Tayna Chingis Khaana (2009) Movie Script

Dedicated to the Russian painter,
friend and brother Gennady Sotnikov.
O Lord,
you have searched me and known me...
You discern my thoughts...
And are acquainted with all my ways...
In your Book
were written all the days
that were formed for me,
when none of them as yet existed...
He worships the devil!
We obey the law of inquisition!
He must die...
Burn him!
Burn him!
I know the secret of his salvation.
The Heaven saw it
The Earth heard it.
God the Father -
Tengri - knows!
It seems the Heavens
have given us a sign.
I dreamt of it
yesterday night.
You will be my wife.
She will be my wife!
Blue sky.
Don't enrage the Heaven!
The Heaven knows everything.
Come to your senses.
Don't shed blood.
You will see,
my day will come, Hoelun.
The time will come
for me to revenge.
my sonny,
the endless steppe
is waiting for you.
do not be afraid.
It loves you as I do,
your mother.
It will protect you
and give you strength.
Temujin, Jamuka,
Taichar, Borte, Hasar,
everyone goes home now!
I do not want to go.
Why have you
brought the children here?
Look, Dragon-Mogol will revive,
and dart fiery arrows at you.
Father! Wait for me!
The Heaven is our Father, God Tengri.
Sun comes up and goes down
and a Father recurs in his son.
Father, tell me what is that?
The graves of our forefathers.
When the time comes
and you become like me,
the khan of our clan.
And the forefathers' spirits know that.
You know,
indeed stones are put like this
in honor of past great warriors.
I know.
You see,
what a smart boy your match is?
Right, Borte?
He is nice, I know it.
Kiddy, one day
you will become the Great Khan.
Let's run to Jamuka!
Let your heart cheer you
in the days of your youth,
but know that for all these things God
will bring you into judgment, Jamuka.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
One of them will be given
the power to hear the call of destiny,
the second -faith
and the third - prophecy.
Spirits of the Earth,
I consecrate myself to your service.
People say sacrifices to spirits are made here.
We must not come here.
You're right, Borte.
That's why Jamuka and I
will swear an oath of brotherhood here
to let the spirits hear it.
What if the spirits take us
away as Khokhochoi told us?
Don't be afraid, Taichar, I will
always stand up for my little brother.
He's not afraid.
Jamuka, let's promise,
from now on to be
like brothers, you and I.
Temujin, I swear,
let us be like brothers.
Look, horned Khokhochoi.
Spirits of the water,
accept the sacrifice!
Be careful, Temujin!
Hold on, brother!
The Heaven knows,
the Earth knows,
I know, you know...
The sacred spirit of fire,
save my sonny.
Don't let his heart get cold.
the father is killed.
Well well!
Is a cup overbrimmed?
Temujin, my son,
be the ruler to your brothers.
Let your mother's
sons submit to you
In order for everybody
to honor the Son,
as they honor the Father...
Those who curse you -
let them be cursed;
and those who bless you -
let them be blessed!
And people will serve you,
and tribes will submit to you...
So what, left alone without a husband?
You will be mine then.
By the custom of affinity.
I will be your defender.
Indeed you have nobody to protect you.
Your son will never be the khan,
it is Bekter who will become the khan.
I will cope with it myself.
Only Tengri knows
who will be the khan.
Go away, Targutai!
as I told you, he would never be the khan.
Accept my offer, or I will tie
his hair to the tail of a horse.
Let's do it.
Now it is my
master's property, Bekter,
the future khan.
Bekter, help us to gather up!
You are not yet the khan!
Don't just stand there.
Come on, gather up everything.
Round up to Targutai's lands!
Don't leave anything!
Mother, don't do it.
I will become weak.
The father told me
our hair kept our forefathers'
memory and strength.
I want to be like my father...
Sometimes you have to hide
your power from unkind eyes.
Your hair will grow up and you will
become strong like your father.
And your son will be like you.
Your grandson and
your great-grandson.
Till then I will keep
your power.
you have to leave until better days.
All right?
in the family of Borte,
your bride,
the Heaven will protect you,
it is your father's will.
When I grow up and become the khan,
I will never hide my power from anyone.
My son.
Temujin, my brother!
I am happy to see you!!!
Jamuka, brother,
are you hunting for the wind?
No, I am not.
I'm listening to the songs of the wind.
- Where is your bride?
- She is at home. Waiting for me.
Bekter, has your brother-in-law
Temujin returned to his mother?
Have you seen him?
Yes, I have.
Do you like the khan's knife?
You are the future khan.
Take it!
A khan has to have such a knife.
Spy upon them.
And leave signs.
