Tazzeka (2018) Movie Script

Scallops with caviar...
Poularde de Bresse
chicken with lemon...
Glazed Ispahan macarons...
Chocolate fondue croquettes...
Cacao parfait
and gingerbread accompaniment.
- Marouane !
- Elias !
What're you doing ?
Cleaning the carburetor.
By blowing in it ?
It's what Dad always used to do.
Go on, Grandma's waiting for you.
Grandma ?
Elias ? Is that you ?
Drink your milk while it's hot.
Truffle lobster and chestnuts
in a pastry-sealed pot.
Grandma, what's a lobster ?
Come here
and finish this up.
Now we pour on the oil
and carefully mix it
until the semolina
and oil become one.
That's it !
Turn that off ! It's bedtime.
Let's get some sleep.
Scallops with caviar,
Poularde de Bresse
chicken with lemon...
That's enough ! Go to sleep !
Bresse chicken, glazed macarons
with a salt crust from Ispahan...
Ispahan, chocolate croquettes
chocolate fondue croquettes.
Cacao parfait...
Cacao parfait...
Cacao parfait
and gingerbread accompaniment.
Chocolate fondue croquettes...
Glazed Ispahan macarons...
Poularde de Bresse chicken
with lemon...
Escargot fricassee
with a parsley sauce
and candied rutabaga.
Scallops with caviar...
Duck confit foie gras
with cherries and fresh almonds.
Ile Vierge escargot
and sea cucumber with peas and beans.
Grandma !
Get up !
Help me.
You need anything ?
Easy !
Allah is unique,
and no one is equal to Him !
Rest in peace !
Prepare dough for the crust...
Brown the vegetables...
Season the rack of lamb,
cover with the salt dough,
brown and place in oven.
Finish the sauce,
remove from oven...
800 grams of lamb ribs,
parsley, thyme, carrots,
onions, celery,
garlic, cream, basil, butter,
coarse salt.
800 grams of lamb ribs,
thyme... carrots, onions,
garlic, basil, butter,
and coarse salt.
My friend !
I'll take some bananas.
That's good.
- How much is there ?
- A kilo.
Youssef, it's five dirhams.
- Hello !
- Hello.
Lamb cutlets, please.
- What for ?
- A rack of lamb.
What's that ?
You "French" ribs
to make a rack of lamb.
How much will that cost ?
And who'd order it ?
This isn't a four-star restaurant !
"Frenching" ribs !
Cut it out !
Give me five kilos of neck.
You'll make tagine.
But we could change things up
I found this one recipe.
Quit it with that Reblochon !
You'll make a tagine,
and we'll all be happy.
Elias !
Stop moping !
You never let me make good food !
Elias, don't you start
with that nonsense !
And drop the Arabic !
I've told you before.
Or else your French'll
never get better.
Here !
I got you this at the market.
I'll leave it back here.
Promise me you'll read it.
Promise ?
Elias, what's for lunch ?
I pass...
- I can't wait !
- Me neither.
He'd wanted to prepare
some kind of coat rack !
Trying to be all Parisian !
Cook Like a Great Chef
Today, I'll make one
of my latest recipes
that my guests have adored:
Truffle lobster
and chestnuts in pastry-sealed pot.
Blanch the lobster for a minute.
Cut off the tail, shell the pincers,
crush the shell into little pieces,
and collect the coral.
Pour in ten chestnuts
and a bouquet garni.
Brown and then cover them
with three ounces of poultry stock.
Season and boil them.
And add
the lobster and chestnuts,
a clove of garlic, a diced truffle,
the coral butter...
Hello Elias, how's it going ?
- The chicken you ordered.
- He's all scrawny !
- How much ?
- 40 dirhams.
You trying to kill me ?
- Okay, 30.
- That's more like it !
I've had with that one !
Always yelling.
- She's Lotfi's niece.
- What a shitty village !
Her dad sent her here
to learn about life.
- Well, goodbye !
