TC 2000 (1993) Movie Script

- No one took
the environment seriously
until it was too late.
Food, water and air were poisoned
by the years of pollution.
Most people died of disease and hunger.
The rich people moved
underground where it was safe.
Everyone else was left behind.
Killers and criminals
formed ruthless gangs.
When they weren't fightin' each other,
they were tr yin' to
break into the underworld
to steal our food and water.
That's where I come in.
I work for TCU, Tracker-Communicator,
an elite division of the
underworld security forces.
Our job was to track the breakers,
kick them out or terminate them.
- Jason, it looks
like there's trouble
with the protective voice bit.
- Shoot this Zoey, and let's
get the hell outta here.
- Copy.
Standby to record.
- I had a laser decoder,
a high-voltage immobilizer
and a rookie partner named Zoey Kinsella.
- Entrance granted.
Unit 22.
- Her father
helped form the underworld
before he was murdered.
I was sure she was gonna
get my ass in trouble,
but she was cool.
- Man, is it hot up there or what?
- It's just one big fr yin' pan out there.
- Hey Henshaw, Dale.
- You're late.
- We're lucky we made it here at all.
- My heart bleeds.
Would you rather have the night shift?
- Oh gee, I don't know.
What do you think, Jason?
- Tough call.
Relaxing night off or
Surface World at night.
- Keep your eyes open, guys.
- Hey, it's a jungle out there.
- Exit granted.
Unit 99.
- Let's hope it's a quiet night.
- What I'd give for a cup of coffee
and a fresh donut about now.
Look out!
Control, unit 99.
We're under attack.
Transition gate 11.
Send backup.
- Attention,
code three security alert.
Repeat, code three security alert.
Breaker attack in progress.
All available TC units standby.
- Oh shit.
- Well so much for a
relaxing night off, huh?
- Tell me 'bout it.
- Unit 22, security
breach in transition.
- Barks, this is Storm and Kinsella.
We're trackin' "em.
Let's go.
- Yeah, let's do it.
- Confirmed, 22.
Be careful out there.
You're outnumbered.
- Two down.
Look out behind you.
- Control, ETA to
transition gate one minute.
- Riles.
- Entrance denied.
- Quick, grab a body.
Go through the gate.
- Entrance granted.
Unit 99.
- They're heading toward sub-level three.
They're must be heading toward
the food storage center.
- Sparks, Storm and Kinsella here.
We're trackin' two breakers
in the quadrant X-17.
Looks like they're hungry.
No backup required yet.
- TC-Unit 22, this is Control.
What is your status?
- Control, Unit 22.
We have breakers at X-17, Y-42.
Unit will split solo.
- On our way.
- I'll take the big guy.
- Take care of yourself, partner.
- You too.
Oh shoot.
- Back to Surface World for you, chump.
- Unit 22, Kinsella
has breaker in custody.
- Ditto, partner.
Let's get these breakers topside.
- You got it.
- Attention,
return to security status six.
- Hi.
- Breakers
have been apprehended
and obtained.
Repeat, return to security status six.
- Hey Sparks.
- The job is done, Sparks.
- Controller wants to see you.
Nice work.
- Thanks.
- Bigelow, Harold out.
- How the hell did the breakers get in?
- They used the dead
bodies of Dale and Henshaw.
- Shit.
- Man, that shit is ridiculous.
- You know, someone is
feeding the breakers
our exact schedules.
- I know.
- It's bad, but I'm
looking into it personally.
Meanwhile, we've gotta keep our patrols up
or the breakers will be all over us.
Sparks, send him in here.
- He's on his way, sir.
- So what've you found today?
- Well we recorded a variety
of topographical locations.
When you match it to
Jason's gathering chip,
think you just might
find that Mother Nature's
working on a remedy for the lack of ozone.
- I wouldn't be too sure about that.
Cameron, I'd like you to meet
Zoey Kinsella and Jason Storm.
The two best trackers that we have.
Cameron Johnson.
- We've met before.
- How could I forget?
You spent a year putting word viruses
in my computer programs.
Dr. Cameron was my cybernetics
professor at the university
until he left to go to med
school at what was it, 14?
- So I suppose he was
captain of the football team.
- Well we're on the same team now.
Cameron's gonna analyze
the data that you bring me,
see how it interfaces with our new
TC project on Surface World.
TC 2000 X's actually.
- 2000 X?
- Yeah, cybernetic trackers.