All right.
Are you spying on us?
You traitor!
I am the khan.
You're a weakling not a khan!
Hey, Hasar!
I will cut your throat!
The murderer is there.
Run away!
Catch him! Stop him!
He won't run away!
Catch him!
Grip him tightly!
Tie him up!
Now you are my slave!
Mother, my dear, don't cry!
I will be back soon!
How do you like the palace,
The Great Khan?
Aim good at the shackles!
What's the use of the one-eyed khan?
As if a wolf,
he glowers like a beast!
Hey, let's go for a drink!
- Yes.
- Yes, Let's go!
If he goes to his family,
we'll find and kill him.
You've let him go!
Find him!
Even if you have to shovel the ground!
Seek him, seek.
He couldn't have gotten far!
If we don't find him,
Targutai will strip our skins off!
You need to be as quiet
as if you're at a graveyard.
To die, to disappear from everybody,
to fall asleep and to awake free,
as your father, Yusugei.
Let Tengri help you.
Heaven the Father!
You know that I have been pursued
by enemies for all these years.
They have trampled my life in pieces,
they enforced me to live in darkness,
my soul is like the thirsty earth...
Show me the path,
I should proceed along.
Teach me to fulfill Your will...
My son,
here your time has come.
Stand up.
It's time to go to your own land.
It's about time, my son.
I have become like my father,
as you'd predicted.
I am bringing Borte, Mother!
My children, Temujin and Borte,
you will give birth to my grandchildren,
future khans,
the bearers of our ancestry.
Borte, I have been dreaming
about you for all these years.
Jamuka! Is it you?
it's hard to recognize you.
It is me, as you can see!
And where are your cheeks?
Did Borte agree to marry you right
after they'd disappeared? Huh, Brother?
You envy me, right?
Here I am inviting you to the wedding!
I am happy for you.
You know,
Khokhochoi became
the shaman of our clan,
he is waiting for us near the sacred tree.
Temujin rescued from obscurity...
Dragon's bones began to stir,
anticipating the sacrificial blood.
Black clouds are
gathering over the steppe.
It is a singing arrow.
The song of the
wind is hidden in it.
You and I, we have the one root
like these two trees.
Kill Temujin!
We haven't come for you.
We're here for Borte,
your young daughter-in-law.
I told you my time would come.
You are a jackal!
Kill him!
Heaven Knows,
Earth Knows.
I remember,
when I was a child,
you used to tell me
the legends of Olonkho
about the Heaven's
three sons.
All the Middle World is held up
by the inescapable doom of Odun Khan,
the fate granted by Jylga Khan
and by
the will of Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan...
People's destinies are swayed
by the will of Genghis Khan!
You had hung
the cradle before
the child was born
It is sinful.
I will gather my friends
and bring Borte back!
Come in!
You're my sworn brother's son!
I'm glad to see you!
Temujin, you have grown strong.
Yes, very strong!
You have become like your father.
Honorable Toghrul Wang Khan...
Thank you for
welcoming me as your own son.
Allow me to present this
fur coat as a sign of respect to you.
Yes, it is an expensive present.
Catch, Sengum!
Thank you,
I appreciate this.
Let's go into the yurt.
Let's talk.
Look at this.
This delightful fruit
was grown in China.
Chinese people,
don't like to be at war for nothing.
There should be serious
reasons for war.
I think, I can help you.
You will bring your wife back,
while all spoils will be mine.
And let Jamuka help us.
Cain killed his brother, Abel.
Then the Lord said to Cain:
"What have you done?
"Your brother's blood
cries out to me from the ground;
"you are under a curse."
Don't touch the cross!
Hey! Don't!
Let him go!
Don't touch the cross.
Unhand her!
- Where is Borte?
- In that yurt.
Come here, let's play.
Spread your legs apart.
Don't kill us.
You have started
the carnage because of her!
Come on! Quicker!
Take her away from here.
Don't leave! Temujin!
Everything will be all right.
Stop it!
I have found what I was looking for!
Son of a jackal!
Go on! Kill him!
Brother! Jamuka!
Get this clear,
I will still cut out your
black liver and gorge it.
Mind you!
Let's stay here!
from now on
these lands are ours.
I want you, Temujin to
become my son, my sworn son.
For life.
Take it.
but you have your own son.
I would be grateful.
We are also going to become relatives.
My brother will marry your sister.
And we will be
the one powerful family.
Yes, she has been dreaming
of it for a long time.
All right.
Let's go!
Let our sons grow
black as numerous forests;
let our daughters
flush as a red flame...
Let our herds
be vast and fertile.
Let there be peace
in the endless steppe.
do you like that horse over there?
