Team: The Force (2009) Movie Script

Is it 8 o clock already? -And the alarm didn't ring.
It's good that we're alert while sleeping.
C'mon! Get ready. We need to go to work. -C'mon!
There's noone like Jassi.
C'mon! Make it fast! -Where's my pant?
Hey, my pant!
Pull it off! -Hey!
Hey, c'mon, make it fast! Have your breakfast!
What is this? -Will you just give water to drink?
Look at his body! -Good! -And my health!
Very good. -And look at yourself in the mirror.
Terrific! -Looks like a shirt has been hung on the hanger.
Terrible! -Are you planning to make us look like you?
Go and get something to eat.
Hey, there are only shoes lying in the house.
Will you eat? -Hey, no fighting.
What is the problem? No breakfast? -No. Only fast? -Yes.
What is the tension? -Banwari is there, we'll get it from him.
And buy provisions for home as well.
We have the list.
What is this train?
So much of provision will not be available in his shop.
Something will be there.
Here, there are three friends, four walls and one..
..shade and nothing but..
..hopes for tomorrow.
Raj, tell me something.
Why are his one-liners dull like him?
Makes sense, doesn't it?
Hey Bunty, where's father?
We getting late for work.
Which work are you going for?
Aunty, a reputed producer has called us for work.
He wants us to make a music video for him.
That's why..
..we wanted yours and father's blessings.
Father's blessing are always with you.
Father, where are you coming from this morning?
I went to pray for your peace.. that your dreams are accomplished.
And you become successful.
Father, I guess god has obeyed your prayers.
Yesterday night we got a call from one of our friends..
..and a reputed producer has called us for his music video.
Oh no! Had I known that god is in a very good mood then..
..I would've demanded for twenty more albums.
Here, take this. Eating this will prove to be good.
Stay happy.
Bless me. -May you prosper.
Oh my God!
Hey, idiot! This is a blessing not breakfast.
Let's leave. -I'm eating more because it's a blessing.
We'll take your leave, father. -God bless you.
O goddess! I've just opened the shop.
O goddess! Add to my wealth and spare me hurdles.
Wealthy people come to me and borrowers go back.
How do we return? Our stomach asks for some food.
If you're seeking for first payment then Raj do one thing..
..let's be the first to pay Banwari. Let's do it!
Give me 1 rupee. -1 rupee? -Wow!
Hajmola! -Hajmola on empty stomach?
I asked it just for the sake of first sale.
Hajmola. -Hey, your first sale is done.
Listen, make it fast and give me a packet of plum cake.
And two packets of snacks and one packet of rice cake.
Three bottles of mineral water and one cream biscuit.
Bananas, this is for breakfast. For provisions..
..rice, wheat, oil. -Hey, he's here.
Shut up! Shut up! Giving me a sale of 1 rupee.
You're borrowing provisions for 1000 rupees.
Hey, we repay our loans.
When you had renovated your useless shop..
..we had given you 1000 rupees. You forgot?
You forgot? -Yes, I forgot. Why won't I?
Because it's been a year now.
One year? -One year?
Seems like it was yesterday.
Yes, it will seem like that.
For borrowers a year is equivalent to a day.
But for lenders, one.. seems like a year.
Look, Banwari if you..
..lend us in our bad days then in our good days..'ll take it back from us, won't you?
Point! Hey, Banwari..
Okay, don't put up a drama. Give me the provision list.
Give him the small one. -Make it fast
Look. This one is small.
Sashi, you were right.
After listening to these people's tunes..
..I feel that they have the punch.
Wow! -These people will prosper.
These two..
Now, I'm very confident. -Fine.
These people are the pride of the future.
They're AR Rehman when it comes to music..
..and Adnan when it comes to vocals.
And they're Sunidhi Chauhan when it comes to pop.
Hold on!
Sir, you give us a chance.
And we'll give you a unique song.
Not unique I need a power-packed song.
Like those sizzling numbers.
Like that sexy dance number.
Sir, we'll make it even better.
So that the clothes are minimised and the budget dwindles.
I understood! I understood!
It'll include everything automatically.
Like, dance, power and fun.
Don't worry, sir. We'll put in such sizzle that..
..people will forget those songs. -What?
What is it? -They'll remember the sizzle! Sizzle!
What a sizzle!
I'll rope in a sexy girl.
You're talking of crackers in a world of bombs.
We'll get such a bomb which will leave you breathless.
Enough! Enough! You people start working.
Sashi! -Yes, sir. -Come here.
They're talented? -Yes very talented.
They should get something to start with.
Take out something. Bless them with something.
Here, take this. -50 paise?
Idiot, even beggars don't accept 50 paise.
They're artists. Give them some notes.
1 rupee?
Like we had fooled Banwari for his first sale.
These guys have fooled us.
You were touching his feet. Go, do it!
How would I know that the budget is so less?
Not me, give it to him. -Take. -Give it to him.
Take it. -No, keep it.
Anyone of you take it. -It's a blessing. 5001 rupees.
These are just blessings. Let my job be done with, first.
Then all three of you will get 50,000 rupees each.
Thank you. Thank you, Mr.Hawas.
Thank you. -Hemant brother.
What an idiot! Our work is done, let's move.
Thank you. Thank you.
What name did he say? Hawas?
Whether it's Hawas or Charas, my job is done!
Have you spent the entire money on us..
..or do you have something left with you?
Father, why do we need money?
You don't take rent from us.
And you find excuses to feed us.
Do you know? When we came from Delhi..
..we thought that the three of us were alone.
But you gave us support.
And now we feel that we have parents.
When did I have a tenant earlier?
When you'll came, we felt good.
We gave you place in the house to live.
When did I know that you naughty boys..
..will make space in our hearts.
Hey, now you don't have two..
..but three nourished boys.
What can prove to be happier for a mom than this?
Look, you guys start working now.
You've got a good chance. Do some good work.
Know what? Father said it right.
We've got a good chance to prove ourselves.
We should divide work. I'll compose music.
I'll design the concept of the song.
What about me?
You keep feeding us. -Hey! -And at times.. look out for a bomb.
You were talking about sizzles and power out there.
What about it now?
Find a good model co-ordinator.
And find a girl.
"Lookout beauties! Jassi has come!"
Oh! Very bad!
No, she's not the bomb.
Hey, auto!
Yeah. Who are you? -Fortune.
Fortune? -This fortune.. -Hello.
..has knocked at your door.
I've come to change your fortune.
But who are you?
Who am I? Who am I?
I'm the Sanjay Leela of the music video world.
I'm Jassi. I'll make you the heroine of my music video.
You'll become a star after dancing in that.
In our music album video..
..there'll be sizzles which will make the people..
Same to you. -Who are you?
I'm her brother.
You look like a butcher. -How dare you?
Hey, what has happened to you? Did a car hit you?
A buffalo chased me and bashed up.
How did a buffalo chase you?
The buffalo didn't chase me..
..I went ahead of him. -I'll slap you. Tell us what happened.
Early in the morning, in one piece when I went to..
..lookout for a fresh girl for our album.
Every sister's brother..
..looks like a butcher to an idiot like you!
Why are you increasing the volume?
So that your shrieks don't reach the road.
Hey, it's bad! I'll file a case on you!
What happened Sanjay Leela Jassi?
C'mon brother! -Stop it!
Will you make my sister dance?
No dance and sizzle, only slaps!
Oh my god! Show me the way out.
Come down.
Hey dwarf!
Did you find just one girl in the city?
Who's brother is a wrestler. -Raj!
Think of something.