- See you.
You think this is funny ?
I have to make a call.
Can I see your phone ?
- I don't have one.
- Even my grandma has one.
And you use flint to light up ?
No, I don't smoke.
Don't I know you ?
Elias, from the convenience store ?
- Salma... Salma !
- I gotta make a call !
- What'd you do with the phone ?
- It wasn't me !
What if your uncle needs it ?
- He'll find me.
- He doesn't want to.
If he touches me again,
I'll call the embassy !
Hey, wait up !
Wait ! I need to call my sister
before she makes a big mistake.
Right now.
- Do you have a sister ?
- No.
A brother ?
If you need family,
you can have mine.
- Where're you going ?
- The store.
I'll come along.
The whole village's seen us together.
My reputation's tainted !
I love not getting
what I want right away.
- He won't let me call.
- Well, he's not crazy !
You realize we're cousins ?
Our moms...
Two cigarettes, please.
...have the same roots.
We're family !
Make them Marlboros.
- And a lighter.
- Okay.
- Put it on my tab.
- Hello ? Khadija ?
You hear me ?
Can you hear me, Khadija ?
Hello ? You know where I am ?
Jurassic Park !
Dinosaurs everywhere !
All I do here is eat then sleep,
eat then sleep,
eat, sleep, eat, sleep...
I get yelled at and then I eat
and sleep more !
I'm calling you from the shop.
It's the only one for 600 km.
Don't forget your matches !
You realize how lucky I am ?
He's right here !
The shopkeeper, of course !
Yeah, he lets me use the phone.
What's he like ?
He's all right.
He's cute. Hot, even.
Yeah, not bad.
All the women in the family
want to marry him !
But they're all, like, 80. So too bad !
Huh ? No, he doesn't know
about love and loss...
He has a heart of stone !
You hear me ? Yes...
I miss you all !
It's horrible here.
Kisses to all of you !
The answer's no in French and Arabic.
- Hello ?
- It's no. Got it ?
It keeps cutting out ! This sucks.
Fine, go ahead.
It's on me.
Make it quick.
A genuine rotary phone.
What's that ?
Hello ? Khadija ?
If you're thinking what I think
you're thinking, don't do it.
Put that on my uncle's tab, okay ?
- Hello.
- Hello, sir, madam.
- Are you still serving ?
- What would you like ?
We noticed kefte tagine on the menu.
I'm so sorry, we've run out.
It was really busy today.
- Lemon chicken ?
- Neither.
But we do have couscous
with fresh beans. It's delicious.
That sounds perfect.
Two couscous then.
Two couscous, it is !
Do you know Moktar's olive grove
in Ras El Oued ?
Moktar, no, but Ras El Oued, yes.
- Where is it ?
- Near Tahala road.
Thank you, and welcome !
Well, did a pigeon shit
in the couscous ?
- That's Julien Blanc !
- Who ?
- The chef from TV !
- Really ?
He's better on TV.
Hey, don't waste that bottle !
- But that's Julien !
- So ?
You want me to go broke ?
Not that !
That's what we sell to tourists.
We can't serve them
from your dog bowls !
I said no !
But Yous,
this is important to me.
All right. I'll wash them.
Want some broth ?
We'll head back via Fez.
This isn't a zoo !
Step back.
It'll freak him out
if he sees you.
Serving Julien Blanc couscous.
It's shameful !
What do you think
he was expecting here ?
I have to make a dessert
worthy of him !
Hurry ! They're almost done.
Give me two minutes.
I'm finishing the plating.
- How was it ?
- The bouillon's excellent.
Dessert ?
No, just a coffee and the check.
I insist. It's on the house.
He never makes such a fuss over us !
But this is the great chef
from French TV !
All good ?
That's lovely ! What is it ?
Caramelized apple pastilla
with pistachio cream.
- Smells nice ! And this ?
- White cardamom coffee.
It needs a few more minutes
to perfect the flavor.
You know what, Elias ?
