Tebus (2023) Movie Script

- Block her. Hurry!
- Hurry.
They're so slow!
Alright, let's go!
- Oops!
- Raise your arms!
Move forward!
She's out. Ana! Ana, Ana!
Ana, may I ask you a few questions?
- Sorry.
- Excuse me.
Actually, this case is still
under investigation by the police.
So, we are not ready
to issue any statements yet.
I'm sorry.
Give way.
Move, move, move, move.
Ana Fahmi, a local socialite and heiress
- Ana, please
- to the Suci jewelry brand
was arrested by the police today
after committing 30 traffic offences.
- This isn't the first time
- You aren't my dad.
- Ana has been involved
- You aren't my dad!
- In a police case like this.
- Ana, let's go home.
Ana, let's go home.
It hurts, Daddy!
There are many people here!
Mr. Bakar!
Ana, what's wrong with your hand?
Mr. Bakar, what's the matter?
Move, move.
Mr. Bakar,
why aren't you answering the question?
- Mr. Bakar! Mr. Bakar!
- I have to bring my daughter home.
Mr. Bakar, please comment on this case!
- No comments.
- Give way!
Ana's stepfather, Mr. Bakar Abu Bakar,
acting CEO of the Suci brand,
is present to bail Ana out.
- However, Ana seems to claim that
- Pain
- she has been beaten by her stepfather.
- Ow.
Is it true that Mr. Bakar Abu Bakar
is an abuser?
- Stay tuned for more updates.
- Ms. Ana.
- Get in, Ms. Ana!
- Hey!
Enough, enough, enough!
Why do you want to slander me
in front of the media, Ana?
Ana! Ana!
Why don't you answer the question, Ana?
Mr. Bakar! Mr. Bakar!
Please answer, Mr. Bakar!
Mr. Bakar! Mr. Bakar,
did you hit your daughter?
Mr. Bakar, did you hit your daughter?
You're trying to ruin my reputation?
When will you stop with your nonsense?
Ana, you're not only harming yourself,
but you're also hurting your mom, Ana.
Please, my mom isn't even here.
So, you don't have to pretend
to be so concerned.
I'm really concerned.
Oh my God.
I'm so touched.
Haven't I been taking care
of you and your mom?
Using that reason!
You have controlled our lives
- and stole Papa's wealth.
- Wrong, Ana.
I had to take over
the Suci enterprise management.
Your mama is sick
and you are not yet 21 years old.
Since Fahmi died...
Don't you dare say my Papa's name.
OK, sorry.
- Where is Mama?
- Where else?
I can't even see my own mom now?
Of course, you can,
but don't take too long.
Good doggie.
Yes, Dato'?
Hey, Bakar.
You're on the news again.
Yes, right.
My stepdaughter's rude pranks
are getting too much.
Anyway, Dato',
thank you for not pressing charges
against Ana.
It's OK. I have many cars, but
But what, Dato'?
No one likes to be linked
to negative publicity.
Especially on sensitive issues
like child abuse.
You have to remember
that the board meeting
is just around the corner.
Yes, Dato', I remember.
Your image is getting worse by the day.
Don't let this cost you votes.
You Don't worry, Dato'.
About the chairman position,
I'm sure I can still get it.
Being overconfident is dangerous.
That stepchild of yours,
if you don't know how to manage her,
maybe other people can help you.
Is that a threat?
Bakar, don't misunderstand me.
I'm just concerned.
Thank you, Dato',
for being concerned about my family.
But don't worry.
- Everything is under control.
- Good.
To ensure your future,
keep it under control.
Good night.
So, it's all my fault?
I don't want to fight with you.
I have a headache.
This is poison, Mama!
Ana, grow up!
Uncle Bakar
is your papa's friend and partner.
How your Papa trusted him before,
we need to trust him the same way.
He wants us to live well!
Now, whether you like him or not...
I don't like him!
Why did Papa have to die?
Why not you?
Papa, I'm going to travel, just like you.
And I'm not coming back.
I'm sorry,
but you can't go downstairs. Please?
- Go to your room!
- Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Does it hurt?
You know it hurts.
Feel it!
You're rude to your mom
and I won't let it slide. Understand?