This idiot crossed his path.
Think of how he must've roughed him up.
Enough of insults regarding Jaspal Singh Walia. -Shut up!
Stop it! Stop it!
I'm hurt now.
Who will get a girl? -I'll get one.
To talk to girls, you need.. -Style. -Yes.
You don't look like a video album maker but..
.. -A joker. -I?
In order to get girls, you need..
..personality. -Which is in him!
So girls, here I come.
I want beauty. Okay 36-24-38. C'mon!
38-24-32. No!
Exotic beauty.
24-30. No, no. This is not happening.
Oh my god!
That's my model. That's called bomb.
Okay, I'll use you'll as dancers. -Taxi!
Yes. -Not yes, say Yash.
Not Yash Chopra, Yash Dhawani.
What work do you have? -I haven't come here for work..
..but to give you work.
Oh! -Can you hear this music?
I'm the composer, director of such a music album.
And I've selected you as the heroine.
In this entire population of 1 crore, I've chosen you.
After looking at you, I learnt that fortune..
..has knocked at my door once again. -Fantastic!
You'll have great movements in the song!
The world shall forget Britney Spears and Jeniffer Lopez.
Like this, like this.
Isn't it good?
This rock, I mean animal..
..I mean who's this man?
This is my brother.
Is he a goon?
I got roughed up.
Yes, I did.
Hey, 16th road.
Khar west. -Cottage no.6. -Shanti house.
Her brother was at home. -And the same song..
..was being played. -And while the music was on..
..he roughed you up.
What happened? -Why are you laughing at our ruins?
Did you guys get the same siblings to be bashed up?
Yes, that wrestler's sister is the only.. is the city who..
..has everything which we're seeking for our album.
Is it so? -Then she'll be the heroine of our album.
I will get her! Move!
Wrestler brother!
I think you'll complete your hatrick today.
Yash! You think Raj has returned on his feet?
I think he has returned injured.
Hail Raj!
Sir, it's not our fault.
We warned him. He himself came to your place.
I had warned him that her buffalo.. doesn't like all this.
Our pain has subsided a little.
Don't beat us up the second time, please!
Brother, I've come to apologise.
To apologise?
He's apologising and not only that, he has allowed..
..his sister to work in our music video.
Isn't it sir? Isn't it?
How can I refuse you?
What is it? What is it?
Sorry, they're junior artist. One second.
I'll miss you. -It's okay. go ahead.
Raj, tell me one thing.
How did you coax that wrestler?
He turned out to be dumb like you'll.
Look, it's simple like a pimple.
Before signing the girl, I..
..signed him for the next music video.
"Like the colours of the rainbow."
"Like the colours of the rainbow."
"My love is like a rainbow, beautiful! Beautiful!"
"My love is like a rainbow, neither black nor white."
"My love is like a rainbow, neither black nor white."
"With the help of love.."
"With the help of love, make my love colourful."
"Love me beautiful! Love me beautiful!"
"Fall in love beautiful! Fall in love!"
"My love is like a rainbow, neither black nor white."
"Your love is like a rainbow, neither black nor white."
"My love will destroy.."
"My love will destroy you if you don't resist."
"Go handsome! Go handsome!"
"Fall in love beautiful! Fall in love!"
"What sort of ailment is this?"
"What sort of colour is this?"
"May your lord save you from this trap that none could escape."
"What sort of ailment is this?"
"What sort of colour is this?"
"May your lord save you from this trap that none could escape."
"Let me die or do something like that."
"Every lover shall remember, let me love so much."
"Love me beautiful! Love me beautiful!"
"Go handsome! Go handsome!"
"My love is like a rainbow, neither black nor white."
"My love is like a rainbow, neither black nor white."
"My love begs of you.."
"My love begs of you. You've cast a spell."
"Love me beautiful! Love me beautiful!"
"Go handsome! Go handsome!"
"You can neither hear love nor see it."
"Your heart shall give an evidence.."
"..when it'll happen to you."
"You can neither hear love nor see it."
"Your heart shall give an evidence.."
"..when it'll happen to you."
"Love is a deep ocean, you'll drown and die."
"How will you clear the difficult path?"
"Go handsome! Go handsome!"
"Fall in love beautiful! Fall in love!"
"My love is like a rainbow, neither black nor white."
"My love is like a rainbow, neither black nor white."
"Let love happen.."
"Let love happen, it's an addiction"
"Fall in love beautiful! Fall in love!"
"Come handsome! Fall in love handsome!"
"Come handsome! Fall in love handsome!"
Do you remember brother?
I tell you god is great!
You're a star! -No.
Hey, he's put up a board.
That shopkeeper must've put it up for us.
Cash today, credit tomorrow! Hey, Banwari! -Shut up!
Today, my eyes are filled with tears. -Why?
We misunderstood Banwari. -How?
He takes care of us. -Mother!
We don't have money today. -So credit tomorrow.
Oh wow! -No!
..I haven't seen such shameful people ever before.
To escape borrowes like you..
..I have spent 200 rupees to make this board.
And you found out a way to borrow even after this!?
Which board?
You turned this as well. Look, this one!
Banwari! You'll get your money by today evening.
Look at this. VCD.
Move this VCD.
This hangs in front of almost every auto in Mumbai.
Hey Banwari!
This is not to hang but to groove!
We'll get 1.5 lakhs on giving this to Hemant brother.
And then..
..we'll return every single money of yours.
Brother, if I need to get slaps for money..
..I'm even ready for that.
But do bash up. Not now, with money.
Hey, so many people are lingering. Has he died?
I think Hemant brother has called all channels..
..and music companies to watch our music video.
Raj, we'll get our money for sure. Come!
Come fast! -Excuse me.
Who are you? Whom do you want to meet?
Hemant brother! -What is the matter?
We've come to give this CD.
What is in this? -In this..
..there is such a thing which you'll want to see and buy.
Why are you standing? Come! -Hey, wait!
These three are Hemant brother's men as well.
Put them in the van. We'll interrogate in the station.
Station? You mean getting bashed up?
But what is the matter? Where is Hemant brother?
Here comes your Hemant brother.
But why are you introducing a musician as a criminal?
His business of music is just a show off.
Police has understood that in that pretence..
..he supplies girls in foreign.
He's a pimp! Now you tell us.
What work do you do for him?
Look. -Do you make CDs of girls?
Do you click nude photographs or.. -Excuse me, sir.
We come from good families.
We don't need to do such things.
We're not criminals.
We are fond of music since childhood.
We came to Mumabi to fulfil this dream of ours.
And we got this shock.
Trust us, sir.
We didn't know anything about his background.
We made this album with a great deal of integrity.
You can check it.
Okay. -Write down your names and address outside and leave.
Thank you, sir. Come on!
Come on, brothers! Where are you going?
Throw the money at me! Bash me!
You were a lot excited in the morning! C'mon!
Sorry, Banwari.
What will we throw at you?
Our fortune has deceived us today.
Look, Banwari, our first salary will be yours.
Hey, the dinner is ready.
Raj, what will you have?
I'm not hungry. -Howcome you're not hungry?
Jassi has made it.
Assume it to be chinese or continental and have it.
Tell me, what will you have?
Pick up the left glass.
Hello, Mr.Yash. What about you?
I'm thinking of having continental.
Pick up the right glass.
And Mr.Jassi. What will you have?
I'm the mother India of the hindi films.
Who first feeds her hungry children..
..and then sleeps hungry.
Look, what is he saying.
Forgive him!
On hungry stomach even the dialogue becomes numb.