You'll serve them. You deserve it.
I'll take care of the white coffee.
Clean yourself up. Get ready !
Go on ahead ! I'll catch up.
...swordfish tagine.
We also said we needed
a tuna tagine.
That's for us ?
- Yes.
- No, thanks. It's far too much.
- Do you want it ?
- Sure. It looks tempting !
I made this dessert especially for you
and Madame Blanc.
You know who I am ?
I watch your show. I never miss it.
Don't just stand there !
Serve our guests.
Please forgive him. He just started.
And two white coffees
to accompany your dessert.
It was our little chef's idea.
Back to the kitchen !
So this is where you cook ?
Who taught you to cook ?
Mama... My grandmother did.
And all your shows.
Your grandma must be something !
Your dessert was perfect:
balanced flavors, the right crisp,
sweet apples that are still tart,
smooth pistachio cream,
orange blossom notes... great !
- What's your name ?
- Elias.
Well Elias, keep up the good work.
- Could I look at your broth ?
- Of course.
I'd like to know what's in it.
A clove-studded onion.
Cilantro, right ?
- I'm just inspecting the broth.
- By all means !
Ras el hanout spices, of course.
There's one spice I can't identify.
Yes, I know !
I know. It's not a spice.
Actually I give up.
They're fenugreek seeds.
They keep the broth from being bitter.
Then I filter it
to keep just the fumet.
A tip from my grandmother.
What does fenugreek look like ?
- Can I buy it ?
- Just take some. We have lots.
Can I ask you something ?
Elias, if you're in Paris,
come by my restaurant.
I'll show you my kitchen.
Thanks again !
There you go.
You'll be a top chef !
You'll soon move to Paris
to start a great restaurant
on the Champs-lyses !
Why're you egging him on ?
You think it's easy to work in France ?
There're already 3.5 million others
looking for jobs !
And no one'll cook for us
if he's in France !
Not as well, at least.
Stop blathering and go get us coffee !
Salma ?
What's going on ?
Why're you crying ?
Just leave me alone !
I'm sick of this rotten place.
There's nothing to do.
Plus that old jerk
who won't get off my back...
You know, it's different here.
Yeah, I'd gotten that, thanks.
Come on, I'll show you
an amazing place.
Is there such a thing here ?
Come and cool off.
Why were you praying ?
Are you religious ?
Not really.
"Not really ?"
I was praying for my brother.
He died crossing to get to France.
They never found his body.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know. I'm really sorry.
That's your brother's chain ?
It's all he left behind.
We'd come here together and swim.
He taught me how to dive
from that rock.
Grandma ?
Come on, get up.
Help me
Can I get you something ?
No, I'm fine.
Messed up. Piece of shit oven !
Hey, Elias.
- Smells great. What is it ?
- I'm trying something out.
But I screwed up.
Can't you use a spoon ?
- Delicious !
- It's all wrong.
- What is it ?
- Macaron but the oven messed it up.
You're in a bad mood.
Forget your cooking,
let's go swim.
- Come on !
- I have to wait for Youssef.
It's not a great macaron.
But let's meet up after ?
- All right ?
- Sure. But not in two hours !
I'll be waiting.
Know why my uncle was pissed ?
I was tanning topless
on the roof.
But no one could see !
"God can !"
Like He'd never seen tits before !
"You're surprised I call you a whore ?"
So where in Paris
do you live ?
In a housing project.
Not so glamorous.
Glamorous ? What do you mean ?
"Glamorous" would be...
For example
A half-clothed girl
drying off after a swim
in an amazing place.
Now, that's glamorous !
The projects suck,
so I hang at Les Halles.
What's Les Halles ?
A cool place that sells
all the latest clothes.
- Restaurants...
- Really ?
Yeah, there are restaurants.
It's pretty wild !
Les Halles must be amazing.
It's definitely not like the village !
- You know Julien Blanc ?
- The chef from TV ?
Yeah, he had lunch at Youssef's.