Tell me, Ana.
What more do you want
so that you'll stop breaking
your mom's heart?
- You're really...
- Enough, Ana. Enough.
This isn't funny, OK?
If you cause trouble once more,
you'll be held in police detention
and I won't help you.
Why don't we just make peace?
Tell me. What do you want?
I'm serious.
Consider what I'm offering you
as a gift for your birthday.
OK, fine.
- Rock and Hero concert?
- Yes.
But this is a concert, Ana.
You know, there are
many people at a concert.
It's dangerous.
Fine, then.
I'll just stay at home
and get on Mama's nerves.
All right. You can go.
But on one condition.
Put this on.
What is this?
A tracker? Seriously?
You're important, Ana.
This is for your safety.
You're the future of Suci.
You said you wanted to leave early.
Go on.
- I can go back now?
- Yes.
- Alright. Thank you.
- You have a date, don't you?
No, I'm going to see my brother
at the hospital.
Thank you, sir.
Check and see
if the security van has arrived.
Don't interfere!
Get down!
- Take out your phones!
- Hurry, hurry, hurry!
- Hurry!
- If you get up, I'll shoot!
Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go!
What is this?
You go and check!
Go and check!
Your brother's condition has stabilized.
You should be happy that he's out of ICU.
Take him home.
Make sure he's always comfortable.
There isn't much we can do for him here.
What is this, Doctor?
Why are you talking
as if my brother might die?
You must save him.
The LVAD procedure
successfully extended his life
up to five years.
That's a miracle.
Just replace it with a new LVAD.
Johan, we have already discussed this.
The best chance for your brother
is a heart transplant.
But the way his heart
is deteriorating right now
The waiting list is also long.
How much longer does he have?
Two weeks.
More or less.
Two weeks?
My brother was supposed to
get a heart a year ago.
It was confirmed!
Do you think I don't know what happened?
The one and only chance my brother had
to survive was taken away just like that.
I don't care.
I want you to put my brother's name
back on the heart transplant list.
Johan, your request
needs to be reasonable.
I don't care about being reasonable!
Being reasonable won't save my brother.
I'm the only one who can save my brother.
Up, up, up.
Up, up, up!
Oh, Big Brother Johan.
We're at the final lap.
It's OK.
After dinner, we'll come back.
- OK?
- OK.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
Where is your LVAD battery?
Set it up quickly. Come on.
Come on? Where are we going?
Or London?
You're really something.
Back to your ward.
How old are you now?
This is the children's ward, right?
I'm bored.
It's livelier here.
I like being their idol.
When can I go home?
The doctor said you can go home.
Let's go home.
I haven't been home in ages.
I miss our house.
There are many things that I want to do.
You still remember my bucket list, right?
You promised to accompany me, right?
Let's just go home.
- I know this place...
- Brother.
When it's time for me to go,
I want to leave peacefully at home.
Not here.
You remember, don't you?
I do.
OK, done.
Hey, have you taken your medicine?
You want to leave,
but you don't take your medicine.
You can't do that.
Right? Have you taken your medicine?
I'm serious.
Me, too.
We'll go back tomorrow
or the day after, OK?
Just for a day.
I promise. OK?
Put it into the bag.
Ah? Huh!
How are you?
Here. Please come in.
My lovely wife really wants
to meet the brave hero
who saved our collection...
This is a small token
of appreciation from us.
This is for you.
Thank you.
I was just doing my duty.
This kid has a bright future.
Thank you for coming.
Mat Nor will show you the way out.
Thanks once again.
Just a minute.
Honey, isn't Mat Nor
looking for a bodyguard?
To take care of Ana.
I want Johan to take care of Ana.
So, this is the central part.
What were you asking just now?
- OK.
There are 27 cameras at this house.
- Twenty-seven?
- Yes.
Including those in this area.
- OK. Understood?
- Yes.
I will show you that area.
- OK.
- Let's go.
Enjoy your special gift.
Take care.
Miss Ana.
Did you put it on?
- Are you ready?
- Yeah!
Please give way, everyone.
We'll take her during the concert.
Make sure she doesn't suspect anything.
But we must be convincing.
Only then will she feel it.
Don't worry, boss.
Is this the best way?
