry Raju.
Stop it, if you utter even one more word
I will kill you, any way its my fault not yours...
I was greedy for money, I wanted
to make more money but
who know that you make me
run an F1 race with my car.
You dont worry,
I will speak to Abhijith.
Abhijith, Abhijith, Abhijith!
Dont you say another word,
I am coming to you now.
Ask that Abhijith to keep
money ready.
Did I hurt you? Its a new one when
I bought, now see the status of this.
Do you know Abhijith?
Abhijith, which Abhijith?
Sir, why are you hitting me?
Just you are shouting out
his name Abhijith.
Abhijith, tell me..speak out.
Ok I know Abhijith.
Sir please leave me, its a matter of
honour sir, a women is leading me.
I have to collect money from
her after the job is done.
I dont know anything much
other than this.
I am done only for my greedy
towards money.
Money, didnt you ever feel sorry
for doing something wrong
with people besides you only?
There is nothing worry sir, these
days people are spending
minimum 30 lakhs for wedding,
I got tempted thinking if I get
at least 50% of that amount.
Our lives would change for
the better, thats why I did this.
Ok, take me to them. I will give
you as much money as you want .
Will you give money?
Thank you sir.
Come lets go in my cab.
Looks like that fellow Raju
has arrived.
How many times I have told you.
Greetings madam, I am really sorry for
being angry at you sometime back.
Please call Mr Abhijith, my car
has totally got shattered and
I want a new car urgently...
She is not responding...
Mr Abhijith, Mr Abhijith,
brother Abhijith,
Abhijith sir, Abhijith sir,
sir my car.
Madam , madam isnt Abhijith
sir there? Or has he gone out?
Will he give me money or has he
given you any money to give me?
Madam please its going to be
evening I need to give my father
some answers at least,
I am getting mad with this.
Sir because this lady and
Mr Abhijith told me, I am with you
In fact even though I have spoken
to her several times,
I still dont know her name sir.
Oh Neha, is that her name?
Sir do you know this lady?
As you have been with in my car since morning,
please explain her about my condition
and my car condition sir.
Sir, I just requested you to ask her but
why did you slapped her like that sir?
It only shows how much love
you have for my car sir.
You said you love me,
you said you had married me,
I thought you would come into a motherless
home like another mother but you?
Wife, she is his wife? Oh looks like this
guys problem is worse than mine.
Its better for me to keep silent.
Tel me, how do you know
this man Raju?
What is the connection
between Abhijith and you?
This is neither a classroom nor a library to be silent.
So what is your plan with Abhijith?
What is this drama about you being kidnapped?
That guy Abhijith who gave me
this brief case in the morning,
Whats with him dying by
lunch time?
Why are you people targeted me?
What Abhijith is dead?
Sir my name is Ujwal.
Hey first remove this dead body.
This is my own company,
I received a call last night,
Someone told me that his friend
has cheated him,
So he urgently needed technical
support from me,
He also paid that money was
not an issue for him,
So he transferred some money
to my account and asked me
to meet him at this address.
Sir, the story you are telling me is ok,
but really do you know who this person is?
He is central minister Jitendras only
younger brother and his name is Abhijith.
You dont seem to know
the range or extent of his influence.
Till you told me, we had no idea
about this person range or influence.
If he has so much of influence or
if he is such an influential person,
we are not really able to understand
why he has asked people like us for help?
Are you sure?
Sir its true sir, if you want you
can call the number from which
I got the messages it will
connect to his number only.
Bro I think my ears are
not working properly,
You asked whether Abhijith come
and went somewhere
but for me it sounded like
Abhijith is dead.
No Raju, Abhijith is dead.
I saw a notification in the phone when I
put the phone for charging in your car,
When I checked it said that
the central minister younger brother
Abhijith had been brutally
murdered in his apartment.
By the time I could read
the entire story,
Car was hit, I didnt know what
to do and was in total confusion,
then I heard your total conversation.
