Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome! (2014) Movie Script

- Hmm...
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
LINCOLN: Forescore.
GAGE: Muffler.
RHETT: Muffler!
- Wrench.
- Wrench!
- Tire.
- Tire!
- Stopwatch.
- Stopwatch!
Fast. But not fast enough.
Is anything ever fast enough for you, Gage?
You know, buddy, sometimes,
you got to slow down to enjoy life, man.
"Slow"? (SCOFFS)
Never heard of it.
Man, Larry's gonna love
what we did with our go-karts.
You sure about that?
- Hiya, boss!
- 'Sup, Larry!
If you boys are fixing
to drive these things,
we got to do a go-kart safety check!
- Did you tighten the lug nuts?
- BOTH: Yep!
- Did you check the oil?
- BOTH: Yep!
Did you prime the perilous piston
pro-tire power pump?
BOTH: Yeah... Uh...
Larry, did you just make that up?
Sorry, boys. Sometimes my imagination
gets me into trouble.
And don't you forget it!
Who's he talking to?
I have no idea.
Yup, these go-karts are looking real cool!
WYATT: Did somebody say cool?
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
That right there is gonna be July
on Wyatt's calendar of moi.
Brandon! Did you get the shot?
Yup, from every angle.
So who wants to buy a moi calendar?
I'll buy them all
if you promise not to make any more.
You ready to ride, Gage?
I'm always ready, Wyatt.
Oh, yeah?
Well, I was born ready, Gage.
Oh, yeah? Well, I was born readier, Wyatt.
Oh, yeah? Well, uh...
Stop saying my name so much, Gage.
Enough jibber-jabber!
All you two do is argue!
Imagine what you could do
if you worked together.
Like me and Rollie!
Sure, we have our differences.
For one, he's a dog.
And two, he's got wheels for feet.
But in the end, we put them aside!
Isn't that right, boy?
Good boy!
All right. You boys have a blast out there!
Someone's gotta spice up this town.
Hilly Woodlands needs way more than spice.
The odds of there being
a more boring place on Earth are...
(DEVICE PINGS) in a million.
Maybe our town's
not the most exciting place in the world,
but it gets just a little bit better
every time we ride.
Brandon, did you put up
your ultra hi-tech roadblock device again?
Then let's ride!
Have fun, boys.
Got a feeling you will. (SNICKERING)
Out of the fast lane!
Om. Be the go-kart.
Om. Be the left turn.
Om. Be the feet.
BRANDON: Aqua-wheels, engage!
Wyatt-style detour, baby!
Wyatt, honey!
Hi, Gammy Gram!
I love you, Gammy Gram!
Gammy Gram loves you, too!
Hey, nobody laughs at my Gammy Gram!
Look out!
Way to make us crash, Wyatt!
You watch your mouth, Gage!
I'm the best driver in this here town!
There they go again.
I know, right?
If only Wyatt could admit
that Gage is a better driver.
No, statistically, Wyatt is clearly better.
- Gage!
- Wyatt!
Something awesome this way comes.
Did you see him? Did you see Rev?
- Rev?
- Who's Rev?
- How'd he do this?
- Get in!
There's no time to waste,
except for about, uh, seven seconds!
Okay, now there's really no time to waste.
Come on, come on.
Get inside! Get inside!
Larry, what's going on? Who's Rev?
And how does he make that Orange Track?
And when is he gonna make more?
And why do you have so many locks?
I'll tell you. Rev.
Rev was my protg!
Dude, what's a protg?
He used to work at the garage,
just like you boys.
And you know that sweet car
he's driving around?
Well, it's my sweet car!
And it's got a very special engine.
An engine that poops out Orange Track?
It poops out more than that.
We're reporting live from Hilly Woodlands
where things have gone absolutely crazy!
There's a giant pigeon
terrorizing the school!
Oh, no! The giant pigeon
is now eating people!
Oh, the humanity!
- Hey, they're okay.
- ELLIOT: Ooh, never mind.
Well, things aren't any better
over here, Elliot!
The mini-putt is in the midst
of a volcanic eruption...
Get your paws off me, you brute!
I voted for you!
Gammy Gram!
Elliot, I can now confirm
that, yes, there is a giant Abraham Lincoln
making a log cabin out of old people!
- Oh, no!
- My back!
We gotta stop this!
Sadly, there's nothing we can do
about the damage already caused,
the havoc already wreaked,
or the underpants already wetted.
Not even yours, Rhett.
(GULPS) How did you know?
All you can do now is stop Rev.
Uh, Larry? By "you," do you mean us?
Of course I mean you!
And I'm about to show you how.
Now let's see. Which one is it?
No. No.