- Nice to know you
can always be replaced.
- Well I wouldn't worry about that.
We haven't had a lot of
volunteers for this project.
- Well it would mean
movin' to Surface World.
You won't find me signin' up.
- Oh, that surveillance camera
at the communication center,
it just looks like a standard breakdown
in the protective force field.
- Thanks, Zoey.
Establish unit 13 to the
communication center.
- Repair surveillance camera.
- Aww.
- You little prick!
- Nice attitude to start the day, blondie.
- Yeah, well nice assignment.
Dale and Henshaw just got fuckin' smoked
comin' through that transition gate.
- Shit.
- Gettin' really scary out there.
- Fuckin' Controller.
Someone should ship his ass up there.
- What'd you say, track?
- Hey, it's the
Controller's right-hand man.
- Hey.
- Back off, Bigelow.
- See you in the gym, tracker.
- All right, you two.
You know the rules.
Our enemies of the
criminals of Surface World,
not each other.
When trackers and guards have problems,
they sort them out here in the gym.
Anything goes.
- All right, Bigelow.
Let's go.
Take this track down.
Fight, Bigelow.
Do it.
- Let's go, Jason.
C'mon, Jason.
- Jason, come on.
Man, get up. Make him work for it.
- C'mon, Jason. You can do it.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Go, Jason! Go!
Get up!
Go, Jason! Go!
Come on. Let's go, Jason!
Let's go, Jason!
Yes, yes!
- Get him, Jason.
- C'mon, c'mon!
- Get up, Jason!
Get him!
Jason, get him!
- Attention all
tracker units and guards,
please report for night
shift detail at 1900 hours.
- Guys. C'mon, break it up.
- That's enough.
- Come on, be friends.
- Word is you took care of Bigelow.
- Yeah, I taught him a thing or two.
He'd be outta commission for a long time.
- Well I doubt the Controller's
gonna be too happy about it.
- Yeah, well I'm not too
happy with the Controller.
He shouldn't hire guards like Bigelow.
- You know, I was just thinking.
- Thinking?
Not about Surface World again.
Quit playin' with that thing.
You're making me nervous, 'kay?
- My dad said never to take it off.
- But he never
told you what it was for.
- Right.
- So it must not be a
key to a buried treasure.
- Maybe.
What do you really
think's goin' on up there?
- You know, you're like this
every time we come back.
Can't you relax?
- Look who's talking.
- If you keep foolin'
around with that data crap,
stuff's gonna get you in trouble.
- You have to admit things
are starting to grow up there.
- Yeah, the gangs.
- Somebody could be
makin' it easier for them.
I think there's a leak
in the security system.
- Zoey, leave it alone.
Try some of my mussel pasta.
- No thanks.
I am going to go and
try to figure this out.
It's driving me crazy.
- Well the Controller's not stupid.
- I know.
- Be careful, okay?
- I will.
Enjoy your dinner.
- Thank you.
- Looks really good.
- I knew she was right.
Maybe the Controller was
keeping somethin' from us.
Could this go right to the top?
Our Overlord seemed like a decent leader,
but maybe he didn't know
anything about this.
- Controller,
Master Sumai has been
located on Surface World.
Monitor seven.
Should I dispatch a tracker unit?
- No, that
won't be necessary, Sparks.
Sumai opposes no immediate threat.
But keep me posted as to his whereabouts.
You keep killin' these off-surface scum,
the less for me to do later.
- Use the chi, Sumai.
Use the chi.
- Welcome friends to my humble home.
We have much to celebrate.
Blade, let's hear some music.
That's nice.
Picassos, the time has
come for Surface World
to reclaim what's rightfully ours
and defeat the underworld forces.
We may now penetrate their
underground sanctuary
with this, a tracker's PDR.
A gift from the enemy.
So let's party, boys.
Long live the Picassos.
- TC unit 13, this is Control
What is your status?
- Fleming and Zirmex here.
We've reached the communication center.
The protective force field
on surveillance camera
76 has been sabotaged.
The tech is working on
restoring power now.
- What is your ETR, unit 137
- Estimated
completion of repairs
at 2400 hours.
- Zircon, a shame to waste
a bottle of this great stuff.
It could make for a fun evening.
But sometimes I guess we have
to make sacrifices, don't we?
Death to the underworld!
- Breaker attack!
Breaker attack.
We need backup.
One man down.
Send a Med Vac team immediately.
- Help!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
- Bring the bodies to the
transition gate and be quick.