What? Received some notification?
Who told you to on the mobile data?
So you heard my question and brought
me here for the answers, right?
Then, what about my payment sir?
Ok you can leave now.
as you are the prime suspects you are not
supposed to leave the town, please give me id cards,
Name and addresses to
the constable and you can leave.
You need to report at the station
as and when we call you here,
understand right,
madam for you also.
Definitely sir, thank you.
Do you have doubt on any one?
No sir.
Anyway, this madam is
responsible for everything.
Sorry I mean this Mrs Neha has to
answer for everything that has happened.
Actually what do you want from me?
How much more can you people
stoop down.
Chaitanya and Abhijith know
the entire plan.
Which Chaitanya?
Your colleague Chaitanya, who is
working with you in the LBRD lab.
Even Dawood gang dont
comprise of these many people.
Is it Chaitanya? Hope you are
not telling me some new story.
No Eswar, trust me. I am not
cheating you on purpose.
Only Chaitanya can answer
your question.
No more games right.
Lets move.
Whats lets go?
First settle my issue.
You are saying that she is
your wife.
Will you at least give me
my payment?
Ok I have trust on you, I have
seen lot of people like you.
I know how you guys behave...
Move, move...
- I will just change and come.
- Yes.
Chaitanya, I need to talk to you
about an important issue.
So now you recall my address
after so many years.
No not like that... do you know
central minister Jitendras
brother named Abhijith?
I dont have that much influence.
May be you dont know him but you
can have his phone number in your cell.
I dont know any Abhijith.
Chaitanya I have taken some money
from you and I will return them for sure.
Then do it.
In the purpose of returning your
money, I went to meet Abhijith.
Then he received a call which has
your photo and your phone number,
please tell me Chaitanya
whats happening.
I thought you came for some information
but you come for confirming something.
See Ujwal it might be my old phone
number, I have changed my number
long back, may be someone is trying to
mislead you guys, anything can happen.
You are a techie guy and you know very
well about these hacking things rightly.
A chemistry professor knowing
about so much of mobile technology
seems really very strange.
Dont get tension bro...
Bro beating will be like that only bro...
This is your first time, if you get
addicted to that beating that kick
will be so different you will
enjoy it.
Dont worry, just relax.
Chaitanya I want all the plan
details of Abhijith.
Bro, my cab money too.
Dont look at me like that by
wearing a coat is it enough.
Give the verdict like a coat
worn judge...
Everybody is giving their performance,
no one is telling the main story.
This is californium 252, Cf 252.
It is a very rare human made metal.
In a simple way to say self-made
human ore.
If we look into the history,
in 1950 4 American scientists
invented this in
University of California.
Eurium 242 was bombarded with
alpha particles resulted in
californium 245 isotope, that too
in little quantity 700 thousand atoms
of californium 245 isotope in
a volume of 27 Nano metric cube.
While making experiments continuously
in 1958 californium 252 was emerged.
The metal we are seeing now,
that too 1.2 micrograms.
How californium 252 is
useful to us?
Californium 252,
it is a radioactive metal.
It is used in nuclear reactors but
for us first use and best use
of californium 252 is that we can
find out the hidden gold and
silver reserves of our country.
What? Gold deposits?
Exactly! Once our country was
filthy rich, thats why so many
big people came here and stole our
deposits in their know equality tactics.
Once stealing is done they have given
freedom to us, we got freedom in 1947.
In 1955 16 annas were
converted into 1 rupee.
In 1966 1 dollar was 7.5 rupees
but now it is 75 rupees.
To my mere knowledge rupee value
will be calculated in different ways
in international market,
But for us it will be calculated
in terms of gold and silver
deposits held in our banks.
Let me come straight to the point sir,
with the use of this CF252 we can
find out where and at what location
and at what depth the reserves
are available that too with
using proper apparatus.