She forced us to do this.
Give way.
Give way. Give way.
- Excuse me.
- Give way.
- What is wrong with you?
- Give way.
Relax. Relax. Chill. Chill.
Give way.
- Chill, bro.
- Relax, relax, relax, relax.
Give way. Ana! Black!
- Give way.
- Chill, chill, chill.
- Go, go, go, go.
- Relax, relax, relax.
- Go, go, go, go.
- Hey, chill, chill, chill.
- Relax, relax, relax.
- Go.
Give way. Excuse me.
Have you seen a girl coming through here?
Where did you go, Ana?
Where did she go?
According to our plan,
Ana was supposed to
be brought to the house in Tebedu.
But she never got there.
One million.
The tracker?
It's been turned off.
Don't you know it hurts...
Hey, if you tie me up,
how am I supposed to eat?
Look at this!
I will keep all these bruises
and show them to your boss.
As proof that you
work like a piece of trash.
But not bad.
Can be improved.
He's acting dumb.
You don't have to put on an act.
Actually, I already know
all of Bakar's plans.
She forced us to do this.
A rude child should be taught a lesson.
Actually, I already know
all of Bakar's stupid plans
that is supposed to teach me a lesson.
Listen here.
I have an offer for you.
I want you to collude with me.
We'll bash up those two jerks.
The plan is simple.
Set me free. Then, you go
and report to them.
Tell them that I beat you up.
And then, I escaped.
I can imagine how my mom would faint
in front of those two jerks.
Don't worry.
Of course, I will pay you.
Two thousand?
Where are you going?
This can be resolved.
Just tell me if it's not enough.
I can double it.
Four thousand?
I'm giving you a warning.
You sit here quietly.
You win.
OK, OK. Last offer.
Ten thousand.
Is this it?
What else are they planning?
It hurts.
What makes you think
I'm a part of their plan?
What do you mean?
Where are you going? Let me go!
I want to go home!
Can you let me go?
Whose idea is this?
I think the new boy.
No matter what, find him.
Don't let Mariam find out.
I don't want her to try to commit suicide.
The ransom?
Where did you go, Ana?
I want to know about the boy
who caught the robbers the other day.
I have sent his resume.
Left after five years of service.
Member of Special Operations, GGK.
- That boy is good!
- I don't understand.
Why did he terminate his service so soon?
He wanted to make a lot of money
in the shortest time.
He didn't mind doing anything
as long as the money was good.
He used to be a VVIP escort
for Arab royalty, Korean artists,
businessmen, politicians.
He did everything.
So far, no problems.
- What's the money for?
- Money, bro.
It's never enough.
I want every little detail about his life.
Family, girlfriend, friend, enemies.
OK, it'll be done.
Why did you kidnap me?
You know you can't
get away with this, right?
Because of money?
I have money too, OK?
I can pay you.
But on one condition.
You have to let me go.
- When?
- Huh?
- When can you give me the money?
- My birthday is just around the corner.
In two or three weeks,
I can start taking out
my dad's inheritance.
No. He can't wait.
He? Who is it?
Dumb and arrogant.
One, two, tracker off.
One, two, three,
tracker on.
I know you kidnapped Ana.
I'm in need of money.
For your brother?
- Yes.
- What's the use?
It's not your brother's turn
to get a heart transplant.
I have another way.
I can help.
You won't report me to the police, right?
Wait for my call.
If there's no heart for his brother,
why would he need the money?
The black market.
Johan's brother is dying.
He should have undergone
a heart transplant last year.
But someone played dirty.
The heart was given
to the son of a Bruneian VVIP.
I think Johan only wants the money.
Black market.
They have everything.
As long as you have the money.
Miss Belladonna.
Do you still have the heart?
It depends.
Do you have money?
the probability that Ana is still alive
exists, right?
I will talk to Mariam about the ransom.
Ana's location.
This changes everything.
The money is ready.
Go to Megalane Bowling.
There's a white bag there.
A Hello Kitty bag.
The name is Spin King.
Good. After I get the money,
I will release Ana.
No need.
Take the money and go.
Give me Ana's location.
I will take care of the rest.
How are you?
- OK?
- Yes.
- Move!
- Police!