What is the matter? Are you laughing out on a joke? -Father!
Tell me as well. -Father..
..we're laughing at our lives.
Even that has become a joke.
Are you returning from work?
Yes, I just came back.
I saw that everyone has slept off so thought of..
..having dinner with you guys.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Get the plates. I'm very hungry.
Father, you already know what has happened with us today?
How many more days will you find such excuses to feed us?
People call Mumbai, the city of dreams.
Out here, everyone's dreams are fulfilled.
Even yours will come true. -Father, we work so hard..
..then why do our dreams shatter?
Should I tell you something?
You'll are so well-natured.
You know your work so well.
Why don't you make your own music album?
Father, you don't know.
To make a music video, you need..
..minimum 7-8 lakh rupees. -I know!
I know it!
That's why, I've got 7 lakh rupees.
Father! So much money?!
I had deposited money for Sweety's wedding. Thought that..
..her wedding is long to come. So this money..
..can be used by my other children.
No, no. -No, father.
We can't take this. -Look..
Don't get emotional.
Else even I'll get emotional.
Keep this and look.. one thing. Take my car.
And go away from the city.
And concentrate there..
..and work on your album whole-heartedly.
And make such music that the world grooves in.
There's nobody like my father!
Father! -Father!
All the best!
Emergency! Stop it! -Raj, the petrol's going to finish.
Warning! -Here, it comes.
Stop! -Here it comes!
Let me unload my tank. -Go!
Return soon! -Let me go, I can't hold it!
Let go of me, please!
Excuse me!
Petrol shall first be filled in my car.
Everything has advanced!
Beautiful girls fill petrol as well.
Pull up your car ahead. -Why? Has he filled the petrol?
Petrol shall first be filled in my car. -Why?
Because your car has overtaken mine.
Is that your car?
We thought it was a bullock cart.
If you drive at the speed of a bullock cart..
..then what's our mistake? -Don't act smart, ok!
I won't leave you! -Hold on to me first!
I guess you don't know me! -Who are you?
I'm brother's (don) sister. -What's the big deal!
Everybody is their brother's sister.
Hey you! Just shut up! -Hey!
Don't mess with him. He's the Salman of the small screen.
Don't try to act too smart.
I've noted your car's number. -Hey darling..
Not just our car's number, note down our mobile number too.
It's available 24 hours.
Because our incoming is free. -And..
..take the world in your palm.
Not just your palms, I'll get rid of the two of you! -Rid?!
Rid.. rid.. rid.. -I'll teach you a lesson. -I got rid of her!
Listen, wear your clothes. My intentions are faltering.
C'mon! C'mon!
We've reached!
I can help you.
Sir, you really want to help? -Yes.
Then go back to sleep. -Ok.
No, pal. I mean, how do I use my body.. physically help you. -Get a cola.
Everything's ready.
Get chips. -That's there too. -You need a plate for it.
I have it too. Take it, brother.
Get some water. -It's here, pal.
Coconut water!
That's not there. I'll keep that from tomorrow.
I'll get it today. Hey coconut-water seller!
All said and done, hadn't he been our friend..
..he's Daboo Malik of music.
Don't know whom he's going to irritate now!
Hey coconut-water seller!
You want one more? Have another one, c'mon.
It's not a guy, it's a girl.
Such a pretty girl selling coconut-water!
No, pal. I'll help you. Excuse me, madam.
Why are you wasting your youth selling coconut-water?!
Madam, you're as sexy as Mallika Sherawat.
You've the glamour of Bipasha Basu.
You've the grace of Kareena Kapoor.
Madam, show your moves in my music video.
I'll make you a superstar overnight.
He got it! -Once again! Run!
Thank you, madam. Do you have..
..any problems with the heroines I named?
Hey! Brother's sister! -Yes, your would-be sister-in-law.
Not my sister-in-law..
You! Brother's sister!
You slapped my friend?!
You're this goon's friend? Today..
..I won't spare you.
You slapped me!
But I was the one who got hurt.. -But she raised it for me.
That's a point!
I'll hack off your hands today!
Don't spare her!
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"Seeing her groove, I skip a heartbeat! -Hey you, shut up!"
"What a useless fellow! Go your own way."
"What a useless fellow! Go your own way."
"He roams around acting pricey!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"Let's play!"
"Move aside, let me breathe free."
"You won't find a lover like me."
"Don't annoy me, I spell trouble. Go away!"
"My heart brims with love, don't break it, dear."
"Pour in more love in my heart. -Hey you, shut up!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"Take me in your arms. Don't trouble me so."
"I won't fall for you. Try elsewhere."
"I swear! What a girl, you're so hot!"
"Look in the mirror. You look like a thief."
"I'll keep you happy always. Love is my poison."
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"Seeing her groove.."
"I skip a heartbeat.."
"Seeing her groove, I skip a heartbeat!"
"What a useless fellow! Go your own way."
"He roams around acting pricey! -Hey you, shut up!"
Brother's sister.. she was irritating for so long.
Yeah right!
Is it Baba? -Speaking.
I'm Raman's man speaking.
C'mon, note down a number and talk to the boss.
You haven't gone to work yet.
Are you keeping well?
I'm fine.
Why aren't you answering the phone?
Ok, I'll answer it.
Hello. -What is it, oldie! I gave you the number to call up.
Why didn't you call up?
Raman's waiting for your call.
If you don't call him up in two minutes then..
Do you get it?
Whose call was it? Why are you so worried?
It was a goon's phone.
He has given me a phone number and said.. up Don Raman. -Raman?! That..
That infamous goon!
But why did he call you?
Whenever he calls up somebody..
..then it's only to extort money.
What are you thinking about?
Hurry up and report to the police.
What is it? What's the matter?
I received a call from Raman's men.
Did they threaten you? Ask for money? -No.
Then did they talk of shooting you?
They gave the phone no. and asked me to talk to Raman.
What are you saying, sir?
They just gave you a no. and you came running to the cops.
Do you think of the cops as your servant? -Parag! -Sir.
What ill-manners is this?
Do you talk to a senior citizen like this?
Don't worry, sir.
We're there.
This Raman is flying too high.
He has gone mad.
I think I've to set him right.
You register a complaint. I'll handle him. Come.
Sixer! Sixer!
Six! Six!
Slam a six, man! C'mon!
Baba, you've come. Have a seat.
India's batting. It's the last over.
Drink some water in the meanwhile. You must be tired.
We'll go to Raman after this over.
Beat him up!
You won't meet the boss, eh!
Beat him up! Thrash him!
Beat him!
Hey Shakti, you delayed the call by 13 minutes.
Raman won't call you up again.
Who won't agree?
Are you giving me money or alms?
Stop it! Don't make noise!
Yes, I'm coming. On the phone..
Talk loudly! Don't make noise!
Doesn't seem to understand! I'm a peace-loving man.
Our entire business runs over the phone.
And he doesn't let me hear that!
Whom to kill, whom to spare, what to take from whom..
..he doesn't understand. What's the problem?
Boss, he was to pay us Rs.25 lakhs.
But he gave us only Rs.24.5 lakhs.
He gave us Rs.50,000 less.
You got him killed for Rs.50,000. He was an old client.
He used to pay us twice a year.
Hey Shetty!
Chandan theatre at six. Don't anger me, got it?!
Did you bring Baba? -Yes, I did.
You should've told me that he's an old man.
What if he dies on hearing my voice or gun?
Greetings, Baba. Greetings. Bless me.
Baba, what will you have? Tea, coffee or..
Nothing, brother. -You call me brother but don't treat me so.