Yes.... Our ancestors had a secretly
hidden so much of gold and silver
deposits during the invasion in deep
down the earth and in basements.
For that hidden gold many have tried,
trying and will do that for their life time.
For that they are killing and
be killed by others too.
If we find out the gold, make that
visible to all,
our rupee value will be sky rocketed.
We will be the responsible one
for the rise of the value.
We will once again rule this
world but this time with gold.
But, but, but there is a catch to it.
The half-life time period of
californium 252 is just 2.6 years old.
Life spam was too short.
We are trying to increase the life span.
But we are not able to find
the extension formula of Cf252.
For using this metal and for
excavations we need all the required
permissions and full financial support
from the central government.
If we do it not only for us, our future
generations will also get fruit from this.
As we are striving to strengthen
our country financials,
they will help us for sure, next week
in central ministers meeting
as mining central minister I will
keep a proposal on this and
I am sure that they will agree
with this.
Thank you sir.
Lets make our country proud again.
Sir, sir.
Your presentation is very well made.
Thank you sir.
What you understand from
that presentation.
What else? We will get more than
a rupee when compared to
the other metals which
Abhijith is dealing with.
What sir?
Still talking about rupee!
Their discussion is in dollars sir.
Sir this is californium 252, one gram
costs 180 crores in black market.
Yes sir, this is not a metal
its money hill.
But this time we have to take
more risk compared to profit.
Ok I will discuss this with Abhijith.
He will deal with it.
Ok sir.
In order to deal this metal, Abhijith took
us to Vidhyuth who is a software CEO.
But Vidhyuth money got struck
in stocks so he invited his
known funder to deal with this.
How much material you have?
34 grams
When can you guys deliver?
If you all people discuss and
decide a date I will bring down
the metal from the lab before
the date.
If everyone is ok, we will fix it
on October 24th.
Yeah, sure sir! Abhijith.
Yeah, fine.
We thought deal was over
successfully. But...
If you want to finish the deal,
we need extension formula also.
To our information, this metal
life time was 2.6 years,
but with this formula we can
extend the metal life time.
In short and sweet this formula
is a resurrect thing to the metal.
Ok Abhijith, how we will plan?
Total deal value 6200 crores,
200 crores for formalities.
Rest is 6000 crores, once the deal
finishes as per our plan 50-50 %.
Yeah, thats cool.
To finish the deal we need
extension formula also.
Didnt you know about
the extension formula earlier?
I never expected them to know
about it or even ask about it sir.
They are not fools like me to
get or leave work half done.
Sorry sir.
What sorry? Your sorry is
costing me 6200 crores.
Cant you bring out the formula
from lab while getting out the metal
on the day of deal?
Its not possible sir.
Formula is being prepared in
a confidential way in lab.
Who is leading the team?
His name is Eswar.
Eswar, Eswar!
Do you know his account number?
He wont get tempted by money.
Shall we threaten him?
He will face us boldly.
Is he such a heroic?
We can find any number of
back stabbers on every street
but to find a guy who doesnt
back stab is very rare.
Can just find one on the finger tips?
He is that strong a person.
A strong person is one who isnt
strong but the one who doesnt
have any weaknesses.
If we can create such a kind of
weakness even god can be made weak.
If you want to know and see
whats happening inside these
kind of big institutions,
you need bigger permissions.
In spite of this if you are looking
to work in this you need
bigger recommendations
that too if I have to do this...
Firstly you have to do whatever
I wish or else...
Secondly you have to clear all
the procedures on your own.
Choice is yours.
Then only, Neha has entered
into your life.
But formula given by Neha was
failed, funder got anger on this.
I didnt expect this from you
Vidhyuth. This is your last chance.
If you disappoint me in this same
way I will not bear this anymore.
Why did the formula failed?
This is a big shot deal.
Even though you know about here,
date means date, time means time.
You are not thinking with your brain.