Do you want me to catch it for you?
No, Taichar,
this horse is from my brother's herd.
- I will steal it.
- It is bad to steal!
But it will be my present for you.
It is very bad to steal, Taichar.
But if I present it to you,
so I will return it.
Temujin wouldn't like it.
Wait for me, Temulun!
There it is.
It is as beautiful as my Temulun.
Don't move, a thief!
Who has done it?
I will avenge on him.
Stay put!
What are you doing, brother?
Why are you marching
against your brother?
Taichar loved horses.
Give me up all the family
of my brother's murderer.
Don't demand it from me.
Hand me my
brother's murderer then.
He will pay for this in full.
He did right.
He was following his duty!
According to the law!
Hand me Hasar.
Perhaps it is your brother
who will stake his
life for the death of mine!
Let you know
the new law:
A thief should be
punished by death.
Defend yourself then!
You yourself will
pay for Taichar's life.
Death for death
Blood for blood!
Follow me!
Through the gorge!
Gallop after me.
Follow me!
See, what you
have gained by that?!
Are you willing to
give up life for your law?
I also have a law.
I don't kill brothers!
They've put all brothers to death.
They've annihilated my clan.
They have massacred everybody
because of the fault of one person!
They will answer for it!
Death for death!
By the custom of our forefathers,
the Nuker had to be given up.
But you have
offended against the custom.
But a revenge gives
rise to a new revenge.
From now the steppe lives
according to the Great Yassa...
I will unite all peoples and
tribes and create the army
where one will be
responsible for everybody
and everybody will
be responsible for one.
The army driven by the
inescapable doom of Odun Khan,
the fate granted by Julga Khan and
by the will of Genghis Khan!
Be our Genghis Khan.
Let you believe in the one God,
Tengri, the Creator of Heaven and Earth...
Bless my forefathers' spirits...
Bless the Earth, my stronghold,
and Tengis waters granting life.
Blessed is the Heaven,
Tengri, my creator...
I have chosen the
path to pursue Your will
Give me the power to observe Your law
and cherish it with all my heart...
Tengri! My sword teaching
my hands to fight,
my shield
guarding from iniquity.
Come down from the heavens;
touch mountains.
Shine a flash of lightning and
shoot fiery arrows... at my enemies...
Save my people
from sons of other tribes
bringing death...
Bless the people who observe your law.
Bless the people,
whose God is Heaven.
Temujin was unanimously elected
the Great Gurkhan by the Kurultai.
He has drawn down the powerful
Naimans' anger on all Keraits.
He won't be able
to cope with the Naimans.
I feel,
he has some secret.
The Heaven knows his secret.
We must help Temujin.
We should do it, sonny.
We should think
about our own people.
They can ride roughshod over us,
grind us to dust.
We're joining the Naimans.
Jamuka will support me.
Have I heard you right?
The Heaven is on his side!!!
Yes, you have.
Jamuka will join
the Naimans with us.
That's decided.
Let's go to Tayan Khan!
We're joining the Naimans.
Sengum, stop the warriors!
Don't you dare!
You will bring us to ruins!
Get out of the way!
Half-witted greybeard, back!
Keep out of the way!
Follow me!
Sengum, my son! Stop!
A son not respecting
his father,
his brother,
and his people.
Their khan.
- Who are you?
- Me?
I am Wang Khan,
the head of Keraits.
Temujin killed Wang Khan,
his brother-in-law Bekter,
also he is responsible
for the death of Taichar.
Soon he'll come for you.
He will remind you how
you've put his people to death.
We must chine him.
Temujin is willing to
make his way over our corpses
to seize the power
over the steppe.
He must be killed.
For the sake of
his black sheep Borte,
he exterminated the
Merkits almost the entire klan.
Son of a jackal.
Jamuka, Tayan Khan appoints
you the gurkhan of steppe.
You can be sure noble
mongols will support you.
Naimans say that
you will be their worthy governor.
Jamuka, you have
been given, great credence.
Tayan Khan is already
in the Khangai mountains.
They will wait for you there.
We, Mongols, are free,
as the wind of steppe,
we don't submit to anyone.
And those who constrain us
will die.
Temujin has lost all his senses.
He intends to fight
against the powerful Naimans.
You're walking around stock stands,
casting spells against
the war against the Naimans...
I am the shaman of the Kiyats' clan.
I am the only one who is given
the revelation by the will of Tengri.
If you don't stop the war,
you will ruin your people.
Who do you think you are?
The wrath of God?
This is our
fathers' land.
Get away!
You have laid all the
people on the sacrificial altar!