What did you think? I'll poison your tea or coffee? Will I?
Don't think too much. The boys told you, didn't they?
To call up. They even gave you the number.
Then why didn't you call?
I lost the number.
In the police station?
Isn't it?
They've told us. Can we work without them?
Jogi, take out the paper. -Yes, boss. -Baba..
..your bungalow has caught the chief's attention.
He said that in that place..
..he'll build a multiplex shopping mall. It's a trend now.
So the people are happy, the boss' happy and so is the chief.
You just have to sign on this paper.
Will you do it in English or Hindi?
Why are you getting worried? I'm not taking your place for free.
I've found out everything. You bought it for Rs.2.5 lakhs.
I'll give you Rs.25 lakhs. You've hit the jackpot!
A builder was paying me Rs.10 crores for that place.
I didn't give it to him.
My family lives there.
If you're not alive, then what'll your family do?
I can get my job done for Rs.250.
Just a bullet.
But I won't do so. I'm giving you Rs.25 lakhs.
Settle somewhere in Mira Road.
If you've any problems then give me a call.
Raman's behind you, what problem will you have?
C'mon, sign. -This place is in the name of both me and my wife.
My sign won't help.
You're right, Baba. The lawyer has written both your names.
Hey Jogi, keep a literate man with you.
Go and bring his wife. -No..
Don't bring her here.
Give me the papers.
I'll get it signed from her. -Ok, I agree.
You made a mistake the first time by going to the cops.
I won't forgive you the next time.
I don't even forgive my father.
I'll come to your house and finish off the job in Rs.500.
A bullet worth Rs.250 for you. Finished!
A second bullet for Rs.250 for your wife. Finished!
Your children would be orphaned. I don't kill children.
I don't like it. C'mon, go home and bring it back signed.
C'mon, drop Baba home. Go on.
Why are you standing here? Bring your luggage.
Father, so suddenly? My practicals are going on, I'll miss them.
Father, my board exams are coming up.
I can't miss school just like that. -Son..
It's just a matter of a few days. We'll have to leave urgently.
We'll come back soon. C'mon, dear.
Where will we go?
We'll go somewhere, let's just leave from here.
Once we leave this place, we'll find a solution.. this problem.
If we stay here, then we'll have to sign the papers.
And if we sign the papers then..
What is it, Baba? The boss let you come home.
You're trying to leave the city?
Now you're here and so is your wife.
Take out the papers and sign them.
I won't sign the papers. -You won't?!
C'mon, sign.
If you don't sign, then I'll blow your head.
No! -Tell him! -Sign it.
This belongs to my kids, I won't sign on it.
We'll be back, brutes! Then you shall see!
Dad.. dad..
Call an ambulance!
Who were these people? -They were Raman's men.
What? We thrashed Raman's men?
But aunty, uncle Baba and Raman..
What did they want? -Extortion..
They wanted his signature on the bungalow papers.
C'mon, sit down. The boss is coming.
Hey sit down!
Malhotra, are you teaching the father to produce children?
How many floors did you scam in the Dahisar building?
Don't I know about it?
It's your daughter's wedding, so why should I bother?
Is it my fault? You had the fun!
I'm in a meeting now. Keep the phone down.
Send the money first. Keep the phone down.
Are these the guys?
Mr. Raman, we made a mistake.
We didn't know that they were your men.
We thought they were thieves who were beating up dad so..
..we beat them up a bit. -A bit?
Nobody even beats up their enemy like this.
3-4 of my men are dying in the hospital.
Is this the way you beat people up?!
I'm not sad that my men are dying..
..I've to spend on each of them.
What are you staring at?
Baba is like our father.
That's why we thrashed them by mistake.
Shall I break your Baba's hands by mistake?
And take the sign? Dare you talk of emotions!
All of you are alive because of that emotion!
You all are alive, got it?
Go on now and get Baba's signature.
What are you staring at? Huh?
What are you staring at? Will you beat me up?
Beat me up!
You'll beat up, Raman?! Dare you stare!
No, boss. He even looks at us like that.
Since he realised that we thrashed Raman's men..
..he's in a state of shock. -Please forgive him.
He doesn't know why he's staring.
My man would come at five to the hospital. Got it?
People don't call me Raman for nothing! -C'mon!
Have you gone crazy, Raj! Why were you staring at Raman?
Do you know how dangerous he is?
He kills people just for the heck of it!
Hey c'mon!
The duty's over here. C'mon.
Go on. -Inspector.
Why is the security being removed from Baba's room?
The Home minister's visiting..
..the entire police force is going to be stationed there.
But you don't have to worry.
Baba's life is not at risk. -How can you say that?
I'm a cop, that's why I know more than you.
C'mon, do your job. C'mon!
Move aside, clown!
I don't understand. Let's go to Baba.
Where's the oldie?
He shouldn't leave the hospital. Find him!
C'mon.. hurry up. C'mon!
C'mon! Hurry!
Lift it up!
Just a moment.
You leave from there. I'll take care of them.
Spread all over. Find them!
C'mon! C'mon!
C'mon! C'mon!
C'mon Raj!
C'mon move!
They escaped!
Oh man, how long will we stay in this desolate place?
Then where do we go?
Is anybody trustworthy in this city?
And it's difficult to leave this city.
But look at Baba's condition.
If he isn't taken somewhere soon then..
Then anything can happen.
There's a place where we can keep Baba.
Come, bring him. Come.
Come, bring him. Come. Careful..
Look, brother. As long as you want.. can keep Baba and his family here.
Gently. Gently.
Infact, even you all can stay here. Nobody will come to know.
Thank you, Banwari.
You've always helped us in difficulties.
And you're with us even today.
Jassi, what are you thinking?
Just that we were so happy thinking about the good days..
..and the success that was to come our way.
But suddenly, life has taken such a U-turn.
Such a turn.. -You're right, pal!
Absolutely right. We didn't have anything to lose anyway.
Just a hope from our future.
Even that has ended now with the fear of Raman.
Where and how long will we keep running?
And if we had to run, then why did we rescue Baba from hospital?
We could've signed the papers there and ended the fight.
Whatever we did there was out of emotion.
Now think of what to do next in this condition.
Has he spared anything to be thought about?
He has chased us to this dead end.
Now decide whether we'll die by his bullets..
..or turn around and fight. -Are you crazy?
Whom do you want to fight? Do you know Raman? -Yes, I do.
Even a don is human like you.
No, he's not human. He's not a common man like us.
He's a don. The underworld don.
Raj, the law has never been able to harm him.
What'll we do to him?
Not a minute.. we won't last a minute with him.
We will. -How man?
Just tell me, do you trust me? -What are you saying?
All three of us have trusted each other since childhood.
This Raman loves scaring people, doesn't he?
This one number..
..has scared a city of one million.
Whenever there's a call from this number..
..then people pay up in millions.
When there's a call from this number..
..they're willing to give up their homes, land, shops..
Henceforth, when our number flashes on Raman's phone..
..then he'll fear it.
Henceforth, on seeing our number..
..he'll lose his peace of mind.
Till date, the way he scared the common men of this city..
..henceforth, he'll fear our call.
Hey wait! Wait!
Where are you running to?
Stop! Stop!
Where will you run to?
Stop! Stop!
Nab him! Stop! Hey!
Your boss loves to call up people and threaten them.
Now tell him to wait for my call.
I'll call up at five. Scoot!
Where's Riya? We're dead today!
The boss won't spare us!
Hey Jogi!
You gave a gun to these donkeys and..
..made them my sister's bodyguard?