- Police!
- Face the wall!
- Handcuff him! Handcuff him!
- Bend down! Bend down!
- What is this?
- You have committed a crime.
Bring him back to the station.
- Bring him!
- What crime am I guilty of?
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Hey, hey!
Hey. Who are you?
Hey! What are you doing here?
Who allowed you to come in?
Our plan failed. He got away.
I want you to destroy them.
While we're at it, let's go all the way.
Miss Ana, Mr. Bakar sent us here.
Oh my God.
Why are you standing there? Hurry up!
Hurry up!
This isn't the order.
- Shut up. Why don't we...
- Hey, jerk!
Let's have some fun with her first.
Calm down.
I'm doing all this for money.
Get lost!
- Move!
- Enough!
You want money.
You want me.
I can give you what you guys need.
No, no, no, no.
An order is still an order!
If you're not dead,
then we're the ones who will die.
Right now, you ought to die.
- Hey!
- No!
I told you to go. Just go!
Where do you want to run to?
Move aside!
I told you not to interfere!
Ana, run!
Ana, run!
Get your leg out.
You should protect me.
Didn't I protect you just now?
So, they were your gang members?
They're not my gang members.
I changed my plans after I found out that
Mat Nor wanted to kidnap you.
But it's weird.
How did they know your location?
A gift from Bakar.
Hang on.
If Bakar sent them,
why would they want to kill you?
Or am I the one
being played out right now?
The ransom.
It was a trap for the police to catch me.
Once they killed you,
the police would find your body
and I would be framed as the murderer.
What kind of man would kill his own child?
Nice car, Dato'.
Oh. Dato'.
Here's a small token of appreciation.
For your support all this time.
One million!
You sure are generous.
Am I that generous?
- Until you forgot your roots?
- Sorry, sorry!
If you're a cow, you give milk.
If you're a hen, you lay eggs.
If you're clueless,
just act dumb.
Cows don't lay eggs.
Hens don't make milk.
The clueless shouldn't act smart.
So, gentlemen,
mind your own business.
- Understood?
- Understood. Understood.
Next time, don't do this again.
I hold grudges.
You're free now.
I saw the stuff in your bag.
You're going to Australia, right?
You can go now.
I only have one request.
Don't go back to your house.
Oh man.
Why so weak?
I can't go home. And you need help, too.
Why don't we continue with my kidnapping?
We work together.
We'll make Bakar pay.
Where are you going?
Save my brother.
Mat Nor knows who I am now.
- Yes, that's right.
- But only family can visit.
Sir, wait Sir. It's only for families!
- You cannot go up now!
- Hey! You can't go there!
Not here, Boss.
Let's continue later.
Where are we going?
Why so sudden?
- Who are you?
- Don't ask too many questions.
- That's blood! Are you OK?
- Shh.
I told you not to ask
too many questions, right?
- Who are you?
- You'll find out soon!
OK, get this done. Hurry.
Oh no.
Duck. Duck!
OK, listen here.
This is the best time
- for us to go home.
- Go home?
- Yes.
- For real?
Right, but you must bring Ana along.
- Her?
- Yes.
I'm Ana.
Make sure she's safe. OK?
- That's easy.
- Good.
All right. Listen.
I'll divert their attention.
Then, you two ride my bike
and go straight home.
Do you understand?
Yes, understood.
Remove your shirt and cap. Swap with me.
Please, please. Please leave.
This is a hospital.
Don't create a ruckus here, sir.
Nurse, what does he look like?
- Ready?
- What about you?
Don't worry about me.
See you at home.
- OK?
- OK.
He was wearing
a cap and white pants. That's him!
You two, follow him.
The others, follow from behind.
We'll surround him, understand?
Are you OK?
Run! Run!
This is your house?
My brother asked me to move
to the city after Mom passed away.
He said it's easier
to seek treatment there.
Even if it wasn't
for the medical treatment,
he wanted to move from here.
Mom's passing was hard on him.
What about your dad?
He died.
When I was three.
In a car accident.
My mom raised us
and took care of this paddy field.
You go that way. I'll go this way.
- Hey.
- What's up with you?
- Big brother!
- It's me!
Ana. Ana.
- I'm sorry.
