Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014) Movie Script

I'm GO Gwang-ryeol.
Goni sent me.
- You know my son?
- Yes.
He sent this money.
Our company can't run without him there.
What company is that?
You must be his uncle.
What do you make?
Well, we make ah... zapping batteries!
Is that cash?
Oh my!
Must've made it big.
I'll count it.
Are you okay?
- Get some pants.
- Okay.
Dae-gil, stay inside.
Tell me the truth...
Damn it.
Hi. Who are you?
You're Goni's nephew, right?
You look just like him! Come in.
Handsome boy.
What's your name?
My last name was PARK,
then it changed to HAM Dae-gil.
But my step dad died last year.
My name could change again.
Life is full of changes.
Is that so?
I'll give you some money.
This is for listening to your mom.
Thank you.
And this...
- for studying hard.
- Thank you.
And this...
for not fighting with friends.
Right. Don't fight.
For eating well.
Right. Eat well.
For not J-walking.
Right. Don't J-walk.
This kid's a hustler!
- See you next time.
- Thank you!
What's a hustler?
It's almost time to go, so let's bet big.
400 cards.
We're eating out tonight,
so let's end this.
I'll see you.
And raise you 600!
I'll see you.
And raise you 1000!
Lend me 800 cards.
80 cards interest, okay?
Robot pair!
Only the universe or water can beat robots!
But there are no such cards!
Thank you!
Dying to eat out. What's the rush?
Doc can't beat a snail! Stupid!
Water beats robots, right?
Sweat isn't water!
Sweat isn't water!
I want one...
What's going on!
"Dae-gil CHOI Seung-hyun"
"Mina SHIN Sae-kyeong"
JANG Dong-skim GWAK Do-won
"Ms. WOO LEE Honey"
"GO Gwang-ryeol YOO Hai-jin"
"Gwang-chul KIM In-kwon"
"Ggojang LEE Kyung-young"
"Mrs. SONG KOH Soo-hee"
(Chm? SEC) OH Jung-sea
"Madam Little PARK Hyo-ju"
"Ghost KIM Jun-ho"
"Jjari LEE Dong-hWi"
"Agwi KIM Yoon-suk"
"Directed by KANG Hyoung-chul"
Dang wife!
Having a baby when I gotta play!
You can't leave.
With a player missing, it's not fun, right?
Just get a new player.
Dae-gil? Play till I get back.
See ya!
Though there's no class in gambling...
How can I win off a kid
Can a hustler play?
We agreed no substitutes!
But this is handmade!
Okay, fine. Only order food from us, okay
- Of course!
- Deal
Thank you so much!
- Kid
- No!
- No other restaurants!
- Got it!
Damn rotten kid!
Wang Lost your month's salary
Only eat our food here!
Hey, kid!
See you in a few days.
So, you're the kid who's a hustler
I heard your name is Gwang-chul.
Gwang-chul... bro.
In gambling, money is king
and the better player rules
Prepare to wet your pants, kid.
7 pair! He wins again!
Did I wet my pants?
Out of cash already?
Y'all got curfews?
Shut up and deal.
Sure man!
Sure man
See. Never seen this, huh
Hurray, he's up to it again.
Get your foot off me!
And go change!
Keep your eyes off her!
Look, young man.
Make money by honest work.
Go to your room!
Yes, I'll move the car.
We walked here.
You know me?
First time seeing you.
First time seeing a stranger?
Just checking if I saw right.
YUP, you're pretty.
What's your name?
I'm HAM Dae-gil.
Gwang-chul's younger sister...
named Gwang-sook?
I'll start.
What are you doing!
Bro! Don't get me wrong!
She's dang cute!
There's a pretty girl in our town! Yes!
How sweet!
Think I'm a sucker? This game is rigged!
- You set me up!
- Shut up!
Screw you! Know who my nephew is!
You'll all rot in jail tonight!
I saw you change cards!
Call the cops!
I'm sorry, sir!
Making me pound a man twice my age...
Damn it.
It's time I break your habit.
- Take off your briefs.
- What?
Strip naked.
And stand here for a picture.
Please! I'm sorry!
You'll be even sorrier.
I won't do it again!
Cut the crap.
Ghost speaking.
Yes, Mr. JANG!
No, sir.
Hold on.
If he's not naked when I'm back, you'll be.
Yes, sir!
Are you okay?
Son of a bitch!
Take off your briefs or
I'll crush your balls.
Old bastard.
Stand straight!
Head up.
Not like that, fool!
One, two...
I lost 60 grand.
Your mom's savings. What do I do, Dae-gil
First, get dressed.
Let's talk at home.
Let's go.
Come on, asshole!
A knife
You're the Chinese food boy.
Why you little!
Get up! You fool!
Son of a bitch...
Let's go, Dae-gil!
Let's run! Hurry!
There's $6000 inside. Take it and run!
He's not dead. Just stay low.
Things happen in life.
Don't worry.
You'll get through this.
It's okay. Stay healthy.
It's okay.
- I'm sorry, Mom.
- It's okay.
Do it again?
No, wait!
Want my brother?
No, I came to see you.
For what?
What's your real name?
HUH Mina.
HUH Mina, I love you.
- Thanks.
- Hey, wait!
Even if you liked me,
I suck now so it's no good.
I'm leaving town.
When we meet again, I'll
be worth your while.
If you wait...
I'll come for you in style.
Are you proposing?
You're cute.
- Wanna kiss?
- No.
Next time, then.
No problem.
Stay healthy.
HAM Dae-gil.
Your zipper's down.
You bowed to me.
HUH Mina.
I proposed to you! I'll come for you!
Oops. Not here.
You know what?
You're so cute!
Jjari! Heard you made it big!
You're all I've got!
Thank you!
I gave you a good deal.
It'll take me 3 hours.
Wait for me!
Thanks a lot!
No need to thank me, man.
Some people are born to make it.
You should be driving a
Benz and living large.