Whenever you have called me I
have always maintained my time senses.
So dont you dare looking me
so low for this.
Get up man, this is your last chance,
if you fail this time...
I will not bear you even funder leaves you...
get lost.
Relax bro.. see you...
You said this is the right formula
but why it has failed.
Even I cant understand that.
We have left with no option Eswar
that who invented the formula has
to come and he has to execute it.
Gear up Neha immediately.
Ages pass off change so many battles
are fought but killing ones trust
and winning deceitfully hasnt changed
and so will people not allow it to change.
So why was you guys trapped us in
the name of company and support.
As the final date of the deal
was drawing near,
Abhijith called me and
asked me to meet him.
How far has Eswars work come?
It is going on, just as we thought
it would.
Neha is updating me from
time to time.
Formula will not fail this time.
I want to narrate a childhood story
that I heard to you, Chaitanya.
There was a forest in which there
was a hungry lion that spotted
a cow and caught it,
Just as he was going to kill it and
eat it, the cow begged the lion
to allow it to go home and feed
its hungry calf with milk
and promised to return.
At first the hungry lion refused but later
relented and agreed to let the cow go.
The cow went home, gave its milk
to calf, and gave the calf advice
about life and return to the lion.
The lion was so impressed with
the cows honesty and
motherly love that he let
the cow go.
In this story everyone talks about
the cows honesty and greatness
but nobody talks neither about the
lions hunger nor about its sacrifice.
If the lion knew this, I am sure
even the lion wouldnt have
allowed the cow to go scot free.
Didnt you understand?
Arent we the ones to procure
the metal? Get the formula?
Submit it to the funder?
Get the test done to certify?
We are getting everything
by ourselves.
Yes sir.
Knowing all this Vidhyuth can expect some percentage of
the deal, but seems like he is expecting a partnership.
Oh, dont you like or dont you
want to give the money sir?
Not only money I dont like
giving them even the metal.
I want both the money and
metal by myself.
Brother, do you have any idea?
6000 crores.
The hope of that we will lead
better lives, seeing your
ethical hacking certificate in
the office, with Bhuvika praising you
all the time, I immediately
mentioned a name to Abhijith.
Ujwal, a gold medallist in
ethical hacking.
Doesnt this guy also have
any weakness?
Why not? He has
My wife...
Yes my wife only.
If you put a gun to her head,
Ujwal will do anything for her.
Whats your plan actually?
Why you have trapped all of us?
Before 3 days of delivering the metal,
metal should be taken out of the lab,
an allegation has to be put on Eswar
that he only brought the metal out.
Allegation that you had sold out confidential
information of your company to others
Eswar has to be emotionally corned
by playing Neha kidnap drama and
he should go to Vidhyuth place
along with the metal box.
Vidhyuth will guarantee try to
lock Eswar.
At the same time Abhijith blocks
Bhuvika and corners Ujwal and
makes him ready for hacking.
Then Abhijith goes to meet funder
without raising doubts to Vidhyuth.
While Eswar doing the metal testing
and certification things,
metal has to be replaced.
When funder transfers money to
Vidhyuth Swiss account,
Ujwal was supposed to do hack that money so that
money and metal will be with us only.
That was the plan but...
Because of one incident,
Abhijith plan was disturbed.
What was that?
Neha said no to the kidnap drama.
Whats your problem?
Why are you saying no.
I started with cheating on him
but halted myself at his true love...
After seeing so much of love
I cant cheat him.
Neha.. Neha... Neha..dont you
know he has started interrogating
everyone in his office when we
created a small allegation on him.
Defaming itself makes him do like
this what if he came to know that
we had done injustice to him.
Do you think he will give extension
formula and says to return home
safely because you are his wife?
Sir lets ask him and try for once.
Do you think supporting
womens words is masculinity?
Its really unfortunate that you
hadnt done my given work properly.
I cant explain what I am
capable of more than this.