- Why was he in that dump ?
- I don't know.
But he finished the couscous
I served him.
His wife was there, too.
- And he said my dessert was perfect.
- No kidding !
Imagine ! Julien Blanc
thinks my dessert's perfect.
He even congratulated me.
- Youssef went crazy.
- Awesome !
We'll go that way. It's better.
Oh, I get it.
You don't want to be seen
with the village whore.
It's just that if your uncle sees us,
he'll "bust your head in..."
Sorry, I'm a bit paranoid.
Don't worry about it.
How can I make you forgive me ?
No ideas ?
I'll let you keep thinking then.
Come on !
- Where're you going ?
- Home.
Elias !
Just in time !
Can you help me straighten this ?
What is that ?
Come and take a look.
See what he wrote.
Bravo, Elias. Keep it up !
Julien Blanc
I got it this morning !
Help me out. I'm uncomfortable.
Go slowly ! That hurts.
Okay, okay.
Ma'am, could I have a pen and paper,
please ?
- What for ?
- You'll take care of the shop.
It'd go to the dogs if we closed.
Got it ?
- Do you need anything ?
- No, nothing.
"Toreador, toreador !"
That's how much I've had it
with you !
- I have to go.
- Stay a bit.
If I'm still alive tomorrow,
it'll be a miracle.
What's up ?
- How're you ?
- Hi, Elias.
- What'll it be ?
- Those cutlets there.
Sure thing.
Youssef won't be mad ?
- Like with the rack of lamb ?
- No.
No, leave it like that.
- Just weigh it.
- Of course.
As you wish !
I made this dish just for you.
- Can I take off the blindfold ?
- Not yet.
- It's weird...
- Wait, don't cheat !
It'll ruin the fun.
Okay, so what're we doing ?
You need to smell the aromas
and describe what you feel.
It's a game
to win 10 million euros, right ?
Do it for me.
That's a good start.
with spices
and vegetables,
but I'm bad with veggies...
- Not bad, but not quite.
- So I haven't won ?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Hold on.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
- One last chance.
- Wait !
It's a small fruit.
A very small red fruit.
With a tart flavor...
Currants ! That's it, currants !
I won !
They were currants, I knew it.
It's amazing.
You made this ?
Hold up !
Is it for me or for you ?
It's for you.
Thanks, chef.
I should go.
- You're not going to finish ?
- I have to go, Elias.
See you tomorrow ?
Bravo !
So this is what you've been doing
while I've been dying !
Easy there ! You'll hurt me.
- They let you out ?
- No, I escaped.
- I couldn't take it.
- You're crazy.
No sleep for six days.
How could I with a bear in my room ?
- I'm going to rest.
- Wait.
No, I'm fine.
- What're you making ?
- Brioche.
- Has anyone been coming to eat ?
- Yeah.
Today we had six German hikers.
Hi, Lotfi. How's it going ?
Fine, Youssef.
- Have a seat.
- Thanks.
Tea ?
- Elias ?
- Yes ?
- Two teas.
- Your arm's better ?
Yes. So...
- It's Salma
- Your niece ?
She left early today, thank God.
She's in the plane now.
Good riddance !
You should've seen it, Youssef.
She acted like she was in France.
Going out...
The make-up, the cigarettes...
She'd come and go as she pleased,
with whomever.
I'd never seen that before.
May God forgive us.
You'll work things out.
Elias !
Are you all right ?
I'm going to get some fresh air.
Did I teach you
to rob your friends ?
Give me that.
And that's it.
That's it.
Lower your eyes like a coward.
Get the fuck out of here !
And don't come back !
But take the money, go ahead !
Sorry, Yous.
And you're running off like a thief ?
Why'd you do this ?
I have to go.
Where to ?
Paris for that girl ?
Paris for work.
You understand ?
Come, sit down.
Come on, you dummy.
Youssef, what're you doing here ?
Hello, Malika. We need to talk.
