Teacher (2019) Movie Script

They make you give in.
Eat their poison, bit by bit.
Years pass.
The shame changes nothing
but its clothes.
No, no!
Come on. Today,
you drown, faggot.
No, God, please!
Let me go, please!
No! No!
I changed my mind.
You can drown tomorrow.
He hath disgraced me
and hinder-ed me
half a million
laugh-ed -
It's 'laughed', Bill.
Punctuation is different,
it's just pronounced the same.
Oh. Okay.
That was... good.
Okay, who's next?
Mocked at my gains
scorned my nation
thwarted my bargains...
Somebody likes to open
their mouth for teacher.
Aided my enemies.
What was that, Tim?
Oh, nothing, Mr. Lewis.
We were just talking
about the play.
Okay, what's the title of
the play that we're reading?
Yeah, okay.
Who's next?
You can do it.
Is it okay if I
don't, Mr. Lewis?
Just read a little bit.
Everybody reads.
And what's
B-b-brain damage.
Excuse me?
The next person who disrupts
another student reading
can hock and yuck their way
all the way down to Vice
Principal Olsen's office.
Got it?
I forgot, short period.
Okay, Act Three
next time, folks.
Chica needs to
learn her englaciona.
Hey, Mr. Lewis.
Is it still okay if I take
pictures later for the paper?
Of course.
I'll be there, okay?
Thanks, Mr. Lewis.
What can I do
for you, Daniella?
I was wondering if, if
there was any extra -
Hey, hey, stop!
Right now! Come on!
Stop! What happened?
What happened?
I-I didn't see anything.
You don't have
to worry about him.
What happened?
Tim started it.
Fuck you!
That is enough!
Against that wall.
Come on, against that wall.
Juan over there.
Back to class.
I'm sorry Daniella, let
me write you a pass, okay?
We'll talk later.
Let's go, now. Get your stuff.
What's it to be, gentlemen?
You think my hallways
are the place
for UFC auditions?
I guess you want a
six-month summer vacation.
Get suspended?
No sir.
I could expel you
for this, young man.
But if you can grow
up for five seconds,
apologize and shake hands,
I'll talk it over
with your parents.
It's your decision.
It's cool.
Alright. Get a
pass from the desk.
Don't quote me, but
paddles were invented
for kids like that.
Maybe you shut
them up for a while.
Harold, can I ask how
things are looking for me?
Enjoy the uncertainty.
After tenure, you'll
be stuck here forever.
TODD: Are you sure Tim
threw the first punch?
Yeah, one of my
student witnessed it.
He's honest.
Tim actually picks
on him a little bit.
Well that's great, it just
turned scouting season, too.
Straight at him, Tim!
I've got to get back to work.
You can come inside, you know.
I didn't want
to bother anyone.
We're not wildlife.
Well, except for Tim Cooper.
You should go sit
next to Daniella.
Come on, give her some
pointers on her homework.
Hey, um. Mr. Lewis said it
would be okay if I came up here
to take some pictures?
Yeah, that's fine.
Are you here for Mr. Lewis?
My brother drives me.
Ooh. Amigo. Nice.
That's a really cool camera.
Thanks, it's my dad's,
but I'm the only one
who knows how to use it.
Because you're
like a genius, right?
You're probably
smarter than me.
That's so stupid.
No it's not.
What part are you on?
MEDIATOR: A major point of friction
at our last session
was the house.
agreed to equal distributions.
We asked for a
full vacancy by May.
School's still in session.
Look, I'm working
and I'll be moved out
within a few days.
It's second semester.
I'm in ACT Prep, Finals,
I've got my tenure.
I'm being really
nice about this, James,
considering the way you've been.
Look, Sarah, I'm not
saying that we were
Ozzie and Harriet,
okay, but it's not like
I ever touched you.
God, no, you just
punched holes in walls.
That happened one time.
I was terrified and you...
I am, I'm done, I'm done.
With your mood swings,
and the drinking,
and I need this to be over with,
and I need you to be out
of that house, please.
I'm sorry.
Sorry that
this divorce isn't
convenient for you.
I am sure, phoenix that you are,
you will rise from the ashes
and be just fine.
That'll be enough
of that, Mr. Louis.
This isn't the life
we promised each other.
The past is too present.
They say that we can
never go home again.
In truth, we never leave.
MAN: Don't you worry
about me and my job!
WOMAN: Of course I worry -
MAN: You don't have
to worry about that.
I'm worried about
it all the time!
Well of course,
they're expecting you
because you're the
town fucking drunk!
Go ahead, you coward.
MAN: Say it again.
You're a fucking
deadbeat, drunk, coward man
that's a piece of shit!
Oh my God James,
what happened to you?
I slipped and
fell into a lake.
Dammit James, don't get
it all over the house!
Come here!
Geez. Take this off.