A Benz sounds nice.
When can I start
Hold on, man.
You taught me to play. I got your back.
A Rolex
Gangnam gambling houses must be hot.
Gambling for work is hard.
You said you stopped gambling.
Just asking.
Gambling's brutal here.
No fun. Just money.
Learning gambling from
you back home was fun.
- Bro
- What?
Aren't you going back home?
Why would I go back?
You going back
Not like this.
I saw some nice buildings on the way.
I'll buy one within 5 years
and give you a floor.
For fun.
Come on! At least give me half!
Anyway, now that you're
in Seoul, live it up!
Here. Cheers!
And call me Charlie here.
Drink it.
You won't find a place here for this price.
It's quiet with a good view.
Why are you so late?
Bought shoes?
This is it?
Let's start by parking.
Hustlers park cars here
The man in charge is out.
Morning, sir.
Where's SHIN?
Out to collect, sir.
Did you find a cook?
It's hard to find the right person, sir.
Greet him.
Who's he?
A hometown friend, sir. So many cars came.
We can't let just anyone work here.
He'll just help out today. Trust me, sir.
Get to work.
- Charlie Ramen noodles.
- Yes, sir.
Cool. Who's that?
He's Ggojang-
The boss.
Today's horoscope.
A helper will come...
Hope you like abalone, sir.
Right amount of water.
It's good.
Ah, sir?
I want to work here, sir.
What's your name?
HAM Dae-gil, sir.
HAM Dae-gil.
Nice name.
Date of birth?
November 4th, 1987, sir.
A Scorpio.
Scorpios are loyal and
good at getting revenge.
Give me your hand.
Your palm lines look good. You're loyal.
A man should be loyal.
What did Jjari say about me?
That you live on loyalty.
Go get him.
Boss is very picky with people,
but it's cuz you're my friend.
The hell
He read that I'm a hustler.
Who'd gamble here?
It's like a real company here.
We're raking in the dough.
This is Chief SHIN, head of security.
I'm HAM Dae-gil, sir.
Security is everything here.
Why so many crackdowns?
Get the curtains
One, two, three, four.
Old MacDonald
had a farm
Stand hut! One, two!
One by one, please!
There's nothing here, inspector.
Dropped your cigarettes
Yup. It's mine.
See ya.
Let's just go! Your zipper's down.
She's Madam Little.
Sorry, Director LEE.
She lends money and takes the vig here.
- Know what a vig is?
- What?
During their 6-hour slots,
some people run out early.
- Then what?
- Thanks!
- They get a loan from her.
- A loan, please.
I'll pay you soon!
- Win big!
- They borrow and borrow...
and lose it completely.
The customer who loses money is king here!
Hello, sir.
Why you!
Think you're a hustler
cuz I let you play lead
Why didn't you close the door?
Who's this?
The new skivvy, sir.
Acts so big. Who's he
Chief SEO, the main player here.
A Gangnam hustler?
A total son of a bitch!
I wanna crush him so bad!
- Bro
- What
What does a skivvy do?
Two ramen! $100, please.
Looks good!
Dae-gil! Got a Dunhill?
$20, please.
$20 for just a pack of smokes
Prices went up a lot these days, sir.
- Give me two packs.
- Great!
- Hurry!
- You take a stab.
What's to think. A man should go straight!
- Vitamin drinks here!
- Okay!
$20 for 2 bottles but
I'll give you 4 for $50!
So cute!
Cuz you're special.
- Did you eat?
- Who cares?
- I'll pay. I wanna give him a tip.
- No, I'll pay!
Way to go.
Boss wants you.
How long did you work here?
Almost 5 months, sir.
Heard you played back home.
The best in my town, sir.
Some country suckers are coming,
but SEO's appendix burst. Done.
No need to borrow a player, right
How about it?
So sorry! I won again!
Told 'ya rainy days are lucky!
Damn noisy, I feel like puking.
Then, take some pills.
Hurry on up and deal!
Oh, right! One, two, three...
Three times the charm!
Oh my!
I'm on a roll!
How many cards you got?
Four, right
You gave me six! See
You dealt wrong.
$1,000 for the mistake and start over!
Deal right, will you?
It's not your first time.
Sorry. My mistake.
It's okay. I had bad cards anyway.
How about a break?
Let me deal for once.
Who cares who deals? I'll win anyway!
Hurry up and deal!
Hold your horses pal!
Here! I bet $10,000.
7 points.
9 points.
You win.
Seven pair.
Eight pair!
Let's play cards.
It all adds up to 256 points!
That's $25,600 each!
Anyone need a loan?
Seven points.
Eight points.
Six pair!
Eight pair!
One Go!
Don't tell Jjari.
- Nothing for me?
- Why you!
Leaving already?
You left your phone, Ms. WOO.
What's wrong?
You always win!
Why are you crying?
You always get the good cards!
And take all the good
cards, right before me!
It's just a game. Don't cry!
Stop it!
Don't cry.
Teach me how to play cards.
You're a hustler. Please
Please teach me!
Teach me!
I'll teach you everything.
So stop!
I'll buy drinks. Let's go.
Let's drink, play cards, and talk
I don't have any money...
I have lots!
How does wine sound?
Wow, Ms. WOO!
What's your name?
Seeing anyone
Yes, of course.
I'll get some beer.
This is my lover.
Like any man can resist you.
Can I call you babe?
I haven't met the right man,
so this is my lover.
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
I love you.
She's the easiest target. A rich widow.
With the old man gone, she's living it up.
How much is she worth?
At least $10 million.
- Who is?
- Ms. WOO.
Let's set her up. Mind as well eat the cake
before someone else.
How much is our goal?
She could brush off $1 million as bad luck.
$3 million should keep
her from gambling again.
Lesson learned.
Fine, $3 million. Who'll play?
I'll play and Madam Little
can add to the pot.
Will one player do?
So, I was thinking...
I think Dae-gil should play the lead.
Women all love Dae-gil.