You are saying that you love him
whole heartedly. Can you bear this?
No, please tell me what should
I do.
For one last time, do as I say.
Afterwards your life and your
husband life will be set free.
Lets move.
She had hidden her cheating only,
whatever you saw in her,
her words, her smile, her love .
Everything is genuine, thats why she
was against to the plan and said no.
We thought everything is
going as per plan.
You went to Vidhyuth office by
taking Abhijith phone and
we mislead Vidhyuth that
formula is coming.
Instead we send him person
who created formula,
At the same time Bhuvika and
Ujwal went to meet Abhijith.
Meanwhile some mishap happened,
nothing happened as per our plan
and suddenly Abhijith is also
not lifting his phone.
Where else Abhijith would be?
Abhijith is already dead.
What, Abhijith is dead?
Yes bro... Abhijith is dead.
I was more shocked than you
when I heard this news.
Such a great guy he was.
He just died without giving money.
Even though how much idiot you
are when alive,
you will be considered as
a great person after death.
Do you have any second plan
about this?
Seriously Eswar, I have enough fear
on Abhijith rather than killing spree.
Dont you know about attack
on all of us?
What, are you too both in the cab?
Really I have no idea on that
attack until Neha informed me.
Then who the hell did that...
I was so tired of searching for
answers from morning till now.
I dont think you will take time
after seeing all this.
Tell me.
I set up this deal and if I fail to deliver I have
to face a lot of problems with the funder.
That fellow Abhijith is use- to- nothing,
being brother to the central minister.
I have to give him 3000 crores.
3000 crores.
We have to think about what should be
done not what was happened earlier.
What do you want me to do?
Prosperity increases if we make it grow
further, it decreases if we share it.
If we give away something its
charity but if we grab some thing
we want its a right...
A kings right
So how shall we do this guruji?
We need a stamp that doesnt
leave any finger prints.
We need a knife that doesnt
leave any strains.
We need a blind army.
We need an event to happen that
doesnt leave any clues.
On the whole prosperity
should be in our hands.
Havent you understood?
On the day of the deal if Abhijith
gets us the metal and formula
we have to complete the deal
and pay him his share
Suppose if we create an accident
scenario and kill Abhijith in it.
Then dealing with Chaitanya
would be much easier.
There will be no shares.
Got it.
I understand now sir
Its not enough to understand,
go and keep an eye on Abhijith.
Ok sir.
Why him guruji?
Vidhyuth a man who does
what you say is a servant.
A man who obeys as soon as you order
him is a person who will be useful to us.
This guy is a useful one,
we can trust him.
So now, Abhijith life is soon going to
become like a grain of rice in a sieve.
He will struggle as he can neither fall
out of the sieve nor come out of it.
Sir I am at Abhijith bungalow only.
You stay close to Abhijith guest house,
finish him off if you gets a chance there.
Ok sir.
In case Ravi misses, you need to collide
against Abhijith car at MVP road 2nd signal.
Tracker will show you the location.
Ok sir.
Sir Abhijith started from
the guest house suddenly.
We are following him.
Why was he started so early,
something is wrong.
He shouldnt escape at any cost.
Ok sir.
Tracker is showing behind
Ravis vehicle.
Abhijith is misleading Ravi.
Just one minute, call to Ravi.
Ok sir!
Sir Ravis phone is
not connecting.
I have doubt that Abhijith is in
the behind vehicle because tracker
is showing there only.
By any chance did Abhijith swap
his phone to mislead us?
Why should Abhijith give his
phone to others.
Only phone or even metal box too.
Vidhyuth dont take chance.
Are you confident?
Yes sir.
Hit him.
Where is this fellow Ravi roaming?
Sir Ravis phone.
Give me that.
Where did you miss Abhijith?
What do you mean missed him sir?
I have been following him and
he has gone into his apartment
at Maddalapalem circle.
Dont do any foolish things,
go and finish him.