Come on, hands up.
What really happened? Geez.
I wasn't looking.
Yeah, so what else is new?
Goddammit James.
If your father
saw you like this,
God only knows what
the hell he would do.
This is a brand new sweater!
I want to put this
on the fridge, okay?
Okay, mom.
I wanted to get money, right?
Come here.
You're already there.
Might as well contribute.
Make it whole.
Make a whole fucking family.
Ow. Fuck.
I haven't seen you this year.
Car broke down.
Ooh, hey pussy.
Miss you buddy.
Preston the pussy.
I think you got
some cum in your hair.
Oh, you like that?
I know you like that.
Huh? Harder?
You want it harder?
What are you looking at?
What, are you in love with me?
DRIVER: Stay in your seat, please.
Yeah, stay in your seat pussy.
Fucking. Huh.
To Shylock, the Venetians
are oppressive racists, but
to Venetians,
Shylock is a
vindictive murderer.
Who's right?
There's two very different
moral centers there.
Which one do you believe
has the moral high ground?
Well, if Shylock is
planning on cutting out
Antonio's stomach,
then he is a murderer, right?
A murderer.
Isn't Shylock also a victim?
I think he has to be both.
That's the paradox of it.
Continue, Preston.
I mean, does being a
victim make a person good?
I mean, that's something
that happens to you,
not something that you do.
What do you guys think?
Claims of obsolescence
have been levied against
English teachers for years.
We need to prove that we
have practical utility.
There are many discussions
in the department about that,
as you know.
Many discussions.
James is also
working on a novel.
Yeah, it's about a man
who's going to lose his tether
on reality after his
wife passes away.
Not autobiographical, I hope.
No, not at all.
I understand you
witnessed an altercation
between Tim Cooper and
another boy earlier this week?
Yeah, just outside
of my classroom.
WARREN: You reported
that Tim instigated?
Another student
witnessed the start of it.
You didn't
witness it yourself?
No, but I assure you
the student's trustworthy.
It's Preston Walsh.
I'm sure he is.
Thank you, James.
I think that about
does it for this round.
Okay, thank you.
Oh no, it's okay.
What was that?
Juan's parents called
Warren out of the blue
and asked him to
show mercy on Tim.
I have a hard
time picturing that.
No suspension, no detention.
Warren's call.
So now I'm in
Warren's crosshairs?
Everything's fine.
This isn't Kafka.
We should probably grab seats.
There's my friend.
I should say hi.
Do you have a lot
of studying to do?
Hey. How are you?
Oh, these are my parents.
Hi, Eugene.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you as well.
Tim Cooper punched
a kid in the nose,
gets the boys will
be boys treatment.
Oh, you've met his dad.
Clouds need permission
to rain on his lawn.
He probably paid
that family off.
I don't want to
think about that.
Well, you know how it is.
If you're born poor,
you wish upon a star,
if you're born here,
you just write a check.
So how's it going
with you and Sarah?
Couple more boxes, that's it.
Bachelor pad, U.S.A.
Go get them!
I don't know, maybe
I'll open a wine bar,
call it Middle Aged.
I don't get it.
Oh, because you age the wine.
That's very funny.
You know her?
Her? No. Never met her.
Go talk to her.
Just go talk to her.
Todd, my marriage is fresh -
Get over here girlfriend!
How are you doing?
Good, how are you?
Good, good good.
Oh, you're like
an Olympic hugger.
Well, someone has to
make you feel loved,
you sad, sad man.
Do you know James Lewis,
from the English department?
No, hi.
Hi, it's so good to meet you.
Oh, what happened
to your hand?
Oh, just bumped
it moving furniture.
It's stupid.
Weak bones.
We've known each other
since college, actually.
I actually brought James
here from the city.
Got him a job.
And now he's facing
judgment soon.
Oh, wow! Congratulations!
That's great.
Yeah, we'll see. I feel like
Warren's got it out for me.
Well, he wouldn't have
kept you around this long
if he didn't want
you here, right?
That's what people said
about my ex-wife, and...
Ah, I would not have
said that out loud.
Anyways, there's a,
I've got to get back to work.
It was great to
meet you, thanks.
Yeah, it was a
fun conversation.
Go get them.
It was nice meeting you.
You too!
He, he's sweet.
I mean, he
mentioned his ex-wife
within ten seconds
of us meeting.
I think that's an
Olympic record.
He's bitter-sweet.
Hey, Mr. Lewis.
Hi Tim.
Good to see you again James.
Mr. Cooper.
Bernie, please.
We don't want to
take much of your time,
but Tim would like
to apologize to you
for his behavior.
Yeah, I'm really
sorry about that.
Won't happen again.
I appreciate that, Tim.
Feel like you still
owe an apology to Juan.
Definitely Preston, for
what you said to him.
Yeah, I'll talk to them.