Now, it goes without saying
that you can never speak of this to anyone.
Because I do have the technology
to erase your brains completely!
Nah, I'm messing with you.
But I do know a guy.
The automotive playground of your dreams!
In here, we can create
anything we can imagine!
From supercharged jet engine cars,
to super-duper charged rocket fuel cars,
to miles of twisty, loopy,
corkscrewy Orange Track!
And if that's not enough for you,
feel free to relax and rejuvenate
in our full-service automotive spa,
complete with aromatherapy treatments.
Hello. My name is (STAMMERS) Jerry.
Would you like a refreshment?
Yes, thank you, (STAMMERS) Jerry.
Sorry, Rhett.
Jerry's an older invention of mine,
so he's a little buggy.
Now, most of the stuff I created
is pretty awesome.
But, in the wrong hands,
some of my inventions
can be very dangerous!
Like my greatest creation of all,
the Cloud Engine,
which runs on liquid imagination.
Larry, that is so not possible.
Neither is this.
You see, my Cloud Engine
creates the most perfect
racing surface known to man.
Sleek Orange Track!
But if the wrong mind wields that power...
Well, you saw the pigeons.
So this Cloud Engine
can make giant mutant pigeons, and...
Awesome orange race track?
That's right.
But then Rev stole my Cloud Engine.
Now he's going around
imaginating anything he pleases.
Imagi... What now?
Imaginating. Verb, meaning "to imaginate. "
I got an A+ in made-up words class.
So how do we stop the, uh,
imagi-junk that hurts Gammy Gram?
But keep the awesome Orange Track?
We have only one hope of stopping Rev.
And it's this!
The Hydrator Ray!
Powered just like the Cloud Engine.
But what's it do?
Jerry, bring in the go-karts!
- Thanks, Jerry!
- Beverage.
That's Jerry for you.
Okay, contestants,
who's ready for the big prize?
So, what do you think?
Suit up, boys, 'cause playtime is over!
I don't want no joyriding,
drag racing, lowriding,
or taking the chickies to make-out point.
Little help.
LARRY: Separate,
you are four seriously skilled racers.
But together, you're Team...
Oh, I forgot to come up with a team name.
What about Team Wyatt Wheels?
No, no! Team Lotus Wheels!
Team Butt Kicking Butt Kickers... Wheels!
GAGE: I got it.
Team Hot Wheels.
ALL: Yeah.
LARRY: Like I was saying, separate,
you're four seriously skilled racers.
But together you're Team Hot Wheels!
Now go get the bad guy!
Twin Mill is set for speed.
Jump Truck is ready to bounce!
Quick N' Sik is online.
Bone Shaker is single and ready to mingle.
Come on, guys,
does every awesome suit-up sequence
have to be so cool?
Wyatt, you and Brandon
settle the score with Lincoln.
Rhett and I are gonna
pigeonhole that big bird.
RHETT: Gage, look! That giant pigeon's
making a bird feeder out of the school!
We gotta save those kids!
- Help!
- Help us!
Watch my back, I'm going in.
Know why they call it the Twin Mill?
'Cause it's got a one-two
Okay, I'll save Gammy Gram,
you save everyone else!
A fair deal as always.
Securing coordinates, helpless old people.
ALL: Help!
Initiating le Vacu-suck.
Help! Help! Save Gammy Gram!
I got you, Gammy!
My eye!
Oh, thank you for saving me,
anonymous masked hero
the height and shape of my grandson.
You're welcome, Gammy, uh...
I mean, Old-Lady-who-I-don't-know.
Rev, you're mine.
Oh, no, you don't, Wyatt.
Gage, wait for me!
My baby!
A pigeon ate my baby!
Okay, I'll get in front and slow him down.
You make sure he doesn't...
No, I'll get in front!
GAGE: Watch out!
WYATT: We'll never catch him now.
We need a miracle.
RHETT: Did someone say "miracle"?
Bombs away, buddy!
Let's see how tough you
are outside your car.
BRANDON: Gage! Help!
I can't shake Lincoln.
He keeps turning up like a bad, bad penny.
Hang on, buddy. I'll distract him.
Hey, stovetop!
Forescore! Forescore! Forescore!
Okay, now let's see who you really are.
WYATT: Gage!
Watch the face.
Gage! Help!
RHETT: I got you!
I thought we'd be shark bait for sure.
Guys, check it out.
I think we got him!
RHETT: Aw, he looks like a turtle
stuck on his back.
Yee-haw! I'm a hero!
We're all heroes!
- Yeah!
- Brandon likey!
Oh, Larry's gonna flip
when he hears we caught Rev.
Rev, we hardly knew ye.
Well, looks like we aren't finished yet.