Is there a problem with Elias ?
But I came to talk about him.
He wants to go to France ?
You want him to end up
like Marouane ?
As long as I'm alive,
he's not leaving.
Malika, I'll take care of everything:
the paperwork, money, travel...
I even have a cousin
who'll host him in Paris.
I said no !
His life is here.
Elias has a gift for cooking
Thanks to you !
He could work in a great restaurant
in Paris.
Quit lying !
How would he work without papers ?
I don't want him to end up
like Marouane !
Marouane believed in all that, too.
Elias is my only child left,
you understand ?
I know, Malika.
But he deserves to have a chance.
The new season of Super Chef !
Six chefs, six weeks
of competition overseen
by three-star chef, Julien Blanc.
Only one will be the super chef !
"Come by my restaurant."
Think he'll show ?
I don't know. Hope so.
- But it's too late.
- Don't worry.
- Be patient.
- You think he'll come ?
Shit, there he is.
Sir, sir !
- Who's an electrician ?
- I am !
I'll do construction work !
Today's my first day.
There's good work ?
Today it's already too late.
What do you do ?
- Day labor.
- Me too.
- Want a cigarette ?
- I don't smoke.
I'm Souleymane.
- Elias.
- Good to meet you.
Today seems unlikely...
Police, police, police !
I'm fucked.
They followed us ?
Fuck !
Not like this.
I'm fucked...
Go check the bathrooms.
- I'll go.
- They could be hiding there.
All clear over here !
Thanks, I'll report to the station.
Reporting to base...
We're at La Chapelle parking lot.
What's next ?
Copy, we're out.
- They're gone ?
- They're gone.
Slide out.
Come on, slide out. Go on !
Go !
Thanks for earlier.
Oh man, that was close.
I could already see them
deporting me.
Elias. Elias !
Time to get up.
Elias !
Come here.
- You okay ?
- Careful, there's a beam.
- You okay ?
- Yeah.
- Hold up, I need a break.
- No, no !
- I can't do this.
- We have a week left !
Come on !
That's it.
Hey, go grab the "beet."
- The "bead ?"
- The beet !
Follow me.
- Beet.
- Bit, okay.
So Elias and I work at the construction
site with Mr. Vladimir.
What a guy !
Nialine, that's enough.
Put the game down.
Careful, you'll burn yourself.
Don't worry,
I'll use my hands !
But of course !
Thank you.
You're Arab ?
Nialine !
We don't say that !
I'm Moroccan.
What's this dish ?
- Yassa.
- Yassa ?
- It's so good.
- Yeah ?
Ma'am ? Have a good day.
Elias !
Salma !
Everyone's looking for you and you're
here, next to my sister's place !
I'll say I saw you.
They'll be relieved.
It's crazy.
In Paris !
They're crazy in the village,
thinking you died
or were in prison or kidnapped.
I can't believe it.
Now that I've found you,
I can't let you go !
Elias in Paris !
Come on !
Why didn't you call ?
You would've had help.
Help ?
Help to go back to the village.
You could've gone back.
Go back ? Sure, but...
I never would've gotten
a second chance.
What's up ?
You have to go to Tazzeka.
Your grandma's sick.
What ?
Is it bad ?
I don't know.
Everyone's worried about you !
You have to go care for her.
Back to that awful village
without any cash ?
"Hi Gran, I'm broke but I'm here !"
- They'd understand.
- Understand what ?
That they'd believed in a loser ?
- That's it.
- So what's your plan ?
I'll earn money
then go take care of Gran.
Fuck !
Oh, sure, so that's it.
Yeah, I'll earn some money.
And what ? You don't think I can ?
You think I'm a clueless villager,
is that it ?
That's what you'd call me here,
a villager !
That's it. Look at me !
I'm a villager.
- It's not that.
- Of course not.
It's not what I meant.
I'm sorry.
What're you doing ?
What am I doing ?
What're you doing lecturing me ?
You left without a word,
without a goodbye.