That's great.
Alright Tim, thanks.
Give us a minute, will you?
So, about our pain
in the ass kid.
Julie and I are deeply
concerned about his grades.
Especially in your class.
Just stay on him.
And then call me, anytime.
Well we certainly
appreciate that.
Yes. Oh, and congratulations
on your tenure.
I hear it's almost complete.
You certainly
do your homework.
No, it's nothing.
Warren and I golf, my
kid's in your class.
You know.
We would love to put
in a good word for you,
and you know, if
there's any attention
that you could pay to Tim, to
help him keep his grade up?
It would mean the world to us.
Yeah, I'll do my best.
Home number's
on the back there.
Great, thanks.
Good luck.
Yeah, have a good evening.
You too.
Hey, how's it going?
Hey. I'm good.
I didn't know you
had this lunch hour.
Yeah, I saw you
here the other day,
and I thought,
just saying hello.
Where do you sit?
Over there, normally.
Anyway, there's this
project that I'm working on,
and I don't know -
Watch your ass!
Right, I've got it.
Maybe you should
leave him alone.
Maybe you should tell me
what his cum tastes like.
I'm so sorry.
He's a jerk.
It's not your fault.
No, for what he said.
You didn't say it.
Well no, but, sorry.
What were you going to ask me?
Okay, uh.
What is this for?
It's for a photo
project I'm doing.
Uh, what do you want me to do?
I need a human subject.
I think the camera's
going to like you.
Cameras hate me.
They like send out
newsletters about it.
I'm camera-cursed.
Come on, trust me.
Open your eyes.
Let me see the camera.
Uh, hey, no.
So you have until
July to sign these.
I appreciate that.
Give me a couple
days to look it over.
For what?
Just sign them.
Alright, do what you want.
Sarah, I never
meant to scare you.
Okay? You know that
I'd never hurt you.
Yeah, alright. God.
Same words,
different day, James.
JAMES: Pages of a
calendar thrown away.
Days, months, years,
all the memories and
colors run together.
A smear of brown,
maybe that's all we are.
Alright buddy, you can do it!
One, two, three come on!
Come on, Tim!
I come from a sports
family and I love track,
but I wasn't tall enough and
I got left behind, literally.
My parents were
professional complainers.
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah, very,
very good at it.
Strike two!
Any chance you'd wanna
grab a beer after this?
Alright buddy, one more time!
I want one more.
Come on, shut him down.
COACH: One more, let's
go, buddy, here we go.
STUDENT: Woo, one more time!
STUDENT: Yeah Tim, you got this.
It's okay, it's okay.
Come on!
Shake it off, buddy, come on!
One more time, come on!
This is a waste of time.
Every home was slaughtering
a goat for the end of Ramadan
and the streets were
literally flowing with blood.
Well, yeah, that
is horrifying.
Yeah, especially when you're
trying to be a vegetarian.
What's on your mind?
It's not date worthy.
Oh, come on, I mean you don't
have to talk about it, but...
But you do have
to talk about it,
You do, yeah.
You don't have to,
but you kind of do.
I can tell it's super juicy.
Do you play the tiny violin?
I play the trombone,
That would even be...
That would be funny, wow.
I, (MUMBLING) ugh,
dumb, my divorce,
I gotta stack papers and,
Just need one last
squiggle and then it's off
to eternity, you know.
Hm, I know how that goes,
I actually got a divorce too
one year before I
came to Prairie Trail.
He accepted a promotion
that sent him overseas,
he told me he didn't want
any kids and that was that.
Idiot, dum dum.
I'm sorry.
No, no, don't be.
You need to perk up.
Come on, you got the
pretty science nerd
to imbibe with you
on a school night.
You know, I'm an
English teacher.
I got one good
joke in tonight.
ARABELLA: You got one.
It's pretty good.
Call me.
I'll see ya.
Hey, close that window!
I feel sick!
DRIVER: Close that window
or I'm gonna stop this bus!
STUDENT: Yo, I'm about
to throw up, fuck off.
What's your name?
Look, man, I'm
sorry, I'm just sick,
I don't know what to tell you.
Close that window or I
will throw you off this bus!
Ah, ah!
My God, okay,
I'll just fucking throw
up all over everybody.
Hey, you're
scared of me, right?
Just say you're afraid of me
and that you're a worthless
fag and I'll stop.
I'm scared of you,
I'm a worthless fag.
That's right,
that's what you are
and if you talk to
anyone about me again
or you take my
picture, I'll kill you
and your spic girlfriend.
Thou calledst me a dog
before thou hadst a cause,
since I am a dog,
beware my fangs.
Doing great,
keep going.
Why doesn't he
just take the money?
Why do you think?
Maybe because it
won't stop anything,
like Antonio might be nice to
him for a week or something,
but he'll do it again
and I think Shylock
just wanted to stop.