Let's get the varmint!
Come on, team, let's roll!
And Larry's gonna kill us.
Are you sure about that?
- Larry!
- Larry!
(LAUGHS) You boys crashed up
these cars real good.
(STAMMERING) Wait, you're not mad?
No, everybody knows
you've got to break an omelet
to make a few eggs.
Wait, what?
You done good, boys.
You almost got Rev.
Now, come on, let's get these
cars hitched up and fixed up.
We'll try again first thing in the morning.
I'll make you a frittata.
ALL: Ooh!
What's a frittata?
Oh, forescore.
GAGE: Gentlemen, start your mornings.
New record, but I can be faster.
Now to head over to Larry's
in the old Twin Mill and, uh...
Oh, yes, Mr. Eisenhower! (SNORES)
I'd love to be your date to the White House.
Come on!
I'm coming! I'm coming!
RHETT: Om, become one with nature.
Om, I am a tree.
Om, feel the wind within my leaves,
which is actually my hair.
Om, nothing is going to stop
this awesome tranquility I feel.
Being a tree is for the birds.
Sorry, Rhett, don't be mad.
I got a text from Larry and...
Whoa! Now wait just a minute, Gage!
Larry can text?
Careful, Rhett, runaway mower.
Brandon! Larry needs us, fast!
Just a minute, guys.
I'm virtually done with my chores.
And get this, Larry can text!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait!
Larry can text?
We got to be careful, guys.
'Cause next thing we know,
he's gonna want to be
Facepage friends with us.
- Uh...
- Ooh. Uh...
(STAMMERING) Can I use your laptop?
(LOW) I have some pictures to un-tag.
Ride 'em, Gecko!
Now that, my friends, is a little thing
I like to call Wyatt-style, baby.
- Yee... (SCREAMS)
(GROANING) My beautiful face.
Wyatt, we got a text from Larry.
We've got to get to the garage!
Now hold on just a minute!
Larry can text?
You think he'll teach me?
LARRY: I know you tried your best, guys.
But I told you it wouldn't be easy.
Why are we even trying to stop Rev, anyway?
From what I've seen so far,
he seems pretty cool.
You say the same thing about beef jerky.
So what if I do, huh?
Wyatt, you know why
we're trying to stop Rev.
How quickly you forget about Gammy Gram.
There are other Gammy Grams out there, too!
Oh, I do love my Gammy Grams!
You boys need to learn to work together.
Allow me to explain why,
using this conveniently placed slide show.
- Dude, what's a slide show?
- I don't know.
I think I heard about it
in history class once.
Now, you gotta understand what'll happen
if Rev's chaos goes unchecked.
ALL: Sweet!
Sure, it may seem great at first.
But then!
I always knew bunnies were evil.
You see?
With my Cloud Engine in the wrong hands,
it could create all sorts of devastation.
Why'd you even make it then?
The Cloud Engine
was supposed to do one thing.
Turn normal roads
into that glorious Orange Track.
But little did I know there'd be more than
just roads getting all imaginated!
So anything can become,
how did you put it, "imaginated"?
As long as it doesn't
have an imagination of its own.
So, don't worry, none of you will turn into
a giant Abe Lincoln anytime soon.
But who knows for sure?
Because once imagination is unleashed,
anything can happen.
Even this!
Wrong slide.
I mean, this!
So you've got to stop Rev
if Hot Wheels City has any hope.
And the only way you'll stop Rev
is by working as a team.
And no team can go out and fight
without having a complete breakfast.
Cereal, toast, waffle.
All part of a nutritious breakfast.
Really? Really? Still with that?
I'm full already.
Now suit up real quick.
Really? Still with this?
Now, that's what I'm talking about!
You look like a team.
A team who's ready to save this town
from mass destruction.
Just make sure you act like a team, too.
It's all about teamwork.
In fact, you should tattoo that word
on the back of your eyelids.
And what if there are already
bearded mermaids tattooed there?
Maybe I can fit it under the anchor.
Okay, guys, listen up now.
I'm about to get serious.
Those badges on your chest
represent Team Hot Wheels.
And without the "team" part,
all we have is empty cars.
We need you,
because there's not a single person
on the planet Earth
who can stop Rev.
But there are four people who can!
Now go get that bad guy. Quickly.
Twin Mill is set for speed.
Jump Truck is ready to bounce!
Quick N' Sik is online!
Bone Shaker is... Ah, let's just go.
Good luck, boys!
You're on your own now,
and don't you forget it!
GAGE: Okay, team, we need a plan.
Yeah, I don't do "plans. "
Whoa. Come on, Wyatt!
There is no "I" in team.