Come on, let's go!
- You're mine, tracker.
- Entrance granted.
Entrance denied.
- Come on, bring the bodies
before they breach the gate.
Hurry up, splay.
- Security breach, transition gate 12.
- Scramble tracker unit seven, 10, 22.
- Seven, 10 and 22.
Breakers on monitor six.
- Oh, Niki Picasso.
- Hello.
Come on.
Our mission awaits us.
- All right, let's get these guys.
- Okay unit 10, take tunnel 105.
Come around behind.
- They're at X-45, Y-14
and they definitely know their way around.
- Okay unit seven, take
the high-side tunnel 104.
Flank right.
- They're not
headed for the reservoir,
then where are they going?
- Attention.
- Calling for backup.
Other breach at quadrant.
- Perhaps these gentlemen will oblige us
and give us a hand here.
- Attention,
code one security alert.
- They've breached the
tunnel access codes.
They're into quadrant 13.
- Alert the trackers.
- Attention
TC units seven and 22,
this is Control.
Breakers have exited the mainframe tunnel.
They're into quadrant 13.
- God, they must've got unit 10.
- It's the only way
they could've gotten in.
Control, they're heading
for the reservoir.
Correction, they've turned
north to quadrant 36.
- We got 'em cornered.
- The hell? This is a dead end.
- Wait.
What're they doing?
- Entry by unauthorized personnel
is not permitted.
- Control,
this is Storm and Kinsella.
We just chased the breakers
into what used to be a dead end.
- What the hell's goin' on, Sparks?
- My apologies, 22.
We're working on it.
Additional tracker units
have been dispatched.
Please standby.
- There we are.
Follow me.
- What are your
precise coordinates, 227
- Okay, Control. We're East 47, North 52.
- North 527
Nobody's been there for years.
They're right under us.
Where's the Controller?
- Anything I can help you with?
- No.
Proceed with caution.
- No kidding.
Come on.
- Attention,
this quadrant is restricted.
Entry by unauthorized
personnel is not permitted.
- Somethin's wrong, Zoey.
Why the hell would a breaker risk his life
goin' through the dead zone?
- Doesn't make any sense.
This place doesn't even
show up on our maps.
How do they know about it if we don't?
- Trackers, looks like
It's time to die.
- It's time to get a new watch.
- Ah, what a beauty.
You didn't let me down.
- C'mon, Zoey. Let's go.
- Jason, he's got guns.
Let's get outta here.
- I got you.
- Unit 22, this is Control.
Do you read me?
- Control, this is Storm and Kinsella.
We have to find the system backup.
- Sparks, they're shooting at us.
Send backup.
Repeat, send backup.
Sparks, come in!
We're trapped.
I have an idea.
- No!
- Real guns
with real bullets.
- Zoey. Zoey, hold on.
Don't talk.
Save your strength.
- Would you lie to me, Jason?
You said we'd be partners forever.
- Zoey, we are partners.
Partners forever.
- But why do you want her
at Terminal Station anyway?
- Never mind that.
Just answer my question.
Can we program her to do whatever I want?
- Certainly.
If you want her to take on the lifers
at the Terminal Station, she'll do it.
No questions asked.
She may require some assistance,
but I can program her
to be very resourceful.
- And they have to be dead.
- Clinically.
For the radical neural restructuring.
- Or do you erase your memory?
- Too dangerous.
No one'll figure out how
to access the memory.
- No one.
Well it's not exactly what
the Overlord had in mind,
but what the hell?
Now I'll see about getting
her apartment back.
- Remember,
you're my woman tonight.
- Leave her alone!
- Tell you what to do
and everything.
Get outta here, kid.
And I take what I want.
- Leave us alone!
- You'll do as I say or I'll-
- Leave us alone.
- Don't ever
interfere in my way
'cause I'll tear your head off.
You didn't have enough, did ya, pal?
Well I've had enough of this.
C'mere you.
- Mama, you okay?
- It's you and me!
C'mon, little man.
I'll show you who's big and tough.
Come on to me.
Come on and play my game.
- Enhance three times.
They're strictly TC-issued.
Shit, they have an access code.
They had help from the inside.
Zoey, you were right.
They sold us out.
- So it is that we can
commit to the elements.
The body of our sister, Zoey
Kinsella, here departed.
Earth to earth, ashes to
ashes and dust to dust.
But as sure as certain hope
of the resurrection to eternal life.