- My wound.
- Oh, here's lunch.
- Hmm?
Only this?
- You wanted to hug, right?
- Go on and hug her.
So what?
Ana. What's the story?
We're friends.
You have no friends.
I have a friend now.
Yeah, right.
Only friends?
Why can't we be only friends?
Ana is a girl.
You're a boy.
Since when can't a boy and a girl
be friends?
The older you get, the narrower
your mind gets. Why is that?
Obviously, you're lying.
Gosh, so chatty!
- Here, hurry.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Ana.
- What?
He said that boys
and girls can be friends.
I said it's not possible. Right?
- OK.
- What do you think?
I think
I think you should shut up and just eat.
- OK?
- OK.
So, what are your plans after this?
Turn myself in.
But not right now.
Maybe in a week or two.
I want to accompany him until he leaves.
What about you?
I don't know.
I can't think right now.
May I stay here for the time being?
Treat it like your own place.
Thank you.
I should be the one to thank you.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Let's go over my bucket list.
- Hmm. Let's.
- Coffee?
- Thank you.
Pay attention.
All right, listen.
Number one.
It's impossible. Pass. Next.
Shopping in Bangkok!
Don't spout nonsense.
Pass. Next.
Make a kite.
That's easy.
Barbecue and camping.
OK, fine.
Next. Drive a sports car.
Wow, this is nice.
Shooting games like soldiers.
Swimming in the river. Bla bla bla
This is your bucket list?
Isn't it too normal?
For a bucket list,
it should be something like
Travel the world.
This is my bucket list, right?
It's up to me.
OK, let's not waste
any more time. Let's go!
Let's go.
Come on!
- Are you both ready?
- Yes.
Let's go.
- No! Not like that.
- This is right. It's OK.
- Hey
- You should do it like this.
Uncle, did your motorcycle break down?
Yes, my motorcycle broke down.
What is it, Uncle?
- Right?
- Yes.
All right,
this time, correct your position.
Ready? Fire.
- This is better?
- Yes, it's better.
- Aim.
- OK.
- Whoa!
- How do you feel?
Not challenging at all.
I'm scared!
I'm afraid of heights, you know?
I do.
But don't let your fear control you.
You should control your fear, Ana.
I can't.
I don't want to die. I'm still single.
- Don't you trust me, Ana?
- No!
Hurry. My battery is almost flat.
Ana, you should trust me. Just let go.
I'll make sure you're safe, OK?
OK, but after this, you guys
need to do something
that you're afraid of.
- All right.
- OK.
- You promise?
- We promise.
One, two,
three! Let go!
Have I reached the bottom?
Have I?
OK. Just a bit more. A bit more.
Still a bit more. More. More.
Don't open your eyes yet.
Are you OK?
I'm not OK.
What are you afraid of?
I'm afraid of water.
That's why I've never gone
swimming in the river before.
The machine he uses
can't touch water, Ana.
That's the reason.
What about you? What are you afraid of?
What is it?
I don't know. I'm not afraid of anything.
Tell us now. What are you afraid of?
- Hmm?
- What are you afraid of?
Just now, you said you'd do it.
So, what are you afraid of?
- I know what I'm afraid of.
- What?
I'm afraid of
- Of what?
- I'm afraid of you!
Run, brother. Run.
Where are you going?
Hey, she jumped!
Take a photo, quick.
Your feet are heavy.
- Are you ready?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir!
- I can't hear you!
I'm ready!
- Just a minute. A minute.
- Relax, relax. Look at me.
Further in. Ready?
- OK?
- Yeah!
Finally you did it!
After that, we'll head back.
Ten times.
- This is good!
- Come on.
- This is nice.
- Right?
Nicer if you wear it on this finger.
- Right?
- OK.
Take it.
I can't afford diamonds.
But if it's ironwood, I can.
- Do you want it?
- Yes.
This one?
Why isn't Ana home yet?
Didn't we pay the ransom to them?
Yes, honey.
But you should know that
kidnappers sometimes dont play fair.
I think it's time
we got the police involved.
We can't, honey. We can't.
Didn't they warn us
not to report it to the police?
No, honey.
Right now, Ana's safety is our priority.
But honey.
Take this.