My sister is my life. I've doted on her.
If something happens to her then I'll.. -Boss!
How dare you! You kidnapped me!
You've dragged this issue from Goa to Mumbai!
Maybe you don't know who my brother is. -Oh man!
We didn't know that in Goa, that's why we messed it up.
But now we know who that rogue is.
That's why we've taken on the final war after a lot of thought.
This war is going to cost you a lot.
You don't know my brother.
He'll kill all three of you.
Give me five! -Are you crazy?
Before your brother kills him..
..he'll die laughing. -Why have you kidnapped me?
We'll only tell your brother the reason.
He was about to call up at 5. It's 5.20!
Hello! -Hey Raman!
Were you sitting next to the phone? -Since 5 O'clock.
Raman, you've also made many people wait next to the phone.
How do you feel now? Anyway, this is just the beginnning.
Get used to it now. -Hey! Are you drunk?
Do you know whom you're talking to? Don Raman! -What don?
I kidnapped your sister from under your men's nose.
I made you wait near the phone. Who's the don now? You or me?
What do you want? -Rs.5 crores. -5 crores!
Are you crazy? You'll extort me? -That too in 2 days.
You're going to die! I won't spare you. -Where'll you catch me?
You've taken everything except this phone.
And you can never nab us through this number.
Just arrange for the money.
I'll call you up at ten tomorrow morning.
And tell you where to bring the money.
What did he say?
Nothing, he just wants money. 5 crores!
She's your sister. Give it to him.
Are you crazy?
I haven't earned by cutting ribbons.
I've earned it by killing people.
I can't just give it to those..
Go, do your work. Get lost!
Go on!
Hey Jogi! -Yes, boss.
Everything's stopped from today.
Gather all the boys.
Wherever he asks us to deliver the money, shoot him there!
Something is surely fishy!
They've asked for Rs.5 crores.
50 kilos of waste paper and Rs.5 lakhs.
Won't there be a problem?
You fool! Do you have anything in there?
The one who comes to collect a pay-off..
..will he be sitting here and counting it?
When you used to bring money here..
..did you ever count it?
Those kids got hold of a mobile and became dons!
Now grab the world in your palms!
We saved Rs.5 lakhs!
Sister-in-law! -Boss, Priya's here.
Boss, they must've got scared of you.
Boss, they must've thought of you last night..
..and lost their minds in fear!
They might've found out that the boss' men are dangerous.
Priya, just tell me..
..where are they hiding? I'll kill them.
Forget their life.
And save yours first. -What?
They've the remote to this bomb.
They've just given me ten minutes.
To bring you and the money.
Where do I have to go? -I don't know, brother.
They told me that they'll call you up and give the directions.
They're spying on me.
If somebody follows us then they'll set off the bomb. -No!
Nobody will follow. Don't worry, I'm there. I'm coming with you.
Hey! Nobody will follow. C'mon! Come..
And the money, brother? -The money..
You were talking big, where are you all hiding now?
Somebody pick up the gunny and.. c'mon pick it up! Come.
Listen. -Don't tell me your stories now. Come.
Yes, I'm coming straight. Listen there's a cop ahead.
Talk to her. There are cops ahead.
Brother, right. Take a right.
Brother, left.. left.. -Left!
Did you bring the money? -It's in the boot.
You think that I've come here out of fear?
To free my sister and pay the money?
I've come to reason with you. Got it?
Don't mess with Raman!
It'll cost you heavily. Remember that!
If somebody catches my attention..
..then it becomes difficult for him to live.
You were staring at me that day too!
Whom are you staring at? At Raman?
Will you thrash Raman? Don't you understand..
Don't do that again.. just because I'm patient doesn't mean..
What? What? What are you blabbering?
What do you keep doing? -Keep it on.
Those who beat don't talk.
Now see this! -Stop it, Raj.
Do one thing. Grab it.. grab it..
Grab it.. here.. grab it..
Grab it!
You pretend to be a lion! What happened now?
Oh great! Wonderful!
Leave me! Leave me! Move!
Come here.
Give me your slipper. -Not with a slipper. It hurts!
Not a slipper!
No.. -Sit.. sit..
Sit! Sit! Do you want to?
Lovely Raj! Give it! Give it!
C'mon! C'mon!
I'll slap the hell out of you! You buffalo!
Here! Take this! -Raj..
There's only Rs.5 lakhs. -What? Hey!
Hey Raman, I told you that if..
..I don't get the money then it'll go up by Rs.1 crore daily.
Now you price your sister's life!
Brute! Do you want a shot at him?
Mind-blowing! Good things needn't be asked! -Don't! Don't!
Give me the phone. C'mon.
I need to make a call. C'mon!
C'mon! C'mon!
And keep the phone with you.
Look at them run!
Listen.. What happened?
"Again and again.. say it again."
"We'll win and she'll lose."
Shut up!
Aren't you ashamed?
You call a man 30kms away from the city and thrash him.
Then you leave him alone there..
..and throw away his phone's battery.
So that he can't call for another car.
And you, muscle-man! If you're so fond of fighting..
..then why don't you join the WWF? -Shut up!
Did you see how I thrashed your brother?
If you don't shut up, then I'll do the same to you. Go it?
Ok. I won't say anything.
But I can't stay in these clothes till the money arrives.
Jassi! -No, I won't wear Jassi's clothes.
So many goods! These girls!
Your new clothes are in this bag and this has your needs.
Is there a shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and a face-pack?
Everything's there.
Mad-man! -Excuse me. -What is it now?
Can you call up brother and find out if he's reached home?
Raj.. -You give him a call.
Thank you.
I don't seem to understand. It's been 5 hours now!
There's no sign of him. His phone's switched off too!
Wait for a while, else we'll call up inspector Balwant.
Has those boys killed the boss and his sister?
That's why I told you to keep all the money.
Why are you crying now? There's no news yet.
There's more to worry once the news arrives.
If the boss isn't there..
..then who'll take care of the business?
Jogi will take care of both the business and us.
Do you have a photo of Raman?
For the funeral ceremony? -Yes, I do.
His wedding photo. He looks so handsome in that.
Fool! Does somebody place a wedding photo in a funeral?
Whose funeral ceremony are you talking about? -Raman's!
Fool! For having bred donkeys like you..
..I definitely should die. You're chatting out here.
Couldn't you come looking for me? -How could we?
You told us not to follow you.
Boss, your condition..
Boss, you're hurt. Did they beat you up?
Hey baldie! Nobody thrashed me.
My car met with an accident. -Does it look like I was beaten up?
Tell inspector Balwant.. come and meet me. And..
You're back? -You thought I was dead?
She didn't come with you? -No, she went with them.
Stop your quizzing and get a bucket of..
..warm water with salt.
I've walked for 30kms barefooted.
But why did you walk barefoot? -Because no truck..
..bus or car gave me a lift. -What are you saying?
Didn't the people recognise you?
I'm Raman not a movie-star..
..or a sportsperson to be recognised by face. -These wounds..
Go on. Get me a bucket of hot water.
Thanks to you, now even my head hurts.
Go on, now! Go! -Yes, I'll be back.
Send a crocin through somebody. You don't come.
He has brought things of my choice.
Whatever it is. They're good at heart.
That's why I shouldn't be adamant..
..but fool them with love and escape.
What is it, brother? I heard that you met with an accident.
Don't remind me of the accident. I want to forget it.
Massage this..
Firstly, what happened to those three?
Nothing has been found yet, boss. They're very smart.
They haven't left any clue anywhere.
They've laid out a complete plan.