No, but there's an "M" and an "E,"
and that spells
Wyatt-style, baby! Whoo-hoo!
- Uh, no, it doesn't.
- Yes, it does.
No, it doesn't!
Yes, it does!
Guys, guys, have you already
forgotten what Larry said?
Do you guys hear that? It's Rev.
Guys, brace yourself for impact.
- Everybody, follow me!
- Everybody, follow me!
Does anybody know a good plumber?
My cousin Billy's a plumber.
Hey, I thought your cousin
Billy was a gator whisperer.
No, man, that's my cousin Billy number five.
Cousin Billy number three...
Enough already!
Let's get unstuck, go two by two,
and catch Rev.
Oh, boy, I can't wait to eat this sandwich.
(CHUCKLING) We're gaining on him.
Let's turbo boost.
BOTH: Whoa!
GAGE: Huh?
What's he doing?
Is he skywriting?
Maybe he's proposing to Mrs. Rev.
Guys! Maybe he is Mrs. Rev.
That's ridiculous, Rhett.
What? I think Rev is a really pretty name.
WYATT: What is that thing?
It's like a...
BOTH: Super Loop!
Did y'all just see that,
or have I gone whack-a-billy?
He's daring us to chase him.
I vote for chasing him!
I vote for sobbing quietly in fear.
That is physically impossible.
Sobbing quietly? I'm doing it right now.
No, I mean getting across that gorge.
It's scientifically impossible.
We can clear it if we go fast enough.
You know my motto,
"It always comes down to speed. "
I thought your motto was,
"It always comes down to waffles. "
(STAMMERING) That's my other motto.
Brandon, you must know a way
to get through that loop.
Well, there is one way we might clear it.
But the scientific odds of it working
are slim to zip.
Bring it on, science!
I'll take you down!
Initiating autopilot.
Brandon likey!
What are you doing up there?
Listen up, guys.
We've got to drive in a perfect formation.
It's called drafting, and it's
our only shot at catching up to Rev.
We're gonna need skills,
precision and teamwork.
Oh, sorry. I stopped listening
after you said, "Listen up, guys. "
Teamwork, we need it.
That's the short version, Wyatt.
Hey! How come you're first in line?
That's not very teamworky, Wyatt.
Wyatt, I'm leading because I did
the mind-numbing calculations.
You wanna recheck my math?
Nah, just go first already, will you?
BRANDON: Whatever happens,
stay in this precise formation.
We need to work together, or we'll fail.
Stay in the formation!
I'm trying, buddies!
Good work, team. That's one.
Steady. Maintain speed.
That's it, guys! Stay together!
Not so fast, Gage!
Hey, what's your problem, Wyatt?
You are, Gage!
- You're not gonna beat me!
- You're not gonna beat me!
The formation!
WYATT: We'll make it! With Wyatt...
BRANDON: Look out!
WYATT: Hey, where's my tires?
That's three. But I had...
So much for your Wyatt-style, Wyatt.
Do not smack-talk Wyatt-style, Gage.
Can I smack-talk your driving styles, Wyatt?
You're the one that just had to go faster,
didn't you, Gage?
This negative energy
is seriously harshing my chi!
You both did this!
Your feet hit the pedal at
the exact same time!
Everybody saw the split-screen.
Rhett's right.
It was simultaneous drafting fail.
Come on, guys, we're better than this.
I... I think.
Men, we're supposed to be a team!
That's why we're called Team Hot Wheels,
and not...
Something Else Hot Wheels, okay?
Just look at our town, guys.
It used to be the cutting edge
of boring boringness,
and now it's sweet.
And ours to enjoy if we can make sure
some psycho driver doesn't destroy us all.
And I, for one, refuse to let that happen.
So, for that reason,
I want you both to hug it out.
And I want a real hug,
meaning nine whole seconds of snuggling.
(LOW) Just so you know,
this hug means nothing to me, Gage.
Oh. Are we hugging?
I didn't even realize it, Wyatt.
The power of friendship.
Larry, you in there?
- Jerry! Bring water!
- Yo, Larry!
I'm sweaty.
- He's not here.
- He's not here either.
He's not under the couch.
GAGE: I guess Larry's not here.
But why would he just leave out of nowhere?
It doesn't make any sense.
And he won't even text us back?
We know you can text, Larry!
Man, of all the times
for Larry to disappear,
it's gotta be when we need him
to use that zapper thing!
There's only one thing we can do.
Get into the test facility,
rehydrate our cars,
and find a way to go faster than Rev.
You mean a way to stop Rev, Gage.
We can't catch him
unless we can catch up to him.
It always comes down to speed, Wyatt.
Guys, remember the golden rule
of friendship.
Yeah, yeah. I get it, I get it.