Does Shylock
believe it will stop
if he takes Antonio's flesh?
No, but people would
take him more seriously
and maybe they'd be afraid.
They're only begging him for
mercy because they're scared
and I can understand
why he's saying no.
Because he knows
they hate him.
Daniela, Dan...
Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong,
what happened to your back?
It's nothing, Mr. Lewis.
It's not nothing!
How long has this
been happening?
Search my computer,
check my handwriting,
I didn't do any of it.
Why would they lie, Tim?
I don't know, Mr. Olson.
What about this
assault on the bus?
He can't just say something
and get me in trouble,
no one saw it because
it didn't happen.
I promise this isn't
going to happen again
to either of you.
Is he gonna get in trouble?
We're looking into it,
either myself or Mr.
Lewis will let you know.
This was by the book assault.
The only way to prove anything
is to send this to the police,
the school doesn't want that
and Daniela's family
doesn't want that,
trust me, it's going to stop.
We need to hang on until
summer, please work with me.
JULIE: Hello?
Hi, Mrs. Cooper, this is
James Lewis, I'm Tim's teacher.
JULIE: Yes, I remember,
of course, how are you?
I'm fine, how are you?
I'm fine.
It's Tim's teacher.
BERNIE: Hand me that.
I'm sorry to bother
you, Bernie, but,
well, we've had a close
call with Tim's behavior.
BERNIE: What happened?
I'm actually in
the neighborhood
and I was wondering if
maybe I could swing by?
We could talk in person?
Is it serious?
It's moderately serious,
it's something that I'm
hoping we can work together on
and prevent from escalating,
I don't want this
to get any worse.
BERNIE: Okay, yeah,
sure, come on by.
I'll see you soon.
Hey, Bernie.
Thanks for letting me stop by.
Sure, no problem, come on in.
Here you are, James.
Thank you.
The house is...
Thank you, darling.
This is lovely, it's amazing.
Oh, it's all
Julie, I assure you
and maybe a couple of
family photos for me
and of course the big
boys on the mantle,
but otherwise it's all her.
You were in the service?
No, just an enthusiast.
In any case, James, what
is going on with Timothy?
Okay, this isn't easy,
but it's gonna be fine.
Today Tim was implicated in
the assault of another student
and in the creation of
a pornographic website
targeted at this student
and his girlfriend.
Well, you say implicated?
Yes, there's,
allegations that Tim pushed
a needle through a bus seat
into the student's back.
Now, the injuries
aren't terrible,
but this has got to stop now
and that's why I
wanted to come here,
so that we could
come together on this
and unify, so we can help Tim,
I mean, I want Tim in my
class, the team needs Tim.
Oh yes, of course and
we're certainly grateful
for you coming to us with this.
Did you say a needle?
Yes, sir.
Well, that just sounds insane.
Well, we don't even
know if he did it yet.
Of course he did it,
James wouldn't be here
unless there were witnesses.
That's gotta be him, Tim, Tim!
Come in here, please!
TIM: Yeah, give me a sec!
Hi, Tim.
BERNIE: You wanna tell us
what the hell's going on here?
I don't know, what
is going on here?
Mr. Lewis was just telling us
about some stunt
on the internet.
I didn't do that.
Look at me,
when I'm talking to you.
And you assaulted
a student on the bus?
I didn't do that.
Be truthful, Timothy.
I didn't.
Maybe I push him
around a little bit,
but I didn't assault him.
And what about this website?
That was Scott's, he made
it as a joke to show us
and I guess someone shared
it, he took it down.
Well, there's nothing
funny about it now, is there?
I didn't tell him to make it.
Alright, well you need to
promise both of us right now,
that you're done
with these guys.
School and sports, that's all
you have time for, promise us.
I swear.
BERNIE: I'm so sorry
you had to see this.
Of course, not at all.
Thank you for coming.
Of course.
I'll show you out.
I gotta say, you really
had me and my wife
thinking that our son
was about to be arrested,
I mean, she's in there crying.
Bernie, I just
wanted to get this...
Did you talk to Warren
or the other one, Harold
before coming here?
No, this is a conversation,
you know, just
between you and I.
Right, right and
you arrived here
what, two minutes after calling?
Yeah, because I was
in the neighborhood,
I thought this was a conversation
best had face to face.
Right, okay,
thank you.
Of course.
Remind me to buy
milk in the morning.
Hey, how was the game?
We won, it was alright.
He hit a home
run and a double.
You always do better
when I'm working.
You should stop working
so much, you won't miss out.
Hey, how about you stop
costing so much, tough guy?
Hm, you have homework?
A little bit.
Well, you'd better get
to it, it's getting late.
Hey, sorry, are you busy?
It's fine, I'm done.
How is it?
It's not hard, you're
not really learning, right?
I guess.
What's going on?