Good looking, fun, with a big dick.
Saw it?
I can tell.
The set up is best coming
from someone close.
Play by the book. What do you think?
I think Jjari would be safer...
SEO is right.
The set up has to be perfect.
Next time, Charlie.
Yes, sir.
Who'll lure her in?
Mrs. SONG is perfect.
She's the one who first brought her here.
She gambles so much,
she's about to lose her shop.
WOO's close with her.
She won't suspect a thing.
I love this game!
She wants to raise the stakes.
She's asking to die.
Then, so be it!
Good acting, Dae-gil.
Looking so worried.
$100 grand!
Win at first, then lose it all at the end.
Nine pair.
Don't sulk when others win!
Wait! This is so heavy!
When will we ever win?
- Let's go get a massage.
- Sure!
Wanna come
Dang noisy!
Thank you.
Lose $400 grand more.
If this job fails, we'll go under.
Don't come here anymore.
Did I win too much?
They're losing to get to your money.
SEO, Madam Little, and Mrs. SONG.
Why are you so naive?
What about you?
Don't come here.
Then, nothing will happen.
She hasn't shown in 3 weeks!
Then, we won't get our cuts
What if the bitch heard something?
HAM Dae-gil.
want ramen noodles.
She's here! Go in!
- Go on! Hurry!
- Who
Give me that.
Go get her!
Learn to play from me.
Mrs. SONG never stops...
This is getting boring.
Let me deal for a change.
Can I bet $2 million?
End it here.
Change cards.
Let's play-
$100,000 on 'lo.
I bet $100,000 on 6.
If I die, don't play at my funeral.
$700,000 on 5!
What if you lose big?
We'll see about that.
$100,000 on 6.
Okay. Lady luck.
Let's win!
- Come to mama!
- Chief SEO, pass the lighter
Forget the lighter, how's this?
I should've bet $700,000.
9 points.
Looks good.
Okay, there.
9 points, too.
I got seven pair.
Seven pair!
She'll buy a building!
Come on...
What? 9 pair
Oh my!
I got a 9 pair!
Oh my!
I won! I'm rich!
I told you I'm lucky here!
No word from Ms. WOO
Of course not.
The boss lost everything. He's screwed.
Where's SEO these days?
He's out gambling to help the boss.
So stupid.
Acting so big, but losing to a dang girl.
Any place I can gamble, too?
It's hard to win on others' turf.
But I know this one rich fool.
You came a long way. I'm JANG Dong-shik.
This way, please.
He used to be famous in his hay days.
For what?
Crimes of course.
- Hit me!
- You bitch!
The people are nice here. Very kind.
You're their bodyguard
Worried about your winnings
We don't pull that shit.
Have some coffee in the next room.
No use standing and watching.
The new kid's good.
- KIM!
- Yes
Wait there.
Come on in!
Is someone else joining?
My niece wanted to play.
You'll like her.
She's really pretty.
Come in.
Sit down.
Know each other?
You know me?
First time seeing a stranger.
I told you she's pretty.
I'm Charlie from Gangnam. And you?
They call me Gwang-sook.
Now that we're all acquainted...
Let's set the rules.
Share the winnings
- Sure. Whatever.
- Wait.
Why share the winnings. We're not friends.
You know me?
Fine. How about a cap?
Limited or unlimited liability
to major winnings
Such a manly young man!
Shall we start with $10 a point
Let's begin.
I fold.
Losing big from the start...
How about $20 a point?
Why not.
$50 a point.
Damn it!
$100 a point. Okay?
Where's the bathroom?
We won lots, let's stop.
Don't worry and follow my lead.
Damn. When will I win big?
Cut the deck good.
That reeks.
Did you shit your pants?
It doesn't stink.
Then, what's this stench?
It doesn't smell!
Sucks. I fold.
I'm on a roll!
Oh my!
One card each, please
One Go!
Two Go!
Let's go!
This quadruples my points.
Three Go!
Four Go!
Doesn't look good.
Five Go!
Let's do this.
$1 million divided by 12 months.
That comes to around $82,000 a month each.
Not too bad for young men like you. Right.
- KIM!
Yes, boss
Go bring the thing.
Ever heard of WANG, who
tried to run from me
He lost his you know what.
I'll pay you, sir.
An eye for an eye.
How dare he play his boss for a fool.
He's lucky we didn't break his bones.
I appreciate your help.
Thank you.
It was fun.
It'll be a month soon. Think he'll pay up
I'll squeeze it out of him.
Who are you bastards!
Mom I'll call you later.
Get the kidney as usual.
Let's do it.
My hand!
Up already
You okay
What the hell did you do!
What's with his hand?
Hit it on the way.
How can I get my money with him like that?
Just drug him up and
give him to the bitches.
I'll kill you!
Only to here. Perfect.
Don't strain yourself and listen.
Your apartment and accounts...
and the kidney paid for 2 months.
Get better.
Take this if it hurts.
It works well.
I'll get you!
Hope you don't run off.
Try if you dare.
Give him an IV to heal faster.
How long till he can go?
I'll send him out next week.
Make sure you get everyone. Here he comes.
On the van, now!
Boss won't be out for a while.
SEO and Madame Little
went into hiding, too.
Stay low till I call you.
And watch out for JANG.
- Are you done
- Yes.
Get up. JANG's men are coming.
This place is good.
No smoking!
We're done.
Got one.
Wanna go some place nice to talk
How about the sea
You're on the run.
But I'm tied down.
What's this?
It's yours.
Money from selling you out.
It's yours now.
It's from scamming you.
You got cleaned out by JANG.
Cut the deck good.
Did you shit your pants?
What happened before the cut?
Didn't you learn if a girl shows
her underwear, they'll trick ya?
He was watching.
Jjari's the one who changed cards for JANG!
Stay low till I call you.
Watch out for JANG.
Call JANG Dong-shik now!
If you call him, you're dead.
I don't care.