Does this couch come with a barf bag?
Oh, we don't have a key.
Om. You must read the signs
in your life, Brandon.
Like this one.
Okay, guys, let's split up
and look for a light switch.
How about we stick together
and huddle in fear?
There's nothing to be scared of.
Yeah, totally.
I mean, none of us
are extremely terrified right now.
(STAMMERING) Not scared.
Me either.
(STAMMERING) Would you like a...
No, thanks, Jerry.
I am going to get that robot.
Here, this will help you see better
while you snoop around the lab.
BRANDON: So beautiful!
Well, a second pizza buffet
would've been nice,
but I guess this lab looks pretty cool.
Did someone say "lab"?
This is no lab.
This is Brandon's dream house.
How come Larry didn't show us this stuff?
And why does he have
a library of animal DNA?
Bear DNA, pig DNA, shark DNA, cheetah DNA.
Ooh! Bunny DNA!
Wait, wait, wait.
Did you say cheetah DNA?
That's right. Bunny DNA!
Yeah. That's great, Rhett.
Guys, I know how we're gonna catch Rev.
Cheetahs are the fastest land animal,
with a natural instinct for speed.
I can use this DNA
to create fuel infused with cheetah power.
Oh, Jerry!
Would someone like a beverage?
Not exactly.
BOTH: Cheetah fuel.
So, how long till it's ready?
About an hour.
- Oh, man!
- A whole hour?
Do I look like a wizard?
If you want your cheetah fuel,
I need an hour.
With Rhett's help, maybe less.
Then again, maybe more.
How about you guys
go keep an eye out for Rev?
Unless you think you can't work together?
I can work together way better than Gage.
Well, I can work together
faster than you, Wyatt.
Yeah, right!
I work together so good, I could do it solo.
Oh, yeah?
I'll already have been working together
for five minutes by the time you get there.
Hey, what about some turtle DNA, huh?
No offense, but turtle DNA
is pretty much the worst DNA.
Not true!
Turtles win races, you know.
What? You never read the story
of the turtle and the hare?
The turtle wins.
And as for the hare,
turns out he was a ghost the whole time.
No, he wasn't.
Well, he should've been.
Okay, Rhett. He should have been a ghost.
Yeah, just like Little Red Riding Ghost,
Jack and the Bean-Ghost or Pinocha-Ghost.
Okay, let's start cooking with cheetah gas.
Okay, but whatever you do, be careful.
Of course I'll be careful.
Starting now.
So, now what?
Simple. We rehydrate our cars.
I know that.
We re-migrate our cars
with Larry's zapper thing.
How hard could it be?
ELECTRICAL VOICE: Clean up in aisle five.
- Nope! It's mine.
- Watch out!
I saw it first!
Hit that right there. Watch it.
- Yeah! Teamwork!
- Yeah! Teamwork!
These cars look better than ever.
Not yet!
She just don't look right
without a little bit of mud.
"Wash me. "
Ha! You got burned, me!
Uh, yeah. Let's just go get Rev.
Boy, Hilly Woodlands sure has changed.
In a good way.
I guess we should get used to it.
There you are, Rev.
WYATT: Quick, follow the smoke.
No sign of Rev.
He can't be far. Smoke's still clearing.
GAGE: I thought there was
no such thing as a bad pizza.
That's probably because
it's never been hand-tossed.
I prefer my pizza with no pepperoni.
Hurry up! It's gaining on us!
Wyatt, I got an idea. Get behind that thing!
How come I gotta be behind?
'Cause I thought of it first!
Just trust me on this one.
I'm gonna hit the brakes. You ram him.
Oh, I get it.
One, two, three!
WYATT: Order up!
It's always a tragedy
when a pizza goes uneaten.
And tragedy averted.
Let's go.
Om, om, om.
Let the revitalizing scent energize you.
Your revitalizing scent
smells a lot like new-car smell.
Well, I'm just trying to cover up
your stinky cheetah fuel.
Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Do not diss my gas.
All right, I'm just about ready
for a test run on these junk cars.
If it works, we can make
our cars unstoppable, unbeatable
and really, really neat.
I don't know.
You know, because "cheetah"? Huh?
Yeah, yeah, "uncheetahble. "
Just hand me the DNA, will ya?
Sweet! I get to do stuff.
Careful, Rhett!
What if that was the rack of DNA?
Huh? But that's over here.
(DISTORTED) No! The cheetah DNA!
I didn't see them!
Aah! Save the DNA!
My shirt!
Science is supposed to be your friend!
Whoa! Cool! We cloned Wyatt and Gage!
Watch it, now! There's only one Wyatt, baby!
Relax, Rhett. We just got here.