I have money.
Honey, please.
Please negotiate with them.
- Honey.
- OK.
OK, honey. I'll negotiate with them.
But you should rest. OK?
- I don't want to. I don't.
- You can't behave like this.
Listen to me.
- You should rest.
- I don't want to.
- You can't be stressed.
- I don't want to.
You'll fall ill again if you get stressed.
Honey, honey. Honey, honey.
Rest. This is for your sake.
- OK?
- I don't want to.
Everything is OK.
Contact the media.
It's time for them
to know the sensational news
that Ana was kidnapped.
I want to pressure that kid.
When everyone starts looking for Ana,
he will definitely get rid of her.
So, you have to make sure
this news goes viral. Understood?
Understood, sir.
You've been letting me down a lot lately.
Sorry, sir.
I don't like loose ends.
Johan's brother is dying.
Contact all our people.
We will search this city.
Until we find them.
- Yes.
- Yes, sir.
- The black market for organs.
- Hmm.
Who's in charge?
Miss Belladonna.
I want to ask.
Don't you feel sad?
Of course, I'm sad.
But I realized a long time ago,
that feeling sad won't change anything.
So, I choose to feel happy.
I'm glad to have met you, Ana.
I once thought
what it would feel like
to have an older sister.
When I'm gone,
please take care of my brother, OK?
He looks fierce.
But he's a loving person.
Are you done eating?
I have no appetite.
Get some rest.
Thank you.
Ana, do you want to have seconds?
Thank you.
For helping him with his bucket list.
He's very happy.
I should be the one to thank you.
I haven't felt this happy in a long time.
Since my father died.
I have money, but I don't feel happy.
I used to think happiness
comes from things that are difficult
for us to have.
But I was wrong.
Jalil showed me that happiness
is a choice.
Jalil is a special person.
Very special.
I promised my mother
before she died
that I would look after Jalil
while I could.
Were you close to your dad?
- We were close.
- Yes?
My dad was the best in the world.
I don't have many memories of my dad.
You must have memories of him.
Tell me.
What is the most memorable moment
with your dad
that you still remember?
- River cruise in Kuching.
- Hmm?
He took me there for my birthday.
I had a lot of fun that day.
You know what I got as a present
that night?
This necklace.
Yes, and "F" for Fahmi,
"A" for Ana, and "M" for Mariam.
Dad, me, and Mom.
Actually, I really miss Dad and Mom.
Since my dad passed away,
my mom changed.
From that day,
I never felt Mom's love anymore.
But your mom is still alive, right?
Even though she is alive,
it feels like she's no longer here.
Your mom is still alive, OK?
You just need to talk to her nicely.
Cajole her and don't give up.
As long as she's alive,
you still have hope.
As for me,
my hope is getting slimmer.
My dad promised me once
to celebrate my birthday
on the river cruise.
Let's go there on my birthday?
We'll bring Jalil.
For sure, it'll be fun.
That's my birthday wish.
No matter what happens,
we must meet there on my birthday.
Do you promise?
I promise.
Did I doze off?
Thank you, brother.
You should be awarded
the best brother in the world.
My crummy bucket list.
I don't think we can complete it.
Can you complete it on my behalf?
You should complete it yourself.
I know you can do it.
God determines life and death, brother.
I accept it.
complete the bucket list with Ana.
I asked Ana to take care of you.
How is it?
Is it fun having
a younger brother like me?
I've helped open the path for you.
You have to do the rest.
Haven't I told you?
Ana and I are just friends.
You don't have to shoulder
this burden any longer.
Mom must be so proud of you.
Me, too.
Go to sleep, OK?
Remember what you asked me before?
What I fear the most?
What I fear the most
is that I can't save Jalil, Ana
- Bella.
- I'm here.
Come down.
From my favorite plant.
One tiny drop of this
can sedate or paralyze a man.
Dead while alive.
Do you know what it's called?
Atropa Belladonna.
You're so famous now.
Many people are looking for you.
I know.
I need your help.
What can I help you with?
The LVAD battery.
Ana! Ana, wake up! Ana.
Jalil's condition is severe.
- I need to go out for a while.
- Huh?
Please take care of Jalil.
OK. What happened?