There's a term among cops, power to negotiate.
Got it? -Yes, I did. -That's what they've done.
To deal with you..
..they kidnapped your sister who's your biggest weakness.
But they didn't leave behind any of their weakness.
So that we can kidnap them and deal with these guys.
What do I do?
Sit here and.. -Why do you want to do that? -Shut up!
Don't lecture me.
Are you a cop or a politician? Use your powers.
Your uniform gives you access to all places.
You can barge in anywhere on any pretext. Do that!
But find my sister! Find her wherever she is!
In the skies, the land or the water!
"What do I tell you about my condition?"
"You'll find out if you come closer."
"What do I tell you about my condition?"
"You'll find out if you come closer."
"What do I tell you about my eager heart?"
"If you love me, you'll find out."
"I want to tell you, give me this evening."
"Do whatever you want and blame me for it."
"Lose yourself in my arms all night."
"Just be mine. This night.."
"..just be with me. You won't forget it all your life."
"What do I tell you about my condition?"
"You'll find out if you come closer."
"What do I tell you about my eager heart?"
"If you love me, you'll find out."
"Steal the sweetness from my lips with yours."
"Burn through this night and douse the fire within."
"Steal the sweetness from my lips with yours."
"Burn through this night and douse the fire within."
"This body is thirsty, bring in the shower."
"Understand my wishes."
"I believe that you'll slowly.."
"..agree to my heart's desires."
"What do I tell you about my condition?"
"You'll find out if you come closer."
"What do I tell you about my eager heart?"
"If you love me, you'll find out."
Sir? In this jungle?
Come sir, let's search in a populated area.
Something is surely fishy!
Sir, on one hand Raman is pressurising, to top that..
Please come along, sir.
Let's go!
Sir.. Sir.. Please, sir!
There's nothing here.
Sir, please. You've turned back again!
Please come.
Sir, please.
Why did I feel that there's something fishy here!
Leave me!
I said, leave me! Leave me!
If you try to escape again..
..then I'll render you unfit to walk!
Heen and I have..
..signed on these papers.
I'll go to him..
..with Raman's sister.
Apologise to him and end this fight.
What.. What have you done?
I understand your feelings.
But this fight isn't anymore about a house or land.
It's about right and wrong.
If you fight..
..will this war end?
No, the fight won't end.
But other people would have a beginning.
Every man thinks of fighting.
But who's first.. who's first..
We all read the Gita.
But are afraid to fight the battle of Mahabharata.
You three are here! Greetings, sister!
What is it, Banwari? How did you get hurt?
Banwari, did anyone force you to lend money?
Brothers, only you all force me to lend money. Hold this!
Raman's men had come.. double their pay-off.
To scare me. Show their strength. They showed it!
But brother Raj, I'll surely say this.
You all have shaken up Raman.
His men shout in public..
..that don't think that the Boss has lost his power.
He's still the king of this city.
But their words don't have the same punch anymore!
When will his goons come back to collect their pay-offs?
Banwari, your face has healed?
You want to break it again? -No, brother.
How many times will you break the same face?
Forgive me, brother. -Out with the money!
What do I tell you, I was about to leave with your money..
..when the society president came home.
And asked me, where are you taking this money?
I told him, I'm going to pay the big boss.
Then he asked me to hand it over to him.
I'll give it to them. What could I do? I gave it to him.
He'd be coming. Look there!
The chairman and the secretary of the society are with him.
Oh pal.. oh.. smile please! What is it?
Let me go!
Leave me! Leave me! Move!
C'mon pal! Simple! Lovely!
Out of the way, man!
Nab him! Nab him!
I'm behind you! Chase him!
Look behind!
Madam, shooting!
There's a shooting going on, madam!
C'mon! C'mon!
Look at them run!
Listen.. What happened?
I told you so many times not to touch me from the back!
I had just come to say that..
Speak up.. faster..
It's quite late in the night..
What should I do now? Dance naked?!
No, I had just come to ask..
Have you arranged for the money?
Are you my wife or their agent?
They threaten me over the phone once and.. scare me a hundred times by reminding me about it.
Hello! -Hiramal, have you slept off? -No, pal.
I'm too tensed to sleep.
Who is it? Raj? -You've lost your sleep over two calls?
Raman, do you realise now.. an extortion call leaves you sleepless?
The money you accumulated by bleeding people..'re finding it difficult to part with that.
Have you ever thought of those..
..who give you hard-earned money as a pay-off?
Raman, if you don't have the money.
Then do a job for me, I'll leave..
..your sister. -Ok, tell me the job.
You've to shoot a man down. -Give me the name and address.
It's fully loaded. I'll gun him down right away.
Write. Hey, give me a pen and paper!
Write. -Me? -No, not you. You tell me.
Vitthalbhai road. -Vitthalbhai road.. write..
Bhauji compound. -Bhauji compound.. correct!
Write Bhauji compound.. -House no.18. -House no. 18..
Write house no. 18! What are you staring at?! Write!
What do I write? This is our address. -Yes, so..
Hey! Are you giving me my own address?
But this is your business policy, isn't it?
That those who don't pay up are shot down.
And those who give out the address are shot dead too!
This is beyond your powers now!
You just think of arranging the money.
An increase of one crore again today.
A total of Rs.7 crores. -What do you think?
That you'll enjoy with this money?
You'll enjoy concerts!
You'll spend in beer-bars and we'll spare you?
Listen, neither was my dad a don..
..nor was my mother a bandit queen. On my own..
..I've earned a name by killing people.
I've created a fear among men.
The city doesn't fear me for nothing!
If that is so, then nobody will fear you henceforth, Raman.
Bye. -Bye..
Oh man..
Boss, Sonalal jewellers have opened a new showroom in Mumbai.
So, what were you people doing out here?
C'mon, call him up.
Hello! -Hello Sonalal!
I'm Don Raman speaking. -Yes, Raman. Tell me.
It seems you haven't recognised me.
I'm underworld don Raman speaking. -I know.
Tell me, why have you called up?
You.. you've opened a new showroom so..'ve to give me Rs.50 lakhs for that. -Why should I?
Did you keep your money with me or did you lend it?
Do you wish to die? Shall I come to the shop. -Come, come.
You can come anytime between 12 to 4. I'm there at the shop.
I won't spare you! -Forget about me.
First nab those 3 guys who..
..thrashed you, took your sister away..
..and sent you walking back home.
How do you know? -Not just me, the entire city knows about it.
Just switch on your TV and check.
Your program is there on every channel.
And the hottest news today.
Don Raman gets thrashed!
Last Saturday, a few guys kidnapped the sister..
..of underworld don Raman..
..and asked the extortion-kingpin..
..for a ransom.
And when don Raman went to pay the ransom.. of the guys thrashed Raman badly.
We've received a video cassette of the action.
Which we'll show our viewers now.
Boss, you're there on 'Aaj Tak' channel too.
You're on 'Zee' too!
Boss, it's there on 'Sahara' too.
Boss, you said that it was an accident.
You didn't tell me that the boys hit you up.
If actors can have a duplicate, then can't Raman have one?
Switch it off!
Don't stand before me!
Get lost! Get lost! All of you! -Yes.. yes..
Boss, your phone is ringing. -I can hear it. I'm not deaf.
I won't answer it so easily.
Hello. -What's this Raman? You took so much time to answer.
Were you watching TV? How was our show?
Raman, the city that was terrorised by you.. distributing sweets.
I had told you on the first day itself, Raman..
..that you think after you do and we think before we do.
Send Raman to Dubai, fast.