And what are those?
- I have no idea.
Uh, me either.
I sure don't know anything
about this at all.
Nope. No, sir.
Hey, where'd those junked cars go?
You promised us cheetah fuel,
but instead you give us gnarly cocoons?
Epic fail, muchachos.
So, no cheetah fuel?
Well, um, there was an incident.
What kind of incident?
That kind of incident.
Guys, I don't think I'm allowed
to watch movies this scary!
WYATT: What have I done?
Rhett? Brandon?
I believe I owe you two an apology.
Because these are perfect.
For once I agree.
Rev can't possibly escape us...
They're trashing the place.
Larry's favorite couch.
And his favorite painting, the Mona Larry!
Looks like these critters
need to be housebroken.
Don't eat anything that says "Wyatt" on it!
Hey, get away from that fuse box.
I'm gonna need a bigger car.
I'm gonna make you proud, Grandpa.
And fishing!
I got a bite!
Time to reel her in...
Okay. That just happened.
So now, on top of Rev
being out there somewhere,
we gotta deal with four mutant animal cars?
What do we do?
I vote for screaming.
I second that.
I say we make some more
animal monster cars!
There's only one kind of DNA left.
Turtle DNA.
Oh, yeah, boy!
Not gonna work. We need to go fast.
So let's go fast, quickly.
Curse my luxurious hair.
If we're gonna hold hands,
you should at least buy me dinner!
Why? Why is this happening?
My favorite suit!
Please, get a hold of yourself, Mr. Mayor.
Oh, Barbara!
We were just getting used to the loops
and the giant pigeons.
And now this? (SOBS)
Whoever fixes this
shall have a grand parade in their honor!
And will get a lifetime
supply of kettle corn!
WYATT: Keep a lid on
that kettle corn, Mayor.
Yeah, we'll stop those things.
Sure, as our name is Team...
They're headed underground.
...Hot Wheels.
If you've ever wondered what it's like
on the other side of the toilet,
we're about to find out.
To the sewer!
Well, it'll be tight,
but our cars will fit.
Making those turns is gonna be tough.
Not for those mutants,
considering how flexible they are.
We created this problem ourselves, guys.
And we've gotta fix it. Fast.
And once I catch them things,
I'm gonna make them my little pups.
Wyatt-style babies!
I wonder if it still stinks down here.
Yep. Still stinks.
GAGE: There's an exit valve
that spills into the desert.
According to my makeshift
mutant tracking device,
they should be just up ahead.
Let's kill the engines
so we don't give away our position.
All right, guys, let's be very quiet.
We'll sneak up on them
and we'll get them by surprise.
Now remember,
we're dealing with wild animals here, so...
Come on! When are we gonna go?
I got my eyes on Stingy.
The scorpion?
Can you imagine driving that thing?
It could take you out with one sting
whenever it pleases.
Now that is a thrill ride, baby!
- Wyatt, don't...
- Ha!
Wyatt, no!
I love my Gammy Gram!
GAMMY GRAM: Gammy Gram loves you, too!
Whoa. What a strange echo.
Hey, you guys feel that?
I hope that's my stomach!
I think we better get in our cars.
- ALL: Rats!
- Rats.
GAGE: We're trapped!
- Like rats?
- GAGE: Oh, come on.
WYATT: That's not funny.
BRANDON: I never liked you.
I wonder what so many rats
would be running away from.
RHETT: Run away!
Oops! Sorry.
- BRANDON: Look!
- I am no longer sorry.
Hit the pipes! We'll flush 'em out!
ALL: Whoo-hoo!
GAGE: Hold.
MALE PILOT: Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.
If you look out the left side of the cabin,
you'll see four sweet cars
flying out of a sewer pipe.
ALL: Ooh!
MALE PILOT: And we are all
officially more awesome for having seen it.
- We did it!
- Yeah!
Guys, I think I lost their signal.
I definitely lost their signal.
They could be miles away by now.
I'd say let's go catch them,
but there's no way our tires
will get through this mud.
Hold that thought.
'Cause off-roading is Wyatt country, baby!
I'm coming for you, mutants!
And you're up next, Rev! You hear me?
There they are.
I'm coming for you, Stingy!
Come to Papa!
You're coming with me, Stingy.
Playing hard to get, are we?
Time to get up close and personal.
Trying to wat-oww me, huh?
I don't think so.
Try and swim away from that, shark!
You're next, croc-head.
Oh, don't feel left out, fishy.
And time.
Go, Wyatt!
RHETT: Yeah! That's you-style!
Now sit. That's a good mutant.
That's such a good mutant.
Now go on and play.
They grow up so fast.
RHETT: Awesome job
taming those things, Wyatt.