Both of Jalil's LVAD batteries
only have a lifespan of 10%.
I need to get new batteries.
- One more thing.
- What?
If his battery suddenly dies,
- connect it to the socket.
- OK.
But make sure
the generator doesn't go out.
Does this place
look like a hospital store?
I know what you have here.
More than what is in the hospital.
Mat Nor has a message for you.
Bring the girl back
and that heart will be yours.
You have formidable enemies.
But enemies can also become friends
if done right.
It's a good offer, Johan.
Think it over carefully.
You also need to remember.
The heart that you ordered
can only last 48 hours.
It's all destined.
Choose one.
Don't regret it later.
You're good.
But you can't save everyone.
Yes, I understand.
Of course, you understand. You're clever.
- Help.
- Huh?
Help open this.
The LVAD battery.
Take it.
Can I help?
Pack your stuff.
Follow me.
This place is no longer safe for you, Ana.
Mat Nor's men have closed up
all the roads leading out of this village.
This is the only way for you to be free.
It is time to chase your dreams.
Do you really want me to leave?
This is the best choice for you.
Please take care of yourself.
I'm sorry.
You're so selfish.
You don't even consider my feelings.
After all we've been through together.
I've grown fond of you. Do you know that?
The problem with you
is you never ask for help.
- But Ana...
- But what?
I don't want to run anymore.
Do you understand?
My dream now is to be with you.
I'm willing to do anything
for you and Jalil.
Enough. Let's go home.
Ana, Bakar is still looking for us.
- It's not safe for you to be here.
- I know!
But until when do we need to run?
Ana. Ana, stop.
Stop! I want you to think carefully.
Johan, shut up.
You and Jalil mean a lot to me, OK?
Please, just let me help.
How much can I get for this necklace?
Newsflash. Ana Fahmi,
local socialite and heiress
to the Suci jewelry brand,
has been kidnapped.
The news has been verified
by the police, who is now
hunting down a male suspect,
Johan Sulaiman, 26 years old.
The suspect is believed
to be armed and dangerous.
Anyone with information on the suspect
is encouraged to contact
the police via this number.
Guys, I am finally saved.
All thanks to my bodyguards.
They finally found me.
Thank you for your prayers.
I wouldn't have been able
to do this without you guys.
Now, I can finally go home.
Mat Nor.
Do you have something to say?
Ms. Ana, let's go.
Guys, I'm gonna go livestream tonight.
I'm gonna tell you guys from A to Z,
so don't go anywhere and stay tuned, OK?
Jalil. Hey. Hey.
Hey, Jalil!
My time is up, brother.
Calm down. You're OK.
I want you to calm down.
I will bring you to the hospital.
We'll go to the hospital.
I know who Ana is.
It's a crime, brother.
- Brother!
- Keep quiet.
You shouldn't commit a crime.
Even if it's to save my life.
I want you to promise.
Starting today,
you will do the right thing.
- Promise?
- Hush.
Don't say anything. Don't say anything.
It's not too late.
It's not too late
to repent
and make up for all the mistakes.
Jalil, hey. Jalil, hey! Jalil!
Jalil! Jalil!
I will make it all up for your sake.
Take a rest.
Your brother doesn't need to die, Johan.
I have the money.
You just need to kill Ana.
I don't trust your words.
Even if the heart is there,
the surgery might not happen.
With money and a gun,
nothing is impossible, Johan.
The choice is in your hands.
Ana or Jalil.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
I'm so grateful
that you are safe.
Before this, I thought I might
have lost you as well.
The fact is, I lost you.
I don't need a new dad.
I just need you to be like before.
Someone who's always happy.
Someone who's healthy, like before.
I love you so much.
I knew you'd come.
What's wrong?
Hello, Mat Nor.
I've been waiting
for your call for a while now, Johan.
Ana is with me.
Take it as a down payment
for Jalil's heart.
Once Johan completes his duty,
this will be my personal guarantee
that I will settle everything.
Wait for my instructions.
I'm sorry, Ana.
I love you.
The surgery has begun.
Why aren't you the dead one, scumbag?
If I were to die,
who would pay for your brother's heart?
Ana shouldn't be the one to die.
Ana is stubborn.