Think I'm a loser
Shit! Call him!
I don't have a phone! Call him!
Is it here?
Where is it
Where's the phone!
You covering him
I just saved your life.
Sons of bitches!
Don't look for me.
If we're meant to meet, we will.
Why are you doing this?
Can't let a guy who proposed just die.
If this is for saving my life...
Then, my life is yours.
The hell
Son of a bitch!
Think you can pull one on me!
What the hell!
Crazy asshole!
Think I'd like the 9 pair
Then, he must have an 8 pair.
I knew it! So predictable.
You have the 10 pair to clean us out, huh
- Let go!
- Hold still!
Know what happens when
you're caught cheating!
I didn't cheat!
Mister. Open his cards.
See his hand
With the 10 pair, you'll end up like him!
It's 10 points.
Then, what about yours?
Just 2 points.
Let me see your hands!
What? This?
It can't be.
Us gamblers should trust
each other and play.
Too bad about your cards.
This game's a bust.
I'm too scared to play here. Good luck!
Why? What's up?
Why'd you help me?
Helped you No way.
See ya.
You changed my pair.
Are you a hustler?
That's crazy! I'm just a factory worker.
What do you make?
Why do I have to tell you?
I work at a factory for ah...
zapping batteries!
Now, move!
Just as I expected.
Told ya they're fishy.
Time to pay!
Guess this can look suspicious.
You deserve a beating!
It's a misunderstanding!
Good job.
What's this?
Get them!
- No! I don't know him!
- Come here!
Stop running! If I catch you, you're dead!
If you wear my only sweats, what do I wear?
I've been thinking.
Aren't you leaving? You said you'll go.
How about being partners?
Why be partners with a cripple like me?
I have a good feeling.
Don't have anywhere to go?
Don't worry. I used to
play in Gangnam houses.
If you don't believe me, try me.
What's with your hand?
It's nothing.
Cut the deck.
Where are you from?
You remind me of someone.
Someone with a stormy life.
They're always at it!
How can they live like that?
Open our cards
What's the use?
You're a hustler all right!
10 pair.
Accept your loss?
Try switching to your left hand.
Kids can sneak bottom cards better.
You saw?
Don't have to. I could hear it.
Anyway, you lost. We're partners.
Open my cards.
My hand was cut with the 9 pair.
But my partner saved my
life on just 3 points.
Sometimes 1 point can win a 10 pair.
It's been 3 days.
I've been thinking.
What's to think about!
Please be my teacher.
Not partners, okay?
You always talk so much
You'll be my secret master.
They always die cuz of their disciples.
If you die, I'll get revenge.
I'll drop you off at the
bus terminal up ahead.
Why you!
Just practicing hand tricks won't work!
Watch it!
You said to use my left.
Why you!
You always get crushed cuz you play
with your hands!
- Then, play with my feet
- With your heart!
Read the people, not the cards.
Read their minds.
Hustlers can predict...
My horoscope warned of someone jumping
into my life.
Bad news. Gotta change all four tires.
Or else you'll die!
If they think they found a sucker...
their lips curl up.
It's an old car...
When they're eyebrows curl...
they're testing you out.
It'll cost $5000.
If they avoid eye contact?
It's a lie!
I'll do it for $4000 cash with free waxing.
Enough with the basics, give me more!
Could you look at my tires
- Coming...
- More Sure!
The pupils. The eyes can't lie.
They get bigger when excited.
You played cards again!
And shrivel up at what they hate,
like your dick.
Then, why do you get scammed,
knowing he's lying
I never get scammed.
Why hello!
Just the waxing left, sir.
Take your time.
Playing cards
Can you play cards?
Wait! You can't leave yet!
I have to get going. Why?
The game's over. You want more tip
Who plays cards for tips?
How about raising the
stakes for another game
I'm no gambler. No way!
You lost a lot today.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Your nephew is really good.
Just luck.
Lend me the DuPont.
- Like in Adieu!
- Funny.
There's a card missing!
Someone must've hid one!
This is not good!
Everyone, hands up!
Flip them! No card?
Then, shake them! No?
Then, look on the floor! Not there?
Then, buy new cards.
Go buy a new pack.
I didn't win much. Why call me again?
Have a seat.
We sit here?
It's as if we've been set
up to sit here, huh?
Just kidding!
It's not where you sit,
but how you play, right
Oh, the car out front is getting towed.
- Number 6784. Go after it!
- Damn!
Uncle. Can I sit there?
Sure! It's not like there's
a surveillance cam.
Camera 1 is out.
Not my day today!
It's dry in here. Can I
turn on a humidifier?
I have a sore throat. I need this thing.
It's a humidifier.
Why are you all like this?
I'll see that and raise you $2000.
Raise you $4000.
All in.
Eight pair.
Nine pair.
Bring lots of money.
Hello everyone!
Where'd you get all that money?
Have a seat anywhere.
Want us to move seats?
A new table?
Before we start, I'll charge my phone
- Should've done it before.
- Sorry.
Dae-gil! Pull that out
and plug in my phone.
You got one kidney, that's good for you.
Gotta keep healthy to gamble.
Enough agging-
And quit smoking!
Isn't it time we play in bigger pools
Think you're good cuz
you beat a few suckers
Didn't you see me crush a hustler?
What hustler?
The one with small eyes.
Looks just like you.
Hustlers with big eyes
can be read by others.
When I started out, I
had big eyes like you.
You look exactly like me back then.
Why is that shit!
My eyes have evolved.
They've deteriorated!
No way! I can see everything fine!
Thank you, sir.
Nice acting.
Your partner's good.
He's my disciple.
It's an honor, sir.
I'm Dark Knight from Ansan.
I'm Mr. GO. See you around.
Yes, sir.
Watch your wrist and may
the kings be with you.
- The kings be with you.
- Bye.
At times, enemies can be friends
and friends enemies.
Get it
- Sir
- What
I respect you.
Why you.
There are two types in gambling.