- Sorry, Jason.
- We'll miss her.
- My condolences.
- Her father and I worked on
a lot of projects together
before we moved underground.
It seems like Zoey's always
been a part of my life.
If there's anything I can do, Jason.
- I would like to see her
one more time if I can.
- That's out of my hands.
Her body's the property of
the security council now.
- That property used to be
my partner for 10 years.
- Her chips, her access codes,
they've all got to be removed.
Like all trackers,
she's now listed as
classified information.
- Well that's fucked.
Breakers have access to
classified info and we don't?
- What?
- Zoey recorded our last run.
The breakers had a PDR
with an access code on it.
- Does anybody else know about this?
- No, but I'm not stickin' around
to see someone else get greased.
- Do you wanna quit?
You want out?
Report for total deprogramming right now.
- If you know what's good for you,
get the hell outta here.
Prepare to remove his homing system,
directional finder and access chips.
Cardiac monitor?
- A little bradycardiac
doctor, but okay at 52.
ECG normal.
- Blood pressure?
- 130 over 70.
- Set up for an art line.
- Normal saline.
- What the hell?
Jason Storm is still alive?
Why didn't you take care of him
in the deprogramming room like I told you?
- There was too many people around.
Besides, I could ruin my career.
- Screw your career.
You work for me now.
Bigelow, you get your boys on
him and don't you screw up.
- Storm, Storm!
We've got you now.
Storm, open up!
- Take this all.
- There he is!
- Oh shit.
- Shit.
Damn, man.
We're dead meat.
- No, he's dead meat.
Attention, fugitive at large
in sector four.
Apprehend immediately.
Authorize and identify all
unsanctioned personnel.
- Trackers, Jason Storm has
defected to the Surface World.
This poses a significant security risk.
And I have further information
that confirms Jason
orchestrated the break-in
that resulted in Zoey Kinsella's death.
Jason Storm is a traitor
and must be apprehended.
- If you wanna see the sights,
you've gotta pay the price.
So gimme your bag, pretty boy,
and I'll let you live.
- Back off, rat face.
I've had a hard day.
- Get him.
Come on.
Waste him.
Keep your bag. I don't want it.
- Members of the press,
we've always been committed
to the safety of those
who live here in underworld.
We are increasingly concerned
by the unrest and lawlessness
coming from above.
We are under attack
and we must fight back.
I present to you a scientific marvel
which will ensure your protection
for the coming century.
80% human, 202 machine and
1002 dedicated to its mission.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give to you the TC 2000
- Hey, look over here.
Are there any more of
you where you come from?
- Over here.
- Get a closeup shot.
- Turn this way please.
- Miss TC, thanks so much.
- Miss 2000.
- Sorry, I have to kill her.
- Cybernetic crimes?
Controller, you're makin' a mistake.
- You're the key, Zoey.
- Hey big boy, lookin' for a good time?
- Tick-tock goes the clock.
Time's running out.
Get 'em. Get 'em now before
the next batch get here.
The time for betting is over.
The time for fighting is now.
Our challenger tonight has
the speed of the jaguar,
the strength of the rhino,
the sting of the scorpion.
He's Zap.
He's known throughout the territory
for his skill and cunning.
He's a survivor, master of
all who come before him.
The reigning champion: Sumai!
You'll reap the greatest
prize we have to offer.
Of the two that have entered
here, only one may leave.
- Come on.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Look out, Sumai.
He's got a knife.
- Miller, Kasney.
What a surprise.
- Yeah, for you.
Let's get this traitor outta here.
- Forget about Sumai.
Get me the girl.
- I'll take care of this bitch.
- Stop!
Join us.
- I thought you'd never ask.
- You have earned my
father's respect, tracker.
That is very rare.
- The name is Jason.
He helps me, I help him.
Far as I'm concerned, we're even.
- He wishes to thank you anyway.
- How'd you end up with that?
That belongs to you.
You know you would've won the fight,
but I accept somethin' a
little more precious than water
and that's information.
I'm looking for guy with
a painting on his face.
- Niki Picasso.
- That sounds like a
man that fits the face.
- There are very few who do
not know of Niki Picasso.
- What of Niki?
- He killed my partner
and that's why I'm here.
- He has terrorized us for years.
- So why hasn't someone stopped him?
Sumai, you're a great warrior.
Why haven't you taken him on?
- I am one man.
- Niki's gang is many.
- Well then let's go play his game.