But you will be stricken by lightning!
Chosen by the Heaven,
you will be cursed by the Earth.
Chosen by the Heaven,
cursed by the Earth.
We need more weapons...
Ten times as many...
Hundred times as many.
Get fully armed
by celestial armours...
Our war is not against blood and flesh,
but against the celestial spirits' spite...
Raise the shield of faith up high,
put out the enemy's fiery arrows.
It is the way how the Chinese
Kung -Fu fighters move.
Horchu, come here.
Come on, come on!
Show what you can do.
Go ahead, come on!
Yes, go there, don't be afraid!
Go, Horchu!
Come on now,
show them your force, Horchu.
Now, you show him the martial art.
Once this was what he said to Temujin:
"l want to have exactly thirty wives."
With my three balls
in ten wives f-for a ball.
Save your lives,
or else you will die.
The dragon of war has set his net.
And it is waiting for you.
People, find out the truth.
Genghis Khan feeds the
all-devouring dragon's jaws
with bloodstained sacrifices.
And then his bones will
be covered with flesh and blood
devouring people's meat.
And the fiery arrows will be darted.
Go away,
people, don't court disaster,
save yourselves.
Khokhochoi, traitor!
I'll kill you!
You were fed
the same mother's milk.
You sacrifice brothers for your law!
This idea of consolidation
has hardened
your soul and your heart
and it has made your eyes blind.
let's go.
Khokhochoi must be buried
with shamanic rites.
Forgive me...
May you rest in peace,
brother Khokhochoi.
Khokhochoi has also fallen victim.
Who will be next, Temujin?
Your law,
your idea of consolidation
will flood the whole steppe
with scarlet blood of brothers.
Is it the price of your principles!?
The Heaven knows.
The Heaven is in charge...
Brother, I want to give you some advice.
Don't send people to their doom.
The Naimans's army
is more powerful.
It is ten times bigger
than yours.
I was appointed the gurkhan of steppe.
The Naimans' henchman
cannot be the gurkhan.
The Naimans have come,
because they consider us as atheists
and barbarians.
You've betrayed your people, Jamuka.
Under the Naimans' great banner.
As usual Tayan Khan
will be upland,
to see everything.
While we will take
a decoy position,
on the opposite side.
And where will we have the real position?
I'll take
the real position in a low place,
to be invisible to anyone.
Temujin, how will you lead the armies?
Follow the signal flags.
We'll make felt soldiers,
to allure the Naimans
to the decoy position.
So we will avoid
heavy losses on our part.
Who will go to the peace talks
with the Naimans?
- Who will offer to be the truce envoy?
- I will go.
- Why you?
- Because
I am the whole brother of the khan.
I should be sent there.
Then they will think,
that we are fully confident of our power.
It is the right move.
Hasar, you must
come back from there.
Belgutei, brother,
you will accept the battle
in the decoy position.
You all must
come back alive.
My wife Gurbesu
and I have consulted
and come to the one decision,
that it is Kuchulug khan
who will command
the Naimans' troops.
Once again I greet
and thank
the heads and khans
of all tribes and clans
who have come together under the banner
of the powerful and invincible Naimans.
Temujin has gathered
a gang of renegades around him
and now he thinks,
he is the foremost.
What an insolent fellow!
This upstart named
himself Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan!
He named himself the God!
Who does he think he is?
Who is it?
Genghis Khan has sent
Hasar, his own brother to talks.
Genghis Khan
doesn't want to fight against you.
That's why I am standing before you.
I am the truce envoy
from Great Genghis Khan.
I see.
He is simply afraid of us.
Only a madman
would fight against us.
We are invincible.
It is thoughtful of your brother
to be afraid of us.
No, Tayan Khan,
you have misunderstood me.
Genghis Khan doesn't want
to shed your, the Naimans' blood!
He offers you to join
his banners voluntarily.
Punish him for the impudence.
Genghis Khan
will chastise you!
Kill him!
O Lord!
You know my desperation, and
my sins are not concealed from You...
Disgrace covers my face.
Now I have become
a stranger to brothers
Kuchulug Khan calls you
to the council.
And now, Hasar,
you are free.
Now you are the wind.
Tengri is waiting for you.
All of us will become the wind sometime.
We have different faiths.
But we are one people,
we are the Mongols.
God Tengri is our one Father.
We are all brothers.
My brothers,
stand up for our land!
Those who have come with a sword,
will be killed by our swords.
To everything there is a time:
a time to be born,
and a time to die;
a time to kill,
and a time to heal;
a time to cast away stones,
and a time to gather stones together;
a time of war,
and a time of peace.
Targutai, ahead!