The loser and the winner.
No need for words.
I know! Cuz the money and cards talk.
What's a sucker?
- The king!
- Good!
What a nice day.
Pack up! Let's go play with flowers!
Where to, sir?
- Wherever the cards lead us!
- After you!
Let's see.
Double on 8 points.
And I called 'Go' 3 times.
No, 5 times with all 5 kings!
You'll need more cash.
The young man cleaned us out!
Who cares!
I bet everything!
Open the cards!
I have a question.
Let's say you have to play naked.
But you have to hide a card.
What do you do?
Eat it.
It's plastic. How can you eat it
There's nothing a hustler can't eat!
A hustler ain't no dog!
Did you ever eat it?
I'm no dog. Why would I?
What's going on?
Long time no see.
What's up?
How have you been?
Good. I'm late for something.
- I'll go with you!
- It's okay!
Bastard! Leave me alone!
Why'd you do that to me?
Shit! What!
You sold me off to JANG! Bastard!
So What if I did.
Why'd you do it!
Hustler, my ass.
You cheated and crushed countless people!
Where's the thanks for getting you the job!
Cuz you can play, boss
only looked after you!
Son of a bitch.
That's the reason?
You ungrateful bastard!
If you sold me off,
why aren't you living it up?
Why'd you end up like this?
I got done in by SEO, too!
It was SEO who set up the boss
to lose everything!
What do you mean!
It wasn't a set up for WOO but the boss!
Lose $400 grand more.
Let's set her up.
If this job fails, we'll go under.
Chief SEO?
Pass me the lighter.
What about Ms. WOO?
What else? She's the hustler!
Do you love me?
I'm sorry.
That girl, Mina...
She got sold cuz of you.
This is my fight, sir.
I'll come back, if I'm lucky.
Asshole! That's mine!
Who are you?
Son of a bitch!
Hey, Stop!
Who's this?
Chinese delivery?
You the boss here?
Where's the respect, kid?
How old are ya. Let go.
Where's Mina?
HUH Mina?
No idea where she is...
Where is she!
Shut up or else!
Where's Mina?
Sell her to me.
My dear Gwang-sook!
Your knight has come to rescue you.
Hey, move!
Take a break folks and watch the big game.
Move! Now!
Listen carefully to the rules.
Just one game.
Winner gets to cut the wrist.
A gambler's hand raises the stakes, huh?
If you win, leave the
money and take the girl.
But you get to cut the wrist. Too bad.
But if you lose
The girl stays along with her hand.
And I'll lessen her debt.
Damn! It's hard to explain.
If I win, burn that.
Cut the wrist first.
Stupid. I told you not to come here.
My life is yours, remember?
You'll lose no matter what.
I'll just watch your eyes.
I promise...
Let's get out together.
Playing lovebirds here. That's cute.
Here. I'll deal.
The crowd's curious. Open your cards.
Lady first.
9 Pair!
That's my girl!
A girl with one hand ain't
gonna be pretty, right?
You're screwed kid.
Open it.
The dickhead picked a stupid card!
Nasty fool! You won to save your hand!
Shut up!
Give me the IOU.
Cut the hand first.
Back off you bastards!
What the hell?
You said the winner gets to cut.
It's up to me to choose whose hand!
You fucking son of a bitch!
It's not enough to make me a cripple
Give me a smoke
Damn bastards! There's no smoking here...
Game over.
Hey! Take your lighter!
Pretty cool, bastard.
You can take her, but pay off her interest.
Bastard! What interest!
Calm down.
You paid off JANG, but you still owe me.
Interest and compensation
for breaking my heart.
Just pay me $500,000.
What if we can't?
Then, work here.
But what good would a cripple be?
Mina will have to sell her body.
Here's the money.
Take that and let them go.
If it isn't Mr. GO!
I heard you play in small pools.
If you show up, my uncle said
you'd lose your remaining hand.
Didn't you hear?
This isn't enough.
With this it'll be over $500,000.
Let them go!
No way.
The owner here doesn't keep his word.
Who'd come if you can't leave
with your winnings?
Secret code
Nice and easy. 1234.
Let's go.
She slept straight for two days.
She's not suited for this world either.
You're not one to get
rich on gambling either.
What riches for a gambler?
Then, Why'd you gamble all your life?
It's because I couldn't walk away.
Let me help.
In the past...
there were 3 legendary
gamblers in the country.
PYUNG, Jjak-gwi,
and Agwi.
PYUNG fell off a running train.
Jjak-gwi lost an ear to Agwi
and ended up in a nursing home.
And Agwi...
(He)', GO Gwang-ryeol!
Never cross paths with Agwi.
He's the devil of gambling.
He ended up getting his hand
cut by PYUNG's disciple.
Gamblers have one fate.
If you don't quit, you'll face misfortune.
What happened to the disciple?
He became the Hands of God
The ultimate for a hustler.
When he had the ultimate,
unbeatable cards...
he got up and walked away
from gambling forever.
If you think she's worth it,
then try being the Hands of God.
This place is good.
Have some more.
How's your hand?
How's Gwang-chul?
He's in prison.
He killed a man cuz of me.
Wanna hear the dark story?
Tell me whenever.
We'll be together from now on.
Says who?
HUH Mina of course.
You said you loved me.
When you pulled the knife out...
your eyes said so.
The eyes can't lie.
Just hear the story.
Know my brother's friend Wang
He introduced him to Ghost.
This is my friend, sir.
I'm HUH Gwang-chul, sir!
Where's HUH Gwang-chul?
Come out now! Why work in a shithole!
I went in to get my brother
and caught JANG's eye.
Get out!
He sent my brother on a job to Dr. HWANG.
Have a drink before you go.
The bastards set him up.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
My naive brother...
got drugged up and used.
Made him owe Ghost, then came to me.
Said I could pay off his debt.
JANG said...
Just dress up and play cards with some men.
And drink coffee.
I got drugged UP...
and dragged around dozens of times.