You know my friend, Carlos?
he sent me this drawing,
it's of you.
I guess kids at school
are texting it around.
Show me.
It's really dumb.
You know it has nothing to do
with how you are
in reality, right?
They said they'd delete it,
but it's on the internet,
it's gonna be here forever.
Who drew this?
Uh, ah!
Uh, uh, uh!
Okay, there's only a few
short answer questions,
so you should choose your
time focused on your essays.
These aren't text messages.
Whole words, please.
Get started.
Mr. Lewis, can I get a pass?
Let me know if
you hear anything.
LISA: Daniela?
I'll be right back.
What's going on, what happened?
He's in Saint Augustine,
somebody robbed him.
Who was it?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You think this is a game?
Mr. Lewis.
You're a fucking
perfect sociopath.
Tell me now!
Or what?
Excuse me?
Or what, Mr. Lewis.
I will...
Mr. Lewis?
Principal May.
I have to go.
I actually studied
really hard for this,
as if you give a shit.
I just heard,
I think there's somewhere
else you need to be, hm?
It's alright, I'll
tend to your class.
Sorry, everyone.
I am so sorry.
they have him medicated,
so he should be okay.
Lisa, please sit down.
I wanna stand.
He can see me
better if he wakes,
when he wakes, I can
be standing here.
You said he was
attacked by two men?
That's what the police said.
I'm sorry.
You know who did this?
I don't, Eugene.
It's those boys from the team.
The police are saying that
the parents provided alibis,
they say that there
are no witnesses.
You must have seen,
I haven't seen.
You have to do something.
They broke his glasses
into his eye, he can't see.
I'm sorry.
I'll do everything
that I can, I promise.
Daniela, eat.
I'm not hungry.
Eat anyways.
I'm going to bed.
Goodnight, Papa.
BOY: Mmm.
GIRL: Are you okay?
MAN: Ugh, I'll get it.
No, no.
Yeah no, it's okay.
I got her.
Natalie, why don't you
ever shit in the daytime?
I need a diaper for Natalie.
Just a moment, mom.
Danila, are you sick?
What's going on?
Your sister's in there.
She's not answering the door.
Come on, open the door.
What are you...
Why is the door locked?
Danila, open the door!
Open the door!
What's going on?
I can't!
She's locked in there.
Let me see.
I can't!
Open the door.
Open the door right now.
I can't!
Hey, move over.
I'm sorry!
Call the emergency!
Call the emergency!
(GASPS) Oh my God!
Get some more towels!
Oh my God!
Get some towels.
Oh my God.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I don't know what...
No, it's okay, baby.
It's my sister, I need
an ambulance right now.
Yeah, there's a lot of blood.
DAD: It's gonna be okay.
It's okay.
And I'm not coming back
They call me the believer
And I'm not coming back
Look at me.
Look at me, your scholarship.
It's gone, Bill.
Sports is entirely
out of the picture.
How old are you?
BILL: 16.
PRINCIPAL: 16-years-old.
Your parents had high
hopes for you at 16.
You realize what this has done?
Danila Lopez tried to
take her life last night.
She alright?
The family...
They found her in
the middle of it.
Scott and Bill confessed
to the assault on Preston.
The police are letting
their parents pick them up
and take them for booking.
Yeah, what about Tim?
Did you go to Bernard
Cooper's house the other day?
Yeah, he gave me his card.
I stopped by so I
could speak with him.
And you berated
Tim during a test
in the middle of the classroom.
All due respect, Harold, two
of our students almost died.
Tell me about it!
As if there wasn't enough
chum for Cooper's lawyers.
They're now saying that
you've been coaxing Preston
to lash out at Tim!
That's fucking absurd!
That man may be rich, but
he cannot buy reality.
The card from Preston's camera
was found after his attack.
It has dozens of photos of Tim.
It's like he was obsessed.
James, you go to the man's
house and don't tell me?
Because you're
fucking afraid of him.
You're right.
Bernard and Julie Cooper's names
are etched in brick outside.
They paid their
lawyers more in a week
what I make in a semester.
But you ignored those realities
with this undercover
righteousness of yours!
I'm making a
statement to the police.
Do whatever you
want and then go home.
As long as your name is
being bandied about in this,
we can't have you and Tim
in the same classroom.
And frankly, I doubt that
you'll be joining us next fall.
I'm sorry James, but
this is all too much.
Oh, you're right.
It is.
Fuck it!
Sorry for just
dropping by like this.
Hi Bernie.
What can I do for you?
I was hoping we
could chat for a bit.
This actually isn't
a great time for me.
It'll just take a minute,
and I promise what I have
to say is quite beneficial.
I suppose I could use a drink.
JAMES: You got it.
Are you moving?
(SIGHS) Yeah.
I'm actually going through
a divorce right now.
I have to be out by summer.
I don't have any ice.