- It's messed up.
- Because we kissed that once ?
You thought we'd marry,
have kids, happily ever after ?
Salma, stop it.
Forget you ran into me.
Forget you talked to me.
Elias !
You can forget me
but not your family !
Are you doing all right ?
You need cheering up !
We'll go out tonight.
Here, come on, take this.
Here, that should cheer him up.
Look, we couldn't just
get up and go like that !
Tonight, we party !
We gotta hypnotize the girls !
Hey Mamadou,
shut up and start washing.
Yes, bwana !
Hey, give us a smile !
A little smile.
There, that's better !
There you go !
So you'll take it ?
30 Euros just for you, my friend.
30 ? No way. 20 Euros.
20 Euros ? What're you...
- 20 Euros is fair.
- Are you sick ?
You're crazy !
Look at this handiwork.
This makes you internationally classy !
A gentleman !
20 Euros.
- Nope. 25 Euros.
- It's 15 Euros at a flea market.
What ? You're trying
to kill me here !
All right, 20 Euros it is.
You drive a hard bargain !
If everyone did this to me
Well, catch you later.
If you need anything, call me !
- Thanks.
- Bye.
It looks good on you. Classy !
Tonight's going to be wild.
This is the restaurant.
Where've you been ?
How are you ?
- All good.
- Same here.
- Oh, Dada !
- My dear !
- How's my stud doing ?
- Badly.
I'm sick.
I need some loving !
And you came to see me !
Have a seat, I'll make you yassa !
She's so hot...
Sorry for interrupting.
How'd you like to join us ?
Just to chat. We're respectable !
- So you ate ?
- Yeah, it was so good.
Dada, it was delicious !
- What a treat !
- As usual.
You have beautiful hair.
- Really.
- Thanks, you too.
Oh, I love this song !
Wanna dance ?
Of course.
Dada, this is great !
You gotta move your hips !
You sure know how to move !
Come on, Elias.
I'll teach you.
No, I don't know how.
Okay, fine.
Like I said, we're respectable.
He's engaged !
Come on !
And with your fiance ?
You won't want to step on her feet !
I'll show you.
The prince from Tazzeka !
Come over here.
- I don't know how to dance.
- I'm teaching you !
- I'm trying
- Put your hand here.
Your hand there,
I'll do the rest.
- Am I doing it right ?
- Yep
A little twirl, and you come back.
First time dancing ?
I love first times.
What else do you like doing ?
- Cooking.
- Cooking ?
Cooking's great.
But let's dance first !
- You liked it ?
- Sure.
So now you can dance.
- Go ahead, show me.
- Like this.
- No, with your feet !
- But that's all I know.
But thank you.
Will you shut your fucking dog up ?
You hear me ? Calm him down.
Where's the muzzle ?
Move it !
Give him the cuffs.
The boxes, too. We're leaving.
TV5 to base, TV5 to base.
We're bringing in the suspect.
Let's go.
- You okay ?
- Yeah.
Come on in.
- Souleymane, here.
- What's that ?
For taking me in.
- For Aminata and Cheick.
- Keep it. Buy yourself socks.
No, take it.
Stay as long as you need.
Don't worry !
Come on.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What is this crazy place ?
It's the market.
Slow down, Elias.
- Come on.
- Slow down.
Hello, sir.
I'll take this, please.
- The potatoes.
- Hello.
- You know about this ?
- Yeah.
- You have to choose carefully.
- If you say so.
You're putting fruit in the dish, too ?
The fruit's for the girl. Nialine.
It's good ! Try it.
- That's gross !
- Nialine.
You want to help out ?
Come on over. I don't bite !
You have to stir the pieces
so they soak up the sauce.
They should be golden.
You see ?
It smells good.
Let me show you something.
This is semolina.
You crumble it like this.
Crumble it well, so it gets sticky.
Got it ?
Look, stir this up.
- I don't know.
- No, go ahead and try.
And don't stop, okay ?