My brother didn't mean to kill Wang...
but he lost it.
I'm a filthy bitch.
Meet someone better.
Who's better than the
girl who saved my life?
I'm not a great man yet.
But if a gambler quits
gambling, isn't that great?
Live a new life from now on.
With me.
Wanna kiss?
Why'd you sell her?
I told you not to sell her to anyone else.
She's mine.
I'll find another useful gal for you.
If you're dumb, you should at least listen.
When your uncle is so great...
Close your house down and work under me.
Like a dog.
You have pretty eyes.
Yes, boss.
Call Dr. HWANG and ask
if he needs two eyes.
Yes, sir.
Find her and text me
before brunch tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
Go back to your hometown or move out.
How can I made you
lose all your retirement money.
I'll support you for life.
How? You quit gambling.
- Chinese restaurants suck here.
- So
- Let's run one.
- What?
Mina and I'll cook, you can deliver.
What! Me, deliver
My boss wants to see you.
For what. The deal's done.
I'm not sure.
But my boss wants me to bring you two.
Who's he?
Take Mina and run.
My boss says to bring you right now.
Come here.
Like chicken?
Hurry UP!
You can't come in here.
Help us, please
Some bastard is...
There! See
You can't come in here.
See that
I'm dying. How'd this happen...
No revenge.
Got it?
Oh no! Please! No!
Help me!
Love hard. Passionately...
What are you saying?
It's been six months.
I've been busy.
I heard Ghost lost everything
and went in under JANG.
Damn fly went to shit.
Are you behind it?
Found your friend?
Don't do anything dangerous.
Leaving them be is more dangerous.
I'll send you his number.
His name's CHO Hwa-baek.
Two months left, right?
Sorry for being a big brother like this...
When you get out, let's live normally.
Get married and eat out on salaries.
Save up and buy homes.
And play cards just on Thanksgiving
and New Year's.
Be careful you!
Don't worry, I'm a hustler.
Why you.
How's Dae-gil?
Says CHO Hwa-baek is a pro
at setting people up.
And his friend Plier is good
at picking locks and stuff.
Feel bad going against his will not
to get revenge
I'm not getting revenge for him.
Don't worry.
It's for the chicken that got dropped.
I'm originally from a different field.
I used to be a theatrical actor.
Know Hamlet Shakespeare?
"Frailty, thy name is woman."
Hey, Plier. Why isn't this working?
I owe Gwang-chul from prison together.
He saved you from being raped.
Almost from being raped.
What's our schedule like this month?
The job is to get $5 million.
After investor's interest and so on,
we'll still give you $1 million each.
If we get more, we'll divide it.
I heard you work for the
thrill, not the money.
Why didn't you say so?
Who, when, where, how do
you want us to set up?
I win!
Like you said, the bitch is gambling crazy.
She owes rent and workers' pay,
but has money to gamble.
Get her with this rigged set.
See! All five kings!
Stop! I'm done!
Now what?
Take the spoon from the hungry.
Wait one week. I got robbed.
I guess for you, Mrs. SONG. I'll wait.
Thanks! I'll pay you lots of interest!
Enter Mina.
Mr. CHO! How've you been?
Madam! What brings you here?
What else? To spend money.
How's business?
- Same old...
- Who's she?
A rich old man's girl
who sucks at gambling.
3 pair.
4 pair.
Dang it!
- She keeps winning. There must be cameras.
- Bye!
Okay. 6 pair.
- $'lo grand.
- I raise $20,000 more!
I raise $30,000 more!
I raise $50,000 more!
I raise $100,000 more!
I'll see that and raise $300,000 more.
Take collateral?
Not your body.
Is it higher than 9 pair?
Shit! I have 8 pair.
What is it?
See for yourself.
What the hell!
Here's a tip.
To be or not to be! Money is the question!
Ophelia, where art thou?
Stop! You base fellow!
Let's go on to the next act!
I'll end up in the streets
thanks to you, sir.
Sorry. I promise to lose big, next week.
How can I win off a pro like you, sir
Why you.
- You were great today.
- Thanks.
Pay the rest when you move in next month.
You bought it at a good price.
You can learn a few things from me.
I'll teach you after my golf game.
Don't be late.
I'm from Interpol.
Know this man?
Yes, sir. Bye.
Why did he cancel everything?
I think he caught on.
After all the bait money!
What about our house?
Hi, Chief SEO.
Yes, I saw your text.
Then, I'll see you there.
We got them!
What the hell!
- Honey! A towel! Sorry.
- Damn.
Pass the lighter.
What did you spill?
Oh no, your pants... Here's a towel.
I'm sorry.
Why drink coffee during a game?
Why'd you put it here?
Blue Stripes for grabs.
Red Stripes for grabs.
Three of a kind.
Quadruple points.
Got the 3 points for Blue Stripes!
You could win big!
One Go.
I'm screwed.
Godori up for grabs!
Quadruple points if I win over you.
One Go.
Red Stripes, huh?
I'm out. It's up to you two.
I'm sorry.
This is terrible.
A whammy!
One card each, please.
I have no choice.
Two Go.
This one's mine.
Three Go.
How many points?
4 kings, 5 birds,
3 animals, 1 stripe, 12 pawns...
and Three Go totals 28 points.
Quadruple for winning over you, 224 points.
Triple for no kings and tens. 1792 points.
Double for Three Go. 3584
You have to pay for Mr. CHO. 3584
plus 1792 points...
5376 points times $50G...
You owe $2,688,000. Any questions
Looks like around $200 grand.
What about the $2.5 mill?
I heard you're rich. Please...
But I'm playing with my uncle's money.
Could you come up?
This is a lot too...
The door, please.
Been a long time, SEO.
SONG? Did you lose weight?
Thank you.
How much?
Minus the small change?
Of course not.
It's exactly $2,688,000.
Those not involved may go.
Thank you.
An eye for an eye.
That's what you said, right?