Neat's okay.
That's fine.
Well, I'm sorry about
the ball and chain
or congratulations, perhaps.
(CHUCKLES) It's been
a long time coming.
I see.
Why don't I get to the point
of why I've come today?
I wanted to tell
you face to face
that if you were thinking about
getting another teaching job
anywhere in this state,
you should think again.
I work 80 hours a
week for 35 years
to make sure that my son
will get the best education
and the best school in
the best part of town.
Instead of teaching
him to be a man,
you liberal arts pansies would
rather he massage the clit
of his inner child
and philosophize
about why his father
is a bourgeois monster.
You drag 'em in, you
make accusations,
you lie to the police.
I didn't lie.
What the hell do you
know about anything?
All you fags are just
too goddamn sensitive
to see the world for what it is.
Now, you should take my advice
and start looking for a new life
and never talk to my kid again.
And just so we're
clear, princess,
this is the nice
version of things.
Put these boxes
on a fucking truck
or you'll be nothing more
than a scuff on my shoe.
Oh my god.
WAITER: There you go.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much.
Everyone at school is
talking about all of it.
Are you gonna be
here in the fall?
No way, mm-mm.
Warren wants to decapitate
me for ruffling the feathers
of the aristocracy and
ruining the school.
Everyone knows
that's bullshit!
That's complete bullshit!
It's fucking
Bernard Cooper's world
and we're just paying rent.
I'm sorry.
Hey, no, it's fine.
You had a hard day.
Not as hard as others.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna be quick.
I'll be right back, okay?
Yeah, sure.
Nice guy.
He work with you?
One minute, please!
Every year, my company
sends the top 10 earners
down to Barbados.
You don't need to wear clothes.
Suntan lotion, seriously.
It's from my company.
It's a real trip.
You're sure it is.
What are you drinking?
Excuse me, sir.
I think this is my seat.
Yeah, sure, sit
down, join the convo.
Give me your number.
I think he wants to sit down.
Well, give me your number.
Come on, man!
Get your hand
off me, you pussy!
The lady...
You are the fucking lady.
Get out of here.
Next one's on the house.
Thank you.
You alright?
I'm fine.
Forget about it, okay?
He's just an asshole.
Fucking asshole.
I wish I'd pick the
can up off the table
and smashed it on
that guy's head.
And then what?
And then he
would have said Au.
You think someone might
have done that to him
when he was younger?
You see what's happening?
In our world right now?
It's ridiculous.
It's like people
like you and me,
we're getting walked all over.
Oh my god, you're
educated, you're smart?
Fuck you.
The meek inherit nothing
but false promises
and maybe sometimes we should
fucking strike back, right?
No, I don't believe that.
We can move past our
sorrows, it's not for them.
It's such a happy
thought but it's like this
bark in the dark, it just
it means nothing, it's...
No, you're just drunk.
I'm not drunk.
You're so drunk.
I'm not so drunk.
Think about it.
A guy like that, right?
They're just wrong,
they're wrong,
but nature rewards
them for it, okay?
Like our bosses and politicians
and the elites of the world.
They're thriving on their
sociopathy and their narcissism,
their fucking cruelty,
but there's just no amount
of after school Warm Fuzzies
that are gonna change the
beat of human history.
I wish that things
were different.
They're just not.
It's like sometimes
you gotta pick a side.
I see.
That's how you feel?
Say a girl, a really
happy, healthy girl
gets raped her sophomore
year of college.
This guys she was
seeing is senior.
He was perfect, he was the
nice guy, clean cut, handsome.
She passed out in
his bed and she...
She woke to a...
She went to the
administration, to the police.
He said, she said you know.
And the case just died.
And he graduated with honors.
And she fucking hated him and...
She did a lot of stupid
things to herself,
but she rebuilt and she's
a really happy person.
As hard as this feels right
now, James, it is not the end.
You'll make it past this.
Statistically that
was not the first time
that guy fucking did that
and it wasn't the fucking
last time that he did that
and now he's sitting
somewhere and he's rich,
and it's like if you'd
allowed yourself to hate him,
then you could have stopped him
from doing it to
the next person.
I'm just saying it's...
Go fuck yourself!
I feel sorry for him.
I feel sorry for
all my students.
I can make him safe as a
victim like the rest of us.
There will be no more broken
bones or locker notes.
There will no more hospitals.
There will be no more,
there will be no more,
there will be no more.
Hey, Ms. Walsh.
Hi sweetheart.
Another day, big man?
That's what they tell me.
BOY: Hi, thank
you for coming.
Watch your legs.
Hi, Mr. Willis.
How you're holding up?
Is everything okay?
I heard you were in trouble.
The whole school is in trouble.
You don't have to
worry about that, okay?
How was it today?
I made it the whole length.
Well, that's really good.
It's fine.
That's really good.