Who the hell are you...
Get the hell out...
sir he just missed.
Idiot, couldnt you do even
that small job properly?
I think Ravi is better than you.
Sorry sir, this time I will call you
only after I kill him.
Shut up, just disconnect the call.
Abhijith is dead. You will not
believe my words so I will make
a video call to you sir.
Is he having any metal box in
his bag?
There is nothing else except
a laptop in his bag sir.
Search the whole place properly.
Sir I searched the entire house,
there is no box.
Ok you guys better escape from
there. We will look into it.
Abhijith is dead but who is
that person bringing the bag.
Where is the formula?
What formula.
Abhijith send you, that means.
I think he is not feeling well.
What brother do you want me
to untie?
Cant you just ask?
If I hit you.. From morning itself
I am in mental state that who will
give my car money back.
Nuclear bombs are exploding
in my brain.
I will hit you so hard that stiches
will form instead of this switching.
Get the hell out of here.
This fellow looks like fatty
monitoring lizard.
Once this ties falls off, I will
butcher like a dead beef.
Sir I think its about you only.
Here we are just 4 people,
so you easily tied us up.
What about 40 people?
What will you do,
if 40 persons appear?
In next 10 minutes my fellows
will come.
They will not think like me, they
will crush you and your friends
those are staying outside ,just like
mad bunch of elephants crush
the sugarcane crops.
Hey you. I am not like a pile of grass that
gets crushed under those mad elephants.
I am the Arjunas bow that will
scattered the mad elephants Aquarius.
Sir he is in duty. I think its
not the right way to deal.
Did you come to know who
did this?
Sir investigation is going on.
Dont you feel shame to say that
investigation is going and
showing your show off faces
to TV cameras?
Sir you have every reason to
get anger. We are doing our duty.
We have a doubt on few.
I will inform you in the first place
as soon as I get the information.
I have no intension about your
formalities. Got it.
I just want a name.
Yes sir.
Go away and get the work done.
Is everything all right?
What, all right?
They are ready to make us all out. Nobody
in this group has the clarity like me.
That fellow was so confident that his
batch will come here only in 10 minutes.
How they know this place for sure?
Can I go and ask him?
No, no he is in bit anger.
He is talking about butchering
beef and other stuff.
Actually festival is also nearby.
So better not to go.
We have only 10 minutes...
Tell, what shall we do?
Let us go to the police and
confess everything.
Ujwal for them manipulating
police is very easy task.
The problem looks bigger
than it seems.
Let us all quietly go our own way.
Sir lets run away.
Raju, its better of more dignified
to die facing the problem
than running away in fear, Raju.
So what shall we do now?
I have a plan, but I have
a doubt whether we can
execute it properly or not.
Hello Ujwal its me C.I Shankar.
You have to come down to
the police station for enquiry.
While coming bring that madam
with you. Be there in half an hour.
It will be good for you if you obey,
if you try to run away it wont be
a big task for us to catch.
Ok sir.
You insulted and humiliated
the wife who loves you, for some
money which is not even
your hard earned.
You suspected your own best friend
and you have cheated your colleague
and the company that trusted you
and gave you employment.
Even after all this you can neither
enjoy yourself with the money
nor can you have even
one happy meal with your wife?
I may be a good friend in her life but
she shed tears for you and
you are her very life itself.
Cant you see that?
What I have is not suspicious
but I am careful beyond limits.
I didnt marry her for some
need or without thinking.
I married her for and with love.
I delight in her whenever I think
of remembering that she is my wife.
I wanted to take care of her and
treat her as my symbol of respect.
For that I wanted to earn
something beyond my capacity
and then I met Abhijith.
Initially everything was fine
but later I used to tremble
at the sound of his voice.
After some time I used to even
get scared to eat my food and
so whenever I was tired I used
to crave for my wifes company
but she was never around
when I needed her.
She was always working hard
for your company and for you.