- Follow me!
- Follow me!
Sengum, ahead!
Tohto Beki!
Follow me!
Chiledu, take on the right flank!
Follow me!
All troops are going
to the decoy position.
Take up initial position!
He is not here!
They have deceived us!
Where is he?
Where is he hidden?
Find, find him!
We are snared!
We have fallen into a trap!
- Hey! Give me a horse!
- Chiledu is running away, give me a bow!
Naimans have fallen into our snare!
Where is Targutai?
Give me a sword!
Give me a sword!
You have been pursuing
Temujin all your life!
It's payback time!
It was then that my head
should have been given to Jamuka!
The way to the enemy is cleared!
- Subedei, act!
- Yes, Khan!
To the troops of Tayan Khan!
Genghis Khan is not there!
It is a decoy position!
How is that?
But he...
But he has to be there!
Where is he then?
Temujin has outsmarted us.
His main position is in another place.
Ahead, Jamuka!
What are you waiting for?
I am heading for Genghis Khan,
I know where he is!
What is taking him so long?
Kuchulug, attack!
God will judge you!
Stop it!
Don't kill each other!
Come to your senses!
All people are brothers!
Follow me!
The Naimans'
army commanded by
Jamuka is heading for us.
Stop it!
Jamuka, stop!
Brother John!
Don't kill! Stop!
Keep back!
Or else I'll kill you!
Time to come to your senses!
Be off!
- Jamuka, stop!
- Everybody follows me!
Turn back!
Blissful! What have you done?
- Don't kill!
- I'll kill you!
- People, come to your senses.
- Take that!
All people are
brothers to each other.
Jamuka has turned back
and he is leaving the battle field.
Genghis Khan's troops
are breaking here!
What a barbarian devilish tribe!
Curse you!
To hell with you!
You're done.
You'll pay for what you've done.
We want to surrender!
We'll go to
Genghis Khan ourselves.
Go away!
Let us pass!
The Naimans' army is completely routed!
The Merkits are killed.
The Taichuds are overwhelmed.
The Keraits are annihilated.
It seems as if it is true
what people speak of you.
You are a tribe of
atheists and barbarians!
You feed your dogs
with human flesh.
You have won
in due to insidiousness.
Great Genghis Khan,
you are a barbarian.
You are a khan of all renegades.
You fight dishonorably.
Your people shoot in the back.
Do your duty.
You must kill me.
my Lady...
We'll meet in the Heavens.
You have gatecrashed,
you have launched a war against us.
And you've paid for this.
My brother was sent
to the talks with you.
You've lent to dishonesty:
you've killed the truce envoy.
And you brought death to whole peoples.
I didn't want
such termination.
We follow the will
of Tengri and our purpose.
We have defended our people
of enemies' invasion.
We have upheld our lands.
Your warriors fought well,
those who are alive
will join my banners,
pay their last respects
to those who have fallen.
You will
be my wife.
Jamuka, you sacrifice
yourself for my sake,
That is the hill and that is the tombstone,
that I put on our brothers' blood.
This tombstone is a witness that
I will never cross this hill for evil.
And you will not cross it either.
And no one will.
Brother, I did a lot of dark deeds...
Brother, I will not
cross your frontiers for evil.
The Heaven has
chosen you, Genghis Khan.
I resign to the fate destined by God.
A good warlord doesn't like to be at war...
A good warrior doesn't like to kill!
A good winner?
Is not an aggressor.
A good ruler?
Never humbles people.
Well done, sonny!
What are you writing?
I am writing the secret
history of the Mongols, sovereign.
Why is it secret?
There are two truths of the history.
The first one is the
history of wars and sovereigns.
As for the second one,
it is the history of a person's life.
And it always remains the secret.
Every person has his mission.
What is the secret of my life?
By the will of the Heaven
you will change the world,
but there will be seas of blood.
Brother John.
Give me your blessing.
You have to know,
the law should be observed.
No one should break it.
It should be inviolable
as our forefathers' tombstones.
Join me.
You will be the second
in command in my khaganate.
No, Genghis Khan.
I want you to put me to death.
The wind can not
be pressed under a stone.
The Heaven knows,
the Earth knows
and you know.
Accept these books from me.
Reveal the secret of
Genghis Khan to the world.
What about you?
Everything that is written
there is in my memory.
the steppe will
guard your power
on its breast.
you have searched
me and known me.
The middle world is held up
by the will of Genghis Khan.
I cannot escape my way...
I know...
Raise your eyes with hope
to the mountains,
where our salvation will come from.
Our salvation from the
Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Because we are One,
as the Earth is one
and as the Heaven is one.