I need to be going, guys.
I just wanted to stop by.
We'll see you soon, right?
You bet.
They call me the believer
And I'm not coming back
Hey Tim.
What you're doing here?
I don't think I've ever run
into a student here before.
Meeting somebody?
No, I'm...
Wait, why are you here?
I used to live
right down that road.
My buddy manages the
shoe store inside.
How about you?
I had some plans
that fell through.
Some neat stores in this mall.
Need a pair of shoes?
No, I'm...
I'm gonna head home.
Alright, I'll walk with you.
What's wrong?
I'm not sure I'm
supposed to be with you.
My dad said...
I'm still your teacher, Tim.
We can walk together, I promise.
Yeah, okay.
You're parked over here too?
No, I'm a floor
up, where are you at?
This is me right here.
Drive safe, okay, Tim.
Hey, it looks like someone
was having some fun out here.
You should come and have a look.
What the fuck,
are you kidding me?
Security's terrible here.
You have a spare?
I don't have two!
Right, yes,
I guess that's why I'm
an English teacher.
You know where I can
get a tow around here?
JAMES: Yeah, I know
a couple of places,
it's gonna really
cost you though.
I'll just put it on my card.
You know what, I know a place,
auto parts, tires,
10 minutes from here,
I'll take you, we could
change the tire together,
that way you don't have to
sit around waiting for a tow.
Come on.
No, I'll just wait, I'm fine.
Tim, if you wait
here for a tow,
you're not gonna be on
the road until rush hour.
I tell you what,
I can give you some tips
about the final exam.
TIM: Okay.
I'm just gonna
take a short cut
through the nature preserve.
I used to come
here on field trips,
when I was a little
bit younger than you,
I always liked it, but the other
kids thought it was boring.
Yeah, there's no
service out here.
Preston's blind in one eye.
Probably hard to take pictures
without any depth perception,
he may even have a limp,
but his brain's okay, so
he can remember all of it.
Are we lost?
it just goes around and
around in circles back here.
I remember when I was your age,
Colin Dalton and his friends.
Why are you stopping?
What are you doing?
When I was 12,
I found my father with one
of these stuck in his mouth,
he's drunk and he beat me to a
pulp for walking in on him,
then he finished the job
a couple of years later
in a motel room somewhere.
I'd say that my aim is pretty
foolproof from this range,
wouldn't you, Tim?
I don't wanna
hurt you, Tim, okay,
you just do what I say.
We're gonna be driving
home soon, I promise.
Do you understand?
Good boy.
Don't do that, open it,
open the door.
Open it!
No, no!
Tim, Tim, Tim,
the nearest police
station's 10 miles from here
and you wouldn't even know
which way to go, okay.
Come on, stand up, come on.
Just walk, it's okay.
Little bit further.
I need you to confess, Tim.
Confess what,
what do you want?
You got Bill and Scott
to destroy Preston's life.
You tormented Daniela, you're
the ringleader of all of it.
I didn't make them do shit.
You set an example,
you drove that poor girl
to try and kill herself.
Live with that, huh?
I need you to admit it.
Admit it!
Come on, Timothy, I need
you to say something,
for the love of
fucking God, say it!
Fuck you.
You'll never understand.
Oh, I understand,
I understand that you're a
privileged, spoiled little shit,
who can destroy a kid's life
one day, fucking blind him
and the next day you're
online bragging to some girl
about how you were
partying on a yacht
with your rich friends
doing fucking blow!
What do you know
about what I do?
Teachers know their students.
No, no, no, no,
no, no., no, no.
You're hurt, you
did all of this,
you're a fucking psycho,
you're a fucking loser,
you will always be a pathetic,
fucking loser psycho, uh!
Please, please.
Why did you do it to him?
TIM: Please. (SOBBING)
Why did you do
it to all of us?
You and your damn father,
Goddamn you!
Please, uh!
Damn you!
Please, uh, uh!
No, no, no, no!
Please, please, you
don't understand,
you don't know what
he does, please.
He does it to the
bottom of my feet,
so that no one can see.
He calls it training.
When I've done something wrong,
or he just had a bad day,
he uses his belt or sometimes
the grip of his putter.
When I got taken
out of the game,
my Dad locked me in the
furnace room for the night
and after you left our house,
he made me run on the treadmill
till I threw up all over myself
and then he made me clean it up.
And Bill and Scott
were the only ones
who ever tried to protect me.
They blinded Preston, they
put him in the hospital.
They made a mistake!
Haven't you ever made a mistake?
And now you wanna
fucking kill me.
No, no, no,
please, no, no, no!
Tim, Tim, it's
okay, it's over.
It's okay.
We can pick up
your car tomorrow.
It's fine.
Tim, just think
about who you'd be,
if you hadn't been
raised inside this house.
I think about that every day.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
what's your emergency?