- You doing all right ?
- I think so.
Wipe the semolina off your hands.
And we've got a triangle.
And we'll let it simmer
for about an hour.
Okay ? Thanks.
Souleymane ? Look at this.
- You made that ?
- Nialine did.
Bravo ! You're quite the chef.
It's amazing.
Get over here !
Sit down with us.
Now you're part of the family !
A French toast couscous.
Bravo !
All right. Now, let's eat !
- This is for Nialine.
- Want a bite ?
Elias, I'm going to tuck her in.
Thanks for dinner !
You're welcome.
How's it going ? Tired ?
No, I'm fine.
You've got golden hands, Elias.
Who taught you to cook like that ?
My grandma.
She taught me everything.
She raised my brother and me.
- You have a brother ?
- Yeah, Marouane.
Marouane. Nice name.
He died crossing at Gibraltar.
I'm sorry about your brother.
- Your grandma's alone in the village ?
- Yeah.
- She's sick.
- With what ?
I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know ?
- I haven't had the strength to call.
- You can't not talk to her !
You have to call her.
I know.
- Elias...
- I just can't.
You can't just say, "I just can't."
You have no right !
You don't get it.
Then explain it to me.
I can't go back. It's too late.
Take it.
- She'll ask when I'm coming back.
- I know.
My kids ask me the same thing.
The dead protect us, Elias.
They watch over us
more than we do them.
Hello ?
- Hello ?
- Hello.
Who's speaking ?
It's Elias.
You okay, Elias ?
What's wrong ?
Grandma's dead.
She's dead, Souleymane.
It'll do you good.
Will you go back ?
I don't know.
I ask her to marry me,
but she says,
"You're married !"
So I say,
"But I'm allowed four wives, no ?"
I need two guys for today.
Okay, we're in.
You're not coming ?
- Your friend's not doing well ?
- On the contrary.
He's doing better.
There you go.
Enjoy, Chef.
What is it ?
A soup my grandma'd make
for me as a kid.
Semolina barley soup.
Warm milk and barley
with a hint of olive oil
to bring out the cumin.
It's simple.
Simple yet delicate.
And I made biscuits to accompany
the soup.
May I ?
They're really good !
You have "duende."
- What's "duende ?"
- "El duende."
That added unnameable flavor
that can't be taught.
Thank you, Chef.
This one's also good.
- You'd said your hands were tied.
- Unfortunately.
But you can help me out.
- Sir, anything else with the soup ?
- Nope.
Wait, that won't do.
- I'll give you this
- Enjoy !
Try a taste of this
with the soup.
Thank you. Enjoy !
- A top restaurant !
- We have to start somewhere.
And with the soup ?
90, 110, 120, 130 Euros...
138.50 Euros.
138.50 Euros.
We're rich, my friend !
I've got an idea for tomorrow.
- Curried Jerusalem artichoke velout.
- What's that ?
A vegetable from during the war.
Off to a good start.
Is it good ?
Yeah, it tastes like artichoke.
It's a Jol Robuchon recipe.
Jol Robuchon ?
Never heard of him.
"Jol Robuchon..."
The secret
to the Jerusalem artichokes
is that, when they're simmering,
you add a bit of honey
so they'll slightly caramelize,
and sprinkle on the curry
to bring out the flavors.
And your Robuchon
couldn't put in a good word for us ?
May you rest in peace.
My dear grandma.
Are you Elias ?
- Do you know me ?
- Youssef's always going on:
"Elias this, Elias that,
he makes the best tagine,
pastilla, couscous in the world.
Even rack of lamb !"
Just thinking about it
gives me a headache !
Where is Youssef ?
Out, so I'm in charge.
All right.
Elias ! You're here already ?
- And I'm glad to be here.
- Me too.
You can head home. It's late.
Turn around, show yourself off !
- How's it going in Paris ?
- I have something for you.
- What is it ?
- Open it.
Paris Honors Young Chef's Talent