Let's go round up some good
fighters and go kick his ass.
- Only the lifers will
stand up to Niki Picasso.
- Let's go get the lifers
and pay Niki a visit.
- The lifers are a brotherhood
of vicious criminals,
a closed society.
They protect Terminal Station.
- Terminal Station?
- Terminal Station is a
chemical warfare plant.
The population of the Surface
World was to be eliminated
when the ozone lair repaired itself.
- That's insane.
- So far it has been impenetrable.
But there is some fear
that someone discovered
the key inactivated.
- Picasso?
- Niki Picasso's very clever but-
- Niki Picasso's goin' down
with you or without you.
- Go by day.
- It's the only way to get
close to Niki's fortress.
He thinks no one is stupid
enough to go by day.
- No one ever accused me of being bright.
- Now why should I trust you?
You've been sent by the Controller.
- I've been programmed to
rescue Surface World at any cost
and you will help.
You have a great army of warriors.
You and the Picassos are the only fighters
who can defeat the protectors
of Terminal Station.
It's simple.
You get me safely to the
Terminal Station door
and the Controller will
get you whatever you want.
- The last time I worked
with the Controller
I almost got my ass shot.
- Well this one, I will
personally guarantee.
- Sumai?
- You're crazy to go alone.
- Crazy to go together.
- But much less crazy.
In day, the Picassos sleep.
- Let's make our way to the tower.
- Niki Picasso down there.
Very difficult.
- No problem. Tracker school 101.
So we have two choices, Sumai:
either I lower you or you lower me.
- Don't forget to write.
- Wise choice.
- Where is it?
I know it's here somewhere.
- Can you hear it, honey?
- Scumbag.
I waited a long time for this moment.
You killed my partner.
- Killed who?
Oh no.
- Don't screw with me, you sack of shit.
- Hey, hey.
Don't kill the messenger of good news.
She's still alive.
- Bullshit. How do you know?
- I know much more than you think.
Where do you think I got this?
Does it look familiar to you?
Okay, okay.
You wanna see her?
Honey, you got a visitor in here.
- Zoey?
- Easy, boy.
She's a wild one.
- Partner?
Zoey, it's me.
Zoey, stop it.
- Hey.
- Zoey, stop it!
Zoey, I thought.
Zoey, stop it!
Zoey, no. I can't fight you.
- What?
- Bye-bye Jason.
- What the hell happened, Sumai?
- TC 2000 X.
- You've been unconscious for a day now.
What just happened?
What has part of this android?
- She's no android.
Her name is Zoey.
She used to be my partner.
- The lifers have encountered her.
- The lifers?
Oh man.
If Niki gets her to the Terminal Station,
do you know what that means?
They end the Surface World.
We gotta get goin'.
- Rest.
- We'll make our move soon.
The lifers must be surprised
if they're to be defeated.
- Nobody has ever defeated the lifers.
- But we will, Niki.
We'll kill them all.
Enter Terminal Station
and all of Surface World will be ours.
- Found them.
- Trust us, Niki.
All power will be yours.
- What the hell is going on?
Why isn't she leading him
back to the Terminal Station?
- She's merely fulfilling my program.
Love takes time.
- Did I ask you for an
android on hormone overdrive?
Your counter-programming
could jeopardize this whole operation.
- She's gotten this far, hasn't she?
- This far is not good enough.
Now you get her back on track
before the Overlord finds
out that she's even up there,
all right?
- Chi energy transfers
power through objects?
Will you teach me?
- Yes.
- Sumai, I can't remember the
last time I felt so great.
Feel like I'm part of a team now.
May not be Storm and Kinsella but-
- Kinsella?
- Kinsella?
- Zoey Kinsella.
What's up?
- A man named Bertram Kinsella
built Terminal Station
to replenish the atmosphere.
Instead, it became the
ultimate weapon of death.
- Zoey's father.
- My father often told me of a young girl
who was the sunshine of
this brilliant man's life
before he was murdered.
- Zoey's father?
Terminal Station?
How do you actually
open up the gate, Sumai?
- This is the mystery.
- It died with Bertram Kinsella.
- I don't think so.
Zoey's father once gave her a necklace.
- What did it look like?
- It was a child's hand
outstretched holding a-
- A key.
- Bingo.
- There it is, Niki.
The Terminal Station door.
- This is not gonna be easy.
- Nothing worth waiting
for should be easy.
- Really play hardball, don't you?
- And so do I.
- I got this one, Niki.