I couldnt bear to see that
as a husband.
Thats why I made a mistake.
We leave our parents house
the ones who gave birth to us
and raised us just for the sake
of the husband we love.
When the same one asks why
we wont leave the small job
we are doing to be with him.
I am really very sorry Bhuvika.
I will correct the wrong things
done by me.
You just tell me Eswar what
we shall do.
Like elderly says thorn should be
removed by thorn only, so metal
should be dissected by metal only.
So lets execute your plan only.
Let me and Ujwal go and give
the formula and replace the metal,
Ujwal will hack the money as soon as
the funder transfers the money.
Its very risky Eswar. Are you
really thinking it is right & speaking?
Yes Ujwal, if not this metal,
another metal.
if not this Vidhyuth, another person.
Some where someone or
the other is looting others.
They are looting the treasury, meaning
they are murdering the country.
We have to teach all such looters and
cheaters a lesson through Vidhyuth.
We are doing it.
In fact, Raju lets do it.
Funder is coming in next ten minutes.
You take all our members and go to
the place where Eswars tracker was off.
Go and bring him alive.
Ravi, stop...
Vidhyuth, person whom you are
searching is right now with me.
You competed with his strength
but I caught his weakness.
Leave the Abhijith matter.
We both will finish this deal.
Sure bring him.
He says he will bring.
Deal has to be finished and once he is in.
There will be no escape for him for sure.
No Vidhyuth, stop.
This is not a good sign at all.
May be I also have thought low
on that guy.
I only forced you to start this deal, now
its me only saying to stop this one.
Its better to stop it here or else
this is the beginning of your fall.
Fall, for me?
What are you talking guruji?
I am having strength on my side and
they are having fear on their side.
Dont you understand
which side scale is favouring.
It was you who started it
and I am going to end it.
In the time of autumn treaty,
in the lights of omen full moon day,
Arjunas bow started towards you.
You cant decide the difference
of the question that waits whether
it is an invitation or an obstacle.
You cant decide the touch of the feet
whether it is a blessing or suppression.
You will fall like a dry leaf in
an emerald arch... Vidhyuth...
Sir cant you understand. Guruji
is saying to stop this deal at once.
Sir funder came.
Go and drop guruji in his house.
Mother gives your birth, teacher gives
you how to lead the mothers given life.
If you wont listen to the words,
the end is confirmed.
Take him away.
They had threatened me that
they will kill you, thats why
I have done it half-heartedly.
Forgive me Eswar.
Even Ravana took Sita away,
at last good only won over the bad.
Dont get tense.
Nothing will happen to me.
Eswar, coming.
Person who came to do war needs
a weapon, but the one who got vexed
and returned, for him even scarf will be
heavy to handle. Where is Chaitanya?
I think he already failed in 2 times.
Go and check.
Ones weakness is others strength,
being a big scientist dont you know
this small thing.
I know.. thats why I came.
We are done from our side.
Pass the bag.
This is the metal and this pen drive
has the authentication certificate
and the extension formula.
Lets wrap the deal then.
Go and wait.
As soon as money transfer is
done, cut the main power.
Thats not a problem but
there is back up after 30 seconds.
The money transfer is done.
Let me check...
Not yet ...
We have finished. 2 minutes.
Hey whats happening?
No need to worry, back up is
there, go and check.
Sir Vidhyuth brain chip would have
shattered with the given shock by you.
Hey you give me that bag.
What is this, is this any kind of joke.
Just give me 2 minutes.
Find out where the hell is he.
Ujwal how far the hacking goes?
Are you into the system?
His level has 2 level authentications,
so compulsory we need
his finger print access.
So what can we do now?
Generally phone has
finger print access.
So if he uses his finger print to
unlock his phone, finger print
will be in his phone cache
memory, then we can use that.
Why should he give his fingerprint?
For that there is a technique.
What was that?
Phishing method.