Greetings. -Raman, these days on TV..
..there are less filmy songs. -Yes, very less.
There are more of bashing scenes. -Yes, a lot.
You ass! I'm talking about you being bashed.
Till date, we've never bashed up a gentleman this badly.. much as those three boys beat up a thug like you.
They beat you up with slippers. Isn't it?
What happened was that.. -Shut up!
I'll now bash you up with shoes. -Sir!
Remember one thing, Raman.
In our business if the leader becomes weak..
..then his boys shoot him and take his place.
Is this continues like this..
..then one amongst your key men will kill you.
It'll not make any difference to me.
Whether my job is done by Raman..
..or anyone else. -Raman will do it, sir.
Give me some time. -It's time that you're short of.
Go now and take care of yourself and your sister.
In our business if the leader becomes weak..
..then his boys shoot him and take his place.
Is this continues like this..
..then one amongst your key men will kill you.
Yogi! -Yes boss.
The boys that you've recruited, they..
..are reliable are they not? -Of course.
Will someone shoot me?
What are you saying, boss? When I'm there..
..can someone else shoot you?
That means that it's your plan to shoot me? Stop the car.
Stop the car.
What are you doing, boss? I've no such plan.
I've done it yet and I want to do it.
What are you doing? -Boss..'s for your security. You're under threat, aren't you?
What are you saying? -Would someone kill in this deserted road?
What are you saying? -Hey! -Have you forgotten, boss?
That Nandu Kachod, similarly on the highway..
..he was doing it and we killed him. -Start the car.
You do it boss, I'm there.
No, I don't need to. I was joking.
I'll do it later. Come on, move the car.
What a relief it is.
Tell me now, where do we have to go? -Boss that..
..Balwant has made arrangements to search out those boys.
Who's in charge of this place?
Tell me, I'm in charge of this place.
I get a lot of phones from this number.
The exact.. Hey! Tell me the location.
Fast. -This we can't tell you.
I'm a policeman. -Then you do like this. Get a..
..written permission from your department.
Oh! This is a department's assignment, you fool!
All these people are also from your department.
Hey! They are all in civil dress.
Anyway the TV also works here.
Hey! I've seen enough of the TV.
Now look at this number and whenever a call comes from here..
..tell me the exact location, remember that.
The policy of your company is incoming free.
The policy of my company is outgoing free.
I'll pump one into your brain..
One minute.
It's my wife calling. She's never at peace.
She cooks less of food and more of me.
Hello. -Brother Raman, how was your foreign trip?
Did you meet your father and return?
After coming back you've started your work too.
I heard that you roam around with all your men.
Let them go home and you'll feel better.
First we kidnapped your sister.
Now we've come to kidnap your wife.
Boss. For the first time that you talked so long with madam.
Fools! Why are all of your here? Came to buy a mobile?
Someone should have stayed home. They've come, let's go.
Come fast. -Search the number, you fool!
I'll not spare them this time.
Hey Lata! Lata!
Hey Lata! Lata!
What? What happened?
Where are those boys? -Oh god!
What's this that you're saying?
When you go out do I call the boys? -Shut up, mad woman.
Hello. -What Raman, reached home so fast?
Where are you talking from? This is my residence number.
My ignorant brother, these are technical things.
It is beyond your intelligence.
I told earlier itself. You think after you do..
..and we do after we think.
You can never catch us through the phone.
Hiding and talking like a thief.
Then you think that you're brave.
Using the sister and wife to scare me.
If you're brave then come before me.
The boss's target is perfect.
What are you all doing here?
You had only told us..
..if we're brave we should come before you.
When we have come you are scared?
What are you doing in my bedroom? -Whether it's bedroom..
..or dining room or bathroom..
..we didn't reach anywhere, you know why?
Because you have removed the fear of death from our minds.
Would you like to see?
Brother Raman, there are only three bullets left in this.
Let's see who is though enough.
Now it's your turn.
This will fire since it's the fourth.
Fourth, fifth and the sixth.
Brother Raman, you turned out to be a big fool.
If you wanted you could have shot all of us.
Yes buddy. -Yes. Fear has reduced your power of thinking.
Now did you realise?
How the fear of death is? Showing this fear of death.. must have spoiled the sleep of many a families.
Now death will chase you like a shadow.
If we don't get the money by tomorrow..
..then you'll not be on bed..
..but sleeping on your funeral pyre.
Hey! -That the boss's voice. -Open the door.
What happened? -Let's check inside, come on.
Madam, where's the boss? -His voice can be heard, where is he?
I'm not able to understand from where he is shouting.
Hey, you go to the back side. You go upstairs.
You go to the kitchen. -I'll go upstairs and see.
Hey! He is not upstairs. -What happened?
I just now came from upstairs
Open the door.
What were you doing inside, boss? -Waving my arms.
So late to open the door?
Where are the other people? Where were all of you?
They shut me up and where had all of you gone?
Boss, we were guarding your bungalow.
Were you guarding my bungalow or guarding each other?
They came to the bedroom and said with a gun on my temple..
..if you don't pay the money by tomorrow then..
..we'll not lie you on the bed but on your funeral pyre.
They'll put me on a funeral pyre. They may come from anywhere.
They can kill me. They can come from the floor.
They can come from the roof. Close everything,
Close all the doors there. -Close it all. Close everything.
Listen madam, his condition is very bad.
Is the madam mad that she has called you?
Are you a beauty that I'll call you to see your face?
Are you a beauty?
Relax brother. Already your BP is high.
You might get a heart attack, stroke..
..or brain hemorrhage. -Hey doctor.
I don't want to become a doctor.
Don't teach me medical science and prescribe the medicine.
I'll give you a sleeping tablet, you eat it and go to sleep.
No. Sleeping pills!
Not sleeping pills. If I eat sleeping pills and sleep..
..they will pump bullets inside me. No, no one will sleep.
All of your keep a watch.. Wherever you brought him from..
..throw him in that place. Now go. -Hey doctor, come.
Go, get water. -Let's go. -Don't stand before me.
Go away. Hey!
Hey! The door.
Close it. Raman, close the windows.
They'll come.
Oh god! Hey! None of you should move.
Raman, relax!
Raman, relax, there's no problem.
Raman, relax. -Nothing will happen, brother Raman.
You're the don of this city.
Raman! The door is open.
Raman! You!
Come on, close the door, Raman.
Who's that?
Who's that?
It's the sound of the slippers. The sound of my own slippers.
Hey! What are you looking at?
How many times have I told you.. get slippers with rubber soles. The noise these make!
As if someone is following me in my own house.
Listen, you also stop wearing slippers from today.
I don't want any noise in this house, understood? -Listen.
Nothing to listen, get lost, the BP is high.
How many times I've told you not to tap me from the back?
If I had shot you now, then?
Tea. -Why are you scared?
Hey! Where are you going? -Bathroom, to wash my hands.
Brother Raman, pick up the phone. Brother!
See now I'll make everyone wake up.
Why are you not picking up the phone?
Because it's his phone.
He'll ask for money again.
He'll again threaten to kill Riya.
If you don't pick up the phone will Riya's life be saved?
Will they spare you?
Listen to what I say, pay them the money.
I'll SMS him. -What'll be Riya's condition in their custody?
Have you ever thought of that?
Are you not bothered about your sister?
Hey! For your life as well as Riya's life.. much money..
..can't you collect this much money?
Even after telling you, you did this mischief?
Whatever your enmity or hatred is with my brother.
What did I do? What's my mistake, tell me.
Your mistake? Do you want to know?
Come along. Come.