- We'll need all the
Picassos for this one.
- Where is she going?
Why don't you stay there?
- All is working out, I trust.
- Fine.
Fine. Couldn't be better.
- Good.
Good. That's what I like to hear.
The TC 2000 X,
everything's working out?
- Like a charm.
Everything is going
completely according to plan.
- Yes, I can see that.
Let's hope it stays that way.
- I think we're ready.
- Too soon.
- Too soon?
Whether it's controlling Niki
or sealin' off the Terminal Station,
I'm not gonna sit around
here and watch him.
Why haven't you guys joined forces
and tried to squash this little parasite?
- There's a limit to hospitality
and you're coming dangerously close.
- Sumai, what are you gonna do?
- Enough!
- Sorry I was pushy.
But your people need a leader
and I think it's your father's time.
- You want all the answers?
The station my father
knows it inside and out.
When they asked him to come here,
it was to train guards to
protect military secrets,
not guards for instruments of death.
- They lied to your father.
It wasn't his fault.
- What the hell are you
doing outta the control room?
- Had to take a dump for crying out loud.
- Well you're the genius.
Figure out some way to do that
while you watch that monitor.
I'm not done with you yet.
If this thing screws up,
you'll go down with me.
You have a problem with that?
- Yeah, I do.
I created the perfect protector,
not the perfect Killer.
- It's the same thing.
Other side of the coin, kid.
Anyway, I didn't see you complaining
when you had Zoey Kinsella's
body to fondle in this project.
- I suppose you figured no one
would notice one more bullet.
That one was perfect.
You orchestrated it all
from the control room.
The Med Vac team rushed in
and all of a sudden she was
on my table and you knew.
You knew no one would ever realize
what had really killed her.
- And what's that?
A bullet from a handgun.
A handgun like this?
You're wrong, kid.
Guns don't kill people.
People kill people.
Well well well.
You were closer to the truth
than you thought, lover boy.
- Lifers guard
terminal entrance here.
- And we're gonna hide over here.
- First, we need more fighters.
The lifers are very tough.
- Sumai, you okay.
Listen, you people need
to give to the program.
Sumai said it all.
The time to act is now.
- We trust Sumai, but Niki's a killer.
- The old guy struts his stuff
and you're all ready
to drop to your knees.
Well go ahead and let this
old fossil get y'all killed.
If you're lookin' for a
leader, I'm right here.
This guy's a joke.
- My time to lead.
Who will join us to fight Niki Picasso?
- I'll vouch for these two.
- We've just
gotten word from Niki.
- That's good, Bigelow.
Our plans are unfolding nicely.
So we have a lot to do.
- An extended coffee break, I presume.
There's a little something
I want to discuss with you.
It concerns my TC 2000 X.
- Well
sir, your TC 2000 X is just fine.
- Really?
The TC 2000 X was conceived
to protect the people in my quadrant.
That was her sole purpose.
Now I want you and your boys
to catch the next bus to Surface World
and I want my investment back here now!
- Bigelow.
- Not here, not now in front of everybody.
- Bigelow,
I think you're gonna like
living on Surface World.
- Serva
protect Terminal Station
with their lives.
We'll just see about that.
- Chancy, Blade, take out the guards.
Zircon, follow behind.
Death to the lifers!
Shit, no more bullets.
Head for the lifers!
- Looks like Niki Picasso beat us to it.
Let's let them Kill off the lifers
and then we make our move.
- Well you got me to the Terminal Station.
Now let's just wait for the Controller.
- Let's party.
'Kay, I got you to the door.
- You've done a soldier's job, Niki,
and you'll get everything I promised:
guns, ammunition and real food.
- And then what?
- And you'll live like kings and queens
here on the Surface World.
You stay here.
We'll be right back.
- No, I'm goin' up too.
I'm not letting you out of my sight.
- The key to her father's
heart and the key to my future.
Now it's time for daddy's little girl
to get down on her knees, isn't it?
Because daddy's little
girl was much smarter
when he made this lock.
Would you?
Positive identification.
- It is time.
- Let's go.
- Attention Christmas shoppers,
this store's now closing.
- Let's go.
- Your father
was a brilliant man, Zoey.
Unfortunately, he was also a fool.
He thought he could save Surface World.
He died before the full power
of Terminal Station was realized.
- C'mon, let's go.
- The kill zone is only
accessible from the top floor,
so we'll cut through the
cookhouse here to the stairs.