Dr. HWANG. They're all yours.
The woman would be worth more
after having the baby.
Do I know you?
Sir! Please!
Please! No!
Good job. Not bad in acting.
Be good or else you'll meet me again.
Please, I don't need this.
That's no respect for your pretty hand.
Hold on.
Sounds easy.
But why me?
It can't fail.
No man can resist you.
But I'm working on something these days.
The diamond's too small.
That's no respect for your hand.
What percentage will I get?
The norm.
You've changed so much.
So, you're in?
How about truth or dare?
Did you love me?
With all my heart.
Do you still love me?
I don't get it.
Take the gold mine yourself.
Why would you share it with me?
It's a large sum and I'm kinda scared.
I want someone to help,
but I've nowhere to turn to.
I need a talented pro like you.
- Ghost
- Yes
Eat outside.
Yes, sir.
How about going out for a drink?
Enough business talk.
Who's behind you?
Behind me
Must be HAM Dae-gil.
I heard he cleaned out SONG and SEO.
Probably did that to get money ready.
Let me guess what he asked you.
Approach JANG Dong-shik
and find out where his money is.
Or have him sit in a game.
Or lure me to hand all my money to you.
You should become a writer.
I don't trust women in short skirts.
See yourself out.
You must be a eunuch!
Just take half.
Millions in gambling money...
JANG Dong-shik's millions found.
We are deeply sorry.
Officers' names in the ledger...
There is a reward on JANG.
She's pretty.
How old?
Count it, ma'am.
Call me babe like you used to
I'm leaving the country.
Let's go together.
I got the money.
Get me a passport and a ship out.
If you can't get Dae-gil, get at least WOO!
I'm wanted so...
I'll call back later.
Why aren't they picking up?
" Hay que casarse"
What's that?
I'll tell you in Barcelona.
Why didn't you pick up?
Oh, I wonder why.
Bring the money or they're dead.
So loyal.
Shut up. Where are they?
Come here!
Go check.
People first.
Money first.
Let's meet half way.
Are you all right?
Bring water! Now!
Hope this works.
Now what? No!
Shit! I almost died!
What? He could talk?
He's from Mongolia. Says he almost died.
- You okay
- You all right?
What if I'm not?
When did you get your license?
I didn't.
For destroying those bastards.
Here's your passport.
Good work.
Which ship do I go on
Got him!
That's enough.
You'll kill him.
Get rid of him.
Hold on.
This won't be enough.
I don't understand.
What did you just say?
Sure your uncle will do it?
Let's go to him now.
We should drink to celebrate.
I guess next time.
We can drink in Hawaii.
I'm sick of this country.
Then, a toast with this
She had a miscarriage.
Open it.
I'll be going.
Throw the trash out, you rubbish!
- Who's that
- My disciple.
He's good at sneaking bottom cards out.
Remember him.
He'll rule the gambling world some day.
This looks like poison.
I won it in gambling. It's clean.
Let's see if touching
it will kill me or not.
I expect some company.
Sir Some guests have come.
What are you doing here?
Gwang-chul! What the
hell are you doing here?
Shut up and tell me where JANG is.
How can they talk to me like that?
The young man just said
what I wanted to say.
Just shut up for now.
You came a long way. Come in.
Looks like we need to talk.
Make yourselves at home.
What brings you here
I came to kill JANG Dong-shik.
JANG Dong-shik
From the outskirts
One out of 10 gamblers want revenge on him.
But why look for him here?
You said you won it.
You worthless shit!
Where's JANG?
Probably dead.
He's not one to die to you.
I think he'll come through that door today.
What timing!
You son of a bitch!
I'm JANG Dong-shik, sir.
Please excuse my manners.
Mr. Agwi, sir.
Welcome, Mr. JANG.
We met over 10 years ago in Yeosu, right?
You remember me? It's an honor, sir.
What brings you here?
Your nephew took my bag by mistake.
Like hell I did!
I won it off you! You damn pig!
If you give me my bag, I'll go quietly.
Who Says!
Your nephew's neck is on the line.
You bastard! Think you can threaten me!
Take off your shoes, asshole!
Call back in 5 minutes.
If I don't answer, come up.
You want JANG's head, right
And you?
My money and that fool's organs.
So scary.
And you need that in U.S. dollars
to leave the country
I'll give you some, Uncle.
Forget it. Don't need it.
Let's do this.
Resolve gambling problems by gambling.
In one game.
Winner takes all that money.
But it's mine to begin with.
You lost it! It's mine!
Forget the money.
I just want JANG's head.
Who says we bet just money.
We bet our heads, too.
Play till you run out.
The winner can kill the loser
if he wants or not.
Why should we play?
Don't you want one last game?
Looks like you all want
to end your damn ties.
How can we trust you?
I'll play for my nephew.
If I lose, you can kill us both.
JANG will need more incentive, right?
How about $1 million each to play?
Too little for your lives $2 million then?
If you don't have enough, bring a player.
Winner gets all, loser goes to hell.
Doesn't it sound fun?
Pick the time and place.
Did you all eat?
Never thought you'd borrow money from me.
Pay me back. Don't make
me get it out of you.
Whatever. Thanks.
Come back alive.
If you don't, she'll die tragically.
Wait! Hold on!
I'll get Dae-gil! I can beat him!
Think he'll come alone? You need my help!
If I lose, kill me then!
Sorry, I wasn't there when you got out.
Don't ever go back in there.
Don't worry, I won't.
Stay out of this one.
Let me be a big brother for once.
What did you and Dae-gil talk about?
Just guys' talk.
You can lose it all. Just come back alive.
Thank you, sir.
Want me to read your palm?
You'll live a long life.
If you quit gambling.
A fine day to gamble, isn't it?
Did the ladies hear what'll
happen if you lose?
I wonder what?
He likes to cut and he likes to crush.
You choose.
Just don't freak out when you lose.
Can't you tell I'm crazy?
She's a feisty one.