See. See them.
See how the thugs of your brother have beaten our father.
Only because he refused to give them his house.
These children, see them.
They have left their education and are hiding here.
What's their mistake?
Since extortion was not paid..
..the people whom your brother has shot at..
..their wives and children, what was their mistake?
The mistake is of the members of your family.
Whenever anybody becomes a don then first and foremost..
..his family members start behaving like dons.
I' the sister of the don, I'm the brother of the don.
And you say that..
..what's your mistake. He flows others blood and makes money.
With that money you lead a comfortable life.
That which want to make Raman understand..
..if that you would've made him understand then.. a Raman wouldn't have become a Don.
How much cash do we have?
Say around three to four millions.
Tell that estate agent..
..that I want to sell all my illegal properties.
Somehow he should find the customer.
Sell the property and give me..
..six to seven millions cash. Urgent.
Boss, are you going to sell everything and pay those boys?
Do whatever is told to you.
What's this Raman? You were very daring.
Suddenly have you lost the steam!
You'll pay extortion to those boys? -No boss, I was thinking..
Look Raman, if you pay them a single penny..
..then in half an hour I'll pour the..
..whole magazine of an AK-47 into your head.
Don't think that my business is only dependant on you.
Raman, in our line..
..there is no mercy.
Brother Raman! You!
Who has come?
Brother Raman, what a surprise? Welcome.
The madam is also with you? Greetings madam.
Get a chair for brother Raman. -Yes, sir. -No.
What'll you have, brother Raman? Tea, coffee or..
..something else. -No.-How is that possible, brother Raman?
You've come to our police station for the first time.
Give us an opportunity to be a host.
What's the matter, brother Raman.
Are you conducting a communal festival? -No.
Is there a cricket match in your area? -No.
Have you come to formally invite sir? -Nothing like that.
He has come to give a complaint. -He doesn't let any one come.. the police station regarding his matters.
Then how did you come to lodge your complaint, Raman boss?
It's not the don but the brother of a sister who has come.
I've come to complain about the kidnapping of my sister.
What's this brother Raman? You're such a big don of Mumbai..
..such a large network you have and such high connections.
Then why do you need the police? -Today we need it.
Tell us clearly..
..will you help us or not? -Whoever comes to the police..'s our duty to help them, whether he is a gentleman..
..or he is a criminal.
Congrats buddy!
The underworld don brother Raman has..
..has taken police protection being scared of us.
He has lodged a complaint with the police..
..about his sister's kidnapping.
He's got scared.
That's not good. -What?
Let's move. -What? -Let's move immediately.
What's the urgency to move out of this place?
Try to understand what I'm saying.
Till date only 50 to 60 thugs of Raman were after us.
But today the 40000 strong police force is after us.
Raj, surrender yourself to the police.
I know that you're an educated boy and I want to help you.
Hey! This is brother Raman's bungalow.
His illegal property.
These boys have made full use of their brains.
They knew that they will be searched in the whole of Mumbai..
..except the property of brother Raman.
It's impossible to get out of this place now.
Where is Riya? -Raj, all routes of your escape are blocked.
Surrender yourself to the police.
Raj, Riya is not there.
She is not upstairs too.
Has she run away? -Raj!
The police have totally surrounded the bungalow. -I know.
You know? Then why are you all standing here?
Run from this place.
What are you thinking? Run. -But how?
By keeping this on my neck.
I'll take Riya from the front.
The rest of you go from the back. Come on, go.
Come on. -Raj! No buddy.
We can't leave you alone before so much police.
Raj, we're threesome.
We lived together and shall die together too.
You're getting emotional. Our objective is not yet achieved.
One of us has to be alive.
Come on, let's go. -Raj!
Officer, if someone moves or..
..tries to stop me then Riya will not be alive.
Raj listen to me and let go Riya.
I know that whatever you've done till now..
..has been done out of constraints.
I also promise you..
..that I'll try my best to save you.
Raj, whatever you're doing now.. one can save you from that. -Sorry officer.
My objective has not been achieved till now.
Move man.
Raj. -Wait, where are you running away? -Raj.
Hey stop!
Jassi, what happened? -I'll not survive.
It's alright. Let's rest for sometime.
Stay awake.
Riya, why did you do like this?
Today you had the best opportunity to escape.
And I won't to support you, Raj.
Yes, Raj. I love a good man.
And I won't ever leave him.
I love you, Raj. I really love you.
Yash! Yash!
C'mon! -Yash!
Chief speaking.
You'd started a game to finish off the underworld.
What's this? You left half-way?
But two of your players who were with you, are here now.
Are you coming to take them or should I send them to heaven?
Talk to him. -Raj! Raj, don't come.
You had said that as long as we meet..
..our goal, one of us should live. -Raj, whatever it is..
..we should fulfill our mission. Are you listening, Raj?
Done with your emotional talks?
Now listen to some serious talk.
Reach Mukesh Mills in Colaba within an hour.
Else prepare for their funeral.
It's been an hour but your friend..
..hasn't turned up yet. What can I do?
I'm under compulsion.
Raman, he entered like a hero.
But he's just a kid.
You couldn't kill him. I had to come all the way?
You like to shoot everything, isn't it?
You've always shot your action videos and telecast them on TV.
I've arranged for so many cameras for you.
I'll show your final action video and show the world.
So that the entire world knows..
..the consequences of messing with the chief.
Nobody would come in between.
Don't beat him up please!
I thought she had been kidnapped.
But this is a love story.
If she can stay with her brother's enemy..
..then how bad am I?
I'll take her abroad.
Take her shopping, enjoy.. c'mon baby!
Hurry! -Leave me!
Raj! -I'm not a bad man. Don't worry.
Hey! The chief said, nobody should come in between.
One on one. Let them die.
C'mon Raj!
Where are you running to?! You coward!
You're the don eh! The kingpin!
C'mon fight!
Raj! -Raj!
Boss, you shot the chief?!
You cowards, you call me the boss..
..and when the chief tried to pick on the boss' sister..
..what were you people doing?
Now I've understood what you wanted to make me understand.
To finish a Raman like me..
..such a chief needs to be finished first.
But brother-in-law..
I'm going to marry your sister.
If I don't call you brother-in -law then what will I call you?
Yes, call me brother-in-law.
Your brother is a L.
Hey! What's this L? What does it mean?
You want to hear it? -Yes. -In front of all? -No.
Listen to it. -No, I don't want to.
L means lovely!
That means you've become the biggest..
Here it is.
Baba.. -Father. -..your house.
Not mine, it's my kids. -Father..
All of you.
"The days of sorrow have passed joy has arrived." Brother..
..the bad days have passed now..
..clear my old dues.
Banwari, keep quiet.
Today's an auspicious day.
We'll clear all your dues. -Banwari, just tell us.. many pennies do I own you? -Not pennies.
Notes. Rs.4500!
There's 500 more in it. It's Rs.5000.
Hey! Where are you going? To the shop.
Look at her. -She's nice.
She's brother's sister. I'm going to marry her. -Good.
I need a loan to marry.
Yes, tell me. What do you want?
Tell me.
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"Seeing her groove, I skip a heartbeat! -Hey you, shut up!"
"What a useless fellow! Go your own way."
"What a useless fellow! Go your own way."
"He roams around acting pricey!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"Move aside, let me breathe free."
"You won't find a lover like me."
"Don't annoy me, I spell trouble. Go away!"
"My heart brims with love, don't break it, dear."
"Pour in more love in my heart. -Hey you, shut up!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"
"What a babe! She's a tip-top model!"