They really are little pups.
Supremely awesome little pups.
BOTH: Aw...
Go fetch. Get it, boy. Go ahead.
Can we please just make
one more Mutant Machine?
Can it be a Turtle-Mobile?
We've been over this, Rhett.
Turtle DNA is the worst DNA.
Says you.
Go get it, boy.
Oh, man! My muscles sure are sore
from saving the day so awesomely.
Hopefully you saved enough energy for Rev.
Oh, I got plenty stored up.
Like a camel stores up water in its humps.
Except instead of water, I store awesome.
And instead of humps...
Oh, yeah! Look at those puppies.
Look at them! Look!
I said, look at them!
Oh, you're all just jealous.
Rhett and Brandon and Rev and Gage...
And Rev?
I'm gonna save the day again!
Get out your cameras, boys.
You're gonna want a picture when I bag Rev.
GAGE: I don't think so, Wyatt.
You may be the off-road king of the desert,
but on this track, I'm top dog.
You ain't top nothing.
I'm about to top you right now!
GAGE: Hey! Watch the paint, man!
Look, the stadium.
Let's fan out and force him inside.
We're gonna trap him.
Like a rat?
- Come on.
- Really?
It didn't work the first time.
Where do you think you're going, Rev?
The game just started.
Hey, where's Wyatt?
Rev is gonna get away!
Gammy Gram always taught me
to be fashionably late.
ALL: He's mine!
Thought you had it, Rhett.
You said you had it, Brandon.
Guys, the last thing we should
do is start blaming each other.
What a convenient idea from
the very person who blew it.
Okay, let's just get back to the garage.
Hopefully, we can all cool off on the way.
Great. Now that we've all
had a chance to cool off...
I'm done cooling off!
This is all your fault!
BOTH: There it is.
And now it's on.
Hey, watch it.
It's pronounced en garde.
I don't care about French.
Would you like a (STAMMERING) beverage?
No, Jerry, but here's one for you!
Got you, Robot! In your face!
What are you doing? He'll short out!
What? Are you scared he'll malfunction
and dump water on you?
Welcome to every day of my life!
Welcome to every day of my life.
Noogie! (LAUGHS)
What is going on in here?
ALL: Larry.
I leave you boys alone for all of act two
and this is what I get?
You broke into my lab,
stole my precious collection of DNA,
and ruined Jerry.
Would you like a... (STAMMERING)
...meat loaf?
He's even buggier than before!
And we kind of, sort of, didn't catch Rev.
Oh, I know.
Even though I gave you every opportunity.
- Wait.
- What is he doing here?
Now before you go asking
a million questions, let me just say,
there is no Rev.
Rev is just the name I gave to my sweet car.
And I use this to drive it.
Pretty cool invention, huh?
Wait. Hold on. Whoa. Wait a second.
Larry, you made all this stuff happen?
But why?
What I really needed was to find
the next generation of fearless drivers.
Because there's a lot of bad guys
who'll stop at nothing
to steal my technology.
Steal technology.
This phone controls
all the crazy stuff Rev can do.
Imagine what would happen
if it fell into the wrong hands.
This was a test. And guys, I'm sorry to say,
you all failed.
Steal technology.
Uh, Larry?
You were the opposite of team.
Teamwork like that,
it'll destroy the whole town!
Destroy the whole town.
I really thought you guys
were the next generation of racers.
Uh, Larry?
I believed you were a team.
But I guess I was wrong.
Destroy the whole town!
I wish this ended different, but...
Ow! You got some skin, dude.
And now, I need your keys.
Now, about that whole
erasing-your-memories thing, I...
Destroy the whole town!
A malfunctioning, evil-eyed robot
behind the wheel of a car
that transforms the world
with its exhaust smoke?
Good thing my phone controls that car.
And my phone is inside Rev.
Destroy the whole town!
Yup, we're pretty much doomed.
LARRY: I only gave this town
a taste of imagination,
but without someone controlling Rev,
there's no way I can stop him!
Then we'll do it.
That's what we've been trying to do
this whole time.
And we failed.
We failed because
we were thinking about ourselves
instead of our mission.
We failed because we didn't work together.
And that goes for me, too.
Guys, we've been friends our whole lives
and cars have always brought us together.
I'm not gonna let one split us up.
We are gonna stop Rev.
And it's gonna be awesome.
It's gonna be sweet.
It's gonna be cool!
And really, really dangerous.
All right, boys, time for some chores.
Let's take out the trash, literally.
Destroy the whole town.
Oh, yeah, typical day.
WYATT: Where's Jerry?
Which way did he go?
Guys, he's heading for the loop.
Which loop?
The Super Loop.