I need to report
a domestic assault,
1218 Darrian Road.
inside the house, sir?
No, I'm outside,
I came to tutor a student
and he's in danger, his
father's attacking him,
I'm afraid he might kill him.
OPERATOR: How old is the child?
He's 16, he's just a kid.
OPERATOR: What's your name?
James Lewis.
There's guns in the house.
OPERATOR: Does the
father have a gun now?
Yes, he does, please hurry.
OPERATOR: Okay, the
police are on their way.
Stay safe, stay calm
and stay on the phone.
How long will they take?
OPERATOR: They'll be
there within five minutes.
Where are you, sir, can
you see what's going on?
Oh, God!
Who is this girl?
I met her online.
BERNIE: You're a fucking
idiot, you know that?
You're an idiot.
Yeah, okay, I'm an idiot.
Just calm down.
Why didn't you call us?
My phone is dead.
You charge it
in the fucking car!
The car battery died!
Why are you lying?
Enough, okay,
I've had it with this, do
you hear me, I've had it.
You're okay that our son
thinks we're fucking morons?
We're just an ATM
to you, is that it?
The fucking car battery died!
Son of a bitch!
JULIE: Bernie!
Jesus Christ!
Get away from him,
I'll blow your fucking
head off, Bernie.
What the fuck are
you doing in my house?
Tim, go outside.
What do you
think you're doing?
Why do you do it, Bernie,
why do you do this
to your family, hm?
Come on, tell, me, you!
You're a fucking coward.
I'm protecting them.
You may not like this, but
fear is how you gain respect.
What's the gun for then?
Stopping you.
Yeah, then what,
you gonna shoot me?
Do you even know?
Okay, I'm done,
shoot the scary man.
Oh, God.
Set the example for
the student, be a hero.
Come on!
I'm not like you.
No, you certainly aren't.
Oh, God, stop!
Stop, stop!
You come into my house
and threaten my family,
you're going to the morgue.
Tim, no, no, Tim.
Tim, what are you doing?
Timothy, Timothy!
You have to stop.
It's over.
Put it down, Tim.
I'm gonna tell 'em, Dad.
You're gonna tell who what?
The police.
Either I tell them
everything or you kill me.
No, Tim!
I can't fucking
take this anymore.
Don't talk to him.
Mr. Lewis, you were right,
I have to do something.
I have to.
It's okay,
it's okay, sweetheart,
Timmy, put it down.
Put it down.
TIM: It has to stop.
Alright, tell 'em whatever
you want, just put it down,
I'll do what you want.
What do we do?
Tell the truth.
Be brave.
I'm starting to
recognize myself again
as I survive in this place.
I've written everyone
bartering words for
seconds off my time here.
Life now is a cycle
of routine and regret
for how I treated
those who loved me,
those who hated me
and those like you,
whom I punished for
trying to reach me.
I'm so sorry.
I wish I knew you better,
I wish I knew you now.
So we're at one of
these oxygen bars.
What the fuck
is an oxygen bar?
Basically you put this
like tubing up your nose,
like you have emphysema
and then you just breathe
this like flavored air.
Like incense?
No, no, no, no,
it's like pure oxygen, it's
supposed to be relaxing.
Sounds like it.
Yeah, I'm gonna see
him again tonight,
I'm gonna cook dinner for
him over at his house.
How is everybody?
Tim accepted a partial
scholarship to State,
not the best, not the worst,
but I'm sure that
the headlines helped.
Preston is settling in,
but still going
strong with Daniela.
Yeah, I've got
something to give you,
took three minutes for the
damn guards to approve.
Just tell her I,
nothing, just leave her alone.
Is there anything
I can do for ya?
Keep showing up, it's enough.
Everyone has their own
opinion, their own perspective,
but whose perspective is valid?
No one's?
The villain's.
The liar.
The liar,
so say dishonest.
GUARD: Count, back to your cells.
Count, let's go.
DWAYNE: So they called
this play a comedy?
Well, any play that
didn't end in a bloodbath
was considered a comedy
in Shakespeare's time.
Ah, I guess that's one
way of looking at it.
I'll see you tomorrow,
good work, Dwayne.
DWAYNE: Thank you.
Inmate, let's move.
I'm gonna just
tidy up real quick.
Jackie Chan flashing
all across the world
Hulk Hogan flashing
all across the world
Baby, let's go fly
all across the world
Baby, let's go fly
all across the world
They call me the believer
And I'm not coming back
They call me the believer
And I'm not coming back
Telephone lines all
across the world
People fight all
across the world
Angels sing all
across the world
Baby, you and me
all across the world
Jackie Chan flashing
all across the world
Hulk Hogan flashing
all across the world
Baby, let's go fly
all across the world
Baby, let's go fly
all across the world
They call me the believer
And I'm not coming back
They call me the believer
And I'm not coming back