Five years.
I've been patient for five years.
I've been scolded and insulted.
I tried to tame her but could not succeed.
Her 21st birthday
is the last possible date.
Only two choices.
If she stood with me,
she would have lived.
If she fought me, she would die.
And now, she's dead.
Now, the inheritance that was due to her
will belong to Mariam.
Mariam. My stupid wife.
She's easy for me to control.
What have you done to Mariam?
It's better for you not to know.
It's better for you to flee.
Right now, the police are looking
for Ana's kidnapper and killer.
Goodbye, Johan. Good job.
Fresh air! Fresh air!
Calm down, life's storm
Bye, Ana! Bye, Ana!
Rest in peace!
Nominations for the position
of Chairman of Suci begins now.
I nominate Bakar Abu Bakar
as the Chairman of Suci.
I concur.
Anyone against the motion?
It is my honor
to serve the board.
How are you, everyone?
It's been ages since we last met.
- Honey.
- Yes.
What are you doing here?
You're you're supposed to be
Supposed to be what, honey?
Unconscious in the room?
I disagree.
Mom, don't turn off the livestream, OK?
You will know everything.
I love you, Mom.
There were only two choices.
If she stood with me,
she would have lived.
If she fought me, she would die.
Now, the inheritance that was due to her
will belong to Mariam.
Mariam. My stupid wife.
She's easy for me to control.
I have a candidate.
Hello, Uncle Bakar. Why are you so pale?
Like you've seen a ghost.
Actually, I knew
that Bakar was baiting me
with the heart for Jalil.
But I must hand you over to him.
I will regret it forever, Ana,
if something happens to you.
So, is that the reason
you wanted me to run?
No, Johan.
I'm done running.
Before this, I was lost because
I was fighting the world alone.
But I have you now.
I want to save Jalil.
I want to save Suci, my dad's legacy.
I want to save Mom.
And I want us to be together.
This is a custom-made necklace from Suci.
From what I know,
Suci only made one of these.
- Where did you get this from?
- Don't ask too many questions.
Tell me how much it's worth.
Hurry. I'll make her wait.
- Aren't you already...
- Dead?
Ironwood. As hard as metal.
Gentlemen, relax.
I can explain it.
- Hey!
- Stop!
He's done.
Where were we?
MY BUCKET LISI know. You made up for everything.
I have something for you.
What is it?
- Hold it.
- OK.
Hang on. I need to tie my shoelace.
Thank you so much.
I want you to find Ana.
Look for Johan and Jalil, too.
When you find them, catch them.
Torture them!
Then, throw their bodies into the river!
I want the whole world to know.
Those who go against me,
this is the consequence.
What about Mariam?
Yes, kill that useless witch, too!
Yes, sir.
how will you pay us?
You no longer have any money.
What did you say?
I will rise again.
I won't forget all of you who stand by me.
I will remember your good deeds.
And you. And you.
What I say today,
I will hold on to.
Remember that.
Let's go.
Sorry, Boss.
Dato' Teo doesn't like loose ends either.
You're up early!
We'll adjust the dose next time.
Oh, by the way, Mr. Bakar.
Thank you so much.
I've received the last payment.
Didn't you give
a personal guarantee that you will
settle the final payment of Jalil's heart?
It's done.
- Pleasure doing business with you.
- Huh?
What What is this?
Any last words, Mr. Bakar?
Before you are cremated?
I I will pay.
I will pay any amount that you want.
I want to thank everyone for being here.
And also for supporting our cause.
I have personally witnessed the struggle
that families are put through
waiting for organs for transplant.
The heartache, the emotional torment,
the financial hardships.
You name it.
No one deserves to struggle like this.
No one deserves to suffer like this.
And that is why
we started the F.A.M. Foundation
in support of organ donation.
The more people sign up to donate,
the more lives we can save.
And we can all contribute
to build a better future
for those in need.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I hereby officially announce the launch
of F.A.M. Organ Donation Awareness Week.
- You OK?
- Mm-hmm.
Three, two, one!
It's so beautiful!
Huh? Seriously? It opens up?
It opens!
Oh, you, and you.
You didn't ask me along? Unfair!
Sorry, brother. It's a two-seater.