Sorry, guys. Couldn't resist.
Guys, he's going for it.
How did...
He know...
Our weakness?
Which is our inability to
complete the loop as a team.
If we wanna stop that car,
we need to make it through the loop.
We can do it this time.
Yeah, we'll do your
drifting thing or whatever.
- Drafting.
- I said, "Or whatever"!
BRANDON: We need to work together
and stay in the formation, otherwise...
Well, we all remember
what happened last time.
We only have one shot at this!
Let's not, uh, fail. Or meet a hideous doom.
I'm not good at pep talks.
Yay, team.
Brandon, far be it for me
to ever pay a compliment
to our mutual acquaintance in driving.
But I would be remiss if I did not say that
Gage should probably
lead the charge on this one.
- What?
- Dude, did you just, like,
bury a compliment to Gage
under a heap of your best vocabulary?
Uh, no, I just, I think...
Well, technically, Gage has the fastest car.
That's what I said!
- Really?
- Yup, really.
Okay. Yay, team.
ALL: Yay, team!
(SINGING) Hot Wheels Racers sing this song
Doo-da, Doo-da
Hot Wheels racetrack's 5 miles long
Oh, de doo-da day
Going to race all night
Going to race all day
We'll get through this Super Loop
And we'll make Rev pay
See them flying on a 10-mile heat
Doo-da, Doo-da
With teamwork we will never get beat
Oh, de doo-da day
Going to race all night
Going to race all day
We'll get through this Super Loop
And we'll make Rev pay
WYATT: Yee-haw!
Huh? He's too far away.
We can catch him. We just gotta go faster.
We already did everything
we could to go faster.
Wait a minute.
It always comes down to speed.
We need to go fast. Out of the fast lane!
You know my motto,
"Always comes down to speed. "
Guys, I've been wrong this whole time.
It does always come down to speed,
but going faster isn't always the answer.
Maybe we need to make Rev go slower.
Slower like a turtle.
Brandon, do we still have that turtle DNA?
Gage, you're a genius!
Hello, I've only been talking
about turtles, like, forever.
We can use the Hydrator Ray
to turn Rev into a Turtle-Mobile.
Good thing I packed
this portable version of the Ray.
That's convenient.
Okay, I'm locked and loaded.
This is only good for about three shots,
so we gotta get close.
And stay steady.
Oh, I'll stay steady.
Once I'm in range, one zap of this and...
Boom! Turtle car!
There he is. He's still too far ahead.
We need a diversion.
I got just the thing.
(STAMMERING) Destroy everything!
Yes! We're in range!
Two shots left, man! No sweat!
Steady, steady.
I'm okay!
But we're not.
We'll never get him in range.
He's just too fast.
Fast? I'll show you fast.
It always comes down to speed.
I'm maxed out and I still can't pass him.
I gotta shed some weight.
WYATT: (SCREAMS) What's he doing?
Need more speed!
You're crazy. You know that?
Just a little more.
WYATT: I can't even see him.
BRANDON: Look out!
Was that Gage's jacket?
Incoming size 8s.
Yes! Brandon likey.
Would you like a beverage?
ALL: Oh, Jerry!
We owe these four heroes
a debt of gratitude,
not only for saving our city,
but for showing us
how truly awesome it can be!
And what better way to celebrate
than with a parade?
Can I get a "woot-woot"?
ALL: Woot-woot!
Man, let's rip off these helmets
and soak up some glory!
Sweet. Let's do it.
Some of us might not want
to be unmasked right now.
Nice work, Gage.
You, too, Wyatt.
LARRY: Thanks to you boys,
everybody can enjoy this one of a kind place
in all its awesome glory.
Hot Wheels City is the most
incredible place on Earth.
And you boys are its chosen defenders.
So I need you out on the road
every day protecting our town
and this test facility.
Just think of all the incredible things
you've seen in this place
and all the dangerous stuff
you accidentally made.
And then awesomely wrangled.
Wyatt-style, baby!
Can you imagine what'd happen
if bad guys got in here?
And there are plenty of them
who would do anything to get in.
Villains, thieves, outlaws, pirates,
wizards, aliens, Loch Ness Monster,
Bigfoot, little foot, my foot,
King Kong, Dracula,
boogeyman, zombies, mummies,
flying monkeys, warrior princesses...
What was I talking about?
You said villains, thieves,
outlaws, Dracula...
The bottom line is this town needs you.
This test facility needs you.
And I need you,
to carry on the legacy of this place.
But most importantly, you need each other.
It's not gonna be easy out there.
But it is gonna be awesome!
- ALL: Yeah!
- Brandon likey!
Please work, please work, please work.
Really, Jerry?
It's over now.