She's Crazy. Who are you?
Must we exchange names?
Used to be called Ace.
Now, I'm just a bitch. Happy?
You brought Crazy and Bitch as helpers
Any last words before we start
- Let's play naked.
- What?
How can I beat hustlers who use tricks?
Strip so you can't hide cards
under your clothes.
I'd love it, but are you up for it?
Just don't get too excited.
Can't get your dick up, right?
I have a condition, too.
Let's play with these.
New cards every 10 games.
You'll mark them with your nails.
- Trust you old lady
- How old are you?
Obviously younger than you.
Here's the store receipt.
Open any pack and check.
Or send someone to buy them
if you don't trust me.
It's hot in here.
Just play with these.
Where would we buy some now?
Anything else?
Let's play with one hand.
Make sure there's no cheating.
Let's just play with our left hands.
Play with one hand or both.
I don't care.
Anything you'd like to add?
Just beer, please.
Get it for him.
Now, let's play a clean,
honest game, shall we?
But what if you're caught cheating
Let's cut off the elbow not the wrist.
Elbow for people...
and the neck for the pig.
Think that'll do?
Smith & Wesson 38.
This made my hand like this.
No spectators.
Everyone out.
Yes, sir.
What's going on?
Take them off.
Of all things in a game...
Take this off, too?
Let's roll.
7 points.
8 points.
8 points.
8 pair.
Raise you $5,000.
Raise you $10,000.
- $20,000
- $30,000 more.
$100,000 total.
9 points.
3 pair.
I fold.
Just us two left.
I bet $10,000.
Raise you $10,000 more.
$50,000 more.
How much will it take to see your cards?
Put in $400,000 more.
Take it.
6 points.
7 points.
- 2 pair.
- 3 pair.
- 1 pair.
- 10 pair.
That pig eats well. Must
be seeing the cards.
Change cards.
Open a new pack.
Stop smoking, my head kills.
What's a hustler?
He has eyes on hands, ears on eyes,
and a nose on ears!
I don't see anything. What markings?
A hustler's eyes are special.
Focus and you will see.
I'm out.
- 1 and 4 for 5 points.
- $20,000 more.
I'll see that.
JANG has a 3 pair.
And $100,000.
- $100,000 more.
- JANG wins.
$200,000 more.
$200,000 more.
$300,000 on top.
Pay it to see my cards.
3 pair.
4 pair.
Think I cheated?
No, sir.
Yeah, right.
There's a price for cheating.
Watch carefully.
I'll show you a magic trick.
Crazy girl folded with 9 points, right?
You had 7 points.
It's like these cards are transparent.
And the self-called Bitch
5, 6 loser cards.
You brought some amusing cards.
Go out and wait.
It won't take long.
I didn't do it!
JANG gave them to me!
Bastard! You gave them to me!
Dae-gil! This! This!
You bastard!
You bastards! I'll kill you all!
Son of a bitch!
Let's see your glasses.
If you wanna see, place a bet.
What'll it take to see?
An eye from you and Dae-gil each, sir.
Bastard! Dare make threats!
If I lose everything...
then cut my throat and see.
Not before then.
Looks like you know how to play.
Fine. We'll gamble it out.
If you're a true gambler...
cut his throat with your cards.
Turn up the boiler.
I'll chip in for gas.
Get rid of these cards.
Go bring the cards you boys play with.
And turn the boiler up.
6 points.
8 points.
5 pair.
9 pair.
- I fold.
- I fold.
I fold.
Take it.
You followed GO
Did he say he shit his pants
when I cut off his hand?
Say that again?
Looks like a tiger followed around a mouse.
Wanna learn from a real pro?
Shut up and place your bet.
Sorry, not interested.
I fold.
Light, please.
Aren't you betting?
Just saw the mouse's ass following him
Filming porn here?
Why put your hand in her underwear?
No, he didn't.
You'll lose your hand!
Shut up eunuch!
I heard you sneak the bottom card.
Open your hands.
Why should I listen to you?
We can cut off his hand and see.
Like hell!
Don't move or you'll lose your hands.
You probably gave me a 9 pair.
An 8 pair.
You were going to win with a 10 pair?
Think you can play me for a fool?
You must be drunk.
Place your bets.
$1,000 to start.
I'll raise that.
I bet my head and money
that you have a 10 pair.
I bet my head and money
there's a card in her panty.
Show your ass and take it all if you can.
What will you bet?
What if I won't?
Then die, fool!
You'll regret this!
Open it.
My mentor told me something.
That you lost your hand
to PYUNG's disciple.
How do you know Goni?
You know my uncle?
Open it.
It's 1 point.
Sometimes 1 point can beat a 10 pair.
The old man is dead.
Know what'll happen if you make her strip?
A $10 million strip show, huh
My backside is a killer.
The pig is dead, too.
Game over.
Pack up the money.
The hell
I'll give you all my money, if you shoot!
Crazy pig! Don't give me orders!
I'll do it! You bastard!
What now, Uncle?
Don't. They won.
Take all the money.
But your uncle owes me.
His nephew will have to pay.
Blow his hand.
Agwi has lost his taste.
Son of a bitch!
You're not worth it.
You can't kill me, bastards!
You bastards!
What are you doing?
This is mine! I'm taking it all!
Stay back!
The body of a man
who flung millions 10
days ago has been found.
Found in the remote mountains...
police identified the
man as HUH Gwang-chul.
He died of a gunshot wound.
Have some soup.
Back then...
That extra card...
Where'd you hide it?
I ate it.
- It's for you.
- Thank you.
My dear sister, Mina.
A letter Gwang-chul wrote
before he died came.
I'm sorry for leaving you like this.
Here's a map to a small gift for you.
It should be enough for you two
to make a fresh start.
He wrote how he did
everything to protect us.
It explained how he died.
As I left home for Seoul,
I suddenly had a thought...
Could I ever give up gambling?
Ever heard of the Hands of God?