- Picassos.
- Who the hell are they?
- It is Jason Storm and Master Sumai.
- Well what are they doin' here?
- Don't look at me.
Blade, go help them.
Come on.
- Bitch!
- Where's the Controller?
- This way.
- Any problems?
- No problems.
- Harold.
The kill zone's right
through that door.
Scott, guard the rear.
We won't be a minute.
- I may start liking Surface World.
- I'll check it out.
- Welcome to the Kill zone.
- Sumai.
Welcome home.
- So why do you
call this the kill zone?
- This was originally built
to replenish the atmosphere
but a few modifications
have been made since then.
- Well I got us here.
- Yes, TC.
You're finished.
Ironic, isn't it?
Your program and your father's program
both wind down the same room.
Come, Niki.
Lemme show you what real power feels like.
- It's my turn.
- This launcher contains the chemicals.
Individually, they're inert.
But you mix 'em together,
it's as deadly as cyanide.
48 hours later, the effect dies out.
- And you take over Surface World.
- We take over Surface World, Niki.
But let's talk about that later.
- Lasers, you idiot.
We're trapped.
- Get outta here.
- No, Niki. You're trapped.
- Attention,
the Surface World cleansing
sequence has been activated.
All non-essential personnel
must report designated safety zones.
Attention, the death launch-
- Zoey, take the elevator out.
Zoey, what's wrong with you?
Cameron's program really fucked you up.
Such a shame.
Attention, all personnel.
You must follow specified procedures
and report to safety zones immediately.
Death launch mechanism.
- I'm gonna Kill ya.
I got you.
- Follow
specified procedures
and report to safety zones immediately.
Death launch mechanism has departed.
Surface World cleansing has commenced.
- They're destroying the Surface World.
- I know.
- Last chance, Zoey.
- Attention,
sodium bromide has been launched.
- TC, shut the damn machine down.
- Let them hear you, Niki.
They love a blitz.
Insufficient time now exists
for travel to safety zones.
If you have not reported
to your designated area,
you must use emergency precautions now.
High-pressure chambers.
One, three, five and seven.
Repeat: insufficient time now exists
for travel to safety zones.
If you have not reported
to your designated area,
you must use emergency precautions now.
Warning: potassium silicate
will be launched at two-minute mark.
Layer four of atmospheric
gases will be discharged.
Stage four of the Surface World
cleansing will be complete.
- Open the door!
- What's wrong, Sumai?
Is your little world falling apart?
- Open the door!
- Over my dead body.
You were once a great warrior, Sumai.
But now, you are nothing.
- Nice punch.
- Come on.
Launched at one-minute mark.
- Damn.
- All atmospheric layers
will be in place
and ready for chemical
catalysts one and three.
Prepare for chemical fallout.
- Hello Niki.
- I trusted you and you
left me down there to die.
- We'll both die if we
don't get out of here!
- But you're gonna die first.
- No, Niki!
I got the antidote to the
- Thank you.
- Niki, no!
- Your brilliant, Sumai.
Reflect the laser over to the right.
I'll take care of TC.
- Alpha
dextrine will be launched
in T minus five seconds.
- Zoey, whatever happened
to partners forever?
- Jason?
- Zoey?
- Jason?
Atmospheric layers are in place
and ready for chemical
catalyst number two.
- What the hell's going on?
- Cameron put
a virus in your program
to shut you down.
- What?
- Never mind.
We're at the Terminal Station
that your father built.
How do we stop this thing?
- My father would've left some
sorta password or something.
- Zoey, you're the key.
- Yeah.
Of course, my necklace.
- I'll input Kinsella.
- Execution of chemical-
- Try underworld.
Third and final catalyst
will be launched at mark zero.
Execution of all chemical
reactions will be complete
and Surface World cleansing achieved.
Surface World cleansing will
commence at T minus 10 seconds.
10, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three, two.
- Life.
Zoey is Greek for life.
You knew my father, didn't you?
- He told me.
- Let's get the hell outta here.
- TC, honey.
Don't leave me up here.
The elevator's not working.
Zoey, TC.
Jason, Jason.
I'll get you, Jason.
- Beautiful, isn't it?
Mother Nature really is healing herself.
- This place, not so bad.
- And the Controller knew it all along.
- Welcome home, partner.
Mother Nature was healing herself
and the Controller knew it.
It was people like him
that got us into this mess
in the first place.
But if the earth could start
anew, perhaps so could we.