What the hell is this fishing?
By using that technique, when
he opens his original account,
we will create and place a dummy page
account and make him believe that.
Lets make him believe.
Yes, yes we will do that.
Do you want metal Vidhyuth?
You want metal.
Even though loosing metal in front
of your eyes you are still so cool.
Dare to say that there is money
even if the metal is gone.
I have just escaped your 6 floor
building in front of you in 30 seconds,
do you think I have left your
money.. go and check.
I am Eveready Vidhyuth.
What happened?
Where is my metal?
Where is my money?
Are you playing games with me
by keeping your own people?
I have bigger links with ministers
and others, if I just make
a single call you are finished.
Take him away.
What is this Vidhyuth?
You killed your own funder.
If I am at your sight, I know
what you are thinking and
what you can do it to me.
But I am not there,
so where am I Vidhyuth?
Oh you are an expert in
location tracking right.
I am switching on my phone,
now track me.
He is in Hanumantha waka area.
His death should be so cruel
that for 10 years criminals should
take inspiration with this killing, go
I think you are confused Vidhyuth.
Are you confused?
You are not able to find me.
Did you software system
Do one thing I will send my
location to your phone.
Come we will see each other.
Dont think too much Vidhyuth.
What I need is my metal only. I had
left your money to you only, check.
Vidhyuth, you are out...
Lets move from here.
Finally we are done Eswar.
Got you guys.
Ujwal, Raju go go... run.
Game not yet finished Eswar.
You sat in my office itself and
played game so nicely.
you are so proud of yourself
that in 30 seconds I have escaped,
so I am giving you the same
30 seconds... come on...
Where is the metal?
Where is the damn metal?
Stop it man. Stop it.
Stop it man. Stop it.
Eswar, the resentment that has been
in years will never come back like this.
Why should you done this?
To catch a hidden enemy you
have started burning down
the peaceful forest.
You forget that in the same forest
there are deers and
those deers having the horns.
When there is no strength inside you
then you will start talking about patience.
My character is not like that.
Go... do whatever the hell you want.
Its fair that you die Vidhyuth
but me doing that is not virtue.
I already told that I came
all aware...
1. How did he know that
we are here?
2. How did he know that cab
stopped at that signal only.
3. When I am escaping from
Vidhyuths office,
how come he hit our car
so accurately?
4. Thats it the phone that
Abhijith gave me.
5. With this only he is tracking us.
The funder will be here in
another half an hour.
The only tracker we have here
is also switched off.
What is really happening guruji?
The guy is with me whom
you are searching for.
Sure bring him.
The person name that killed
your brother is Vidhyuth
You dying is not the god Eswars
willing, its this Eswars willing.
Thats why I have given your office
address as an invitation for your death.
1 metal, 2 selfish persons, girl
who sacrificed for 3 knots,
4 persons lives, minister that lost
his loved brother, 6000 crores deal.
This is our screen play...
This is our battle field.
Hey Raju whats happened? Why are you
injured? Why are you coming in walk?
Forgive me dad.
Where is the car?
Get up what happened?
For the sake of money I had made
so many mistakes in my life.
This will be my last mistake and
this will be your last forgiveness.
Being born and raising as
a human being is very easy,
when you have crossed the limit
and returns living like a normal being
is not an easy task, but I have
full hope that you will change
for sure. So, dont worry.
Ok dad.
Famous IT company CEO of Vidhyuth
IT solutions, Vidhyuth was shot dead
in his office by unidentified people.
Surprisingly along with him in
that shoot out Praveen Kumar
who cheated Indian economic
bank was also found dead.
at the same time some unidentified
person returned the looted money
by Praveen Kumar to the bank.
New car?
Raju as per my promise,
this new car is for you.
Thank you bro.
Tell me
Hey Ujwal, I am also having office,
dont be so dedicated to the work.
Bhuvika is calling me and scolding
me that you are not lifting her call.